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perfeqt · 11 minutes ago
I’ll always remember that look on your face. You saw me. You’ve always seen me. And I think that’s all that anyone wants.
Benjamin Alire Sáenz, The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
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thoughtkick · 16 minutes ago
So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.
Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth
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denimnan · 23 minutes ago
The people whom you love should love you for who you are
Be a little weird and be friends with whoever you want to be friends with
Do not waste your time on people who do not respect you
Do not waste your time on people who do not want to spend time with you
Time is precious
Your life matters
- N.R.K.
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danileomalik · 25 minutes ago
Most important of all is the feeling of safety; So don't be afraid when they see reassurance with you, so don't be the source of animosity so you don't become the enemy of the people you love, You lose your beloved army and you defeat!
- Dani
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quotefeeling · 26 minutes ago
But sometimes you make a choice in that moment and you know in your heart it’s going to change everything.
Daydream Nation
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perfectquote · 28 minutes ago
It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday try something different today. Don’t stay stuck.
Alex Elle
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juststarstuff · 38 minutes ago
“Rilassati. Raccogliti. Allontana da te ogni altro pensiero. Lascia che il mondo che ti circonda sfumi nell’ indistinto.”
Italo Calvino, “Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore”
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thoughtkick · 54 minutes ago
Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me." Look at what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.
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siriusseverusdeservedbetter · 55 minutes ago
Hey guys so... I've never done this, but I wrote something and I felt like I needed to share it. A year ago my best friend at the time and I stopped talking, and I wrote a little something to make me realize how far I've come. I hope you enjoy and, if you feel somehow reflected in this, please remember that you deserve so much better 💜
It's almost been a year. It almost feels surreal, like I imagined it all. One day you were there and I could count on you for everything, the next I don't even know who you are anymore. I remember the way I used to idealized our friendship, thinking that everything you did was normal. How you betrayed me and used me every single day. I remember blaming myself because for me the fact that my best friend was hurting me consciously was not possible. I remember thinking that, even if I wanted to, I could never keep away from you. And I hated myself for that. You made me feel like I had to be always available for you, yet when I needed you, you were never there. I constantly felt like I was competing for your attention. I think the worst part of it all was how I justified everything you did, how I always expected you to change one day and to value me for who I am. I've come a long way now. It's not that I don't miss you sometimes, because I do. You were one of the most important people in my life, and you will always have a spot in my life. But I don't need you anymore. They say that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that you and I were destined to meet and to show each other an important lesson: you only need yourself, everybody else is just an addition. So, overall, thank you. For showing me that I'm capable of loving the way that I loved you. For making me realize that I'm a forgiving person and that, sometimes, I should not be that forgiving. For making me realize that there was not anything wrong with me. I want you to know that now, one year later, I don't blame you. I have understood that your personality is that way and that we simply do not match. But I also want you to know that you will regret this. I don't know when, or if you would notice it, but I know you will. Because you are not going to find me in anyone else. The things I did for you, no one is ever going to do it. I was like a shooting star, but you didn't know how to keep me in your life. I hope that, at some point in your life, you realize that you are the only one on this planet. That people matter, and that even if you don't need anyone, they make your life so much better. I hope you learn to care about others and to be there for them. You made me very happy during the two years of my life, and I sincerely believe you can do better. My life will forever be marked by you but, with time, you will realize that I marked yours too.
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callimoud · an hour ago
Tumblr media
قاوم ما تحب و تحمل ما تكره
Resist what you love, and tolerate what you hate.
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freelance-philosopher · an hour ago
The artist is the only one who knows the world is a subjective creation, that there is a choice to be made, a selection of elements. It is a materialization, an incarnation of his inner world. Then he hopes to attract others into it, he hopes to impose this particular vision and share it with others. When the second stage is not reached, the brave artist continues nevertheless. The few moments of communion with the world are worth the pain, for it is a world for others, an inheritance for others, a gift to others, in the end. When you make a world tolerable for yourself you make a world tolerable for others.
Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1947–1955
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lamees-essam-23 · an hour ago
"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." 💭
Yesterday's sketch 🐝
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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quotefeeling · an hour ago
Depression is flat, hollow, and unendurable. It is also tiresome. People cannot abide being around you when you are depressed. They might think that they ought to, and they might even try, but you know and they know that you are tedious beyond belief. You are irritable and paranoid and humorless and lifeless and critical and demanding and no reassurance is ever enough.
Kay Redfield Jamison
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