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Pandora’s Box

Like pandora my curiosity for what lays in the unknown burdens me

For my curiosity has peaked immense pain

Pain warned by those whom loved me

Pain I could have escaped if I had just stayed on my destined path

Pain that has shaped me, and pain that has broken me with the same stroke

Pain that i hought would surely defeat me

But instead of defeat it melted me back into the clay I was before

This time allowing me to reshape myself with the knowledge of what is to come

Shape myself into a wiser version of the once ignorant woman

Shape myself with meaning, for each of us is shaped and given purpose

As it is our destiny to open the box and and create our own purpose

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my purple breezy haze.⠀

i’m in a dream all day.⠀

petals in your mother’s hair,⠀

and the garden blooms⠀

all year long.⠀

from long white curtains⠀

to the silk of your nails,⠀

what more could one ask for?⠀

i love what you have here.⠀

and i don’t know what to say,⠀

so i keep my words with the flowers.⠀

spend my days⠀

trickling through the gates⠀

and wondering⠀

how to squeeze between them.⠀

i want to morph myself⠀

into what fits into your life⠀

perfectly. please, God. perfectly.⠀

somehow, i will find a place⠀

where dark and light meets⠀

and i can adjust to the change.⠀

long restless tables⠀

and your beautiful sharp teeth.⠀

let’s cut the wood in half,⠀

so we’re right together.⠀

stitched limb to limb.⠀

i want to be with you!!⠀

we say: it’s not that simple.⠀

we’re in another world.⠀

stumbled through the hole.⠀

i have the frostbite to prove it⠀

and the last name to show⠀

i was made of the dirtiest place.⠀

but what’s love if not⠀

a war to begin with.⠀

we can turn our blood⠀

victorious and keep water⠀

in the well longer. ⠀

my hands break your doors⠀

and we’re standing on podiums⠀

singing about a love ⠀

we might not be able to have.⠀

but we already have it.⠀

and despite what happens ⠀

to the air we breathe,⠀

and what happens to ⠀

my long beautiful hair,⠀

i’m okay with going through fire.⠀


it’s your garden and ⠀

my heart buried beneath it.⠀

i don’t know where to find myself⠀

and that’s okay. it’s going to be okay: ⠀

i just want to come home to you.

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To all the boys I’ve loved before

My daughter says I am a ten

And all of you were barely twos and it’s like I’m dead set on dating beneath myself

Like I’m bound and determined to be dismissed by people who never deserved to know me in the first place

We fought that day

She and I

Me trying to explain to her the difference between looks and personality

And as it turns out I date beneath myself in both

Fuck I’m stupid

You were so lucky

And it turned out shit anyway

-JLC aka fiercelittlefireheart

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Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News Anchor, 1999.  401 Quote Card No. 1704.  Find more at

Join me.  I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.
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Oggi voglio solo urlare un grande VAFFANCULO perché ho capito che nessuno si merita niente.

L'ho detto in tutti i modi cosa provo e ormai giorno dopo giorno mi frega sempre meno.. e va benissimo così.. l'unico mio problema è che se un giorno tu ti renderai conto che vuoi me.. io non ci sarò più..

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