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I’m sending a big love energy in this post to you:

Please kindly take your time to read today’s message.🐋 Here’s a gentle reminder that you don’t need to be too hard on yourself and force yourself nonstop, because there’s a limit to our strength, patience, and energy.🌙 It’s normal to feel tired, it’s okay to need rest.🛋 That’s why you should ensure to recharge your battery.💫 Ensure to refill your cup of love. Ensure to refuel your kindness.🍭 There are various ways for everyone to recharge. Some need to space for a relaxing me time, some need to text or call a few friends. Some need calming music and books, some need cuddles with pets. Please show yourself some love too in this pandemic by making time to recharge your soul and body.🌼 I hope you’re happy today! Have a magical day, my dear friends.🚿✨


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An uplifting reminder for you:

Growing up, I was scared to share my ideas, I was insecure and afraid to be unique. But we are created to make a difference here.🙆🏻‍♀️ And usually, sometimes without realizing, what’s stopping us from creating is our own fear of being creative.🍄 Creativity isn’t just about drawing/arts and crafts. It can simply mean a way of living too. Why are we so afraid to be original?🙇🏻‍♀️ I hope you know that it’s okay if your ideas are different. You are not a freak for creating something new. You are not weird for trying something different. You are called to be creative in your own ways!❣️As long as it’s for a good purpose, as long as it’s for the better, be brave to think outside the box and draw outside the lines.💜 Your ideas are important. Your voice is needed. More than you think! Let’s see this day as a chance to get out of our comfort zone and start exploring our uniqueness.🍓 Have a magical day!


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Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941), from “Poems for Akhmatova” (June 26, 1916), translated from the Russian by Jean Valentine and Ilya Kaminsky

“Не отстать тебе ! Я - острожник, 
Ты - конвойный. Судьба одна. 
И одна в пустоте порожней 
Подорожная нам дана. 
Уж и нрав у меня спокойный ! 
Уж и очи мои ясны ! 
Отпусти - ка меня, конвойный, 
Прогуляться до той сосны !”

I won’t fall behind you. I’m the guard.
You – the prisoner. Our fate is the same.
And here in the same open emptiness
they command us the same – Go away.
So – I lean against nothing.
I see it.
Let me go, my prisoner,
to walk over towards that pine tree.
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