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Holi was a time! Before when you can’t be bothered and after when you’re actually enjoying yourself 😈

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Urgent? I'm a girl but love having body hair. I have a lot and don't wanna shave. Someone told me this meant I'm not a girl?? They said I'm trans and don't know it but I FEEL like a girl.?? Help

I’m the same way. I don’t shave most areas and I like having body hair. It feels good and natural to me. Anyone who tells you that you’re not a girl because of hair that literally grows out of your skin is a transphobe and probably a racist.

One person who comes to mind is Harnaam Kaur. She’s a woman who wears a full beard. She is still 100% a woman. There are probably other activists and such who defy gender stereotypes you could look into and seeing them may help you when bigots say you’re not a girl because of your body hair.

Body hair has not always been seen as masculine. Women haven’t always been forced to shaved/pluck/wax. It’s relative to the time period. But there’s nothing inherently masculine and manly about body hair. It is just as natural on women as it is on men.

If you know you’re a girl, you’re a girl. You know yourself best. Bullies and bigots don’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with body hair on girls and women. It’s normal and does not change your gender.

Do you. You’re amazing and beautiful. Anyone who disagrees isn’t worth your time. There are so many people who will love you and your body hair. There are so many people who will find you gorgeous BECAUSE of your hair. Don’t listen to the bigots and bullies.

- Mod Lavender

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