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can we stop using the word healthy in association with food choices I’m tired of everything being labelled i just wanna enjoy life
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F I N A L  G I R L  |  F O U R
Tumblr media
You were his final girl.  And there was no chance in hell that anyone or anything was going to mess that up.
p a r t   f o u r  |  k e y s
masterlist here
pairing: Billy Loomis x f!reader word count: 4.4k warnings: angst, s m u t, some more s m u t, teasing, finger-licking good billy boy, implied/referenced cheating, def not a healthy, functioning relationship (but like eh we persevere), some more s m u t. 
Despite your best efforts, the last few days had been miserable without Billy.
You hadn’t realized just how much of a routine he’d become over the last seven months, how much you’d both come to rely on each other and, fuck, did you miss him. You missed his smell, you missed that small little cheeky grin of his, you missed curling up beside him and feeling him over every inch of your skin. Your body craved for him in an almost primal way but, while you could live with denying your body its needs, it was your heart that hurt the most.
What was supposed to be a quick release for the two of you had never been that easy. You’d been in love with the idiot since freshman year, seen him through his various ups and downs and he’d seen yours, too. Which was precisely what made this entire situation that much harder. Not only were you dealing with your own heartache, but you were witnessing his, too.
Billy’s grief was more or less a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of thing. Ever the stoic silent type, you hadn’t expected to see much of what he was feeling splayed out on that handsome face of his, but shocking even you, his regret was palpable. And each and every time those brown eyes met yours, that grief that was as clear as day struck you blind.
You’d tried telling yourself that it was for the best because, in all honesty, it was but that didn’t make the pain go away. Nor did it make you miss him any less. You were trapped in a vicious cycle of missing Billy, sticking to your guns, and worrying about him all at once.
God, you’d really fucked up with this one.
“You sure you’re okay?” Tatum asked, narrowing her eyes at you as you shoved a handful of books into your locker. “You’ve been scatterbrained all week.”
“I’m fine,” you shrugged, “why wouldn’t I be?”
“You tell me,” she leaned her hip against the locker. “Is this about Steve?”
You blinked as the question played on loop in your head. “Steve?” You asked, giving the strawberry blonde your full attention. “First of all, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: ew. Secondly, huh?”
Tatum smirked. “Don’t play dumb, you’ve been acting all weird since Billy went psycho on his ass last week.”
“No, I haven’t,” you hoped your laugh didn’t sound as fake as it felt. “Also, Steve’s an asshole. If the day ever comes when I am interested in that big oaf, feel free to euthanize me.”
“Promise,” she made a motion of crossing her heart, “but in the meantime, you swear nothing is up?”
“Cross my heart,” you mimicked the gesture and shut your locker. “What are you up to after practice tonight? Want to go see that new Brad Pitt movie?”
Her shoulders fell. “Can’t, Stu’s coming over,” she unwrapped a lollipop and shoved it in her mouth. “I’d say ask Sid, but she got into it with Billy last night so she’s in a mood.”
You tried not to care, you really did, but her words hit you like a freight train. “They did?” You asked, hoping beyond hope that your voice didn’t sound quite as high pitched as it sounded in your head. “What happened?”
“Who knows,” Tatum shrugged, “Billy’s always been a little intense and Sid’s been a little cagey since…well, you know – so, it’s bound to happen.”
You swallowed hard and continued to nod along to Tatum’s words. Were you nodding too frequently? Did you appear too interested all of the sudden? Catching yourself, you focused on the leftover gum on the locker just behind your friend’s head and cleared your throat. “That’s shitty.”
“Relationships,” Tatum waved off, “they’re all pretty shitty sometimes.”
Before you could finish putting your foot in your mouth any further, the third bell rang out signaling your next class. Your most dreaded class: Biology. With a groan you tossed your bag over your shoulder and frowned across at Tatum. “See you at practice?”
With a nod, Tatum took off towards her class as you slowly sauntered towards your own. You were halfway down the hall when you heard a set of heavy footfalls running towards you from behind. Glancing over your shoulder, you barely had time to register Stu’s smiling face before he threw an arm around your shoulders. “How ya doing, pal?”
“Peachy,” you scraped your eyes along his profile and blinked. “If you’re about to play the rule of dutiful henchman for you know who, I’ve got a class to flunk.”
“Harsh,” Stu beamed, “I see why our boy’s so smitten.”
With a roll of your eyes, you glanced around at the people around you and glowered up at him. “Stu,” you warned, “I’m not in the mood for this.”
“For what?” He feigned innocence. “I haven’t said a word.”
“But you want to,” you mused. “And I don’t want to hear it.”
Stu chuckled. “All I was going to say is, like, I get it.”
You shouldn’t have taken his bait. What you should have done was push him off of you and continue on your merry way to class. That would have been the smart thing to do, the responsible thing to do.
Too bad you were neither of those two things.
Roped in, you sighed in defeat. “Get what?”
“I’ll be the first to admit,” he began, “when Bill told me that you and him were…you know, I laughed. I mean, two broads, man? I can barely handle the one how’s he going to deal with two of you?”
“I’m hoping there’s a point coming,” you groused.
“Right,” he laughed again, “my point is that I get it. I get why you two work. Why he’s knee deep in this big fucking mess because of it. You two work.”
“Stu,” you threw your head back and glared at the ceiling. “Stop.”
“What?” He asked. “Am I wrong?”
You gently pushed him away from you and dropped your voice into a whisper. “That’s not the point. He’s with Sid.”
“So?” Stu made a face. “Her mom just died, what do you want him to do? Dump her and break her heart? Her mom just died, that’d callous, man.”
“We’re breaking her heart either way, whether she knows it or not.”
Stu stopped walking and there was a compassion in his stare that left you reeling. For as long as you’d known him, Stu Macher had always been the goof. The reckless, chaotic idiot that seemed to fit just perfectly into your little mish mash of a group. But the sincerity in his blue eyes as the two of you stood in the emptying hallway was a look you’d never seen before.
“And by doing this, you’re breaking yours.” He limply shrugged. “Billy’s, too.”
Your shoulders fell as the weight of Stu’s words sank in. You couldn’t exactly say much in terms of a rebuttal, naturally, because he was right. There were no happy endings for either of you at this point in the charade. Sid had still been lied to and cheated on, Billy was still trapped in a relationship he no longer wished to be in in fear of hurting the girl he once loved and you were stuck in the middle, watching two people you cared for fall to bits while having to remain stoic in fear of showing your hand.
What a fucking mess.
After another minute of silence, Stu wriggled his eyebrows and squeezed your shoulder reassuringly. “Just something to think about.”
Taking off down the hall, Stu left you to your own devices as you stood in the middle of an empty hallway with far too much on your mind. In an almost zombie-like trance, you took off in the direction of your biology class, not quite caring that you were about to be marked as tardy for the third time that week. But, before you got to that god-forsaken class, you heard the click of a door not far off before a pair of arms encircled around your middle, yanking you into the nearest classroom. A surprise yelp tore out of your mouth, but the full-fledged scream died in your throat as soon as you realized just who it was who had grabbed you.
“Jesus, Billy, you scared the hell out of me.” You grasped your chest and took in the dark, empty classroom around you. He was still holding you against the nearest wall, you could feel the heat of those large hands through your thin shirt. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“Sorry,” despite the desperation in those brown eyes, his voice never wavered. It was still as calm and collected as ever. “I’d go to your house, but it’s been like Fort Knox for the last week or so.”
You chewed on your lip for a moment before averting your eyes to the ground, not quite being able to stomach the weight of his stare just yet. “Billy, unless anything’s changed, I—”
“In case anything’s changed?” He reiterated with raised brows. “Everything’s changed. I miss you, Y/N, more than you can even comprehend. I know I’ve fucked up, I know that, but I need you. The last nine days without being able to really see you or feel you or kiss you or—”
“I get it,” you held your hands up and gently pushed him away. “And it’s been hard on me, too, Billy. But it doesn’t change anything.”
For a few, long, agonizing moments, Billy remained still as a thousand different emotions splayed out across his face. There was anger and grief, sadness and desperation. But the look you got as he dropped to his knees in front of you was pure, unadulterated fear. “I promise you, Y/N, the second I can, when the time is right, Sid and I will be no more. But me and you are it, sweetheart,” his hands gently circled around your hips before embracing you around your middle. “I’m so fucking sorry that this is how it has to be right now. And I’m sorry that I’m too fucking selfish to let this go, but I can’t. I need you. I need us. You’re everything good in my life and I know I need to start proving that to you.”
Still, you remained quiet. Your fingers itched to reach out and run your fingers through that slightly greasy, unruly mop of hair, but instead you kept them pinned down at your side as you considered his words. There was no doubt in your mind that he meant them, the desperation on his face said as much, but you had your reservations. Taking your silence in stride, however, Billy simply reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, velvet box.
Your heart nearly stopped.
“Oh, jesus,” you grumbled, burying your head in your hands. “You better not be doing what I think you’re fucking doing.”
“Open the box, Y/N.”
“No,” you held your hands up. “Not if it’s…that.”
Billy sighed. The muscle in his cheek twitched. “It’s not a fucking engagement ring.”
Somewhat relieved, you continued to stare down at the box in slight disdain. “So, what is it?”
Billy sighed. “Fucking open it and you’ll see.”
“Buying the ‘other woman’ jewelry, Billy?” You shook your head. “You’re like a walking cliché at this point.”
“Shut-up and open the goddamn box.” Standing up to his full height, he continued to hold the box out towards you and breathed out a quiet laugh when you remained unwavering. “It’s not a fucking bomb, Y/N, open it.”
With a sigh, you snatched the box out of his hand and, rather unceremoniously, opened it up to reveal a key. Not a fancy skeleton key or a charm in the shape of a key but a regular, run of the mill house key. You blinked, mildly surprised. “Okay, I’ll give you a point for creativity with the box,” you pulled the key out and observed it. “But what is it?”
“It’s a key,” Billy said, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans.
“I see that,” a small smile pulled at your lips as you looked across at him. “What’s it for?”
“It’s a key to my parents’ cabin.”
If you were meant to understand the significance, the story was lost on you. Looking back down at the key, you surveyed its tiny ridges briefly before nodding. “And what’s that have to do with me?”
He took a step towards you and grabbed the hand still clutching onto the key. “My dad doesn’t go up there much ever since my mother left and I figure we could both use a place where we can just…be.” His raked his thumbnail along your knuckles. “No Sid, no anyone. Just you and me.”
You were trying to remain unfazed by the sentiment, to remain icy and cool to the man you were supposed to be pulling away from, but between the softness in those warm brown eyes and the weight of the key still clutched in your hand, you could feel your defenses waning. “You expect Sid to just not care that you’re disappearing up north every once in a while?”
“I’ll make it work,” he shrugged it off. “And, to be honest, I don’t care what she thinks.”
Your answer came in the form of a long, drawn out sigh. “Billy,” you began, but before you could dive into the rest of your speech, his large hands slid up your arms and neck to cradle your face.
Slowly, he backed you into a nearby desk and traced the apple of your cheek with his thumb. “We can sneak up there whenever we want. Spend a whole weekend up there, just the two of us. I can worship this fucking body of yours in every square inch of that cabin. I can go into town and hold your fucking hand in public. We can do whatever the hell it is we want to do up there, whenever we want, without worrying about any of our idiot friends seeing us.”
Your pulse quickened at the thought of being able to parade around like a normal couple in a town where not a single soul knew who you were. You swallowed, trying to steady your excitement with a dose of realism. “It’s still not fair to Sidney.”
“Fuck Sidney!” Billy’s voice echoed out around the vast, empty classroom, alarming you with just how angry he sounded. His chest heaved with a white-hot rage that you couldn’t fully comprehend, and his jaw was wound shut as his nostrils flared with each and every heavy, uneven breath he took. You swallowed hard and watched the man steady his nerves, unsure of your next move. You’d seen Billy angry before, but that level of emotion was definitely new.
You weren’t sure whether to be terrified or turned on by the sudden outburst.
But, just as quickly as it happened, Billy’s eyes slowly opened to reveal those molasses coloured eyes again. “Sorry, sweetheart,” he appeased. “But I can’t have her stand in the way of this. I won’t.”
You remained silent as you shimmied on top of the desk that had been poking into your ass for the last few seconds and tried not to focus on the way your body seemed to melt into Billy’s as he stepped in between your legs, still looking at you with all the intensity of the world.
“If we do this,” you found yourself muttering, “there’s going to be some ground rules.”
A sense of hope blossomed in Billy’s chest as he vigorously nodded his head. “Anything you want,” sliding his hands up the sides your stomach, he gently held your waist and gave it a small squeeze. “You name it.”
“When we go up to the aforementioned cabin, we go out.” You told him. “While I’m more than happy to blow you in the living room without worrying about your dad walking in, it would be nice to go on an actual fucking date.”
Billy nodded and, with his hands still on your waist, he tried not to focus on the thin cotton of your shirt bunching between his fingers as his thumb danced along your ribcage. There was so little between you in the empty classroom, barely any space as the two of you were practically nose to nose. And between that short little skirt you had on and your pert nipples beneath your thin tank top, it was enough to make his cock twitch inside of his pants. “Anything else?” He asked, his voice husky as he nudged his nose against yours.
“Yeah,” you ran your tongue along your now parched lips as you sat with Billy standing between your thighs, holding you in place as his thumb traced agonizingly close to your tit. Were you even breathing? It didn’t feel like it. You were wet, too, which made his inhumanly close proximity almost too much to bear. “Lock the fucking door this time.”
A roguish grin enveloped his features as he stepped out from between your legs. Crossing the threshold of the classroom in two seconds flat, Billy locked the door and made his way back to you with that same mischievous glimmer in his eye. His eyes were hungry and, as his hands shifted down to your ass, he tugged you even closer to the edge of the desk. Closer to him. With your legs still open and on either side of his hips, you just about died when your clit managed to rub against the zipper of his jeans.
A quiet, low moan tore out of your throat from the sensation.
“Anything else?” He asked, leaning his forehead against yours.
“Yeah,” your breathing was ragged as Billy’s slow, methodical fingers, trailed up the side of your stomach. He was being extraordinarily temperate and slow to further tease you but, despite knowing how risky this was, you were putty in his hands. “Touch me.”
His nose brushed against yours again as he shifted his hips just enough for the zipper of his jeans to rub against your clit again. The bastard knew what he was doing.
“This feel good?” He asked as his hips toiled into you again.  
You were practically dry fucking against the desk, you could have been caught any second. But, fuck, when he pulled you in a little more and slowly gyrated his jean-clad pelvis against your clit again, you couldn’t care less. “Mhmm,” you hummed.
Slowly, Billy’s dept fingers slid up from your waist towards your breasts. Raking his thumb against the swollen bud, he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the side of your neck.
He knew his jeans were rubbing against your clit and, as he looked down and saw the visible wet patch on your blue thong, he wanted nothing more than to rip them off of you and bury his face in between your legs. “God, I’ve fucking missed you.”
When his hand squeezed your breast, you arched into his grasp. “I bet you did.”
Billy smirked and rolled your nipples between his fingers through the fabric of your shirt. With every roll of your hips, the strap of your shirt slipped down just enough to expose your breast. Without missing a beat, Billy leaned into your chest and allowed his mouth to consume your nipple, swirling his tongue around it expertly before biting down. You hissed as a combination of both pain and pleasure ripped through your body.
Your fingers curled around the hair along the nape of his neck and gave it a firm tug as is hands held you firmly in place. “Fuck, Billy” you moaned, breathless.
He released your nipple slowly, nipping at it one final time before leaning his forehead against yours again. You wanted like hell to close the distance between you. You wanted to feel his lips on yours. Feel the tickle of his stubble along your upper lip and have that expert tongue brush against yours.
But you also wanted to make him sweat a little.  
You weren’t sure what had come over you as you slid your hand down your torso. Maybe it was adrenaline of being caught or the relief of having Billy in your arms again but as you allowed your fingers to dip beneath the hem of your exposed thong, the look on Billy’s face made it all worth it.
“What are you doing?” His Adams apple bobbed up and down as he watched you touch yourself. You were in an awkward angle, but as your finger circled your clit and you watched the bulge in his pants grow, you were coasting high.
“What’s it look like I’m doing?” You hummed, feigning innocence. “When I say touch me, I mean it, Billy. I’m taking matters into my own hands.” You pinched your clit and arched your naked chest into him. “Fuck.”
You heard him swear under his breath as his lips ghosted over yours. “You’re doing my head in, woman,” he growled, sliding his fingers beneath your panties. You gasped when his thumb began to circle your clit. And when he slid two fingers inside of you, you nearly saw stars.
His mouth found yours, mid-moan. Reaching the hand that had just been down the waistband of your shorts, you ran your fingers through his hair as his tongue coaxed yours. Everything about this man was electric. His fingers quickened their pace and before you knew it, you were thrusting into his hand. Placing sloppy kisses down from your mouth and along your jaw, Billy nipped at your ear. “How’s this for touching you, sweetheart?” He hissed, licking and biting his way across your neck.
Your breathing was rampant as you felt yourself edging closer and closer. “It’s alright,” you teased with a cloudy grin.
“So stubborn,” he laughed into your neck and curled his fingers so that he hit an area inside you that felt almost primal. The moan he got in return made him bite down on your collarbone. He curled his fingers again and you nearly choked. “You sure?”
Pulling his hair, you steered his face back to yours and crashed your lips against his. “Fuck me.” You mumbled into his mouth.
He applied the smallest bit of pressure to your clit and flicked his fingers one final time, sending you over the cliff. With a long, shaky moan, you bucked your hips uncontrollably as you came into his hand. Every inch of you felt as though it was on fire as Billy made you ride out your orgasm, not for a second easing up on your clit as you writhed beneath him.
“Play with your tits,” he barked out through hooded eyes.
“You play with them,” you argued, but the resolve in your voice was gone. You weren’t entirely sure if you knew your name at that point. All you could focus on was the feeling of his finger pinching your highly sensitive clit and that was it. Everything else was a blur.
“God, you’re so fucking stubborn.”
You were so wet and so turned on you could barely think straight. “Billy,” you pleaded, your entire body heating up almost unbearably so. When he ignored you and instead continued his attack on your clit, you whimpered. “I need you to fuck me.”
With a bruising kiss, Billy released your clit and, in seconds flat, tugged his jeans far enough down his hips before slipping inside of you. The moan that escaped your lips was undeniable as he pumped into you. Reaching up, he grabbed your tit and squeezed as he bit down on your exposed neck. It was a sensory overload coming from all angles.
“Fuck,” Billy’s hoarse voice was in your ear as he pumped into you. “You feel so fucking good, Y/N.” He reached for your face and tilted your chin up towards him, meeting you halfway with a sloppy kiss. Moaning into his mouth, you managed lose yourself in that instance.
Gone was the room around you.
Hell, gone was everything up until this point.
All you could focus on was the feeling of Billy inside of you. Biting down on his lip, you tugged it back as he rolled his hips in a way that made you quiver. He was thrusting, hard, in an almost animalistic that made your entire body shake with the velocity of every desperate push. He moved between kissing your lips, to biting them to suckling your neck as he continued to rail into you with all of passion in the world. He was a man, unhinged, and you weren’t sure if you’d ever seen him so sexy.
Not surprising in the least, it didn’t take him long to come. You’d riled him up to the point of no return and, as you felt him come inside of you, you all but laughed when his forehead dramatically fell against your own.
For a few minutes, neither of you moved, simply just remained still and firmly pressed against one another. But, as the weight of your current whereabouts slowly dawned on either of you, you both slowly pulled away from each other, both wearing a small smile as you re-dressed yourselves.
Once his pants were done up, Billy stepped into you once again and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Cabin this weekend, okay?”
You nodded and hopped down from the desk. “Yeah, maybe,” you teased, fixing your skirt.
Billy’s eyebrows rose. “Oh, maybe, eh?”
“Yeah,” you winked, “I’ll think about it.”
“Smart ass,” Billy smirked. “That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble one of these days.”
“I’m counting on it.” Once you were both fixed up, you nodded towards his hand which was still slicked with your juices. You laughed. “Oops.”
But Billy didn’t seem fazed. Instead, your breath hitched in your throat when he raised his hand to his lips and licked your slick clear off, relishing in the taste of it with a knowing smirk on his face. “This weekend.” He reiterated, driving the point home.
“This weekend,” you agreed, walking towards the door. Ensuring nobody saw the two of you leave an empty classroom together, you unlocked the door and gave Billy a small, knowing smile. “See you at lunch, lover boy.”
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turtle-steverogers · a year ago
Bucky + Self Care headcanons
One of my discord chats went feral and we came up with these. Pampered Bucky is some Good Shit
Okay so Bucky likes to pamper himself
Pre-war he was already fairly vain- cared a lot about his hair and used a fair amount of products and stuff to make himself look and feel good
But upon being rescued in the future, this takes on a whole new level cuz like ,,, his body is his again and fuck everything, he’s gonna go all out to feel good
So like,,,,,i’m talking different soaps for the days of the week, all super expensive and super good smelling
“Stevie, can you pass me my shampoo?” *Steve, looking at the frankly horrifying assortment of hair care products* “Uh, which..one...” “My thursday shampoo” “I- which one.” “The one with the blue cap” “That doesn’t narrow it down, buck."
All his products line the tub and sink in his and Steve’s bathroom
“I don’t understand why you have to have so many different kinds of shampoos” “well, some days the humidity makes my hair frizz and i could use a different sort of formula, you know?” “No. No I don’t”
Meanwhile, Steve’s got like a bottle of 3 in 1 and a thing of handsoap that he keeps refilling with water
They shower together after a run one day and bucky starts his whole routine and almost has an aneurysm when he sees Steve rub some bar soap on his hands and kind of just washes from his hair down
Steve sees the look on his face and thinks he’s panicking or something, but bucky just twitches and takes the bar soap out of his hand
“Buck, hey, it’s okay, we’re in the tower, it’s 2017-”
“Shut the fuck up, I’m not having an episode, I’m wondering why the HELL you’re using bar soap on your hair!!”
“It’s cheap? And the serum means my hair doesn’t really get...I mean, it stays healthy no matter what I use-”
Steve amends this ongoing disagreement by buying Bucky a really expensive, soft, plushy bath robe for his birthday
Bucky basically lives in that thing even though he’s still horrified by steve’s bathing habits
He and Nat go to get facials and shit a lot it’s their “bonding” activity
Lush quickly becomes one of Bucky’s favorite places and let’s be real he has like a million bath bombs
His fav tho is the “Stars and Spangles: Captain America Edition” bath bomb that’s red and blue and has little star glitter bits in it because it makes steve mildly uncomfortable
“Steve look I’m bathing in you!” “Ew.”
Also he’s good pals with all the Lush workers
“Hey, Bucky! We just got a shipment of shower jelly if you want to try?”
“Shower jelly? Sign me the fuck up. Also, wanna hit starbucks on your break?”
(Steve’s really pleased that Bucky’s making friends)
Sam’s also pretty into skin care shit and he has a weekly subscription with a lotion company and he introduces Bucky to it
Steve’s just watching them discuss the benefits of different moisturizers and thinking: “Oh god there are two of them”
Does Bucky have a custom hair dryer? you bet he does
Also those microfiber hair towel wrap things
He has about 10 of those in differing designs 
Tony does Bucky a solid and basically builds him that prefect bath tub from the fourth harry potter book? you know the one that dispenses all the different kinds of bubble baths and shit?
Bucky loves it
Bucky also has a growing loofah collection that nat mostly contributes to
Steve’s a little scared of the loofahs, especially after he opens a cabinet in the bathroom one day looking for a razor and is instantly assaulted by a flood of loofahs falling on his head
(he doesn’t scream. he doesn’t)
(Jarvis has the video of him screaming)
(Sam loves the video of Steve screaming at loofahs)
(Steve asks Jarvis to delete it)
(Jarvis does not)
Bucky has a “Bad Day Kit” which has his most calming smelling herbal soaps and shampoos and an assortment of the best face masks and bubble baths
Steve knows it’s a bad day when he can smell lavender and mint from the bathroom
basically bucky is a self care king and i stan and support him
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hu4ngs · a year ago
anything for yuta please! he is so hot in the latest comeback i cRI
im having a break currently and BOY im so happy to write for you!!! +++ i’d like to take this opportunity to ask you all to stay safe and healthy!
Tumblr media
yall know what’s gonna happen. yes you’ve guessed it right i’m doing a strangers to lovers au
so let’s assume you look like your twin bc well…. you’re twins
BUT your twin is the popular twin, and you’re mediocre. AND you two go to separate schools
you’re going to an all-girls’ science school because your life is already hectic you don’t wanna make it anymore hectic with men
your sister goes to a nearby art school. so you know what that means; f r a t  b o y s.
also you’ve been knew that your sister is a bit of a player herself
like you’ve had boys coming to your house, crying, begging for your sister to take him back
nonetheless, though, you still love each other and depend on each other a lot
like, whenever you feel like getting a boyfriend, she’d help you out (even though your relationship ends up in flames about 3 months later because the boys you dated are all fratboys that couldn’t appreciate you enough). and in return you’d help her a lot with getting ready for dates or with her studies
so one day
you were in your school, watching a bunch of girls do a practice match of volleyball with another school because you were bored
then you got a text from your sister saying that she needed help and that it was a level-10 threat
i mean,,,, LEVEL 10? that has to be serious
so you dashed tf out of your school
by a few minutes, you’d arrived to your school
your first instinct was to go to her classroom
so you did
and then you saw a bunch of men hogging around your sister’s desk
so you were like?? wtf is going on
“what are you guys doi-”
before you could even finish your sentence, one of them yelled, “there she is!”
and another yelled, “get her!”
you were freaked??? first of all, you actually put in efforts in how you look today, you’re not about to let some crazy men ruin it for you
so you ran for your life
as you were running you wonder what your sister had done for these men to decide to kill her
thanks to your teacher for forcing you to join tons of cross-country runs, you managed to get away from them
you ran into a room and in the midst of panic you knocked onto something, and it all fell apart
you cupped your mouth
from what you can see, you probably knocked over some arts student’s sculpture
there wasn’t anyone, though, so you started looking around to hide before any art student walks in
as you were running towards what looked like a storage room, someone stepped out
he had blonde hair, and was just crazily handsome
but that wasn’t the point
he saw you, and then looked over behind you
“what the- hey! did you do that?” he asked
you weren’t sure if he was angry, or if that’s just his normal face, but eitherway he was really handsome
you looked behind you to the broken sculpture again,  and shrugged hesitantly
“may…..be…..?” your voice squeaked at the end
he gave you a look, before walking past you, “if you haven’t noticed i had been working on this for a very long time, asshole.”
his intonation wasn’t angry, but it still left a sting when he said that
you felt guilty
“i’m sor-”
“oh shut it, yuna, save that sorry for my friends that you’ve fucked.” he scoffed as he started cleaning up your mess
you were confused for a second, before everything clicked
he must’ve mistook you for your sister
you laughed awkwardly
“um, i’m y/n, not yuna” you said
he stopped sweeping, and then shot you a confused glance
“since when did you have a whole identity change?” he asked sarcastically again
you’re usually annoyed when people gave you an attitude, but you weren’t this time. maybe because you deserved it……?
“oh no, yuna is yuna. i’m her twin!” you smiled.
he stopped again, and looked at you
he clicked his tongue, and then stared at you from your head to your toe
“well…. you do have a better fashion sense than your sister.” he said
you didn’t know why, but you felt supeeeeeer happy when he said that
“i didn’t know yuna had a twin?”
“oh i go to the all-girls’ school a few miles away from here.” you told him
by now, he was done cleaning up the mess and was working on another sculpture
you wonder why he wasn’t SO mad at the fact that you literally broke a what seemed like months of hardwork
you walked over to the blonde, but he didn’t give you any reaction
“why aren’t you throwing a tantrum that i broke your masterpiece?” you asked
he gave you a glance before going back to his new sculpture
he shrugged, “i felt like it was ugly anyways.” he casually said
you nodded, and then just watched him work on his clay in silence
“so why are you here?” he asked, breaking the silence
you chuckled, “some boys are chasing my sister. i guess this is what she meant when she was having a level-10 threat.”
the guy chuckled too
“aren’t you gonna help your sister?” he asked
you shook your head, “she can handle this on her own. i’m sure her new jock boyfriend will help her out.”
“oh yea, i’m sure johnny will. everyone’s scared of him” he agrees
“you’re not so bad, y/n. i’m yuta.” he held out his hand - that had so many clay on it
it seems like he knew exactly what he was doing as he gave you a smirk to see if you were gonna shake hands or not
you took this as a friendship test - or something - so you took his hand
he made a playful look of disgust, “ew, can’t believe you took my hand like that.” he laughed
you’re pretty sure that was the first time that you saw him properly smile, and he had a really pretty smile too.
“your smile is so pretty….. i wish mine was like yours. when i smile i look like a goat.” you said as you simultaneously rested your face onto your clay-ed hand
“oh GOD!” you yelled, and made yuta laugh
“dumbass!” he claimed happily, before wiping a finger onto your nose
“HEY!” you yelled, and wiped some onto his face
yuta didn’t flinch, instead he was simply laughing
after a moment of laughter, he sighed softly, and then looked at you
“just between the two of us, you’re the better twin, y/n” he confessed, and  you giggled
he smiled again, and went on with his work
“how do i get these off my face by the way?”
he chuckled again, “you can’t” he joked
but your dumbass, who has never had experience with arts, believed him
so you were panicking
“what the- um… shouldn’t we get these off our faces?” you asked, nudging him
he shook his head, “i like it on mine. it’s a concept of van gogh’s.”
your heart was really gonna sink in your stomach, he didn’t have as much clay on his face as you did!
“that’s nice, but we should get it off our faces”
you said, nudging him even more
then, he burst out laughing again.
“you’re so funny” he told you
“you can’t be this clueless. of course the clay can be removed. just wash it with water later, idiot” he said, and shook his head
“oh” you said, a little bit embarrassed
then, you got a call
you fished your phone out just to see your sister calling
you signaled yuta to be quiet and he nodded
yuta didn’t have to hear your sister’s voice to know that she was furious at you
“wow! thank god, right? hope you don’t break his heart too.” you said sarcastically
yuta laughed at your snarky attitude
“yes i’m at your school, but a bunch of boys started chasing me thinking i was you.” you explained
“you know what? don’t come home if you’re gonna stay angry!”
you ended the call and turned back to yuta
“well, she’s mad.” you told him, and he nodded
“i love her and all, but she’s the most annoying, irritating, picky, selfish person ever when she’s mad.” you scoffed
“you can always sleep in the streets tonight” he joked
you gave him a look, and he looked away, still thinking it was a decent joke
“just lock her out,” he suggested
“i can’t, she has a spare key.”
“that’s tragic”
you nodded in agreement
“you can come over to my house if you’re comfortable enough” he winked when you looked at him
“but i bet you won’t do it, you look like you don’t have the balls to stay a night with a boy” he shrugged casually as he kept his eyes onto his sculpture
“bet.” you said, and he genuinely looked shocked
“what the hell, are- are you serious?” he stammered, which you found funny
“i mean, sure, why not?”
“aren’t you worried that i might be a serial killer?” he asked
you shrugged as you leaned onto the table in front of him
“so you’re my own version of joe goldberg? sign me up” you joked
he laughed, “you’re brave”
you let out a peace sign as a respond
“we should order in some pizzas tonight then, my treat!” he happily exclaimed
you had been staring at his face for so long - since you first met him
and you can’t help but call him handsome in your mind each time too
you weren’t really that much of a believer in love at first sight but come on, now. yuta has the looks, the talents, the personality, the respect, the humour. and to top all of that he’s got a bit of an attitude. he was screaming boyfriend material into your ears at this point
when he realised you weren’t giving out a response to a pizza night, he froze
“are you on a- um- are you on a diet? do you wanna eat something with low calories instead or-”
taken aback you immediately refuse, “oh my god, no, no! pizza is fine for tonight.” you told him
he let out a sigh of relief
“my ex used to freak out whenever i pick something to eat and it’s not up to her standards, sorry.” he explained
you rolled your eyes at the thought, “that’s plain annoying.”
he nodded in agreement, “it’s a different story if she had something to eat in mind, but no. she lets me decide and then throws a tantrum when i suggest something simple, or some shit like that.” he grunted
you chuckled seeing him annoyed
“hey, what time is it, by the way?” he asked
you opened your phone, and showed it to him, it read 7:48 PM.
“you wanna get going? talking about food is making me hungry.” he explained
you nodded, “me too.”
he started cleaning up his desk, and you helped him out
afterwards, the two of you went to wash the clay out of your hands and faces, yuta not forgetting to splash some water onto you while you were at it
the campus was dark and half-empty by then, some students were giving you looks for splashing water at each other, and you had to admit it was a bit embarrassing
“my house is kinda close to the campus, do you wanna walk or do you wanna take the bus?” he asked
you took a while to think, “since we’re gonna get fat tonight, let’s do some exercise beforehand.” you suggested, and he was fine with it
so you two started walking together
it all felt ethereal to you
the weather was great, it was windy in the right ways, the sky still had a hint of purple and pink to it
you had asked yuta a question that had probably excite yuta, because he was talking with full enthusiasts, and you were enjoying yourself seeing him so passionate about something
then, he absentmindedly swung an arm around your shoulder
and you’re just there like ‘OwO’
but you didn’t want to ruin the moment since he was still talking so passionately
so you acted like you didn’t notice it and carried on with the conversation
plus, you were lowkey (or highkey) enjoying his warmth. he’s a very warm person >:(
then, you two reached his apartment, which looked really nice
when you entered his apartment, it was a bit messy, but it was still pretty
you came to a conclusion yuta was a man of STYLE!!!!
“sorry if my place doesn’t live up to your expectations” he said, but you immediately disagree
“this is a really nice place!” you assured
he kinda gave off a playful look before sitting next to you on the sofa, “so if i were to bring you here on a date, would you like it?” he asked
you were taken aback by the question, but that doesn’t mean a smile wasn’t going to form onto your face
you immediately looked away, still having a hard time removing the grin off of your face
“i don’t know, you haven’t asked me on a date to your house yet.” you told him
he laughed, before poking his head onto your shoulder to see your reaction, “so you want me to ask you out on a lazy date?” he asked
you pushed him away, completely embarrassed, “bro like, shut the fuck up” you said playfully, which made yuta burst out laughing
“your reactions to everything are just so cute.” he told you before softly letting a sigh out
“thanks, we’ve been knew that i’m cute.” you joked
yuta made a disgusted face jokingly too, which made you laugh out of embarrassment
both of you took a really long time to finish off your meals becuase both of you were busy criticizing the shitty netflix series that you were watching
by the time both of you were tired, it was already 4 in the morning
neither you nor yuta could believe that both of you had been talking for that long
but it was undeniable that both of you were enjoying each other’s companies so much
at this point you were ready to propose to this man
but OBVIOUSLY you didn’t wtf
also, by now, you were both cuddled up by the sofa while tall girl was playing on the tv
“do you wanna watch another movie after this?” he asked, you nodded absentmindedly even though you were falling asleep
“how are we gonna get to school tomorrow?” you mumbled groggily
yuta was silent for a while and then he said, “let’s just skip tomorrow!” he suggested
you were falling asleep, yes, but the thought of skipping school excites you
you didn’t always skip school, but you wouldn’t turn down an opportunity either
“that’d be great,” you told him, before laying your head back onto his shoulder
“you know what, y/n?” he asked, you hummed as a response
“let’s go out on a date tomorrow.” he whispered, and then lied his head onto yours
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itsjuliak5 · a year ago
I watched episodes 2-5 of “Julie and The Phantoms” and did a little review because I couldn’t help myself.
Tumblr media
This is the review I did for Episode 1. Also these are just a streamline of my thoughts as I was watching. It’s not professional or anything, just for fun!
* SPOILERS for Episodes 2-5 of “Julie and The Phantoms” below *
Episode 2
- “Julie needs a hug!” ~ OMG SOFT😭
- “You can’t handle it when other people cry” ~ I mean me neither.
- I love Flynn.
- Double Trouble like from X Factor? ~ Enjoy this hilariously awkward clip from “X Factor.”
- “What made you play again?” Ghosts
- Julie just tell Flynn about the boys. I hate this stupid trope of main characters not telling their bffs secrets like this right away. It’s not realistic.
- He’s shirtless!!!
- This is lowkey uncomfy...
- Aw Luke!!
- Yes, it is wrong! Please stop listening!
- Oh right there was a fourth guy lol.
- I’m loving the representation.
- Ok Luke looks like an adult Jack Dylan Grazer.
- I’m only calling Reggie, Reginald, from now on.
- “What’s in the box?” ~ “My mom.”
- Alex, I love you.
- I love this family talk. It is really nice and healthy. We love good communication.
- The special effects are actually pretty good.
- F L I R T
- Me too, Flynn. Me too.
- So that’s obviously lip-synced. Don’t speak on Freddie’s name like that.
- Drop the pig’s blood!
- Queen!! Shine bright like a diamond! I love this.
- Ew, if they try setting up a love triangle with Julie, Luke, and Nick I’m going to vomit.
- They can see the phantoms??
Overall: 9.8/10 - I’m saving my 10.
Episode 3
- Ok Ms. Stuffy. Wait never mind she’s kinda cool.
- JULIE JUST TELL FLYNN THE TRUTH!!! Real best friends in real life talk about this stuff. Especially considering what Julie and Flynn have been through like tell the truth.
- .I don’t like this blonde fool (Nick). It’s the vibes, they’re off.
- Ooooh dramatic backstory!
- Instructions? Like the handbook for the recently deceased?
- I’m going ghost!
- BOOBOO!!! (I had Twilight on mute in the background)
- Just kiss already.
- The Australian School of Music is too specific to not come back later.
- Omg are they gonna crossover in the final episode. RIP to me.
- I clapped so hard omg! Thank you for telling the truth and not dragging this out.
- His name is Reginald not Reggie and I love Flynn.
- It’s called maladaptive daydreaming, Flynn.
- Oh no is this not gonna work? - OK no, it did, good!
- Oh no Flynn’s freaked out. Flynn hates it? Wait no, okay she likes it.
- This is so cute!!
- Luke is catching feeeeels!
Overall: 9.4/10
Episode 4
- I don’t like these butt shots on the “high schoolers.”
- I don’t trust this white tux boy. (I keep forgetting his name.)
- Flynn! Get it queen!
- High School Musical wishes it was this good.
- “Luke and I wrote-” I can’t ship Julie with a dead guy, I can’t.
- And I’m calling it now, Carrie is gonna steal one of Julie’s songs and perform it.
- They’re holding hands!!
- What was that look Willie? I saw that!
- Now kiss! Kiss! Do it!
- Carlos is like the first little bro in a show/movie that doesn’t absolutely piss me off.
- Considering I know there’s an episode called “Unsaid Emily” I’m ready for the angst.
- Bobby is Carrie’s dad? b r u h
- “Mama needs her eye candy.” I LOVE Flynn so much.
- I don’t like Nick.
- Oh god, they’re gonna bomb this dance gig.
- Willie said ACAB.
- Oh no, the dance is at 9. They’re gonna miss it....
- Booboo looks hot as hell in this outfit.
- The big bad ghost is named Caleb?
Overall: 8/10
Episode 5
I watched this episode with my friend, so I didn’t take notes or anything like I did for the previous episodes.
- So basically this episode was just one giant anxiety attack. My friend and I kept repeating: “Omg omg omg!” and “I hate this! OH No!!!” over and over again. Along with: “They’re gonna miss the dance! Shut up and get to the dance!” My friend fell off the couch at one point. 
- The musical numbers were pretty great.
- Reggie’s face when Alex thought Caleb was asking about the magic between him and Willie was priceless. I loved how supportive Luke and Reggie are of Alex, especially Luke, it’s so cute!
- I’m scared of what the stamps mean.
- Fun Fact: They kept mentioning unfinished business so my friend and I were joking about this being like “Casper” so I looked up when the movie “Casper” came out and it was released in 1995, which is the same year that the boys in the show died in.
Overall: 8.2/10
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neuronary · a year ago
tua rewatch episode 2
[breakfast scene. i don’t know why i thought it was dinner] i know that the whole No Talking At Dinner thing is supposed to be oppressive or whatever but honestly that's my dream. i'm ben here. just gimme a book and i'm good. i don’t want to talk to people. [five runs off] five said fuck the system. damn this soundtrack slaps.
[five yelling for ben and vanya] do we find out why five doesn't have a name?
[back in vanya’s apartment.] oh the twinkie joke i remember that. [”do you have anything stronger?”] VANYA DON'T GIVE CHILDREN ALCOHOL. again, very impressed with five's acting. he really sells the kid v. adult thing. esp. with the jumps in the breakfast scene v. in the present day. it visibly shows more effort and it’s a small detail but it’s effective. [vanya says time travel can fuck with your head] vanya stop gaslighting your little brother smh. but also kudos for healthy sleep schedules.
hazel and cha cha! i missed them. they're funny. commie icon hazel. join your union, boys. [”there should be a package for us”] who does the deliveries? i like to think the commission has an intern doing deliveries. [”it hurts my wrist”] commie 👏icon 👏hazel
PATCH. i love her. [i’m correct] agnes deserves better. five could you have the decency to stack your bodies at least. make clean up easier. smh men. [eudora tazes diego.] ANTI-DIEGO ICON EUDORA PATCH. [diego talking about gut feelings] i feel like diego should have had an inkling that it had to do with one of his siblings.
where did hazel get an ice cream
[allison and luther are in the same shot] ew ew ew ew ew ew ew e w . oh okay they're just talking. aw. this is cute sibling vibes. how old is claire, exactly? like five? nine? [dAd’S dEaTh wAS a cONsPiRaCY] luther take a goddamn break. just be normal for three fucking seconds. shoutout allison with the psychoanalysis. [luther sucks on a toddler’s compote patch] is that a fucking compote patch. [i’m like 90% sure it was. the men in this show don’t get rights]
[klaus wakes up from being high] i love ben sm. wait. is that the same book he was reading at breakfast? has he been reading the same book for seventeen years? adhd icon. [yesterday flashback] ugh the foreshadowing is So Obvious. but good soundtrack choice again. [back to the present] i would appreciate it if klaus would please put some clothes on. this is unnecessary.
pogo should get a sainthood for dealing with klaus.
[vanya wakes up] poor vanya. she probably straight up thinks he's thirteen and just ran off on his own.
five can you be less Like That for Ten Fucking Seconds. please. [again, i don’t remember what he did but i’m probably right] [oh wait yes i do it’s the meritech scene.]
[”as a very smart woman said”] beaman gets kudos for drinking his respecting women juice. also patch looks cute af. i literally love her so much. we stan boundaries and professionalism. [cOmE oUt On tHE StReETs wITh me EuDOrA] diego please can you be less of a dick for Five Fucking Seconds.
[”you just want to convince yourself that your childhood meant something”] STAN A PSYCHOANALYTICAL  Q U E E N. fucking drag him detective patch. 
why are literally all the women in this show so awesome and perfect? no my lesbianism does not make me biased shut up.
[Luther goes to Diego’s gym] oh great fight time again. or not. he's not there. [he starts snooping] Luther respect people's privacy challenge. 
also how does he not just topple over all the time. his center of balance is so unstable. by rights he should've fallen down the stairs. he looks like reverse big chungus.
[vanya goes looking for five at the academy] again, i definitely think if vanya hadn't reacted so poorly so immediately the entire thing would have gone over very differently. i'm gna write this au. [”i’m sorry. i was dismissive.”] okay stan vanya for apologising and trying to mend things with five. also shoutout to vanya for going to therapy. what an icon.
five can you just trust your sister please? you will be fine you little shit.
[”i’m moist.”] okay klaus can have some rights. [”what? this is my nicest outfit.”] oh that was just like. entirely irish ok. [klaus starts on the cover story] five has no time for theater kids and honestly? vibes. [they banter] okay i get why the whole fandom goes nuts over klaus and five bonding. they have a good dynamic.
[t u n a   s a n d w i c h] hazel's literally just hungry. he's valid.
cha cha deserves a promotion. [i don’t remember what she was saying but i’m still right]
[”are you thinking what i’m thinking?” “italian for dinner?”] hazel is the only man in this show that gets rights.
e l a b o r a t e.
[allison’s phone call scene] god allison deserves so much fucking better. i want her to see her daughter so badly. [her lil speech about how much she loves claire] god i am Up In My Feels. this scene is heartbreaking in the subtle, soft way that i Live For. icon. [”you don’t get to blame your problems on anyone but yourself”] allison is the ceo of holding herself accountable. everyone else take notes.
[meritech pt. 2] oh good fun. klaus i feel like you should have more hang ups about punching a child in the face that hard. is he high? i feel like he's high. five looks so smug that little shit. god i would just kill him on the spot if i met him i don't have the patience.
[”you’re useless. you’re all useless.”] five you literally picked the Most Useless of your siblings. talk to allison she has her shit together.
i could watch vanya play violin for hours tbh. [leonard arrives] ew gross. let her keep playing. god but vanya is a lesbian because leonard looks like Every Single Comp Het Crush Ever.
[diego gets back to his boiler room] if diego's gonna wear a literal bondage harness everywhere he might as well take advantage of the extra space for knives. [he nearly stabs luther] oh okay Now it's fight time.
[he eats a literal raw egg just straight into his mouth] did. is that where. he just literally cra- eugh. i gagged. i literally gagged. that's disgusting. what the fuck.
[luther leaves] oh i missed that whole conversation seeing as i was too busy being Disgusted at diego. No men get rights anymore. [it would have been better if he’d eaten the shell too.]
[leonard goes off about his dad] leonard came up with a really good and compelling cover story actually. we're not gonna stan because he has The Worst Vibes. but anyway.
[i hAvE a CaRPeNtRy sHOp] that's moving Way Too Fucking Fast, vanya. that's too fast.
[allison smoking in the windowsill] dhsjns putting out the cigarette.
[”this is always where you came when you were upset”] pogo's trying to parent? i mean, sure. [”actually, miss vanya called to make sure you were alright”] also vanya and allison deserve to be besties and good sisters. [”how did you manage in this big house alone for all those years?”] wow good point actually pogo must have been incredibly lonely. poor guy.
[surveillance tapes] that's creepy as hell. but like to each their own. [”vanya. why did we always leave her out of everything.”] Let 👏 Them 👏 Be 👏 Friends.
kudos to the writing here because they actually do a good job at showing where the off-screen development is coming from. [i’d like to take this back the scene did not go where i thought it would]
[allison watches the Obviously Planted Tape] i cannot emphasise how little of a shit i give about the hargreeves' murder mystery.
five's getting his waifu. i remember watching this first time round and literally just being like
Tumblr media
five x delores is healthier than allison x luther btw.
s o u n d t r a c k c h o i c e s
the freezeframes are...... a choice. [this wasn’t even meant as negative i just don’t know how i feel about them]
cha cha always having a plan. we stan a show where literally every woman is badass? [the wrist brace] hazel rights. did. did five just kill cha cha. [fails to jump] why can't five teleport? did i miss something??
okay but the way he cradles the mannequin? like that's love bitch. lowkey.
Patch is now Carrying This Show [i don’t know what this scene was i think i just saw her on screen and my lesbian brain took over]
[allison tells luther about the tape] allison and luther b like we Are the mystery incorporated.
[”there’s nothing you can do. there’s nothing anyone can do.”] five gave up... very easily. i mean i'm all for retiring to the countryside with your wife and just making good with the time you've got but. this seems a little dramatic.
[soundtrack] oh shit paloma faith. i've met her.
[five finds the bodies] o h s h i t i forgot about this. gdi. oh god poor baby. baby no.
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splendidshinobi · a year ago
back at it again with the white vans
episode 6: the alchemy exam
alrighty then
um mustang calling edward “ed” is EXTREMELY offputting
ohhhhhhh noooooo not shou tucker
im wholly unprepared
them all being in central instead of east is low key jarring like my brain isnt computing it
alexander’s intro is basically the same 
nina bbyyyyy girl u deserved so much better
ed is such a fucking nerd...chemistry club modern au confirmed
god the more tucker talks the more i wanna beat his face in
al pretending to eat by tossing a potato in his armor i-
aww theyre playing in the snow theyre so pure
wonder how long thatll last
“bigger brother” and “little big brother” and ed doesnt even get mad
ed’s birthday party????????
so 03 had ed’s bday instead of elicia’s...CAUSE THEY GOT ELICIA IN THE WOMB
“it’s here!” “the tea?” “the baby!” hughes is a fuck head
ok so now they’re having elicia replace rush valley baby arc
this was winry’s time to shine in fmab i miss her 
if winry isnt here who is gonna birth this baby
oh my god they just realized ed can use alchemy without a circle
no wonder he’s been using circles this whole time
“i dont think thats very funny” NO ALPHONSE IT IS NOT
damn bradley what up homie
im so thrown off by the way theyre doing the exam omg
seriously what the hell is fuhrer bradley’s purpose right now is he even the fuhrer in this i feel like they wouldve mentioned it
oh lord ed is about to impress everyone with his clappy hands
ok so next episode is nina FUCK
episode 7: night of the chimera’s cry
havoc babeeee
im gonna marry him my himbo king
“huhhhhhhhh nina” ew tucker that was weirdly gross
wonder why
cant do it cant do it
do we think jean kirstein was modeled after jean havoc slightly looks wise
was that purposeful 
ill have to google 
serial killer who only targets women?  it cant be scar...scar drinks respect women juice
barry or slicer bros maybe? um ok
why did we start with liore if they were just gonna hop right back into the past for a huge chunk of episodes idk
assessment day??? oh noodles
ed r u writing to winry??? that’s a bit out of character for u good sir
no tucker put that baby down
im gonna fucking SCREAM
aww he burned nina’s picture thats not sus at all
wait does the ironblood alchemist know what tucker did to his wife? thats kinda the vibe im getting
looking like a pirate too damn
his voice sounds different is that j michael tatum 
apparently not it was dameon clarke in 03 ya learn something new everyday 
ew elicia has a lot of hair for a FUCKING NEWBORN
ed really is such a cynic very suspicious of everyone as he should be really
basque grand knowS SOMETHING
oh jesus oh fuck oh god please do not TOUCH THAT BABY
ed and al snuck back in to the house well u know what its for the best
im gonna cry again please god no
she’s hurting? oh my god
my sweet angel
ew his eyes!!!!!!! 
tucker is such a fucking failure...like look at the chimera squad and greed’s theatre troupe being the way they are. ugh it really hits how fucking unfair it is 
ed was really about to split them? boy you know better
where is nina going...im hurting
ed really tried to save her in this one
thats different
oh snap 
that was fucked.
episode 8: the philosopher’s stone
can yall get ed and al away from nina’s fucking MURAL 
get out of the car mustang
finally jesus christ
roy mustang talking about healthy coping mechanisms dont make me laugh but alright baby boy go off i guess?
im curious about who this goddamn serial killer is though lets turn to that plot thread
r u kidding me
mustang is making ed and al take over tucker’s research?? thats actually wildly messed up
oh tucker was straight executed that’s a choice i guess
tucker and the philosopher’s stone sounds inaccurate but ok
ed please stop being mean to your brother
03 mustang has got me reaching for a fucking baseball bat on GOD
scar and edward having this conversation right now i literally cannot
WINRY yes bitch
alphonse shut your mouthhhhhhhhhhh
im so confused what is bradley up to
“alchemists are not cold blooded murderers?”
i mean
kimblee would beg to differ for one
whos this creepy lady 
her voice sounds familiar
barry’s food shop?
the killer is barry ok got it
ok so i VASTLY prefer suit of armor original manga canon barry
this is such an odd plot what in fuck
um OW the meat cleaver
im so confused this fucking plotline
oh hey alphonse nice of you to show up!
is barry still gonna become a suit of armor later on
it makes NO SENSE to introduce him otherwise 
everytime i see 03 mustang i wanna beat his ass HONESTLY
literally i will shove my foot up his ass
fullmetal here we go
ed thinks he’s so punk rock 
oh great scar’s seen the watch
episode 9: be thou for the people
ed you simp buying winry all this stuff my edwin heart is ascending
“mr. elric”?? you mean MAJOR ELRIC
to be fair though fuck the military
im gonna need to read a full chronology of this show
 alphonse continues to be a precious angel 
where’s my boy yoki!!!!!
edward you idiot don’t go flaunting your money
woof woof ed
al looks so offended by ed saying they just met
whereas in brotherhood didnt he totally throw ed under the bus??? 
a choice to be sure
ah there he is hello yoki
who’s the chick
shes a lesbian
yoki makes me miss my baby girl mei chang
mei where r u
hawkeye getting a promotion yes bby girl
jesus theyre transferring them to east now OKKKKKAY thats not how it happened it the book but ill take it....just doing it the opposite way i guess
who is lyra who is she
cute some military bribery 
umm lyra what the fuck did you do
lyra is a homunculus im callin it now
they definitely invented/changed up some homunculi in fact im certain they did and shes one of em. gotta be
i feel like 03 wrote ed as much more insensitive towards others than he really is...just a vibe im getting
i know he was faking for the townspeople’s sake but i still get this vibe from other instances 
i mean i cant say its not “canon” because its 03 canon
anyways what a show off
i cant believe theyre going to east...fuery and breda better be there
ok finally some answers on their ages....ed got his license at 12 like normal and nina and youswell were when he was 12...liore was 15, 
if they didnt flash the ages on the screen id be lost honestly
at least we’re back up to “present day”
episode 10: the phantom thief
ed saying he doesnt wanna see mustang
03 mustang is activating my fight or flight and im choosing fight
ed cheating at cards totally checks out
um who the fuck is this woman
what is she wearing
idk but this is fem!hisoka
“hey shouldnt we talk first” after getting handcuffed??? christ almighty these innuendos
siren??????? siren is probably also a “fake” homunculus
ok so the nurse is siren
ya aint slick girly
alphonse control your crush
why is al’s hair so brown in this flashback anywayssss
oh its spelled psiren ope
like she’s literally a batman villain...
oh my god...............the tiddy grab. my son would never
my son is respectful
is this her homunculus tat or just a random alchemy tat
the added plotlines and original content continue to confuse and astound me every single time....
ok but if psiren really was doing this for the hospital she wouldnt be so flashy about it. like thats how you get caught sweet cheeks
girly stop flirting with this child on god im gonna fucking kick you
now shes a nun????????????????
Shes a fucking troll i hate her
im going to kick alphonse into the sun 
oh great now shes a teacher
wow shes a savior. the savior of amestrian venice. greatttttt
ed looking exactly like this emoji on this gondola rn 🧍‍♀️
alphonse plzzzzzzzzzz she aint your girl
ok so probably not the last we see of this ding dong con artist
ok so its starting to get muddy. im scared the 03 stans are gonna come after me like i do like it and im having fun watching it but some of the plot and characterization choices are just....odd??? idk i gotta keep going though!! im sorry i just stan arakawa and her work in all her glory!!!
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gamblerswamp · a year ago
☕ unpopular! kpop! opinions!
i had to use my laptop so i can hide this response lmao
.. that being said i will still mention that
bc i truly tried to think positively of them ... and the more i learned about them and their fandom... the more disappointed i got
and i am truly the last person to even have opinions on them bc i was never a fan, never cared for them, never even properly listened to their music? yet i know of too many ppl who used to.. and their little fun stories def don’t make me interested in b*s in fact i am more and more confused how tf they’re this popular
truly i don’t get all the madness about them and wish it weren’t them... there r so many groups i wish were in their place... not even my ults lmao
but here we are :\
idk other opinionz i’ve got might be again.. not even truly unpopular so idk what to say
- companies don’t know how to make fair line distributions def aren’t even trying bc i kno for a fact there r ways to make it work fuck u.. ppl who try to defend an idol getting 1 line of a song w bs like “omg their voice doesn’t fit the song” or uhhh “they decided it themself!!” like.. uhh.. no shut up why the fuck an idol who worked their ass off would voluntary go for absolutely nothing? hm? shush 
-i also wish kpop had a similar thing w anime idols lmao.. like muse and aqours.. like each member has a token song that has them a center.. aka they get most lines and all that
this way i feel like everyone eventually gets a spotlight and also u kinda dont have to worry about other members in this one idol’s center songs... idk.. i feel like that would be great.. instead of  “only like 2 idols of the group ALWAYS get the main part regardless of the song”... i do understand main vocals r here for a reason but then u can give them 1 epic high note and move on w that jeez....
and where r my solos for each member... i came from anime idol fandom.. i thought it’s a must...where r they.... WHERE
-yt streaming makes whole kpop thing very sad.. why ppl have guilt trip each other.. why ur group isn’t underrated only when they get insane views.... i hate streaming things on youtube,, it gets scary and just sad.. and i hate how it affects me bc i feel so bad for not being able to stream and start checking numbers a bit too much hh
Dis shit def isn't healthy :/
Also those crazy views.. they’re just from obsessive fans? what’s good from it? i’d rather have my groups getting “low” views but at least they’re from actual dedicated fans who watch it and ppl who are interested.. not the billions of views from cult-like groups of ppl obsessed with numbers............
- there is no such thing like “this group is only good for this one concept” “only this group can slay in every concept”.. stfu... any group can do anything 100%.. just bc their title songs maybe tend to be more cute or cool doesn’t mean they’re unable to do smth else lmao? they might not want to.. also this is kinda company deicision? how can you proudly talk that this one specific girl group is THE ONLY ONE who can do various concepts? wtf do u even mean? have even heard other ggs at all? this is the fucking case “imma compliment u by talking shit about others but Subtly” and boy oh boy i hate....
anyways.. every group could do whatever 100% info .. so many of them do different things.. sure they minght have main aestethic or smth, the fuck does it has to do w anything.. 
- if the group ain’t promoting - their songs shouldn’t be in competitions on awards shows dats it
- a*mys suck so much and really managed to create a whole bad rep for every kpop stan .. and they don’t know how to mind their damn busines... they really deserve the shit they get sorry not sorry... also i believe the ones getting upset w these statement r the ones who part of the problem
- ppl who r obsessed w being a fan from day one r fucking weirdos
Also lmao how can u be a part of a fandom of a group that haven't even debuted and u idk shit about their music.. i wanna believe we are here for epic songs, no? Aand what if u already create a cute little fan blog for this group and they choose genre u hate the most?.. ppl r straaaange..
- i just hate when girls have to wear those dresses that r like.. long shirts? But as dresses they're short as hell.. and when they're tight too like.. ew.. how tf they're supposed to dance in that.. it's impractical and ugly pls cancel that
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kyukyuhunnie · a year ago
Watch “Flower of Evil” with Me!
Episode 5
oh we are back in time again
thats such a tinie bag
perhaps me and jiwon are a little in love with him
the way she tried to imply that she didnt watn to be alone
oh my god
is he
is he like standing there to keep her safe?
cute if true
its snowing
oh my god
the watching the person you like in the snow moment UGH I LOVE TO SEE IT
he is in to thin of a jacket
is he going to leave now
we have moved into 2008
a;ldkfjas “i have generously told you how i felt first”
he cares becausehe like you
she really said piggy back ride or nothing
oh my god
she really called him ahjussi aldkfj;alsdk
i probs spelled that wrong but its fine
leather jackte
he really was so awkward back then yikes
ok so shes seen the watch
she knows its her husband
hes meeting taxi man who wants to mcmurder him
okay meeting time
get in
honey peanuts
why the upclose of his mouth i dont like that
oh is joongi crying??  waht the fuck
how dare he talk about eunha
fuck this guy
oh no oh no oh no
laerjpoawei the big boss is not happy
but it is kinda funny he was like OH MY GOD
wow the drama that this bullpen must see on the daily oh my god
alksdfj;alksdjf okay this is so stupid i lvoe it oh my god
glasses is not impressed
that was a uhhhh
a shit show
connect the dots
connect them
no wait jiwon-ah not these dots
oh nooooo
oh no on hon
oh nooooo
oh she snapped at my boy
lmao she broke a law
this is why we start driving after everyone is buckled
the doctor is so entertaining
“trend” aldjfsdlj
just speak doctor man
oh noooo the phoneee
why doesnt he hafvve a lock on his phone
oh nooo
do something
there are so many pictures of eunha oh my god
she said im driving and we going fast
jiwonnie i am scared for you
the way that jiwon would jump across the grass if she could
oh my god that was SO BADASS HOLY FUCK
hojoon is going to pee his pants and i wouldnt make fun of him for it
oof joongi in the trunk
rip his stomach
oh my godOH MY GOD
oh back to doctor man
;JDFAPWEOI the doctor is so funny
me and reporter-nim share one braincell and its WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THIS TOWN
i lkedjfaoiwep ‘let’s all share the knowledge’
a witness??
is taht my man?
joongi my husband are you okay
oh mans is tied up tied up
oh thats feet
dont like it
i hate that he still looks so good after being beaten up, drugged, and tied up
i cant blieve
he said *r o l l*
getting his hair cut from time to time
*vine voice* ahah, i do that
ew morgatat\ge
why is my man laughing
him?  say it
ok he did it in so many more words
perhaps i am in love with him
in so many words
he said do it coward
oh so thats blood blood
man loves the word patheti
thats an eargross
hate to see it
do is i have vampire kingk??
i sure do wonder how jiwon is going to react to this
was do is that fear
oh god jiwonnie
i do feel like crying
come one detective choiiiii
yes okya
what’s right
oh god
wow the way that FUCKING COMMERCIALS
oh god
joongi’s mami is not holding it together well at allll
holy shit they have a nice house
i do like the glasses’s assitant
okay who is the guy on the bed wy is he so important
like we know its him
but like still
who is this guy
when in doubt play it out
ok fr tho whats up witht the other uy
ew feet
soory im jsut staunchly not a foot person
oh thats a uh
oh we are sure learning alot about misook
they said its drinking time
the frenchway adlkfja;ldjs
no mr officer talk more
i want to know
two things
reporter-nim is hilariously over acting
and 2 i dont think hes as drunk as he says he is
hes as drunk as he says he is
did taxi man just fucking dry swallow those pills
not at how he said he didnt leave his fathers side the entire time
like what is going on
every ten minutes
people breaking into cars isnt like...unusual
fish keychain
why did he have it
the mom?
oh shit the sister did it
jesus dude back the fuck off
did the sister do it
so like
what is the timeline here???
we are confused
by we i mean me
sister pretty
ew his garbage
banan peel
lowkey would be hilarious if like one of the crew or cast members was eating it and set design was like “yo. i need that”
oh yikessss
you still kept after this man when he be saying that shit
i have many questions
oh my god she really just laid it out like that aldfj;alsdj
what is the way you see him baobei
so like
she went into the relationship knowing he is like that
is that a confession????
we do is all be wondering
the dad left omg
like we knew again
but nonetheless
kiss her again
do it
i wonder how many times while filming they had to pause so joongi could breathe
thats probably easiably googled information
oh i do be crying now
oh my god
oh my god
i s2g if they cut off beFUCK
sidenote the ost slaps hardcore
must listen to this when i finish the show
what is happening fucking
i hate this so much
i want to not deal with this
that is the end of that episode
thank you for reading!!!
stay safe and stay healthy <333
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exposestruth · 2 years ago
@smallvxlle​​ said : 5 times kissed!!! / @kryptonbound said : five times kissed but for u and jo bc i want to see the cuteness :/
     being queen industries’ ceo was not a risky profession, on the contrary. but the cut on oliver’s arm told a different story. until it clicked on her head, the faceless photos jimmy had taken of green arrow. it couldn’t be possible. it was IMPOSSIBLE. wasn’t it? amongst the chaos in her brain, she couldn’t make her mind. she knew in her heart this could be true but she didn’t want to believe. it made sense but all she wanted was to forget. clark was right though, she couldn’t forget it. she had to be sure. so when he offered to help to dismask green arrow, lois took it as if her life depended on it. little did she knew that both oliver and clark were working together on this. what they failed to prevent was lois’ impulsiveness and creativity. green arrow would never let her see his face, whether he was oliver or not. kissing him by surprise sounded like the right thing at the time. “ your secret is safe with me, oliver. “  and before the fake green arrow could disappear, she jumped on him and pressed her lips against his. he hesitated, and then kissed back. and for a second, she didn’t want to let go. his lips felt like a perfect fit. felt like — NOT oliver’s. still with her lips pressed on his, she opens her eyes and his features are different than what she expected. he’s still familiar... and then oliver’s voice in the background brings her back to reality. it’s not oliver. her instinct reaction is to slap his face but as quickly as her response, he flees the scene, leaving her wonder where she has seen him before.
     she no longer lived at the kent farm but the amount of time she spent there could fool anyone. living with chloe in the talon’s apartment was great. they were like sisters but both of them were busy. and none knew exactly how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. there was always coffee in the house, leftovers from takeout as well. home made meals? it was not a concept they could bring to life. because of that, game nights had become a ritual in the kent house during the weekends. they used to mix up teams, it lowered the chances of cheating or vice. lois’ idea, of course. clark kent would rather have lana or his best friend by his side but tonight he was stuck with lois as a partner. surprisingly, they were unstoppable together. it was the third time in a row that clark had guessed lois’ charade in pictionary. a loud yes is heard, the taste of victory drawing a big smile on her lips. and before anyone could realize what had happened, lois rushes towards clark, takes his face on her hands and leaves a kiss on his forehead. “ see? i told you i was good at this. you only lose when you don’t have a good matching partner, smallville. “   sitting next to him, awkwardness slowly embraces the air. catching his eye, she knows she should have stayed quiet. bless chloe for catching their attention back to the game.
      if someone had told any of them that they’d end up working together, side by side, they would laugh it out. what a nightmare! and yet, lois had been the one to give clark the daily planet’s job application. and he had managed to land the job right next to her. the signs were there all along. but they kept ignoring them. being co-workers and partners had brought them CLOSER than ever before. the usual bickering became too playful for just friends. it was their thing. the longing gaze when the other wasn’t looking, the extra touch to prove a point, the sharing stories that they could handle easily on their own. there was something there, something more.
     she is rambling, something about the new story they were about to break. there were lots of times clark didn’t understand what she was talking about, even with his superhearing. her thought process was too fast for any human to comprehend. and with that comes a fast pacing that he has no other choice than to tag along. she goes into the copy room, ordering everyone in the room to leave by a hand gesture and grabs the documents she had sent to the printer. she keeps talking, about the corrupt senator they are about to expose and before she can make a question —— he presses a kiss on her rosy lips. she is caught by surprise, but her lips follow his. her hands that stopped unconsciously on his chest  s l o w l y  move up, fingers running through his hair as her body is pressed against his. he moves to her jawline, then down to her neck and she gasps for air, adrenaline rushing through her veins and she brings him closer. she wants M O R E. and then a door opens and shuts with a bang. her eyes open and she finds herself in her own bed.  wait, what?   “ lois! sorry, did i wake you? i thought you were already at the planet. “  chloe’s voice brings her back to r e a l i t y.  she looks at the alarm clock in her bedside table and immediately sits up.    FUCK! another dream about clark kent?!  when would these dreams stop getting her late to work??
     he is sat on the sofa, worried eyes locked on the tv. lois gazes in his direction, observing his uptight posture as one hand runs down his face. the vra has taken a toll on him. she can see him struggle, debating whether he should join oliver and sign it or fight it alongside her. it’s a decision she can’t make for him but she hopes he knows he is not alone. crossing the room, she turns off the television, catching his eye as she sits on his lap and his body loosens. a hand strokes his dark hair gently, the silence taking over the room. they stay like that for a little while, no words needed to understand one another. they’re one and the same now, breathing at the same harmony. she then leans in and lands him a tender kiss. resting her forehead on his, she whispers, as if she’s singing him a lullaby. “ you’re NOT alone, clark. we will fight this and we will win. “
     mornings had never been lois’ strong suit. she was a night owl since she was kid, always too energetic to go to bed. which would only mean being late in the morning. growing up, that never changed. she thought it would all change when the kids came to the picture but lucky for her, lois had married a SUPER! clark would take care of everything in the morning if it meant his wife would have a few more minutes of sleep. god knew she wasn’t very good at it.
      at the sound of jon playing with krypto downstairs, she opened one eye before the other. the sun coming through the window, warming her face. GOD, for how long did she sleep in?   “ clark? “   a mumble, searching for her husband’s certainty that she still had time before taking a car to work was out of question.    “ we’re still on time. “    she exhales relief, staying in bed for another second. she smells eggs, bacon, pancakes! what has she done to deserve a husband like clark kent? she gets up, choosing the first outfit that came to her reach and by the time she is ready, ella enters in the bedroom and curls up in her leg.  “ daddy got you ready too! “  she picks her up and lifts her baby girl off the ground, a bright smile greeting her daughter. a longer look at the red and blue blended in her clothes make her heart skip a beat.   “ or maybe not. let’s go baby girl. fashion sense clearly skipped a generation with your father. “    there’s an audible laughter downstairs and she smiles.  after changing ella to a more suitable, less super outfit, she arrives at the kitchen, with the youngest of the kents on her hip.  “ morning! “   she kisses jon in the top of his head as he finishes his breakfast, making her way towards clark.   “ i’ve told you, red and blue are never a good combination unless you’re a pilot with a cape. “    they both lean in, lips parted ready to meet when a high pitch EW echoes in the kitchen. lois can’t stop but laugh at the disgusted voice of her own son. jon had gotten a habit of stopping his parents from kissing, something that was hilarious to her. it made their mornings that much funnier. she steals clark a kiss anyway, their son covering his eyes with his little hands and she turns around to grab a pancake which she eats quickly.  “ chop chop, we need to get going. go grab your backpack, jon. “    he does as he’s told, clark grabs the breakfast bag he had prepared for her to eat on their way to the daily planet while she picks the coffee cup, ready to go. purse, keys: check. not that mr. kent would let her forget. and they leave the house, jon flying towards the car, ella already asleep on lois’ shoulder and she holds her husband’s hand. life has never been better.
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staliasjeronica · 3 years ago
Riverdale 3.01 Thoughts *spoilers*
- the kids... are JUNIORS? Uh okay.
- still iffy about Betty being in law... like where’d it come from? Her likeness of it? It’s probably just because of Archie’s trial and the fact that she constantly breaks the law, but still... it seemed to come out of nowhere
- In the narration he talked about Archie, Betty, and Veronica being the “best friends you’ll ever have” and I’m just stating that that means that Jeronica are officially best friends! Y E S BITCH!
- did this bitch seriously just call Nick St. Claire... INNOCENT? And brought up the fact that he pulled a gun on Sweet Pea? I’ve always wanted that confrontation but NOT LIKE THIS.
- MARY ANDREWS! A fucking legend! Her speech was incredible, too. Like, if I was a Riverdale resident and didn’t know Archie, I would definitely believe that he was innocent. But of course something stupid like Archie being a dumbass (love you though, Arch) is going to fuck everything up 🙄🙄🙄
- JOSIE AND KEVIN STANDING SIDE BY SIDE IS ALL I NEEDED!!! I can’t wait to see more of them as step siblings and shit. Maybe she can convince Kevin not to get with Moose lmao I hate him so fucking much
- As amazing as that was though... THAT WOULDN’T HELP ARCHIE’S CASE IT WOULD MAKE IT WORSE!!!
- lmao Hiram gets angry and pushes the guy who kept him from getting back at Fred as if he didn’t start it what a bitch
- dilton and Ben... are really gonna die aren’t they. This is a Midge situation— bring them back to kill them wow... also why does Dilton look like he could be Sweet Pea’s younger brother...
- so both Veronica and Jughead got chocolate shakes. I’m not saying they’re soulmates... but they’re soulmates and I don’t care what Camila says about Jeronica... they’re meant to be together oops
- but it’s so sad that she made the effort to invite all of them to her party but they couldn’t make an exception to couples weekend... like I know it helped Cheryl get with Toni but that’s just... sad.
- of course Choni had three months of development but we won’t see it 🙃🙃🙃
- can’t really hear what Alice and Polly are really saying... but I definitely heard Alice say “ritual” and you never hear that word unless you’re in a cult wake the fuck up alice you can’t be more fucked up than Betty and Polly you need to help save them
- Dr. Glass... therapist? Mmhm but wouldn’t they tell her that she’s too reliant and co-dependent on Jughead and hopefully break them up? I call bullshit on this therapist
- “we did it dad” the way he said this... might have made me choke... it was so happy and excited, like a kid. I’m NOT CRYING OKAY
- “just in time” *Fred immediately avoids eye contact with Archie before stating he’s going back into the house* BITCH HE’S GOING IN THERE TO CRY HUH LIKE HE’S THINKING ABOUT HIS SON GOING TO JAIL THIS IS HORRIBLE.
- “the jury is still deliberating, you don’t need to put your house in order” Betty... it’s called JUST IN CASE. Plus it would ease his mind so... shut up lmao
- also I’m sad that Hiram doesn’t have a bruise from Fred punching him
- I’ll say it until I die but I’m just gonna say it now: HIRAM IS A BITCH ASS HOE! He literally destroyed Archie’s life and devastated his daughter... all for a fucking P R I S O N
- SWEET PEA AND FANGS HAVE OFFICIALLY BLESSED MY SCREENS YAY. Also Fangs your bisexual ass is showing with that extremely open shirt... and Sweet Pea... you fucking too lmao I love Swangs (no hate but I’m also kinda here for Swosie even though it’s just a fling)
- it’s... so annoying... that Hiram is with the Ghoulies, yet makes out the Serpents to be the worst. Like Hiram your bought gang members are cannibals (apparently), and are the ACTUAL gang that sells and distributes Jingle Jangle soooo wtf
- Jug... you can’t send Fangs without backup. I REPEAT YOU CANNOT SEND FANGS WITHOUT SOME BACKUP! He got shot once and I swear if he’s hurt again I’m going to end you. I only care about certain people: Sweet Pea, Fangs, Cheryl, Toni, Veronica, and Archie... so if you get one of them hurt you’re dead to me
- we all been knew that Archie’s tattoo was fake but LOOK AT FP IN GLASSES I’M
- I love Betty with these outfits. They’re really nice tbh
- Alice... you can’t burn SOMEONE ELSE’S JOURNAL! Also yeah it’s filled with negative shit but that’s why it’s written in journals... to vent and get it over with.
- also if you have to reference someone (Edgar) every sentence you know you’re probably too reliant on them
- although what Alice says about sitting still and shit is kinda true I guess. Betty doesn’t need to be constantly figuring shit out but I’ll just pretend I never agreed with the woman in a fucking cult
- is Polly gonna tell her about her Betty’s “darkness” because PLEASE(or the webcamming). When Alice gets better she can call Betty out on her shit.
- Cheryl’s a queen, I love her place, but Moose is here so uhhhh ew.
- SWOSIE BITCHES!!!! I saw gifs of it and I love it
- “not even a tall, cool drink of sweet water like you...” as she STROKES HIS FUCKING CHEST I’M
- but he was so happy and cute “I can’t wait to see you in the hallways”
- the way he leans back into the kiss is everything, and the way he watches her leave I’m star struck goodbye
- you give me Swosie just to immediately go to Mevin? You couldn’t have gone to another couple at least? Don’t ruin the moment ugh
- Kevin... is proposing... a sex pact? Wtf? But Moose looks so uncomfortable, which I find actually pretty sad. Kevin wants someone who’s out, who isn’t afraid to be with him in public and that person isn’t Moose. He was really happy with Joaquin and now that he knows why Joaquin was slightly distant there’ll be no secrets between them so... bring Joaquin back so Joavin can rise again you cowards! Moose needs to find himself, but he shouldn’t bring Kevin with him. He needs to go through this by himself.
- mmhm Reggie not giving a damn about Archie’s (fake) Serpent tattoo... I want to see Reggie apologize to the Serpents (and also find out that Sweet Pea is his brother oops)
- oh Bc Archie asks Reggie’s cool with the Serpents. I DEFINITELY need an apology right fucking now, Mantle.
- “whatcha thinking bout, babe?” BABE. B A B E. BABE BABE BABE BABE BABE BABE BABE
- I have subtitles on and it says “Tee-Tee” NO ITS T-T (or just TT)
- poor Cheryl 😭😭😭
- but also why the fuck is there a couch outside by the pool lmao
- Veronica is constantly about to cry and I’m... with her. I’m gonna cry too STAWP
- dilton... we were all excited to see you again but now you’re just being a creepy weirdo so...
- lmao Betty seems so out of place at this little Serpent meeting... she really does not belong there
- “the Serpent Queen is a Warrior queen” the next fucking sentence better be Toni or Sweet Pea shutting her the fuck down. If she was a “Serpent Queen” she would ACTUALLY TRULY care about the Serpents instead of joining so she can stay closer to Jughead and shit
- Sweet Pea slightly shook his head in the background so I’m just gonna... pretend he told Betty to shut the fuck up
- Betty’s gonna fuck everything up and then blame it on someone else isn’t she
- Awww Archie overhearing his parents talking about Archie and the trial. “Even I couldn’t stop Hiram Lodge from getting his claws into our son” STAWP 😭😭😭
- Archie thinks that he deserves this? Bitch BETTY is the one who’s done actual (okay well the worst crimes of the group) crimes but her bitch ass isn’t going to jail! She never gets any repurcussions. If anyone deserves going to jail it’s Betty
- Sheriff Minetta... no one misses you
- Betty has her own Serpent jacket... I mean thanks I hate it but I also hate to admit that she looks actually good in it. Still doesn’t deserve to be a Serpent she’s done nothing for them except bone their “leader”
- lmao Cheryl is strong af pushing Betty back into the car.
- Jughead... do you seriously think they’re going to let you leave with Hot Dog? Lmao maybe you do deserve Betty you two are both idiots
- this weird dream of Archie’s was pretty cool. I was confused for a second but still it was really awesome
- of course the one thing Betty ACTUALLY needs and she lies about it. Also, add forging prescriptions to her list of criminal offenses. Can you just once write Betty to be likable? When she comforted Veronica was great (although still need an apology from her) but that Serpent queen line... omfg no
- although they’re a part of a fucking cult Polly is making some great points.
- So... despite being invited by Cheryl to her party they don’t invite her or anyone else to the fucking water hole place? Wtf
- “last one in gets a sticky maple!” That’s... kind of rude considering what Chuck did to Veronica. Speaking of where is Chuck? Did they start that redemption ark for NOTHING? Also the statement is worse when V is the last to jump in...
- wow look at Varchie being the hottest couple (there. The hottest couple is obviously Choni)
- Jughead you’re not supposed to burn the marshmallows
- If Jughead supports this, they will finally being going in a good direction? For once? Like if you’re going to force this disgusting ship on us at least make them healthy and tolerable
- I hate them but the beanie scene was cute. Probably because Cole actually improvised that
- When Varchie’s scene was still much better, hotter, and aesthetic than Betty and Jughead’s lmao thank you Riverdale
- why do they make Varchie cuter when they’re going to end them? This is bullshit
- hey maybe if they make Betty and Jughead cuter (cause let’s be honest they’ve had like two cute scenes that I’ll admit to lol) they’ll end their relationship too
- what the fuck dilton lol
- “we can talk about this when I get back” wow that’s a surefire way to make sure that Dilton dies
- like I said Archie does something stupid and ruins EVERYTHING.
- Archie... if you’re FIGHTING FOR YOUR LIFE no one FUCKING cares that they’d have to go through this shit again. I love you but you’re stupid as fuck
- Veronica 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
- Veronica’s look to Hiram is lethal and I’m here for it.
- Honestly... if they somehow manage to make this about Betty I’ll scream because we all know Betty has to be interwoven into every plot
- honestly though why didn’t they make her testify awhile ago? They said it was too late but her statement would help? She LIVES with the man, she could easily tell them about how much of a master manipulator he is like... what the fuck
- literally Veronica just wear a wire around Hiram so you can implicate him. He legit just told you that he did all of this to get back at you for choosing him over blood (also wow so healthy)
- “you don’t have a daughter anymore” we love and stan Veronica
- so... Jug shouldn’t have gone alone but uhh Dilton is fucking dead
- um what the fuck is with the babies... and also why is Betty convulsing? Probably gonna be blamed on the supernatural instead of her Adderral. (Also I just reached the limit of this holy fuck lmao)
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angiesasadboy · 2 years ago
Wyatt Oleff Imagine
Guys... This is gonna be bad. I wrote this almost two years ago. I’m sorry if you read this to be honest. Proceed with caution. 
"If isn't my favorite ginger." Jack smiled, letting me into his hotel room. "Look, save it. I have to talk to you about something...someone." I walked into his room, sitting on his bed. 
Jack's bed was next to his, covered with clothes. "Ooooo, who is the lucky guy?" He smirked, sitting across from me. "I-it's serious." He knitted his eyebrows together in concern, "What's wrong?" I broke in a full sob and hugged his waist. 
"Y/N, what's wrong?" "I think I like Wyatt...maybe even love. But he'll never like me back ,he hates me, doesn't he?" "Y/N, you're being paranoid! Wyatt doesn't hate anyone, especially you." "You're right." I wiped my eyes,sniffling. "I'm sorry for the tears." I chuckled. "It's fine," He smiled,"You should ask him out." 
"I-I can't." "Come on Y/N!" "I think i'm going to Sophia with this." I stood up to leave. "Wait, Y/n!" I turned before I opened the door,"Yeah?" "Let me help." I sighed,"You'll just tell him and embarrass me." "No, I promise, I won't." "Alright." We spent the whole night planning. Even Finn helped. "You can't tell anyone about this,alright." "Alright." "Promise? "Promise." "Promise." Jack nodded.
I was aloud to be here because I was Finn's best friend. He scored me a quick role in IT as one of Beverly's school bullies. The cast and I really clicked, and I'm like an eighth member of the losers club. Sometimes it's a little awkward, but we get over it. I'm even on the live streams! They talk about me in interviews, too. Right now we're on a tour to meet fans and talk to journalists and magazines. Nick, Owen, and Jackson were here too!
I shared a room with Sophia and made it even. Jack and Finn, Sophia and I, Wyatt and Chosen, and Jaeden, and Jeremy was with Nick. Sophia and I usually just watched cheesy movie and TV shows and listened to music. I had introduced her to Fleetwood Mac, and she loved them too! I loved being her best friend, she is such a great girl.
 "Y/n,waaaake up!" My eyes fluttered open, "Hmmm?" "I heard you mumbling a special boys name in your sleep." She smirked. "Please Sophia, don't mock me." "I won't!" She smiled. "Thank you." "Who else knows now?"
 "Jack and Finn." "Yes! Now we get to tease you about it all day!" "Stop smirking like that." I laughed. She turned on Every Breath You Take by The Police. I rolled my eyes,"I'm not obsessed with him." I rolled my eyes. 
I layed back and listened to the music. I actually really like this song. There was a knock at the door. "We're leaving soon, get ready!" Finn yelled into the room. "Thanks, Mr.Wolfhard." He grinned. Sophia and I got up and started getting ready for an outting. We were in L.A, and not many of us had been there before. I decided to dress 90s grunge as usual. I put on light distressed jean shorts and a band shirt. I put on thigh-high socks and my black doc martins. I curled my hair a bit and was finished. Sophia was still trying to pick out an outfit. She went with olive branch colored shorts and a white blouse. "You look like a cute lil' schoolboy." I smiled. "Thank you." She grinned back. We stepped out into the hallway and waited for the guys. I texted Finn:
M: What's taking so long?
F: Wyatt's lookin pretty for you!
F: ;)
I turned my phone off and stuffed into my back pocket. I ran back into the hotel room and grabbed my headphones. I can't go a car ride without those! Chosen and Jaeden joined us in the hallway soon after that, then Jack. He kept making small nods at the fact that I like Wyatt. It was pretty funny at first. It'll probably get old after Finn, Sophia, and Jack will make the jokes all day. We all talked a bit before our urbers arrived. We all preferred to ride together, but that wasn't possible today. 
Finn, Sophia, Jack and I all rode in one Uber. Chosen, Jeremy, Jaeden, and Wyatt shared another. Nick didn't feel well this morning and decided to stay home. We were going to get breakfast, then go out to museum or something. Sophia's mom was the only adult, and she was back at the hotel, so we had free rein over everything. When we got to the cafe we decided to eat outside. We had to get two tables worth of chairs and put them at a small round table. I sat in between Wyatt and Sophia. I looked at my Instagram timeline while everyone ordered,I didn't want anything. Breakfast made me nauseous. When everyone got their food and drinks Wyatt asked,"Are you going to eat anything?" "No,not very hungry." "Are you sure?" I nodded. Finn smirked at me from across the table.
M: stop!
F: What am I doing?
He smirked at me again, putting his phone down. I glared him but looked away when Chosen looked over. "Y/n, why do you never eat when we go out to?" Chosen asked. "She has insecurity eating around her crush." I glared at jack from across the table. His smirk stood still. I looked at wyatt, he was confused. Breakfast lasted about fifteen minutes later and then we were all packing into Uber's again. We rode with the same people, even though I Sophia wanted me to go with Wyatt. The museum was a ten minute car ride away. When we got to the museum we all split up into groups so we could look at what we wanted, and not make too much noise. Jaeden, Finn, and Sophia went to see the Egyptian history section. Chosen, Jeremy,and Jack went to the Civil war section. That left Wyatt and I. "Aquarium?" He asked. "Yeah." I smiled. It seemed like forever when we finally found the aquarium. The small talk was awkward,and I didn't enjoy it anyway. "Y/n?" Wyatt asked,stopping in front of the aquarium enclosure. "Yeah Wy?" I asked, looking up at him. "You know when Jack made that joke about your crush?" "Mhm." "W-who is your crush?" I was silent for a moment, questioning whether or not I should tell him the truth. 
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked." He opened the door to the aquarium. "No, it's okay." We walked into the aquarium. We walked around in silence for about five minutes. "Wy?" "Hm?" He asked,looking at the jellyfish. "N-nevermind." When we got to the next exhibit, I decided to stop being a pussy. "Wyatt," 
"Yeah?" "I like you. You're my crush." I couldn't stand it any longer. "R-really?" A smile painted across his face, it looked genuine. "Y/n, I like you too." I smiled as well. I couldn't help it. I felt like jumping up and down and into his arms. "You do?" I asked happily. "Definitely." I smiled as I hugged him, feeling content  and warm in his arms. "You don't know how long I've wanted this." He whispered. "Me too." I pulled away from the hug so we could continue looking at the exhibits. I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers. "I told the guys that I like you a couple weeks ago, they always tried to get me to tell you somehow." I laughed,"Jack and Finn found out last night, Sophia has known since the day I started liking you." "When was that?" "The moment I met you." He sighed in relief,"Me too." "So we get to tell them soon." I smiled. 
After about half an hour of walking around the museum the group decided to get lunch. We sat with the same people as usual ,and Sophia still insisted I should sit with Wyatt. When we got to the place we picked out for lunch we all ordered, I got a grilled cheese and some fries. Healthy, right? I sat next to Wyatt and held his hand under the table, smiling like idiot the whole time Finn and Jack told some stupid story. Chosen was staring at me from across the table with a "I know something" look. I texted him:
M: Stop staring at me like that ya creep
C: Stop holding Wyatt's hand like it's a secret you two like each other ya scrub!
M: I can't promise I can stop that.
C: When are you going to tell the group?
M: Soon.
M: Now eat, scrub!
He laughed at me calling him a scrub. I laughed as well and nodded toward his food. We're like best friends so we can have a conversation without saying a word. "I say we go back to the hotel and fuck around." Jack suggested after everyone was done eating. We all did just that. We all got to the hotel and went to Jack and Finn's hotel room because it was the biggest. Jack started an Instagram Live video and we all decided to play truth or dare. Sophia went first. "Jack, truth or dare?" "I gotta go dare." "I dare you to... eat a bowl of Mayo." Sophia smiled,crossing her arms. "Ew, Soph that's disgusting!" Jack shook his head. "Do it or we get to shave your head." 
Jack sighed,"Not too much mayo." "I don't know, he might look good bald." I joked. Jack puckered his lips and made kissing noises at me. I laughed and did it back, then shook my head. After he did it Jack asked me,"Truth or dare Y/n." "Uh..." I didn't want to answer their questions, so I picked dare. "Dare!" "Alright," Jack smirked,"I dare you to kiss Wyatt." I looked at Wyatt,"I-uh-uh..." "Do it or we get to shave your head." Jack smirked. I glared at Jack. I turned to Wyatt and gave him a nervous smile. "Everyone is going crazy in the comment." I heard Jaeden laugh. It would be both of our first kisses, and everyone knew that. We both turned our heads and pressed our lips together. Everyone in the room cheered. We both pulled away and looked at the group. I grabbed his hand,"We're dating by the way." I smiled.
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shinystardustings · 4 years ago
How long will they last? - uhm 1000000 years
How quickly did/will they fall in love? - bruh it took like maybe 2 months for aladdin to realize it. ju was the first to say it out loud tho......and that was with sex...............
Who proposed? -  judar duh
Who is the best man/men? - as much as we hate it alibaba and hakuryuu
Who is the braid’s maid(s)? - morgiana and kougyoku
Who did the most planning? - judar probably aladdin’s the type to just be like but ??? we can just get married on the beach when its the two of us
Who stressed the most? - judar
How fancy was the ceremony? -  Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? -
Who is on top? - they switch as per aladdin’s rules
Who is the one to instigate things? - most of the time ju but aladdin has his moments
How healthy is their sex life? - lm a o...........  Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
How kinky are they? - Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head
How long do they normally last? - depends but it’s usually around 5-10 minutes so average??
Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - by doing things with their mouths and having SELF CONTROL
How rough are they in bed? -  Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.
How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? - No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.
How many children will they have naturally? - none 
How many children will they adopt? - non e unless his animals count
Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - aladdin
Who is the stricter parent? - aladdin
Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - ALADDIN MAINLY BECAUSE JUDAR WOULD BE THE ONE EGGING THEM ON
Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - aladdin
Who is the more loved parent? - aladdin du h 
Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? they both do but aladdin does it to make sure judar doesn’t get himself into trouble
Who cried the most at graduation? - jud a r 
Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - judar. hes the cool parent
Who does the most cooking? - aladdin probably but ju don’t eat it half the time 
Who is the most picky in their food choice? - JUDAR
Who does the grocery shopping? - aladdin
How often do they bake desserts? - every once in a while but they dont last
Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - aladdin is a eats everything eater. judar likes fruit.
Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - aladdin because hES THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD REMEMBER
Who is more likely to suggest going out? - judar
Who is more likely to burn the house down accidently while cooking? - judar goddamn pampered princess
Who cleans the room? - judar probably ??? aladdin likes to throw things around the house when hes invested in research 
Who is really against chores? - judar because hes spoiled
Who cleans up after the pets? - aladdin
Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - aladdin
Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - judar bc ew people
Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - judar
Who takes the longer showers/baths? - aladdin but lbr here they probably shower together every day
Who takes the dog out for a walk? - aladdin 
How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - every year especially for halloween
What are their goals for the relationship? - live a long life as gay magi husbands
Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - judar
Who plays the most pranks? - judar
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razzoprocione-blog · 4 years ago
Kragdu? >3
ultimate ship meme!: send in two (or more) names and i’ll fill all this out about the ship
K R A G L I N   &   Y O N D U
Rate the Ship - Awful | Ew | No pics pls | I’m not comfortable | Alright | I like it! | Got Pics? | Let’s do it! | Why is this not getting more attention?! | The OTP to rule all other OTPs
How long will they last? - As long as they stay alive, probably, once they admit it, of course!
How quickly did/will they fall in love? - I’ll bet it was subtle, and it just kinda…grew after the whole turmoil with Ronan
How was their first kiss? - A surprise! Maybe during a fight, maybe in the middle of being sappy; any point in which it would be used to shut each other up.
Who proposed? - I’ll bet they both did. Just a casual ‘’Wanna ge’ married?’’
Who is the best man/men? - Peter, Rocket, any of the Guardians, really. Not Drax. He’d be terrible and complain about his nipples.
Who is the braid’s maid(s)? - Gamora, if they even have a wedding. She’s hesitant, but so happy to do it.
Who did the most planning? - Again, I bet it’s a surprise! It just…happened. One day, they just bought suits and the next, boom. 
Who stressed the most? - Probably neither of them; it’s one of the Guardians, freaking out over whether this is a joke. Do they bring things? Do they not? WHAT’S A WEDDING???
How fancy was the ceremony? - Back of a pickup truck | 2 | 3 | 4 | Normal Church Wedding | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Kate and William wish they were this big.
Who was specifically not invited to the wedding? - Thanos, duh. Any of their enemies. I’ll bet it’d be something small and quiet. Private.
Who is on top? - I think it’s versatile. It changes, depends on the mood and the situation.
Who is the one to instigate things? - Again, I think it’s versatile! It could be either of them, really. It all depends on the mood!
How healthy is their sex life? - Barely touch themselves let alone each other | 2 | 3 | 4 | Once a couple weeks, nothing overboard | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They are humping each other on the couch right now
How kinky are they? - Straight missionary with the lights off | 2 | 3 | 4 | Might try some butt stuff and toys | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Don’t go into the sex dungeon without a horse’s head
How long do they normally last? - A lot of these are gonna be ‘’it depends’’, fair warning. It really does depend on the time between sexcapades, and it’s definitely dependent on whether it’s something quick or slow.
Do they make sure each person gets an equal amount of orgasms? - Oh, without a doubt. 
How rough are they in bed? - Softer than a butterfly on the back of a bunny | 2 | 3 | 4 | The bed’s shaking and squeaking every time | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Their dirty talk is so vulgar it’d make Dwayne Johnson blush. Also, the wall’s so weak it could collapse the next time they do it.
How much cuddling/snuggling do they do? - No touching after sex | 2 | 3 | 4 | A little spooning at night, or on the couch, but not in public | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | They snuggle and kiss more often than a teen couple on their fifth date to a pillow factory.
How many children will they have naturally? - Okay, so for this section, it’s gonna be A L L about Peter, heads up! ;; Just one, but they would absolutely consider Groot a child (if it’s post vol.2) and treat him like family.
How many children will they adopt? - All of the Guardians, to be honest.
Who gets stuck with the most diapers? - KRAGLIN. NO DOUBT.
Who is the stricter parent? - Yondu, obviously. Kraglin’s so passive with kids. Just look at Quill!
Who stops the kid(s) from doing dangerous stunts after school? - Both of them, no doubt. 
Who remembers to pack the lunch(es)? - Probably more Kraglin on this one.
Who is the more loved parent? - HEY, NO FAVORITES. 
Who is more likely to attend the PTA meetings? - Jeez, can you imagine them putting Peter in a school? The horrors. You better believe neither of them. Fuck that noise.
Who cried the most at graduation? - Yondu, but he would never admit it. REAL MEN DON’T CRY.
Who is more likely to bail the child(ren) out of trouble with the law? - Yondu. He’s done it enough already!
Who does the most cooking? - I think Kraglin. For some reason, I see him as a good cook in my head.
Who is the most picky in their food choice? - Neither, thanks to their days on the Eclector. 
Who does the grocery shopping? - Kraglin! 
How often do they bake desserts? - Not often, for fear of being teased by the Ravagers.
Are they more of a meat lover or a salad eater? - Meat, definitely.
Who is more likely to surprise the other(s) with an anniversary dinner? - I think it’d be a group effort, actually!
Who is more likely to suggest going out? - Neither of them! I think they’d rather be together. 
Who is more likely to burn the house down accidentally while cooking? - Y O N D U
Who cleans the room? - I feel like neither of them, but I also feel like Kraglin would hate sitting in clutter and nastiness for longer than a couple days.
Who is really against chores? - Yondu. Not sure why, just is in my head.
Who cleans up after the pets? - You mean the other Ravagers? OOOO, BURN. Both of them, though.
Who is more likely to sweep everything under the rug? - Yondu, I’ll bet you.
Who stresses the most when guests are coming over? - Neither of them; I think neither of them really cares about company.
Who found a dollar between the couch cushions while cleaning? - Probably Kraglin, and he probably blamed Quill for it.
Who takes the longer showers/baths? - Kraglin. 
Who takes the dog out for a walk? - YA’ MEAN ROCKET/THE RAVAGERS? OHHHH, BUUUURN. No dog, no walks, sorry!
How often do they decorate the room/house for the holidays? - Never, it’s tedious.
What are their goals for the relationship? - To not fuck this up like everything else.
Who is most likely to sleep till noon? - Both of them, but I think Kraglin would push it and sleep until the late afternoon.
Who plays the most pranks? - With little Peter’s help, probably Kraglin, on the other Ravagers.
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dkminwon17-blog · 4 years ago
Week One - Tuesday
{5:19am KST} – Text Message
Seokmin: Good morning beautiful. Ready for another day of work?
Rei: Good morning! It should be around 12pm there right? So, good afternoon to you. But yeah, I'm getting ready as we speak. Just got out of the shower.
Seokmin: Yeah, it's 12:20pm right now. You've gotten good at telling the time difference.
Rei: Well, we have been pen pals for about... 14 years now? But it did take me a while to get used to me being in Korea and you in America.
Seokmin: F O U R T E E N  YEARS?!! Damn that's long! That's longer than I've known anyone else in my life, besides my parents and sister of course.
Rei: Hah, yeah, I know. Hella long time. I can't believe I'm not tired of you yet. XD
Seokmin: I'm going to ignore your snarky comment but mention one thing...
Rei: What is that?
Seokmin: I know that we've known each other for 14 years but must you really tell me things that I shouldn't know?
Rei: What are you talking about?
Seokmin: "Just got out of the shower." I may be your best friend, but I am still a man, so please try not to say stuff like that to me... Thank you!
Rei: Lolol. You? A man?! No way! I thought you made your voice that deep on purpose!
Seokmin: Ha. Ha. Shut up. Never mind that then. It's almost 6am, have you had breakfast yet?
Rei: lolol. No sir. I haven't had breakfast yet, but I've had coffee. I'll get something from the convenience store before heading to the office.
Seokmin: Okay, that sounds good. Get something remotely healthy please. Take care of yourself!
Rei: Yes oppa, I will.
Seokmin: Ew, don't call me that. It's weird.
Rei: hah. What about you oppa? Have you had lunch yet?
Seokmin: Rei stop. I'm only a month older than you.. And yes, I have, made myself pork chop for lunch and dinner.
Rei: Lolol, okay I'll stop. And that's good, but next time make sure to eat a fruit or vegetables with that meal. You need your greens!
Seokmin: Yes ma'am.
Rei: Good.. Okay, it's 6:15 now. I need to go if I'm going to the convenience store before work. Also, Yani won't stop calling me, so I have to go. Good bye! Until later, my Prince.
Seokmin: Alright. Have fun at work my Princess. And I hope you like your gift! Goodnight :)
Rei: Gift?! What gift?
Rei: Seokmin, god dammit. What gIFT?!
Seokmin: ;)
~ * ~
{6:45am KST} – Text Message
Yani: Hoe! I've been trying to call you! Pick your phone up!
Rei: Well good morning to you too (:
Yani: Shut up -_-  I'm not feeling well and won't be coming into work today. I've called it in already.
Rei: Aww. Then I guess I'll be having lunch alone since Paul isn't back from vacation yet.
Yani: "Get better Yani. I'll bring you medicine after work." Aww thanks Rei! You're the best! .-.
Rei: hahhah. I'm at our floor now. I'll call or text you during lunch break. Love you lots, feel better hoe!
Yani: Have fun! :*
~ * ~
{7:16am KST} – Text Messages
Rei: D! What the fuck? Is this from you? Is this snoopy doll what you were talking about?
Seokmin: I see you're at work. :D
Seokmin: Do you like it?
Rei: Yes.. but I thought we were done sending each other gifts after junior year of college. :/
Seokmin: Speak for yourself. YOU were done but I was still sending you declarations of my love, which by the way, you never got back to me about... DX
Rei: Shut up. All those were, were paper hearts stuffed in a box. I never understood why you sent those...
Seokmin: That was my way of expressing how "you have my heart." ;)
Rei: lolol staahhhppp
Seokmin: Am I making you blush Rei? ;)
Rei: ....... Nooo..
Seokmin: I think I did. Mission accomplished. I feel good!
Rei: Hah. Whatever, I need to get to work. Byeeeee.
Seokmin: Goodbye my Princess. Have fun!
Rei: :P
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
{12:07pm KST} – Text Message
Yani: I know. I live in Korea too smart ass.
Rei: Yani. I will never understand why you're so mean to me. I am an angel to you!  )X
Yani: Oh shut up. What are you having for lunch?
Rei: Packed myself a Hawaiian delicacy.. ^^
Yani: Oooooh, what is it?
Rei: Spam Musubis. I made extra last night because I thought you'd be at work, but apparently not. Sooooo, more for me.
Yani: ugh. You bitch, I want some! Save me at least two please? And bring it to me after your shift is over?
Yani: I'll love you forever. ^__^
Rei: Lolol, I suppose I could do that..
Yani: Good, I will be holding you to your word.
Rei: Yani.. Has there ever been a man with purple/pinkish hair working on our floor before?
Yani: Not that I can think of.. why?
Rei: Nothing.. It's just that, there are two men seated a couple of seats away from me..
Rei: One has his back to me, he has black hair and is wearing a cap right now.. Odd coz that's against dress code. But the other.. The other has pink hair and wearing a regular hoodie.. Isn't that against dress code too?
Yani: When I think of it, yeah.. Maybe they're big bosses?
Rei: I think they are, people have been bowing to them as they pass.
Yani: That answers your question then.
Rei: Yeah. But it's just weird coz you'd think big bosses wear professional outfits like blazers and shit like that.. Like how we're supposed to dress. But neither of them are.
Yani: Maybe they had a – rough night.. ;)
Rei: Oh my god, shut up XD. I just finished eating lunch.
Yani: Oh please, you can be worst than me sometimes.
Rei: Very true.
Yani: Bow stupid!
Rei: Okay okay. I did it.. He nodded and smiled. *sigh* I panicked..
Yani: I could tell, you texted me first before doing anything.
Rei: I know.. I think he's talking about me with the other guy. 0_0
Rei: Shit.. They're laughing.. I'm so embarrassed. I'm gonna leave now. I'll call you when I'm outside your house.
Yani: Hahahah! Okay okay. Have fun at work hoe. Don't be the laughing stock of our floor. I can't be best friends with the floor's "foreign new weirdo". XP
Rei: Ha. Ha. Very funny. Okay, I'm leaving now.. Bye!
Yani: Don't forget my spam musubi! Byeeee
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
{5:32pm KST} – Text Message
Seokmin: Home at last then?
Rei: Yessss, feels so good to lie down.
Seokmin: Haha. That's good.
Rei: It's midnight there right? Are you sleepy? Should I say goodnight?
Seokmin: Yeah it's midnight, but no I'm okay. You know how I can't sleep without hearing your voice. ^^
Rei: Did you want me to call you then?
Seokmin: I would love that, yes.
Rei: Alright.
{5:39pm KST} – Phone Call
Rei: Wow, one ring. I'm intrigued at how eager you are to talk to me.
[Seokmin chuckles tiredly]
Seokmin: Hah, shut up.
Rei: You sure you don't want to go to bed? You sound sleepy..
[He yawns]
Seokmin: No. I wanna talk for a bit, then I'll go to bed, I swear.
Rei: Okay, whatever you say boss.
Seokmin: So.. How was work? Did you like my gift to you?
Rei: Oh right! I almost forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me.
[Rei pulls out a box and opens it up to find a stuffed snoopy doll and a note]
Rei: "Confide in me with anything. I will listen, even if I cannot reply. I am here." Aww, thanks D. I love your hand writing by the way.
Seokmin: Thanks. And you're very welcome. Anything for my Princess.
[Rei blushes and bites her lip, butterflies in her stomach going crazy]
Rei: Shut up. Stop calling me that.
Seokmin: Why? You call me your Prince, so I think it's fair that I call you my Princess.
Rei: Okay... whatever.
[She squeezes Snoopy's stomach]
Rei: He has a battery inside of him?
Seokmin: Yeah, squeeze his nose.
[Rei squeezes Snoopy's nose]
Snoopy: Let me comfort you.
Rei: Aw. He's adorable, I love him. Thank you Seokmin.
[Seokmin smiles, happy]  
Seokmin: You're welcome Princess. So even when you can't get a hold of me, you'll have Snoopy. He'll always listen to your problems or anything in that matter.
Rei: hah, I don't think he'll have a choice. But thank you again.
[There's a pause from her side of the line]
Rei: D..
Seokmin: Mmm?
Rei: I just... I think it's weird that we've never seen each other's faces since middle school.. I mean, I've sent you photos of me, but you never sent any back. Why not?
Seokmin: I want to wait till we see each other face to face. I know that's weird but do bear with me? Please?
Rei: But what if it never happens? I'll never know what you look like after puberty. What if you're a major babe, and look so good that I can't keep my hands off you when we meet!
[Seokmin laughs heartedly, his heart fluttering in his chest]  
Seokmin: Rei! Are you confessing your love for me?!
Rei: Oh shut up. That was meant to be somewhat serious.
[Rei can't seem to contain her smile as she squeezes snoopy]
Seokmin: Well, I'm not going to tell you if I'm a "major babe" or not. One, I'll sound like a total narcissist if I told you how good looking I am.
[Seokmin chuckles at his own words]
Seokmin: And two, we will meet. Don't doubt it. Just believe in it, and it'll happen one day.
Rei: But what if I've met you already and didn't even know it was you. I only know your voice now.. Your image from the 6th grade was drowned in all our old emails to one another.
Seokmin: Rei, just trust me okay? I'm sorry but it will happen. Have faith in your Prince.. Please?
[Rei sighs, feeling slightly defeated]  
Rei:  I'm not one to let a Prince save "his Princess", you know.
Seokmin: I know.
[He laughs lightly, finding her completely amusing]
Seokmin: Geez, can't you let me be romantic just once?
[Rei blushes]  
Rei: Maybe one day.. But I want it in person. Not your voiced lies. You can't see me, but I'm sticking my tongue out at you right now.
Seokmin: Hah. Alright. One day. When we finally meet, I'll sweep you off your feet. I guarantee it.
Rei: I guess I'll just have to wait for that day then.
Seokmin: Yes, please wait. Please wait for me Rei. I meant it when I said I have feelings for you, so please wait...
[Rei chuckles softly, hiding the sound of glee in her voice at his words]  
Rei: I think you're exhausted. Go to bed now D. I'll talk to you in the morning. Bye.
[Seokmin sighs, slightly upset]  
Seokmin: Alright. I'll talk to you in the morning. Good night beautiful.
Rei: Goodnight my Prince. Sleep well.
~ end call ~
~ * ~ * ~
{7:50pm} – Self Convo
Rei: Okay.. So, he said to share my emotions with snoopy.. I wonder if there's a recorder or something..
[shuffles with snoopy, over looking him thoroughly]
Rei: I don't see one...
[sighs and brings snoopy on top of knees]
Rei: This is so weird.. But okay. Day one, I suppose
[clears throat]
Rei: Snoopy... I think..
[takes a deep breath and smiles, biting her lip]
Rei: I'm in love with Seokmin.. What do I do..
[exhales sharply before wrapping snoopy in her arms, a warm smile on her face]
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kyukyuhunnie · a year ago
Watch “Love O2O” with Me!
Episode 21
she really just be chilling on the floor
spirit monsters??
she hasnt fed the tigers in days???
theyre dead right?
alskfjasdlkjfa the parallels
oh???  diemeng and nini!!!
llove to see it
i love this in game squad
nini’s shirt is so cuteee
i wonder if therye going to meet irl at some point
that’d be cool
oh did they lose?
wow yikes this whole clan situation sounds oddly familiar to something that’s happened to me recently irl
nini *handshake emoji* me
not wanting to leave things bc youre attached
quaking in my shoes
aldkfjalsdkj not at how she was scared by nai
bottom of the closet????
alskdjf;asdkf she got caught fantasiging alkdjflkasdjf
ugh september please marry me
mandatory leaving
kodak and k.o on  a date bleadse
setpember is so cute shut UP
wow they really like this fucking song huh
you have her number, message her
diemeng queer i claim her
a;ldfkjasdklfj dragggg himmm
we dont fw the ex spouse
diemeng is so pretty
is she okay?
oh no....
poor diemeng
i wan to give her a hug
to have someone look at me the way nai looks at that fucking cactus....
diemeng is my favorite side character
swimsuit shoppoing time
the adfkjasldkjf the fact she ran a way im sick
oh we fantasizing fantasizing
okay then
what the FUCK is that
ritch bitch shit im disgusted
dadsklajsf did she grab the wrong ones
im so concerned
but still
if he comes out in a speedo im calling it a day
booooooo theyre just regular
he enjoyed that too much
what the fuck do you mean short and skinny???
ohhh diemeng...
break up with the garbage bag man youre dating
that looks like a hotel ROOM OH MYG DOD
hes cheating without cheating im
eye opener?
i’ve literally never been more in love with a  woman
oh this girl is lying
yaoyao maybe has a conscious?
no she doesnt
but she looks conflicted nonetheless
why are the tables in the show so high up ???
jwel?  yeah????  like why take you there if theres notihing going on
such a pushover
the both of them
oh dear
this is going to be interesting
everyone in the office like what is happening in here on this day
asdkjf;laksdj hes like why did you have to bring them
yes. yes you did.
no. no its not.
i do like his shirt though
i am
sick of this
like hes a dick but i dont like that he’s being used like this
oh my god
wow that was a bitchy move
this is just so
ugh i hate that they’re being so rude like this
ugh and here i was thinking he suddenly developed a conscience
ugh i cannot stand these girls at all
oh wowwww he said i will take the bill for this one
shes suspicious
diemeng is
“her friends” bithc watch the fuck wehre youre stepping there bud
diemeng is my love
did they swmin??? or nah?
i lvoed that
i love this part so much also
“i recognize the numbers’ i cannot stand this man at all
shut fhcutk fuck fuck;jlkJDF;KLAJWPOIRHGANE
erxi scared the fuck out of me too lfakdjfal;
aw erxi was able to finish blacksmithing
what the fuck do you mean thats the end of the episode
i am
angery i want more
but welll anyways
thats it for this episode
thank you for reading!!!
stay safe and stay healthy <333
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