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“We can go without Cartman you know?”

So they did! They did a wonderfully fun photoshoot without Cartman to ruin the fun, though he could have been right around the corner… 👀👀👀

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Heya everyone!!! Here’s an important post

I’ve created an ask blog!! UwU

I wanted to do something funny and random like @the-bad-sanses or @the-star-sansess

All asks will be on this account

I will also surely do some ask event

Go subscribe and send asks!


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I made an account on the Reddit. I have never used Reddit and I have not yet posted anything there and I am not probably going to post anything either. But you can go follow me if you want.

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Heylo! Just a PSA!

I have a new account dedicated to One Direction in order to keep things more organized! This will still be my main account, but all my fics regarding 1D will go on there! Please follow if you want to!

Thank you, and have a nice day!

@tommodirection is my new account!

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Go follow my side account rn @comatose-world it’s for my book I’m writing (not fanfiction) you’ll see cool stuff on there.

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A reminder that I love @rightfights very much 💚

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The time has come. I have made a new blog in preparation for losing this account once my new computer comes in. This account will occasionally post, however! If you are missing most of my personal content, including headcanons, then go follow @sylveonsylk ! That blog is my new blog. It’s still under construction because I’m only on mobile for it at the moment, but that’s where the party’s at, folks.

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I really want to do a shout out for @onxyfae, she is one of the prettiest girls on Tumblr I’ve met, and she have amazing tattoos.


So go follow this cute, fierce and nice Tumblr


Hurry and go follow 🌛

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Hello, people. Go follow @hollands-weasley because she’s awesome, genuine, humble, nice, really helpful and understanding and deserves a lot more than she think she does. Okay bye, people.

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Guys please go and follow @anime-kinnie he’s the best person ever and deserves some followers.

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If you don’t follow @gilgil-machine then you are a fool that doesn’t know what perfection is. Their edits are so beautiful! I wanna edit like them (ღ˘ω˘ღ)

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I literally just fell asleep a few minutes after you sent this. Fell asleep part way through typing my answer. Woke up with the phone on my face.

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2020 had been a mess but it would have been way worse without these blogs that you should definitely follow because they bring so much joy to my life and I wish I wasn’t so awkward and I talked to all of them bc omg they are amazing

@kallmekmk // @laurenairay // @tkuhnhackl // @pksuburban // @shea-theodore // @autumncalls // @sharksgonnashork // @avocadojoner // @powerblais // @nooodles // @folkloreflyers // @bisexualhawkwoman // @zachhymanaf // @prettyboyroope // @leafsbabe // @squidlywiddly87 // @doubleminor // @blvejackets // @captain-mcdavid // @hartsys // @timo-bier // @jamesvanriemsdyk // @anzekopistar

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@sonsetcurve is such a good jatp blog tho

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Hey, so shamelessly plugging one of my friends real quick!

If you like chill gameplay and good vibes, if you like being happy, and if you just generally enjoy cuteness, you should check out GeminiTown. She’s just really great and you should get to experience her as her platform is growing.

Facebook:Gemini Town




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GO FOLLOW @spicyramenguy


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