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daydream24-7 · 4 years ago
Why people insist that Eren and Mikasa see eachother as siblings?.... wouldn't they call eachother "oneechan, aniki or some shit Likes that ?
oh the very old grandma in me that has had the same discussion 15454654875 times since 2013 really wishes she wouldn’t have to talk about this again because she is tired lol *sigh*okay one more time I guess because new season *grunts* well, I don’t think Mikasa talks family in the literal sense, she might have loved the Yeagers like her 2nd family, but that’s different from considering them as her actual parents she calls Eren’s father “Dr Yeager” or when talking to Eren “your father” she calls Carla “aunt Carla”/”your mother”and well, she has never referred to Eren as brother, but she uses the word family many times, and family for Mikasa I guess is not in the literal sense, but is more of an emotional bond, in that sense Armin is family to Mikasa tooand I do think she considers him so
we don’t know how things would be if she has lived with them more than one year, but that didn’t happen anyway
besides, Isayama has never referred to them like that, nor does the narrative through the other characters in the story
when you tell people this, they get mad because for whatever freaking reason, they think if you say Eren and Mikasa aren’t regarded as siblings then you must be saying their relationship is purely romantic
like hold your horses, it doesn’t have to be either this or that?(talking about the nature of the relationship here not the individual feelings)
of course people interpret canon differently and that’s okay, right or wrong that’s another story, I’m not bothered with people who respectfully express their opinion and back it up with arguments
I do think a lot of people mix things up though and don’t understand where the interpretation starts and when it ends, example:
interpretation: I think Eren and Mikasa’s bond is sibling-like/familial/purely platonicnot an interpretation/wrong fact: Eren and Mikasa are siblings
lastly, remember nobody’s opinion is gonna change the actual story, so does it really matter?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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daydream24-7 · 4 years ago
But mikasa does have proper focus and character arc??? There's too many characters to focus on.
she really does not have a proper focus my friend, think about itit’s been 2 arcs since we’ve got any focus on anything that’s going through her mind,I mean she’s there, kicking ass, but Isayama hasn’t given her or her thoughts a voice for a long timechapter 84 might be the first chapter where we got a strong feeling/scene from Mikasa since 3 years or so before that
actually, once in the fandom, me and some friends wrote all the lines Mikasa got during the last two arcs, and they were barely a paragraph, and mind you, most of them were things any redshirt character could have said, nothing very special or particular of Mikasa save for a few moments
I do agree there are too many characters to focus on, but what Isayama is not good at is balancing the focus so characters don’t get completely sidelined while the others are having their moment, which is what happened with Mikasa (and a few other characters too actually but Mikasa stands out because she’s a main character, she can not afford to lose focus/development for so long because she will be judged on what she offered to the story as a main character)
this doesn’t mean she didn’t develop at all, but it was so subtle and done in the background that you can blink and miss it, and beside us, hardcore fans, other fans who are not as dedicated to the manga might not even noticeI mean when was the last time Mikasa had a lengthy conversation with anyone? or good internal monologue of something she’s thinking about?honestly…
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daydream24-7 · 4 years ago
Why did you not like episode 24 and 25? Was it because they dragged out the battle between Eren and Annie?
I really don’t wanna discuss this anymore but well, I don’t think these two episodes are good representatives of the 1st season - they made Eren go full berserk and lose control completely even though in the manga he was very cooperative with the SC and perfectly in control that he even lunched Mikasa to reach Annie and had Armin standing on his hand
- they didn’t include the scene where Mikasa was reflecting on her mistake of causing Levi’s injury and saying she will take responsibility for that, which is so important for Mikasa’s character
- it didn’t make much sense for Levi to suddenly appear and cut Eren outwith the whole injury narrative + unnecessary scenes of Hange looking crazy, feeding into stereotypes
- replaced Armin with Mikasa in the scene where Armin was supporting Eren after pulling him out of his titan
- being the saeson final, the cut obviously made us loose other scenes like Mikasa discovering the titans in the wall, Armin sitting on Eren’s bed while talking about the wall titans and Jean ruffling his hairas result, for these I can see where it might have been a little hard to stay faithful but the rest above was completely unnecessary 
maybe there’s more but it’s been a while and these are the major changes, you could think some of these are trivial details, but people who are interested in said relationships have a right to be upset if they thought the changes did a disservice to the relationship portrayalI don’t mind additions much when they fit well but taking away and twisting existing manga scenes will always be such a bad move basically if these episodes were an original anime episodes they would’ve been good, but as an adaptation they were a big messit’s such a shame because I think the rest of the season did a great job and had very minor changes that didn’t affect much at all (minus the few first episodesbut Trost arc was quite a mess in the manga I thought they reconstructed it very well) but these two last episodes left such a bad taste for the fandom collectively
some of these changes really made my fandom experience much harder! lolanyways S1 is done, and S2 has been doing a good job so far so I hope we can leave this behind
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etherealino · 22 days ago
yeah so is it official that this is a minho blog-
am-am i???? i thought i was a changbin blog 😔
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etherealino · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
girlie ang saya,,, hes back na talaga 😭
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