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orange, ORANGE, oRaNgE?!?! But…. but…. i- ma'am, thank you!! 😭🤧 I’d hope to be one of your favorite mutuals but your most favorite?!?! idk how to compute with that, aahhhh. Pink and blue, BLUE to?! *error, error* that’s…. too kind 🤧 thank you so much!!! Ilysm! 💚🥺

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Longest few days of my life man 💔😞

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Ex-“Verbotene Liebe”-Star Thomas Gumpert ist tot

Ex-“Verbotene Liebe”-Star Thomas Gumpert ist tot

Große Trauer um Thomas Gumpert: Der Schauspieler ist im Alter von 68 Jahren gestorben.

Im Dezember feierte Thomas Gumpert noch seinen 68. Geburtstag. Nun ist der Schauspieler völlig überraschend gestorben. Das bestätigte seine Agentur “60plus” t-online auf Nachfrage. 

“Wir müssen leider bekannt geben, dass unser Schauspieler Thomas Gumpert am 7. Januar 2021 im Alter von 68 Jahren nach kurzer…

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Subject Number #937 Cheerie. The Dreemurr Reborn AT was an Alternate Timeline were Frisk gave The Young Prince their Soul giving him a second chance. Years Later They would set off on a journey for Answers. Also I watch Asriel while he sleeps.

* You creep

Look whose talking…ANYWAYS Cheerie worked at a baking shop owned by She Acts strange around Asriel and it shows when he chooses to leave or Flirt with her. You won’t actually fight her and maybe you date her???

ATK: 3

DEF: 2

DMG: 2

Theme: Happy Shop Gemini City

Game: (Cancelled)

Tumblr: Dreemurr Reborn 

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See I like having class again but not 5 classes in one day 💔💔💔💔💔💔

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ピエール・カルダンが逝去 享年98歳 (dezeen)
French-Italian fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies aged 98 (dezeen)

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I finally get in the writing mood and start writing for chp 5 and now I have to go to work dgxkgcigxkgxgix

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R.I.P MF DOOM. The best MC to ever pick up a mic. Rap is never going to be the same without you. 

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On the 26th of December 2020, the wrestling universe lost one the greatest wrestlers in the modern era. John Huber a.k.a Mr. Brodie Lee f.k.a Luke Harper. May you rest in peace

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