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webkinzpossum · 22 days ago
some animals are just queer icons and i love that for them
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ofdirtandbones · a year ago
Subtypes of Gremlins
Soft Gremlin :
Heavily edited pictures of toads with pink filters, ✨sparkles✨ and angel wings
Sanrio memes
Probably has one of those music boxes with the little spinning dancer thing filles with plastic gems, adorable jewelry and little plastic hearts made to look like crystals
Too many plushies
Either the cutest gremlins or the most ferals
Goes from "I am baby" to posting threatenings memes featuring adorable plushies
Friend with the angels and kid people
Kool Gremlin:
Worms on a string and plastic babies
Probably addicted to coffee or energy drinks 😎
Collects trash
Screeches to assert dominance
Dyed hair
Possum, rats and raccoons
All of their plants die
Probably had or still have a scene/emo phase and/or does skateboard
Cereals on the floor at 3 am
Friend with the crows, raccoons and possum friends
Forest Gremlin :
Loves mud
Eats dirts
Worms are cute
Friend with all the animals, bugs included 🐛🐌
Room is filled with acorns, pinecones chestnuts, rocks and twigs
Baths in rivers
Catches the rain in their mouth
Covered in band aids
Cargo pants for MoAr PoCkEtS
Blanket forts
Camping ! 🏕
Friend with the cottage and adventure/cryptid pals
Ocean Gremlin:
Sea shells everywhere 🐚
Will pay you in sea glass and sea quartz
Crabs are god 🦀
Doesn’t mind the sand in their mouth anymore
Will take you to the aquarium and call every weird animal their child
Watches the little creatures in the tide ponds all day long 🌊
Licks the salt off their skin
Weird sand castles 🏰
Edible algae in their food
Their nemesis are the seagulls
Friend with the pirates and mermaids kids
House Gremlins :
Too many plants 🌱
Diys with trash
Are they planting stuff or burying their ennemies ?
Drinks too much tea ☕️
Collects buttons and ceramic figurines
Sews plushies, clothes and patches wow much talent
Will bake cookies 🍪 and eat them all immediately
Weird noises to communicate
Friend with the grandparentcore children
Engine Gremlin:
Collects mechanical parts, wether still functioning or not ⚙️
Steampunk glasses
Open things to see how they work but can’t reassemble them
Metal shinies
Probably does a bit of programming an creates the weirdest things ever
Robots are baby 🤖
Friend with the steampunk punky punks
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niefortunna · a year ago
they're dating
Tumblr media
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babybroccoling · 2 months ago
I know what you've done, i see it in your eyes.
Tumblr media
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duelwieldingraccoon · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
you’re lucky if it’s just an inconvenience
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i-bite-ur-dad · a month ago
I am currently playing a dangerous game called "How many little pumpkins will fit on my living room table before said table collapses and I die in a very festive manner".
It's going pretty well 🎃
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fairy-bbones · 2 months ago
we just moved and turns out theres a haunted forest right near me-
i've been waiting for a opportunity like this
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who-needs-sleep7 · 2 months ago
can everyone stop buying crystals for a hot second so i can get them cheap 🥱🙄✋
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webkinzpossum · 2 months ago
all of the trash animals have stoner vibes
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