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#racetrack higgins
mosiee · a day ago
Race: Jack let’s go
Jack: I can’t. Davey’s sleeping on my lap
Race: wake him up
Jack: how fucking dare you
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we-are-inevitable · a day ago
we could break away (if you really want to run) // javid
Tumblr media
Still, it’s obvious that he’s not from around here, and that’s a fact that he probably should have taken into consideration. Now that he’s here, alone, on the sidewalk in a new town, Jack can feel the familiar ache of anxiety rising in his chest. He pushes it down; it’ll be fine, right? He’s nearly an adult, but this… it’s still a bit much.
Nonetheless, Jack takes his first step. And then another.
Breathing comes a little easier after that.
After a turbulent junior year, Jack Kelly is in need of a break. He's worked himself into the ground for nothing, or so it seems, and when when his mother, Medda, notices how low he's really dropped, she comes up with a plan. A summer away from the city, a summer where Jack can relax and destress, a summer for memories and laughter and calm that Jack has desperately needed in his life. At first, Jack is hesitant.
But then, he meets David Jacobs- a barista at his family's coffee shop, located in a small tourist town near Medda's cabin- and suddenly, Jack's world is flipped upside down.
He hopes it's for the better.
Author's Note:
guys i ADORE THIS !! this is going to be a two-chapter fic, but it's in a series that's gonna have a whole bunch of one-shots !! send in some ideas you want for the au !!
Read On AO3!
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Albert, Race, Jojo and Skittery: *runs into class 8 minutes late*
Teacher: *gives them a lecture about being late*
Kid Blink: *walks in holding a glass* Sir I upgraded my cup!
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hey-op-just-kill-me · 2 days ago
Jack: you don’t like my idea?
Crutchie: you know what let’s take a vote
Crutchie: all those in favor say I
Jack: what kind of vote is that?
Race: it sure ain’t a vote of confidence
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nyoomnyoomplane · a day ago
spot headcannons
historically spot conlon was irish so that’s going to play a fairly important roll in these
his parents emigrated to america during the famine on a coffin ship
they were on different ships though
his mother was five and his father was seven
his father wasn’t allowed to pet in ellis island for a few months due to famine fever on the ship which left him prone to picking up sickness
they met in the factory they both worked in
the youngest of eight, all of whom worked in a factory
his father died in his forties from lasting injuries as a result of working in the factories and the lasting effects of famine fever
his mother and three of his sibling died of tuberculosis due to the damp conditions of the small apartment they were living in
two of his siblings died in machinery related accidents while working in a factory
him and his siblings left almost lost the apartment when none of them could work so they all started working as newsies to pay for the rent
they all got along with all of the brooklyn newsies and spot got his nickname due to his incapability to grow a lot
one sibling left the newsies to work in a factory for better pay
he too was killed in a machinery related accident
spot swore that he would never work in a factory even if his life depended on it
his final sibling left alive didn’t die but instead moved half way across america when she was offered a position as the maid for a wealthy family
he despised her when he was young for abandoning him but as he got older he started to understand why she did it
he started to live at the lodging house after this and quickly gained a reputation
he met race when race kept coming to brooklyn to sell and spot was told to make him stop
spot fell for him even if he kept insulting him
he and race kept their relationship a secret at the start but jack found out and jack can’t keep a secret so it spread like wildfire
he doesn’t try to stop race from selling in brooklyn anymore
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jo-carrera · a month ago
You know what? Santa Fe definitely became a meme among the newsies just for the sake of annoying Jack. Every time there was an inconvinience, it doesn't matter how small, someone would say something like "Ugh, i'm sick of this, i'm moving to Santa Fe" and you can't change my mind.
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newsies-hit-da-streets · 6 months ago
on this lovely trans day of visibility i would like to remind everyone that race is canonly trans
Tumblr media
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List of newsies resources masterpost:
Hi! So I made out a list of general resources and information I usually use while researching newsies that I thought I would share. If anyone would like to send me any more videos, essays or information of importance to add onto this list, please do!!
Newsies scripts and books
Newsies 1992 script
Newsies stage script & sheet music
Newsies 1991 revised script
The original "Hard Promises" script (the original when newsies wasn't going to be a musical. A LOT was changed in the rewrites)
Newsies production handbook
Newsies 1992 novelization by Jonathan Fast
Newsies promotional paper (1992) collected and posted by @queenofbrooklyn
The original North American VHS cover of Newsies
Newsies press kit booklet collected and posted by @queenofbrooklyn
Listing of characters
List of Newsies characters (both movie and stage) by @newsiepedia
A list of "who's whosies" from the film made by @letter-from-the-refuge
A guide to the stage characters
A guide to the film characters
Trading cards photos and their bios
Newsies historical research
"Kids on strike!" novel by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Some things we know about the real Kid Blink, part one by @newsieshistory
"Mapping out newsies" essay made by @letter-from-the-refuge
Notes on the Refuge made by @newsiesquare
Newsboys information Google drive made by @newsboys-of-1899
How the Newsboy’s Strike of 1899 Was Reported on in Cities Other Than New York by @musicalhistory
The women of the newsboy strike by @newsboys-of-1899 and The Girlsies by @pioneergirlsie
Jewish Immigration and the Jacobs Family in Turn of the Century New York by @newsiesquare
Names/list of real life newsies found on @newsieshistory blog
"Kid Blink beats The World" picture book by Don Brown
Information about Jack's dime novel by @letter-from-the-refuge
Some great blogs to look at if you want a historical point of view! @newsboys-of-1899 @newsieshistory @newsiesquare @newsiesandhistory-blog
This is just a list of historical essays I find important however if anyone would like me to add anything, please add it/link it!
Interviews with the casts
Masterpost of newsies videos, particularly of the stage cast and tour interviews made by @lizzy88musicalsblog
Newsies Minute (Podcast) Interview with Michael Goorjan (Skittery) which focuses on the behind the scenes spoof horror movie they made, BDHONS
Newsies Minute (Podcast) Interview with Kevin Smets (Ten Pin)
Newsies, The Ultimate Broadway Fan Film on YouTube.
Newsies 1992 interview with Aaron Lohr (Mush), Max Casella (Racetrack), and David Moscow (David Jacobs)
D23's from the vaults: Newsies at Walt Disney studio
Max Casella - "Betting on Racetrack"
Deleted scenes and songs
List of deleted scenes (1992)
Cut songs from Newsies Paper Mill Playhouse production (2011)
"The Truth About The Moon" a cut song for Sarah sang by Dan DeLuca & Joey Barreiro
Carrying the banner deleted scene
Bloopers and observations 1992 Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
Jack's cut rope trick (1992)
Newsies gag reel
David being kicked while selling - deleted scene
Behind the scenes videos
Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square on YouTube Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 which is a spoof horror movie made behind the scenes by the cast of newsies 1992
Newsies The Ultimate Broadway Fan Film again, I really recommend this!!
Behind the scenes (1992) videos here and here
Newsies backstage Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 on Kevin Stea's Youtube Channel (Swifty the Rake)
Other newsies videos
Newsies Drug PSA VHS Tape
Newsies Broadway Reunion charity stream
92sies vs livesies comparison video
Santa Fe vs Bet On It choreo comparison
"Finding the appeal of Newsies" video essay on YouTube.
"Newsies | Based on a true story" on YouTube.
Newsies general essays and other findings
Explanation to why people call Spot and Race "Anthony" and "Seán" in fics, art, fanon ect by @letter-from-the-refuge
Irish Newsies essay made by me (hi!)
Why 92sies David Jacobs is in fact a Hufflepuff (And why Jack is a Slytherin) by @annihilatedthenightstalker (I love this essay so much)
List of older newsies websites
Screencaps of every frame of the film
How Boots got his name
An article quoting that David and Les' surname is "Baum" in the Papermill Playhouse production.
A UK version of one of the Newsies theatrical posters, where it was originally released as “The Newsboys” posted by @queenofbrooklyn
The story with Jack's brother by @letter-from-the-refuge
Jack Kelly as the canonical My Little Pony character, "Fine Print"
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mostauspiciousmanner · a month ago
I have literally never heard an incorrect newsies headcanon
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licensedfool · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
they all have around 5 cents that just keeps getting passed around to each other through gambling
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baby-moth-teeth · a month ago
so i asked my friend (whos never seen newsies) to give them names based on how they looked and tbh, she shouldve written the script, these names are top notch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
whos yall's favorite newsie? mines good ole pirate barry
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skepsies · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
they r in love,,, (aka i finally got my shit together and drew ralbert)
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