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Am I the only one that thinks Kol Mikaelson and Rachel Berry would make a good couple?

Cause they’re the bisexual crossover couple I stan. Cause you cannot convince me that either of them are straight.

And that Rachel would be a better match for him than Davina (no offense) and he would be a better match for her than Jesse (again, no offense)

Cause, bitch, I literally claimed the title as their love child, even though no one else would be lining up for that opportunity aside from moi.

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speaking of Rachel here’s a really upsetting video I have of her refusing to break eye contact with me while she aggressively plays the piano at the music museum we visited. my laughter is primarily out of fear

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UNFORTUNATELY SHE DOESNT me and her both agree that she could easily be Tumblr famous but she lacks enough interest in social media to keep up with running a blog. Tragic

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She’s wonderful!!! Lol every time I call her I keep her updated on the comments + tags y’all leave on my posts about her and she LOVES it

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