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#rachel summers

I love this panel b/c it really shows the finesse of X-men battle tactics.

1. Nightcrawler is using hit-and-run techniques to throw everyone off balance, while he steals their firearms

2. Storm is the front line offense as she easily draws the fire of the baddies, while striking the rest with lightning.

3. Rachel is capturing the energy rays fired at Storm and telekinetically directing it to Bishop.

4. Bishop absorbs all of the energy, which stays on reserve until he feels like releasing it.

Individually, they can destroy everyone and everything in the room, but that isn’t much help when working in teams.

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I drew the top one in 2014, after one of those internet-theme-draw-offs started off by @evandocshaner iirc.

Drew the bottom one today (2020). The team would probably be different if I made the choices today, but I’m happy with the visual update. (for now!)

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