politijohn · 2 days ago
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tranzsunnyd · 2 days ago
protect poc transmascs who already had "manly" features pre transition. who were made to feel like predators, weird, or outlandish by thier peers because of thier natural features
protect poc transmascs whove been gaslit into thinking they were intruders or monsters during thier transitions
protect poc transmascs whove been made to feel like they were "betraying" the women in thier community
protect poc transmascs who havent been allowed to practice and celebrate thier cultures because of the pressure of passing in a white-centered society
protect poc transmascs, full stop. we arent immune to racism just because we take on masculine terms or presentation
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odinsblog · 2 days ago
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Two Americas, and two completely different criminal “justice” systems
👉🏿 https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/political-commentary/buffalo-shooter-white-supremacist-great-replacement-donald-trump-1353509/
👉🏿 https://www.npr.org/2022/05/16/1099034094/what-is-the-great-replacement-theory
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hmsindecision · a day ago
We all know that the anti-abortionists are partly working off the “Great White Replacement” shit right? It’s not about sharks it’s about them being afraid of white people being replaced by non-white people? It’s dumb as hell and completely connected to Christians trying to outsource the “go forth and multiply”. This is absolutely connected ideologically to people who use surrogacy in countries where women can be chained in surrogacy brothels. The “domestic supply of infants” is for quiverfulls shooting without any arrows. They want a supply of kids to make into Christians so they can feel like their lives mean something. And I cannot even tell you how common abuse is here. There are Facebook groups where they rehome kids like dogs, especially black and brown kids. Their ads are like “obedient boy, 9, for a good Christian home. Doesn’t get along with our bio kids”. It’s dehumanizing and disgusting. The foster care system where I live had to make rules about parents asking their social worker before hair cuts because white families were shaving black kid’s heads instead of learning to care for their hair. Adoption in the US is an absolute maelstrom of racism, sexism, and trauma. 60% of children who are sex trafficked in America are foster kids. A friend of mine who is a transracial adoptee told me that her adopted mother said explicitly that if she didn’t relax her hair she would love her less. This is not far off from how conservatives attempted to remove indigenous children from their families to prevent them from access to their culture and to instill shame. Are there good adoptions? Of course. But not the ones in racist sexist evangelical homes.
This is about punishing women for not “breeding” for them. They aren’t going to love those kids. They are going to truly hurt those kids just like they are hurting women. They aren’t pro-life they are pro-ownership. They want to “save” those kids by torture. And they will swear up and down this isn’t true and then go home and tell their kids that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group or, if they are Mormons, that they have only been people since the 1970s.
They’re fighting a culture war in our wombs. They want to exploit our ability to give life because they are so dead inside.
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365filmsbyauroranocte · a day ago
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“Black men loving Black men. A call to action. A call to action.”
Tongues Untied (Marlon Riggs, 1989)
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philosophybits · a day ago
If prejudice of race and color is only natural in the sense that ignorance, superstition, bigotry, and vice are natural, then it has no better defense than they, and should be despised and put away from human relations as an enemy to the peace, good order, and happiness of human society.
Frederick Douglass, "The Color Line (1881)"
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felinestorage · 2 days ago
“A German interior ministry report says a three-year-long review found 327 employees linked to right-wing extremism.”
“A total of 860 staff were reviewed during the survey period. Preconditions for further intelligence processing were met in 38 percent of those cases.”
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dailyhistoryposts · 2 days ago
On This Day In History
May 17th, 1954: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. A unanimous decision by the Supreme Court of the United States outlaws racial segregation in public schools.
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w3r3wolfboyfri3nd · a day ago
I'm not usually one to cause drama or anything, but @/vikeshcreations is racist and I don't see anybody talking about it.
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I've seen him interacting with mutuwolves so I wanted to just put this out there.
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twitterexile · 2 days ago
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usnatarchives · a day ago
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Boy's Bathroom, Gloucester Training School 1948, Plaintiff's Exhibit No. 42 for civil rights case Alice Lorraine Ashley, et al. v. School Board of Gloucester Co. NARA ID 159139420.
Tumblr media
Girl's Bathroom Botetourt High School 1948, Plaintiff's Exhibit No. 28: Alice Lorraine Ashley v. School Board of Gloucester County. NARA ID 159139394.
#OTD 1954: Brown v. Board Decided
May 17, 1954: In a landmark civil rights victory, the Supreme Court decided unanimously in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka that racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.
Separate and Unequal: VA Public Schools (circa 1948)
The fight to desegregate schools started long before the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board. See the Text Message: Equalization and its Role in Dismantling Racial Segregation in Virginia Public Schools by Grace Schultz, archivist at the National Archives at Philadelphia (related DocsTeach Lesson Plan).
Photos from Alice Lorraine Ashley v. School Board of Gloucester County, one of several cases the NAACP brought across Virginia in attempts to equalize educational opportunities for Black and White students.
Read the blog to learn: Bathrooms: Which school had a single stall outside with no running water? Which school had 5 private indoor stalls, a small vanity mirror, and running water?
Conditions: Which school had central heating, central plumbing, and smaller class sizes? Which had outdoor bathrooms, no central heat, and overcrowded classrooms?
See the records:
Federal Records Relating to the Brown v. Board, ReDiscovering Black History blog by Tina Ligon
Teaching with Documents: Brown v. Board
Teaching with Documents: Bios of Key Figures in Brown v. Board
Eisenhower Library: Civil Rights: Brown v, Board
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tributary · 20 hours ago
“This is something that members of the majority culture do not experience. They are not required to devote mental real estate to understanding the addled ideas of those who despise them.
I don’t have a happy or pat ending to this edition, just as I don’t have easy solutions to the problems of racism or anti-Jewish prejudice. But speaking from my own experience, I will say this: Anti-Semitism derives its power from ignorance of the lived realities of actual Jewish people. That’s because it’s much easier to demonize and caricature a community that your audience does not know or understand. And this is true when it comes to many targets of bigotry, not just Jews. So if you’re sitting at home watching yet another news item about yet another bigoted attack on a minority community and wondering what you could possibly do to makes things a little better, this would be my suggestion: Get to know us in the context of how we live—not just how we die.”
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chuplayswithfire · 2 days ago
every so often i see a fanfic where Stede mentions the plantation or owning slaves or something along those lines and i hope that all of those authors know that like. a slave-owner is not a person capable of loving or respecting people of color. someone who has owned human beings, especially as part of the transatlantic slave trade, where the justification is based upon race and the inherent inhumanity of Africans and the non-white, is not a person who can love or respect people of color. if you are writing Stede as a person who, for most of his adult life, owned slaves and operated a plantation, he is inherently going to be a person incapable of fully recognizing or respecting Ed, let alone the Black men on his crew like Roach, Oluwande, and Frenchie.
it just doesn't work like that. you cannot participate in the evil that is the slave trade for so long, and benefit from it, and then turn around and treat with respect and compassion people of the same race as the ones you currently have enslaved back on your estate that you abandoned.
its fucking wild that anyone could think otherwise. the show does not say that Stede Bonnet is a slave owner, and in fact David Jenkins specifically references that he's not writing that guy anymore than he's writing the Blackbeard who raped and organized the gang rape of captive women. obviously I can't control anyone, but please think for five seconds on if it would make sense that Stede could be the kind of person who owns slaves and a plantation and then turns around and respects and loves the humanity of people of color and cares about ruining Ed. please think about what sense it would make for him to take the products of slave labor and eagerly share them with Roach, Oluwande, and Frenchie, and that none of these Black men would have a concern in the world about it, these Black men who literally kill British officers for calling them slaves and using racial insults.
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odinsblog · 2 days ago
Imagine how much more meaningful and impactful Joe Biden’s speech in Buffalo NY about white supremacy would be if he didn’t have a history of working with James O. Eastland & Strom Thurmond to block school desegregation; or if Biden didn’t warmly eulogize Thurmond at his funeral; or if Biden didn’t use racist dog whistles earlier in his career; or if Biden didn’t flatly refuse to apologize for not only befriending but also repeatedly working with those virulent racists against Black Civil Rights… I mean, yeah, sure, ofc it’s better than Trump’s “there are fine people on both sides,” fuckery, but Biden just doesn’t come across as genuinely sincere for anyone who knows his deeply conservative past - and before anyone tries to clobber me with that “people change” bs, if Trump did the same things when he was in his 40s and 50s (like Biden was), I wouldn’t forget or forgive him either, no matter how much he claimed to have “changed”
Anyway, contrary to what Biden and Harris said less than a couple of years ago, America IS a deeply racist country, and white supremacy is a white people problem. White people—not Black people—are responsible, and it is white people who need to work soo much harder at ending white supremacy. But how will they ever do that when they can’t even admit that America is racist?? It’s like trying to fight COVID on an individual basis, but not acknowledging the pandemic
Oh, and please for the love of God, please stop over funding the police, Mr. Biden. Stop giving them more and more money & weaponry, because they’re a GIGANTIC part of the white supremacy problem
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elierlick · 2 days ago
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Honored to have been named in at least one meme in the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto. Payton Gendron, the terrorist in question, was a little too fixated on trans Jews for comfort. It’s always a compliment to strike fear in the hearts of white supremacists nevertheless.
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defleftist · 3 days ago
Some days are heavier than others, that’s okay. Give yourself grace to rest when needed, cry when needed, and laugh at the mess of the world when needed.
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o-kurwa · 8 hours ago
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athetos · 21 hours ago
Beyond heartbroken and furious that there’s been so little coverage comparably of the Buffalo shooting, whether it’s via social media, news sites, or local news (even though the shooting happened in my state). This wasn’t a random spur-of-the-moment killing spree; this fucker had this planned for months, even live-streaming it and creating a discord server to share details of it. He had a manifesto. He drove several hours to the market he shot at, solely because it was located in a predominantly Black neighborhood. He had an antiBlack slur written on his gun. He’s been spewing racist and antisemitic shit on 4chan and reddit. He wanted to radicalize other people, he wanted to inspire other shootings.
And barely anybody has fucking mentioned it. I know there’s been a metric shit-ton of awful shit in the news trying to keep our attention all at once. But Im just devastated and frustrated.
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In Brazil’s Amazon, Quilombolas fight the erasure of their African heritage
Tumblr media
In the 19th century, self-liberated Afro-Brazilian slaves took refuge in the remote jungles of what is today Pará state, where they established communities that today strive to maintain possession of their land.
After suffering from impacts on hunting and fishing caused by the construction of the Tucuruí hydroelectric dam, these Quilombolas are now caught up in land conflicts with palm oil companies.
At the same time, they face relentless attempts by Christian missionaries to erase their cultural traditions.
Continue reading.
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minimoonwhispers · 2 days ago
So now you wanna blame Disney for making "Alladin" bc of orientalism? Lmfao
yes? it’s not even blame; disney’s film of aladdin was super orientalist. like. It’s not even a debate. it genuinely is.
if you want to know why aladdin perpetuating orientalism is harmful: look no further then this video essay. only come back when you’ve watched it and done your own research on the topic, all the while listening to (southwest asia and north africa + south asia) people affected by the film
and when i say listen. Listen. because i know a condescending tone when i see one. from the “now you’re blaming disney” when it’s been nothing but their fault for decades and the “lmfao” attached to the end, i can tell you don’t genuinely believe what i say. and while that’s ultimately your decision, your choice, it doesn’t mean i, or any others have to tolerate that.
the next ask you send with that condescending tone, refusing to even listen, will be deleted. and you will be blocked. i’m not wasting my time on someone who doesn’t take marginalized groups seriously, who can’t stop think for a second how their words impact others because they’re still stuck sucking dick off disney.
so, watch the video essay and do your own research instead of using me as an educator who has to deal with your inflated ego.
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