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I think I can finally say why the phrase “reverse racism” makes me roll my eyes so far back.

Whether your conscious of it or not, you’re recognizing to some extent that racism includes oppressive systems. For you to say that the oppressor is being racially oppressed doesn’t even sound right so you gotta throw “reverse” in there. It’s just not a real thing.

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Liberals have weaponized false claims of homophobia, racism, and sexism.

Feminists are deliberately crushing men under their heels with the intention of dismantling the “patriarchy,” a system that they didn’t help build, but freeloaded enormously from.

SJWs are young adults regressing into selfish, spoiled brats.

Black Lives Matter movement is glorifying the murder of cops.

The “Me Too” movement turned from giving a voice to victims—to glorifying false claims of molestation, harassment, abuse, and rape against men.

LGBT went from acquiring equal rights for homosexuals—to mostly promoting public nudity, sexual deviancy, inviting pedophiles to mingle with children, and discriminating against heterosexuals.

Lawbreakers and other criminals are given free rein over the rights and safety of American citizens.

Censorship is preferred over the freedom of speech.

Liberty is important, but without justice keeping it in check, America could end up as another communist country.
To some degree, the liberal takeover could serve as a crucial lesson for American citizens: What happens when liberty is allowed to overrule justice and run amok, and we end up standing back instead of standing up for what’s just and right.
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Slavery routes – a short history of human trafficking (¼), April 4, 2020

The history of slavery did not begin in the cotton fields. It has been going on since the dawn of humanity. Part 1 of this four-part documentary series investigates how Africa became the epicenter of human trafficking.

The first installment of the series Slavery Routes - A Short History of Human Trafficking opens the story of the slave trade. By the 7th Century AD, Africa had already become a slave trading hub. Barbarian invaders brought on the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. Less than two centuries later, the Arabs founded an immense empire on its ruins, stretching from the banks of the Indus River to the southern Sahara. Now a new era of systematic slave hunting began, from the Middle East to Africa. At the heart of this network, two major merchant cities stood out. In the North, at the crossroads of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, Cairo - the most important Muslim city and Africa’s main commercial hub. In the South, Timbuktu, the stronghold of the great West African empires, and point of departure of the trans-Saharan caravans. This documentary tells how, over the course of centuries, sub-Saharan peoples became the most significant “resource” for the biggest human trafficking networks in history.

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Part 3: 

Part 4:

Deutsche Welle

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Reylos spreading the rumor John said Daisy is unattractive. He didn't say that, so please hit back if you see it cross your dash/TL.

doubt i would see it but im not surprised they’d do that. it wouldn’t be the first time

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So I ordered some fried rice from a local Chinese restaurant because our town isn’t on lockdown and I know that the place is close to going out of business bc racism. And also they’re delivering now which is cool.

Anyway the guy who delivered my food was… I mean this poor guy was terrified. Young, too, probably around 18. And I was like “hey man is everything alright?”

He’s already halfway down the sidewalk, but he stopped for a second and went, “The last delivery boy is in the hospital. I’m just a… I’m not a delivery boy I’m just trying to help out my uncle, you know? He can’t be out, he’s old.”

I asked if the last guy was sick. We don’t have many cases in our town yet.

No. The last delivery guy isn’t sick. Someone ordered Chinese food just so they could beat the shit out of some poor kid. What the fuck. What the FUCK is wrong with people. Why do we live in a world where young asian kids have to be terrified to go out in public. Why do we live in a world where ANYONE has to worry about something more than the fucking virus going around. Fuck people, honestly.

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I’m not here for the idea that whenever a black person is called out by other poc for the racist things they’ve said or done, that it’s not only excusable but justified because (x group) has been racist towards black people. What does that accomplish?

Anyway idc how many Chinese shop owners follow me around the beauty supply, I’m not calling covid-19 the Chinese virus.

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Y'all know racism isn’t worse than sexism, right?

Threatening a racist woman with sexual violence isn’t less terrible then threatening a sexist man with racial violence.

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France’s racism is just jumping out…

Between the doctors who want to test the potential vaccines in Africa because “they don’t have masks, respirators and medicine”…

The countless racist aholes who are wishing for the virus to “lower drastically the number of Muslims is France”…

The other countless racist aholes who are saying that low incomes area (aka where there’s more North Africans and Black people) are getting hit harder only because they don’t respect the rules and have too many kids to scam France from social benefits. Meanwhile doctors in the area are explaining that they are hit harder because they work jobs where they can’t stop and because a lot of them are assistant nurses in nursing homes and hospitals, nurses, cashiers and delivery guys…

The journalist who whispered “they are burying pokemons” when they aired videos of China’s homage to the victims of the virus and he “apologized” by saying “I thought the microphone was off”

The black female journalist who got called a n****r whore who should die from the coronavirus in the comments of an article from a French paper calling her out because she said white privilege is still very much at work with this virus…

I swear to all the freaking Gods if after this I hear ONE white person complaining about “anti-white racism” I’m punching them in the face. If I hear one white European say “racism in Europe is different from the US” I will punch them in the fucking face. I don’t care if that’s violent the only difference between European racism and American racism is that in Europe people are way more hypocrites about it.

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That post about Ted Kaczynski got me thinking about how racism is so often left out of the mainstream conversation about these people and groups who commit this mass, senseless violence when it’s a clear common thread strung across all of them. The Manson Family weren’t just hippies in the desert who took too much acid and thought The Beatles told them to kill people, they were murderous white supremacists who wanted to start an apocalyptic race war that they believed would end with their family as the sole subjugator of all racialized people. The Columbine shooters weren’t just some kids pushed to the edge by violent videogames and bullying, they spent their free time reading Nazi propaganda and - regardless of what anyone else says - they DID target racialized students at a higher rate than any others. And yes, even Kaczynski’s ultimately bullshit criticism of society was filtered through and informed by varying levels of nonsense ranging from common stereotypes about people of colour to borderline nazi race science. But if you believed any of the popular media about Kaczynski you’d likely come away thinking the extent of his racism was his use of racial slurs in his texts which Netflix’s ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’ tries to shrug off with that tired old garbage about him being 'a product of his time’. All the romance and buzz around these people is bullshit, they were all just violent killers who thought people of colour were beneath them and it *really* isn’t much deeper than that.

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20,000 Dead in Europe, 200 dead in Africa. So where should this Covid-19 experiment take place? Why use Africa as a guinea pig? #africa #doctors #nurses #africatotheworld #myafrica #iloveafrica #myafrica #murderers #criminals #racist #racism #blackpeople #blackmen #blackwomen #ebony #blacklove #loveblack #notafrica #colonist #coronavirus #covid19 #quarintine #quarintineandchill #healthcare #africans (at Africa)

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*click on the image for better quality!*

When the world’s falling apart, the LAST thing we need is racism. In times like these, we need to stick together, not discriminate against one another.

Stay home, stay safe, and remember that not all Asians are sick, nor are they the cause of the virus. The coronavirus wasn’t caused because an Asian person exists. COVID-19 is a pandemic that needs to be dealt with, not a reason to hate an entire continent.

Every single comment on this piece was something I’ve seen/read/heard in the last 2 weeks. Thankfully not all of these comments were directed at me, but they hurt nonetheless to see. We should be beyond racism and xenophobic ideals. We shouldn’t be discriminating and causing more pain. We need to see ourselves not as people of different races, but as PEOPLE.

And if you disagree with my views, you are more than welcome to unfollow and block me.

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