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#racism mention

Hey there anon, would it be possible to get clarification on this? I would like to do better but can’t figure out what the specific issue is.

Followers / people in the tags are more than welcome to speak up and clarify as well, both on or off anon!

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Emma: Our group needs a name that evokes America's proud history of citizens rising up to defend our way of life.
Shaw: The klan?
Emma: Well, there are no bad ideas, but let's keep trying.
Shaw: The Nazis!
Emma: Okay, you stop trying.
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there literally is a correlation between white supremacy and cottagecore / farmcore i promise u. overhearing a phone conversation and this guy segwayed from talking about being conservative to talking about the farmers market

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YEAH!! if hes willing to say this shit *on* camera?? In front of thousands??? You can only imagine what he says when he doesnt have the world watching him. Theres no excusing his shit and ignorant behavior.

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No worries. I dont mind people knowing how much i hate this pos -

He spewed MONTHS of antisemitic shit. Hes a glorified nazi and created a space in his channel where being a nazi was okay. He literally paid unsuspecting, nonenglish speakers to make a sign and dance around saying “kill all jews”. He wore nazi garb and did the salute. Put a ton of nazi propaganda in his videos including actual h*tler clips n shit.

Also he has a track record of saying racist shit and has said and called people the n word multiple times on streams. Bc it was a “heated moment”.

Hes a disgusting man whos done disgusting things and i dont want anything to do with the bastard. Nor anyone who continues to interact with him without condemning his actions.

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anyone know why josh boone just made illyana racist?? like???? literally WHY

what the fuck did anyone gain from those scenes? how on earth were they even plot related? It wasn’t her being a meanass little bully she was bein full on fuckn racist so why the fuck did he think that was ok??

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I’m not saying that Shinigami Eyes is bad (I have it installed for a reason), but I am saying that one can be marked as pro-trans and still be aphobic, racist, antisemitic, etc. It’s a good extension, but you should still be careful of who you reblog from.

TERFs, TEHMs, trumeds, transmeds, truscum, “nonbinary criticals” and all other transphobes/anti-nonbinary folks, don’t even think about touching this post

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but she’s still watching them as entertainment, not treating them as people. i’m sure when she sees a man wearing make-up in public, her teeth clench and her blood boils just as much as any other homophobe. she isn’t praising queer men for being that way, she’s engaging with them like they’re clowns for the sake of her own comfort in her Non-Homophobia.

drag queens on tv and white gays on youtube are false personas invented for the entertainment of heterosexual people. queer men are real and exist in a physical space - and when they do, don’t tell me they don’t face violence, especially in the south. if one of your classmates had started wearing make up in high school, he wouldn’t have shown up the next day, and they wouldn’t announce his passing over the intercom.

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i let all of you guys pretend james charles isn’t racist and a terrible person during dramageddon 2 i’m not about to let it happen again :)

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to be fucking straight with you i spend every second of my day battling compulsions, an eating disorder, and the desire to Off Myself so no. i am not going to do the labor of explaining How Not To Be Racist to white people ESPECIALLY when ive set this boundary 50 times and they arent respecting it.

i have no obligation to do emotional labor for you ever, let alone when i am suffering mentally every day. there are books there are articles there are PLENTY of people who have dedicated their time to this.

so instead of asking a mentally ill 19 year old to do this labor for you consider: do it your fucking self. type your question into google instead of my ask box. or find someone who has explicitly stated they are okay with getting these questions. because i am not.

respect my fucking boundaries.

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