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Ty to all the lovely people that told me I was in a tumblr email, I was so confused about the traffic I’ve been getting lately and this definitely wasn’t what I was expecting 😭 Finally found it, and there I am! Thanks @staff​, and make sure to follow the other blogs mentioned too! 💜

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maybe it’s just that i have to wait a week between episodes of the unsleeping city now like everyone else but truly today’s episode made me go insane

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Alright some people showed interest so here’s some of my ninja brats! Starting with one of my 3-man cell groups!

This particular group is from Amegakure and are all named after penguins - the Rockhopper, Humboldt and Gentoo penguins specifically.

Iwatobi - Iwatobi is considered the leader of the three penguin lads. He has light skin, dark green hair that’s short and spiked with some yellow parts at the front to resemble the feathers on a rockhopper’s head, and red eyes. He doesn’t really have any special abilities or unique jutsu, and primarily uses water and lightning release and taijutsu. He’s around the same age as Konohamaru.

When he first appears in my little storyline, where he takes part in his Chunin exams, Iwatobi is rude, self-absorbed and a total pervert - something Funboruto is openly annoyed by and Jentsu encourages in part because he finds people’s reactions funny. His early behaviour suggests he is bisexual, but also ignorant in regards to the LGBT community and that he will quite happily objectify any attractive person - his interactions with Sabaku are the best example of this. His flirts with Sabaku are always very strong and sexual, both when he thinks Sabaku is female and when he knows he’s male, but he also shows disgust when he first finds out he was wrong and seems to believe the reason Sabaku didn’t like him flirting was because they’re both boys, and not because Iwatobi’s behaviour was rude and inappropriate. Despite his nastier behaviours, he is later seen to be friends with the other main Konohamaru-era team leaders (Sakyu, Iyashinote, Ichigo and Tsuyoi), though he may have joined the friendship group a little later.

Thankfully, Iwatobi does do some serious growing up and learns to be a lot less gross with people and a lot more respectful towards others. When he interacts with Tsuyoi he still openly flirts, but he’s a lot more gentle and respectful with her. He also learns to look out for others more and be less selfish following a mission where his actions almost result in the loss of one of his teammates. He’s still full of himself and sees himself as a bit more skilled than he is (he’s a competent shinobi, but dear god does he think highly of himself) but he’s still made great strides in self-improvement.

Funboruto - Funboruto is basically the team’s voice of reason and 85% of their impulse control. He’s smaller than the other two, short and lithe, and has a more feminine facial structure. Like Iwatobi, he’s light-skinned and red-eyed. His hair is light purple and not quite shoulder length. Funboruto has a few more release types in his arsenal than his leader, and is capable of water, earth and fire releases, as well as the mud release bloodline limit. Supposedly, users of mud release are seldom treated kindly, so he has almost certainly been treated with scorn for this ability. This stigma means he won’t dare use this ability aside from as a last resort, at least in his early appearances.

The stigma and stereotypes of mud release users being unclean, mixed with his mother’s behaviour, mean Funboruto is also borderline obsessed with staying clean. He strongly dislikes getting dirty, possibly even fears it or the consequences of it, especially his hands, and feels compelled to clean up as soon as he can - this is another reason he avoids using mud release when he can, as it actively dirties his skin. The others? They can be as dirty as they like as long as they don’t touch him. Despite at times being a grump and a nag, Funboruto’s position as the team mum and the one who looks out for them despite his squeamish nature is something the others both appreciate, though they don’t let on and tend to bully him a bit.

In adulthood, Funboruto is targeted by a man named Eien who, similarly to Hiruko from that one movie, is looking to capture shinobi with bloodline limits in order to somehow gain these abilities for himself. His methods tend to result in the death of the subject, so if captured, Funboruto will likely not survive.

Jenstu - Jenstu is a happy go lucky little asshole. Like Funboruto, his hair is just shy of shoulder length, maybe a lil shorter and a lot messier than the team mum’s, and he’s light skinned, though a little darker than the other two. His hair is a sort of duck egg blue colour and his eyes are a dull teal. He carries more muscle on his arms than either of the other two, and tends to carry big, bulky weapons with him. He also knows a thing or two about poisons.

Jenstu is a high energy person, the type who rarely shuts up and is a little too physical when interacting with others, and loves having a good laugh. His favourite sources of entertainment are, of course, his friends and teammates, hence his encouragement of Iwatobi’s less savoury habits. He’s not outright mean, but doesn’t always realise when he’s gone too far. He also clips his toenails in the middle of mid-mission campsites and collects interesting rocks. If he gives you an interesting rock, it means he considers you one of his closest friends.

All three of them wear their forehead protectors in the normal place.

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