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aristocat98 · a day ago
homophobes (both conservative and liberal ones) be like “lesbians are ok as long as they’re not actually gay <3″. “it’s ok to be a lesbian as long as you resist your sinful urges and date a man whose soul you love :)” “it’s ok to be a lesbian as long as you would accept a partner with a dick :)” fuck yourselves tbh 
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femeren · 2 days ago
In May of 2019 WHO changed the classification of gender dysphoria in its diagnosis manual ICD-11. From having lied under psychiatry, gender dysphoria is now classified as sexual health and is called "gender incongruence". The patient group has therefore gradually expanded. From the old diagnosis transsexualism, which meant having felt like the opposite sex for one's whole life, to gender dysphoria, with the focus on suffering here and now, and onward onto gender incongruence. The main focus now lies on identifying "play, toys, games or activities and playmates that are typical for the experienced gender instead of the assigned one". 
This change is of utmost importance for the medical industry. It means that enormous amounts more children and youths can be diagnosed early and thus constitute a customer base. It also means that a person who seeks care for gender dysphoria no longer ends up at a psychologists' office, but at an endocrinologist. The change has been developed in close collaboration with the interest group WPATH.
- Kajsa Ekis Ekman, "Om könets existens"
("On the existence of sex/gender", "kön" can be used interchangeably)
Translation and highlights by me.
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http-m2 · 2 days ago
The way I’ve noticed all my female coworkers and customers coming in and CONSULTING their boyfriends on whether or not the products they pick will look good on them,, girlies you look great pls don’t let a man pick what you will and won’t wear
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celibate-wizard · 2 days ago
so its wrong to refer to women as women when discussing abortion rights, yeah? so you wanna call us womb-havers, mensturators, etc?
well what about the women like my mom, who had to get a full hysterectomy after i was born? she’s not a menstruator. she’s doesn’t have a uterus. so she isn’t affected by women’s rights laws anymore? 
it really just goes to show how performative trans activism is. if you really cared about giving women (yes, women) the right to control their own bodies, then you would be able to see past your own fragile identity and instead use your efforts to fight for the vulnerable women who are currently terrified as their rights continue to be taken away. 
look, i have no doubt that trans men and women are struggling in their own minds. but to shift the focus back to themselves in the midst of a women’s rights movement is just insanely narcissistic and shallow. 
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capybarad · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Which kinks aren't okay? You say to be critical of "those rooted in racism misogyny pedophilia ableism", so which ones?
ask yourself which ones wouldn't be ok in a nonsexual setting and why would those parties involved develop those kinks. like if someone were to cut themselves in the day to day life it would be considered self harm but if they do this while having sex it's suddenly ok? if someone tried to relive their trauma again and again in nonsexual settings 9 out of 10 therapists would say it's very unhealthy and they should stop but do that while having sex and suddenly it's just a coping mechanism? if someone said they enjoy hurting people and calling them slurs and hitting people etc that would be a big ass red flag but if they say they enjoy doing this while getting off it's suddenly ok? sex isn't a get out of jail card
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hey libfems! daily reminder that most currently existing women are TERFs for your standards! if your feminism demands violence and abuse against an overwhelming majority of women then your "feminism" is no different than plain old misogyny dressed in progressivism! have a delightful day!
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scullyrf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just the usual TiM being a fucking creep. Tired of knowing that these motherfuckers are allowed to walk around with their dick and balls bundled up in a thong, but women can't go to a grocery store for vegetables without being afraid of being raped, kidnapped, or murdered.
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aristocat98 · 20 hours ago
I hate how manipulative the TRAs are with all that “we’re not saying you have to like penis, but you could examine the underlying reasons behind your repulsion (...)” or “why don’t cis gay men at least consider having sex with a trans man (...)” because it’s clear as day that there’s only one acceptable outcome of all this “examining” and “considering”. it’s to find out that actually you were being bigoted, or that you have trauma. then the only “right” action is to psyop yourself against it and start dating penises. it’s not allowed to come to other conclusions, i.e. that you have trauma but you feel comfortable not interacting with the kind of genitalia your rapist had ever again even after you process the trauma, or that you’re very paranoid about pregnancy and don’t want anything to do with dicks even with protection or without penetration etc, or that the way you need to stimulate them is piss annoying to you and you don’t take pleasure in that. not allowed to say you examined but found no logical reason and you just always found them gross and maybe you were born like that. no conclusion that isn’t transphobia and no response that includes maintaining the boundary is tolerated. you’re “not saying I have to like penises” except you’re saying I have to figure out that I’m bigoted and then naturally (for moral reasons) stop being so, and eventually like penises. you’re saying I have to like penises, you’re just allowing me to take extra steps or a little time. how generous of you
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nansheonearth · 13 hours ago
I *need* a full time year round Michfest.
Like I *need* 6k women in a village together, that close to each other. I need to know that every woman is getting 3 vegetarian meals a day at least. No woman is going hungry. I need to know that there's a bus system getting every disabled woman to whatever space they want to get to. I need to be able to let my breasts get warm in the sun. I need to spend a day building something for hours with my hands. I need little girls running around the woods wild knowing they'll be relatively safe. I need to constant smell of campfire. I need to hear women drumming well into the night in the distance. I need to cry in another woman's arms after I workshop. I need it all every single day of the year. Michfest wasn't perfect, but it was beautiful. It didn't fix every problem in the world but it fixed some. And it was better than this.
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radfemie · a day ago
I seen a post earlier, on tiktok ofc, I'll link it here, but basically this guy is saying a man hurting your feelings isn't misogyny and yeah sometimes it isn't, but I checked his page and....
Tumblr media
yeah, red flag lol. Anyway, I left a comment and wow💀 I definitely hurt his feelings. He's made about 2 separate videos to reply to my comments now, and just look at what he and some other men have said.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just thought it was funny, yk. How backwards men are.
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sandycheeksislesbian · 20 hours ago
I cooked soup for my family today and my grandma said that it's nice that I know how to cook so I'll do it for my husband in the future
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killedthecliffracers · 2 days ago
When transwomen complain about the laws in certain countries that say you have to medically transition to have your legal gender changed. And say it's the peak oppression and "forced sterilization of trans people". Especially infuriating cause hot take but the ability to reproduce is not a human right plus you chose to transition now suck up the medical consequences luv
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aristocat98 · 2 days ago
you know what’s really misguided, harmful and “”unfeminist””? downplaying, questioning and denying coercion, including but not limited to financial, is rape. that not stopping upon learning the partner is unwilling or unwell is rape. that statutory rape, if the adult is more than 2-3 years older than the minor, is always rape. that abuse of a power imbalance is coercion, therefore rape. that abuse of a person incapable of real consent temporarily or constantly is rape. that rape by deception is, in fact, rape. that being subjected to sexual contact in absence of freely given, informed, enthusiastic consent, as long as the other party is old enough to know better, is rape. 
ironically, voices such as “well he didn’t hold you at gunpoint so it was consensual!” or “just because you were on drugs and he wasn’t it doesn’t mean it was rape!” or “she was old enough to know what sex is and she said yes so it’s not rape!” are typically backed up with arguments about downplaying or diluting the “real” rape and disrespecting “real” rape victims. what is “real rape”? 
“real rape” is something we see in media a lot. male, usually a stranger, brutally, painfully violating a woman who’s screaming and trying to fight. “real rape” of this sort  makes up for minority of rape cases. in reality, a good part of sexual assault victims “freeze” during and are unresponsive rather than protesting verbally or fighting back. only about 20% of rape on adult women is committed by strangers. 33% is committed by a romantic partner. at that, for juvenile victims, 34% were family members, only 7% being strangers! how does that relate to the “evil stranger pedophile from the park that your family will save you from” stereotype? it doesn’t. “real pedophilia”, much like “real rape”, is an invention of culture. indeed, a malicious and insidious invention. 
anyone would agree that there’s many kinds of murder. if you suffocate someone with your own bare hands, it’s murder. if you stab them to death while they scream and beg for their life, it’s murder. if you push them under the train or shoot them, it’s murder. if you illegally pull the plug on the machine that kept them alive, break the brakes in their car or purposefully hide their lifesaving drugs, it’s murder. if you purposefully change a number on the prescription so that they take too much of it or purposefully give them stronger heroine without telling them and they overdose, it’s murder. you can murder with a weapon or force. you can murder just with telling them a planned lie that you know will put them in danger. you can murder with changing a number with your pen, perhaps in some situations even by doing nothing when you could easily save someone. because all it takes to murder is to act on a planned intent to directly cause someone’s death and succeed. much like all it takes to rape is to perform sexual acts on a person who you know is unwilling or you can’t find out if they’re not unwilling, or have them perform those acts on you. 
obviously, not all murders are the same, and someone who killed for money or sexual satisfaction, or someone who killed in a sadistic, painful way, may receive a higher sentence than someone who killed for revenge or someone who killed in a way that was painless, but at the core, murder is murder is murder and the victim is dead and won’t come back. would you argue that “my mom was stabbed to death and that guy just switched his meds so it’s not REAL murder”? or “well, he didn’t stab or suffocate anyone, he just turned off their respirators/broke their car and then they died on their own, so it wasn’t really murder”? would you say calling pulling a plug or witholding crucial information from someone “murder” is in fact offensive and disrespectful towards victims who were brutally murdered with a knife?
you wouldn’t. why? because we all know the definition of murder (which affects men far more often than sexual violence) doesn’t have to be hyperspecific. that there are thousands of ways to kill someone. that a painless death isn’t less of a murder than a cruel, painful death. consider: there are reasons why we all know it, but somehow in case of rape or pedophilia, we have those hyperspecific images in our heads. that rape must be done by a stranger or near-stranger, with brute force. that pedophilia only “counts” if the perpetrator is a middle aged male and not the victim’s closest family and the child is prepubescent. do you know who benefits on these hyperspecific definitions? rapists and pedophiles. mainly those in power. because as I said in this post before, a good part if not majority of cases don’t fit those frameworks! so all it does is have the society excuse, downplay, ignore or even not notice those cases, and doubt and blame the victim.
so the next time, before you jump to “well, he was her boyfriend/he just nagged her a lot/she was just drunk and made bad decisions/she agreed at first/she only decided it was rape later” etc etc consider: if she says she was unwilling and the other person could tell and yet continued, it was rape. don’t help rapists, don’t take their side, don’t help them use the cliches created by the patriarchy to push their agenda. side with the victim. side with your sisters instead. 
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