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#radfem safe
catradfem · a day ago
abortion bans are about CONTROLLING THE FEMALE BODY. not even corpses are forced to let other human beings use their organs without permission, even if those people would die without a donation. if my mother needed part of my liver or one of my kidneys to survive, I'd still be legally allowed to decline. if embryos and fetuses are living human beings just like any other, why am I legally forced to let them use not only my uterus, but my entire body? if you think this is a different situation, there you go: you think of embryos and fetuses differently, you don't see them exactly as living human beings. you value unborn lumps of cells more than you value living women and terminally ill patients. go fuck yourself.
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blackradandmad · a day ago
my experience with lupron/”puberty blockers”
i have severe endometriosis. i was diagnosed at 16 and had three major surgeries for it before i turned 19. i started birth control for my six weeks long, heavy, debilitating periods when i started having them at 12. by 19, i had tried every birth control under the sun (with no success) -- except lupron. lupron, a gnrh agonist commonly used on males as a treatment for prostate cancer, on women in fertility treatments, on women with endometriosis, aaaaand yup, this is the exact same drug parents let be injected into girls with the euphemistic title of a “puberty blocker.” (i promise we’ll circle back to this hold on) 
luckily, i live two hours away from one of the most accomplished endometriosis specialists/surgeon in the world, and he is so passionate about finding a cure or at least better treatments for women with endometriosis. he’s an obgyn but he literally doesn’t do the obstetrics part, he purely focuses on helping each woman find their best treatment for this disease. he has such a vast amount of knowledge on surgery techniques and surgical robots and different treatment options, and he is incredibly thorough when it comes to informed consent. if something could happen or has happened-- positive, negative, or neutral-- he will tell you about it. in detail. now this is important, because after decades of observing treatment effects and listening to women and researching side effects, his personal philosophy is that the lupron injection should be a last resort. like, after major surgery last resort. if a woman wants to try it first thing, he won’t stop her, buuuut after he gives her all the possible short and long term side effects, she usually is eager to explore other options. 
(enter me) 19, three surgeries, dependent on opioid painkillers just to be able to get out of bed in the morning, and now, a fun new symptom! every time i begin to bleed, my heart develops an arrhythmia and i experience constant, burning chest pain. i begin to violently cough up blood. so, my endometriosis has spread to my lungs, may randomly cause my lungs to collapse at literally any moment, and i’ve exhausted all treatment options. except! lupron. the devil drug. the horror stories i heard from other women were insane, and that was just the short-term side effects. my doctor had to go through the process of explaining both short and long term side effects as i cried in the office chair because i knew that i had to take this drug. there was nothing else left for me, and things were getting worse. so i did. i was on it for a year. you want to know what that year was like? 
i was suicidal, homicidal, and fell headfirst into the most severe and detrimental manic episode of my life. i experienced psychotic symptoms, and that along with the aforementioned symptoms led me to a week long stay at the psych ward. i did not have one day without severe joint and bone pain. i broke three bones, all while running or walking, when i had never broken a bone before. i’m already epileptic, but i had two hospital stays for uncontrollable tonic-clonic seizures while i was on it. i couldn’t sleep. i got night sweats and night terrors. i either couldn’t eat a thing or felt absolutely insatiable. regardless, i was always nauseous and got sick a lot. now, six years later, i still deal with worsening osteopenia, making me at high risk to develop osteoporosis. at 25. and the kicker is, it did shit-all for my endometriosis. it made me sick on top of sick on top of sick etc etc. and i’m not a rarity. men and women from all ages and all walks of life have experienced this and worse, and many people, like me, are still dealing with the fallout of it, years or even decades later. i do not believe this drug should be on the market for literally anything at all.
i was an adult and lupron gave me the worst fucking year of my life. and there are parents letting their HEALTHY children be injected with this at age 12, instead of realizing that if their child is so deeply afraid of puberty that they would rather take a decidedly harmful drug that essentially chemically castrates men and puts women in pseudo-menopause for years, let’s maybe try to work out the cause of that fear in some therapy sessions and group art classes and getting involved in sports or something. i can imagine that it’s pushed at gender clinics without touching on the negative effects too much because, well, lupron drugmakers and salespeople have a history of bribing prescribing doctors with trips, fancy dinners, resorts, or straight up telling a doctor they could earn $100K extra a year just by prescribing lupron to their patients. they went to court and were fined $875,000,000 for it, although i’m sure that’s pocket change for a company who profited $826,000,000 off the drug in 2015 alone, and i doubt they cleaned up their act. if a doctor is willing to give a female child lupron simply because she doesn’t “feel like a girl,” while being completely or even just half-way aware of all the negative side effects of it and backlash it’s received in the medical community, they might as well smear their own shit on the hippocratic oath they swore on, and they should probably give up their license while they’re at it.
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demonterf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ladies you know the drill <3
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radicallyf3male · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope you're at peace dear Sabina.
Femicide is happening before us. Its taken too many sisters.
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notlikeothercatgirls · 22 hours ago
I get so unreasonably mad when TRAs imply that right wing men somehow like terfs, listen to terfs, wish to work with terfs... right wing men fucking hate feminists. It’s true that some radfems are racist and homophobic and willing to align with the right. And I want nothing to do with them. But you have to be fucking delusional to believe that right wing ideology is compatible with radical feminism. You think right wing men give two squirts of piss about women’s rights and women’s spaces? Look at anything about trans women in women’s sports posted in predominantly male, right wing spaces. They think it’s fucking hilarious. The comments are flooded with things like “lol who cares about women’s sports?” “serves those feminist SJWs right!” “men are better at being women that women are!” they celebrate trans women’s success in women’s sports because they see it as a man infiltrating and putting women in their place, showing those silly feminists what they get for wanting equality and trying to be inclusive. Here is a small selection of comments from one such post on iFunny, which has a userbase predominantly composed of right leaning men
Tumblr media
This was only a small selection of countless comments like this. They do not care.
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forjoanofarc · a day ago
What was going to an all girls school like, if you don't mind me asking? :)
OK anon im so sorry this is so long and so convuluted I actually got so carried away jdbKJBGKSDBGH. i'm not even sure i properly answered your question i just got overwhelmed with Love for my same-sex schooling DHGKJSDFBHG anyway, if there's anything more you want to know lmk and I will try to be concise next time 💀
Essentially, my own experience at a single-sex secondary school was fantastic—however, I know my experience isn’t universal, especially since my school was a little bit different to most, I think.
That being said, I still think that sending your daughters to female-only secondary schools is something every parent should strive to do if they can. No other learning environment will ever be as good for girls as a same-sex school.
In terms of school staff, mine was about 95% female, and 5% male. The few male teachers we had were genuinely competent men and decent teachers, they were also watched like hawks. Our principal was female, all leadership positions in the school (such as House Leaders, Year Level Co-Ordinators, Department Heads, even the chaplain) were held by women. Our school psychologists, our nurses, our library technicians, our café ladies, our career advisors, our tutors—all were women. Our school houses (think like Harry Potter houses) were named after important women in our country’s history.
I went to a co-ed primary school. And whilst at twelve you might not have the words to describe it, graduating from a co-ed space, into an all-female space is really a giant weight off of your shoulders. You don’t realise how suffocating co-education is until you’re no longer having to bear it. It feels so much more natural, so much more free! You are welcomed as you are. You can be loud and unashamed of it. We joked frequently with each other and our teachers, laughed loudly and cared not whether our laughs were ‘ugly’. I found that teachers were far more supportive than they were in my co-ed school. For example, in a co-ed school I had been told frequently to ‘pipe down’ or to ‘reel it in’ from teachers, and more vexingly to ‘shut up’ from boys due to my boisterous personality. In high school? My teachers encouraged me to audition for the play because I had ‘great projection’. In every school programme (more on those later) that I was involved in, I was the one asked to give speeches about them at assembly. I was asked to be the lead of our house chants during our sports festivals. I was asked to join the debate team because of my passionate nature, which in primary school, had me known as ‘difficult’.
Likewise, I had a friend who was by nature quiet, and loved to draw. In primary school she’d doodled on the back of a work booklet, and when her teacher returned it, she’d taken off two points and had written a comment saying something about teachers in high school not accepting work that was drawn on.
Do you know what happened when she got to high school? Our English teacher had seen the eye she’d drawn on the back of our Romeo and Juliet test and had written, ‘beautiful!’ above it. The next test, she drew a two-headed cat with witches’ hats on both heads (I remember the left head was called Turpentine and the right head was called Esmeralda). Our teacher wrote, ‘wonderful!’ above it, with a smiley face.
The next day she got an email from our art teacher that had a PDF flyer of information on both in-school and local art competitions.
Anyway, she had questions and that teacher answered every single one of them. She also personally helped her select the works she wanted to submit. She ended up having two pieces shown in the school gallery, along forty pieces made by other girls. About five years later for our final year, on that art teacher’s recommendation (and tutelage!) she took all of the visual art subjects on offer. When she graduated, her final piece was shown at a public exhibition in our state’s capital city, that honoured the best pieces done by select graduating students in the state.
So yeah. Our teachers were pretty amazing. Of course, there was the odd teacher or two you would butt heads with but that’s just a universal school experience. Our humanities classes, like history, for example, often had a unit that would focus on the female experience of a certain time period. For example, when learning about WW2, we did projects on female resistance fighters et cetera.
We had health classes that were actually focused on female health. We learnt about female anatomy (even the clitoris! Though we were all about thirteen/fourteen at this time so we found it incredibly awkward to talk about), as well as symptoms of PCOS during our menstrual unit. We learnt about contraceptive methods and devices (however, as a Catholic school they did have to tell us that whilst these methods are available, the church-sanctioned method is of course, abstinence).
Whilst the majority of the girls shaved their legs and wore makeup, as someone who did neither of those things I rarely felt judgement about it (albeit, I think there was a little for my lack of makeup, but this only lasted the first two years). A good portion of our staff also did not wear makeup, I don’t recall this ever being commented on. And, by the time we’d reached about our third year, a good portion of my year level and the ones above did not wear makeup on a daily basis. Leg hair was not looked down upon by any of us I don’t think by this year either. In fact, if you were particularly hairy often your hairless friends asked to rub your legs!
We were never short of female role-models, our staff made sure of that. We had multiple days per year when guest speakers would come and talk to us, mostly these were women who were experts in their fields—whether that be neuroscience or computer science, linguistics and literature or mathematics, politics, et cetera. The only times we really had male guest speakers was when police officers (one male one female) came to give us an assembly about sexual peer-pressure and laws around sharing nudes that was basically, “these are common (male) manipulation tactics used to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, don’t fall for them”.
We were encouraged to take STEM subjects, and those of us that had taken interest in computer programming were sent to coding programmes in the city during school hours! That’s how keen our teachers were to get more women into the field! This was the same with the girls interested in politics, who got to go to Model UN events, as well as mock parliaments in the country’s capitol.
We had a lot of programmes generally. A few overseas ones for girls who were in LOTE (languages other than English) classes. A few interstate ones, too. And of course, local programmes and excursions. Most of them (aside from the LOTE ones which focused on immersion) were volunteer programmes aimed at helping women and girls. The rest were about furthering our own skills or learning new ones. Majority of these were year-level based, but a few depended on the clubs/groups/classes you were in. For example, I was part of the Writer’s Club, and we took an excursion to the state Writer’s Festival and listened to female writers as well as feminist panels. We also had self-defence programmes every year.
In terms of peers I generally found everyone to be quite amiable by the time we’d reached our third/fourth year. There’s a common myth about all girls schools being filled with ‘catty’ girls who are constantly bitching about one another, but I really did not find that to ring true. There were a few fights and arguments in the earlier years, I was part of quite a lot lol but that’s honestly… just something that happens at school, at any school. Largely, we were good to each other. If someone was crying there was always someone who’d ask her what was wrong. If you missed the notes on the slide, there was always a girl willing to share her notes with you.
I think going to an all-girl’s school, and not having that much interaction with the opposite sex generally for that six-year period truly does something, I think, to your psyche. We are socialised to look down on our fellow woman, socialised to look down upon ourselves. But actually being constantly surrounded by women, and almost ONLY women, really helps to undo that. Even now I could not describe the fierce love I have for all those women and girls I came in contact with during my time there—even the ones I bickered with. Each and every single woman I met there enriched my life in some way or another. I think that is the effect of consistently spending time in any female-only space: developing a true appreciation for women. It is the only reasonable conclusion to come to.
I have been out of high school for two years, and in university for one. Among the many men I have met since, none of them have even been able to hold a candle to the any women and girls I know.
Anyway. TLDR: it slapped, send your daughters to same-sex schools!!
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the-land-of-women · 2 days ago
It’s not that women can multitask and men can’t; it’s that women are much more likely to have to multitask and men aren’t
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dworkinism · 19 hours ago
idk what girl needs to hear this, but if youre asking for advice about your boyfriend who has anger issues at all:
dump his useless ass
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dangerous-candlestick · 2 days ago
"the woman who acknowledges biological sex is a worse bigot than the racist dude who named his cat n*gger" GET HELP.
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lesbiansarefemale · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh my god. i actually hate this, i hate this so fucking much. sex education has so many wrong things with it but this?? this fucking scene????? this is not a queer relationship. it is a non-binary woman and a straight man. there is absolutely NOTHING “queer” about this. this is such a fucking mockery of actual same-sex attracted people. who the fuck do you think you are saying that this is progressive. that this is representation. because it’s not for me, someone who is ACTUALLY homosexual. fuck you and fuck this show.
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radical-fakeboi · a day ago
Radfems with dysphoria, what has helped you cope with it? Dysphoria is kicking my ass right now gyns.
If you are reading and have any resources that might be helpful I'd greatly appreciate it.
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wiccancaileag · a day ago
🌻Women Only Server!
Tumblr media
Hola! tengo un server nuevo en discord sobre brujería y religión pagana exclusivo para mujeres críticas de género 🤍 si les gustaría estar avísenme y les paso el link!
⚠️Not exclusive for Spanish speakers, but it is the spoken language in the server.
Hay canales para debate, juegos, lectura, carpetas de drive, streamings y más ✨
Pueden hablarme al DM o responder acá y les mando yo<3
Pd. para verificar que realmente las miembros son mujeres se les pedirá que pasen por un proceso de verificación que está explicito en las reglas!
Les agradecería difusión!
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radical-and-magical · 2 days ago
It’s funny how some people think they are so clever by calling radfems FARTs instead. Wowww you are so mature, I’m definitely going to take you seriously
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ziilosdiidu · a day ago
radblr is neat but if y’all put that degenerate Reddit cummedpanties post on my dash one more time I’m going to have to start screaming
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radicallyf3male · a day ago
The weekend and his disturbing lyrics regarding Bella Hadid, his bisexual girlfriend.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not only is the notion that bisexual women are going through a phase just a tale as old as time and it solidifies the horrific amount of hyper sexualisation we experience. These lyrics are also confirmed about his out ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid.
Again the idea of bisexual women being used a way for straight men to live out their pornified threesome dreams is no stranger to bisexual women. On dating ups bisexuals are often targeted by heterosexual couples and propositioned to become their "third".
The notion "fuck you straight" is something in which both lesbian and bisexual women are no strangers to. Same sex attracted women have been subjected to sexual violence under the name of corrective rape for decades. This is complete and total misogyny and fetishization.
Tumblr media
This is a gross and violent example of the sexualistion that all same sex attracted women face. To write such a disgusting piece about a woman you claim to love, truly solidifies how many het men view bisexual women as their own personal porn stars. Truly disgusting.
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misandrist-girlboss · a day ago
Also women who say "I shave for myself uwu it makes me feel better" piss me off. Examine why it makes you feel better. If your issue isn't either a) sensory or b) practical (for example pubic hair get annoying around pads sometimes lol) then you're doing this because of socialization and the male gaze. Nothing ~uwu my liberated choice~ about it, pretending it's somehow hygienic or healthy is actively hurting other women <3
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sailorhater · 4 months ago
the conservative, religious idea that a prostitute is a sexually deviant harlot who sells her body because she loves to sin and the liberal “sex positive” idea that a prostitute is a sexually empowered woman who sells her body because she loves to fuck are the same idea.
they both place the blame on the prostituted woman, they both ignore the existence of pimps and johns, and they both paint a picture of a mythological woman who simply does not exist.
neither considers that the woman is a victim, that she is being raped, and that the men who exploit her are to be blamed.
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lilithslabrys · 3 months ago
i think what forever will be the weirdest thing for me is when men compare something mundane and innocent on a woman to something obscene on themselves instead of like... the same thing or something actually comparable
like for example how men compare womens pit-hair to their own ballhair instead of their own pit-hair
or comparing breast feeding to ejaculating instead of feeding a baby
or comparing a bra strap to THEIR WHOLE ASS COCK AND BALLS instead of the elastic of their own underwear
its so delusional and weird to me
get a grip
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