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#radical feminist theory
ttthebreakfastclub · a day ago
Absolutely disgusting. I'm enraged.
Women's and other's bodies are NOT rehabilitation centers for broken and toxic men. It's not our fucking job to "fix" men who want to exploit us. This shirt only perpetuates the idea and view that we're purchasable and that our bodies should be used as tools by men/the patriarchy. How can you wear this shirt as a woman, as a feminist and be proud of yourself? Like congrats - you're literally normalizing the raping and exploitation of women.
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feral-radfem · 17 days ago
Unless a political issue is solved or relevant scientific discoveries are found, political text does not become outdated. I can read the words from the very first feminist we have recorded in the early 1800 and find community within them. Those women were fighting the same battle that we're fighting today. Why would we ignore what they learned along the way?
Women, as a class, will get nowhere if we hold ourselves to the standard that all of our political theory has to be recreated from scratch every 20 years.
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mlfeminist · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Today you are "terf".
Five years ago you were a "feminazi".
Twenty years ago you were "crazy."
At the beginning of the century you were a "hysterical".
And just a few decades ago a little more ago you would have been singled out as a "witch."
Times change, hatred towards women is eternal.
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nongoldstar · a month ago
i think we're about to see an entire generation of girls (and boys, to an extent) who have been groomed en masse on the internet.
beyond real life grooming at the hands of my family, i was exposed to pornographic material at a very young age, i can't say for sure when, but i remember feeling like a sex object at age 6, and being a full fledged porn addict by the time i was 12 years old. i neglected my studies to stay home watching porn. i knew about all the different porn categories, i "had" kinks and fetishes, favorite porn stars, and was convinced i wanted to become a porn actress or a prostitute when i grew up.
needless to say, it was very easy to be preyed on and molested by pedophiles without even knowing it was wrong and, in fact, seeing such events as positive, warranted sexual experiences, worthy of being bragged about. of course, the normalization of incestuous contexts and the sexualization of teenage girls present in porn made me believe it was "hot" that my first lesbian experiences were with my older cousins. and those who i bragged to in casual conversations didn't even flinch, seeing it as a joking matter.
gail dines has talked about how children are exposed to pornography for the first time at age 11 on average. she has also interviewed a child rapist, asking him how he groomed his victim; he said that the culture did most of the grooming for him.
supporters of the porn industry will say that it's the parents' responsibility to prevent their children from accessing porn, but that relies on the assumption that all parents are interested in protecting their sons and daughters, or that they're tech savvy enough to understand what's going on. once you put that into consideration, the responsibility to protect children relies on the porn industry. and we know that, as porn is filled with pedophilia fetishism, like father-daughter incest scenarios and "barely legal" types, the industry is not concerned with the safety of children. gail dines's book pornland goes in detail about how the industry pushed for laws that legalized the inclusion of adult actresses that look underage in porn (in the name of "freedom of expression"), as it was previously illegal. and if you do as much as suggesting any form of regulation, porn supporters are suddenly interested in noble values such as freedom and privacy. the freedom and privacy to masturbate to images of young women being brutalized without anyone knowing, that is.
i have reasons to believe the average age that children are exposed to porn for the first time has since decreased significantly. as an anecdote, i know too many children who googled words they shouldn't have and stumbled across hardcore pornography. and with the normalization of sexual abuse comes an easier time for pedophiles to groom children. girls, who are the ones being depicted in porn, are programmed to see themselves as sex objects and to accept violence at the hands of men and even boys their age as if it's normal.
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rad-chocho · 2 months ago
A compilation of some useful graphics and illustrations that show some of the theoretical basis of Radical Feminism, in comparison to Liberal Feminism and Conservative ideologies.
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Tumblr media
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octoburfrost · 3 months ago
'The most terrible thing about pornography is that it tells male truth. The most insidious thing about pornography is that it tells male truth as if it were universal truth. Those depictions of women in chains being tortured are supposed to represent our deepest erotic aspirations. And some of us believe it, don't we? The most important thing about pornography is that the values in it are the common values of men. This is the crucial fact that both the male Right and the male Left, in their differing but mutually reinforcing ways, want to keep hidden from women. The male Right wants to hide the pornography, and the male Left wants to hide its meaning. Both want access to pornography so that men can be encouraged and energized by it. The Right wants secret access; the Left wants public access. But whether we see the pornography or not, the values expressed in it are the values expressed in the acts of rape and wife-beating, in the legal system, in religion, in art and literature, in systemic economic discrimination against women, in the moribund academies, and by the good and wise and kind and enlightened in all of these fields and areas.
Pornography is not a genre of expression seperate and different from the rest of life; it is a genre of expression fully in harmony with any culture in which it flourishes. This is so whether it is legal or illegal. And, in either case, pornography functions to perpetuate male supremacy and crimes of violence against women because it conditions, trains, educates, and inspires men to despise women, to use women, to hurt women. Pornography exists because men despise women, and men despise women in part because pornography exists.'
- Andrea Dworkin "Letters from a War Zone"
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babyxmetal · 5 days ago
Something y'all need to keep in mind is that tumblr is not the headquarters of radical feminism. Big name bloggers are not representatives of radical feminism. Someone being racist or mean or homophobic to you on here is not representative of the ideology of radical feminism. The infighting that happens here does not necessarily reflect what happens among actual radfem activists actively working towards change. Please remember that before blaming an entire movement for the actions of a few.
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trash-man21 · 4 months ago
If a terf even dares to perceive me or any one I love, I will suck their spine out of their throat like a straw and gift it to one of my transgender furbies.
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lasdelaintuicion · 7 months ago
A collection of 100+ books of significance to anarchist and radical feminist history and theory.
(The original compiler is unknown but the links are available in pdf, epub and mobi for any ebook readers, and it's just good to have so many titles in one place, it's been useful for me and I've never seen the links around Tumblr so. ❤️)
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spookyradluka · a month ago
We know detransitioners dont owe trans people shit but they don't owe radfems/gender crits shit either
They don't owe us activism. They're not our tokens, they're real humans with real feelings
They also don't owe us silence when members of our community call their bodies "mutilated" "sad" "biohacked" or any other negative adjective Ive seen used over the years Ive been here
They don't owe anything to anyone on either side of the discourse
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feminist-positivity · 4 months ago
You really don't need to be in a relationship to have a fulfilling life. You don't need "another half" because you are whole yourself.
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hmm-uteri · 2 months ago
there is a brand of feminist that thinks feminism = equality and equality = everyone has the same experiences, participated in the same historical social structures and should be allowed access to everything because of that.
its a certain kind of wide eyed naivety that, when coupled with the constant barage of negative reinforcement from MRAs and the chokehold that female socialisation has on us women, leads to these initially well meaning women scrambling to make their feminism palatable to the point where its a caricature of its original self.
fun example! a woman with feminist in her bio really thought it was a good idea to counter my argument that exposed penises in a female only space can be traumatic to women by saying "well what about the men traumatised by vulvas". is it that she thinks that there is some epidemic of men traumatised by vulvas? no. her brain is so saturated by "feminism = equal = same for all" juice that she starts making up false, unrealistic scenarios.
if a woman walked into a male only space naked, she would probably be sexually harrased because one of them would assume she was a hooker or assume consent due to the fact that she's naked. if a naked man walked into a female only space, the women would probably all fear getting sexually assaulted. isn't it funny how the situation flips but somehow the male still has all the power?
I think the first step to getting women to see beyond the cotton pulled over their eyes is to get them to realise that feminism doesn't mean girls and boys experience the exact same things and must be treated the exact same and must face the same consequences.
Male killers overwhelmingly kill women for multitudes of reasons in the hundreds every single day, female killers majorly kill their abusers, their children's abusers or people they've been groomed to target by an abuser. A typical feminist would say they should be treated the exact same because equality of the sexes and I would say the woman should be treated with more leniency by the court because the context is completely different.
don't get me started on the "fgm and circumcision are equally as serious and devastating" brigade. im worried that women are doing worse for the collective under the name of feminism because when u equate the one off things men experience to the systemic and generational traumas women have endured its the men that would get all the attention and women would be left behind as usual
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guncase · 2 months ago
"Beauty is pain." The stupidest, most mainstream quote I know. I've had fake nails, eyelash extensions, glued on lashes, heels, modern corsets, worn a full face of makeup, paint my toes, shave my legs, armpits, pluck hair, wax my arms, even invested in "age-defying" skincare products.
Beauty is oppressive, and I don't care how many people argue about "pretty privilege" because it's not a privilege. Stop ostracizing other women for something you know and understand to be oppressive just because you think they should know better.
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paganbones · 9 months ago
I think it's so cool when crypto terfs follow me it's like hi ladies welcome, I won't tell anyone sis😉
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yuckyradf3m · a month ago
This whole Chrischan situation REALLY just puts the "but this never happens" argument in the trash. He admitted, himself, that he only transitioned to get with lesbians. He fetishized lesbians so much that he larped as one. #NotOurCrimes
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