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nonotranslates · 14 minutes ago
Translation for Season 2 Hypmic Radio: Hypnosis Wave - Yumeno Gentaro (Part 1)
Link to Spotify
Part 1 is from 00:00 - 07:37
Please enjoy this beautiful weirdo dork.
Link to Masterlist
Bold = MC Sascha (host) Regular text = Gentaro
Gentaro's section begins at 03:06
Please skip to the bottom if you want to know the context of Gentaro's intro
0:24 MC Sascha Intro
Good evening Spotify Hypnosis Wave I’m MC, Sascha.
Original Character Rap Music Project Hypnosis Mic In this world, fighting with weapons no longer exists, and battles are fought with words only. The 18 main characters are split into 6 divisions, where exciting rap battles unfold all the time.
But, only during nights where this Spotify Hypnosis Wave program is on, that there is temporary truce, and each Hypnosis Mic character will take turns every week to be the program navigator and gently listen to the worries of your daily life. 番組ナビゲーターを担当 あなたの日々の頑張りに優しく寄り添ってくれます
Appearing this month is Shibuya Division, where the previous episode had fashion designer Amemura Ramuda-san who helped answer in all kinds of manner, at times seriously too, and at times giving us answers from a different angle. いろいろと、真面目にも、そしてたまには違う角度から答えくれてましたが
Tonight we’ll be joined by Novelist Mr Yumeno Gentaro. His literary style is phantasmagoric. Creating imaginations from his introspections of those passerby on the street and using them as subjects for his own novel. But well... 今夜来てくださるのは小説家の夢野幻太郎さん。作風はねえ、変幻自在。道行く人の反省を想像しては、自身の小説題材にされているいうことだそうですけれども、まああの
When it comes to his words (speech), there are times it is a little confusing, making you wonder what is his true intentions, and sometimes it’s difficult to grasp 話の中で言うと....ちょっと雲を掴むような 真意はどこにあるのか というのが 捉えにくいようなところもある
How will Gentaro answer the concerns? Will he not answer? I’d like to pay attention to this episode too. 幻太郎さんなので どんな風に悩みに答えるのか いや、 答えないのか この辺も注文してみたいお願いします
Please be lively with the Hashtag HypNami (in Katakana) during the program tonight too. We look forward to it.
Next up, 2nd Division Rap Battle CD Fling Posse VS Mad Trigger Crew, Black Journey
Spotify Hypnosis Wave by Spotify
This program is brought to you by Spotify
Spotify Hypnosis Wave
Then, I’ll be passing the Mic to tonight’s navigator, Shibuya Division Fling Posse Phantom Mr Yumeno Gentaro.
03:06 Gentaro Intro
BEGIN!!! 始め!
Taking over from Captain Ramuda, this week, I, Yumeno Gentaro, will be your opponent!!! 乱数の大将から引き継いで、今週はこの俺、夢野ゲンタローが相手をしてやる!
My signature move is Middle Roundhouse Kick! 得意技は中段回し蹴り!
My favourite form is Flying Swallow Style!! 好きな型は燕飛!
My hobby is pressed flowers!!! 趣味は押し花!
Let’s fight fair and square!!!! 正々堂々やり合おうぜ!
Though, that was all a lie. なーんて、嘘ですけど
03:41 First question
Good evening, I’m Shibuya Division Fling Posse’s Yumeno Gentaro こんばんは シブヤディビジョンFLING POSSEの夢野幻太郎です
Good grief, Ramuda, he sure gave me quite the troublesome request まったく、乱数も厄介な無茶振りをしてくれたものですね
For the one week after being contacted, I was worried about what should I do 連絡を受けてから1週間どうしようか悩みましたよ
Well then, let’s read the letters we received from everyone それでは 皆さんから頂戴したメールをご紹介してまいりましょう
Here we have a letter from Kanagawa prefecture, Radio-name ‘3rd-Year Kanagawa Resident’, 30 years old こちらは神奈川県ラジオネーム神奈川県民3年生さん 30歳からいただきました
Thank you for for the letter ありがとうございます
Yumeno-sensei, Good evening 夢野先生、こんばんは
Good evening こんばんは
I work at my desk everyday but sometimes my back and shoulder stiffness will worsen, and become very painful 私は毎日デスクワークをこなしているのですが、時折、背中や肩の凝りがひどくなり、とても痛くなるときがあります
I’m thinking that Yumeno sensei too, normally writes at your desk, so if you have a recommended stretch or the like and if you can tell me, I will be happy 夢野先生も普段の執筆作業で机に向かわれているかと思うのですが おすすめのストレッチなどあれば教えていただけると嬉しいです
Hmm, a stretch? Frankly, a bridge. ストレッチですか。ズバリ、ブリッジですね。
It’s said that through training the back’s muscles, there’ll be effect on shoulder stiffness and back pain. 背中側の筋肉を鍛えることで 肩こりや腰痛に効果があると言われています
Doing a bridge requires flexibility and muscle strength so I don’t recommend starting with it suddenly 柔軟性と筋力が必要なので急に実践することはお勧めできません
Every day, carefully do some stretching exercise, push up, and squat to build your whole body’s muscle first, then only challenge the bridge 毎日じっくりと柔軟体操をし、腕立て伏せやスクワットで全身に筋肉をつけてから挑戦しましょう
At the beginning, please absolutely do not push yourself 初めは絶対無理をしないでください
And also, doing a handstand is easy too so I recommend it それと 倒立も手軽にできておすすめです
Just that, take care not to overdo it, because if too much blood goes to your head, you’ll become irritable だたこれもやりすぎに注意しましょう 頭に血がのぼるのでおごりっぽくなります
Well, that was a lie though. まあ嘘ですけど
05:25 Second question
Next is a letter from Tokyo prefecture, Radio name Nacchan, 25 years old 続いては 東京都ラジオネーム なっちゃんさ25歳からいただきました
Thank you ありがとうございます
Yumeno-sensei, Good evening 夢野先生こんばんは
Good evening こんばんは
What are the items you received from your fans that made you happy and conversely, what item troubled you a little? ファンからもらって嬉しいものや 逆に少し困ってしまうものは何ですか
Hmm... そうですねぇ
Receiving any item makes me happy but なんでも嬉しいですが
Of course, receiving letters from readers’ about their thoughts on my work makes me happy after all やはり作品の感想をしたためた手紙は嬉しいですね
All the letters that I’ve received, I have been keeping them carefully 頂いた手紙は全て大切に保管しています
‘Troubling’ isn’t exactly what I consider it but... 困ったとは違うのですが
The one gift that left me with an impression is a futon dryer 印相に残っている贈り物は布団乾燥機です
‘Why would they give me a futon dryer?’ I’ve been thinking about it to no answer in sight so I was troubled by it for a while なぜ小生に布団乾燥機を贈ろうと考えたのか不明でしばらく悩みました
None of my work featured a futon dryer before, but I’ve never wrote a work with a futon as a main character either 布団乾燥機が登場する話はもちろん 布団が主役の作品は一つも書いていないんですよね
That was quite a mystery あれは不思議でした
In my house, I have a habit of hanging my futon to dry. But once, I decided to try the futon dryer when it was raining continuously 小生の家では、布団は天日干しにするのが習わしですが 雨が続いた時に使ってみたら
And it turned out to be super convenient so it’s still in active service now 大変便利だったので何かと活躍しています
Could it be that... もしかして
They think I never hang up my futons so that’s why the gave me a futon dryer 万年 床だと思われていたのでしょうか、だから小生に布団乾燥機
I realize it now-- 今気づきましたーーー
I, will diligently dry my futons, and make sure to beat my cotton sheets every year 小生、布団はこまめに干しておりますし年に一度は 綿を打ち直しておりますよ
Well then, this story… I wonder from which part did the lie began? さて この話どこから嘘なのでしょうね
06:57 Third question
Well then, the next letter さて次のお便りです
Sent by a listener from Hokkaido, Radio-name, Anmaru-san, 16 year old. Thank you 北海道ラジオネームanまるさん16歳からいただけました。ありがとうございます
Yumeno-sensei, Good evening 夢野先生こんばんは
Yes, good evening はい、こんばんは
Even though I have keen desire to begin reading books, I’m troubled because I can’t find books whose genre or author that suits me. . 私は読書をしたいという意欲はあるのですが 自分に合う本のジャンルや作者が見つからずに困っています
If you have a recommended genre or work, please let me know おすすめのジャンルや作品などあればぜひ教えてください
This is a frequently-asked question but this, may be a fundamental difference in the way of thinking よく聞かれる質問なのですがこれは考え方が根本的に違っているかもしれません
There are no such thing as books meant for you あなたのための本などありません
There is you, for books. 本のためにあなたがいるのです
You yourself should travel over your lifetime until you encounter upon a book that makes you think ‘this is it’ あなた自身がこれだと思う本に巡り合うまで生涯をかけて旅をするべきなのです
This, is what reading is. それが 本を読むということです
If you can, I’d like it if you could expose yourself to more books ぜひ たくさんの本に触れていただきたいと思います
07:57 continued in Part two
Part two (link to be added)
Link to Masterlist
I think the lie part about the bridge starts at the handstand is easy part? I don't know. but I guess it's pretty cool if canon states that Gentaro exercises... because doing a bridge requires serious flexibility.........
Gentaro's Karate Master intro is a reference to Ramuda's radio ending where he said 'next week's guest will be Yumeno Gentaro who is a, hmm.. what was it... yeah a Karate Master!!! ...just kidding.'
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nonotranslates · 16 minutes ago
Translation of Hypmic Radio Season 2: Hypnosis Wave - Yumeno Gentaro (Masterlist)
Sharing the goodness of Hypmic radios and Mr Yumeno Gentaro~ Added timestamps for ease of scrolling because this is a veeery long file. Didn't translate the ending by MC Sascha because he's just telling us about Dice hosting the next episode and upcoming events
As usual, please let me know if there's any mistakes. I spent way too much time transcribing and translating this and I just don't want to look at it anymore. Gentaro's speech is generally more nuanced than Dice's so it took me a lot of guessing of context, I really hope I didn't get it wrong. Also left most of the Japanese transcription in there for reference.
Link to Part 1 ( 0:00 - 07:57)
Part 2 (07:57 - 15:04) - not available yet
Part 3 (15:04 - 21:36) - not available yet
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ct-hardcase · 27 minutes ago
the fact that I've only heard Montero once on the radio but have had to be subjected to Peaches about 3 times daily is the cause of my suffering
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webhostingoffers · 30 minutes ago
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balaroo · 36 minutes ago
Not dead I swear, life has been hectic but I'm spending the weekend away - and getting my first tattoo!
Then hoping things settle down soon and I can get back to my usual bullshit
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legenspeople · 46 minutes ago
We all know that Present Mic have a radio show called "Put Your Hands Up Radio" where he broadcasts nonstop music every Friday night. (If you didn't know, now you do) Do you think he only put nonstop music or he do something else? Like, maybe some story time or Q&A with his listeners. Maybe talking about Heroes facts and stuff. Some interviews maybe? Just saying.
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urbanbeatzinc · 55 minutes ago
via Urban Beatz Radio Station Recent Tracks
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urbanbeatzinc · 55 minutes ago
via Urban Beatz Radio Station Recent Tracks
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couriers-mile · 59 minutes ago
Watching my sister replay Mass Effect: Andromeda got me thinking like.
The Andromeda Initiative traveled for six hundred years to reach another galaxy. You have to assume that technology was still progressing during that time in the Milky Way. What if it developed sufficiently that in the time it took the Andromeda Initiative to arrive, the people they left behind can now make that trip in like a year or less.
Imagine leaving behind everyone and everything you know and love to embark on a six hundred year journey to be one of the first humans in another galaxy and then you get there and your descendants are already there and they are WAY more advanced than you and they just like blew right past your rinky dink ancient old school ark ship to get there.
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hscharts · an hour ago
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novelconcepts · an hour ago
Ya know, I've considered a lot of career pathways for you, like maybe you work for a company which snuggles in pharmaceutical medications and sells them for a much-lower-than-retail price, or maybe you're a radio personality who curates their online existence to be the opposite of their real world existence, but every time I reread the hitman fic I come back to you working for the CIA. At least in an admin role. I hope you're enjoying it.
Y’know, when I joined this glorious hellsite in 2009, I did not anticipate reaching a point where people would amuse themselves with increasingly-wild stabs at what I do for a living.
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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imagine that despite having moved away months ago, that town is still the only place you dream of. thankfully, you have not run into those you feared in these dreams.
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rocknloadmag · an hour ago
FOLK N ROCK PREMIERES OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR RADIO FREE UNIVERSE’S “CIRCLE”  FROM THEIR LATEST ALBUM LOVE AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS AND STREAMING SERVICES ON JETPACK RECORDS   Radio Free Universe is eager to continue what was paused due to the Pandemic lockdown orders. Today they are joining forces with Folk N Rock for the video premiere of their song “Circle” and just in time for…
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artmendes · an hour ago
(radioipb) - Clássicos IPB #W24_21, hoje destacando o CD, “Blessings”, do tenor crossover inglês, Aled Jones. Apresentação, Natsan Matias. Produção, Artur Mendes. Um programa radio IPB / Apecom.
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