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Don’t really know much about the profession, but I tried.  Also made it general since you did not specify a particular area of journalism.


  • Raihan LOVES your job.  He loves staying up to date with what’s going on and reads or watches every story you took part in.  Even the boring ones.
  • His favorite stories of yours are those about the gym leaders!  He often offers to help, but you usually decline him; it’s your job, after all, and you don’t know how your boss would feel if they found out about your boyfriend helping in any way.
  • But when it comes time for you to do a story that involves him?  He’s all for it.  Would let you interview him for hours, but that’s not really necessary for a single story, and you would probably just end up getting off topic anyway.  But he’s always willing to help you with a story, especially If it directly involves him.  That being said, interviews with him can get a little informal due to your relationship; he likes to occasionally slip in something flirty which you know will have to be edited out…
  • More often than not, though, your assignments were not related to him.  It was just the way the job went.  Sometimes you’d report on more serious topics, like the ongoing bans against foreign Pokemon.  Or sometimes it would be something more lighthearted, like a man who was attempting to break the world record for the number of Wooloo kept together in a single herd (A member of Milo’s family retained that record).  But you always enjoyed reporting on the gym leaders or the Champion.
  • But much of the time, the news was not positive.  It’s no secret that negative stories tended to gather more attention, and thus, the news overall was negative across different stations and platforms.  It could be draining at times, hearing tragedy after tragedy throughout a day. Even if it wasn’t your story, you still overheard details from your coworkers.  All this took a toll on your mental health.
  • Not many people knew it, but Raihan was an excellent judge of people.  Particularly with emotions.  He always paid attention to minor changes in a person’s facial expressions; he knows people usually aren’t upfront with more difficult emotions, so he’s always on the look out for indications that something else might be going on behind that smile.
  • So, when Raihan starts to pick up on your stress, he’ll do as much as he can to try to help you relax.  When you get very burnt out, Raihan works to try to get you to take a day off.  A vacation, even.  After all, one person can only take so much.
  • On the first burn out in your relationship, the two of you ended up heading to the famous Resort Area in Sinnoh.  You spent most of your time in the villa you rented out and visiting the spa, along with other site seeing in between.  
  • The Ribbon Syndicate was particularly interesting to you, with its glamor and the prestigious coordinators that it tended to attract. It gave you an idea for a new article, but Raihan didn’t want you to work on your vacation.  As a compromise, he took pictures for you, but reminded you the whole point of being here was to take a break.  And, with a wink, he told you that if you did need to come back here to do a report, you could always get another massage after your field work!
  • You made sure to follow through with his suggestion when you came back to the Resort Area for your story 6 months later.
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Summary: Things are hard when you start your own bakery in the heart of Hammerlocke. Good thing your knight in shining armor is none other than Raihan the Gym Leader. You are smitten… Too bad you don’t really think you’re his type, especially when you see the beautiful and powerful women that surround him.

Good thing he likes you just the way you are.

Pairing: Raihan x Reader

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

 (Masterlist soon!)


Originally posted by visiron

(Anyone else ready for a Raihan Twilight Wings? I need some Rai gifs!!!!!)

Chapter 3: Spilling the Tea on the Mystery

You hold back a groan as another customer walks back up the counter with a sour look on their face.


“I’ll make you another one,” you say in resigned disappointment.

You could not figure out what is going on!

You heave a sigh as you take a fresh cup from the shelf and turn to make the tea. After you have handed off the newly made tea and a cookie for her trouble you turn back to the counter. Gazing down at the teacup, you frown. Is it the teacup? You shake your head, that’s preposterous.

You quickly wash the cup and set it back on your shelf for use later, but you couldn’t get the thought out of your head.

“Hey!” exclaims a familiar voice after the musical ring of the bell above the door.

“Oh! Hey!” You exclaim looking up to see Whitney coming towards the counter.

“This place is adorable! Even cuter than the pictures!” she says enthusiastically.

You had no idea that your little shop would be a ‘mood’ or ‘aesthetic’ as people were tagging it on social media. Raihan had insisted on taking some photos for you to use for your social media and setting them up to be auto-published for you. They were quite good and despite his insistence that he isn’t a photographer you kinda want to get him a nice camera to take photos with. Who knows it could be his next hobby!

“Thanks! It’s a total labor of love!”

“I can tell!” she says with a nod.

She begins to look over the menu and you give her a second to decide. Eventually, she decides on a miniature vanilla cake and an orange flavor tea. Dropping a yellow pansy into the steeping tea she squeals before she takes a photo to post to her own account.

“This place is the cutest! And this cake is to DIE for!” she says taking a bite of cake.

You giggle at her reaction, “I’m glad you like it! And thanks for visiting me!”

“Of course! I told you I wanted to come anyway, the fact that I know the owner just makes it better!”

You smile as the two of you nod your heads. Whitney takes a sip of her tea and you could have sworn her eyes sparkled with how much she loved it.

“So good! How do you do that?!” she asks in amazement.

You just shrug, “It’s a secret,” you say innocently.

“Ahh… trade secrets huh?”

“You know it!” you exclaim.

The two of you talk for a moment, the cafe is quiet for the first time all day with only a customer or two lounging about. Whitney goes to take another sip of the tea and pulls back with a frown on her face.

“What the-?!” she exclaims as she regards the tea in front of her.

“What’s wrong? Is it bitter?” you ask in resigned annoyance.

“It is! What happened?!”

“That’s why I’ve been trying to figure out! This started a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to figure out what is making the tea bitter after it’s been steeped. I even started taking the tea bags out so I know that the tea is steeped for the appropriate amount of time!” you pout as you regale her with your problem.

“Is it a…Sinistea?” she asks suddenly.

“A what?” you question in confusion.

Pulling out her phone she pulls up her Pokedex and you are amazed when a robotic voice begins speaking, “Sinistea: The Black Tea Pokemon. It absorbs the life-force of those who drink it. It waits patiently, but opportunities are fleeting- it tastes so bad it gets spat out immediately.”

“So…. A pokemon has been trying to absorb the life force of my customers and in the meantime is making my life difficult?” You ask, annoyance clear in your voice.

“Uhh… looks like it…” she says regarding the blue cup before her.

You heave a sigh, “Look, buddy… You can’t go around trying to absorb the life of my customers. I won’t have a cafe left if you run them off because the tea tastes bad.”

The teacup-like Pokemon looks up at you with big eyes and chirps at you. You are a little astonished to see the cup move on its own. The tea inside of it becomes a murky purple color.

“Also… taking another person’s life force is rude…”

The Sinistea looks down as if it’s ashamed of itself and hops towards the edge of the table a forlorn look on its tiny face.

You and Whitney share a sorrowful look and she tilts her head towards the small Pokemon.

“I don’t mean that you have to leave… You just can’t let them drink you anymore?” you end it as more of a question since you really aren’t sure how the whole thing works, you just know that it’s fine for the little guy to stay as long as he doesn’t drive your customers away.

He perks up, turning back towards you and blinks up at you in happiness before jumping about on the table.

“It’s so cute!” Whitney exclaims as he regards the tiny pokemon.

You chuckle as you hold out your hand and he jumps onto your palm, “Hmm… Now what should we call you?”

“Are you going to catch it?!” Whitney asks in excitement holding out a Pokeball to you.

You smile as you pluck the Pokeball from her hand and hold it out to the little guy before you. He happily taps the Pokeball and in a flash of light settles into his new home before he pops back out again.

“I think I’ll call him Earl Grey,” you say after a moment, “That seemed to be his favorite.”

Earl Grey chirps up at you happily blowing bubbles in the cup to show his pleasure. You giggle as he jumps up and hovers in the air. Spook, your Pumkaboo comes closer to investigate the newest member of the team. The two inspect one another for a moment before they zoom off together. Spook shows Earl Grey the lanterns and the plants. Tart popping his head up from his nap and blinking drowsily at the newest member before leaning forward and sniffing him. He chirps happily and waves before he goes back to napping. Strudel gazing inquisitively up at the tiny teacup following it with his eyes. Your tiny dragons watch the ghostly pair for a moment before assuming that the mischievous energy they have is something they want nothing to do with and go back to being lazy.

You giggle as you watch the pair, pleased that Spook found a friend.

Whitney lingers in the cafe for a couple of hours before heading out to do some training of her own. She wants to attempt the League Challenge this year and is endeavoring to get her team ready. The Riolu that popped out of his Pokeball to enjoy a Pokepuff and happily punched the air as Tart hovered over the Aura Pokemon entertained the two of you as you talked.

You’re cleaning up that evening when Raihan comes through the door ignoring the closed sign, because he knows it doesn’t apply to him.

“Hey! How was your day today?” he asks as he sets a bag of take-out down on the table.

“Is that… Miyumi’s?” you ask happily as you regard the bag on the table.

He smirks at you, “What? You like Miyumi’s or something?”

The faux innocence in his voice doesn’t go unnoticed by you.

“We both know that is the best hibachi in town!”

“Which is why I got you the shrimp, come have a seat and tell me about your day,” he says indicating the container he set on the table and seat adjacent to him.

“Let me lock up, hold on!” You rush over to the door and turn the lock before you pull the curtains. You installed them to give your cafe a little more privacy in the evenings and to keep the glare of the early and evening sun out of your eyes. Raihan’s visits have become almost nightly at this point. He usually meets you in the cafe as you are closing up and will often spend time with you in the evenings either cooking dinner or just relaxing and talking on the balcony after a long day.

“So,” he starts as you take your seat, “How was your day?”

“Well… Meet Earl Grey,” you say, indicating the teacup Pokemon now floating before him. His eyes widen as he regards the ghost type with a look of awe and understanding.

“This is your culprit huh? The one making the tea bitter?”

“It is! Whitney figured it out today.”

“Whitney?” he looks up as he tries to place the name, “the girl you met at my match right?”

“Right! She stopped by today and figured out it was this little guy causing the problems.”

“Well I’m glad she figured it out!” he says happily taking a bite of his food before poking the Pokemon before him. Earl Grey seems to giggle and blows bubbles in his amusement.

Raihan’s smile is blinding as he tickles him and watches in amusement as Earl Grey zooms away.

“Well I’m glad you figured it out! I was worried you were going to taste your way into a tizzy.”

You roll your eyes at the man before you, “I’m pretty sure I did…”

He chuckles as he hands you a piece of the sushi he bought, “You need to try this! Have you ever had their sushi?”

“I love their sushi!” You exclaim taking the piece from him and happily popping it into your mouth. “So good!” you groan as you savor the flavor.

“We’ll have to go get sushi then,” he says with a smile as he puts another piece on your plate. You pick up a piece of your shrimp and hold it out for Raihan to take. He happily leans forward and you feed it to him as he regards you with half-lidded eyes.

You feel yourself blush as you look back down at your food and miss the proud smirk on Raihan’s lips.

“So are you going to evolve him?” Raihan asks as he watches the ghost float about your cafe.

“Hmm? How do you evolve him? What does he evolve into?” you ask curiously as you glance up at the floating teacup.

“Well first you need a cracked pot, but we’re going to have to find you an antique cracked pot.”

“Why an antique?” you ask as you tilt your head in confusion.

“Because I refuse to let you get a forgery for your new pal. Besides you run a cafe! It’s only fitting you have the real thing!”

“But why a cracked pot?”

“He needs a teapot to evolve to a Polteageist.”

“Oh? A teapot?”

“But not just any teapot! A specific teapot! Why don’t we head to Stow-on-Side and look for one? I heard they are having a huge Bazaar next weekend with vendors from all over coming to sell their goods. I’m sure we can find one there!”

You can tell from his tone of voice that he is excited about this.

“Yeah, that sounds like fun!”

“We can meet Allister as well, I bet he could help us get our hands on one. Ghost-type Pokemon are his specialty!”

“That’s the boy you battled? With the Gengar?” you ask, popping broccoli into your mouth.

“You like ghost types don’t you?” he chuckles.

You just shrug, the end of your chopsticks resting on your lips, “They always seemed like fun. Gengar are pretty mischievous, I bet they have all kinds of fun playing tricks on people.”

“You’re not a secret trickster are you?” he asks with a sly smile.

“Maybe… I guess you’ll have to wait to find out,” you say with a wink.

“Oh? Is someone full of secrets?”

“There is quite a lot about me you don’t know yet Mr. Dragon Tamer.”

“Ahh, you got me there!”

You both chuckle before you ask Raihan about his day.

“It was good, there are a few fans that are getting a little unruly, but nothing I can’t handle,” he says shrugging it off.

“What happened?” you ask with a furrowed brow.

“Just the usual, they think all I want to do is party and hook up. I partied a little in my younger years, but I’m looking for something else now. I want something serious with someone that gets me you know?” His gaze is locked on yours and for a moment your breath hitches in your throat.

“Yeah, I know…”

“It’s just frustrating that they only see me as an object and not a person. I’m not interested in them like that, but it sucks being nothing but a celebrity to everyone you meet.” He looks out the window as if he is thinking about everything that brought him to this moment.

“I hadn’t ever thought of that,” you say as you regard the man before you. He’s frowning and it looks so unnatural on him. You realize it’s because he always has that lazy grin on his face and vaguely you wonder how much of that is a mask.

He snaps his head back towards you, “It doesn’t matter! What does matter is what are we having for dessert?”

“Raihan your feelings do matter,” you say with a soft smile, “And you don’t always have to be happy when you’re here.”

He blinks in surprise as he regards you as if you’re some sort of mystical Pokemon.

“But you can choose the dessert since you had a rough day!”

He smiles as he gets up and heads over to the case before turning back towards you and asking for the Lemon cake.

“A perfect choice!” you say as you grab the remaining third of the cake and bring the rest of it out with two forks.

“Have I told you, how perfect you are today?” Raihan asks as he takes a bite of the cake.

“You didn’t have to, you told me yesterday,” you giggle as you take a bite of your own.

He just winks in reply as he smears lemon cream on your nose and you swat him away.

That Saturday you close up early so that you can go with Raihan to the market. You meet up after closing up and take a Corviknight Taxi to Stow-on-Side. The city is in the side of a mountain with an arid terrain you’ve never seen before.

“They hunt for fossils in the cavern,” Raihan explains, showing you the people digging about for fossils.

“How fascinating!” you exclaim with wide-eyed interest.

“Come on! The market is over here!”

Allister meets you near a stall selling different incense, the heady aroma making you feel a little sick as you introduce yourself to the Ghost-type Gym Leader. You are astonished at how young he is and you are quite amused at how much he likes Spook and Earl Grey.

“It’s nice to meet you…” he mutters quietly looking anywhere but at your face.

You giggle as you introduce yourself to the young gym leader.

“I figured if anyone knew where we could get our hands on a Cracked Pot it would be you!”

Allister nods as he leads the way through the Bazaar. The three of you check several stalls looking for the antique in question.

“Oh! This would look great on you!” Raihan says picking up a necklace with a moonstone reflecting in the light. He holds it up to your decolletage nodding in appreciation as he does so.

“Huh? Oh! It’s so pretty!” you exclaim as you look into the mirror the stone glittering in the light. You check the small tag and balk at the price.

“Oh! Absolutely not!” you exclaim.

“What? That’s not that bad if you like it!” Raihan says checking the price for himself.

“Raihan that’s way too much! I just opened the cafe and I don’t have that kind of money right now.”

“Oh come on! It’s handmade! One of a kind! And it looks amazing on you! If you want it, I’ll get it for you.”

“No way! I can’t let you spend that much money on me!”

“Why not?” he asks with a laugh as he hands it to the artisan telling her to wrap it up.

“Raihan!” your voice is almost a whine as he takes his card out of his wallet.

“I found one,” Allister says holding up a teapot from a neighboring stall.

“Oh!” you exclaim in excitement as you rush over to the boy.

Allister holds it up as you inspect it, seeing the stamp that proves its authenticity.

“Oh! How much!” you ask the vendor.

“Well, it is an antique… but since you are friends Allister, I will cut you a deal.”

“Oh! Thank you!” you say happily.


“Oh… That’s a deal?” you ask in slight disappointment.

“I can really only afford 7,000… and that’s pushing it…”

“Oh well…These are very hard to come by…” The shop vendor says in faux sadness.

You frown down at the teapot in your hand, regarding it with remorse.

Raihan comes up behind you with a hard look in his eyes and his phone pulled up before him. “That’s okay princess, it looks like you can get an authentic antique cracked pot online for around 5,000. We can just order that one.”

“Oh perfect! Well at least we had fun today!” you say cheerfully as you all turn to walk away.

“Wait wait!” the vendor exclaims from behind you with a scowl on his face, “I can do 5,000…”

Raihan smirks as he regards the male with hard eyes, “Are you sure you can’t do better than that? Especially after trying to take advantage of a woman and a kid?” His arm casually going around your shoulder as he pulls you closer to him.  A protective aura radiating off of him.

You notice the nervous look on the shop owner’s face before he finally caves and agrees to sell it for 4,000. You swat Raihan away as he tries to pull out his wallet again and pay for the item yourself. Happy with the result you tuck it away so that Earl Grey can enjoy his new home later.

“Oh! Ice cream! Allister, do you want some?” you ask him as you point out the stand. He nods his head as he quietly regards the choices. The three of you ponder for a moment before placing your orders. You and Raihan each steal a bite of one another’s and you savor the dark chocolate brownie flavor he got, while he raves about your strawberry shortcake flavor. You chuckle as Allister’s Gengar pops out of his home to steal a bite of his ice cream.

The ghost regards you mischievously as he tries to steal your ice cream and you bat him away. Spook jumping in between the two of you in annoyance. Your tiny ghost ends up earning a bite of his own after fending off the trickster.

“Gengar, don’t steal other people’s ice cream. It’s not nice…” Allister gently scolds his partner as Gengar just giggles deviously.

You chuckle at the duo, still amazed that such a young boy is such a formidable trainer.

Suddenly your nose is cold and sticky as Raihan laughs at your confusion. Your finger comes up to whip the ice cream from your nose.

“Raihan!” You yell as you grab a napkin to whip that sweet treat away. He laughs until you retaliate by trying to smear a bite of your own ice cream on his cheek. He draws back and out of your way and due to his height you can’t reach him. You pout at him and he just laughs at your lack of height. Although, to be fair everyone is short next to Raihan.

He wraps you into a bear hug making you squeak in surprise and embarrassment. His chin resting on top of your head.

“Adorable,” he hums as you swat at him in slight annoyance even if you don’t really care. You notice a few people glancing at you, but you don’t really think anything else of it.

“Raihan, your ice cream is going to melt…” Allister says quietly, “and I think (name) would like to eat hers as well…”

“Okay… enough playing around…”

“You were the one playing around!” You exclaim.

He just smiles innocently at you before he takes another spoonful of his ice cream. You roll your eyes at his antics as you all make your way to a bench a few paces away. There are a few girls taking photos of Raihan as you make your way over and you assume they are fans.

You spend the rest of the day shopping around the Bazaar and eating snacks with the two gym leaders.

Notes: Hi everyone I hope you are safe and doing well. This chapter has been completed for a about a week now, but I wanted to wait. I wanted the narration to be heard. I wanted to think and reflect and give my voice and whatever else I could. I hope this finds you well and I hope it can give you a moment’s peace in an otherwise uncertain world. Please leave some love in the comments I love hearing from you all!

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Fandom: Pokemon Sword and Shield
Relationship: Raihan/Leon (pre-relationship)
Length: 1727 words
Where to Read: Archive of Our Own

“He recognizes some of the quotes from various videos, remembers Raihan and Piers and Gordie and Milo and Nessa quoting them out of context at parties and get-togethers hosted by League members to allow them to unwind away from the stress of sponsors and fans and endless attention.”

Leon is introduced to ZigZag videos by Hop and Victor.

AKA My love letter to vine, featuring Leon slowly falling in love and quietly taking a stand for himself. 

“Victor! Did you see Raihan’s newest ZigZag?”

Leon’s ears perk up as he hears Hop’s shout from the top of the stairs the moment their front door opens to allow the bright morning sun into the entryway. The call is followed by a thunderous crash of feet against the steps as Hop skips two steps at a time towards his friend with Wooloo hot on his heels.

“No? When did he post, this morning?”

“Yep! It’s bril, I was cackling, mate.”

Hop had, indeed, been heard cackling with laughter from his room when Leon was heading downstairs earlier. He didn’t get a chance to visit home often, and when he did, he usually liked to soak in what his family had to share with him, whether that was stories of Hop and his best friend’s explorations around Postwick and Wedgehurst, or simply listening to his mum’s soft voice and Hop’s laughter. He basked in their warmth, etching the memories in his brain like the carvings on a Runerigus, stowing it away to remember during long months in Wyndon away from them. So, he had left Hop to his laughter with a soft smile, imprinting the sound on his memory as he busied himself making coffee. He hadn’t, however, expected his rival to be the cause of his brother’s joy.

And why did that make a pang of longing go through his chest, the thought of his rival and his brother getting along so well, a dinner table surrounded by Hop’s laughter and his mother’s warm eyes and Raihan’s sharp, toothy grin –

Finish reading on Ao3

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