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wrap your love around me

rated t, oneshot, 1356 words

• Nineteen Pokémon battles at the Battle Tower today. Nineteen, and somehow, Leon is still standing victorious. He really, really wants to sit down, however. Or crawl into bed, preferably, but he could make do with either option.

• self-indulgent fluffy fic because i want leon 2 be pampered for the rest of his life

also available to read here

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Hi! I haven’t written and posted something in quite a while, but Pokemon SWSH has absolutely consumed my life so here’s a little thing while I’m writing a much bigger thing!

A group chat leads to a party that leads to a curry cooking competition. Piers relentlessly teases Gloria for having a crush on Hop. Hop has a crisis. Just another day in the life of some of Galar’s most prominent figures.

As a note for the group chat section of this fic, here are the nicknames to note which characters are who!

Hippity Hop = Hop
Eat Sand = Raihan
Champion Time Snr = Leon
Croon Toondra = Gloria
Mermaid = Nessa
Big Tiddy Goth GF = Piers
Flame Dad(dy) = Kabu
Wooloolooloo = Milo
Kung Fu Fighting = Bea
Rocky Horror = Gordie
Baby Goth = Marnie

Rated T for mild language use | Hop, Gloria, and the other rivals are around 15/16 | Read on AO3 or under the cut!

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