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Radical self love 💖

I’m going to ask you to do something radical today, I’m not sure you’re prepared for this, it’s going to take strength and a lot of heart is required.

I’m going to ask you to love yourself.

Unconditionally, wholly, intensely.

No matter where you feel you are on your journey, no matter how much you feel you wish to learn, no matter if you still feel like you have growing or healing to do, no matter if you feel you’ve made mistakes, if you feel you have ‘flaws’, no matter what happened yesterday, no matter what happens tomorrow.

You are already worthy of loving, completely, just as you are, right now.

You are a masterpiece already, you are simply adding layers and extra colors, but you are already complete and glorious, even when you feel at your worst, no matter what anybody else says to you, no matter if others try to put you down, this truth does not change.

No matter of the tears shed yesterday, no matter if you yelled at the sky in anger, no matter what you say to the mirror, you are a beautiful being, worthy and deserving of love.

You must come to know this, as love always starts within yourself.

Be your own lover, your biggest fan, your cheerleader, and believe in who you are completely, every facet of you, the ups and downs, the whole picture.

Do not let the challenges of this life warp your view, there are so many reasons to love you 🧡💙

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New Rainbow enamel with white glitter! I’ve been so behind on a shop update, so I will be posting some new and old stuff while I work on customs and chase a new puppy around… Look forward to new products and some old ones that should have been up by now!!!

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Tye Dye Skull, UFO, Shaka-Hangloose, and Skull Stickers now available! 

Great for planners, laptops, fridges, anything you want! 

You can also get them as magnets with an add-on your order. 

CODE: THANKS20 for 10% off entire order. 

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I made my own #Huevember colour wheel + emoji prompt list. Reposting it here for any tumblr users who want to join too!

Wanna participate?

  • 🌈 Every 3 days in November you pick the hue assigned to that day and use it in an art piece as the most prominent colour
  • 🌈 You can still adjust the brightness and saturation
  • 🌈 I believe people are using #huevember2020 to tag their work. I’ll be using #huevemberlite for this prompt list!

Have fun!

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