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#rainy day mood

Bringing this baby back because it’s been SO rainy in Portland and I miss colors <3

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Rainy Friday (7.24)

Still feeling like I need to keep myself distracted at all times, and I’m still a little off/ blah/ yucky. But I got my period today so that could be it. And idk. I’m fine. I hung out with my roommate from the psych hospital last night and that was really nice because we connected so easily and quickly and well. And she just gets it. It out things into perspective for me and I realize like. I’m doing fine. I’m okay. I have what I need. And not that it means I don’t deserve to struggle, but I’m lucky. So I might as well enjoy it, ya know? So I’m spending the day reading and relaxing. It’ll be a good day. It’s still fairly early. I’m gonna take my adhd meds. And it’ll be okay.

Also, I’m loving my reading nook haha aaaand this fairytale retelling

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Today is the type of day where I just want to curl up on a big couch with someone next to a big open window and read a book or do something quiet and calming.

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화사(Hwasa) - 그대 내 맘에 들어 오면은(when you come to my heart)

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yesterday “heaven and hell” by joe jackson. today gesualdo
later on gonna re-visit some pierre boulez
is there some sort of connection? (Maybe the first 2) but mostly not
mostly about collage and montage *round here… cheers
btw if u did not hear the jackson piece  monday,,, u just don*t know. y*kno?

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Tipsy Tidbit #42-e





I want to drag sleeping bags into my greenhouse, with tea and books and candles. Curl up cozy and listen to rain on glass, daydream while watching drops race down the window panes, admire the shadows cast thorough cloudy colour stained shapes. Get lost to a good story.

I live my freetime in pastel pretends and make believe marvels

Its getting harder to crawl back out to reality

Can I really make my dreams become my life?

Are day dreams made to inspire reality rather than simply escape it?

Perhaps, I’ll discover a truth in the morning. When the sun shines through again.


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Umbrella(acoustic ver)- rihanna

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I wanted to try drawing people but I’m only good at drawing cats so I drew a cat person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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