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linkinmoon · 2 months ago
"I’m a very romantic person. I don’t mean romantic in a flowers and chocolate kind of way. It’s more like if it’s raining, I’ll go up to the window and press my nose against the glass and sigh at how beautiful it all looks."
- Amy Winehouse
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shadesofdarkacademia · 5 months ago
Being asked “what do you want to be in the future” is peer pressure because I just want to sit in my home in front of the window while it’s raining, reading a book and listening to Hozier
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crazy-hira · 22 days ago
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"Here Comes The Rain Again, Falling On My Head Like a Memory." 🥰🌧️☔🌈🍂🤎
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alittlepsychoticbaby · 5 months ago
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