cadaverkeys · a day ago
Lol here's my red flag tour for you guys
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catzgam3rz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before I forget take the Maidcyt sketches we did today on stream!
Hoping to colour and finish them all off tomorrow :D I love how they're coming along so far!
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(wwe announcer voice) well it looks like the 2022 super edition title has been decided as riverstar stands over ivypool and mistystar, after a long and troubled battle... wait... what's this? WHAT'S THIS!?! IT'S ONESTAR ENTERING THE ARENA WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!!!!!!
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snailcleric · an hour ago
Tumblr media
has this been mentioned before?
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agnesmontague · 6 hours ago
the only way a tma tv adaptation can even remotely work imo is if jon were present, physically, in each reenactment of the statements, in what seems at first a rod serling-esque old-fashioned narrative device where he doesn’t interact with any of the events but narrates them on the scene, but as the truth of the beholding is revealed the statement givers notice him more and more so that it looks like they’re reenacting the statements for his benefit. this carries straight into s5 
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anathemafiction · 2 days ago
I think I just wrote a choice almost on par in stupidity with trying to climb the Devil's Bridge...
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sunfoxfic · 22 hours ago
Psst send Ladrien headcanons
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lover-of-skellies · 2 days ago
It's going on 3am here and I just had a thought
Nightmare going to whap Killer in the face with a tentacle to shut him up, assuming he was being annoying again, but the tentacle doesn't wanna detach itself, so now it's just kinda,, stuck that way, until it decides to release Killer on its own
So like.... Nightmare going about his usual daily activities, all while Killer is just being dragged along behind him and flopped around like some kinda ragdoll or something. He looks ridiculous and is absolutely not having a good time, but Dust and Axe aren't trying to help him because they think it's funny and would prefer to enjoy the free entertainment while it lasts. Cross would try to help him, maybe, if he wasn't so anxious about doing anything and risking angering Nightmare. Error wouldn't help either, because he doesn't care enough to deem this anything important
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kindcolors · a day ago
Tumblr media
(Id: Cecil and Esteban from Welcome to Night Vale. Esteban is a small child, sitting in a shopping cart, happily looking up to someone off screen. He has short hair and three eyes. Cecil is leaning over his son with a nervous smile. Cecil is a middle aged man with short hair and four eyes. He has glasses and is hold a box of cereal in his hand. Esteban says “dad says that you’re a bitch!!!” While Cecil says back “Let’s not repeat dad in public, okay?” End of id.)
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formulafc · 5 hours ago
i have a friend who started watching f1 this year and was rooting for m*x (but still liked lewis) and he literally just texted me saying “ i get it now, the more i see him the more i dislike him”
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nightlightprinx · 2 days ago
Ive not been awake long enough to mentally deal with people having raw onion sandwiches
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cadaverkeys · 10 hours ago
Does Tumblr even know that tiktok had a girl who pretended to do sign language in her videos for accessibility and internet points then when deaf people said it was impossible to tell what she was signing a bunch of people came to her defense being like "WELL ITS NOT FOR YOU" even though it literally is.
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catzgam3rz · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
After 3 streams we finally have all the Maidcyt designs complete :D
All these lovely CC's (besides Cleo) have public tumblr blogs and as there is a little tradition to welcome new CC's to the site by drawing them in maid dresses, I have now drawn all of them in one!
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capybab · 12 hours ago
i luvvv my creative writing class it is making me so powerful and excited. did u know u can just write a story abt a trans guy and his ma watching the end of the world and no one can stop u
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ramblesamongstardust · 19 hours ago
"The monster is worthy of being loved" and "the robots won't be evil, actually" are two very related lines of thought, I think.
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agnesmontague · a day ago
techbroism is religion for atheists who never shut up about being atheists
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madmozarteanfelinefantasy · 23 hours ago
'period stagings are dumb bc people can't relate to them' is such a silly take. girl it's almost like opera is about the universality of emotion regardless of time and how stories told throughout generations can still resonate regardless of the time they're told to. anyway if you can't recognize that period stagings are baller as fuck fall over and explode or something
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jettreno · a day ago
season 3 of derry girls would fix me
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artistsfuneral · 9 hours ago
Another dialog appeared in my head that would happen when Jaskier has his backs packed and is about to leave KM and Geralt wants to stop him
G "So you're just running away from your responsibilities again?"
J "Responsibilities? Geralt, I'm not responsible for any of this, I hold absolutely no responsibility for any of you."
G "You made it your responsibilitiy when you followed me for the first time."
[now here, Jaskier is going through a lot of emotions at once, before he settles for a newfound kind of bitterness]
J "And this, is where you're wrong, Geralt. The day I decided to follow you was not the day I made you my responsibility, it was the day I made you my concern. And as far as I concern right now, you don't need me to. So I'm leaving."
J "Goodbye Geralt."
No idea if this makes sense but it sounded good in my head *shrugs*
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kindcolors · a day ago
I think Esteban and Janice were both politely rude kids. They have big bright eyes and look so sweet so you don’t pay it any mind when they ask why your hair is a poop color. As a baby Janice would direct a lot of unintentionally rude questions to Cecil, and a lot of estebans go to Steve
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