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kinda late (i mean i’m always late with everything wbk) but would it be annoying to post a couple of gifsets in a row (maybe actually since it’s like, 5:30am here lol) of tom in the recent vodcast?? i hope not ‘cause you’re getting em in a bit alksalks

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some folks are saying “Norway is so pretty but it’s really expensive to live here :(” and I realized that I never actually did check to see how expensive it’d be so I did some quick research and I’m thrilled to report that it’s the same if not cheaper than where I currently live right now so I’m all set

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You know what really is telling about this fandom?

You become the devil if you even dare try to go against the popular conscious.

Like it is really telling just how predictable a group can be when you give someone a voice and let them say shit.

Hive-minds are toxic indeed.

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I’m a night owl by nature, I always have been. I also don’t really have much of a consistent sleeping cycle anymore, thanks to Quarantine. I’ve suspected for a while that perhaps I have some kind of sleeping disorder (almost definitely insomnia if nothing else) but nothing’s ever been diagnosed. 

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Today has been… A bit of a day.

First off I talked to like 4 people before even having breakfast bc that’s just normal now with the selling of apartments and such. (Reminder that my introverted CFS ass usually takes like 6 hours to wake up).

Then I put in an offer on the apartment in Kvelde, and set the expiration tomorrow at noon. Realtor is apprised and now we just have to wait for confirmation.

Then we decided to go to the thrift store to look for tables, since I now no longer have any furniture x) (I do, but I’m a classy bitch and want matching shit for once). And with masks on we perused the aisles and actually found one! Teak, vintage from 1950s, in great shape, super cheap! So I got that and 4 sickeningly adorable tea cups.


Exhausting, but good.

Then we drove back up to the new apartment to look around the area again, and to poke that familiar “AAAAH!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!” feeling that comes with any and all major life changes. And with my terminal stage 4 cancer aunt in the back seat too. It was actually a pretty good trip all in all. But not exactly kind on the spoon levels..

Then I got home to a text from my until currently gf Jo telling me she’s too exhausted for a relationship with anyone (I can ofc understand that, she’s disabled too and it’s been a LOT recently for everyone), and hopes we can be friends again down the line.. which.. yeah… Of course.. I mean…if one person wants out that’s pretty much it isn’t it.. I guess I’m just feeling a bit miffed that after 5 years there was a bit of drama in a time where everyone is frazzled af bc of a pandemic and now we’re not even friends anymore??

Idk.. I’m still just kinda.. reeling.. confusedly. But there’s no point in pushing it either, bc it seems like she has more than enough on her plate already and have stated her wishes pretty clearly.. all I can do is respect it, albeit confusedly so.

And you thought, a day with all that, it’s surely over by now, right?


Trying my very best to decompress in fallout 4, wondering where dogmeat ran off to, the other realtor calls and tells me there’s finally been an offer on my place! At 10pm at night, but who cares! And it’s at the listing price, so I don’t have to do the back and forth dance like we did last time, so woohoo!!! (But you see now what I mean about emotional whiplash??)

I feel like I’m trying to stand upright on a conveyor belt while there’s 4pm traffic trying to occupy the same space time O.=

So now I’m gonna try my best to sleep for maybe a few hours and then it’s back to “PROJECT SELL AND MOVE AND BUY AND MOVE AND TRY NOT TO DIE FROM EXHAUSTION AND ONE PNEUMONIA WAS ENOUGH THANK YOU VERY MUCH”.


Originally posted by vhs-ninja

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HAJSJDJ U THINK I’M BOLD LIKE THAT? private message i could do but in front of EVERYONE? LSKSKD maybe next lecture if i’m feeling spicy 😳😳 bahahah

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Over lockdown there was time to consume so many things I enjoyed it was beautiful. It’s a time I hold fondly. Now I’m back straight into exams and there is no time for the excitement of any my favourite interests anymore. It’s so sad that education sucks all energy out of students when it should be exciting them. When people say “you have to make time” for your interests they forget there is only 24hrs in a day. Because of the way the education system all over the world is set up young people just simply don’t have time and/or energy to do what they love. How can we raise well rounded happy humans when no one has time to develop an individual personality and find out what they enjoy?

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It’s honestly funny to me when ppl are shocked to find out that Ari Aster wrote Midsommar after a bad breakup. Like, the lead character’s name is Dani Ardor, it’s the most obvious self insert since my fanfiction in seventh grade

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all is woe

nowhere to go

what is this place 

but a face - 

                 all fucked

and false as the mind?

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