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shorteststory · 3 months ago
The pandemic legit made me rethink my zombie apocalypse team priorities. Kindness matters so much in crisis. We need strength that holds on, not just pushes away.
Here's THE BONES BENEATH ft. Ed “Grimm Grinner” Hutchinson from my new book of microfiction The House of Untold Stories
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gateway-2000 · a month ago
fuck it. I'm gonna be corny as hell: my partner just got fired from their job bcus their manager told them the wrong schedule. we're late on rent. i recently went through hell in the hospital n I'm trying to stay afloat. it's 10 days 'til christmas. if you'd like to donate to anyone, please consider helping a disabled wheelchair using trans person stay housed during winter:
pxypal: glittergraphicnightmare@gmail.com
cxshapp: $glitterGraphix
my gofundme
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odinsblog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nice people—genuinely kind people—are such a gift to humanity.
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positivelyghostlycomic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy World Kindness Day! Love you all! 😋❤️
Share this post and spread the joy!
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bantuit · 4 months ago
Hey friends! Remember me? It’s about that time again…
So. How have you been? Because I’ve been kinda shitty. You see, the last time we spoke, I was supposed to have gotten my teeth fixed and life was supposed to be going good. Great even.
However, that is not exactly how things went. I took a turn for the worse with a really ugly neurological condition that we are trying to get figured out.
In May, I started getting crippling migraines, even worse vertigo, problems with standing, walking, intense burning pain and neuralgia and worst of all, by august I was having seizures again. Diagnostic tests, EEGS, EMG, loads of labs, revealed damage to my peripheral nerves and abnormal electrical signals in my brain. But not quite epilepsy, no, it lacked the proper diagnostic criteria. I paid for the copays, and buddy, they were fucking expensive. I cried. I spent more money on not getting answers than I did on my teeth AND my moms funeral… combined.
Migraines turned into clusters. My vision is at 60%. I rarely leave my bed and moving around my home winds me. I get intense tremors in my hands. I can’t breathe sometimes. Can’t catch my breath. Can’t talk. I take handfuls of meds, day and night, to try to stop the pain, the tremors, to catch my breath after climbing 5 stairs. I cannot even do calligraphy the way I want to anymore.
We don’t understand why this is happening. but i desperately need an MRI with and without contrast of my spine, and a spinal tap. My insurance (the shitasses over at United healthcare) are very firmly refusing to back down from a price of 3,000$ because of my deductible. A payment plan of 30% (about 980$) would wipe out my rent, utilities AND meds each month.
So, what’s up this time? Well. Neurologist thinks, hopefully, it’s multiple sclerosis, which is treatable. The other option is… scarier. You see, a type of Charcot-Marie tooth disease runs in my family, specifically a type that effects breathing, intestinal function, along with mobility as the muscle and nerves are destroyed. It either shows up very early in life, or in your 30s.
There is no treatment. There is no cure. So, I need to know, SOON, so I can either start treating the damage that is happening in my body OR get my shit together and plan for a kind of hospice down the line, at about 40-50y/o.
This test also decides if I can be forwarded to the NIH for possible trials and more FREE diagnostic tests, at a more advanced facility, that can help me figure out what is happening to my body.
I hate this. I feel like I’m somehow scamming y’all, but I NEED this test. I desperately need you guys. I’m tapped out and 👌🏼 close to just sewer sliding because I cannot fucking deal with the pain, the being trapped in my bed, the insurance bullshit and the fact that my life is being put aside for a dollar sign.
My deadline is October 13 (hilarious, I know)
Living in America is a nightmare. Help your local crippled, exhausted queer by donating to FowlerChris@live.com on Páypal or
Tumblr media
Or ca$happ $hierophilic
PLEASE BOOST! If you want, I will write your name ~fancy~ to the best of my ability. Anything helps!!
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mozart-the-meerkitten · a year ago
Wholesome story of the day:
So I came downstairs today and discovered three packages on the porch. Or, more accurately, two were on the porch and one was sitting on the porch steps, in the rain. Now, even with our admittedly huge stack of wood my porch still has quite a bit of room to set packages. There was absolutely no reason for this one to be sitting on the steps, in the rain, mind you.
Luckily I knew the package on the steps had a bag of cat food in it, and since those are plastic I didn’t panic. I was still incredibly unimpressed with whoever dumped it there though. 
I took the two smaller packages in off the porch and was about to go back out for the one on the steps when the UPS truck showed up. Being an antisocial recluse even before the pandemic, I tend to avoid delivery people so I stayed inside and shut and relocked my door and waited. I was also rather curious to see where the UPS guy would drop off his package.
So I’m hiding in my kitchen when I hear muttering and then a THUMP. I hurry over and peek out the window on my door to see that not only has the UPS guy deposited his package on my porch, well out of the rain, he has also moved the other package- left by an entirely different delivery person of a different company- off of my steps and onto the porch. It was very nice and he absolutely did not have to do that and he did it without knowing anyone was watching. It wasn’t even his package to deliver. It was just the right thing to do and he did it.
So, unknown UPS guy who moved my wet package onto my porch, thank you for your good deed. I hope and pray you have a very good day and are blessed for your random act of kindness.
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nocturan · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
@my-gender-is @ot3 @bastiaan-deactivated20190305 @finndeservesbetter @posts-from-a-brighter-timeline @wereralph @that-twink-over-there @gucciboooty @arsnof @dyormyne @jacobgalapagos @incorrectstevebucky @arodudejude @regicide1997 @misangremellama @bvrgundybxtch
So a friend brought me a bunny to pet while I'm in recovery 🥰
Unfortunately, though, I still have multiple operations ahead of me. My next operation is on May 10th, and I still really need donations to be able to afford my medical bills. I am also facing the costs of moving 2,200 miles across the country to continue to receive my treatments. I desperately need donations in order to stay afloat. Anything helps; reblogging, sharing, or even donating $1. Every little bit is literally going to save my life
Cash App: $acorvelle
Venmo: acorvelle
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople · 10 months ago
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the-creative-lounge-blog · 2 months ago
Random Act of Kindness Event
This event is open to everyone who sees this post (server members, followers of our blog, and any who view it through reblogs-so please reblog!)
Do one (1) nice thing for your community (irl or virtual-wherever you're most comfortable) before Sunday, November 28th.
This could mean:
❤ Checking on an elderly neighbor, and offering some time to talk and listen.
❤ Cleaning up after a litterbug.
❤ Dropping some anon love in your mutuals' (or fave artists'/writers') Asks.
❤ Donating blood.
❤ Doing your holiday shopping at places that donate proceeds to causes/organizations that you want to support.
❤ Buy an extra something for the person(s) in line behind you at the coffee shop/fast food drive-thru.
❤ Smile at people even though you're probably wearing a mask.
Feel free to share your random act of kindness accounts in the replies (it's still basically anonymous since most of us operate under pseuds). It's long past time to be kind for kindness' sake, and act on the good we can do for each other.
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rizzlewrites · 5 months ago
Hi Rizz! how are you this week? I hope you are doing great ❤
You're a ray of pure sunshine, Anon! I'm doing pretty damn good! Thank you so much for this little act of kindness. It is appreciated.
I'd like to give you something <3. I'm not sure if you're a LIATOTZA reader, but on the off-chance that you are, please accept this deleted/alternate scene from Chapter 73. It was a softer approach that I didn't end up going with in the end. Hope you like it. Excuse the typos.
For Anon
“What in the blazes are you doing? I have been looking everywhere for you!”
Of course he came. Hermione didn’t think she’d be able to so much as give herself a papercut without Draco somehow knowing and swooping in to save her. She knew correlation was not causation, but why was it that calamity and Draco Malfoy always seemed to go hand in hand? She raised her head to scowl at him, more from embarrassment than anything else, but her mud caked face managed to obscure her expression. All he could probably make out were her eyes.
A retort was poised at her lips, but she checked herself. So much of their pain came from miscommunication, insecurity and distrust. They were two highly intelligent, stubborn people with firm ideas about how the world worked and how they needed to work in the world. Sometimes, these ideas felt incompatible. But somehow, somehow...they had the ability to come together, to find solace and respite in each other. They were like two attracting magnets that just needed to stop thinking, to shut up and just get close enough.
Draco was a scientist. Perhaps he might appreciate the experiment she was about to run.
She heard him swearing under his breath, occasionally punctuated by her name. Maybe they were the same thing to him. Scolding her when she was clearly embarrassed and in need of assistance was a bit mean, but she could see where the evening was heading with such certainty that Madam Trelawney would have been proud. Even as she thought this, she also knew that there was always just enough room for surprises when they went through familiar motions. The urge to snap at him for his impatience was strong, but she held her tongue and trusted the process to take its course.
Her heart skipped a beat when he hooked his hands under her arms and hoisted out of the mud like she weighed nothing. She found herself deposited on solid ground, holding on to his shoulders as she regained her bearings and balance.
“You were unconscious in bed less than twelve hours ago and yet here you are traipsing around the grounds in the middle of the night! Are you deliberately trying to send me to an early grave?”
He sloughed mud from her arms, even turning her around at one point to slap more mud off her backside. “Your shoes are missing.”
Damn. She rather liked those shoes. He knew this, too. He peered into the sinkhole. She very nearly shoved him into it. “I’ll try and find them for you in the morning.”
He gave her a disapproving look while she wrung the mud from her hair and managed to splatter a fair amount of it on him.
“What a mess. We can’t bring you back into the house like this.” He tried to use his sleeve to help clean her face, but only succeeded in getting mud into her mouth. Hermione pulled a face and spat.
Draco reached into the back pocket of his trousers and handed Hermione her wand. “How could you leave this behind? You are never, ever, EVER, to go anywhere without this, do you understand me?”
He was furious. So very angry that he forgot he’d been avoiding her. He forgot to be soft and gentle and contrite. Good. This was working out better than expected.
Hermione didn’t tell him that she knew firsthand what it meant when your wand was taken from you; how it felt to feel helpless. But despite the irony of it, Malfoy Manor was safe; safe enough to walk around without her wand. She felt sheltered within its walls. She could explore the estate and feel her husband’s love and protection, both in the wards that fortified their home and through his mere presence. She knew that he would do anything, endure anything to keep her and the children safe. He would throw himself to the wolves, over and over again. However, there was more to a happy family life than just keeping your loved ones safe. Safety was a good place to start. From there, she would try to help Draco develop a healthier approach to uncertainty.
“Let’s get back inside before you freeze to death,” he said. He held out his hand to her. She took it, squelching mud between their palms. He wisely Apparated them directly into the main bathroom.
“Don’t move or you’re going to slip on the marble.” He pulled a towel from a brass ring and dropped it on the floor. “Stand on that while I fill the tub.” He took a glass vial from the vanity and poured a green viscous liquid into the claw-footed, enamel tub. It was a pine and mint bubble bath concoction favoured by the boys. The hot water came next, causing a wonderful minty steam to billow up into the air. Hermione wriggled her nose and sneezed
Despite the heat in the room, his anger had visibly cooled. Now, he was back to looking apologetic and uncertain. He even managed to blush.
“I, uh. I’ll be outside if you need anything.”
Draco made it to the bathroom door before pausing to look back at her with a frown.
Hermione didn’t move. She merely stood there caked in mud, with her arms by her side, staring at him.
“Do you need me?”
Always. Forever and ever, amen.
“Hermione?” he asked, his voice now gentler. Her heart did a little skitter in her chest.
To her delight, he came back to her and this time, he took her face in his hands. She watched him watch her. Her clever husband was tracking her eye movements, looking for irregularities, running his fingers under her hair to check for lumps and bumps.
“Did you hit your head when you fell? The mud was so soft, but there may have been rocks?”
Figures. The one time they weren’t verbally sparring and he automatically assumed it was because she had a head injury. Draco Malfoy didn’t do well in silences he didn't understand. Ever the pessimist, he filled the silence with worse case scenarios. He became clinical again, which was one step back but Hermione was used to this dance.
“Hmm. I’m going to get you quickly cleaned up and then we’ll have a closer look at you, alright?”
She nodded, because she suspected if she didn’t provide some evidence of lucidity, he was going to go turn into Doctor Draco.
“We’ll get you warm and cleaned up in a minute.”
The large mirror over the vanity was too fogged up for her to see how she looked, but it had to be ten times worse than Draco, who was liberally smeared with mud. He kicked off his shoes and socks and rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing the Dark Mark on the pale skin of his left forearm. She had seen it many times before, of course, but tonight, she wanted to trace the tip of her tongue along the serpent’s tail. Hermione was momentarily scandalised by her own thoughts.
There was a small, adorable hesitation when Draco stood in front of her and took hold of the hem of her soaked jumper.
“I’m going to remove this.”
Hermione obediently raised her arms so he could pull her jumper. The sensation of wet, muddy wool dragging over her face and arms was extremely unpleasant. He dropped the soiled garment to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra. His silver eyes ghosted over her steam-dampened skin, her nipples erect in the heat and humidity. She continued looking at him, silent and unabashed.
“Good,” he said, and it sounded more like reassurance for himself rather than for her. “Pants next. Can you…? Do you want me to…?”
She nodded.
“Hold on to my shoulders.”
His fingers were at the stud buttons of her jeans and she winced at the icy contact against her skin, automatically sucking in her belly.
“We’ll be done in a moment,” he said, apologetically. He hooked his fingers around the belt loops and paused to give her yet another update, “I’m going to take these off now.”
Duh, she thought, as she put her hands on his shoulders and shimmied as required. He knelt in front of her as he dragged her jeans down past her knees. She kept her hold on his shoulders for balance as she pulled first one leg, and then another, out of her jeans. His face was now at level with her belly and she was wearing only white cotton knickers edged with lace.
She looked down at him.
Yes, that’s my name, she thought. And by the time I’m through with you tonight, you’ll be screaming it.
“Why aren’t you speaking to me?”
She folded her arms across her breasts, removing her hands from the equation. Not because she was bashful, but because she wanted him to finish what he had started.
He was not dull-witted, her husband. Now, he looked slightly suspicious.
Seeing her hands otherwise occupied, he kept his eyes on hers as he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down. She stepped out of her underwear. Even on his knees before her, Hermione still felt so small next to him. But then, her hold over him had nothing to do with physical prowess.
She brought her hand up to trace one of his eyebrows, sliding a lock of wet hair behind his head and running her fingers behind the shell of ear. And then she put her back on his shoulders, softened the look in his eyes...and gave him a push.
Given he was on one knee, Her intention was to send him off balance, falling back into a seated position on the ground. But Draco was a serial thwarter of much clever plans than this. It was like shoving a wall. He barely moved, and oh dear, when she next looked at his face, he was looking a lot less confused.
There was a knowing look as he rose to his full height, looking down his nose at her, not with contempt, but more to remind her of all the things he could do to her and chose not to.
He stood close enough to her now that her beasts grazed the front of his shirt and she could feel his warm exhalation just above her forehead, at her hairline.
He stared down at her, gave her the smallest, most imperceptible of smiles. It was nothing more than a slight shifting of facial muscles.
“You’re dirty, Granger. Get into the tub.”
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misfit-maiden · 2 months ago
I’ve been really down in the dumps lately. Money sucks. Anyone want to buy me a coffee table and end tables?! Only slightly kidding… 😂😅😔
Or misfitmama on Venmo
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ununquadius · 8 months ago
I saw a post the other day about how you always can find acts of kindness in your daily life, so here are some of them I've encountered in the last 24 hours:
A woman let me go before her in the supermarket because I only had one thing
A woman told me that there weren't any cars coming so I could leave the parking easily
More than one of my students help me carry some heavy things when they saw I couldn't carry them all by myself
My dad re parked my car in the garage so I could leave easily this morning
A friend quickly helped me with a technical problem when I had been stuck with it for a while
A coworker offered to pay for my coffee when I thought I had no money (it turned out I had, so I payed hers)
And I'm sure I'm forgetting about many of them! If you look for kindness, you're going to find it everywhere!
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siedertreestudios · 4 months ago
I just wanted to say this today because I feel like it’s important right now:
To the lady that consoled me after a bad experience with a customer,
To my mom who I called when I thought I was going to get fired,
To my friends mom who gave me the facts when I was catastrophizing about not being able to get a new job,
To the people that showed concern to me when I sat on the street crying over the phone,
To the random boys skateboarding asking if I was ok,
To the people who support people simply because they can,
To the sun shining through the clouds as I write this,
Tumblr media
Thank you.
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vibratingwords-photos · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Don't have to be politically correct, it's about honesty and respect.✨
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penelopes-poppies · 8 months ago
Shoutout to all the kind strangers who make things more accessible for people like me
I showed up for my covid vaccination appointment at my pharmacy, and where to check-in was very unclear. I joined the back of one of the lines and stood there trying to figure it out for a bit, before asking a Latino family standing nearby, "Hi, could you tell me where the vaccination check-in is? I'm very confused."
They showed me to the right window and afterwards, when I was confused again about where I needed to go, explained each of the subsequent steps and what I needed to do for each one.
I appreciate them more than they know. Being autistic, I need clear directions and freeze when I don't know what to do, which made the appointment very frustrating at first. I asked for help, and that family helped me. It might have taken only a few minutes of their time, but they made my week.
I'm so grateful to them and everyone else who makes life accessible for me.
To all the kind strangers, thank you.
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proud-mom85 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And he indeed he is.
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internutter · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Challenge #03274-H365: Of Moose, Mistletoe, and Minors
Wraithvine's friend, Pondermoore, finds a human child lost and afraid in the woodlands. They'd wandered away from home to pick fall fruits, and had gotten very lost. Wraithvine was trying to locate the child's home and family, and it was very dark out, so not all that safe to travel. While the child was curled up on a bedroll, they looked up at Pondermoore and asked "Tell me a bedtime story, please?" -- Anon Guest
Judging by the squeak as she picked it up, Pondermoore thought the creature was a wild cat. It was almost as small as one, but most definitely not feline. That was a Human.
"...please don' eat me?" the child squeaked. "I'm not even a loaf."
Pondermoore tucked the child into the crook of her arm. "Pondermoore not grind bones to make bread," she said. "That's terrible bread. You need food and warmth."
[Check the source to see the full story]
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congratsitsanenbaby · 6 months ago
there are three types of people in this world. those that respond same to you when you say something nice to them and those that say thank you and those that respond both same to you and thank you.
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feel-the-sunshine · 6 months ago
This is your sign to spread kindness💛
A girl made my day today by walking up to me and saying “hi I love your outfit!” May not seem like a big deal, but I almost didn’t wear that outfit because I felt very self conscious and insecure. If you like someone’s hair, tell them. Hold the door for the person behind you. Smile at your neighbors. You never know how much your random compliments or acts of kindness can impact a person.
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