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#random rant

I noticed that I’m always the one to reach out and always the one to talk first… it makes me feel small it’s also the reason that I a too generous with people because I feel like I’m not enough and therefore I have to offer something else like money gifts and other things because of my own lack of confidence in my being and I equate to my own body confidence because I’m fat but like it’s deeper than that like I really hate all of me and I find it funny when people say that they have insecurities like is there things that you actually like about yourself? Is that a way that people can live? Cause I hate myself so much that everything that drives me like looking pretty and posting on social media is to try to hide this hatred for my self so If I act confident and like I’m better then people will believe that instead of putting me of hating my self… I’d rather be hated than lived and that’s crazy to thing because I didn’t even love myself how could I possibly want or wish for somebody to love me? Crazy

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Random rant. Idk my dudes bare with me.

I would like to say as easy as it is for many people to see Steve and Bucky as “obviously” being romantically involved, we need to acknowledge that it is just as easy for them to just be really good friends. Platonic love is just as strong, if not stronger than romantic love. Do none of you have best friends? I mean come on.

I would absolutely die for my best friend. I would do absolutely anything for her. No matter what, I will always be there for her and vice versa. We love each other in a very deep, incredibly intimate way. But it’s still 100% platonic. And you can’t try to come at me and say “oh well one or both of you must be straight then so that’s not comparable.” Nah, we’re both bisexual af. We’re still just friends. Very close, deeply connected, platonic friends. It’s really that simple.

So yea, Steve & Bucky really could just be best friends. They could also still both be bisexual, and stil just be best friends. It’s not as “obvious” as many shippers like to make it.

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I heard that some girls are absolute sluts for Rick Sanchez. Wow. I mean, Chris is the one I’m crazy over, but I could see where this is coming from. Rick’s quick witted, hilarious, smart, and he does have a very decent appearance.

Never knew a 70 year old man would attract this many chicks. :)

Have fun, guys. Don’t break his back. XD

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Why do I feel like y'all can’t write Elsa without making her extremely edgy ?

And I’m not saying that you should write her without acknowledging her past issues and struggles, but could you please write her character without making her ridiculously edgy ? Ugh I really don’t want to look insensitive or something, but it’s a thing that I’ve noticed and it’s so annoying. There’s a difference between her being true to her character (her feelings, her depression and her anxiety…), and her being sad just because you want to.

I’m totally fine with all the fictions written before Frozen 2 or that happen before Frozen 2 story wise (even tho some of them are oddly edgy) but I can’t help being upset when a fiction written after Frozen 2 makes her this insecure girl all over again. I don’t even know if I make any sense, I’m pretty sure I don’t, that’s what I get for trying to rant when I can’t even write properly.

I’m pretty sure it’s just a writing problem, but I’m sick of reading Elsa being the damsel in distress or the girl who’s insecure about her powers all the damn time. And I’m only talking about recent fanfics here. I mean, she’s a grown ass woman now. Of course she’s still going to have issues, you don’t get rid of things like this that easily, but in some cases I just feel like y'all just can’t write her without making her extremely depressed, move on please…

I needed to get it out of my chest. If I offended you, please don’t be it’s just a stupid rant that I might delete eventually..

Lil disclaimer: I am not talking about fanfics that clearly explain why Elsa would be in such dark places again, I’m just talking about “angst just for the sake of being angst” fanfics

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In my head, I assuredly know that Monarchy is bad and I’m not about worshiping those that are now effectively just celebrities, but I actually like the Queen, to an extent anyways, but oh my fucking god, this whole plan is like beyond words disgusting.

I don’t even just mean the way they’re planning for her death, that shit makes sense because like we all know it’s coming some day, but just how organized it all is really makes you see just how fucking controlled everything is in the UK. The fact that all of TV will just cut mid-broadcast and go straight to the news, or how comedy and satire will be heavily regulated or outright banned, or everyone getting the day off and the stock market not opening, it’s just fucking insane. Like what the fuck. What the actual fuck.

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For those not living in the US, most insurances in our country will try everything to prevent you from getting your medication covered. They’ll use every loophole possible. That’s why we have to use an app called Good Rx and it’s the second most dystopic thing about our medical system (second to GoFundMe’s to fucking survive).

Good Rx is an app where you can look up your prescription and find the cheapest coupon at your pharmacy. Most pharmacies already have these coupons pulled up since they are aware the insurance companies will road block them.

Bless the man who created this app but also FUCK AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANIES.

(This rant is brought to you by Hulu, who keeps playing Good Rx commercials.)

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I’m super biased because I don’t own New Horizons but it feels to me like players who are being super pissy about things that have always been in the games (such as tools breaking) are just adults who never played Animal Crossing in their whole life and were persuaded they could replace their social life by playing it all day during the quarantine.

Animal Crossing is a game aimed at children, which begs you to stop playing after maybe ~2hrs without break. It’s the same thing with the Easter event everyone’s complaining about: while I think I’d probably still prefer the one-day-long events from the previous games if I got to play ACNH, you’re not meant to play all day, so the event shouldn’t drive you insane.

You’re not even meant to play everyday. I know I do it too, but videogames aren’t supposed to be such an important part of your life. ACNH was designed with children who play games for an hour after school in mind.

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In all my years of being on the internet I’ve come to one point of knowledge and that is people will really just go fuckin hog-wild over a skinny white twink in a vest

Case in point: Wheatley from Portal 2(humanised), the popular depiction of Cecil from WTNV, the Onceler

I would list more examples but I can’t think of any more

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“Before I didn’t deserve it. But now I deserve to be hurt. Mistreated, yelled at, cheated on, etc. And I shouldn’t have a say so. These are thing I should expect now. When these things happen, I don’t get to be sad. I brought it upon myself. I don’t deserve to be treated well. ”~Pharel

*Idk how this person continues to see everything I say. Each time I say something this ass has to message. I guess I could care less though.

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I just want to be enough for him. I want to be who he loves forever. I want him to have the same feelings he had before all this shit. I want him to still see me as his wife. I had just made it on his phone lockscreen and homescreen. I’m too scared to look I’m sure he took it down. I want to be a wife. I want to be his. :(

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Why do niggas feel the need to “it don’t hurt to smile” you ? I went to the corner store for more quarantine snacks and the man at the counter did way too much. Then on my way out, he said “Still didn’t get a smile “ SIR FUCK YOU. Ring my shit up and leave it at that.

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Day 3 at work. Feel depressed today, I’m in my cabin, one or two persons far from me and out of my working place (which is fine) but brain is feeling lonely, if that makes sense. It’s a strange feeling actually, not to be alone physically but be lonely mentally. I don’t know if I use alone/lonely properly (English issues 😅).

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I know this isnt witchy or anything (or maybe it is, if you think about it hard enough) but call your friends. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss my friends right now. This is a weird time for everyone, especially students, since we’re used to seeing people every day, and it can be a little odd to have that ripped away so fast. So call your friends, or text them if either of you dont like phone calls. Check up on them, tell them about your day, that kinda thing. Most of us are already emotionally detached enough, we dont need quarantine to make it any worse.

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Simblr.. it always just discourages me. Ive taken a really long break from simblr due to work life and i came back really excited, and id get posts ready and be all excited but its rather lonely, i always get so giddy when i have a post ready and always look forward to somebody asking me about my sims or dm'ing me to talk about their legacies and ideas or visa versa. Its just lonely and not what i expected to come back to. Maybe im being petty and since im in a sad mood this week maybe little things are bugging me, i dont know. I guess just having nobody to talk to who shows a real interest just… kinda sucks.

Whatever, wanted to get that off my chest. Stay safe, wash your hands and dont lick any doorknobs.

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Hello, I see you over there. You are trying to guess what this is? Well, this is a rant. A rant about everything I’ve been thinking of ever since school started. And now, I’m in college and I can’t stop thinking about these same stuff. This picture is a vague representation of my thought process. This entire rant is all you need to know about me. basically.


You see this picture right. Yes. I am still trying to figure out whether I still have friends or not. I mean I do, I am not gonna lie I have some great friends. I still yearn for some sort of unnatural or maybe utopian companionship which I don’t seem to get amongst these many people that I know. I am indeed told by people that I am not alone but guess what? I am lonely. No you won’t understand this when I’m saying this from my perspective. You have seen me as a guy who never shuns upon any stuff, is relatively friendly and approachable. What you haven’t seen is the side I keep hiding from everyone of you, the side which makes me feel vulnerable and keeps me awake till 5 in the morning. The side which makes me try to seek solutions over the internet through Reddit/ Tumblr group chat.

It is not exactly true that I do not have any person capable of being my, you know, the buddy you share every stuff with. I mean I do but there is a gap between me and the rest of the world which I can’t seem to make anyone understand no matter what. I yearn for that person who actually understands me and to whom I can come and rant, cry, share my joy and vice versa. You get what I mean? I did have one person. That person hardly replies to my texts and I have stopped bothering about it anyway.

I’m done lol. Thanks for reading my shitty rant which made absolutely no sense to you and you are probably thinking I’m an attention seeker. Yeah maybe I am, I am seeking something I have been devoid of all my life. Lmao kill me, please :)

Btw, I will post some of my favourite songs here. This is my rant page, you can’t stop the rant from coming in.


this song makes me lucid dream about driving a car across a lonely, deserted, forest road. There’s misty fog on my windshield as I slowly pace through the state highway while this song plays.

this is my soul song. i have no words to describe the feeling attached to it.

reminds me of that friend who doesn’t remember me anymore.

“wish I could leave you my love but my heart is a mess”

this makes me HAPPY 🥺❤️

literally FEEL this song.

I have lot more, I will leave the link to my Spotify playlist here.

Thanks for reading. I love you all. Literally 🥺❤️

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