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#random rants
ceo-of-crab · 21 hours ago
Just saw the BSD beast movie art. It looks really nice, but my only question is: why is Chuuya there? He has zero relevance to the story at all (from what I remember he only appears in one scene and doesn’t even do anything plot relevant). Like it would have made so much more sense to put Odasaku. Like even a character like kenji who only has very minor appearances would make sense cause he actually does something plot relevant. I’m getting annoyed by Chuuya lately, he’s an ok character, I just don’t see why he gets so much attention.
Tumblr media
Though I gotta admit, beast dazai’s design looks really nice. I’m glad they went with the black tie instead of mori’s purple tie. The purple tie looks ok on Mori but it would just look tacky on Dazai.
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tokyo-fukushu · a day ago
We read a literary work, a short story (The Interlopers by Saki), in English class today and our teacher gave us the freedom to change the ending of the story by drawing an alternative scene / comic strip and asking for a one sentence explanation.
And I passed a mediocre drawing with a whole ass paragraph that delves deeper into irony, human stupidity, and decision-making. I can see the way my teacher suddenly sat up straight, brows up to her hairline and squinting her eyes when I passed my work. I do not regret anything.
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angelicbabydolll · 4 months ago
Can we normalise ‘I’m willing to work on that’ instead of ‘that’s just how I am’
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sonadaofsilence · a month ago
Mind is blank. Heart is troubled. When I am in my 40s, would you still find me desirable.
Opportunity to reintroduce my stress
Tumblr media
An opportunity where I can not be won but always defeated.
Pride in the office and weak when meak.
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analviel · 10 days ago
Thinking about how I prefer Tim 'randomly falling asleep' to be his Thing rather than Coffee. Because then he'd be asleep and with no lines rather than his Sleep Deprivation being used as cause of wildly out of character angst (again, there are dozens of legitimate angst sources one can pick and almost always they ignore it for made up ones so that's what frustrates me sometimes because I KNOW one can write and read more enjoyably about favourite characters angsting when it's actually said character angsting and not an OC with their names).
I'd bet he'd still feature asleep more times than Cass does awake.
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prestal · a month ago
Been so critical of Iroh lately, though I still adore his character and what he did for Zuko.
 I can’t help but wonder what he could have done for the world if he acted sooner, removing Ozai from the throne would “save” Zuko and Azula. Not to mention the countless lives on both sides that were lost.
Actually the White Lotus in general seemed very passive. I wish we got more information on their actions before the story of ALTA takes place. Perhaps they suffered a massive defeat that limited their power for awhile?
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timetominhyuk · 8 months ago
I'm sorry this will be kinda long and probably won't be written in decent English, but it's been years since I wanted to say some of these things and I am tired, tremendously tired of this.
Let me start off with saying this: some monbebes really do not deserve Minhyuk and everything he does for us.
1. He is NOT a complete dumbass gay idiot you can remember only when you need to remind everyone when he did something "dumb" or "stupid". this is something that has been going on for YEARS. I can't believe he still is the "idiot one who doesn't know anything" to someone. He's such an intelligent, thoughtful person. I know he acts for cameras and I know he's, of course, human. But calling him dumb the whole day is just more than disrespecting and awful.
2. Some people complain he doesn't have lines, then don't stream A SINGLE THING. No cover reached 1M, not a single masked singer video has decent views either. The only decently streamed was Ongshimi but oh, look, he wasn't alone in that video. Probably, a lot of people don't even know he went to masked singer at all and those are some of the cleanest, most beautiful covers of his you'll hear. He got so much better and he's giving literally HIS LIFE to singing. It must be so upsetting to see such feedback to so much hard work. And don't even dare saying it's because you don't like ballads, cause I don't either but I'd give my life to the devil to give him the recognition he deserves.
3. Someone loves to bring back videos he begged to stop talking about it. I can't believe after two years I STILL see that video from alligator performance fail. It is clearly NOT okay to use it as a joke. Yes, joking around like friends is normal, but even there you have some boundaries and he was way more than clear over this one specific thing. so stop.
4. Some people legit still have no clue on what is Vogue Ship Show. After six months. I saw way too many reacting to it only when their fave was on as well. I don't expect everyone to watch any episode or perfectly know what he says in those, of course, but not even knowing it exists????? how???
5. adding to the previous point, some people also just blandly ignore him to the core. Whenever he says anything, whether it's important or not, and another member says it right after everyone is so surprised as if he never said a thing. And I do not accept "I don't know Korean" as excuse, cause then you wouldn't have reacted to the second member either.
6. Some people don't even follow him on insta even if they follow other members. How can you explain a gap of 150k people of difference, especially considering he was the first making Instagram, otherwise?
7. Some people bring him out only to talk about interactions with Wonho. I NEVER and I repeat NEVER saw so many people watching inkigayo before and after that week of "wonho is on inkigayo they'll talk for sure". Some didn't even know about him being an inkigayo mc as well.
Said this, I'll stop here. Feel free to add any other point in rbs.
And I repeat, this is valid only for SOME people. I know there are, thankfully, good monbebes who support all of them as they deserve, but after seeing someone telling me I am disrespecting Minhyuk saying these things, I'm sincerly done. This all had to be said at some point, and that time has come.
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redspiderling · 4 months ago
Every time the patriarchy has felt threatened, it has come up with ways to curb women’s rights and freedom.
Remember the Witch Hunt? Humanity decided that witches are real and they need to burn. That decision wasn’t random, it came right after a lot of prominent women gained power and influence, and wanted to deviate from their normal roles, e.g. Queen Elizabeth the first, and other female monarchs in Europe at the turn of the 16th century. 
Another interesting fact about witch hunts, is that they usually targeted middle aged, or elderly women. Basically, women after menopause were considered useless, “shrivelled”. Not only that, but because they were no longer under the direct control of men (a lot of them were widows, or they had adult children and lived quite freely), and as such were thought of as “easily giving in to female weaknesses” for things like lust, or jealousy for younger women who could still birth children, and as such, women of some age (and experience and wisdom) were the first targets for witch hunters.
I’ll bring this back into Marvel context and say that this is simply why Natasha died. I don’t know if you noticed, but Natasha ticks all the above boxes:
By Endgame, Natasha was independent of all male influence in her life.
She had also gained considerable power, given that she was literally leading the Avengers.
Was entirely free to make decisions for herself.
Wasn’t useful to the patriarchy by falling into the model of woman that is considered proper, because Natasha couldn’t have children, and didn’t seem interested in having them anyway.
It always feels like I don’t say “fuck Marvel” enough, so I’ll say it one more time.
Fuck Marvel.
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eligonecrazy13 · 6 days ago
I have had it with self entitled KARENS saying "Go back to your own country " to people of colour. I'm over here thinking bitch your the one who stole a whole ass country from its people. Gave yourself right, degraded them and are now telling others to stop working here because they are supposedly taking over your jobs. Grow up! If anyone should go back to their own country it should be you.
I'm sorry to anybody that I offended. Thank your for coming to my TED talk.
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shangyangjunzhu · 7 months ago
though i’ve always had a fondness for the korean version of scarlet heart, i feel like it does not live up to the original. for instance, let’s take a look at wang so. he is disdained by his mother because he is a constant reminder of a mistake she made and also because she is a hypocrite who doesn’t recognize her own cruelty, which is fun and interesting. and then there is 14, who in the beginning just dislikes wang so for literally no reason (if there is one and i’ve watched it 4 times, the writers did a terrible job at showing it) or maybe because he is indoctrinated by his mother’s hypocritical ways, which is some very poor writing to me (it’s a personal opinion). in retrospective i never liked his character in the past, and the fact that he is played by jisoo doesn’t help.
the 14th prince in the original he is based off of actually does get along with 4th in the beginning and there is very apparent fondness. the brothers start getting distant because 4th, who is a very thoughtful and rather wary person, who people think is scheming but in reality is trying to do right by everyone without getting hurt himself, is misunderstood by 14th, who is an impulsive cinnamon roll who thinks his brother doesn’t care for him, which is lowkey comic. the actual rift grows when 4th starts to secretly plot the downfall of 8th and eventually take away the crown from 14th, which you know makes sense. 
even with regards to consort de, 4th and 14th’s mom, she is partial to 14th but it is apparent that she kind of cares for 4th but not nearly enough which you know is more emotionally touching because she isn’t blatantly terrible like her korean counterpart which makes it harder for 4th to express how let down he feels. and  with 13, man, 4th and 13th were a ride or die ship, and the korean version is too invested in wang so and hae soo that they kind of let us down in that aspect.
and the difference between the lead pairs’ intelligence and ruoxi just being amazing (which hae soo doesn’t totally match up to) will take up an entire post and so i won’t discuss it here
don’t get me wrong it is still an amazing watch but i just hate it when people say the original sucks and i wanna be able to copy paste this entire thing in retort every single time.
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thesexypanda-boo · 4 months ago
it is so annoying when I'm all happy one second and the next it gets all bleh and idk shit
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angelicbabydolll · 4 months ago
I hope every single media outlet that shamed Britney all those years ago for shaving her head, the way she held her babies and oh! What she wore leaving her house publicly apologise to her. This women has been in her own personal hell for the last decade and a half because the help she needed wasn’t given to her. Instead her independence was stripped from her and we once again see a man step in at the right time and deny her every right under the sun, force her on to contraception because apparently having a baby isn’t her right. Refused her the right to marry her boyfriend, stops her from seeing her kids if she isn’t a good girl and goes to all her meetings and works her 7 days a week as if she is nothing but a cow to be milked of every drop she is. You may not like Britney Spears. You may hate her music, her look, her videos. But she’s a human being. Trapped in a house you probably think she should be happy to have. But to her? It’s a prison cell. She is a women who has no rights to her own money, her children, her home and her body. What does that make her? An object? Even if you don’t like her please try to see how wrong and disturbing this is.
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sonadaofsilence · a month ago
In a little note:
The office really drains me from the energy. There was an opportunity to reintroduce my stress and I took it and im burning candle in many ends but in this moment it is better now than when I was younger. Controlling what you can versus not will lower your risk of being a toxic person.
My rant is about speaking with a little open air. My fingers get tired as speaking is out of the question. The older I get the more exhibition i feel, just hope i won't be too old to keep undressing and finding new ways to live my dream. Erotica is a hobby i share with sacred followers.
Tumblr media
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kydp · 4 months ago
maybe the reason why i and so many others like bojack horseman, to the point of obsession, is because we see these other people, who yea are admittedly fake, but feel so real, and we see them go through similar things and feel all the same and raw emotions we do, because they don’t hide them or sugarcoat them like other shows do, and it feels so validating to see that it’s real, that it happens, that it’s not just our wonky little brains but that it’s real and it’s valid
i dont know man im a senior in high school i dont know shit
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cdplayerr · 10 days ago
Pero kasalanan ko rin eh, ang bilis ko magpautang sa mga friends ko with the hope that they would reciprocate the same energy. I always expect people that they have the basic decency to pay up on time or at least initiate to pay their debt without reminding them. Lagi ko nakakalimutan na hindi lahat ng tao kaparehas ng mindset ko and live up to my expectations, kahit na kaibigan ko pa 'yan. In the end, ako nahihiyang maningil kasi paulit-ulit naman excuse nila. Hayyyy.
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hastingsworth · a month ago
Feels very weird to be posting this in 2021, but…anyone can ship whatever they want, stan whatever characters, it’s fiction. But it’s *really* not that hard to understand why a lot of bi people don’t like a ship that’s riddled with biphobia. If you’re bi yourself and personally aren’t that bothered by it never being called out, that’s fine. But it shouldn’t be hard to get why a lot of us didn’t feel represented by it and don’t like a character that was never held accountable.
Wanting better representation is valid. Preferring the m/f ship for a bi character because you think it’s healthier and you personally feel more represented by it is valid. Bisexual representation still has a long way to go and we should be allowed to have opinions on our own rep.
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randomquestions4u · 24 days ago
I’ve been hearing that s16 is going to be another Lloyd season, and people are not happy about it...
Like, I know that he’s gotten a lot of seasons, but he gives off the most main character vibes out of the whole main cast if you will. I think that the best play would’ve been a Kai or team season for season 16 and then season 17 would have to be Lloyd, but this is okay as well.
He is my favorite character though so I’m trying to be objective with this part but I think it’s high time for a Lloyd season. The last season he got major character development was Hunted, but even then he only got a chunk of it. Even though fans hate to admit it, Kai had a good sized bit of Secrets of the Forbbiden Spinjitzu complete with proper development. Even though it wasn’t the best it could’ve been it’s something. And yeah, people say that Lloyd ate up some of it, but he ultimately had zero development in that season. 
If it does end up being a Lloyd season, he better get some actual development about HIM, not anything to do with Garmadon because that would be upsetting. Lloyd can’t get a season without his father riding on his coattails. 
Anyways, these are just rumors flying around, so it may not even be a Lloyd season in the first place.
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wow-ok-i-guess · 7 months ago
OK, people always say that the seven would threaten Will if he hurt Nico, but honestly? in Percy and Annabeth's case at least, neither of them could threaten just one of them, cus they knew Will from the Battle of Manhattan and all that, and I feel like they'd be a little close after that and they would trust Will not to hurt Nico and Nico not to hurt Will because they love and trust them both SO MUCH with each other and they just... support them both... idk just something I thought of.
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silverlyrawolf · 28 days ago
God I’m tired. I’ve taken to skipping my lunches at work. In order to get all the shit done and keep my quota numbers high it’s just easier to keep working. Don’t need my “wonderful” coworkers running to the boss because my numbers are low. -hits head on desk-
Anyone got suggestions of quick and easy snacks? Something I could eat with one hand as I work? Haha.
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mgkmerchstyles · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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