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Reblog if you’d love to have a person you can share your lotr obsession with

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My WIP ideas once again, just to keep track of things

  • Continue/finish OMAM of course
  • Din smutty mini-series where he’s young and cocky and he thinks he’s all that (and he is)
  • Super fucking sad idea I had for Frankie but it’s basically just Infernal Hearts if it ended badly so I’m probably gonna either write it for Javi or Jack
  • Boba Fett NSFW alphabet
  • Reuniting with Boba as you’re traveling with Din. Threesome ensues.
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Grammarly does more than catch errors.

oh yeah? what else can you do

do my taxes? tell me why i put off my work so much? comfort me? walk my dog? make me that tasty pork thing from yuri on ice?

oh, you can’t?

you basic bitch shut the fuck up

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I weighed myself today and I’m 12 stone I feel really disappointed in myself does anyone have any advice on how to loose a few pounds?

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not me looking through the martin septim tag and then being sad

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My friend and I were looking through some of the Homestuck Beta/Concept art and now I can’t stop drawing these fuckers looking like the spawn of MSPA reader and a Dynablocks avatar.


Ok well the ones of the Betas are slightly more abstracted from the style but they were fun little scribbles and I want to include them.

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Two-bit, on the phone with Johnny: Where are you?? We’re all worried

Johnny: I just have a cold, calm down

Two-bit: Oh okay *hangs up*

Two-bit, screaming: GUYS JOHNNY IS DYING!!

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why do I have the mind of an 18 year old but the body of an 80 year old? Why does every joint in my body pop when I move two inches? MY HIPS POP SO OFTEN AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT.

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I think I need a side blog for all my witchy aesthetics and activities I never feel like posting to my biz IG anymore. Yasssss, I do. Because I never have the energy for IG anymore 😅

Here’s a random Spooktober photo of me just for, well, literally no reason.

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Severus: I’m still trying to figure out why you’re friends with me.

Lily: Because you’re sweet and funny.

Severus: My father says I’m bitter and grumpy, so one of you is lying.

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Rules: post the last song you listened to, your lock screen, and also the last picture that you saved:

Last song:


Lock Screen: (my niece about two years ago, still my Lock Screen)


Last pic saved: I’m assuming it means saved/screen shot not pic taken.. last pic taken is NSFW anyway so not sharing that 😜. Helping my cousin plan her wedding, hence the pic below


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Sometimes I like to just stare down and glare at a random person to confuse them and weird them out

And when they get their friends or smth I look away

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*slightest inconvenience happens*


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My brother had said something a couple of weeks ago: things aren’t hard, they’re just time-consuming.

And… holy shit this has changed my entire outlook on homework and other tasks that require effort.

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