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freshstartfromscratch a day ago
So I've been playing Assassin's Creed Revelations and I know that I'm late to the party but what the fuck happened with everyone faces?!
Like, Ezio literally had a nose job between Brotherhood and Revelations!
Tumblr media
Give Ezio back his wide, big, eagle nose!
He was hot as he was with his 'imperfect' nose.
Like. Fuck you Ubisoft! People CAN be attractive and HAVE aquiline noses!
Heck! I have an aquiline nose! Seeing a character as charismatic and attractive as Ezio made me feel better about my appearance!
Fuck me! Francisco Randez, a fucking face model of Alta茂r, Ezio and Desmond HAS a bit of a prominent bridge!
Tumblr media
Desmond looks like he's 40 with 5 kids and a mortgage to pay off. Also his eyebrows and a jaw 馃あ!
Tumblr media
We don't get to see Alta茂r's face much (just like in the AC) but from the peaks I've got he also looks like he's suffering whenever exposed to even a bit of sunlight. I'm not even mentioning yet another nose plastic surgery that was performed here.
Tumblr media
They look horrible. Give me back my old Assassin's looks.
Ubi. U can afford it. Pay your iconic at this point face models their fucking money!
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general-history-reference a year ago
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frangvski a year ago
fallout fans when some old ass song starts playing
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spyders-chaos a month ago
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There will be more
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sleeping-satan a month ago
The United States has such a shitty education system so I'm sharing something that I just found out that really should be common health knowledge.
Apparently if you've ever had a cold sore, you have HSV-1, which is the herpes simplex virus. The virus stays in your body for your entire life. You can still pass it onto people when you do not have a current cold sore through things like sharing utensils, kissing, and oral sex.
67% of those under the age of 50 in global population have it.
HSV 1 is more commonly associated with cold sores on the mouth, but is also prevalent as a form of genital herpes. HSV 2 is the main herpes virus associated with genital herpes, but can also occur on the mouth (which actually seems to be less likely). HSV 2 is found in around 13% of the global population under the age of 50. If you're 51 WHO doesn't have stats for you because people past the age of 50 never have sex/s.
HSV 2 gives someone an increased risk of getting HIV. From research so far, HSV 1 doesn't seem to do that. Both can be inherently more dangerous to those with weakened immune systems.
Another main difference is that HSV 1 typically doesn't have as many flare ups and periods of viral shedding (being contagious).
There are antiviral meds that decrease the frequency of flare ups and that can make it less likely to pass on to another person, but there's nothing that completely stops it from spreading or acting up.
Its definitely information I would've liked to know earlier. Too bad all health class did was go "SEX BAD" without explaining that a majority of the population has herpes and how it can spread. Ultimately shaming people for not only having sex but taking a bite off someone else's fork.
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whoaffle 2 months ago
Tumblr media
AHDUSHHFRUF why, thank you, Tumblr, I do like Taliesin Jaffe!
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the-supernatural-atheist 7 months ago
I will be like "omg 馃槏 him" and it'll be about a guy in a picture that looks like it was photocopied, scanned, compressed several hundred times, deepfried, put through remini, and screenshotted from instagram
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rachieebabee a month ago
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I may have put too much effort into this draw the squad meme 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔忦煓
Also, always pay attention to fine print 馃槈
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steffweb 6 months ago
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鈰喫氞皫 鈽 嗷捤氣媶
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bippityboppitycat a month ago
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We eatin good
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daceery 2 months ago
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Billy Hargrove, you will always be famous!
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primrose-graveyard 4 months ago
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so uh, here's how I ship them
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zalie 3 months ago
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I love this absolute nerd
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slyther-bi 7 months ago
Harry to Hermione and Ron: And then I called him Dad
Snape, in panic, to McGonagall: And then he called me DAD
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sleeping-satan 8 months ago
When someone with ADHD asks you to repeat what you said when you completely forgot what you said in less than two seconds because you also have ADHD
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chaotic-tm 5 months ago
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This is not part of his super hero abilities, it's just being Catholic
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thebestme a year ago
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Being a red main who鈥檚 usually a really good impostor this annoys the shit out of me
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cocomonerd 4 months ago
I'm sorry but I think men cooking alongside their wives is a way more romantic trope than them back hugging while she cooks. But maybe its just me:)
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