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#random thoughts

Sometimes I like to imagine what I’d probably do if I were part of a prison break at St. Olga’s Reform School For Wayward Princesses like is SVSTFOE season 1 episode 10 and got caught and thrown in the solitary conform-ment chamber like Marco did. 

For one thing, though there are restrains for your hands, there don’t look to be any for your feet, so I’d probably be able to kick my shoes off at the screen, and try to fit my feet up on my seat to sit curled up or something, as I absolutely cannot sit like people are supposed to, and this would count as a small act of rebellion even in the face of THAT kind of cruel and unusual punishment and brainwashing methods.

For another, though there is that metal pointy princess hat that lowers onto your head and extends those little metal clawed tubes that hold your eyes open so you can’t close your eyes to the brainwashing slideshow, there’s nothing stopping you from leaning forward to some degree, especially before that thing lowers down. So maybe I could lean WAY forward before it can land on my head, so that it wouldn’t actually land on my head. Or maybe if I wasn’t able to do that, I could lean forward enough that if I had my feet on the seat I would be looking into my knees and not at the slideshow.

For another, perhaps above all…in order to block out the brainwashing messages, I would spend the whole time in that chamber singing all the songs I could think of that would contradict them. All the songs about not giving up and/or being yourself no matter what that came to mind. Get Back Up Again, Neon Pegasus, and This Is Me would obviously be some good ones, I’d be belting those at the top of my lungs. Possibly just some unabashedly silly songs too, like It’s Raining Tacos or the Captain Underpants theme song by Weird Al. Alternatively, perhaps I could recite the entire script of Trolls, or as much of it as I’d have time to get through before the friend I was doing the prison break with gets in there to blast me out. 

So yeah. Good luck extinguishing THIS free spirit, Miss Heinous.

‘Cause if you knock knock me over…I! WILL! GET BACK UP AGAIN

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I got married this year. Michael and I have been together for 4 years. I love him. He is my best friend. He makes me laugh and accepts me for exactly who I am. Yes, there are things that annoy me such as how he is messy. He doesn’t really pick up his clothes. He doesn’t Lay’s put things away right away. Sometimes he expects me to do things for him , nothing major, things like recently we had to take our dog to the vet. I told him to call the vet and make the appointment. He got a bit annoyed that I asked him to do it and I wouldn’t just call. I reminded him that I’m at work when they open and I work during the day, when he is home at that time. He then called the next morning and took him to the vet. I blame his mother because she coddled him a bit whereas my parents made me do things myself more. But I put my foot down and explain why he should do it and not me, he will do it. And now he is taking our dog to the follow up appointment and he is taking him and didn’t try to get me to, so that is really good. I love micheal and accept him for all he us.

We got married in September. I was in wedded bliss through November. Now I keep seeing social media posts and memes and people breaking up or not really being in love but staying because they are afraid to leave. Its odd, and of course made me anxious tonight when I saw a TikTok unexpectidly saying “be honest with yourself. Do you really love them or are you terrified of being alone.” I was 🍃💨 and it made me Hella anxious and scared that I didn’t live Michael and we just got married. Then I told Michael and he comforted me a little and I tried 🍃💨more but it made me a little more anxious so I went to bed. I calmed myself down and I feel better. I am kind of coming out of the “just married bliss” and realizing the level of commitment a marriage is and what it means and it kinda scared me a little. This is the most adult thing I’ve done. I am happy of my choice to marry Michael. He is my best friend, my lover and life partner. I love doing life with him. Its okay to get anxious. It is a big step for us. We decided to bring the law and government into our relationship. We decided to commit fully. I am so excited for our future. I have no regrets. It is normal and okay to be a little anxious or scared after getting married. Getting married is a big commitment and a big deal. It doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. Its okay.

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Been reading the MMPR/TMNT mini. Good stuff!

Weirdly, despite the MMPR side being firmly rooted in the current BOOM! comic continuity, the TMNT side appears to be it’s own unique micro-continuity?

Although, it does lead to one really neat bit where Billy asks Splinter if he’s a Rat Mutated into a Man, or a Man Mutated into a Rat, and Splinter responds by saying “Exactly.“ because it dodges a contentious issue and is also perfectly in-character!

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Is Out Of Touch Thursday not a thing anymore?

Because I haven’t seen it on my dash the last couple weeks?

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Wanna know what my last two weekends have been? Doing shrooms in waves and watching movies and listening to albums over again. I listened to views over again and remembered where I was when it came out. I was in Corrientes, Argentina after taking a bus trip for 18 hrs from Paraguay to Argentina just to see a soccer game and hang with friends. Lost in translation aged wonderfully and horribly, I’m ready to see city of god. A lot of my favorite movies still hit the same. Aye man drake gotta be in my top 10 man his music do too much for me. I remember feeling like life won’t happen for me till life happened for me. Now drake lyrics hit so different lol.

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