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strangepurson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID| A ven diagram with Arcane in the leftest circle, Spiderman into the Spiderverse in the middle intersecting oval, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Nonja Turtles The Movie in the Right circle |End ID]
this ven diagram made alot more sense in my head but its something about the animation
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fabuloustrash05 · 2 days ago
As much as I loved the new ROTTMNT movie and his character, Casey Jones could’ve easily been replaced with Renet Tilley and there would’ve been no difference to the story.
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lancer1ous · 2 days ago
Why am I suddenly seeing a major influx of Jevil fan art on my feed? Is it Jevil Appreciation Day or something? I don't mind it since I like Jevil a lot but this seems greater than normal lol
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lookathooves · 2 days ago
Instead of Farkas throwing down his cape for the dragonborn to walk across a muddy street in Whiterun, I can see him literally picking them up and leaping over the mud. Because he’s extra like that.
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greatwyrmgold · 10 hours ago
Superheroes are an established genre these days, but they (obviously) weren’t when Marvel, DC, etc were starting out. This means that they have one thing that most modern superhero settings don’t: Unique origin stories for each member of the cast. Superman is an alien, Wonder Woman is an Amazon, the Green Lantern found a ring, the Flash got stuck in a lab accident, Batman is rich and stubborn; together, They Fight Crime!
Contrast that with more recent superhero stories. In My Hero Academia, every hero and villain has a Quirk. In Worm and Ward, every cape is a parahuman. In Steelheart and its sequels, the Epics are all…it’s kinda like Worm, if it called its villains Epics and didn’t have any heroes or general term for “superpowered human”. In Kamen Rider and Big Hero Six (among others), everyone’s powers come from science. In Miraculous Ladybug, Steven Universe, and other series on the border between superhero and either magical girl or urban fantasy, it’s all magic. And so on.
That’s an interesting shift to look at.
Obviously, not all modern superhero stories fit this formula. Some, like Mutants & Masterminds, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Dreadnought/Sovereign, give unique origin stories to every superpowered or Badass Normal member of the cast; aliens, rich inventors, and super-soldiers stand side by side with witches, martial artists, and people whose powers’ origin aren’t really explained.
But these are all deliberate throwbacks; Dreadnought and Sovereign are trying to give trans kids the same kind of power fantasy cis ones get from reading Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, Mutants & Masterminds is an RPG for playing classic-style superhero stories, and Sentinels of the Multiverse has a whole metafictional layer of fictional comic books and pubishing history behind its cards.
There are some kitchen-sink-origin stories which aren’t so obviously “just” riffing on classic superhero stories one way or another. One Punch Man is the example that comes to mind first for me; a lot of its monsters are eventually revealed to have a common origin, and most of its heroes are “just” Badass Normals, but it still has some espers, oracles, cyborgs, aliens, mad scientists, and so forth. And then there are series like Dragon Ball, which TV Tropes insists is a superhero story so don’t @ me, which is just set in a goofy world where anything goes because the author cares less about series continuity than dumb jokes. But by and large, the rule is that superpeople in recent media share an origin story with everyone else in their setting.
And a lot of the time—especially in non-serialized media—that origin isn’t really discussed. Sky High, for all its accidental eugenicsy/fascy undertones and general mediocrity, is a pretty good example I can trust at least some of y’all to know about. Superpowers are just a fact of life, and that’s all anyone needs to know before we launch into our story about how a random dude with no powers becomes the greatest hero (by inheriting both of his parents’ powers at plot-convenient moments). There are a couple off-hand mentions of toxic waste sometimes giving people superpowers, but this is both a joke and exceedingly uncommon in-universe. Superpowers have one origin, and it’s genetic.
Putting aside how Sky High handled that setting element, it serves as a decent template for how superpowers work in everything from The Incredibles to Strong Female Protagonist to Worm to My Hero Academia to Aberrant to Wild Cards to the Milestone Comics universe to—you get the idea. People have superpowers, for reasons that may be explained in detail, or handwaved with something about genetics, or just ignored. These powers, or at least the status of having powers,are almost always heritable to some extent; when they aren’t, the superpowers are usually a recent phenomenon. Different superpowers are as unique as they are in kitchen-sink universes, each following their own internal logic, but they might share some common weaknesses (e.g. can all be “turned off” by the same kind of power nullification cuffs/field/power). And so on.
It’s rare for these rules to be stated explicitly, except in stories that try to get detailed about how their power system works (hiya, Worm!) It’s just accepted that, for instance, everyone’s powers are different yet the same; we know that’s how superhero stories work, so we accept it. Which would be normal genre stuff, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are a lot of high-profile superhero stories which don’t work that way! Anything that falls under the Marvel and DC umbrellas, for instance. Some rules apply to individual heroes—for instance, we can expect the kids of Superman, Zatanna, and Batman to inherit at least some of their parent’s powers—but they don’t apply to everyone and can’t be assumed.
That said, I’m pretty sure the genesis of this “standard superhero ruleset” comes from Marvel, specifically the X-Men. Marvel mutants all have a common, handwavey origin, with shared weaknesses (anything that removes or suppresses mutant abilities), but each mutant has their own unique powers. And so on. Aside from existing in a kitchen-sink universe, with lots of weird one-off power sources and the like, it’s just like the modern superpower system I’ve been describing.
I dunno if this is meaningful or anything, but I think it’s interesting, and I hope some other people do too. If you’ve read this far and you’re not one of them…I’m sorry.
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Funny thing about fic writers back in season one and two is that they absolutely caught onto the shojo / romance novel aspects of Miraculous Ladybug. So, naturally, they replicated tropes of those genres.
The one that stands out the most is were the guy pushes the girl away to "protect" her and later has to apologize for being a jerk. As he should.
But it strikes me that this was never an aspect of Adrien's character.
As "the Heart" Adrien will always believe that the risk is worth it. And in seasons three and four we saw Marinette pushing Adrien / Chat Noir away to "protect" him.
I don't say this as a criticism. I loved these stories when I read them.
It does make me wonder though: what else about the fandom's characterization (or mine for that matter) is influenced by our relationship with traditional gender roles.
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casualtyrant · a day ago
Dear Brain,
Just because I've been talking to a person a lot recently doesn't mean I love them and definitely doesn't mean I need them to pop up in my dreams.
Confused me
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shaunthesheesh · 4 hours ago
I know it hurts
And it will more.
I know the sun will shine for evermore.
But the pain we suffer only grows.
O savior of ours;
Let me know.
O Morpheus, dream of the endless;
Take me in your arms
Make me see your dreams,
Make feel love again
Make me gleam.
O Lord of Dreams take me away;
I don't want to stay anyway.
I want to be at your feet
Doing your bidding.
If you just promise
And keep your promise to me,
I will surrender my whole being to thee.
~8.8.2022, Baksi.
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avengerswife · a day ago
Ok hear me out, so it's a steddie x reader story. And steddie is already together right and so then all of a sudden this new girl moves to town and she starts living with the byers cause this girl is el/Janes biological sister.
And everyones just like huh what since when. And she starts working at family video and gets really close with Steve and obviously gets close with Eddie to.
And everyone falls in love with her especially Steve and Eddie and she becomes like a mom to everyone and el/Jane absolutely loves her.
But yeah random thought lmao
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gthswrld · 2 days ago
Grusha sounds a lot like gruszka (pear in Polish) 🤔🤔🤔
Tumblr media
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strangepurson · 2 days ago
Baron Draxum in his one bedroom apartment while the krang are tearing new york to shreds:
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fabuloustrash05 · 2 days ago
My Thoughts on the ROTTMNT Movie!!
Warning: Spoilers below
Blood??? Dead bodies??! THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE RIGHT??
LEO CURSED?!?! I actually had to replay that moment three times just to make sure I heard him correctly, but it’s true future Leo swore.
Future Mikey dying on screen 😭
It’s sad we didn’t get to see what future Donnie Raph and April look like.
I love the father-son dynamic between Casey and future Leo 💚
Aprils a journalist major!! AND she works for her colleges news team!!
Mikey asking Casey what he likes on his pizza while his brothers are interrogating him 😂
Casey saying he’s been eating rats his whole life and Splinter‘s reaction is just “well, we do taste delicious” 🤣🤣
The Kranng’s design is so cool and I love their new concept and abilities!!
“Where’s my bot- I mean, where’s Raph?!”
Donnie asking for feedback on his escape pod bots as a stress coping mechanism is so cute.
So are they not going to acknowledge the weird chemicals April stole from her college, because they don’t really explain what it is, why her college had it, what they were doing with it, and how it affected the Kraang.
Casey’s hockey stick is so cool.
Raph didn’t get a lot of screen time which was kinda disappointing but understandable as to why. His half Kraang design was really cool.
Leo didn’t get the window treatment sadly. Oh well. Another time…
Donnie being a softshell turtle getting acknowledged multiple times! I actually had a heart attack every time Donnie had his shell exposed.
Donnie becoming one with the technodrome, that was so badass and I loved it.
Overall Leo had such amazing character development in this movie!! He definitely earned the title of leader and greatest ninja of all time!
“Are we in Staten Island?!?!”
Casey eating pizza for the first time, such a cutie 🥰
CASSANDRA!!!!! 🤩 Awesome to know her and team are friends now. I still wish she was in the movie though.
Cassandra flipping off the Kraang while fighting with her Girl Scout army 🤣🤣 also she’s got her hockey mask!! Finally!!
Now I’m curious, what does this mean for future Casey? Will he stay in the past with the turtles or will he go home to his future, is his future fixed or is it still in shambles? Won’t it be awkward for him to live in the past and hang out with his mom when she was a teenager and the others? 
Tumblr media
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annarts05 · 2 days ago
idk you guys, i feel kinda sad today, left out and alone </3 reminder that if you’re feeling the same way, we can make it through this <333 try to smile, even once today <333
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sudden-random-thoughts · 2 days ago
If Fidoughs evolution doesn't involve some kind of pun on pure-bre(a)d I might scream about it ngl
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jinxthejubilee · 2 days ago
Important Thoughts
Tumblr media
Before anyone asks, yes this is real.
This was an old poll made by the team to make the fans guess what animal would be linked to the brothers.
I'm sure that this wasn't meant in the kind of context everyone is thinking of, but this needs to be said.
Obey Me writers. It is not acceptable, in any capacity, for Asmo or anyone to call Mammon a "gorilla."
Thank you, and goodnight.
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jaja-dingdong · 2 days ago
Just wondering... If Trent were to babysit baby Rocco Robertson, who would cry/have a breakdown first - Trent or Rocco?
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linkincxthxrine · 2 days ago
This scene reminds me of someone...
Oh yeah!
Tumblr media
Gabriel Agrestre:
Tumblr media
(Forget the fact I rickrolled you for content,I wanted smth saying "So do I" and that was just the results)
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