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#random villains

A picspam of Archangel (Warren Worthington III) as the Dude in Distress in Judgement War story arc

1st pic = X-Factor v1 #43, 1989

2nd pic = X-Factor v1 #44, 1989

3rd pic = X-Factor v1 #45, 1989

4th pic = X-Factor v1 #46, 1989

5th pic = X-Factor v1 #47, 1989

6th, 7th and 8th pics = X-Factor v1 #46, 1989

9th pic = X-Factor v1 #48, 1989

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She was sat there, holding onto an half of brought sandwiches, ready to learn why, to be here, was needed. 

At the very least, she was a tame villainess, not some big shot or very known for that matter. She didn’t mind assisting certain heroes, if its all for the safety of civilians.


‘‘And you need my help for?’‘, with all she has done, out of public eyes, Chiba has been quite peaceful, so being away from this particular prefecture, was not an issue to her.


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Defending a criminal, lightly wounded & burnt at this point, how very heroic, however, she had no intention to accept someone getting in the way of things. 

‘‘Come on now’‘, she smile, eyelids close to add this genuine feeling and hide the malice beneath. 

‘‘I don’t need help to take care of the criminal’‘, as in kill but that didn’t need to be known.


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Ok Nvmnd bout this Christmas post it took me 4 months. Lol but anyway. I haven’t seen a lot of people do this so might do. Some hairstyles of my two favourites <3. I hope you’re doing great during this epidemic! I know you heard this everywhere but…



Possible villain deku design soon? Probably… idk.


And yes physical art. Why? Cuz I suck at digital colouring :P. Sketches are the best stress relievers in my opinion. Anyway have a great day/afternoon/night idk what time for u.

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1. liushen

“Come over here and make me.”

Took me for ever because much as I love these two, they have a voice that doesn’t come to me easily. Many excuses if this is wildly ooc… as I fear it must be… orz

Liu Qingge might have considered murdering Shen Qingqiu if it hadn’t been clear that the man did not need any help getting himself killed. He couldn’t go two days without being attacked by demons, or fall into a monsters’ nest, or be hit by a curse or. In at least one occurence, all three had happened at once.

Not that Liu Qingge cared. The man had chosen to have rotten luck when he had decided to continue associating with Luo Binghe. Everything that had happened since then, Shen Qingqiu had earned. Besides, that same Luo Binghe always managed to swoop in at exactly the right moment to save his teacher and husband from the latest deadly peril he had fallen into.

Still, when Yue Qingyuan had heavily hinted around him that it might be good to have someone keep an eye on their fellow Peak Lord whenever his annoying husband had to leave him behind and deal with demonic business, Liu Qingge had not hesitated. Someone had to make sure that Shen Qingqiu stayed alive, and that someone wasn’t going to be Shen Qingqiu himself.

Who else but that aloof Peak Lord would have so carelessly drunk tea brought to him by someone who looked so little like the other staff of the inn they were staying at? For a man who could go on endless rants about monsters and poisons and how stupid the people falling for them… he sure was the first to make that sort of mistakes.

Of course the would-be poisoner was long gone by the time they realised something was wrong although, just from the odd aftertaste in the tea, Shen Qingqiu was able to determine not only what poison was used, but also who had used it. Luo Binghe had many enemies, and they had all figured out that his main weakness was his husband. Shen Qingqiu was, on the whole, more annoyed than concerned by that state of affair.

“It will make this Shixiong feverish for a few hours,” he complained to Liu Qingge as he was dragged to his room. “On a demon it would be fatal. It seems that killer was wrongly informed about my nature.”

“How feverish?”

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You know it’s kinda funny to me, when one of my favorite characters does something badass/awesome in the manga, there’s all these thirst posts and tags I see from a lot of other people (which is totally fine btw, you do you and have fun!) and I’m just sitting here going;

“Ah yes my son/Daughter. Go WRECK ‘em.”

and then there’s AFO where I’m like “….You’re a fascinating evil force of nature. But also a bitch. I mean I enjoy your character within the frame of the role you have, but you’re still an awful bitch and please drop dead”

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“Liking a villain doesn’t mean condoning their actions!”

Okay, fair.

However. do you recognize they did those actions? do you accept they made the choice for those actions? do you consider the character DOES condone those actions?

Or do you feel like explaining why they had to do it, how they had no choice at all or to somehow separate them entirely from those actions and/or group?

I believe you don’t condone their actions. But do you accept the character, out of their own choice, decided to do bad things to other people?

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* @quirkheir​ said:  ‘ i can save today … you can save the world ! ’

          THEY   WERE   OVERWHELMED   ,   EXHAUSTED   ,   RUNNING   ON   FUMES   . shouto had warmed and cooled his body to the point where he was shaking, and his skin felt like rubber ; it couldn’t decide what temperature it wanted to be anymore. and still, they had to ENDURE, to fight on, because it was just them. no one was coming to save them, to his knowledge. his faith in midoriya was UNWAVERING, and midoriya’s faith that the heroes would always WIN gave him the strength he needed to keep going. whatever the cost.


                                                        i can save today … you can save the world !

         midoriya looked worse for wear than him. the battle on whatever villain they were up against had not been KIND to him, and shouto’s heart thumped loudly in his ears. stay calm, he instructed to himself, focus. the villain’s quirk appeared to be able to summon any weapon of his choice and direct them through whistling, and shouto sensed a knife coming for him from behind. he side stepped it just before it could EMBED itself into his back.

               ❛     let’s both save today, so you can watch me save the world later .     

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(Warning! Involves vague descriptions of dissociation, and very slight implications of past abuse. Please stay safe Darling ones.)

It wasn’t hard to let your mind drift away in these sorts of situations, in fact, by this point, it was pretty much automatic. And though you knew it wasn’t a particularly good thing, nor a particularly healthy thing, it was helpful when it came to dealing with stuff like this. Especially since it allowed you to separate yourself from any amount of panic or fear you would otherwise be feeling.

To the villain before you right now, you almost seemed disinterested.

Somehow this behaviour always managed to unsettle whoever it was directed towards or whoever was unfortunate enough to witness it, and despite any amount of anger or hostility they held towards you, your bored and detached demeanour, always managed to leave them feeling off kilter and somewhat unnerved. Something that tended to show rather heavily in their performance, no matter how skilled they usually were.

Luckily, it generally offered you quite an advantage when it came to fighting or dealing with these people, thanks in part to how much it unsettled them, but also thanks in part to your ability to remain coldly calm whilst handling the situation.

Despite all of that however, the effects of your detached demeanour, were nothing compared to the effects of when you smiled.

Because when you smiled…. even the hardiest of souls was left with chills racing down their spine.

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all i know in this pokemon pacrim au im making is newton is a fairy/poison type, hermann is a steel/electric type,mako is fighting/fairy,raleigh is ground/rock, stacker is dragon, herc is fighting and tendo is electric

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