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wanderingisland · 2 days ago
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The Trio of Travellers (3/3) Nuxur the Dragonborn Fighter/Ranger. Raised on the honour-bound traditions of his family, Nux had a sense of duty and justice instilled in him during his youth, and when he came of age, Nux and his brother both left their clan to join the military. His top priority was always the safety of the common folk, those not strong enough to fend for themselves. After years of serving as a loyal soldier, Nux began to realize that his effectiveness in his ambitions as a protector were better suited outside of the bureaucracy of the state army and he left to join a party of adventurers all hoping to make a positive impact on their world. Along with a beastly half-orc and a cunning gnome, Nux always travels with his faerie dragon companion Villas, and together, this small group yearns to help maintain peace across the lands and stop whatever great evils would see their world come to ruin.
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dndspellgifs · 2 days ago
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Zephyr Strike
1st level transmutation
gif source
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omniotaku · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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DNF DUEL|Berserker
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fateandphantasms · 2 days ago
Fate and Phantasms #218
Tumblr media
Today on Fate and Phantasms we're making the first and so far only swimsuit servant to end up wearing more than the original, Ushiwakamaru (Assassin)! This one's more like the Ushiwakamaru from her days training in the mountains, but she's still like the original in the ways that matter: she has way too much shit going on in her NP. (Seriously, that fan can control winds, control fire, create clones, make you fly, perform exorcisms... We won't grab all of those, but we'll squeeze in what we can.) She's a Four Elements Monk to flow with the wind, and a Swarm Keeper Ranger to push people around and talk to animals.
Check out her build breakdown below the cut, or her character sheet over here!
Next up: No, we will not be using Jeanne Alter (Berserker)'s crude nickname. Instead we'll call her Balter. That's much more dignified.
Race and Background
Ushiwakamaru's still a Human, she was just trained by tengu-sorry, kenku. As a variant human she gets +1 Wisdom and Constitution, plus proficiency in Animal Handling to train with her animal friends, and the Athlete feat for some acrobatic feats right off the bat. This increases her Dexterity by 1, and she can stand from prone with only 5' of movement, climb at full speed, and make running jumps with only 5' of lead up.
Also, for the first time we're changing a servant's background between versions! Since this version of Ushiwakamaru is more of a wild child, we're making her an Outlander, which gives her proficiency with Athletics and Survival checks.
Ability Scores
Make your Dexterity as high as you can get, she's still the one who can leap from boat to boat without breaking a sweat and run around a forest at a breakneck pace. They call it that because if you're not careful you will break your neck at those speeds. After that is Wisdom, you're so good at communication you can practically talk to animals. Constitution is next, even if you're a monk learning how to fly has got to hurt. Your Charisma is also pretty solid, you've got that infectious kind of energy that gets everyone around you roped into whatever game you're playing. Your Strength isn't amazing, but we only really care about it for athletics checks, and your proficiency should take care of that. That means we're dumping Intelligence. For some reason I doubt the tengu gave you a lot of book learning.
Class Levels
Monk 1: Starting off as a monk makes things really simple for you, at least in terms of inventory management. Your Unarmored Defense means you don't have to wear armor, since your AC is 10 plus your dexterity modifier plus your wisdom modifier. So if you used the standard array, that's an AC of 15 right off the bat, not bad for level 1. You can also throw your weapons away, because your Martial Arts means your bare hands deal 1d4 damage instead of one. Also, you can use your dexterity to attack instead of strength, and if you attack with your action you can attack with your bonus action too. Also that damage die you use gets bigger as you level up. As for your proficiencies, you get Strength and Dexterity saves, as well as two monk skills. Acrobatics will help you zip around forests, and Insight will help you seek out your playmates.
Monk 2: At second level you can use Ki points to Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or attack twice with your bonus action. You get your monk level in ki points per short rest, but you get an unlimited amount of Unarmored Movement as long as you don't wear armor. Right now it increases your move speed by 10', but that will also grow as you level up. You're still in training, after all.
Monk 3: Speaking of training, at third level yours finally pays off and you steal your master's fan, making you a Four Elements monk. It's worth noting despite the name we're only here for one element. We're forced to take Elemental Attunement, which is basically elemental prestidigitation, but we also learn the Fist of Unbroken Air. As an action you can spend 2 ki points to blast a nearby creature with air. If they fail a Strength save, (DC 8 plus your proficiency plus your wisdom modifier) they take bludgeoning damage, get launched back 20', and get knocked prone. That's great, since prone creatures have melee attacks done to them at advantage, so you can set up for your other frontliners to deliver some serious pain. If they make the save they'll still take half the damage, but nothing else happens. Aside from the subclass specific thing, you and all other monks can Deflect Missiles as a bonus action, reducing incoming damage from arrows and the like. If you reduce it all the way to 0, you can even throw it back if you spend a ki point. Arrows are notoriously wind-reliant, so it fits. Also, you can make Ki-Fueled Attacks now. Basically, all your ki uses are attacks in their own right, so if your action spends ki you can still make an attack on your bonus action.
Monk 4: That air fist thing is cool, isn't it? But spending a whole action on it takes so long? It would be nice if you could do that in, say, a reaction. Thankfully, Fizban has your back with the Gift of the Gem Dragon! Use your first Ability Score Improvement to pick up this feat for +1 Wisdom and the ability to throw people around when they hit you! When a nearby moron with a death wish deals damage to you, you can react to force another Strength save with the same DC as that air fist. If they fail, they take 2d8 force damage and get pushed 10' away. They take half damage and get pushed 0 feet on a success. Either way, you can use this reaction proficiency times per long rest. I know it's not quite as powerful, but that's what you get for rushing things. We're going to have to learn flight eventually, so it's a good thing you know how to Slow Fall now. Spend your reaction to make the ground hurt less. If that's not enough you can also use Quickened Healing as an action to regain some HP. Hit points aren't meat points, and you bounce back quick.
Monk 5: Fifth level monks get the reason we haven't multiclassed yet, an Extra Attack. It's like it says on the tin, two attacks per action. You can also turn any of your melee attacks into a Stunning Strike, forcing a constitution save on your opponent or they're stunned for a round. On top of all of that, your martial arts means you always do at least 1d6 damage. Fifth level's good for monks.
Monk 6: Okay, one more level before multiclassing, sorry. You know Ki-empowered Strikes will be super useful, it makes your fists and feet magical attacks for overcoming resistances. Lots of high-level foes resist or outright ignore nonmagical attacks, so this is nice to pick up early. You also get another elemental discipline. Grab Rush of the Gale Spirits so you can cast Gust of Wind by spending ki points. Push creatures away, make it harder to move down a hallway, just make life miserable for people walking in a straight line.
Ranger 1: Bouncing over to Ranger gets you one more skill proficiency, and it's time we pick up that other half of hide and seek. Stealth. I meant stealth. To make up for lost time you're also Canny at stealth, so you double your proficiency bonus on stealth checks. You can also point out a Favored Foe proficiency times per long rest. You do this by punching them, and it lasts for up to a minute with concentration. It adds 1d4 damage to the first attack you hit them with each turn (including the one you mark them with). I admit hunter's mark is blatantly better, but we don't get that yet, and it's good to have backups anyway.
Ranger 2: Second level rangers get a Fighting Style, and as a Druidic Warrior you get two druid cantrips. Grab Control Flames and Gust for more utility from your master's fan. They, and all other Spells you get, are cast from your wisdom. Speaking of spells, grab Jump for just.. the silliest jump distances, and Hunter's Mark. This is kinda like Favored Foe, but it uses your bonus action, spell slots, and it adds a d6 to every attack, not just one a turn. Monks have a lot of attacks, so go wild. With 5' of startup, Jump, and Step of the Wind active you can fling yourself 60' away, or 18' straight in the air. Though actually it's only 40' right now since you can only move as far as your actual speed lets you. Still, plenty of space.
Ranger 3: You're a Swarm Keeper, you can flavor it as wind, keep it as animal friends, either way it works great for you. Once per turn, your Gathered Swarm lets you add an extra effect to an attack. Either dealing some piercing damage, forcing a strength save to push them 15 feet, or moving you 5 feet. The fun thing about opportunity attacks is only moving yourself triggers them. Since your swarm is moving you, you're fine. You also get Swarmkeeper Magic, giving you extra spells as you level up. I'll be honest, they're not super in character, but we're not here for the magic. Right now you get Faerie Fire and Mage Hand. Mage hand can be a gust of wind or an animal, and Faerie Fire is... kinda fire, I guess? It sorta works. Speaking of freebie spells, you also get Primal Awareness, giving you even more free stuff with the added benefit that you can cast every spell from this list once per long rest for free. You get Speak with Animals this level. Finally, you get your actual spell for this level. Zephyr Strike is right up your alley. It's wind themed, it prevents opportunity attacks against you, and you can end the spell early for advantage on an attack, extra damage for that attack, and you get an extra 30 feet of movement. It's everything you could want from a spell.
Ranger 4: Another ASI! Spend this one on Dexterity for more AC and stronger attacks. Monks like dexterity? Stop the presses.
Monk 7: Bouncing back to monk real quick, you get Evasion, so your dex saves are a lot better. If you're trying to save to halve damage, successes reduce all damage and failures only take half damage. Now you can bat away fireballs as easily as you can arrows. You can also use your Stillness of Mind as an action to end effects frightening or charming you. Again, you bounce back fast.
Monk 8: Use this ASI to max out your Dexterity. Punch gooder. Get punch less. Yay.
Ranger 5: Fifth level rangers get... nothing. I mean, there's second level spells, but extra attacks don't stack, so nothing. Speaking of spells, Primal Awareness gives you Beast Sense, your subclass gives you Web, and we're grabbing Gust of Wind so you can stop spending ki points on it.
Ranger 6: Your Favored Foe grows to a d6, so it's only... still noticeably worse than Hunter's Mark. Oh well. You also get another Deft Explorer skill, and now you're Roving. You get an extra 5 feet of movement, and can climb and swim at the same speed you walk. Which is fast. Not Tamamo Cat fast, but it's hard to beat tabaxi.
Ranger 7: Seventh level swarmkeepers gain control of a Writhing Tide, spending their bonus action to cover themselves in bugs, or hopefully in your case, wind. You get a flying speed of 10' and can hover. This lasts 1 minute or until you get knocked out. Again, Fly is better, but it's good to have redundancies so you don't get knocked into terminal velocity. You can fly proficiency times per long rest. On the spell front, you can Pass Without Trace, adding +10 to the stealth checks of you and any other creature within 30' of you when you cast the spell. They don't have to stay within 30' of you afterwards, that's just the range of the casting. Also, you can't be tracked by nonmagical means. So with a +25 to stealth checks, I'm pretty sure you're not going to be found.
Ranger 8: Now that your dexterity is nice and big, let's focus on the one other stat you care about: Wisdom! Use this ASI to bump up your wisdom for a better AC and stronger spells. This is your last ASI, so now you're breaking wind as strongly as you ever will. Why are you giggling? You also learn the Land's Stride, so you can move through nonmagical difficult terrain like it's just normal terrain. Also, you don't take damage from nonmagical plants, and gain advantage over magical ones. If you're gonna go tramping around a mountain before modern medicine was invented, you better not get any scrapes.
Ranger 9: Ninth level rangers get another level of spells, and with that level comes the traditional avalanche of free stuff. Primal Awareness gives you Speak with Plants, and your subclass gives you Gaseous Form. But the real reason we're here is for Wind Wall. It makes a wall. Of wind. You can make it in just about any shape, and it lasts for up to a minute. Creatures in the wall have to make a strength save when the wall appears or they take damage. But it doesn't cause damage other than that? For some reason? The main advantages are that is keeps smoke and gasses away, along with small or smaller flying creatures. Regular projectiles like arrows just bounce off, and creatures in gaseous form can't move through it. It's honestly not that useful for a third level spell, but the flavor though. The flavor though!
Monk 9: Bouncing back to monk, your unarmored movement gets a bit better. You can now run up walls and over water! Which, um... you already have a climbing and swimming speed, so.... there's probably reasons you wouldn't want to get wet, right? Yeah.
Monk 10: Tenth level monks get a little faster, and they gain a Purity of Body which makes them immune to poison and disease.
Monk 11: Your capstone level gives you one last elemental discipline, and it's the one we've been building up to. You can spend 4 ki points to Ride the Wind, casting Fly on yourself. You get a flying speed of 60' for up to ten minutes. Just be careful, fall damage is a thing in this game. With unarmored defense, you actually get 85' of flight per turn. Yeah, you're faster than Atalante or Achilles. And you fly.
Pros and Cons
Monks are generally pretty Mobile, and you take that to the next level by being able to fly. And climb without losing any speed. And get through difficult terrain without an issue. Did I mention the flight yet? Cuz flight's real good.
Your command of winds also gives you amazing battlefield control options. Push people around by attacking them, push them around with ongoing spells, push them as a reaction, you have so many goddamn ways to move people around your DM is going to have to ban cliffs to make anything pose a threat to you. You can also just completely shut down an incoming group of enemies by standing in a doorway and blowing wind at them.
You're also great at getting in touch with nature, using the animals around you to your benefit. I don't exactly know what a deer could do to help a 20th level party, but you'll figure something out.
(I'm not counting this last one since your DM probably won't let you get away with it, but RAW you're also great at burst damage. Four Elements monks have a limit to the amount of ki they can spend on spells from Elemental Disciplines, but Fist of Unbroken Air is not a spell. That means you can pump all 11 ki points into one blow for 12d10 Bludgeoning damage. Not a smart idea, but if you know the bad guy's already almost dead, why not.)
You don't have a whole lot of Ki to go around, and four elements monks chew through that stuff a lot faster than other subclasses. One cast of flight and you're already down a third of your limit. If your DM is the type to have more than one fight per short rest you might have a problem.
Flight is Concentration. Hunter's Mark is concentration. Gust of Wind, Wind Wall, Speak with Animals? All concentration. You have to pick and choose what you're doing, and you're not even that good at constitution saves, so be prepared to lose your spells.
You're more reliant on spells than most monks and rangers, so your low intelligence mixed with a feeblemind spell can seriously hamper your abilities.
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incorrect-dnd-classes · 2 months ago
Ranger: if your bones are wet then you’re alive, if they’re dry, you’re dead
Warlock: I am murdered in a desert. There has been no rain for years. My corpse is in its skeletal stage. Finally, it starts raining, full force. The sand is washed from my dry bones. My bones become wet once more and I am revived. Invigorated. Ready to fucking party
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thestalkerbunny · a year ago
When the Bard starts taking archery lessons from the Ranger they’re fucking
Tumblr media
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catandcrown · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
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D&D Campaign - Olarik
Got all of my campaign portraits done at long last, only took about a year in between work! Thought I’d make a post with all of them in one go, so i hope you like them <3
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bigmsaxon · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
Half-orc ranger for /tg/
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dndaddyissues · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image ID: Five images of the bugs bunny “I wish all blank a very pleasant blank” meme, edited to read: “I wish all fighters a very pleasant fuck that magic shit (eldritch knights are NOT valid),” “I wish all rangers a very pleasant animal companion survival rate,” “I wish all sorcerers a very pleasant chaotic neutral energy even if you’re not technically CN,” “I wish all warlocks a very pleasant mommy or daddy issues,” and “I wish all wizards a very pleasant overthinking.” End ID.]
paladins, rogues, and artificers... you’re next
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americasgreatoutdoors · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"What a gem."
"A national treasure."
"The most amazing ranger you'll ever meet!"
What more can we say about ranger Betty Reid Soskin that hasn't already been said? How about, Happy 100th birthday? We thank you for your dedication and years of service in helping preserve and protect our nation's history.
Ranger Betty was born in 1921, just a few years after the creation of the National Park Service. She grew up in a Cajun-Creole, African American family that settled in Oakland, California after the “Great Flood” that devastated New Orleans in 1927. She didn't begin her career with the National Park Service until the age of 84, when she took a job at Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park. There she was able to share with visitors her first hand and lived experiences from World War II, especially the untold experiences of African-Americans during that war.
Help us send ranger Betty all the birthday wishes today!  
Photo description: Ranger Betty sits on a concrete block while dressed in her park ranger dress uniform.
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lair-master · 12 days ago
d&d ranger idea
call yourself "johnny appleseed"
learn the goodberry spell
call it goodapple instead
conjure apples with it instead of berries
call party members "good apples"
call monsters "bad apples"
catchphrase: "how do you like THEM apples?!" (spoken in a high-pitched, deranged voice, whenever anyone eats a goodberry goodapple, no matter the circumstance)
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the fact that im not wearing a long hooded cloak that obscures my face with a longsword hanging off my belt is very homophobic actually
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gudgurkan · a month ago
Tumblr media
Inktober - Watch
The first division rangers are known for their legendary survival skills. They're able to scout any land or terrain without support and have helped map much of the continent.
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scifi-fantasy-horror · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
by  JeeHyung lee - NFT
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