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<div> Dom and Cate go through Dom's Doctor Who companion ranking on the Series 12 Podcast - Rory Williams (10th place) </div>
I hate Rory in many ways but that’s partly because I see myself in him. During the time that Rory and Amy were on television, I was in a similar relationship – I had a girlfriend who treated me in much the same way that Amy treats Rory and the show made me think that it would all work out… and it didn’t. So I basically think that Steven Moffat lied to me. But, to his credit, Arthur Darvill put a lot of quirks into the character. He did his best with a bad job.
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Become You (2002)

(41.7% awesome, 33.4% good, 16.7% OK, 8.3% meh, skip out of 12)

5 Awesome

moment of forgiveness


become you


hope alone

This is the album that probably resonated with me most–even to today (I think). I just felt every song was personal to me, and lyrically explicit. At the time it was released, I was a lonely teenager in a rural town, and this set of songs hit home.



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1) Joy and Austin - These two go straight to the top of the list because they seemed by far the most naturally in love and I feel like they probably kissed before marriage. Joy would’ve got married in a trash bag in the woods after Austin proposed to her if she could’ve. 


2) Jinger and Jeremy - Their entire courtship consisted of them saying ‘babe’ back and forth to each other whilst staring deep into one another’s souls. I do however think it was very romantic that Jeremy kept surprising her and thy were much more naturally affectionate towards each other. Jeremy probably didn’t care about courtship rules as much because he had kissed other girls (and probably lost his virginity) before meeting Jinger so I wouldn’t be at all shocked to find out they had kissed before the wedding, possibly even at the engagement. Jinger was so horny for Jeremy.


3) Jill and Derick - Everything felt so arranged when they started courting but they gradually genuinely fell in love. Jim Bob was so possessive of Jill the whole time though and it was very creepy to watch a father act in that way towards his daughter. Don’t get me started on the overreaction to the accidental front hug…

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So I come up with some weird ideas at 3AM apparently, but I kinda like one of ‘em…  

So I think I’m going to start doing this for shows once they end, but…I also want to do it for shows I love that have already ended and that is going to take five thousand years, that seems like a bad idea, but I’m gonna do it anyway! 


Originally posted by animatedtext

I’ll like them below once I have them done

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1. Pulp Fiction

This is a classic, and I’m sure it will always be on top of people’s rankings for his movies. But, it’s an exciting, entertaining and funny movie. The writing in this is great, from the characters to the dialogue to the non linear timeline. I also really like the acting, and it adds to the humor and drama of the movie. Even small parts like Christopher Walken’s and Harvey Keitel’s are memorable and stand out. A lot goes on in this movie, but it all seems to stand out and be memorable scenes. Overall, I really like this movie and is one I can go back to many times and not get tired of.

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I actually wasn’t expecting to put this so high, but decided to after deciding that Reservoir Dogs isn’t as amazing as I say it is. I know a lot of people didn’t like this because it doesn’t have much of a plot, but I really enjoyed it. This is the only Tarantino movie I’ve seen in theaters, and I saw it twice. But, it was really fun watching this in the theaters. I loved the 60′s LA atmosphere and thought that was really cool to see. I also liked the story and the acting. I didn’t mind the plot not being that tight, but I will say that some scenes did drag such as the scene where Rick is talking to the girl he’s filming with. But, at the time I didn’t really notice it or get bored, only after others pointed it out that I really realized. I loved the acting from everyone in this, and especially Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. This is actually the movie that made me fans of the two. I just think the two are funny and amusing to watch in this. I also thought it was interesting to see how he blended fiction with the reality of the Manson family.

3. Reservoir Dogs

I think this was the second movie I saw by him. I’ve seen it only twice I think, and it was about 4 years ago. So, I need to rewatch it to remember it better. But, when I first watched it I loved it and went on how great it was. But, lately I’ve kind of wondered if it wasn’t as spectacular because I remember it being kind of dull for some scenes? But, I did still enjoy it a lot, so I’ll rank it high. I did love the scenes set to music, especially the opening with the cast walking with Little Green Bag playing. I thought that was so cool when I first watched it in like 8th grade. But, this has the same humor and action elements seen in his other movies, and I enjoyed them. I think one of the big strengths for this is the great cast of characters. The characters are all well written and the actors all do a great job bringing the unique cast of people to life. But, if the characters weren’t written as well as they as, from the cold and sadistic Mr. Blonde to the wiry and cynical Mr. Pink, it probably would be as good as it is. I really liked just watching their interactions with each other and their bickering back and forth.

4. Django Unchained

This is latest one of his movies I’ve watched. I was a bit hesitant to watch it because I didn’t really like The Hateful Eight and thought this would be similar. But, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed this movie, and the cinematography in it is really beautiful and I really liked the lighting. The costume design was also beautiful. But, I thought this was an entertaining and dramatic movie with some humorous scenes. The writing is really good, and it’s very suspenseful and dramatic as you’re wondering how Django and King will make it out alive of this situation? I also really liked the acting, especially from Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

5. Kill Bill: Vol. 1

This is another one I need to rewatch. I’ve only seen it twice three or four years ago. But, the first time I watched it I enjoyed it but was kind of bored and underwhelmed a bit. I had heard such great things about it and was expecting a bit more. I know they were supposed to be exciting and entertaining, but the fight scenes after a while were boring for me. And, so once the movie becomes just fighting I thought it kind of dragged. But, when I watched it a second time I liked the movie more. I thought it was fun, exciting and humorous. I did still think the fight scenes dragged on, though. I also really liked Uma Thurman in this and think she did a great job playing the role.

6. Kill Bill: Vol. 2

I’ve only seen this once, so I need to rewatch this one as well. I’m realizing most of these I need to rewatch. I was kind of glad this wasn’t mostly fighting like the first one and had more narrative. I liked seeing more about the Bride’s story. I also liked to see more of Michael Madsen’s character and thought he did a good job portraying the character. I also loved the black and white cinematography and thought it was really beautiful. I know there was some in the first one, but I remember it being more prominent in this one. However, I thought this kind of dragged and some of the scenes got boring such as when it flashes back to the Bride learning with Pai Mei. 

7. Inglourious Basterds

I’ve only seen this once and I don’t remember that much. I actually didn’t even remember that Brad Pitt was in it until seeing a still from it a few months ago, even though he was the main character. I do need to rewatch this one. But, overall I thought it was kind of dull.

8. Jackie Brown

I’ve seen this once and I remember being bored by it. I don’t remember too much about it, so again this is one I need to see again. 

9. The Hateful Eight

I was really bored by this. I remember I kept pausing it to see how much more time was left and just wanting it to end already. I probably should rewatch it because I know it gets a lot of praise. I did really like the cinematography though, and I remember the acting was pretty good. But, overall I didn’t really enjoy it.

10. Death Proof

This does have some fun, exciting scenes, but they’re few. Most of the movie feels like just waiting for something to happen. And, the scenes drag a lot. I remember being really bored by the end of the movie because the last scene just kept going. I liked Kurt Russell’s acting in this though.

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<div> Dom and Cate go through Dom's Doctor Who companion ranking on the Series 12 Podcast - River Song (11th place) </div>
River’s a very ambitious character, she’s unique really. She only has two modes, one is sexy-sexy, flirty-flirty and the other one is foreshadowing. So: “oo Doctor, something’s going to happen later in the series!” She’s very sad, she’s either sad or sexy. And she was only ever written by Steven Moffat and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
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come on now social (1999)

come on now social (1999)

(28.6% awesome, 50% good, 21.4% OK, 7.1% meh, 7.1% skip out of 12 and 14 w/hidden tracks that count)

4 awesome





This album is both down to Earth and rabble rousing. It seems like the kind of album you’d want during a protest or sit-in.

7 good

gone again





faye tucker



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<div> Dom and Cate go through Dom's Doctor Who companion ranking on the Series 12 Podcast - Mickey Smith (6th place) </div>
In a way, the secondary companions or the ‘mini-companions’, they’ve got a bit of an advantage because they don’t have such a weight on their shoulders.
I don’t think he should be this high at all
What about Rise Of The Cybermen/ Age Of Steel?
Well that’s cos half of his part was some other guy who wasn’t him
No I’m not talking about Rickey
I know but I just don’t think Noel Clarke’s a very good actor. But please, explain your reasoning.
It’s a bit depressing that I have to point this out, but… Mickey goes from A to B. At first, he’s kind of an ordinary guy, he’s got a girlfriend – they’ve got a sort of okay relationship. And then, at the end of the experience, he’s gone beyond that relationship and realised it doesn’t work, he’s left. Just like Martha, actually. But I just think it worked better for him. I think he earned the power of self-respect.
And in the meantime, there was some really interesting stuff between him and Rose. You know in Boom Town when he’s like “I’m going out with this other girl” and they have this whole argument and he’s like “well you left me!” And then in Parting Of The Ways, y’know when Rose says “there’s nothing left for me” and he takes a second, he thinks about it and then he goes “okay fine”. He just accepts that, internalises it. I think the boyfriends are interesting characters because they’re the antithesis of The Doctor.
Apart from Rory
Yeah, fuck Rory!
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One day im going to play in the big leagues…maybe one of the oldest guys but that’s even better! 😉

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All Books Ranked from the “Book Girl” light novel series by Mizuki Nomura

#Bonus post today! I’m ranking ALL the books from the “Book Girl” light novel series by Mizuki Nomura! #bookranking #BookGirl #MizukiNomura #amreading #seriesranking

Warning: This post contains mild spoilers for all of the books in the main “Book Girl” light novel series by Mizuki Nomura.
It’s been a couple years since I read the “Book Girl” series by Mizuki Nomura. It was one of the book series that I read and reviewed early into creating book reviews, in fact. Since I already reviewed the entire series, I figured that I could rank all the books from best to…


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<div> Dom and Cate go through Dom's Doctor Who companion ranking on the Series 12 Podcast - Martha Jones (8th place) </div>
She’s a bit like Tennant in that she’s a bit too perfect. She doesn’t have many flaws.
She’s jealous
She’s jealous but she’s justifiably jealous. I think what it really comes down to is that I don’t think Freema Agyeman is that good an actor to be honest. What do you think about that?
I don’t know what else she could have done though because she was put in a really hard position, actually, coming after Billie Piper who was such an every-woman.
It’s really hard to go second, isn’t it? She has her moments – she’s really good in The Family Of Blood and Last Of The Timelords but she also really gets short shrift. And then she comes back a few times but she’s never centre-stage. She’s the only one on this list who I’ve marked down because I don’t think the actor was quite good enough. Freema Agyeman’s okay.
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swamp ophelia (1994)

(18.2% awesome, 45.5% good, 27.3% OK, meh, 9.1% skip out of 11)


least complicated

TOUCH ME FALL (whoa those instrumentals!)

This album was before my time, so I never really got into it like I might have. I do think it’s their prettiest album cover, and I’d like to see more like this…





dead man’s hill




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If you’re looking for a way to kill some time, or just wanna see us be goofballs, my friend and I went through and ranked all of One Direction’s songs to figure out what our champion song was!

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<div> Dom and Cate go through Dom's Doctor Who companion ranking on the Series 12 Podcast - Graham O'Brien (9th place) </div>
He’s a lovely sun drop and I think he’s doing his best to save the Chibnall era
Bless him, he’s got a lot on his shoulders, hasn’t he?
He’s kind of the comic relief in that gang, isn’t he?
Oh yeah, definitely. Well, he’s more comic relief than bloody Yas or Ryan
Which is mad, because he actually has more serious stuff to deal with than those other two. He has the amount of characterisation that a comic relief character should have and they have even less characterisation than that. He’s really charming but he still feels a bit peripheral.
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No one asked but here’s my

✨Zodiac Ranking✨

This is all based on my experiences with these signs and not meant to be taken seriously. I am by no means an expert. Ps I am a Taurus

  1. Capricorn- most of my best friends are Capricorns. Love that for me
  2. Leo- my current best friend is a Leo. Also my grandma is a Leo
  3. Sagittarius- good vibes. Funny af. Party
  4. Cancer- soft energy. You do be kinda naive tho
  5. Pisces- chill vibes. Can hurt my feelings sometimes but I’ll let it slide
  6. Virgo- lil control freak vibes. Maybe call me tho? Idk
  7. Libra- sweet then sour
  8. Aquarius- lol u really like yourself don’t u
  9. Taurus- as a Taurus myself, u guys annoy the shit out of me (not my mom tho she gets a pass)
  10. Aries- quit lookin at me like that. Do u have a problem
  11. Scorpio & Gemini- tied for last. Literally every person that has done me wrong has been a Gemini or Scorpio. Respectfully, you gave me ptsd

As a disclaimer I dont judge anyone based off of their sign alone. All of this is based on people that I have personally known

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