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stargazingfangirl18 · a day ago
A Helping Hand
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader Word Count: 1,682 Summary: Ransom is tired and cranky, so you decide to make him feel better. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Dry humping. Hand job. Cum play. Dirty talk. Praise kink. Mob AU. 18+ only!
A/N: Hoe’kay, beauties, I do want to try to knock out at least a few Kinktober drabbles this year. Probably just a handful, a mix of some of our established babes and some general. First up, these two assholes from Necessary Arrangements who have been on my mind and hoo ha lately. Enjoy! 😘
Kinks: Handjob + Praise + Cum play
Tumblr media
It wasn’t a new phenomenon to be with Ransom and be the one to slow things down.
You tended to like the buildup, as well as just annoying him to no end.
But tonight was different.
There was something about the way he’d been genuinely cranky and tired when he arrived. A furrow in his brow that wasn't put there by you and your trolling as he swept you up into his arms and ground his erection against your hip as he buried his face against the crook of your neck and just breathed you in.
Maybe it was also because you were feeling all kinds of soft and playful tonight, and you could blame it on hormones tomorrow, but for right now, you were gonna enjoy yourself.
Enjoy the view of Ransom lying beneath you as you straddled his thighs, dressed in nothing but a pair of dark boxer briefs as he sank back against your bed as you slowly kissed your way up his chest and neck.
You felt him groan as you playfully nibbled at his Adam's apple, his head tilting back to give you better access as his hands slid up your thighs to cup your hips. He shifted you over him, pulling you up until you were settled over the hard, hot length of him.
Ransom shivered as you continued to plant a trail of slow, lingering kisses up his throat, adding a rock and grind of your hips to pull another noise from him - this time a delightful grunt that you swore you felt rumble to life beneath your hands as you touched his chest.
“Be honest, you were hard before you even got here, weren’t you?” you teased, whispering your words against Ransom’s ear as you felt his fingers dig into your hips, sneaking beneath the top of your panties.
At his quiet, wordless huff, you retreated, grinning at Ransom as he glowered at you. It was a half-hearted attempt, even for him, and made less effective by the rosy flush warming his cheeks, his lust-blown gaze, and messy hair.
Your smile grew as you reached out to brush some of the soft locks of his hair that had fallen over his forehead back into place.
Ransom’s eyes fluttered at the soft, innocent contact, and you couldn’t help it as your hand dropped to cup his smooth cheek, something warm bursting to life in your chest as he closed his eyes and leaned into your touch like an eager cat.
You wanted to kiss him, and the sudden realization had you licking your lips and swallowing at the thought as your gaze fell to Ransom’s mouth and lingered.
It was the impatient rut of his hips and resulting groan as the folds of your cunt drew along his cock through the few layers of clothes between you that broke the spell and had you shoving down that traitorous thought.
“Come on, kitten, it’s been a long fucking day and I just wanna cum.”
Laughing, you sank against him, smoothing your hands up his bare chest and giving his tense shoulders a squeeze, until you could feel him loosen up beneath your touch. Your fingers trailed higher, until they were sinking into Ransom’s hair as you began to rock against him with more enthusiasm. And friction.
“Always so impatient, but I know how much you like this,” you hummed
Your panties were thoroughly soaked through and clinging to you, just adding to the sensations as your clit throbbed and you moaned quietly as the sensitive bundle of nerves caught against the head of Ransom’s cock.
“I like it too,” you sighed. “I like it when you’re good for me and let me do what I want.”
Ransom’s breath caught in his throat, his grip tightening on your waist as he moaned.
Your half-mast eyes shot open at his response, head cocking to the side as you watched him blink at you owlishly, the flush darker across his cheeks and spreading down his neck to his chest.
It was a barely a half-formed thought in you sex-hazed mind before your body was accepting it as fact - Ransom Drysdale had a praise kink.
And fuck if the mere idea didn’t have a new flood of arousal gushing from you and ruining Ransom’s boxers just as thoroughly as your own underwear.
Your mouth ran away with you then as you shimmied even closer to Ransom, your fingers digging into his hair as you met his gaze.
“You feel so good,” you breathed, riding him harder as your pussy clenched around nothing. “Not even fucking me yet but I’m making such a mess of us both.”
“Fuck,” Ransom shuddered.
You dropped your forehead to his with a whine as you settled against him more, felt the hot length of him split open your folds through your panties.
“God, I swear your cock was made for me,” you whispered, eyes fluttering shut as you rocked and grinded until you felt him against your clit.
You moaned as you felt yourself rushing toward the edge of bliss fast, tucking your face against Ransom’s as you mewled. “And you’d let me do whatever I want with it--with you--wouldn’t you?”
“Yeah,” Ransom panted, sounding just as wrecked and desperate as you felt. His fingers slid into the back of your panties, fingers gripping your bare ass as he thrust up against you and groaned at the feel of you, shuddering as your gasp warmed his ear. “I need--”
“I know what you need,” you sighed, pressing a kiss against the hinge of Ransom’s jaw as you pulled away.
When you put some space between you, he whined a quiet “nooo” until your hand was shoving down the front of his boxers and retrieving his hard, leaking cock.
“Shit,” Ransom hissed. His hips rutted up in response to your touch as his head fell back, the tendons popping in his neck as your hand gripped his length and gave him a squeeze. “Oh fuck.”
Humming, you gave him a slow, firm stroke, lips curling as Ransom’s head snapped up and he stared down at the way you worked him with your hand. His lips were parted, cheeks ruddy with his want for you--for release--and you felt another hot rush of slick pooling in your panties as you twisted your wrist.
“This is what you get for being so good for me,” you murmured, pressing a kiss to Ransom’s cheek and hearing his breath catch as your thumb drew over the tip of him, your hand already soaked and sticky with his pre-cum.
“It’s unfair how pretty you are,” you whispered in Ransom’s ear, grinning as he shivered and rutted into your grip. “Even more unfair how many times a day I think of you and this magnificent cock filling me up.”
“Oh god.” Ransom arched beneath you, moaning as his arms wrapped around you and yanked you close and held you tight as his hips started to drive up frantically as he sought his release.
“That’s it,” you husked, fingers digging into Ransom’s hair as your touch moved faster. “Go on, pretty boy, now it’s your turn to make a mess of us both. Cum for me.”
You squeezed and jerked Ransom’s cock, working your free hand between your bodies until you could cup and fondle his balls as you moaned against his ear.
“Come on, Ransom, let go for me,” you whispered against his skin, kissing the soft warm patch of flesh just beneath his ear and sucking, marking him as yours.
You felt him jerk beneath you, his breath hitching a second before Ransom was groaning and rocking his hips up desperately. When the first warm burst of his cum coated your hand, you pulled away, eagerly watching as Ransom’s head fell back, lips parting on a grunt as his hips drove up and more cum spilled from him.
“So pretty,” you whispered, working him through his release, rubbing his own spend into his skin until Ransom’s hand was falling to your wrist and stilling your motions.
Chest heaving, he sank back against the bed, and you smirked proudly at the ruined state of him, gazing at his handsome, flushed features with a combination of appreciation and pride as you brought you cum coated hand to your mouth and began to suck Ransom’s pleasure from your fingers.
“Christ, you’re a fucking menace,” he whispered, watching you unblinkingly as you hummed at the bitter tang of him on your tongue.
“I think what you meant to say,” you murmured, shimmying closer until your nose brushed his, your eyes locking as you painted some of his cum on your lips like lip gloss. “Is ‘thank you.’”
Ransom’s hands slid up your back, tugging you closer as his gaze dipped to your cum-coated lips.
“Are you desperate enough to get a taste of me that you’re willing to taste yourself, too?” you teased.
Laughing as Ransom lunged for your lips, you pulled away, planting a hand on his chest and shoving him back. “Sorry, handsome Ransom, not today.”
He glared at you as you licked his cum from your lips.
“You don’t look as cranky as before,” you teased, rubbing your finger between his eyebrows where the stressed furrow had been earlier when he first arrived. “I guess my work here is done.”
You went to climb off his lap, but yelped as Ransom grabbed you and twisted, until he had you pinned to the mattress beneath him, a new fire burning in his eyes as a smirk slowly curled it’s way across his lips.
“You’re not done here until I get to feel that pussy cum around my cock,” Ransom husked.
You clenched at his words, your own smirk appearing as you replied, “Well then, I guess you better get to work, huh?”
Ransom grinning at your surprised gasp when his big hand was suddenly showing its way down the front of your panties and cupping your soaked center as you squirmed against him with a quiet moan. “I guess so.”
And he did.
Tumblr media
I no longer do tag lists, but if you'd like to be notified when I post new writing, follow my side blog @sirisshamelesshoelibrary​ and turn on notifications to get pinged when I drop some new hoe fuel 😘
Please note that I do not give permission for my work to be translated, reposted, or published anywhere other than my Tumblr. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️ 
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sstan-hoe · a day ago
𝐶𝑜𝑐𝑘𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑔 — 𝑅𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑜𝑚 𝐷𝑟𝑦𝑠𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑒
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — sexual content, cockwarming, p in v (wrap it before you tap it)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — I hope u guys don't mind these shortys, *not my gif, reblog and comment!
Tumblr media
Since Ransom took a position in Harlan’s firm, he became busy and took long office hours. One side you were more proud of him that he finally took responsibility however you missed your mouthy asshole of a boyfriend with his sarcastic comments and talent of cooking.
Ransom sat in his office as the clock stroke one am. His head was bowed over a file of a new author who wanted to sell his first book. Ransom had read the book himself and to you to get a second opinion.
Both of you thought it was trash, but Ransom couldn’t get the thought out of his head ‘what if people love it?’. He was the one who had to decide to either make it or not.
A soft knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. “Come in.” He muttered, the door cracked open revealing you in one of Ransom sweaters.
Ransom lifted his head watching you as you stumbled over to him in tired state. You yawned covering your mouth with his sleeve. “Buttercup shouldn’t you be in bed?” He whispered while pulling you on his lap.
“’missed you.” You mumbled curling against him. Ransom’s hand brushing through your hair. “need ‘ou.” Your hips slowly moved over his groin which made Ransom smile.
“I have to finish this buttercup…but how ‘bout you keep me warm?” You gave him a tired nod before you were shifted to the side. Ransom unzipped his trousers and lifted your hips, letting you slowly down on him.
You released a satisfied hum as you put your head on Ransom’s shoulder.
“I love you buttercup, gripping me so tight.” You barley catched on his words. “Gonna finish that and then make ya feel good, promise.” Ransom smoothed down your back while you slowly welcomed the sleep.
“You already makin’ me feel good.” You whispered before the sleep overcame you fully.
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
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ozarkthedog · a day ago
Ransom fucking you in nothing but the cardigan OOOOOFT, my heart and pussy is open
warnings: 18+ only. smut. bicep choking. slight dub con.
author’s notes: i couldn’t help myself. ☺️
The contrast between the soft fibers of the cardigan against your skin and the rough hold he has on your tresses would be mind blowing.
With each deep thrust you feel the cream colored sweater tickling your hips as he grunts out his pleasure from behind you.
Your core flutters as his chest meets your spine, forcing his way in deeper than before.
“Your milkin’ my cock. You feel that?” His free hand curves around your belly, seeking out your clit and circles it with a dexterity you never could.
“Love feelin’ you squeeze the life outta me like this.” He grunts, stilling his hips and doubles down on your clit, edging you closer to your peak. “But I think you can do better than that, Pumpkin.”
You beat your hands on the table as the pleasure becomes too intense. You move to push yourself from the lacquered top just when a strong, cardigan covered arm encases your neck.
Your eyes bulge as air is easily withheld from your lungs. Ransom chuckles softly in your ear when he feels your core lock even tighter around his cock.
“There we go. That’s what I’ve been waitin’ for.” Ransom groans.
Your head spins and your hands pitifully scratch at his arm. “Come on, Pumpkin. All you gotta do is come and then your cunt’ll be dripping with me.”
oof- now all I want to do is write about Andy fucking you wearing only that jacket. 🥵
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earlgreydream · a day ago
october 17
Tumblr media
🍁 Somnophilia — Ransom Drysdale
content warnings: noncon, stepcest, smoking, slapping, mentions of death
You were back home at the Thrombey Mansion in the wake of Harlan’s death. It was just as gloomy as you remembered, a thick fog always settled over the ground, and the tall spires of the house meeting in sharp points, threatening to pierce the sky.
No matter the time of day, the windows always seemed dark, and the vines curling up the trellis seemed sinister. You hated the manor. You’d left as soon as you’d turned twenty-one, fleeing from the wealth that trapped you with your cruel stepbrother, Ransom, who was a bit too fond of you.
You had to come back. There wasn’t a choice, you were expected at the funeral. And you had once adored Harlan, holding onto many fond memories of listening to him read his novels to you as a child, even through until you were a teenager. After you ran away from Ransom’s deviant attention, Harlan had continued to send you cheques, and happily received letters depicting your wellbeing in return.
The ambiance in the house was sullen, all of your relatives mourning the loss of Harlan, or more likely, the uncertainty of who his money would go to. You hated it, hated stepping foot in the place that held so many frightening memories. It felt like everyone’s eyes were on you when you returned for the first time in years, leaving you feeling even more out of place than you already did.
Meg called your name, pulling you into a hug. You greeted her, before accepting uncomfortable welcomes from the rest of the Thrombey’s. Linda gave you a sour look, and part of you was praying that her son, your stepbrother, would be absent.
The hope came crashing down as he strutted in, clad in a white sweater and shiny boots. His deviant smirk sent chills down your spine, his crystal-blue eyes boring into yours.
“Sister!” he greeted you, opening his arms wide, his lips pulled into a sadistic, cheshire-cat smile.
“Ransom,” you mumbled as he hugged you, his hands squeezing your hips dangerously tight.
You peeled yourself out of his grip, trying to put some distance between you. Meg grabbed your hand, nodding her head toward the back gardens. You followed her, thankful that at least one of your relatives had the decency to save you from your own discomfort.
“I didn’t think you’d come back,” Meg confessed, lighting the joint in her fingers and taking a drag before handing it to you, gently pushing the porch swing back and forth with her foot, rocking the two of you as you stared out at the fog.
“I wouldn’t miss Harlan’s funeral.”
You let the marijuana calm your rattling nerves. If Meg knew about Ransom, she didn’t say anything. Everyone was aware that the two of you never got along, even as teenagers, but nobody knew about the way he touched you behind closed doors. They didn’t know the way your knees would shake and you’d collapse back against him in the shower as he fucked you from behind, climbing in after you when you’d forget to lock the door. And as much as you hated him, Ransom was the only one to ever make you come so hard, your thoughts would fracture into a million tiny pieces.
Meg said your name, snapping you out of your thoughts. She stared at you, wondering what was going on inside your head, though she attributed it to Harlan and shook it off.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
“I asked how long you’re staying.”
“Just tonight, and I’ll leave after the funeral tomorrow,” you answered quietly, pulling your knees up and folding your legs under you.
A cold gust of wind made you shudder, and suddenly, a white cable knit sweater was held out in front of you.
“Wouldn’t want you to be cold.”
Both you and Meg turned to look at Ransom, who was holding out his sweater to you. You didn’t want to make a scene, knowing Ransom wouldn’t allow you to refuse, not in front of Meg. You took it and slipped it over your head, murmuring something resembling a thank-you. It smelled like him, like bourbon and smoke, a scent you had almost managed to forget.
“You came in awful late. It’s already twilight,” Ransom said to you, searching for information on your life.
“Long drive,” you muttered, protesting as he took the joint from you.
He just shot you one of his famous devious grins, and you turned away, unable to stare at his face for too long. Meg seemed to sense the shift since his arrival, and immediately began to ask him about work, distracting Ransom so his attention wasn’t entirely focused on you.
You excused yourself, slipping away before he could sink his talons into you, pulling you back into his dark, fucked-up shit.
While the family’s attention was off of you, you decided to explore the manor. Memories flooded back as you walked through the halls, your bare feet sinking into elegant carpet. Your fingertips brush along intricate wallpaper, creating patterns that reminded you of your childhood, dancing in sundresses the same shade of yellow as the walls.
An ache settled in your chest as you passed what was once Harlan’s office. With a deep breath, you forced the thoughts out of your mind, pushing them aside so they didn’t drag you under.
Your wandering led you to Ransom’s room. The bedding was the same as when you were eighteen, images of you arching your back and writhing on top of the deep green comforter. You stared at the bed, feeling like you were back in time, your arms pinned down as Ransom’s hips slammed against yours, filling up your sopping cunt and hissing at you to be quiet so your parents didn’t hear their daughter getting railed by her stepbrother. You blinked away the memory, quickly closing the door before someone caught you prying.
“Thinking about when I popped your cherry?”
You gasped, jumping at the voice behind you. Ransom’s hands came to rest on the wall on either side of your head, trapping you in. You whirled around, looking up into frightening blue eyes.
“I remember it quite clearly. It was your eighteenth birthday, wasn’t it? You were bent over my bed there, crying and begging for me to let you come all over my cock,” he sneered, tracing his fingertip down the side of your face.
You flushed, heat rushing to the surface of your skin. You’d tried to fight him off, but your body, so unused to any carnal pleasure, had the opposite reaction of your mind. You swallowed hard, pushing your hands against Ransom’s wide chest, trying to shove him off of you. Instead, he landed a slap to your cheek, the noise echoing off of the old wooden halls, mixing with your pathetic whimper.
“You know better than to try to fight me. You know what happens, you dumb little slut. Or are you just a glutton for punishment?”
“Ransom?” Linda’s voice broke through, and you turned to your stepmother.
“What are you doing with your stepsister?” The word sounded like a curse on her lips, and Ransom leaned back off of you.
She hadn’t seen him hit you, and your fingertips went up to your stinging cheek, covering it before she noticed the inevitable bruise forming. You didn’t look at your stepmother as Ransom explained to her that he was just helping you look for something to wear to bed, since you weren’t staying long enough to bother bringing a change of clothes.
“That’s why she’s wearing my sweater,” he finished.
“Okay, well, the two of you are late for dinner downstairs.”
You shot him a look before following her downstairs, taking a seat at the table next to Ransom. You tried to focus on eating and what people were saying, but you froze when you felt a hand on your thigh under the table. You’d worn pants, but it didn’t stop him from grabbing you between your legs, pushing down on the seam of your jeans. You tried to squeeze your thighs shut, to stop him, but he pinched you hard. You bit your lip to keep from squealing at the pain, and a sly smile graced his sharp features.
You didn’t engage in conversation, sitting still and picking at the food on your plate. You closed your eyes, trying to breathe normally as Ransom forced you to grind against his hand until he could feel the warmth seeping through your jeans.
You longed for sleep. When dinner was finally over, you returned to what was once your room, still the exact same as you left it, except for your underwear out of place, where Ransom had gone through your drawers in your absence.
You shut the door, making sure it was locked before kicking off your jeans, leaving you in just Ransom’s sweater and a thong. You would’ve gone without the sweater if it wasn’t so cold, but you decided to suck it up and just return it to him in the morning.
Rain poured down on the roof overhead, everything illuminating for a split second under the glow of lightning. Memories pried at the edges of your mind, plaguing you until you finally relaxed, too exhausted to stay awake.
Ransom went to your door, slipping a skeleton key into the lock. He let himself in, finding you deep in sleep, curled up under a lilac duvet. He locked the door behind him, and slipped into bed behind you, smirking as you barely stirred.
“Oh, you dirty little slut,” he smirked when his hands squeezed your bare ass, discovering you were barely covered under the sheets. He admired how your body had matured since you were an awkward teenager. He lusted after you far more now than he had even when you were eighteen, and he’d taken your virginity, fucking you braindead on your birthday as you squealed and struggled until you submit to him.
Your groggy mind started to teeter into consciousness as he groped you, one hand squeezing your tits and the other pulling your thong aside to rub through your folds. You were still wet from his escapade at dinner, allowing him to easily slide two fingers into your tight cunt. Ransom was impressed by the fact you still hadn’t woken, even as his thick cock forced you to stretch around him. He groaned into your neck, basking in the familiarity of being buried in his little stepsister, his toy and plaything that had managed to escape him.
His fingers found your clit, teasing it out of hiding with little strokes until it was swollen and throbbing, making you slick around his cock. It was so easy to get you wet, and Ransom barely had to try. You could deny your attraction to your dark and deviant stepbrother, but your body proved otherwise.
You shifted as an ache began to wake you, and you opened your eyes, feeling Ransom’s strong body wrapped around yours, his hips smacking against your ass as he fucked you from behind.
“Ransom?!” You started to scream, muffled as his hand came over your mouth.
You struggled and tried to wriggle out of his arms, crying out as he pinched your nipple and slammed particularly hard into your cervix.
“I don’t want to have to hurt you, babydoll, just lay there and take it like my good girl,” he hissed, biting the delicate skin of your neck.
You wailed into his palm as he pulled your knees up to your chest, rolling you so you were folded in half, face down. His free hand held your wrists at the base of your spine, fucking you on his knees, hitting a much deeper angle that had your mind reeling.
“Don’t act like you didn’t want this. Sleeping in just my sweater and these slutty little panties? You wanted me to fuck you. That’s why you came back, isn’t it? You missed my cock tearing up this innocent little pussy.”
Tears slid down your cheeks, pooling at his hand that was still clamped hard over your mouth. You writhed and tried to free your head, failing miserably to break his strong grip. He took his hand off of your mouth to grab your hair at the base of your neck, pulling back hard so you were looking up at him.
“You look so pretty with your cunt all stuffed full of my cock. I can feel you squeezing around me, how much your body wants to let go. You love this, because you’re a filthy little whore who wants to get fucked by her stepbrother in her family’s house.”
You opened your lips to protest, and Ransom took the opportunity to spit directly into your mouth. You whimpered, shame burning through you at the way your cunt spasmed at the action. He smirked proudly, knowing exactly the effect he had on you. Your face dropped into the sheets when he released your hair, reaching under you to stroke your throbbing clit.
Your fingers flexed in his grip, a deep groan leaving your lips as a shudder rolled up your spine. You rocked your hips into his hand as much as you could, needing the stimulation to push you over the edge. Your body was on autopilot, begging for release as you were left at Ransom’s mercy. He mocked you, calling you names and pathetic as he tore you open with sharp thrusts.
“Ransom!” You cried as the pressure snapped, making your body shake uncontrollably under him. He smirked when he saw a white ring around his cock, watching you spasm and cream as he began to twitch, nearing his own orgasm.
You laid under him, limp and too weak to try to fight anymore as he came inside of you, groaning as he watched it all drip out of you and smearing over your swollen pussy.
Ransom pulled out, slapping the tender skin and making you jolt before pulling your thong back over the skin, tugging up on the fabric so it rested between your folds, putting uncomfortable pressure on your overstimulated clit.
“Stop,” you begged weakly, making him shush you and land a sharp slap to the fat of your ass.
Ransom sighed as you obediently stilled under him, and he let you roll back over onto your side. You curled up into a ball, tugging his sweater down to try to cover as much of yourself as possible.
“Get out.”
“Oh, don’t act like that now, doll,” he pulled you back against his chest, “I’ll want another round tonight before you’re gone tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jobean12-blog · 12 hours ago
All Tied Up in Knits
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x reader
Word Count: 410
Summary: You just can’t get enough of Ransom in his sweaters. 
Author’s Note: This is for Eyre’s @buckyownsmylife Kinktober one prompt a day list and day 18: uniform kink. Now I know a sweater is technically NOT a uniform but for is! haha Hope you enjoy! Thank you all so much for reading and your continued lovely support for my Kinktober! Much LOVE always!❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: flirting, light smut, light dirty talk, Ransom and his sweaters (18 + ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Gif NOT MINE: Credit to @neko-goes-nyah thank you so much! 🥰
Tumblr media
Kinktober Masterlist 2021
Tumblr media
You walk into the house and drop your bags, rubbing your cold hands together.
“Ransom!” you call.
“I’m in here sweetheart,” he answers from the living room.
You rush into the room and find him seated in the large recliner by the fireplace. He’s reading through a stack of papers and doesn’t look up right away.
His light grey sweater clings to his broad shoulders and accentuates the hard muscles of his chest, making your fingers twitch in anticipation of what lies beneath. You drink him in, instantly feeling the warmth spread across your skin as your thoughts wander.
“Ransom,” you murmur, stepping between his spread legs.
He lifts his eyes to yours and smirks as his hand reaches out to rest on your thigh. You take the papers from his hand and drop them to the floor.
“I was reading that,” he snarks.
“You can read it later,” you answer, smoothing your hands along his soft sweater.
“Is this new?” you ask, fingering the plush material.
“I got it yesterday,” he simpers. “You like it?”
You hum appreciatively, slipping your cold hands under the fabric and lightly scratching his warm skin.
“For fucks sake!” he screeches. “Your hands are freezing!”
“Sorry,” you whisper, pressing your teeth into your bottom lip.
“Bullshit,” he murmurs, sliding his hands up and under your shirt with a sideways smirk.
His hands are warm as they graze the skin just under your bra before trailing back down to settle at your waist.
“I love you in sweaters,” you croon, dancing your fingers down his defined abs. “They look so good on you.”
His eyebrows shoot up and a knowing smile plays on his lips. His hand moves down to caress the skin at your hips before dipping into your leggings.
“Is that so?” he asks, sliding his hand lower. “Let’s see how much you love them kitten.”
Your back arches when his finger brushes against your wet underwear and you breathe out his name.
“You weren’t fucking kidding sweetheart,” he groans as he pushes the fabric to the side and spreads you open. “Fucking soaked for me.”
“Ransom,” you plea, pushing down onto his fingers.
He teases you before sliding one thick finger inside. His free hand grabs the back of your neck and he pulls you closer until his lips meet the shell of your ear.
“Right after you go for a ride we’re going shopping. Pretty sure this came in other colors.”
Tumblr media
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The Rest Is Confetti - The First Time
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x F!Reader x Curtis Everett
Word Count: 2511
Summary: First it was you and Curtis, then somehow Ransom came into the fold, creating the most unlikely of throuples. The first time is always the most interesting story.
Warnings: explicit language, dirty talk, smut, 18+, explicit sexual content, oral sex (both male and female receiving and giving), praise kink, threesome, fluff, nicknames, throuples, hopefully, I didn’t miss any!
A/N: This is purely a self-indulgent story/mini series. These three have been living in my head rent free. I'm obsessed with them and any people I've ranted to this about know, I have so many ideas for them. I love them and hope you guys do too! Thank you @sparkledfirecracker for looking over this for me ❤️ all mistakes are still my own! Thank you to some lovely ladies who know who they are for letting me talk their ears off about this, you guys are gems! 😘😘
Please do not repost, translate or copy my work. Reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated! 😊
The three of you were an odd trio, to say the least, but slowly you were trying to find a groove. Initially, you and Ransom had dated, very loose on the term dating and quickly he showed his true asshole demeanor when you started to talk about feelings and a relationship. The sex was mind-blowing, but there was only so much you could take.
Months later, you met Curtis while he worked construction on one of your friend’s houses, hitting it off immediately. He was a hard man, having dealt with a lot in his life. It made him closed off to the world and to emotions really. The first time he realized you weren’t going anywhere and that you truly cared for him, he broke down, letting you hold him all night.
Anyone who saw him in public would never think that a man like him would have it in him to be so sweet and caring, but he treated you like a queen and after Ransom, he was everything you were looking for. Eight months into your relationship, the two of you had decided to spice up your sex life and Curtis suggested a threesome. You were sure he meant with a female, but you were pleasantly surprised when he approved of another man.
The two of you went out to clubs, tried apps, and yet nobody sat right with your dynamic, always trying to take the reins from Curtis, insisting they could do it better their way. Then you thought about Ransom, despite his personality, he knew how to fuck and he knew how to take direction pretty well.
You were hesitant to tell Curtis about using your ex until your fourth failed attempt with someone. Curtis was on board, being on his wit’s end at this point and he agreed to give Ransom a go. There were no strings attached so if it didn’t work out, what did you two really have to lose?
The whole thing started as a Saturday night fling, Ransom was all too willing to get in your pants again. It was only supposed to be a one-time thing but it went so well, Ransom came back the following Saturday. Slowly before you knew what happened Saturdays morphed into Saturdays and Sundays. Soon after Ransom began stopping by on weeknights too.
Boston’s notorious playboy enjoyed coming over for movie nights, dinners and even random outings. Curtis put up a hassle at this until he saw that you had come to enjoy Ransom’s company despite how your relationship with him ended last time.
Now six months in and the three of you were in a slowly forming, semi-dysfunctional relationship. It still shocked you whenever you thought back on that first night how far you had come.
The doorbell rang and for some reason, you were a bit nervous, wiping your hands on your jeans as you went to the door. Curtis trailed behind you, his solid frame giving you a boost of confidence. Unlatching the lock, you swung the door open to reveal Ransom, handsome as ever in a beige knitted sweater and dark washed jeans. For anyone that didn’t know him, it would have been hard to see that little flicker of nerves reflected in his pretty blue eyes, but you caught it, giving him a reassuring smile as you waved him in.
None of you spoke, not even a small greeting, as you headed into the bedroom. Ransom stood awkwardly as Curtis made himself comfortable on the bed. You looked between the two men, not knowing how you ended up in this predicament with these attractive men, and quickly thanked whatever higher power there was.
Curtis sat against the headboard, hands folded behind his head, letting you have control of how you wanted the situation to unfold. You walked over to Ransom, leaning your head back to look at his face. He smirked down at you, hands finding your waist. Instinctively you leaned into him, his sweater soft as you ran your hands up his chest. The muscles were hard to the touch and you remembered how sculpted he was.
“Hi.” You said softly.
“Hi Kitten.” He replied, moving his hold to your ass, squeezing lightly.
“Are you still okay to go through with this?” You asked, wrapping your arms around his neck. He leaned down a bit, his lips hovering close to yours. “We only want to do this if you’re also fully comfortable.”
“Yes, I am. Plus someone’s gotta teach this new boyfriend of yours, all the ways to make you really purr,” Ransom teased, winking over your shoulder at Curtis who growled in response. You gripped some of Ransom’s dark hair and tugged forcing him to look back at you. You glared up at him, silently berating him for messing with Curtis, “I was joking, Kitten. I came here understanding all the parameters set, I’m just having a little fun along the way.”
He winked at you, ducking down a bit further to give you a quick kiss. You deepened the kiss by grabbing the back of his neck. He groaned into your mouth and his hands kneaded your ass harder.
Kissing Ransom was almost sweet compared to kissing Curtis, who made you feel like you were drowning in him, an overwhelming feeling that you could never get enough of him. Intoxicating was the best way to describe both, just in very different ways.
You slid your hands under the soft fabric of his sweater, feeling up his toned abs and scratching your nails back down. The action caused him to groan softly; he always enjoyed the feeling of nails on his skin. Ransom was open to almost everything and it seemed sex, at least sex with you, allowed him to be soft and reveal his emotions. That being said if he wanted to, Ransom could fuck you into the bed, eat you out ‘til you were a writhing mess, but he was a giver and less of an ass.
Curtis enjoyed being in control most days, but there were times where he handed over full control, especially when his demons haunted him and he needed someone else to hold his burden.
You heard a belt unbuckling and peering over your shoulder, you saw Curtis pulling out his cock, slowly pumping himself. Your focus strayed to him, the sight too hard to look away from, apparently for far too long causing Ransom to grasp your chin and bring his lips to yours. Your hands left his abs threading through his hair instead.
With a firm hold of your hips, he guided you back until your knees hit the bed. He let you fall back, taking off his sweater. Licking his lips, he watched you bounce lightly on the bed before slothing himself between your legs. You yanked him down to you, attaching your lips again. His weight was a comfort atop of you.
He shifted his weight to one of his forearms, the other hand sliding down your torso. You mewled when his hand came in contact with your skin. His warm hand continued up until he was cupping your breast over your lace bra. His fingers pinched your nipple through the thin fabric, toying with it until it was a hard pebble. You moaned into his mouth, arching up.
Wrapping your legs around his narrow waist, feeling his hard cock press against your throbbing core. Ransom kissed along your jaw, continuing down your neck, to give him better access you let your head fall back farther. Your eyes locked with Curtis; his gaze intense and dark, his hand moving up and down languidly, as Ransom crawled down your body. You groaned at the sight of his cock, watching him spread precum with the sweep of his thumb.
You reached a hand up to him, needing to touch him. Before you could reach his silky shaft, Curtis grabbed your hand, locking his fingers through yours. Somehow it felt intensely intimate holding hands with him, while another man kissed and felt his way down your body.
Ransom popped the button on your jeans, tugging the snug fabric down, lifting your hips to make it easier for him. You squeezed Curtis’ hand as Ransom began to kiss up your legs, every press of his lips coursing tingles in your core. By the time he reached your inner thighs, you were absolutely soaked.
He ran his thumb over the growing wet patch on the gullet of your panties and the pressure of his touch on your clit made you keen, your grip tightening on the sheets and Curtis’ hand consecutively.
“I haven’t even done anything yet and she’s already so wet.” Ransom teased, nipping at the skin along the top of your panty line.
“Don’t get cocky, Drysdale, I can get her like this just by talking. Make her cum and then I’ll be impressed.” Curtis bit back, the gruff tone of his voice making you moan. Curtis smirked, proud that you just proved his point. Ransom grumbled some choice words, too low for either of you to hear, and yanked your panties aside.
He licked a broad stripe up your cunt before swirling the tip around your clit. Sloppy kisses all over your swollen folds, making you writhe beneath him. Ransom closed his lips over you and sucked hungrily, making obscenely loud noises. You let out a sharp scream, not prepared for his aggression, and you grabbed onto his hair, tugging and pushing him closer. Your hips grinded against his face, his tongue was making you so needy you couldn’t think straight.
Ransom’s blue eyes twinkled with mischief as he watched you thrash from his ministrations. His hands held your thighs open, spread out as wide as he could get them. He detached from you, his clean-shaven face shiny with your juices and wide with a cocky smile, giving you a once over before he dived back in, beginning to fuck you with his tongue. His nose nudged against your sensitive clit with every thrust.
Curtis let go of your hand, shifting to a seated position above your head. His thick cock bobbed delectably over your face and you leaned up, licking up the velvety underside.
“Patience Dove.” He tsked, moving out of your reach again. You huffed, pouting up at him. Curtis leaned down and kissed the tip of your nose, his hands pulling your top off. He kneaded your aching breasts through the lace cups.
You arched into his touch, needing more. Your whole body was on fire and the more they touched you, the more you needed. His rough fingers slid under the lace, the contrast to your smooth skin made you shiver. Ransom buried his face further into you, seeming to need to taste every part of you.
Waves of pleasures rolled through you, from the tips of your toes all the way up. He withdrew his tongue, returning to his external explorations. You whimpered when his teeth grazed over your engorged clit. Your focus was solely on the man between your legs, every sweep of his tongue tightening the cord in your abdomen, that you hadn’t noticed that Curtis had positioned himself on his knees above you. Holding his base, he tapped the weeping tip to your lips.
“Open up, Dove,” Curtis ordered and you quickly obeyed, opening wide. He slowly pushed in, making you crane your neck allowing you to take more of him easier. Shifting his stance slightly, he began to fuck your face, balls hitting your skin with each thrust.
Ransom chose that moment to suck hard on your clit, making you moan around Curtis. The two men worked in tandem, Ransom’s assault to your cunt triggered all the hums and whines to vibrate your throat around Curtis. Ransom ate you with such veracity that when your orgasm shattered through you, your whole body locked up, making you dig your nails into Curtis’ thighs.
You screamed, muffled by the cock in your throat, and allowed Curtis to reach his high. He shot hot ropes of cum down your throat, swallowing every drop. Ransom licked you clean, your aftershocks making your thighs tremble with each kitten lick. He placed a few soft open-mouth kisses on you before standing up and unbuckling his pants.
Your mind was fuzzy, that was the only way to describe it. As Curtis drew out his softening cock, Ransom pushed his hard one into your pulsating hole. A trail of spit and cum followed Curtis’ cock, some of it drooled down your cheek onto the sheets. Your mouth stayed agape, gasping wordlessly with every slow yet gut-punching snap of Ransom’s hips. He was hitting you in spots so deep, it knocked the breath out of you.
Curtis stroked your face and your eyes opened, searching for his loving face. He was so turned on, you could tell, something about you being fucked silly by another man was driving him nuts. His eyes left yours, locking on your bouncing tits. Sliding down to lay beside you, he pulled a nipple into his mouth. His other hand slid down to your overwrought clit. You mewled, clenching around Ransom.
“Do that again, Everett! Make her clench.”Ransom groaned. Curtis tugged on your nipple with his teeth at the same time he pressed his thumb harder on your clit, making you clench once more. Ransom moaned, the feeling making his eyes roll back. Seeing a man like Ransom losing himself like this was a power rush on any given day, but right now you were more focused on the second orgasm your body was quickly hurtling towards.
Ransom’s hands dug into your hips and he began to pound harder into you. Curtis’ mouth worked his way over your chest, leaving marks and bruises all over. Ransom hooked a leg over his shoulder, the angle shift made you see stars, and your head fell back, eyes squeezed shut. You were truly having an out-of-body experience, too many sensations at once. The bed squeaked loudly, headboard slamming against the wall, but either thing was barely registered by you.
Curtis’ thumb sped up, and with Ransom’s cock hitting all the right spots, you came again, vision going white at the intensity. Ransom came shortly after not being able to hold on with the way you were squeezing him tightly. Your body sank into the bed, thoroughly fucked and satiated. You were completely aware of anything else after that point, feeling gentle hands moving you up the bed and another pair cleaning between your legs. You whined at the slight discomfort, and Ransom shushed you, “It’s okay Kitten, we’re just cleaning you up. You sleep, we got you.”
Your eyes remained shut, as two warm bodies sandwiched you between them, covering you up with the blanket.
“Think we should do this again?” Curtis whispered, kissing your temple. You hummed in agreement, nodding lazily.
Ransom kissed your neck, murmuring, “I’m free next Saturday.”
Little did any of you know, that was the beginning of many more Saturdays to come. Taglist:
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capsiclesshield · a day ago
I Hate This Part: 1/3
Tumblr media
Summary: Ransom is the love of your life and your boyfriend of two years. Ransom’s love for you dwindles for you and the two of you become strictly sexual. You become worried and find out that Ransom is with another woman.
Word count: 2k
Pairing: Ransom x reader
Warnings: Cheating, angst, asshole ransom, explicit sex, dub con, past relationships, cursing.
It was always the same between you and Ransom: mindless fucking until the sun rose in the morning. He’d spend hours driving into you and his head between your thighs. You’d equally pleasure him, your knees and throat sore from giving him the best blowjobs of his life. Or so he claimed.
Ransom Drysdale was not the type of man that liked to be tied down, but somehow you got him to settle into a relationship. The two of you met at a nightclub in Downtown Boston. Some douchebag friend of his spilled their beer all over your coat, to which Ransom swooped in like a knight in shining armour and lent you his sweater for the walk home. You only lived a few blocks from the club, so Ransom walked you home that night. That night was the first night you kissed Ransom and the first night you guys had sex. After that, the rest is history.
The last two years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster with Ransom. You quickly learned that he has quite the temper and calling him an ‘entitled, spoiled and privileged rich white boy’ would be an understatement.
Ransom was bad at communication and being a nice person in general. But he still managed to be a decent boyfriend who took you out to fancy restaurants, planned cute dates in the park, bought you lavish gifts you told him you didn’t need when you guys would walk through the mall. He was one of the best things that ever happened to you.
That was until she came into the picture.
It wasn’t noticeable at first. He would text you less, chalking it up to his work with his grandfather or that he was tired. He didn’t want to go out or stay in for the night. He simply didn’t want to do anything besides fuck. Your sex life flourished, but your intimacy was nonexistent. Deep down you always knew that Ransom mentally checked out of the relationship months ago, but were too afraid to admit it to yourself.
You began to get curious, wondering what he was up to and why his love for you so quickly dwindled, so you followed him when he left your apartment one day. You followed him across town as he stopped at his favorite coffee shop, grabbing two coffees and a bag of food. He had just left your place, who could he possibly have bought breakfast for? Ransom didn’t like anyone except you, including his family.
You thought your eyes were playing tricks on you when you saw Ransom walk up to a brown haired woman with long straight hair. She was wearing a sweater dress and long coat and she looked like she was on her way to work. She kissed Ransom on the cheek when he walked up. ‘Maybe they're just old friends’ you thought.
Ransom’s tongue down throat ten seconds later killed all of those hopes. Your body started to shake as you watched the love of your life, or so you thought, kiss another woman.
Ransom pulled away from her and wrapped his arms around her. They looked at each other as two young lovebirds would, completely enamored with one another. The last time he kissed you like that was months ago. How long had he been kissing her like that? Was she your replacement?
You couldn’t watch Ransom so in love with another woman, strolling the park like a couple straight out of a romcom. Hailing a cab, you headed back to your apartment. When you got there you poured yourself a glass of wine. Your tears caused your vision to be blurry, causing wine to spill on your countertop, “Fuck!”
The whole bottle would do anyways.
Laying there for hours, you wallowed in self pity as you questioned what you did wrong to make Ransom find love with someone else. Was it something you said? Were you not interested in Ransom anymore? Was he over you so quickly?
The door to your apartment opened as you laid in your bedroom, taking a swig of your second wine bottle for the day. You put the wine bottle on the side table, wiping your face. Ransom’s shoes could be heard walking into the kitchen, the fridge opening seconds later, “Y/n where are you? I’m here.”
You rolled your eyes as you splashed water on your face in your bathroom. He used to say “Honey I’m here” and come running inside to kiss you, hug you and love up on you. Now you were just a warm body that he fucked.
You walked out into the living room finding Ransom with his feet up on the coffee table, shoes strewn across the carpet. Ransom had a beer in his hand as he changed the channel on the T.V.
“What were you doing?”
“What’s up with you? You PMSing or something, because I’ll go home...” Tears filled your eyes because you had your period two weeks ago and Ransom should have remembered that because he ignored you that whole week. The old Ransom used to buy you snacks and hold your stomach to create warmth. This Ransom was cold hearted.
“I had my period two weeks ago Ransom…” You sigh and put your hands on your hips. “I need to talk to you about something.”
“Before you do,” Ransom gets up, sliding his hands around your waist, face nuzzling your neck. “Let’s have a quickie. You in my t-shirt and your short shorts are really doing it for me right now.”
“Ransom-” Ransom cuts you off with a kiss to the lips. You try to push him off, but he holds your wrists against his chest, pulling you in closer.
“Talk when I’m done fucking the shit out of you baby,” Ransom breathes.
He kisses you roughly, picking you up by the back of your thighs as he hoists you up. You can feel him growing hard under you as he leads you into your bedroom. Once you past the threshold, nothing good or productive happens. No love, just straight animalistic fucking.
Your shirt is ripped off of you the second your back touches the bed. Ransom yanks your shorts down along with your panties, flinging them across the room. Ransom’s eager tongue finds your folds quickly, as he laps up and down. He sucks on your slit for a moment, his fingers rubbing your thighs, pressing them onto his head. Ransom has admitted once or twice that he would love to suffocate between your thighs.
Your moans mixed with Ransom’s slurping is sending you over the edge. He presses his face into your core even more and you wrap your thighs around his head, grinding down onto his face. Ransom groans and with a few more flicks of his tongue, you come undone. Ransom continues to torture you as you thrash beneath him.
“Too much Ransom,” You cry out.
“I’m not done with you yet,” Ransom’s white teeth bite into his soft pink lips as he smirks. He pulls his sweater over his head and his pants follow. Ransom flings his boxers across the room and they land on your vanity.
“Really Ransom?”
Ransom chuckles and he strokes himself a few times, his already large and thick dick growing even bigger. He presses a quick kiss to your lips, no passion involved, then he pushes into you with force. Your legs instinctively wrap around his waist as you both moan in unison. You and Ransom have had sex hundreds of times, but you could never get over the initial push inside of you.
Ransom nuzzled his face into your neck as he lifted your butt up, pressing your sexes closer to one another. He fucked up into you as he leaned back with you in his lap. You held onto Ransom as he lifted your legs up completely. Sweat formed on Ransom’s forehead, one of his hair strands stuck to his forehead. Ransom kept pushing into you with so much force and hitting your g-spot just right, causing you to come all over Ransom’s thick length. He gives you a smug look and slips you over so that you are face down, ass up.
He props one leg up and holds you by your hips as he fucks into you. His hands roughly yank your hair as he hits it from the back. You can hear your ass clap onto Ransom’s hips. You can feel yourself getting ready to come again as Ransom’s dick itches inside of you. He’s close, but he’s too arrogant to come before you’ve come at least twice.
A few strokes later and you feel like your insides have exploded in pleasure. You cry out Ransom’s name as your body falls flat onto your bed. Ransom groans and you feel hot spurts of Ransom’s spend coat your walls. Ransom pulls out of you slowly and rolls onto his side of the bed. You wait a few seconds before you sit up and stare down at Ransom. The moonlight shines across his wide and muscular back as you watch him get comfortable on your side of the bed.
“Who is she Ransom?” You finally found the courage to ask him and instantly regret it. You see Ransom’s body tense up before he rolls over, his ocean blue eyes peering into your teary ones. “Who is she?”
“What are you talking about baby?” And que the pet names. He hasn’t called you baby in months. He’s definitely guilty.
“Baby? You haven’t called me that in months. Again, who is she?”
“She’s nobody,” Ransom shrugs and rips the blanket off, putting his clothes and shoes back on. “What? You stalking me now or something? Didn’t know I was in a relationship with a psycho.”
“Is this a relationship, Ransom? Because it’s been pretty one sided for months,” You wipe your tears with your fingers as Ransom glares at you.
“What do you want me to say?” Ransom throws his hands up. His face is getting red and his hands fly to his hips.
“Alright,” Ransom chuckles and smacks his lips. “I’ll give you the truth. Her name is Veronica and I’m in love with her. I met her a few months ago and I can’t get her out of my head. Happy now?”
“W-Wh-Why ransom? What did I do wrong?”
“You didn’t...You didn’t do anything. I just….fell out of love with you,” Ransom’s voice got lower as he admitted how he really felt about you. “I’m sorry.”
You scoff and throw your clothes on quickly. Ransom sighs and walks up to you, ‘Wait, don’t do that. Let’s talk-”
“It’s a little too late to talk Ransom? What is so great about her? Does she fuck you better? Huh?” You throw the t-shirt of Ransom’s at him.
“That’s not why,” Ransom sighs. “It’s complicated.”
Ransom’s reply makes your heart hurt even more. If not sex, what was so much better about her?
“Then what is it about her Ransom?”
“I’m in love with her….and we haven’t even had sex with her yet. We’re waiting.”
“Oh,” You chuckle through tears and throw Ransom’s shoes at him. “I see what this is. I’m the one you fuck while you treat her like your actual girlfriend and like a queen. Is that right Ransom?”
Ransom looks down, avoiding eye contact as he puts his shoes on.
“Thought so,” You nod and shake your head. “What are you too much of a coward to admit that you were just using me these last few months? Why didn’t you just leave me?”
“Because I still do care about you, I’m just not in love with you. Plus, our sex is mindblowing...and I didn’t want to give it up,” Ransom whispers.
“You’re a pig! Get the fuck out Ransom! We are over and I don’t ever want to see you again. Go find some other girl to fucking use for sex because I’m worth so much more than that!”
Ransom looks back at you one last time before he leaves the apartment. He seems indifferent, but not sad. You slam the door in his face and scream out. You waited by the door for a few minutes, hoping that he would turn around and bang on your door for forgiveness or to tell you that it was all a joke, but he didn’t come back. He never did.
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likeahorribledream · 2 days ago
ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ
Summary: What if Ransom had someone by his side, supporting him, from the moment he was old enough to talk? What would his life be if he had been showed love and compassion when his parents couldn't be bothered? Would he managed to make a better life for himself or would his worst nightmare of him being exactly like them come true?
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 11.3k (do I even need to say oops anymore?)
Warnings: Angst, fluff as always. Nothing majorly triggering, but I don't want to put more warnings because it'll spoil the story so only read if you feel comfortable not knowing what's coming at you! There's no graphic depiction of anything, no violence or abuse.
Note: Nobody asked for this, it's just my brain who came up with this story in less than two hours. It's probably bad :/ so I apologize in advance if you don't like it.
Tumblr media
Growing up you had one friend : Hugh. He had been your neighbour since before either of you could walk and though your houses were far apart, you were the only kids in the neighborhood so it didn’t take long for you to find each other.
Even though your parents were just as rich as his parents were, your home life couldn’t have been more different.
His parents didn’t want him around, even less you. They’d always yell and make one of you cry, mostly you because you hated yelling. It has always scared you and you’ve never figured out why. Aside from Hugh’s parents, no one yelled.
His parents always shipped him over to your house and your parents always made him feel welcome. They were very well aware of how his parents were and they tried to balance it out by treating him like he was a part of the family, with how much time you spent together it wasn’t that far from the truth.
You started school the same year and stuck together throughout the years, all the way through high school.
As you grew older, Hugh liked to tell people that when you both were going to be grown ups he was going to marry you and be happy like your own parents were. They were his role models and he wanted his life to be exactly like theirs. Your parents loved each other and loved you, it wasn’t something he was familiar with but he wanted it, more than anything.
Funnily enough, you and Hugh were kind of the outcast of the school throughout the years. You were each other’s best friend and there was no point for either of you to try and make more friends when you already had the best friend in the whole world. Neither of you minded, at least not until high school and puberty.
For the Drysdales, appearance is everything. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have; if you don’t look good then you’re worthless. That’s why their son was always dressed with the most expensive clothes and had the perfect haircuts. It didn’t matter that he was a kid and would most likely come home with messy hair and stained clothes; he had to look good.
It only got worse as he got older. Until high school he never cared about any of that stuff, but then girls started noticing him because puberty had been very kind to him. Girls wanted to date him and guys wanted to be him but settled for being a part of his close circle.
That’s when Hugh became Ransom and your best friend slowly started to fade away.
Ransom had no intention whatsoever to ditch you. You were his best friend and people just had to accept you the way they did him, except they never really did.
Puberty hadn’t been as kind to you and you were struggling with the way you looked. Ransom’s friends were quick to tell him that he needed to stop being friends with you before he lost his popularity, you weren’t good for his image. For his brand.
You then started eating lunch alone, and you couldn’t talk to Ransom anymore unless you were somewhere no one could see him with you. Which basically meant your house, except he barely ever came over anymore.
Ransom still claimed that you were his best friend, but it was hard to believe him when all you seemed to be was his dirty little secret.
Now that you weren’t hanging out with Ransom anymore, you found yourself with a lot of free time on your hands and you chose to use that time for school work and working out. You didn’t care about how you looked, but you wanted to be healthy. At first it was rough, because you did like your sweets but after a while you really enjoyed eating healthy and anything sugary didn’t even look good anymore. By the time you reached senior year, you were in the best shape of your life and you had the best grades of the school.
According to your teachers, your biggest difficulty was going to be choosing which college to go to once they all accepted you. Because they were definitely going to be fighting for you when they saw your application.
You felt really good about yourself and you saw a big difference in your day-to-day life. You weren’t the only one who saw a big difference, others at school started noticing you and suddenly you had people trying to be your friend and guys asking you out on dates. It was all very odd.
One day at school you were sitting at lunch alone and studying in the same exact spot you had been sitting in since you first started at this school. Spot that you used to share with Ransom, but his own spot hadn’t been touched in years. Until that day.
You were in the middle of studying when you felt people sitting around you, which had never happened. When you looked up, you found Ransom sitting in his spot with a smile on his face. You were confused as to what he was doing with you. What his friends were doing with you, you were bad for their image after all. Then it hit you.
You felt good about yourself and you looked good. Which meant that you were now good enough to hang out with them, for Ransom to be seen in public with you and that hurt more than the day he told you he couldn’t hang out with you anymore.
You looked around the table and then back to their leader, your former best friend.
‘’Can I help you with something?’’ You asked him.
Ransom gave you his best grin, the one that made him look like the sweet little boy you once knew. ‘’We thought you might be lonely and you’d like some company.’’
You had never been a violent person, but at that moment you felt so angry and sad that you could have punched him in his perfect teeth.
You furrowed your brows, trying not to let your emotions show. ‘’I’ve been alone for years, I’m fine by myself. Thanks though.’’
Before he could say anything, you looked back down and pulled your book closer to you so that they would get the message to leave you alone. Unfortunately, they weren’t great at social cues.
‘’Come on, sweetheart. No one likes to be alone.’’ Ransoms says, trying to get your attention again.
You felt your face twist with disgust at the nickname. You looked back at him and sighed heavily. ‘’Fine.’’
His grin got even bigger at your answer but it quickly disappeared as he watched you pick up your books and stand up to leave.
‘’Where are you going?’’ He asked quickly before you could leave.
You looked at him directly in the eyes and kept as straight a face as possible, not wanting to show him any emotion. He had lost that right a long time ago.
‘’Since when do you care about where I go, how I feel or what I do?’’
You saw something in his eyes, something that almost resembled… guilt? That couldn’t be. Ransom Drysdale doesn’t do guilt, or any emotion that would show empathy towards someone other than himself.
You didn’t wait for his answer. You turned around and left to go study in the library where you knew you’d be safe from any of them. They probably don’t even know where the library was.
Thinking Ransom was going to leave you alone, the next day you sat back at your spot to eat your lunch but sadly, Ransom was determined to be friends with you again so he showed up once again with his friends.
‘’What do you want now?’’ You asked, not looking up from your book.
‘’Can’t I just want to spend some time with my best friend?’’
You started laughing. Full on, laughing like he had just told the most hilarious joke you had ever heard and you couldn’t stop it.
He looked at you with wide eyes, he hadn’t expected that kind of reaction from you.
‘’Your best friend?’’ You finally said when you managed to calm down long enough to speak.
Ransom slowly nodded.
‘’I lost my best friend 3 years ago. You and I aren’t best friends, Ransom. Hugh was my best friend. I don’t even know who you are and frankly, I’m not interested to find out.’’
For the second time in two days, you gathered your things and left what used to be your favorite place to hide in the library instead.
That night when you got home from school, your parents could instantly tell that something was wrong.
‘’What happened?’’ Your mom asked.
‘’Hugh, well he goes by Ransom now, is trying to weasel his way back into my life.’’
‘’What do you mean?’’ Your dad asked, this time.
Both your parents were aware of what had happened with Hugh. You couldn’t have kept it to yourself even if you had wanted to. He went from being at your house every day to not even calling for your birthday. Your dad was livid. He went on multiple rants about how they had welcomed him into their home and treated him like one of their own but suddenly his perfect little girl wasn’t good enough for him. Your mom was just as mad as your dad, she just kept it to herself.
‘’He showed up yesterday at lunch, then again today. He keeps bringing his little clique with him. Yesterday I told him to leave me alone and today he showed up again.’’
‘’Why?’’ Your mom frowned.
‘’He said he wanted to spend time with his best friend.’’ You rolled your eyes.
‘’The audacity of that kid.’’ Your dad shook his head. ‘’I can’t believe him.’’
Then he started another rant, and you discreetly escaped to your room to finish the homework you hadn’t had time to do during lunch.
The next day at lunch, you were left alone. You were relieved and let yourself relax for the first time in two days.
You should have known it had been too easy to get rid of him. When school ended for the day, he had been waiting for you outside.
You pretended not to see him and walked away, but he ran after you as he called out your name.
You kept walking, if you hurried you’d be able to reach your dad’s car before he was able to talk to you.
Your dad was watching as Ransom chased after you and quickly got out of the car. He walked in your direction to meet you and when Ransom saw him, he smiled and greeted him like he had always done every time he had been over to your house. This time, there was no warmth and his presence wasn't wanted anymore.
‘’Stay the hell away from her.’’ Was your dad’s answer to him.
Ransom stopped moving, shocked at the way your dad had talked to him. ‘’Wh- What?’’
‘’Stay the hell away from her. I don’t want you anywhere near her, you hear me?’’
‘’Sir, I jus-’’
‘’I don’t give a shit about what you want. You’ve hurt her enough. She’s not some kind of play thing you throw around when you’re done and pick up again when you’re bored.’’ He walked closer to him. ‘’How dare you say that she’s not good enough for you? Not good enough to be your friend? You don’t deserve her.’’
Your dad turned around and wrapped his arm around your shoulders to walk you back to his car, leaving a very brokenhearted Ransom standing in the middle of the parking lot.
Ransom knew that he had hurt you, what he had done to you was disgusting and unforgivable but a part of him had still hoped that you would forgive him. You were always the better, kinder one between the two, after all. Having your dad talk to him in that way made him realize that he had more than messed up.
You were his best friend but he idolized your parents, all he had ever wanted was to be a good man like your dad. He had said it time and time again that when he grew up that’s who he was going to be. Your dad had been the one to show him everything: how to ride a bike without the training wheels, how to catch at baseball and when that was a disaster, he tried to teach him football but it had gone just as horribly. They still had a lot of fun. Your dad had taught him everything there was to know about cars, taught him how to change a tire, change the battery or check the oil. He had spent afternoons teaching you and Ransom how to cook.
Everything Ransom’s dad hadn’t done with him, your dad had.
Now, you didn’t want anything to do with him and your dad hated him. For the first time in years, Ransom had just realized the extent of what he had done and suddenly it felt like everything came crashing around him. Except now there was no one left around to pull him out of the rumbles.
He had taken you and your friendship for granted. He thought you’d understand why he had done what he did and that you’d take him back when he was done being a dumb teenager.
He had been wrong. So wrong.
He had lost everything, and for what? A bunch of people that were supposed to be his friends but would replace him with another guy in the blink of an eye, without ever looking back.
If he were to trip and fall, like he had done so many times before, there would be nobody behind him to help him get back up and push him to continue.
Ransom was alone. Completely and utterly, alone.
Instead of meeting with his friends like he usually does after school, Ransom went straight home and to his room. He spent most of his night pacing around, thinking about what he had done. He replayed all the events that led to that day in his mind, like a bad horror movie where you wanted to scream at the lead character to stop being an idiot and not to go back inside. He could see all the bad decisions he has ever taken without being able to change any of it or change the outcome.
He needed to fix this. He needed to find a way for you to forgive him and take him back, but he knew before even thinking about talking to you he’d have to talk to your dad first. You weren’t the only one he needed to apologize to and your dad’s opinion mattered to you, he’d need your dad to give you the green light.
For the remainder of the week, Ransom had respected your wishes and stayed away. If he wanted you to forgive him at some point, he needed to stop pissing you off.
You were never home on Saturday mornings because you were busy with cheer practice. You’d been doing it ever since you were old enough to stand on your own and you never stopped. You never joined the school’s team though, you didn’t need the drama that came with being part of a high school cheerleading squad.
Ransom woke up early and watched through the window as he waited for you to leave. Once he knew it was safe, he left his house and walked over to yours.
As he stood at the front door, nerves got to him. His heart was racing, the sound of his blood going through his veins was thumping in his ears, his legs weren’t as strong as they usually are and his hands were shaking.
At that moment, Ransom almost turned away and left. That would have been the easiest thing to do, but that’d also mean that you weren’t going to be in his life anymore and that was enough to convince him to suck it up and face the consequences of his actions.
So he knocked.
He was quick to put his hands in his pockets to hide the tremor, and he wondered how his mouth could feel both extremely dry and like he had too much saliva at the same time.
Your dad opened the door with a big, welcoming smile; which gave Ransom hope for a few seconds but the smile was gone the moment your dad saw who was standing on his front porch.
‘’She’s not here, and I told you to stay away from her.’’
Ransom cleared his throat, the lump he felt there made it hard to swallow or speak.
‘’I know. I’m here to see you, actually. I’d like to talk, but I’d understand if you hate me too much and don’t to see me or talk to me again.’’
Ransom looked down at his shoes as your dad’s eyes softened at seeing Ransom being so vulnerable in front of him. Suddenly it’s like the little boy who had spent a better part of his life running around his backyard was standing in front of him and his anger dissipated.
‘’Hugh, I don’t hate you. But you gotta understand that if I have to choose between you or my daughter, she’ll always be my first choice.’’
Ransom nodded, too ashamed to look up.
‘’Come in. I’ll hear what you have to say, but you need to be gone before she comes back.’’ Your dad stepped aside to let the young man in and walked him to the kitchen where they sat at the table.
They stayed quiet for a few minutes after that. Ransom was trying to figure out what he wanted to say and how he wanted to say it, and your dad waited until he was ready to talk.
‘’What happened between me and your daughter, what I did to her… is horrible. To say that I am ashamed wouldn’t be a strong enough feeling to describe how I truly feel.’’ Ransom sighed and rubbed both hands over his face before dropping them back on his lap.
‘’I never thought there was anything wrong with her, I was never ashamed to be seen with her. She was my whole damn world.’’ He laughed sadly. ‘’I- I don’t know why I did what I did. I don’t know why I let everyone get to me and mess with my head. Between the other kids at school and my parents when I came home they were all telling me that I needed to think about my ‘’image’’, I guess it got to be too much and I just gave in and did whatever they wanted me to do. If I could go back in time to erase everything that I’ve done, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I can’t. All I can do is apologize to you, to your wife and your daughter for what I did and spend the rest of my days trying to make it up to her.’’
Ransom cleared his throat again. ‘’There wasn’t a day that I didn’t miss her, that I didn’t want to just ditch them all and go back to my best friend; but I was too far gone. You have no idea how happy and excited I got when they said that I could hangout with her again, that she was ‘’worthy’’ to be seen with me.’’
Ransom quickly wiped away the tears on his cheeks. ‘’How messed up is that? I waited for them to give me permission to do what I wanted.’’ He shook his head, annoyed at himself. ‘’I miss her so much. I miss you guys too and I miss this.’’ He waved around the room. ‘’I miss it all and I have no one else but myself to blame for losing it in the first place. I want to apologize to her, I need to apologize to her and tell her that none of it was her fault. I know I hurt her and made her doubt herself but she needs to know she’s perfect.’’
Your dad waited as he watched Ransom and when he was sure he was done talking, he spoke up.
‘’Look son, I can’t speak for her. I could spend hours sitting at this table and explain to you why what you did was wrong and cruel, but I think you’ve been punishing yourself enough for the both of us. I don’t want to add to your pain. You know what you did, you know the consequences it had and I can tell that you are really struggling with all of this, that you feel guilty. Which to me means that you care and that’s all I can ask for. You can try and talk to her, I won’t stand in your way again but if she says she doesn’t want anything to do with you; you have to respect that and let her go. I mean it Hugh. If she tells you you need to get lost, then you get lost.’’
Ransom nodded quickly. ‘’I will. I swear, I will.’’
‘’Then now it’s out of my hands and into yours. You will need to fix this amongst yourselves, IF she wants to fix it.’’ Your dad looked at Ransom, directly in his eyes when he said the next part. ‘’This will be your one and only chance, you hear me? If you hurt her again, you’re never gonna see her again. Am I clear?’’
‘’Yes, sir.’’
‘’Good.’’ Your dad sat back in his chair and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. ‘’Now get out of here before she comes back.’’
Ransom nodded and hurried to his feet. He stopped next to your dad and looked down at him. ‘’Thank you.’’
Your dad shook his head. ‘’Don’t thank me yet, Hugh. This was the easy part. You have a lot of work to do still.’’
By the time you got home, Ransom had been long gone. Your dad sat you down when you came back and told you about his talk with Ransom. He didn’t get into the details, it wasn’t his place to tell you what Ransom had to say but for your own peace of mind, your dad thought it could be a good idea for you to sit down and listen to what he has to say.
‘’Ultimately, the decision is yours honey. You do what you think is best for yourself, and not what you think is good for him. I just wanted to let you know what was coming and that to me, he seemed really sincere and remorseful.’’
Monday at lunch, Ransom came over to your table but he was alone this time. He held up his hands as a way to show you he wasn’t here to mess with you and asked if you could talk after school that day. You’d had the entire weekend to think about it, thanks to your dad, and you nodded to let him know you were ok with it.
‘’Can we meet at your house?’’ He suggested, knowing that is where you’d feel the safest.
Later that afternoon you were both sitting in your room as you listened to what he had to say. He was nervous and rambling much more than he had anticipated, but it all needed to come out so he just let it.
He explained to you everything: how he had felt, what he had thought, what pushed him to make those bad decisions and what he was willing to do to get you to forgive him. Which was anything and everything.
He spent almost 10 whole minutes telling you all about how much he’s been missing you and all the little things you weren’t there for but he wished you had. He told you about all the times something had happened to him and he had turned around to tell you only to remember you weren’t there anymore.
By then, both of you were crying because you had felt the same way and had done the same thing so many times.
Your dad was right, he did look sincere. His sincerity and the fact that you had missed him so much prompted you to give him a chance. The first and last one. With several conditions.
‘’I’m not joining your little clique and I certainly don’t want them around me. If you want to hang out, it’s without them. I don’t want to be associated with them in any way, shape or form. School is my priority and I need you to respect that.’’
He nodded. ‘’Anything you want, doll.’’
‘’We aren’t back to being best friends.’’ You pointed it out to him. ‘’It’s going to take a long time before I trust you again.’’
‘’Weeks, months, years; I’m not going anywhere.’’
‘’Also, I’m not calling you Ransom.’’
Ransom sighed. ‘’Please don’t call me Hugh. People expect a 90 year old man when they hear my name.’’
You shook your head. ‘’Maybe one day, but for now Ransom and I aren’t getting along so I’m going to stick with Hugh.’’
‘’Fine, because it’s you. If anyone else calls me that, I’ll kick their ass.’’
You rolled your eyes. ‘’So dramatic.’’
Tumblr media
You were very careful around Ransom. You never seeked him out and you didn’t set any expectations because a part of you thought that he would either change his mind before he started his groveling or just give up after one or two weeks.
You had been very surprised when he cut off his friends from his life.
‘’They don’t care about me. They care about my money and how popular I am. I don’t need them.’’ He had explained to you.
He followed you at the library more often than not and he even offered to help you study for exams that stressed you more than others.
Months later you were on the brink of graduating and Ransom was still by your side, just as devoted as he had been the first day and you weren’t scared to call him your friend anymore.
To no one’s surprise, Ransom’s parents didn’t bother to show up at graduation but your parents cheered him on just as loudly as they had done with you when it was his turn to get up on stage. They took pictures of him, of you, of the two of you together then they jumped in and also took pictures with you two.
Ransom hadn’t stopped smiling all day and you were glad that he was able to forget about his parents not showing up because you knew it had hurt him, even if he tried not to care or tried not to let them get to him; they were still his parents and he still expected them to show up at important moments of his life.
Right after graduation, you and Ransom left to spend the entire summer in California before you came back to start your very first semester of college. A beautiful gift from your mom and your dad.
Tumblr media
That summer really tested yours and Ransom’s friendship. It didn’t take long once you were there for him to ditch you to go hang out with women he had just met and it felt like high school all over again. Your parents had rented a small apartment directly on the beach, which you were grateful for whenever Ransom would start making out with a random woman, you didn’t need to run too far away to get away from him.
3 weeks in and you were over him and his conquests, instead you started doing your own thing. You went sight-seeing, you ate at five-stars restaurants, you went to see a cheerleading competition of high-caliber and it amazed you how incredible they all were and most importantly, you were avoiding Ransom and the beach at all cost. Which wasn’t very hard considering Ransom would come home drunk in the middle of the night and you’d leave before he was up.
That lasted all of two weeks.
You came back to the apartment one night, around 7pm knowing that Ransom would be out. It’d give you plenty of time to do whatever you needed to do, take a shower and lock yourself in your room before he came home.
Except that night, Ransom had stayed at the apartment. He had been there all day, waiting for you.
You were barely through the door that he was already on you.
‘’Where the hell have you been?!’’ He stood in front of you with his arms crossed over his chest.
You frowned as you took off your shoes. ‘’Why?’’
‘’What do you mean why? You disappeared all day, you didn’t tell me where you went. I was worried.’’
You laughed as you walked around him. ‘’Good one.’’
He turned around to watch you move around the apartment. ‘’What’s that supposed to mean?’’
‘’Oh, Ransom, please.’’ He winced at you using that name, it never ended well whenever you did. ‘’You don’t give a crap about where I’ve been, don’t pretend that you care. If you cared you would have said something weeks ago when I started to do things on my own. Why are you even here anyway? Didn’t find some hot blonde to get drunk with? Is that why you’re suddenly interested in what I’m doing? You’re bored and you have no one to play with, so now you remember I exist?’’ You shook your head. ‘’This is fucking high school all over again.’’
Ransom took a step toward you. ‘’Doll…’’ He called out to you softly.
You took a step back. ‘’We have two more weeks here, then we’re going home. Go back to doing your things and I’ll keep doing mine, and when we go home please forget I ever existed. It shouldn’t be too hard, you’ve had a lot of practice.’’
You went to your room and closed the door, locking it. You turned on the radio loud enough to not hear him as he knocked on your door frantically.
He felt like he was going to be sick. Everything was going so well, how did he manage to mess it up again?
‘’Please talk to me.’’ He kept knocking on your door even if he knew you probably couldn’t hear him.
‘’Shit!’’ He grabbed his head in his hands and tugged at his hair.
He spent the whole night sitting next to your door, fighting sleep in case you’d walk out. He didn’t want to miss his chance to talk to you.
He hadn’t planned on falling asleep around 6am, so deeply that when you walked past him two hours later he didn’t even hear you and when he woke up, you were gone.
Ransom felt like someone was sitting on his chest and he had trouble breathing, his heart was racing and he felt nauseous. Soon, he was crying. He didn’t know how to make it stop, he didn’t even know if he could make it stop.
He stood up and moved to lay down on your bed, his back to the door. He was going to lay there until he stopped crying then he was going to pack his things and leave.
He couldn’t keep doing this to you. You were the most important person in his life but for some reason he just kept pushing you away and hurting you. You didn’t deserve him doing this to you over and over again.
Ransom hadn’t thought that he would eventually fall asleep on your bed, exhausted from crying so much.
You came back to the apartment in the afternoon and you were relieved to see that Ransom wasn’t anywhere around. You walked to your room and froze into place when you found Ransom on your bed.
‘’What the hell?’’
You walked around to the other side of the bed, to yell at him and tell him to get out of your room but your anger was snuffed out when your gaze fell on his face.
The sheet under his head was dark and dampened, the first sign that he had cried. His entire face was red and his eyes looked a little swollen. You didn’t even need to see his eyes to know they were probably just as red as his cheeks and nose. Even asleep he looked sad and you felt bad.
Because yes, Ransom had ditched you on more than one occasion but never once had you said anything.
A normal person would have realized that what they were doing was wrong but Ransom needed someone to tell him when he was doing something wrong, something hurtful. Thanks to his parents, he was so accustomed to bad, toxic behavior that sometimes he had trouble figuring it all out.
He wasn’t innocent in all of this, but some of the blame was on you. You could have talked to him instead of waiting until it got too much and you exploded.
He had hurt you, but clearly you had hurt him too.
You walked back around to the other side and climbed on your bed, then moved to lay down behind Ransom. Pulling his back to your chest, you wrapped an arm around him and held him close to you.
You held him the same way he had held you many times at night when you had a nightmare as a kid, but this time it was your turn to be the comforting, big spoon.
You rested your forehead between his shoulder blades and you fell asleep shortly after that.
When Ransom woke up again, it was dark outside and he was confused as to where he was. This wasn’t his room and there was definitely someone in bed with him.
What the hell had he done now? He looked down at the hand on his chest and sighed with relief when he saw that it was yours.
He remembered now that he had been laying on your bed, which meant he had fallen asleep.
He had fallen asleep on your bed because he had been laying on it, he had been laying on it because he had been crying and didn’t know how to calm down and he had been crying because you didn’t want him in your life anymore. Everything came rushing back to him bit by bit and he was even more confused than when he had just woken up.
Not only had you let him sleep there but it looked like, and felt like, you had actually joined him, too.
He carefully lifted your hand from his chest and held it up while he slowly and gently turned around to face you. He put your hand back down, this time on his back and looked down at you.
Ransom hesitated between just going back to sleep and hoping you’d still be there when he woke up again or waking you up so that you could talk.
He looked over your features, smiling to himself at how adorable you looked when you slept.
He moved his hand to your face and gently cupped your cheek. His thumb stroked your skin there, without even thinking about it.
Ransom kissed your forehead, in case it was the last time he saw you and leaned down to your ear to call out your name softly.
‘’Doll, wake up.’’
You very slowly opened your eyes and blinked a few times for your room to get into focus, that and Ransom who was almost breathing the same air as you from how close he was.
‘’I’m sorry I hurt you again. I really am. You gave me one chance and I blew it. I just wanted to say goodbye before I left.’’
He blinked back the tears that were burning his eyes and pulled away from you to turn around and stand up.
He’s quickly stopped by your fist gripping his shirt. ‘’Don’t leave.’’ You sat up. ‘’I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have blown up at you like I did, I should have told you that it bothered me. Please, don’t leave.’’
You let go of his shirt and looked at him.
He stayed. Of course he stayed. He’d stay for as long as you wanted him around.
For the last two weeks of your vacation, Ransom had done everything that he could to make up for the time he had wasted with random women instead of you.
All in all, the vacation ended on a good note and that’s all that mattered to you.
Going back to Boston had been harder than you thought it was going to be. You were happy to see your parents again, but you already missed the bright sun and the warm temperatures. Fall was slowly starting to show its head in your hometown.
You and Ransom kept the fight to yourselves. Your parents didn’t need to know about it. He was already on very thin ice with them, and you didn’t want to get him into more trouble.
Ransom had come back with a secret of his own. Almost losing you again had made him think, especially after the way he had reacted and that’s when it all hit him. He doesn’t even understand why he hadn’t realized it before.
Ransom was in love with you. Desperately so. He’s pretty sure he always has been.
When he was a kid he kept telling anyone who’d listen that he was going to marry you one day, so clearly young Ransom had already figured it out. Way before adult Ransom.
He couldn’t tell you. Not now, not ever. You were too good for him as a friend, but as a girlfriend? As a wife? There was no way in hell that he was ever going to be able to give you everything that you deserved and more.
He ignored his feelings and pretended like they weren’t there by doing the two things he always turned to: drinking and women.
Tumblr media
Finding women to sleep with him wasn’t difficult in college. It had been even easier than it had back in California.
This time around, he was mindful of his actions.
He was doing everything a best friend should be doing, and more. He treated you like you were the most beautiful and precious person in the world, and at night when you went to sleep he’d go back to his old ways and pretend like his heart wasn’t broken.
At one point he even moved out of his parents’ house and into his own, thanks to his trust fund that kicked in when he turned 21, and it made it even easier for him to have women over because you weren’t his neighbour anymore and he didn’t need to worry about you seeing him with an endless stream of women.
Except you knew all about it, but decided not to say anything. You were both adults now, you could do whatever you wanted to. He didn’t owe you anything.
You realized you were in love with Ransom halfway through your first year of college. He had been treating you so well, and he was a lot more comfortable with showing affection. He’d hug you, hold your hand, kiss your cheeks or forehead, he’d have his arm around your shoulders or his hand on the small of your back whenever he got the chance.
You had been almost certain that he was in love with you, but then you saw him with a woman. Then another, and another, and so on. It hurt, but you couldn’t tell him. Instead, you pretended like you didn’t know and like your heart wasn’t shattering every time he’d touch you in a way that made other people think he was your boyfriend. In moments like these, you’d think about where those hands and arms were the night before and that was enough to break away from your daydreaming where Ransom was secretly in love with you, too.
You were relieved when he moved out, because it meant you wouldn’t have to see him come home with someone that wasn’t you anymore.
Your last year of college, you even took it as far as moving to the complete opposite side of town. Reducing your chances of running into him and his latest girlfriend.
One night, Ransom had called you and asked if you could come over. He had just gotten into a(nother) fight with his parents and he needed his best friend.
It sounded pretty bad so you rushed over to his place, and you found him sitting on the floor in his kitchen. He was holding a bottle of beer, but it seemed untouched.
You had kneeled next to him and taken it out of his hand, raising it above your head and putting it down on the countertop.
‘’What happened?’’ You asked softly.
He turned and looked at you, his eyes glossy with tears that hadn’t fallen yet.
‘’I hate them.’’
‘’I know.’’ You took his hand and stood up. ‘’Let’s go sit on the couch, and then you can tell me all about it.’’
He got up and let you guide him to his living room, sitting down next to you on the couch.
You didn’t let go of his hand, instead you gave it a little squeeze of encouragement.
‘’Do you think I’m an asshole?’’ He turned to look at you again.
Your first instinct was to tease him but when you saw the serious look in his eyes you quickly shook your head instead. ‘’Of course not.’’
‘’Do you think I’ll ever do something good? Something to be proud of?’’
‘’You’re a good person, I’m sure you will. I’m sure you already did.’’ You smiled reassuringly.
He looked away and stared into nothing. ‘’My family says I’m good for nothing, that I’ll never have anything to be proud of. The only thing I’ve got going for me is my trust fund, and even that won’t be enough to keep a woman long enough for her to love me.’’
‘’You need to stop listening to them. They have barely been in your life, for as long as I can remember. They didn’t even show up for our graduation ceremony, how could they know what you can do? Of course you’re going to be an asshole to them, they keep treating you like shit. That’s all they deserve. They only see the worst in you because that’s all they want to see. You’re still young, you have plenty of time left to do amazing things and find the love of your life.’’
You wiped away the single tear that fell on his cheek.
‘’No one’s ever going to love me.’’
‘’Don’t say that. I’m sure there are plenty of women who’d kill to get a chance to be with you.’’
‘’What if they aren’t the one that I want?’’ His eyes met yours again. ‘’What if the one that I want is too good for me and I’ll never be able to love someone else because she’s all I can think about?’’
You ignored the tug at your heart, and made a mental note to cry yourself to sleep later tonight at the thought of seeing the Ransom you had dreamed of being in love with someone that wasn't you.
‘’Did she tell you that she thinks she’s too good for you, or have you decided for her?’’
‘’She doesn’t have to say it, I know.’’ He looked down at your hand that’s still holding his and intertwined your fingers. ‘’She’s… perfect. And I’m… me.’’
‘’You’re an amazing man. Any woman would be lucky to have you.’’
‘’Do you want me?’’ He asked after a long minute of complete silence.
‘’Wh- What?’’
Ransom looked back up and stared into your eyes, into your soul it felt like. ‘’Do you want me?’’
‘’I’m your best friend.’’ You tried to give a smile, though you doubted it looked anything like one. ‘’Of course I want you.’’
‘’No.’’ He shook his head and sat up, getting closer to you.
He looked into your eyes like he was searching for something, something specific and when it looked like he had found it, he sat closer.
‘’Tell me you love me.’’
You opened your mouth and closed it, no sound wanted to come out.
‘’Tell me you love me.’’ He repeated.
This time you looked away. You certainly hadn’t expected the conversation to go in that direction and you weren’t prepared for any of it. Your heart was beating out of your chest and you hoped that Ransom couldn’t hear it.
You closed your eyes and after hesitating, you nodded your head; giving him the answer he had been looking for but you weren’t able to say out loud.
You heard Ransom take in a shaky breath and you opened your eyes, finally daring to look at him.
He rested his forehead against yours and this time he was the one to close his eyes.
‘’I’ve always loved you. You know that? Ever since we were kids.’’ He whispered, keeping his eyes shut. ‘’I’m in love with you but I know that you deserve better than me, so I can’t have you.’’
He opened his eyes. ‘’Can you be mine? Just for tonight. Just one night that I can pretend I am good enough for you.’’
Ransom brought both of your hands up to his chest, pressing them right above his heartbeat. It was just as frantic as yours was. His free hand moved to the side of your neck, stroking it up and down with only his fingertips sending shivers down your spine.
He had gotten so close that you were breathing the same air and you could feel his heartbeat going faster.
‘’Ransom-’’ You whispered but he cut you off.
‘’Hugh. I need to be your Hugh.’’ He whispered, his lips brushing yours. ‘’Please.’’
You nodded again, your voice was stuck in your throat with the lump that made it hard to breathe.
He didn’t wait any longer and closed the little space that was left between you.
You felt his grip on your hand tighten as your lips touched, though it started slow and soft you felt him grow more desperate with every second and the kiss got more intense and needy.
It was almost too hard, you felt like your lips were going to be bruised after this but for some reason instead of pulling away, you found yourself yearning for it every time he let up the pressure.
Eventually, you had to pull away to breathe but Ransom didn’t want to let go. He put his hands under your thighs and lifted you, getting you to straddle his lap.
His lips found your neck right as he moved you to bring you closer. Though his kiss had been intense and desperate, the kisses on your neck were the opposite. He was gentle and slow, taking his time and kissing every little bit of skin he had access to.
Your hands were on his shoulders and you were holding onto him tightly.
Ransom moved from one side of your neck, to the column of your throat to the other side of your neck.
Keeping his lips to your skin, he moved to the edge of the couch and tightened his hands under your thighs, standing up while holding you.
‘’Is this ok?’’ He asked, kissing just behind your ear.
Maybe one day you’d come to regret it, but tonight you let your heart take control and your mind took a backseat.
You wrapped your legs around his waist to help him carry you, and the moment the word was out of your mouth Ransom was walking up the stairs and taking you to his room.
Tumblr media
That’s the night that everything changed and nothing could be taken back. You had crossed a line that could never be uncrossed.
After that night Ransom hadn’t seen you, not because you were avoiding each other but you were a few weeks away from graduating and you both had essays to write and exams to study for.
An entire month went by before Ransom could see you. The night of your last exam, he got in his car and drove to your place without even thinking about it twice. He knocked on your door and waited anxiously for you to open, and when you did he didn’t give you any time to speak before walking in and crashing his lips onto yours. He held you by your hips and brought you closer to him, almost sighing with relief when he felt your arms around his neck.
‘’I missed you so much.’’ He said breathlessly between two kisses.
When he tried to kiss you again you held up your hand between both of your lips and let go of his neck.
‘’We need to talk.’’
Ransom’s heart was now racing in his chest, but this time it wasn’t good. He followed you to the couch and you both sat on it, facing each other. You had left enough space between the two of you for another person to sit down and Ransom just wanted to reach over, grab you and pull you close to him. He didn’t know why, but he was feeling extremely nervous and a little bit nauseous. It’s like he had a feeling that whatever was about to come out of your mouth wasn’t going to be anything good.
As he watched you, he noticed that you were just as nervous as him. Maybe even more. You looked like you were about to be sick, you kept pulling at your sleeves and wiggling in your spot like your skin was on fire. He knows you like the back of his hand and those are all signs that you were nervous.
After what felt like an eternity, you finally found the courage to speak.
‘’I’m about to tell you something, and I need you to stay calm.’’ You said, your voice a little shaky.
‘’Doll, just tell me.’’ Seeing you being nervous made him even more nervous.
‘’I went to the doctor this afternoon, and I am pregnant.’’
Ransom’s mind went blank after those three little words. He stared at you, without really looking at you.
He swallowed, with difficulty, and cleared his throat. ‘’Is- Is it mine?’’
‘’Are you sure?’’
‘’Yes. You’re the only one I’ve slept with in months.’’
Ransom’s mind was racing with a million thoughts and feelings.
‘’This isn’t what I wanted.’’
You sigh. ‘’Me either. We haven’t even graduated yet but, this is happening.’’
He couldn’t be a father. He just couldn’t. He was a mess, his life was a mess and there was no way he’d be able to take care of another human being. He’d ruin the kid’s life and yours. This was both his biggest dream and nightmare coming true.
‘’I can’t do this.’’
‘’You can if you want to. I know you can.’’
Of course you’d try to make him believe he’d ever be good enough to be a father, more importantly your child’s father.
‘’I don’t want this. I don’t want it and I don’t want you.’’
He felt sicker with every word that left his mouth but this is what he needed to do. You deserved better, you deserved everything and he knew he would never be able to be the man you truly deserved, the father your baby deserved. You had forgiven him so many times before, but he couldn’t let that happen again. This needed to be the end of you and him.
‘’No.’’ He shook his head, cutting you off. ‘’All I wanted was someone to relieve stress with, not add more to it. You were supposed to be easy, do what I wanted and when I’d be bored we’d go back to being just friends.’’
He watched as your eyes widened and your heart broke. He wanted to cry, but he needed to be strong. For you.
‘’What?’’ You shook your head, not believing him. ‘’You said you loved me, that you always had.’’ You reminded him, as if he could ever forget the night you exchanged your first, and last, I love yous.
‘’I just said that so you’d have sex with me.’’
He disgusted himself. He wanted to scream, yell that it wasn’t true, that he was just scared of ruining your life but he couldn’t.
Your eyes filled with tears, though he wasn’t sure whether it was from sadness or anger, maybe both.
‘’Get out of my house.’’ You said through gritted teeth.
‘’So… We’re not having sex tonight, then?’’ The final nail to the coffin.
‘’Get the fuck out. Now. Get out of my face, and don’t ever come back. You’re dead to me.’’ You stood up and moved back to the front door, holding it open.
You avoided looking at him as he walked out and slammed the door in his face, locking it as soon as he was out.
On his way back home Ransom made a pit stop to the liquor store, buying everything that he could carry and once he was home he drank until he passed out. Then when he woke up, he drank again until he passed out.
He needed to keep his mind and his body numb, he couldn’t stop to let himself feel.
When he ran out of alcohol, he called and had them deliver more.
He couldn’t tell what time it was, or how much time had passed since he left your house. He didn’t want to know either.
Except reality always catches up with you, it couldn't be avoided.
It came in the form of your very angry father knocking at Ransom’s door, so hard Ransom thought he might break it.
He could barely stand up, so it was hard for him to walk. It took him several minutes, and sips, before he reached the door.
He opened it and leaned against the wall to keep himself up. ‘’What?’’ He groaned, the harsh light of the sun burning his eyes.
‘’What?!’’ Your dad yelled, making Ransom wince. The screaming didn’t help his pounding migraine. ‘’You get my daughter pregnant and walk out on her, to leave her to deal with this whole thing by herself and you have the nerves to ask me ‘’what?’’!’’
‘’I did it for her.’’ He slurred. ‘’I did it for her and the baby.’’ He lifted the bottle up and sighed when he saw it was empty. ‘’She’s not alone. She has you.’’ He lowered his hand back.
‘’No she doesn’t.’’
‘’Don’t be mad at her because of me. She needs you.’’ Ransom slid down along the wall and sat on the floor, his legs couldn’t carry him anymore.
‘’No you asshole.’’ Your father crouched down to be at eye level with Ransom. ‘’She left. She moved out of her house a week ago. She didn’t tell us, she changed her number and we have no idea where she went. All she did was leave a letter saying that she was too ashamed that she got manipulated AGAIN by you and couldn’t ask us for our help. She couldn’t look us in the eyes after this. She’s gone and we might never see her again, because of you.’’
Your dad stood up. ‘’I never should have taken you in when you were a kid. Your own parents didn’t want you, and now I understand why. I wish I could take it all back and keep you as far away as possible from her. All you ever did is hurt her and break her.’’ He shook his head. ‘’Enjoy this pathetic life of yours, because that’s all you deserve. To be alone.’’
He left and Ransom stayed on the floor, by the time he realized that tears were falling down his cheeks he was full on sobbing. All the pain he had tried so hard to drown and numb was rushing back to the surface and hitting him all at once. His entire body shook with each sob and soon after he couldn’t breathe. The air kept coming out, but none came back in.
Your dad was right. The only thing he deserved was to be alone, he didn’t deserve love or forgiveness, or any other feelings you ever had for him that weren’t anger, disgust and resentment.
Ransom started getting dizzy and his eyes fluttered shut.
‘’Ransom. Ransom, wake up!’’ You shook him with one hand on his shoulder. ‘’Hugh!’’ You shouted louder, finally seeing his eyes open.
‘’What’s wrong?’’ His voice cracked.
‘’You were having that nightmare again.’’ You said looking down at him and wiping the tears from his cheeks.
‘’Did I wake you up?’’ You nodded. ‘’Shit. I’m sorry.’’ He sighed.
‘’It’s ok.’’ You said softly, and leaned down to kiss his forehead. ‘’Do you want to talk about it?’’
‘’No. Not right now.’’ He sat up and took your hand, kissing the back of it. ‘’Go back to sleep, baby. I’ll be right back.’’
He lifted the covers and moved to sit at the edge of the bed. He rubbed his hands over his face, trying to ground himself back to reality and he stood up.
‘’Where are you going?’’
‘’Just gonna get some water. My throat hurts. I won’t be long.’’
‘’Ok.’’ You said softly and laid down on your back, bringing the covers closer to your chin.
You looked at the ceiling while you waited for him to come back. You hated seeing him in so much pain and not being able to help him.
A few minutes later, you heard Ransom come back in and you glanced down to look at him.
‘’Ransom, I thought you said you were going to get water!’’ You whispered.
‘’I did.’’ He whispered back, carefully getting back into bed.
‘’You need to let her sleep alone, otherwise she’ll never learn.’’
‘’I know, I know.’’ He sighed, laying on his back, close to you and pulled the cover over him.
‘’Just for tonight, please?’’
You could see in his eyes that he desperately needed this. ‘’Just for tonight.’’
He grinned and looked down, hugging his sleeping daughter to his chest. He had her laying on her stomach. She was deep asleep, her lips slightly parted and her hair messier than ever. The messy bed hair, she got that from her dad. They looked so much alike, and you knew that Ransom couldn’t be more proud.
Ransom kissed the top of her head. ‘’I can’t believe our little jellybean is 3 already. She’s getting so big.’’ He said with a little nostalgia.
‘’I know.’’ You laid on your side to face them and reached over to your daughter to softly rub her back, barely putting any pressure, not wanting to wake her up
‘’It’s a good thing we’re having another one.’’ He laid one of his hands flat on your small bump while the other one held your daughter.
You laughed. ‘’Do you plan on getting me pregnant every time one of our kids grows up?’’
‘’I hadn’t thought of it, but I like that idea.’’ He smirked.
You rolled your eyes and wrapped your arms around Ransom’s that was between your bodies so that he could touch your baby bump. You rested your head on his shoulder and smiled when you felt him rest his head on top of yours.
‘’We’re gonna need a bigger bed.’’
Ransom laughed quietly, trying not to move too much. ‘’Yeah.’’
You let a few minutes go by before speaking again.
‘’Are you feeling better, bub?’’ You asked, barely above a whisper in case he had fallen back asleep.
‘’Much better.’’ He rubbed his cheek on the top of your head, pressed a kiss there and he rested his head on top of yours again.
‘’I don’t understand why you keep having this nightmare.’’ You sighed. ‘’It doesn’t even come close to what happened.’’
‘’I know.’’ His thumb started rubbing small circles over your shirt, a habit he picked up when you were pregnant with Lily because it made her kick every time and he loved feeling her.
‘’I wish it would stop. I don’t like seeing you in pain.’’
‘’Me too, baby. I’m sorry.’’
The only thing that really happened from his nightmare is that you told him you were pregnant on the night of your last exam, a few days before graduation.
Tumblr media
‘’Ransom, I am pregnant.’’
Ransom choked on his saliva, coughing a few times before being able to talk. ‘’What?’’
‘’I’m pregnant.’’ You repeated. ‘’With your baby.’’ You added, in case he wondered.
‘’You’re pregnant.’’ He repeated.
‘’With my baby.’’
Ransom’s mind went blank for a whole minute before his mind was flooded with millions of thoughts.
‘’You’re pregnant.’’ He said again, but this time so low that it was clear he was talking to himself.
You watched him as he processed the news.
‘’Before you panic, I just want you to know that you don’t have to be involved if you don’t want to be. I want to keep it, but I’ll understand if that’s not what you want.’’
He nodded, staring at the wall in front of him. It took him several minutes, but his brain finally caught up with your words.
‘’Holy shit. I’m going to be a dad.’’ He suddenly turned to sit facing you. ‘’We’re having a baby.’’
You looked at him, still unsure if he was on board or not, you couldn’t tell by either his face or his tone and so you waited.
‘’Wh- What if I’m a bad father? I might turned out to be just like my parents.’’ Finally you could hear some kind of emotion in his voice.
He was scared to death, but not for the reasons you thought.
‘’You won’t.’’
‘’How do you know?’’
‘’Because worrying about being a bad father already makes you a better parent than they have ever been to you. By a lot.’’
He nodded and a few seconds later, he stood up. You were sure that he was going to walk out but to your surprise he came to kneel between your thighs and put his hands on your hips. He stared at your stomach, as if he was trying to see the baby.
‘’There’s a baby in there.’’ He whispered.
‘’Well, yes and no. Right now it’s the size of a jellybean.’’ You smiled. ‘’But it’ll turn into a baby.’’
He kissed your stomach so delicately you probably wouldn’t have felt it if you hadn’t been watching him. ‘’Our little jellybean.’’
‘’I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad. To your baby.’’ His hands left your hips to hold your cheeks instead. ‘’I’m your baby daddy.’’
‘’How do you feel about it?’’ You asked, suddenly nervous about what he might say.
‘’I’m feeling so many things right now.’’ He laughed.
‘’Like what?’’
‘’Like I want you so badly right now.’’ He let his eyes roam down your body and up again, making you shiver as you see the look in his eyes. ‘’I’m happy, I’m excited, I’m terrified, I’m in love with you, with this baby. I feel like I’m in a dream and I hope I never wake up. You’re all I ever wanted and I don’t even care that we aren’t officially dating because I know this is right. I’m going to be so good to you, baby. I’ll do everything I can to be good enough for you. I’ll spend every day for the rest of my life showing you how much I love you and how grateful I am that you made me a dad. If you want me, too.’’
You couldn’t stop the grin that spread over your face after hearing everything he had to say. You had expected him to just walk out on you, but you should have known that he wasn’t gonna go anywhere. Your Hugh would never leave you.
You shook your head. ‘’I’m never letting you go.’’
‘’You better not.’’ He warned you, with a playful tone.
He kissed you for the second time tonight, but this one felt different. Like it was the first of a lifetime.
‘’I’m also proud,’’ He said after pulling away, smirking. ‘’I was so good that all it took is one time and bam, we got a baby.’’
You threw your head back and laughed. He tilted your head down to make you face him again.
He stared at you with wide eyes. ‘’Your dad is going to kill me.’’
‘’Just a little.’’ You chuckled.
‘’We’re gonna have to sell both of our places and buy a home. A real home. We’re gonna need to buy so much stuff. Do we need to sign you up for those classes that teach you how to be pregnant?’’ Ransom was talking, and thinking, so fast. You could tell he was excited.
‘’That’s not what those classes do.’’ You laughed.
‘’Then we also need to find classes that do that. We’re gonna have to tell your parents, but we certainly aren’t telling mine. I don’t want them anywhere near you or jellybean.’’
You smiled and ran your fingers through his hair.
‘’We still have plenty of time to figure it all out. From now on it’s you, me and jellybean. If you don’t want to tell your parents, then we won’t tell them.’’
‘’You won’t have to move a finger, ok? I’ll get you whatever you want or need.’’
You smiled and kissed his forehead gently. ‘’See? You’re already being a papa bear. You’re going to be great.’’
‘’You think so?’’
‘’I know so, papa bear.’’
He kissed you hungrily, you could tell that his mood from earlier was definitely back from the way he was kissing and holding you.
As you kissed he slid his hands down your legs and lifted them to his waist, making you wrap them around him. He then did the same thing with your arms around his neck.
You pulled away, slightly panting. ‘’What are you doing?’’ You chuckled.
‘’I’m gonna start showing you how good I’ll be to you.’’
Ransom kissed your neck to let you catch your breath and pulled you to his chest with one hand to your back.
‘’Hold on.’’ He mumbled against your skin and when he felt you hold onto him, he stood up; bringing you up with him. His free hand joined the other one on your back and once you were secured, he walked out of the living room.
‘’Let’s go make sure that it stuck.’’ He looked over your shoulder to see where he was going to bring you to your room.
‘’I don’t think that’s how it works.’’ You laughed softly as you looked at him.
‘’You’re not a doctor though, so you can’t be 100% sure. Better safe than sorry.’’ He smirked.
‘’I think us not being safe is what got us into trouble in the first place.’’
‘’Trouble? What trouble? Me being with the woman I love and mother of my child isn’t what I would call trouble. It’s a dream come true, but it’s definitely not trouble.’’
‘’You already got me pregnant, you don’t need to sweet talk me anymore.’’
‘’Oh baby, I’m never gonna stop.’’ He stopped walking a few feet away from your room. ‘’I love you, doll.’’
The sincerity in his eyes took your breath away and you tightened both your legs and arms, getting closer to him if it was even possible.
‘’I love you too.’’ You smiled. ‘’My Hugh.’’
‘’Only yours. Always and forever baby.’’
With that he walked into your room and kicked the door shut.
Tumblr media
From that night on, all he ever did is love you and your beautiful Lily. His jellybean. She was 100% daddy’s little girl but you couldn’t blame her. He loved her unconditionally and never stopped showing it.
He had kept every single one of his promises to you and his jellybean.
Every day he showed you just how much he loved you.
Always and forever.
Tumblr media
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Thank you for reading :) As always likes, reblogs and comments are always very much appreciated.
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bucksfucks · 18 hours ago
Ransom is sooo fine and for whatt... he'd fuck you anytime anywhere
fr ransom would pull over on some dirt road and pull you into his lap because “s’not safe to drive while my dick’s hard, baby.” 😩
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loryevrg · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris Evans / ‘Knives Out’ Cast & Director Roundtable - 2019
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ozarkthedog · a day ago
Whew, didn’t know I needed Ex Con!Ransom until now 🥵 I’m imagining that first post prison fuck and knowing he’d go absolutely feral. He’s using all your holes and not stopping until you pass out because he’s relentless. You would be so sore and not be able to walk, but you’d feel blissed out.
Imagine him taking you against your open door? His body frantically pushing your bones into the wooden surface as he thrusts into you for the first time?
I can see him not caring about your pitiful attempts at getting him to close the door as he takes his pleasure from you.
The sound he’d make would be sinful as he feels you come around him for the first time in years.
Or maybe it’s a passionate make out that ends in a struggle on the welcome mat in your home? You pray between moans that the neighbors don’t look out their front doors as Ransom fucks you so hard you’re sliding across the floor.
“Best get used to havin’ your cunt stretched cause I’m not lettin’ you off’a my cock until I’ve had my fill.”
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georgiapeach30513 · 2 days ago
Desperate Affairs *Halloween*
Summary:  Ransom doesn't want to dress up
Pairings:  Ransom Drysdale X Reader (friends), Jake Jensen X Reader (friends), Steve Rogers X Reader (friends)
Rating:  Fluff
Warnings: Explicit language, 18+ ONLY
Word Count: 1.5K
Series Masterlist
When I saw these dividers from @rainbowkisses31 I just KNEW the Desperate Affairs babies needed some Halloween dressing up. And these are perfect!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"No, I'm not wearing that," Ransom throws the costume on the couch glaring between you and Jake.  "What are you wearing anyways?" he looks over at you, and then at Jake who bites his lip.
"You'll love it.  Just try it on," Jake chuckles.
"I'm not dressing up like a turtle.  It's not happening.  No.  There's four of them, you be the turtle."
You playfully scowl at him, pulling out your phone, "Hey, Stevie?  You want to dress up with me, Jake, and the girls?" you continue to look at Ransom who isn't changing his face.  His arms cross against his chest and he rolls his eyes.  "Yeah, Ran doesn't want to dress up as Raphael.  I know!  It's perfect for him.  Jake is Michaelangelo.  You will?  Oh, thank you so much, Stevie!  Yes, already got the costume," you hang up the phone and walk into your room.
"Good I don't have to dress up," Ransom plops himself on the couch, and it isn't long until Aster crawls directly over to him, and he picks her up to sit on his lap.  When you walk out in your April O'Neil costume, skintight and the zipper down a bit too far, exposing the swells of your breasts.  Ransom looks at you like he's about to devour you.  "That's what you're wearing?"
"You don't like it?" you ask, adding just a bit of flirting, bending over you pick up Iris, "I don't think your dad likes your mom's costume.  Should we show him yours?"
Ransom clenches his jaw, and you see how angry he's becoming.  "Since you can't be a turtle now, you should be Casey Jones.  His costume is quite simple, long sleeve gray shirt, red shirt over it, jeans, and he even carries a bat."
"Fine.  As long as I'm not a turtle.  Could you zip that up a bit," Ransom points at your yellow jumper.  Jake laughs, bidding you guys a farewell, giving you a kiss to the cheek, and both girls a forehead kiss before trying to fist bump Ransom, "No. Not doing that."
"I thought we were cool. Friends. Bros."
"Would you just go on?" Ransom asks shooing Jake out the door.
"You got a problem with me showing some cleavage?"
"Nope," Ransom still stares at your exposed chest.  Taking a quick gulp, he looks away.  "I don't want to sound rude, but I'm having a hard time not..." he covers Aster's ears and whispers, "You look fucking amazing.  And I'm having a hard time not wanting to...I'm sorry."
It worked.  You were hoping to get a rise from him.  Still hoping he would be honest with you about more than what he wants to do with you.  Wishing he would just say, 'Let's do this thing.  I love you.  I want you.'  You smile, zipping up the suit a bit more.  "Thank you."
Tumblr media
"Wait, so who is April's love interest?" Ransom asks Jake, adding the mask on his head, before throwing it to the side.  "I'm not wearing that."
"Why does she have to have a love interest?" Jake tightens his own mask around his face.
"I don't think this turtle suits me very much," Steve responds, reading a breakdown of Rapheal's personality traits on Google.
"It's a costume.  Aster and Iris already had Leonardo and Donatello's costumes," Jake responds handing over the whiffle bat that you DIYed for Ransom's costume.
"Ran!  I need your help," your voice screams from the bedroom.  He walks in the room, seeing you already in your tight jumpsuit, and he has to bite his tongue to not say anything.  "Oh, my god, Ran!  You look like a normal guy.  The mask too much, Casey?"
"It was either I can't see or it was messing up my hair," you reach over mussing up his hair, and his face falls flat.  "Really?"
"Did you not pay attention to the movie we watched the other day?  Casey's hair isn't perfectly styled."
"It was a cartoon.  Jake is turning you into a big dumb dork.  But you are quite cute."
"Cute?  Not really the look I was going for." 
The two of look at one another, ignoring your tutu-ed daughters that still haven't fully got their costumes on.  "Oh, I know the look you were going for.  You're pulling it off," his eyes look you up and down, and you're distracted by Aster who screeches for Ransom's attention.  
"Traitor," you whisper down at her, and Ransom catches it, laughing at you.
"What was you needing help with?"
"They won't hold still for their bows," this is not true.  You just wanted some time alone with him, well, and your daughters.  While you love Ransom dressed to the nines, there's something endearing about him wearing an average outfit.  All this time, and he's the one that you want, and he's being a tease.  "Uh, we should join Jake and Steve.  They look cute right?"
"Cute like their mom," he responds with a laugh.  Cute was not the look you were going for.
Tumblr media
Ransom and you walk ahead of Steve and Jake, knowing the two of you want and need just time to be a family. Ransom now pushing a sleeping Iris, while you hold on to Aster. “This is nice,” you hum, your eyes glancing over at Ransom to see if he takes the bait.
Ransom looks at you out the corner of his eye. His gives you a quick smirk, but doesn’t commenting. Wanting you to elaborate more. “I mean all of us trick or treating as a family.”
“It is nice. Want to hand me a piece of candy out of her bucket. I already took one from Iris’ it wouldn’t be fair.”
You grab out a piece, using your own hand to pop it in his mouth, and your knees nearly got weak with the look he gives you. “How’s sessions with Dr. Banner going?” he blurts out quickly.
“Oh, well they’re going. Not really having nightmares anymore.”
“That’s good.”
And awkward silence settles in between the two of you, and you’re not sure how this happened. You two spot Mary with Frank and she runs faster to reach you. Her arms warp around you so tight, and you swear you caught Ransom roll his eyes, and breathe out haughtily. “Happy Halloween,” Mary tells you looking at all the costumes. “Frank is a crank for Halloween.”
You give her quick giggle and it isn’t long until Frank is beside you guys. Steve steps up a bit closer to you. “Mary got invited to a Halloween party. Glad we caught you, because she was wanted to see if you and the girls wanted to come.”
You look up at Ransom, not to look for approval, but instead read his expressions. Clearly he’s annoyed with Frank’s arrival, even his posture and tone change. “No, I think Ran and I were going to watch some Winnie the Pooh Halloween specials with the twins. Thank you.”
“Hate to see you miss it,” Frank adds, his eyesight drifting down to the ground.
“Maybe next time. The girls are pretty tired anyways,” you give Mary a quick hug and watch Frank’s shoulders slump forward in defeat.
“You should go,” Ransom says, not daring to look at you. You shake your head no. “He’s trying to make up for things. He loves you. You should…”
“Don’t even suggest that. I don’t have a problem with Frank. I just can’t go there.”
“Why you loved him, too?”
“Yeah, him pretending to be Andy. That’s a lot to look past. And I still wound up spending time with someone else,” Ransom straightens up a bit more.
“Then someone else.”
You stop walking looking up at him, “What?”
“A date. You should date.”
Now it’s your turn to be defeated. “Don’t want to date.”
“Why not?”
You don’t answer. There’s a part of you that hurts with him suggesting to date someone. The only person you’re remotely interested in is right beside you. “Don’t wanna date anyone.”
“Just…if someone asks you, can you keep an open mind? Just say yes, and do it. Even if you don’t want to, just say yes. I mean if you’re comfortable with them.”
“And if I just want to date someone else?”
“Could you just try it?”
The emotions that run through your mind are mostly confusion. Is he saying this because he’s dating someone? Does he really not just love you anymore? Was tonight being read all the wrong way? It’s something you just don’t understand.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦 𝐝𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
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⇝ 𝒎𝒓𝒔. 𝒅𝒓𝒚𝒔𝒅𝒂𝒍𝒆 ☆
ransom drysdale x reader
it was your grandfather's last wish for you to marry ransom, and to honor his last wish, you agree to get married to him, even though it means you'll be stuck in a loveless marriage for the rest of your life.
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ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴏᴏɴ
[ Previous Chapter ]
Summary: Ransom's week away from you was long and painful, and just as he's about to get home to you he runs into some trouble.
Pairing: Mob!Ransom x Female!Reader
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: None, I don’t think.
This is the hairstyle and beard I have in mind for Mob!Ransom
Tumblr media
You stare at James for what feels like forever but in reality it is only a few seconds. Surely your mind is playing tricks on you from the lack of sleep. The exhaustion is making you hallucinate. Either that or you're in the middle of a nightmare. You have to be, this can't seriously be happening.
It probably shows on your face that you don’t seem to understand or believe what James just told you because he repeats himself.
‘’He’s been arrested.’’
You clear your throat. ‘’Wh- When?’’
‘’Earlier today.’’
‘’What happened?’’ You feel like you’re going to be sick. Your stomach is one big knot.
‘’I’m not sure yet, he didn’t have time to tell me everything. I’m leaving right now to get him out. I thought maybe you’d like to come with.’’
You nod and James opens the door to his SUV for you, leading you to take a seat in the back.
You stop right before getting in. ‘’What about my car?’’
You can’t exactly leave it in an open field.
‘’You can give the key to Jesse. He’ll get it home for you, on our way back we’ll stop to get the key back from him.’’
‘’Ok.’’ You take your car key off of your keychain and give it to Jesse.
James helps you up and he follows right behind, sitting next to you. The next 3 hours are going to be extremely long and painful.
Ransom had spent the 3 hours on his way there cursing at James and insulting him in his head. He kept seeing the sad look in your eyes when he told you he had to leave and he wouldn’t be able to reach you in any way, and the memory was just as painful every time.
He hated James for making him break the promise he had made to you to stay with you, he hated James for punishing him like he was just some punk kid who didn’t know how to get his head out of his own ass. He had proven time and time again that he was a good soldier, that he could be trusted and now that he has you, suddenly all that work has been thrown out of the window. Unfairly so.
He suspects that James liked that Ransom didn’t have anyone in his life; no significant other, no friends or family because it meant that all of his time was devoted to the family. Then, Ransom met you and he started splitting his time between you and them.
Why could they all have someone in their life except for him? Had they expected him to stay single for the rest of his life and just give them all of his time? Because that would be completely ridiculous.
Was he going to get punished every time he spent too much time with you, all according to James?
He’s about 90% sure that that is what’s going to happen and he’s already angry at James for it.
Thankfully he hadn’t been the one to drive because he had been so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t even see the 3 hours go by or how he got to his hotel.
He has a week long meeting in front of him, he used to hate them and he absolutely still does. Always have, always will. It’s a very safe way to do business but it’s a giant pain in the ass.
What Ransom has to do is meet with the possible gun suppliers that James talked about, they are going to get together every day and little by little they’ll get more information about the other.
The first day he met with the gun suppliers, he felt like something was off with them right off the bat. They seemed nervous, they tried to hide it but Ransom is really good at reading people. They were twitchy and they hesitated for too long whenever Ransom asked them a question.
Usually, gun suppliers are tough looking, they exude self-confidence and they know what they’re talking about. They don’t bullshit you, they don’t have the time to be jerking people around; time is money and if they waste time then they are losing money. Serious money.
The guys he met with were none of that. It almost felt like it was their first deal ever and he has no idea how James thought this was a good move for them.
He kept meeting with them, anyway. It’s not like he really had a choice. He couldn’t call anyone and the guy driving him home would only come back to pick him up on the very last day.
Needless to say, the meetings weren’t going well. Ransom had come in already angry because of James and his patience was extremely thin. The fact that the two guys he met with didn’t seem to know what the fuck they were talking about really didn’t help his patience or help Ransom calm down.
He barely even listened to them talk. Most of the time he just repeated "Who are those clowns? Where the hell did James find them?" Over and over again.
Around the fourth day, Ransom even started to suspect that there were probably no guns at this point. He wasn’t sure who was messing with him. The supposed gun suppliers or James.
If James made all of it up just to get him away from you, he was going to lose his goddamn mind.
His bad mood only worsened with every day that passed.
To help, Ransom could barely sleep. He couldn’t find a single comfortable position and he kept waking up and reaching around for you only to remember where he was and where you were.
Ransom was miserable without you, it’s as simple as that.
It’s no secret, Ransom’s family sucks. They always have, for as long as he can remember. They all treated each other like dirt and it didn’t matter if you were a kid or not, as long as you’re a Thrombey; they’ll treat you badly. He didn’t grow up with loving parents or with a fun aunt and uncle he’d look forward to seeing every holiday. His favorite family member was Harlan and even he would act like an asshole sometimes. It’s like it’s part of their DNA. Their assholeness is genetically encoded.
They were the only role models Ransom had, so of course he started acting like them. He was an asshole to absolutely everyone, he treated people like shit and he acted like he was above everyone else. He didn’t like people and they sure as hell didn’t like him.
He was good looking enough to get girls to tolerate him enough to have sex with him, but he never made any meaningful connection with any of them.
It was one night and then he was onto the next. Until he turned 24.
Why 24? He doesn’t know, but something went off inside of him at that age and he suddenly realized that he didn’t need to keep acting this way.
He managed to have more meaningful relationships after that, but they never lasted very long because his ‘’nature’’ would always come back out and bite him in the ass. He was great at self-sabotaging.
He never really cared if his relationships, romantic or otherwise, didn’t last long. He had made peace a long time ago with the fact that he wasn’t going to be the kind of man with a wife and kids, or friends he’d get together every Thursday to eat junk food with and watch the game of whatever sport they were into.
Then, he joined James’ family. He got to be a part of something, he got to care about other people and have them care for him too. He found himself having dinner regularly with all of them, or just some of them, and suddenly Ransom had something he never thought he would have; long lasting and meaningful relationships.
He liked to watch the guys and their families, almost all of them had girlfriends or wives. He liked to see how real families acted towards one another. Not all of them had good relationships, some of them had their own families that were just as toxic as the Thrombeys, but they all had relationships and after almost a year of being with them, he found himself craving that kind of life. The life he had accepted he’d never have. Now, he wanted it. He needed it. He just didn’t think he’d ever get it.
Until he met you. Then, everything changed.
From the first time you spoke to him, he knew. You were who he had been looking for. You turned his brain, and knees, into jello, you made his heart beat frantically, you made it hard for him to breathe but it was, somehow, easier to breathe when you were around, you made him want to be a good man. A better man. He wanted to be worthy of you, he wanted to be good enough for you so you’d consider maybe spending time with him.
When you didn’t push him away or reject him, Ransom thought he was dreaming. You were smiling at him, laughing at things he said, you didn’t push his hands away when he touched your shoulders or your back, you answered all of his calls and messages. You even agreed to meet his family only a week after meeting him and it made him so happy. More happy than you could ever know. Not because he wanted you to meet his nightmare of a family but because it felt… normal, it felt right. For the first time in his life he was doing normal relationship things and he found himself looking forward to doing those kinds of things with you.
Then he kissed you and you had let him. Not only that, you kissed him back.
His perfect girl liked him.
He wanted you in every sense of the word. He was completely in love with you, he knows that most people would say he’s crazy and he needs to calm down but it’s true. He loves you. He’d do anything for you, anything to make you happy and to make you smile.
Almost every night now, he would dream that you were his wife and mother of his kids.
He never wanted to have kids or at least he never really thought about having any, but with you? He’d have dozens of them.
Ransom kept all of it to himself, he didn’t want to scare you off but god if life worked in the way that he wanted it to you would have a ring on your finger already.
He doesn’t want a wedding. He wants a marriage, though he’d never pass up an opportunity to show to everyone how much he loves you.
This week away from you makes him realize just how much all of it is true. He needs you in his life, and he never wants to do anything that’d ruin what he has with you.
Which only makes him even angrier to think that James belittled his relationship with you like you were just another conquest to add to his list.
Ransom understands the dynamic of the family, the hierarchy, and he’s always respected it.
But who the hell does James think he is to meddle in his relationship? Telling him he needed to chill? That maybe you wouldn’t be with him a month from now?
It’s almost as if James doesn’t want Ransom to be happy, because if he is then it means he’d lose his perfect little soldier that does whatever he’s told, anytime, any day.
As he lays in his bed awake in the middle of the night, Ransom realizes how much you changed his life since you walked in it. He truly is miserable without you and all he thinks about is getting home to you. That’s all he wants, almost all he thinks about.
He misses your smile, your laugh. He misses watching you work and take care of your employees. He misses watching your nose scrunch up when he kisses it, he misses kissing you and holding you. He misses absolutely everything.
Ransom covers his eyes by throwing his arm over them, groaning. ‘’Fuck.’’
‘’Suck it up, man. You’ll be home in a couple of days.’’ He tells himself as he tries to fall back asleep.
As the week goes by, his feeling about the suppliers doesn’t change. He truly thinks that they’ve been jerking him around, he just doesn’t know why.
Finally, the last day came and he just had to meet with them one final time to hash out some of the details and then he’d be on his way home to you.
As a show of good faith, Ransom agreed to meet with them in a location of their choice.
Ransom shows up on time, as usual, and waits for them. An hour goes by and they still hadn’t shown up, further adding to his feeling that something wasn’t right.
He is getting seriously pissed. He absolutely hates when people are late, especially when they are making him late to see you.
After he leaves, he’ll still have a 3-hour drive before he finally gets to see you again. He needs to leave as soon as possible so that he can get home as soon as possible.
‘’What the hell is happening here?’’ He mumbles under his breath, fuming.
Soon enough, Ransom gets his answer as a bunch of cars pull up, caging him in. Everything happens so fast that he barely has time to understand what is happening, though the flashing red and blue lights made it pretty obvious.
‘’Police! On the ground! Hands behind your head!’’ Someone yells at him.
‘’Shit.’’ He says through gritted teeth as he slowly gets on his knees, hands clasped behind his head. He lays on the ground, face down and waits.
A few seconds later someone is standing above him, putting a cold bracelet on one of his wrists then bringing his hands behind his back, one after the other, and finally his other wrist gets the matching cold bracelet.
An officer pats him down while he’s still laying on the ground and he thanks whatever guardian angel that was watching over him that convinced him to leave his gun in his suitcase. It had been a dangerous move, coming to a meeting unarmed, but he had a feeling it was best if he didn’t bring anything with him.
Two officers pull him up from the ground and one of them starts reading him his rights as they walk him over to one of the SUVs. The door gets opened for him and he’s shoved into the back, the door being slammed shut right after.
Ransom lets his head fall back against the headrest and he closes his eyes. ‘’All I want is to get home to my girl.’’ He whines, barely audible.
He’s taken to the police station and they allow him one phone call before they throw him in a cell.
Though he’s tempted to call you, Ransom decides to call James.
‘’James? It’s me.’’
‘’Yeah… Listen. I need you to get a lawyer down here and fast. I just got arrested.’’
‘’Ok. Hang tight. She’ll be there soon, I’m on my way too.’’
‘’Can you call my girl? Tell her what happened? I don’t want her to worry.’’
James hesitates. ‘’Yeah, ok.’’
‘’Thanks.’’ An officer tells him that his time is up. ‘’I have to hang up. Hurry please.’’
The same officer takes the phone out of his hands and hangs up for him. He motions for Ransom to stand up and he takes him to his cell. He massages his wrists as soon as the handcuffs are off, whoever had put them on him clearly gets off on cutting off blood flow to the hands.
He sits down on the cold bench and waits, that’s all he can do for now.
Ransom doesn’t know how much time goes by before his lawyer finally shows up.
They take him to a private room where they’ll be able to speak freely. As soon as the door is shut, he turns to look at her.
‘’What the fuck happened? Why am I here?’’ He almost yells.
She gestures for him to lower his voice. ‘’They received an anonymous tip, saying there was a man that was either selling or trying to sell weapons. Illegal ones.’’
He frowns. No one knew about where he was or what he was doing, he highly doubts the suppliers he met with are the ones who called in the tip because they knew there wouldn’t be any transaction made today.
‘’They don’t have a case. You weren’t armed, you weren’t doing anything illegal, you didn’t have money or weapons of any kind with you or on you. They’ll have no choice but to release you.’’
‘’Good. Can they do it now? I have somewhere I gotta be.’’ Ransom huffs.
‘’I’m sorry, Ransom. They are allowed to keep you for 48 hours without evidence. They won’t release you until then.’’
‘’Are you kidding me? You’re telling me I’m going to be stuck here for two whole fucking days when I didn’t do anything?’’
‘’They are legally allowed to do that, which means there’s nothing I can do to help speed along the process. With your rap sheet alone they have cause enough to keep you here while they are trying to find any evidence that the tip wasn’t bogus. I’ll still look to see if there’s anything I can do, but sadly I think the only choice we have is to wait.’’
Unfortunately she was right. They did keep him for 48 hours, not a minute less. He had no way to tell time, no clocks around, and it drove him absolutely crazy to not be able to know when he’d be let go.
‘’On your feet, Drysdale. You’re free to go.’’ An officer opens the door to let him out of the cell.
‘’About damn time.’’ He says under his breath as he walks out.
His lawyer is waiting for him at the front desk, to hopefully speed up him being processed out.
While she reads over all the paperwork, Ransom puts on all his jewelry they made him take off. His rings, his watch and his chain.
‘’James is waiting for you outside.’’ His lawyer informs him as he signs the forms after she told him it was ok to do so.
‘’Good. I gotta get home.’’
As he puts down his last signature, he has half a mind to throw the pencil at the poor clerk’s head but stops himself. One, it wasn’t the clerk’s fault and two, he is still in the police station and he’s being watched like he’s prey. Like they’re all hoping he’s going to do something, anything to allow them to arrest him again.
Unfortunately for them, Ransom’s need to be with you is stronger than his need for petty revenge. It took one fucking hour of paperwork before he could finally walk out.
The lawyer kept giving James updates about Ransom. Why he was there, what were the charges, when he’d be able to get out.
‘’She says they don’t have a choice but to let him out. They don’t have anything to get the charges to stick. They are allowed to keep him for 48 hours without charging him, then they’ll let him go.’’ James tells you after hanging up with the lawyer.
You let out a long sigh of relief. ‘’That’s good.’’ You smile.
The next 48 hours are going to be excruciatingly long, but now that you’re sure Ransom will get out they’ll go by a lot easier.
At the 48-hour mark, the SUV is parked in front of the police station. You, James and his driver/bodyguard all get out of the car and wait for Ransom to get out.
After 15 minutes of waiting, you start to get agitated.
‘’Is it normal that it’s taking this long for him to come out?’’ You ask James nervously.
‘’Yes. There’s a lot of paperwork to sign. Don't worry, sweetheart. The lawyer is in there with him, if anything happens she'll let us know immediately."
You nod, only slightly reassured.
40 minutes in, you can't stand still anymore so you start pacing. Much to James and his driver's dismay.
"Sweetheart, I know this is all new to you and it's making you anxious but you gotta stop pacing. You're making me anxious."
You stop moving immediately, embarrassed.
"I'm sorry."
"It's ok." He smiles. "It shouldn't be too long now." He looks at his watch. "Another 20 minutes. 30 max."
You manage to stand still for exactly 7 minutes, the driver timed you, before you start pacing again.
"Sweetheart." James sighs.
"I'm sorry. I can't help it." You stop moving again.
"Maybe you should wait in the car?"
"No. No. I'll be good. I promise."
You didn't want Ransom to come out of the police station and think that only James wanted to see him.
15 minutes later, James taps on your shoulder and nods towards the door. ‘’Here he comes.’’
The lawyer is the first one to walk out and she smiles when she sees you. She knew you were there but didn’t tell Ransom to surprise him. Though she almost told him a few times just to shut him up and stop him from complaining about how he needs to go home, NOW.
As Ransom walks out of the police station, he’s slightly blinded by the sun. The only light source he’s seen recently are neons. He blinks a few times to help his eyes adjust and when they finally do, the first person he sees is James.
Suddenly his anger is back and he wants to scream at him for sending him into a damn trap but then he sees you. Almost all of his anger evaporates when your eyes meet.
‘’My baby.’’ He grins.
You finally relax when you see him.
‘’Ransom.’’ You grin back as you walk over to him to meet him halfway.
‘’Come here.’’ He grabs you by the hips and pulls you to his chest, quickly wrapping his arms around your waist.
He hides his face in your neck and inhales deeply, breathing in the smell of your shampoo, your soap and everything else that makes you smell like you. His anger dissipates completely the moment he gets his arms around you.
You wrap your arms around his middle and hold onto him with your hands laying flat on his back, fighting everything in you that tells you to take fistfuls of his suit jacket to make sure he’s not going anywhere.
Ransom peppers your neck with kisses. ‘’I missed you angel. You have no idea how much.’’
You chuckle. ‘’I missed you too. A lot.’’
‘’Yeah?’’ He pulls his head away from your neck to look at you, a big smile on his lips.
‘’You have no idea how much.’’ You tease him.
‘’I want to kiss you so bad right now.’’ He groans. ‘’But I haven’t brushed my teeth in almost 3 days and I feel disgusting.’’
You laugh and move your hands to rest on his chest. ‘’Let’s get you some toothpaste and then we can catch up.’’
He kisses your forehead. ‘’Thank you for being here.’’
‘’I’ll always be there for you.’’ You smile and let him guide you back to the car.
Though Ransom was surprised to see you at first, after James’ whole speech of putting some distance between you and him, it didn’t take long for him to understand what James’ strategy had been.
James had brought you along because he knew that Ransom was going to be absolutely furious and ready to explode, he also knew that Ransom would never allow himself to act like this in front of you. He bought himself 3 hours of peace, but he couldn’t use you as a shield forever.
You sit on the other side of the backseat, while Ransom lays down on the empty seats. He puts his head on your lap and looks up at you. ‘’Is it ok if I sleep?’’
You smile. ‘’Of course.’’
Ransom closes his eyes and you start running your fingers through his hair, helping him fall asleep.
He feels so much better now that you’re here with him. Like he can finally breathe again.
Though you still have a 3-hour ride in front of you to get you back to your house, Ransom already feels like he’s home.
For him home isn’t a house, it’s a person. His person. You. And as long as he has you with him, he’ll never be away from home again.
Tumblr media
As mentioned in a seperate post, there might not be an update on Wednesday. I have a little bit of a writer’s block for chapter 11 and I haven’t written a whole lot. I apologize.
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