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#ransom drysdale angst
christowhore · 2 months ago
I saw that you love cheating and so do I and I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations?
the cheating trope is one of my favs to read and write (even though i completely despise it in real life). now i’m not too sure which character you wanted.
here are a few that i have read, loved, and highly recommend ! (please make sure to reblog and comment the fics below, your interaction goes a long way)
*some of these fics contain mature (smut) content. 18+ only, minors DO NOT interact. read ALL warnings.
steve rogers
me and my husband - @shedobewritingalittle
nothing breaks like a heart - @ghost-of-winters-past
dirty secrets series - @niffala
fight of flight - @dollslayer
pineapple soda over affairs - @writersbuck
the lemonade collection series - @mypassionsarenysins
no more love - @rogerslovesstark
memories - @holylulusworld
say something series- @just-one-ordinary-fangirl
vibranium pinky - @andysbubba
breathe - @my-emotional-self
you told me - @lfzyxf
love me till august - @ambrosiase
you should be sad - @simsadventures
ransom drysdale
last kiss - @americasass91
beginning of the end - @fairyevans
it’s over - @chuckbass-love
chris evans
not your yellow - @hisroyalmajesty
bucky barnes
rendezvous - @darlingsteve
betrayal series - @mrslilyrogers
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the-iceni-bitch · a month ago
The Bitch is Back
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: ~2.8k
Summary: You run into Ransom’s cunt of an ex again and it goes about as well as expected.
Warnings: explicit language, Ransom looking like a whole snack, fluff, that blonde bitch, Linda being a cunt, extremely abusive language and allusions to past emotional abuse, more angst than I had intended, my undying love for these two idiots, too many feelings
A/N: I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her! Sorry everyone, the angst took over this one and what I had intended to be another fun romp a la Girl Fight turned into a pit of emotion that I couldn’t dig myself out of. I’m gonna go cry.
Tumblr media
“Baby, you know we can just go home, right?” Ransom gave you a tired but indulgent smile when he looked at you, tucking his fingers under your chin and tilting your head back so he could look into your eyes while you swallowed thickly.
“No, I’m not gonna give your mother the satisfaction of seeing me duck out of this thing.” You got that stubborn set to your jaw that told him to quit trying to take care of you, because proving to his bitch mother you could actually make it through one of these stupid events without causing some kind of scene was more important than your comfort right now.
You felt bile rise in your throat and swallowed it again. This was fucking ridiculous, you weren’t even on a boat, just the dock. But you still felt like you were going to vomit at any second, watching the motion of the boats rocking on the water making your gut lurch. It almost made you wonder if Linda knew about your stomach’s aversion to being on water when she had insisted on the two of you attending their fucking sailing club’s final regatta. 
“Here we go, one scopolamine patch.” You could’ve kissed Anne when she handed it to you, grateful that Ben’s boat was moored in this marina so you didn’t have to spend the rest of this stupid thing constantly swallowing your own vomit. “Why didn’t you bring your own?”
“She said she’d be fine if she didn’t actually go on the boats.” Ransom ignored the glare you shot him when he talked to Anne over your head, rubbing your arm softly when he pulled you closer to him.
“Did I tell you how much I hate that you two get along?” You frowned when Ransom pressed his lips to your hair, slapping the patch on your neck and sighing when you felt your stomach start to settle.
Anne just laughed at you, shaking her head as she sipped on her cocktail and leaned against Ben. The fact that this guy actually treated you like you deserved did a lot to endear him to her, even if he was an asshole sometimes.
You had been worried at first about introducing Anne to Ransom’s idiot friends, no matter how much they had grown on you. But your friend could hold her own, her no nonsense attitude endearing her to the girls as she chewed out Logan for some dumbass comment while Dylan and Chaz just chuckled that now there were two of you.
This was one of the few things that you actually felt out of your element with, since you could not give a single fuck about sailing with your stupid seasickness. But you could tell Ran was enjoying himself, and every fucking time he got near the water he looked so fucking windswept and dreamy so it was well worth the nausea. That was all gone now though, the scopolamine making you feel just the tiniest bit drowsy and pleasantly warm while Ran pulled you tight against his chest as he whistled for his team’s boat between nuzzling himself into your hair with pleased little hums. Even Linda giving you some vicious side eye couldn’t break you out of your good mood, the warmth of Ransom wrapped around you like a balm for your typical nervous energy. Then you heard Jess mutter an “oh shit” and the sound of a bratty, whiny voice broke right through your pleasant haze and made your spine stiffen.
“Rannie?” That fucking blonde bitch would show up to something like this, just to ruin your day. “I thought that was you. Oh, still with your tramp, I see.”
“Sloane.” His grip around you grew almost painfully tight, growling into your neck as he did his best to take deep breaths. “Don’t you have some puppies to skin, or something?”
You grabbed his hand and wound your fingers through his as you felt him tense up, pressing your lips to the inside of his wrist in an attempt to help him calm down. It had been your sincere hope that after you beat the shit out of this cunt you would never have to see her again, but when had you ever been that lucky?
“Aww, Rannie, thought you couldn’t talk without this bitch’s permission.” She looked mildly uncomfortable when you shifted your gaze to her, your eyes narrowing in a warning that she chose to ignore. “Been missing you a whole lot, baby, when’re you gonna stop slumming around?”
“What the fuck do you want, Sloane?” You were chanting over and over in your head that you were not going to fight this cunt, catching Anne starting to square up from the corner of your eye and giving her a small shake of the head to get her to stand down.
“I’m not talking to you, slut.” She must’ve been drunk, you had definitely taught her her lesson last time. “Just because you can give this bastard a good, sloppy fuck doesn’t mean you get to keep him. You don’t know what he really needs, and he’s too fucking stupid to tell you. God, you’re only sticking with him because he’s such a good fuck, right? That’s like, his only redeeming quality, except for the money. And you and your low class pussy don’t even know what to do with such a fine piece of eye candy.”
“Ok, you need to leave, Sloane.” Ransom may have been full of the anxiety he always felt around his ex, but the way your whole body was wound tight like a spring let him know you were ready to get violent. So he pressed a brief, soothing kiss to your hair and moved to guide this drunk bitch away from another beating.
“Don’t you fucking touch me, god, you really are a fucking moron.” Sloane jerked away from him when he tried to guide her away from your group, turning and sneering derisively at him. “Fuck’s sake, Linda was right, she really should have aborted you so we wouldn’t have to deal with your stupid bull shit.”
“What the fuck did you just say?” You reached your arm out to grip Ransom’s shoulder on instinct when he recoiled like he had been slapped, pulling him towards you protectively as you stared disbelieving at the people around you. “What the fuck did she just say?”
Sloane was just grinning at you wickedly as she sipped on her drink, like she had never and would never do anything wrong in her life. You almost forgot your promise you’d made to not get yourself kicked out of this event, but then Ran was clutching at your waist and making a choked sound and you turned back to him with concern.
There was no one to hold back Anne though, and she hadn’t made any promises about being on her best behavior. So she handed Ben her purse and punched that bitch right in the jaw.
You just gave a grateful look to your best friend before she bitch slapped that twat, security already starting to rush towards the fight as you guided Ransom towards the parking lot while he tried to regulate his breathing.
“Baby? Hey, Ran, look at me.” You’d never seen him look so completely lost, his eyes glistening with pent up emotion when you finally got him to look at you and you felt your heart break. “Oh honey, can you make it to the car?” He just nodded at you as another strangled sob escaped his throat and every fiber of your being ached to give him some form of comfort. “Ok, gimme the keys.”
He handed them to you and you wound your arm around him to guide him towards the beemer, letting him lean heavily on your shoulder and murmuring soft, soothing noises to him as you tried to think of something you could do for him. You knew that bitch was an abusive piece of work but Ran had been so hesitant to talk about it and you didn’t want to push him about it before he was ready, but if the way he reacted to her barb was any indication of how she treated him you might end up killing that bitch.
Ransom’s breathing seemed even more ragged by the time you reached the beemer, barely giving you a chance to shove the front seat down so the two of you could climb into the back and you could instruct him to stretch out over your lap. Your own throat was starting to get tight when he let out a wretched sob, the fingers of one hand running through his hair while the other smoothed over his chest as you watched his face closely.
“Baby, I need you to breathe for me, ok?” You were trying your best to keep your voice low and even, taking a deep breath and waiting for him to mirror your actions until he was pressing his face to your stomach with a piteous whine once his breathing had regulated slightly. “That’s it, you’re doing so good, Ran, just keep breathing.” 
He sighed deeply when you continued murmuring soft words of praise to him, his fingers curling over yours on his chest as he looked up at you and felt the softness of your gaze spread like warmth through his body. 
“I’m sorry.” He moaned when you pulled gently on his hair, his voice raspy with the tears he’d managed to swallow.
“No, baby.” You curled over him and brushed your lips over his forehead, trying not to cry when he wrapped his arms around your neck and let out another shaky breath. “You don’t apologize, ever, you hear me?”
“I thought I was over this shit.” He buried his face in your neck and breathed deep, your warm scent washing over him and finally making him relax. “I don’t want to put this on you.”
“Listen to me, Ransom.” You pulled back a little so you could gaze into his eyes, resting your forehead against his and maneuvering until you were laying next to him across the backseat. “I don’t know if you really think I’m just with you for the sex or what, but when I say I love you, I fucking mean it. I love all of you, so much, and that means that you can put all of it on me, ok? I’m not going anywhere.”
“Fuck, I love you, too.” He whined when you pressed your lips to his gently, drinking you in and pulling you to him as tight as possible when you let him deepen the kiss. “Need you so much.”
“I know, Ransom, I’m here.” You moved your lips up to his cheeks when he finally let his tears start to fall, kissing each one that stained his cheeks as you splayed your body over his while he held you. “My sweet boy, it’s ok. Let go for me, baby.”
He buried his face in your shoulder and did as you asked. It wasn’t loud or dramatic, but you could feel the warm wetness of his tears against the bare flesh of your neck while his chest heaved against yours. You cooed soft words of encouragement into his hair as he wept, letting a few of your own tears fall as you felt the tension slowly seep from his body.
Neither of you were sure how long you laid there tangled with each other, but eventually Ransom felt the last of the pain drain out of him until he was sinking against the seat with exhaustion. Having you there with him was like a balm for his soul, the way your eyes moved to search his once you felt him let out a deep sigh making his lips quirk in a small smile. His eyes were brilliantly blue from the tears he had shed, but you could see a glimmer of something hopeful there, and that made you relax. You sighed when he framed your face with his hands and pulled your lips back to his, the kiss chaste but full of emotion that he was too exhausted to vocalize at the moment.
“You ready to go home?” You pressed your hand over his heart when you leaned back a little, glad to feel that it had slowed down to a normal rhythm as he nodded for you. “Ok, you just stay back here and rest, alright? When we get home I’m gonna draw us a nice bath and we’ll just spend the rest of the day vegging.”
“That sounds good.” He watched you climb back into the front seat with a deep breath, squeezing your hand when you let it linger on his chest before letting you pull it away with reluctance.
You peeked at him through the rear view mirror before pulling out, relieved when you watched his eyes drift closed as he sagged into the seat and let his exhaustion take over. It almost hurt you how much you loved that man, and if you ever saw that cunt who hurt him again, there was a good chance you were going to jail for him.
Ransom was still dozing by the time you pulled up to the house, but he roused quickly when he felt you shake him awake. He let you help him out of the car and smiled warmly at you when you brought your hand up to cup his jaw, humming contentedly when you let him bury his face in your hair as you guided him into the house.
You pressed a kiss to his cheek once you were inside and instructed him to go to the en suite while you got some wine, watching him closely as he headed up the stairs before moving to grab a good bottle from the rack. There was a buzzing from your purse and you pulled out your phone, texting Anne that everything was ok and no, you didn’t need her to smash that bitch’s windows in. She was detailing all the ways she was going to fuck that cunt up and making you chuckle when suddenly the last caller ID you expected flashed across your screen.
“Can I help you with something, Linda?” You poured the Syrah into a decanter and moved to grab a couple of glasses, curious why exactly she was calling you.
“Y/N…” she sounded massively uncomfortable but you could not bring yourself to give a single fuck. “I just… I heard what Sloane said and I wanted to make sure Ransom was alright. He wasn’t answering my calls though.”
“Good for him.” You chewed on your lip as you considered what you wanted to say to her. “Was she lying?”
“Did you tell your own child you should have aborted him? Or was that abusive cunt you kept forcing down your son’s throat being a lying bitch?” 
“I never… I didn’t tell him.” She still sounded like she thought she was in the right, and you might have spit in her face if she was in front of you.
“Oh, but you said it, didn’t you?” You sneered and downed the glass of wine you’d poured when you saw her number pop up. She didn’t deny it, and you quickly moved to pour yourself another glass. “You’re a fucking piece of work, Linda.”
“I don’t have to explain myself to you.” You could  practically hear her spine straightening over the phone and you rolled your eyes at her. “You don’t know what it was like trying to raise him. Stubborn and spoiled and…”
“Goodbye, Linda. Don’t fucking call either of us again.” You hung up before she could continue, tossing your phone across the counter and draining your glass before grabbing the decanter and glasses before heading upstairs.
“Hey, baby.” He was already soaking when you walked into the steam filled en suite, his head leaning back against the edge of the drop in tub and giving you a lazy grin. “You have trouble picking a wine?”
“No.” You set the decanter and glasses on the tray at the tub’s edge and pinned your hair off your neck before getting undressed and sliding into the water with him. “I had to talk to your mother.” 
“Oh, you had to?” He pulled you against his chest and sighed when you tucked your face into his neck.
“Yeah, I wanted to make sure she didn’t disturb us for the rest of the weekend.” You took a deep breath when he started trailing his fingers over your spine, the warmth of the water seeping through your body and helping you relax as you sank into him. “You wanna talk about what happened?”
“Later.” His arms wound tightly around you, nuzzling into your hair and breathing in the scent of you that always made him feel like he was home. “Just wanna hold you for now.”
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sstan-hoe · 26 days ago
𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙊𝙡𝙚' 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩𝙮 | 𝙍.𝘿
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — Ransom can get really soft when he didn’t see Y/N for days
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — First time writing Ransom!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Taglist | Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Don't go wasting your emotion, lay all your love on me…” You sang as you cooked yourself dinner, the music was on full volume and how couldn’t it be when it was ABBA.
Ransom stepped into the building of your apartment with the intention to surprise you, it was actually planned that he would come by tomorrow, but he couldn’t wait to see you, he had missed you so much.
He could already hear from the hallway that you were listening to ABBA and had to smile to himself.
Ransom pulled the keys to your apartment out and when he unlocked the door he could smell the faint aroma of pancakes, your favourite dish.
You didn’t notice that Ransom walked in and kept seeing while turning the pancakes, when you turned your body to the door you saw Ransom leaning against the frame. It took you a second to realize that Ransom was standing there.
“Ransom!” You squealed as you fell out of your trance and jumped into his arms. “I thought you were coming tomorrow.” You beamed at him.
“I missed you too much sunflower.” He replied with a smile lacing at his lips, ‘sunflower’ was a nickname Ransom had for you since your first date where you told him that your favourite flower was the sunflower, and you wore a yellow dress with big a sunflower on the right side.
“I missed you too!” You beamed at him with excitement. “Come on I was just making dinner, I have enough for two.” You told him and whirled yourself around in his arms.
You grasped his hand. “You can set the table.” You ordered and he walked over to the cabinet with the plates and bowls to get everything including the cutlery.
Ransom went to the dining room where the music was blasting where turned the volume down. “Are turning my ABBA down?!” You called from the kitchen making him grimace. “Yes, sunflower but-“ “Nope no you don’t turn ABBA down.” You lectured him as you walked out of the kitchen.
In response Ransom playfully rolled his eyes at you making you slap his arm.
“You do know that pancakes are actually for breakfast yeah?” Ransom said as you took your first bite. “Says who?” You asked him with raised brows and Ransom huffed. “Everyon’.”
“Sure and I’m the Queen.” “You are a Queen.” Smooth asshole you thought and blushed like an idiot.
“Anyway…I think you can it at breakfast, lunch and dinner because there is no rule if it’s your favourite dish.” You noted with raised head to give your statement more authority.
“Does that mean I can have you everytime of the day?” “What?” You questioned him as you blushed again.
“Eat your food.” You pointed at the food and gave him a proving look. “Yes sunflower.” Ransom said and began to eat his food.
“Sunflower?” Ransom whispered into the dark. “Ran it’s in the middle of the night.” You grumbled as you turned your back to him. “Something doesn’t feel right.” He stated ignoring your grumbles.
“Ransom…” You grumbled once more as you tuned your upper half to him.
“It’s you, you aren’t cuddling with me!” He concluded and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you onto his chest. Your arms went around his neck automatically. “Happy?” You mumbled against him.
“Very.” Ransom smiled and nuzzled his nose into your neck.
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 —
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andysbubba · a month ago
his thoughts
-> ransom comes home angry, a fight ensues but none of you can go to bed angry.
a/n | fluff and angst? ransom's insecure and it just makes him push away the reader :(( enjoy the fic!!
Tumblr media
You barely registered the loud slam of the front door and the heavy stomps that followed. Ransom comes into the living room, and instantly headed into the kitchen- not even bothering to address you.
You caught on immediately that the Thrombey family meeting didn't go well at all. As per usual. So you stood up from your seat on the couch and followed him into the kitchen where he was tugging off his coat and reaching into the fridge for a drink.
He rolls his eyes as he chugs the beer down, completely ignoring you.
You stepped towards him, taking his free hand into yours and you press soft kisses on his knuckles. "What happened, babe?"
Ransom snatches his hand away from you, the frown still carved in his lips. "Oh— fucking hell. Will you fucking stop crowding me?" He snaps, turning away from you as he leans against the counter.
He knows he screwed up as soon as those words left his mouth, but his pride wasn't gonna let him apologise. It really wasn't his fault that his mouth works faster than his brain.
You were used to this, still- it doesn't sting in your heart any less painful. Again, still, it's Ransom you're talking about here. So really, you kinda know not to take it to heart— which again, doesn't make it any less painful.
Ransom wanted to apologise- he really did. But no matter how much he wanted to force the words out, it just couldn't get past his lips.
"Hey," You grab him by the sides of the blue sweater he's wearing, forcing him to turn around even though he hesitated. You cupped his cheeks, thumbs rubbing gently against his cheekbones. "Y'know you can talk to me about it, Ran."
This is usually where he breaks, the part where he'd just pull you into his chest and nuzzle into your hair. But instead, the frown he had on his face turned into something more glum and sad. As much as he wants to let himself sink into your touch, he doesn't think he deserves it.
Ransom lets his fingers curl around your wrists, dreading the feeling of prying your hands off him. But he does it anyway, puts up the emotionless Ransom act just so he wouldn't have to deal with what he's really feeling. "Fuck– just leave me alone, alright?" He huffs, picking up his coat and trudges out of the kitchen, leaving the empty can of beer behind and you listen to the sound of his feet stomping on the steps on his way up to the bedroom.
You know it's better to let him cool off a little before you go after him– let him think on his own or whatever. But your gut feeling tells you that it wouldn't be so easy to get through him tonight. That glum look he had on his face earlier on? That's not your Ransom.
You wrapped up your work, shutting down your laptop and stacking all the files you need for work tomorrow. That itself took about half an hour, so you decided that it was probably time to go up and head to bed, maybe talk to Ransom if he actually feels like talking.
He was sitting up against the headboard when you came in, chest bare and his hands holding open a book– probably a new piece that he's supposed to read through and edit or something. He barely looked up at you, just a simple glance over his metal-frame glasses before he's back to reading the words off the book.
If you weren't just a little pissed at him, you would've walked over and gave him a kiss on his nose just because he looks so goddamn irresistible in those glasses. But well, you're pissed. And obviously, Ransom wasn't going to start the conversation or even try to apologise with how he doesn't even bother to acknowledge your presence.
You hated it– the silence between you two, and you could only hear him flipping the pages every couple of minutes and the shuffling of your own movements as you got yourself ready for bed. The silence was too loud and you knew you would never fall asleep if you even tried to.
You grabbed your phone off the dresser as you head to the bed, deciding to grab your favourite pillow as well. You quickly thought about grabbing one of Ransom's too, knowing you'd have trouble sleeping without his scent. But you quickly threw the idea away, not wanting him to get the satisfaction of seeing you needing him just to sleep.
Ransom caught your movements through the corner of his eyes, and his heart beats just a little faster as he clears his throat. "Where you goin'?" He plays off the pressure blooming in his heart even though it's already making his brain overthink things.
Is this the part where you're just gonna go and leave him? Or you've just had enough of him?
"I'm not gonna go to sleep beside you when there's obviously something both of us aren't happy about." You stated simply in reply, barely looking at him before you're turning to leave the room.
He knows he should've gone after you, told you to stay. The bed's different without you sleeping in it beside him. When the door shuts behind you, he lets out a sigh, pulling the glasses off and throwing the book aside, watching as both items bounce lightly on your side of the bed– the one you should be sleeping in.
He considers picking the book up so he can continue with his annotations and edit anything he doesn't find right about it. But even he knows he's too out of his mind to even focus on it. He's worried and it's sending his brain into overdrive. It's making him paranoid about losing you and he hates the feeling.
Ransome picks the book and glasses up, setting those on his nightstand before he switches off the lamp and shuffles down on the bed. His arm instinctively reached over to your side of the bed, realising that the other side's cold and empty and nothing like what he's used to.
His finger clenches around your pillow that you left behind, pulling it to him as he buries his nose in your scent. He'll never tell you this, but he's gotten so used to you, your cuddles and your scent that he just cannot go to sleep without it.
He huffs, lying flat on the bed as he stares up at the ceiling, looking at the neon stars you had insisted on pasting on the ceiling. He'd never admit it, but the childish view really stuck with him and he actually finds it comforting now.
Ransom knows you're only going to the guest room down the hall but what if he wakes up tomorrow and you're nowhere home? What if you just decide that you've had enough of him and you just leave? Fuck– what if you're tired of all his crap and you decide that you deserve so, so much better than him?
Everything about the bed was wrong. The mattress is too soft, it's like you're sinking into the ground. The pillows are too new and it just smells like detergent, except for the pillow that you brought over from you and Ransom's room.
You weren't used to this– not feeling his arms around you while you sleep or not smelling his aftershave as you dozed off. It was different, and you hated the feeling.
Even as you hugged the pillow into your chest and clamped another between your legs, it still isn't comfortable enough for you to just fall asleep. You should've at least sneaked one of Ransom's shirt before you left the room. It wasn't him but it'd be a pretty decent alternative.
Ransom drags his feet as he trudges down the hallway. He's slept in the guest room once and he knows the pillows were too soft so he was just hugging the pillow you left to his chest. Just in case, y'know– you'd be too mad at him to even let him hug you.
He was scared to go in, but he just got jealous when he sees you sleeping with your back facing the door. He almost lets a humourless chuckle leave his lips. There he was, needing you just for him to sleep while you're there and sound asleep without him.
There's an annoying voice at the back of his head telling him that you don't need him as much as he needs you. But there's something else tugging at his heartstrings, begging for him to climb in beside you and join you on the bed.
For once? Ransom listens to the second voice.
You heard the shuffling of his feet against the floorboards and you instantly pretended to be asleep, heart thumping loudly against your chest as you hear the door creak open and a streak of light peek in. There was a quick glimpse of his shadow moving into the room before the door closes shut.
He hesitated before he climbs in beside you, the mattress sinking as he puts his palm on the bed. He knows it was too late to back out when he lies beside you, trying to decide between wrapping his arm around you or just hugging your pillow that he brought over.
Ransom took a deep breath as he lies on his side, one hand sliding under the pillow his head's on and the other shifts to go over your torso. He decided that there was nothing else to lose since he already threw away his pride when he entered the guest room. He pulls you against his chest, before his palm just rests awkwardly by your chest.
"I know you're mad." He sighs, thinking you're asleep so he can let the words spill out of his mouth. He kept his voice low because the last thing he wants to do is to wake you up. "You can scream at me tomorrow if you want to. Just let me hug you first."
You could've turned right then, wrap your arm around him so his hand isn't so awkwardly planted on the bed. But for some reason, you wanted to hear what else he was gonna say.
"I love you." He says, and he leans down to press a kiss against your hair. "I can't lose you– but you deserve so much better, baby."
Your stomach churned at his tone, feeling your eyes water at just how vulnerable he sounds. You couldn't bring yourself to turn, instead just waiting as he continues with whatever's on his mind.
"They said I don't deserve you." He takes a shaky breath. "That you'd be better off with someone who isn't an emotionless scumbag."
You turned immediately, seeing how his eyes were teary before it widens at your sudden movement. "Ransom." Your palm cups his jaw as your mind thoroughly registers what he said. "You're the only one I need, alright?"
"You were up the whole time?" He chuckles breathlessly before he blinks away the tears in his eyes.
"Ran," You ignored his question, instead opting to lean up and kiss his forehead. "They're fucking wrong, okay? You mean the whole world to me, Ransom. I love you."
He shakes his head and he glances away to avoid looking at you. "They're right, y'know. You can do so much better than–" He scoffs, his bottom lip quivering and it only makes your heart breaks for him. "Me."
It pissed him off when they said it, when his own family members said that he's an asshole who doesn't deserve a sweetheart like you. Walt said that you'll just leave him someday when you see just how much of a mess he is.
Your thumbs rubbed over his cheekbones gently. "Baby, c'mon– don't listen to them, okay? I fucking love you. There's no one else I want, baby. And you're not an emotionless scumbag, okay? They don't see what I see. I'm all yours, alright? No one else matters. Just you, Ransom."
You push yourself up, bending your elbow and lean your head on your palm. Your thumb wipes the stray tear on his cheek.
"You can't tell anyone I cried."
You hum, letting your free hand rest on his cheek as he stares up at you. "You're pretty when you cry."
"First and last time, sweetheart." He huffs, even though there's a glint in his eyes. He takes your hand, bringing it to his lips and softly kissing your knuckles. "I'm sorry."
"Can I still scream at you tomorrow?"
"You can do anything you want as long as you promise you'll love me forever."
ransom *heart eyeshshsgdhshzhsh* drysdale
i just know that this man would be the softest asshole when he finds the right person for him. god, i just wanna ch*ke him for being so cute.
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If You Love Me, Let Me Hear You
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader
Word count: 8120 (Am I okay???)
Summary: Ransom and reader are idiots in love, but they haven’t told each other that yet. Ransom lets himself be vulnerable for the first time.
Warnings: soft!Ransom, explicit language, explicit sexual content (18+ only!!!!! - sprinkle of praise kink, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex (m/f), vaginal fingering, mildly subby Ransom, squirting (oops), calling Ransom daddy but not full-blown daddy kink???), mention of loss of virginity, brief mention of insecurity in appearance, suggestive teasing, teeny bit of angst, too-sweet fluff bc I need it to survive... Please let me know if I missed anything!
This fic is extremely self-indulgent. I am plus-size, so I obviously wrote this envisioning myself as the reader. However, I kept the mention of size brief. I don’t think I’ve written anything hinting at race/ethnicity, so I really hope this is something all can enjoy.
Please see end for A/N. :) This is unbeta’d because I was afraid of chickening out of posting!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics​!
Tumblr media
You met Ransom Drysdale at an event at his grandfather Harlan’s estate celebrating the release of his latest novel. It was the first event you coordinated in your new position as Harlan’s assistant, and you were positive that everyone in the room could feel your anxiety rolling off of you in waves. In spite of your self-imposed “no alcohol at work functions” rule, you ordered an amaretto sour, figuring it wasn’t that strong, just syrupy sweet and enough to take off the edge. Ransom took one look at you from across the room and immediately decided you’d be going home with him that night. It physically pained you to say no to him, but you did, and for whatever reason, he didn’t give up. After a few weeks of showing up at the office and demanding your attention, he asked you on an actual date – out to dinner and a movie – and you said yes, unsure of what to expect.
Now you were waiting for Ransom to take you out on your first actual dinner date in ages. You’d been together for six months, but you could count the number of actual dates you shared on one hand. There had been three, and you slept with him after the third. You tried planning a few more after that, but those plans went out the window every time Ransom saw you all dolled up for him. He couldn’t keep his hands off you once you’d let him get a taste, and you didn’t mind that a bit; however, you did take issue with two hours of work on your makeup and outfit being smeared and discarded in a matter of minutes. So today, after breakfast, you insisted on celebrating six months together with a proper date.
“We can go to Dunkin’ for coffee and munchkins if you want, but we have to leave the bedroom at some point. I wanna celebrate!” You pouted a bit, sure that you looked ridiculous, but you had every intention of standing your ground. Good thing you had the kitchen counter behind you to back you up.
Ransom looked you up and down, his crystal blue eyes darkening to the prettiest navy. He put his hands on your waist, the cool metal of his pinky ring making you shiver as it came into contact with the sliver of exposed skin that managed to sneak out from underneath your sweater… Well, his sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the wash when you insisted he do the laundry himself for once. He leaned forward and kissed over your collarbone, up your neck, and stopped just below your ear, whispering, “But we already celebrated, pretty girl. You didn’t forget, did you? In the shower after we woke up…” He pressed into you, so close that you could feel him hardening against you.. “...on the couch while we waited for the scones to finish in the oven.” He nipped at your pulse point, and you hoped he didn’t hear your breath catch in your throat. “We can celebrate here in the kitchen right now...” He kissed you then, cupping your jaw with one hand and beginning to push down your shorts with the other.
You sighed into the kiss and you almost gave in, but you came to your senses in the brief moment when his lips left yours, lungs in search of air. You pushed him off of you and yelled, “NOPE!” He tried to cage you against the counter again, but you ran around the kitchen island, putting a ridiculous amount of solid marble between you. You held back a laugh when you realized how unhinged you must have looked holding the dough-covered rolling pin you used while baking this morning. “You buy me all these beautiful dresses and all this gorgeous jewelry, and I never get to wear any of it anywhere,” you said, a little too calmly while waving the rolling pin in his face, as if it were anywhere near as threatening as those knives in Harlan’s office. “Just a few hours. That’s all I ask.”
He put his hands up in defeat. You thought you’d won until he bit his lip and raised his eyebrow, and you knew you were in some kind of trouble since he reserved the single-eyebrow raise for those moments, the ones when he formulated his most sinful plans for you and your body. “Fine. Dinner is all about you, but what we do after? That’s all about me.”
You tapped your finger against your chin, pretending to think about it but knowing your pussy already agreed to this deal. Traitor. “Fair, I guess. If you sweep me off my feet at dinner, then we can do whatever you want when we come home.”
Ransom had started rolling his eyes at you, but his face visibly softened a bit when he heard you call his house home. He walked around the island and stood in front of you, smiling like an idiot when he leaned in towards you. He jerked backward with a soft chuckle, easing the rolling pin out of your hand and onto the tabletop before taking your face in both of his hands and giving you the sweetest, deepest kiss, like some kind of Disney prince. With a soft peck to the corner of your mouth, he pulled away from you enough to see your dumbstruck face, stroking your cheek with his thumb before kissing the tip of your nose. “What was that you said about sweeping you off your feet?”
His cocky grin burst the bubble you were floating in, and you quickly came back down to earth, lightly smacking his shoulder. “You’ll have to do more than that, Hugh.” Your laugh bordered on a cackle when his jaw dropped at your use of his given name, so formal that most people didn’t even know it. With that, you took the stairs two at a time and settled into your seat at the vanity he’d had built for you so you could get ready for what could be either the most romantic or the most heartbreaking night of your life.
Tumblr media
Ransom always told you he didn’t think you needed makeup, but you weren’t going to let your extensive collection go to waste. You settled on keeping your base simple and going all out with a neutral smokey eye. You contemplated wearing red lipstick and decided against it, pressing your thighs together at the memory of how it stained the sheets last time you wore it, when he pounded you into the mattress, your screams and moans stifled by your pillow. You couldn’t seem to get your eyeliner right, and that’s when you realized your hands were shaking. 
You were in love with Ransom, and you wanted to tell him tonight. Although your relationship wasn’t traditional by any means, you knew you had gotten closer to Ransom than anyone else ever had – members of his own family included. His demeanor was caustic at best, and your friends didn’t understand why you were with him, even though he treated you like a princess in public just as much as he did in private – maybe even more so, since he couldn’t let a second go by without reminding the world you were his. His family (apart from Harlan, and maybe his cousin Meg) loathed you and made sure you knew it, taking every opportunity to call you a gold-digger and pull Ransom away from your side to introduce you to some heiress or other.
Over the last six months, you and Ransom had shared almost as many heartfelt conversations as you did orgasms. He told you he loved to write, but he was too scared to try to publish. He feared Harlan would be accused of nepotism and he never would be able to make his own name mean something. After a few weeks, you confided in him that he was your first, and he was almost angry that you didn’t tell him beforehand so that he could’ve made it special for you. Then in typical Ransom fashion, he remarked, “I’m impressed you took all of me on your first try.” You gasped and smacked his cheek, feigning disgust and failing to hold in your giggles. 
Another night, he told you that his mother Linda became “annoyed” with his childhood pet cat and gave it away one day while he was at school – that’s why he didn’t want another pet now, even though he lived in his own house. You shared that even though you were working on your master’s in publishing, you truly wanted nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom one day, that you craved domesticity, having dinner on the table when your husband came home. He furrowed his brows at that. “Isn’t that, like, the opposite of feminism?”
You countered that it’s different when a woman stays home because she wants to do it, not because it’s expected of her. He said he would love to come home to you every day, whether you had dinner on the table or not. 
Most recently, he shared that he started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone so that he could take you on your dream vacation throughout all of Spain and not be embarrassed. He blushed and the conversation ended there, with you kissing him so hard he regretted not telling you sooner.
Tumblr media
You chose a black midi dress Ransom bought you two months ago for your birthday. It was long-sleeved and not too low-cut. It fit you perfectly. The material was soft and slinky, but not so much that it would give away the surprise underneath, a lacy matching set you knew he’d love. 
You always worried about your tummy in outfits like this, but you knew Ransom would worship you no matter what you wore (or didn’t wear, for that matter). He reminded you, enthusiastically and repeatedly, that he wanted his hands full of your body. The first time he begged you to sit on his face – yes, Hugh Ransom Drysdale begged for something – you told him you were afraid you would suffocate him. 
“1. That’s practically impossible, sweetheart. 2. I can’t imagine a better way to go. About to cum with my mouth full of you and my head in between your perfect thighs? Murder me. Fucking do it. I’m telling Harlan to use this in his next book.” Cheeks warming at the memory, you finally slipped on your favorite strappy burgundy heels and walked downstairs, more anxious than you’d ever been, afraid you wouldn’t be able to stomach the food at dinner.
Tumblr media
If Ransom’s jaw could have been on the floor, it would have. The same could be said for you, taking in the sight of your godlike boyfriend. His dark hair was carefully coiffed away from his face, drawing attention to his long, even darker eyelashes. So unfair. He wore a pair of gray wool slacks, pressed to perfection, with black bit-loafers and a burgundy sweater which emphasized how flushed his own cheeks were at the moment. His sweater matched your shoes exactly, and you marveled at how he always read your mind. He took your hand, helping you down the last few steps, and twirled you around once you reached the bottom. He spun you in close to him, and like something out of a movie, he revealed the bouquet of pink peonies he’d been hiding behind his back and dipped you, dropping a short kiss to your lips. “Happy anniversary, baby.” He pulled you back up against him, kissing you again and somehow managing not to crush the flowers.
You thought you might say it right then and there, but he left you both speechless and breathless. Everything he was doing and saying indicated he felt the same, but you were still so afraid he didn’t, all too aware of how guarded he could be. You opted to enjoy the evening a bit before potentially dropping a bomb you wouldn’t be able to defuse. “Ran, thank you. They’re beautiful.” You kissed his freshly-shaven cheek, giggling as he tried to get you to kiss him on the lips instead. You couldn’t resist, and you let him kiss you until you felt his tongue attempting to gain access to your mouth. “Enough. We’ll never leave at this rate,” you chided, kissing him on the cheek once more before turning around to look for a vase. You were shocked to find he’d already left a vase filled with water on the counter. How had you failed to notice that, and why was he being so thoughtful, so charming?
Little did you know, Ransom was questioning if he was doing too much? Not enough? He hoped you wouldn’t notice his hands shaking as he took the flowers back from you, quickly trimming the stems and arranging them neatly in the vase. He had watched Fran do it at Harlan’s several times, and he hoped he was doing it right and not killing them. He noticed you watching him and could feel himself blushing for the second time in as many minutes. Your attempts to look away from him were futile, your eyes involuntarily fixed upon the way his thick thighs and round ass filled out his tailor-made slacks. You nearly got on your knees, but this date was your idea, after all. Instead, you opted to take the vase from him and move it to the windowsill. “You never did say where we’re going, Ran.”
It took everything in him not to spoil the surprise, that he reserved your preferred table at your favorite restaurant the next town over. You regularly ordered takeout from there, but Ransom had never actually been, so even he was looking forward to going. He also arranged the menu beforehand knowing if he didn’t, you would spend entirely too much time trying to make a decision and not enough time letting him make you laugh. He even asked them to make your favorite cake for the two of you since he knew it always sold out earlier in the day. He smiled at you, and you knew he had no intentions of telling you where he was taking you.
“It’s cute that you think the grandson of a mystery writer wouldn’t keep you in suspense..” He winked at you, moving to open the door for you. Biting back a smile, you rolled your eyes as you walked past him. He locked the front door quickly, wanting to get ahead of you and open the passenger door of the Beemer. Ransom was always softer with you than he was with anyone else, but he was taking it to the next level tonight. He was never cruel to you like he was to his exceedingly vicious family, but he also didn’t shy away from the odd sarcastic response. If anything, he was only guilty of teasing you, most often when you were begging him, sexually or otherwise. He hoped you had no idea how the butterflies in his stomach that first appeared when he saw you walking down the stairs were currently conspiring to make him vomit out of the sheer panic he felt, sure that he was about to royally fuck this up.
Ransom was in love with you. This was the first time he ever felt so strongly about anyone, and it made him sick because he felt undeserving of you. He wasn’t sure he even felt love for his family, apart from his grandfather. He had dated before you, but he wasn’t one for relationships, definitely not exclusive ones. But there was something about you, and he knew from the second he spotted you at that release party six months ago that he wouldn’t be able to live without you. He was drawn to you immediately. At first, he thought he just wanted to fuck you, but you turned him down when other women would have fallen to their knees. Normally, rejection would have pissed him off, quickly moving on to the next pretty thing to catch his eye. To his surprise, he found himself wanting to get to know you - the sex would just be a bonus. 
You had him wrapped around your finger after one date, totally whipped after two, and you didn’t even know it. Then you spent the night with him after your third date, letting him take you apart with his mouth, his fingers, his cock, and he asked himself what it would be like to have you every night for the rest of your lives. And later, when you told him he was your first? Initially, he was disappointed, even upset, that you didn’t give him the opportunity to be more gentle, more careful. He got past that quickly enough when he realized it turned him on a lot, not because he was a perv who relished ruining virgins or some shit like that, but because you wanted him enough, trusted him enough, to share that experience with him. His family barely trusted him to remember to feed his grandfather’s dogs, and you were willing to give him your body, letting him be the first and only person ever to make you cum and you let him do it about five more times that night.
All of this led Ransom to this moment, white-knuckling the steering wheel as he reversed out of the driveway. He wanted to tell you how he felt; you deserved someone who could give you that, shouting it from the rooftops by day and whispering it in your ear by night. He was in near agony, frightened to say those three words for the first time to a person and not his favorite sweater or his car, unsure if you felt the same. He wanted to believe you did, that this wasn’t just some sort of weirdly intimate exclusive fuck-buddy set-up where you didn’t actually want him as much as he wanted you, all of you. It had only been six months, and he was wildly inexperienced in the emotions department, but the way he craved you assured him that there was no way he could ever let you go. With all of that on his mind, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to tell you tonight, but he sincerely wished with all of his liquor-soaked heart that he could show you, at the very least. You could sense that he was lost in his own head and reached over to lace your fingers with his, pulling his right hand down to rest in your lap. He looked at you for a moment and gave you a tiny, shy smile, quickly returning his eyes to the road.
Tumblr media
You squealed when Ransom pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, thankful that you chose to skip lunch, both to leave room for dinner and to avoid feeling sick with nerves. Ransom walked around to open your door and offered you his hand to help you out of the car. “I don’t believe I actually told you how breathtakingly stunning you look tonight. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He kissed your hand that he was still holding as you smoothed your dress with the other. He shut the door behind you and moved to take your arm in his to walk you inside.
“You didn’t. I must look good if I somehow rendered a Thrombey speechless,” you grinned .He laughed at that, kissing you on the cheek. You stopped walking, turning to face him. “Seriously, what’s gotten into you? Have I made you soft, Drysdale? It’s been thirty minutes and you haven’t even cursed.” You smiled at him, eyes crinkling with amusement. He panicked for a moment before he realized you were only teasing him. He really thought for a moment that all of his efforts were for naught, that you thought it was overkill. 
He tried to play it cool, leaning forward to bring his lips to your ear. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “I’m saving that for when we get home from this expensive-ass date, baby.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver down your spine, straight to your core. You’d be lying if you said your panties were still dry. He moved back, grabbing both of your hands and looking at you with a bright smile and a wink. You laughed and closed the distance between you, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks and kiss him, innocently at first. You turned it into an almost-messy, open-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss, ending it with a quick peck before it got too out of control. He looked wrecked already, cheeks flushing (again) and chest slightly heaving. Perhaps it was a not-great decision on his part in wearing his grey slacks since you could see the outline of his soon-to-be painfully obvious erection forming. He let out a deep breath and took your hand in his, walking you into the restaurant.
Tumblr media
Dinner was perfect, and the conversation between the two of you flowed as easily and sweetly as your favorite wine of which Ransom had ensured there’d be plenty. When you’d finished your meal, though, he seemed distant, sending the odd text and checking his phone in a way that was anything but discreet. The waiter asked if you were ready for dessert and you requested a moment to decide.
You reached across the table and put your hand over Ransom’s, imploring him to put down his phone. “I’m not sure if you’ve already arranged dessert, but I made you something at home if you don’t mind taking this to go?” His eyes widened, and you couldn’t quite discern his expression. He bit his lip, looking down toward his phone, and you realized he was nervous as he quickly sent another text. You scooted toward him in the rounded booth, lightly placing one hand on his thigh and gently squeezing his hand with your other. “Is everything okay, Ran?”
He placed his other hand on top of yours and smiled at you, but his voice was uncharacteristically shaky when he spoke. “Everything’s perfect. I just have another surprise for you at home that’s being set up while we’re here. I wanted to make sure it’s all done before we get back. I didn’t mean to worry you.” He kissed you on the cheek, his gentleness bewildering you further. “Dessert at home sounds great.” He asked the waiter to wrap up your leftovers, including the cake you hadn’t yet tasted. After placing a rather large wad of bills on the table, he stood up and extended his hand to you to help you to your feet.
Tumblr media
“So when you said you made dessert… Did you mean actual dessert, or was that a euphemism for sex? Because I’ve been rock hard since that kiss on the way in, and I think I deserve a reward for not simply having my way with you in the restroom.” Ransom looked at you from the driver’s seat with wide eyes, hopeful yet suggestive, as he lifted your hand to kiss it with his perfect pink lips. 
You smirked at him then, making the decision to toy with him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” You moved your hand still entwined with his down to his lap, gently applying pressure where he so desperately craved it. Satisfied with the clipped moan that slipped from his mouth, you continued, slowly, barely rubbing him through his pants. “I do appreciate that, though – that you kept your hands to yourself like that, handsome.” You felt his hand squeeze yours, and you knew it was taking everything in him not to pull over and fuck you on the side of the road. You could feel the wetness beginning to pool in your panties. Maybe it was a bad idea, but emboldened by the way he was reacting to your words, you decided to push him even further. You leaned over and gently pressed your lips to the side of his neck, purring in his ear, “Only good boys get to have dessert, and you’ve been so good for me tonight.” 
You’d begun to suspect your boyfriend had a bit of a praise kink a few weeks ago when you jokingly called him a good boy after he proudly informed you that he did all of the dishes by hand and didn’t use the dishwasher or leave them for the maid. The words left your mouth, and his pupils dilated before he quickly cleared his throat and left the room, so you decided to hold onto that card and play it the next time you really wanted something from him. Tonight was that night. You actually did make dessert for him, and you wanted him to at least see it before he locked the two of you in the bedroom for the night. He turned his whole body to look at you like he just won the fucking lottery, and you felt the car accelerate the slightest bit. Using your free hand to pinch his chin, you directed him to face forward once more. “Eyes on the road now, Ran.”
Tumblr media
Ransom practically ripped the keys out of the ignition when he pulled into the driveway. The second you unbuckled your seatbelt, you thought he might tear the passenger door off the hinges as he reached in to scoop you up bridal-style. He kicked the door closed and started running toward the house with you in his arms, holding on tightly to his neck and squealing in excitement. He stopped in front of the door and adjusted the way he held you, wrapping your legs around his waist and supporting you with one arm as he scrambled to turn the key in the lock. The front door closed with a slam that surely shook the house as he made his way toward the stairs up to his bedroom. Was it your bedroom, too? Your own apartment essentially served as a storage unit at this point. You shook your head to yourself. You could think about that another time.
You came to your senses when you heard the creak of the first step under Ransom’s foot. “Wait, Ran, put me down!” 
He stopped with one foot in mid-air, ready to take the next step. He pressed his forehead to yours, whining, “Whaaat, Y/N? You’re torturing me, beautiful.”
You tried to soothe him, scratching through the hair at the back of his neck as you warily placed your feet on the ground. “I really did make dessert for you, Ransom,” you pouted. 
Of course you made dessert, Ransom thought. You were perfect in every way, and every single thing you’d done that day replayed in his head, reminding him that this had to be too good to last, that you were too good for him. Without thinking, he clapped his hand across his face, dramatically stretching his features downwards. “Can you at least let me blow your back out first? I’m in pain over here.” He waved his hands around in the vicinity of his glaring boner, looking like an air traffic controller. He’d made up his mind that you certainly would not stick around if and when he worked up the courage to say those three words, those eight letters, that made his stomach flip in truly unbearable discomfort, so he was on a mission to feel you around him, on top of him, underneath him one last time.
To his surprise, you scrunched your nose at him in the adorable way you always did when he made an overtly sexual comment. You reached out for his hand and led him to the kitchen. “Just let me show you before we go upstairs. I don’t mind if we eat it later, but I’m proud of this one. I made it just for you, honey.” Ransom knew you loved to bake. In fact, one of his favorite things was watching you sing and dance around the kitchen as you experimented, sugar, butter, flour everywhere. He wondered to himself when you had time to make dessert without his noticing. “Close your eyes for a sec. No peeking.” He watched you spin around toward the fridge before he covered his eyes with one large hand, the other resting on the countertop. “Open.” If your smile were any wider, your face would have split in half.
Ransom raised an eyebrow at the dish before looking back at you. “Cheesecake? What’s on top?”
You let out a deep breath. “Okay, so…” You tried to channel Vanna White, showcasing your creation with dramatic hand gestures. “I present to you… brown sugar bourbon cheesecake with… Drum roll, please, Ransom.” His cackle was cut short by the realization that you were completely serious. He did as you instructed, moving towards you to tap your hips in place of a snare drum. “... Biscoff cookie crust. I crumbled some on top, too. I snuck down here after you fell asleep last night so it would have plenty of time to set.”
Ransom felt the sting of tears in his eyes and quickly lowered his head to blink them away before you could see. He couldn’t imagine what he ever did to deserve you, this beautiful woman in front of him who found the most thoughtful, unbelievable ways to make him feel so special. In that instant, he let himself believe that maybe you loved him, too. Why else would you sacrifice your own sleep? Why else would you work so hard? Remember his favorite things and venture to find some way to combine them into what would, no doubt, be the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten besides you? This night was chipping away at his walls to the point where they might crumble, and for the first time, he thought maybe he was okay with that. 
He hugged you then, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around. He peppered kisses all over your face, ending with an unexpectedly sweet kiss to your lips. You thought you saw tears glistening in his eyes, but you didn’t say anything. “Thank you so much, baby. This is so thoughtful. You’re too good to me.” Something shifted in the air between you two, and you could tell he was not going to cut a slice of the dessert anytime soon, so you turned around in his arms to put it away. He leaned over you, growling in your ear from behind, “I can’t wait to share some with you in our bed.” He kissed your shoulder and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, unknowingly answering your earlier question as to whether or not the bedroom was yours, too. The warm sensation in your chest was almost too much to bear, but you didn’t want it to go away.
You placed the dish in the refrigerator and shut the door, turning around in his arms. “Now,” you hiked one leg up on his hip, “I believe you said something about blowing my back out, honey.” His hands moved down from your waist to support your ass, prompting you to wrap your other leg around his narrow waist, your arms around his thick neck, decidedly your new favorite method of transportation.
Tumblr media
Ransom took the stairs two at a time, anxious to see how Fran and Marta did with his request. “Close your eyes for me, baby?” He kissed your forehead, lips lingering for a moment as he watched your lashes flutter before he opened the bedroom door.
He smiled when he opened the door, taking in the view and the sweet scent of all of the candles and flowers. He texted Marta and Fran while you’d been getting ready, asking if they could pick up several dozen roses and candles to decorate the room before you got home from dinner. Neither of them ever had considered Ransom to be so romantic and were more than willing to help when he mentioned it was your anniversary. He smiled, satisfied with the job they’d done, making a mental note to Venmo them double what he sent initially. 
Ransom placed you down on the floor, holding onto your waist from behind and pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Open.”
You couldn’t believe how beautiful your bedroom looked, covered in red and pink rose petals and bathed in the warm glow of the candlelight. “Oh, Ransom,” you gasped. You looked around for another moment, noticing the bed was made with the new duvet and sheets you’d been looking at online a few weeks ago. “This is too much.”
He turned you around to face him and kissed you, short and sweet. “Baby, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do enough for you.”
You looked up at him and smiled, eyes shiny with tears yet to fall. “I thought dessert was supposed to be all about you?” You placed your hands on his chest, relishing the feel of his heart beating faster at your touch.
“This is for both of us.” Smooth as ever, he reached behind your back to unzip your dress. “You get the girly, dreamy set-up, and I get to admire how sexy you are in this light.”
Your dress dropped to the floor and he helped you step out of it, picking it up and neatly laying it over the back of your chair. You were already wet, and this simple act of taking such care with you, with your clothes, only ruined your panties further. You stood with your hands on your hips, slightly flexing your biceps forward to maximize the appearance of your cleavage.
“Are you implying that I’m not sexy in other lights, Ransom?” You bit your lip so he’d know you were just playing, afraid to tease too, too much since he seemed so on edge.
His mouth hung open wide as he looked you up and down, arms reaching forward to run his hands up and down your sides before resting low on your hips. Ransom stepped back and took one of your hands in his, using his other hand to prompt you to turn around for him before pulling you in for another kiss. “That is actually the exact opposite of what I’m thinking, pretty girl.” He continued admiring you, sneakily slipping his fingers beneath the waistline of your panties. “You know this color on you drives me crazy, right?”
You smiled and nodded as he moved his fingers lower, gathering your wetness with a feather-light touch that made you pant. He groaned when he easily slipped two thick fingers inside you and met no resistance, a fresh rush of your slick leaking down his hand.
“Well, fuck me. Jesus, baby.” You whimpered at the loss of his fingers, but your eyes widened as you watched him suck on his fingers, lapping your juices from his skin. When he was finished, you pressed the length of your body to his, backing him into the wall behind him.
“That’s the goal, daddy.” You felt his cock twitch in his pants as you tightened your fingers in his hair, forcing his mouth open with a gasp, granting your tongue access to taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
You never thought you would address a man other than your father as daddy until you were with Ransom. He was your first and only, so when he commanded that you “cum all over daddy’s cock” the first time you slept together, you did just that. From that point forward, you only ever called him that in bed, figuring it was just what he liked. It wasn’t necessarily your kink, but pleasing Ransom definitely was. Whether or not you were in the bedroom, it was a surefire way to get what you wanted.
Six months later, here you were, confidently sinking to your knees and unzipping his tented slacks. You were so nervous the first time you offered to suck your boyfriend off, but he was understanding, assuring you it was okay if you weren’t ready. His tenderness only motivated you, and you probably should’ve known then that you held his inexperienced heart in your hands.
Still pressed against the wall, Ransom gazed at you with a mix of lust and adoration, in disbelief that he managed to find you and that you willingly stayed with him. He let out a thin wheeze as you finally rid him of his briefs, planting a kiss below his belly button before your lips traveled south. “Baby, please, I need you.”
You smiled up at him, nuzzling your cheek against his thigh. “Who’s got you so needy tonight, daddy?” you whispered as you nipped along his perfectly defined Adonis belt. He pulled his sweater off in a frenzy, the sight of his naked form causing your walls to clench around nothing.
“You, pretty girl. Always you. Only you,” he whined, reaching down to cup your cheek as your eyes met his.
Ransom already looked gone, eyes hooded and sweat glistening on his forehead, his chest. You weren’t sure how long you’d last, and he’d barely touched you yet.
You hummed in response, then kissed the leaking head of his cock before swallowing the length of him. You bobbed your head back and forth, taking him as deep as you could. His moans grew higher in pitch with each movement inside your throat, and you squeezed your thighs together to relieve the ache between them. His hips bucked forward of their own accord until you brought a hand to his tummy, holding him still. You pulled off of him with a wet pop, a noise that in any other situation might gross you out but only served to turn you on further while you were on your knees.
“Patience, daddy.” You rose to your feet, kissing your way up his body. You leaned on him for support as you removed your heels. Once you were finished, Ransom surged forward, capturing your swollen lips with his, frantically licking his way inside your mouth, inevitably tasting himself on your tongue. You feverishly kissed him back, providing the closeness he needed to reach around and undo the clasp of your bra. He managed to toss your bra onto your vanity before ducking his head to pay your pebbled nipples some well-deserved attention. You cradled the back of his head, carding your fingers through his hair as you pressed his face to your tits.
Another wave of arousal damn near gushed from your core, prompting you to put an end to Ransom’s ministrations. “Take me to bed?”
Ransom squeezed your ass before giving it a quick tap. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist while he laughed at your enthusiasm, laying you down in the middle of the bed before removing your completely-drenched panties.
“I’d venture to say this is the wettest you’ve ever been, baby.”
You felt heat rising in your cheeks in response to his comment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You grinned at him before pulling him down on top of you, eager to feel him inside you at last.
“Baby, slow down,” he gasped, breath ragged. He kneeled over you, reaching for the nightstand where he kept the condoms. You grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to your lips, kissing his open palm. Ransom inhaled sharply, waiting for you to speak.
Although your pupils were blown, your eyes were soft, searching his face. “I just wanna feel you, Rans–”
Ransom’s brows rose high on his forehead, but in what emotion, you were unsure. Now you were afraid you’d done something wrong, even though you didn’t do it on purpose.
“–I mean, daddy. Please.” You searched his face for any indication of what he was thinking, but he was giving you nothing.
Ransom was overwhelmed. No one had called him by his actual name during sex ever. Even his first girlfriend stuck to calling him “baby” or “handsome” after he clapped a hand over her mouth when she started to say his name. Once he was a bit older, he preferred “sir” or “daddy”. But then you came along, thawing out the block of ice in his chest where his heart always was meant to be. And you were telling him to fuck you raw? Another thing he’d never done with anyone else, wanting to be somewhat safe since he used to sleep around so much.
“Please say something,” you murmured, bringing him back out of his own head.
He leaned down, cupping your cheek and pressing his forehead to yours. “Are you sure that’s what you want, baby?” he prodded, voice laced with warm concern.
“I’m so sure.” You stroked the apple of his cheek with your thumb, smiling when he relaxed at your touch. “You’re the only person I’ve ever been with, and you haven’t been with anyone besides me in all this time.” 
The corner of his mouth turned upwards, showing off one of his dimples that would make you weak in the knees if you weren’t lying down already. “But you’re not on birth control, baby. Please don’t feel like you have to do thi–”
Pulling his face to yours, you kissed him hard. “–No, I’m not, but I’ve been tracking my cycle. We should be fine.” His eyes fluttered shut as you kissed him once more. You waited for him to open his eyes so you could look into them.
“I trust you.”
Ransom looked like the heart-eyes emoji; he had never heard those words in his life – not from family, not from friends. He kissed you again, sloppily, hungrily.
“If you change your mind, promise you’ll tell me?”
“I won’t change my mind, but I promise.”
Another kiss, gentler this time, made your head spin. It was different from any other kiss you’d shared, emotional and full of something you were hesitant to name. He lined himself up with your entrance, coating himself in your slick before pushing into you slowly.
“OhmyfuckingGOD,” he hissed as you adjusted to his thickness, your walls involuntarily tightening around him. “You feel so amazing, baby. I’m not gonna last long. Fuck.”
The sensation of his cock inside you was similar to the usual, but so much more intense. Ransom began to move, and you could feel each vein dragging against you with every thrust. Open-mouthed kisses along your throat left you panting. You were a pliant, fucked-out mess as he moved his hips with more intention, his tip hitting the spot that made you see stars.
“Ransom, please,” you screamed as one thrust in particular had you arching your back, pushing your chest into his.
Your eyes flew open as you tried to assess the damage you’d done. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
Ransom slowed his pace. “Don’t be sorry, pretty girl.” He kissed your tears away as quickly as they came. “I’ve never let anyone call me by my actual name in bed before.” He smiled sweetly at you as he continued moving inside you, each stroke somehow more tender than the last. “Say it again, Y/N. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.”
You cried out as he began to circle your clit with his thumb. “You are, Ransom. Always. Make. Me. Feel. So. Good.” He punctuated each word with a perfectly-angled thrust.
You were so fucking close, and Ransom began to lose his rhythm, not far behind you. “Please, Ransom, make me cum.” You sounded pathetic, needing your release in the worst way. His hips snapped violently against yours, pushing you up the bed.
“Louder, baby. Scream my name when I make you cum.” Using his index and middle fingers together, he rubbed your clit harshly at lightning speed, making you choke on air as you fell apart.
His name left your mouth like a wail, volume so high that, if he had neighbors, they’d probably call the cops. Ransom continued fucking you through it, losing all control at the feeling of you squirting all over him.
“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Ransom moved to pull out of you, planning to finish on your chest, but you crossed your legs behind him, pulling him right back in.
“Baby, please, I need to cum.” He pressed his face into your neck as he struggled to delay his climax.
Hugging him tightly, you kissed the top of his head before pushing him up to his knees, straddling him. “I know, baby, I know. I want you, all of you. I always will.” You snaked a hand down his back to grab at his ass, urging him impossibly deeper inside you. “Come on, Ransom. Please give it to me.”
He came with a roar, biting into your shoulder. The feeling of his cum filling you up was unlike anything you’d felt before, but not unwelcome by any means, and triggered another orgasm of your own, milking him thoroughly. You held each other, sobbing wordlessly as you came down from your simultaneous highs, eventually collapsing in a puddle of loose limbs. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if minutes or hours had passed, you were so out of it, floating on the most blissful cloud. Ransom began to stir, kissing from your chest to your collarbone, from your throat to your jaw, before finally ending once again at your lips. You winced as he pulled out of you, the feeling of his spend leaking from your core unfamiliar and a little unpleasant. Ransom laid next to you, tucking your head under his chin and folding you into his embrace.
He smiled sleepily, unable to get enough of your voice saying his name with so much affection. “Yeah, pretty girl?” He held you tighter.
“Why did you let me say your name tonight?”
He shuffled down to face you, lifting your chin with his finger. He figured it was now or never.
“Because I love you, Y/N. You’re the only person who’s ever believed I could be a good man. You encourage me to be the man I want to be, not the man you want me to be or the man everyone else seems to think I should be. You’ve never tried to change me. I’ve only changed because I wanted to. I wanted to be better for you.”
You felt tears spilling down your cheeks, now that your boyfriend had confirmed you had nothing to be afraid of, after all. He felt the same way, and your heart was going to beat right out of your chest.
“And you make me happy,” he continued. “I love your laugh and the way you somehow always know what I want for breakfast. I love how you sing in the shower, then pretend you didn’t. I love how you let me be the little spoon on my bad days and when I’m drunk. I love that you read to me when I can’t fall asleep. I love your heart and your mind and your laugh. Everything. I love everything about you.”
The terrified look on Ransom’s face didn’t last long. It couldn’t – not when you were rolling on top of him to pull him into your millionth kiss of the night.
“I love you, too, Ransom. So fucking much. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long now.”
The two of you held each other and cried, in need of emotional release following such an intense physical one. 
With another peck to your lips, Ransom untangled himself from you, going to the en suite bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean you up. His touch was soothing, careful around your most sensitive areas. He discarded the cloth in the hamper before leaving the room again. You wondered where he went, but you could hardly keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
A few moments later, you felt something cold against your mouth. Opening your eyes, you found Ransom sitting next to you with a plated slice of cheesecake, holding a fork up to your face. You laughed, sitting up before taking a bite.
“I really outdid myself, didn’t I?”
“Absolutely, baby. This is fucking incredible.”
You brushed a crumb away from the corner of his mouth. “I think we should make post-orgasm cheesecake a permanent thing.”
Ransom placed the now-empty plate on his nightstand, getting under the covers with you. “I know we should make it a permanent thing.” He pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around your back.
“I love you, Ransom. I hope we’re a permanent thing,” you whispered into his chest.
He looked down at you before kissing the tip of your nose and holding you tighter. “I love you, too, pretty girl. I know we’re a permanent thing.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This fic is actually the reason I started this blog. I used to write fic years ago and stopped writing, fic or otherwise, for quite some time. Earlier this year, I started to venture into reading fic again and found some incredible authors here. I had submitted these asks (1, 2, 3) to Christy (@chrissquares​), knowing she loved Ransom as much as I do, and her responses inspired me to create a new blog and get back to writing. 
I’ve been working on this since the end of May when I sent in these asks, and I think this is as ready as I’ll ever be to share it. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Christy! I’m so happy to be writing again, and I hope people can enjoy this (much longer than planned) story. 🥺
As always, comments and reblogs are so appreciated.
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
here is a collection of all my writing! enjoy!
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ chris evans masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ steve rogers masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ ransom drysdale masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ andy barber masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ loki laufeyson masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ sebastian stan masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ bucky barnes masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ sam wilson masterlist
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— 𝐛𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐝, 𝐫.𝐝
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 1k *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[ransom drysdale x fem!reader] 
warnings; violence, cheating, angst.
Tumblr media
muffled yells were heard through out ransom’s home.
you brought your knees to your face, craddling yourself as you heard glass being shattered.
don’t come downstairs, ransom warned, they don’t wanna see you.
every once and a while, the thrombey’s would drop by just to reprimand the brunette, unnecesarily reminding him how he never visited them anymore because he’d been to occupied babysitting you as you leeched their money.
of course, with ransom’s temper, he’d stand his ground and make sure he had the last word, not going down without fight.
“don’t you understand, hugh? haven’t i raised you better than this?” linda was close to yanking her short, ivory hair, nearly going insane after she saw the bank records of a new BMW ransom had surprised you with on your birthday last weekend.
“it’s just a goddamn car! when will you get your head out of your ass and realize not everything that has value is material!” ransom roared, his shark eyes piercing his mothers’ as she fumed, reaching for the photo-frame of you and him back on the ski-trip you’d been so excited to go on, and smashed it against the wall.
“that little menace has ruined our family for the last time! it’s either your family,” she waved her finger at richard, “or that little bitch.”
ransom’s jaw clenched at the horrid nickname and tilted his head to the side, “get the fuck out.”
linda inhaled sharply, nodding in comprehension as she took richard’s hand and leaded him out the door, not noticing your presence at the top of the stairs, dressed in only ransom’s baby blue sweater.
“i’m calling the bank to freeze your credit cards, hugh, maybe now the two of you can learn to leech off someone else’s money.” she sneered, stomping towards the car and started the ignition, leaving for good, you hoped.
ransom was in shock.
frozen bank accounts? when you’d barely agreed to move in with him after months of begging, claiming he’d give you everything you deserved.
now that was gone... because of you?
“ran?” you squeaked through out the cold house, his fists unvoluntarily clenching at the sound of your voice, glaring as you tip-toed down the stairs and stood before him.
you cautiously reached to cup his cheeks in your palms, but he jerked away, storming into his office and slammed the door behind him, leaving your heart to sink, subconciously knowing this was the beginning of the end.
dinner was deadly quiet, even if you made his favorite food, hoping he’d come around and be the man you had come to know.
not a stuck up brat, no signs of a silver spoon in his mouth.
just the real, unfiltered ransom you deeply loved.
“c-can we talk about what happened earlier?” you spoke, frowning at the way ransom began scratching his fork against the ceramic plate, causing you to cringe and clear your throat.
“ransom-” “hugh.” he interrupted, staring you down as his palm tightened around the knife in his other hand.
“what?” you asked with a genuine expression as he scoffed, pushing his chair back and left the lasagna untouched as he circled around the table, bending behind you to press his lips against your ear.
“from now on, you call me hugh.” his tone made your stomach to churn, gawking at him in bewilderment as he snatched the keys to the beemer and exited the house without a word.
 nights were dreadful, to say the least, afraid any word to slip would cause futher destruction.
his mind was fogged with the simple thought of how you took everything from him, and still couldn’t decipher how you had the nerve to still be living under his roof.
he had to do something.
“ran- i mean, hugh?” you winced at the name, laying your stuff on the table and wondered around the gray, bitter place you once called home.
noting he was probably in his office, you stopped dead in your tracks as you squinted at the obvious trail of clothing guiding you to the room.
it didn’t take a genius to know what was going on.
and there was no way to stop it, it was bound to happen anyday now.
“fuck.” you whispered with a shaky voice as you crouched down for his cable-knit sweater, one you’d gifted him on his birthday, that now smelled of cheap perfume.
feeling foolish, you walked up to the door and swung it open, revealing ransom, gripping at the arm’s of his cushion desk chair with his eyes closed shut with a woman giving him head.
you just needed to see for it to be real. to let it sink in.
“[y/n].” when his cerulean eyes widened, you were convinced he was acting, you knew he wanted you to catch him, he wanted you to hurt.
so then why did his heart break when he saw your tears fall?
his shouting and pleading followed you to your shared bedroom as you desperately fumbled for your belongings, blocking out his voice with your cries.
he silenced when you propped on the bed and covered your face with your shaking hands, cowering at the sound of your weeping as he became tempted to convince you everything would be fine.
that he didn’t mean to treat you so horribly this past week.
how he hadn’t meant to destroy the only person he loved.
“i-i’m sorry.” you turned to, not only make sure you’d hear his words correctly, but to see his eyes brimming with tears.
“i-i thought i’d feel better,” your sobs grew as did his own, “i wanted to feel better.” his stupid attempts to defend himself caused you to grip at the sheets and lower your head, tears unevitably streaming as he moved over to you, kneeling before you as he pressed his forehead against your thighs.
“please, say something,” his tears drenched your jeans and you whimpered, not being able to stop yourself from running your hand through his dark hair, knowing it’d be the last time.
“i was there for you,” he exhaled, trembling at your broken voice as his rough hands clutched at your skin as if he was assuring himself it was a nightmare.
a heart-wrenching nightmare.
“i was always there for you, i fucking loved you.” his head whipped up to staring into your blood-shot eyes as he took everything in, praying to reverse time.
“i truly, honestly, wish you the best, ransom.” you shoved him off, leaving your clothing stranded on his bed and walked down the stairs, noticing the un-identified women was long gone.
as were you.
[a/n; a necessary ransom angst, but i promise i’ll make more soft bunny!ransom one-shots :( ]
chris evans & sebastian stan + their characters taglist!🌱
@whxre4cevans @0mrs-evans0 @amelia-song-pond @moonlacebeam @lyoongx @littlezombie666 @jangannarkoba @jnkyrdz @siriuslyslyslytherin @loveaffaire @sohoseb @harrysthiccthighss
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Tumblr media
their little miracle; chris evans
pairings: chris evans x reader
warnings: fluff and a bit of swearing
request on wattpad
its been 8 months,since you heard that you would be giving a little miracle of yours and chris, soon. You still remember the day when both of you saw the baby for yhe first time, as it moved around your belly.
you remember how Chris held your hand when he saw your baby, and said, "it's ours" while crying, you remember the day when he found out it was a baby girl, and he was so happy, and when he told his family about it, they were crying too, because their son's dream came true. Since then he never left your side. Well, he haven't announced it on the internet too . He used to talk to your baby, late at nights, when she won't let you sleep, by endless kickings.
"Hey honey, don't do that to Mama." He says, slowly, and calmly as you laid down next to him, and his hands on your belly rubbing it gently.
"I won't leave your side, y/n." He whispered softly and kissed you. During those times, when Chris got intimate with you, for eg, he would kiss you more often, and lay next to you all the time, hold your hands all the time, you used to blush alot, as if it was a school crush, you could say it was the hormones.
"i love you so much." He says and you smile.
"I love you too and more." You reply and he wraps his arm around you, and kiss your head, and then you gasped as soon as your baby kicks you, because you were giving all the attention to her daddy and not her and even daddy didn't give her attention.
"alright baby, i love you too." He says as he keeps a hand on your belly and you laughed at how your daughter already had control over her Dad, even before her birth.
your smile grew wider, as all those thoughts came to your mind, and Chris noticed how you were smiling, and thinking about some things. He smiled looking at how adorable you looked.
"what're you smiling at, sweetheart." He asks as he comes closer, and kisses you gently.
"thinking of how our girl, already has control over her dad." He smiles as he heard you, it was a very different feeling for both of you.
"Well, trust me, the queen has more control than the princess." He says referring to you and you roll your eyes.
"oh stop!" You said as both of you chuckled, just then, to ruin the moment his phone rang. He groaned, and you laughed at him.
"Always messing up my moments, with my queen." He said, and you blushed at how he made you feel so good.
"Chris, i'm sorry to call you now." His manager spoke, as chris answered.
"No its fine, Joshua? what did you need?" He replied.
"Well, the agency has been calling up alot, for your photo shoot, and i tried to decline it, because you wanted to stay with your wife, but they aren't listening , and said you're their hope."
"alright fine! I'll do it."
"ah thank god!! I'll arrange the dates and timing and inform you."
"Alright!" Chris says as he ends the conversation and looks at you, smiling.
"What's wrong?" You asked
"I have to stay away from you for a couple of hours."
"and what would be the reason?" You asked as he sits next to you and pull you closer to him, and you put your head on his shoulder.
"There's this photo shoot they need me to do it and I honestly don't wanna stay away from you, even if its for a couple of hours, you're now close to your date, I can't just leave you here all alone, when you'd need me." He spoke.
"Chris, i'll be fine, you're worrying too much, babe. I can manage on my own, honey!"
"I know you can, i just don't want to be away from you and our daughter." You smiled as he said that, how your daughter's and his bond was so strong.
"babe!!" You squeeled and hugged him and he kissed you multiple times. Just then the phone rings and he groans again.
"Its the agency, i'll have to take it, i'm so sorry!!"
"Its fine, honey." You said and he answered the call, going into the living room to talk while you watched some TV
"Thank you so much, Chris for joining us!" He said and chris smiled.
"The pleasure is all mine!"
"Is there any arrangements we can do for you?" Just as those words left his mouth, he smiles thinking of an idea.
"Yes! Could i get my wife with me? I want her to be next to me."
"Ofcourse sir! It's our pleasure to have her with us, and we can have some couple photoshoot too!"
"Thank you! See you, soon!" He says and walks to you.
Chris comes back to you and tells you that he's made arrangements for you to come with me, you denied at first but he made you to agree to it, typical christopher  and then the day comes when you had to go with him. You were nervous about something which he had completely forgot about. Announcing about your little miracle.
As soon as both of you entered, the photographers welcomed you both so warmly, and as expected they were shocked by the news, and they were happy for both of you.
As soon as chris finished his part of the work, you two had to pose together, it was all cute with him, and then the photographer requested that you should have a photo or two of your own with your bump and Chris happily agreed to it.
Just after you completed your work, you told Chris, that now seems to be the right time to tell everyone about it. No , only family and some of his close friends knew about this, so he was just concerned about how his fans and co workers would annouce, but you knew things would fall back into a perfect position.
"I posted it." He said and breathed.
"i did too!" You said and smiled.
Just a second later, yours and his phone were filled with notifications, hundreds to thousands, and all were really happy about it, because all of them understood that this was Chris's dream and you could only turn into his reality.
a week or two has passed, Chris had to go through a lot of press , and interviews where the main interest was your pregnancy. As you waited for him to get over with the last interview for the month, and after that he promised he'd take a break, he comes to you.
"How was it?" You asked as he kissed you and sat next to you.
"It was good, i was happy to tell them, how you made me happy, and they obviously wanted you, but i said you were resting."
"Thank you —*gasps* oh shit!" You said and his eyes came out if his eye sockets.
"Baby what happened?!"
"She's coming omg!! My water broke!!!" You said and he panicked, he was roaming around the house finding the baby bag, and you felt contractions, which were going on for a day which you tried to ignore.
"Chris where the fuck are you?!" You yelled, as the contractions hit you again.
"I found it!! Let's go." He said as he helped you get up and rush you to the hospital, through out the ride he didn't leave your hand, and just made you breathe, but it was true, when you're about to give birth, your temper loses, and poor Chris had to listen.
Now you were in the waiting room, with him and yours and his family started to visit you both.
"Hey!" Your mom said and rushed to hug you as you breathed.
"Hey Mom! I'm good? Are you?" You asked and she laughed at you.
"I know, the temper, i gave birth to three kids!" She said and hugged Chris, and he chuckled and stopped as soon as you gave him a death glare.
"come on! my little girl needs a break, how are you feeling honey?" Your dad says and you roll your eyes.
"P A I N!" You said and then your siblings laugh at you.
"Y/n , for real, you need to calm down, also guess what i already have done half of the preparations for my niece!!" your brother says while your sister argues with him that it was she who did it, and that made you laugh, and Chris smile looking at you.
His mother stayed longer with you but then you told her to go, because she looked tired, and she agreed, time passed and you were ready to deliver the baby, Chris started to breathe heavily, he was nervous, more than you.
"Its gonna be fine, babe!" You said and he nods
"I'll be next to you the whole time." He says and you nod.
Slowly the doctors start to give you instructions to how to push till they count till 10 and you agree to it, clearly understanding their instructions.
"Push!" They said and you pushed while your groaned and your grip on chris's hand tightened.
"You're doing amazing honey!" He encouraged and honestly, that made you stay strong till the end.
Just few more pushes later, the cries of your baby girl were heard and you sighed as both of you burts into tears. They laid your little miracle on top of you as Chris adored both of you, he starts to wipe his tears, and the doctor takes your little girl away.
"No where are you taking her!" Chris says and you chuckled at him.
"they're cleaning her, she'll be back soon, with us." You said and he looked at you with  a smile.
"You did so good today!" he says and you smiled at him.
"It wasn't possible without you." You said and he shook his head.
"You're the most strongest women i've ever seen, and  how beautiful you look today! Your glowing baby!" He says and you laugh as he pressed his lips onto yours in a sweet and filled with love kiss.
"I love you so much." He says
"I love you more!" You reply and they bring the baby back to you, and Chris holds her, tears falling from his eyes, as he met his daughter.
"She's so beautiful just like her Mama!" He says and you feel your tears falling.
"Daddy loves you and your Mama so much! He'll do everything to protect both of you!" He says as he holds her in his arms and kisses her multiple times on her head.
"Okay now, Mama also needs attention!" You said and he laughed and kissed you again, and just then you met your family, already waiting and excited to greet their grand child, neice and goddaughter.
Yours and Chris's mother couldn't hold back tears and were crying with joy, while Scott hugged you and cried and you were crying because he was crying , which made everyone laugh and later Scott Shanna, Carly and your siblings already started giving suggestions for the baby names for your little miracle.
It was the best day of your life, you for the first time witnessed how one life can bring so much happiness to so many people, and you were only concerned about your husband, who was on cloud 9 because of his happiness and you couldn't stop smiling because of him. You won't be able to forget this day ever!
done with your request!!hope you liked it❤️
also, but Daddy!Chris is making me cry😭😭
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chuckbass-love · 4 months ago
It’s Over | Ransom Drysdale
A/N: So this is a fic i’ve had written up for a year, yet i never bothered to upload because i didn’t think it was good enough. But after re reading, editing over it and finally feeling like it is good enough, here it is...
Also i have another writing challenge coming out soon as part of @afriendlyblackhottie​ ‘s 2k challenge and sooner than that i have a Nomad Steve request on the way too. So please keep an eye out for those. 
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Summary: Ransom has broken your heart for the last time.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of cheating, swearing, mentions of sex and heavy angst. Not many. 18+
Word Count: 2,304
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @ed-gamble​ go check them out💕
Tumblr media
Weeks of fighting and awkward silences. 
Weeks of sleeping back to back without even so much as a ‘goodnight’ or a ‘love you’ before the two of you dozed off. 
And now you’ve had enough.
Being with him was draining all of your energy, he was sucking all of the life out of you like a vampire sucks blood from a human, still you stay.
But why do you stay? With a man who has no care for your feelings or care of how much he’s breaking your heart into a million more pieces as each day goes by.
He quite literally disregards you and all of that the second you call him out on his actions, his infidelity.
It all started a month ago, when you and Ransom had made it to your 3 years year anniversary. Everyone had been pestering him with questions on how he managed to keep a woman like you. You’d wave them off and giggle as he told them “it’s easy to keep a woman when you figure out all she wants is food, sex and just to be treated with respect” of course he always mentioned sex. It’s his thing, his addiction.
It’s also what led you to the position you’re in now.
It was the night of that party, you had one too many porn star martinis and he had barely been drinking. He watched you let loose on the dance floor, his dick hardened a the sight of his girlfriend of 3 years. The woman he ultimately wanted to marry. Of course, that was then, a huge difference to the reality you’re now living.
Once he dropped you home to the house you shared, his house originally. He informed you that he was going to his study to do some work, you mumbled I love you’s and goodnights to him as you drifted off, barely registering his words.
You were blissfully unaware of what would later be the reason that you are now on the edge of a mental breakdown.
You awoke to find that the space next to you in the bed hadn’t been slept in, it was cold so you scooted off the bed and wondered down the stairs.
“Ransom” you called out, your voice hoarse as you continued to call his name and look around. But you couldn’t find him anywhere so you started calling his phone, no answer.
Time was ticking by, seconds to minutes and minutes to hours. You couldn’t bring yourself to eat or get dressed as you called and worried for your boyfriend.
Just as you were about to call the police, you heard the door open and slam shut. 
Ransom stumbled in, shirt untucked, the top few buttons undone and his hair a mess.
“Where have you been?” you sighed, rushing into his arms to pull him into a tight embrace but as soon as you did, that’s when you smelt it, another woman’s perfume. And when you pulled away you saw another thing, red lipstick on his collarbone.
“What’s that, did I get lipstick on you last night?” you tried to laugh it off but it was no use.
He just stood there, head bowed. Almost like he was ashamed. But if you knew Ransom like you thought you did, then you’d know that he wasn’t ashamed. 
Surely he could never feel anything if that’s how he chose to treat you after having you in his life all those years.
You just backed away from him, your faked naïve smile and words faded. You just shook your head as he looked at you.
And in that moment. You knew, that he had cheated.
And now…
You tried to forgive him, you tried until you felt sick of trying. He begged you that morning, to forget it, telling you that it was just a slip up. 
He went back out with the guys as soon as he put you to bed and he had a couple of drinks. He told you he wanted to make sure you had fun before he did because you had a stressful week at work. But as soon as your fun was over, his had just begun.
You didn’t scream, or yell, or even try to fight him when he revealed the events and how they unravelled. You just stood there, numb to it all. It’s like it went in one ear and out the other.
It was all good with forgiving at first, you were doing okay. You were just about coping until new accusations came to light.
Your phone lit up as a new message on Instagram came through. A message from a woman, a model.
This isn’t going to be easy to say but It’s best that I tell you So that you’re aware. I met Ransom on a night out last Saturday, we got to talking, flirting even. He made some comments about how I looked in my dress of course I enjoyed the attention. We eventually got past the point of tipsy, I kissed him, he kissed me back and we almost went back to my place. But I shut it down, I had work the next day and a son at home that I didn’t want witnessing anything. He asked for my number, so I gave it. Only after he left the bar, was I informed about you. He was acting single the whole night I’m sorry about all of this and for even playing into it but at the time I didn’t know about you but I’m still deeply sorry.
I hope you’ll find the time to really think about all of this. You deserve better.
I wish you all the best.
Andrea x’
You can feel your heart plummeting, It’s sinking faster and faster and you can’t control it. You suddenly can’t breathe, your air flow is restricted as all of the promises he made feel fake. Everything about him, fake. All of the kisses to your forehead, the morning cuddles and mumbled I love you’s, all fake. He was no longer yours.
He was changing before your eyes.
After you agreed to put his ‘mistake’ behind you and move forward, he was acting different, more affectionate.
Your brain naturally raced through the events of last Saturday. And now that you think about it, he came back around midnight that night, stumbling into your shared bedroom and waking you up. He kept on kissing you until you eventually turned around.
And when you did he crashed his lips to yours, pulled your body flush against his. Large calloused hands touching you everywhere, not a single spot abandoned.
“God I want you so bad” he groaned, getting off the bed to undress whilst you slid your panties off. He wasted no time in pushing into you, you gasped at the stretch and feel of him.
It was the first time you had been intimate with him since the cheating scandal.
“So god dam sexy. I fucking love you so much Y/N. You know that right?” he murmured frantically, his face buried in the crook of your neck as he dragged his cock in and out slowly, at a romantic pace. It felt amazing. You couldn’t control your moans as he continued until you were both just a panting mess on the bed.
You feel sick now just thinking about it. All those words. Fake. You could have been anyone to him at that point. 
Unless the reason for the slow and romantic sex was because he had realised, he’d taken another woman’s number, kissed another woman and almost had sex with another woman. He felt bad, maybe?
You laugh as that thought quickly dissolves. Ransom Drysdale, feeling bad? No chance. He doesn’t have it in him. 
If there was any trace of a working heart or even a soul inside of him then he would have thought everything through before he did any of this.
The front door opens and shuts “sweetheart, guess what I got for u-“ his voice trails off once he spots you, tears sliding down your cheeks, phone on the coffee table.
He rushes over “what’s wrong baby?” you stand up and shove the phone into his chest, letting him clutch it before you rush up the stairs.
Clothes are being shoved into an old duffle bag, your toothbrush too. All of your belongings in fact, well the ones that are most important for now that is.
“She’s lying baby, I wasn’t even at a bar last Saturday” after everything that’s happened, 3 years of happy memories and he still thinks he can lie to your face.
“Don’t fucking bullshit me. I’ve had it Ransom. I’ve had enough. I thought we were moving past all of that but you’re doing it again. Not even a month after the last time”
He started pulling clothes from your bag, preventing you from leaving “Ransom, let me go” you choke, tears flooding your eyes as you start sobbing.
“I love you. Please. Don’t leave me” you shake your head in response “you’ve gone too far. That’s twice now. Twice. You know you came home that night and fucked me right? Was I some last resort because you couldn’t have that blonde woman? The second best choice?” he grabs a hold of your hands. Denying everything.
“You’re never second best. Ever. You’re all I want. Please”
“Then why Ransom? Why after 3 years have you done this? You’ve done nothing but shatter my heart. I don’t understand how after everything we’ve been through that I still clearly mean nothing to you”
“You mean everything to me”
“Then why the fuck would you kiss some other girl, screw another girl and then attempt it again, even after I forgave you?” he just shrugs, no answer.
“FUCKING ANSWER ME YOU SELFISH PRICK” his head shoots up, you never shout.
You start pushing him until his legs hit the bed and he falls on it. You hit out at his chest, punching at it as you cry.
He wraps his arms around you, stilling your movements.
“Shh, come here. I’m sorry” he coos, but that’s a lie. He’s not sorry and it’s unforgivable this time.
“No, let go of me” he doesn’t, his grip tightens. His strength is no match for you.
Seconds later you look into his eyes. His gaze flicks over your face before landing on your lips.
He wastes no time in taking them, biting and sucking as he waits for your guard to fall.
You can’t stand how good he makes you feel. How well he knows you and your body. 
You moan, your mouth hangs open and he takes the opportunity. You give in, kissing him with the biggest amount of hatred and an equal amount of passion.
“Please don’t leave me” he begs as he lays you down on the bed, his mouth all over your neck before he slowly moves to your chest.
You arch your back to let him remove the white shirt.
He’s like a drug that you can’t quit but you need to. However that’s when you come back to reality.
“Stop, stop” you mumble, pushing him off and moving off the bed.
“I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep letting you fix things with sex. It’s not working” you stand tall, although it’s crushing you inside. You put the shirt back on, continuing to pack. This time he just sits there, watching.
“You don’t love me Ransom”
“What are you talking about? Of course I do”
“If you really loved me, you wouldn’t even need to look at other women and as much as that hurts, it’s the truth. I can’t keep staying here, putting it behind us and pretending like it didn’t happen”
“I know I’ve fucked up okay bu-“
“But nothing Ransom. I need to go. I’m gonna stay with my parents for a couple of days. I need to get away from you” you zip the bag up and head downstairs, he follows closely behind.
“I’m begging you, please”
Even now, his tears are fake, crocodile tears. He doesn’t love you and he never did. He just loved how familiar you were, how attentive you were to him. You were always there when shit hit the fan and it was convenient.
“It’s over. I have to go Ransom. I’ll be back at some point to get everything else” he tugs at your arm but you rip it away and leave. 
You toss the bag into the trunk of your car before getting in and speeding off, away from him.
What Ransom would never tell anyone is that he does love you. He wasn’t lying when he spoke those words. He meant them. 
But deep down, he’s messed up. 
All the hurt that he’s caused, all the pain. He’s ashamed of it but he can’t help himself. There is some part of him that never felt good enough for you. So his eyes wondered. He buried his insecurities and went with other women. He needed a reminder, that he still had the looks and the charm to get other women and by proving that, he lost the one woman that he wanted to be with
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fluffycutecevans · 3 months ago
Royal Love
Pairing: Prince!Ransom Drysdale x Plus Size Reader (Medieval Royal AU)
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI Fluff, Angst, Body Shaming (not by Ransom), slight age gap, mentions of insecurities, medieval stereotypes, patriarchy, indirect mention of class difference, swearing, Smut.
Words: 4,233
a/n: This is my first Royal AU. When it comes to Royal/ Medieval AU, @speechlessxx is my inspiration. Also this is the first time I have written smut which I am very nervous about, don’t know how it is. Overall the concept was very exciting to me but I don’t know how I have done. Do let me know if you like this fic. Comments and Reblogs are most welcome.
Tumblr media
(made the mood board)
King Harlan was a kind ruler. He has reigned for a long time. Longer than he intended to. His oldest son Neil was supposed to take over the throne but he passed away before that. His widow wife and daughter still live in the castle. After his son passed away the king thought of making his daughter the queen but the patriarchal lords who had a say in the decision strongly opposed it. His daughter Linda would have been a great queen, strategic and confident and kind at times. Her husband though was a different case, thus in a way maybe it’s for the best because if Linda became queen, her husband would be king and that won’t be good for anyone. The only option was his youngest son Walter who he thought was incapable of holding the position. Thus King Harlan decided to stay on the throne longer. After a few years he decided that his oldest grandson, Prince Ransom was the best person to become king. He wanted to wait a little longer till the Prince became of age and was more responsible before the coronation. Walter was totally against this decision but he didn’t have much say in his father’s decision.
Currently, the news of Prince Ransom becoming the king in a few months has become the talk of the town. King Harlan feels it’s time for the prince to take up the position. There is some opposition to this decision, specially from few people who were in Walter’s favour but they are truly few in number hence it is decided that soon Ransom will be King.
(Y/n) has grown up listening to the different stories of the castle that involved kindness, occasional cruelty, and many many rumours. She isn’t someone to believe in rumours. Her parents have taught her well even with their poor economic situation. She is grateful to her parents and she started working at an early age. She didn’t want to get married yet and her parents were supportive of that. The two main reasons of her not wanting to get married were that she wanted to earn more and help her family first, second that she somewhat believed that no one would want to marry her. (Y/n) is chubbier than her peers, for that she has been body shamed by many. Growing up she didn’t understand what was wrong with her and why people made fun of her. She has always been kind and helpful. Still many people called her bad names because of her weight. Earlier she used to feel very insulted but over time she got used to it, accepted the fact that there will always be some people who will talk bad about her. Her parents though always told her she is very beautiful and will get a good husband one day who will love and respect her. She didn’t have much dreams regarding marriage. When her peers had romantic adventures, she focused more on finding jobs that earned good money. After becoming an adult she worked in the village for more than two years at a shop that payed decent. But now she wants a better job, plus a more secured on. Her efforts became fulfilled when she somehow landed a job in the castle as a personal attendant of none other than Prince Ransom or rather soon to be King Ransom.
She has to stay the castle thus she had to leave her family for the time. Today is the first day of her job. She is a quick learner and a hard worker but unfortunately for most other maids and servants, her appearance and her body is more important to murmur about than her efficiency. Since she entered the castle she has been hearing laughs and murmurs about how she looks while a senior lady who is in charge of looking after princess Meghan is introducing her to her duties and the rules of the castle. She ignores the others and focuses on knowing her duties. “The prince is kind most of the time except when he is angry, besides all your responsibilities his word is the last word for you unless it comes from someone superior than him. You are to make sure he is comfortable and do what he says.” the lady says while (y/n) follows her to the prince’s chamber. It is so big, she can’t believe this is for one person. (Y/n) nods and the woman leaves the room. The prince will have other maids too but it is her prime duty to take care of the prince. She is yet to meet the prince, she is nervous and hopes to do a good job. (Y/n) has heard stories about the prince and his beauty, so many princesses and royal ladies want to marry him but none has peaked his interest as of yet to become his queen, on the other hand he is quite the womanizer. Known to have multiple physical relations. She does the work she has been instructed to do, and after completing it she waits in his chamber. It’s quite late, will the prince not return today? is he with one of his partners? not that it concerns her but she is unsure of what to do. She knows she has to arrange everything for the prince, for him to rest for the day, draw him a bath, keep his night clothes ready, but what if the prince doesn’t return. Even though she hasn’t got any such information she is unsure of what to do, she surely can’t spend the night there but she can’t leave yet. She decides to go out to get some information about the arrival of the prince. Just when she is about to reach for the door, it opens with a light thud and the prince comes in like a storm into the room and into her life. A few men are standing outside the door, waiting for orders. He tells them they can leave now, they courtesy and leave. He has not yet totally looked at her, he is at the door. He shuts the door after the men leave and is about to turn around when a sudden wave of nervousness hits (y/n). She hasn’t really cared about how she looks and tries her best to not get hurt at the insults thrown at her but what if the prince is disgusted with her? what if she loses her job even before she gets to prove herself just because of the way she looks? He turns and she bows down in a courtesy. “Your highness I am your new personal attendant” He hasn’t said anything and she is nervous to stand up and look at him. “I see” he finally says. She stands straight and they finally look at each other properly. She knows she is not supposed to look eye to eye with the prince for a long time but she cannot help it. The stories about his beauty do no justice to him, he is quite the sight. There is a slight smirk plastered on Ransom’s face which she almost fails to notice.
“I will quickly draw a bath for you my prince” she is about to go to the bath when his voice stops her. “What did you just call me?” Is that anger in his voice? She is not sure. She quickly starts apologizing. “Please forgive me your highness I-“ Ransom too cannot exactly comprehend whether he is angry or not. ‘My prince’, no one has called him that before, he should be angry about not being addressed properly but he is not, he likes it. “No, it’s alright, you can call me that.” She doesn’t know what to say and decides to nod and focus on her work.
His royal bath is beautiful and smells so nice. She arranges everything and he comes in. She is about to leave when he calls out for her. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” the prince is surprisingly nice to her, even though he is known to be kind, at times he can be quite rude with the help. She looks at him when he lifts his hand to side and points at his clothes. She is supposed to disrobe him. A sudden blush creeps up her face at that thought. “I am sorry your highness I’ll do it right now” she goes to disrobe him. He looks at her face, hard at work, trying to look professional, trying to not get nervous. “No, call me that” she looks up at him, almost losing herself in his blue eyes. “Yes my prince”. He smiles with approval.
As he enters in the bath she excuses herself to come back with a towel and fresh set of clothes. All this while trying to avoid looking at him and his body.
She is done for the day and ready to retire to her much smaller chamber. “Wait” he stops her. “What’s your name?” She was told not to talk much about her unless asked, mostly the royals didn’t care about knowing about the help. “(Y/n)” she answers. He nods and she leaves. Well it was quite an interesting first day.
A month has passed. Ransom and (Y/n) have got into a nice rhythm. She does her job efficiently and he is kind to her. He Informs her when he won’t come back for the night, sometimes accompanied with a smirk as if to make it even clearer why. She is dutiful and efficient. Within a month she has grown a little attached to the prince, she tries to ignore it but can’t, one night the prince asked her to stay a little longer and decided to have a little chat with her. He talked about his life and how it’s going to change when he is king, he asked about her and her life. Another day he was really angry for some reason and that was the first and only time yet he yelled at her, she didn’t do anything wrong, he was just very angry. Later he indirectly apologized to her.
Everything is going smoothly. It’s (y/n)’s birthday today, which she had mentioned once to Ransom, but she never expected him to actually remember it, he brought a small necklace for her which is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. “This is too kind of you my prince but I don’t think I can take this”. she says politely. “You can and you will, it’s for you.” the little dominance in his voice suddenly hit her some way she hasn’t experienced before. She accepts his gift. “Thank you so much for this it’s so beautiful, thank you.” Ransom looks at her expressions, so happy because of a necklace. But it isn’t just a necklace, it’s his gift, him who matters so much to (y/n) more than she would like to admit.
He goes about his work for the day, she feels giddy and starts working. She has a constant smile on her face. She decides to wear the necklace in the evening, a better dress for that day, nothing compared to what the royal ladies wore but it was nice. She is waiting for him to return to show him that she is wearing the necklace. Someone storms in his chambers and it’s not him.
She is about to speak when the lady speaks, seems to be a royal from her appearance, tall, beautiful, fancy clothes, she is not from this castle though, (y/n) has never seen her before.
“Don’t you have the basic etiquette to bow down before a royal lady?” she is arrogant. (y/n) bows down. “I am sorry my lady, but I wasn’t informed about the prince having a guest in his chambers tonight” the lady scoffs at her words. “Oh I am sorry no one informed you little miss, considering you are so significant.” her words are harsh. (y/n) tries to speak again but she is interrupted. “Leave at once you good for nothing servant, the prince and I will spend the night together.” (y/n) knows the prince’s word is the last word for her and unless he tells her to go she can’t. “Looks like you are deaf. I am talking to you, you fat bitch, I said get out of this room now.” she apologizes to the lady and says she can’t until Prince Ransom tells her. “I am soon to be the new queen you better listen to me or I’ll have you fired.” (y/n) is yet to process her words. The new queen? The prince is getting married? Of course he will get married eventually but so soon?
“God I have no idea how the prince deals with you, you’re dumb and disgusting to look at. I said fuck off bitch.” why is this lady being so rude to her? why are her words affecting her so much, is she only affected by the words or the new information about Ransom’s marriage is also to blame? The lady comes up to her to say something when she spots the necklace. “Where did you get this? Did you steal it? a poor commoner like you cannot afford it for sure then how did you get it?” (Y/n) isn’t someone to get easily nervous or threatened but right now she is very vulnerable and emotional thus her words affect her more. “T-the prince gave it to m-me” she doesn’t look her in the eyes. The lady laughs dryly. “Why would he give anything to someone like you? it’s not like you’re pretty to gain his interest, so why? This necklace is too pretty to belong to someone like you.” the lady is about to touch the necklace when Ransom comes in. “Stay away from her”. Both women stand to find Ransom fuming. “How dare you come to my chambers without my permission?” She tries to feign innocence and tries to suck up to Ransom “Ransom I came to give you a surprise, thought we could spend the night together.” she says in a seductive manner which makes (y/n) look away. “Firstly you will address me as ‘your highness’ and secondly get out of my chamber” she tries to object but the prince is not ready to listen “I was trying to be civil all this while but it ends now, let me be very clear that I will never agree to this marriage and I will make sure the king knows about it.” She huffs and storms out of the room.
(Y/n) keeps standing there with tears in her eyes, touching the necklace as if to protect it. “(Y/n)?” she still doesn’t look at him, in fact she starts crying. Ransom rushes up to her. He touches her shoulders gently, this the first time he has touched her. “Don’t cry (y/n), she is gone.” Ransom rubs her shoulders gently while she sobs “S-she said I stole the necklace and w-was about to take it off” she says in between sobs “I would have got you another one” he says with promise in his words. “But I love this one, this necklace means so much to me, I don’t want to lose it ever.” Ransom is taken aback, she is crying because she was scared to lose the necklace, his gift. “It does look very pretty on you” His words work as magic as she gradually stops crying, but suddenly she takes in his words and becomes aware of his touch. It’s so comforting, she doesn’t want him to remove his hands, they are so warm. But she knows her place very well to think about anything else. She moves back from his touch and bows down with an apology. “I am sorry my prince, I- I got emotional.” Ransom moves closer again “I understand, in fact I am happy that you like the necklace so much.” he looks at the necklace sitting on her neck. He used to think she can’t look any more beautiful than she already is but the necklace, his gift, made her glow even more. “Of course, you gave it to me, I love this necklace so much.” she smiles with faded tears still visible in her eyes.
“Look I don’t know what she said to you but remember you’re good at your job and you’re kind. Don’t think she is better than you just because she has royal blood. You work hard to earn for you and your family, you’re strong and kind. If she has insulted you then I’m sure none of it is true, you’re so nice (y/n)” She takes in his words. “She called me inefficient which I know I am not,but” Ransom raises his eyebrows as if to ask ‘but what’? “but she also said that I don’t look good and disgusting to look at, which is true, no matter how much I try to ignore it, my weight and my appearance have always awarded me with insults. I try not to think about it but if all these people are saying that I look bad then it must be true.” She starts crying again. “Well if all these people are saying that then they are nothing but ignorant idiots” he says as he moves closer to her and wipes off her tears. She is surprised at this action. “The things I am going to say next are something that won’t be very princely of me and won’t be very professional, but seeing you like this, being so close to you, I know if I don’t say them I’ll regret it later and I don’t want to.” He stares into her eyes.
“(Y/n) you’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, what makes you more beautiful is your kind heart. I have never had friends, neither am I close to my cousins or other relatives except my grandfather, but it changed when I met you, I got close to someone I least expected to. You’ve made me kinder, I was sometimes quite rude to the help, but listening to you talk about the struggles of people made me softer to them. This is just one of the thousand things I have learned from you. You’ve made me a better person. You are my friend even though what I feel for you is not completely platonic. A part of me wants to wrap you in my arms and just hold you there and feel your warmth. Another part of me wants to feel your warmth in a different way. If you think I didn’t notice your blush the first time you disrobed me you’re wrong, if you think I don’t notice your smiles and giggles when I appreciate your work you’re wrong. I don’t know if you feel what I feel for you but all I know is that I care about you more than I have ever cared about anyone. I want to protect you. I want to be with you, (Y/n) I love you.”
He stops after that heartfelt monologue and takes deep breaths waiting for (Y/n) to say something. “My prince you’re soon to be king I can’t possibly be someone you can love, I am a nobody” she looks away. “Look at me” she does “You’re not nobody to me, you’re very important to me, even with this big family I have always felt alone, but not with you, your companionship means a lot to me. All I ask from you is that if you return my feelings then tell me now, don’t think about anything I’ll take care of everything, just tell me if you love me too, because I feel that you do even if I am not good enough for someone as amazing as you, please (y/n) tell me.” He pleads with his words and with his eyes. “My prince, I don’t know in what way you’re not good enough for someone like me who is unworthy in every sense, I trust you and your words still it’s hard for me to believe that you can love me. If you want to know my feelings then yes, I love you. I love you very much, but I am afraid my feelings are unworthy just like me.” he can’t believe she thinks so, it’s true she isn’t a royal but that is not what makes a person worthy. “I have met many royal people my whole life and not half of them are as worthy as you. Tell me do you love me because of my title or because of who I am” he holds her hand. “Because of who you are.” he places a soft kiss on her hand “Then how can you expect me to not love you just because of your position? I love you because of who you are.” She smiles at that. How much he loves to see her smile. “What are you looking at?” she asks. “You.” he replies. She blushes at his words. He can’t control anymore, he takes her face in his hands and kisses her. The kiss begins as soft and romantic but it soon gets heated and she stops. “My prince what does this mean for us?” that’s right, they are now ‘us’. Ransoms cups her cheeks, “It means I want to make you mine if you give me permission.”
She understands the meaning behind his words and her cheeks get heated. “I want to be yours my prince but what then?” she is sure his family will be against this. “Once you’re mine, you’re mine, I won’t let anything or anyone come between us.” she mentions her worries about his family to which he says “I am going to be the King, my love, I will get to choose who I want and I will make sure it’s you. No matter what we will be together.” (Y/n) feels reassured at his words even if she is nervous, all she knows she won’t give up on the man she loves, she will fight for him if needed. He pecks her forehead.
“Make me yours then my prince”
“As much as I love to hear that, call me Ransom.”
He says and he captures her lips again. (Y/n) has never felt so good before in her life, she has never been intimate with someone till now. She is nervous but eager with anticipation. Soon she is thrown on the large bed and Ransom climbs on top of her. “You want this my love?” She nods, he proceeds to disrobe himself. When he reaches for her clothes she holds his hand as if to stop him. “I have never done this before, what if you don’t like what you see, my body isn’t very attractive.” He smiles and continues to disrobe her. “I am sure I would love what I see, and I can’t wait.”
There she lies bare in front of her, wearing only the necklace he gave her. she tries to cover herself but he stops her, he cannot stop looking at her body, all her curves, her soft belly, she is so beautiful. “I am going to pay attention to every inch of your beautiful body my love, just relax for me” He starts kissing her inch by inch, touching her everywhere. Both of them bare and so close to each other like never before.
He kisses down his way through her body paying attention to her chest and belly which makes her make the most beautiful sounds that feels like music to his ears. Ransom has been with many women before but this is different and special, it’s not just lust, it’s love. He can’t wait to taste her and before he does he looks into her eyes and says “I almost forgot to say it, happy birthday my love.” and with that he reaches for her most intimate place with his mouth, taking his time to feel her, how she moves beneath him, how her moans fill up the room, how she tastes. She has never felt this pleasure before. Soon it’s too much for her and she reaches her high which is a complete foreign feeling to her. Ransom looks at her face and admires her. He takes care of her and is gentle with her.
When he is inside her it feels like they were meant to be together. Their bodies and their hearts form a bond together. Ransom makes sure to be as gentle with her as possible, he doesn’t want to hurt her. They fall into a nice rhythm, seems like they always do. They don’t talk anymore just look into each others eyes taking in the moment, the movement of their bodies and the pleasure. They reach their high together. Ransom releases inside her making her his forever, he quickly kisses her, their tongues dancing as if to express their love for each other. When they come down from their high Ransom is about to go get something to clean them when she holds his hand, she doesn’t want him to go away. “I am right here my love, let me just clean us up alright?” he kisses her forehead and brings in a cloth to clean up. He soon comes to the bed again, the bed they made love in for the first time. Ransom holds her close to him. “Mine.” he says. She smiles tiredly and kisses his cheek. “I love you Ransom” “I love you (Y/n)”. They drift off to sleep knowing that no matter what, they have each other.
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the-iceni-bitch · 19 days ago
Another Scare
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: ~1.8k
Summary: You’re late.
Warnings: explicit language, some angst, fluff, descriptions of period symptoms, mentions of abortion, our favorite idiots being adorable
A/N: All those speculative asks about the future of our OTP’s relationship got stuck in my brain and I had to get this one out. Fair warning, there’s some major feelings here, in spite of my intention for this to be a fun little fic about these two panicking for no reason. But apparently I’m in my emotions right now so this is what we got!
Tumblr media
You slammed the door and frowned to yourself as you headed to the kitchen, giving the dog some pats when he trotted up to greet you. Work had been fucking long, and all you wanted was to break open a nice, cold beer and put your feet up. The beemer wasn’t in the driveway, which was a little weird, but not unheard of, especially since Ransom was putting in a lot of hours at the publishing house to help Harlan put out the brand new book. He’d probably be home soon, or text you to let you know he would be late.
It was less than twenty minutes later when his headlights shone into the living room, the dog’s head popping up from your lap before he was hopping off the couch to go greet his buddy while the kitten yelled at him for disturbing her rest.
“Hey bud! Sorry I’m late, babe.” He hung up his coat before striding to greet you, bending over the back of the couch and pressing his lips to yours with a soft groan. “I got you your favorite burger, though. And some onion rings, and curly fries, and that chocolate peanut butter shake they put Kahlua in.”
“Jesus, baby.” You grinned when he hopped over the couch and plopped down next to you, grabbing the grease soaked bag and popping a fry in your mouth as you leaned on his shoulder. “Who told you I had such a bad day? You’re gonna fucking spoil me.”
“I mean, I didn’t know you had a bad day, but I’m glad I could help out.” He opened his mouth when you held up a fry for him, kissing the tips of your fingers before chewing it slowly.
“Well then, why’d you do all this?” You moaned when you took a bite of onion ring, letting him pull you into his lap and wrap his arms around you.
“I figured you’d be feeling shitty with your cramps starting soon, so I wanted to take your mind off it.” He stole another fry from the bag and laughed when you smacked his hand.
“Oh, Ran, gross!” You winced and slapped him in the arm, trying to crawl off his lap unsuccessfully when he just buried his face in your neck and chuckled. “It’s so weird that you track my period.”
“Excuse me for being proactive about not knocking you up.” He brushed his lips over your jaw and you sighed, surrendering to the warm pull of his body as you took a sip of your shake. “So just enjoy your dinner, then we’ll take a nice, long, hot bath and empty a bottle of wine.”
“God, that sounds fantastic.” You hummed when he curled his hand around the back of your neck and tilted your head back so he could suck a bruise against your throat. “I’m not having any cramps though, baby.”
“Really?” He pulled back and stared at you with a puzzled expression on his face, chewing on his lip as he thought about things. “You having a mild month? ‘Cause you’re like, five days late if you haven’t started.”
“God, weirdo. I can’t be that late.” You took a bite of another onion ring as you did some mental math, chewing very slowly once realization dawned on you. “Oh, fuck.”
“Honey, don’t say that.” He could feel his chest starting to get tight as panic started seeping through his system.
“It’s ok, Ran.” You tossed your food on the coffee table and grabbed his face in your hands when you felt his breath starting to get shallow. “Don’t panic, baby. It’s probably just the new pill fucking with my cycle.”
“Right, right.” He couldn’t handle being in this situation again, his nerves couldn’t take it. “I’m just gonna run to the store, real quick.”
“What?” You huffed when he shoved you off his lap, scowling at him as he rushed towards the door.
“Just gonna pick up a couple of tests, just to be safe.” He grabbed the keys and charged out the door before you had a chance to respond.
You were swinging between annoyance and concern by the time he got back, tapping your fingers irritably on the back of the couch and scowling at him as he came back into the house while you finished your shake. He just gave you an apologetic shrug and hefted the bag from the pharmacy,
“Ran, baby.” You sighed deeply when he shuffled towards you, rising off the couch slowly and walking around it to wind your fingers through his. “You scared me a little. Are you ok?”
“I’m ok.” He hummed when you wound your fingers through his, resting his forehead against yours and breathing deeply. “I’ll be even better when you take one of these tests.”
“Oh my god, fine.” You pecked him on the lips before snatching the bag out of his hand, rolling your eyes before heading to the bathroom while he followed after you. “You’re not watching me pee, though.”
“If you say so.” He was clutching your hand tight as he walked after you down the hall, doing his best to breathe deeply as his nerves threatened to take over.
He waited outside the bathroom while you did what you needed to do, wringing his hands and chewing on his lip to try to stay out of his own head. You opened the door after a few seconds and he rushed in, winding his arms around you and pulling you to the floor with him as he breathed in your scent deeply.
“Hey, baby, it’s ok.” You framed his face with your hands and pressed your lips to his forehead when you felt how ragged his breathing was.
“Y/N, I can’t keep doing this to you.” He buried his face in your neck and held you close as he fought the emotions that were bubbling in his chest. “Don’t leave me, please.”
“What? Ransom, why would you say that?” You ran your fingers through his hair and curled your body around his, cooing softly to help soothe him as he screwed his eyes shut.
“You left that fucking lawyer when he wanted a kid.” He shook his head when you tried to pull his face to yours, keeping his eyes downcast as he couldn’t bring himself to look at you and find what he feared there. “And I keep knocking you up. What the fuck is wrong with me?”
“I left Andy because he refused to compromise in our relationship and abandoned me to get drunk when I didn’t bend to his ideas about what was best for me.” You dug your fingers into his temples and he moaned, his face relaxing as you pulled all the tension from his body. “And there’s nothing wrong with you, I’m not pregnant.”
“But what if you are?” He finally opened his eyes and sighed when they met yours, drinking in your gaze and losing himself a little as he breathed in the sweet scent of you like oxygen that spread through his system with a warm sense of calm.
“We’re not having a kid, Ransom.” You ran your nose over his slowly as you rested a hand over his heart. “I’ll take care of it.”
“I don’t want you to have to keep doing that, baby.” He kissed your palm gently when you cupped his cheek. “I worry about you.”
“God, you’re too sweet.” You ducked to brush your lips over his and he whined softly into your mouth. “Honey, if, if, there’s something going on in here, it’s early enough that I can just get a prescription, I don’t have to get another procedure.”
“Okay, good, that’s good.” He jumped when the timer on your phone went off, grabbing your wrist and pulling you in for a desperate kiss before letting you rise to your feet and grab the test. “I love you, no matter what.”
“Ran, I love you too.” You pressed your lips to his forehead and stood up. “No matter what.”
He rubbed his hand over his face as he rose on unsteady legs, wrapping his arms around you from behind and burying his face in your hair as he waited for you to tell him what it said.
“It’s negative.” You felt him blow out a deep breath against your neck and his whole body relax, sagging against yours and pressing you into the counter as you laughed softly. “Told you, nothing to worry about… ah!”
He picked you up and turned you around to set you on the counter, grabbing your face between his hands and kissing you hungrily as he choked out a quick sound of relief. You returned the kiss eagerly, winding your fingers through his hair and purring into his mouth as he held you tightly to him before he finally pulled back and let you breathe.
“Oh shit, I fucking hated that.”He ran his thumb over the curve of your cheek and gave you a lazy grin, breathing deeply and letting all the worry and stress flow out of him as you ran your hands over his shoulders. “Remember this next time you jump me in my office while you're in the middle of ovulating and don’t want to wait for me to go get a condom.”
“Jesus Christ, are you gonna quit giving me shit about that?” You squealed when he pulled you off the counter and wrapped your body around his as he headed for the stairs. “I seem to remember you stocking up every place there’s any possibility of us fucking each other after that. Don’t you carry one in your wallet now like a teenager?”
“Be nice to me, I’ve had a hard hour and a half.” He purred when you nibbled on his ear as he headed towards the master suite.
“I know, baby.” You reached back to open the door for him and cooed softly in his ear. “I’ll be so nice to you Ran, gonna treat my sweet boy so good.”
You woke up the next day with pain shooting through your abdomen, wincing as soon as you opened your eyes and groaning as you rolled away from Ransom as he clutched at you sleepily. There was sticky wetness between your legs, and you blew out a deep sigh of relief when you found they were coated with blood. Your small noise brought Ran to full consciousness and his face spread in a massive grin when he got a look at the red stains on your skin, rolling the two of you out of bed and carrying you to the bathroom as you laughed lightly and he promised to fuck away your cramps for the whole damn day.
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sstan-hoe · 11 days ago
𝑅𝑜𝑙𝑒 𝑃𝑙𝑎𝑦 — 𝑅𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑜𝑚 𝐷𝑟𝑦𝑠𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑒
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — SMUT, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), maid kink, sir kink, spanking, pussy slapping (one time), pet names (little one), insult (slut)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — fourth day of kinktober yay! This is definitly not one of my best ones. The next one will be on someone i've never written about before! *not my gif don't forget to reblog and comment!
Tumblr media
„Y/n!” Hollered the harsh voice of your boss through his house.
You were currently cleaning the kitchen when you heard him, and you knew better than to let him wait.
“You called sir?” You said as you stepped into his study, he looked at you with a proving glare. Your head was bowed to the ground, you couldn’t bring yourself to meet his eyes when he looked at you like you were the most pathetic thing he’d ever seen.
If you had the option to take another job you would have done it but you desperatly needed the money to cover your bills and Ransom was the only one who offered, you a job.
But if you had known what Ransom was like you wouldn’t have accepted the job.
“Didn’t I tell you to clean the bedroom?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes, and I did but I-“ Ransom didn’t like it when you talked back even if you tried to defend yourself.
He raised his hand to stop you. “I don’t want to hear a thing, if you would have done a good job it wouldn’t so dirty in there.” In your opinion Ransom was wrong, you had cleaned the bedroom perfectly and there wasn’t one dirty spot.
“With all duo respect sir-“ Again he interrupted you. “What did I say?” You tried to remain calm with everything you had in you.
You knew he didn’t want an answer to his question, so you stayed quite.
“You have been a bad girl…” Ransom lowly trailed off as he played with a coin in his fingers. You knew what that meant, it wasn’t the first time he punished you. It was like he would always try to find something to punish you for.
Ransom put the coin down and pushed his office chair back until there was enough space for you. “Knees, slut.” He demanded.
Following his orders you walked over to him and kneeled down infront of him, you unbuckled his trousers. His cock was unbearably hard, smacking against his abs. It wondered you if he had been hard this whole time.
“Suck.” Ransom charged. You wrapped your hand around the base of his cock massaging it gently before wrapping your mouth around the tip.
At first you kitten licked his tip before diving down him. Ransom hand cradled into your hair gripping it on the roots. He used your hair to guide you up and down on his length.
A low groan left his mouth as he started to thrust you harder, tears threatened to escape your eyes causing your mascara to smear around your eyes.
Ransom loved the sight of you. “Yeah, cry for me little girl.”
Without warning he pulled you up by your hair causing your mouth to gape open. “Take your clothes off. Right now.”
Ransom being tired of your slowly acts he tore your maid outfit apart. “Turn around.” He stated. His hands came up to your ass and kneaded the flesh before landing a harsh slap on it.
“You’re so wet.” He whispered in your ear causing a shiver to run down your spine while his hand trailed down your thigh and stroked over your clit feeling how soaked you were through your panties.
With a snap your thong was torn apart just like your other clothes. Ransom stuffed the thong in his back pocket.
Ransom guided his cock to your slit teasing you before he thrusted into you in your wet pussy. A loud almost pornographic moan left your soft lips. You propped yourself up on your elbows.
You felt a hand slide up to your throat tugging you up, your chest was pressed against Ransom feeling his cock in your stomach as he ruined your cunt.
With the new position you felt how big Ransom was. You whimpered at his size. “Sir…-“ “You can take it, you’ve done it before.” He growled into your ear.
A groan pulled from Ransom lips as he took in your appearance and how you the tears streamed down your beautiful face.
“You look so good with my hands around your neck.”
“Sir! I’m gonna-“ You yelped as your boss picked up his pace.
Ransom right hand moved to your clit rubbing tight circles on it. “Don’t you dare to come without me little one.” He warned you. He made it hard for you not to come when he put pressure on your clit.
Ransom neared his own climax, he landed a slap on your pussy making a wince at the fraction. “Cum. Now.”
You collapsed on to pf Ransom desk and a breathy laugh left your mouth. “You just destroyed the last one of the maid costumes.” Ransom rolled his eyes in response and fell back into his chair taking you with him.
“Mhm, well maybe that’s a sign for us to try something new…how about a sexy criminal and a handsome police officer?” he asked nibbling on your earlobe.
“By the way, it’s hot when you talk back.” Your boyfriend grinned at you. “Oh, hush you and get your ass to bed.” You stood up and grabbed his hand, reaching the bedroom with him you fell on the bed.
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
@slut-for-bucky-barnes @thehuntresswolf @til-my-feet-are-wet @tomhoelland01 @kaiparker-avengerssmut @evans-cavill @evans-doll @emmygrey21 @originalpeacetriumph @disappointmentofthefam @excellentbecca @buckyxxrogers @anythingandeverything97 @buckysbabydolldude @poetic-heart @iambeeee @browneyedgirl365 @satzukim @xealia @patzammit @jeeperky @everything-burns-down @liz-owl @honeyyxashes @maybe-a-bi-witch @bluemoonyumi @slutforchrisjamalevans @buckysbae @sunflowerfive @lewisjada03 @queenofthepouges @harrysthiccthighss @znylxcevans @iwannabekilledtwice @hallecarey1 @nostxlgia18 @multixfandomwriter @bunnyrecs @wednesdayaddamsmood @idfkgabby @miniaturesuitcasevoidstudent @yourssincerelytae @ambrosia-bloom @oliviabelova @fantasymindz @divinelycevans @moony-is-bae @mrs-brekker15 @motherbarnes @lxdyred
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andysbubba · 8 days ago
around your neck
just a little thot because my man kinda suggested this blood necklace thing 😮‍💨
and ransom seems like a perfect candidate ;)
an | BLOOD because blood necklace. possessiveness. sorta "im yours and you're mine". not really smut, just like making out yanno'. ++ i put a pic of my bf's necklace at the end if u wanna see
just don't read this if blood necklaces aren't your thing.
𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲'𝐬 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
you weren't expecting a text from ransom in the middle of a Monday afternoon while you were both working. but nothing could've prepared you for what's coming.
ran: wanna wear my blood around your neck?
and he proceeds to send you a screenshot of a blood necklace kit from Etsy.
y/n: fuck
ran: taking that as a yes. see you tonight, kitten.
he knows what he's doing. sorta using your words against you. he usually wears a chain around his neck and there's a pendant with your initials. you told him that its pretty hot seeing it around his neck- it's like you're marking your claim on him.
he wasn't even looking for that damn kit. he was looking for a normal, simple, diamond necklace with his initials on it for you to wear. but the kit popped up on his suggestions and ransom cannot get the image out of his head- you wearing his blood around your neck everywhere you go. and as much as he likes his current necklace, he kinda wants to wear you around him too.
the package reaches in like 3 days and ransom got so riled up he instantly made you sit on the couch while he unpacks the syringes and the vials. except, he did not tell you that you were supposed to draw your own blood too. that fucking asshole. your fingers dug into his sweater covered bicep while he pokes the syringe into your arm and ransom winced at how hard you're gripping onto him.
but the outcome? it was worth it. he won't admit it but he's a little turned on with how that vial looks so fucking good around your neck, resting in the middle of your chest and between your collarbones. sure, his hand around your neck's a nice necklace too, but this blood mess? he's riled up because it really means you're his.
and his new necklace. ransom couldn't stop staring at it whenever he's looking at his reflection in the mirror. wearing your initials was one, but your blood? it makes him feel owned and he fucking loves it.
but he doesn't know if you're affected by it as much as he is. so why not put it to a test, right?
and oh- you're definitely affected by the necklace.
you're pressing up against him as soon as you're both back home, your palm pushing him against the wall before he can even take off his jacket.
"you forgot that you're mine or somethin'?" you almost growl at him and ransom was so close to grinning his ass off. you take the vial he's wearing between your fingers, tugging at it and his necklace so he's pulled towards you. "wearing my blood isn't enough for ya or you just need me to warm your cock everywhere you go just to remind you that you're mine?"
he groans at your words, instantly pulling you down and he hastily presses his lips against yours and he flips both of you around so you're pressed against the wall. he shoves his tongue into your mouth and ransom lets his hand rests around your throat, feeling the vial sitting under his thumb and his fingers pressed around your throat.
"so fuckin' hot when you get all possessive." he grunts, hand tightly holding your waist and his breath fanning against your face. "but you should've known better, huh? there's nothin' else i want more than you, kitten. everyone can eat shit but you're stayin' with me for good."
phewwwww okay but uhm ransom– sir. pls take my blood allllll you want 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
hope yall liked this little thot! and tell me what u think abt this lmao 😭
not tagging my usual taglist for this one :)
– haney
Tumblr media
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mjolnir-steve · a month ago
Number 48 with Ransom Drysdale?
I wasn't sure which 48 to go with, so how about all three? 😅Thank you so much for sending me this!! 💜
Fluff: “the world could be on fire and i’d still be happy as long as i'm with you.”
Smut: “what would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?”
Angst: “you can’t take back what you said.”
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader Summary: Ransom said something stupid and you heard it. Now he has to explain himself. Warnings: some cursing, lil bit of smut (18+ only!!!!!!), beginnings of oral sex (f receiving), lil bit of angst, hurt/comfort? Word count: 1355 (Is this drabble length? Who knows!) Prompts are in bold!
You ran toward the front door, fumbling with your keys in your haste to get away from your prick of a boyfriend. Ransom was close behind, almost getting his fingers caught in the door when you tried to slam it behind you. “Y/N, please, let me explain!”
He stepped inside and toed off his shoes before running after you up the stairs. He checked every room, unable to find where you’d disappeared to. With his head in his hands, he sat down on the bed you shared and wondered when exactly he’d stop being a fucking moron. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to call you, but set it down when he heard sniffles from the walk-in closet.
Ransom took a deep breath and opened the door gingerly, as if he were afraid he’d scare you off. “I’m so sorry, cookie. Can we please talk about this?” He found you sitting on the floor at the back of the closet with your knees pulled tight to your chest.
Your chest tightened upon hearing the nickname he coined for you one day when you accused him of liking Biscoff cookies more than he liked you. It was only a few months into your relationship and you stupidly thought it meant something. “What is there to talk about, Hugh?” you said with all the vitriol you could muster. “You told your family I’m basically just a piece of ass.” You wiped at your eyes, hissing at the burn caused by the mascara you’d forgotten you were wearing. “I don’t see how you could clarify that statement any further.”
Ransom sank to his knees in front of you and reached for your hands, but you pulled away, crossing your arms. He sat back and brought his hands to his lap, fidgeting with the hem of his sweater. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm, trying to relieve the pressure building up behind them so that he wouldn’t cry just yet. “I’m so s–”
“–First of all, that does not make it better. Second, whether I was supposed to hear it or not, you still said it, Ransom. You can’t take back what you said.” All your willpower couldn’t stop your voice from cracking. You covered your mouth with both hands in a futile attempt to stifle the sobs beginning to rack your body.
He crawled forward, wrapping you in a tight hug and letting you cry into his shoulder. Thankful you didn’t push him away, he rubbed soothing circles into your back with one hand and cradled the back of your head with the other. “Baby, please listen to me. If you still can’t forgive me after this, I’ll understand, but please please please let me explain myself.”
You relaxed into him a bit and loosely wrapped your arms around his middle, hesitantly nodding your consent into the side of his neck. “My parents were asking if I was serious about you because they’re selfish fucks. Everyone in my family is, except my grandfather. They don’t like to see outsiders getting comfortable in our ‘ancestral home’ or whatever. I’ve seen it before when my cousins bring their significant others home. They don’t want to see me happy because… Well, because they’re assholes, but also because they see new people as threats, especially when those people aren’t as wealthy as my grandfather has made us.”
Ransom sat down on the floor, guiding you to sit in his lap. You looked at him, a bit unsure, as he took your face in his hands. “If I let them know that you mean something to me, everything to me, then they would make your life miserable. It sounds so stupid saying it out loud, but I figured if I let them think you meant nothing, then they’d leave us both alone for a while longer.” He brushed a few stray tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. “There are no words to tell you how sorry I am, cookie.”
You blinked at him and waited a moment to see if he’d continue, but he remained silent, eyes shut tight, tears threatening to fall from behind his dark lashes. “That’s why you never bring me to family things? I thought you were embarrassed by me. I thought you didn’t want them to meet me.” You started crying again as your last sentence caught in your throat. Ransom pressed his forehead to yours.
“I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t want you to have to meet them. You make me so happy and I was scared they’d try to ruin that, ruin us. I should have been honest with you.” You covered his hands with yours, still holding your face, and leaned back enough to look in his eyes, somehow still brilliant blue in the dim light leaking in from the bedroom.
“I make you happy, Ran?”
“The happiest I’ve ever fucking been. The world could be on fire and I’d still be happy as long as I’m with you.” He kissed your forehead, the top of each cheek, and the tip of your nose, but you stopped him with a finger to his lips before they could catch yours.
“You make me happy, too, handsome,” you sighed, bumping his nose with yours. “But you have to promise me you’ll talk to me more. I know your family is mostly made up of assholes, and I can handle that, but I can’t handle it if you’re going to act like that, too. This all could have been avoided if you just gave me a heads up. I’m not going to tell you how to handle your family – I know you probably know best – but I am telling you how to handle me.”
You took his hands from your face and held them with yours, close to your heart. “If you need me to act a certain way or say certain things to keep them out of our bubble for a while longer, I can do that. I just need you to communicate with me, okay?” He nodded at you, a hint of a smirk forming on his lips.
You kissed him then, unspoken emotions flowing between the two of you of both apology and acceptance. Ransom deepened the kiss, needy as he always seemed to be after an argument, no matter how big or small.
“You said something about handling you, cookie?” He laid you down on the closet floor, pushing down the straps of your dress and bra. Your laugh turned into a moan when he simultaneously nipped along your neck and rolled your nipple between his fingers.
You moaned his name, arching your back and pushing your exposed chest against his sweater. “Strip, pretty boy.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He practically leapt up, removing his clothes with a speed you were sure had to count towards some sort of Olympic record. You couldn’t stop giggling as he settled between your legs again, resting his chin on his hands folded over your tummy. “Tell me what you want next,” he almost whined, looking up at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes he could muster.
You carded your fingers through his hair, admiring his features for a moment before you decided to take advantage of the situation. “What would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me? Always so needy, handsome.”
He let out a shaky breath. “Who cares what they’d say? If they ever had sex even half as good as we do, they’d be fucking desperate for it, too.” He lifted his head and began to kiss his way down your body, stopping at the tops of your thighs. “Wait. Does this mean I’m forgiven?”
“Show my pussy how sorry you are, then we’ll talk.” You pushed his face away to where you needed him most, laughing and gasping as he whispered actual apologies against your core, causing your skin to break out in goosebumps as his breath fanned over your warm, wet center. You’d already forgiven him, but why not make him earn it?
A/N: I really hope you liked this! I’ve just started writing fic again after about seven years off, so feedback is appreciated, as well as comments and reblogs. :)
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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chanelfaerie · 2 months ago
daddy!ransom taking care of his lil bunny baby after snapping at her ? maybe he came home from a family dinner and was feeling agitated, but he feels real bad tho !!
CONGRATULATIONS ON 3K BESTIE !! so proud of my favorite writer on this site🥰
daddy's sorry ⟶ ransom drysdale
join my 3k celebration!
pairing: daddy!ransom drysdale x little!reader
summary: ransom takes out his stress on you, only not the way you'd prefer.
warnings: no smut! (although it sounds like lol), ransom is mean, light angst, dd/lg dynamics, loving ransom later
a/n: I LOVE THIS REQUEST SO MUCH OMG and hearing you say that just made my entire day, thank you so much bby 🥺
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform.
⊱ ────── {⋅. ☽ .⋅} ────── ⊰
you'd been patiently waiting all night for your daddy to come home after another of his family dinners. you'd attended only one of them and clung to his side all night, and after hearing the loud bantering between the drysdale's and the thrombey's, you opted not to go anymore.
ransom agreed, but hated to leave you home alone for so long. this night, he'd left you a tray full of snacks and yummy drinks, some movies and games. your stuffies had been beautifully set on your bed, but nothing was enough.
as soon as you heard the door open and slam shut, you jumped from your bed and rushed downstairs. you knew how agitated ransom could get from these dinners and knew better than the bug, but you couldn't resist; this one had run later than the others.
"daddy!" you jumped, wrapping your arms around him before he could even slip off his shoes.
ransom tried his best to keep his cool. he gently hugged you back before peeling you off of him. "hi, sweetheart," he sighed, throwing his keys into their bowl. he discarded his jacket somewhere in the closet. your daddy seemed different tonight and you wanted to make him feel better.
"how did the dinner go?" you asked, following him through the living room and into the kitchen where he poured himself a small glass of amber-colored alcohol. he already reeked of the stench but you chose not to say anything.
he leaned against the counter and downed his drink. "i don't really want to talk about it right now." what happened to his sweet pet names? where was the warmth in his voice?
you frowned and looked to the floor before an idea popped into your mind. "i know what can make you feel better, daddy!" you jumped, running to the freezer and grabbing the tub of chocolate ice cream he'd gotten the other day.
the thought was so sweet, but ransom just wasn't in the mood for your light tone and expression. as much as he wanted to be around you, all he needed was to be left alone. "god, can you please just leave me alone for just a few minutes!" he screamed, roughly slamming his glass on the counter. "i get you missed me, but that doesn't mean you need to be so goddamn clingy."
you were beyond hurt, and it was evident in your face. there were tears pooling up in your eyes, your bottom lip quivered, your cheeks turned red. you were angry, sad, and hurt. "fuck, all i want is some time to myself, but i just can't get that with you, can i?"
if daddy wanted some time alone, then you could stop being so clingy and leav him alone. "okay, daddy," was all you said before you ran up to your room, leaving the ice cream on the counter to melt.
as soon as he heard the name fall from your lips - even in the midst of all your anger - ransom immediately felt like the world's biggest asshole. he sighed angrily at himself and leaned on his hip.
up in your room, you were hidden under a pile of blankets and a comforter, surrounded by stuffies and a body pillow you'd pretend was your daddy. the blankets still smelled like him and it only made you more upset.
while ransom knew you needed time with these sorts of things, he pushed open the door. when you heard it creak, you hid your face in your pillow, assuming he was just there to change his clothes.
“honey,” he drawed out, a dip in the bed next to you. he would’ve placed a hand on your hip for a little sense of comfort but he kept himself from doing so. “can you look at me?”
your stuffy was practically being suffocated, but you rolled over so your eyes met ransom’s.
“there she is,” he smiled and you missed his soft, loving demeanor that he only showed around his baby. “i missed my little girl. tonight was rough,” he rubbed over your back gently. “meg was especially annoying, but god, harlan was going on about…i don't even know what, i stopped listening after a few minutes-”
he was rambling instead of apologizing. ransom did that a lot. “daddy,” you sighed, sitting up and holding his hand.
“right,” he sighed. “what i’m trying to say, princess, is i love you very much. daddy loves you so so so much,” he brought your knuckles to his lips. “i didn’t mean any of that i said, that was bullshit. you know that right,” your nod was slow and hesitant. he smirked, “righttt?”
ransom playfully shook your shoulders until a pretty smile cracked on your face. “i know, daddy,” you tried to hide your happiness.
his fingers danced over your sides of your tummy and hips, causing you to fall over on the bed in a fit of laughter. “hmm,” he scattered kisses over your neck. “i don’t believe you.”
“daddy!” you yelped, trying to push him away. “stop that tickles!” he lifted his head from your jawline and arched an eyebrow for confirmation. “i know you didn’t mean it, i promise. i’m sorry tonight was annoying, but i love you,” you kissed his cheek. “…would some cuddles make it better?”
his smile was wide and ransom was reminded how happy he was with you. “cuddles would make it a thousand times better, angel.”
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fairyevans · 6 months ago
— 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦 𝐰𝐡𝐨’𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐬𝐬, 𝐫.𝐝
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 893 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[ransom drysdale x fem!reader]
warning; SMUT! MINORS DNI! 18+, public oral sex (m receiving), exhibition kink, mentions of sub/dom, (slight) humiliation, (slight) cumplay?, language, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
you had no idea how ransom tolerated all these stuck-up pricks. 
all they did was brag about the parties they threw on their yachts, or talk about their stupid cars.
but yet here you were, tagging along with ransom, getting wasted with these assholes and their airhead girlfriends.
“just 10 more minutes, bunny, i just wanna make sure steve doesn’t forget how he lost the bet and owes me 20 grand.” you rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, as you stumbled over to prop yourself onto the couch next to him where the rest where seated.
“can we do something fucking interesting instead of playing fucking cards?” one of the girls exclaimed, slipping off her heels as she downed her twentieth something drink.
“never have i ever?” she suggested, making you groan out, “are you 12 years old or something?” everyone chuckled, making her pierce her eyes at you.
“calm down, ladies, how about truth or dare?” charles suggested and you all simply agreed.
so the game went on, everyone taking turns making stupid or sexual questions to each other, til charles asked you.
“truth.” you responded, sensing ransom’s grip over you shoulder tensing, even though he was way past sober, he was prepared to kick some ass if anyone tried to disrespect you.
“has ransom ever been your sub?” you were about to respond, until ransom let out a loud sarcastic laugh, cutting you off completely.
“are you kidding? there’s no way you’d think [y/n] is a dom, she’s a natural born sub.” ransom mocked, making your cheeks burn hot red as the room grew quiet yet attentive at your next words.
“i was gonna say it’s none of their fucking business, hugh.” you spat, using his first name meaning you were serious.
there was really no point in fighting with ransom, considering he was drunk and everyone else was too.
“come on, bunny, you know if i asked you to cream your panties this fucking second, you would.” you scoffed at his arrogance, ignoring the tingles his words sent down to your cunt.
“in fact, why don’t you get on your knees and show them how good you suck me off.” he snickered, not realizing he was being a total prick, just like the rest of them.
he was waiting to see your shy reaction, just to have you beg for his cock on the ride home til he was satisfied and ate out your tight cunt for hours.
but this time, it was different. he had definitely pissed you off.
“fine.” everyone’s eyes widened, including ransom’s, watching as you slammed your empty beer bottle on the coffee table and kneeled in front of ransom.
“hey, hey, bunny-” “shut the fuck up.” everyone either snickered or oohed at the blue-eyed man, noticing he did as he was told.
you unbuckled his perfectly straightened pants, as you pulled out his now hardening cock, tilting his head as he analyzed your every move.
“fuck..” he whispered, completely forgetting he was in a room surrounded by his friends as you dragged your tongue from the base of his cock to the tip while you rolled his swollen balls in your soft hand, making him groan.
“put it in your mouth, bunny.” he gathered your hair to create a make-shift pony-tail as you sweetly complied, shoving it inside, everyone twisting their head to see how easily you swallowed his fat cock til you were choking.
spit was dribbling down his painfully hard length, til he became desperate, holding your head in place as he began thrusting his hips upwards, fucking your mouth like it was your tight little pussy he was so addicted to.
everyone’s eyes were glued to the two of you, watching intently as you lifted your skirt and stuck out your ass, revealing the tattoo you had on the curve where your ass begun, show-casing the sentence, ransom’s bunny.
“gonna feed you my cum, bunny- fuck.” he grunted, feeling his thighs twitch as his balls tightened, releasing his come on your tongue.
once he came, you straddled him, kissing him with your mouth still drenched with his load, causing him to moan at the taste of himself on you.
“what do you say, baby?” you whispered, but loudly enough for everyone to hear. 
he whimpered as you swiped your thumb over the tip of his cock, spreading out the leftover cum, knowing you wouldn’t stop until he said the magic words.
“thank you, bunny.” you smirked in amusement, tucking away his cock and pulling him off the couch and exiting the house, leaving everyone either horny or in shock. or both.
“who’s the sub now?” you giggled as he stared at you in awe, walking towards his beemer.
“i love you.” he blurted out, causing you to stop dead in your tracks, the three words you’d spent almost six months waiting for.
“what?” you sobered up completely, as did he.
“it’s a fucked up moment, i know, but you drive me insane. w-what you did back there, made me realize there’s nobody else i want. i just want you, forever.” he breathed out, drawing a smile on your face as you ran up to him and he picked you up, twirling you around.
“i love you, i love you.” he repeated as he peck your lips, making your heart sore.
“strange timing you picked, ransom, but i will fucking remember it forever.” 
[a/n; ransom can rail me anytime, anywhere. yes please. hope you guys liked this one, ily guys!!]
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sunshinebuckybarnes · 4 months ago
The last time
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x reader
Summary: It was meant to be one night but somehow you couldn’t stop yourself from being drawn to Ransom over and over again.
Warnings: ANGST, Ransom is a serious arsehole in this! Smut; oral (m+f receiving), pet names, daddy kink, unprotected sex. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. This blog is 18+
Author's Note: I got a mad burst of inspo when listening to Change by Pale Waves, the line "you've hurt me a thousand times before but I'm missing you right now so do it once more" really stuck with me. I’ve never written angst or smut before so pls be kind, I’m usually all out fluff so this is new territory! I originally was going to write this as Bucky but I just couldn’t bring myself to make him such a dick. Hope you enjoy it! Comments and reblogs are so appreciated (word count: 3.8k)
Your relationship with Ransom was somewhat turbulent from the get go. You met him eight months ago at a dive bar downtown. You were both drunk and horny and a little sad - the perfect match. You’d had a really shitty week at work and just wanted to blow off steam. Ransom had just come from a family dinner and aggravated to the point the alcohol wasn’t even helping. The two of you didn’t even make it out of the bar. Letting him fuck you in the bathroom, nothing but filthy words exchanged. He’d bolted before you’d even caught your breath, throwing a quick wink your way as he shoved your panties in his back pocket. You should have known then that anything more would be a mistake.
Seeing Ransom again wasn’t your plan, you were more than happy to take it as a one night only kind of thing, but the universe has a funny way of proving you wrong.
You bumped into him three days later at a charity gala your boss was hosting. He looked good. So good in fact that you couldn’t help thinking about round two in what would be a considerably nicer bathroom. But your plans for a quickie were soon squashed when he walked right past you, as if you’d never met let alone had his cock down your throat a few days prior. You stared after him in shock. Watching the way he curled his arm around another woman’s waist. You couldn’t help the rage that bubbled up inside you. That smug, trust fund prick, became your mantra for the night as you drowned your rage in champagne.
Just as you’d started to enjoy yourself, the alcohol making you feel light and fuzzy, you were dragged by your arm into a storage closet. Your first instinct was to scream but a large, warm hand came around your body and covered your mouth.
“You miss me yet, princess?” Ransom whispered in your ear, his hot breath hitting your face as you tried to squirm away.
He released you and you turned around to look at him. Giving him the most piercing glare you could manage. “Don’t flatter yourself, Drysdale. With the way you’ve spent the whole night pretending I don’t exist I wouldn’t miss you even if you begged for it,” you scoffed.
The chuckle he let out did nothing to squash the fire that was burning inside of you. Whether it was anger or want you weren’t quite sure but you had no intention of finding out. You turned on your heel ready to leave as quickly as you’d been dragged in when his next words stopped you in your tracks.
“Don’t you at least want these back, princess?”
You whipped your head around in confusion, eyes going wide with shock as you looked at your panties in his large hand.
“You seriously kept my underwear and then brought them to a charity event?” You sputtered, “what the fuck Ransom?!”
You went to grab them but he quickly moved them out of your reach, causing you to fall into his chest.
“Ransom, I’m not messing around, give me those back! And why do you even have them on you? Do you just carry them around all the time?” you huffed, reaching for his hand again.
“Don’t be stupid, princess. I knew you were going to be here so I wanted to have a little fun,” he smirked.
“I’m guessing you didn’t tell your girlfriend out there that you were carrying around my underwear?”
Ransom chuckled again, “I knew that would get to you.”
That made you pause. Looking up at him you couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you realised what he was doing. “Seriously, Ransom?! What kind of game are you trying to play here?”
He just shrugged, the smirk never leaving his face, “I wanted to know how hot you looked when you were angry and you didn’t let me down princess.”
“Prick,” you muttered under your breath, reaching out to grab your underwear.
“How about we make a deal? I’ll give you these back if you let me have a taste of that sweet cunt”
You stopped trying to grab your panties and just stared at him. He had the most devilish smirk on his face and you had to suppress the whimper that threatened to come out. His eyes traced down your face, stopping at your lips as you slid your tongue against them.
“What do you say huh? Gonna let me tear you apart with nothing but my mouth?” he whispered, leaning down to trace your jaw with his lips.
You knew you should say no. You knew it. He was an asshole and nothing good would come of it. But when his lips hit that one spot on your neck that had you gasping you knew you couldn’t say no.
“You acted like you didn’t know me earlier and now you want to go down on me? What’s your game here?,” you groaned, trying your hardest not to give in.
“I told you, I wanted to see how sexy you look when you're angry and now I want to see if you're as sweet as you look, princess,” he murmured against your neck before sinking his teeth in and sucking a bruise.
That’s when you lost your control, your mind taking a back seat. “Deal,” you whimpered, feeling Ransom’s lips curl into a smile before he dropped to his knees in front of you.
His hand ghosted up your thighs, pulling your dress up along the way. Ransom lifted one of your legs to rest over his shoulder, kissing and nibbling along your thigh to where you were aching for him. You couldn’t help the loud moan that came out when he licked a stripe over your panties. Ransom pulled away at that looking up at you with a smirk.
“Maybe this will keep you quiet,” reaching up he shoved your panties into your mouth and you couldn’t help but let out a muffled whimper at how filthy your night had gotten. “You can take them home with you after,” he winked at you before burying his head between your thighs.
Tumblr media
From then on Ransom became a somewhat permanent feature in your life. You were with each other nearly every weekend and some week nights. Each time he called, you let him in. You never went to his house though. He always came to you. Made it easier for him to leave before you woke up. You kept telling yourself you only wanted him for the sex, which as much as you hated to admit, was the best you’d ever had. But you could feel it. You could feel yourself falling for this trust fund prick and you didn’t know how to stop it. He was different when he was alone with you. He had a sense of humour you didn’t expect and a gentleness at times that had you swooning.
It wasn’t until you saw him in a bar with his tongue down another woman’s throat that reality slapped you in the face. You couldn’t even mask your hurt when he caught your eyes across the room. You flipped him off and left before giving him the chance to explain, secretly hoping he would follow you. Of course he didn’t. That’s not his style.
So, you called it off.
That was three months ago and Ransom was still coming to your apartment most weekends. He showed up one night with flowers and apologies, promising that he would be more honest going forward if he was seeing anyone else and right now he wasn’t - as if that would make it better - and despite your mind screaming at you not to let him back in, you didn’t listen. So your nights went back to how they used to be, the both of you panting and sweaty, tangled up in your sheets trying to catch your breath. His arms wound tightly around you as he smoothed your hair and murmured pretty words in your ear, lulling you to sleep.
“You’re so gorgeous, princess.”
“Sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“Just let me hold you for a bit.”
Every time you woke up alone. And every time you said it was the last time.
There was one night that you thought things were changing. You’d had such an awful day, it was the first time you considered not responding when he text. But instead you just told him you weren’t in the mood. Twenty minutes later there was a knock at your door and to your surprise you found Ransom and a bottle of your favourite wine. You both sat up on your couch, drinking and talking about everything. You told him all about your family out west and how much you missed them. He told you about his family and how fucked up they were - lets be honest, it explained a lot! It was the first time you’d seen him so vulnerable and it made your heart ache.
Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was the new side to Ransom that had you blurting out the words that you’d only thought to yourself. I think I’m falling for you.
Ransom just stared at you for a beat, your own heart pounding inside of your chest, eye widening as you realised your admission.
“Princess, you know that’s not what this is right? You’re great, one of the best fucks I’ve had in a while, but I don’t do the whole feelings thing,” he stated, standing up and grabbing his jacket off the back of the couch.
You sat there stunned, trying so hard to keep your tears in, a mixture of anger and sadness and disappointment building up inside of you. No, you refused to cry in front of him. You took a deep breath and stood up. Heading towards the door and opening it, gesturing from him to leave, “well I think you should go then. I’m sure one of your other fucks would be willing to have you,” you spat.
Ransom stared at you for a second, a look you couldn’t quite figure out on his face before he walked past you into the hall.
“We’re done. I’m done. I don’t want to see you again,” you said, willing your voice not to crack.
To your surprise he laughed, “sure princess. I’ll see you next time.” And then he was gone.
You stood with the door open in shock. That smug, trust fund prick! You couldn’t help the bubble of manic laughter that came out of you as you slammed the door and headed for the last of the wine.
Never seeing him again lasted a whole two weeks. You hated how weak he made you, how much you thought he would change, how easily his whispered words affected you, how easy you believed him when he said he was sorry. You’ve always been hurt by your own expectations and Ransom was no exception.
This had to be over. You couldn’t take any more of this and you knew just the way to say goodbye.
Tumblr media
You shouldn’t be here. You know you shouldn’t be here. But you still find yourself standing, nearly swaying thanks to the bottle of wine that led you here, outside the door of the man who’s torn your heart to pieces time and time again.
But this time is different. This time you were making the first move and this time it was going to be the last.
The surprise on his face when he opened the door had you giggling.
Quickly wiping the shock from his face, Ransom leant against the doorframe, jeans low on his hips and shirtless. His arms crossed over his chest causing his biceps to bulge. Damn, this would be easier if he didn’t look so good.
He smirked down at you, “What happened to it being the last time, princess?”
You took a deep breath, ignoring the way he was trying to push your buttons, “Thought I’d get the jump on ya since it is always you calling me,” you shrugged, shoving past him and almost stumbling before he caught you and turned you so you were face to face.
"You've been drinking.” It wasn’t a question.
"And your point is?" You countered, letting your hands trail from his chest to his belt.
"We both know how this ends, princess. You’re gonna get hurt," Ransom sighs, holding your hands still.
"You've hurt me a thousand times before, what's one more?” you shrug, pulling him closer so your chests collide. Leaning up to whisper in his ear, “call it a parting gift. I missed you so hurt me one last time, Ransom." Leaning forward you nibble on his ear before moving slowly down his neck when he makes no move to stop you.
“Oh princess,” he all but growls. Grasping your jaw between his fingers and squeezing slightly as he pulls you back to look in your eyes. “You really think this will be the last time?”
You do your best to suppress the whimper that’s bubbling up as you refuse to look away.
“I’ve lost count of all the times you’ve said that. Admit it, your pussy misses me too much. You always come crawling back, like the little slut you are,” he smirks.
It takes all your strength not to slap his stupid, pretty face. Your eyes narrow in defiance. You won’t let him win this. “Why don’t you give me something worth missing then?”
His lips crash onto yours with such force you’re convinced you would have fell if it wasn’t for Ransom’’s arm winding tightly around your waist. You moan as his tongue slips past your lips as his hand tangles in your hair, keeping you where he wants you.
Your hands grasp his belt again, rushing to get it undone and push his jeans past his hips. His hands grab the hem of your dress, lifting it off your body before crashing his lips onto yours again. You wind your hands into his hair and give a sharp tug, smirking at the groan he lets out.
“Jump,” Ransom mutters against your lips, tapping the back of your thighs. You do so without hesitation, winding your legs around his waist as his lips trail from your mouth across your jaw, down your neck and back up to your lips.
You’re so lost in the heat and desperation of his kisses that you don’t realise you’re in a different room until Ransom drops you on his bed. You can see the outline of his cock through his boxers and it makes your mouth water.
Moving to your knees you crawl towards the end of the bed, making sure to wiggle your ass as you do. You don’t miss the way Ransom’s eyes darken as he watches your every move. Keeping your eyes on him you lay on your stomach in front of him, toying with the waistband of his boxers, mouthing at his hard cock. Ransom’s hand comes up to stroke your hair.
“Can I suck your cock, daddy?” you ask, pouting up at him with your most innocent look.
The way his jaw ticks has your panties flooding with arousal. “You know I can’t say no to that mouth of yours, princess. Now put it to good use like the good little slut you are.”
You waste no time releasing him from the confines of his boxers. Grasping him tightly at the base you start with kitten licks to the tip. Revelling in the groans coming from the man above you. Making eye contact with him you shoot him a wink before wrapping your lips around him, pushing your head down until you can feel him at the back of your throat. You hollow your cheeks and pull back, making sure to swirl your tongue over the head.
“Fuck,” Ransom groans, fists tightening in your hair, “you gonna be a good girl and let daddy fuck your mouth, princess?”
You nod your head as best you can, placing your hands on his thick thighs as you look up at him, silently giving him permission.
“Gonna be the death of me, god damn,” Ransom murmurs before thrusting further into your mouth. You try your best to suppress your gag reflex but taking Ransom is no easy feat. Ransom sets a slow pace to start, letting you get used to it. You hum around him and he quickens his movements. It doesn’t take long for you to become a gagging, drooling mess around him as tears slip from your eyes.
“Shit, ah, taking me so well princess. Look at you, all sloppy and crying for me,” Ransom grunts, caressing the side of your face for a moment before leaning over you, forcing his cock further down your throat. You sputter around him and focus on breathing through your nose. Letting out a squeak when you feel a palm crack down on one of your ass cheeks.
Ransom pulls back, pulling your mouth off his cock in the process before he’s crashing his lips onto yours. It’s a clash of teeth and tongue as Ransom pulls you to sit up on your knees.
“Look at you,” he chuckles, wiping the stray tears from your cheeks, “took me so well. My perfect little slut.”
You can’t help the way your heart clenches, because you’re not his and you never will be. You know it's wrong. You know you should have stayed away. You know it's going to hurt. But for once, just this once, you wanted to be the one to walk away. You wanted this to be your decision. Because it hurts more when you have to wake up alone every time. Wondering if you should have done more. If you should have hidden parts of yourself. Been more.
“Turn around baby, hands and knees. Let me see that perfect ass.”
You shake the thoughts from your head as you do as he asks. Wiggling your ass against him when you’re in position which earns you a hard spank. You moan unabashedly, revelling in the sting and heat you can feel. Ransom’s palm comes down several more times before he’s gripping your cheeks roughly and spreading them.
“I can see how wet you are. Is this all for me,” he taunts, rubbing his fingers across your clothed core.
“Yes daddy, all for you,” you mewl, pushing back on his fingers, “please fuck me.”
“Fuck,” he spanks you again before tearing your panties off you, “since you asked so nicely princess.”
Without warning he pushes the head of his cock into your soaking entrance. Both of you groaning at the pleasure that ripples through your bodies. Ransom gives you a second to adjust before giving a tentative thrust. You moan, pushing back, needing more.
“You ready baby? Hands behind your back for me. Good girl.”
Ransom grabs hold of your hands in a tight grip behind your back before setting a punishing pace that has your back arching further. All you can hear are the loud slaps of his hips hitting your ass and your growing moans. You whimper when he stops.
“Fuck youself on my cock princess. Show daddy how much of a good girl you are,” Ransom grunts, letting go of your arms and grasping your hair to pull your head back.
Pushing yourself up on your arms you push back, grinding your hips over his cock.
“That’s it, so fucking gorgeous. Taking my cock so well,” Ransom chokes out, smacking both ass cheeks in quick succession before spreading your cheeks again. You feel his thumb brush over your tight hole and your hips stutter, earning a throaty chuckle from Ransom, “can’t wait to try this tight ass of yours one day princess but I won’t last today if I get in there. Pussy’s already gripping me like a vice, shit!”
You can’t help the slight smirk that graces your face. Knowing that he’ll never get the chance. Knowing that after taking everything else from you he’ll never have that. It’s not much but it’s a small victory.
Ransom grips your hips tightly, halting your movements before he’s driving into you repeatedly. Reaching the spot that has your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your toes curling.
“Shit, you’re so fucking tight. You close baby? Want daddy to make you come?” Ransom pulls you up so your back is against his chest. One of his hands wraps around your throat, squeezing slightly, causing you to moan loudly.
“Please, please I’m so close. Please make me come daddy,” you beg.
“I’ve got your princess, let go for me,” Ransom whispers against your neck before sucking a bruise there, his free hand sliding down your stomach to your clit, rubbing harsh circles over it that has your hips stuttering. The pleasure ripples through you like a tidal wave. Soft curses leaving your lips as your body ignites, sagging back against Ransom as he continues to push his hips into you. Groaning as you pulse around him.
“Such a good girl for me, shit, ah ‘m gonna come baby. Gonna fill you up like the good little slut you are,” Ransom whispers praises as his hips come to a stop against your ass and you feel the warmth of his release fill you.
Your sweaty bodies remain entwined as he leans you down so you're laid on your stomach, Ransom’s chest plastered against your back.
“Fuck, princess,” Ransom pants, “that was something else. You really pulled out all the stops,” he chuckled.
It was wrong, so wrong. And it hurts so much. But this time it's on your terms. This time he has to watch you leave.
You start to shift underneath him and he gets the hint to move, you whimper as he pulls out of you. Feeling the sticky mess of both your releases between your thighs. You close your eyes and take a deep breath to steady yourself. You need to leave. The longer you stay the more you risk losing your nerve.
“Hey, so I was thinking, if you wanted to stay the night that would be cool…” Ransom murmurs.
You bite back a sob, reminding yourself that this changes nothing. He’s eight months too late. Moving off the bed you start grabbing your clothes from around the room. Changing as quickly as you could and avoiding his gaze. One look in those blue eyes that were usually so cold, but held a softness for you that made you weak at the knees and you’d be back a square one.
"I meant what I said Ransom,” you sniffled, “we’re done. I can’t do this anymore.”
Picking up your things and your remaining dignity you walked towards the door, sneaking a look at Ransom who hadn’t moved off the bed, his eyes looked glassy. “I hope you find someone that’s worth having feelings for but I can’t keep pretending that person is me," you whispered, “goodbye Ransom.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading!! I really hope you enjoyed this 💕 as always comments and reblogs are so appreciated and I'll love you forever 💕
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stcveskent · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
never letting go ; chris evans
warnings : smut and fluff <3 minors dni
and also its my first smut on tumblr so im scared
pairings: chris evans x reader
requested on wattpad
it started with a small argument. Ever since he started working with one of this lady, Kiara. he kept on talking about her, and told his mother about her and praised her a lot of times.
You ignored it a few times, but then you noticed how long he'd talk to her on calls, and you had that bit if suspicion that he isn't interested in you after you two got married and he was cheating on you with her.
The ASP programme was a success, for which all of them decided to have a stress reliving get together and obviously, chris agrees and also takes you out with him, as his plus one.
Chris again, started talking to her, and they were really close, so by sitting and looking at them talking, you felt jealous, and you sighed turning to go get a drink, to which he didn't even notice it.
Mark Kassen, one of Chris's friends, and also yours after you've seen him a million times at your place and on many gatherings.
"Hey!" He spoke, and you turned to him, a smile on yoir face as you greeted him.
"Mark! Hey!" You said and he smiled nodding.
"Its been long y/n, damn! Chris is a lucky man." He complimented, making you blush and giggle.
"Thank you, and you look great." You complimented him, and he nods. You and him indulge into a conversation and all of your attention which was on chris a while ago, has turned to him.
Two-three drinks later, Yours and his laughs, were loud, and you both didn't care, you were enjoying his company, because its really been that long since you laughed. Chris was always busy, and he always had time for Kiara, but when it comes to you, he brings some excuses.
"Oh god! Its been so long since i've laughed that bad." You spoke, still laughing.
"I know i am funny, you didn't had to compliment me all the time." He spoke and you rolled your eyes. The only thing you didn't notice that as soon as you started to smile and laugh next to Mark, Chris started to notice.
All his attention which was on Kiara, has turned to you. He noticed how you dressed, it was similar to the times when you dressed for him in the newly married days.
"So you looked upset when i came here? Is everything okay?"
"was that really that evident?"
"People say i am very great at reading people's face and thoughts, so guess for me, yea." He says and you giggle.
"As a friend i'd love to hear you, it makes you feel less heavy."
A sigh left your mouth, and he brought you a drink, and you looked up to him.
"Thank you, so, for the past couple of days, i mean weeks, i-i feel like Chris and I, weren't meant to be, i feel like the love between us is one sided, and he really doesn't love me anymore." You said your head down, and you spoke your thoughts out, it really did make you feel light
"I would be lying if i agreed to you, Y/n, he loves you so much, sometimes when you called him between meetings, he would have a smile on his face, so bright that everyone near him knows, that its your call, and when he hears your voice before any meetings, he really says everyone, that my girl really knows how to make me feel better, trust me Y/n! he loves you." He says, keeping a hand in yours, Chris noticed it and came towards both of you.
"Thank you, this really made me bette—"
"Hey! Mark." Chris says hugging him and then stands next to you
"Y/n?" Chris called
"Yes?" You asked and looked at he looks at you.
"can we leave?" He asks as he slides his hand on your waist, and put his head on your neck.
"See, i told you!" Mark says and you giggled
"It was nice to talk to you, I think we'll leave, he's tired." You said and he nods.
"I had alot of fun talking to you, see you soon!" He said and hugged you, and after your goodbyes, you two walked out, his hand on your waist.
As both of you sat down in his car, you notice how angry he looked, which honestly turned you on. He started to drive, your eyes on your side of the window.
"you won't speak?" you asked
"About what?"
"about why you look mad."
"you should ask that question to yourself."
"Well what did i do? Care to enlighten me?" That, that's where the point you started getting mad.
"y/n, you're pushing your luck!" He warned, parking his car near yours and his house. You both got out of the car, and you walked your way inside as you unlocked it
"i am pushing my luck?!" You asked as you sat down.
"do you want me to remind you what you did?"
"Ofcourse!" You said and rolled your eyes.
"You flirted with him, you flirted with my friend, Mark! Obviously i got mad!"
"funny how i saw you and Kiara flirting like hell, and if i just talked you feel like i flirted, great job christopher."
"Don't pull this on me!" He yelled
"YOu're pulling it on me, and it's not me, who were flirting with a girl, when their wife was next to them!"
"y/n enough!"
"No! What would you do if I didn't stop—" as soon as you said that, his lips smashed over yours, shocked at first, you kissed him back, roughly as he roughly kissed you, full teeths and tongues. Your arms instantly wrap around his neck as you pull him closer.
Small grunts and moans leave yours and his mouth as his hands travels from your face to your sides, he pulls away for a while.
"You need to be taught a lesson!" He said as you looked into his now-dark eyes blown with lust. He picks you up in his arms and puts you on the bed as he looks at you with a smirk. He comes closer and you look at him, your breathe hitches as you him.
he kissed you, with the same energy, and you being a smart ass, riped his shirt off as soon as he kissed you, a small chuckle left his mouth as he saw the eagerness in you, and then his hands on your back as he unzips that pretty dress of yours, leavimg in your bra and underwear.
"Eager are you, baby?"
you nodded, wrong move!
"i'm sorry what was that, talk to me, baby."
"Yes yes i am!" You said desperate for his touch over yours.
He pressed his lips on yours and his fingers hooked on your panties, you moaned as you felt his hands close to your clit, he smirks, and pulls away and throws your panties away. You whinned as the cold air hit your clit, and he just smirks
He groans at the sight of it, wet, just like how he liked.
"You made me angry honey, will you be a good girl for me? will you listen to daddy?" He spoke, his voice was low , raspy and sexy. You whinned.
"you have to talk to me, not whine or else you will be punished!" He groans near your ears, as his hands tease you, by simply running his hands over your thighs.
"Yes daddy i'll be good." You spoke.
"That's my girl!" He says before putting your one leg over his shoulder, and you meet his eyes, which were blown with lust. He pressed kisses on yoir thighs and then licked a strip of your clit, you moaned as you felt his tongue, your hands grabbed his soft locks, to which he groaned
He continues to eat you, and your moans were unstoppable, and he would eat you as long as he wants, you were sure it was a longgg night.
"Chris please!" You begged, and he immediately pulled away.
"what did you say honey?"
"Daddy please!" You corrected yourself and he continues, before you know you're already close and he feels you.
"You wanna cum baby?"
"Yes daddy i want to pleasee!" You begged and h smirks.
"Cum baby." As soon as those words leave his mouth you came undone, with a loud moan, but that still didn't stop him. It felt like he was starved, and got his meal after weeks.
"Who's making you feel this good?" As soon as he asked a question you answered immediately, or else you knew what he could do.
"You, daddy only you!"
"That's good baby, you're a good girl, baby!" He said
Just by eating you out he made you cum endless times , to which you've lost the count of.
He pulls away and kissed you, you could taste yourself. His hands made its way to your bra and unclasps it, throws it away to the pile of clothes on the floor. His fingers found its way to your clit and he starts to pump them. Your eyes roll , and he just gets turned on more by that look of yours.
He starts to press kisses on your neck, to your chest , to your everywhere before connecting them again to your lips. Your legs were shaking, and he knew how close you were by just his fingers.
"you wanna cum again baby?" He asked and you unable to talk by the condition you were in with him.
"give me one more i know you can do it." He pleased and then that was it, you came on his fingers, now you were breathing heavily under him, both of your bodies covered with sweat.
He lines himself, and kisses your neck leaving marks, before slowly whispering into your ears,
"Are you ready for me?"
"Y-yes." Just as you gave him the permission, he pushed himself in you, both of you moaning at the feeling of warmth of each other. Your arms around his neck, as your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer.
he starts to move, your legs shaking heavily, as you arched your back. He started pressing kisses all over your chest.
"God! You're so tight!" He groaned, as you gasped, his one hand tangled with yours on the bed.
"only i can make you feel that good, no one else can!am i right?" He spoke, and yes he was right, no one other than him can make you feel this good. He thrusted into you, your whole body numb.
"yes only you."
"that's right, only i can!." He grunted as he felt how close you were , and he knew he was close too.
"daddy i'm close!"
"I know, baby, don't cum until i do." He says, as you feel how slow he has begun, but he didn't stop.
"You're mine, all mine!" He says and cums, followed by you, yours and his forehead resting againsy eachother as both of you heavily breathed.
"I'm all yours." You spoke between gasps, as he kissed your forehead.
He stoods up to go get a wet towel to clean you up, and then later throws it in the laundry basket. Laying next to you, he pulls you closer and you turn to him, facing him as he kissed you softly again and again.
"Was i rough?" He spoke softly, as he looked into your eyes.
"Nope, you were perfect, for me though I don't know about my legs though." You said and both of you giggled , wrapping your arms around his neck
"i was not flirting babe, he was telling me about how much you loved me." you spoke softly, and he looked at you.
"i'm sorry, for yelling at you."
"I'm not mad at you babe, i was just feeling like there's no love between us, i felt how distant we both have became due to time, I couldn't stop thinking about it, and you know I blamed myself for it.
"i can never stop loving you, never in my life! You're the love of my life, i'm sorry i made you feel that way."
"and jealous too!" You said smirking.
"oh really from who?" He asked , pretty boy was confused.
"maybe if you spend more time with me more than Kiara."
"oh damn, well that's okay i can do that. I'm not letting you go." He says and you smile at him.
"That's like a good boy, and im not letting you either." You said and he kissed you.
"I love you so much." He says and you kiss his nose
"I love you too!" You said as both of you slowly drifted to sleep, it was one of your best nights with him, both of you tangled in bed with white sheets covering you both, your arms around him and his arms around you as he pressed small kisses on your forehead before he falls asleep.
istg I can't write smut 😤😩
this is my first smut (on tumblr lol ) feedbacks are very much appreciated 💙
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jannqt · 3 months ago
behind closed doors i drowned myself in your lips. a pool of whiskey surrounds me, and you far gone.
»» ──────ஓ๑ ღ ๑ஓ ────── ««
pairing: ransom drysdale x reader
word count: 1,550
summary: you should have known.
warnings: my very first and poor attempt at angst, language, alcohol consumption, arguing, slapping (reader slaps ransom), sexual implications, ransom being a dick, and if theres anymore please let me know
a/n: 18+ only minors do not interact. do not translate or repost my works anywhere. i no longer do taglists so to get notified for all my stories follow @jannqtcafe you may search the tag ‘jas writes ☁️’ to see all my writing also my titles are annoyingly long im sorry lol
»» ──────ஓ๑ ღ ๑ஓ ────── ««
Tumblr media
Like a hurricane.
How you entered Ransom’s life was that of a natural disaster. There was no build up, only diving in head first entirely to the unprecedented situation, unaware of what would conspire despite knowing the dangers. You had known him for a while, he was your best friend Meg’s older, hotter, snobbier, cousin brother. Of course you found him attractive with his asshole demeanor, rude and bastardous but all wrapped up in a designer cable knit sweater. And that godforsaken build, when he would shed the layers to hang at the family pool with you and Meg, masking as though you two were the bane of his existence with snide remarks. But when you paid close enough attention, studying his defined face you saw the line permanently creasing his eyebrows fade away, a glimmer of what might be actual relaxation on Ransom’s face. Chill.
But there was no chill in the way he snuck into the guest bedroom later that night, where he confessed how you drove him mad and you the same. Resulting in a night of him worshipping you, in ways that left you breathless and unable to articulate yourself, reducing you to nothing but a murmuring and drooling mess.
That had been months ago. And in between then you two had many arguments, but never one that resulted in you being so… disappointed.
Now as the hurricane rumbled simultaneously with Ransom pouring what would be his fourth glass of whiskey, his eyes bloodshot red and eye bags dark and gloomy much like how he made you feel. Dull. As he stumbled back to the couch where you originally were sitting down and watching your current media fixation, but now the television flashed colours yet the audio remained muted. That was his doing, when he stormed inside, tipping over just enough to hint his alcohol consumption, and asked you to turn your “stupid fucking brain rot off.”
He got like this sometimes, after his family get togethers that he continously complained about yet attended each one without fail. You noticed the way he just wanted them to praise him, encourage him as family does- just once. Yet it never came. He was so hopeful, without uttering a single word. He suffered through the pain, the disappointment that wiped away his expectations each time. And how he washed himself away in bourbon and whiskey, suffering in silence.
You fidgeted uncomfortably and winced as he carelessly downed his first swig of whiskey, barely scrunching up his face and already moving to grab his next one when you objected, “Ran, are you sure you should be drinking right now? I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
Pitch silent, then he slams his glass against the counter making you jump. His voice was low, sneering and he had never directed such pure malice towards you prior to this. “Now you’re gonna tell me what the fuck to do?” Making you stand up from the couch, as you eye him warily, not wanting to upset him further, but not wanting him to think he could just raise his raging voice at you through a clouded lense. He had never spoken to you this way which is why ultimately his behaviour is shocking. It shouldn’t have been because you knew Ransom. You knew the egotistical, narcissistic, privileged piece of shit he was. But still he had reserved his softer side for you, you thought you knew him to be better than this. But maybe that was the picture you had painted in your mind of him.
“Does everyone around me think I’m some fucking dog? They wanna tell me what to do and now you too kitten?” When Ransom referred to ‘they’ it was 100% of the time referring to his family. You knew they weren’t very… approving of Ransom’s lifestyle and how he basked in their negative attention but came home and wallowed in his own self pity, along with five too many glasses of whatever expensive, aged alcohol he purchased. “I’m not telling you what to do Ran, I’m expressing my concern for you.”
His face morphed into the most vicious sneer you ever had directed towards you, “oh, you’re concerned for me? Generous, no? From someone who only stays for what I can give you.”
You scoff, crossing your arms over your chest as you feel a blanket of rage engulf you. And from the looks of it, he seemed as unaffected as they came. In fact, revelling in his hurtful remark and you realized he wanted you to go back and forth with him. He enjoyed this, of course he did.
“I’m not doing this with you Ransom, sober the fuck up and lower your voice when you’re speaking to me.”
For a moment he seemed almost appalled at your snark. But then his lips curled upwards as he stumbled towards you, whiskey bottle in hand and taking another swig loudly. He leans over you and you duck away, crinkling your nose when the reek of alcohol consumes you and twists your stomach. You try to lightly budge him away with your hand but he chuckles, then mock pouts at you, “Oh did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby, I should remember you’re a sensitive little bitch.”
Your eyes snap up to his and before you can even process it, your hand is making contact with his cheek, enough to make his head snap to the side as he pokes his tongue against the inside of his stubbly skin. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you Hugh, but you’re not taking your pathetic tantrum out on me. Collect yourself.” You huff and begin to turn around and stomp away to the front door but his hand shoots out to wrap around your wrist, tugging you into his burly chest. You fight against him but even in his hazy state his strength was no match for you. He chuckled as you struggled against him, “let me go Hugh!”
“You should know what all this struggling does to me, kitten, only makes me hard. And that’s all you’re good for aren’t you? Keeping my dick wet?”
“You’re disgusting Hugh, throwing a little bitch fit because your family is so unbearable, poor you. I should have known you were just like the rest.”
He lets go, taking in your words like a punch to the gut as you fight to hold your frustrated tears at bay and not let your emotions wash you away and pull you into the forceful and all too consuming magnetic tug that was Ransom.
He scoffs, brimming down for a moment and plops down where you were seated previously. You watch him warily, still unsure what to do with yourself and the anger erupting inside of you.
“What’s wrong Ransom?” You whisper. Wanting to let him know you don’t enjoy conflict as much as he does. You’re still a bit shaken up by the intense moment, but you don’t care for him any less and one measly argument isn’t going to change your feelings for him.
Feelings for him.
Your heart clenches at the fact, the overwhelming realization, that you did in fact develop feelings for Ransom. Him in his whirlwind mood swings, sharp tongue but sensitive gaze. And you fear now that they were not reciprocated.
But still, you sit down next to him and caress his cheek with your fingertips, light and soft. How you calmed him down through his outbursts. “Stop hiding from me, I care about you and I want to help you.”
He noticed. The meaning of your words, the impact.
Through the middle of your sentence he tenses, physically, and you hadn’t even realized what you said until it slipped out. Not once had you or Ransom expressed anything that demonstrated your care for one another so… explicitly. You both knew it was there but there was never any moves made from either end to vividly set in stone, where you two stand.
And for Ransom, the C word was almost as bad as the trecherous L word. You knew he was in no short supply of hookups, every where he went everyone knew exactly who he was and the figures in his bank account. They all wanted him and before he met you he was bringing a different person home each time he wanted some fun. You knew he went through sexual partners like nobody’s business- and it was not anyone’s business. Not even yours even after he made it clear in his own trademarked way that he wasn’t sleeping around anymore and you better not have been either.
But still, he never told you how he felt.
“You should leave y/n.”
He’s not even looking at you anymore, as if you caring for him was seriously that unbelievable and repulsive. Slowly you retract your hand from his cheek and his jaw clenches as he shoots up, startling you again.
“Get out. I’ll have Nancy send your shit back to you.” His tone is cold and cutting, piercing straight through your aching heart.
And with that he storms off, as eloquently as he can while he swipes the bottle of whiskey from the coffee table.
And you’re left with the shattered pieces of your heart, re: Ransom Drysdale.
»» ──────ஓ๑ ღ ๑ஓ ────── ««
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