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#ransom drysdale drabble
agentofbarnes · 2 days ago
Oooh for naughty November can I request number 7 with Ransom and Dewdrop??
attention whore~ ransom drysdale
pairing ~ sugardaddy!ransom drysdale x sugarbaby!reader (dewdrop au)
warnings ~ smut, 18+ ONLY, daddy kink, public sex, pain kink, dom/sub dynamics, choking kink, anal fingering, unprotected sex, some possessive ransom, jealous reader, lack of lube, ransom being an asshole to reader’s (toxic) friends
prompt ~ “Speak up. You weren’t shy when you were acting up.”
Tumblr media
Ransom knew something was up the second you had huffed in response to him as the extravagant engagement party buzzed around Ransom’s mansion. The mansion had been a gift, to Ransom and you from Harlan himself. He figured the expensive home you were already living in wasn’t enough, so Ransom had taken his offer.
So of course the first thing Ransom and his select members of his family decided to do with the mansion was throw a big party, for you, of course.
But it wasn’t that, not really. It was all of Ransom’s friends, some family, old buddies, and you. You got your group of friends, who didn’t even approve our your relationship with Ransom, and parents that came for ten minutes to tell you were meant for this life.
You were beyond fed up with chaos in the house but you were living with it. You were gonna be a good girl and let them celebrate your engagement…but god, did they even know you were here?
“This is how your life will always be,”Killian whispered in your ear.”Ransom is nowhere to be found, last I saw him, a pack of girls from high school were surrounding him. Who’s to say he isn’t giving one of them—“
“He wouldn’t!”You snapped at Killian.”Ransom loves me, and I love him. We’re loyal to each other. This party has nothing to do with my relationship.”
“It’s an engagement party, Y/N,”He snapped back.”Most couples stay together during that, they show off the ring, they kiss, and rub it in everyone’s faces. Where even is the ring?”
“It’s getting readjusted, it’s an old ring, I want it in best condition, Ran said he was working on it,.”
“Why if he never gives it back? Where even is he?”
The voices all around started to crowd your mind and something in you just clicks. You abandoned your friends, already having gotten under your skin and in your mind about things.
You find Ransom surround by women, one in particular you remember being his ex-girlfriend. Why would he invite her? Why is she sitting so close to him—
You move before you can’t think, and Ransom doesn’t realize there until you’re clearing your throat.
“Oh, dewdrop, I was just about to come look for you.”
You huffed at him,”Oh were you? Because I’ve waiting for you all fucking night, but instead, I got earful of a list of reasons I shouldn’t marry a Drysdale, and guess what number one was?”
“Dew…”Ransom stood up, hoping to pull you away so that you didn’t make a scene but instead, you didn’t let him touch you.
“Where is he? That’s the number one reason. It’s our engagement party and I haven’t seen you in hours,”You turned to the girl beside you, and you know her pretty well. She was the girl before Ransom met you. “I’m starting to see why, maybe I should go home, I doubt anyone here actually knows who the bride is anyway, you can just chang—
Ransom captured your jaw with his hand, pulling you dangerously close to him to the point you can feel his breath, his warmth.
“Don’t.”Ransom spat, not caring that anyone could see him or hear him.”Everything I do is for you.”
“Prove it,”You quipped back, pushing his hands away from you in defiance.
“Clara here, while she may be my ex, she is also the jewelry restoration expert, and she brought this by, for you.”
Ransom opened the box in his hand, the glimmering ring fully restored for you. You go to take it, but Ransom snaps the case closed and quickly pushes you against the wall. His hands encircled your throat lightly, his dominance overtaking you in a way that makes your panties dampen at his sheer power.
“You done with your temper tantrum, huh? Made enough of a scene haven’t you?”
“Yes…”You say so quietly.
“Fuck, you’ve been a brat all day,”Ransom rasped, his lips hovering over your ear.”Daddy’s been watching you, and you’ve been so ungrateful, baby, stomping around because you don’t have my attention, is that what you want?”
You didn’t answer, which only made him chuckle darkly before his hand smacked across your cheek. He then grabbed you by the jaw almost painfully. Ransom knew what he was doing, how you ache for him as the pain breeds anticipation. The sting went straight to your core, lighting a fire inside your tummy that only he could put out.
“Speak up, dewdrop,”Ransom growled, dominance radiating off of him. His lips were pressed into a thin line, eyes hard and blown at the sight of you ruined in front of him.”You weren’t shy when you were acting up. Tell daddy what you want, we both know how spoiled my girl is, you know I’ll give it to you.”
“Hm, and you think this little brat act will get my attention?”
You glance away in shame, cheeks heating up under his gaze. Ransom is patient and expects an answer.”I…yes.”
Ransom smirked,”You should be careful what you wish for. You’re gonna act like a little attention whore, then why don’t you put on a little show.”
Ransom’s thick fingers released you, capturing your wrist and pulling you to the couch that sat near the center of the party. He fell back on it, ignoring all the glances from his friends and your friends as you stand in front of him.
He licked his lips, darkened eyes slowly admiring your pretty body. Ransom didn’t make a move, merely just leaned back and spread his arms over the couch.”Go on, dewdrop, take whatever you want. You wanna show ‘em who I belong to, do it.”
You didn’t need another second to think, not with how confident and unashamed Ransom had taught you to be. You surged forward, straddling him as your lips crashed against him in needy fashion. Ransom devoured your kiss, his hands rushing to the fabric of your dress. He bunched up the pretty fabric, revealing your naked core dragging over the rough jeans covering his cock. Your hands were working over the buttons and within moments, you have Ransom’s cock pressed against your soaking cunt.
“I need it, daddy, please, can I have you?” You gasped inti his mouth, earning a quick nod while Ransom grabbed a handful of ass before rubbing the pad of his index finger over the puckered hole.
You had wrapped your hand around him, spitting down to soak his cock as you stroke him a couple times. His cock throbbed, thickened and ached for you. You lift your hips up, begging Ransom to fuck you as you brushed the lips of your pussy over the angry red tip. Just as you were about to breach your clenching cunt, Ransom stops you.
“Yes, baby, but,”Ransom seized your throat righting in his palm, and fuck, the whine that left your mouth was absolutely sinful.”You don’t cum, little whore like you don’t cum until daddy does. You make me cum, you please me like the good fucktoy you are and I’ll pound your precious cunt until you can’t walk.”
With one quick motion, you sheathed his cocky inside your quivering pussy. You cried out, earning the attention of everyone in the room. Ransom chuckled, letting go of your neck and instead, he pulled the tight dress down to expose your beautiful body. Your tits had a little bounce to them as you fucked yourself on his cock, going up and down over and over.
Ransom took in the sight, his precious fiancée taking his cock in front of all their friends. He smirked when he caught a glimpse of your best friend, the jealously in his eyes as you threw your head back with Ransom’s name on your lips. Ransom stared him down maliciously , keeping eye contact as his lips trailed over your neck.
“Daddy…yes, fuck,”You gasped when you feel pressure on your tightest hole, teasing at the sinful entrance.
“Louder,”Ransom groaned deeply, your hands clutching at his shirt while you practically jumping on his cock.”Tell them how much you love daddy’s fat cock ruining you, how much you love when I violate every inch of your body.”
You cried out with a choked gasp, gulping for air when Ransom pressed his digit into your pretty little hole, using your slick as lubricant. You feel full, cock nuzzled in your pushy and fingers in your ass. You whimpered at the pain, the sweet endorphins intoxicating you with every movement. His cock pulsed inside your hot pussy, aching for the heat to consume him.
“I love your cock,”You whined almost incoherently, but it earns you a harsh smack to the flesh of your ass. It only make you gush around his cock, squeezing the massive intrusion between your soft walls.”I love it, fuck, I love when you ruin me, when you wreck and use me, ‘m all yours, daddy, to fuck when you want, any time, any day, in anyway you want. That’s how much I love your cock, I need it, daddy.”
“Atta girl,”Ransom rasped, seizing your hips in a harsh grip and forcing you down on his cock one last time. His moan echoed, eyes on your sweaty body as he ignored the way your friends looked at him like he was the worst. They didn’t know how much you wanted to cum right now, they didn’t how fucking wet you are knowing all of them are watching Ransom wreck you with no effort.”Beg for it,”Ransom whispered, lips grazing against yours.”Beg for my cum.”
“Give it to me, please, fuck, wanna be dripping with your seed, till I’m all messy and ready for you to fuck again and again, mark me, daddy…”You had to slow yourself, trying not to cum as he pushed a second finger into your pretty ass. Slowly, he moves his fingers, in and out while you nearly collapse on top of him.
“God, you’re such a fucking slut,”Ransom chuckled, biting at your bottom lip teasingly before forcing you to roll your hips against him. Your clit rubbed just slightly against him, making your things tremble. You try to pace yourself, to refrain from bliss that is so so close.
“Daddy, please, cum, cum, cum,” You nearly cry, tears in your eyes from the pain of being stretched and fucked. The grip around his cock is tight, clinging to his massive girth like a vice, as if your cunt never wants him to leave. Your chants are incoherent, just whimpers and whines for Ransom until he finally explodes inside your weeping pussy. Your whispers turns into thank you’s because daddy taught his girl to be grateful when her pussy gets ruined.
“Good girl,”Ransom praised, leaning in to capture your swollen lips against his. He kissed you with everything in his, stealing the breathe from your lungs. He can feel his cum leaking down his cock from the heat of your pussy, white liquid dripping down around his balls.”Milked daddy’s cock like a good slut, now why don’t you clean me up too?”
You didn’t even reply, obediently moving to pull his cock from your heat. You clench around nothing, yearning for the orgasm you had been denied. You maneuver to the floor, kneeling in front of him.
People around you gasped at the sight, surprised that you were taking this to the bedroom now. With your pussy leaking cum, you bend over with your ass out for everyone to see.
Your pussy just pulses more when you realize all the eyes are on you. Everyone watches in fascination or horror as your mouth encompasses his cum covered cock. You lapped up the sticky fluid, drinking it up as you feel his cock quiver under your tongue. You flattened your tongue against his balls, suckling on the sack while his cock was already growing hard again.
Ransom glanced over at Killian, a dark smile on his face as he ran a hand over your hair.”Such a pretty girl with a cock in her mouth, isn’t she? Too bad you’ll never get to experience something so…beautiful, cause this little slut is all mine, you can watch, but fuck, you’ll never touch.”
You just barely glance up, making eye contact with your best friend before taking the entirety of Ransom’s cock down your throat when Ran pushes you down further. Killian averts his eyes now, huffing out and stomping off.
You hallow your cheeks, sucking and licking as you breathe through your nose.
“Come so far, baby, remember when you couldn’t even take half my cock, now look at you, a proper cockslut,”Ransom pulled you off his cock, drool and cum pooling from your lips as he pulled you by your neck to kiss him.”Think it’s time I keep my promise, though, tell me, dewdrop, you’d rather I fuck your cunt or this cute little ass?”
You licked your lips, breathing heavily with your chest heaving.”Can I have both?” You asked with long lashes batting at Ransom.”Fuck me, Daddy, then fuck me again, till I’m nothing but your brainless whore.”
“Fucking hell, you really are the one.”
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rodrikstark · 20 days ago
congrats on 2k!! <3 may i request ransom? thank uuu!
ransom drysdale x f!reader (fluff)
randomly generated prompt: going to an arts & craft store
a/n: thank you sweetie!!! the way i just ignore the fact that this man is canonically a murderer lmfao
Tumblr media
“this is not what i imagined when i said you could buy anything you want.”
you inspect the skein of purple embroidery thread, wondering if it’s as shimmery as it looks, or if it’s the cellophane packaging reflecting the harsh light of the store. “what were you imagining?” with narrowed eyes, you throw it into the three-quarters full basket that ransom has been lugging around for you.
“i don’t know, something nice?” he frowns at the pink plastic hoops hanging from the pegboards, flicking one with his fingers. “don’t girls like, i don’t know, jewelry or some shit—?”
“watch your mouth, drysdale, that’s how you landed yourself here in the first place.”
although you don’t need it, you select a wooden hoop and plop it next to the rest of your purchases. for good measure. to make sure ransom is really sorry for when he lost his temper with you two nights ago.
“i just don’t get it.” he switches the basket to his other hand. “this is junk.”
“it makes me happy.” shrugging, you move as if to grab his hand, but really just slip three more skeins inside his warm palm. he looks at them, scoffing. “and you shouldn’t knock it ‘til you try it.”
two hours later, ransom huffs as you cuddle against his side, your nails catching in his sweater. “told you it’s fun.”
he clutches his embroidery hoop to his chest. “don’t look.”
too late. “you wrote your name?”
you pinch your lips between your teeth to keep from laughing at the RANSOM sprawled across the fabric in jerky lines of dark thread.
he glares at you. “gimme a break—”
“what are you, five?”
“it’s not fucking done yet.” he seizes your hoop, scorning your wispy daisies and delicate green ferns. “it’s not like yours is much better.”
you frown. “i'm sorry my art offends you."
he mocks your pouty expression, then relents when he detects a little dash of hurt behind your eyes. “okay, i take it back.”
you’re loosening the screw to shift the hoop along the length your fabric, ready to expand your garden, when ransom taps your shoulder to show off his work.
your name now sits underneath his, a tiny red heart sandwiched between them.
“progress,” he says, impressed with himself—trying to hide his goofy smile as you push him to lay flat on the couch, kissing the corner of his mouth.
— — —
part of my 2k follower celebration!
— — —
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holdontorogers · 4 months ago
»» Amazing, isn’t it? r.d.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Ransom Drysdale x Reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; as your book became a success, Harlan Thrombey invited you to be a part of his publishing company. He just forgot to mention that his grandson, who started working there as well, was an asshole.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 3,662
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI; swearing, enemies to lovers, pet-names (sweetheart, princess, pretty thing, honey, kitten), fingering, oral (f & m), fingering, unprotected sex, rough sex, slight daddy kink, slight breeding kink, praise kink, dumbification, degradation, Ransom is an asshole (but what’s new?)
𝐚/𝐧; GIF NOT MINE. this might have a part 2, depends on how you guys like it and if I get the time and inspiration for it 😌. want to feel ransom’s ring when he chokes me
Tumblr media
It started out as a joke. This last paper drove everyone from your Masters program insane. 
Yours was the only one to receive a full grade, so naturally your friends betted you could write a book.
The irony being that you actually began to start the book, as a joke. However, part of you started to really enjoy that.
Long story short — you finished the book, your friends loved it and encouraged you to publish it, it was a hit.
Apparently you did an excellent job, you thought to yourself, as you signed a contract with Blood Like Wine, Harlan Thrombey’s publishing company.
Yes, the Harlan Thrombey: best selling mystery novelist, 85 years old man; owner of his own publishing house…….. the most brilliant man you’ve ever met. 
After three meetings, he was ready to welcome you into the publishing house.
“Harlan, I cannot believe this is happening” you smiled while shaking his hand, vibrations all over your body of all the excitement.
“Oh, don’t worry about it, young lady, I am sure you will be an incredible addition to the company” he smiled back at you, subtly laughing at your joy.
“Oh, one last thing” he added, circling around his desk, going towards the door as you followed.
“yeah?” you tried, looking back at him with narrowed eyes. “My grandson will be working with us this Summer” he gently looked at you, making your eyebrow raise, what was the problem?
“Your grandson?” you encouraged him to continue his explanation, as he opened the door.
“Ransom, he is” Harlan pressed his lips together, frowning as he searched for the words to define Ransom.
“He is difficult, hard to deal with” he had a serious look on his face, you gulped, getting out of his office still looking at him.
“This Summer is his last chance to show me he’s still worth saving” he explained and then sighed, pressing a finger on his frown as he thought about his next words.
“I see a lot of me in that kid, you know?” he had a soft look on his face, you smiled gently at him. “Wanna make sure I did all I could”, he concluded.
You nodded at his words, eyes tracing the hall, searching for the right thing to say. “Well… Can’t wait to meet him!”, you tried. And how wrong were you.
Harlan then showed you your office. It was at the mansion; his latest renovation included upgraded offices, one for him, one for Ransom, and one for you.
It was huge to say the least. Harlan’s office was at the end of the hall, yours was by the stairs, and Ransom’s was in the middle.
That should be interesting, you could only hope.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
Later that day you googled Ransom, why? You were not sure. Something about Harlan’s carefulness when talking about him intrigued you.
Ransom was a spoiled trust fund prick.
You could almost hear the snobby voice he must have, you could almost see the superior look he gave to anyone who dared cross Hugh Ransom Drysdale.
Any picture of him next to Harlan had him in a dreadful look.
And impeccable clothing, to the point where you envied the style this man had. But he still looked like someone you would not get near to.
You started to research about the Thrombeys wondering why you did that after accepting the job. They seemed like awful people — Harlan’s opposite, you hoped.
You left out a heavy breath, rolling your eyes and throwing yourself in your bed, hands on your face.
How much did Harlan like this kid? How bad could Ransom be? What would happen to your future if you two didn’t get along? What about that entire family??
You had just gotten your Masters, it was time to start focusing on the career you’d like to pursue. What if signing with Blood Like Wine was a terrible idea?
You decided that concerning about it was only give you a sleepless night before your first day.
You would work there this Summer and see if another book would work out its way out of your brain. Just one Summer by now, you could do this.
You were going to do your best, and an entitled, snobby, rich baby boy would not be on your way.
So you decided to freshen up and tug yourself to sleep. You had a long day tomorrow.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
He was even worse than you imagined.
“It’s Hugh” he spitted out to the poor maid, “you’re the help, you call me Hugh. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand”. There wasn’t even a reply, just heavy steps on the stairs.
You rolled your eyes and tried to focus on the blank page in front of you. That was, until someone knocked, and entered.
He was gorgeous, and you cursed yourself for thinking about that at first.
But yeah, the perfect cream sweater, the perfect hair neatly done, and his ocean blue eyes… undeniably gorgeous.
But then he started talking.
“So you’re the pretty thing Harlan invited into this hell house” he had his hands on his hips, his sunglasses hanging at the edge of his nose, and a smirk on his face.
“And you are?” you managed to ask, barely finishing the question until he barked out a laugh. Where the hell did that come from?
“I’m Ransom, honey, but I’m sure you knew that” he winked, pressed his lips together as he removed his sunglasses, eyes focused on you.
“The question is” he was walking around the room, your office “who are you, pretty one” he stopped by your desk, pointing at you. That smirk officially becoming your least favorite thing in the world.
“I’m busy” you hissed, giving him a challenging look. He laughed “that’s an odd name” he continued to analyze you with his eyes, taking longer than necessary on your curves.
“Don’t you have work to do?” you said, he annoyed you. Beyond reason.
No matter what you said, he would bark something right back, his eyes eyes followed all your moves, daring you to move.
You hated how you felt, nearly squirming in your sit as he just laid eyes on you. It was going to be a long Summer.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
It hasn’t been any better than the first day. Ransom kept coming to your desks, provoking you and leaving you infuriated.
Almost two months passed by and Ransom’s ultimate task of the day was to push your buttons until you snap, which you never did.
He was doing research for Harlan, at least that was he’s supposed task. You honestly thought his job was to drive you crazy.
If it wasn’t by how rude it was with, well, everyone, it would be because he was either late or not there at all.
And if you’re being honest, the fact that he would always seem to have a girl around made you clench your teeth. It was either hickeys or lipstick marks that he’d made sure you saw.
He could only parade those on purpose, and the fact that it got you worked up and absolutely irritated only egged him on.
Ransom loved the effect he had on you, he loved to see you tense in your sit whenever a mark from his last rendezvoused showed. He loved how worked up he got you.
But Ransom wished he could just snap it out of you. He didn’t like that you always had something to say right back at him.
He didn’t like when you rolled your eyes or looked disgusted at him but never did anything about it.
He didn’t like how you never left his mind, making him come into the place he hated the most in the world, just to annoy you.
Naturally he would constantly tease you. Suddenly opening your office door “by mistake” while you were concentrated, just to catch you off guard.
Softly grabbing your hips while he reaches for something in the kitchen, something that couldn’t wait until you moved. No, he would always be at the same places as you were, like a magnet.
It was getting harder to resist. You were hornier by the minute; the book taking away all resemblance of a social life you once had.
Your vibrator was old news and working at the same house as Ransom, with him impossibly close to you, was really hard to forget how bad you wanted him.
His cologne filled your nostrils, your had became fuzzy whenever he was around. His voice echoed in your head, and it was getting harder and harder to resist. You had no idea what to do.
One time he even almost kissed you, sweet talking with you until he was running his hands through your hair, almost closing the distance between your lips. If it wasn’t for Harlan, calling you at that exact second…
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
“Ransom do you have the paper from Harlan already?” you asked through his door. Harlan was gone for the weekend.
Obviously he left Ransom to take care of things, including the reviews from the last chapter you wrote.
“Come in, sweetheart” you rolled your eyes opening the door “Ransom I’m serious I need to move on with things and” you started, waking into his office; he wasn’t even listening to you mumbling.
Ransom was laughing at something on the computer, not taking his eyes from it. The draft you left for Harlan (and now him) to read threw face down on the table.
You felt your blood boiling, rage filling your eyes. It’s not enough he’s constantly out to irritate you. He had to act like anything else wasn’t as important as him.
“You know what?” you snapped. “Don’t bother, I’ll just keep writing it and give it to Harlan when he’s back” you grabbed the paper from his desk.
Ransom held your arms, holding his other one up, signaling for you to wait. Not that you had a choice.
His grip was strong, not enough to hurt, but enough to make it impossible for you to move. At least that’s what you told yourself.
You were horny, and Ransom hasn’t made it easy for you, having to watch him always too close to you. He was a teaser, a menace. You were nearly done holding yourself back, ready to just let it go.
How bad could it be? Letting Ransom have his way with you? Maybe he was bad in bed and you would stop being so hot and bothered whenever he was around.
Maybe sleeping with him was what you needed to get pass this. At least that’s what you told yourself.
“Ransom, I don’t have all day” you hissed. Ransom closed his computer, looking back at you.
“See? Wasn’t that long now was it?” he let go of your arm, leaning on his chair with his arms around his body, examining you.
You turned the papers around, seeing notes on it, you frowned. “Did Harlan read this before leaving?” you asked, confused.
“Of course not” Ransom quickly said, as if it was obvious, that stupid smirk on his face. “You did this?”, you were confused, disbelieving how actually good those notes were.
And also, how Ransom they were, with plenty of “eat shit” to a character he didn’t like and “wtf????”s marked all over, but there were also good notes, great feedback.
“Yeah” he shrugged, your brows knitted together “I’ve been reading it since the start” he simply said, making you even more incredulous.
“I was intrigued after you first book, wanted to see if it was beginners luck or if you really had it”, were you delusional? Ransom Drysdale read your book?
“You read my book?” you couldn’t stop the words from coming out, still trying to put his words together in your brain.
Ransom had such an effect on you. You hated it.
“Of course, what do you think I’m doing here?” he raised a brow at you, a coy smile on his face. You frowned at him.
Ransom, then, started to move, going around his desk into your direction. He held your gaze as he approached you.
You could feel your arousal as you followed his movements. You tried cursing yourself and snapping out of it, but Ransom was too close, too sudden, too intoxicating.
“What happened, princess?” he mewled, you gulped at the pet-name, its effects quickly sending goosebumps all over your body.
You thanked that mansion for being cold, your sweater hiding how much of an effect he had on you.
“Lost your words, sweetheart?” he raised your face with a finger, examining you, you didn’t dare to move. His eyes were dark, his pupils consumed with lust.
“Always so eager to reply right back at me, honey, what happened?” he was mocking you. Yet, you could only bit your lips, holding back the whimpers.
“Bet I could just bent you over this desk and claim you mine” he taunted, your eyes widened at his words, partly because you wanted him to stop, partly because you were almost begging him to do that.
It was getting pretty hard to control yourself. You pressed your thighs together slightly, but Ransom caught you.
“Oh, I see the problem here” he smirked, “you’re too wet to even form sentences aren’t you?” he turned you both so you were caged around his arms, pressing you on the desk, towering over you.
“My dumb girl” he ran his lips through your jawline, you whined, throwing your head back at the feelings, all becoming too much “so ready for daddy,” his hands were now traveling your body “but I need words, baby”.
“Ransom” you tried, your voice filled with need. You knew you shouldn’t do it, you should not allow this much power to anyone, especially him.
But you didn’t care, you grabbed his expensive scarf pushing him to your lips. He hungrily accepted the act, devouring your mouth, tongue and teeth as the kiss invaded all your senses.
Ransom pulled away, back at taking his sweet time torturing you, rubbing your cheeks as you pouted.
“What is it that you need, kitten?” He ran a finger through your pants, just to see you squirm “use your big girl words” he scolded, coming closer to your ears, his hands stopping at your centre, his fingers caressing you through your pants.
“I need you” you chose to go against reason, you only wanted him at that moment. The trust fund prick, staining you with his hands and touches, unmatched to anything you ever felt before.
Ransom opened your pants, slowly dragging them down your body, on his knees. He could now see the goosebumps and shrives at every touch of his hands, caressing your thighs, kissing his way up where you needed him most, sweet sounds leaving your mouth.
You found balance on his desk, spreading your legs. “That needy, uh?” he hummed, rubbing his fingers through your panties, his eyes widening at how soaked they were.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you hanging” he ripped the underwear out of your body, shoving it in his pockets “I’ll take care of you, will have you screaming my name” it was a promise he intended to keep.
You were completely exposed to him, body flushed and ready, dripping for him. He parted your lips with his fingers, humming at how ready you were for him.
In one motion, Ransom slipped his tongue in your heat, you moaned at the feeling. His tongue teased your entrance, and explored every inch of your mound. You jerked your hips, still looking for more friction.
“Bet if I add two fingers at once your greedy pussy will take them so well” he purred “so greedy for daddy” he hummed, his two fingers stretching you and hitting you sweet spot at every thrust.
You cried out his name as his tongue circled and sucked on your clit. The pleasure was getting too much, you senses blown away by Ransom’s movements.
You don’t ever remember feeling this good, having someone knowing you so well. Ransom took his time to watch your every reaction, his fingers at a perfect pace, his tongue driving you over the edge.
You never came this hard, your body shaking and weak, as curses, moans and Ransom’s name was all that could leave your mouth.
Ransom stood up, shoving his fingers in your mouth so you could taste yourself. You moaned and sucked on his fingers shamelessly enjoying every second of it.
“That good, uh?” he said, that cocky bastard. You never hated that smirk so much as you did now.
Especially because you couldn’t even respond to him, your dizzy head spinning as you recovered. Your hands gripping the desk for balance.
You were beyond wrong. That was the worst idea you ever had. Ransom would ruin anyone else for you. There was no way you wouldn’t want him more after today.
“Sweetie, are you there?” Ransom cupped your cheeks, the coy smirk still in his face. “That was….” you tried finding the words, biting your lips.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he said, looking at you with a proud smile on his face. “Feel like returning the favor, bunny?” he raised a brow at you, as you nodded.
Ransom removed his pants, “wanna see what that pretty mouth can do before I fuck you stupid” he taunted, freeing his cock.
You sank down to your knees, palming his length, the precum visible in his swollen tip. Your mouth watered at the sight, he was big, you gulped, body tensing a little.
“Oh, don’t worry kitten” Ransom mocked “it will fit” he said, stroking his length, bringing it to your mouth.
You left your tongue out, welcoming him, the salty precum filling your mouth. You sucked the reddened tip, your tongue swirling around it. Ransom’s eyes going wide as he groaned.
He grabbed your hair, pulling his length into you. you hallowed your cheek and took him all, gagging as he tried to fit in your mouth.
“Doing so good for daddy, sweetie” he praised “such a good girl taking all of my cock” you moaned at the words, making his dick twitch in your mouth.
He increased his pace, growling and moaning as he pounded into your mouth. “Fuck, your mouth feels so good, sweetie” his thrusts were sloppy, losing his pace as he got closer to his release.
Then, he stopped, pulling you out of him and into your feet. Ransom pulled you back to the desk, spinning you until you were sited, legs on his waist.
You removed his shirt and pulled him closer to you, kissing his lips. You both moaned as your tastes collided. You ran your hands through his hairs, making a mess on his perfectly neat hair.
Ransom growled as you pulled him, gripping your hips, slowly sinking into you slowly. You whined as you felt your walls stretching to fit him.
“So tight, baby” Ransom said, burying his face in your neck “can feel you squeezing me, fuck” he began to increase his pace, slamming his hips faster.
You threw your head back, your legs pressing his waist tighter, feeling him balls deep inside you.
“Gonna ruin all other men for you” Ransom groaned “gonna have your greedy pussy all for myself now” you nearly screamed at his words.
“Ransom, don’t stop” you begged squirming and moaning all for him. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, daddy’s gotcha” he whispered in your ear, his voice low and raspy sending shrives down your body.
Ransom began pounding even faster, biting and kissing your neck, his thumb in a perfect pace in your clit. It was mind blowing. Ransom knew how to touch all the right places.
You could feel your bodies working in a perfect rhythm. You could feel how Ransom didn’t stop kissing and touching you. How his free hand was grabbing your leg, strong enough to leave his mark on you.
You could also see the look on his face, his body and the sounds that left his mouth showing that he was just as in it as you. Red skin, flushed expression and sweat covering his body. His hair was a mess, as you pushed and pull to bring him impossibly closer to you.
His thrusts were losing their pace, becoming sloppy as you could feel the waves of your orgasm hitting you. White hot spots of pleasure taking over your body.
You were in a blissful state, holding yourself in Ransom, finding balance in his shoulders, leaning towards him as he drove you through your high; still chasing his own release.
Ransom was lost in the feeling, your pussy pulsating and squeezing him even tighter than before. He never felt so good in his life.
“Want me to fill you up, sweetie?” he could barely make sense of his words, lost in you “yes, daddy, please” you whined, and that drove Ransom wild, straight to his own orgasm.
You could fill his warm cum spilling inside you, filling you up as he moaned loudly, his forehand meeting yours as you were both breathing heavily.
Ransom cleaned you up with his boxers, helping you find your clothes.
Holding them out for you, he raised a finger to his chin and grinned “you know, there’s showers in here” he winked, still looking at you.
“Well, I could actually use a warm bath now” you replied, winked back at him. Ransom laughed and let you the mansion. You were wearing nothing but his sweaters.
You had no idea what you were doing. All you knew is that somehow you still needed more of him.
You were completely intoxicated by Ransom Drysdale, the trust fund prick. And tonight, he could take you wherever he wanted.
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sstan-hoe · 2 months ago
𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙊𝙡𝙚' 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩𝙮 | 𝙍.𝘿
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — Ransom can get really soft when he didn’t see Y/N for days
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — First time writing Ransom!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Taglist | Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Don't go wasting your emotion, lay all your love on me…” You sang as you cooked yourself dinner, the music was on full volume and how couldn’t it be when it was ABBA.
Ransom stepped into the building of your apartment with the intention to surprise you, it was actually planned that he would come by tomorrow, but he couldn’t wait to see you, he had missed you so much.
He could already hear from the hallway that you were listening to ABBA and had to smile to himself.
Ransom pulled the keys to your apartment out and when he unlocked the door he could smell the faint aroma of pancakes, your favourite dish.
You didn’t notice that Ransom walked in and kept seeing while turning the pancakes, when you turned your body to the door you saw Ransom leaning against the frame. It took you a second to realize that Ransom was standing there.
“Ransom!” You squealed as you fell out of your trance and jumped into his arms. “I thought you were coming tomorrow.” You beamed at him.
“I missed you too much sunflower.” He replied with a smile lacing at his lips, ‘sunflower’ was a nickname Ransom had for you since your first date where you told him that your favourite flower was the sunflower, and you wore a yellow dress with big a sunflower on the right side.
“I missed you too!” You beamed at him with excitement. “Come on I was just making dinner, I have enough for two.” You told him and whirled yourself around in his arms.
You grasped his hand. “You can set the table.” You ordered and he walked over to the cabinet with the plates and bowls to get everything including the cutlery.
Ransom went to the dining room where the music was blasting where turned the volume down. “Are turning my ABBA down?!” You called from the kitchen making him grimace. “Yes, sunflower but-“ “Nope no you don’t turn ABBA down.” You lectured him as you walked out of the kitchen.
In response Ransom playfully rolled his eyes at you making you slap his arm.
“You do know that pancakes are actually for breakfast yeah?” Ransom said as you took your first bite. “Says who?” You asked him with raised brows and Ransom huffed. “Everyon’.”
“Sure and I’m the Queen.” “You are a Queen.” Smooth asshole you thought and blushed like an idiot.
“Anyway…I think you can it at breakfast, lunch and dinner because there is no rule if it’s your favourite dish.” You noted with raised head to give your statement more authority.
“Does that mean I can have you everytime of the day?” “What?” You questioned him as you blushed again.
“Eat your food.” You pointed at the food and gave him a proving look. “Yes sunflower.” Ransom said and began to eat his food.
“Sunflower?” Ransom whispered into the dark. “Ran it’s in the middle of the night.” You grumbled as you turned your back to him. “Something doesn’t feel right.” He stated ignoring your grumbles.
“Ransom…” You grumbled once more as you tuned your upper half to him.
“It’s you, you aren’t cuddling with me!” He concluded and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you onto his chest. Your arms went around his neck automatically. “Happy?” You mumbled against him.
“Very.” Ransom smiled and nuzzled his nose into your neck.
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 —
@slut-for-bucky-barnes @thehuntresswolf @til-my-feet-are-wet @tomhoelland01 @tommyboyxxxx @kaiparker-avengerssmut @evans-cavill @evans-doll @emmygrey21 @originalpeacetriumph @disappointmentofthefam @excellentbecca @buckyxxrogers @anythingandeverything97 @buckysbabydolldude @poetic-heart @taysiasworld @iambeeee @browneyedgirl365 @satzukim @innocent-one @xealia @patzammit @jeeperky @everything-burns-down @liz-owl @honeyyxashes @maybe-a-bi-witch @slutforchrisjamalevans @buckysbae @sunflowerfive @lewisjada03 @queenofthepouges @harrysthiccthighss @patzmmit @znylxcevans @iwannabekilledtwice @hallecarey1 @nostxlgia18 @bluemoonyumi @multixfandomwriter @bunnyrecs @wednesdayaddamsmood @idfkgabby @lanablakee @miniaturesuitcasevoidstudent @yourssincerelytae @ambrosia-bloom @calum-ho0d @oliviabelova
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chrissquares · 5 months ago
omg bestie i have one so u can chris x reader obv and u can do that the reader goes to the mall and goes into vs and buys lingerie and she try it on in the fitting rooms and snaps a picture of it while she's wearing it and she sends it like 'do u like it baby or daddy' and then he's like wait to u come home and add in that smut ifykyk
hehehehehheheh that's a good one😏 though I gonna change it to ransom because i dont write rpf anymore but oooooo this is gonna be fun 😏😏😏 I tweaked a little something something soooo... enjoy~ and oops it is now a one shot lmao
You Love Teasing Me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x f!Reader
Word Count: ~1.4K 
warnings: 18+, swearing, sexting (kind of), smut (sir kink, spanking, tit squeezing, male oral receiving, spitting on cock, blow job, hand job, balls sucking, deepthroating, gagging, cum playing/licking, cum on chest), NSFW, explicit sexual content and language, minors DNI
Tumblr media
While you were standing in front of the mirror in the fitting room of VS, you were trying on this lace button-front teddy that would look absolutely amazing with the little black skirt and the little white maid apron that you have at home. You could already imagine Ransom's face when he sees it, his lips would turn into a crooked smirk and his eyes would darken while eyeing you from your pretty face and down to your bare legs.
But, you wanted to tease him, especially when he is at Harlan's house. So, you decided to snap a couple pictures in the fitting room and sent them to your dear boyfriend: there was one that was showcasing your bare back and the lace panties hugging your ass cheeks perfectly, and there's a bird-eye view that focused on the collar and the button-front with your arm modestly, but yet sensually, covering your bare titties.
"Do you like it, babe?"
You sent the text with the pictures and the dot dot dot typing bubble almost showed up immediately, which made you grin at your screen.
"WTF I'm at Harlan's..."
"I'm leaving rn, jesus baby, you better come home in the next 15 or I'm coming to that fitting room and gonna fuck you there"
He sent the text one after the other, and you wondered what excuse he used to leave Harlan's house in a hurry.
"Yes, sir... 😏"
Without a second thought, you texted back with a cheeky smile and you quickly get dressed and paid for the teddy before heading home.
When you got home, Ransom's beemer was nowhere to be seen; but you knew it wouldn't take him long to come home from Harlan's, so you quickly got into the house, changed into your newly purchased teddy and put on your black skirt and apron before you scurried down to the living room just as you heard his car outside.
You picked up the tablecloth and bent over as you pretended to wipe the table with your ass facing the front door and letting whoever walks in get a perfect view of your plump ass and your lace panties.
Hearing a low growl and a curse, you smirked to yourself while you felt Ransom's presence getting closer, the smell of his cologne getting stronger with each step he took. And finally, he was pressing his chest against your back with his head on your shoulder, an arm wrapped around your body with his left-hand cupping and squeezing your right tit.
"You just love teasing me, don't you?" he whispered, biting on your ear lobe while his right hand bunched up your skirt at your waist, exposing your full bum before he smacked down hard on your right cheek.
You let out a breathy sigh when the spank stung a little and your head fell backwards onto his shoulder. "Yes, sir... more please..." you moaned as you pushed yourself back onto his crotch, trying to get as close to him as you could, so that you could grind your ass on his clothed bulge like the tease that you were.
But he held you tighter, kept you from squirming and grinding your ass on him. "Hmmm... you know there are consequences for teasing me, hmm? or is that what you really want? you love being punished and getting spanked and used, huh? well... maybe this time you will have to earn it..." he spoke through his gritted teeth as he spun you around, getting a good look of your front and your titties, kissing you hungrily before ordering you to get on your knees and sit on your heels.
Your muscle memories brought your hands straight to his belt and fly, undoing them like you have done a million times before you pulled his angry dripping cock out from its constraint. You eagerly grabbed a hold onto his cock as you stuck your tongue out, looking up at him as you inched closer to run his tip onto your tongue, moving his bulbous tip side to side before using the tip of your tongue to tease his slit.
He watched you intensely, breathing heavily while you wrapped your lips around his crown, sucking it gently as your hand start to pump his length. By propping yourself up higher and getting your bum up from your heels, you guided his cock towards your tits, rubbing and brushing his tip and cock against your nipples and bosom as you spat and made his cock catch your saliva. And your hand didn't wait another second before stroking and lubing him up with your own spit.
Putting him back into your warm and velvety mouth, you flattened your tongue as you sucked and licked, tracing the vein on his underside with your tongue while you watched his head fell back in pleasure. You bobbed your head vigorously, making your tits bounce freely, slurping him up as your hand jerked and pumped the rest of his cock. His tangy taste was so addictive that it made you want more and more.
"Mmmmhmmm" you hummed at the feel and the taste of him, the moan reverberated in your mouth and sending vibrations through his cock.
"Fuuuuuck..." he cursed, threading his hand through your hair while holding onto the back of your head, pushing himself deeper into your mouth and held you in place with his hand. "That's it, baby..."
Pulling off him with a gasp, you took a big gulp of air before you held his cock upwards, licking his balls left and right before you sucked one into your mouth. You pumped him up and down as your lips suck his balls in pulses, massaging them one after the other with equal attention, making Ransom groan loudly from above.
You smirked proudly before you peppered kisses up his swollen cock, and then swallowed him whole until his throbbing tip hit the back of your throat, stuffing your mouth full and feeling just how perfectly he fitted in your mouth.
Ransom squeezed and tightened his fingers on your hair, tilting your head up slightly so that he could shove his cock down your throat a little more, holding you in place while making you gag. You held him in as long as you could before your throat narrowed and pushed him out, coughing a bit when he pulled out, and drool was dripping down the corner of your mouth as a string of saliva lingered between your lips and his cock.
"Good girl..." he praised after a moan, moving his hand from your head to your cheek before he rested his thumb on your bottom lip, and you reflexively started sucking on his thumb while you worked on his throbbing cock.
He was getting warmer and warmer, and you knew he was close when he began thrusting his hip and fucking himself into your hand. "Hnnnhnng ahhhh fuck...." he sighed continuously until his voice got caught in his throat, and your hand was stroking him so quickly that your movements were a blur.
You pumped your chest out as you got up from your heels once more, pointing his cock at your tits while jerking him off with earnest, and it didn't take long for his balls to twitch and his body to jolt. He came with a deep groan while ropes of his hot and creamy spent landed on your tits, and some on your lace button-front and collar.
And then the room was just filled with the two of you panting. You sucked his cock into your mouth one last time, making sure you suck everything out of him and not letting a drop wasted on the floor before you smiled sweetly up at him; and you wiped his cum off your chest with your fingers and smeared it back onto his cock and licked it clean from base to tip.
"Did I earn my spankings, sir?" you asked him almost innocently.
And he was in a fucking daze and panting very heavily while looking down at you, "jesus fucking christ...." he sighed, "you sure did, baby... now bend over my lap and let me take a good look at that ass in those lacy panties..."
Tumblr media
A/N: this literally went so differently when I first started lmaooo
Tumblr media
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dadplease · 2 months ago
kinktober 2021 | day three: on impact.
✷ written for eun’s 2021 kinktober ✷
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
today’s prompt | spanking
summary | ransom spanks the brat right out of you.
pairing | daddy!ransom drysdale x little!reader
warnings | ddlg stuff! (daddy!ransom little!reader), kinda mean! angry!ransom :-0, mocking & degredation, name-calling, spanking, choking, little bit of bratty!reader, lots of teasing from all parties involved, mentions of oral sex (m receiving)
an | yay happy day three! introducing a classic to our lineup, some much loved ddlg, with daddy!ransom!! andy and steve always come to mind first for me when i think about who'd give the best spanking, but ransom follows pretty close behind so i thought i'd explore that here. hope you all enjoy <3
The minute Ransom's thrown you over his lap, one strong arm coming down to secure you in place while the other flips up the flimsy fabric of your mini skirt with the simple flick of a wrist, you know you're in for it. Bad.
"Daaddy," you whine, the sly grin on your face growing as the strong man huffs in annoyance, only tightening his grip on you as you begin to squirm. "Please, do we hav'ta do this? I said I was sorry."
"You better shut that pretty mouth'a yours before I decide to stuff it full for you, princess," Ransom warns, his free hand coming up to hold you by the throat, his expensive rings digging into your tender flesh almost a little too deliciously.
"And wouldn't you like that," you dare to remark; with your head resting against the couch cushion below you, perhaps you're fortunate to miss the darkness seeping into your daddy's eyes.
"Enough," he demands, a pathetic yelp leaving you as his sharp palm deals your tender bottom its first blow. The sting is so strong it brings tears to your eyes, and Ransom can feel your chest beginning to heave. "You keep up this attitude, sweetheart, and I'll really give you something to cry about."
When the second strike is dealt, your bottom lip begins to quiver, every ounce of defiance within you dissolving as you do your best to blink back your tears. "But maybe you'd like that too much, wouldn't you, you little slut," Ransom shakes his head, his hand landing again for numbers three and four. "In fact-" he muses, pausing his assault on your burning flesh to bring his fingers down to run along the soft cotton of your panty covered heat, the gentleness of his touch compared to only moments earlier too much of a stark contrast for you to bear; nearly blubbering, you cry out needily, "Daddy, please!"
But Ransom Drysdale hasn't ever been one to take pity, and he surely isn't about to start now, not with you writhing over his lap like a bitch in heat, no- he's got you exactly where he wants you.
"What's the matter, dollface?" the cruel man plays dumb, forcing a gasp as your wetness soaks through onto his searching fingers. "Oh- what's this? Wet for me already, are you, princess? I could've guessed," he admits, surprising you with another agonizing strike, "You can't help it, can you? You needy fucking bitch." His hand lands again, and again, and through your sobs of pain, Ransom has no trouble maintaining his composure.
"Please, I'm sorry, I-I'm sorry!" you insist, a disappointed look falling upon the man's face as he continues dealing your punishment.
"I know you are, sweetcheeks, but Daddy's still not happy with you yet. C'mon pretty girl, how're you gonna make it up to me?"
"Anything Daddy- I'll do anything!" you insist, a sigh of relief escaping you as Ransom's hand finally comes to a stop over your scorching flesh, beginning to rub soothing circles as your offer is taken into consideration.
"Anything, hmm?" Still teary-eyed, you nod, a dangerous smile forming on the greedy man's face. "Okay princess, show me then. Show me just how much you're willing to do to make Daddy happy again."
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jurassicbarnes · 5 months ago
no bc when you said you wanna fuck ransom “aggressively so” bitch I felt that, hes the type to talk so much shit but be so hot you still wanna fuck despite him annoying you so I can just imagine riding him and hes gripping your hips and being all talk like “yeah you fucking love it dont you, bet that—“ andbefore he can even finish his sentence you just slap a hand over his mouth and say “ransom for once in your life please shut the fuck up” while continuing to ride him and maybe just leaving him to finish himself off after you’re finished bc he doesnt deserve to cum inside you with his attitude shsjxbdb
shut your pie-hole
Tumblr media
pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
a/n: this was so fun to write! i fucking love this asshole. it's my first time writing him. HOPE I DIDN'T MESS IT UP.
warnings: sex (18+), dirty talking, fwb dynamics, hate-sex???, name-calling–in a fun way tho, both are mouthy af, typos probs
Tumblr media
Okay, normally you love a good banter before and during sex. It's get you going, sets the blood in your veins on simmer, gets the heat flowing in rapid, thick waves when that deep voice wrecks your soul. Kickstarts the quivering between your legs.
But as soon as Ransom Fucking Drysdale opens his big, entitled, shitty mouth, it makes you wanna slap him straight across the face. And yet, you let him fuck you on the nearest surface of your apartment.
As soon as he struts in, he throws his ridiculously expensive scarf and the soft cable knit sweater on the floor. Pants and boxers are off next and he's naked in the middle of your apartment. Gloriously so, but he doesn't need to know that.
“That cunt is mine. And I better be inside her in the next minute.” He points at you, standing across the room.
“Have you ever heard of foreplay, idiot?” You scoff, “Besides, nothing in this apartment is yours, you entitled piece of shit.”
Do you really need to remind him that he's the one who comes back for seconds? For thirds? For fourths? If anything, you're the one who owns his time, soul and dick.
But he takes you on your couch and claims your pussy anyway. Laid back, lets you ride him. You've got his hands pinned above his head as he speaks words that are filthy enough to bleach his fucking mouth clean.
“Oh, you can deny it all to want, sweetheart. But you love my big cock. You love it when I let you take the slightest bit of control. I bet you touch yourself at night when I'm not here to fuck this tight little pussy of yours. She sure loves me, she lets me know every time I'm inside her. Begs me to fill it. C'mon, give in—”
“Oh, for fuck's sake, Ransom. My tits are right in your face and instead of shoving it between them, you choose to run your fucking pie-hole.” you grumble, riding him harder.
The asshole, the fucking jerk as the audacity to smirk up at you, with this red lips and lust blown eyes. He barely licks the hardened nipple bouncing in front of his stupid, smug face.
“Admit it, darling—” He continues, bites softly at the little bud.
But you've had enough. You let out a frustrated groan and slap a hand on his mouth.
“Shut the fuck up, you asshole.” Your tone shakes, close to falling apart. One more word from him and the whole moment will be ruined. And nothing will be worse than not being able to come, you might just end up with his blood on your hands.
That's an exaggerated, but you'll surely kick him out of your house, buck naked and throw his clothes out the window.
When you do come, you're panting like crazy. Wheezing almost, catching your breath. Your head feels dizzy as you sit back and rest your palms behind you, on his knees. Sinuously rolling your hips. Your gorgeous body on display for his eyes to feast on. Glistening with a layer of sweat.
“Oh, fuck, fuck fuck—” Ransom moans, biting his lip, his head tilted back, exposing his long, flushed neck. You trail your fingers down the pinkish flesh of his torso. He's clean all over, not a trace of hair on his face, chest, navel or balls. Always leaves you impressed but you would never tell him that.
God, it would only add more fuel to his inflated ego. That fucking flame never dies. Reaching down, you squeeze the soft flesh of his sac all the while grinding yourself slowly, languidly.
“You seem like you're close? You're gonna come, pretty boy?”
“Oh, fuck, yes, I'm gonna come... I'm gonna—”
Just like that your warmth disappears, you slip him out and hop off the couch before he can comprehend what's happening. Cock, red at the tip. He's soaking and slick with your wetness. Hard and bobbing achingly over his taut abs.
“What are you doing? I haven't—”
“Oh, Ransom.” You cross your hands against your bare chest, a hip jutting out as you look down at him, condescendingly shaking your head. “Fix your attitude next time and maybe, maybe I'll let you come inside me.”
His face twists, rage filled gaze enough to turn you into stone. “Oh, you sly little—”
“I would think twice before calling me a bitch.” Your smile is sickeningly sweet and you leave him where he is. Throbbing and shaking on the couch. “Take care of yourself and please, don't make a mess. I'm going to take a shower.”
. . .
i do wanna fuck him aggressively so. raise your motherfucking hands if you do too.
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fairyevans · 4 months ago
Can I request, Ransom eating the kitty?
[ransom drysdale x fem!reader]
a/n; i couldn’t just give you just any regular kitty licking, i needed to make it ✨ransom style✨ and i’m not kidding, this smut made me so horny while writing, i’m so proud of it.
warnings; SMUT, MINORS DNI, +18, dub-con touching (ransom’s friends) oral sex, fingering, degradation, dumbification, voyerism, squirting, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
“strip, now.” ransom growled as he shoved you onto the bed, watching a terrified glint swirl your [e/c] orbs as your trembling hands began to un-button your almost innocent short dress, gulping at the sight of your boyfriend’s friends surrounding the two of you.
“i said i was sorry—“ you yelped out as ransom became impatient, tearing the cloth down the middle as the men salivated at your bare body, itching at the honor of ransom allowing them to prey from afar.
“you said i’ve never made you fucking cum, we’ll see,” you shuddered under his gaze as he kneeled upon the bed, throwing your legs over his shoulder as he nudged his nose against your clothed clit, chuckling at the scent of your neediness.
“they’re making you wet, aren’t they? this slutty fucking hole wants their cocks.” your head shot up to protest but he set your panties aside, diving in to lap up from the rim of your ass to your sensitive nerves, humming at your inevitably spilling juices, feeling extremely nervous at the half-dozen eyes practically eating you up.
“tell them what they want to fuckin’ hear, bunny, don’t make me spank you raw, they love tears as much as i do.” the vibration of his voice made your breath hitch, whimpering as ransom scattered kisses down your slit, leaving his lips pretty and shiny.
“i-i want them to stretch out my holes, daddy, want them to feel how wet ‘n tight i am.” they groaned at the vicious words slipping your tongue, tugging at their shafts shamelessly as ransom reached to grope and squeeze harshly at your tits, not bothering to leave behind light bruises.
“d-daddy, i learned my lesson—“ you gasped as one of his friends sneakily made his way over, bowing down to suck at your peaking nipples, teeth scraping to drag mewls from your chest.
“as soon as you cum, we can leave, bunny, wanna see you choke on your fucking words as you squirt all over my face.” you cried out as he began thrusting two digits past your folds, grunting in frustration as your pussy enclosed around him desperately.
“ransom!” you let out a muffled sob as he latched his lips around your throbbing clit, his eyes piercing through you, ignoring his prick friend dipping his fingers down your throat, picturing it was his pathetic cock, as the rest prayed you’d be the one to swallow their loads.
“give me your fuckin’ cum, bunny, wanna see you go dumb while your fuckin’ cunt does the thinking,” his filthy string of a sentence sent you into overdrive, legs widening involuntarily with violent jolts as ransom suctioned at your abused clit, shutting his eyes as he felt your warm juices spurt against his neck, wondering how you managed to stay conscious during everything.
“oh my god, daddy!” you finally screeched out, coming down from your high as your chest rose and fell, feeling praised at the men jerking their cocks, moaning pitifully as their spend hit the once-tidy sheets.
“fuckin’ hell, ransom, your girl’s a gem, you should bring her with you more often.” the pretentious boys commented as they buckled their slacks, pretending they hadn’t become enamored of you.
“maybe, but she’s got some cleaning to do,” your jaw dropped as he pointed at the musky cum that stained the blankets, smirking as you huffed in anger, you’d get him back soon, he knew it.
Tumblr media
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bucksfucks · 10 months ago
caught | ransom drysdale
Tumblr media
SUMMARY || ransom fucks you, his assistant, on the kitchen counter, not phased as his parents catch him in the act.
PAIRING || ransom drysdale x reader
WORD COUNT || 1,449 words
WARNINGS || hate sex, degradation, mocking, name calling, unprotected sex, fingering, public sex, slight daddy kink, size kink, breeding kink if you squint — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
     "Only the help calls me Hugh." Ransom growled as you rolled your eyes, completely unfazed and fed up with his snobbiness too-good-for-everyone-else behaviour as you hit send on the email before tucking your phone in your back pocket. 
    "When you stop treating me like it, maybe then I'll refer to you as Ransom. Until then, you're Hugh," you bit back, eyes locked with his as you saw the way his jaw clenched and eyes grew darker. 
    He didn't answer, standing there, towering over you as he cast his eyes over your figure. Your heart was racing in your chest, throwing itself against your ribcage as you tried to keep your breathing as steady as you could. 
    Ransom was a man capable of dark things, very dark things. 
    You knew you should be scared, but in the moment, telling him off felt better than you could've ever imagined. You'd played this moment in your head over and over each time he treated you as disposable. 
    "If that's what you want," Ransom's voice was low and hoarse as he grabbed your bicep with his large hand. "Then that's what you'll get." 
    He pulled you into his body, a small squeak leaving your lips as he held you against him. His grip was tight enough to keep you stationary, but not tight enough to hurt you. 
    A mix of whiskey and oak consumed your senses, a distinctly Ransom scent as you craned your head to look up at him. 
    "Ransom wha—"
    You didn't get a chance to finish your sentence as Ransom quickly whisked you around, pinning you harshly against one of the thick wooden doors of his office. You hissed at the sensation, biting your lip as he pressed himself against you. 
    "If you wanted me to fuck you this badly, all you had to do was ask, baby." He chuckled darkly, lips hovering close to your ear as his words sent a shiver cascading down your spine. Oh how much you hated him, but not enough to stop him from fucking you. 
    "Who says I wanna fuck you?" You spat back through grit teeth as you felt the familiar throbbing between your legs. 
    He cocked his head to the side, giving you a mocking pout. 
    "Don't play stupid with me now, I see the way you look at me. Bet you wish my fingers were filling that tight pussy of yours, or better yet, my cock, hmm?" 
    You had to bite back a snarl at his words. You hated, absolutely despised when Ransom was right, and in this case? It was irrefutable. 
    He laughed at your silence, pinning you with his thigh in between your thighs as you gasped softly. 
    "That's right, baby. Don't fight it anymore, let Daddy show you just how good he can make you feel." He purred as you shot him a glare, your last attempt at trying to hold your ground, but when he moved you over his thigh, your façade fell. 
    "Fuck," it was a soft moan as the word fell from your mouth, Ransom's calloused fingers forcing your jaw up before he engulfed your lips in a needy, desperate kiss that left you breathless. 
    "Out of all my assistants, you have the best ass, baby." He barks with a wild smirk, grabbing at the supple flesh before kneading it. You scoff, pulling him down by his collar hoping you'd rip a button or two from the expensive garment. 
    "Guess we'll find out if you have the biggest dick out of all of my ex-boyfriends," you say through gnashed teeth before Ransom is throwing you over his shoulder with the first surface he can find in mind. 
    "You're nothing but a little brat." Ransom spits harshly, setting you down gentler than expected onto the kitchen counter before standing between your legs. Despite the height the counter gives you, you're barely at eye-level with him. 
    "I learned from the best," you smirk, Ransom's fingers already between your thighs, slipping under your panties until you're gasping and throwing your head back. 
    "Not so fuckin' mouthy now, are we." He growls, finding your clit before rolling it between his index finger and thumb. You hate how good Ransom is at this, barely knowing your body and already causing you to melt. 
    "But you're already dripping wet." His voice is a low rumble as he slips one finger inside of you, the shirt you were wearing is haphazardly ripped from your body, bra thrown somewhere into the sink as Ransom bites at the top of your breast. 
    Another finger is added, the lewd wet sound of your slick against his fingers fills the air around you work ridding him of the cable-knit sweater he was wearing. The same sweater you gifted him for Christmas. 
    He's toned and looks like he was sculpted by Greek Gods and you want to roll your eyes because of course Ransom would be the spitting image of absolute perfection. 
    You don't have anything else on your mind other than Ransom as clothes are discarded and you're lying against the cool marble of the countertops, Ransom's boxers disappearing down his legs before he's smirking down at you. 
    "Bigger than your ex's, I know baby, you don't have to tell me." His remark is snide and you want to ridicule him, but yet again, Ransom is right. 
    "But don't worry baby, you'll be able to take it, I know you will," he nearly cooes as he has you sitting upright on the counter again, hands on your ass as he moved you forward until you're forced to wrap your legs around his waist. 
    "You gonna keep stalling or fuck me like you promised?" You smirk, cocking your head to the side as you steady yourself with your hands on his broad shoulders. He drops his head as a deep laugh runs through him. 
    "If that's what you wanted, all you had to do was ask," your mouth snaps shut as he slides into you, stretching you open as you bite your lip and hold him close to you. He groans as he bottoms out, hot breath fanning over yours and mixing with your uneven breaths. 
    "God—such a tight pussy," he grunts, shallowly rocking his hips against yours as he sinks even deeper into you and you know you're done for. Ransom could do and say whatever and you'd give it to him. 
    His thrusts are harsh and sudden, knocking the air from your lungs as your nails sink crescents into his pale skin; your mark on him he'll remember tomorrow. 
    The sound of slapping skin, your moans, and Ransom's grunts can be heard echoing through the house. The house where his family slept, the house where his family ate off of this very counter. 
    "Grippin' my cock so well, baby. Love this pussy." Ransom smirks, his eyebrows tight together as your eyes fall shut, submitting to the way his cock is driving against your g-spot with each thrust. 
    "Ransom fucking Drysdale! Are you fucking kidding me?!" A shrill voice causes your eyes to snap open as you're met with none other than Linda and Richard standing at the entrance of the kitchen where Ransom is butt-fucking-naked still deep inside of you. 
    You're mortified, absolutely terrified, but Ransom doesn't stop fucking you. No, Ransom looks over his shoulder, a shit-eating grin on his face as he drives his cock deeper inside of you. 
    "Are you gonna stand there and watch or what?" He barks, "get the fuck outta here!" He yells, turning back to you with mischief glimmering in his eyes while his fingers dig into the skin of your hips. 
    You're cowering, hiding behind his body trying not to cum right in front of his fucking parents. They scamper away soon after, muttering and mumbling all sorts of profanities directed at their son as he clenches his jaw. 
    "I can feel how much you need to cum, baby. Don't try and hold back, make a mess all over Daddy's cock." His words are the catalyst that send you over the edge, walls fluttering around his cock before he's sinking his teeth into your shoulder. 
    He cums with a grunt, cock twitching and spasming inside of you until he's painted you full of his cum. Ransom stays inside of you, catching his breath as you feel your heart still racing in your chest. 
    "Your parents are gonna fire me," you mumble, still not believing that happened. Ransom laughs, full and loud as it bounces off the kitchen walls. 
    "I don't give a shit, you're comin' home with me anyways. I'm stealing you away as mine." Ransom smirks, sinister smirk on his face. "You're mine now, baby." 
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slothspaghettiwrites · a month ago
Also for sugar baby ransom, I’m thinking about the reader telling him “I don’t smile much when you’re not around” 🥺🥺🥺
Oh my heart
"i don't really smile much. not unless you're around, it seems."
Tumblr media
Warnings: emotionally constipated idiots in denial, will this be canon with the official fic? Who's to say, sugar relationship, slight cheating (kinda), mention of a hand job
Ransom watches. It's all he really can do at the moment while he waits for you to finally fucking join him for brunch. His jaw ticks another shit head WASP grabs at your shoulder, flashes some stupid expensive watch like that would impress you. You could buy the whole damn club and still be richer than the rest of these fuckwads. He tries not to think about what's making him more upset. If it's your money or if it's the fact that you are still entertaining this douche even though he is right here.
That was the deal. He was a glorified fucking prostitute for you, a kept boy as you called him once. He got paid, he got to keep up most of his lifestyle, and you got to fuck him. Ransom waves his empty glass near a waiter, he's gonna need another bloody mary if this is how you were going to be.
"Rough night, Hughie?" You slide into you chair smoothly and a piping hot espresso is placed in front of you.
"Wouldn't you like to know," he sneers around the rim of new drink.
"Yes," you say flatly. "That's the point of these weekly brunches, isn't it? So we can catch up and plan our week."
You sounded like you were conducting a board meeting and that just set him off more. It grated against Ransom's teeth how flippant you were with him, how little you seemed to care. He licked the taste of tomato juice from his lips.
"It was fine. We got absolutely fucked, got hand job in the bathroom at the club, and Vance threw up all over my shoes," he states, not looking up from the menu as if he won't order the same thing as always. "How was your weekend?"
"I'll have Rachel order you a new pair first thing tomorrow then." You clear your throat, fiddle with your espresso cup before making eye contact with him. "I missed you. I had forgotten how much I hate dealing with... People. I don't really smile much, apparently, when you aren't around either, it seems."
Ransom feels something, it makes his cheeks heat up slightly. You don't even acknowledge his cheating if you can call it that, and he wants to be angry that doesn't upset you. The sincerity in your features makes him want comfort you for some fucking reason.
"Well I'm free all week and at your service."
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chaashni · 2 months ago
Only So Much To Run For
Tumblr media
Ransom’s omega has been running again, and as usual, he’s gonna find her and take her.
Kinktober Day 2: Car Sex + A/B/O + Ransom Drysdale
A/n: Hey I made it to day 2!!!
I do not give permission for my works to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third party site.
Word Count: 1.9 K
Warnings: smut (Minors DNI) A/B/O dynamics, Chasing, Watching, Aggressivenes (Not towards reader), Primal kink from the point of view of the predator, because why tf do we not explore that? Everything is pre-negotiated. An angry furball of pheromones. Weed. Reader is a little high. Parking lots and aesthetic car sex.Possessivenes. Scenting. Electric guitar cameo.
Masterlist. Kinktober Masterlist. Taglist. Tell me what you think. My fic library is @chaashnifics
There are things you can run away from. Dodge. Evade. Escape.
Then there are some things which are unavoidable. They seek you out if you try to escape. Point you out. Hunt you down. Inevitable.
Like Ransom Drysdale.
He had a million better places to be in, a hundred different ways he could entertain himself.
Yet here he was, snarling at a crowd of inebriated little fucklets, all gropey and handsy and stinky, shaking along in a ridiculous beatless dance. A pounding music boomed beyond the club lights, the sound mostly the work of some lob-headed electrician experimenting with things way beyond his field of expertise, a  torture to normal people like him, and his omega was nowhere to be found.
He growled when he caught the wisp of her scent, a discarded glass shattered somewhere on the floor to his right. An idiot bumped into him, and to the tall Alpha's horror, his breath reeked of something akin to his little one's scent.
Had you been smoking?
His stack of weed was not in his pocket when he had stormed out of the house, the one from which he and you would shotgun on friday evenings. The one which was perfumed with your sweet scent, and stained with his too.
Had you been giving them to random little dipshits you'd never meet again?
Had you been breathing close to one of them?
Ransom's blood was boiling before he could process his thoughts. Oh weren't you neck deep in your own crafted shit.
He needed you on him again.
From the corner of his eye, he caught a wisp of -something. Something which felt like home, something which hit his sense like an overspeeding truck. Knocking him down, tearing him to pieces.
Trying to evade him.
Hell would rip over twenty one times before Ransom would let that happen.
He caught the glint of your wrist watch somewhere round the corner, which led to the parking lot behind the club, and he was speeding over to you before he knew it.
Ransom had no idea where his feet took him, just his instinct following the faint trail of your sweet scent, mixed with his musk from the shirt- his shirt- that you were wearing. He might have knocked down a few people, tossed away a few drinks and overturned a chair in his path. Nothing mattered when you were slipping away from, far from him, and he had to track you down.
Your scent progressively increased as he neared you, his strides longer than yours even though you had the advantage of a headstart and your tiny size. Ransom growled and snarled as numerous alpha's crossed your scent, having to tug one of them by his collar and throw him to the ground when he had the audacity to sniff at your trail, and disrespect you by licking his lips.
Ransom would kill him for even thinking he would get his hands on you. 
He had to find you first.
Ransom caught your figure in the stray beam of the headlights of a car that was leaving the parking lot, your footsteps large and uncoordinated in your heels as you tried to balance on the stony pavement, your hair flying around and messy. You flipped your head backwards, frantically searched the place for your alpha.
The Alpha could hear your heartbeat from here. He took two long strides and reached the door, his tall frame blocking the lights from inside the club, his looming shadow hovering over his little omega's back.
Ransom could smell you from here too. Your scent, salacious and inviting, like drops of chocolate syrup mixed with butter, bourbon and strawberries all whirling in an aphrodisiac and zipping to light his alpha instincts. He waited, drinking it in, letting it coat himself. He couldn't wait to rub his tongue over your mating gland, claim you again. 
He was sending pheromones, so Alpha, so dark and dangerous, that the parking lot cleared on its own. Ransom knew you had sensed him too, the spike in your pulse and the significant increase in your heartbeat letting him know his chase was cut short already.
“Don’t you want your Alpha to find you, little one?”
You hesitated for a second, your hands trembling. Your knees buckled for a second, and you looked around again. Oh, sweet omega.
You ran again.
Ransom chuckled. How he loved you.
He counted till ten, letting you run out of his sight just for a second, and then he charged. 
He steered through the place on automatic, his feet veering him to the point right behind you. You were between rows of parked cars, coating your scent, sweet as candy and dangerous as poison on all of them, and Ransom almost felt pity on the poor little shits who would have to crave for a scent they would never have.
Where are you gonna run, mega?
He sneered at the sharp intakes of your breaths, stopping for a second so you could catch it back. He heard your heartbeat lower a notch, a determined pint in your scent, and then you were taking off again.
Ransom watched you from his place, camouflaged in the shadows behind the rows of cars. He casually leaned against one of them, watching you intently from his vantage point as you tried to calm the thump of your unhinged heart, doubt and arousal streaking in heavy veins under your scent.
He knew his little omega would never leave this parking lot without him. 
Casually, he kicked a tiny rock, letting it crash straight into the concrete walls, a sharp sound breaking the little safe bubble his omega had crafted around herself.
A flock of birds fluttered and flew away from the tree behind the wall, their collective flapping and screeches creating a racket which had you shivering in fright, eyes wild and heart beating out of your chest.
You ran again.
Ransom swept out from his little corner, his coat billowing behind him. He came under the light when he was directly behind you, chuckling darkly when you skidded to a stop. 
"No use running omega."
You tore to your side, Ransom's feet carrying him towards you effortlessly. He cut your path with a smooth arc, hand curling around your elbow and sweeping you to him. He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and carrying you to the side of his car, pressing you harshly against the door.
"Alpha!" You shrieked as he pinned his hips against yours, his frame towering over you, sharp, quick breaths mingling with your heavy, ragged ones as he pressed his forehead to yours.
"Hmm," he pulled you to him, coating you in his scent, snarling as the offending mixture of alcohol and weed mixed with the stench of other alphas and betas, all worthless scum reeked out of your jacket.
He tore it off your body, your indigent call of his name falling on deaf ears as he ran his hands all down your front, gripping your waist and dipping his nose into your bared neck.
"Ran-Alpha," you gripped his biceps with trembling palms, tilting your neck to give him further access and for once in his life, Ransom was thankful you were not being the brat you are.
"What did I tell you, little one?" He pressed a kiss over your heated skin, dragging his tongue tantalizingly over his claiming marks.
"That you'd find me."
Ransom hummed, squeezing your ass in appreciation. "And?" He prompted, words muffled by your skin.
"And when you do," your breath hitched when he bit lightly over your skin. "You'd fuck me till I pass out."
"Good girl."
He crashed his lips on yours in the most messy of kisses, his fingers getting tangled in your hair as you crumbled the fabric of his scarf, pulling his closer. “Get in the car, little one.”
You didn’t listen, smirking into the kiss and snaking your tongue into his mouth in an attempt to gain control of the kiss. Ransom snarled, pulling your tresses back and sucking your tongue harshly, drawing the breath out of your chest. You whimpered as he nibbled your cupid’s bow, tongue licking into your mouth and exploring each crevice, domineering and strong. “I won't repeat myself, “ He growled, “Get in the damn car.”
You scrambled from under him, your arousal spiking and he could smell how wet your desperate little pussy was for his knot, weeping and throbbing with each step that you took. Your fingers trembled as you opened the car door, Ransom following you like a shadow haunting your existence, melting you into himself as you both fit into the backseat.
“Present,” Ransom growled, cock twitching and a feral unhingedness sweeping over him, the desire to claim you ripping through him like bolts of lightning. You scurried to your hands and knees, the button of your pants popped open and he ripped the rest down your thighs just that instant, growling as another wave of your arousal hit him. He almost felt drowsy on your scent, the weed you must have smoked flowing to him and ensnaring his mind, sweeping over his bloodstream, intent on making him lose control.
Ransom had earned the right to do so.
Without knowing what he was doing, he leant to the side, connecting his phone to the stereo and the next second, he was blasting eighties rock music in the car.
You gave him an expression of wonder, or more of a ‘what-the-fuck’ kind of thing, and all he responded was with a smug grin.
He slapped your ass, zipping his pants down and pulling out his cock from the confines of his pants. He gives himself a few pumps, sliding the tip all the way down your slit, the sound of your juices mixing drowned by the strums of the electric guitar. You moaned deliciously, thrusting your hips up and wiggling your ass to tempt him. Ransom lined his tip to your centre, slowly rolling his hips in a circle. At your pitiful moan, he cursed, snapping his hips forward and pushing into you.
Ransom’s omega trembled underneath him, the sound of skin slapping as he drove his cock home drowning the blast of music, the walls of the car fogged up, marred by the prints of your hands as you steadied yourself, panting and mewling as you made a mess over his cock, milking him and squeezing him perfectly.
You groaned and cried, pressing your face to the side of the leather seat as Ransom licked the beads of perspiration rolling down your neck, your heavy scent driving him to pound into you faster, you skin bruised from the way he was gripping you, pulling you back to him. Ransom lapped at your mating gland, inhaling the delicious scent which belonged to him, loving how your walls clenched around him and your heartbeat flared each time he nosed through your gland.
“You’re mine, little one” he growled through clenched teeth, scenting you again as your limbs stiffened, your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your neck craning to the side involuntarily. With another forceful thrust he bit down on your neck, marking you up once again, tasting your blood as you crumbled under him with a loud shriek, your walls spasming as you came, milking his own orgasm.
Ransom barely managed to hold his knot in, saving that for the comfort of your bedroom where he would show you just what happens when you be a brat, letting yo know how bad of an idea it was to run from him. Ropes of his cum shot into your body, your scent being infiltrated by his as he branded you as his own, inside out.
 “There’s only so much to run for.”
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holdontorogers · 4 months ago
Could you write something about ransom taking you on a trip to Paris so he can have sex with you on the Eiffel Tower?
࿐ 𝐕𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐳-𝐯𝐨𝐮𝐬, 𝐫.𝐝.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 1,238
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI, swearing, alcohol consumption, pet-names (bunny, baby, honey), semi-public sex, alcohol consumption, dirty talk, semi-public/plane sex, unprotected sex, cockwarming, oral sex (f), daddy kink, praise kink, degradation, dumbification, creampie, slight breeding kink.
𝐚/𝐧; GIF NOT MINE. tysm for this request I’m so excited to write for ransom 🤪 I have an oneshot coming up soon hehe
Tumblr media
“Ransom where are we going?” you asked as you went up the stairs to his - huge - private airplane.
“How many times do I have to tell you that it’s a surprise?” he hissed, you were testing his patient, eager for what could await you on that plane.
You shrugged “just wanted to know how much time we have” you fluttered your eyelashes innocently at him.
“Oh yeah?” he scoffed “and what do you want to do with the time we have until we reach our destination?” he whispered in your ear, caging you in his arms.
That’s the thing about Ransom, he couldn’t care less about who was seeing you two. If someone were to be at the same room you were fucking, that’s their problem.
All Ransom wanted was to make sure you felt good. He had ruined you for any other men that could pass by you. He marked you as his own and you were more than happy to have it that way.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
As the plane took off Ransom had you straddling him, you tried to grind him to alleviate some of the pressure between your legs, but he kept his grip on your hips strong.
“That needy pussy can’t even wait until we land?” he cooed in your ears, goosebumps all over your body. You squirmed on top of him, almost whining from how needy you were. You tried to move again, to see if Ransom would do something, but he didn’t.
“That desperate, uh?” he mocked “my dumb baby, always wanting my cock” he started going up and down your thighs, his hands teasing you.
You left out a whine “daddy, please” you nearly cried out the words, tears starting to form on your eyes.
“Oh, don’t cry baby girl” he swiped the small tears away “c’mon, ride on daddy’s cock, make yourself feel good” he said, your eyes sparkling at him.
Ransom adjusted himself back in his seat, spreading his leg and opening his zipper. Your mouth watered as you waited for him to free his cock, gulping at the bulge in his boxers.
You started stroking his length as he groaned, “c’mon bunny, wanna feel you around me” Ransom lifted your dress, and ripped your panties, helping you align with his entrance.
“Wanna feel you make yourself cum before I absolutely destroy you when we land” he growled, and you sink down on him.
Moans and whines leaving your mouth as you felt him filling you perfectly, your pussy squeezing his length, barely fitting.
You took some time to adjust to the stretching, grabbing Ransom’s shoulder for balance, he held your hips and ran his palm through your ass.
You started moving faster, and Ransom was just watching you “such a greedy dumb baby” he purred “couldn’t even wait, had to get off in any way” he held back his own moans, as you rolled your hips and chased your release “fuck, bunny, you take me so well” he left out a soft moan “fitting all of me, squeezing me in your tight pussy”.
You couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying, his raspy voice an echo in your mind, lost in the pleasure. You started rubbing your clit, the knot in your belly starting to dissolve, your orgasm reaching you.
Ransom came soon after, filling you “gonna have you leaking with my cum for the rest of the night” he hummed “is that what you wanted, bunny?” you whined in response, nodding and laying on his shoulders.
Ransom was still inside you, and you relaxed on his arms. You complained when he started to move, signaling you two had arrived, filling empty when he wasn’t inside you.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
Ransom took you to Paris, one of your favorite cities. He had the Eiffel Tower reserved just for the two of you, a candle light dinner, the greatest Parisian chef and the finest champagne.
After dinner, Ransom was showing you the city from the top of the tower, rubbing your back and hugging you. It was the perfect evening, but he wasn’t nearly done with you yet.
“Well honey, you had your fun on the plane” Ransom took you off of your daydreams “now it’s my turn” he spun you around, so you were facing him, hands on his shoulders.
Ransom cupped your cheeks, caressing them as he slowly reached your lips, on a passionate and ever growing intense kiss.
His tongue explored your mouth as his hands travelled through your body, shrives down your spine.
Ransom started to remove your dress “gonna have you cuming uncontrollably for the whole Paris to see” he hummed in your ears, sinking down to his knees.
You squirmed as his lips left kissed on your thighs, kicking them apart so his mouth could pay attention to your pulsating heat, already dripping and needy for him again.
Ransom moaned at the feeling, your juices and his own cum still in your pussy from earlier “Fuck, bunny” he groaned “so good for daddy”.
Ransom ate you like a starved man, exploring every inch of your centre, swirling his tongue around your clit, sucking. He slipped two fingers at once, your back arching and your eyes rolling back.
Ransom knew your body like the back of his hands, he knew exactly where to touch you and how to touch, always leaving you satisfied yet craving for more.
You could never have enough of his lips, his tongue, his hands and fingers running through your body.
You could feel the responses, the way your body melted to his touch, how sinful sounds were the only ones you could make when he was devouring you like this.
You could feel the waves of pleasure increasing. “Ransom I’m gonna” you left out a loud moan as his fingers curled and reached your sweet spot unstoppably, pounding into you.
“Cum for me, bunny” he cooed “make a mess all over daddy’s face” you were happy to oblige, the pressure getting too much, foggy head and legs weak as you came all over him.
“So good for me” he praised, “gonna have you screaming my name for the rest of the night” he promised, making his way up your body, licking and kissing your skin, leaving nowhere unattended.
Ransom then turned you around, ass up, ready for him. He slammed into you, his entire cock slipping into you as you were soaking for him. He started pounding his hips continuously, reaching all the right places.
Ransom increased his pace, “doing so good for me, baby, fuck” his voice was low, the city lights and his voice intoxicating your senses “my good girl, so ready for my cock” he started to rub your clit, sweet circles driving you crazy.
You threw your head back, his name and curses incoherently leaving your mouth. A moaning, whining mess all for Ransom, and he loved every second of it.
Soon enough you both came, and Ransom continued to make you feel good. He promised all you’d see that night was stars while you screamed his name.
This was, by far, the greatest surprise he could have for you. Paris would never feel the same after that night.
The Eiffel Tower was now your favorite spot in the city, as long as you had Ransom making you cum over and over again.
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stargazingfangirl18 · 7 months ago
Soft Ransom Drysdale "come here"
This is an old game prompt that I’ve been saving until inspiration struck. Enjoy ❤️
Tumblr media
Warnings: Explicit language. Sad, anxious feels. Soft!Ransom.
It was like the period at the end of the sentence that was your horrible day when you stepped inside Ransom’s house and your heel broke.
“Fuck my shitty fucking life!” You hissed, dropping your purse and wrestling off your coat before kicking your heels off and into the corner and scowling at them hatefully.
As quickly as the anger rose up in you, it receded, reduced to a dull ache of sadness, overwhelm, and anxiety that had your chest feeling too tight and a lump forming in your throat.
You were just fighting back the sting of tears in your eyes when you heard his voice.
Sniffling, you glanced up to find Ransom standing in the doorway that led into the living room, his head cocked to the side as he watched you in concern.
You hated the way your voice wobbled, especially because you knew Ransom didn’t do feelings and crying girls, and honestly the last thing you needed right now was for him to reject you or slip into asshole mode because he was allergic to emotions.
“Come here,” he said.
It took you half a second to comprehend his words as you blinked at him in surprise, looking as stupefied as you felt.
Ransom laughed quietly, coming to you instead, only stopping when he loomed close, so close that you needed to tip your head back to hold his gaze.
He was gentle as he wiped a stray tear from your cheek with his knuckle, his big warm hands settling on either side of your face as his eyes—much softer than you were used too—studied you.
“Bad day?” He surmised.
“The worst,” you confirmed, that dull ache throbbing in your chest at the thought. “It was just...a fucking shit show since it started.”
Ransom’s musky scent was washing over you, a soothing balm to your frazzled nervous system, and you were reaching for him before you realized what you were doing.
“Can you just...” you trailed off pathetically, tugging him against you and burying your face against his chest, breathing in deep and shaky as more tears choked your voice.
You felt something in your chest loosen when Ransom’s arms wrapped around you, his hand hesitating briefly before rubbing up and down your back, firm but slow as he tugged you into him until there was no space left between you.
You nearly lost it—your emotions running rampant—when you felt him press a soft kiss to the crown of your head.
And then he spoke:
“Cuddling is more fun when we’re naked, no?”
Your giggle was watery but genuine as you laughed against his sweater, hugging him tighter as he did the same.
And as you felt Ransom’s lips curl into a smile against your forehead, that dull ache and anxious dread that had been following you around all day like some kind of dark storm cloud finally lifted, something light and content taking its place.
Feels. I has them 🤷🏻‍♀️🥺❤️
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chrissquares · 2 months ago
~Collarbone Kisses~
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: ~750
A/N: another bonus kiss after a long while☺ I hope some of you will enjoy this❤
Warnings: fluff, intimacy, kisses (obvi), saying 'I love you', subtle implied insecurity(on ran's side), suggestive language
Tumblr media
Ransom has been busy helping out Harlan for a couple of weeks now, and every night he would bury his head in manuscripts and leaving his side of the bed cold and untouched.
Knocking on his slightly opened office door in the house, you brought him a couple of your freshly baked cookies in your satin cami nightdress before heading over to your shared bedroom by yourself.
“Eat them while they are still warm baby... and don't stay up too late, okay?” you set down the plate of cookies on his desk and leaned down for a chaste goodnight kiss. And just as you were turning around for the door, Ransom grabbed a hold of your wrist.
“Wait, come sit with me and let me hold you for a bit, I miss you...” he pulled you back, rolled away slightly from his desk in his chair and had you sitting on his lap.
His arm wrapped around you immediately, his other hand rested casually on your thighs as he kissed your cheek and nuzzled his nose at the crook of your neck, breathing you in. Your subtle sweet and flowery scent instantly calmed him down when you felt his body relaxed.
“I'm sorry I have been so busy, bunny,” he whispered quietly by your ear, “so I bought something to make it up to you...”
Letting out a small chuckle while playing with his soft lock at the back of his head, you said, “You know you are allowed to be busy, right? you don't have to get me anything...”
“I know I know... but I want to...” he insisted as he reached for the top drawer of his desk and took out a velvety black box before revealing the shiny pear-cut diamond necklace inside.
“Hugh-” your eyes widened and you started, but Ransom shushed you.
“Sh sh sh... I know... lecture me later and let me put it on you...” he said as he took the necklace out and gently put it around your neck. Leaning in closer to have a better look to secure the clasp, Ransom's face was merely centimeters away from yours and you could feel his soft breathing fanning over your neck and shoulder intimately.
Ransom looked at you lovingly, admiring and taking in the beautiful sight in front of him while you ran your fingers along the chain and caressed the sparkling diamond with a smile on your face.
“I love it, baby... thank you.” You know that's one of Ransom's ways of saying 'I love you' and you knew better than to ruin the moment, so you gently cup his jaw and pulled him in for a sweet and tender kiss.
He smiled into the kiss as his arms held you tighter, his lips kissed and nibbled on yours passionately until every inch was equally loved and worshiped. It almost felt like if he had missed a spot, he would no doubt be more than willing to spend the entire day to start all over again (he just might).
The kiss definitely went on for a couple minutes, making the two of you slightly out of breath, but Ransom didn't seem to want to stop. He continued the kiss by kissing along the corner of your lips and your jaw, then along the column of your neck before kissing along the chain.
Feeling the cold chain against his warm lips, he left loud but feathery kisses along your collarbone. Something about the feel of it was sending shivers down your spine, making you tilt your head and let out sensuous sighs while he continued to kiss along the chain and down to your chest where the diamond was. He pressed a harder kiss against your chest and the diamond, almost feeling your racing heartbeat on his lips before he lifted his head back up for a final kiss.
“I love you, you know that, right?” Resting his forehead against yours, he asked, just wanted to make sure you knew.
“I know... and I love you more...” you gave him a sweet smile, reassuring him by reciprocating the affection before he patted your thigh and let you head to bed.
“Promise me you will come to bed soon?” you asked when you were just heading out the door.
“I promise,” he said as he rolled his chair back at the desk, and he smirked while he continued. “I will also promise that next time I see you wearing this necklace, it will be dangling in front of me.”
Tumblr media
Click here for ~ Kisses with Ransom || Masterlist ~
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dadplease · a month ago
kinktober 2021 | day seven: good girls only. [blurb.]
✷ written for eun’s 2021 kinktober ✷
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
today's prompt | edging and denial
summary | ransom shows you what happens when your brattiness goes too far.
pairing | daddy!ransom drysdale x little!reader
warnings | ddlg (daddy!ransom little!reader), restraints, soft!daddy!ransom (but like, cruel!soft), mocking but not so much degradation, heavy edging, crying, vibrator use, overstim, denial! no happy ending! >:-(! how rude >:-(!
an | yay here's day seven, not gonna lie this one's brutal but also?? i kind of love that lol; ransom's not even that mean here, at least not in his words, just in his actions >:-) hope you guys enjoy!
When Ransom pulls the whirring bulb of the wand away from your scorching clit, just as you're about to come undone, for what seems like the millionth time in a row, there's nothing you can do to stop a heavy sob from rising in your throat as you wail in protest.
"My poor baby," your daddy coos sympathetically as he switches off the toy, setting it down on the floor as he crouches down before you, his face becoming level with your ruined cunt.
You're not sure how long he's kept you tied up here, ankles bound high above your head against his favorite leather chair, your most intimate places- his prized possessions, left on display in clear view. It's your punishment for bratting off on him one too many times, and at this point, you know you're really in for it. This isn't the first time he's tied you up and toyed with you, waiting a painfully long time to let you cum, but given the fact that it's now been hours with no mercy shown, you're starting to worry he might have different intentions than you originally thought.
"Look at you, so puffy and swollen," Ransom croons, bringing his pointer finger and thumb up to pull back the glistening folds surrounding your tormented clit. "That looks awfully painful, sweetheart," he notes as he eyes the throbbing knot of flesh. "Bet you want it so bad, don't you, princess? C'mon, let me hear how bad you want it."
"P-P-Please Daddy!" you heave, salty tears rolling down your cheeks as your bottom lip wobbles. "Want it so bad, p-please! Will be good for you Daddy, promise- will do anything," you implore.
"Hmm," Ransom hums thoughtfully, bringing his other hand up to circle over the head of your clit with just the light pad of his finger, causing you to jolt against your restraints, your gut burning as you already start creeping towards the edge once more. "That's awfully convincing, princess," he admits, now running steady circles over your hardened nub as excitement and hope begin building in your throat; at last, you think he finally might be relieving you of your agony. "And Daddy knows you're so sensitive, you must be getting close already..."
"Yes! Y-yes, please Daddy," you chant, your tummy twisting in knots as you prepare for the release you've been seeking for hours now at the cruel hands of your dissatisfied daddy.
"So close..." Ransom hums, circling tighter and tighter over your little button. Clenching your hands into fists, you brace yourself, inching closer and closer to climax with each passing second, almost, almost- until...
"No," Ransom's stern voice hits you like a ton of bricks, your entire buildup crashing down as he pulls his hands away, a sick look of satisfaction forming on his face as you sob in protest. Backing up, Ransom shakes his head, speaking over your cries with unnerving steadiness. "No cumming for you, little girl. This is a lesson you won't want to be taught again: only good girls get to cum."
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sweetsbfreex · 7 months ago
a father’s duty
Summary: brought to u by the wholesome picture of Cevans sewing up dodger’s stuffed lion 🤧
Warnings: Talk of trauma (nothing too in depth) and talk of sex
Pairings: Dad, Husband!Ransom x reader
You and Ransom were cuddled up together on the couch, some random movie he had chosen that you weren’t paying attention to. You wanted to cuddle, but he insisted on watching this movie so a compromise had to be made. And the feeling of his hand going up and down, inside your shirt, against your arm; Could only make you purr in contentment.
And you were meant to doze off if it wasn’t for the dramatic, high pitched scream of pure agony. You both shot up from your seats, looking at each other wide eyed before dashing up the stairs (Ransom ahead). 
Until you were in the doorway of an overly purple room.
“Mommy! Daddy!”
Ransom let a small, stunned gasp at the feel of a teary eyed four year old, Celeste bolting to his legs. Her small arms had tried to wrap around his legs as she sobbed into his jeans, fists tight as she clutching the denim. 
Confused you had leant down adjacent to her, Ransom peering down from his stance, lifting her arms to softly run circles over her back. 
“What’s wrong baby?” a fake pout on your lips.
“She’s dead!” she had sobbed, her puffy cheek making contact with his expensive jeans to make eye contact with you. 
“What? Who’s dead babe?” Ransom asked, tilting his head downward, eye brows stitched together. 
She propped her chin up against his leg, “Daffy” she blubbered, extending her arm behind her to point at the limp stuffed bunny a few feet away.
“Fucking––” He couldn’t finish his sentence a hearty laugh emitted into the otherwise somber air, still laughing (some tears streaking his face) he had picked up the once blubbering girl so she saddled on his hip. 
“Ransom! It’s not funny and language, god”
“C'mon” he dragged the n, “You gotta admit this is hilarious, she’s so dramatic...I wonder who she gets it from” he smirked, looking at you knowingly. 
“You” you appointed, holding back your smile. 
“As if” he scoffs rolling his eyes. 
“Daffy!” Celeste exclaimed, snapping the two from their loving trance. 
“Right!” you snapped yourself back into mom mode, making way to Daffy and your way back to the two, watching Ransom wipe the tears from Celeste’s face, calming her down in a hushed voice.
You sidle up next to Ransom lifting the stuffed animal, so the both of you could evaluate the state of her favorite buddy. You looked up to him, watching his face scrunch up, almost like disgust, but you knew he was just very confused.
“Jeez leste, what’d you do?” 
The light yellow bunny up front was perfectly fine, but once you had turned it around a tear in the fabric of the it’s “spine” was parted, the thread poking out along the hem. 
“I–– I was just spinning her around”
“Is that really what you did” you prompted.
“No..” she set forward shyly, resting her temple against her father’s shoulder. “There was a string and then I pulled it by accident”
“By accident?” Ransom asked, eyebrows raised. 
“On purpose” she mumbled, eyes tearing up slowly.
Celeste is probably the biggest liar the two of you know. You both have been working on that habit, reassuring her that it was fine and being honest is better most times (minus surprises, safety, etc). You both had even resorted to acting out examples for her. She was getting better, but ever the fibber she still found a way to slip into the habit. And when you had asked her why exactly she loved lying, she only replied with a quib “It’s fun!” giggling to herself. 
“Hey it’s okay, you were curious” he cooed, “Mommy will fix it don’t worry” 
You looked up at him mesmerized, not so surprised at the father he was becoming. Remembering all those nights he had kept the two of you up, even the day you were in labor, he had been worried. How was he ever supposed to love a kid properly–– let alone his–– when he never had that benefit. All these what ifs running through his head in a cycle.
He had even taken it upon himself to sign you both up for those parenting classes. The ones with the fake dolls. Dolls that he held gently as if they were alive.
“I will. You’ve had a long day, love, you wanna go to bed now?” you asked her, smiling. 
She nods silently, reaching her hands out to you. Ready for the familiar night routine to begin.
After Celeste had been put to bed, it was not you and Ransom being the only two up. You were both in your shared bathroom, getting ready for bed. 
You groaned, catching the attention of Ransom. “Sewing that thing is gonna be some work” watching yourself in the mirror as you rub in your lotion. 
“You’re tying that thing together, how hard can that be?”
“I’m sewing it together” 
“Tomato, Tomahto” he responded. 
“Fine, since you think it’s so easy why don’t you fix it for her?” 
“Deal. I’ll take another night of anal as my end” he says this confindently, not expecting another word for you, as he saunters past you briskly but not before placing a kiss to your check and a rough smack to the ass. 
And god did he take this seriously. Making sure you were up this entire time as he achieved his new level of domesticity. 
And you did, sitting up against the headboard as you watched him sit shirtless across the sized room. 
He sits in the barrel chair. the stuffed animal in his lap, a spool of light pink thread to match the bunny in between his legs, and a packet of needles in his hand. 
“Babe you have to––”
He holds up a hand, stopping you from saying whatever you were about to say.
“I got this babe” he tells you, looking at you wearily as he pulls up a video (‘how to sew stuffed bunny animal together’) on his phone. 
You watch him watch the video,switching the show you were watching to make it seem as if you weren’t watching him too carefully. 
He squints, focused as he listens to the lady in the video.
“You look so cute”
“Thanks” he grumbles, placing a thimble on his pointer finger. 
He was like a cute grandmother. His eyebrows brought together and tongue poking through his cheek, which you teased him endlessly about. There was just something about watching a brawly, grumpy man like him knit. So you pulled your phone out wanting to take a quick picture. 
“Put. it. down.” he tells you, not even looking away from his task.
“Wha–– You’re really creepy, you know that. Smile” you demand of him. “It’d be so cute for the album”
He of course doesn’t smile instead raising the stuffed animal to cover his face from the camera, but you were quick enough to get something before that. Smiling fondly at the adorable photo of his concentrated face. Once you had your fill of serotonin, you closed the device and reached over to set it on your nightstand. 
“You gonna give me a kiss goodnight before you go?” he asks you stoically, head still looking down at his task. 
“Yes Ransom. Just give me a minute’ you respond, shimmying yourself from the soft sheets. You make your way besides Ransom–– naturally he wraps one arm around your waist to bring you–– leaning down and placing a kiss to his cheek (which he smiles at) then his lips. He pulls back first only to return again for a deeper one. Sending you off, finally, with a pinch to your ass. 
“Goodnight, Baby” you tell him over your shoulder on your way back to the bed. 
“Night y/n/n.”
“y/n” is whispered in your ear and the shaking of your shoulder is what causes you to wake up. You turn your head over your shoulder to see Ransom standing over you gleefully. 
“Ransom?” you rasp, turning your whole body over to face him, looking at the clock on your night stand. “It’s two in the morning!”
“Thanks captain obvious” he mutters, rolling his eyes. Yet, he lifts up the stuffed animal. Both hands on either paws, holding it up to show you. “I finished!”
You instantly noticed the band-aid wrapped around his thumb and the brightest smile on his face. Through it you could see how proud of himself he really was. He really was getting a hand of this dad thing he was still figuring it out. 
Ransom, however, could only think about how tired he was and how strained his eyes felt––probably rimmed red. With the amount of times he had to rewatch the video because he missed or didn’t understand a step. But, for his little girl it was definitely worth it. 
“Well, look at you. You did so good bub” you extend your arm up lazily to then loop it around his neck, bringing him down for a kiss. 
If only his conceited friends could see him now. Thinking about how Danver, one of the many friends he had dropped, would berate him passively. Calling it a women’s role most likely. 
“Thank you” he settles one more kiss, “Let’s go”
“Go where?” you chuckle
“Leste’s room...where else? She’ll need him to sleep the rest of the night comfortably” he explains, removing your arm from his neck. To gently tug your hand.
“You sure?” you ask hesitantly.
“Hundred percent, let’s go”
You open the door slowly, the creaking sound it emitted making you cringe. And when you’re hushed by Ransom, you twist around instantly sending him a stink eye.
And you both stand against the side of her bed, you crouch down. Raising your hand to her shoulder. 
“Lesty” you whisper, your thumb running circles over her shoulder. 
She wakes up slowly, as always. The clear indication that she is awake being when she raises her hand to rub at her eyes.
“Mommy? She stops and gasps, “Are we going to Disney?” asking the question with glee, she sits up, her hands placed over her book patterned pajama pants.
You and Ransom share a short laugh. Remembering how you surprised her just like this months ago. The frown that overtakes her face makes you both want to laugh. 
“I’m going back to sleep” she tells you both, already reaching for her blanket. 
“Wait” you laugh, holding her hand. “There's a surprise for you” 
At your announcement, Ransom steps up holding out the sewed up stuffy. Her tiny hands covered the gasp she let out, muffling it.
“She’s fixed!” she’s astonished, running her fingers  along the stitches. 
Celeste felt like a jumping bean with all this happiness filling her body and she wasn’t sure how to express how happy she felt. So, she jumped onto her mother, arms latched onto her neck. Kissing her cheek incessantly.
“Thank you thank you thank you-”
“Actually––” you start.
“Woah! Woah! Woah!” ever the dramatic, “Momma didn’t do this. I did babe” he tells her, a gobsmacked, playful expression on his face. 
Ransom’s replica quickly unlatched herself from y/n, rocketing herself into his arms. He held onto her tightly. Falling in love with the toothy smile–– albeit it was missing a front one–– she gave him. He was rolling around in her appreciation towards his gesture. This was all he wanted. To be a better man for you to marry and be a better father for his daughter.
He brought her into him a little bit, placing a kiss to her forehead. 
“Anything for you Leste” he tells her in a hush. 
You rise slowly from your crouch, knees a bit sore from how long you were down there. Just in awe of the love they both exerted towards each other. Ransom’s hand lightly flying over the back of her head and Her tiny palm coddling his cheek.
“Time for bed?” you ask the two of them, your hand naturally going to Ransom and Celeste’s shoulder.
“Yeah. I’m tired” she tells you, dragging out the h. Setting her cheek to her dad’s muscled shoulder. Nuzzling her cheek against it lazily. 
“Yeah? Well let’s put you in bed first” Ransom responds. 
You walk behind the two, as Ransom sets her down gently on her bed.
He sets a kiss to her cheek then he pulls back, watching the way her arms tighten around the stuffed animal. 
“You love it?” he asks, a proud smile etched on his face. 
“Yes” she whispers, “Thank you, daddy” her palm caressing the top of it’s head. 
“Anything for you Leste” he reaffirmed. He needed her to know that he’d do anything. Anything. To keep a smile that bright on her precious face. He didn’t want her to doubt if he ever loved her or if she could ever come to him about anything. He especially didn’t want her to think that she’d be second to his work. 
He loved her too much and decided, right when you told him the news, he’d learn from his parents’ mistakes and trauma he had to deal with. 
“Goodnight, honey”
He gets up from his spot watching you lean over placing a kiss to her cheek, tugging the crocheted blanket to Celeste’s chin. 
“Night baby” you tell her sweetly.  
“Night” she replies to the both of you before snuggling into the duck more. 
RIght when you shut the door, you expect to face Ransom’s back walking towards your bedroom. But try not to scream, startled, when your head meets with his chest.
You look up, probably not the smartest thing to do. “You ready for bed?” you ask nervously, each hand landing on his broad shoulders. 
With the way he was looking at you, you would assume you were the last stash of biscoff cookies he always keeps fully stored in the house. Especially, with the other Drysdale in the house, the cookies went by faster when they used to.
“Don’t think so..We made a bet. Remember?” he smiles
“RIght now?!” you hiss lowly. He must have lost his mind. “You woke me up at like three in the morning”
“It was actually two” you whack his arm at his smart mouth, of course he doesn’t react.  “Anyway. A bets a bet. Let’s go baby” he crouches down, lifting you up swiftly into a bride-groom like position.
“Ransom!” you whisper, taken by surprise. 
“A quickie and then we’ll drop her off at your parents tomorrow to get to the real stuff tomorrow” he asserts.
With that, he picks up his speed. Taking you both down the hallway. Once he’s arrived at his destination–– the bedroom–– he throws you on the bed. Laughing to himself with how stricken you look. You should be used to this by now, he tells himself. 
“Ransom!” is the last of his name he hears with a tone of scolding mixed with shock, before he gets to work. When he climbs on top of you quickly––like a lion to prey––biting your neck. 
if you enjoyed pls don’t forget to reblog or give feedback if ur up to it <3
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fairyevans · 4 months ago
Ransom doesn’t like bad girls👀👀👀
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* word count; 439 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
[ransom drysdale x fem!reader]
warnings; SMUT! MINORS DNI, +18, slight!dark!ransom, daddy kink, fingering, (ransom is a buff mf so he literally fingers us over his shoulder), dub-con (not really but reader is a little drunk so just to be safe), squirting, dumbification and pussy-slapping, if uncomfortable please don’t read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
ransom’s anger began to escalate from the second your cellphone went to voicemail, to the moment he heard someone pull up on his driveway.
“ran!” he was emotionless at your squeal as you rushed towards him, heels clicking against the ground and you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“it’s two -fucking- a.m! and who the fuck brought you home?” he yelled, detaching you from him as he narrowed his eyes at the dozed off driver.
“that’s joey, and stop fucking screaming,” you groaned out, missing the moment ransom’s eyebrows shot up in disbelief, glaring down at you as you deeply inhaled his hypnotizing cologne.
“come on,” he sighed out, reaching for your arm til you shoved him away, tossing him your phone as he reflexively caught it.
“put it to charge, pweese?” you plumped out your bottom lip as you clasped your hands together, slowly moving towards joey’s car.
“what the fuck did you just say to me?” you let out a yelp as ransom tugged you back harshly, crouching down a bit to throw you over his shoulder, ignoring your squabbling.
“so, i should leave?” joey called out before ransom slammed the door, you could’ve sworn some windows shattered at his strength but all you could focus on was your short dress being bunched at your waist, crying out as he cracked his open palm against your ass.
“i didn’t mean it, daddy!” you cried out as he laid another agonizing slap, but of course, it sent vibrations towards your core, slightly clenching around nothing.
“apologize.” he growled as he slipped two fingers past his own lips before he hooked your dampening panties to the side, shoving his digits past your folds, forcing him to let out a moan at the sight of you immediately sucking him in.
“n-no.” you gritted out, feeling bold with the alcohol swarming through your system, tilting your head up to avoid the blood rushing down and the need to hurl.
“fuckin’ apologize!” you squealed as he pummeled his fingers in and out, repeatedly hitting a spongy spot with a force that made your eyes roll back and your mouth gap.
“oh sweetheart, you’re gonna beg for forgiveness at the end of the night, i swear it.” he snarled as his thumb rubbed feverish, small circles at your throbbing clit as you screeched, clawing at his jeans as you squirted down your thighs, dripping onto his expensive armani shirt.
“fuck, this stupid pussy just can’t get enough, can she?” his dark voice dropped venom as he brutally slammed your spazzing cunt, indeed clenching for more.
“get ready, doll, your night just started.”
Tumblr media
a/n; i am now horny 😀👍🏼 tagging my bae @chanelfaerie cause dark!ransom is yours 😌
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mjolnir-steve · 2 months ago
Number 48 with Ransom Drysdale?
I wasn't sure which 48 to go with, so how about all three? 😅Thank you so much for sending me this!! 💜
Fluff: “the world could be on fire and i’d still be happy as long as i'm with you.”
Smut: “what would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?”
Angst: “you can’t take back what you said.”
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader Summary: Ransom said something stupid and you heard it. Now he has to explain himself. Warnings: some cursing, lil bit of smut (18+ only!!!!!!), beginnings of oral sex (f receiving), lil bit of angst, hurt/comfort? Word count: 1355 (Is this drabble length? Who knows!) Prompts are in bold!
You ran toward the front door, fumbling with your keys in your haste to get away from your prick of a boyfriend. Ransom was close behind, almost getting his fingers caught in the door when you tried to slam it behind you. “Y/N, please, let me explain!”
He stepped inside and toed off his shoes before running after you up the stairs. He checked every room, unable to find where you’d disappeared to. With his head in his hands, he sat down on the bed you shared and wondered when exactly he’d stop being a fucking moron. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to call you, but set it down when he heard sniffles from the walk-in closet.
Ransom took a deep breath and opened the door gingerly, as if he were afraid he’d scare you off. “I’m so sorry, cookie. Can we please talk about this?” He found you sitting on the floor at the back of the closet with your knees pulled tight to your chest.
Your chest tightened upon hearing the nickname he coined for you one day when you accused him of liking Biscoff cookies more than he liked you. It was only a few months into your relationship and you stupidly thought it meant something. “What is there to talk about, Hugh?” you said with all the vitriol you could muster. “You told your family I’m basically just a piece of ass.” You wiped at your eyes, hissing at the burn caused by the mascara you’d forgotten you were wearing. “I don’t see how you could clarify that statement any further.”
Ransom sank to his knees in front of you and reached for your hands, but you pulled away, crossing your arms. He sat back and brought his hands to his lap, fidgeting with the hem of his sweater. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm, trying to relieve the pressure building up behind them so that he wouldn’t cry just yet. “I’m so s–”
“–First of all, that does not make it better. Second, whether I was supposed to hear it or not, you still said it, Ransom. You can’t take back what you said.” All your willpower couldn’t stop your voice from cracking. You covered your mouth with both hands in a futile attempt to stifle the sobs beginning to rack your body.
He crawled forward, wrapping you in a tight hug and letting you cry into his shoulder. Thankful you didn’t push him away, he rubbed soothing circles into your back with one hand and cradled the back of your head with the other. “Baby, please listen to me. If you still can’t forgive me after this, I’ll understand, but please please please let me explain myself.”
You relaxed into him a bit and loosely wrapped your arms around his middle, hesitantly nodding your consent into the side of his neck. “My parents were asking if I was serious about you because they’re selfish fucks. Everyone in my family is, except my grandfather. They don’t like to see outsiders getting comfortable in our ‘ancestral home’ or whatever. I’ve seen it before when my cousins bring their significant others home. They don’t want to see me happy because… Well, because they’re assholes, but also because they see new people as threats, especially when those people aren’t as wealthy as my grandfather has made us.”
Ransom sat down on the floor, guiding you to sit in his lap. You looked at him, a bit unsure, as he took your face in his hands. “If I let them know that you mean something to me, everything to me, then they would make your life miserable. It sounds so stupid saying it out loud, but I figured if I let them think you meant nothing, then they’d leave us both alone for a while longer.” He brushed a few stray tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. “There are no words to tell you how sorry I am, cookie.”
You blinked at him and waited a moment to see if he’d continue, but he remained silent, eyes shut tight, tears threatening to fall from behind his dark lashes. “That’s why you never bring me to family things? I thought you were embarrassed by me. I thought you didn’t want them to meet me.” You started crying again as your last sentence caught in your throat. Ransom pressed his forehead to yours.
“I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t want you to have to meet them. You make me so happy and I was scared they’d try to ruin that, ruin us. I should have been honest with you.” You covered his hands with yours, still holding your face, and leaned back enough to look in his eyes, somehow still brilliant blue in the dim light leaking in from the bedroom.
“I make you happy, Ran?”
“The happiest I’ve ever fucking been. The world could be on fire and I’d still be happy as long as I’m with you.” He kissed your forehead, the top of each cheek, and the tip of your nose, but you stopped him with a finger to his lips before they could catch yours.
“You make me happy, too, handsome,” you sighed, bumping his nose with yours. “But you have to promise me you’ll talk to me more. I know your family is mostly made up of assholes, and I can handle that, but I can’t handle it if you’re going to act like that, too. This all could have been avoided if you just gave me a heads up. I’m not going to tell you how to handle your family – I know you probably know best – but I am telling you how to handle me.”
You took his hands from your face and held them with yours, close to your heart. “If you need me to act a certain way or say certain things to keep them out of our bubble for a while longer, I can do that. I just need you to communicate with me, okay?” He nodded at you, a hint of a smirk forming on his lips.
You kissed him then, unspoken emotions flowing between the two of you of both apology and acceptance. Ransom deepened the kiss, needy as he always seemed to be after an argument, no matter how big or small.
“You said something about handling you, cookie?” He laid you down on the closet floor, pushing down the straps of your dress and bra. Your laugh turned into a moan when he simultaneously nipped along your neck and rolled your nipple between his fingers.
You moaned his name, arching your back and pushing your exposed chest against his sweater. “Strip, pretty boy.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He practically leapt up, removing his clothes with a speed you were sure had to count towards some sort of Olympic record. You couldn’t stop giggling as he settled between your legs again, resting his chin on his hands folded over your tummy. “Tell me what you want next,” he almost whined, looking up at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes he could muster.
You carded your fingers through his hair, admiring his features for a moment before you decided to take advantage of the situation. “What would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me? Always so needy, handsome.”
He let out a shaky breath. “Who cares what they’d say? If they ever had sex even half as good as we do, they’d be fucking desperate for it, too.” He lifted his head and began to kiss his way down your body, stopping at the tops of your thighs. “Wait. Does this mean I’m forgiven?”
“Show my pussy how sorry you are, then we’ll talk.” You pushed his face away to where you needed him most, laughing and gasping as he whispered actual apologies against your core, causing your skin to break out in goosebumps as his breath fanned over your warm, wet center. You’d already forgiven him, but why not make him earn it?
A/N: I really hope you liked this! I’ve just started writing fic again after about seven years off, so feedback is appreciated, as well as comments and reblogs. :)
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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agentofbarnes · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
ransom drysdale had met you by complete chance, and despite being from two very different worlds, he did something he never thought he’d do. he fell in love with you, an independent woman in need of being spoiled. oh, he was going to give you the world.
please feel free to request blurbs about this au!
disclaimers | sugar daddy/sugar baby like relationships, daddy kink, bdsm, mean!ransom, dom!ransom, degradation, dom/sub relationship
by no means does the race of the girl in the moodboards indicate the race of reader! it’s just the position and messaging that i enjoyed when i made it
Tumblr media
you’re insecure about fitting in with ran’s friends
you get fucked in front of his family
ransom fucks you into subspace
you and ransom get in your first real fight
you want to ride him
ransom punishes you
ransom gets you a collar
you cockwarm ransom at family dinner
pussy spanking with ransom
you get in a accident
you act like a brat when you get jealous
ransom fucks in the elevator
ransom assures after someone talks bad about you
ransom fuck you while he facetimes your ex
ran fucks you in the window
you get your nipples pierced
you break the rules
you get a dog
ransom proposes
ransom and dew’s engagement party
ransom fingers you at a dinner party
𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔
how you met ransom
ransom takes you a sex club
ransom fucks you on the hood of his car
you thank ransom for spoiling you
𝙙𝙚𝙬𝙙𝙧𝙤𝙥’𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣
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sweetlyscared · 3 months ago
ok ransom and gift giving? idk what to call it but he loves seeing you in the items he buys you
Hahaha he would ABSOLUTELY have a thing for his girls being covered in jewels. I love this.
Warnings: 18+ only, implied smut
Word count: drabble length
"Alright, baby, give me a show," Ransom sighed when you emerged from the bathroom in the silk robe he gifted you last week. It was hand embroidered with gold thread and cost more than your rent.
You bit your lip a little and shrugged the robe off where it pooled on the floor like water.
Ransom made a sound of pure appreciation at your nude skin, adorned only by the jewelry he'd gifted you over the last several months-- a stunning diamond necklace with sapphire accents and matching earrings, two sapphire rings, and a white gold Cartier bracelet.
He gently palmed the generous erection he was sporting and leaned back on he bed, his lap ready for you.
"Now get over here and earn another necklace."
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