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#ransom drysdale fic
sstan-hoe · a month ago
𝙈𝙮 𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮 𝙈𝙖𝙢𝙖 | 𝘾.𝙀
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Chris Evans x Fem!wife!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — reader being pregnant and chris just being so in love with reader‘s body and the fact that she‘s carrying their little one?
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 — Pregnancy if that is a warning, emotions
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — This is short and sweet, follow @sstan-library if you don't want to be tagged. The owner of the request I excluded the smut because I for one am not a fan if sex while the reader is pregnant hope you understand! Feeling Like making a part two!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Masterlist | Taglist
Tumblr media
“Chris?” You whispered into the dark as you felt a hand caress your belly and prepping it with little kisses.
“Yes babe?” His voice sounded innocent.
“What are you doing?”
“Worshiping your body with our little one.” If it wasn’t for your tiredness, you would have melted away on the spot.
“Baby it’s two o’clock in the morning.” Chris lifted his head propping it on your belly with puppy eyes. “Go to bed.” You told him as you caressed his cheek gently.
“But babe….” He whined.
“Nope, sleep.” Chris grumbled something that sounded like ‘yes mama’ before he got of your belly and laid his head on your chest but not without putting his hand on your baby belly.
Tumblr media
You really loved being pregnant but not being able to do the simplest things and there were those awfully annoying hormones.
You sat on the floor trying to put on your socks – your favourite pair of socks – but you couldn’t reach your feet.
“No!” A cry left your lips as you gave up, Chris who was in the living room heard you through the house and promptly stood up to check on you.
He climbed the stairs already hearing muffled cries through the bedroom door.
“Everything okay sweetheart?” He asked once opening the door, you sat there on the floor with Captain America socks in your hands while your eyes were filled with tears. “I’m fat and can’t even put on socks! Socks fucking socks! And they were my favourite, I was so excited to wear them.”
Chris eyes softened and he sat down next to you taking the socks from you he put the over your feet.
“There now you can wear them.” You sniffled as your husband spoke.
“And you are not fat, you are beautiful and glowing. You are going to bring life into this world, our little baby.” He stroked your tears away.
Your tears stopped and you tried to give Chris a hug, but your belly stopped you. Chris saw tears well up in your eyes again. “No, no, no I can hug you.” He proposed and didn’t waste any time in scooping closer to you and wrapping his arms around you.
“I’m so sensitive.” You began complaining Chris however shook his head. “No you’re lovely and I love every bit of it.” He promised.
A head cocked into the room that belonged to Dodger, he had heard you crying only that Chris told him to stay put, but now he had to look himself given that Chris didn’t came back. Dodger strutted into the room and sat down infront of you and Chris.
“Hey bubba.” Chris greeted him as he scratched his ears, Dodgers nudged your belly before putting his paw on the side of you stomache, suddenly he pulled his paw back you could see his confusen, knowing what caused it you giggled. “What?” Chris questioned you when Dodger put his paw down.
“Dodger just felt our baby kick.” You smiled at him with pure happiness, Chris eyes lit up at your statement. He put his hand on the exact same spot as Dodger and again the baby kicked.
Chris looked at your belly with adoration, you put your hand on his gripping it tightly. “That’s our baby Chris and your little sibling Dodger.”
Chris himself teared up now out of happiness, that was what he always wanted his own family.
Tumblr media
“Babe?” You called through the house in search for your beloved husband.
You had been cooking lunch when he suddenly vanished in fin air telling you he be back any minute.
“Babe!” Nothing.
Sighing you went looking for him and where did you find him? In the nursing room searching for something. “Babe watcha looking for?” You rised an eyebrow at him.
Chris seeming to have found what he was looking for turned around with a little white box in his hands with a red bow on the top, Chris gave you a cute smile before handing you the gift.
“Thank you.” You said amazed and took the gift from his hands. It was a white romper with a font printed on it: ‘I have the best Mama’ and to that there was a photo of a little child and his mother, your mouth fell open at the clothing it was the cutest thing you have ever seen.
“Aww Chris that is so cute.” You told him while walking up to him, you grasped his neck to pull him into kiss.
“I can’t wait for our little baby and you’re gonna be the best mama.” He mumbled against your lips.
He kissed you again when you felt something wet in your sweat pants. “Uh Chris?” “Yeah babe?” He whispered kissing down your neck.
“I think my water just broke…” Chris teared his eyes open. “Oh my god!”
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 — [reminder the Kinktober taglist morphs with my normal one, there is a question at the top of the form, if you want off and only kinktober tell me!]
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clints-lucky-arrow · 29 days ago
scream. || serialkiller!ransom drysdale x f!reader.
Tumblr media
"Why are you doing this?" you ask, voice cracking with a cacophony of rage, fear, and sorrow.
It doesn't seem like your Ransom who smiles back. He's not playful or mischievous. There's no sign of that usual teasing smirk. Whatever mask that he has worn so well over the many years finally drops, and all that's left is something savage and cruel in its place.
"Because I want to," he replies, as if it's the simplest thing in the world. "Because I can." - Excerpt.
Written for @boxofbonesfic Spooktacular Smutfest.
WARNINGS: Dark Fic. Slasher!Horror. Graphic Murder and Violence. Detailed Descriptions of Injury. Dub-Con/Non-Con. Sexual Assault. Posessive!Ransom. Blood Licking. Vaginal Fingering. Vaginal Sex. Loose Mentions of Drugs and Addiction. Mentions of Slight Emotional Infidelity. Breeding Kink. Dead Dove, Do Not Eat.
Word Count: 3.8k
TAGLIST BLOG: @clints-lucky-reblogs​​
Likes, comments and reblogs are much appreciated.
A/N: This one isn't for the faint of heart.
My first dark fic! I've never done one before, so hopefully it's alright. We are going for horror-themed after all... 
Remember, please heed the warnings above. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. If you're not into these types of stories, it's very simple: Just don't read it.
My responsibility ends here...
Tumblr media
Everything is blurry. Woozy and sickening, heightening the tide of roiling nausea inside your stomach. It radiates through your body. Relentless. An ache that disjoints the world. One that leaves you addled and more than slightly confused.
The pain is strongest in your temple.
As you lift an arm to touch, a sharper throb laces through your skull. Wincing, you withdraw your hand. Crimson blood glistens upon your fingers, nearly shining below the bright light of the chandelier overhead. The sight very nearly has you pass out right there. Still, you fight the urge, knowing that to do so may well mean death.
Can't stop. Not here. Not when you don't know where he is.
The killer.
That masked psycho brandishing a knife. He'd killed Ransom. Fuck. You'd found him first, on the floor of the study with the black rise of a handle poking out of his chest, and you'd screamed until you felt your throat give out. If it hadn't been for Stephanie - your best friend - dragging you away, you would have been next. But it hadn't been you. It had been Daniel, and then it had been her.
You have no idea where the others were. Everyone had scattered in different directions - fleeing wildly through the twisting halls of the sprawling Thrombey manor. A maze that only the family really knows how to navigate. For all of the time that you'd been here, and that was many, many occasions, the layout still has yet to stick.
It is even worse now. When the freak in the mask had lunged out of the corner to stab Stephanie, he'd turned, ripped hem of his black cloak whirling at his ankles, and punched you in the temple with a closed fist. Hard. You were sent reeling at the impact, other side of your head colliding with the solid jut of the mantle piece, and sickening stars burst across your vision. It had been a wonder that you'd gotten away.
Maybe he could have caught you - it's hard to decipher the real memories through the dizziness, and the pulsating pain - but still, something whispered that you were being toyed with. Held between the paws of a predator, simply for his cold amusement. That if he truly wanted to, that monster could have slashed you instead of just delivering a blow. And, he could have caught you as you stumbled away.
This is no accident.
Tight claustrophobia strains your chest. It's harsh, like an elastic band pulled unbearably taut. Another wave of dizziness washes over you. There's a sound - a low, aching groan. It takes a prolonged beat to release that it's coming from you. Fingers tightening weakly on the bannister, you try to descend the short set of stairs before you. All that you need to do is keep going down, and the house will let you out eventually.
You can find a door, maybe even a window. Just something. Whatever will release you into the garden or the drive - allowing you to get to your car - so that you can tail it away from this nightmare.
The next sharp throb that pierces through your skull nearly has your legs give out. Body seizing slightly, you almost collapse on the bottom step, falling against the railing and clinging to it for dear life. Spots of darkness dance across your vision. Everything feels groggy and far away, as if at the other end of a long tunnel. While you fight to remain awake and upright, those specks continue to grow across your eyes, blocking all else out as they begin to stitch together into a blanket of shadow.
Salt stings your tongue. Bitter tears slowly roll down your cheeks. They mix with the iron tang of blood, and you can taste both coupled on your lips. It might be the end. You're not sure. Do you even care anymore? The answer is becoming more blurred with each passing second, just like your hazy thoughts. You can feel yourself weakening. Giving in.
Just as you think you're about to go - to lose yourself to the darkness - a pair of hands settle on your hips. They are large. Warm and firm. Lifting you back onto your unsteady feet in a movement that seems nearly effortless, and helping you turn around. The light overhead sears through your heavy-lidded eyes. You can barely make out the towering silhouette past them. Not when blood drips into your eyes, and a fresh wave of nausea threatens to cramp your stomach.
Through the ringing in your ears, you can hear a voice. Soft and caring, but underlied with something strange. "Baby? Baby, are you alright?"
Gasping, you blink away the tears and blood, and finally, a face swims into focus. That beautiful, familiar face. One that you never expected to see alive again.
A hoarse breath catches in your throat, and your words come out as nearly a wheeze. "Ransom?"
He doesn't have the time to answer before your eyes roll back in your skull, and you very nearly pass out on the spot. Instead, he makes a sound oddly akin to a chuckle as he catches you, stopping you from pitching to the floor. The noise confuses your already addled mind, cogs turning to make sense of it. No. It couldn't be. He wouldn’t be laughing. Not at this moment. 
The confused intenral monologue abates as strong arms wrap around your waist, and then you are hoisted up. Thrown over his shoulder so that your head slumps upside down upon his back. The world sways weightlessly as he begins to move. Dimly, you are aware of being carried. Such knowledge only makes you start to cry. A mixture of hope and relief bubbles in your chest.
Ransom is alive, and he's going to get you both out of this nightmare.
Footsteps pad lightly down the corridors. Ransom shifts, and the sound of a door kicking open reverberates. You expect to feel the brush of the cold autumn breeze across your face. An unmistakable signal of freedom. That doesn't happen. Why?
Instead, your boyfriend places you down upon the bathroom counter, right next to the sink. It's hard, but the solid ledge provides a reassuring hold for your unsteady form, and your fingers curl weakly underneath it. One of Ransom's arms stays around your waist, holding you up like a doll, but the other rises. Firm fingers guide your chin upwards to the light as keen blue eyes examine your face.
His lips twitch. It must be the injury. Must be the blow to your head, and the obvious concussion that accompanies it. It has to be, because Ransom couldn't be smirking right now. His head dips, and when his face raises, the ghost of a smile is gone. You must have imagined it, just like the laugh before. Your own hands lift to tangle within the fabric of his dark shirt. It's soft underneath your grip, and provides reassurance. No. You’re right. He wouldn’t be smiling right now. 
But there’s something wrong here. It's hard to put a definitive finger on it in this state. All that you can think is that it's about Ransom. Maybe? It’s hard to remember. Nearly impossible, when your fucking head hurts so much.
Gently holding your face, Ransom twists it carefully - examining your injury with a gaze that is brightly curious. Almost shining. Still, it lacks something. A soft hiss of sympathy escapes through his clenched teeth. Upon his forehead, a strand of usually well-groomed hair falls across his brow. Sweat glistens visibly upon the skin of his forehead. There's something about the unkempt sight that has you finally remember something.
“Ransom!” It barks from your lips, stronger and sharper than any previous utterance. Your fists tighten in his clothes, a strange shifting meeting your ears as you shake him, fumbling as you weakly attempt to push him off. “We have to go! We have to get out of here!”
Fingers grip your wrists. The hold is nearly tight enough to bruise. Ransom pins your arms to your side with ease. The mere act only serves to addle your further - knocking away the confidence with which you had previously been filled with. That distant, stammering confusion wells up again. Dizzying, thick, and all consuming. Leaving you with nothing but a vague sense of bafflement, and a reverberating pain that you cannot form rational thought beyond. 
But there’s something else. That prickling knowledge won't go away completely. No. Something else, something about... 
“Ransom?” you repeat weakly. “Ran-”
It cuts off as his hand strokes down the back of your head, running through your hair. A murmur rumbles from his chest, low and comforting, as he tips you inward. The embrace is warm and solid. You should be thankful. You should feel safe. But you don’t - not quite - and the reason why is growing more distant with each passing second.
His fingers accidentally brush against the throbbing spot on the side of your head. A small cry barks from your lips in response to the bolt of pain that laces through you at the contact. It’s nearly enough to reel you straight back into painful oblivion once again, but you fight the sensation. Dimly, you are aware of something else.
Ransom’s arm slides around your back again. Muscles bunch, and you are pulled nearly all the way forward in one smooth motion. Drawn to the edge of the sink, and closer to his chest, to where he stands between your parted legs. The action has you reeling, head lolling back weakly towards the ceiling. Those spots of nothingness dance before your eyes, growing. Stitching themselves together as your eyelids slip shut. Past the struggle to remain awake, only two things register.
First is your boyfriend’s rough voice whispering in your ear, low and reassuring, but edged like a knife. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ve got you. It’s okay.” 
The slow descent of his other hand trailing down your body is the second. It would have made you pause, if that is something you were even capable of. What? You moan, disoriented and confused, trying to stop him as his hand slides below the front of your dress. Ransom presses in closer, and his mouth ghosts down the side of your neck.
Warm lips trail over your skin. There's a heated flick as his tongue darts out, lapping at something. Upon drawing back, red smears the side of his mouth. A strange sensation ripples over you as his fingers brush across the covered mound of your cunt. It's part revulsion and part exhilaration.
You know the latter well - it always comes in response to his touch - but the former raises the faintest prickle of alarm bells. Distant warning thrums at the back of your mind, but you can’t place why.
Ransom's breath hitches as his fingertips delve underneath your panties. Another soft moan escapes your lips as the pad of his thumb slides through your folds. They part easily underneath his touch, separating like petals. He ducks in to meld his mouth to yours just while simultaneously pushing two fingers inside your centre. They slip deep within, burying the digits nearly up to their knuckles.
Despite the addled state of your mind, it's hard to ignore the bliss that his touch brings. Ransom knows exactly how to touch you. How to make you sigh and whimper as he pumps within. Those careful fingers are half-curled, but he guides them so deep, allowing you to feel just how much of you can be filled with his hand alone. It draws another low mewl from you, and he inhales it hungrily.
His kiss is intense. Nearly frightening. It threatens to steal the breath from your lungs, and to suffocate you right here and now. You have to break away, panting and struggling to remain upright. It grows harder with each pump of his hand - an action that increases in speed with each passing second. He hits the mark inside of you again and again, repeating until your hands have raised to claw amidst the strange fabric of his shirt, and you can feel that familiar heat beginning to coil in your stomach.
Just when you think that he's going to bring you over that peak - guiding you to burst over his fingers - they slip free. It leaves you shocked. Cold, and almost sobered, but that allows you a split second to regain some of your old composure and clarity. It allows you to remember that there is something wrong, and there's something wrong with-
"Ransom," you moan, once again stirring to fend him off.
There's no opportunity. Not when his hands lower to fumble below the frayed fabric at the end of his cloak to pull his cock free from the confines of their black trousers. Something screams in the back of your mind, but it is washed away when he realigns himself only a moment later, swollen cock at your entrance, before pushing inside with another violent hiss. A sharp sting persists as teeth clamp on your shoulder. Murmuring broken protests, you try to tell him, 'no.' That it hurts. 
You're not sure if he hears it, but the pressure releases a moment later, and those soft lips seek out yours again. Ransom kisses you while thrusting. Stroking himself into your core as you perch on the edge of the bathroom sink, clinging to him for dear life. Everything is blurry and unfocused. Dizzy. His relentless pace doesn't allow you a second of relief from the constant state of disorientation, and in doing so, keeps whatever it is that you're struggling to remember at bay. Not that you can even think about that. It's impossible to register anything beyond the silken plunge of his cock.
He feels so good within your walls. Stretching you perfectly, and long enough to have you feel every inch of him. It's a wonder that you'd thought that you could live without it. Without him. Ransom Drysdale is like a drug, and you are an addict. As much as you may wish that you weren't, especially in your more rational moments.
But those are gone now. Batted away by the blows sustained to either side of your skull. Knocked aside by a concussion that keeps you weak and pliable, so easily held and fucked in his family bathroom. A place that the faint intuition within screams that you should flee from. Christ.
His arm snakes around your back once more. Ransom guides you even closer, until you are pressed right up against him. Utterly flush. It allows him to hoist your right leg onto the counter, looping it over his arm. Clearing the way to only drive himself into you harder. Increasing his pace until he is pounding into your cunt, driving the air from your lungs as his shoulder jars into the point above your chest. Dominant and merciless, just like you know him to be. 
A man who doesn't care much for anything beside his own wants. It's why you'd debated leaving him in these recent months. Why you'd been drawn to another, softer man.
What is his name again?
Swiftly, Ransom's cock builds you right up to the edge once more. Forcing you there, until broken cries are lifting into the high-ceiling bathroom, echoing off the tiled floors. He fucks you as hard as he possibly can, watching intently through narrowed eyes and gritted teeth. His jaw clenched - twisted into a snarl - and for a moment, you could nearly swear that he looks like he hates you.
The thought shatters as you release. The orgasm tears through you, ushering forth a shuddering wail, and you can feel the clench of your walls. They flex upon his cock, squeezing him. Nearly begging to be coated in his own release, just as your mind almost bursts into a hazed abyss. Your ears ring, the whine building to a crescendo as you cry and shake, all the while feeling the harsh snap as he continues to rock against you, violently pursuing his own release.
"Knew you'd take it," he snarls, and you can feel the graze of his teeth on your throat as he shift further in, gripping the underside of your thighs to lift you up and pound you harder. "You little bitch. Did you really think that Daniel could ever fuck you like this?"
And that's when it finally happens.
Those pieces of shattered thoughts pull together in one glimmering moment of stone-cold clarity. A knowledge that turns the blood to ice within your veins, and has your hands clench on the fabric of his shirt. Except it's not a shirt. It's the same long, black, cloak that the killer wore, and your boyfriend's handsome face replaces the elongated and crude white plastic of the mask. Everything comes together, and you know.
Ransom is not dead. He's not lying on the study floor with a knife in his chest. There's no mark there at all. It was fake. A trap. Because Ransom's not another victim.
He's the killer.
You go to push him off you. To fight and to scream, but he seizes your wrists again before you can even move. Pulling them against his chest in a rock-hard grip as a taunting smile lights his face and his words come in a dark, mocking tone. "Easy, sweetheart."
"Fuck you," you spit, struggling desperately. Trying to get away, and wildly attempting to cast him out of you. "Get off. Fuck you!"
"Oh, baby," he croons, but you can see by the hitch in his chest and the crazed light in his eyes that it is no use. "I already am. Fucking you, I mean. And stop that. There's no one left to hear you scream."
He pins your arms down at your side, holding them against the solid marble counter. The action pitches your body forward, and allows him to do what he's been striving to. One last time, those hips collide with yours. The head of his cock buries deep inside of you, filling you right to brim. Allowing no room for struggle or escape - and no chance to slide loose - as he comes with a feral cry.
You hate yourself for your body's reaction. How he strikes that already overstimulated spot, and the climax shakes through you with vigour. Rushing in time with his own bursting relief, until your cunt is nothing but a hot, sticky mess. His thick semen coats your insides, painting you in thick ropes, and a broken moan of both pleasure and horror grates from your chest.
Fuck. What have you done?
What has he done?
Regaining something - a tiny vestige of strength and composure - you try to push him away one final time. It’s suprising, but you manage to slip from his hold. However, it's not for long. Just momentarily. Those rough hands seize your shoulders, and he shakes you harshly. Just twice - and only for a split second, but it sends your already unsteady mind reeling right back into a wave of all-consuming dizziness. The strength flees from you instantly.
It has you slump back upon the mirror, fighting to stay conscious and struggling to peer past the relentless beating in your skull, just as Ransom slowly eases himself out of you. World swimming, you see double. Two Ransoms. Two reddened cocks emerging from your soaked cunt, but it joins together a few moments later. Refocusing just enough to allow you to watch weakly as he smirks, before scooping the escaping ooze of his release back inside of you.
His cum. His seed.
A shudder runs through you at the thought. Something wet rolls down your cheeks, and you blink, fighting away the pink-tinged smear of bloody tears from your vision.
Ransom killed Stephanie, and all the rest of your friends. Thomas. Riley. Leo. He killed Daniel, the man that you were debating leaving him for. The one that Steph had encouraged you to be with instead.
The nausea wells stronger than before, and you have to fight down the urge to retch. Your body aches, a mixture of the injuries that your boyfriend himself inflicted with that foul blow to your temple earlier, and as a result of the harsh fucking that he had given after.
He hurt you. He killed them.
"Why are you doing this?" you ask, voice cracking with a cacophony of rage, fear, and sorrow.
It doesn't seem like your Ransom who smiles back. He's not playful or mischievous. There's no sign of that usual teasing smirk. Whatever mask that he has worn so well over the many years finally drops, and all that's left is something savage and cruel in its place.
"Because I want to," he replies, as if it's the simplest thing in the world. "Because I can."
Unable to squirm away, you shudder in disgust as he trails a finger lightly over your cheekbone, leaning in so that the tip of his tongue can dart out, and taste the blood running down the side of your face once again. Leaning back, your boyfriend - the killer - only pauses to brush his lips briefly over yours, before drawing up to his full height and smiling coldly.
Ransom speaks again, and something murderous shines in the depths of his beautiful blue eyes. "Because they would have taken you from me. And now no one ever will ever try to again."
This is not your Ransom.
He isn't the one who you remember so fondly. The man that you fell in-love with on that sun-filled summer two years ago is gone, as simply and completely as if he just ceased to be.
Because that's the truth, isn't it?
It's something you know with just one look at his unmasked face. That you feel in the frigid shiver that runs down your spine. Prey in the claws of a predator. Trapped, with nowhere to run. It's the truth, as callous and cruel as that reality is. There's no one else to rely on. Just you, here alone with him.
Your Ransom never existed at all.
Tumblr media
A/N: Well, let me know if you enjoyed. 💜 And please, everyone, be sure that you go and check out @boxofbonesfic​ if you enjoyed this! I absolutely love her fics, and she’s a phenomenal writer!
Thank you for hosting such a fun challenge, Bones!
Support your content creators! Likes, comments, reblogs are much appreciated. :)
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christywantspizza · a month ago
All in a day's work
Rating: Explicit [Minors DNI] Type: Smut with Dark Elements Pairing: CEO!Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader Summary: You're working late and your boss calls you into his office to correct some of your behavior and add a few more responsibilities to your Job Description. Word Count: 5800 🚨 Warnings & Tags 🚨 Explicit Sexual Content; Dark Elements; Non-Con/Dub-con; Rough Sex; Office Sex; Spanking; Hair-pulling; Cock warming; Pussy Slapping; Manhandling; Size Kink; Anal Fingering; Vaginal Sex; Unprotected Sex; Verbal Humiliation; Degradation; Slut Shaming; Name-Calling; Face-fucking; Mentions of anal sex, plugs, come playing and come eating. (I kinda let this one get away from me 😅)
This is one more entry for @navybrat817 and @stargazingfangirl18’s Shameless Hoes For Chris Challenge, because those wheels really got my thoughts racing 🙈 The prompts were: Ransom Drysdale; Innocence + Anal Play; CEO AU; and the line "I need a favor".
Thank you for organizing this challenge 😘
My Masterlist | This story on Ao3
Tumblr media
A.N: When it's mentioned that Ransom became CEO through less than honorable ways (c'mon, it's Ransom), I don't mean to imply he murdered his grandfather. Just wanted to clarify that.
You were working late at your desk, waiting for your boss, Ransom Drysdale, to be finished with his work so you could go home. It was the first time you had ever seen him stay past his usual hours in the six months you had been working there and you didn’t know exactly why he had needed you to stay until so late. Everyone had already left the office and there you were.
No one liked him very much. There were some theories about how he had come to be the CEO of Harlan Publishing and none of them painted him in a flattering light. You just tried to stay away from office gossip and not let other people’s disdain for him cloud your judgment. You committed to doing the best work you could because this was an opportunity that fell on your lap from the Heavens. Sure, you knew your father had contacts that could open some doors but getting to interview with the CEO of Harlan fucking Publishing barely three months after finishing your English degree at Stanford seemed too good to even be true. You thought you wouldn’t get the job, that Ransom would think you were just kissing his ass when you started talking about how much you loved his late grandfather’s work and what he had done with the publishing house in the two years he had been its president. When you got the call saying they wanted to hire you, it was like a dream come true.
Of course it didn’t take you long to understand why the job was vacant in the first place. Ransom wasn’t exactly the most nurturing boss in the world. He was curt and harsh when criticizing others and he didn’t work well with people who disagreed with him. He was very demanding, made you feel the pressure of the job from the very beginning and it took you a while to learn to deal with his personality. With time, though, you became accustomed to the workload and his mood, and actually were very proud of your accomplishments.
The biggest problem now was you had to deal with the fact that you liked him maybe a bit too much. There were certain things about him that attracted you. Well, he attracted you. You noticed how he was well-built under his suits and sweaters, how even if he could look good on anything, he took care in how he dressed. After you got used to his bluntness, you started to admire how commanding and assertive he was. More than once you had found yourself shuffling in your seat when you heard him lay down the law while on a meeting. You were embarrassed at how easily his deep voice and dominating presence could make you stir.
All of that had been bearable while you just saw him as an arrogant asshole but, getting to work alongside him, you witnessed how much he valued the legacy of his grandfather. He didn’t just want the company to succeed; he wanted to keep Harlan Thrombey’s memory alive. He would never directly admit his sentimentality, but you could see how much he cared, even if his way of showing it was less than ideal.
You looked at your watch again. It was nearly 9PM and he still hadn’t said a thing. You were taking your time to organize documents for the meetings of the following week, standing by your desk. You were leaned over, reading a meeting’s overview when you were startled by the sound of his voice coming from your phone.
“Y/N, come in here.”
Maybe you’d finally get to go home. As you approached his office, which was fully visible through floor to ceiling glass, you saw he was sitting at his desk, looking less than pleased. Great.
“Mr. Drysdale?” you asked as you entered the office space. For a second he just stared at you while lying back on his chair, head supported by his hand, a finger stroking his own lip. You felt your breath catch in your throat every time he did that.
“Can you come and stand behind my desk?” You were surprised by his unusual request, but did as he asked. “Tell me what you see.”
“The waiting area outside your office.”
“And what’s in it?” What in the hell was he getting at?
“A couch… My desk.”
“Ah, so you know I can see you from here, correct?”
“Well, yes, Mr. Drysdale.”
“Then tell me why you insist on constantly being bent down going through documents when you know I can see you.” You felt your face burn at his remark, your whole body stiffening, not even sure of how you should react.
“Wha- Mr. Drysdale, I didn’t realize...”
“Oh, you didn’t realize?” He got up from his chair, and stood facing you, closer than he had ever been. “So I keep being distracted by you bending down in your tight skirts because you’re too silly to understand you’re putting that ass on display for me?”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Drysdale, I just get up and sit down a lot to get documents and sometimes it’s just easier to go over manuscripts and organize things like that. I didn’t think about it.” He was talking about your ass in tight skirts, why were you apologizing?
“No, you didn’t, but you have to, doll.”
“Can- Can I go now?” You just wanted to go home and forget this had ever happened.
“No, I need a favor from you.”
“I was going to finish reading this manuscript but I didn’t have the time. I need you to read it for me.” He got one of the manuscripts you had brought for him in the beginning of the week and let it fall at the center of the desk with a loud thump.
“Excuse me? Read it to you? You mean out loud?”
“Yes, honey, think you can wrap your pretty little head around that?” You had no idea why he was behaving like this, but you took the opportunity to move away from him and picked up the manuscript to go sit at the chair across from his desk. “Where are you going?”
“To sit across from you. To read you the manuscript.”
“I didn’t tell you to sit over there. You go over documents on your desk while standing. It’s just easier, isn’t it?” He mocked your tone of voice with a sly smirk. “I wouldn’t want to make your job harder, honey.” He took the document from your hands and put it on the desk again, opening it to its last chapter and pointing for you to stand at the center of the desk as he moved to the side, leaning on the wall. You knew you should have run away, should have gotten out of there and never come back again, but you could only bring your body to comply with his demands.
You stood there and were going to start reading when his voice sounded again. “Hands on the desk.” When you didn’t comply right away he walked up behind you, grabbing your hands to play them on the desk and using his foot to make you stand with your feet apart. “Just like that.” You looked over your shoulder to ask him why he was doing this, but found yourself incapable of forming words, so you just ended up staring at him.
“The text’s not on my face, sweetheart.”
His tone was so condescending it made your blood boil with humiliation. You turned your head to the document and started to read, your voice strained and laced with nervousness. You were bent down over the desk, your behind now surely on display for him, and on top of it all you couldn’t see him because your hair was falling around your face.
For a moment, he just let you read, making you more and more anxious because you didn’t know what he would do next. It took about three pages but, eventually, he made his move. You felt one of his hands trail from your knee to your upper thigh and you let out a startled whimper.
“Did I tell you to stop?” You kept reading, ashamed that you could feel your body react to his touch.
He kept touching the inside of your thighs until eventually you felt his fingers graze the cotton of your panties. “Mr. Drysdale!”
“I have my hand between your legs, sweetheart, no need to be so formal. Just Sir will do.” He chuckled as two of his fingers started massaging your core through your underwear.
“Mr. Drysdale, pl- AH!” He used his other hand to hit your ass hard, over your skirt. Your shock almost made you fall on the desk.
“What did I say?”
“I’m sorry, sir.”
“You’re going to have to start learning quicker, darling.” As his fingers continued to stimulate you, he rubbed the spot he’d hit with his other hand. “Here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to solve both our problems. I need to finish that last chapter and you need to be taught a lesson. You’re going to keep reading and I’ll spank this ass until you finish. If you stop reading, we’ll go back to the previous paragraph, since we have to make sure you don’t make me lose track of the story.”
“Sir, please, don’t-” He slapped your ass three times in quick succession, making you cry out, but removed his hand from between your legs.
“We’re only stopping when you finish that chapter, so I'd start reading if I were you.”
He started spanking you over your skirt, without any steady rhythm. Sometimes his slaps came in rapid succession, other times he stopped for a couple seconds. You never knew when to expect them and that suspense only made everything more intense. Every once in a while he stopped to pick up a pen and make some notes on the margins of the document and this made you feel even more humiliated, because he was actually paying attention to it, and not just to you. That thought put you at odds with yourself. You knew you shouldn’t be responding to what he was doing but more than once your cries almost came out as moans. As you felt the heat on your bottom spread, you became more sensitive and felt your walls constantly clench, the need to close your legs in search of some friction almost overwhelming.
He didn’t talk to you except to tell you to go back when a harder slap interrupted your reading and your watering eyes took more than half a second to refocus, which had already happened four times already. You were getting desperate and started to pick up the pace of your reading, which you should have predicted would be a mistake.
“Slower. Go back!”
You went back to your previous pace, determined to make it so you wouldn’t have to go back again. As you were approaching the end of the document, he started to speed up, making your cheeks burn with the constant impact. When you had about six pages left he stopped completely and by now you knew this was his way of keeping you on your toes, creating more tension before his next move. And it worked. A couple of seconds felt like an eternity, but you eventually felt his hands move up both of your thighs, raising your skirt with them. He left you there for a couple more seconds, your skirt now completely hunched up around your waist and your indubitably red ass on display for him.
In a sudden move, he hooked his finger on the fabric covering part of your ass and pulled it up, making it slot between your cheeks. The movement made your panties press against your folds, making you release a loud moan and lose your balance. Your elbows gave in and you dropped further onto the desk, now supported on by your forearms and resting your forehead on the cool wood.
Your reaction amused him and he started slapping your now naked skin.
“Please, sir, please.” Slap
“Don’t be dumb, doll,” Slap, “stopping to beg just means you’ll have to go back.” Slap
“No, no-” Slap!
He grabbed your hair, pulled your head up and you felt his hot breath on your neck as he snarled next to your ear. “If I have to listen to you whine again, I’ll make you go back a page.”
He resumed his spanking, now not only focusing on your already sore ass but also on the skin right at the beginning of your thighs which, while it hadn’t been worked over by his hand yet, was still very sensitive. Everything felt heightened and you weren’t even listening to what you were saying anymore, just stringing word after word together, seeing the tears you had desperately tried to hold back fall onto the pages.
The last word you read came with the strongest slap of all which made you collapse onto the desk, your whole upper body clashing with the hard surface. You were panting and tired but he didn’t allow you a moment of reprieve, starting to pull on your panties again, this time with the sole purpose of stimulating you.
“You’re not supposed to enjoy a punishment, you know…”
“I- I didn’t.”
“Really, so you normally walk around with your panties this soaked? Must be uncomfortable.” His fingers were rubbing you once again but this time you didn’t have the energy to resist moaning and rutting against him, even as shame consumed you. “What a slut, turned on by getting spanked on her boss’ desk.” He pulled your panties to the side and you felt a finger effortlessly slide into you as his other hand pressed you against the desk by the back of your neck. It was unnecessary, after what he had put you through, having him inside you felt too good. “Fuck, you’re tight, honey. Doesn’t your boyfriend fuck you enough?”
“I don’t have a boyfriend.”
“Oh, really? Has it been a long time since you came? ‘That why you so desperate?”
As if this wasn’t humiliating enough... “I’ve never…”
“What? Don’t tell me you’re a virgin, sweetheart.”
“No, ‘m not a virgin. I’ve never had an orgasm.” You shouldn’t have confessed that. He held enough power over you and still your impulse was to just give him even more.
His laugh taunted you. “Well, I want this pussy shaking around my cock, so we’ll need to fix that.” He swiftly removed his fingers from you. “Get up!” he said with a swat to your aching buttocks.
You got up slowly, surprised that he didn’t try to rush you or manhandle you that time. You turned to him and he came closer, grabbing onto your face and kissing you on the lips. Your brain barely registered the movement before you started kissing him back, welcoming the gentleness after how rough he had been.
“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he said against your lips. Still too mortified to admit what you really wanted, you shook your head. “You sure? You’ve never imagined me bending you over this desk and stretching that pussy open? I’ve seen the way you look at me, doll.”
“No, please, I don’t want to.”
He chuckled darkly and pressed your hand against his clothed cock. “Feel that? You’ll have to take care of that. I get hard every day watching you swing that ass around. You need to take responsibility for the problems you create, sweetheart.” His hand let go of yours, joining the one cupping your face, but you couldn’t take yours away. He was so hard underneath his pants and it only added to your arousal. “Go ahead, take me out.”
You did it without even hesitating, feeling regret after each movement but unable to stop. He didn’t tell you to but when you pulled his boxers down and felt his considerable girth, you started stroking him, incapable of pulling your eyes away from his erection. “Fuck, now you’re starting to learn. Knew you’d get it eventually. You don’t get through Stanford without having something inside that pretty head. Or was this how you got through it, uh, baby? Ever given one of your teachers a hand in their office?”
“No, no. I swear, I’ve never - I wouldn’t” He pulled your face to join your lips together again, kissing you deeply. Why had you even answered him? What did you care what he thought? You knew he was just taunting you.
“No, a sweet girl like you wouldn’t do that. Lucky us, I know how to turn you into a good slut for me.” His hands moved to unbutton your shirt and pull the cups of your bralette down. He rolled one of your sensitive nipples between his fingers, making you moan for him. “And look, it’s already working.”
He pulled away from you and you immediately craved having his hands on you again. He moved to sit down on his chair, spreading his legs and turning you with your back against him to slot you between them.
“Go ahead, get me inside you.” he commanded, any trace of gentleness once again gone from his voice.
“I’m not on birth control. You need a condom.”
He pulled on your hair harshly, making you sit on his lap and press your back against his chest. “You can put it inside you at your own pace or I can shove it up that tight cunt. Your choice, slut.”
As more tears ran down your face at the rough treatment, you lined yourself up on his cock and started sinking down, feeling him stretch you in a way that would be borderline painful if you weren’t so wet for him. And from what? Getting spanked and treated like a slut. It was the definitive proof of how much you had enjoyed it, no matter how much you denied it.
You whimpered as your walls struggled to accommodate his size. The discomfort never kept you from sinking down further on him, even as your embarrassment made it impossible for you to relax. You craved having him inside you.
“Fuck, that’s a tight fit.” His fingers traced around your folds, touching the spot where you were connected. “You’re really feeling that stretch, aren’t you, doll?”
“It’s too much,” you panted.
“You should consider yourself lucky, I’m not usually this kind to whores,” his hand circled your waist to find your clit and he started rubbing it slowly, “but I don’t want to ruin this pussy just now. Gotta keep it nice and tight so I can use it again.” You moaned loudly, not sure if from his stimulation, if from hearing him talk about this becoming a recurrent thing. You didn’t want that. You couldn’t want that. You couldn’t. “Maybe I should move to the office across the building. That one has walls. I could call you in during the day. Don’t worry, some days I’ll give her a rest and fuck your mouth instead, we don’t want you getting to lose now, do we? You’d be of no use to me then.”
You sank fully into his lap with a sigh of relief and your walls twitched around him as he kept rubbing your clit and started pinching your nipples.
Your head fell back on his shoulder and you heard him whisper, “Are you ready to ask me to fuck you now?” You frowned in frustration and shook your head.
“No? You don’t want me to fuck you?”
“No,” you lied.
“Okay, then.” He pulled on the desk, making the chair roll to slot you both under it.
“What?” If he wasn’t going to fuck you, why did he make you sit on him like that?
“You said you didn’t want me to fuck you, doll. So I won’t. Far from me to do something you don’t want. I take my employees' well-being very seriously,” he said, his mocking tone once again humiliating you. “So you’ll stay there while I send our dear author notes on her draft and when I’m finished, we can both go home.”
“Ransom…” you started to complain without thinking. His name had barely left your lips when he pushed back the chair, pulled your legs apart to expose your sensitive nub and delivered three sharp slaps to it, making you wail and clench your body in pain.
“You call me sir, you slut!” He pulled you back against him by your chin. “It’s my fault you don’t have any fucking manners. I was nice and let it pass, expecting you to catch on, but I know dumb little playthings need to be corrected on every mistake or they never learn.”
“I’m sorry, sir. I won’t do it again,” you said, your voice quivering. He didn’t respond, simply released his hold on you and once again pulled the chair close to the desk so he could start working on his email.
You didn’t even understand how he could do this, simply stay there inside you, not moving. None of the men you had ever been with lasted more than ten minutes between the time you started kissing to when they finished inside you. Ransom had been hard for so long now and still he was just there, typing away on his computer seemingly unfazed. As time went on the pressure in your abdomen only became more intense, and all you wanted was for him to move inside you, even if you knew you’d never been fucked by a cock that size and he certainly wouldn’t be gentle about it. Your struggle and your tears turned him on more than everything and that thought alone should have sent you running for the hills but it was exactly the kind of attitude that had made you wet while sitting across from him at countless meetings, and it was what was now making you even more impatient. You didn’t know exactly when but at some point during this unexpected series of events your fear of what he would do to you had turned into anticipation. Maybe it actually had been there all along. Why would you have strayed, why hadn’t you tried to run, if not because you wanted to see what he could do. You craved feeling how strong he was, how easily he could overpower you, not just with his physical strength but with his dominant nature as well.
As he kept focusing on his laptop’s screen, you found yourself craving his attention, hurt that he could just have you there on his lap and keep on working as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.
You were truly getting desperate, squirming on his lap even as your ass ached. After a few moments of you not being able to keep still, he finally spoke. “Unless you want to ask me for anything, I suggest you stop moving and let me work or a sore ass will be the least of your problems.”
You did your best to stop moving, holding on to the desk with a grip that nearly made your hand hurt. There was sweat gathering on your hairline from the exertion and you just wanted to release the tension accumulating in your core. You saw that he was getting to his last remarks on his email. You just needed to hold on a little more, Just a little more. You inhaled deeply, anticipating getting to the end of this. Almost there and…
He used the keyboard function to select the whole text. He deleted it.
“Ups, seems like I’ll have to re-do it.” His feigned apology was what ultimately broke you. You couldn’t believe it. You’d done what he said, followed the rules. It was hard but you did good and he just…
“No! Please, please, sir.”
“Yes, darling. Something you want?”
How were you this stupid? Of course that was his intention all along. Every game he plays is rigged, you were no match to that and you were tired of pretending you even wanted to win.
“Fuck me, please! Sir, fuck me.”
“Are you sure? Just a while ago you were refusing. Need to be certain that’s what you want, darling. I don’t want HR knocking on my door.”
“YES! I’m sure! I need you, please, I can’t take it anymore. I need you to fuck me!”
He pushed the chair away from the desk, moved his laptop aside and made you get up from his lap. He made you lay your torso on the desk, the cool surface making contact with your still exposed breasts. His cock pierced you again and, like you expected, he showed no gentleness as he fucked into you. His hand grabbed your hair to pull your head back.
“See? Isn’t it so much easier when you let me use you like the fuckdoll you are?”
“Yes, thank you, thank you. Ah!” He slapped your sore ass and you clenched even tighter around him.
“So nice and polite when you finally know your place. Now tell me the truth, you’d thought about it before, didn’t you?”
“I did! I dreamed about you.” Your mouth was running away from you, any filter thrown out the window as he fucked you senseless.
“Fuck! You’re even filthier than I thought. Walk around all sweet and well mannered but that head is just loaded with thoughts of me filling this cunt up.”
Suddenly, you felt him press deep and still his hips. A hand wrapped around your shoulder and another around your throat to bring you up to press against his chest. As you stood there, trembling and panting, he slid two fingers into your mouth, while his other hand was still around your throat. He didn’t tighten it, but just its mere presence there was menacing enough.
“Make them nice and wet, doll. Believe me, you’ll need it.” His thumb caressed your cheek while you sucked on his index and middle finger. “Now I have to know. Just keep sucking and nod. And don’t you dare lie. Did you ever touch yourself thinking about me?”
You shook your head signaling no, which was true. You hadn’t touched yourself in years; you could never figure it out when you were young, and your sex partners had never given you real pleasure while using their fingers, so you thought maybe there was something wrong with you. Until now, that is.
“Then what did you do after your dream? Did you hump your pillow?” You nodded yes. That was the only thing that felt good to you.
“Have you ever thought about me while you sat at that desk?”Yes, more times than I’d ever admit. You nodded.
“Ever come into my office wet?” More tears of humiliation fell down your eyes as you nodded again.
“Do you like my dick inside you? Like how I fuck you?” Even more than in my dream. You signaled yes again.
“If I told you we could stop everything now and you could go home, would you?” He tightened his grip slightly when you didn’t answer immediately. “Would you?” No, I want you to fuck me. You answered again.
“See? I told you I’d turn you into an obedient little slut.” He kissed you on the cheek, his tongue peaking through his lips to taste your salty skin. “Now, final question, sweetheart.” His voice dropped and he whispered darkly in your ear. “Have you ever had this pretty ass fucked?”
Your eyes widened at his question and you had no chance to react further as he withdrew his fingers from your mouth and threw your body back on the desk, pressing a hand on your back to keep you there.
“Sir, I’ve never done that, I can’t-,” you pleaded as he started to circle your rim.
“Don’t worry, darling, you drooled all over my fingers, you’ll feel good in no time.”
One of his fingers started pressing him, slowly but firmly, making your tight hole open for him. When the second knuckle was inside you, he started to slide it in and out to get your hole accustomed to its size. You tried to relax but, even if you’d properly wet his fingers, your spit could only do so much to quell the burning sensation on the muscle.
His cock was still inside you, throbbing as your walls tightened around him. His hips were still, save for the occasional thrust he couldn’t hold back, and soon the pain was fading into a discomfort that became pleasurable. You started moving, trying to thrust back against him, needing the friction, and whining when the hand on your back wouldn’t let you.
“Told you you’d like it. You need to start trusting me, I know what you need, doll.”
“I’m sorry, sir.” He was right, had been right all along.
You took a deep breath as his second finger pushed into you, making the burn come back, but this time you knew it would go away. Not just because it had before, but because he said so. Your head felt heavy and you let it lay against the desk, moaning and panting with abandon, no longer worried about how you sounded. He knew what you were. He’d fucked you like no one else ever did and now he’d claimed for himself a part of your body you had never even intended to give to anyone. And through all of it, the stress, the humiliation, the fear and the pain, you’d only become more aroused. Your first instinct was always to do what he wanted and to accept all he gave. You’d tried to fight that urge and where had that gotten you? There was no use. If you weren’t a slut before, you were certainly one for him now. He made you into one.
“Fuck, I’m going to love this ass,” he said as both his fingers started fucking into you slow and deep, the stretch and the pressure that came from having both your wholes filled was deliciously borderline unbearable. “So fucking good! I’m going to train it to take my cock too. After all, why would I need a slut if I couldn’t use all her holes, huh? You’re going to be my personal fucktoy, come in here and milk my cock whenever I need.”
“Yes what?”
“I’ll be your slut, your fucktoy!”
“Oh, sweetheart, you’re very generous, but that wasn’t a question.” You weren’t answering, you were pleading. “I’m going to teach you how to finger yourself and come to work ready. ‘Gonna fuck a load into you in the morning and plug you up, make you walk around all day with my come inside you, reminding you of who owns you.” Was that even possible? Safe? You didn’t care. You wanted it. “When everyone else leaves, I’ll take it out and fuck you again, make you gape for me and then put you on my desk and watch it drip out. You’ll have to clean everything, lick it up. Good fucktoys don’t waste what their owner gives them.” My owner. “If you behave, I’ll eat that sweet pussy and make you come until you beg me to stop.”
Yes, yes, yes, please make me come. If there was anyone who could, it had to be him. You’d never been this wet, never felt your slick in between your thighs, and when he started fucking hard and deep into your pussy again, his fingers matching his thrusts, you could hear how soaked you were. His grunts and moans, the thought of how you’d wake up sore and marked tomorrow and the simply unrecognizable sounds he pulled from you ultimately drove you over the edge and your orgasm ripped through you. You screamed when you felt it, your whole body trembling and your walls and clit pulsing.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he screamed as he rode you through your orgasm. His fingers left your ass and suddenly both his hands were grabbing onto the base of your neck, pulling you against him as his hips drove forward. “Came for me and no one else. My slut, all mine.”
You felt like a ragged doll as he forced you back on his cock, the impact of his hips making your sore ass burn. All the stimulation was becoming too much after your earth shattering orgasm and even more tears started flooding your eyes.
All of a sudden he pulled out and made you kneel in front of him, your knees offering no resistance in your exhausted state.
“Open up, slut!” He held on to your head to tip it back as you opened your mouth and he slid his cock into you. His thrusts were quick and you felt the tip of his cock graze the entrance to your throat, but never going further. You looked up at him, not even ashamed of feeling thankful for that small mercy. “Couldn’t come inside that cunt, could I? If you got pregnant you’d have to miss work, and I’m just now starting to see how good you are at your job.” He laughed as you gagged and sputtered around him. “We’ll get you on the pill, doll, so I can pound that pussy full, send you back to your desk well-fucked and marked with my come.”
You moaned at his words and the vibrations sent him over the edge. His warm come flooded your mouth and you coughed as you tried to swallow everything he gave you. When he was done, he used his thumb to swipe the come on your chin and bring it between your lips. Good fucktoys don’t waste what their owner gives them. He told you to clean him up and tuck him back into his pants and you did as you were told. An obedient little slut.
He leaned down to kiss you deeply, no doubt tasting himself on your tongue. His fingers stroked your hair back, tidying it up the best he could, and he kissed your tear stained cheeks. Your eyelids were heavy and you were more exhausted than you’d ever been in your life. Nevertheless, you felt a sense of calm wash over you.
He stared into your eyes with a satisfied smile. “We’re going to have a lot of fun together, my pretty slut. I’m going to need to work from home this weekend and I’m going to want my trusted assistant with me.” He wants me. “What do you say, sweetheart? If you’re good enough, I’ll even let you take a nap on my bed after I’m done with you.”
“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” Nice and polite, now that you know your place.
Tumblr media
A.N.: okkkkk, writing this one was a bit of a roller-coaster. I started out very excited and super sure I loved it and then hit a slump and got convinced it was just too much, even considered not posting it at all 😅 I guess I'm still getting used to just hoeing out like this. Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it and I would love to hear your thoughts on it 😘
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holdontorogers · 2 months ago
»» Amazing, isn’t it? r.d.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Ransom Drysdale x Reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; as your book became a success, Harlan Thrombey invited you to be a part of his publishing company. He just forgot to mention that his grandson, who started working there as well, was an asshole.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 3,662
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI; swearing, enemies to lovers, pet-names (sweetheart, princess, pretty thing, honey, kitten), fingering, oral (f & m), fingering, unprotected sex, rough sex, slight daddy kink, slight breeding kink, praise kink, dumbification, degradation, Ransom is an asshole (but what’s new?)
𝐚/𝐧; GIF NOT MINE. this might have a part 2, depends on how you guys like it and if I get the time and inspiration for it 😌. want to feel ransom’s ring when he chokes me
Tumblr media
It started out as a joke. This last paper drove everyone from your Masters program insane. 
Yours was the only one to receive a full grade, so naturally your friends betted you could write a book.
The irony being that you actually began to start the book, as a joke. However, part of you started to really enjoy that.
Long story short — you finished the book, your friends loved it and encouraged you to publish it, it was a hit.
Apparently you did an excellent job, you thought to yourself, as you signed a contract with Blood Like Wine, Harlan Thrombey’s publishing company.
Yes, the Harlan Thrombey: best selling mystery novelist, 85 years old man; owner of his own publishing house…….. the most brilliant man you’ve ever met. 
After three meetings, he was ready to welcome you into the publishing house.
“Harlan, I cannot believe this is happening” you smiled while shaking his hand, vibrations all over your body of all the excitement.
“Oh, don’t worry about it, young lady, I am sure you will be an incredible addition to the company” he smiled back at you, subtly laughing at your joy.
“Oh, one last thing” he added, circling around his desk, going towards the door as you followed.
“yeah?” you tried, looking back at him with narrowed eyes. “My grandson will be working with us this Summer” he gently looked at you, making your eyebrow raise, what was the problem?
“Your grandson?” you encouraged him to continue his explanation, as he opened the door.
“Ransom, he is” Harlan pressed his lips together, frowning as he searched for the words to define Ransom.
“He is difficult, hard to deal with” he had a serious look on his face, you gulped, getting out of his office still looking at him.
“This Summer is his last chance to show me he’s still worth saving” he explained and then sighed, pressing a finger on his frown as he thought about his next words.
“I see a lot of me in that kid, you know?” he had a soft look on his face, you smiled gently at him. “Wanna make sure I did all I could”, he concluded.
You nodded at his words, eyes tracing the hall, searching for the right thing to say. “Well… Can’t wait to meet him!”, you tried. And how wrong were you.
Harlan then showed you your office. It was at the mansion; his latest renovation included upgraded offices, one for him, one for Ransom, and one for you.
It was huge to say the least. Harlan’s office was at the end of the hall, yours was by the stairs, and Ransom’s was in the middle.
That should be interesting, you could only hope.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
Later that day you googled Ransom, why? You were not sure. Something about Harlan’s carefulness when talking about him intrigued you.
Ransom was a spoiled trust fund prick.
You could almost hear the snobby voice he must have, you could almost see the superior look he gave to anyone who dared cross Hugh Ransom Drysdale.
Any picture of him next to Harlan had him in a dreadful look.
And impeccable clothing, to the point where you envied the style this man had. But he still looked like someone you would not get near to.
You started to research about the Thrombeys wondering why you did that after accepting the job. They seemed like awful people — Harlan’s opposite, you hoped.
You left out a heavy breath, rolling your eyes and throwing yourself in your bed, hands on your face.
How much did Harlan like this kid? How bad could Ransom be? What would happen to your future if you two didn’t get along? What about that entire family??
You had just gotten your Masters, it was time to start focusing on the career you’d like to pursue. What if signing with Blood Like Wine was a terrible idea?
You decided that concerning about it was only give you a sleepless night before your first day.
You would work there this Summer and see if another book would work out its way out of your brain. Just one Summer by now, you could do this.
You were going to do your best, and an entitled, snobby, rich baby boy would not be on your way.
So you decided to freshen up and tug yourself to sleep. You had a long day tomorrow.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
He was even worse than you imagined.
“It’s Hugh” he spitted out to the poor maid, “you’re the help, you call me Hugh. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand”. There wasn’t even a reply, just heavy steps on the stairs.
You rolled your eyes and tried to focus on the blank page in front of you. That was, until someone knocked, and entered.
He was gorgeous, and you cursed yourself for thinking about that at first.
But yeah, the perfect cream sweater, the perfect hair neatly done, and his ocean blue eyes… undeniably gorgeous.
But then he started talking.
“So you’re the pretty thing Harlan invited into this hell house” he had his hands on his hips, his sunglasses hanging at the edge of his nose, and a smirk on his face.
“And you are?” you managed to ask, barely finishing the question until he barked out a laugh. Where the hell did that come from?
“I’m Ransom, honey, but I’m sure you knew that” he winked, pressed his lips together as he removed his sunglasses, eyes focused on you.
“The question is” he was walking around the room, your office “who are you, pretty one” he stopped by your desk, pointing at you. That smirk officially becoming your least favorite thing in the world.
“I’m busy” you hissed, giving him a challenging look. He laughed “that’s an odd name” he continued to analyze you with his eyes, taking longer than necessary on your curves.
“Don’t you have work to do?” you said, he annoyed you. Beyond reason.
No matter what you said, he would bark something right back, his eyes eyes followed all your moves, daring you to move.
You hated how you felt, nearly squirming in your sit as he just laid eyes on you. It was going to be a long Summer.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
It hasn’t been any better than the first day. Ransom kept coming to your desks, provoking you and leaving you infuriated.
Almost two months passed by and Ransom’s ultimate task of the day was to push your buttons until you snap, which you never did.
He was doing research for Harlan, at least that was he’s supposed task. You honestly thought his job was to drive you crazy.
If it wasn’t by how rude it was with, well, everyone, it would be because he was either late or not there at all.
And if you’re being honest, the fact that he would always seem to have a girl around made you clench your teeth. It was either hickeys or lipstick marks that he’d made sure you saw.
He could only parade those on purpose, and the fact that it got you worked up and absolutely irritated only egged him on.
Ransom loved the effect he had on you, he loved to see you tense in your sit whenever a mark from his last rendezvoused showed. He loved how worked up he got you.
But Ransom wished he could just snap it out of you. He didn’t like that you always had something to say right back at him.
He didn’t like when you rolled your eyes or looked disgusted at him but never did anything about it.
He didn’t like how you never left his mind, making him come into the place he hated the most in the world, just to annoy you.
Naturally he would constantly tease you. Suddenly opening your office door “by mistake” while you were concentrated, just to catch you off guard.
Softly grabbing your hips while he reaches for something in the kitchen, something that couldn’t wait until you moved. No, he would always be at the same places as you were, like a magnet.
It was getting harder to resist. You were hornier by the minute; the book taking away all resemblance of a social life you once had.
Your vibrator was old news and working at the same house as Ransom, with him impossibly close to you, was really hard to forget how bad you wanted him.
His cologne filled your nostrils, your had became fuzzy whenever he was around. His voice echoed in your head, and it was getting harder and harder to resist. You had no idea what to do.
One time he even almost kissed you, sweet talking with you until he was running his hands through your hair, almost closing the distance between your lips. If it wasn’t for Harlan, calling you at that exact second…
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
“Ransom do you have the paper from Harlan already?” you asked through his door. Harlan was gone for the weekend.
Obviously he left Ransom to take care of things, including the reviews from the last chapter you wrote.
“Come in, sweetheart” you rolled your eyes opening the door “Ransom I’m serious I need to move on with things and” you started, waking into his office; he wasn’t even listening to you mumbling.
Ransom was laughing at something on the computer, not taking his eyes from it. The draft you left for Harlan (and now him) to read threw face down on the table.
You felt your blood boiling, rage filling your eyes. It’s not enough he’s constantly out to irritate you. He had to act like anything else wasn’t as important as him.
“You know what?” you snapped. “Don’t bother, I’ll just keep writing it and give it to Harlan when he’s back” you grabbed the paper from his desk.
Ransom held your arms, holding his other one up, signaling for you to wait. Not that you had a choice.
His grip was strong, not enough to hurt, but enough to make it impossible for you to move. At least that’s what you told yourself.
You were horny, and Ransom hasn’t made it easy for you, having to watch him always too close to you. He was a teaser, a menace. You were nearly done holding yourself back, ready to just let it go.
How bad could it be? Letting Ransom have his way with you? Maybe he was bad in bed and you would stop being so hot and bothered whenever he was around.
Maybe sleeping with him was what you needed to get pass this. At least that’s what you told yourself.
“Ransom, I don’t have all day” you hissed. Ransom closed his computer, looking back at you.
“See? Wasn’t that long now was it?” he let go of your arm, leaning on his chair with his arms around his body, examining you.
You turned the papers around, seeing notes on it, you frowned. “Did Harlan read this before leaving?” you asked, confused.
“Of course not” Ransom quickly said, as if it was obvious, that stupid smirk on his face. “You did this?”, you were confused, disbelieving how actually good those notes were.
And also, how Ransom they were, with plenty of “eat shit” to a character he didn’t like and “wtf????”s marked all over, but there were also good notes, great feedback.
“Yeah” he shrugged, your brows knitted together “I’ve been reading it since the start” he simply said, making you even more incredulous.
“I was intrigued after you first book, wanted to see if it was beginners luck or if you really had it”, were you delusional? Ransom Drysdale read your book?
“You read my book?” you couldn’t stop the words from coming out, still trying to put his words together in your brain.
Ransom had such an effect on you. You hated it.
“Of course, what do you think I’m doing here?” he raised a brow at you, a coy smile on his face. You frowned at him.
Ransom, then, started to move, going around his desk into your direction. He held your gaze as he approached you.
You could feel your arousal as you followed his movements. You tried cursing yourself and snapping out of it, but Ransom was too close, too sudden, too intoxicating.
“What happened, princess?” he mewled, you gulped at the pet-name, its effects quickly sending goosebumps all over your body.
You thanked that mansion for being cold, your sweater hiding how much of an effect he had on you.
“Lost your words, sweetheart?” he raised your face with a finger, examining you, you didn’t dare to move. His eyes were dark, his pupils consumed with lust.
“Always so eager to reply right back at me, honey, what happened?” he was mocking you. Yet, you could only bit your lips, holding back the whimpers.
“Bet I could just bent you over this desk and claim you mine” he taunted, your eyes widened at his words, partly because you wanted him to stop, partly because you were almost begging him to do that.
It was getting pretty hard to control yourself. You pressed your thighs together slightly, but Ransom caught you.
“Oh, I see the problem here” he smirked, “you’re too wet to even form sentences aren’t you?” he turned you both so you were caged around his arms, pressing you on the desk, towering over you.
“My dumb girl” he ran his lips through your jawline, you whined, throwing your head back at the feelings, all becoming too much “so ready for daddy,” his hands were now traveling your body “but I need words, baby”.
“Ransom” you tried, your voice filled with need. You knew you shouldn’t do it, you should not allow this much power to anyone, especially him.
But you didn’t care, you grabbed his expensive scarf pushing him to your lips. He hungrily accepted the act, devouring your mouth, tongue and teeth as the kiss invaded all your senses.
Ransom pulled away, back at taking his sweet time torturing you, rubbing your cheeks as you pouted.
“What is it that you need, kitten?” He ran a finger through your pants, just to see you squirm “use your big girl words” he scolded, coming closer to your ears, his hands stopping at your centre, his fingers caressing you through your pants.
“I need you” you chose to go against reason, you only wanted him at that moment. The trust fund prick, staining you with his hands and touches, unmatched to anything you ever felt before.
Ransom opened your pants, slowly dragging them down your body, on his knees. He could now see the goosebumps and shrives at every touch of his hands, caressing your thighs, kissing his way up where you needed him most, sweet sounds leaving your mouth.
You found balance on his desk, spreading your legs. “That needy, uh?” he hummed, rubbing his fingers through your panties, his eyes widening at how soaked they were.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you hanging” he ripped the underwear out of your body, shoving it in his pockets “I’ll take care of you, will have you screaming my name” it was a promise he intended to keep.
You were completely exposed to him, body flushed and ready, dripping for him. He parted your lips with his fingers, humming at how ready you were for him.
In one motion, Ransom slipped his tongue in your heat, you moaned at the feeling. His tongue teased your entrance, and explored every inch of your mound. You jerked your hips, still looking for more friction.
“Bet if I add two fingers at once your greedy pussy will take them so well” he purred “so greedy for daddy” he hummed, his two fingers stretching you and hitting you sweet spot at every thrust.
You cried out his name as his tongue circled and sucked on your clit. The pleasure was getting too much, you senses blown away by Ransom’s movements.
You don’t ever remember feeling this good, having someone knowing you so well. Ransom took his time to watch your every reaction, his fingers at a perfect pace, his tongue driving you over the edge.
You never came this hard, your body shaking and weak, as curses, moans and Ransom’s name was all that could leave your mouth.
Ransom stood up, shoving his fingers in your mouth so you could taste yourself. You moaned and sucked on his fingers shamelessly enjoying every second of it.
“That good, uh?” he said, that cocky bastard. You never hated that smirk so much as you did now.
Especially because you couldn’t even respond to him, your dizzy head spinning as you recovered. Your hands gripping the desk for balance.
You were beyond wrong. That was the worst idea you ever had. Ransom would ruin anyone else for you. There was no way you wouldn’t want him more after today.
“Sweetie, are you there?” Ransom cupped your cheeks, the coy smirk still in his face. “That was….” you tried finding the words, biting your lips.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he said, looking at you with a proud smile on his face. “Feel like returning the favor, bunny?” he raised a brow at you, as you nodded.
Ransom removed his pants, “wanna see what that pretty mouth can do before I fuck you stupid” he taunted, freeing his cock.
You sank down to your knees, palming his length, the precum visible in his swollen tip. Your mouth watered at the sight, he was big, you gulped, body tensing a little.
“Oh, don’t worry kitten” Ransom mocked “it will fit” he said, stroking his length, bringing it to your mouth.
You left your tongue out, welcoming him, the salty precum filling your mouth. You sucked the reddened tip, your tongue swirling around it. Ransom’s eyes going wide as he groaned.
He grabbed your hair, pulling his length into you. you hallowed your cheek and took him all, gagging as he tried to fit in your mouth.
“Doing so good for daddy, sweetie” he praised “such a good girl taking all of my cock” you moaned at the words, making his dick twitch in your mouth.
He increased his pace, growling and moaning as he pounded into your mouth. “Fuck, your mouth feels so good, sweetie” his thrusts were sloppy, losing his pace as he got closer to his release.
Then, he stopped, pulling you out of him and into your feet. Ransom pulled you back to the desk, spinning you until you were sited, legs on his waist.
You removed his shirt and pulled him closer to you, kissing his lips. You both moaned as your tastes collided. You ran your hands through his hairs, making a mess on his perfectly neat hair.
Ransom growled as you pulled him, gripping your hips, slowly sinking into you slowly. You whined as you felt your walls stretching to fit him.
“So tight, baby” Ransom said, burying his face in your neck “can feel you squeezing me, fuck” he began to increase his pace, slamming his hips faster.
You threw your head back, your legs pressing his waist tighter, feeling him balls deep inside you.
“Gonna ruin all other men for you” Ransom groaned “gonna have your greedy pussy all for myself now” you nearly screamed at his words.
“Ransom, don’t stop” you begged squirming and moaning all for him. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, daddy’s gotcha” he whispered in your ear, his voice low and raspy sending shrives down your body.
Ransom began pounding even faster, biting and kissing your neck, his thumb in a perfect pace in your clit. It was mind blowing. Ransom knew how to touch all the right places.
You could feel your bodies working in a perfect rhythm. You could feel how Ransom didn’t stop kissing and touching you. How his free hand was grabbing your leg, strong enough to leave his mark on you.
You could also see the look on his face, his body and the sounds that left his mouth showing that he was just as in it as you. Red skin, flushed expression and sweat covering his body. His hair was a mess, as you pushed and pull to bring him impossibly closer to you.
His thrusts were losing their pace, becoming sloppy as you could feel the waves of your orgasm hitting you. White hot spots of pleasure taking over your body.
You were in a blissful state, holding yourself in Ransom, finding balance in his shoulders, leaning towards him as he drove you through your high; still chasing his own release.
Ransom was lost in the feeling, your pussy pulsating and squeezing him even tighter than before. He never felt so good in his life.
“Want me to fill you up, sweetie?” he could barely make sense of his words, lost in you “yes, daddy, please” you whined, and that drove Ransom wild, straight to his own orgasm.
You could fill his warm cum spilling inside you, filling you up as he moaned loudly, his forehand meeting yours as you were both breathing heavily.
Ransom cleaned you up with his boxers, helping you find your clothes.
Holding them out for you, he raised a finger to his chin and grinned “you know, there’s showers in here” he winked, still looking at you.
“Well, I could actually use a warm bath now” you replied, winked back at him. Ransom laughed and let you the mansion. You were wearing nothing but his sweaters.
You had no idea what you were doing. All you knew is that somehow you still needed more of him.
You were completely intoxicated by Ransom Drysdale, the trust fund prick. And tonight, he could take you wherever he wanted.
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mjolnir-steve · a month ago
If You Love Me, Let Me Hear You
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader
Word count: 8120 (Am I okay???)
Summary: Ransom and reader are idiots in love, but they haven’t told each other that yet. Ransom lets himself be vulnerable for the first time.
Warnings: soft!Ransom, explicit language, explicit sexual content (18+ only!!!!! - sprinkle of praise kink, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex (m/f), vaginal fingering, mildly subby Ransom, squirting (oops), calling Ransom daddy but not full-blown daddy kink???), mention of loss of virginity, brief mention of insecurity in appearance, suggestive teasing, teeny bit of angst, too-sweet fluff bc I need it to survive... Please let me know if I missed anything!
This fic is extremely self-indulgent. I am plus-size, so I obviously wrote this envisioning myself as the reader. However, I kept the mention of size brief. I don’t think I’ve written anything hinting at race/ethnicity, so I really hope this is something all can enjoy.
Please see end for A/N. :) This is unbeta’d because I was afraid of chickening out of posting!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics​!
Tumblr media
You met Ransom Drysdale at an event at his grandfather Harlan’s estate celebrating the release of his latest novel. It was the first event you coordinated in your new position as Harlan’s assistant, and you were positive that everyone in the room could feel your anxiety rolling off of you in waves. In spite of your self-imposed “no alcohol at work functions” rule, you ordered an amaretto sour, figuring it wasn’t that strong, just syrupy sweet and enough to take off the edge. Ransom took one look at you from across the room and immediately decided you’d be going home with him that night. It physically pained you to say no to him, but you did, and for whatever reason, he didn’t give up. After a few weeks of showing up at the office and demanding your attention, he asked you on an actual date – out to dinner and a movie – and you said yes, unsure of what to expect.
Now you were waiting for Ransom to take you out on your first actual dinner date in ages. You’d been together for six months, but you could count the number of actual dates you shared on one hand. There had been three, and you slept with him after the third. You tried planning a few more after that, but those plans went out the window every time Ransom saw you all dolled up for him. He couldn’t keep his hands off you once you’d let him get a taste, and you didn’t mind that a bit; however, you did take issue with two hours of work on your makeup and outfit being smeared and discarded in a matter of minutes. So today, after breakfast, you insisted on celebrating six months together with a proper date.
“We can go to Dunkin’ for coffee and munchkins if you want, but we have to leave the bedroom at some point. I wanna celebrate!” You pouted a bit, sure that you looked ridiculous, but you had every intention of standing your ground. Good thing you had the kitchen counter behind you to back you up.
Ransom looked you up and down, his crystal blue eyes darkening to the prettiest navy. He put his hands on your waist, the cool metal of his pinky ring making you shiver as it came into contact with the sliver of exposed skin that managed to sneak out from underneath your sweater… Well, his sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the wash when you insisted he do the laundry himself for once. He leaned forward and kissed over your collarbone, up your neck, and stopped just below your ear, whispering, “But we already celebrated, pretty girl. You didn’t forget, did you? In the shower after we woke up…” He pressed into you, so close that you could feel him hardening against you.. “...on the couch while we waited for the scones to finish in the oven.” He nipped at your pulse point, and you hoped he didn’t hear your breath catch in your throat. “We can celebrate here in the kitchen right now...” He kissed you then, cupping your jaw with one hand and beginning to push down your shorts with the other.
You sighed into the kiss and you almost gave in, but you came to your senses in the brief moment when his lips left yours, lungs in search of air. You pushed him off of you and yelled, “NOPE!” He tried to cage you against the counter again, but you ran around the kitchen island, putting a ridiculous amount of solid marble between you. You held back a laugh when you realized how unhinged you must have looked holding the dough-covered rolling pin you used while baking this morning. “You buy me all these beautiful dresses and all this gorgeous jewelry, and I never get to wear any of it anywhere,” you said, a little too calmly while waving the rolling pin in his face, as if it were anywhere near as threatening as those knives in Harlan’s office. “Just a few hours. That’s all I ask.”
He put his hands up in defeat. You thought you’d won until he bit his lip and raised his eyebrow, and you knew you were in some kind of trouble since he reserved the single-eyebrow raise for those moments, the ones when he formulated his most sinful plans for you and your body. “Fine. Dinner is all about you, but what we do after? That’s all about me.”
You tapped your finger against your chin, pretending to think about it but knowing your pussy already agreed to this deal. Traitor. “Fair, I guess. If you sweep me off my feet at dinner, then we can do whatever you want when we come home.”
Ransom had started rolling his eyes at you, but his face visibly softened a bit when he heard you call his house home. He walked around the island and stood in front of you, smiling like an idiot when he leaned in towards you. He jerked backward with a soft chuckle, easing the rolling pin out of your hand and onto the tabletop before taking your face in both of his hands and giving you the sweetest, deepest kiss, like some kind of Disney prince. With a soft peck to the corner of your mouth, he pulled away from you enough to see your dumbstruck face, stroking your cheek with his thumb before kissing the tip of your nose. “What was that you said about sweeping you off your feet?”
His cocky grin burst the bubble you were floating in, and you quickly came back down to earth, lightly smacking his shoulder. “You’ll have to do more than that, Hugh.” Your laugh bordered on a cackle when his jaw dropped at your use of his given name, so formal that most people didn’t even know it. With that, you took the stairs two at a time and settled into your seat at the vanity he’d had built for you so you could get ready for what could be either the most romantic or the most heartbreaking night of your life.
Tumblr media
Ransom always told you he didn’t think you needed makeup, but you weren’t going to let your extensive collection go to waste. You settled on keeping your base simple and going all out with a neutral smokey eye. You contemplated wearing red lipstick and decided against it, pressing your thighs together at the memory of how it stained the sheets last time you wore it, when he pounded you into the mattress, your screams and moans stifled by your pillow. You couldn’t seem to get your eyeliner right, and that’s when you realized your hands were shaking. 
You were in love with Ransom, and you wanted to tell him tonight. Although your relationship wasn’t traditional by any means, you knew you had gotten closer to Ransom than anyone else ever had – members of his own family included. His demeanor was caustic at best, and your friends didn’t understand why you were with him, even though he treated you like a princess in public just as much as he did in private – maybe even more so, since he couldn’t let a second go by without reminding the world you were his. His family (apart from Harlan, and maybe his cousin Meg) loathed you and made sure you knew it, taking every opportunity to call you a gold-digger and pull Ransom away from your side to introduce you to some heiress or other.
Over the last six months, you and Ransom had shared almost as many heartfelt conversations as you did orgasms. He told you he loved to write, but he was too scared to try to publish. He feared Harlan would be accused of nepotism and he never would be able to make his own name mean something. After a few weeks, you confided in him that he was your first, and he was almost angry that you didn’t tell him beforehand so that he could’ve made it special for you. Then in typical Ransom fashion, he remarked, “I’m impressed you took all of me on your first try.” You gasped and smacked his cheek, feigning disgust and failing to hold in your giggles. 
Another night, he told you that his mother Linda became “annoyed” with his childhood pet cat and gave it away one day while he was at school – that’s why he didn’t want another pet now, even though he lived in his own house. You shared that even though you were working on your master’s in publishing, you truly wanted nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom one day, that you craved domesticity, having dinner on the table when your husband came home. He furrowed his brows at that. “Isn’t that, like, the opposite of feminism?”
You countered that it’s different when a woman stays home because she wants to do it, not because it’s expected of her. He said he would love to come home to you every day, whether you had dinner on the table or not. 
Most recently, he shared that he started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone so that he could take you on your dream vacation throughout all of Spain and not be embarrassed. He blushed and the conversation ended there, with you kissing him so hard he regretted not telling you sooner.
Tumblr media
You chose a black midi dress Ransom bought you two months ago for your birthday. It was long-sleeved and not too low-cut. It fit you perfectly. The material was soft and slinky, but not so much that it would give away the surprise underneath, a lacy matching set you knew he’d love. 
You always worried about your tummy in outfits like this, but you knew Ransom would worship you no matter what you wore (or didn’t wear, for that matter). He reminded you, enthusiastically and repeatedly, that he wanted his hands full of your body. The first time he begged you to sit on his face – yes, Hugh Ransom Drysdale begged for something – you told him you were afraid you would suffocate him. 
“1. That’s practically impossible, sweetheart. 2. I can’t imagine a better way to go. About to cum with my mouth full of you and my head in between your perfect thighs? Murder me. Fucking do it. I’m telling Harlan to use this in his next book.” Cheeks warming at the memory, you finally slipped on your favorite strappy burgundy heels and walked downstairs, more anxious than you’d ever been, afraid you wouldn’t be able to stomach the food at dinner.
Tumblr media
If Ransom’s jaw could have been on the floor, it would have. The same could be said for you, taking in the sight of your godlike boyfriend. His dark hair was carefully coiffed away from his face, drawing attention to his long, even darker eyelashes. So unfair. He wore a pair of gray wool slacks, pressed to perfection, with black bit-loafers and a burgundy sweater which emphasized how flushed his own cheeks were at the moment. His sweater matched your shoes exactly, and you marveled at how he always read your mind. He took your hand, helping you down the last few steps, and twirled you around once you reached the bottom. He spun you in close to him, and like something out of a movie, he revealed the bouquet of pink peonies he’d been hiding behind his back and dipped you, dropping a short kiss to your lips. “Happy anniversary, baby.” He pulled you back up against him, kissing you again and somehow managing not to crush the flowers.
You thought you might say it right then and there, but he left you both speechless and breathless. Everything he was doing and saying indicated he felt the same, but you were still so afraid he didn’t, all too aware of how guarded he could be. You opted to enjoy the evening a bit before potentially dropping a bomb you wouldn’t be able to defuse. “Ran, thank you. They’re beautiful.” You kissed his freshly-shaven cheek, giggling as he tried to get you to kiss him on the lips instead. You couldn’t resist, and you let him kiss you until you felt his tongue attempting to gain access to your mouth. “Enough. We’ll never leave at this rate,” you chided, kissing him on the cheek once more before turning around to look for a vase. You were shocked to find he’d already left a vase filled with water on the counter. How had you failed to notice that, and why was he being so thoughtful, so charming?
Little did you know, Ransom was questioning if he was doing too much? Not enough? He hoped you wouldn’t notice his hands shaking as he took the flowers back from you, quickly trimming the stems and arranging them neatly in the vase. He had watched Fran do it at Harlan’s several times, and he hoped he was doing it right and not killing them. He noticed you watching him and could feel himself blushing for the second time in as many minutes. Your attempts to look away from him were futile, your eyes involuntarily fixed upon the way his thick thighs and round ass filled out his tailor-made slacks. You nearly got on your knees, but this date was your idea, after all. Instead, you opted to take the vase from him and move it to the windowsill. “You never did say where we’re going, Ran.”
It took everything in him not to spoil the surprise, that he reserved your preferred table at your favorite restaurant the next town over. You regularly ordered takeout from there, but Ransom had never actually been, so even he was looking forward to going. He also arranged the menu beforehand knowing if he didn’t, you would spend entirely too much time trying to make a decision and not enough time letting him make you laugh. He even asked them to make your favorite cake for the two of you since he knew it always sold out earlier in the day. He smiled at you, and you knew he had no intentions of telling you where he was taking you.
“It’s cute that you think the grandson of a mystery writer wouldn’t keep you in suspense..” He winked at you, moving to open the door for you. Biting back a smile, you rolled your eyes as you walked past him. He locked the front door quickly, wanting to get ahead of you and open the passenger door of the Beemer. Ransom was always softer with you than he was with anyone else, but he was taking it to the next level tonight. He was never cruel to you like he was to his exceedingly vicious family, but he also didn’t shy away from the odd sarcastic response. If anything, he was only guilty of teasing you, most often when you were begging him, sexually or otherwise. He hoped you had no idea how the butterflies in his stomach that first appeared when he saw you walking down the stairs were currently conspiring to make him vomit out of the sheer panic he felt, sure that he was about to royally fuck this up.
Ransom was in love with you. This was the first time he ever felt so strongly about anyone, and it made him sick because he felt undeserving of you. He wasn’t sure he even felt love for his family, apart from his grandfather. He had dated before you, but he wasn’t one for relationships, definitely not exclusive ones. But there was something about you, and he knew from the second he spotted you at that release party six months ago that he wouldn’t be able to live without you. He was drawn to you immediately. At first, he thought he just wanted to fuck you, but you turned him down when other women would have fallen to their knees. Normally, rejection would have pissed him off, quickly moving on to the next pretty thing to catch his eye. To his surprise, he found himself wanting to get to know you - the sex would just be a bonus. 
You had him wrapped around your finger after one date, totally whipped after two, and you didn’t even know it. Then you spent the night with him after your third date, letting him take you apart with his mouth, his fingers, his cock, and he asked himself what it would be like to have you every night for the rest of your lives. And later, when you told him he was your first? Initially, he was disappointed, even upset, that you didn’t give him the opportunity to be more gentle, more careful. He got past that quickly enough when he realized it turned him on a lot, not because he was a perv who relished ruining virgins or some shit like that, but because you wanted him enough, trusted him enough, to share that experience with him. His family barely trusted him to remember to feed his grandfather’s dogs, and you were willing to give him your body, letting him be the first and only person ever to make you cum and you let him do it about five more times that night.
All of this led Ransom to this moment, white-knuckling the steering wheel as he reversed out of the driveway. He wanted to tell you how he felt; you deserved someone who could give you that, shouting it from the rooftops by day and whispering it in your ear by night. He was in near agony, frightened to say those three words for the first time to a person and not his favorite sweater or his car, unsure if you felt the same. He wanted to believe you did, that this wasn’t just some sort of weirdly intimate exclusive fuck-buddy set-up where you didn’t actually want him as much as he wanted you, all of you. It had only been six months, and he was wildly inexperienced in the emotions department, but the way he craved you assured him that there was no way he could ever let you go. With all of that on his mind, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to tell you tonight, but he sincerely wished with all of his liquor-soaked heart that he could show you, at the very least. You could sense that he was lost in his own head and reached over to lace your fingers with his, pulling his right hand down to rest in your lap. He looked at you for a moment and gave you a tiny, shy smile, quickly returning his eyes to the road.
Tumblr media
You squealed when Ransom pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, thankful that you chose to skip lunch, both to leave room for dinner and to avoid feeling sick with nerves. Ransom walked around to open your door and offered you his hand to help you out of the car. “I don’t believe I actually told you how breathtakingly stunning you look tonight. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He kissed your hand that he was still holding as you smoothed your dress with the other. He shut the door behind you and moved to take your arm in his to walk you inside.
“You didn’t. I must look good if I somehow rendered a Thrombey speechless,” you grinned .He laughed at that, kissing you on the cheek. You stopped walking, turning to face him. “Seriously, what’s gotten into you? Have I made you soft, Drysdale? It’s been thirty minutes and you haven’t even cursed.” You smiled at him, eyes crinkling with amusement. He panicked for a moment before he realized you were only teasing him. He really thought for a moment that all of his efforts were for naught, that you thought it was overkill. 
He tried to play it cool, leaning forward to bring his lips to your ear. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “I’m saving that for when we get home from this expensive-ass date, baby.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver down your spine, straight to your core. You’d be lying if you said your panties were still dry. He moved back, grabbing both of your hands and looking at you with a bright smile and a wink. You laughed and closed the distance between you, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks and kiss him, innocently at first. You turned it into an almost-messy, open-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss, ending it with a quick peck before it got too out of control. He looked wrecked already, cheeks flushing (again) and chest slightly heaving. Perhaps it was a not-great decision on his part in wearing his grey slacks since you could see the outline of his soon-to-be painfully obvious erection forming. He let out a deep breath and took your hand in his, walking you into the restaurant.
Tumblr media
Dinner was perfect, and the conversation between the two of you flowed as easily and sweetly as your favorite wine of which Ransom had ensured there’d be plenty. When you’d finished your meal, though, he seemed distant, sending the odd text and checking his phone in a way that was anything but discreet. The waiter asked if you were ready for dessert and you requested a moment to decide.
You reached across the table and put your hand over Ransom’s, imploring him to put down his phone. “I’m not sure if you’ve already arranged dessert, but I made you something at home if you don’t mind taking this to go?” His eyes widened, and you couldn’t quite discern his expression. He bit his lip, looking down toward his phone, and you realized he was nervous as he quickly sent another text. You scooted toward him in the rounded booth, lightly placing one hand on his thigh and gently squeezing his hand with your other. “Is everything okay, Ran?”
He placed his other hand on top of yours and smiled at you, but his voice was uncharacteristically shaky when he spoke. “Everything’s perfect. I just have another surprise for you at home that’s being set up while we’re here. I wanted to make sure it’s all done before we get back. I didn’t mean to worry you.” He kissed you on the cheek, his gentleness bewildering you further. “Dessert at home sounds great.” He asked the waiter to wrap up your leftovers, including the cake you hadn’t yet tasted. After placing a rather large wad of bills on the table, he stood up and extended his hand to you to help you to your feet.
Tumblr media
“So when you said you made dessert… Did you mean actual dessert, or was that a euphemism for sex? Because I’ve been rock hard since that kiss on the way in, and I think I deserve a reward for not simply having my way with you in the restroom.” Ransom looked at you from the driver’s seat with wide eyes, hopeful yet suggestive, as he lifted your hand to kiss it with his perfect pink lips. 
You smirked at him then, making the decision to toy with him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” You moved your hand still entwined with his down to his lap, gently applying pressure where he so desperately craved it. Satisfied with the clipped moan that slipped from his mouth, you continued, slowly, barely rubbing him through his pants. “I do appreciate that, though – that you kept your hands to yourself like that, handsome.” You felt his hand squeeze yours, and you knew it was taking everything in him not to pull over and fuck you on the side of the road. You could feel the wetness beginning to pool in your panties. Maybe it was a bad idea, but emboldened by the way he was reacting to your words, you decided to push him even further. You leaned over and gently pressed your lips to the side of his neck, purring in his ear, “Only good boys get to have dessert, and you’ve been so good for me tonight.” 
You’d begun to suspect your boyfriend had a bit of a praise kink a few weeks ago when you jokingly called him a good boy after he proudly informed you that he did all of the dishes by hand and didn’t use the dishwasher or leave them for the maid. The words left your mouth, and his pupils dilated before he quickly cleared his throat and left the room, so you decided to hold onto that card and play it the next time you really wanted something from him. Tonight was that night. You actually did make dessert for him, and you wanted him to at least see it before he locked the two of you in the bedroom for the night. He turned his whole body to look at you like he just won the fucking lottery, and you felt the car accelerate the slightest bit. Using your free hand to pinch his chin, you directed him to face forward once more. “Eyes on the road now, Ran.”
Tumblr media
Ransom practically ripped the keys out of the ignition when he pulled into the driveway. The second you unbuckled your seatbelt, you thought he might tear the passenger door off the hinges as he reached in to scoop you up bridal-style. He kicked the door closed and started running toward the house with you in his arms, holding on tightly to his neck and squealing in excitement. He stopped in front of the door and adjusted the way he held you, wrapping your legs around his waist and supporting you with one arm as he scrambled to turn the key in the lock. The front door closed with a slam that surely shook the house as he made his way toward the stairs up to his bedroom. Was it your bedroom, too? Your own apartment essentially served as a storage unit at this point. You shook your head to yourself. You could think about that another time.
You came to your senses when you heard the creak of the first step under Ransom’s foot. “Wait, Ran, put me down!” 
He stopped with one foot in mid-air, ready to take the next step. He pressed his forehead to yours, whining, “Whaaat, Y/N? You’re torturing me, beautiful.”
You tried to soothe him, scratching through the hair at the back of his neck as you warily placed your feet on the ground. “I really did make dessert for you, Ransom,” you pouted. 
Of course you made dessert, Ransom thought. You were perfect in every way, and every single thing you’d done that day replayed in his head, reminding him that this had to be too good to last, that you were too good for him. Without thinking, he clapped his hand across his face, dramatically stretching his features downwards. “Can you at least let me blow your back out first? I’m in pain over here.” He waved his hands around in the vicinity of his glaring boner, looking like an air traffic controller. He’d made up his mind that you certainly would not stick around if and when he worked up the courage to say those three words, those eight letters, that made his stomach flip in truly unbearable discomfort, so he was on a mission to feel you around him, on top of him, underneath him one last time.
To his surprise, you scrunched your nose at him in the adorable way you always did when he made an overtly sexual comment. You reached out for his hand and led him to the kitchen. “Just let me show you before we go upstairs. I don’t mind if we eat it later, but I’m proud of this one. I made it just for you, honey.” Ransom knew you loved to bake. In fact, one of his favorite things was watching you sing and dance around the kitchen as you experimented, sugar, butter, flour everywhere. He wondered to himself when you had time to make dessert without his noticing. “Close your eyes for a sec. No peeking.” He watched you spin around toward the fridge before he covered his eyes with one large hand, the other resting on the countertop. “Open.” If your smile were any wider, your face would have split in half.
Ransom raised an eyebrow at the dish before looking back at you. “Cheesecake? What’s on top?”
You let out a deep breath. “Okay, so…” You tried to channel Vanna White, showcasing your creation with dramatic hand gestures. “I present to you… brown sugar bourbon cheesecake with… Drum roll, please, Ransom.” His cackle was cut short by the realization that you were completely serious. He did as you instructed, moving towards you to tap your hips in place of a snare drum. “... Biscoff cookie crust. I crumbled some on top, too. I snuck down here after you fell asleep last night so it would have plenty of time to set.”
Ransom felt the sting of tears in his eyes and quickly lowered his head to blink them away before you could see. He couldn’t imagine what he ever did to deserve you, this beautiful woman in front of him who found the most thoughtful, unbelievable ways to make him feel so special. In that instant, he let himself believe that maybe you loved him, too. Why else would you sacrifice your own sleep? Why else would you work so hard? Remember his favorite things and venture to find some way to combine them into what would, no doubt, be the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten besides you? This night was chipping away at his walls to the point where they might crumble, and for the first time, he thought maybe he was okay with that. 
He hugged you then, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around. He peppered kisses all over your face, ending with an unexpectedly sweet kiss to your lips. You thought you saw tears glistening in his eyes, but you didn’t say anything. “Thank you so much, baby. This is so thoughtful. You’re too good to me.” Something shifted in the air between you two, and you could tell he was not going to cut a slice of the dessert anytime soon, so you turned around in his arms to put it away. He leaned over you, growling in your ear from behind, “I can’t wait to share some with you in our bed.” He kissed your shoulder and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, unknowingly answering your earlier question as to whether or not the bedroom was yours, too. The warm sensation in your chest was almost too much to bear, but you didn’t want it to go away.
You placed the dish in the refrigerator and shut the door, turning around in his arms. “Now,” you hiked one leg up on his hip, “I believe you said something about blowing my back out, honey.” His hands moved down from your waist to support your ass, prompting you to wrap your other leg around his narrow waist, your arms around his thick neck, decidedly your new favorite method of transportation.
Tumblr media
Ransom took the stairs two at a time, anxious to see how Fran and Marta did with his request. “Close your eyes for me, baby?” He kissed your forehead, lips lingering for a moment as he watched your lashes flutter before he opened the bedroom door.
He smiled when he opened the door, taking in the view and the sweet scent of all of the candles and flowers. He texted Marta and Fran while you’d been getting ready, asking if they could pick up several dozen roses and candles to decorate the room before you got home from dinner. Neither of them ever had considered Ransom to be so romantic and were more than willing to help when he mentioned it was your anniversary. He smiled, satisfied with the job they’d done, making a mental note to Venmo them double what he sent initially. 
Ransom placed you down on the floor, holding onto your waist from behind and pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Open.”
You couldn’t believe how beautiful your bedroom looked, covered in red and pink rose petals and bathed in the warm glow of the candlelight. “Oh, Ransom,” you gasped. You looked around for another moment, noticing the bed was made with the new duvet and sheets you’d been looking at online a few weeks ago. “This is too much.”
He turned you around to face him and kissed you, short and sweet. “Baby, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do enough for you.”
You looked up at him and smiled, eyes shiny with tears yet to fall. “I thought dessert was supposed to be all about you?” You placed your hands on his chest, relishing the feel of his heart beating faster at your touch.
“This is for both of us.” Smooth as ever, he reached behind your back to unzip your dress. “You get the girly, dreamy set-up, and I get to admire how sexy you are in this light.”
Your dress dropped to the floor and he helped you step out of it, picking it up and neatly laying it over the back of your chair. You were already wet, and this simple act of taking such care with you, with your clothes, only ruined your panties further. You stood with your hands on your hips, slightly flexing your biceps forward to maximize the appearance of your cleavage.
“Are you implying that I’m not sexy in other lights, Ransom?” You bit your lip so he’d know you were just playing, afraid to tease too, too much since he seemed so on edge.
His mouth hung open wide as he looked you up and down, arms reaching forward to run his hands up and down your sides before resting low on your hips. Ransom stepped back and took one of your hands in his, using his other hand to prompt you to turn around for him before pulling you in for another kiss. “That is actually the exact opposite of what I’m thinking, pretty girl.” He continued admiring you, sneakily slipping his fingers beneath the waistline of your panties. “You know this color on you drives me crazy, right?”
You smiled and nodded as he moved his fingers lower, gathering your wetness with a feather-light touch that made you pant. He groaned when he easily slipped two thick fingers inside you and met no resistance, a fresh rush of your slick leaking down his hand.
“Well, fuck me. Jesus, baby.” You whimpered at the loss of his fingers, but your eyes widened as you watched him suck on his fingers, lapping your juices from his skin. When he was finished, you pressed the length of your body to his, backing him into the wall behind him.
“That’s the goal, daddy.” You felt his cock twitch in his pants as you tightened your fingers in his hair, forcing his mouth open with a gasp, granting your tongue access to taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
You never thought you would address a man other than your father as daddy until you were with Ransom. He was your first and only, so when he commanded that you “cum all over daddy’s cock” the first time you slept together, you did just that. From that point forward, you only ever called him that in bed, figuring it was just what he liked. It wasn’t necessarily your kink, but pleasing Ransom definitely was. Whether or not you were in the bedroom, it was a surefire way to get what you wanted.
Six months later, here you were, confidently sinking to your knees and unzipping his tented slacks. You were so nervous the first time you offered to suck your boyfriend off, but he was understanding, assuring you it was okay if you weren’t ready. His tenderness only motivated you, and you probably should’ve known then that you held his inexperienced heart in your hands.
Still pressed against the wall, Ransom gazed at you with a mix of lust and adoration, in disbelief that he managed to find you and that you willingly stayed with him. He let out a thin wheeze as you finally rid him of his briefs, planting a kiss below his belly button before your lips traveled south. “Baby, please, I need you.”
You smiled up at him, nuzzling your cheek against his thigh. “Who’s got you so needy tonight, daddy?” you whispered as you nipped along his perfectly defined Adonis belt. He pulled his sweater off in a frenzy, the sight of his naked form causing your walls to clench around nothing.
“You, pretty girl. Always you. Only you,” he whined, reaching down to cup your cheek as your eyes met his.
Ransom already looked gone, eyes hooded and sweat glistening on his forehead, his chest. You weren’t sure how long you’d last, and he’d barely touched you yet.
You hummed in response, then kissed the leaking head of his cock before swallowing the length of him. You bobbed your head back and forth, taking him as deep as you could. His moans grew higher in pitch with each movement inside your throat, and you squeezed your thighs together to relieve the ache between them. His hips bucked forward of their own accord until you brought a hand to his tummy, holding him still. You pulled off of him with a wet pop, a noise that in any other situation might gross you out but only served to turn you on further while you were on your knees.
“Patience, daddy.” You rose to your feet, kissing your way up his body. You leaned on him for support as you removed your heels. Once you were finished, Ransom surged forward, capturing your swollen lips with his, frantically licking his way inside your mouth, inevitably tasting himself on your tongue. You feverishly kissed him back, providing the closeness he needed to reach around and undo the clasp of your bra. He managed to toss your bra onto your vanity before ducking his head to pay your pebbled nipples some well-deserved attention. You cradled the back of his head, carding your fingers through his hair as you pressed his face to your tits.
Another wave of arousal damn near gushed from your core, prompting you to put an end to Ransom’s ministrations. “Take me to bed?”
Ransom squeezed your ass before giving it a quick tap. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist while he laughed at your enthusiasm, laying you down in the middle of the bed before removing your completely-drenched panties.
“I’d venture to say this is the wettest you’ve ever been, baby.”
You felt heat rising in your cheeks in response to his comment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You grinned at him before pulling him down on top of you, eager to feel him inside you at last.
“Baby, slow down,” he gasped, breath ragged. He kneeled over you, reaching for the nightstand where he kept the condoms. You grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to your lips, kissing his open palm. Ransom inhaled sharply, waiting for you to speak.
Although your pupils were blown, your eyes were soft, searching his face. “I just wanna feel you, Rans–”
Ransom’s brows rose high on his forehead, but in what emotion, you were unsure. Now you were afraid you’d done something wrong, even though you didn’t do it on purpose.
“–I mean, daddy. Please.” You searched his face for any indication of what he was thinking, but he was giving you nothing.
Ransom was overwhelmed. No one had called him by his actual name during sex ever. Even his first girlfriend stuck to calling him “baby” or “handsome” after he clapped a hand over her mouth when she started to say his name. Once he was a bit older, he preferred “sir” or “daddy”. But then you came along, thawing out the block of ice in his chest where his heart always was meant to be. And you were telling him to fuck you raw? Another thing he’d never done with anyone else, wanting to be somewhat safe since he used to sleep around so much.
“Please say something,” you murmured, bringing him back out of his own head.
He leaned down, cupping your cheek and pressing his forehead to yours. “Are you sure that’s what you want, baby?” he prodded, voice laced with warm concern.
“I’m so sure.” You stroked the apple of his cheek with your thumb, smiling when he relaxed at your touch. “You’re the only person I’ve ever been with, and you haven’t been with anyone besides me in all this time.” 
The corner of his mouth turned upwards, showing off one of his dimples that would make you weak in the knees if you weren’t lying down already. “But you’re not on birth control, baby. Please don’t feel like you have to do thi–”
Pulling his face to yours, you kissed him hard. “–No, I’m not, but I’ve been tracking my cycle. We should be fine.” His eyes fluttered shut as you kissed him once more. You waited for him to open his eyes so you could look into them.
“I trust you.”
Ransom looked like the heart-eyes emoji; he had never heard those words in his life – not from family, not from friends. He kissed you again, sloppily, hungrily.
“If you change your mind, promise you’ll tell me?”
“I won’t change my mind, but I promise.”
Another kiss, gentler this time, made your head spin. It was different from any other kiss you’d shared, emotional and full of something you were hesitant to name. He lined himself up with your entrance, coating himself in your slick before pushing into you slowly.
“OhmyfuckingGOD,” he hissed as you adjusted to his thickness, your walls involuntarily tightening around him. “You feel so amazing, baby. I’m not gonna last long. Fuck.”
The sensation of his cock inside you was similar to the usual, but so much more intense. Ransom began to move, and you could feel each vein dragging against you with every thrust. Open-mouthed kisses along your throat left you panting. You were a pliant, fucked-out mess as he moved his hips with more intention, his tip hitting the spot that made you see stars.
“Ransom, please,” you screamed as one thrust in particular had you arching your back, pushing your chest into his.
Your eyes flew open as you tried to assess the damage you’d done. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
Ransom slowed his pace. “Don’t be sorry, pretty girl.” He kissed your tears away as quickly as they came. “I’ve never let anyone call me by my actual name in bed before.” He smiled sweetly at you as he continued moving inside you, each stroke somehow more tender than the last. “Say it again, Y/N. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.”
You cried out as he began to circle your clit with his thumb. “You are, Ransom. Always. Make. Me. Feel. So. Good.” He punctuated each word with a perfectly-angled thrust.
You were so fucking close, and Ransom began to lose his rhythm, not far behind you. “Please, Ransom, make me cum.” You sounded pathetic, needing your release in the worst way. His hips snapped violently against yours, pushing you up the bed.
“Louder, baby. Scream my name when I make you cum.” Using his index and middle fingers together, he rubbed your clit harshly at lightning speed, making you choke on air as you fell apart.
His name left your mouth like a wail, volume so high that, if he had neighbors, they’d probably call the cops. Ransom continued fucking you through it, losing all control at the feeling of you squirting all over him.
“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Ransom moved to pull out of you, planning to finish on your chest, but you crossed your legs behind him, pulling him right back in.
“Baby, please, I need to cum.” He pressed his face into your neck as he struggled to delay his climax.
Hugging him tightly, you kissed the top of his head before pushing him up to his knees, straddling him. “I know, baby, I know. I want you, all of you. I always will.” You snaked a hand down his back to grab at his ass, urging him impossibly deeper inside you. “Come on, Ransom. Please give it to me.”
He came with a roar, biting into your shoulder. The feeling of his cum filling you up was unlike anything you’d felt before, but not unwelcome by any means, and triggered another orgasm of your own, milking him thoroughly. You held each other, sobbing wordlessly as you came down from your simultaneous highs, eventually collapsing in a puddle of loose limbs. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if minutes or hours had passed, you were so out of it, floating on the most blissful cloud. Ransom began to stir, kissing from your chest to your collarbone, from your throat to your jaw, before finally ending once again at your lips. You winced as he pulled out of you, the feeling of his spend leaking from your core unfamiliar and a little unpleasant. Ransom laid next to you, tucking your head under his chin and folding you into his embrace.
He smiled sleepily, unable to get enough of your voice saying his name with so much affection. “Yeah, pretty girl?” He held you tighter.
“Why did you let me say your name tonight?”
He shuffled down to face you, lifting your chin with his finger. He figured it was now or never.
“Because I love you, Y/N. You’re the only person who’s ever believed I could be a good man. You encourage me to be the man I want to be, not the man you want me to be or the man everyone else seems to think I should be. You’ve never tried to change me. I’ve only changed because I wanted to. I wanted to be better for you.”
You felt tears spilling down your cheeks, now that your boyfriend had confirmed you had nothing to be afraid of, after all. He felt the same way, and your heart was going to beat right out of your chest.
“And you make me happy,” he continued. “I love your laugh and the way you somehow always know what I want for breakfast. I love how you sing in the shower, then pretend you didn’t. I love how you let me be the little spoon on my bad days and when I’m drunk. I love that you read to me when I can’t fall asleep. I love your heart and your mind and your laugh. Everything. I love everything about you.”
The terrified look on Ransom’s face didn’t last long. It couldn’t – not when you were rolling on top of him to pull him into your millionth kiss of the night.
“I love you, too, Ransom. So fucking much. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long now.”
The two of you held each other and cried, in need of emotional release following such an intense physical one. 
With another peck to your lips, Ransom untangled himself from you, going to the en suite bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean you up. His touch was soothing, careful around your most sensitive areas. He discarded the cloth in the hamper before leaving the room again. You wondered where he went, but you could hardly keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
A few moments later, you felt something cold against your mouth. Opening your eyes, you found Ransom sitting next to you with a plated slice of cheesecake, holding a fork up to your face. You laughed, sitting up before taking a bite.
“I really outdid myself, didn’t I?”
“Absolutely, baby. This is fucking incredible.”
You brushed a crumb away from the corner of his mouth. “I think we should make post-orgasm cheesecake a permanent thing.”
Ransom placed the now-empty plate on his nightstand, getting under the covers with you. “I know we should make it a permanent thing.” He pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around your back.
“I love you, Ransom. I hope we’re a permanent thing,” you whispered into his chest.
He looked down at you before kissing the tip of your nose and holding you tighter. “I love you, too, pretty girl. I know we’re a permanent thing.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This fic is actually the reason I started this blog. I used to write fic years ago and stopped writing, fic or otherwise, for quite some time. Earlier this year, I started to venture into reading fic again and found some incredible authors here. I had submitted these asks (1, 2, 3) to Christy (@chrissquares​), knowing she loved Ransom as much as I do, and her responses inspired me to create a new blog and get back to writing. 
I’ve been working on this since the end of May when I sent in these asks, and I think this is as ready as I’ll ever be to share it. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Christy! I’m so happy to be writing again, and I hope people can enjoy this (much longer than planned) story. 🥺
As always, comments and reblogs are so appreciated.
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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geminixevans · a month ago
Big Bad Wolf
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Black Reader
Words: 3.2k
Summary: The full moon brings out some unexpected outcomes
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, Explicit sexual content, smut ( oral f receiving)
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Tumblr media
People… so many people in one space and you didn’t think it was possible. The town’s who’s who filed into the Thrombey household, basking in the ambiance of the old house. Linda of course mingling with the guests while Richard stayed close to any pretty woman that would give him attention. Walt? Well, Walt was who he was all the time. You really didn’t want to be among the others and had Harlan not persisted, you would still be at home. Blood Like Wine’s annual Halloween party was something to be envied and you managed to skip them effortlessly in your 4 years of working for the company.
This year though? Harlan wouldn’t take no for an answer and you couldn’t keep dodging that sweet old man even if you tried. It wasn’t like you didn’t care for him, he was the only Thrombey that you could tolerate. Everyone else just gave you the wrong vibes and you would have rathered stayed away. It was for the best, you told yourself. Being entangled with them would do more bad than good. You never gave any of them the satisfaction of a conversation because they were never in the mood for one.
Except for Harlan’s grandson, Ransom. He couldn’t help but keep his eyes off of you whenever you entered the room. This was all unbeknownst to you because you didn’t even think he knew you existed. But how wrong you were. He would go out of his way to ask Harlan about you all the time just to see what you were like.
“She’s out of your league Ransom, let the girl be,” he would say to him. But that was never enough for Ransom. No, he wanted to know everything about you because you weren’t anything that he ever came across. You would look at him and give this sweet smile, the same that would you give to others. Didn’t matter how many times you did it, when you gave it to him it was like a hunger in him grew more and more.
He was going to have you one way or the other. Ransom Drysdale always got what he wanted and you were not going to be the exception. Your scent would linger under his nose whenever you passed by him and he recorded it to memory whenever you weren’t around him. His nights were consumed with your whimpers filling his ears as he fisted himself in the sheets, thinking about how you would feel under him. It was something about you that he could never get out of his head.
The full moon was out tonight and you knew that crazy things happened when the night fell. Part of you was so ready to just climb out of your costume and head back to the couch and watch Netflix. The voice in your head telling you to “have fun, you never go anywhere,” the roll in your eyes was evident because it was true. Your home was the safest place to be and why would you try and mingle with the Thrombeys? Darn that old man and his charm. This was his doing and as you looked yourself in the mirror, looking every bit of the innocent red riding hood, you huffed out loudly.
This was something that you dreaded, but with a few drinks in your system, the night couldn’t be so bad. With the turn of the old knob, you entered the Thrombey household already filled with a slew of guests that you barely knew and music that could have been kept in the DJ’s crates. The first person to be seen or to even look at you was Meg and she greeted you with the smell of weed and a smile.
She gave a good look at your costumed, humming with approval, “Little red riding hood, I dig it,” she exclaims while giving you a tight hug. You had to admit she was your favorite Thrombey out of them all but you still kept an eye out on her too. Smoothing the red cape behind you, you made it through the throng of people, giving your friendly greetings to the rest of the Thrombey gang, seeing the glint in Harlan’s eyes as you made it over to him.
He brought you into a warm hug, pulling you back to give a good look at you, “How befitting for a full moon. You look stunning my dear,” he chuckles giving you an adoring smile, “So glad you came. Seems like my persuasion worked this time”
Giving him a small pat on the shoulder, “I couldn’t dodge you a fifth time Mr. Thrombey! Everything looks immaculate. Might I add you make a great Edgar Allen Poe,” you compliment.
The surprising glint in his eye as you got his costumed right, “My, you’re the first person that has gotten my costume right all night. Knew it was a great investment to hire you. You have come a long way from the shy girl from so many years ago,” that was a lot coming from him and you could do nothing but beam at the compliment.
Way across the room you could be seen. Through a sea of people, all Ransom could see was you. The perfect Red Riding Hood to match his wolf. A sheer coincidence that it was a full moon tonight. He was feeling rather possessive and he was in taste for a pretty thing in all red. He paid attention to every part of you. From the blood-red dress, accentuating your curves to the cape leaving just enough to the imagination.
He swiped his tongue over the fake fangs, glaring at you like you were prey. He was going to make sure that tonight you knew just how hungry he was for you. He had to laugh to himself though, the fact that you two’s outfits matched so effortlessly together. Fate was definitely on his side and who was he to argue with the universe after all?
Ransom was going to give you enough time to enough time to enjoy the party, but tonight was the night to make his claim on you and he hoped that you would accept every part of him. If not… you would learn to -- one way or the other.
You walked around looking the ever more awkward because of course you didn’t know anyone and it was fine that way. Everyone was so consumed in their own conversations that you didn’t think a big deal to make your way upstairs for a moment of quiet to yourself. Your social battery was draining and you definitely needed a break from everything and everyone. Of course, you could have gone home but you didn’t want to disappoint a very eager Harlan. Plus, how many times did you actually leave the house? It was time to halfway enjoy your night out even if home felt so much better.
Making into the quiet library of Harlan’s that he had no problem with you being in, you walked over to the bookcase full of all first editions of the most famous books, including his. This was your solace and you enjoyed every minute of it. Little did you know, you were being looked at and followed like prey. Too enraptured with the many books before you, the squeak of the door didn’t even alarm you.
Your fingers skimmed over the many hardbacks, marveling at the different textures. Getting lost in the collection, you were never aware of your predator seating himself on Harlan’s desk. “My, my don’t you look like the most delicious Red Riding Hood I’ve ever seen,” the voice making you jump and causing you to turn around. The wolf before you could never be mistaken for Ransom. His chiseled face was one for the books and the smirk plastered on his face was his signature.
Just my luck
Thinking to yourself as you pushed the cape behind you once more. You had to admit, he did make a good-looking wolf, no matter how much you told yourself you didn’t care for him. But oh, your mind told you something different. He was every bit of handsome and you knew that staying away from him was best.
You gave Ransom a lingering stare, giving him a thoughtful once over. He really put thought into his costume and it showed. He was never the one to half-ass anything, that you knew for sure. From the expensive clothes he wore to the many scarfs draped over his neck, everything about him screamed that he was a man of money. Standing still against the bookshelf, you gave him one of your innocent smiles, “Hi ransom, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you were stalking my closet,” you say laughing a bit.
That laugh… Always did something to him. He could have caved right then and there but he was on a mission. He sat securely on the edge of your desk, staring into the browns of your eyes, “Call it a coincidence pretty thing. I’m not that much of a creep,” he croons at you, not being able to take his eyes off you.
The corners of your mouth rise a bit, keeping your stance against the bookshelf, “Oh I don’t think you’re a creep at all, maybe a little ominous sometimes. You’re hard to read you know?” which was true for the most part. You never gave him the time a day nor wanted to. Per Linda’s warning, it was best to keep your distance. Although it always felt like she never liked her own son. A conundrum that never sat right with you, because Harlan would say differently.
Your observation of Ransom made him perk up a little, “Ominous you say?” he questions as you answer with a subtle nod, “Guess you could say that pretty thing. If I say so myself, you’re a little closed off. Would you agree?” his voice reaching you at the distance between you two.
His observation was right but within good reason. You didn’t want him to read you so easily, turning around to scan the plethora of books in front of you, “I can be sometimes… For personal reasons,” which is fairly true. People getting close to you wasn’t something that you enjoyed and with Ransom’s track record, getting close to someone was not something he fully cared about.
But for you? You were definitely the exception and Ransom would do all he had to get you. Seeing that you turned your back to him, Ransom made the choice to try and do what you loathed the most -- get close to you. Pushing himself off the desk he made it over to the large bookcase, standing as close without touching you.
You could feel his presence behind you and it took everything in you not to shake before him. It wasn’t an uncomfortable presence, but him being so close to you was something that has never happened. “What can a guy do to change those reasons, sweet thing,” he purred closely to your ear. His voice sounded like pure silk to your ears. The heat rushing to your core was new and you tried so hard to ignore it.
The shallow breath you let out was evident and you hope he didn’t hear it, “Not much you can do. I was told to stay away from you…” that wasn’t something new to his ears. He pressed his hands flat to the books on the shelf, halfway encasing you.
Ransom leaned down, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear, “Is that right? I don’t have to ask who told you that, do I?” he says while inhaling your scent. Your smell alone could have made him buckle. The citrus and bergamot mixed with vanilla wafted from every part of you and it intoxicated him to no end.
His scent filled your nostrils with how close he was and you couldn’t help but flutter your eyelids at how good he smelled. It was true in his question, he never had to ask at all. “I’m sure you know Ransom. The real question is why are you so close if you know I’m not supposed to be around you?” He let out a small chuckle in your ear, bringing his nose closer to you.
The act alone made you shiver and he could tell he had an effect on you, “Sweetheart, nothing or anyone could keep me from you. Ya think I listen to warnings?” he says while getting closer to you. “I’m here to devour what’s mine,” the last word emphasized with a low rumble of his voice.
That alone made your knees buckle and a small whimper to escape your lips, “What makes you think I’m yours?” you questioned, feeling the wetness leak to the fabric of your lace thong.
Ransom let out a low chuckle, pressing his crotch lightly against your cape, “Think about it, sweetheart… Why am I so close to you right now? Not once have you told me to move,” he says while staying as still as possible.
Deep down you knew he was right. His mystery is what kept your eyes lingering on him too many times and you wanted to find out everything about him. But from everyone that knew him, he was damaged goods. Too dark for your innocent nature. But part of you didn’t care. Part of you wanted to fall into the darkness of him no matter how ugly it could be.
Your fingers stopped skimming the vast variety of hardbacks, listening to his question at hand, “You’re everything that I was told I don’t need. Big bad Ransom tosses em and leaves em. Who would want that? They say…”
The admission that you made was something that caught him off-guard. But he wouldn’t let you know that so soon. He pressed closer to you hearing the hitch in your breath. “Wanna know something pretty thing?” he asks while placing a small kiss to the crook of your neck, “You were everything that I was told to leave alone. I’ll darken your world you know that? But I promise it’ll be worth it,” the last statement whispered as it falls from his lips.
You knew he was trouble… knew that he wouldn’t be the typical man that you were told you needed. But he was what you needed and wanted. Without hesitation, you turned around to his oceanic blue eyes piercing into your very soul. The pointed ears perched upon his head gave a good look to his attire. Your hands reached up, stroking the soft fur of his ears, “What big ears you have,” you whispered to him.
Ransom smirked at you, keeping you encased, “The better to hear those pretty sounds my love,” he said while inching closer.
The closer he got, the calmer your body became. He drank in every part of you and you couldn’t help but get lost in the way his eyes bore into you, “What big eyes you have,” you say as your thighs clenched together.
He lowered his head down, bringing his forehead to yours, “The better to see you come apart for me…” he says faintly while bringing one hand over your hips.
You felt the light grip against you, bringing your lips to ghost over his, “What b-big hands you have,” the temptation becoming too much for you.
Ransom drank in your energy, wanting to waste no time in claiming you, “All the better to hold you…” his voice but a whisper now. Bringing his hand to the back of your neck, he pulls you closer, pressing his lips to yours. Ransom slots his lips over yours, slipping his tongue into your mouth. The tase of whiskey invaded your taste buds, drinking in every part of him.
Your hands pull at his sweater bringing him closer to you. Pulling away from him you try to catch your breath, “What a tongue you have,” you say breathlessly.
Ransom brings his lips to yours once more, giving a bruising kiss, “ The better to devour you with,” he pants out, wasting no time in sinking down to his knees. He raises one leg over his shoulders, pushing the hem of your dress up as he gets a good look at the lace covering your covered core. He gives you a low growl before hooking his fingers in the waistband, ripping the material from your body.
You let out a shocked gasp, feeling his warms lips attach to your folds, hearing him moan from underneath you. His senses were all over the place as he tasted you, letting his tongue take long stripes up your pussy before sucking your clit into his mouth. Your hand slid through his brown locks, holding onto him as he devoured your sweet cunt.
Resting your head against the shelf, you lost yourself in the feeling of Ransom’s perfect tongue, “Ransom…” you moaned out, feeling a smirk form on his lips. He didn’t stop his movements, hearing sucks and smacks coming from his lips. He was definitely devouring you and giving everything that he had. He looked up at you, flicking your bundle of nerves with his tongue, watching your face contort in utter pleasure.
It made him beam inside knowing it was him that making you feel this way. You took one look down and the sight of him made the pressure in your core tighten. Gripping his hair in one hand, you ground into his face, allowing him more access to your dripping pussy. He let out an audible moan, pushing two fingers into you, scissoring and stretching you open.
Ransom was a sight to see as he was under you, devouring every single part of your body. He wasted no time finding your spot, stroking it over and over as he took higher to the place of euphoria. Your words broken but audible as you gave him so many praises, “Feels so good, so good,” crying out as the sparks begin to creep into your cunt. Ransom swirled his expert tongue over your clit, not taking his eyes off of you.
He pressed his fingers roughly to your spot, stroking over it as you arched your back violently, giving him just what he wanted. Ransom held on to your hips as you bucked and flooded his mouth with your sweet nectar, him drinking up every drop. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, wrapping his lips around your clit bring again earth-shattering orgasm to your body.
“Oh my god, Ransom!” you scream out as another high washes over you. He grips you tightly bringing you directly on his tongue, drinking every drop that you give him. You looked like a piece of art to him and he would do anything to watch you look this way to him all the time.
You rested your back against the bookshelf, trying to catch your breath. Ransom kissed up your thighs and all the way up, enveloping his lips with yours. He slid his tongue over yours as you tasted the very essence of yourself. He took his lips off of you as your eyes fluttered open. A smirk laid across his lips as he look at you. “So what will it be pretty thing?”
Looking at him with pure lust and certainty, you stare up into those darkened eyes, “Fuck my world up…”
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marvelouscharlie24 · 2 months ago
Family Affair
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader
Word Count: 2,995
Summary: After an awful family gathering, Ransom takes it out on you.
Warnings: Unprotected sex. Explicit sexual content. Vaginal fingering. Asphyxiation. Oral sex (female receiving). Mention of shitty family drama. Explicit language. Angry sex. 18+.
Tumblr media
You had the entire house to yourself on Saturday night, due to Ransom being at a family dinner that he didn’t mention to you until he had to leave. You were excited to stay home unexpectedly and you didn’t think much of it until he came home in a rage, steam blowing out his ears like a cartoon bull.
The sound of the front door to your farmhouse slamming shut and his steel toe boots hitting the hardwood floors shakes the entire house, making sure you know he’s made an appearance.
It didn’t take a lot to understand that Ransom didn’t exactly have a good relationship with his family, much less his actual parents. You were warned before you two started going out by a few of your friends that he was just another trust fund playboy in the city of Boston. Of course, he convinced you otherwise.
Ransom was sometimes sweet, he treated you fairly, never let you out of his sight, protected you in ways you couldn’t, was almost always honest with you and you knew way deep down, he wasn’t just some selfish, heartless, psychopathic and somewhat immature man. He was yours and you were his.
You knew a different side of him. One he only showed you. Or liked to. You didn’t understand what he’d been going through since birth, so you couldn’t relate. All you could do was listen. That was if you could get him to talk in the first place. Only at the rarest of times would he confess a new piece of information like peeling back the layers of an onion, one by one.
“How was dinner, babe?” You ask, receiving no answer. Only upset grunts. Turning the TV volume down on the film you were watching, you walk into the foyer to see Ransom rushing to take off his cardigan in a huff. Your reaction changes immediately. “What happened?”
Ransom looks over his shoulder at you in a smooth groove, then back to the wooden cupboard. “What always happens: I arrive, they pick at me like buzzards to a carcass before I’m even in the doorframe, it doesn’t stop until dessert.” He doesn’t turn around for a while. Remaining extremely still, he stares at the parakeet colored green wall.
“I mean, you’d think they’d run out of things to say, but no. It’s like every week, they decide on different topics like a fucking book club.” He huffs in annoyance. Ransom places his hands on his hips, getting into that stance he would use to take a breather.
You anxiously attempt to reach for his hand in comfort, but yank back when he turns around quickly to face you. His eyes are pitch black even in the light coming from above you two. You automatically felt his aura change out of negativity and into desire. Like a predator stalking his prey. Ransom lowers his gaze on you, looking down through his long eyelashes.
“But you, little one, were stuck in my head all night so I got through their bullshit.” A slight smirk appearing shortly. Ransom takes small steps towards you. You back away from him, eyes wide.
This side of him was infrequent and alarming. You had hardly ever seen him like this before. It sent shivers down your spine. You felt worried, not safe, but you let him continue in a way that could maybe lead to something you wanted. Ransom was rough in bed, you knew this, but he’d never come onto you like this.
Ransom’s pearly whites and raised eyebrows cover your arms in goosebumps. He could tell. He liked it. He loved how you could melt in his arms at the drop of a hat. He relished in it even.
You weren’t aware of this, but when he’d shower in the mornings before work, he’d touch himself to your innocence. In fact, any chance he’d get to masturbate while being away from you, he’d take it. He knew you couldn’t handle that fact so he kept it from you. His little secret. You being that secret turned him on much more.
He knew how different you both were sexually and wouldn’t want you to think of him as some kind of sex-obsessed monster. But tonight wasn’t like any sex scene out of a romantic movie. He needed to know if you were okay with his sinful ways. Only he didn’t care to ask for permission.
“The thought of your pretty little pussy suffocating my hard cock all night long kept me calm. Knowing that those legs spread open for me. . . got me through everything tonight. I didn’t think I would make it to you soon enough.” He growls.
Your back hits a wall, Ransom closing in on you. Out of pain, you let out a small yelp. He squeezes his eyes shut, breathing in roughly through his nose. “I can already smell you, little one. So wet for my cock.”
The fear in your eyes doesn’t stop the slick that came rushing out of your heat, soaking your panties, lips twitching. Ransom licks his bottom lip before striking yours. His sloppy and eager motions were the best things to ever hit your now swollen lips. He swallows your gasps as he slides his tongue over yours.
You push him off, begging for air. “Ransom, baby, don’t you think we should talk about this?” His hot breath now seeking your neck, sneaking in little suckles and nibbles with his teeth. “We should talk about how you’re feeling with your f-family.” You try to get him to comply. Unsuccessful.
“Fuck my family.” He breathes in between switching to the other side of your neck. Blood rushes through your veins at his sudden movements, not being able to keep up as his arms hook up your knees, picking you up and ramming you back into the wall. The roughness in Ransom’s touch scared you. You didn’t know who this was.
“Ransom, please, stop. Let’s talk about this.” No matter how much you protested or kicked at his hips to get out of his grasp, nothing worked. His touch only got stronger, more powerful, more hurtful.
He pulls away to take it all in. “If you don’t shut the fuck up about my family right now, I am going to make you wish you never spoke at all, little one.” He whispers in your ear, only making you pant more.
Ransom was a lot stronger and muscular than you, which was very intimidating in the beginning, but today, you needed to let it be known that you wanted what you wanted and that was more insight on his inner demons.
“No!” You wiggle out of his touch and land back on your feet. “I want you to talk me through what’s been going on in your head!” You shouted in his face. Ransom’s expression surprises you and makes you regret speaking just like he said you would.
“Little one, I think you need to be taught a lesson.” His jaw clenches in anger and he throws you over his shoulder quickly enough for you to react late. “Naughty girls who don’t do as they’re told don’t get what they want.” He smacks your ass loudly, the huge pop bouncing off the walls as he goes upstairs towards your bedroom.
He flips your light body onto the king size bed with such force that your back gives out for the third time tonight. “Ransom, please, don’t do this.” You plead out of terror. All emotions hit you at once: fear, arousal, confusion, excitement, etc. “I’ll make you a deal, little one,” You notice his growing bulge in his slacks. Heavy breaths leave your lips, only making it harder for you to control how you’re feeling.
“If your panties aren’t absolutely fucking soaked, I’ll talk to you about what’s going on, but if they are. . .” He leads on, hovering over you so you have nowhere to make your escape. “Your pussy is mine.”
Before you can agree to the unfair deal, his hands make their way to the waistband of your leggings and tear them off speedily. His dark eyes look into yours as two large fingers press up against your core. Your gasp fills his mouth again, afraid of what’s to come next. “Looks like my little one’s extremely naughty today.” You look down at where his aggressive touch and you meet, only to meet those dark eyes again, pupils as black as the night.
“I’d listen very carefully, little one,” He says loudly, yanking your panties off and falling to the floor. “You’re going to cum for me three times. I will not stop until you cum three times so I wouldn’t hold back if I were you.”
You jolt in pain as Ransom shoves his first two thick digits into your folds. You clench around his fingers in reaction, calming down at the familiar touch.
He turns his fingers like a key and presses against your spongy walls, a hearty yelp coming out. The push and pull of his large digits going in and out worked up a flutter in your stomach. Every new thrust got faster along with hitting your G-spot only Ransom could reach.
Beads of sweat cover your forehead, too hot from the situation so you decide to remove your crewneck in a swift pull off, revealing your perfect globes for Ransom to grab a hold of with his opposite hand. “My girl knows exactly how to rile me up: a nice pussy and beautiful breasts waiting for my touch.”
Ransom’s rough fingerprints squeeze your nipples among with your fair and soft skin; his favorite combo to devour. HIs thumb hooks onto your small bud and rubs in fast circular motions. You could feel a spasm come on in your legs, in your biceps, in your feet. Only Ransom made you feel this way. The wicked things you wanted to do to him, but were too afraid to could never compare to what he was wanting from you now.
You arch your back upwards, hands curling tightly around the comforter for support with a deep grunt. The jolts become powerful. Powerful enough for Ransom to notice. “Are you close, little one?” He held your thighs straight up in the air for the perfect view of your wet cunt. Shaking, lip between your teeth, a tell-tale sign that you were almost there.
“Come on baby, cum for me.” Ransom urged on. Your breath hitches and you tremble as you meet your first climax of the night, embarrassed by how quick it took. “That’s one. Two more.” He warns you.
Ransom removes his hand from between your legs, inserting his two thick fingers into his mouth to lick off your essence. You watch in dismay at what has overcome him. “I just needed a sample before I eat the whole thing.” His dark eyes gaze over your skin, his kisses following all the way down to your sweet spot. His hot mouth smothers your inner thighs with savory kisses, pulling you closer by your legs.
You’re startled when you feel his mouth on your clit, painting your bud with his saliva. Your taste on his tongue drives him crazy. Ransom looks up at you with such devotion as he fucks you with his tongue. You try your hardest not to take a peak, but you can’t help it.
When you caught sight of those beautiful eyes, no matter how devilish they seemed, you moaned even louder. You grind into his mouth for more movement and he knew you were getting used to the feeling once again. His slurps and hums were inescapable; music to your ears.
In multiple past encounters, you had trouble satisfying Ransom. He would storm out in the middle of intercourse due to frustration and his lack of communication made you assume the worst. He’d be gone for a day or two, but no matter what, he always came back. He was yours and you were his.
“Look at me when I fuck you with my mouth, little one.” He said in between licks. As much as he made you feel such euphoria, your own thoughts clouded your vision. You saw him and knew how good he could make you feel.
“You taste so good. Got me making a mess.” He ate you inside and out, saliva running down his chin. Your hands tangle through his brunette locks, slowly pushing his head closer. Your body was in shambles and your chest rising up and down made Ransom want you more.
You break your stare and close your eyes tightly as another wave of pleasure goes from your head to your toes. You cum for the second time, but he doesn’t stop until he’s licked you clean. “More, more, more!” You buck your pelvis upwards, begging and praying he doesn’t stop now. “Please!” You practically scream out.
Your body stays still, out of control shaking as Ransom rises above you. “Did you forget something, little one?” His right hand reaches for the hem of his cable knit sweater behind his neck and the other holds you in place by your stomach. With a short tug, the soft sweater flies off.
He licks his lips, making sure all of your release is gone. He wipes the remaining saliva off with the back of his hand and begins to unbuckle his leather belt. “Girls who disobey do not get what they want.” He grits his teeth and pushes his pants down over his knees.
“Little one, need I remind you, what you did was not acceptable,” Ransom crawls over your pliant body like a tiger; eager, but steadily. “You want to talk about my fucked up life? I’ll tell you all about it.” You could smell the revenge on him.
Once you were face to face yet again, keeping eye contact, he pulls his hardness from his briefs. The head of his cock feels softly on your wetness, gasps leaving your mouth. “My own father can’t stand the sight of me. He’s cheating on my mother and he’s the one who can’t stand the sight of me.” Your eyes widen at his confession.
“Yes, little one, the Drysdale/Thrombey family has so many problems, you could write a book over them.” He sticks the tip into your entrance slowly, a big breath escapes onto his face. “Oh wait, my grandfather already has.” Ransom chuckles. Before you know it, his hips snap into your core, his length engulfed in your warmth.
“Ransom-” You speak, but as you try to continue, he wraps his rough hand over your throat. Something foreign to you. You clutch onto his wrist and bicep for support, gradually losing your breath. “You see, Y/N? I’m a joke! A joke to my family. Just another chapter in Harlan’s fucking books.” You catch his eyes watering, pound after pound into you. You start to see stars glowing behind his porcelain face.
You go limp at every drive and exit of Ransom’s cock, every stroke getting more rough. One thing good you could say was the man definitely knew the difference between rougher and faster. His grip around your throat gets tighter and doesn’t loosen up.
You eyes roll back as you indulge in the fast action he was doing to you. “I’m more than a chapter, little one. You prove that. You take me in whole and don’t give up.” Ransom mumbles, closer to his peak. You begin to lose color in your face, your grasp on him relaxes.
The room went quiet for the first time all night. You made little to no noise, the only sound coming from Ransom. Booming grunts fall from his lips. You didn’t fight him back or try to stop him. You let his animalistic pumps bury into you.
He suddenly became worried. You scared him. He choked you enough to leave you almost unconscious. As he attempted to reach his high, in that moment and time, he realized how much he loved you. Adored you, needed you, wanted you right then and now. Even as you lazily became still, he saw how beautiful you were. How down to earth you had been, how loyal. You were his ticket out of his own personal hell.
His snaps helped him finally climax. He removes his hand off your throat and pulls your body onto his lap in a hug, thrusts becoming more sturdy than what you’ve ever felt from him. Air came back to you and the same pleasure floods back. You shudder at the feel of his cock twitch inside you, cutting it close to your third orgasm.
“Cum for me, baby, one last time. You can do it.” He rocks you back and forth, petting your hair out of your face. Strong enough to do so, your arms wrap around his neck, begging for touch to touch, no space left between you two. “Baby, please cum for me. I need you to cum for the final time. I know that pretty pussy can do it.” Ransom coos.
In that one final grunt, you break loose. Your core throbs, electricity pulsing through your veins, television static all over your bones. You control your breathing and you both fall onto the bed. “Good girl, you make me proud.” He whispers.
Ransom pulls you into his chest and brushes your back, assuring you’re safe. “I want you to know I love you, sweetheart. You are everything to me. I’m crazy about you and I’m sorry I don’t show it sometimes.”
You close your eyes and grin into his chest. “Just be quiet, Ransom.” You say in acceptance of his apology.
He lets out another big groan and gathers the comforter to cover you two. “I love you, too.” You validate. Another thing you didn’t know was he truly was happy with you. No matter how rough and horrible he could be, he was yours and you were his.
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romancherry · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings ➝ ransom drysdale x female!reader
summary ➝ boy, i’m tryna meet your mama on a sunday. then make a lotta love on a monday.
warnings ➝ smut, explicit language, dirty talk, degradation kink, light slapping, pet names (sweetheart, baby, sugar), choking, semi-public sex, creampie, vaginal penetration, unprotected sex, rough sex, fingering, sir kink, overstimulation, oral sex (f receiving), reader being manipulative & two faced, 18+, MINORS: DO NOT INTERACT!
word count ➝ 1,379 
author’s note ➝ i couldn’t be more in love with ransom than i am now
do NOT repost, reupload, translate or plagiarize my work. 
   “So, my dear, what do you do for a living?” Linda asks you, an eyebrow raised on her face before taking a bite of the meal in front of her.
   “I’m an art school student in my senior year. I plan on becoming a designer.” You answered politely, sounding quite confident of your choice. 
   “That’s interesting! Maybe you could give us some tips on how to redecorate the old kitchen,” Joni made her way into the conversation, “we thought about changing it into an office instead. My office, to be more specific.” She pulled her hair aside in a rather dramatic way, making Ransom roll his eyes, action you saw by mistake and almost made you laugh. 
   “Sure, if that’s what you want. I’d be more than happy.” You remembered to give an answer, taking a small bite of food.
   “There will be no need for that. We have yet to decide on-” 
   “How did you and Ransom meet?” 
   The teenager across from you interrupted Linda from spitting any more venom, turning everybody’s attention on you. 
   You gulped the food in your throat nervously, trying to find a reasonable answer. An appropriate lie. 
   “Fuck, look at you. Such a dirty slut, moaning like a bitch in a dark alley.” He mocked you, and even though you couldn’t catch a full glimpse of him with your vision blurred with tears, you knew that cocky grin which charmed you was present on his face, wide and proud.
   Your head bounced against the brick wall painfully each time he impaled you on his cock, the pain shooting in the back of your head stopping you from going insanely cockdrunk on a dude whose name you still don’t know yet. 
   He slapped you on the cheek gently, waking you up temporarily, “You still there, sweetheart? ‘My cock too much for you to take?” he asked before wrapping his fingers around your throat and place his available hand under your ass to keep you steady against the wall to have more control over his thrusts. “C’mere, you gon’ hurt yourself.” He applied a delicious amount of pressure along the sides of your throat, cutting your air flow just enough for you to become lightheaded & cause your pussy walls to clench around his cock— thing he, of course, noticed. “You gon’ cum, little bitch? Cream all over this big dick while gettin’ choked?”, he laughed mockingly, “Go on. Make a mess.” 
   His words gave you a green light to which you desperately passed over, his speed increasing and with it, the sound of your cunt clamping around his cock, greedily sucking him in while your juices caused the most obscene, yet embarassing sound. 
   You came with a loud scream, your channel becoming so tight around his dick it felt like you were strangling him, just like he did to your neck. Your pussy walls milked him for all its worth, his spend rapidly flowing between your tighs while you both came down from your high. 
   “My name’s Ransom, by the way.” 
   “We actually met-”
   “At one of Harlan’s book launch. I wanted to buy an original copy from the library and that’s where I found Ransom.” You quickly stopped Ransom from coming up with a bullshit lie or even worse, tell everybody the truth since he was unashamed of his lifestyle and didn’t give a single shit about what his family thought of you both. 
   “I didn’t know Ransom knew what a library is.” Jacob raised his eyes from the phone for a second to make a joke to which a few people at the table resisted not to laugh, fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Ransom and you could see the annoyed look on his face, daring them to say another word. 
   “He does. And he was more than kind to offer to buy me the book and a drink after spilling coffee on my favourite t-shirt and making a few bad jokes.”
   “Wow, Ransom, didn’t take you for a gentleman.” His father made a sarcastic comment, clearly not buying this story.
   “Oh, come on, Richard. Not even the meanest douchebags could walk away from this beautiful lady. Maybe she awakened some sense into Ransom’s head.” Linda, on the other side, appeared to seem pleased with your made-up story. 
   “Well, I guess if there’s one person to put Ransom’s qualities in the light rather than his bad sides, it’s her. And for that, we’re greateful.” Joni was on Linda’s side, convincing the rest of the table to give into your (what appeared to be) good, clever & polite demeanor and trust the words you were saying. If only they knew.
   Your fake smile met Ransom’s pure expression of pride, his glance telling you wordlessly that you did well. After all, you had the best teacher.
    Ransom taught you about the world and the people living in it more than your parents ever could. You learned how to read and manipulate them to your liking, all while keeping a kind, innocent mask on your face. Not only did Ransom transform you into a strong, confident woman while also protecting your naive heart, he opened your eyes and convinced you life wasn’t pink for your own protection. His guidance helped you become aware of the people surrounding you, the ones you used to call ‘friends’, dumping toxic contacts out of your life to make way for genuinely healthy relationships. 
   There was also other things Ransom taught you; complete, utter satisfaction and immense pleasure. The number of things he showed you could do in the bedroom, how you could transform such an intimate moment into a lust consuming experience was mind blowing.
   “Such a smart little thing, aren’t you?” He taunted as his hand found peace between your legs, plunging two thick fingers before you could answer. “Who knew my innocent little girl was so good at lying. I should punish you for fooling my entire family, but fuck if I’m not proud of you.”
    Ransom took your innocence that night you met at the bar and kept it only for himself, reminding you every time the only person you need to show affection to is the one who really matters, and in that case, it was him. 
   His palm was bumping against your clit as his fingers furiously fucked through your channel, and you couldn’t help but predict an orgasm building quickly inside your core, threatening to burst out any second. 
   “Fuck, Sir, s-so close...” your lips trembled along with your fingers which desperately tried to hang onto something, but the door behind you provided little to no support. 
   “What happend baby? Snapping already? My fingers fuckin’ you too good?”
   And if you were new to this, you’d probably think it’s a retorical question and keep the answer to yourself. But you knew better.
   “Y-yes, Sir. So deep...” You mumbled sweetly, your high pitched moans escaping every time his fingertips brushed against that particular spot which made you see stars. 
   “Go ahead and cum then. Keep delivering those sweet juices so I can lap them all up, clean your pussy nice and pretty before I make a mess again.” 
   His words tipped you over the edge, cumming like it’s the first time in your life as you rode his fingers through your orgasm. But even though your hips stopped moving, his fingers did the exact opposite. Ransom maintained his rhythm and the next thing you knew, your pussy was clamping around his fingers once again.
   “S-sir, w-what are you doing?”
   “Keeping my promise, sweet girl.” He withdrew his fingers from your channel only to get on his knees and place your legs on his shoulders. “What do you think was the reason we left before dessert?” 
   You sighed, grabbing a hold of his hair as you kept eye contact while he kissed the inside of your thighs, slowly making way to your clit. You threw your head back against the door the moment he put your sensitive numb between his lips, sucking gently on it, your legs already shaking around his neck. 
   He released your clit with a gentle pop before licking his lips, “Better buckle up, sugar, ‘cause I’m gonna make love to you and this sweet girl right here from Sunday to Monday.”
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rogersevans · 10 days ago
Hear Me Out
Summary: Hugh Ransom Drysdale, is Boston’s biggest playboy with an attitude problem, his only weakness is you. 
Pairings: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Warnings: mentions of smoking week/drinking, shotgunning, some swearing, jealousy
a/n: here it is. the first part of my three part series with ransom. i hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Autumn, your favourite time of the year, especially in Boston, Massachusetts. Everywhere turning into an aesthetic fairy tale. You know, the ones you only see on Tumblr. You look down at your converse clad feet now dotted with the orange-brown leaves from the walk, lifting each leg to shake them off before knocking on the large, oak door which still intimidated you, even after all of these years.  
27 years, that’s how long you have been in Ransom Drysdale’s life. Your mother took a cleaning and tutoring job when you were 4 after your father left, she would tutor him between school hours and clean after. Harlan took her in, made her feel welcomed and respected, something not a lot of people did to a teen mom back then. He spent her first shift getting to know her, not much cleaning or tutoring went on, not that Ransom complained about that. 
Upon hearing she had you, he demanded that she bring you the next day, which she did not wanting to disobey her new boss. Harlan fell in love with you the moment he met you, he thought you were ‘cute as a button’ and he quickly made it mandatory that you come to work with her, wanting a friend for Ransom.
Best friends for that matter. It didn’t take long for a friendship to form between you and Ransom, the first time he met you he pulled your pigtails and stuck his tongue out to you and in response, you pushed him over. He liked you from that moment, no one ever stood up to him, he always got his way, but not with you.
Growing up with him was an... Experience, to say the least. He would drag you to house parties of his neighbours as teens and get you high in their back gardens, he would drag you out of your comfort zones in the most exhilarating ways. Even teaching you how to use a gun. Granted, it was for Clay Pigeon Shooting, but it was still the closest you’ve ever been to a gun.  
Harlan and Linda noticed very quickly that you helped mellow Ransom out, that you could put him in his place when no one else could from a young age. Using his full name wouldn’t normally work for his mom but when you did it, he would cower. Even witnessing him apologise to the help after speaking to them rudely, you stood by his side and holding him by his ear.  
After that, they insisted you be home schooled with Ransom.  
“Since when do you knock?” Ransom asked, stood in the doorway in one of his signature chunky knits, this one was grey and made his blue eyes pop.  
“Since when did you move in?” You retorted, stepping around him and into the house, the warmth of the fireplace in the hallway instantly making the chill you felt disappear.  
“Research. Granddad needs my help.” He took your coat from you and hung it up next to his on the hooks, following you into Harlan’s study.  
After your first year of College, Harlan offered you a job being his aid explaining that he wanted your mother to reduce her hours, wanting her to have a life beyond his house. You gladly accepted, already knowing Harlan’s routine and medical demands, even after you graduated you continued to work for him until a job for you to utilise your degree came along.  
Working for Harlan Thrombey and having a Literature degree came in handy. Most nights after work he would sit with you and give you pointers and any help you needed, knowing you wanted to follow in his footsteps. He had offered to give you a boost, numerous times, but every time you turned him down, waiting to do this by yourself.  
“Hey old man,” you greeted your boss softly, finding him hunched over his desk reading through Ransom’s research. “Some light reading?” Looking over his shoulder as you checked on his IV.  
“No one likes a smart ass, sweetheart.” He simply put, his eyes not leaving the papers on his desk. “How’s that boyfriend of yours?”  
“He’s good,” you clocked Ransom’s jaw tighten. “He just received a promotion actually.”
“From bag boy to cleaner?” Ransom scoffed from his chair.
It wasn’t a secret that he didn’t like Frank, he hated him. The night they met, your third date, in which Ransom followed you to the restaurant with a fake date. He spent it flaunting his wealth and making Frank feel tiny. Claiming that he wasn’t good enough for you, that he was being protective of you, as your best friend. Frank didn’t agree, claiming he could see right through him, that he had a hidden agenda.  
Four years later and Ransom still hated him and Frank still felt uncomfortable around him.  
“No, it’s alright Harlan.” Stopping him from getting angry, your soft hand resting on his shoulder. “Don’t be a douche,” your eyes narrowing in on Ransom. “Jealousy isn’t a good look on you.”  
Harlan’s chuckle halted Ransom’s reply. “I’m going to go and get your medication, along with your lunch.” You directed to Harlan, giving his shoulder a squeeze before leaving, paying no mind to Ransom’s glares.  
“Leave Frank alone, you know it irritates her.” Harlan reminded his grandson without looking up.
“That’s why I do it.” Now standing, he walked over to the desk to check over his notes. “I like winding her up.”
“You like her.”
“Granddad,” letting out a frustrated groan and letting his head fall back.  
“Don’t bullshit me son, she’s the reason you took the research job-”
“Because she encouraged me to-”
“Because you knew she would be here and you wanted an excuse to see her, she’s the reason you don’t date and the reason you hate her boyfriend.” Now looking up at him, giving him a smug smirk. “I’m 87, son not dead.”  
Harlan had spent most of his grandson’s teenage years watching him fall hopelessly in love with you and watched how it softened him, it was nice to see. And it infuriated him to no end when he would deny it over and over. Harlan thought of you as one of his own, he knew you could do better than Frank OR Ransom, but watching you fall in love with his grandson made him warm to the idea.  
He adored how firm but soft you were with him, how you took your time to teach him how to respect others, how you were the one to teach him how to drive and how to do his own shopping once he moved out. You normalised him, made him less spoilt, less Thrombey like.  
Tumblr media
“I didn’t know you were working today, sweetheart.” Your mother greeted you, when she walked into the kitchen.  
“Harlan asked me to drop by for a few hours, something about his medication.” Giving her a quick kiss on her cheek as she walked past you and into the utility room to sort through the laundry.  
Your relationship with your mother had always been close, even though you had since moved out with Frank you would still call in on your way home from work or on your days off you would be curled up on her couch as you watched re-runs of Seinfeld or Golden Girls. Her having you at 16 helped, allowing her to understand you better and become your best friend.  
Just don’t tell Ransom or Marta.
“I swear that boy only comes round just so I can wash his clothes.” You looked over at your shoulder to see she had propped the door open with the now full basket, picking out Ransom’s clothes and shaking her head.
Your mom adored Ransom, on her first day he was clung to her leg or following her around the large house, he had grown attached to her quickly. Often crying when she would leave to go home at the end of her shift, asking why couldn’t she live with him. The attachment made her heart swell. 
Ransom found something about her comforting, homely, she had been more of a mother to him more than his own. Even now their bond was strong.  
“But you get them all soft again and smelling amazing, something I can’t do.” Ransom appeared next to you, his comment making your mom smile  
“I’ve shown you plenty of times Hugh.” She was of the very few people allowed to call him Hugh, the others being you and Harlan.  
“In my defence, I’ve tried... Not my fault I flooded my apartment.” Snatching a grape from the plate you had been fixing up for Harlan and popping it into his mouth.  
“So that’s why I’m washing half of your wardrobe?” Her hands now settled on her hips, arching her brow.  
Ransom chuckled and reached for another grape only to be met with a smack on his hand from you, “keep your mitts off.” You scolded him, grabbing the bottled water and cup of coffee and placing it on the tray.  
He could tell you were still annoyed about his comment about Frank, you wouldn’t look at him, something you only did when you were pissed off. Mainly because he could charm his way out of anything and those big, bright blue eyes didn’t help.  
“You still annoyed with me?” His voice was quieter, leaning against the counter and watching you sort out his granddad’s medication’s.
He knew Harlan didn’t hire you to be his nurse or aid, just like he didn’t hire Marta for the same thing. He knew his granddad wanted company the big house made him lonely, especially with his parasitic family. He was familiar with you, felt comfortable around you, he hired Marta upon your recommendation and took to her straight away, both of you sharing shifts and days with him.  
“You still a douche?”  
“I just don’t like him.”
“That’s not your place to say.”  
“As your best friend, it is definitely my place to say.”  
There it was, those two fucking words that impaled you every time he spoke them. Best Friend. You had been in love with Ransom since you were 17, the realisation had hit you whilst being a mixture of drunk and high at one of his house parties. Ransom had invited you and Marta had tagged along, knowing you couldn’t be trusted on your own with alcohol, you were sat in a small group of Ransom, Marta and some of his other friends, passing round a blunt. Even though it wasn’t your first-time smoking, you didn’t do it as often as Ransom so he would always offer to shotgun but you never normally took him up on his offer, until that night.  
As he took a hold of your chin, pulling you closer to him, you felt your pulse quicken and head become clouded. The feeling of his lips grazing against yours as he blew the smoke into your mouth and the husky whisper of ‘inhale, darling’ made your heart swell.  
Somewhere between the weed and alcohol you came to the realisation, your chin still tingling from his touch but he was long gone and lost in the sea of bodies crowding his house, a blonde attached to his hip.  
No matter how much you tried to withdraw from him after that night he would find a way to worm back into your life and after a while you just accepted it.  
You were in wholeheartedly, unconditionally, unequivocally and head over heels in love with your best friend.
Frank was merely a distraction from it all, someone to help you get over him. A college hook-up turned boyfriend. It was wrong, you knew it was, but you had come to like Frank over the years, he was a good boyfriend and good in bed.  
But you never felt... Whole with him, and that was fine. Maybe you weren’t made for the type of love that shook your world, that was earth shattering and left you breathless.
Ignoring his last statement, you returned to Harlen’s study and flicked on a brighter light. You placed the tray on top of the pieces of papers, with Ransom’s chicken scratch on, not really caring about them.  
“Marta made some soup for you this morning, it smells amazing.”  
“It does, she’s a good cook, better than your mother.” He grimaced at the many meals she had made him, one time giving him food poisoning.  
“Linda’s a better cook then my mom, and that’s the woman who can barely heat up water.” Both of you laughing when Ransom walked back in.  
“What’s so funny?” Taking up his usual seat in the corner.  
“You know, you don’t need to know everything Ran.” Oh, nickname, that’s usually a good sign.
“It helps to know everything, helped you when we were 12, didn’t it?” He shot back with a smirk, popping a handful of grapes in his mouth.
You knew exactly what he was talking about, the memory was engraved and burnt into your mind. It never left.  
Tumblr media
You were 12 and Ransom was 13, both walking around town with milkshakes in hand, something you would do every Friday. Bickering between yourselves about who could drink theirs the fastest, you giving up halfway through because of brain freeze.  
“My granddad said we’d be cute together, whatever that means.” He admitted, both of your faces scrunching up in disgust.
“I think I just threw up in my mouth and not because of the milkshake.” You pretended to gag, making Ransom laugh.
“Have you even ever kissed someone?”
“What?” His question made you freeze on the spot. “Y-yes.” You weren’t about to tell him the truth, he’d make fun of you if you did.
“You’re such a liar! You’ve never kissed someone before?!”
“Maybe...” Kicking your feet, shuffling from one foot to the other, ignoring his stare. “No, alright!”
“But you’re like... 12!” Throwing his arms up.
“Yes. I’m 12, not 50. Stop making me sound like some frigid bitch.” You continued walking, not wanting to continue the conversation.
“Well...” He trailed off, making you stop and look at him, shocked.
“Hugh Ransom Drysdale!” Ransom found your outburst cute. He found a lot things you did cute, but when you stomped your foot, he couldn’t help but smile at you.  
“Alright virgin, untwist your panties. I’ll be your first kiss.” Motioning between you both.
“I’m not going to kiss you!”
“Frigid.” He smirked at how flustered you were, it was cute.
“Alright big man. Lay one on me.” You challenged him, your right hand on your hip, it slightly popped to the side and eyebrow arched.
“Did you really just say ‘lay one on me’?”  
“Don’t deflect.”
“I’m not deflecting. You’re just talking like you’re 40.”
“That turn you on?” You tease.
“Now who’s deflecting?”  
Tired of hearing his voice you stomp over to him and before he can register what’s going on you kiss him, his eyes shoot open in shock but after a few seconds he lets them close, his hands holding your face. The kiss was like any first kiss, awkward, your hands at your side, not knowing what to do with them. But it felt nice, really nice. Like you wanted to pop your foot, like Mia in Princess Diaries.  
Tumblr media
“What’s he talking about?” Harlan asked, pulling you back to reality.
“Nothing. He’s just being a pain.” You continued to work around Harlan in silence, not meeting Ran’s eyes but you could feel his on you. Glancing over your shoulder to read the research, like you always did, you noticed something so you tapped Harlan’s shoulder softly and pointing out the mistake whilst Ransom watched.  
Ransom watching you didn’t bother you. You were used to it, he would often just sit and watch you tend to his granddad, it relaxed him. He loved how soft and attentive you were with him, it warmed him.  
“Huh. Good spot.” He reached up and squeezed your hand in thanks. “Look what you missed.” Beckoning his grandson over.  
They both read over the mistake as you slipped out quietly, but Ransom kept an eye on you, he always found you. His eyes would scan for you in a crowded room until they landed on you, it was instinct for him now.  
“Hey granddad, I have a proposition.” Suddenly, an idea popped into Ransom’s head, he was stupid, how had he not thought of it before.  
“You know, those words never fill me with hope.” Watching Ransom now taking a seat in the chair in front of his desk.
“Hear me out.” 
Tumblr media
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sstan-hoe · 26 days ago
𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙊𝙡𝙚' 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩𝙮 | 𝙍.𝘿
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — Ransom can get really soft when he didn’t see Y/N for days
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — First time writing Ransom!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Taglist | Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Don't go wasting your emotion, lay all your love on me…” You sang as you cooked yourself dinner, the music was on full volume and how couldn’t it be when it was ABBA.
Ransom stepped into the building of your apartment with the intention to surprise you, it was actually planned that he would come by tomorrow, but he couldn’t wait to see you, he had missed you so much.
He could already hear from the hallway that you were listening to ABBA and had to smile to himself.
Ransom pulled the keys to your apartment out and when he unlocked the door he could smell the faint aroma of pancakes, your favourite dish.
You didn’t notice that Ransom walked in and kept seeing while turning the pancakes, when you turned your body to the door you saw Ransom leaning against the frame. It took you a second to realize that Ransom was standing there.
“Ransom!” You squealed as you fell out of your trance and jumped into his arms. “I thought you were coming tomorrow.” You beamed at him.
“I missed you too much sunflower.” He replied with a smile lacing at his lips, ‘sunflower’ was a nickname Ransom had for you since your first date where you told him that your favourite flower was the sunflower, and you wore a yellow dress with big a sunflower on the right side.
“I missed you too!” You beamed at him with excitement. “Come on I was just making dinner, I have enough for two.” You told him and whirled yourself around in his arms.
You grasped his hand. “You can set the table.” You ordered and he walked over to the cabinet with the plates and bowls to get everything including the cutlery.
Ransom went to the dining room where the music was blasting where turned the volume down. “Are turning my ABBA down?!” You called from the kitchen making him grimace. “Yes, sunflower but-“ “Nope no you don’t turn ABBA down.” You lectured him as you walked out of the kitchen.
In response Ransom playfully rolled his eyes at you making you slap his arm.
“You do know that pancakes are actually for breakfast yeah?” Ransom said as you took your first bite. “Says who?” You asked him with raised brows and Ransom huffed. “Everyon’.”
“Sure and I’m the Queen.” “You are a Queen.” Smooth asshole you thought and blushed like an idiot.
“Anyway…I think you can it at breakfast, lunch and dinner because there is no rule if it’s your favourite dish.” You noted with raised head to give your statement more authority.
“Does that mean I can have you everytime of the day?” “What?” You questioned him as you blushed again.
“Eat your food.” You pointed at the food and gave him a proving look. “Yes sunflower.” Ransom said and began to eat his food.
“Sunflower?” Ransom whispered into the dark. “Ran it’s in the middle of the night.” You grumbled as you turned your back to him. “Something doesn’t feel right.” He stated ignoring your grumbles.
“Ransom…” You grumbled once more as you tuned your upper half to him.
“It’s you, you aren’t cuddling with me!” He concluded and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you onto his chest. Your arms went around his neck automatically. “Happy?” You mumbled against him.
“Very.” Ransom smiled and nuzzled his nose into your neck.
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 —
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sebastian-buck-fics · 4 days ago
Other Marvel Fic Recs - Mostly Chris Evans and co :)
18+ Blog. Minors please do not interact.
Some of these are Dark with a Capital D so please read all of these at your own risk and read each warning provided by the author before reading.
Attention by @agentofbarnes - Ransom Drysdale
Boundary Line, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six by @nameless-ken - Chris Evans
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sunshinebuckybarnes · 10 days ago
Hidden desires
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x female!reader
Summary: After your ex breaks up with you, you drown your sorrows in wine and Ransom drowns his lust in you.
Warnings: pet names (kitten), somnophilia, non-con, smut; unprotected sex, fingering. THIS BLOG IS 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI.
Author's note: Again this is something very new to me, I’ve never written about somnophilia before so I hope I’ve done it justice… or y’know actually done it right. I kinda struggled with this one, so apologies in advance (word count: 1.3k)
Kinktober 2021 masterlist
The last thing Ransom expected when he opened his door was your tear-streaked face. A whimpered “he broke up with me” falling from your lips before your arms were wrapped tightly around his waist. 
Ransom hugged you back just as tightly, brushing his hand over your hair as he cooed at you softly. Whispers of it’s alright, you’re okay, I’ve got you, filling the air. 
He led you into his home, settling you on the couch before pouring you a generous glass of wine. 
“Slow down, kitten,” he chuckles as you finish the wine in one go. A small drop of red dripping from the corner of your mouth, he couldn’t help but lean forward and swipe it away with his thumb. His cock twitching in his jeans as you instinctively peaked your tongue out for a taste. 
The way your eyes widen in recognition as you duck your head away from his gaze. You made your hands busy with the only thing you could think of by pouring yourself another glass. 
Ransom listened for the next hour as you told him about your shitty ex and the break up. Chiming in every now and then with “he’s not good enough for you”, “I never liked him”, “want me to treat you how you deserve?”
The last comment had you giggling, the two bottles of wine you’d polished off helping to lift your solemn mood - even if he was pretending it was his company that was cheering you up instead. 
The two of you had been friends for years. Ransom didn’t know how you’d managed to worm your way into becoming a permanent fixture in his life but he’s happy you did. You were one of the only people he could actually tolerate and he’d be lying if he said he’d never thought about taking things further. In fact, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t madly in love with you. 
The lull in conversation had your eyes fluttering as you lent further into Ransom’s chest. 
“Thank you for being there for me,” you whisper, nuzzling into his soft sweater. 
“Anytime, kitten,” he replies, kissing the top of your head. His fingers drawing patterns on your bare arm. 
The wine in your system finally takes over as you find yourself lulled to sleep from the soft touch of Ransom’s fingers and the warmth from the fireplace. 
When Ransom notices you’re asleep he sighs. You look so peaceful, so beautiful. He can’t believe the way your ex treated you. He brushes a strand of hair behind your ear gently, careful not to wake you, as he leans down to kiss your forehead. 
“I’d treat you so fucking well, kitten,” he murmurs against your skin. 
Ransom had been in love with you for a while now but he was too damn scared to tell you. Convinced you wouldn’t feel the same way. He remembers one new year when you were both drunk, he kissed you at the stroke of midnight hoping you’d reciprocate, all he got in return was a giggle and a “I’m so happy you’re my friend.”
But seeing you like this, laid on his chest, arm around his waist - he couldn’t picture his life with anyone else. 
Sighing again, Ransom shifted slightly, keeping a close eye on you to make sure you didn’t wake up. He maneuvered your body slightly so he could pick you up bridal style and carry you to his room. 
“Let’s get you to bed, kitten.”
Once he’d carried you to his room he laid you gently on his bed. 
Yeah, he could really get used to this.
“I’m gonna get you out of these jeans, alright kitten?”
You made the slightest sound and Ransom took that as his cue.
He undid the button of your jeans before hooking his fingers into pulling them slowly down your legs. His breath hitching at the site of your panties and bare legs. After pulling your jeans off you, your legs fall back spread on the bed, when Ransom catches sight of the damp patch on your panties he can’t help but groan.
“What’s got you so wet, huh?” Ransom whispers to himself, his hand trailing up the soft skin of your leg before he can stop himself, almost growling at the feeling.
He knew he shouldn’t. But he also knew that he could make you feel so good, convincing himself that deep down, like really deep down, you wanted him just as much. 
Ransom crawls onto the bed between your spread thighs, laying on his stomach as he noses at your inner thigh. The little sigh you let out had his cock twitching in his pants, his eyes flickering up to yours to see them still closed.
“Been dreaming of this for so long, fuck, you have no idea what you do to me,” Ransom murmurs against your thigh as he pulls your panties to the side, a gutteral growl falling from his lips.
Running a long finger through your slick folds, Ransom can’t help the way his breath picks up, rutting his hips into the bed for friction, “fuck, kitten, so wet for me and you’re not even awake.”
Pushing the tip of his finger into your entrance, Ransom can’t take his eyes off your pussy, marveling at how wet you are for him.
“Ransom,” you moan, so quietly Ransom barely hears it.
His head lifts instantly, his heart racing at the thought of you waking up. Ransom lets out a sigh of relief when he realises you're still asleep before a thought dawns on him. 
You were moaning his name in your sleep.
That thought alone had him nearly cuming in his pants.
“Fuck, kitten. I’ve got to feel you,” Ransom pants, standing up quickly and removing his clothes. He pulls his boxers down just enough to release his hard cock with a groan. 
Ransom moves your body slightly so you’re laying on your side before he climbs in behind you. Grabbing his hard cock and lining it up with your entrance before pushing in slowly.
“Jesus, tightest pussy I’ve ever felt,” Ransom grunts, pulling out slightly before pressing back in. “We’re gonna have to do this more often, kitten,” he chuckles under his breath.
Ransom sets a slow, languid pace as he ruts into you. He’s got one hand around your chest and one on your hip, his breath fanning against your neck. 
The little moans that escaping your lips are like music to his ears. He couldn’t wait to get you to make those noises when you were awake. 
He could feel you tighten around him, his pace faltering slightly. His hand moves from your hip to your clit, rubbing quick circles.
The way you move your hips back into Ransom, completely unaware of what’s happening, has a shiver of excitement running through his veins. Your moans getting louder, his name rolling off your tongue as you reach your peak.
Ransom grunts at the way you clench around him as your orgasm rolls through you. “Fuck, that’s it, kitten. So fucking good for me, shit, gonna cum in this tight little pussy.” His pace quickens as he chases his high. Muffling his groan in your hair as he comes. 
Taking a moment to catch his breath, Ransom peaks over your shoulder to see you're still fast asleep. That wine really did knock you out. 
Pulling out of you slowly and biting back a groan, Ransom pulls your panties back into place before tugging his boxers back up.
“I’ll be right here when you wake up baby. I’m gonna treat you like the princess you are, forever” he whispers, lips pressing lightly to your cheek before he settles in behind you. His arms around your waist and a satisfied smile on his lips.
Tumblr media
Ngl I really struggled with this one and I don't particularly like how it turned out 😂 so thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed 🥰
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GOing For All Or Nothing
Part One
Summary- 5k Ransom Drydale x Kitten. Harlan invited you to celebrate the successful book launch thanks to Ransom's hard work at Blood like Wine. Of course, you will come, but are you ready to deal with the rest of the Thrombey family? Is Ransom ready for the drama they always bring to the table?
Warnings- This is a cheater fic. Oral, female receiving. 18+ Only Blog
A/N- Thank you all for the continued support. I appreciate all your comments and reblogs, plus the continued support in wanting Ransom and Kitten to actually be together, even though they are both hot messes. I really think this might be one of my favorite chapters for these two. Dividers made by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You waited on the stone steps to the Thrombey Estate. The doorbell had given off a traditional ringing through the house and you knew it was just a matter of time before you would be either welcomed with open arms or scowled at with unapproving glances. You fiddled with the tan knee length skirt you were wearing, having paired it off with a off the shoulder sweater in a nice maroon color, trying to dress casual but nice at the same time.
Part of you wished it was going to be Ransom who would open the door, it would be nice to see a friendly face welcome you in. But his beemer wasn't yet parked out front.
Instead when the door opened, it was Fran and from her expression you couldn't get a reading on what was going on inside.
“The family is in the sitting room.” She said briskly while you stepped in and shrugged off your jacket to hang up among the others.
“Thanks Fran '' You said to the housekeeper, who bustled off back towards the depths of the house, in the complete opposite direction of where the commotion was coming from.
The closer you got you started to hear voices coming from the other room.
“Your son had a hooker in the office.” Came the whiny tone of Walt. “Just disgusting behavior at our business.”
“Dad’s business Walt.” The sharp tone of Linda came next and you grimaced a bit. Ransom's mom was never a fan of you, where his father Richard always made up for that in a rather annoying and inappropriate way. “And I doubt it was all that bad.”
She wouldn't even defend her son from the wrongful accusations.
“Unprofessional. Thankfully no one saw her.” Walt snorted and you heard his wife cooing to him in a soothing manner. She always reminded you of a twitty bird, flitting around after her husband, always drawn up tight and afraid to use her voice for anything that really mattered.
You stepped into the room awkwardly right when Richard boomed out as if he was proud of Ransom. “Walt, quit being jealous of my boy. Just because yours does nothing but fuck around on his phone.”
“At least Jacob doesn't-”
He was cut off when Linda caught sight of you. The woman was half sitting on an arm of a chair near Richard when she straightened, hawk like eyes assessing you standing in the entrance. “What are you doing here?”
Your chin lifted a bit as you took your card and flicked it up for her to see. “I came to congratulate Harlan on his newest book.”
Linda gave a cold smile while she clicked her heels against the hardwood floor. “Well I will be sure to give it to Dad, he hasn't been feeling well and this is really just a family only engagement so…” She went to grasp the card from your hands, but you put it out of her reach, flashing an equally cool smile back to her.
“I would rather give it in person.”
“Well like I said before, this is really for the family, his family…”
“Grandpa invited her.” Snapped an equally sharp voice from behind you, Ransom breezing into the room as if he had been there all along. But you could tell from the pink in his cheeks and the tip of his nose he had just come from outside. “But you should have been aware of that Mother, Grandpa always invites Y/N.”
She snapped her mouth shut, giving you another once over before she dismissed you with a turn of her heels, returning back to the rest of the group gathered to join in on the small talk going on.
“Hey, glad you made it.” Ransom’s demeanor changed when he turned towards you, his typical don't give a fuck attitude softening and he gave you a friendly hug, till you were turned away from the group and he gave you a squeeze on your ass through your skirt, making you squeak a tad in his neck.
“Behave…” You warned with a whisper before stepping back a bit. “Well when you get an invite from Harlan, how can I say no?”
The gleeful look on Ransom’s face was hard to miss, lifting his hands in front of him in a mock surrender for you. “You look good Y/N, I hope they didn't give you too hard of a time.”
You glanced back at his family, who was once more in some heated debate over nonsense. Walt kept giving sideways glances towards the two of you. It seemed the only one missing out of here today was Meg, which you were sad to see. He was one of the few members you liked even though Ransom always acted like she was a nuisance. “Nah, nothing I wasn't ready for. Linda did seem genuinely surprised to see me.”
“Ah well that might be because I didn't tell her you were coming.”
You rolled your eyes at him, knowing he did it purely out of enjoyment. Harlan and Marta made their way downstairs then, Harlan's children immediately turned their attention to the patriarch of the family, but he brushed them off so he could greet everyone.
When he bypassed Linda and came over to you and Ransom, even you could see that she was fuming.
“Y/N, Dear… it's been far too long.” He took your hand, covering it with his other one and giving a light squeeze. Harlan always showed his affection in small touches and embraces. You returned the gesture affectionately and held up the card.
“I heard that another successful book was launched, Mr.Thrombey.”
“Harlan Dear, and yes… with Ransoms help, probably the best one I have had in years.” He praised and while Ransom was giving a nonchalant shrug, you bumped him lightly with your shoulder.
“Ransom, that's incredible. You didn't tell me about that.”
“Well it wasn't all Ransom.” Walt cleared his throat, hovering on the edge of the group. You scowled at Walt and felt Ransom kinda pull back a bit, closing himself off. It was enough to make you snap at the older man.
“I'm sure you were a big help Walt, I mean you have been working at Blood like Wine since we were kids, but this year it finally picked up once Ransom joined… but do fill us in on all that you did to get this project off the ground.“ you shrugged it off like it was nothing, taking an offered drink from Fran who was coming around with champagne. Walt started sputtering to defend himself when Harlan cleared his throat, a demand of everyone's attention.
“Actually Walt, this time it was Ransom.” Harlan made it clear. “If it wasn't for all the hours he spent promoting this story as well as the personal online pages he is running, this book wouldn't have made such a stir that it has. I'm afraid the old fashion way we did things Walt is dying out. So the fresh outlook from Ransom was just what Blood Like Wine needed and he did it in a way that wouldn't cheapen it, like if we sold it to be made into a straight to streaming app film.” Harlan turned towards Ransom to clasp him on the shoulder. “Marta showed me everything on her laptop that you put together, engaging in conversations about my previous works and having me answer fan questions. I'm really impressed and I knew you were just the man to add to the team.”
You beamed for Ransom, who seemed almost in shock himself, sputtering a “Thank you Grandpa.” to Harlan. Probably a first for Ransom to be so acknowledged for something positive he had done.
Linda was sure to plaster a fake smile, wedging herself to Ransom's side with an awkward side hug that Ransom shrugged away from. “Well I always knew my boy had it in him for something good.”
“Please don't overextend yourself Mother…” Ransom snarked out towards Linda.
“Can’t I express how proud I am of my son? Jesus Ransom.”
The fakeness of this family made you cringe. Harlan took a glance at you and beckoned you closer. “What you got there Dear?”
“Oh…” You held it up. “A card, for you of course. This is your get together after all.”
He hooked his arm through yours, leading you away. “Well, let's go to my office to open it.” He said, an obvious dismissal to the rest of them when he closed his door to his office area. The quiet was nice, making you breathe a sigh of relief.
“I know they are a lot… sometimes they mean well.” Harlan made his way to a chair near a low burning fire and settled in. You followed along behind, admiring the rows of books but once in a while you glanced over your shoulder towards the door. You felt bad that you had abandoned Ransom with the rest of them.
“Trust me, he will be fine in that den of jackals.” Harlan sighed out as he watched your movements.
“Am I that obvious?” You chuckled gently while handing him the card and settling in the chair near him.
“That you care for my grandson? Yes. Even though you try to hide it away.” Harlan stated matter of factly while he opened the card and read the inside, giving a hum of pleasure at your words. “Thank you, you know it's often the things that others might see as small that mean the most.” He set the card on display on his side table.
“I will always care for Ransom, Harlan. He was a lot of my firsts, my first kiss, boyfriend, love and heartbreak. I’m just glad we stayed friends through it all.”
Bushy brows lifted hearing your words. “I know my grandson Y/N, he doesn't just include anyone in his life for the long term. You mean alot to him to.”
The warmth that curled in your chest hearing that made you glance down at your lap and whisper softly. “I know he does. He doesn't say it outright but it's that unsaid thing between us.”
“Well, the boy is hard headed sometimes. He hates admitting he has what he thinks is a weakness.” Harlan pondered out loud. “But he talks about you with me, I can tell you make him happy within himself. He misses you when you are in Connecticut.”
You squirmed a bit at this, it was starting to feel more real. You wondered just how divulgent Ransom was about what was going on between the two of you. “I have a life in Connecticut Harlan. A career, a home…I’m happy there.”
Harlan gave a nod. “Well my Dear, if you are happy there, that is what matters right?” He gave a genuine smile.
“Yeah, that is what matters.” You said gently, starting to wonder why it sounded like you were lying.
Tumblr media
In the other room, Ransom broke away from the gaggle of his relatives to plop in a nearby seat. When Harlan's door was shut, you didn't bother him typically. Although he wondered what the two of you were talking about.
Ransom wasn't allowed peace though, his father wandered over with hands in his pockets. “So son… Good for you.” He grinned cheekily as he sat nearby, long legs stretching out before him. Ransom was shaken from his thoughts at the odd comment from Richard.
“Cut the shit, Richard.” Ransom narrowed his eyes at him, knowing that his father wasn't one to extend genuine kindness. Richard huffed with a puffed chest.
“I can't congratulate my boy? Your mother is right about you.” he gave a wave of his hand at Ransom. “Always so cynical.”
Ransom gave a shrug as he turned his attention back to the door, ignoring Richard once more till his tone became that annoying sound, one where he was trying to be authoritative and fatherly.
A roll of his eyes and Ransom gave a pinch to the bridge of his nose to quell the already rising annoyance he felt. He dropped his hand and turned back to Richard. “Father.” sarcasm dripped in defense to hide how annoyed he was at the moment.
“Don't take that tone with me, I was saying how proud I was of you… bringing a hooker into the office, that's a real Drysdale move.”
It sunk in what Richard was talking about, not for Ransom's actual accomplishments, but thinking he had done something so shallow as buying a hooker. Or that YOU were a hooker. Not that anyone knew it was you who he was with, it was nobody’s business but his, but it really caused anger to rise sharply in the man. He was a lot of things, but that wasn't one of them. “Who told you all that?” Ransom knew though. Walt running his fucking mouth about shit that didn't concern him.
“Walt of course, jealous fuck wished he had the balls to do something like that. Instead, he pretends Donna is what gets him off and that they are such a happy family.”
Ransom pushed up from his seat… Jacob, who had been silent nearby on his phone, subtly turned on his recorder, knowing his cousin was about to cause a scene. “Father… eat shit.”
Richard stuttered in surprise, pushing up from his seat to yell out in anger. Ransom turned to head towards the office, as he passed his uncle and mother, he cocked a finger at his mother. “Eat shit…”
“Ransom!” She exclaimed and Ransom looked his uncle up and down as his wife rushed to his side.
“Walt! This kind of language can’t be used in front of Jacob.”
“He can eat shit to Donna… and Walt, definitely eat shit.” He snarled out before pushing the door open and leaving them all behind. Jacob from his seat turned his camera to face him.
“Welcome to my messed-up family.” He stated before looking through his various apps to decide where to post it.
Tumblr media
In the office you looked up to see Ransom storming into the office, Harlan turning partially in his seat to see his grandson. “Ahh, I was wondering when you would join us, Ransom.” Harlan settled back in his chair but you moved to a stand noticing how upset he seemed.
“Hey… Ransom, are you okay?” You paused him with a touch to his chest, feeling the way his chest was heaving under his heavy wool sweater, his features pinched a bit while he worked on controlling them.
“Fucking fantastic.” He glanced around the room. “Just left the rest of those bastards something new to bitch about among themselves. What are you two doing in here?”
Here Harlan stirred, pushing to a stand. “Ah well I was just about to ask Y/N to a game of GO, but as you just reminded me, I do have a gathering I'm supposed to be a part of.” He once more patted Ransom's shoulder in passing. “How about you teach Y/N how to play GO? So I can challenge her next time.”
Then he left the two of you alone in this large office. You tugged on Ransom's shirt slightly to turn his attention towards you. “Hey, are you really okay? I can feel you shaking.” Your hand ran against his chest and he drew in a deep breath to steady his nerves.
“Just my family being fucking pricks.” He muttered while you let your arms circle him loosely. The gesture made him close his eyes and sink into it a bit, his own hands tracing up your back and circling the back of your neck to lift your face up to meet him. “Saying shit they know nothing about.”
You smiled a bit and lifted to your toes to press your lips to his in a sweet manner. “Fuck ‘em Ransom, I’m proud of you and more so Harlan is proud of you.”
You two were really some of the only ones he genuinely cared about, tilting his head to press another sweet kiss to your forehead with a hum. “Thank you Kitten.”
You let him stay like that for a few moments, Ransom was so rarely asking for comfort like this, usually he pushed anyone away who wanted to offer it, the only other times he was like this was just after sex when he would go quiet and seek out just holding onto you. It was still a new side of him for you, nothing he did till after you had been gone for a couple years.
“Harlan suggested you teach me GO?” You offered him, trying to keep the atmosphere calm for Ransom while he was processing his feelings.
“Sure, it's one of his favorites.” Ransom pulled away, his hand drawing down yours and leading you back to the two seats near the crackling fireplace adding to the calm laid back atmosphere this office gave. Ransom let you go to pull the chairs closer together and you pulled a coffee table between the two. From the many shelves lining around the office, he pulled out a board and baggie to dump them on the table. The black and white stones scattered across the board.
“So the goal is to claim larger territories while enclosing your opponent in. The more areas you obtain the better, till you win.”
You are still separating the stones with a shrug. “Seems easy enough.”
Ransom gave a laugh, the crystalline blues in his eyes twinkling as he started to warm back up, enjoying himself. “What I said when Grandad started teaching me. It’s harder than it looks.”
You settled back into your chair, waving your hand at the board. “So show me.”
He was right, it was a bit harder than he made it out to be, but of course, Ransom was experienced, picking up what your attempts were to cage him in and extend his stones in other intricate designs till it was too late, he had you captured.
“Damn it!” You remarked the second time when he did it again, blowing air out of your nose. “Okay, this is harder than I thought.”
“Yeah, it is Kitten.” He started to separate the stones again, glancing up at you. “How about we raise the stakes a little, Hm?”
Glancing at him, you dragged your teeth against your bottom lip thinking. This was Ransom and you knew he wouldn't play fair to get what he wanted. “What are the stakes?”
“If I win… You have to stay a weekend at my place. Uninterrupted Kitten. No checking your phone, no discussion of Connecticut.” No mentions of Neil.
That really wasn't asking for a lot, since you wanted to do just that.
“And if I win?”
“What do you want?” He asked genuinely, you felt that there was more to this question than the subject at hand. It reminded you of Harlans before ‘Are you happy?’
You gathered your stones and cleared your throat. “Are you working on anything personal? Writing for yourself?”
Ransom pulled up a bit, shutting off from you a moment as he assessed what you were asking from him. “Maybe…”
“If I win, would you let me read your manuscript?” You laid what you were wanting on the table and held out your hand to officially shake on it. He reached across the table and gave a firm shake, letting go to gather his stones.
Ransom couldn't believe how this was playing out. You wanted to stay with him, more than a quickie, more than a fuck and run, and it was really settling in his mind what you were asking for. He had not let anyone see what he was actually working on in his free time. He grew up around writers, meeting some of the most famous authors produced all his life through his grandfather's influence.
But he never saw himself as one, or nearly good enough to do it. But a couple years ago he had a pestering thought in his mind, it happened right after you left and he let himself go with it. Now it was almost finished and by some chance, you seemed to know and wanted to read it.
That scared him a bit because what if he really was worthless at it as so many times he had been reminded of. But you agreed to his terms, he could agree to yours.
“Yes, if you win… you can read it if that's really what you want. It’s nothing special.”
You hummed as you studied the board. “Ransom, I highly doubt that.”
Ransom laid the first stone down. Tugging his teeth against his bottom lip while he glanced at you to go.
You dropped from his gaze back to the board, trying to figure out what he was thinking about. You suspected he must have written something even if he never talked about it. At times you caught him taking notes on his phone in bed when he thought you were asleep, or jot something down and stuff the paper in his pocket.
Not to mention the influence he had from Harlan, Ransom frequently helped him with editing. You moved your stone in place, the clicks on the wood board going faster and faster, each one of you now striving to beat the other.
When Ransom was focused like this, his hands folded against his mouth as calculated eyes scanned the stones, his jaw tensing as he weighed his options. Fuck it was a turn on. You had seen him study you that way, weighing how best to make you scream his name.
You couldn't help the extra hitch in your breath, your heart picking up speed. “You gonna move Drysdale?” you taunted a bit, hoping that it would distract him, allow you to win.
Ransom bit the inside of his cheek, this time around you weren't messing around. He could only hope you wouldn't figure out what he was trying to do or he was going to be trapped, not that he was complaining. But he really wanted that weekend with you. Finally, he laid that stone down, pushing back to let you take your turn.
“You know that weekend is mine, Kitten.” He smirked across the board at you, once more dragging perfect white teeth against a plump peach pink lip of his. You returned and made your move once you saw where he was headed, cutting him off and making him cuss.
“And that manuscript is mine Handsome.” You purred at him, very much earning your nickname.
Now the board was nearly full and the more you two studied it, the more it was obvious that there simply isn't another move to be had.
A stalemate.
“Umm, looks like I got that manuscript Ransom.” You grinned in realization.
“Hmm, looks like I got that weekend Kitten.” He challenged back, pushing the board and coffee table away while eye fucking you enough to make you squirm in the plush seat. You weren't quite ready to concede to him, so you gave a slight pop of the shoulder.
“I don't know, we never actually laid out the terms to a stalemate.”
Ransom moved to a stand to approach you, leaning over and grasping your chin to look at him. “If you want the manuscript, then I'll get my weekend Kitten.” He licked over your lips and moved to a kneel in front of you, his hands sliding up your legs to grasp the back of your knees and drag you forward slightly.
“Umm, you think you can get me to give into those terms?” You challenged, spreading your thighs a bit for him as he knelt up closer, grasping the band of your panties under your skirt.
“Lift your ass and find out Kitten.” He waited, allowing you the chance to back out if you didn't want him. But fuck you did. Your hips arched up and he yanked your panties down and pulled them off your ankles, leaving you bare assed in the seat, your skirt flipped up. “New terms, I get you to cum in five minutes, we both get what we want.” In his pockets went your panties, knowing you wouldn't be getting those back today, or ever.
“Challenge accepted.” You squeaked out when he lifted one stocking leg and started to kiss along the inside while laying it over his shoulder. He nipped and sucked on the tender flesh dragging his way towards your aching core that you now wiggle your hips to get comfy, falling back against the chair's back while you pushed your hands through his dark hair to grasp onto, he was so close. You could actually feel the hot puffs of breath he was taking when his nose brushed in the patch of curls to sniff you, kissing you tenderly right there.
It was sweet but not where you wanted him. “Gonna make you feel so good, Kitten, then we will see who won this game.”
“If I get to feel that good Ransom, it will have been me. So either way, I'm the real winner here.” You scratched lightly at his scalp, tensing when you felt his fingers spread aroused folds so he could see you pulsing with need, that way your arousal leaked for him, glistening wetness all for him to devour.
“Maybe that is all I wanted all along.” He muttered softly before dragging his tongue wide through you, flicking it over your clit to make you jolt in place, tug at his hair with a low moan. “Make you feel so fucking good that you need more of this.” Another lap through your slick, a swallow as it coated his tongue and suck on your clit was madenly gentle and made your nerves twitch as it became engorged. His hands molded to your thighs, once in a while he would run a finger through the band on your stockings, humming against your clit till you arched further into his face at the sensation.
“These are really fucking hot Kitten. You should wear stockings more often.”
You wriggled your hips slightly while he sucked on your folds, pulling and teasing you now as heavy palms fell to the inside of your thighs and spread them wide, making them fall off his shoulders and hook them onto the arms of the chair. “Fuck- Ransom.” Your back arched slightly, your body quivering in anticipation as he lapped quickly at your hole to collect your weeping slick before forcing his tongue into you. Your hands wrenched on his hair, pressing his face against you while he ate you out.
You did your best to muffle the mewls pouring out of you, the gasps of his name, and the curses that he unlocked. You dared think that Walt would be sneaky enough to press his ear to the door, wriggle the handle trying to catch the two of you in the act.
That thought alone gave you a rush and Ransom growled against your cunt, eyes lifted to study you as you dragged a hand from his hair to press against a breast, squeezing and twisting it till you arched in the seat, grinding yourself in his face.
Pulling away, his smooth face glistening with your arousal all over his chin and making his lips look swollen from how he used them on you. Fingers delved into you, curling to stroke your sweet spot that left you pleading for him as you rocked your hips.
“Come on Kitten, tell me what you are thinking about.” He nipped the top of your mound, traveling up to your belly, dragging your shirt up. His heavier weight pressed you into the chair while he dragged your bra down to free your breast and tease your nipples with expert precision.
“Fuck just like that.” You wrapped a hand around the back of his head while he worked you to the brink of breaking.
“Told you you would feel good Kitten.” A harsh bite would leave a mark on your breast, but you didn't care right now. It left you whimpering. “Now tell me.”
“I was- fuck, I have to cum Ransom.” You whined out when another rush of your arousal escaped around his plunging fingers.
“Tell me and you can.”
How were you supposed to form words when your throat just wanted to moan, but somehow you spit the words out in a rushed plea. “I was thinking about getting caught.”
That left Ransom chuckling at you, smirking as you started to fall apart for him. “That so Kitten, you are so wet because you are thinking about someone walking in on us, hear those sweet little cries you give as you ride my fingers like it’s my thick cock stretching you.”
You could barely handle it, your ruts against his hand starting to falter as that heated tension riddling you started to come undone. “Y-yes…”
“You really are a dirty cock thirsty Kitten.” Ransom purred as he jerked your face to his, kissing you dirty, his lips crashing to yours as his cunt soaked tongue pushed into your mouth.
It was enough to bring you to your peak, your cunt tightened around his stroking fingers and you squealed against him while your whole body went rigid against his before you lost the will to hold yourself close and you sagged in his hold.
Ransom let your limp body sink into the chair, kissing down your neck while you shook in aftershocks. Pulling his fingers from your drenched core, he sucked them off, looking at you as he sat back to admire the state he left you in.
“Damn Kitten…” He muttered as he pulled your panties from his pocket and wiped them against you to clean you up a bit. “You are so fucking hot.” He stuffed them back in his pocket and ran his hands up your bare thighs as he pulled to a stand, hovering down to kiss your lips for that needy little pathetic whine you would give him.
“Ransom? Are you and Y/N coming out? Your grandfather is getting ready to retire for the night.” came a soft knock at the door from Marta which made you still against him. Ransom broke his kiss from you, his nose running against yours before he answered.
“Yup, be there in a minute, just gotta clean up the board game.”
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inklore · 12 days ago
roadside attraction.
Tumblr media
premise: when your car breaks down on the side of the road leaving you stranded and alone, your only hope is to try to flag someone down to help. but when no one stops and you’re left to walk alongside the dark and abandoned road, that’s when your luck seems to change, possibly for the worse.
pairing: ransom drysdale x (f)reader
warnings: starts off noncon but then slightly turns into dubcon, boss x employee, rough blowjob, ransom being an asshole and guilt trippy, coercion, manipulation, a bit of gaslighting, dirty talk, threats, the reader doesn’t call him ‘hugh’ because that name is not sexy and he’s asshole enough in this lmao. reminder: you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only.
word count: 4.3k
etc: i’ve never written dubconish things before so uhh, if this is the worst or needs more warnings please let me know! i feel like this isn’t the best for it being my first time writing such topics, besides the whole blowie to a boss, i’m amazing at writing that it seems lmaosksk. but PLEASE reblog and comment if you enjoyed xoxo
♱ kinktober 03.
It had been just your luck that your car had broken down miles from any forms of civilization. It had also been the cherry on top when every towing service in the area was closed for the night, and no one else was picking up their phone either.
At least the night air had not been too chilly or sweltering as you dreadfully walked the side of the road in the direction you knew civilization was bound to be found. Several cars passing by you only to blind you with their lights and ignore your hollers of beggings to ‘please stop’.
So when eventually another car zooms past you, you bother to try and get it to stop; your phone in hand, flashlight shining on the ground in front of you as you walk, keeping your head down as continue your walk. But when you hear the screeching wheels of the car stopping, doing a quick and sharp u-turn and pulling up beside you, you definitely don’t expect to see Ransom, your boss, grinning at you from the rolled down window.
Thus why you were currently sat in the passenger seat of his BMW, some pretentious jazz song playing softly from the speakers. Silence spreading between the two of you as he drove in the direction of your place.
“Shit luck,” Ransom breaks the quiet between the two of you. His eyes still on the road an–almost–mocking smile on his face.
“Yeah.” You try to sound nonchalant, sufficing a small chuckle. Though the Drysdale family had been your employers and you their housekeeper, you didn’t see much of Ransom, or when you did he was in and out of the house or locked away in one of the rooms, or avoiding the help at all costs, so the two of you had barely spoke before this moment.
Which is why when he stopped and offered you a ride you were shocked he even recognized you, having only ever acknowledged you when he needed you to ‘specially’ clean something. His high maintenance not needing any interaction between the two of you to show itself.
For never really speaking to Ransom you knew him pretty well. You had seen, or rather heard, him yell at a few other maids. Show the colors that only a rich asshole could display. So you never had felt too upset that the two of you didn’t interact. You found yourself almost grateful for it.
But it seemed that would change tonight. Though you hope the three words spoke between the two of you would die right then and there, and not continue on. Knowing it would be more a chore than anything to come up with something to talk to him about.
“It’s a good thing I saw you when I did.” Ransom looks over at you, what seems like a genuine smile on his face. “Never know what kind of person would have stopped, picked you up, done to you.” The last words have a hint of a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth. Making a weird feeling lay heavy in the pit of your stomach, your fingers tapping on your knees nervously. “Seriously, you should be grateful.” He says it nonchalantly but the undertones of the notion makes your skin prick and your stomach churn, a slight almost guilt and regret surfacing within you.
“I am, truly.” You give him a smile. “Thank you, Ransom, really.” The nicety feels more pressured and forced than anything, but you really mean it. You even sound sincere, feel it. He wasn’t wrong, anyone could of picked you up and you don’t know what would of happened. You were happy at least someone you knew had come across. Even if it was him. You were grateful it was him–you try to convince yourself, tell yourself that he could of left you in the street but didn’t—it was nice of him to stop. “I mean it, thank you, you’re right.” You chuckle softly, “I doubt anyone else would of stopped, but riding in a strangers car not knowing their true intentions, doesn’t sound too fun.”
Ransom gives you a side glance, smiles, goes back to the road. A weird feeling of stupidity bubbles up in you when he doesn’t say you’re welcome or acknowledge what you said more than he. But you chalk it up to that just being Ransom. It’s not like the two of you were even on a first name basis let alone knew each other enough to joke around. He didn’t owe you anything.
The rest of the ride is silent for the most part, except for the music and hum of the car. Neither of you going out of your way to start a conversation. A silence–not that comfortable–spreading between the two of you. Sometimes you catching Ransom glancing in your direction, it only setting you weirdly on edge, so you keep your eyes ahead. You only daring to peak him a glance when you hear the sound of the steering wheel being gripped a little tighter by his hand, not allowing yourself to delve too much into its possible hidden meaning.
When you finally pull up outside of your small duplex, you find a strange embarrassment being swallowed down when you see Ransom bend to look up at the very standard housing. It was nothing compared to his place, or his parents’. And they certainly didn’t pay you enough to afford a house such as their luxurious ones.
But, you were sure the Drysdale’s didn’t hire you for your money or lack there of. They hired you to clean their house and that’s all. So the thought Ransom found it hysterical that you lived in such a dump–compared to his place–shouldn’t have made your cheeks burn or have you quickly undoing your seatbelt and trying to rush out of his car so he wouldn’t have to look at the place you called home any longer.
No, that shouldn’t of been the reason you were trying to exit his car in such a haste.
The way he grabbed your wrist as your other hand reached for the door handle, the way there was a deceivingly nice smile on his lips, or when he locks the car doors. Turns the car off and just stares at you, his thumb tapping on the steering wheel; should of been the reason for your haste.
“You’re so lucky my plans got canceled tonight.” He laughs under his breath, shakes his head to himself and looks out into the darkness of the street in front. “I should be fucking some coked up model,” he is smirking when he turns to look at you, “but instead I’m here saving you.”
Your mouth hangs open in shock, his words filling you with disgust and a dozen other emotions you can’t grasp on to as his words replay in your head. As his stare is intensely burning into you making your heartbeat faster in your chest, a white hot heat settling over your entire body–one that has your hands shaking a bit, your body instinctively moving closer to the door.
“I’m sorry, Ransom, really.” You try to smile, but all you can let out are heavy puffs. “I said thank you and I do mean it. I do.” You sure you sound like a pathetic mess as you try not to stammer on your words, slow your breathing, and not freak out.
But the way he’s looking at you, the reminder that the door is locked and the reminder that Ransom Drysdale really is not a good person–something you already knew from stories, hearing his screams from other rooms, and his lack of being a remotely friendly employer.
“I believe you, I do.” Ransom’s tone is mocking, his smirk growing when he see’s how it makes you react. The tension in the car nipping and biting at you. “I’m a damn good boss, aren’t I?”
“Y-yes,” your voice is shaky, you’re stammering and you take a deep breath in to try and compose yourself, to lie, to say whatever you need to to get out of his fucking car. “Yes. You are a great boss. Working for you and your family is-“
“No, no,” He stops you, shakes his head. “You don’t work for my family. You work for me. They just…” He shrugs, cheshire grins as if this were some very humorous joke to him. “Borrow you sometimes. You work for me, and for me alone.” He smiles, reaches out and places his hand atop your knee. Your instincts making you flinch, you try to hide it as if you were just shifting and not your body going completely rigid under the warmth of his sudden touch. “In some ways I guess you could say I. . .own you.” His smile is now tight lipped and his thumb is rubbing the inside of your knee, your heart rattling in your chest, your breath making your chest heave. The heat in your body turning into a cold invisible sweat. “Wouldn’t you say?”
“I-you-“ your instincts are telling you to scream in his face. To push him away, tell him fuck you, grab your phone and call anyone to get this asshole as far away from you as possible. But when his grip tightens on your knee as you stammer, look at him with the beginnings of a smile and wide eyed look of a scared animal, you know it’s not the right card to play. Ransom could do more damage to you with one phone call to whoever, than he could with his simple words and gestures of being an entitled prick. Because while that were true, he is an entitled prick, he was also a rich entitled prick who could stop you from working anywhere. And picking up and moving to another town or possible state was not something you wanted to give too much thought right now, at the hands of this rich asshole.
But that didn’t mean you also had to play his game the way he wanted you to. You could be honest, you were sure Ransom Drysdale could appreciate that.
“You can’t own a person. Let alone someone who works for you that I doubt you even know the name of.” You give him a fake playful grin. The raise in his brows at your daring comment making him let out a breathy laugh.
“I don’t have to know someone’s name to own them.” He states, his smile gone. “That would defeat the fun in owning someone, and business, sweetie.” The scowl on his face makes regret burn in your throat as you swallow. Maybe it would of been easier to just go along with his little rich-asshole-game. It would settle the fear making your body involuntarily shake, or the massive lump in your stomach stop growing, and your nerves itching an ache for you to scream. Your resolve to play his game, to be honest and just as rude as him dying faster than it started.
You could act as fake brave as you wanted, but it didn’t deny the fact that you wished you never got into Ransom’s car. You wished you politely declined and kept walking. Wished your car never broke down. Wished your shit luck didn’t put you in this situation at all.
“I also don’t need to know your name to know working for me is the best it’s going to get for you. Girls like you don’t have silver platters of opportunities they can eat off of. The only thing girls like you have are nice guys like me who offer you great jobs, decent pay, and a taste of what it’s like to have money without having anything to your name. That’s what makes me a good boss. That’s why I picked you up tonight, saved you.” He’s smiling again, “I’m a good person, didn’t want to see you get into trouble. You should be grateful. You say you’re grateful, have thanked me a dozen times now.” He laughs, it dying out sooner than it starts when he goes back to scowling at you. “But you haven’t shown me how grateful you are. Haven’t shown me any real thankfulness. Especially when I’m such a good guy for picking you up, such a great boss for giving you a ride.”
You’ve pressed yourself completely to the passenger door, your body squished into it almost in a mold. His grip on your knee aches and your hands clench and unclench. Your eyes flashing from his blown out dark pupils to the darkness outside. Hoping maybe someone might walk by, come out of their house, anything to give you a chance to signal for help. To get this asshole away from you.
But there’s nothing and there’s no one.
You are alone in the car with Ransom, your burning fear and guilt that’s gripping your lungs making it harder to breathe.
“So, what are you going to do to repay me?”
“I-don’t have much money but-“
His laugh is loud and makes you jump. Your cheeks burn. “You can’t honestly think I’d want money from you? You? My employee? Someone who has nothing and I have everything?” He continues to laugh, his head bent back. “That’s funny.” When he finally stops his mocking laughter, your eyes burn slightly from tears of fear? Embarrassment? You’re not sure what. “You know what I want.”
You shake your head, try for the door handle of the car again and whimper slightly when you realize it’s no use at all. Your body going back to its rigid state when you feel Ransom reach over and grab your wrists in his hands; his touch hot, tight, searing.
“You’re acting ridiculous. I’m not asking for much, barley anything. I told you I was supposed to be getting my cock wet tonight, did I not?” His smile is sadistic and perverse. Him moving your wrists into one of his palms while his other hand moves to your face, his thumb against your cheek. “But my plans were canceled and I was lucky enough to find you, pick you up, help you, be a good person. Show you kindness.” You shiver under his touch, his thumb rubbing along your jaw.
If this were any other circumstance, a different time, a different place. You might find the action sweet, kind. You might find it almost intimate.
Ransom wasn’t an ugly guy, far from it. You had seen him walk around his house enough times in the morning with his shirt off, caught him working out a couple times, and watched him wade in his pool enough to know that there was no ugliness about him. At least on the outside surface. On the inside the ugliness was more than apparent.
If this had been a different time you might actually enjoy his advances, if they weren’t so intense, so crude, so terrifying. You might even. . .want it.
Scenarios of possible different circumstances playing throughout your mind; secret touches in passing, having you stay longer so he could spend time with you, stolen glances and kisses behind closed doors, muffled moans–that you’ve heard come from his room before–now your own.
It makes a low ache burn below that makes your stomach churn in disgust. Your mind and anatomy betraying you to feel something other than pure anger and resentment towards this man.
“It’s only right that you repay me in the way I deserve.” His thumb runs along your jaw, to your bottom lip, the pad of it running along it. “Show me how thankful you are, Y/N.” You’re surprise at him knowing your name makes him chuckle as he stares at your mouth. “It’s either that or find a new job, don’t be unkind to me, don’t make me do that, I don’t want to do that, not to you.” He gives a sympathetic smile. Moves his hands from your body and into his lap.
He situates himself in the drivers seat a bit before his fingers come to the button on his pants, undoes them, unzips and pulls his half hard cock out.
You expect to feel bile rise up in the back of your throat, expect to turn and scream and frantically beat on the car window to get the fuck out of the overly expensive automobile. You expect to feel some sort of fight or flight but you don’t. Those feelings never come. Those actions don’t surface. The only thing you feel is your cheeks heat to–what you assume–is a bright flush. You feel your breath continue to vibrate your chest, your heartbeat slow to a nervous beat rather than a scared one. Your eyes jump from Ransom’s cock to his face, his look calm and cool, daring, smug.
You hated Ransom, that much was made clear tonight. Every whim of bad and ill being the other maids gossiped about all being apparently true. Every stereotype of rich asshole embedded in his dna. These were facts. Things shown to you tonight that you could not and would not deny.
But you also could not deny that sucking his dick didn’t seem like the worst outcome. It was absolutely barbaric for that thought to be your reasoning to not feel fearful anymore. Or just punch him and try to make your escape. And maybe it was the slight guilt you felt for even getting in the car, for troubling him, for your car breaking down and putting you here. Or maybe it had been your earlier thoughts of a different kind of lust and desire coming from the man. Maybe you had given your body another thing to go into a frenzy about, the fear turned into something you shouldn’t be feeling. Something ridiculous and manipulative and wrong.
And part of you didn’t want to do this. You could feel it. The lump in your stomach growing. The pull and churning. The building upon the regret you already had there in the top of your mind. It wasn’t right for Ransom to ask this of you. It wasn’t okay under any circumstances. He was a piece of work who didn’t deserve kindness, let alone this type of kindness. And you didn’t want to give it to him.
But the reality was no matter how much convincing you could give yourself, no matter the guilt that burned at your eyes, the sickness of this all searing you like a brand, or the good feelings you tried to dredge up of false rationalization: you weren’t getting out of this without Ransom Drysdale’s cock ending up in your mouth.
He reaches over and grips the back of your neck, his palm making your body radiate heat even more, burn hotter. Your hands go out to grab onto the, barley there, center console to stop him from pulling you forward. His scowl intensifying, his breath coming out in annoyed, or frustrated, puffs clear by the rise and fall of his chest.
You suspect he’s going to say something, going to let more crude words fall from his mouth, before you move your hands to your thighs, moving your body in a better position. Let him pull you by your neck so you’re leaned over the console, your knees coming to rest where your ass once was. Your chest pressed to one of Ransom’s thighs. As you open your mouth and let his cock slip inside; a deep groan vibrating through his chest.
It doesn’t take long for his cock to get completely hard. It also doesn’t take long for you to swallow down your regret and just let it all happen, really happen. Let Ransom’s nails dig into your scalp as he grips your hair, pushing your head up and down his shaft.
Not caring when you choke and sputter on his cock, spit running down your chin. Your nails digging into his cloth covered thigh to hold yourself up, to keep yourself steady to not fall completely in his lap. To keep you grounded and present as his cock continuously assaults the back of your throat; raw and irritated already.
“Mmm, didn’t think you’d give in so easily.” You can’t see him from your position but know he’s smirking, head resting against the seat, breaths heavy. “Thought you had a little bit more fight in you,” his laugh is low. “But all you girls are the same. Doesn’t take much convincing to have you choking around my cock, does it, sweetie?”
As if to prove his point, Ransom thrusts his hips up in time with him pushing your head down, making you choke and cough and sputter around his cock. Surprisingly letting you pull off to swallow and catch your breath, your throat hoarse and burning. Your eyes filled with tears clouding your vision as you turn to shoot him a glare.
Him making a sympathetic sound as he wipes a stray tear from your cheek, “Don’t give me that look.” He smiles, “you know you love it, were probably just waiting for the right time, this very moment. To have me ask you to suck my cock. You’re a good girl,” His thumb and forefinger grab your chin, bring you in closer to his face. Your arms shake, your wrists aching. You can’t catch your breath and you feel a disgusting pounding between your legs at his words. “You listen. You know when to fight, when not to. When to do what your boss says, when to thank him for being such a good employer.” His mouth is dangerously close to yours and you think he might kiss you, but his devilish smirk makes your stomach plummet and mind whirl with anger and disgust, and you know he’s not going to, he’s to just playing with you. “Makes me wonder how easy it would of been to fuck one of your other holes. Would you have let me in those as easily? Let me pick you up from the side of the road and fuck you on the hood of my car as a thanks? Maybe even fuck that tight little ass of yours as an even bigger treat? Is that the kind of girl you are, Y/N? The kind I think you are? A giving employee? A slut. . .”
You scowl at him and he laughs, words to shoot back at him dying in the back of your throat as he pushes you back down on his spit coated cock. His movements never letting up, his grip ever tightening in your hair. The filthy words continuing to fall from his mouth, “should have you suck my cock from now on, no more cleaning, just my cock filling your holes.” He groans low and deep and harsh.
The spit from your mouth now making a home on your neck, the constant sputter of saliva finding it’s way there as you continue to gag on Ransom’s cock. Tears spilling as you try to blink them away, the loud noises of wetness and sputtering from your mouth filling the car as he fuck your mouth.
“Fuck, this is way better than the plans I had tonight.” His chuckle is low and swallowed down. “S’good, real good, baby. Fuck.”
You can feel your jaw begin to ache, the sting of being fucked up into and held open for too long making you groan. Which Ransom takes as a moan, “knew you liked it,” coming from him as his fingers pull your roots and move you faster on his cock. You holding your body back from pushing off of him to catch your breath, your eyes clenched shut as you just let him use your mouth like a fuck toy. Let him take, and have control over your body to the point where the thought of resisting is far from your mind. Your muscles working over time to stay in place for him, to angle your tongue a certain way to maybe make this go faster–definitely not to hear that low throaty groan that Ransom does each time you do it. Your throat numbing to the raw assault that is Ransom’s throbbing cock.
“Wish I could make this last longer,” he groans. “Wouldn’t mind fucking this pretty mouth all night.” Your scalp continues to burn from his continued tightened grip, his breaths are coming out faster and shallower, his hips snapping up quicker. The taste of precum burning your abused throat. “But, fuck, baby. I’m so close. Your fucking mouth..” And when he groans this time it’s more of a whimpering moan that has your pussy clenching around nothing. Your body shaking, your throat waiting, anticipating. Your tastebuds coming to attention, as if excited to know what Ransom tastes like, the thought of him filling your mouth after you worked to make you cum; to thank him–making that swirl of disgust make you gag one more time before his hips thrust up, his palm pressed to the back of your head holding you in place, as his hot cum fills the back of your throat.
The warmth of his seed seeming to calm the burn in your throat as you swallow it down.
And after he’s pushed your mouth off of him, you back in your seat, mouth clean and full of the aftertaste of him. Ransom’s clothes and demeanor back to normal, that same sickly grin there. He’s unlocked the car doors and you’re stepping out, the cool air of the night stinging your body, bringing up back to the reality of what just happened. Your throat sore as you swallow. Your legs wobbly as you move to close the door behind you.
“Thank you, Ransom.” You say hoarsely, softly, glancing at him sheepishly through the now open window.
“Of course, Y/N.” His tone is anything but thankful or welcoming for you having just sucked his cock, for him having just used you. “That’s what bosses are for.“ Ransom smirks and then he’s pulling off from where you stand and driving into the night.
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holylulusworld · a month ago
Bored again
Tumblr media
Summary: Ransom is bored again...
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Girlfriend!Reader
Characters: Linda Thrombey, Meg Thrombey
Warnings: language, cocky Ransom, overuse of the pet name kitten, dirty talk, cock warming, Ransom is a little shit, the reader has no willpower, mentions of edging/orgasm denial, smut, unprotected sex, semi-public sex
Divider by @firefly-graphics
<< Part 1
Tumblr media
“How did you get together?” Linda coos, watching you sit on Ransom’s lap on an old armchair; Ransom’s favorite place at his grandfather’s huge house. 
You are wearing one of his warm sweaters and fuzzy socks. A large warm blanket protects you from his families’ prying eyes and his body provides the needed heat to keep you warm.
Currently, you are resting your head against his shoulder, too warm, tired, and comfortable to let Linda and the rest of his family ruin your time with Ransom, you ignore her question.
“We fucked and decided to do it more often,” you groan as Ransom, your self-declared boyfriend, tries to mess with his family again. “I waited long enough to get her on my cock, mother. I wanted to have her before I turn forty and took the chance on her.”
“Hugh Ransom Drysdale,” Linda tuts, shaking her head. She pants heavily and you know, she’s close to losing her composure when she uses Ransom’s full name, aware he hates it. “Stop embarrassing your family in front of Y/N.”
“Why?” a shit-eating grin on his lips Ransom looks at his mother while he moves his hand to your ass to squeeze one cheek. “You wanted to know how we got together, and that’s exactly what happened. Did you want me to tell you lies?”
“YES!” his mother hisses, eyes drifting toward you once again. “Y/N, don’t you have something to say? Tell Ransom he can’t say things like that.”
“Ransom is Ransom,” you refuse to spare Linda a glance. “What can I do about it, Linda. He’s raw and likes to mess with people, but he didn’t lie.”
“OH—” Linda presses her hands to her cheeks, feeling her face heat up. “I—I will get me a drink or something.” She finally leaves you and Ransom alone, much to your boyfriend’s amusement.
“See, that’s how you get rid of a Thrombey,” he whispers against your hair, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of your head whilst his hand becomes brave and pats your ass under the blanket.
“R-Ransom,” you warn, knowing about his tendency to get you into trouble. He loves to fuck in public places, and you got kicked out of more than one club. “Not here.”
“But—” he moves his hand over your thigh to shove his sweater up to your waistline, “kitten, I’m bored again.” Now your breath hitches in your throat and you try not to squirm in his seat to not encourage Ransom to go any further.
“No,” you grunt, pushing his hand away when he tries to slip it between your legs. “I am warning you, Ransom. There will be no sex for you for a month if you don’t stop right now,” you whisper through gritted teeth.
“Baby girl…my sweet kitten,” Ransom purrs, “help me fight my boredom. I only want to feel you, Y/N. You will barely feel anything.”
“Ran, we can’t,” he shifts on the armchair, already wiggling his hips to let his cock spring free. “Ransom—” you tut, “stop it or I’ll…” you whimper as he wraps his arms around your waistline to bring you closer to his cock, grinding into you.
“Can you feel how hard I’m for you, kitten? Lift your ass a little and I can slip inside. No one will notice. My family is at the dining room, talking shit about you and me. They will come back in an hour or two,” you hate your body is reading to give in. 
You are a dripping mess since this morning. Ransom toyed with you but didn’t let you fall over the edge. Now you know his endgame. He tries to get naughty right here, in his grandfather’s house to spice your sex life up once again.
“Ransom, we can’t,” you try one last time, a little less confident. “They could come back anytime and catch us red-handed. Your family already hates me, let’s not provoke them even more.”
“I give two shits if they hate you, kitten,” Ransom smirks when you grip the armrests to lift your butt. “Good girl,” he moves your panties aside, to run his fingers up and down your folds, “so wet for me already.”
“Hurry up,” impatiently grinding against his fingers you keep your eyes trained to the door. “I don’t want to get caught, Ran. If you want to do this, do it fast—” he runs his cock up and down your folds, smirking as you eagerly push back onto him.
“Have it then, kitten,” Ransom purrs. He grips his cock to guide it into your soaked hole, only pushing the head in. “Sit down,” he grips your hips to push you down, making you yelp at the sudden fulness.
“Oh—fuck,” you hear footsteps in front of the room whilst you clench tightly around his thick cock. “We—we need to be fast, baby. Please, move.”
“No,” he winds his arms tightly around your waistline to bring you to his chest. “We will stay like this until my family returns.”
“What? No, I need you to move,” you hate Ransom snickers behind you, and that his cock presses against all the right spots. “Please—”
"Just keep me warm and wet, baby doll," he nips at your earlobe, undoubtedly smirking when you start to squirm in his hold. “Ah, no moving, kitten. If you move, you’ll not come at all tonight.”
“Please, I can’t,” your words die in your throat watching Linda, Meg and the rest of Ransom’s family walk back into the room. “Fuck…”
“Such a good girl,” he whispers in your ear, licking and nipping at your earlobe. He has a grand time whilst you squirm on his lap. Only the blanket hides your boyfriend is buried balls deep in your dripping cunt, and the fear of getting caught has you already on the edge. “Do you want me to move now?”
“Bastard,” whimpering you try to focus on anything but his cock inside of you. “I hate you so much. How could you do this to me?”
“I love to fuck you in public,” Ransom rests his chin on your shoulder to watch his family roam the room. “Imagine, I start to thrust up into you, make you cum right here, in front of my family.”
“No, please,” honestly, you don’t know if you want Ransom to stop or to fuck you senseless. “I can’t, Ran.”
“You can, baby doll,” how you hate you relax in his arms while your pussy clenches around his thick length. “Just relax and keep me warm. I can tell, your tight little pussy fits me like a glove.”
“Whatcha talking about?” Meg sits on the couch opposite you and Ransom, making you jump a little, but Ransom holds you back. “Ransom, how did you get Y/N in your clutches? She’s too smart for you.”
“Well, I got a big dick, and Y/N loves orgasms. My good looks and the way I care for her are nice additions but not necessary,” your boyfriend grits out.
If not for the compromising situation you are in, he would have dragged you out of the room to get away from his nosy cousin.
“Ransom is my best friend, my confidant, and boyfriend. There is no one better,” Ransom’s chest swells when you defend him in front of his family. “Now, if you could leave us alone. I have him buried deep inside my pussy and would love Ransom to fuck me, here, in the middle of his grandfather’s living room.”
“You are both sick,” you snicker when Meg jumps up to storm toward her mother, cursing your name. “Why did you have to tell me lies?”
“I think your family doesn’t like to hear the truth,” you rock your hips a few times, making Ransom growl. “I swear,” you dip your head to look over your shoulder, “the moment they are gone, I will ride you so hard your cock falls off.”
“Kitten, you are in for a treat tonight. I’m going to break you,” he whispers. “I swear, you will walk funny for a week…”
Tumblr media
“OH—fuck, Ran,” you can’t believe Ransom bent you over the kitchen counter to fuck you at his grandfather’s kitchen. “Anyone can walk in on us.”
“Yeah, but I don’t give a fuck,” he grips your hips to drag you onto his length. He hammers into you, forces another scream out of you. “You take my cock so well, kitten. I could watch you take my dick all day.”
“Ransom, hurry up,” time is running out on you. Any minute Linda or someone else could walk in on you and find her son balls deep inside your dripping cunt. “Please.”
“Baby doll, you are squeezing me like a vice. You’re lucky I can still move inside of you,” he groans deeply. “Shit, did you just cum without asking daddy?”
“Stop calling yourself daddy,” you press your forehead against the cool countertop to let the afterglow of your orgasm fade away. “That’s not funny.”
“Why?” the devil smirks, watching his cock disappear inside of your body. He lazily thrusts into you, tries to drag his high out a little longer, hoping someone will find you in the kitchen, doing the nasty. “I think you would love having a sugar daddy. I will pay for your sweets and naughty lingerie, and you will suck my cock.”
“You’re a dick, but I like your cock,” you snicker at the awful wordplay. “Now get it done, Drysdale. I need a shower and cuddles.”
“Fuck, can a man not take it slow?”
“Not at your grandfather’s kitchen!” unbeknownst to the both of you, Meg stands in the doorframe. She must clasp one hand over her mouth to keep herself from screaming. “But we can do it again at your bedroom, baby.”
“I love you too, kitten,” Ransom finally gives in, moans your name through his orgasm, praises you and your cunt. “How about we do it at his office next time.”
Tumblr media
“I’m tired,” you snuggle into the cushions, ignore Ransom tries to slip his hand into your panties. “No, Ransom. I just changed my panties, now let me sleep.”
“I want to have your smell on my fingers, kitten,” he purrs, proving he’s a kinky bastard. “Give me something for lonely nights.”
“I’m right here with you, don’t lie to me. I promise you can fuck me in the morning again. On the bed, in the showers, if you want to over the dining table in front of your family. I don’t care as long as you let me sleep now,” you don’t like the deep guttural sound leave your boyfriend’s throat.
“Deal—” closing your eyes you realize you just signed up for a deal with the devil. “I will choose the dining table, kitten. I want you to wear the red lace panties I got you last month and a smirk…”
Tumblr media
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sinner-as-saint · 7 months ago
Yes to Heaven.
Ransom Drysdale x Housekeeper!Reader AU 
Run-through: You work for Ransom Drysdale. And the spoiled, notorious bad boy has had his eyes on you since day one. He wants you, bad. But you keep telling him no in the fear of losing your job should he be displeased by something you did. And it drives him insane because the one thing Ransom Drysdale isn’t used to hearing is ‘no’. You try resisting him, but not for long. He can be arrogant and bossy, but also charming and seductively persuasive. Ransom makes it his mission to make you give in. Then again, how long could you say no to such a man, one whose deep, ocean blue eyes held nothing but mischief and a little bit of heaven… 
Themes: smut, teasing, spanking, dom!ransom, fluff, edging using toys, dirty talk
a/n: this is long. 
Tumblr media
“Good morning, Mr. Drysdale.” 
You greeted him the moment you saw him entering the kitchen, already dressed up for the day.  He showed up wearing a particular cream colored sweater - one you thought suited him a lot. Ransom always had the ability to make your heart race, mainly because you and him always had this strong, intimate tension in between you two, and also because he was a shameless flirt and he made it very clear that he wanted you. Bad. 
He sighed. “Ransom. Call me Ransom.” This would be probably the hundredth time he said so. He was dying to hear his name fall off your lips, but you never quite gave him the satisfaction. You just nodded and went back to doing whatever it is you were doing, he couldn’t tell what you were busy with because he himself was busy eyeing you up and down like it was no one’s business. 
He took a seat at the kitchen island, pouring himself some coffee from the fresh pot you had just made; like you did each morning. The more he looked at you, the more he had to shift around in his seat. You always looked so damn good. And the little apron you always wore was like a cherry on top; unknowingly teasing the hell out of him. 
As you kneaded the dough, you could tell he was too quiet today. Usually by now he would have complimented you endlessly, or asked you out shamelessly, or passed some sort of flirty commentary. So you waited for it. 
He got off the stool and walked over to where you stood. “You look gorgeous.” He spoke. And his voice sent shivers dancing down your spine. Not just because of the tone he used, but also because of the proximity. He was closer, you could tell. And something told you that if you took a small step backwards, your back would hit his strong chest. You froze in place. 
Ransom always made you nervous. You would be lying if you said that you didn’t have a crush on the handsome man as well. Whenever he was around, the butterflies in your stomach came alive again, out of nowhere. It didn’t help at all that he was in fact, drop dead gorgeous. He could have any woman he wanted, but for quite a while now he was persistent - making it very obvious that he wanted you. Just you. And you didn’t quite know how to act around him now that you had that information. 
But you had to keep saying no because, well, you worked for him. You couldn’t risk this job, nor could you afford to make things awkward between you and your boss. 
You were knuckle-deep into the dough when you felt his strong arms wrap around you from behind. He inched closer and closer until his chest pressed against your back. He had done this before, so you tried to get over the sudden display of affection and kept on kneading the dough. You heard him groan under his breath. 
“Why do you always ignore me like this?” He asked softly, his lips so close to your ear that with each word you felt them brush faintly against the shell of your ear. 
You cracked a little smile, feeling just a little ticklish. “I don’t. I just have a lot of work to do.” You spoke as you shaped the dough into a ball and wrapped it to let it rest, for later use. You moved away from the counter and he let you go for a moment. But when you moved to the sink to wash your hands, he walked over and hugged you from behind again. 
“Your hair always smells so sweet.” He took the liberty of burying his face into your hair and inhaled the scent of your shampoo. 
You smiled and chose not to encourage him by keeping quiet. You reached for a towel to dry your hands while turning around to face him. “Will you be having breakfast, or are you leaving for work?” Most days, he left without breakfast but since he was still lingering around and being all touchy and feely this morning, you assumed that he had time to eat. 
He gave you a playful smile. “I’ll eat.” 
“Alright then, give me a few minutes.” The chef didn’t come to work today, so it was all up to you. You got to work immediately, avoiding his eyes and grabbing all the appliances and utensils you would need for his go-to breakfast - buttermilk pancakes topped with peanut butter, fresh fruit and whipped cream. Despite the broody man he was normally, Ransom Drysdale actually had a sweet tooth. 
He lingered around for a bit more, then left the kitchen. You assumed he must have gone upstairs to his study. You let out a sigh as you assembled the pancake batter into a bowl. He was definitely making it hard for you. Something about the way he touched you made you all crazy inside. This had been going on for months now. And each day you pretended like you weren’t affected by him at all. When in reality, you probably wanted him just as much as he wanted you. But it wasn’t so easy. You worked for him, this could never work the way he wanted it too. 
A little while later, you had his breakfast ready and brought it upstairs to him. Extra whipped cream too, just how he liked it. You knocked on the door before stepping in and you found him deep in concentration, dealing with paperwork. His brows furrowed as he focused on some paper in his hand. 
You cleared your throat. He turned his head to look over at you. “Hi.” He spoke softly. 
You gave him a smile and walked over to him, placing the tray down on his desk while carefully avoiding any important papers. “Would you like some more coffee?” You asked. 
He shook his head, “No. Thank you, Y/N.” He noticed the way he caught you off guard when he uttered your name. 
Somehow he made it sound magical. You tried your hardest to maintain your calm and composure, and not make it obvious while you checked him out because he sure did look irresistible in the cable-knit sweater he wore. 
You smiled and turned around to leave but then he called out after you. 
You turned and walked up to him again. “Yes?” you asked, politely as usual. 
So polite in fact that it only made him want to undress you and take you to his bed and make you scream his name for hours on end. “You’ve got a little something there,” he pointed at your mouth, or chin. You couldn’t really tell. You reached up to touch your face with the back of your hand and tried to wipe away whatever there was, but when you checked the back of your hand again, there was nothing on there. 
“I’m pretty sure there’s n-,” 
Ransom cut you off by dipping his forefinger into the whipped cream then shamelessly smearing it on your face, right by the side of your mouth and down till your chin. “Right there, see.” He pulled his hand away from your face and smirked. “Such a messy girl,” he circled an arm around your waist and pulled your closer. “Now I have to clean you up, don’t I?” He whispered quietly before leaning in with nothing but mischief in his baby blue eyes. 
Your hands instinctively rested upon his shoulder and the other slid into his hair as you felt his soft, warm lips against your face. Gently licking your skin clean. You gasped as he licked and sucked and nibbled on your skin, from the side of your lips down to your chin and back up again. You felt tingly all over, especially in between your legs. His hands wrapped around your body, pressing you further into him while his lips purposely didn’t touch you right where you wanted him to. 
You craved to know what he tasted like. You wanted his lips on yours, so much so that when he teasingly licked along the side of your mouth, you let out an involuntary moan. He smirked, moving his lips right on top of yours. Not close enough to kiss you, but enough to make your heart race in need. You could feel each puff of his breaths, mingling with your own. 
Ransom knew what he was doing. You keep resisting him, even though he knew that you wanted him just the same. So he was going to do what he does best; tease you in the most sensual ways for as long as it takes for you to give in to him, as well as your own desires. 
He planned on teasing you until you cannot take it anymore. Until you beg him to satiate your burning desire. To take care of your sinful needs. He wanted you to willingly ask him to fuck you and not stop until you can’t physically take it anymore. 
“There,” he mumbled in a satisfactory tone, “all cleaned up.” His lips brushed against your own very faintly as he spoke. And it only fueled the fire inside you, which you didn’t know had been burning since the moment you stepped into this room. 
He had barely touched you and here you were, all hot and bothered. You pulled away first, breathless and a little disappointed. Looking up into his blue eyes you found nothing but victory, mischief and a little bit of heaven in there. 
He knew the kind of effect he had on you for sure. He was teasing you, on purpose. Waiting for you to give in. But you didn’t plan on doing so that easily. 
Ransom smirked, waiting for you to break. But you didn’t. You stepped out of his embrace. “Well then, thank you Mr. Drysdale. Anything else?” you asked, pretending as if the past few minutes didn’t happen and ignoring the sweet ache in between your hips as best you could.  
Ransom knew you would still play it cool, and he did expect that you would pretend as if he hadn’t just set your whole body on fire just with the touch of his lips. “No, that would be all.” He answered with a smirk.  
You left the room at once, rushing to the kitchen and trying to calm your short breaths and your racing heart. You grabbed a paper towel and wet it under the tap before wiping the stickiness of the whipped cream from your face. Fuck… you could still feel his lips on your skin. So close, so close to your own lips. 
Ransom walked around with a smug look on his face for the entire day. And each time he saw you, all he had to do was stare at you for a bit and you would visibly shiver under his gaze. Each time you saw him, the scene in his study replayed in your head. He was so much harder to resist now. 
You thought of him on your way home that day. Despite the slightly colder winds of the evening hitting your face as you walked home, you could still feel his soft, warm lips on your face. You could tell he was going to make this very hard for you. 
Indeed he was. 
The next day, you walked into his home feeling all nervous and tingly. Mainly because you knew you’d see him in just a few minutes, but also, you were lowkey looking forward to seeing how he’d choose to mess with you today. 
Surprisingly, you didn’t see him all morning. The butler let you know that he was rather busy today, and had been all morning. Oh, you thought, perhaps if he was so engrossed in work he wouldn’t pay you much attention. So when time came to go up and bring him his lunch, you went without any worries or nervousness. 
If he was drowning in paperwork, he would barely notice your presence. As everyone knew, nothing else mattered to him when he was working. The world around him could be burning to ashes and he wouldn’t care as long as it allowed him to get work done. 
You walked upstairs and found Ransom, as expected, working in his study. You tried to make as little noise as possible as you walked into the room and placed his tray of food on the coffee table by the couches, not far from his desk. 
You picked up a glass and were filling it with water when you suddenly felt a warm puff of breath against the back of your neck. 
“You look cute with your hair up in a ponytail like this.” Ransom murmured into your ear, his voice low and deep; enough to make your hands shake and cause you to spill some of the water onto the wooden flooring of his study. He tsked at your unintentional mistake. “You made a little mess, sweetheart.” He pointed out. “Won’t you clean it up?” he cooed, urging you do so. 
You could pick up on the mischievous tone of his voice. You refused to talk, because you were sure that your voice would shake just like your hands if you did. So you just nodded. He was too close, barely touching you and yet, he was making you go all crazy. 
You leaned down to pick up a paper towel and then lowered to your knees to wipe the mess on the floor. You noticed he remained standing by you as you did so. 
“Look at me.” He spoke again. His voice was soft and gentle, yet demanding. And you remained on your knees as you tilted your head up to look at him. He tilted his head down, and to the side a little and admired you with a playful smirk on his face. 
He reached out and touched your face gently, his knuckles stroking your cheeks lazily. You shivered again. All he did was touch your face, yet he was able to make you feel things you had never before. 
“So pretty…” He looked into your eyes intensely as his thumb soon moved to touch your soft lips gently. He traced the shape of your mouth and slowly pushed his thumb past your lips, into your warm mouth. “You like this, don’t you?” He said as you instinctively took his thumb into your mouth, wrapping your lips around it and stroking it with your tongue immediately. “That’s a good girl…” he muttered quietly, breathlessly, as you sucked on his finger with nothing but a nervous, yet playful look in your eyes. “Something tells me you like being on your knees, sweetheart.” He cooed, and something grew hotter and hotter inside you. Ransom chuckled at how you almost whimpered. 
“You look so pretty,” those words from him made you almost squirm. “But,” he removed his thumb from your mouth and traced your lips again; a little harsher this time, “You’re being such a messy girl lately. You need to be reminded that that’s not acceptable behavior, hmm?” He spoke in that soft, yet stern voice. 
Messy? Both times you were ‘messy’ these past two days have been because of him. What does he mean, ‘messy’? 
“But you-,”
He cut you off quickly. “Ah,” he placed his forefinger against your parted lips, asking you to stay quiet. “Don’t talk back.” He moved his hand from your face and held it out for you to take. “Now come on, up.” 
You took his hand and stood up, ignoring the ache in between your hips again. 
“Bend over.” He said, pointing towards his desk, not far from where you stood. 
You were a little surprised, a little turned on, and just a little bit nervous. “I… what?” 
Ransom smirked. “You heard me. I said, bend over.” He pointed to the desk again. Without another word said, with every fibre of your body on fire and every part of you wanting him, you walked over to his desk and bent over the side of the large, sturdy wooden desk of his. You placed your elbows down on the surface of the desk and supported yourself up, sticking your butt out. 
Your heartbeats rang in your ears, and you let out a whimper when you felt his hands on either side of your butt; caressing it gently. 
He heard your whimper and leaned over to whisper in your ear, “Do you want me to stop, sweetheart?” 
Fuck no. 
“No.” You answered a little too quickly. And he chuckled. 
“Good girl.” He stood up straight again. He noticed you were wearing a cute, little white sundress today. Perfect, he thought. He slowly lifted the skirt of your dress up and you shivered again when the slightly colder air hit your legs. 
But then you felt his warm hands massaging your butt cheeks through your flimsy, white underwear. You knew instantly what was coming. And your heart raced just waiting for it. 
“Count to five for me, sweetheart.” He spoke softly. You nodded. 
You waited. He lifted his hand up in the air and brought it back down to spank your ass. You yelped in surprise, and almost giggled right after. It didn’t hurt at all, in fact it left behind pleasant tingles. Oh, you forgot you had to count. “One.” 
Pleased with the response he got, Ransom did it again, allowing his hand to linger on your skin a little longer this time, caressing where his hand landed. “Two.”
“This will teach you not to be such a messy girl, hmm?” 
“Three.” You said, almost moaning at how good it felt, and heard him chuckle. You knew that he could very well see just how drenched your underwear had gotten, since you stepped into this room a while ago. 
“You’re dripping already.” He pointed out. 
You could hear him smirking. He lifted his hand and spanked you again. “Four.” You whined, in pleasure. Again. “Five.” You whimpered again, in pleasure and at the tingly sensation which took over your whole body. Oh how you wanted more… 
He allowed his hands to linger on your butt for a while longer, just massaging your now hot skin. “Such a good girl,” he whispered as he pulled your dress back down and pulled you up against him, pushing his face into the crook of your neck, kissing your skin incessantly. “I know you want more, sweetheart. Just say it.” he kissed along your throat, up till your ear. “Just ask for it, and I will take really, really good care of you.” His voice gave away his fervent need. 
His words made you whimper again, in need. You could just say yes right now and let him give you all that you wanted. But then, your job… 
“Ransom…” you gasped as he nibbled on your skin. “We can’t…” you forced yourself to resist him yet again. 
He was reluctant, but he let you go. He allowed you to step out of his embrace. And eventually let you walk out of the room. He let out a loud, defeated and frustrated sigh once you left. There was so much he could give you, so much he could show you. Why do you keep pushing him away when you want him just as much as he wants you? 
For the rest of the day, each time you saw him you either turned the other way and pretended to be busy or you lowered your eyes; unable to face him and groaned internally as you walked past him as fast as you could. 
He could tell you were conflicted regarding your own feelings. But each time he tried to start a conversation regarding it, you would just make up some excuses and leave the room. Almost like you were punishing him for something he hadn’t done. 
And that only made him want you even more. So much so that his mind concocted more devilish ways to mess with you. 
The following morning, Ransom was up early and excited. He came downstairs and found you dusting in the extravagant dining room which he never used. 
“Good morning.” He greeted you first, given you hadn’t yet acknowledged his presence. 
You turned around sheepishly and whispered, “Good morning, Mr. Drysdale.” You sounded more shy than you intended, then again that was probably just the effect of him being in the same room as you. 
Also, his voice brought back the memories of yesterday. Of the time spent in his study. You thought about it all night long, and it made you all hot and bothered again. 
Ransom walked up to you, with something in his hand. But you were under the spell of his deep blue eyes and you didn’t dare look down. He approached you and leaned in to kiss your cheek, dangerously close to your mouth. You almost groaned out loud. 
“I’m gonna be gone all morning,” he trailed his nose along your cheek, “and I want you to miss me.” He sounded so cocky it almost made you crack a smile. 
“I assure you, you will be missed.” You tried your hardest not to let your voice shake as you spoke - because he was making you nervous as hell, but also him being so close to you made your body tingle. 
He smirked. “I know, I know.” He waved a small, bright pink, oblong shaped device in front of your face. “I just have to make sure of it.” You tried to get a look at what that was as he slowly pushed your against the wall behind you. “Come on, spread your legs for me.” 
Oh dear God. He brought a toy. 
“Ransom…” you sounded frustrated. 
“Babygirl…” He mimicked the tone you used and smirked when you let out a frustrated sigh - much like he did yesterday after you turned him down. 
“Anyone could walk in right now.” You looked right in his eyes and you could tell that he did not give a flying fuck. He had other people handling his household; butlers, and chefs and lawn maintenance people. And they were all at work today. 
“Well, I don’t care.” He spoke in that cocky, bossy voice of his. “Besides, the quicker you do as you’re told, the lesser chance we have of somebody catching us.” He stepped closer to you, breathing right into your ear, “Now come on, spread those legs for me.” 
You did as you were told, your heart racing as he reached down to shamelessly touch you in between your legs. You closed your eyes and let out a quiet moan as you felt him push your underwear aside and press the toy against your wet folds. He slowly moved it around your clit, making your buck your hips forward discreetly. 
You pushed your face into the crook of his neck as he slid the toy up and down your slit until he found your entrance. “Breathe,” he cooed as he slowly pushed the toy into you. You gasped and whimpered as he pushed it all the way in. He slowly pulled his hand from in between your legs and took a step back. “You did so good. Now for the fun part,” he pulled his phone out and tapped on it a few times and soon you felt the toy vibrating inside you, pressing right on your G-spot. 
You let out an involuntary squeal. “Oh!” You breathed through your parted lips as the gentle and steady buzzing of the toy made you feel like your whole body was on fire. You gasped and held back another moan as he turned it up just a little, barely noticeable but your body reacted to the new setting immediately. You whined, quietly; very much aware that there were people everywhere around the house. 
Ransom chuckled at your reaction. Perfect. He leaned in to kiss your cheek again, “Have a good day, sweetheart.” 
He left. And yet, he didn’t leave you in peace. 
His little toy tormented you all morning. For some minutes, the vibration would be practically non-existent, but then he’d turn it up whenever he pleased and you would let out gasps, and squeals and moans randomly all throughout. 
You couldn’t focus on anything, other than the pressure in between your legs, and the sweet pain which came along with it. One of the butlers tried having a small talk with you and you could barely process any word he said. It was difficult to go about your day in peace when all you could think about was being absolutely railed by the man you worked for. 
Ransom got home in the early afternoon. And he was particularly excited to see you, knowing damn well that you must be utterly spent by now. You would be surely dripping, your arousal flowing out of you incessantly. Fuck… he couldn’t wait. 
He walked inside and searched the house until he found you in the sun room. You were watering the plants in there. Your messy bun was messier than it was this morning. 
“Hello.” He knew that his voice would get some reaction out of you. And he was right. He heard you let out a weary sigh when you heard him. 
You turned around; flushed and frustrated. You were burning just at the sight of him. “You’re back.” You sounded almost defeated. Ransom walked further in, right up to you. 
“How was your day?” he placed both his hands on either side of your waist, and pulled you closer. “Had fun? I hope you remembered to miss me.” He leaned in to kiss your cheek. Once he pulled away, you leaned forward and placed your forehead against his shoulder as though your body went limp. 
You let out a whine. “Please… it’s too much,” you pouted but he couldn’t see it. 
“Oh?” He mocked you, using the same tone you did previously. “What, you can’t take it for a few hours?” he grabbed you by the chin and made you look up at him. “What about all those times I spent pining for you, longed for you to give me even a tiny bit of attention? This is nothing compared to that.” 
You gasped loudly, realizing that he had turned it up again. You looked down and found his phone in his hand. Of course. 
“Ransom, please…” you whined. 
He fake pouted, looking down at you. “Aww angel, is it hard?” he cooed. “I bet you want me to just,” he leaned closer to your ear, “reach down there and touch you, hmm? And make you cum? Because you can’t bear the idea of having to walk around whining in need for another hour or two, can you?” 
You whimpered at his words, your walls clenching around the toy as you looked up at him, pleading. “Please…” 
“No. Not so easily. You can wait some more.” 
With that, he walked out of the sunroom and left you there, whimpering and throbbing. With the toy buzzing steadily down there. 
You were a little on the edge as you went to bring him his cup of coffee later in the afternoon. Would he tease you again, or just toy with the settings of the vibrator and make you make a mess again? With Ransom, one could never tell. 
You found Ransom in the room he called his workshop; which was where he spent his free time painting. 
Your plan was to give him his cup and then walk out of there as soon as you can. You found him standing in front of a canvas which was on an easel stand. His forearms were covered in shades of blue, some matching the sweater he had on. 
You placed his cup on the nearby table and were about to walk out when you heard him speak up again. “Wait. Come here.” 
You walked over to where he stood. This was the first time you noticed just how orderly this room was. Normally one would expect a workshop to be a mess, but no, not when it came to Ransom. 
He reached out and touched your cheek. “You look flushed. It’s driving you crazy, isn’t it sweetheart? Your body can’t take it anymore, can it?” he murmured softly. 
You looked up at him and shook your head. He melted at the look of desperation in your eyes. You were desperate, all for him. At last. 
“Want me to make it better? Hmm?” 
You nodded quickly. 
“Good. Kneel.”
You did so immediately. Ransom ran his knuckles across your cheek lovingly. “Now come on, show me how bad you want it.” 
You rapidly unzipped his pants; lowering the waistband of his underwear to free his erected cock. You whimpered again at the sight of his cock, thick and girthy. It made you wet, even more than before. You reached out and wrapped your hands around his base, stroking along his length; your tongue slowly circling his tip. He groaned and spread his legs further apart, inching his hips slightly forward as you took more of him into your mouth. 
“That’s it… good girl,” He threw his head back for a moment. The sound of his voice made you clench around the toy. 
You gave him your all; bobbing your head around him and licking around his tip. You took him inch by inch until he hit the back of your throat; hollowing your cheeks and letting his raw taste fill your senses. His cock twitched against your tongue and you tasted some of his pre cum. He bucked his hips forward very gently into your mouth, and loved the sight of your spit coating his cock. 
“Come on angel, make me cum.” He said and you sped up your actions until he came undone all over your tongue; moaning and making your clit throb even more than before just by hearing his moans and growls as he came into your mouth. You swallowed all that he gave you before zipping his pants back up. 
Ransom gently stroked your cheeks again. “Such a good girl.” He held his hand out for you to take, then he helped you stand up. He leaned in again, kissing you at the side of your mouth. “I think you deserve a little reward, don’t you angel?” 
You looked up at him in hope, almost whining again at the sound of him providing you with some sort of release. It sounded too good. 
“Yeah you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” 
You spoke up finally. “Yes please.” 
Ransom smiled down at you and pushed you back until your back hit something solid. You figured it must have been the table where he kept all his brushes and everything. He pushed you back onto the desk, most of his stuff falling over but he didn’t mind. 
He sat you down on it and spread your legs apart while holding your stare. His eyes remained focused on your face as he settled in between your legs. His hand reached out and he ran his knuckles along your wet folds through your underwear, making you shudder at his mere touch.
“You’re so wet, sweetheart.” He commented, slowly sliding your underwear down your legs. He grabbed the toy by the end and pulled it out with ease, your arousal leaking out of you and the sight of it all made him almost moan again. 
Ransom leaned down and placed a kiss on your inner thigh and you gasped. He reached out with two of his fingers and gently circled your clit, gathering your wetness from your folds and smearing it around. He got down on his knees; his face dangerously close to your core. You bit your lip, waiting and anticipating his next moves. He couldn’t possibly leave you on the edge again, could he? 
Ransom spread your legs further apart and attached his lips to your core; the lower half of his face completely submerged into your dripping core. You let out a loud moan as you felt his warm mouth on top of your dripping core. 
His tongue slipped past your folds and teased your entrance; occasionally flicking your clit mercilessly. Your hands gripped his hair and tugged gently at his roots. His tongue slowly circled your throbbing clit, parting your wet folds with ease. 
“Such a sweet girl…” he whispered and got back to assault your sensitive spot with his warm and wet tongue, relishing your taste. Your taste drove him wild, so did your soft whimpers. You whimpered under his touch, you enjoyed each and every second of it and craved for more.
His deep blue eyes watched you in awe and how you lost control under his touch; legs shaking as he teased your entrance with the tip of his tongue. Your arousal drenched the lower half of his face as he ate you out relentlessly until you were nothing but a moaning, hot mess, squirming above him. 
“Ransom…” you moaned out loud; your eyes shut and your head tilted back as you felt a wave of toe-curling pleasure wash over you. You were so close… But he didn’t let you enjoy it. The moment you moaned and bucked your hips against his mouth, he lifted his lips off you, smirking. 
“What…” You looked down at him in absolute surprise and desperation; wide eyes and parted lips, breathing heavily with a pleading look in your eyes. You watched how he stood up again. 
Ransom leaned in and his lips brushed against your lips faintly. “You taste heavenly,” he mumbled, “but you don’t get to cum just yet. You had me going crazy after you, I can’t let you have what you want so easily, sweetheart.”
And with those words, yet again, he left you wanting more and you grew even more desperate. 
 The next morning, Ransom was a little surprised when he hadn’t seen you around. He knew you were at work, given he heard you come in and also heard you talking with one of the butlers. But when he came downstairs, he couldn’t find you anywhere. He also had a lot of work to be done that day so as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t spend all his time searching for you around the house. 
He got back to his study eventually, wondering when you would show up. But you didn’t. It got to a point where he could no longer focus on what he was doing because he was busy overthinking everything. 
Could it be that you were avoiding him? Was it something he did, or said yesterday? Did he overstep a line? 
By the early hours of the afternoon, he was restless. He tried to go downstairs to find you, and he did but you were in the kitchen helping his chef out at the time so he couldn’t talk to you. He didn’t even make his presence known, he just slowly backed out of the room, disheartened. 
He felt miserable. He hadn’t seen you properly all day, hadn’t heard your voice, hadn’t teased you like he loved to. He almost didn’t feel like himself. 
The rest of the day went by agonizingly for him. He had made up his mind to confront you before you leave though, he couldn’t tolerate this suspense any longer. 
In the evening, around the time you usually left his home, Ransom searched the house until he found you again. You were in the sun room, finishing up some remaining work. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the sun room also allowed him to look at the terrible, almost stormy weather outside. It looked like it would rain violently all through the night. 
“The weather’s gonna get worse, let me drop you home.” 
You froze at the sound of his voice. You had done your best to keep a distance from him all day long, but you knew that wouldn’t work for much longer. It wasn’t because of something he did, it was you. 
You couldn’t help but overthink everything. Was he just toying with you because he’s bored? What would happen once you slept with him? Would he just cast you aside and pretend it never happened? And if he does, wouldn’t that make everything awkward at work for you? After he did have a history of being quite the playboy. 
“No that’s alright. Don’t bother, I’ll manage.” 
Your answer didn’t sit well with him. He stood there at the doorway while you moved around the room, wrapping up your last bits of work. 
“What do you mean ‘don’t bother’? It’s pouring outside I-,”
You cut him off, calmly. 
“I mean it Ransom, truly. I’ll manage.” 
He sighed. “Alright, is it something I did? Something I said? Why are you avoiding me? Tell me so I can fix it!” He did sound a little hyper but that was only because he couldn’t figure you out. 
Your reply frustrated him even more. “No, nothing.” 
Alright, that’s it. He walked over to you and grabbed you gently by the elbow, turning you around so you faced him. Even despite the gloomy weather, the sight of your face made him the happiest he had been all day.  “I haven’t seen you all day. Then you avoid me like it’s nothing. And now you’re acting like… this. What’s going on? If it’s me, I’m sorry. I never meant to-,”
You were quick to cut him off at that. “No, it’s not you. It’s… I don’t know. I just… I work for you. I don’t think it’s wise for us to be this close and intimate. It’s wrong. Isn’t it?” You hadn’t thought about how hard it would be to say that to his face, when in reality you wanted him more than anything. 
His dreamy blue eyes, the thoughts of which kept you up till late at night lately, stared down at you with an unexplainable emotion in them. He was surely taken aback by what you had just said, because to him this was never a problem. And he didn’t want it to be a problem for you either. 
“Does it feel wrong, babygirl?” He asked. If you said yes right now, he would let you go and never touch you again. But the look in your eyes gave him the answer he wanted to hear. “Say it, Y/N. Does it feel wrong when you’re with me?” He leaned down to gently press a kiss at the side of your mouth. You were dying to kiss him. “Does it feel wrong when I touch you, when I tease you…” he kissed along your jaw. “When you get on your knees like my good girl to please me, does it feel wrong then?” he whispered against your skin. 
You shivered. He waited. “Answer me, Y/N.” 
You whimpered at the sound of his voice. How could you not, he had been teasing you for days now. 
“No. It doesn’t.” You murmured, and gasped as he gently nibbled on the skin along your throat. You heard him chuckle quietly. 
“That’s all I needed to hear.” 
Next thing you knew, his mouth was on yours. Kissing you properly for the first time. His kiss started out all gentle and loving, and got progressively more and more heated. Your lips moved perfectly against each other’s. You sighed in delight. He deepened the kiss by stroking the top of your mouth with his tongue, and you were on the edge just by that. 
Ransom kissed you deeply as he walked to two of you back until your back hit the glass window. You let out a gasp and before you could process anything else, Ransom was on his knees in front of you. 
“I’m sorry for teasing you for the past days. I’ll make up for it, I promise.” He whispered as he kissed along your thigh, your skirt gave him easier access. He loved it. Next, he dragged your underwear down and quickly urged you to spread your legs further apart. You did. 
Ransom made you cum all over his tongue, more than once. He only stopped when your legs visibly started shaking. You were a moaning and whimpering mess when he finally stood back up again. 
His mouth found yours again. He kissed your open mouth with ardor, like he owned it. His hand slipped under your thin sweater and he caressed your warm skin with his large hands; tracing the skin right under your breasts, leaving goosebumps where his fingers touched you so hungrily. 
Without breaking the kiss, he picked you up and slammed your back against the glass window behind you. You couldn’t even form a proper thought as his tongue slipped into your mouth, making you moan wantonly into the kiss. Your hands slid into his hair. Your core pressed against his firm body as his mouth alone drove you crazy.
He moaned into the kiss as your hand gently tugged on his hair. He smiled and spread your legs apart just a little more so he could be closer to you, as if you weren’t already. His hands held you up, securely against him; he had a very firm grip on your thigh, his other hand placed right under your ass. 
“I want you. So bad…” he mumbled breathlessly against your lips. He sounded so… hot that it made you moan and whimper again. 
Fuck… “I want you too.” You managed to whisper in between kisses. 
You felt him smirk, then he bit your lower lip; tugging on it gently. Ransom pulled away to look into your eyes again. He waited for a moment, just savouring the hunger in your eyes before he leaned in for a kiss again. You could no longer take it. So you reached down and undid his pants, while he slipped his hand in between your legs again. 
He ran his knuckles along your wet folds, smearing your arousal around in the process. He groaned in pleasure as you gently pulled his cock out and stroked it gently. “Eager now, are we?” 
He slipped his two fingers past your entrance with ease and grunted in your ear as he felt your walls instantly welcoming him in. He curled his fingers inside of you, hitting all the spots you wanted him too. You almost came again, but you didn’t want his fingers anymore. 
“Please… I need you to fuck me, Ransom. Please…” you begged. 
He was pleasantly surprised. “Anything for you, angel.” 
He set you down and pulled down your skirt, letting it all fall and pool around your ankles. You stepped out of it before he picked you up again and kissed you deeply; your legs wrapped around his waist. His cock briefly brushed against your wet folds in the process and you moaned wantonly through the kiss.
He kissed down your neck as he aligned his throbbing tip with your entrance. He pushed himself into you, stretching you out as he went. His nails dug into your skin as he held you by your hips, and yours clawed at his shoulders as he filled you up nicely. You were both panting by the time he filled you up entirely. 
“Fuck… you feel so good, sweetheart,” He moaned, breathlessly into you ear. And that earned him a loud moan out of you. There was just something about him whispering in your ear which drove you completely insane. 
He grunted as he rocked in and out of you. You felt all of him, and he was perfect. He stroked your walls with his throbbing cock and you were a moaning mess in no time. He enjoyed every second of it, each sound he earned from you felt satisfying. 
“You feel better than I imagined, angel…” he moaned.
He held you securely against him, as he sped up into you like he had dreamt of doing so many times before. He dipped his head into the crook of your neck and let out a loud moan and he fucked you. Hearing him moan was the hottest thing you had ever heard. You whimpered again as he slammed into you relentlessly.
“This is what you wanted, isn’t it? For me to fuck you like I own you, hmm?” he whispered against your skin. 
His mouth soon found yours and he nibbled on your bottom lip and you let out shaky breaths. He was taking over all your senses and you were more than happy to surrender to him. A thin layer of sweat formed on his face, as he fucked you relentlessly; earning more and more moans out of you each time his cock stroked your walls.
“Ransom…” you gasped. 
You felt a sweet pressure forming in between your hips; fiery, burning and pressing inside you. Ransom nibbled at the skin under your ear and you lost all control you had left. Your thoughts became cloudy and all you could focus on was how his body brought you immense pleasure. You had craved this for so long. You craved him. 
“Please…” you whined. 
Your sensitive clit rubbed against his pelvic bone each time he buried himself completely in you. He growled in your ear as he pounded into you as fast as he could, your back slamming into the large glass window with each thrust. Your body moved along with his like a rag doll. And you never complained once. You could hear the wet sounds that he caused each time he pushed himself into you and the sounds of your skin slapping against each other was downright sinful. 
“Cum for me, baby. Come on…” he growled in your ear. 
He moaned against your ear and the sound sent shivers down your back. Your legs started to shake around him as he quickened his pace; pounding into you mercilessly. You felt like you were losing your mind. The pleasure was too much and you couldn’t hold back anymore. So, you came undone around his cock; screaming his name in the process.
Once you recovered from your high, he fucked you again. And again, on the couch. Then upstairs in his bed. Which was probably where you passed out as well; worn out and satisfied. 
 You woke up in his soft, warm bed the next morning. You peeled your eyes open and realized that the weather was just as gloomy as the previous night. Only this morning, you felt much better than you had these past days. You felt tingly still, and the butterflies in your stomach came alive again as you thought of Ransom… 
Speaking of, where was he? 
You sat up in the middle of the bed, clutching the sheets around you. You could tell your hair was a mess even without looking at it. And just as you were trying to tame it, you felt the bed dip right next to you. And the next moment you felt a pair of lips kissing on you; along your neck and across your cheek making you giggle. 
“Good morning.” You whispered, pulling away to take a look at him. 
He smiled at you. “Good morning, angel.” He sounded excited. “I made something for you.” Only then did you notice that he had something in his hand. 
He placed it in front of you and you let out a little gasp. “Ransom… this is beautiful.” You picked up the canvas and admired the painting on it. It was a bunch of Forget-Me-Nots, beautifully painted in several shades of blue. “What’s the occasion?” 
He placed a gentle kiss upon your exposed shoulder. “It’s a farewell gift. I don’t want you to work for me anymore.” 
You scoffed at how extra he was. “Then what?” 
He shrugged. “I don’t know yet, we’ll figure it out, together.” 
You shook your head at him, turning a little more towards him while still clutching the sheet around you. “So what, you want me to be your little stay-at-home plaything?” your words made him smirk, “So you can spend your time plotting new ways to torment me, and tease me for however long you’d like?” 
“Baby… you have no idea how good that sounds.” He said so just to mess with you. He was kidding of course. 
You leaned in and kissed him, smiling. “You’re sick, Ransom Drysdale. I love it.” 
He smirked through the kiss, pushing you back until your back hit the bed again. He was on top of you once again, “Hmm, I love you too.” He mumbled in between kisses. 
And in that moment, you were glad you finally said yes to him.
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thicccsimp · 5 months ago
Undivided Attention
Summary: After cutting a night out short with his jealous brooding, Ransom makes sure he will be the only thing left on your mind.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 2,815
Warnings: 18+ Smut. Explicit Sexual Content. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Spanking. Overstimulation. Oral Sex (F Receiving). Fingering (F Receiving). Unprotected Vaginal Sex. Slight Degradation/Name Calling.
A/N: This was written for @iraot‘s 1.1k Wheels of Debauchery Challenge! Congratulations on hitting such a huge milestone! I also want to thank you for making such an interesting challenge, it really pushed me to write something outside of my normal comfort zone. The kinks I got from the wheel were Possessiveness, Spanking, and Overstimulation.
I’d like to thank @celestial--valkyrie for beta reading this for me, I don't know what I’d do without your help! Any and all mistakes are completely my own!
I also owe a huge thank you to @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ for being a literal ray of sunshine and hyping me up with this piece and convincing me not to just scrap the entire thing. You always being my cheerleader means the world to me!
As always I appreciate any feedback any of y’all would like to give me. Please feel free to like, comment, and reblog if you feel inclined to.
Tumblr media
The music comes blaring from the speakers around you loud enough that you can feel the bass reverberating in your chest. You lose yourself in the upbeat rhythm, your body swaying in perfect time with it. Your eyes lazily half open as you glance around the dark room, the flashing neon lights only providing you with momentary glances of your boyfriend looking sour as ever watching you from against the far wall. His arms are folded in front of him and his jaw clenched tight, you can feel his pissy mood from all the way across the room. You roll your eyes and let yourself fall deeper into the music; you feel the occasional hand caress or grab at your body but you merely dance away, uninterested in their attention. You can’t help but let your mind wander as your body moves naturally to the beat. 
I don’t know why he suggested going out tonight if he was just going to get all pissy and ditch me after 10 minutes to go and brood in the corner. Oh well. He’s not ruining this night for me, I wanted to have a good time and his little tantrum isn’t going to change that.
You spend the next couple hours dancing to your heart's content, only occasionally stopping to grab another drink from the bar. Your eyes meet Ransom's a few more times through the night but his face never softens once, he just continues to watch you from a distance, nursing the same glass of whiskey he got when you first arrived together. 
Your eyes are blissfully closed as you move along to another song when you feel a hand grab onto your waist. You can’t be bothered to open your eyes as you go to slide out of the strangers grasp only to be surprised when their grip tightens instead. Your eyes spring open, ready to tell the bastard to fuck off, only to find that the hand belongs to Ransom, his hard face looming over you. He leans down a touch and speaks slowly and clearly, being sure you’ll hear him over the music, “It’s time to go.”
You shake your head at him, annoyance clear on your face, you start to back away from him as you shout over the music, “No. I’m not ready to leave Ransom. I’m actually enjoying myself. Feel free to go though since you clearly don’t want to be here with me, I’ll get my own ride home.”
His grasp on your waist is suddenly ironclad as he pulls you roughly against his body. He leans down so close to you that his lips brush against your ear as he speaks, his voice laced with challenge, “I said it’s time to leave. Don’t make me throw you over my shoulder and carry you out. You know I will.”
The severity of his tone sends a shiver down your spine and makes your core clench with arousal, as maddening as his possessiveness can be, it was also undeniably attractive. You roll your eyes but comply, turning on your heels and beginning to make your way toward the exit. Ransom's grip on your waist slowly makes its way up your back until he places a firm grasp on the nape of your neck causing you to stand up straighter as he begins to steer your body through the crowd with ease. You shoot daggers up at him, he knows how much you hate when he marches you around like a parent leading their toddler. His head angles down at you, his eyebrow cocked up, as his grip tightens, silently daring you to say or do something. You have to swallow down the words that dance on the tip of your tongue, knowing with certainty that he’s not above causing a scene; you settle for rolling your eyes and grinding your teeth together in irritation.
Once you're both seated in his BMW, you expect him to be all over you, pawing at you while giving you an earful; but instead he keeps his eyes set on the road and his grip tight around the steering wheel. You’re not sure if it’s the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream or just purely because it was so unexpected but you find yourself irked that he seems to have no interest in you at all. You angle yourself in your seat to face him as you reach over and place a hand on his thigh, sliding it towards his crotch before one of his hands leaves the steering wheel to push your hand away without so much as a glance. Your eyebrows knit together as you try again, letting his name roll needily from your mouth, only to be met with the same standoffish reaction. You turn in your seat once more and huff as you look out the window, utterly vexed that this man not only had the audacity to make you cut your night short but then to not give you the time of day after.
The car comes to a halt outside his home after what feels like an eternity, you open your car door and head for the door, your heels clacking angrily against the cement of the driveway with every step. You quickly fish the spare key he had given you from your clutch and unlock the door, storming inside and slamming the door shut behind you as you kick your heels off and make your way towards the stairs. You freeze in your tracks as you realize you never heard the slam of the door you were expecting. You look back over your shoulder to see Ransom has caught the door and is calmly shutting it before he turns his attention to you, his eyes stormy and menacing. He closes the space between you in mere seconds, his hand coming up and grabbing a fist full of your hair by the root. He turns you quickly to face him, the sweet ache on your scalp making you swallow hard as he walks you backwards until your back meets the wall with a soft thud. The hand in your hair vanishes and swiftly makes a new home against your throat, squeezing just enough to make your head begin to swim in the most intoxicating way.
“I’ve had enough of that fucking attitude, Y/N.” Ransom growls out at you as his chest begins to rise and fall a bit faster than it was a moment ago. “You think you have the right to be pissy after you ignored me all night to dance around like a little slut while all those guys laid their hands all over you?”
Your eyes bulge indignantly as you reach up, grabbing at his fingers against your throat, loosening his grip just enough to be able to talk a bit easier. “Excuse you!? I ignored you all night? You were the one who got all put out for no reason and left me alone on that dance floor! Why do you even care? You didn’t seem to want my attention then or just now in the car!” You shoot back at him, words laced with venom and just a bit of hurt. 
“That’s not how this works. I don’t just want your attention when you feel like throwing me a bone. You seem to have forgotten, you’re mine.”  The emphasis on his last two words make your core clench around nothing. You open your mouth to retort but his hand around your throat tightens once again, keeping the words trapped inside. “No. I’ve heard enough out of you. It’s about time I remind you who owns this.” He growls out as his other hand snakes between both of your bodies and under the skirt of your little black dress to cup your pussy firmly. Your eyes roll back into your head at the sudden pressure, you know that despite your frustration with him, he already has you dripping and now he knows it too. He releases his hold on both your neck and your pussy and wraps a rough hand around your delicate wrist and begins tugging you after him as he makes his way to the sofa. You suck in the air your lungs have been demanding as you stumble behind him. He takes a seat on the edge of the couch before roughly pulling you down to lay across his lap; your dress has been shoved up around your waist and your panties pulled down around your ankles so fast you can’t even comprehend it before his hand makes contact with your ass. 
“Aaahh! Ransom wa-” you begin to whine out before another sharp smack to your ass cuts you off. You attempt to wiggle out of his lap but his other hand pressing firmly down on your back keeps you securely in place. 
Ransom tsks his tongue at you as he rubs his hand over the swell of your ass, speaking steadily and firmly, “The only words I want to hear coming from your mouth are numbers as you keep track, got that Princess? We’re going to twenty three, one for every man you let touch you tonight. You utter a single word that isn’t a number or you miss one, we’ll start over. Don’t test me on this, Y/N.” 
The tone of his voice leaves no doubt in your mind that he means every word, you swallow hard and just nod your head. You bring your hands up to brace yourself, one clinging to his thigh while the other grasps his calf; you hold your breath in anticipation of the smack you know is coming. His hand makes contact with your ass once again and the sting makes you groan, “Three”. As soon as the word leaves your mouth, you feel the sting of his hand once again, “Four”. Ransom keeps up the pace, not allowing you a moment of rest between each smack to your ass, which becomes exceedingly sensitive with each and every strike. By the time you hit twenty, your legs are shaking, your arousal running down your thighs, your voice hoarse and strained as you continue to count out the final slaps. The sound of the last smack registers in your ears before the sickeningly sweet, overwhelming sting sets in, “Twenty three!” you manage to choke out. 
Ransom pulls you up, holding your body against his for just a moment before laying you out on the sofa, you hiss softly as your red raw ass makes contact with the deliciously cool leather as it grants you the slightest bit of comfort. He drops to his knees at the edge of the couch before reaching out and wrapping his strong sweater clad arms around your thighs before swiftly pulling you towards him until your ass is about to fall off the edge. His head dips down between your thighs, peppering them with swift kisses and gentle bites, inching closer and closer to aching core. He finally licks a long stripe along your dripping slit before his thumbs come to gently spread your soaking petals, fully exposing you to him. His tongue prods your entrance before beginning to greedily lap up all the sweet juices that are flowing from you, he lets out a moan from deep in his chest as your taste takes over his mouth. “So fuckin’ sweet baby” he whispers huskily into your sex as his lips find your pulsing bud, quickly encapsulating it and sucking gently. You let out a needy moan as your hands fly to his hair, tugging at it harshly as you grind into his face, desperately chasing your own release, trying your best to ignore the sweet sting still biting at the sensitive skin of your ass. 
Ransom suckles on your bud harder as you grind into him and you feel the coil in your stomach finally burst, your climax rushes over you like a wave. Breathy curses flow from your mouth freely as you ride out the sweet release your body had been craving so desperately. As you begin to come down from your high, you go to scoot yourself away from Ransom's mouth which was still working overtime on you. He immediately locks your thighs in with his arms, keeping you pressed firmly against his eager mouth. 
“Ransom.. baby.. I need a- aaah! I need a second,” you whine out breathlessly as you writhe under his grasp. 
He finally lifts his head from between your thighs, looking up to you with lust blown eyes and his face glistening in your arousal, “What's the matter, Princess? Weren’t you just upset you didn’t have my attention earlier? Well don’t worry your pretty little head over that. You’ve got my undivided attention now and I don’t intend to stop until my mouth is the only thing you can think of.” His tone dripped with derision as his lips curled up into a mischievous smirk. “You wanted all my attention and the attention of every guy in that club tonight, I’m going to show you just what greedy little sluts like you get.” Ransom immediately dives back in between your thighs, his lips closing in around your throbbing bud again, sucking on it harshly pulling another hasty orgasm from you. 
You whine and moan breathlessly as you continue to try and squirm away before finally resigning to the fact that you are no match for his sturdy arms, you are ultimately helpless. You feel another climax beginning to crest and his name begins to fall from your mouth like a mantra and even you’re not sure if you’re begging him to stop or to keep going at this point. Your legs shake and your breath is ragged and hoarse as another orgasm claims your body. Your vision is beginning to swim as you stutter out, “Pl-please… Ra-Ra-Ransom… I n-need-” 
Ransom lifts his face away from you, looking up at your face, reveling in how your makeup runs down your face and your bottom lip quivers, “What’s that Baby? You need more? I think so too Princess.. I know you have more for me.” And with that he returns to his assault on your sensitive aching clit, you feel one of his arms release its grip on your thigh but the other still holds you firmly in place as you feel two of his fingers plunge deep inside of you, curling into your walls in a way that makes you see stars. Your voice is nearly shot as you cry out as you feel him coaxing yet another orgasm from you; you feel your walls clench around his fingers, keeping them in place as you ride out yet another wave of earth shattering ecstasy. 
Your body goes limp like a rag doll, your chest rising and falling alarmingly fast now. Ransom finally rises from between your trembling thighs, peeling off his sweater and undoing his belt as he looks down at you, admiring what a mess he’s made of you. Your eyes stay lazily open watching him as you will yourself to even out your breathing, you watch as he grasps your hips firmly and lifts them effortlessly off the couch, lining your entrance up with his cock before burying himself to the hilt with one powerful thrust. The sound that comes ripping from your chest is guttural and primal, your entire body aches in the most intoxicatingly painful way as every inch of you buzzes with overstimulation. 
“C’mon baby.. just one more. I want to feel your greedy little cunt milk me.” Ransom's voice is husky and harsh. His strong hands begin to glide you along his cock with ease, setting a deep brutal pace, every inch of your body is consumed by a blinding combination of equal parts pain and pleasure. Your head lulls off lazily to the side, unable to even keep it up on your own anymore as you watch his face contort with pleasure as he fucks your oversensitive cunt with reckless abandon. Moans and curses escape both of you wildly and your orgasm hits you like a train, sudden and intense, your eyes roll to the back of your skull as you whimper helplessly as your walls contract around him. You feel his cock twitch before spilling his warm seed deep inside you while he growls out your name, his eyes squeeze shut and he throws his head back in pleasure. Ransom gently pulls out after a moment and sets your hips gingerly back down on the couch. He leans down, placing a large hand on either side of your head as he hovers just above your face, “Now remind me Princess… who do you belong to?” 
“Y-y-you. On-only you, R-Ransom” you stutter out quietly, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, he truly owes every bit of you and you wouldn't want it any other way.
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ozarkthedog · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
request: yes
summary: Ransom doesn’t know how to comfort you but he still tries.
warning: fluff. crying. ransom being conflicted.
word count: 499
author’s note: this was a request from ages ago but i can’t find the og ask. if this was your request, i’m sorry it took so long to write. 💙 i’m still finding my way back into this thing called “writing”. bear with me please. 🙏🏻
☽ 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭 ♁ 𝐎𝐳𝐳𝐢𝐞'𝐬 𝐋𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐲 ☾
Tumblr media
Ransom throws his car keys on the small, modern table nestled in the corner of the foyer with a sigh. It’s been a long day at the publishing house and the various concerning texts from you had him on edge.
“Pumpkin?” He calls out while he sheds his jacket and tosses it over the back of the couch. He hears your faint voice respond from upstairs and he takes the wooden steps two at a time.
His teethes at his bottom lip with nervous energy. He’s been wanting to see you all day but he can’t help but feel inadequate when it comes to certain emotions.
Ransom finds you curled up on the bed, eyes blooming with fresh tears and heavy sighs escaping your downturned lips.
He hesitates and casts his eyes to the floor.
He’s never been any good with his feelings, let alone anyone else’s. You’d helped him open up over the past year, wrestling out a few of talks about his childhood and the strained relationship with his parents.
He always wishes to comfort you in the various ways you’ve helped him but he isn’t the best with empathy.
Ransom knocks softly on the doorframe, “Hey Pumpkin.”
You give him a forlorn smile and whisper, “Hey.” You wipe away the fallen tears before you shove your face into your pillow.
Ransom toes at the rug with uncertainty. Should he leave? Or make a fool of himself and try to help?
He feels like he’s going in circles and your soft cries make his heart do something it’s rarely ever done.
So, he bites the bullet.
Ransom tugs off his sweater as he walks into the spacious bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed and unlaces his shoes while cautiously looking over his shoulder waiting for you to wonder what he’s doing.
Slowly he crawls over to your frame and lays down behind you. He mirrors your body. Knees tuck under yours as his chest presses against your spine. A solid arm drapes over your body as he finds your hand and interweaves his fingers with yours.
He nuzzles his nose into your hair and breathes deep the smell he’s come to call home. It astounds him how being next to you eases his worries.
In that moment he vows to try harder.
“Do you need to talk about anything?” His heart is in his throat.
You turn your head from the pillow, wet lashes flutter your cheeks, “No, that’s ok. I’m just feeling down.”
Ransom nods before turning his body away from yours, “I can leave if you-”
“No.” You plead, tugging on his arm. The grip on his fingers so tight they ache. “Stay, please.”
Ransom’s worried features relax when he realizes you still want him near you. “Ok.”
You turn onto your side again and Ransom plasters his body against yours.
“It’s nice having you here.” You confess with a sniffle.
Ransom smiles into your hair, “I’m glad I’m here too.”    
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chaashni · 3 days ago
Gimme Those Tears
Your Alpha doesn’t want you to beg, he wants you to cry. Your tears make you the prettiest flower in town, and Ransom wants just that.
A/n: A submission for @cockslut-padalecki ‘s Eleven Sentence Challenge: Kinktober Edition. I just had a kink reveal with this one and I have never been better. Enjoy!
Word Count: 546
Warnings: Smut. A/B/O dynamics. Dacryphilia (arousal by tears and sobbing), Edging, Rough sex, manhandling, nipple play, mentions of ice play.
Kinktober: Day 9: Prompts: Dacryphilia + A/B/O + Ransom Drysdale
Masterlist. Kinktober Masterlist. Taglist. Tell Me What You Think. Fic library: @chaashnifics
"Isn't this what you wanted, my little omega?" Ransom slurred into your ears, wrapping a hand around your throat languidly as he held you perched over his lap, cock aligned to your swollen pussy. Your panties tied over your mouth, face streaming with tears, hot drops leaking down which he collected on his fingertips and swiped over your face, sometimes tracing their tracks with his tongue as you cried for his cock, pathetically whining for release.
“You look so pretty like this, all teary eyed and marked up by your own tears, can taste how needy you are,” he chuckled lowly, pressing a deep kiss to the side of your neck, right over your mark and dipping a finger into your pussy, chuckling and spreading your juices over your clit as you moaned again, vision blurred from the edging.
Ransom’s hands left your waist, spreading his thighs as you fell forward in a heap, his large hands appearing to cup your boobs and pull you back to his torso, a pathetic simper stuck in your throat.
“Do you wanna cum, baby?” he cooed, kneading your breast and tweaking your nipples as he positioned you over his cock, lowering you inch by inch over him, blatantly ignoring your cries and muffled whimpers for more as he took his sweet time wolfing you down. “You wanna cum so bad you are crying out like that, those pretty tears all pouring out for me, -fuck- you look so- fucking- pretty with your makeup running down your face.”
Your alpha lifted you up by your hips, flexing his thighs and ramming straight into your weeping cunt, your cries echoing across the room as you clung onto the arms he had wrapped around your body, shrieking as he drove into your hilt, your walls fluttering and clenching around his cock.
“Please, Alpha-” you choked out against the fabric, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as he bounced you on his cock, your vision filling with white light and tears as the intensity of his thrusts had your legs cramping, your nipples stinging from being teased so much- with the ice play your alpha had conveniently added- the knot in your stomach growing. 
Ransom had been driving you to the brink, playing with you, tormenting your senses and scenting you for the last so many hours, you had lost count of how many orgasms he had ruined, messy thrusts drilled into you and mocking threats whispered filthily into your ears each time you tried to take control, all so he relish in watching you cry.
“Its too much,“ you sobbed as he alternated between ramming into you with his cock and shoving a finger up your pussy while he stayed in, your Alpha’s lips kissing away every single tear drop as it streaked from the corners of your eyes, your messy face all recorded in the little camera for him to watch when he needed later.
“I don’t care if its too much omega, you’re not allowed to cum,” Ransom chuckled darkly, tracing out his name on the insides of your quivering thighs, his lips nipping at your jaws, “And no more of that begging, I want you choking on your tears before we get there.”
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sstan-hoe · 11 days ago
𝑅𝑜𝑙𝑒 𝑃𝑙𝑎𝑦 — 𝑅𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑜𝑚 𝐷𝑟𝑦𝑠𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑒
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — SMUT, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), maid kink, sir kink, spanking, pussy slapping (one time), pet names (little one), insult (slut)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — fourth day of kinktober yay! This is definitly not one of my best ones. The next one will be on someone i've never written about before! *not my gif don't forget to reblog and comment!
Tumblr media
„Y/n!” Hollered the harsh voice of your boss through his house.
You were currently cleaning the kitchen when you heard him, and you knew better than to let him wait.
“You called sir?” You said as you stepped into his study, he looked at you with a proving glare. Your head was bowed to the ground, you couldn’t bring yourself to meet his eyes when he looked at you like you were the most pathetic thing he’d ever seen.
If you had the option to take another job you would have done it but you desperatly needed the money to cover your bills and Ransom was the only one who offered, you a job.
But if you had known what Ransom was like you wouldn’t have accepted the job.
“Didn’t I tell you to clean the bedroom?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes, and I did but I-“ Ransom didn’t like it when you talked back even if you tried to defend yourself.
He raised his hand to stop you. “I don’t want to hear a thing, if you would have done a good job it wouldn’t so dirty in there.” In your opinion Ransom was wrong, you had cleaned the bedroom perfectly and there wasn’t one dirty spot.
“With all duo respect sir-“ Again he interrupted you. “What did I say?” You tried to remain calm with everything you had in you.
You knew he didn’t want an answer to his question, so you stayed quite.
“You have been a bad girl…” Ransom lowly trailed off as he played with a coin in his fingers. You knew what that meant, it wasn’t the first time he punished you. It was like he would always try to find something to punish you for.
Ransom put the coin down and pushed his office chair back until there was enough space for you. “Knees, slut.” He demanded.
Following his orders you walked over to him and kneeled down infront of him, you unbuckled his trousers. His cock was unbearably hard, smacking against his abs. It wondered you if he had been hard this whole time.
“Suck.” Ransom charged. You wrapped your hand around the base of his cock massaging it gently before wrapping your mouth around the tip.
At first you kitten licked his tip before diving down him. Ransom hand cradled into your hair gripping it on the roots. He used your hair to guide you up and down on his length.
A low groan left his mouth as he started to thrust you harder, tears threatened to escape your eyes causing your mascara to smear around your eyes.
Ransom loved the sight of you. “Yeah, cry for me little girl.”
Without warning he pulled you up by your hair causing your mouth to gape open. “Take your clothes off. Right now.”
Ransom being tired of your slowly acts he tore your maid outfit apart. “Turn around.” He stated. His hands came up to your ass and kneaded the flesh before landing a harsh slap on it.
“You’re so wet.” He whispered in your ear causing a shiver to run down your spine while his hand trailed down your thigh and stroked over your clit feeling how soaked you were through your panties.
With a snap your thong was torn apart just like your other clothes. Ransom stuffed the thong in his back pocket.
Ransom guided his cock to your slit teasing you before he thrusted into you in your wet pussy. A loud almost pornographic moan left your soft lips. You propped yourself up on your elbows.
You felt a hand slide up to your throat tugging you up, your chest was pressed against Ransom feeling his cock in your stomach as he ruined your cunt.
With the new position you felt how big Ransom was. You whimpered at his size. “Sir…-“ “You can take it, you’ve done it before.” He growled into your ear.
A groan pulled from Ransom lips as he took in your appearance and how you the tears streamed down your beautiful face.
“You look so good with my hands around your neck.”
“Sir! I’m gonna-“ You yelped as your boss picked up his pace.
Ransom right hand moved to your clit rubbing tight circles on it. “Don’t you dare to come without me little one.” He warned you. He made it hard for you not to come when he put pressure on your clit.
Ransom neared his own climax, he landed a slap on your pussy making a wince at the fraction. “Cum. Now.”
You collapsed on to pf Ransom desk and a breathy laugh left your mouth. “You just destroyed the last one of the maid costumes.” Ransom rolled his eyes in response and fell back into his chair taking you with him.
“Mhm, well maybe that’s a sign for us to try something new…how about a sexy criminal and a handsome police officer?” he asked nibbling on your earlobe.
“By the way, it’s hot when you talk back.” Your boyfriend grinned at you. “Oh, hush you and get your ass to bed.” You stood up and grabbed his hand, reaching the bedroom with him you fell on the bed.
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
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