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#ransom drysdale fluff
dreamlessinparis · 2 days ago
Devious Desires
Tumblr media
Pairing: ancient!deity!Bucky x F!Reader, Ransom x F!Reader
Word Count: 4080
Summary: Ransom takes you on a vacation to an old manor. When exploring the attic, the two of you come across a necklace. A necklace with a curse, and an ancient entity who wants something.
Warnings: explicit language, choking, smut, 18+, explicit sexual content, lots of cum, Ransom being an ass, betrayal, violence, deity Bucky with horns, mention of blood and pain, fluff, angst, creepy house,
A/N: Written for @boxofbonesfic’s Spooktacular Smutfest! The wheels gave me: awakening an ancient entity & Ransom Drysdale. I added in Bucky cause you know, why not? The quote prompts are bolded. This was beta’d by the lovely ladies @wakingbeauty & @sparkledfirecracker thank you so much for the help and all the hyping up! All mistakes are my own nonetheless❤️
You drove up the driveway of the house that Ransom had rented for the weekend and double-checked your phone to make sure it was the right address. You looked out the window at the old Victorian manor, wondering what the hell he was thinking. He could have taken you to the Bahamas, or heck Disneyworld, yet here you were in the middle of nowhere stuck in this creepy ass house for the next week.
Cursing Ransom as you slammed the car door shut, you ran up the stairs, nearly tripping over a loose step. Strong arms caught you and you looked up to see your boyfriend smiling down at you. That damn handsome smile was the reason he was able to get away with so much and he damn well knew it.
“Always falling for me, aren’t you Kitten?” Ransom teased, helping you up the rest of the stairs and into the house. You stuck your tongue out at him, before giving him a quick kiss. The inside wasn’t as bad as the outside, except for the musty smell that seemed to cling to everything. The furnishings looked original but refurbished to look in tip-top shape. Everything seemed clean enough and you carefully perched on one of the couches.
“So are your friends still coming, Ran?”
“No, they chickened out. Said they were going to the Bahamas. Gonna miss the experience of staying in this haunted manor.”
“Experience, my ass,” you mumbled under your breath, “Wait did you say haunted? Are you kidding me, Ransom?” Hopping off the couch, you looked around hesitantly.
“Come on baby, it’s not actually haunted. That’s just what they write on brochures to get people to visit,” he explained, pulling you into a hug, “Plus think about all the rooms we’re gonna have sex in this weekend. So many opportunities.”
He placed soft kisses on your lips before deepening the kiss. You pushed him back towards the couch, straddling him when he sat down. His fingers stopped you from tugging down the straps of your dress, “Wait, Kitten, before we start, I have to show you the cool stuff I found in the attic!”
“The attic?” You asked, completely confused as to how his train of thought went from sex to the attic. You must really be losing your touch. Ransom nodded excitedly, tossing you aside and standing up. He took your hand and pulled you up to follow him.
Ransom dragged you up the attic stairs, rambling excitedly about all the old stuff he had discovered. You didn’t understand why he thought it was a good idea to rummage through anything in this creepy old house. Had he never watched any scary movies where the old house was haunted and the attic had possessed items? And how touching said things always set stuff off. Yet you kept your mouth shut, listening intently as he pointed to different boxes of stuff.
“Look at these!” Ransom exclaimed, leading you to a dusty dressing table. The mirror was cracked and so smudged that it was hard to make out any reflections. You ran a finger over the edge of the table leaving a long clean line behind. Jewels of varying colors and sizes glimmered in the dim light. A medley of necklaces and bracelets overflowed the sides of the jewelry box on the table.
One necklace, in particular, caught your eye. The stone was blood red and was about the size of a duck egg.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Ransom said, kissing the side of your neck.
“So beautiful.” You muttered. When you touched the stone lightly, a familiar buzz tingled through your bones. It felt warm to the touch and there was a light pulsing to it, almost as if it had a heartbeat.
“I thought it was a ruby at first but it’s actually a blood diamond. Extremely rare, especially this size,” he explained as he wrapped himself around your back and rested his head on your shoulder, “You should try it on, baby. It would really suit you.”
You shook your head, yet your fingers subconsciously wrapped around the heavy stone, pulling the necklace free from the tangled pile of jewelry. In the warm cocoon of your palm, the pulsating became stronger. It felt like you were holding a beating heart.
Ransom’s hands trailed over yours, maneuvering the necklace from you and bringing it up to your neck. The moment he clasped it, you felt a breeze race through the room and you knew something was about to happen.
You felt the weight of the stone pressing into your skin, its warmth almost too hot. You wanted to grab it and yank it off but flinched away feeling like it burnt your finger when you tried.
A sharp pain, like a deep paper cut, came from under the stone, making you gasp. Ransom’s eyes widened when you turned to face him, trying to show him your red fingertips. He swiped his thumb over a spot under the diamond, drawing it back to show the blood glistening on it.
“You’re bleeding!” he stated at the same time you said, “It cut me!”
“Ransom, get it off me!” You said in a panic. His hands reached around you frantically, fingers fumbling for the clasp. You watched his concentrating face, seeing the moment it morphed to panic.
“What’s wrong?” Your question came out in a frightened squeak, and you grabbed his wrists. His eyes darted down to look at you and he tried to smile reassuringly.
“The clasp is gone.”
“Gone? What the fuck do you mean gone?” You screeched.
“Don’t worry I’m sure there’s something around here that I can cut it off with,” Ransom backed away from you and began his frantic search of the boxes and chests littering the attic.
You clawed at the necklace to no avail, and when you tried to hook your fingers under the chain, you realized the necklace was shrinking, the chain getting tighter and tighter.
“Ransom!” You shouted and he turned, flustered by his search. He watched in pure shock as the necklace quickly formed into a choker, resembling a collar of sorts. He sighed when he saw it didn’t continue to choke you any further. Tears filled in your eyes and you fell into his arms, feeling comforted by his warm embrace. He kissed the top of your head, shushing you while you cried. He was in the middle of telling you everything was okay when the floor creaked loudly from somewhere behind him.
The two of you froze and turned slowly to glance over. There was a dark figure in the shadows, an unearthly large figure. Its eyes snapped open, glowing a luminescent light blue, like an icy fire, narrowing sinisterly as it took in the two of you. It began to step forward, into the light.
You tried to step back but Ransom was still frozen and his hold was too tight for you to break free. “Ran,” you whispered urgently, “we have to move!”
“What is that?” He replied, seeming to miss your words. You didn’t have an answer and you weren’t particularly eager to find out. So instead of answering you continued to fight Ransom’s grip.
The large shadow made it into the light, and you saw it was a man. A huge, shirtless man with muscles that rippled with each movement. A set of curved horns came out from either side of his temples and his hair was tousled, looking so soft that you had the sudden urge to touch it. The intensity of his eyes never wavered, still locked on you. His lower half was covered by a pair of tight slacks, paired with what looked like dress shoes. He looked like a giant, half-naked businessman with horns. The combination didn’t make sense in your head but there he was in the flesh right in front of you. He had such an intense presence that your knees buckled with a need to bow down before him.
Ransom snapped out his reverie and moved behind you. As if your shorter frame was enough to protect him. Shouldn’t you be hiding behind him? You glared over your shoulder and he shrugged sheepishly. Oh if you survived this, you were definitely dumping his ass.
You turned your focus to the man - god - thing in front of you. His eyes seemed to lock onto the diamond that sat at the hollow of your throat and he grinned. The grin made you feel slimy and slightly weakened.
“Are you my newest sacrificial offering?” The man asked, his voice projected through the space despite not having spoken that loudly. It had a cloying effect on the environment of the room, making the air thick and hard to breathe.
“What?” Ransom asked in shock, “Who the hell are you?”
During his questioning, his arms rose in emphasis accidentally pushing you forward. You stumbled over your own feet falling to your hands and knees. Your head arched up, trying to keep the man in your line of sight. You fought back the tears burning your eyes, the sting of your body hitting the wood floor was so sharp.
The man snarled at Ransom’s question, “Such disrespect. You humans have really started to lack manners as time progresses.” He said, coming to stand in front of you.
He hooked a knuckle under your chin and forced your head back further back, “You’re wearing my collar. You must be for me.” A thick finger rubbed at the streak of blood that had run down to your breast and he stuck the finger in his mouth.
He hummed, releasing it with a pop, “Hmm you’re tastier than the last one; I wonder how you taste all over.” His eyes flashed with a feral hunger making you shiver in his hold.
“Hey, asshole. Get your hands off my girl and explain to us who the fuck you are.” Ransom yelled, throwing a silver hairbrush. It bounced off the man’s horn with a thud, making him snarl and reveal a set of very sharp teeth.
“My actual name has long been forgotten by your puny human minds so you can call me Bucky. That’s all you need to know. And this,” he yanked your hair and painfully twisted you to face Ransom, “Is no longer your girl. She’s mine.”
“What are you?” You asked through gritted teeth. His hold tightened, your scalp burning as he came close to yanking your hair out.
“I’m a deity, darling. A powerful one, in fact, and for years young maidens were brought to me as sacrifices to make sure I didn’t wreak havoc on the mortals.” Bucky stated his attention on a spot over your head, losing himself in memories. Bile rose up your throat and you fought to swallow it. Vomiting wasn’t going to be very helpful at the moment. “My maidens were given this necklace and left in an open field. If she bled for me, the collar formed, alerting me.”
His thick fingers grazed over the collar and you gasped when it seemed to respond to his touch. The live pulse sped up, beating against your throat. Bucky’s fingers continued up the rest of your throat, coming to cup your face.
“It’s been a long time since a maiden wore it. And I am oh so hungry.” Bucky growled, his eyes dark yet glowing, burning into any place he looked.
A deep chuckle came from Ransom and your head snapped to him. He was hunched over, gripping his stomach as he continued to laugh. Yep, totally breaking up with him later.
Finally collecting himself, he righted his stance, “ Are you done with your soliloquy, master?” He smirked, the last word mocking. Of course, if anyone was going to think himself important enough to taunt an ancient power, it would be Ransom Drysdale.
“Excuse me?” Bucky asked in disbelief.
“You heard me, are you done? So that we can talk about my reward.”
“Your reward?” You sputtered out, as Bucky asked, “What reward, mortal?”
“Well, I brought you a maiden, no matter how unintentional.” Ransom shrugged, “So what do I get as a thank you?”
“Ransom, are you kidding me? You. This is your fault! None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you! I didn’t even want to come here but I humored you like a good girlfriend. Yet I’m about to be fucked in more ways than one and you want a fucking reward?!” Your voice increased with every word until you were full-blown screaming.
You itched to fight him, smack him, something to inflict pain but whatever hold Bucky had on you already, kept you planted on your knees. Ransom’s face was blank as he shrugged, your words having absolutely no effect on him.
“One of us should get to live, Kitten. Since it’s clearly not you...” He trailed off. Bucky gave a humorless laugh, shaking his head.
“Is that what you want, mortal? Fine, then leave us.” With a wave of his arm the attic door, and in the distance you heard the front door opened. He nodded his head towards the exit, “Go before I change my mind.”
Ransom went to bolt out of the room without a second glance before his body was flung across the room. It hit the wall with a loud thud and dropped onto the floor. He didn’t look dead luckily, just passed out. You uselessly called out, trying to reach out to him.
“I don’t think he’s waking up, darling,” Bucky pointed out, “Plus what do you want with a man who won’t even fight for you?” He grabbed your upper arm, pulling you to your feet. Even at your full height, he towered over you, emanating such darkness and lust. Power rolled off him in waves, raising the hairs on your arm. Your skin tingled everywhere when his skin came in contact with yours.
You couldn’t fight him, you knew that and with the way he was looking at you, you didn’t want to anymore. You wanted to give in to the lust and let his power consume you. The diamond throbbed as if it agreed with your decision, needing you to submit to the god before you.
His fingers skimmed down your arm, pebbling your flesh. Your head lolled to the side as his nose grazed your throat, inhaling your scent. His magnetic hold loosened, letting you touch him, and you tapped your fingers over the hardened planes of muscle.
He jumped slightly as you danced along the waistband of his slacks. You were filled with a raging hunger now, one that was growing every moment you spent in his presence. Bucky pulled back, his eyes scanning over your face. His pupils were lust-blown and starved but seemed to hold a recognition, of what, you weren’t exactly sure.
You hooked your fingers into his waistline tugging him forward until you could feel his heat radiating through your thin dress. His massive hands grabbed your dress, tearing it clean off your body, leaving you in only your panties. You couldn’t help yourself as you kissed his chest and upper abs, anywhere your height difference allowed you to reach. You worked fast to unbuckle his belt, shoving his pants down as he massaged your breasts. He was completely bare underneath, his monstrous cock slapping up against his abs.
The sheer size was enough to make you stare slack-jawed and drooling. It was almost as long as your forearm and nearly as thick. For his extreme height, it made sense, however, you didn’t know if it would fit but damn you wanted him to make it.
Bucky’s hands were resting on your hips, searing your skin. He moved one of them up to wrap over around your throat, and the diamond responded to his smoldering heat. A faint glow emitted from the sides of his hand as the stone lit up, burning its imprint into your throat, branding you. You whimpered in pain and tried to pull back but his hold was too tight.
Slowly he released you, the choker falling to the ground, a necklace once more. The throbbing pain of your throat was a permanent reminder of its presence. He ducked down further, licking over the burn and you mewled, the motion bringing you relief from the pain. He sucked his way up your neck, pressing a soft kiss under your ear.
He grabbed your ass, dragging you even closer and grinding his erection against your abdomen. Your focus shifted back to his cock and you needed more, you needed him.
“Bucky.” You choked out, running your thumb over the bulbous red tip. His breath caught before he let out a low, heady moan. You had wrapped your hand around his shaft the best you could. You were only able to pump him a couple of times before you were picked up and slammed against the attic wall.
He looked feral, his eyes an icy fire, tearing off your panties before he pushed into you at a slow torturous pace. You threw your head back and screamed, feeling like you were being split in two, stretching you with a fiery burn. Your nails dug into his biceps, gouging in deep. His blood was a brilliant gold color, and rivulets of it ran down from the deep scratches.
Bucky grunted, seemingly determined, “Darling we’re gonna make it fit, okay, just a little bit more. I know you can do it.” His hips dragged back before giving another thrust, pushing himself even deeper into you, “Doing so good. Fucking made just for me,” He praised you gruffly.
You felt incredibly full, making it hard to breathe, let alone speak, so you simply keened in response. The line of pain was quickly blurring into pleasure, a pleasure like you had never felt before. Your whole body was on fire and if you didn’t know better, you would say you were also glowing. His shallow ruts continued until he fully bottomed out.
Before you had a chance to adjust to the intrusion, he drew out to the tip before slamming back in, and you let out another loud scream. Bucky continued to fucked you into the wall, your nails clawing furiously, teeth biting any bit of skin you could. His body was covered in deep grooves, creating golden streaks all over. His fingers dug into your hips with each deep thrust, almost embedding themselves into your skin.
He held you up and growled possessively every time he caught sight of the tip of his cock in your abdomen.
“Yes, yes, yes, fuck,” You chanted as you felt the coil tightening. Bucky’s thrusts sped up, feeling you pulsating around him and the coil snapped quickly, flooding your body with a soul-shattering pleasure. You felt yourself fading for a moment, your whole body trembling when another snap of his hips brought you back. The aftershocks of your orgasm aided in triggering his and hot spurts of cum painted your tender walls. The shooting ropes of cum felt thick and you felt so heavy with his spend. It was too much for your body to take and you could feel it overflowing out of you, oozing out of the sides of where his cock was lodged in you, dripping down your legs and onto the floor.
The amount of cum he had released, made you feel stuffed even after he gently pulled out of you, kissing your brow when you winced. Using his fingers, he pushed the cum back into you, making sure that most of it stayed in you. He scooped some of it up from your inner thigh and brought it to your gaping lips. Eyes closed, you sucked his fingers, tasting the combination of your releases.
Bucky rested his forehead to yours, bending over to be level with you. You opened your eyes to find his blue eyes staring back at you. Before you could say anything, he kissed you. The moment his lips touched yours, the spark lit a fuse, blowing up a dam in your memories. Flashes of you and Bucky through the years, different lifetimes, different eras. Your powers flooded into your veins, rebuilding your strength and allowing your mortal body to give way to your divine form.
“Bucky.” You gasped, pulling away. His gaze was tender, as he looked lovingly at you.
“Hello darling, it’s been far too long since you found your way back to me.”
You kissed every inch of him you could reach, a few rogue tears escaping. After every ill-fated death you suffered, your reincarnations seemed to space further apart. “We must be more careful this time, my love,” you whispered against his skin, “I cannot keep doing this.”
Bucky hissed and you cupped his face to soothe him, “Did you miss me, darling?” Bucky asked, kissing you on the tip of your nose.
You ran your hands through his hair, and over his beautiful horns, making him purr at your touch. Bucky was a beautiful creature, and he was bound to you for all of eternity, since the beginning of time. He was a part of you, two halves of a whole. He ducked down to give you a quick kiss, chuckling when you pouted, “Answer me, darling and I’ll kiss you anywhere you want.”
“Of course I missed you. Deep in my soul, I always feel that missing piece.” A brilliant smile lit up his face and he kissed you deeply. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, levitating off the ground so that you were at his height. Your legs found his waist and you hugged him tightly, deepening the kiss.
A pained groan interrupted your reunion and Bucky raised a hand as if to throw Ransom against another object. You stopped him, touching his forearm lightly, shaking your head. A growl rumbled from his chest and you gave him a sharp look.
“Fine, what do you want to do with him then?” He grumbled, not too happy with the lack of death.
“I think we should keep him,” you suggested, tracing his lower lip with your thumb. He cocked his eyebrow and you continued, “He could be our pet, Buck. He’s decent enough in bed.”
“Kitten?” Ransom groaned, sitting up holding the back of his head. You climbed down Bucky’s body and glided over to where Ransom sat, crouching down. His eyes widened, your ethereal glow reflecting in his pupils, “What happened to you?”
“Doesn’t matter, Ran. How’s your head?” Your fingers gently grazed over his head, and he shivered at your touch.
“You - the collar - what happened?” He repeated, looking over your shoulder at a very naked Bucky. You were sure he must have looked incredibly intimidating, all 6’8 of him, “I’m sorry, Kitten. I shouldn’t have tried to leave.”
His gaze was wild and desperate like a cornered animal, bouncing between you and Bucky. He was afraid, you could smell the fear on him. You pulled him into a hug, running your fingers through his hair.
“Shh Ransom, it’s okay. We’re not gonna hurt you. You’ll be safe with us.”
“Us?” his voice muffled by the skin of your breasts.
“Yes, us. You’re gonna be our pet,” you pulled back, smiling sweetly. He was completely entranced by your face, he didn’t even notice you put the necklace on him. A collar, claiming him the way it claimed you, except it would stay on him till the day he died.
Ransom’s body seized as the stone extracted his free will and he held onto you until the tremors passed.
“Are you okay, Ran?”
His head snapped up, the slightest fight still alight in his eyes but otherwise, he was compliant, a soft smile crossing over his features as he nodded. You stroked his cheek, before standing up and offering him your hand. The two of you walked over to Bucky, who wrapped an arm around you and hooked a leash to Ransom’s collar.
“Let’s go home, darling. We have so much to catch up on.”
“And a pet to break in.” You agreed, brushing Ransom’s hair back lovingly. Bucky chanted a phrase and waved his hand, palm down towards the ground. The staircase opened up leading down into the darkness and the three of you descended, the opening closing up right behind you.
The attic was empty of people once more, the cacophony of objects still strewn around, waiting for their next victims to arrive. A gust of wind coursed through the room, shutting the doors, righting everything touched, and erasing any human sign left behind.
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sstan-hoe · a month ago
𝙈𝙮 𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮 𝙈𝙖𝙢𝙖 | 𝘾.𝙀
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Chris Evans x Fem!wife!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — reader being pregnant and chris just being so in love with reader‘s body and the fact that she‘s carrying their little one?
𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 — Pregnancy if that is a warning, emotions
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — This is short and sweet, follow @sstan-library if you don't want to be tagged. The owner of the request I excluded the smut because I for one am not a fan if sex while the reader is pregnant hope you understand! Feeling Like making a part two!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Masterlist | Taglist
Tumblr media
“Chris?” You whispered into the dark as you felt a hand caress your belly and prepping it with little kisses.
“Yes babe?” His voice sounded innocent.
“What are you doing?”
“Worshiping your body with our little one.” If it wasn’t for your tiredness, you would have melted away on the spot.
“Baby it’s two o’clock in the morning.” Chris lifted his head propping it on your belly with puppy eyes. “Go to bed.” You told him as you caressed his cheek gently.
“But babe….” He whined.
“Nope, sleep.” Chris grumbled something that sounded like ‘yes mama’ before he got of your belly and laid his head on your chest but not without putting his hand on your baby belly.
Tumblr media
You really loved being pregnant but not being able to do the simplest things and there were those awfully annoying hormones.
You sat on the floor trying to put on your socks – your favourite pair of socks – but you couldn’t reach your feet.
“No!” A cry left your lips as you gave up, Chris who was in the living room heard you through the house and promptly stood up to check on you.
He climbed the stairs already hearing muffled cries through the bedroom door.
“Everything okay sweetheart?” He asked once opening the door, you sat there on the floor with Captain America socks in your hands while your eyes were filled with tears. “I’m fat and can’t even put on socks! Socks fucking socks! And they were my favourite, I was so excited to wear them.”
Chris eyes softened and he sat down next to you taking the socks from you he put the over your feet.
“There now you can wear them.” You sniffled as your husband spoke.
“And you are not fat, you are beautiful and glowing. You are going to bring life into this world, our little baby.” He stroked your tears away.
Your tears stopped and you tried to give Chris a hug, but your belly stopped you. Chris saw tears well up in your eyes again. “No, no, no I can hug you.” He proposed and didn’t waste any time in scooping closer to you and wrapping his arms around you.
“I’m so sensitive.” You began complaining Chris however shook his head. “No you’re lovely and I love every bit of it.” He promised.
A head cocked into the room that belonged to Dodger, he had heard you crying only that Chris told him to stay put, but now he had to look himself given that Chris didn’t came back. Dodger strutted into the room and sat down infront of you and Chris.
“Hey bubba.” Chris greeted him as he scratched his ears, Dodgers nudged your belly before putting his paw on the side of you stomache, suddenly he pulled his paw back you could see his confusen, knowing what caused it you giggled. “What?” Chris questioned you when Dodger put his paw down.
“Dodger just felt our baby kick.” You smiled at him with pure happiness, Chris eyes lit up at your statement. He put his hand on the exact same spot as Dodger and again the baby kicked.
Chris looked at your belly with adoration, you put your hand on his gripping it tightly. “That’s our baby Chris and your little sibling Dodger.”
Chris himself teared up now out of happiness, that was what he always wanted his own family.
Tumblr media
“Babe?” You called through the house in search for your beloved husband.
You had been cooking lunch when he suddenly vanished in fin air telling you he be back any minute.
“Babe!” Nothing.
Sighing you went looking for him and where did you find him? In the nursing room searching for something. “Babe watcha looking for?” You rised an eyebrow at him.
Chris seeming to have found what he was looking for turned around with a little white box in his hands with a red bow on the top, Chris gave you a cute smile before handing you the gift.
“Thank you.” You said amazed and took the gift from his hands. It was a white romper with a font printed on it: ‘I have the best Mama’ and to that there was a photo of a little child and his mother, your mouth fell open at the clothing it was the cutest thing you have ever seen.
“Aww Chris that is so cute.” You told him while walking up to him, you grasped his neck to pull him into kiss.
“I can’t wait for our little baby and you’re gonna be the best mama.” He mumbled against your lips.
He kissed you again when you felt something wet in your sweat pants. “Uh Chris?” “Yeah babe?” He whispered kissing down your neck.
“I think my water just broke…” Chris teared his eyes open. “Oh my god!”
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 — [reminder the Kinktober taglist morphs with my normal one, there is a question at the top of the form, if you want off and only kinktober tell me!]
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the-iceni-bitch · a month ago
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader (OTP)
Words: ~1.1k
Summary: Ransom wants morning sex, but someone has other ideas.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, lazy wake up sex, mentions of f receiving oral sex, ruined orgasm), pets being assholes, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: Maybe I’m over my writers block? Who knows, the OTP will usually do that for me. Even when they’re being all domestic and shit.
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications.
Tumblr media
Ransom groaned softly when he woke up, rubbing his cheek into the dip between your shoulder blades and opening one eye reluctantly.
He grinned when he got a look at the clock. The alarm wasn’t going to go off for another 30 minutes. That meant he had just enough time to give you a couple of orgasms before you had to get ready for work.
“Mm, no Ran.” You mumbled into your pillow when the brush of his lips over your spine woke you up, his eyelashes tickling you and making it really hard for you to fall back asleep. “Lemme sleep.”
“It’s too late, babe.” He ignored your whine when he brushed your hair out of your face, sliding his hands around your waist to turn you over so he could nuzzle into your throat. “I’m up, you’re up, and neither of us have to do anything for a half an hour.”
“Why can’t we just fuck in the shower like we usually do?” You sighed deeply when his hands slid down your hips, gripping your thighs and manipulating them until your legs were wrapped around his waist.
“Because I want some lazy wake up sex.” He hummed into your mouth when he slid inside you, grinding into you slowly and resting his forehead against yours. “Then maybe I’ll eat that pretty pussy against the wall of the shower.”
“Maybe?” You bit your lip when he hit that deep spot that made your toes curl, curling your arms around his back until you were pressing his ass into you deeper. “I thought pussy was an important part of your balanced breakfast?”
“Oh, it’s the most important part, honey.” He chuckled and reached a hand up to grip the headboard, giving himself more leverage as he started rocking into you harder. “Gotta make sure it’s nice and juicy for me, though.”
“Aww, it’s always juicy for you, Ran.” You flicked your tongue over the seam of his lips and gave him a lazy grin, rolling your hips to meet his and moaning when he pressed his lips to yours.
You locked your ankles at the small of his back to keep him close, clenching around him when he ground into your clit and made you gasp. He rubbed his nose against yours as he gazed into your eyes, groaning at the feeling of you fluttering around him as you tried to draw him even deeper.
“Jesus, baby.” He was losing himself in your gaze. “I think you might need to call off work.”
“Not gonna happen.” You ignored the petulant look he was giving you, nibbling on his bottom lip while he pouted. “It’s the only relief shift I’m working at the ER for the next two months, Ran. I’m not gonna be an asshole who calls off just to get well fucked.”
“Fine.” The muscles in his arm bulged when he pulled himself into you for one violently deep thrust, grinning when you gave him a satisfying moan. “Gonna make sure you feel me all fucking day, then. Maybe I should fill you up in the shower and make you… ah, what the fuck?!”
The kitten had managed to sneak up onto the bed and just smacked Ransom right in the face, screaming at him before charging around the mattress like a tiny fiend and leaving you to laugh hysterically.
“Hold on, Ran, lemme see.” You bit your lip to keep from cracking up even more, pushing his hair out of his eyes to examine where Niamh had caught him while he scowled at the little demon who was zooming around your head. “Just a scratch, didn’t break the skin.”
“Great, can we get back to it?” The kitten finally settled and Ransom let out a deep sigh, nuzzling against your cheek as he started moving again. “‘Cause I want to feel that perfect… no, Fionn!!! Goddamn it!”
Your dumbass golden finally realized everyone else was up and hopped up on the bed, trying to shove his nose between the two of you and licking both of your faces while Ransom spluttered with frustration. As soon as the kitten realized her friend was there she was pouncing on him, the two animals wrestling playfully and jumping all over the bed and making Ransom collapse against you with a defeated huff.
“Fucking cockblockers.” He mumbled into your neck, groaning when the dog flopped on his back. “Ok, no, that’s it. C’mon assholes.”
You propped yourself on your elbow when he stood up with a low growl, grinning when he picked up the kitten and called her a spoiled brat and flicked his wrist at the dog so he’d follow. Then he opened the door to the stairs and set the cat down, making sure to scold her and the dog about interrupting him before he closed the door right in Fionn’s face.
“Baby, they need breakfast.” You squealed when he pounced on top of you, wrapping your body around him on instinct when he lined himself up again.
“They can wait fifteen minutes.” He tried to ignore the yowling and barking that was coming from the other side of the door. “Why do we let them sleep in here, again?”
“I seem to remember suggesting we set up a crate for the dog downstairs when I moved in.” You teased, running your fingers through his hair and nipping at his jaw while he started fucking into you with a purpose. “But someone felt guilty that he was gonna be stuck there all by himself, and just wanted his buddy with him.”
“Well, someone’s an idiot.” He muttered, rolling his body into yours while he frowned slightly. “Those assholes are ruining our sex life.”
“Ruining our sex life? Ran, we still do it at least twice a day, more on our days off.” You rolled your eyes at him. “You’re such a fucking drama queen.”
“But we could be doing it all the time if we didn’t… oh fuck my life.”
He forgot to lock the door, and the big asshole had managed to get it open after pawing at it for a few minutes while the little asshole yelled about nothing, the two of them trotting into the room looking very pleased with themselves. You grinned at Ransom and gave him a sympathetic pat on the cheek before crawling out from under him and slipping one of his sweatshirts over your naked form so you could go take care of the kitten, leaving him to growl into the pillows before turning to glare at Fionn where he was resting his head on the edge of the mattress and wagging his tail expectantly.
“Just because you don’t have any balls doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t get to use ours.”
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agentofbarnes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ransom drysdale had met you by complete chance, and despite being from two very different worlds, he did something he never thought he’d do. he fell in love with you, an independent woman in need of being spoiled. oh, he was going to give you the world.
please feel free to request blurbs about this au!
disclaimers | sugar daddy/sugar baby like relationships, daddy kink, bdsm, mean!ransom, dom!ransom, degradation, dom/sub relationship
by no means does the race of the girl in the moodboards indicate the race of reader! it’s just the position and messaging that i enjoyed when i made it
Tumblr media
you’re insecure about fitting in with ran’s friends
you get fucked in front of his family
ransom fucks you into subspace
you and ransom get in your first real fight
you want to ride him
ransom punishes you
ransom gets you a collar
you cockwarm ransom at family dinner
pussy spanking with ransom
you get in a accident
you act like a brat when you get jealous
ransom fucks in the elevator
ransom assures after someone talks bad about you
ransom fuck you while he facetimes your ex
ran fucks you in the window
you get your nipples pierced
you break the rules
you get a dog
ransom proposes
ransom fingers you at a dinner party
𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒕𝒔
how you met ransom
ransom takes you a sex club
ransom fucks you on the hood of his car
you thank ransom for spoiling you
𝙙𝙚𝙬𝙙𝙧𝙤𝙥’𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣
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chrissquares · 4 months ago
Where ransom is drunk and your his girlfriend, you have to take him home and he keeps saying things like “you know you love me” “just pull the car over” “can you just do me already” or something like that thx!!
Ahhhhhhhhh I haven't written for my baby in a while and this prompt is perfect for a needy ransom because I need me a needy baby right now 🙈🙈🙈 hehehehe
Drunk Baby
Tumblr media
Pairing: Drunk!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 915
[gif credit to @forchrisevans ]
Warnings: 18+, swearing, some fluff, drunk needy blabbering ransom lol, shameless clingy and horny ransom, mentions of bulge/fingering/something up your bum, hand over bulge, NSFW, minors DNI
it takes a lot for Ransom to be drunk, like a lot, and it usually happens after he saw his parents
Ran and his parents are basically oil and water, they don't mix at all because all they do is undermining him, judging the way he lives his life, and judging how he never had to lift a finger for anything
but not once did they blame themselves for throwing money at him at such young age, and for the fact that they did this to him
Ransom is actually very capable of a lot of things, but he is just too stubborn to prove his parents wrong; he said he doesnt need to prove himself to them and that he doesn't care about what they think
but deep down you and he both knew that he cared
he'd usually hit the bar with his friends to blow some steam off after going to his parents, and there's no exception this time
and you just knew his friends were gonna call you to come and pick him up because with Ransom being Ransom, he wouldn't let anyone else take him home whenever he gets this drunk
“hey babe...” he greeted you drunkenly, his lips curled into a sheepish smile at the sight of you, “guysssss, look! it's ma girl...” slurring his words as he announced to his friends (who were the ones that called you) and pulled you close suddenly, nuzzling his head to the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent and straight up planting kisses on your neck like he just needed to get a taste
after paying for everyone's drinks as a thank you, you carefully guided (and dragged) Ransom out of the bar and to his usual reserved parking spot
you reached in his coat pockets in attempts to find his car keys but all there were his phone among some crumbled up receipts, “where're your keys, babe?” you asked
and he chuckled with his face hot and slightly red from the alcohol in his system, looking at you weirdly close as he whispered for no reason, “up your ass...” and his shit eating grin got even bigger
rolling your eyes, “you fucking wish...” you retorted as you reached into the pocket of his pants, finding (his bulge) the keys you needed and unlocked the car with it
shoving a drunken Ransom into the car was a lot harder than you thought, his clinginess was through the roof but you still managed to get all his limbs inside the car before you slammed the door shut
on the ride home, he was everything but quiet, “babe... babeeeeeee...” he called for you like a child wanting attention, “gimme a kiss...” leaning in towards you while you were behind the wheel
“I'm driving, Ransom... cut it out...” you took a quick glance at him and saw him frowning and almost pouting
“you know you love me, baby... dont say no to me please... now gimme my kissss” he insisted and whined, hand reaching for your chin and wanting to turn your head
and luckily you just so happened to hit a red light which made you stop and turn to him for a quick peck, hiding the faint smile on your face because you were not about to encourage this kind of behaviour
after getting what he wanted, he settled down a little, but his hand was still not behaving; resting on your thigh, brushing it up and down your bare skin and sneaking under the hem of your flowy skirt
you let his hand wander a little, even let him pinch the soft flesh on your inner thigh, making you squirm while you were trying to focus on the road
seeing you tolerating his touches, he got more eager by the seconds, leaning towards you again until his lips meets the ball of your shoulder and he gave it a kiss as his hand danced higher on your inner thigh, “I need youuuu, babe...” he whined with his lips against your skin
“No, Ransom.... just wait until we get home... you are gonna get us both either arrested or killed...” you rejected him one more time, driving with your left hand while your right grabbed his wrist, taking his hand away from your thigh to make sure your head was not going to be compromised with thoughts about his fingers being knuckles deep inside you
“but I need you nowwww, just pull over...” it was almost like he was throwing a tantrum
“I promise you can do whatever you want to me when we get home... just behave for me, okay?”
he frowned again, holding your right hand captive by grabbing your wrist in return, before guiding it towards his crotch, “just use your hand, babe please...” he huffed while his hand was over yours, palming and rubbing your hand over his bulge
“Hugh Ransom Drysdale...” your warning tone earned yourself a frustrated groan from him with his head fell back, rested on the headrest and his eyes closed
“can you just do me already?” he mumbled quietly with his eyes still closed in the passenger seat, squirming and moving his hips a bit just to show you how needy and uncomfortable he was without your touch even when he was drifting off to sleep
and when you glance over to him, he was breathing steadily, sound asleep, but his hand was still resting over yours, unconsciously lacing your fingers together
A/N: my cute drunk needy sleppy babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy💗 ahhhhh
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andysbubba · a month ago
his thoughts
-> ransom comes home angry, a fight ensues but none of you can go to bed angry.
a/n | fluff and angst? ransom's insecure and it just makes him push away the reader :(( enjoy the fic!!
Tumblr media
You barely registered the loud slam of the front door and the heavy stomps that followed. Ransom comes into the living room, and instantly headed into the kitchen- not even bothering to address you.
You caught on immediately that the Thrombey family meeting didn't go well at all. As per usual. So you stood up from your seat on the couch and followed him into the kitchen where he was tugging off his coat and reaching into the fridge for a drink.
He rolls his eyes as he chugs the beer down, completely ignoring you.
You stepped towards him, taking his free hand into yours and you press soft kisses on his knuckles. "What happened, babe?"
Ransom snatches his hand away from you, the frown still carved in his lips. "Oh— fucking hell. Will you fucking stop crowding me?" He snaps, turning away from you as he leans against the counter.
He knows he screwed up as soon as those words left his mouth, but his pride wasn't gonna let him apologise. It really wasn't his fault that his mouth works faster than his brain.
You were used to this, still- it doesn't sting in your heart any less painful. Again, still, it's Ransom you're talking about here. So really, you kinda know not to take it to heart— which again, doesn't make it any less painful.
Ransom wanted to apologise- he really did. But no matter how much he wanted to force the words out, it just couldn't get past his lips.
"Hey," You grab him by the sides of the blue sweater he's wearing, forcing him to turn around even though he hesitated. You cupped his cheeks, thumbs rubbing gently against his cheekbones. "Y'know you can talk to me about it, Ran."
This is usually where he breaks, the part where he'd just pull you into his chest and nuzzle into your hair. But instead, the frown he had on his face turned into something more glum and sad. As much as he wants to let himself sink into your touch, he doesn't think he deserves it.
Ransom lets his fingers curl around your wrists, dreading the feeling of prying your hands off him. But he does it anyway, puts up the emotionless Ransom act just so he wouldn't have to deal with what he's really feeling. "Fuck– just leave me alone, alright?" He huffs, picking up his coat and trudges out of the kitchen, leaving the empty can of beer behind and you listen to the sound of his feet stomping on the steps on his way up to the bedroom.
You know it's better to let him cool off a little before you go after him– let him think on his own or whatever. But your gut feeling tells you that it wouldn't be so easy to get through him tonight. That glum look he had on his face earlier on? That's not your Ransom.
You wrapped up your work, shutting down your laptop and stacking all the files you need for work tomorrow. That itself took about half an hour, so you decided that it was probably time to go up and head to bed, maybe talk to Ransom if he actually feels like talking.
He was sitting up against the headboard when you came in, chest bare and his hands holding open a book– probably a new piece that he's supposed to read through and edit or something. He barely looked up at you, just a simple glance over his metal-frame glasses before he's back to reading the words off the book.
If you weren't just a little pissed at him, you would've walked over and gave him a kiss on his nose just because he looks so goddamn irresistible in those glasses. But well, you're pissed. And obviously, Ransom wasn't going to start the conversation or even try to apologise with how he doesn't even bother to acknowledge your presence.
You hated it– the silence between you two, and you could only hear him flipping the pages every couple of minutes and the shuffling of your own movements as you got yourself ready for bed. The silence was too loud and you knew you would never fall asleep if you even tried to.
You grabbed your phone off the dresser as you head to the bed, deciding to grab your favourite pillow as well. You quickly thought about grabbing one of Ransom's too, knowing you'd have trouble sleeping without his scent. But you quickly threw the idea away, not wanting him to get the satisfaction of seeing you needing him just to sleep.
Ransom caught your movements through the corner of his eyes, and his heart beats just a little faster as he clears his throat. "Where you goin'?" He plays off the pressure blooming in his heart even though it's already making his brain overthink things.
Is this the part where you're just gonna go and leave him? Or you've just had enough of him?
"I'm not gonna go to sleep beside you when there's obviously something both of us aren't happy about." You stated simply in reply, barely looking at him before you're turning to leave the room.
He knows he should've gone after you, told you to stay. The bed's different without you sleeping in it beside him. When the door shuts behind you, he lets out a sigh, pulling the glasses off and throwing the book aside, watching as both items bounce lightly on your side of the bed– the one you should be sleeping in.
He considers picking the book up so he can continue with his annotations and edit anything he doesn't find right about it. But even he knows he's too out of his mind to even focus on it. He's worried and it's sending his brain into overdrive. It's making him paranoid about losing you and he hates the feeling.
Ransome picks the book and glasses up, setting those on his nightstand before he switches off the lamp and shuffles down on the bed. His arm instinctively reached over to your side of the bed, realising that the other side's cold and empty and nothing like what he's used to.
His finger clenches around your pillow that you left behind, pulling it to him as he buries his nose in your scent. He'll never tell you this, but he's gotten so used to you, your cuddles and your scent that he just cannot go to sleep without it.
He huffs, lying flat on the bed as he stares up at the ceiling, looking at the neon stars you had insisted on pasting on the ceiling. He'd never admit it, but the childish view really stuck with him and he actually finds it comforting now.
Ransom knows you're only going to the guest room down the hall but what if he wakes up tomorrow and you're nowhere home? What if you just decide that you've had enough of him and you just leave? Fuck– what if you're tired of all his crap and you decide that you deserve so, so much better than him?
Everything about the bed was wrong. The mattress is too soft, it's like you're sinking into the ground. The pillows are too new and it just smells like detergent, except for the pillow that you brought over from you and Ransom's room.
You weren't used to this– not feeling his arms around you while you sleep or not smelling his aftershave as you dozed off. It was different, and you hated the feeling.
Even as you hugged the pillow into your chest and clamped another between your legs, it still isn't comfortable enough for you to just fall asleep. You should've at least sneaked one of Ransom's shirt before you left the room. It wasn't him but it'd be a pretty decent alternative.
Ransom drags his feet as he trudges down the hallway. He's slept in the guest room once and he knows the pillows were too soft so he was just hugging the pillow you left to his chest. Just in case, y'know– you'd be too mad at him to even let him hug you.
He was scared to go in, but he just got jealous when he sees you sleeping with your back facing the door. He almost lets a humourless chuckle leave his lips. There he was, needing you just for him to sleep while you're there and sound asleep without him.
There's an annoying voice at the back of his head telling him that you don't need him as much as he needs you. But there's something else tugging at his heartstrings, begging for him to climb in beside you and join you on the bed.
For once? Ransom listens to the second voice.
You heard the shuffling of his feet against the floorboards and you instantly pretended to be asleep, heart thumping loudly against your chest as you hear the door creak open and a streak of light peek in. There was a quick glimpse of his shadow moving into the room before the door closes shut.
He hesitated before he climbs in beside you, the mattress sinking as he puts his palm on the bed. He knows it was too late to back out when he lies beside you, trying to decide between wrapping his arm around you or just hugging your pillow that he brought over.
Ransom took a deep breath as he lies on his side, one hand sliding under the pillow his head's on and the other shifts to go over your torso. He decided that there was nothing else to lose since he already threw away his pride when he entered the guest room. He pulls you against his chest, before his palm just rests awkwardly by your chest.
"I know you're mad." He sighs, thinking you're asleep so he can let the words spill out of his mouth. He kept his voice low because the last thing he wants to do is to wake you up. "You can scream at me tomorrow if you want to. Just let me hug you first."
You could've turned right then, wrap your arm around him so his hand isn't so awkwardly planted on the bed. But for some reason, you wanted to hear what else he was gonna say.
"I love you." He says, and he leans down to press a kiss against your hair. "I can't lose you– but you deserve so much better, baby."
Your stomach churned at his tone, feeling your eyes water at just how vulnerable he sounds. You couldn't bring yourself to turn, instead just waiting as he continues with whatever's on his mind.
"They said I don't deserve you." He takes a shaky breath. "That you'd be better off with someone who isn't an emotionless scumbag."
You turned immediately, seeing how his eyes were teary before it widens at your sudden movement. "Ransom." Your palm cups his jaw as your mind thoroughly registers what he said. "You're the only one I need, alright?"
"You were up the whole time?" He chuckles breathlessly before he blinks away the tears in his eyes.
"Ran," You ignored his question, instead opting to lean up and kiss his forehead. "They're fucking wrong, okay? You mean the whole world to me, Ransom. I love you."
He shakes his head and he glances away to avoid looking at you. "They're right, y'know. You can do so much better than–" He scoffs, his bottom lip quivering and it only makes your heart breaks for him. "Me."
It pissed him off when they said it, when his own family members said that he's an asshole who doesn't deserve a sweetheart like you. Walt said that you'll just leave him someday when you see just how much of a mess he is.
Your thumbs rubbed over his cheekbones gently. "Baby, c'mon– don't listen to them, okay? I fucking love you. There's no one else I want, baby. And you're not an emotionless scumbag, okay? They don't see what I see. I'm all yours, alright? No one else matters. Just you, Ransom."
You push yourself up, bending your elbow and lean your head on your palm. Your thumb wipes the stray tear on his cheek.
"You can't tell anyone I cried."
You hum, letting your free hand rest on his cheek as he stares up at you. "You're pretty when you cry."
"First and last time, sweetheart." He huffs, even though there's a glint in his eyes. He takes your hand, bringing it to his lips and softly kissing your knuckles. "I'm sorry."
"Can I still scream at you tomorrow?"
"You can do anything you want as long as you promise you'll love me forever."
ransom *heart eyeshshsgdhshzhsh* drysdale
i just know that this man would be the softest asshole when he finds the right person for him. god, i just wanna ch*ke him for being so cute.
thanks for reading! reblogs/comments/likes/feedbacks are more than appreciated!! <33
join my taglist if you wanna be tagged in any of my fics!
-> honey's taglist
taglist: @worksby-d @milea @ajeff855 @fanofalltheficsx @Ambinxe@justile @christowhore @amelia-song-pond @melissad1974@thegirlwiththeimpala @bval-1 @suchababie @ephemeralfics@franzliszts-wife @tenaciousperfectionunknown @kaiparker-avengerssmut @hallecarey1 @notbrooklynsblog @perfect-peter@blueeyeslut @alwaysclassyeagle @sobluesobeautiful
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mjolnir-steve · a month ago
If You Love Me, Let Me Hear You
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader
Word count: 8120 (Am I okay???)
Summary: Ransom and reader are idiots in love, but they haven’t told each other that yet. Ransom lets himself be vulnerable for the first time.
Warnings: soft!Ransom, explicit language, explicit sexual content (18+ only!!!!! - sprinkle of praise kink, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex (m/f), vaginal fingering, mildly subby Ransom, squirting (oops), calling Ransom daddy but not full-blown daddy kink???), mention of loss of virginity, brief mention of insecurity in appearance, suggestive teasing, teeny bit of angst, too-sweet fluff bc I need it to survive... Please let me know if I missed anything!
This fic is extremely self-indulgent. I am plus-size, so I obviously wrote this envisioning myself as the reader. However, I kept the mention of size brief. I don’t think I’ve written anything hinting at race/ethnicity, so I really hope this is something all can enjoy.
Please see end for A/N. :) This is unbeta’d because I was afraid of chickening out of posting!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics​!
Tumblr media
You met Ransom Drysdale at an event at his grandfather Harlan’s estate celebrating the release of his latest novel. It was the first event you coordinated in your new position as Harlan’s assistant, and you were positive that everyone in the room could feel your anxiety rolling off of you in waves. In spite of your self-imposed “no alcohol at work functions” rule, you ordered an amaretto sour, figuring it wasn’t that strong, just syrupy sweet and enough to take off the edge. Ransom took one look at you from across the room and immediately decided you’d be going home with him that night. It physically pained you to say no to him, but you did, and for whatever reason, he didn’t give up. After a few weeks of showing up at the office and demanding your attention, he asked you on an actual date – out to dinner and a movie – and you said yes, unsure of what to expect.
Now you were waiting for Ransom to take you out on your first actual dinner date in ages. You’d been together for six months, but you could count the number of actual dates you shared on one hand. There had been three, and you slept with him after the third. You tried planning a few more after that, but those plans went out the window every time Ransom saw you all dolled up for him. He couldn’t keep his hands off you once you’d let him get a taste, and you didn’t mind that a bit; however, you did take issue with two hours of work on your makeup and outfit being smeared and discarded in a matter of minutes. So today, after breakfast, you insisted on celebrating six months together with a proper date.
“We can go to Dunkin’ for coffee and munchkins if you want, but we have to leave the bedroom at some point. I wanna celebrate!” You pouted a bit, sure that you looked ridiculous, but you had every intention of standing your ground. Good thing you had the kitchen counter behind you to back you up.
Ransom looked you up and down, his crystal blue eyes darkening to the prettiest navy. He put his hands on your waist, the cool metal of his pinky ring making you shiver as it came into contact with the sliver of exposed skin that managed to sneak out from underneath your sweater… Well, his sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the wash when you insisted he do the laundry himself for once. He leaned forward and kissed over your collarbone, up your neck, and stopped just below your ear, whispering, “But we already celebrated, pretty girl. You didn’t forget, did you? In the shower after we woke up…” He pressed into you, so close that you could feel him hardening against you.. “...on the couch while we waited for the scones to finish in the oven.” He nipped at your pulse point, and you hoped he didn’t hear your breath catch in your throat. “We can celebrate here in the kitchen right now...” He kissed you then, cupping your jaw with one hand and beginning to push down your shorts with the other.
You sighed into the kiss and you almost gave in, but you came to your senses in the brief moment when his lips left yours, lungs in search of air. You pushed him off of you and yelled, “NOPE!” He tried to cage you against the counter again, but you ran around the kitchen island, putting a ridiculous amount of solid marble between you. You held back a laugh when you realized how unhinged you must have looked holding the dough-covered rolling pin you used while baking this morning. “You buy me all these beautiful dresses and all this gorgeous jewelry, and I never get to wear any of it anywhere,” you said, a little too calmly while waving the rolling pin in his face, as if it were anywhere near as threatening as those knives in Harlan’s office. “Just a few hours. That’s all I ask.”
He put his hands up in defeat. You thought you’d won until he bit his lip and raised his eyebrow, and you knew you were in some kind of trouble since he reserved the single-eyebrow raise for those moments, the ones when he formulated his most sinful plans for you and your body. “Fine. Dinner is all about you, but what we do after? That’s all about me.”
You tapped your finger against your chin, pretending to think about it but knowing your pussy already agreed to this deal. Traitor. “Fair, I guess. If you sweep me off my feet at dinner, then we can do whatever you want when we come home.”
Ransom had started rolling his eyes at you, but his face visibly softened a bit when he heard you call his house home. He walked around the island and stood in front of you, smiling like an idiot when he leaned in towards you. He jerked backward with a soft chuckle, easing the rolling pin out of your hand and onto the tabletop before taking your face in both of his hands and giving you the sweetest, deepest kiss, like some kind of Disney prince. With a soft peck to the corner of your mouth, he pulled away from you enough to see your dumbstruck face, stroking your cheek with his thumb before kissing the tip of your nose. “What was that you said about sweeping you off your feet?”
His cocky grin burst the bubble you were floating in, and you quickly came back down to earth, lightly smacking his shoulder. “You’ll have to do more than that, Hugh.” Your laugh bordered on a cackle when his jaw dropped at your use of his given name, so formal that most people didn’t even know it. With that, you took the stairs two at a time and settled into your seat at the vanity he’d had built for you so you could get ready for what could be either the most romantic or the most heartbreaking night of your life.
Tumblr media
Ransom always told you he didn’t think you needed makeup, but you weren’t going to let your extensive collection go to waste. You settled on keeping your base simple and going all out with a neutral smokey eye. You contemplated wearing red lipstick and decided against it, pressing your thighs together at the memory of how it stained the sheets last time you wore it, when he pounded you into the mattress, your screams and moans stifled by your pillow. You couldn’t seem to get your eyeliner right, and that’s when you realized your hands were shaking. 
You were in love with Ransom, and you wanted to tell him tonight. Although your relationship wasn’t traditional by any means, you knew you had gotten closer to Ransom than anyone else ever had – members of his own family included. His demeanor was caustic at best, and your friends didn’t understand why you were with him, even though he treated you like a princess in public just as much as he did in private – maybe even more so, since he couldn’t let a second go by without reminding the world you were his. His family (apart from Harlan, and maybe his cousin Meg) loathed you and made sure you knew it, taking every opportunity to call you a gold-digger and pull Ransom away from your side to introduce you to some heiress or other.
Over the last six months, you and Ransom had shared almost as many heartfelt conversations as you did orgasms. He told you he loved to write, but he was too scared to try to publish. He feared Harlan would be accused of nepotism and he never would be able to make his own name mean something. After a few weeks, you confided in him that he was your first, and he was almost angry that you didn’t tell him beforehand so that he could’ve made it special for you. Then in typical Ransom fashion, he remarked, “I’m impressed you took all of me on your first try.” You gasped and smacked his cheek, feigning disgust and failing to hold in your giggles. 
Another night, he told you that his mother Linda became “annoyed” with his childhood pet cat and gave it away one day while he was at school – that’s why he didn’t want another pet now, even though he lived in his own house. You shared that even though you were working on your master’s in publishing, you truly wanted nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom one day, that you craved domesticity, having dinner on the table when your husband came home. He furrowed his brows at that. “Isn’t that, like, the opposite of feminism?”
You countered that it’s different when a woman stays home because she wants to do it, not because it’s expected of her. He said he would love to come home to you every day, whether you had dinner on the table or not. 
Most recently, he shared that he started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone so that he could take you on your dream vacation throughout all of Spain and not be embarrassed. He blushed and the conversation ended there, with you kissing him so hard he regretted not telling you sooner.
Tumblr media
You chose a black midi dress Ransom bought you two months ago for your birthday. It was long-sleeved and not too low-cut. It fit you perfectly. The material was soft and slinky, but not so much that it would give away the surprise underneath, a lacy matching set you knew he’d love. 
You always worried about your tummy in outfits like this, but you knew Ransom would worship you no matter what you wore (or didn’t wear, for that matter). He reminded you, enthusiastically and repeatedly, that he wanted his hands full of your body. The first time he begged you to sit on his face – yes, Hugh Ransom Drysdale begged for something – you told him you were afraid you would suffocate him. 
“1. That’s practically impossible, sweetheart. 2. I can’t imagine a better way to go. About to cum with my mouth full of you and my head in between your perfect thighs? Murder me. Fucking do it. I’m telling Harlan to use this in his next book.” Cheeks warming at the memory, you finally slipped on your favorite strappy burgundy heels and walked downstairs, more anxious than you’d ever been, afraid you wouldn’t be able to stomach the food at dinner.
Tumblr media
If Ransom’s jaw could have been on the floor, it would have. The same could be said for you, taking in the sight of your godlike boyfriend. His dark hair was carefully coiffed away from his face, drawing attention to his long, even darker eyelashes. So unfair. He wore a pair of gray wool slacks, pressed to perfection, with black bit-loafers and a burgundy sweater which emphasized how flushed his own cheeks were at the moment. His sweater matched your shoes exactly, and you marveled at how he always read your mind. He took your hand, helping you down the last few steps, and twirled you around once you reached the bottom. He spun you in close to him, and like something out of a movie, he revealed the bouquet of pink peonies he’d been hiding behind his back and dipped you, dropping a short kiss to your lips. “Happy anniversary, baby.” He pulled you back up against him, kissing you again and somehow managing not to crush the flowers.
You thought you might say it right then and there, but he left you both speechless and breathless. Everything he was doing and saying indicated he felt the same, but you were still so afraid he didn’t, all too aware of how guarded he could be. You opted to enjoy the evening a bit before potentially dropping a bomb you wouldn’t be able to defuse. “Ran, thank you. They’re beautiful.” You kissed his freshly-shaven cheek, giggling as he tried to get you to kiss him on the lips instead. You couldn’t resist, and you let him kiss you until you felt his tongue attempting to gain access to your mouth. “Enough. We’ll never leave at this rate,” you chided, kissing him on the cheek once more before turning around to look for a vase. You were shocked to find he’d already left a vase filled with water on the counter. How had you failed to notice that, and why was he being so thoughtful, so charming?
Little did you know, Ransom was questioning if he was doing too much? Not enough? He hoped you wouldn’t notice his hands shaking as he took the flowers back from you, quickly trimming the stems and arranging them neatly in the vase. He had watched Fran do it at Harlan’s several times, and he hoped he was doing it right and not killing them. He noticed you watching him and could feel himself blushing for the second time in as many minutes. Your attempts to look away from him were futile, your eyes involuntarily fixed upon the way his thick thighs and round ass filled out his tailor-made slacks. You nearly got on your knees, but this date was your idea, after all. Instead, you opted to take the vase from him and move it to the windowsill. “You never did say where we’re going, Ran.”
It took everything in him not to spoil the surprise, that he reserved your preferred table at your favorite restaurant the next town over. You regularly ordered takeout from there, but Ransom had never actually been, so even he was looking forward to going. He also arranged the menu beforehand knowing if he didn’t, you would spend entirely too much time trying to make a decision and not enough time letting him make you laugh. He even asked them to make your favorite cake for the two of you since he knew it always sold out earlier in the day. He smiled at you, and you knew he had no intentions of telling you where he was taking you.
“It’s cute that you think the grandson of a mystery writer wouldn’t keep you in suspense..” He winked at you, moving to open the door for you. Biting back a smile, you rolled your eyes as you walked past him. He locked the front door quickly, wanting to get ahead of you and open the passenger door of the Beemer. Ransom was always softer with you than he was with anyone else, but he was taking it to the next level tonight. He was never cruel to you like he was to his exceedingly vicious family, but he also didn’t shy away from the odd sarcastic response. If anything, he was only guilty of teasing you, most often when you were begging him, sexually or otherwise. He hoped you had no idea how the butterflies in his stomach that first appeared when he saw you walking down the stairs were currently conspiring to make him vomit out of the sheer panic he felt, sure that he was about to royally fuck this up.
Ransom was in love with you. This was the first time he ever felt so strongly about anyone, and it made him sick because he felt undeserving of you. He wasn’t sure he even felt love for his family, apart from his grandfather. He had dated before you, but he wasn’t one for relationships, definitely not exclusive ones. But there was something about you, and he knew from the second he spotted you at that release party six months ago that he wouldn’t be able to live without you. He was drawn to you immediately. At first, he thought he just wanted to fuck you, but you turned him down when other women would have fallen to their knees. Normally, rejection would have pissed him off, quickly moving on to the next pretty thing to catch his eye. To his surprise, he found himself wanting to get to know you - the sex would just be a bonus. 
You had him wrapped around your finger after one date, totally whipped after two, and you didn’t even know it. Then you spent the night with him after your third date, letting him take you apart with his mouth, his fingers, his cock, and he asked himself what it would be like to have you every night for the rest of your lives. And later, when you told him he was your first? Initially, he was disappointed, even upset, that you didn’t give him the opportunity to be more gentle, more careful. He got past that quickly enough when he realized it turned him on a lot, not because he was a perv who relished ruining virgins or some shit like that, but because you wanted him enough, trusted him enough, to share that experience with him. His family barely trusted him to remember to feed his grandfather’s dogs, and you were willing to give him your body, letting him be the first and only person ever to make you cum and you let him do it about five more times that night.
All of this led Ransom to this moment, white-knuckling the steering wheel as he reversed out of the driveway. He wanted to tell you how he felt; you deserved someone who could give you that, shouting it from the rooftops by day and whispering it in your ear by night. He was in near agony, frightened to say those three words for the first time to a person and not his favorite sweater or his car, unsure if you felt the same. He wanted to believe you did, that this wasn’t just some sort of weirdly intimate exclusive fuck-buddy set-up where you didn’t actually want him as much as he wanted you, all of you. It had only been six months, and he was wildly inexperienced in the emotions department, but the way he craved you assured him that there was no way he could ever let you go. With all of that on his mind, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to tell you tonight, but he sincerely wished with all of his liquor-soaked heart that he could show you, at the very least. You could sense that he was lost in his own head and reached over to lace your fingers with his, pulling his right hand down to rest in your lap. He looked at you for a moment and gave you a tiny, shy smile, quickly returning his eyes to the road.
Tumblr media
You squealed when Ransom pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, thankful that you chose to skip lunch, both to leave room for dinner and to avoid feeling sick with nerves. Ransom walked around to open your door and offered you his hand to help you out of the car. “I don’t believe I actually told you how breathtakingly stunning you look tonight. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He kissed your hand that he was still holding as you smoothed your dress with the other. He shut the door behind you and moved to take your arm in his to walk you inside.
“You didn’t. I must look good if I somehow rendered a Thrombey speechless,” you grinned .He laughed at that, kissing you on the cheek. You stopped walking, turning to face him. “Seriously, what’s gotten into you? Have I made you soft, Drysdale? It’s been thirty minutes and you haven’t even cursed.” You smiled at him, eyes crinkling with amusement. He panicked for a moment before he realized you were only teasing him. He really thought for a moment that all of his efforts were for naught, that you thought it was overkill. 
He tried to play it cool, leaning forward to bring his lips to your ear. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “I’m saving that for when we get home from this expensive-ass date, baby.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver down your spine, straight to your core. You’d be lying if you said your panties were still dry. He moved back, grabbing both of your hands and looking at you with a bright smile and a wink. You laughed and closed the distance between you, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks and kiss him, innocently at first. You turned it into an almost-messy, open-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss, ending it with a quick peck before it got too out of control. He looked wrecked already, cheeks flushing (again) and chest slightly heaving. Perhaps it was a not-great decision on his part in wearing his grey slacks since you could see the outline of his soon-to-be painfully obvious erection forming. He let out a deep breath and took your hand in his, walking you into the restaurant.
Tumblr media
Dinner was perfect, and the conversation between the two of you flowed as easily and sweetly as your favorite wine of which Ransom had ensured there’d be plenty. When you’d finished your meal, though, he seemed distant, sending the odd text and checking his phone in a way that was anything but discreet. The waiter asked if you were ready for dessert and you requested a moment to decide.
You reached across the table and put your hand over Ransom’s, imploring him to put down his phone. “I’m not sure if you’ve already arranged dessert, but I made you something at home if you don’t mind taking this to go?” His eyes widened, and you couldn’t quite discern his expression. He bit his lip, looking down toward his phone, and you realized he was nervous as he quickly sent another text. You scooted toward him in the rounded booth, lightly placing one hand on his thigh and gently squeezing his hand with your other. “Is everything okay, Ran?”
He placed his other hand on top of yours and smiled at you, but his voice was uncharacteristically shaky when he spoke. “Everything’s perfect. I just have another surprise for you at home that’s being set up while we’re here. I wanted to make sure it’s all done before we get back. I didn’t mean to worry you.” He kissed you on the cheek, his gentleness bewildering you further. “Dessert at home sounds great.” He asked the waiter to wrap up your leftovers, including the cake you hadn’t yet tasted. After placing a rather large wad of bills on the table, he stood up and extended his hand to you to help you to your feet.
Tumblr media
“So when you said you made dessert… Did you mean actual dessert, or was that a euphemism for sex? Because I’ve been rock hard since that kiss on the way in, and I think I deserve a reward for not simply having my way with you in the restroom.” Ransom looked at you from the driver’s seat with wide eyes, hopeful yet suggestive, as he lifted your hand to kiss it with his perfect pink lips. 
You smirked at him then, making the decision to toy with him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” You moved your hand still entwined with his down to his lap, gently applying pressure where he so desperately craved it. Satisfied with the clipped moan that slipped from his mouth, you continued, slowly, barely rubbing him through his pants. “I do appreciate that, though – that you kept your hands to yourself like that, handsome.” You felt his hand squeeze yours, and you knew it was taking everything in him not to pull over and fuck you on the side of the road. You could feel the wetness beginning to pool in your panties. Maybe it was a bad idea, but emboldened by the way he was reacting to your words, you decided to push him even further. You leaned over and gently pressed your lips to the side of his neck, purring in his ear, “Only good boys get to have dessert, and you’ve been so good for me tonight.” 
You’d begun to suspect your boyfriend had a bit of a praise kink a few weeks ago when you jokingly called him a good boy after he proudly informed you that he did all of the dishes by hand and didn’t use the dishwasher or leave them for the maid. The words left your mouth, and his pupils dilated before he quickly cleared his throat and left the room, so you decided to hold onto that card and play it the next time you really wanted something from him. Tonight was that night. You actually did make dessert for him, and you wanted him to at least see it before he locked the two of you in the bedroom for the night. He turned his whole body to look at you like he just won the fucking lottery, and you felt the car accelerate the slightest bit. Using your free hand to pinch his chin, you directed him to face forward once more. “Eyes on the road now, Ran.”
Tumblr media
Ransom practically ripped the keys out of the ignition when he pulled into the driveway. The second you unbuckled your seatbelt, you thought he might tear the passenger door off the hinges as he reached in to scoop you up bridal-style. He kicked the door closed and started running toward the house with you in his arms, holding on tightly to his neck and squealing in excitement. He stopped in front of the door and adjusted the way he held you, wrapping your legs around his waist and supporting you with one arm as he scrambled to turn the key in the lock. The front door closed with a slam that surely shook the house as he made his way toward the stairs up to his bedroom. Was it your bedroom, too? Your own apartment essentially served as a storage unit at this point. You shook your head to yourself. You could think about that another time.
You came to your senses when you heard the creak of the first step under Ransom’s foot. “Wait, Ran, put me down!” 
He stopped with one foot in mid-air, ready to take the next step. He pressed his forehead to yours, whining, “Whaaat, Y/N? You’re torturing me, beautiful.”
You tried to soothe him, scratching through the hair at the back of his neck as you warily placed your feet on the ground. “I really did make dessert for you, Ransom,” you pouted. 
Of course you made dessert, Ransom thought. You were perfect in every way, and every single thing you’d done that day replayed in his head, reminding him that this had to be too good to last, that you were too good for him. Without thinking, he clapped his hand across his face, dramatically stretching his features downwards. “Can you at least let me blow your back out first? I’m in pain over here.” He waved his hands around in the vicinity of his glaring boner, looking like an air traffic controller. He’d made up his mind that you certainly would not stick around if and when he worked up the courage to say those three words, those eight letters, that made his stomach flip in truly unbearable discomfort, so he was on a mission to feel you around him, on top of him, underneath him one last time.
To his surprise, you scrunched your nose at him in the adorable way you always did when he made an overtly sexual comment. You reached out for his hand and led him to the kitchen. “Just let me show you before we go upstairs. I don’t mind if we eat it later, but I’m proud of this one. I made it just for you, honey.” Ransom knew you loved to bake. In fact, one of his favorite things was watching you sing and dance around the kitchen as you experimented, sugar, butter, flour everywhere. He wondered to himself when you had time to make dessert without his noticing. “Close your eyes for a sec. No peeking.” He watched you spin around toward the fridge before he covered his eyes with one large hand, the other resting on the countertop. “Open.” If your smile were any wider, your face would have split in half.
Ransom raised an eyebrow at the dish before looking back at you. “Cheesecake? What’s on top?”
You let out a deep breath. “Okay, so…” You tried to channel Vanna White, showcasing your creation with dramatic hand gestures. “I present to you… brown sugar bourbon cheesecake with… Drum roll, please, Ransom.” His cackle was cut short by the realization that you were completely serious. He did as you instructed, moving towards you to tap your hips in place of a snare drum. “... Biscoff cookie crust. I crumbled some on top, too. I snuck down here after you fell asleep last night so it would have plenty of time to set.”
Ransom felt the sting of tears in his eyes and quickly lowered his head to blink them away before you could see. He couldn’t imagine what he ever did to deserve you, this beautiful woman in front of him who found the most thoughtful, unbelievable ways to make him feel so special. In that instant, he let himself believe that maybe you loved him, too. Why else would you sacrifice your own sleep? Why else would you work so hard? Remember his favorite things and venture to find some way to combine them into what would, no doubt, be the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten besides you? This night was chipping away at his walls to the point where they might crumble, and for the first time, he thought maybe he was okay with that. 
He hugged you then, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around. He peppered kisses all over your face, ending with an unexpectedly sweet kiss to your lips. You thought you saw tears glistening in his eyes, but you didn’t say anything. “Thank you so much, baby. This is so thoughtful. You’re too good to me.” Something shifted in the air between you two, and you could tell he was not going to cut a slice of the dessert anytime soon, so you turned around in his arms to put it away. He leaned over you, growling in your ear from behind, “I can’t wait to share some with you in our bed.” He kissed your shoulder and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, unknowingly answering your earlier question as to whether or not the bedroom was yours, too. The warm sensation in your chest was almost too much to bear, but you didn’t want it to go away.
You placed the dish in the refrigerator and shut the door, turning around in his arms. “Now,” you hiked one leg up on his hip, “I believe you said something about blowing my back out, honey.” His hands moved down from your waist to support your ass, prompting you to wrap your other leg around his narrow waist, your arms around his thick neck, decidedly your new favorite method of transportation.
Tumblr media
Ransom took the stairs two at a time, anxious to see how Fran and Marta did with his request. “Close your eyes for me, baby?” He kissed your forehead, lips lingering for a moment as he watched your lashes flutter before he opened the bedroom door.
He smiled when he opened the door, taking in the view and the sweet scent of all of the candles and flowers. He texted Marta and Fran while you’d been getting ready, asking if they could pick up several dozen roses and candles to decorate the room before you got home from dinner. Neither of them ever had considered Ransom to be so romantic and were more than willing to help when he mentioned it was your anniversary. He smiled, satisfied with the job they’d done, making a mental note to Venmo them double what he sent initially. 
Ransom placed you down on the floor, holding onto your waist from behind and pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Open.”
You couldn’t believe how beautiful your bedroom looked, covered in red and pink rose petals and bathed in the warm glow of the candlelight. “Oh, Ransom,” you gasped. You looked around for another moment, noticing the bed was made with the new duvet and sheets you’d been looking at online a few weeks ago. “This is too much.”
He turned you around to face him and kissed you, short and sweet. “Baby, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do enough for you.”
You looked up at him and smiled, eyes shiny with tears yet to fall. “I thought dessert was supposed to be all about you?” You placed your hands on his chest, relishing the feel of his heart beating faster at your touch.
“This is for both of us.” Smooth as ever, he reached behind your back to unzip your dress. “You get the girly, dreamy set-up, and I get to admire how sexy you are in this light.”
Your dress dropped to the floor and he helped you step out of it, picking it up and neatly laying it over the back of your chair. You were already wet, and this simple act of taking such care with you, with your clothes, only ruined your panties further. You stood with your hands on your hips, slightly flexing your biceps forward to maximize the appearance of your cleavage.
“Are you implying that I’m not sexy in other lights, Ransom?” You bit your lip so he’d know you were just playing, afraid to tease too, too much since he seemed so on edge.
His mouth hung open wide as he looked you up and down, arms reaching forward to run his hands up and down your sides before resting low on your hips. Ransom stepped back and took one of your hands in his, using his other hand to prompt you to turn around for him before pulling you in for another kiss. “That is actually the exact opposite of what I’m thinking, pretty girl.” He continued admiring you, sneakily slipping his fingers beneath the waistline of your panties. “You know this color on you drives me crazy, right?”
You smiled and nodded as he moved his fingers lower, gathering your wetness with a feather-light touch that made you pant. He groaned when he easily slipped two thick fingers inside you and met no resistance, a fresh rush of your slick leaking down his hand.
“Well, fuck me. Jesus, baby.” You whimpered at the loss of his fingers, but your eyes widened as you watched him suck on his fingers, lapping your juices from his skin. When he was finished, you pressed the length of your body to his, backing him into the wall behind him.
“That’s the goal, daddy.” You felt his cock twitch in his pants as you tightened your fingers in his hair, forcing his mouth open with a gasp, granting your tongue access to taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
You never thought you would address a man other than your father as daddy until you were with Ransom. He was your first and only, so when he commanded that you “cum all over daddy’s cock” the first time you slept together, you did just that. From that point forward, you only ever called him that in bed, figuring it was just what he liked. It wasn’t necessarily your kink, but pleasing Ransom definitely was. Whether or not you were in the bedroom, it was a surefire way to get what you wanted.
Six months later, here you were, confidently sinking to your knees and unzipping his tented slacks. You were so nervous the first time you offered to suck your boyfriend off, but he was understanding, assuring you it was okay if you weren’t ready. His tenderness only motivated you, and you probably should’ve known then that you held his inexperienced heart in your hands.
Still pressed against the wall, Ransom gazed at you with a mix of lust and adoration, in disbelief that he managed to find you and that you willingly stayed with him. He let out a thin wheeze as you finally rid him of his briefs, planting a kiss below his belly button before your lips traveled south. “Baby, please, I need you.”
You smiled up at him, nuzzling your cheek against his thigh. “Who’s got you so needy tonight, daddy?” you whispered as you nipped along his perfectly defined Adonis belt. He pulled his sweater off in a frenzy, the sight of his naked form causing your walls to clench around nothing.
“You, pretty girl. Always you. Only you,” he whined, reaching down to cup your cheek as your eyes met his.
Ransom already looked gone, eyes hooded and sweat glistening on his forehead, his chest. You weren’t sure how long you’d last, and he’d barely touched you yet.
You hummed in response, then kissed the leaking head of his cock before swallowing the length of him. You bobbed your head back and forth, taking him as deep as you could. His moans grew higher in pitch with each movement inside your throat, and you squeezed your thighs together to relieve the ache between them. His hips bucked forward of their own accord until you brought a hand to his tummy, holding him still. You pulled off of him with a wet pop, a noise that in any other situation might gross you out but only served to turn you on further while you were on your knees.
“Patience, daddy.” You rose to your feet, kissing your way up his body. You leaned on him for support as you removed your heels. Once you were finished, Ransom surged forward, capturing your swollen lips with his, frantically licking his way inside your mouth, inevitably tasting himself on your tongue. You feverishly kissed him back, providing the closeness he needed to reach around and undo the clasp of your bra. He managed to toss your bra onto your vanity before ducking his head to pay your pebbled nipples some well-deserved attention. You cradled the back of his head, carding your fingers through his hair as you pressed his face to your tits.
Another wave of arousal damn near gushed from your core, prompting you to put an end to Ransom’s ministrations. “Take me to bed?”
Ransom squeezed your ass before giving it a quick tap. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist while he laughed at your enthusiasm, laying you down in the middle of the bed before removing your completely-drenched panties.
“I’d venture to say this is the wettest you’ve ever been, baby.”
You felt heat rising in your cheeks in response to his comment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You grinned at him before pulling him down on top of you, eager to feel him inside you at last.
“Baby, slow down,” he gasped, breath ragged. He kneeled over you, reaching for the nightstand where he kept the condoms. You grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to your lips, kissing his open palm. Ransom inhaled sharply, waiting for you to speak.
Although your pupils were blown, your eyes were soft, searching his face. “I just wanna feel you, Rans–”
Ransom’s brows rose high on his forehead, but in what emotion, you were unsure. Now you were afraid you’d done something wrong, even though you didn’t do it on purpose.
“–I mean, daddy. Please.” You searched his face for any indication of what he was thinking, but he was giving you nothing.
Ransom was overwhelmed. No one had called him by his actual name during sex ever. Even his first girlfriend stuck to calling him “baby” or “handsome” after he clapped a hand over her mouth when she started to say his name. Once he was a bit older, he preferred “sir” or “daddy”. But then you came along, thawing out the block of ice in his chest where his heart always was meant to be. And you were telling him to fuck you raw? Another thing he’d never done with anyone else, wanting to be somewhat safe since he used to sleep around so much.
“Please say something,” you murmured, bringing him back out of his own head.
He leaned down, cupping your cheek and pressing his forehead to yours. “Are you sure that’s what you want, baby?” he prodded, voice laced with warm concern.
“I’m so sure.” You stroked the apple of his cheek with your thumb, smiling when he relaxed at your touch. “You’re the only person I’ve ever been with, and you haven’t been with anyone besides me in all this time.” 
The corner of his mouth turned upwards, showing off one of his dimples that would make you weak in the knees if you weren’t lying down already. “But you’re not on birth control, baby. Please don’t feel like you have to do thi–”
Pulling his face to yours, you kissed him hard. “–No, I’m not, but I’ve been tracking my cycle. We should be fine.” His eyes fluttered shut as you kissed him once more. You waited for him to open his eyes so you could look into them.
“I trust you.”
Ransom looked like the heart-eyes emoji; he had never heard those words in his life – not from family, not from friends. He kissed you again, sloppily, hungrily.
“If you change your mind, promise you’ll tell me?”
“I won’t change my mind, but I promise.”
Another kiss, gentler this time, made your head spin. It was different from any other kiss you’d shared, emotional and full of something you were hesitant to name. He lined himself up with your entrance, coating himself in your slick before pushing into you slowly.
“OhmyfuckingGOD,” he hissed as you adjusted to his thickness, your walls involuntarily tightening around him. “You feel so amazing, baby. I’m not gonna last long. Fuck.”
The sensation of his cock inside you was similar to the usual, but so much more intense. Ransom began to move, and you could feel each vein dragging against you with every thrust. Open-mouthed kisses along your throat left you panting. You were a pliant, fucked-out mess as he moved his hips with more intention, his tip hitting the spot that made you see stars.
“Ransom, please,” you screamed as one thrust in particular had you arching your back, pushing your chest into his.
Your eyes flew open as you tried to assess the damage you’d done. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
Ransom slowed his pace. “Don’t be sorry, pretty girl.” He kissed your tears away as quickly as they came. “I’ve never let anyone call me by my actual name in bed before.” He smiled sweetly at you as he continued moving inside you, each stroke somehow more tender than the last. “Say it again, Y/N. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.”
You cried out as he began to circle your clit with his thumb. “You are, Ransom. Always. Make. Me. Feel. So. Good.” He punctuated each word with a perfectly-angled thrust.
You were so fucking close, and Ransom began to lose his rhythm, not far behind you. “Please, Ransom, make me cum.” You sounded pathetic, needing your release in the worst way. His hips snapped violently against yours, pushing you up the bed.
“Louder, baby. Scream my name when I make you cum.” Using his index and middle fingers together, he rubbed your clit harshly at lightning speed, making you choke on air as you fell apart.
His name left your mouth like a wail, volume so high that, if he had neighbors, they’d probably call the cops. Ransom continued fucking you through it, losing all control at the feeling of you squirting all over him.
“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Ransom moved to pull out of you, planning to finish on your chest, but you crossed your legs behind him, pulling him right back in.
“Baby, please, I need to cum.” He pressed his face into your neck as he struggled to delay his climax.
Hugging him tightly, you kissed the top of his head before pushing him up to his knees, straddling him. “I know, baby, I know. I want you, all of you. I always will.” You snaked a hand down his back to grab at his ass, urging him impossibly deeper inside you. “Come on, Ransom. Please give it to me.”
He came with a roar, biting into your shoulder. The feeling of his cum filling you up was unlike anything you’d felt before, but not unwelcome by any means, and triggered another orgasm of your own, milking him thoroughly. You held each other, sobbing wordlessly as you came down from your simultaneous highs, eventually collapsing in a puddle of loose limbs. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if minutes or hours had passed, you were so out of it, floating on the most blissful cloud. Ransom began to stir, kissing from your chest to your collarbone, from your throat to your jaw, before finally ending once again at your lips. You winced as he pulled out of you, the feeling of his spend leaking from your core unfamiliar and a little unpleasant. Ransom laid next to you, tucking your head under his chin and folding you into his embrace.
He smiled sleepily, unable to get enough of your voice saying his name with so much affection. “Yeah, pretty girl?” He held you tighter.
“Why did you let me say your name tonight?”
He shuffled down to face you, lifting your chin with his finger. He figured it was now or never.
“Because I love you, Y/N. You’re the only person who’s ever believed I could be a good man. You encourage me to be the man I want to be, not the man you want me to be or the man everyone else seems to think I should be. You’ve never tried to change me. I’ve only changed because I wanted to. I wanted to be better for you.”
You felt tears spilling down your cheeks, now that your boyfriend had confirmed you had nothing to be afraid of, after all. He felt the same way, and your heart was going to beat right out of your chest.
“And you make me happy,” he continued. “I love your laugh and the way you somehow always know what I want for breakfast. I love how you sing in the shower, then pretend you didn’t. I love how you let me be the little spoon on my bad days and when I’m drunk. I love that you read to me when I can’t fall asleep. I love your heart and your mind and your laugh. Everything. I love everything about you.”
The terrified look on Ransom’s face didn’t last long. It couldn’t – not when you were rolling on top of him to pull him into your millionth kiss of the night.
“I love you, too, Ransom. So fucking much. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long now.”
The two of you held each other and cried, in need of emotional release following such an intense physical one. 
With another peck to your lips, Ransom untangled himself from you, going to the en suite bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean you up. His touch was soothing, careful around your most sensitive areas. He discarded the cloth in the hamper before leaving the room again. You wondered where he went, but you could hardly keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
A few moments later, you felt something cold against your mouth. Opening your eyes, you found Ransom sitting next to you with a plated slice of cheesecake, holding a fork up to your face. You laughed, sitting up before taking a bite.
“I really outdid myself, didn’t I?”
“Absolutely, baby. This is fucking incredible.”
You brushed a crumb away from the corner of his mouth. “I think we should make post-orgasm cheesecake a permanent thing.”
Ransom placed the now-empty plate on his nightstand, getting under the covers with you. “I know we should make it a permanent thing.” He pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around your back.
“I love you, Ransom. I hope we’re a permanent thing,” you whispered into his chest.
He looked down at you before kissing the tip of your nose and holding you tighter. “I love you, too, pretty girl. I know we’re a permanent thing.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This fic is actually the reason I started this blog. I used to write fic years ago and stopped writing, fic or otherwise, for quite some time. Earlier this year, I started to venture into reading fic again and found some incredible authors here. I had submitted these asks (1, 2, 3) to Christy (@chrissquares​), knowing she loved Ransom as much as I do, and her responses inspired me to create a new blog and get back to writing. 
I’ve been working on this since the end of May when I sent in these asks, and I think this is as ready as I’ll ever be to share it. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Christy! I’m so happy to be writing again, and I hope people can enjoy this (much longer than planned) story. 🥺
As always, comments and reblogs are so appreciated.
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
here is a collection of all my writing! enjoy!
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ chris evans masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ steve rogers masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ ransom drysdale masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ andy barber masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ loki laufeyson masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ sebastian stan masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ bucky barnes masterlist
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ sam wilson masterlist
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idy-ll-ique · 5 months ago
My Little Secret.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Innocent!F!Reader
Genre : Fluff, little bit of Angst
Warnings: none
Requested: nope
Summary: Y/N listens to music 24/7 on Spotify. At first Ransom is irritated, but now he knows just how to use the application to his benefit. I mean, come on, it can't be considered stalking if it's his wife, right?
Author's Note: Hiya peeps! oml a ransom drysdale fanfiction 😳 if I ever meet this asshole in real life I'd sock him in the jaw but in fiction? mamma mia. enjoy!
Does she really love an app more than me?
Ransom scoffed to himself as he opened his laptop, clicking on the music app, Spotify. He rarely used it, but his wife was obsessed with it. She listened to music 24/7; singing along to the soft tunes in her playlists while working, reading, cleaning, cooking, anything. Ransom thought it was insane how submerged she was in the activity.
Until that activity gave him an upper-hand in their relationship.
When he had first opened the app on his laptop, he was a tad bit surprised at the "Friends Activity" feature. He saw her account. Then, as more months passed, he started noticing how when she was happy, she'd always be listening to some happy playlist, when she was sad she'd be listening to sad songs, et cetera. And he started using it to his advantage.
Now, everyday before leaving his office he'd check the app to see what playlist she was listening to. If it was a happy, dance playlist, well and fine. But a sad one? Ransom's mood would also sour because my darling is not feeling okay. While going home, he'd buy something for her; mostly flowers or chocolates, or a nice little trinket that he'd find in the displays of shops that he thought his wife would enjoy.
He never told her about it. What he was doing would be considered stalking but come on, is it stalking if she's your wife? As the app finally loaded, his eyes immediately strayed to the Friends Activity and his heart clenched when he saw her listening to her sad playlist that she had named Melancholy. Sighing, he turned off the laptop and left his office for the night.
As he drove back home, he stopped outside a flower shop and bought an adorable little bouquet of mixed flowers. "She'll love it," the florist assured him, assuming he was buying it for his significant other. He gave her a quick smile and got back into the car, driving home as fast as he could. When he reached home, his heart broke at the sniffle he heard.
"Kitten?" Y/N's head shot up at her husband's voice as she hurriedly wiped her tears, getting up from her spot on the couch. "Hi, welcome home," she whispered, giving him a quick peck on the lips, smiling widely to avoid being caught. "Hello, how was your day?" He wanted to sigh, to chide her for keeping her bad mood from him, but he only smiled at how cute she looked trying to hide her true feelings.
"It wasn't bad! So, shower first and dinner later or dinner first?"
Now was the time. "Kitten, the truth, please. How was your day?" He raised a stern eyebrow when her face fell. How does he always read me so well? Knowing she couldn't hide now, she hung her head low as her shoulders sagged. "It was bad," she muttered. Ransom pulled her close, her head resting on his chest, his chin atop her head. "What happened? I swear if it's those fucking coworkers of yours—"
Her silence gave him the answer. The thing is, when Ransom and Y/N had started going out, everyone in the city was shocked. A cute, innocent little thing like her dating an asshole like him? Why? She had lost quite a few friends when she told them, but Ransom was there for her. "You don't need them, you have me." He was right. While the world saw him as a first-class jerk, he was the softest soul with her.
Her priorities were always placed before his. He took care of her, treated her like no previous boyfriend of hers had, and within 2 years of dating, he had proposed. People were even more shocked. She managed to get him to settle down?! How?! Then the gossip began. "He has to be cheating, I mean look at him. Look at her," she had heard one time after the engagement. That had made her super upset.
"Ransom, they're talking… someone said you were cheating on me…" She had broken down on his chest that night, crying her eyes out. And Ransom had immediately switched off the television. He sat up, holding her close. "You know I'd never do that, angel. Why would I, when you're with me? Do you really think those women out there have the same effect on me that you do? Huh?"
"Well, they said… they said I was ugly."
"What?! Those fucking whores—"
"Ransom, don't call them that," she had chided, swatting his chest. He caught the hand and brought it to his lips, kissing each fingertip. "If it makes you feel better, no, I'm not cheating on you. I love you a little too much to do that. You mean the world to me, Y/N, there's no one on this planet I'd rather be with than you. And you are the most beautiful person I've ever seen, in and out," he told her sincerely.
Her crying ceased. "Thank you." And he held her close the entire night, rubbing her back as she slept on him. People talking about him? He could handle that, God knows he had been handling that for years. But them talking about her? His perfect, angelic, goddess-like fiancée? No, no, he wouldn't handle that. That whole thing was 4 years ago. People still talked.
"What did they say to you, Y/N?" he asked, coming back to the real world.
"They asked me why I was still with you." He exhaled loudly through his nose when Y/N's arms tightened around him. "I told them I loved you. You are nice, you're not what everyone says you are. But then Amy talked about… about how you used to be— what was the word she used? Oh, uh, yeah, she said you were something of a Casanova before you met me. But I told her that was over."
His arms snaked around her waist, his fingers gently dancing over her hips as she continued speaking. "She insisted that people can't just change over a small period of time. I tried ignoring her but then she started gossiping with someone else about you. And then I snapped at her. But you know me…" Ransom hummed, pressing his lips to her forehead.
His wife had a docile soul. Everything from her looks to her mannerisms was soft. She couldn't yell, she couldn't tell people off— she was too pure to do that. The world needed people like her, to be honest. That was also one of the things he liked about her. Sometimes, he thought about how beneficial it would be for her to hold her own in a fight, but his ego shoved the thought down each time.
He liked being her big protector. He loved taking care of her like that. "Yes, I know, angel. You're too good for this world, you know that?" he mumbled, slightly pulling away from her so he could cup her face, looking into her eyes. She huffed and looked away. "I'm too soft. I can't help it. I don't want to be this way." He chuckled and leaned over to kiss her. "Oh no, you should definitely be this way."
"Because it suits you. Don't change for people who don't even care about you. I like you like this; gentle, caring… you have the biggest heart in the world, Y/N. And I want to keep it that way. Don't let people ruin your innocence. Keep being you." He pressed her closer when she started sniffling again. "You're too good to me," she pouted and he laughed. "That's my duty as your husband, kitten. Look, I bought flowers."
He took out the bouquet from his bag, smiling when Y/N's eager hands accepted it. "Thank you! Oh, these are so beautiful! Let me replace the flowers in the vase on the dining table!" Squealing, she walked away from him, leaving him to stare after her with an infatuated smile. You have no idea what you do to me, angel.
"Night, Ran," Y/N yawned, keeping her phone away. He held his arm up and Y/N snuggled into his side, allowing him to wrap his arm around her side. "Night, sweetheart," he whispered, leaning down to kiss her nose. He watched TV for some time until the match got boring; then he switched it off and carefully lay down on the bed, about to doze off when Y/N's phone rang. He blinked. Who'd be calling at his hour?
He lifted the phone off the nightstand, grimacing when he saw the Caller ID. Amy. As soon as he picked the phone up, Amy started blabbering. "Hi! Sorry I'm calling so late, Y/N, but I wanted to apologize for how I spoke to you at work today. It was wrong of me, really, I hope you can forgive me!" Ransom stayed silent, his jaw clenched. He had been hearing that line for years.
"Ransom, it's okay, she apologized, she won't be doing it again. She told me so herself!"
It was never the last time.
"Are you done?" he snapped and Amy froze on the other side. "M-Mr Drysdale—" "Listen, I don't want to hear it. I'm not Y/N; she has a heart of gold, God, I wonder why I let her hang out with people whose hearts are made of pure shit. How many times have you apologized for the same thing, huh? Using my girl's pure heart to your fucking advantage like that?"
"You're being—"
"I'm being what? I'm being rude? Who started it? If you ever mention our marriage in front of Y/N again, I'll have your fucking head." Amy bristled on the other side. "Are you threatening me?" Ransom smirked. "If you don't want to be threatened, I suggest you keep your nose out of other people's business. What mine and Y/N's relationship is like is no one's concern."
Amy stayed silent. "Gossiping won't get you anywhere. I have the best lawyers in the city, and I swear, if Y/N comes crying to me one more time about how someone was rude to her, I'll sue. Trust me, I will take legal action. Is that understood?" Amy quaked at his menacing tone. "Y-Yes, sir." Ransom's lips curled into a devious smile. "Great." And he ended the call.
"Ransom, who was that?" Y/N sleepily murmured next to him. She hadn't heard a word of the conversation, but could tell he was on the phone. "No one you need to worry about, sweetheart, go to sleep. I'm here." He lay down next to her, pulling her close. "You know, I have a question." He nodded at her to go on. "How do you always know when I'm going to be in a bad mood?"
"What do you mean?" he smiled, knowing exactly what she meant. "I mean, I have been wondering for years! Everytime I happen to be in a bad mood, you bring home a gift. It's like— it's like you can read my mind! How?! It can't be a coincidence, it has happened a lot of times for it to be a coincidence," she rambled and Ransom's heart fluttered at how innocent and adorable she looked.
"I have my ways," he teased, lightly poking her nose. "You're not gonna tell me, are you?" she pouted and he couldn't help but lean forward, pressing his lips to hers. "Nope, just so I can keep surprising you." She giggled, snuggling further into his arms until her face was pressed into his bare chest. "I love you so much, Ransom," she whispered. "I love you more, my sweet little angel."
Both of them went to sleep with giddy smiles on their faces.
Oh, and the Spotify thing? That was his little secret. Shh, don't tell anyone!
A/N: Leave a like if you enjoyed, thanks for reading!
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cloudystevie · 9 months ago
her cherry lips on his whiskey flavoured kiss
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: ransom drysdale x reader
word count: 3,011
summary: the moment he met you, he knew.
warnings: ransom is soft and in love, drinking, oral f recieving, unprotected sex, kitten pet name, pretty soft sex but moments of filth because its ransom lol
author’s note: soft ransom makes me horny that is all goodbye- let me know what u think i crave validation <3
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
Ransom had been out with a few of his high circle friends, finely aged whiskey and expensive food. Many women, much like Ransom; spoiled, never had to work a day in their life, lingered around his table. He almost barked at them to stop embarrassing themselves but Ransom was kind of known for being a dick so he enjoyed luring women in, teasing them with his husky voice and a face that he knows would get him whatever he wanted and then take them to bed, only to kick them out the next morning. (Sometimes that very night if he was feeling extra assholey.)
Until he met you.
Usually he would love engaging in his usual playboy behaviours, and even though you two were not officially exclusive it felt wrong. He made it extremely clear you were his and only his, and he wanted you to know he was not sleeping around either.
And now he felt this itching. This underlying uncomfortable unfamiliarity even as he was surrounded by guys he had known since he was in high school. Almost as if he didn’t belong here, at least not at the very moment. Like he was meant to be somewhere else; with you.
Before he left his expansive home he called you. He wasn’t really sure why he was doing it but as his fingers tapped on his phone screen it was already too late as he pressed on your saved contact. He scoffs to himself because it was never supposed to get to this point with anyone, when he would hook up with women they always left their number on his nightstand and he didn’t even bother looking, just left it there for his housekeeper to throw out later.
And he holds back another scoff for himself when you answer the phone, voice sweet and cheery when you greet him as always.
“I’m going out with my friends tonight.”
You giggle, “okay Ransom have fun.”
He furrowed his eyebrows, “you’re not gonna tell me I can’t go?”
You are unable to stifle your giggles at your man who wasn’t really your man, “I’m not your girlfriend Ransom, unless you have something to ask me?” You tease him, and he hears the faint sound of that one stupid TV show you loved and always forced him to watch when he came over, usually after he railed you until your legs were jello.
Ransom sputters over his words, heat creeping up his neck and he’s eternally grateful you can’t see him because you would never let him live this down. “N-no I just, (he clears his throat and pulls at the collar of his sweater) nothing.”
“You just what Ransom? Looking for me to invite you over so you don’t have to hang out with your douchebag friends? I’m perfectly fine sitting on my couch and watching TV, no distractions.” You sigh in content and he rolls his eyes even though your words do hold some truth but he refuses to have you know that.
“Whatever, you left your panties here.”
“You can keep ‘em Hugh.” Adding the nickname since you know how much he hates being called that and… maybe he’d invite himself into your home and teach you a lesson. A girl could dream.
Another giggle when he grumbles and hangs up the phone, he shakes his head as if in disbelief with himself, why the fuck did he call you? It certainly wasn’t to tell you your scandalous lace black panties were still in his bathroom.
That’s an answer still incessantly buzzing in Ransom’s head when, 2 hours later and he still cannot get you off his mind.
So he shoots up from his seat, startling the women with poorly blended foundation sitting in his unfortunate friend's laps and grabs his jacket, walking away and ignoring the calls of his table. He throws a couple hundreds at the receptionist and walks out the door where his driver waits for him.
“Where to sir?”
And that’s how Ransom finds himself outside your apartment at 10 pm, waiting extremely impatiently for you to unlock the door. He hears you yell a “Just a second!” before finally slowing his knocks.
You look through the peephole and smile when you see Ransom standing with his hands shoved into his infamous tan coloured jacket. You open the door and his face picks up to meet yours.
You barely get out a greeting before he’s pushing himself onto you, lips slamming hungrily against yours and flipping you over so he could lock the door and shove you against it- all in one breath.
You let out a startled gasp, though it’s muffled by his pink lips and you can smell the faint twinge of alcohol on his breath and it makes your head spin. His hands instinctively fall to your hips as he pulls your thighs up to wrap around his waist.
You somehow manage to pull away from his strong hold, placing your hands on his chest and looking into his eyes. “Ransom, why are you here. You’re supposed to be with your friends.”
“I got bored.”
Now that was a stone cold lie. With all of his power and money? Ransom Drysdale was never ever bored.
And he knows that you know that too, because you tilt your head to the side and quirk a brow and he’s sighing to himself because you really never let him get away with anything.
And maybe, his lips twitch upwards for a flash of a second at the thought.
You shove his chest a little as if reminding him you were still here. And instead of saying anything, he presses his lips to yours again, gentler this time. With real passion and intent on surrounding you completely.
Your hands wrap around his neck, pulling him closer as he uses his strength to pull you off the door and carry you to your bedroom blindly. All those countless hours he spent in his home gym definitely paid off. He swallowed all your whimpers and your hips bucking into his, placing you on your bed gently; and that alone makes you extremely confused. Ransom was never gentle. Sure in the moments far and few between he would be a little softer, but when it came to sex he was all about manhandling and using you in a way both of you would appreciate.
You question just how drunk he is and he chuckles, crawling on top of you and setting work on marking up your neck. Sucking bruises into your soft skin. You sigh in pleasure when he finds your sweet spot, carding your fingers through his cropped brown hair.
“Just drunk off you.”
The statement is mumbled into your skin, as if he’s afraid you would actually hear him; you do. And it makes you freeze up a little, that’s the closest Ransom has gotten to expressing any sort of… love for you beyond your body.
Your eyes slip shut with a whine begging to push past your throat. And he smiles against your skin, his fingers playing with your tits under your shirt where he was happy to find you with no bra on. “Seems like you were waiting for me baby. No bra, and I’m sure if I stick my hand down your shorts you’ll have no panties either.”
He wasn’t wrong.
“Why don’t you find out then?” You giggle, and it makes Ransom’s heart pound. Jesus Christ what were you doing to him.
He smirks, pulling your shorts down and groaning in appreciation when he sees your pussy dripping. You bite your lip at his reaction, your hips thrusting upwards on their own accord.
“So desperate, you want my mouth baby?” He pulls the hood of your clit back, blowing cold air and watching your pussy contract and the delicious whimper that falls past your kiss swollen lips.
You nod your head, hiking your leg on one of his broad shoulders in a plea and he succumbs, licking a broad stripe up the length of your folds and twirling his tongue around your throbbing clit. He looks up at you through his long dark eyelashes, noting every one of your reactions and hoping that he can imprint them into his mind forever somehow. Each one of your gasps and the way your back begins arching, hips moving against his face in tune with his tongue and lips.
His large hands press down onto your stomach and dig into your hips, your fingers going to pull his hair and he hisses in pleasure, the pain only making him go harder. He sucks your clit into his mouth, humming when more of your slick pools out at the action and he gladly slurps it up.
“Just like that Ransom- I- I’m gonna cum-”
He chuckles and the vibrations send shivers up your spine, “already? Go ahead baby, let me feel you cum.”
His approval is all you need before your back is arching off your comforter, stomach and legs quivering and breathy mewls of his name filling the room. Ransom ruts his hips into the bed as more blood rushes straight down to his cock. “That’s it, good girl.”
You ride your high out by grinding your hips onto his face, and he cleans you up, not leaving a single drop of slick behind.
Then finally he pulls away from your sensitive core, sliding up your body and slotting his lips
over yours once again. You moan when you taste yourself on his lips and his tongue slips into your mouth, moving against yours with a familiar pattern and all of Ransom’s feelings come back to him at full force.
Who knew Ransom could even be capable of feelings, let alone harbouring ones so strong for another person. He shocked himself sometimes with how much you had changed him in the half a year that you got to know him.
“Take off your clothes.” You mumble against his lips and he laughs, nodding his head but still teases, “thirsty much sweetheart?”
You roll your eyes and watch intently as he throws his sweater off somewhere onto the floor of your bedroom, unbuckling his jeans too slowly, dragging out it and his ego flaring ten fold when you whine for him to hurry up.
“Patience kitten. I’ve taught you better than this haven’t I?” He drawls out, Boston accent seeping into his words and it makes you whine.
“I’m sorry.” Your voice is a meek whimper and Ransom has to genuinely muffle a groan.
He finally undoes his belt, wrapping it onto his hand and putting it on your nightstand with a wink and you gasp, shoving his chest at the implication of his answers.
“Oh hush kitten, don’t act like you don’t like it when I mark that ass.”
He turns his full attention back to you, smirking cockily as you practically drool at the sight of him and his lewd words.
Your eyes go to his cock and you wrap a hand around his length, pumping him slowly and he hisses, bucking his hips into your hand. You giggle again and began pumping him until he was fully rock hard against your hold.
He slaps your hand off of him now, replacing it with his own as he watches you squirm beneath his mass. “Gonna let me make you feel good, kitten?”
The tenderness of his actions and words tonight were doing much more for you than you’d understand. Why was Ransom asking… he never asked for anything.
“Please Ransom, fill me up please!” You arched your back, bringing his hand to cup your breasts and sighing in pleasure when he complied, thumbing over your nipple. He seemed to be very focused on your pleasure tonight, not that he wasn’t before- he always got a high off of seeing you orgasm, knowing it was all his doing. But tonight was different.
“Nobody else makes you feel good right?”
“Only you Ransom, only you do!”
He grunts, forcing you to look down as he spits on your pussy, not that you need anymore lubrication- just as a territorial stake. You moan unabashedly at the sensation and he finally begins to push inside of you.
He makes sure you adjust to the tip first, slowly pumping in and out and inserting more of himself each time. You shivered with pleasure, fingernails digging into his back when he fully sheathed himself inside of you, your shared sounds of pleasure echoing in the room.
“Fuck you’re so tight.” Ransom grunts in your ear, one forearm holding himself up as the other holds onto your waist. You look into his ocean blue eyes turned dark, with your own hooded gaze and parted your lips on a silent moan as he dragged his cock in and out of your pulsing walls.
He’s slow with his thrusts, making sure you can feel every thick inch of him and it makes you dizzy. The air in the room feels different, thicker. Your hands scramble to hold onto something and he takes you by surprise when he links his larger fingers with yours, using them as stability to glide his cock in and out of your slick walls. The action makes your heart and pussy flutter.
You’re unable to help yourself as a single tear slips out of your eye, and Ransom kisses it away. It’s all so good, so overwhelming but so so good.
You moan and shake every time his cock pressed against that one spot inside of you that he always managed to find without much difficulty. He’s attaching his lips to yours, and it’s almost as if you can feel how much he loves you.
Ransom loves you.
He loves you.
It makes his cock twitch inside of your creaming walls. And you notice a shift in his attitude when he leaves fluttering kisses all over your face along with praise.
“You’re my good girl, aren't you kitten?”
“I’m your good girl Ransom.” You whine, pushing your hips to meet every one of his thoughtful thrusts.
“Gonna be mine forever aren’t you?” He grunts, thrusting into your with more force now as he feels your orgasm along with his approaching quickly.
You gasp at his words, tears pricking your eyes and you’re unsure on why you’re crying for the second time because he’s not being mean to you, degrading you while he pounds you from behind-
No, he’s doing the stark opposite actually. Holding you gently and in his own special way asking you to be his.
You nod your head, “yours.” You affirm.
You hold his face in your hands, thumb running over his cheekbones, “yours forever.”
He grunts, cock throbbing inside of you as his hand attaches to your clit and he begins rubbing circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves. It has you keening and in just moments you’re falling over the edge, and seeing your face all blissed out; body quivering because of him, he’s quick to spill inside of you, pumping you full of his cum and burying his face in the crook between your neck and shoulder.
It felt much more intense this time around and it consumed Ransom. He wanted every time to be like this; to be with you.
You arch up into him at the feeling of being so utterly and completely full, your fronts pressing together and one of your left hands still intertwined. He rides out his high, before pulling away from your shoulder, rolling you over so you were settled on top of him and the movement makes you whine.
You both lay there in silence for a few moments, processing the intensity of the whole situation.
“Did you mean what you said?” Your voice is quiet, a whisper. You’re afraid that being too loud would disrupt whatever aura that had been created.
He looks at you, your hand laying over his heart and leg hooked around his waist.
“Yes.” He confirms. And he’s never been so sure about anything in his life. Which says a lot because Ransom has never once doubted himself. Never questioned his ability with anything.
Ransom had made a lot of mistakes in his life, took a lot for granted but you, he has never been so sure about anything in his entire existence.
You look up at him, a lazy smile on your face as you draw hearts and stars on his chest with your forefinger, “are you gonna ask me to be your girlfriend now?”
He covers up his smile, “do you want me to ask?”
You nod, “yes.”
His hand comes to engulf yours, and he places it over his cheek, looking deep into your eyes.
“You’re the only person I wanna do all that stupid movie shit with. The only person I want to share my bed with even though you hog all my blankets and lay on top of me. (You slap his chest and sniffle.) And the one person I want to fuck every morning and every night and all the hours in between.”
“Is this how you’re asking me to be your girlfriend?”
“It’s the closest you’ll get to me saying the words so take it or leave it kitten.” He says with a snark but he can’t help the smile fighting its way onto his face anymore, and it mirrors yours.
“I think I’ll take it.” You move up to press your lips against his, smiling against his mouth and stomach filled with butterflies. You felt like you were in high school again, all giddy in your stomach and drunk off of him.
“Good night boyfriend.”
His arms slip around your waist, squeezing you once as to make sure you’re really there with him. And he really did ask you what he had been meaning to ask you. That he wasn’t gonna wake up from another one of his fantasy dreams-
A soft snore from you proves the reality.
“Sweet dreams, girlfriend.”
(And once he was sure you had fallen asleep?)
“I love you.”
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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ozarkthedog · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
request: yes
summary: Ransom doesn’t know how to comfort you but he still tries.
warning: fluff. crying. ransom being conflicted.
word count: 499
author’s note: this was a request from ages ago but i can’t find the og ask. if this was your request, i’m sorry it took so long to write. 💙 i’m still finding my way back into this thing called “writing”. bear with me please. 🙏🏻
☽ 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭 ♁ 𝐎𝐳𝐳𝐢𝐞'𝐬 𝐋𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐲 ☾
Tumblr media
Ransom throws his car keys on the small, modern table nestled in the corner of the foyer with a sigh. It’s been a long day at the publishing house and the various concerning texts from you had him on edge.
“Pumpkin?” He calls out while he sheds his jacket and tosses it over the back of the couch. He hears your faint voice respond from upstairs and he takes the wooden steps two at a time.
His teethes at his bottom lip with nervous energy. He’s been wanting to see you all day but he can’t help but feel inadequate when it comes to certain emotions.
Ransom finds you curled up on the bed, eyes blooming with fresh tears and heavy sighs escaping your downturned lips.
He hesitates and casts his eyes to the floor.
He’s never been any good with his feelings, let alone anyone else’s. You’d helped him open up over the past year, wrestling out a few of talks about his childhood and the strained relationship with his parents.
He always wishes to comfort you in the various ways you’ve helped him but he isn’t the best with empathy.
Ransom knocks softly on the doorframe, “Hey Pumpkin.”
You give him a forlorn smile and whisper, “Hey.” You wipe away the fallen tears before you shove your face into your pillow.
Ransom toes at the rug with uncertainty. Should he leave? Or make a fool of himself and try to help?
He feels like he’s going in circles and your soft cries make his heart do something it’s rarely ever done.
So, he bites the bullet.
Ransom tugs off his sweater as he walks into the spacious bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed and unlaces his shoes while cautiously looking over his shoulder waiting for you to wonder what he’s doing.
Slowly he crawls over to your frame and lays down behind you. He mirrors your body. Knees tuck under yours as his chest presses against your spine. A solid arm drapes over your body as he finds your hand and interweaves his fingers with yours.
He nuzzles his nose into your hair and breathes deep the smell he’s come to call home. It astounds him how being next to you eases his worries.
In that moment he vows to try harder.
“Do you need to talk about anything?” His heart is in his throat.
You turn your head from the pillow, wet lashes flutter your cheeks, “No, that’s ok. I’m just feeling down.”
Ransom nods before turning his body away from yours, “I can leave if you-”
“No.” You plead, tugging on his arm. The grip on his fingers so tight they ache. “Stay, please.”
Ransom’s worried features relax when he realizes you still want him near you. “Ok.”
You turn onto your side again and Ransom plasters his body against yours.
“It’s nice having you here.” You confess with a sniffle.
Ransom smiles into your hair, “I’m glad I’m here too.”    
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dreamlessinparis · 2 months ago
Love's Blind Eye
Tumblr media
Pairing: Soft!Dark!Ransom x F!Reader
Word Count: 12202 (I'm so freaking sorry 🙈)
Summary: You're Ransom's girl always, no matter what you may think, and he'll do anything to prove it
Warning: explicit language, destruction of property, violence, pain, mentions of death, heartbreak, bad dirty talk, smut, oral sex, unprotected sex, mean!Ransom, soft!Ransom, gaslighting, excessive spending
A/N This is my submission for @jtargaryen18 's 60 days of Chris challenge. I'm sorry this is so late, exams took over my life. This was inspired by a dream I had and I'm kinda nervous about it but I hope you enjoy😊 All mistakes are my own
if you’re a minor, please DNI!
Please do not repost, publish or translate my work. Reblogs and comments are appreciated! Thank you for reading :)
There were three things in life that Ransom truly loved: money, his car and you. You and Ransom had been best friends since birth and you were the only one that made him feel like he wasn’t the absolute fucking failure his parents implied he was. There was absolutely nothing in this world he wouldn’t do for you, his hummingbird. He had become fully infatuated with you when you had shyly kissed him in a field of daisies when you two were 15. Your big doe eyes were fearful when you pulled away, afraid he would be mad or disgusted. Instead, Ransom pulled you into a hug, fixed your flower crown, and said ‘You and me forever, my little hummingbird. Don’t ever forget that.’
Alas, the two of you never became more. Ransom slept his way through college, annoying you to no end when you’d come over to see him and a half naked model would be in his kitchen drinking coffee. You hated that he slept around but what you hated more is how they’d always eye you with such judgment, especially when Ransom ignored them upon your arrival.
Eventually, you came to terms with the fact that you would always be the best friend, knowing you’d never look like the girls he fucked, so you began to date. Ransom despised this, and to this day you haven't had a boyfriend that he liked or you could keep once he had been around. Things worsened for Ransom when you started dating that idiot Jacob, Jason, Jellybean, whatever the fuck his name was.
Ransom knew from the moment you brought him to a family function that he would never be good enough for you. But no one else saw it, everyone loved the bastard. It was probably the proudest he’d ever seen your family be of you. Being that they were almost as bad as his shitty family. Talked about how you two would get married and be happy, plus Jason had a real job and what did Ransom have.
Nothing as his mother so pointedly stated in front of everyone.
“Ransom is a very capable man,” You had immediately jumped to his defense, abandoning your boyfriend for a moment to come to stand next to Ransom. Giving him a side hug, you placed your head on his soft sweater-clad chest. Ransom’s look was smug as he wrapped his arm around your waist, holding you close. His expression changed only when he looked down to smile at you. When you left his arms to return to him, Ransom vowed to never let it happen again.
A fire lit within him and after that first introduction, he began to work for his grandfather. Began to build a name for himself, making his grandfather proud and Walt even more bitter. You had called him all the time for progress reports and to tell you how proud you were. Then the calls began to decline and soon Ransom was lucky to catch a glimpse of you at a family event.
Even then you avoided being alone with him, giving him fleeting looks that told him everything he needed to know. Your boyfriend was keeping you away from him and he wasn’t going to let that stand.
Ransom bided his time carefully, eventually showing up at your house when he knew Jason wouldn’t be home. The bright smile gracing your face warmed his cold heart in a way only you could. There was an underlying fear in your eyes that worried him, even more, when you spoke softly
“Ransom, you shouldn’t be here. You need to leave.” Your small hands pressed against his broad chest, trying to push him back towards his car.
“Hummingbird, what’s gotten into you?” Ransom said, his hand wrapping around your wrists while his other hand pushed the door open. His strength was no match for yours, and he easily made it into the house.
Following you into the kitchen, Ransom surveyed his surroundings. The house was beautifully decorated but it was missing your warmth. No photos, or knick-knacks, or those damn snow globes you loved so much, none of your glittery touches were present. It was like you lived here yet the life had been sucked out of you. His chest tightened at the idea of this vile man making you less of who you are. Turning a pearl into a useless pebble. Ransom wanted to pummel the guy for doing this to his gem of a best friend.
He watched as you flitted around the kitchen like a busy bee. The kitchen was already immaculate but you were doing everything in your power to avoid his presence. Ransom came up behind you, placing a hand on either side of you, caging you in against the counter.
“Ransom, please,” You plead, trying to get past his strong arms to no avail. With a huff, you managed to shift enough to face, realizing too late what a mistake it was. Ransom’s handsome face was staring down at you intently, eyes filled with such worry. Your chest tightened because you had caused him that worry.
You were avoiding him, afraid Ransom would ruin this relationship like he had to all your others. You had alienated your own best friend and you truly felt terrible about it but Ransom was so territorial over you. Your eyes avoided his gaze, looking around the kitchen for an escape.
The house was just starting to come together, still a bit bare but getting there. You had ordered some more stuff that would be arriving soon and your snowglobe collection had found a home in the beautiful curio cabinet that Jason built for you in your office. You were finally happy and you just wanted Ransom to accept that. But he never saw things the way you did, the stubborn ass.
“Why won’t you even look at me?” Ransom asked, his tone so sad. Your eyes snapped back to him. He gave you a small smile, and your heart clenched. You loved Ransom with your whole heart but he was destructive when he wanted to be. You could only have him in small doses, especially since Jason. His venomous jabs and smug looks didn’t go unnoticed by you at the dinner parties.
“Ran, I’m looking at you now, but you need to back up, give me some space please,” You said, trying to push him away again. This time he let you and you rushed around him to the other side of the island, putting space between you. You knew he would never hurt you but Ransom’s ire was not a fun ordeal to deal with. “Why are you here Ransom? I just saw you a couple nights ago at Harlan’s party.”
“Saw me, yes but you didn’t even acknowledge me, baby! How am I supposed to feel when my best friend is too busy to talk to me?”
“Ransom, we’ve talked, you told me about your new book, remember?”
“We were in a group setting, y/n and then you turned all your attention on what’s his face!”
“Jason, his name is Jason, Ransom! You know that!”
“Yeah yeah, well I don’t like Jacob,” You shook your head at his utter disregard of your words.
“You never like any of my boyfriends Ran,” You argued. Ransom just chuckled and started to walk around to you, causing you to back away again. “That’s because none of them are good enough for you, my little Hummingbird. My girl deserves nothing but the best.”
The tenor of his words sent a chill up your spine, making you uneasy. Ransom’s hand grabbed your arm, stopping you. “Will you stop walking away from me? You know I would never hurt you.”
“I know Ran, I just don’t want you here,” You admitted. Ransom froze, shocked by your answer; you didn’t want him here. What the fuck?
“Okay, fine. If that’s how it’s going to be, I’ll leave.” Ransom dropped your arm, heading for the door. You sighed, you didn’t really want him to go, but if he stayed, you were bound to fight and that was the last thing you needed today.
“No, it's fine. I get it. You love him, and when he leaves you, I’ll still be here to pick your pieces.” He said,
“He’s not going to leave me, we’re in love!” You defended, following behind him. Ransom shook his head but kept walking. “Oh yes, I’m sure you are. You said that the last three times too”
Of course, you didn’t know that he’s the reason your last three relationships fell apart. In fact, he was the reason all your relationships fell apart. You stood in the foyer, watching as he shut the door behind him and you felt vaguely empty. Like a piece of you had gone with him.
It wasn’t until weeks later that you finally saw him again. You had called him shortly after you told Jason the news, needing a friend to lean on but couldn’t bring yourself to tell him over the phone.
Wouldn’t have made a difference though, since he hadn’t answered the phone. But when he returned your call the next morning, you had been more excited than anything having Jason come home, that you wanted to take Ransom to lunch and tell him the news.
“I’m pregnant”, You said, not giving Ransom a chance to settle in before you dropped the news on him. He stopped mid-motion, gripping the back of the chair tightly, looking at you.
“What?” His face shell shocked as he plopped down. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“I’m pregnant Ran, as in I’m with child,” you repeated, not sure if he actually didn’t hear you or if he was being difficult.
“No, I got that, baby. But how? I didn’t realize you two were so serious?”
“It wasn’t planned, he-”
“Oh, so he doesn’t know how to use protection?” Ransom spat, clearly not happy with your news. You rolled your eyes, pausing your conversation as the waiter came to take your order. Ransom’s eyes bore into you as he gave his order through gritted teeth.
The waiter left and you turned back to Ransom.
“Yes Ran, we used protection, but things happen. And I’m happy, is that not enough for you?” you pleaded, “Look I just want my best friend to support me through this. Ransom you mean the world to me, and I don’t want you to not be a part of my life or the baby’s.”
Ransom seemed to soften at your words. He might hate the father of the baby but you were his heart and he needed to stop being an ass if he didn’t want to lose you. He nodded slowly, taking in what you said.
“Fine, but I still don’t like him, Hummingbird. He’s suspicious,” Ransom warned, pointing his finger at you. You laughed at his reaction, grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze.
“Ransom, you never like anyone but me,” you smiled sweetly. He smiled in response, squeezing your hand too.
“Have you told him?”
“Yeah..” you trailed off, suddenly super interested in the breadsticks. Ransom cocked an
eyebrow and reached out to hook a finger under your chin. Your eyes were glassy, and Ransom’s heart clenched. That bastard, he didn’t deserve you at all.
“Yeah? And?” he pushed, voice soft.
“He walked out when I first told him,” you admitted.
“He left?” Ransom was furious, more than when he found out his grandfather was leaving most of his will to his nurse. Sure, he still kept Ransom in the will due to how hard Ransom had been working, but Ransom still felt like he would have gotten more if Marta wasn’t involved.
“But he came back a couple hours later and was super happy about it. I think he was just surprised. He’s been supportive since,” you rushed to continue, snapping a breadstick in half and nibbling on it.
“Yet his first response was to leave?”
“Ran, don't! Look, I know it sounds bad but you would have done the same thing if someone told you that they were pregnant. Remember that girl in high school?” you argued trying to distract him. He wasn’t having it.
“Not if I had loved her, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t” Ransom argued back.
Especially not if it was you. He thought. Shaking your head, you take a sip of your water.
“We’re not going to argue about this, Ran. He came back, we’re good. Let’s move on” you said, placing your glass down. Ransom nodded reluctantly before launching into a story about how he pissed off Walt at work last week.
The rest of the lunch went splendidly, and for the first time in a while, Ransom felt whole again. He was going to be there for you every chance he could, for you and the baby. The only obstacle was that dipshit you called a boyfriend. Ransom had to find a way to get him out of the picture.
A thought crossed his mind as he called his assistant to schedule an appointment with Jason’s office. There was nothing in this world that can’t be bought for the right price, he just had to figure out what Jason’s was.
“You’re fucking kidding right?” Jason asked, looking at Ransom egregiously. “You can’t pay me to leave her. She’s having MY child!”
Ransom’s jaw ticked as he took in the idiot in front of him, with his big boy office and tailored suit. He looked like a rich pompous asshole. With a disinterested look, Ransom just stared at him until he shut up.
“I didn’t need to pay you when you found out she was pregnant and you left then with no problem,” Ransom stated, holding up a hand as Jason tried to interrupt. “I don’t care what you have to say. I just need you to give me a number, so you can leave my girl alone.”
“I’m not giving you a number, Hugh.”
Oh, he was feeling brave, wasn’t he? Does he think that desk was enough to keep Ransom from punching his lights out?
“In fact, I need you to leave before I call security. And you can bet I will be telling MY girl all about this stunt you’re pulling when I get, home” He came around the desk, trying to be a big bad man, with his chest puffed out. God, what did you see in him?
“Then after I tell her what a prick her best friend is, I’m going to fuck her so hard, she’s not going to remember who you even are!” At this point, Jason was up in Ransom’s face and his words had Ransom fuming.
Ransom growled, his face feral as he took a step closer to the shorter man, backing him up until he hit the desk. “You’re going to regret those words, Jason. Just remember I fucking warned you,” he spat. Jason held his own but the look in his eyes was one of pure terror, “This is far from over.”
He backed off heading to the door, leaving the douche bag cowering against his desk. Turning around in the doorway, he looked Jason dead in the eye and said “Eat shit, Jason” and walked out.
Ranson wished that had gone better, truly wishing that he didn’t have to resort to such drastic measures to get back what was rightfully his. For you though, he would tear the world apart. So Ransom made some calls right after he left because there was no way he was going to risk Jason telling you anything.
The two burly guys his friend Charles referred him to were the best in the business. They would take care of your problem once and for all. He paid them half upfront, plus a little extra for what they were about to do, and the three of them sat patiently in the back corner of the parking garage.
“There he is, boys,” Ransom said, pointing out Jason who had just gotten off the elevator.
The muscular duo silently nodded and exited the vehicle. Despite how big they are, they were weirdly quiet and successfully snuck up on Jason, subduing him into submission.
Opening the trunk, Ransom pulled out a club. He didn’t even golf, these were Walt’s clubs. Reveling in the thought, he slapped the club against his gloved hand and approached the now gagged Jason held up by Bruce and Bert. Or was it Bob and Bill? Fuck it didn’t matter, as long as they did what he needed.
Jason’s eyes widened at the sight of Ransom, then narrowed angrily, shouting against the gag in his mouth. He could barely move in the grip of the two men, but that didn’t stop him from trying to break free.
“You should have taken the money, asshole,” Ransom seethed as he circled around Jason’s car. The nice vintage car that you always said he loved more than you. Oh if you could only see what Ransom was about to do to it. You’d be so proud. He just knew it.
Ransom swung the golf club, basking joyously at the sound of smashing glass. He heard Jason struggling harder against the two men.
“Told you to stay away from my girl, Jason!” Ransom roared, as he shattered another window on the vintage Corvette. “Instead you fucking knocked her up! My girl!! How dare you?” Each word was punctured by another swing of the club.
“And then you had the audacity to walk out on her when she told you about the baby.”
Ransom got angrier and angrier with each swing, visioning Jason’s face in every hit. The car wasn’t much of a car at this point, more like junk metal.
Ransom turned suddenly, stalking over to the gagged man.
“Maybe you do truly care about her. But that’s a problem because she’s mine. And no corporate asshole who thinks he’s all that will change that. You have balls, man. I’ll give you that.” He swung the club, straight at Jason’s kneecap.
The pained scream was muffled by the gag, and Jason slumped forward, the other men adjusting their grip. “But that’s all I will fucking give you.”
Ransom dropped the club in the back seat of the car and grabbed Jason’s phone from his pocket, slipping it in his own.
“Gentlemen, as discussed, take him, and the car. Dispose of them both and if either thing is traced back to me, I will make your lives hell.”
The two nodded in unison, dragging Jason to their black SUV. Ransom watched smugly as they hogtied him before tossing him in the truck. One of them got in the driver’s seat while the other headed to the tow truck. Ransom waved Bert/Bill off before getting in his own car and headed home.
Only once he was safe in his driveway, Ransom pulled out Jason’s phone and shot you a text.
Jason: Y/n I hate to do this to you. But I’m not man enough to face you when I say this.
Almost immediately the … bubble popped up. Ransom patiently waited, twiddling his thumbs.
Beautiful ❤️: Jason what are you talking about? Is everything okay?
Jason: I can’t deal with a baby, y/n. The more I think about it, it just doesn’t fit in my life.
Beautiful ❤️: … what do you mean?
Jason: I’m breaking up with you. I’ll come by to get my stuff when you’re not home.
Jason: Make it a clean break.
Beautiful ❤️: Jason.. come home, let’s talk about this!
Ransom hit the steering wheel in frustration. Why couldn’t you just let the bastard go? He got out of his car, slamming the door as he stormed inside. Throwing the phone in a kitchen drawer, Ransom made himself a drink.
Drinking it in one fell swoop, he slammed the glass down. He was angry, but if he kept messaging you, he would mess up. He couldn’t risk that. He needed everything to work.
A week. That’s how long it took for you to contact him. The multiple unanswered messages on Jason’s phone grew more frantic as the days went on, especially after Ransom’s men picked up all of Jason’s things when you weren’t home. Ransom began to worry about you, about the health of the baby and was on his way to come see you when you called him.
“Ran?” you sniffled, you had clearly been crying. His heart hurt terribly at the sound of your voice and for one brief second, he regretted his actions. He did it for you though and with that thought, he collected himself.
“Y/n? What’s wrong?” Ransom was pretty sure he deserved an Oscar at this point, for the feigned worry and cluelessness in his voice. Like he didn’t know exactly why you were sad.
“J-j-jason, h-he left m-me,” you stammered out, a broken sob bubbling out of you. “C-c-can y-you come o-over? I need you.”
“I’m on my way, Hummingbird. Hold tight, I’ll be right there!” Ransom assured you before hanging up and speeding the rest of the way to you.
You were so thankful for Ransom, from the moment he arrived that day at your house, Ransom became your savior. He made sure you were okay, he had held you when you cried, and most importantly he never left your side.
Ever since the night you woke up screaming, Ransom slept every night in the armchair in the spare bedroom where you slept. He refused to join you in the bed at first, respecting the fact that you were hurting. But soon you insisted the only way you could sleep soundly, was if he was holding you. Ransom, being a gentleman, fought you on it but you wore him down. Without him, you felt lost.
You sat at the island of your kitchen, staring around the empty room. Every part of you hurt, your heart, your eyes, your body, now that you were no longer numb but you told yourself that for your baby you had to be strong.
This house wasn’t helping though, it had been 3 weeks and yet you still couldn’t sleep in the master bedroom, couldn’t enter the closet to see it half empty, couldn’t look at your damn snow globe cabinet. You felt like a stranger in your own home.
Your hand shook as you reached for the cup of tea you were drinking, splashing liquid on the counter. Ransom had left to go pick up some things from his house along with running a few errands for you. You could hear your phone buzzing from where it was plugged in, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move.
Sitting in front of you was a box of things of yours and Jason’s relationship: photos, ticket stubs, dried flowers, written notes. Your whole relationship was reduced to just this box. You held a photo strip in your hand and sobs wracked your body.
Tears blurred your vision and you let the photo fall back in the box. Dropping your head in your hands, you let all the emotions you’ve tried to keep at bay in front of Ransom, crash over you in a wave.
You don’t know how long you sat there, knees tucked up to your chest, face resting atop them, tears silently streaming at this point. Your eyes vacantly stared out in front of you, the only noise the buzz of your phone constantly ringing, with only momentary pauses.
In the distance you could hear a pounding, at first you thought it was in your head. The sound of your blood pounding in your ears or something, but then you realized it was further away. I
t didn’t click with you exactly what it was until your front door burst open, a flustered Ransom on the other side. Your head turned towards the door, a feat harder than necessary and you watched as he dropped everything on the floor and came rushing to you.
Cupping your face in his large hands, he came down to eye level. You seemed to be looking right through him, and it terrified him. Had he pushed you too far? He should have never left you alone today, it was far too soon.
“Hummingbird?” he urged, hand stroking your cheek, brushing back your hair. “Talk to me, baby! Please!”
Your mind heard him but it was like you were in a tunnel and you were too far from the opening. Ransom’s hand lightly smacked your cheek, trying to pull you out. Your eyes slowly began to focus on the man in front of you. It took so much effort and you almost gave up wanting to slip beneath the surface again.
His lips pressed a kiss on your forehead, lingering as he whispered, “Come back to me, my sweet Hummingbird. I need you, your baby needs you.” Another light kiss and another as his words slowly saved you like a lifeboat, like a hand in the dark that you were holding onto for dear life.
Your hands shook as you tugged on his sweater, knees dropping off the chair so he could step closer. His hands cautiously dropped from your face and you tugged on him again, this time wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your head in his chest. The woodsy smell of his cologne soothed you, the familiarity enveloping you like a blanket. His arms held you tight as you listened to his heartbeat, coming back into yourself.
His hand rubbed your back, and he let out the breath he was holding when he felt your hands grip tightly to his sweater.
“Ransom, I’m sorry,” your voice was muffled against the fabric. He pulled back to look down at you, watery eyes so sad as you returned his gaze. Kissing the tip of your nose, he managed to get a small smile out of you.
“Why are you sorry?”
“I’m a wreck, Ran. You shouldn’t have to deal with me. I should be stronger than this.” you whispered, trying to hide your face in his chest. Ransom moved his hands to cup your face again, making you look up at him.
“You are not a wreck, Hummingbird. You’re heartbroken because that no good asshole couldn’t be man enough to take care of you.” Ransom started, shushing you as you began to object, “No baby, you know I’m right. But I’m here, you don’t need anyone but me. I’m going to take care of you and your baby.”
One of his hands comes to rest on your small yet growing bump, and the sight makes you smile. Some of the weight on your chest shifted and you felt like you could breathe just a bit better.
“I don’t deserve you,” you said, separating from him, wiping your tears with the back of your hand. You begin collecting the stuff from the box and putting it back in. Ransom’s hands halted you and he guided you away from the box.
“I will take care of this. I want you to go pack everything you need because you’re moving in with me.” Ransom instructed and you had no energy in you to fight, just nodding. Ransom watched you with a sharp eye as you trekked up the stairs. He had to be more careful with you, make you realize that only he was there for you. He couldn’t let you fall back into despair again.
Three months into living with Ransom and the two of you had settled into a routine. It was lonely sometimes just the two of you but that’s really all you needed. You were coming to see that now. Since your breakup with Jason, none of your family or friends had kept in contact, seemingly siding with him even though he broke up with you.
Family was never your strong suit, yours like Ransom’s were full of shitty people but unlike him you made good face with all of them. For you, being kind was better than letting them see how they broke you. Too bad they didn’t return the same courtesy. All your calls and texts went unanswered and despite you asking Ransom to let them know where you were at the next gathering, none of them came to visit.
You expected this from your family but your friends truly surprised you. It truly hurt your heart to know you meant so little to them. Knowing you couldn’t share the little joys of pregnancy with them or vent about your breakup, or even discuss these confusing feelings you were having about Ransom, made you feel so isolated.
This pregnancy was truly getting to you, the stress of being a single mom weighed on you every day. You were constantly misplacing things, forgetting appointments, and just feeling utterly lost. There were days where Ransom would find you sitting at a window, staring out at the wooded area behind his house.
Honestly, if it wasn’t for Ransom, you would have long since accidentally blown up the house by leaving the stove on or something. Despite knowing him your whole life, you had never seen Ransom like this. He was so attentive, and kind, only to you though as you had heard him berating the gardener just last week. Working from his office in the house, Ransom was a constant presence in your life that you couldn’t imagine being without.
The two of you had decided to work on the nursery today. After protesting that you didn’t need a nursery here, that eventually, you’d have to find yourself a place, Ransom wore you down. Stating that there would be times where you come to hang out and it wouldn’t do if the baby didn’t have a place to sleep when you did. You were in search of your phone so that the two of you could finally head out.
“Ran, have you seen my phone?” you called down the stairs, “I swear I left it on the bedside table!”
Ransom walked into your room holding up the small rectangle. “You left it in my office when you came to tell me about your appointment tomorrow. Which by the way I would have never forgotten about,” he said, kissing your cheek and handing you the phone.
You knew what he was referring to with those words, as Jason had missed all of your doctor’s appointments before the breakup, always claiming that work came up or that he’d make it to the next one. Sometimes you wondered if he ever cared about you or if you were just a body to keep him warm at night.
“You’re going to lose yourself one day, kitten, if I’m not around,” You had always been his hummingbird but recently he had taken to calling you kitten and you weren’t sure if it was the pregnancy hormones or what but you always got so turned on every time he said it.
You nodded, hoping he didn’t notice the way your body tensed. Ransom, of course, didn’t miss a thing when it came to you. He knew you like the back of his hand, knew how you got excited when he called you kitten, knew how recently you had taken to moaning his name in your sleep.
Your silky folds were always sticky with your sweet nectar anytime he slid his hand between your legs when you slept. Those satin jammies you wore never left much to the imagination, driving him nuts as you walked around innocently in them.
However, they made it really easy to play with you at night. He was never more hard than in those moments of seeing you in those pj's. Your nipples perfectly outlined through the tight bodice, your bump accentuated, the sight of it making him feral. Your plump ass wiggling back against him in your sleep. Your body knew it wanted him, your mind just hadn’t caught up yet.
You always slept so soundly at night, you were almost always completely unaware of the man who spent most nights with his head between your legs. Your hand would always find its way to his hair and you’d squirm your hips against his tongue.
But you’d never come fully awake. The times you did, Ransom would convince you that you were asleep and your grogginess along with the nighttime sleepy tea you drank every night, helped you believe that.
He watched you look through your phone, pouting at the lack of responses to your messages. What you didn’t know was that any text or call you sent/made went straight to Ransom’s phone. Leaving them mostly unanswered and you alone.
Ransom had heard your phone ping earlier and had snuck in out of your room when you were in the shower. A text from your friend Lucy was on the screen. She was frantic and worried because you hadn’t been in contact and when she had gone to the house, she had found it empty.
That was because no one actually knew where you were, nor that you were with Ransom. Family wasn’t an issue he had to deal with but your friends were persistent. So he had messaged her back, telling her you were on a needed vacation and would let her know when you were back.
By then Ransom planned to have you realize you felt for him what he felt for you. Otherwise, he was going to have to double his efforts.
The drive to the store was a quiet one, your hand rested atop of Ransom’s on your belly. It had become a habit of his, to always be touching your stomach. You couldn’t lie, the sight of his hand on your growing stomach gave you butterflies as you knew no matter what Ransom will protect the two of you always.
His hand moved to rest on your bare thigh, your dress having bunched up when you sat down. Every light brush of his thumb sent a spark of electricity through your body. You weren’t sure whether it was your heightened emotions or buried feelings for him, but you needed him.
You knew he wouldn’t touch you without your permission, he was too respectful of you. But you couldn’t get the vivid dreams that you’d been having every night of his head between your legs.A bone-deep yearning filled you every morning and every day fighting against it got harder. You knew it was a matter of time before you attacked him, hopefully, he wouldn’t reject you.
You headed straight for the crib section, walking through the rows of options. You wanted something simple but sturdy. Ransom wanted to create a nursery that wasn’t cluttered, but also expensive. He had seen a crib online that was made of walnut, with a plexiglass front, rather than bars, with little shapes, etched into the glass. He felt it looked more refined, instead of a little baby jail and his child deserved the best.
He watched as you stopped in front of that crib, inspecting it with interest before the price tag made you rush to the next one like a Tasmanian devil. Chuckling at your attempt to act nonchalant, he grabbed the disassembled box of that crib and put it in the cart.
“Ransom, no!” you exclaimed, trying to stop him. He lightly swatted your hands away and maneuvered the box so there was room for more stuff.
“It’s my house, hummingbird, so I can buy whatever I want,” Ransom stated, pushing the cart past you. You stared at him in disbelief, that crib cost nearly a grand and he was acting like it came out of the .99 cent bin. You hurried to catch up with him before he bought any more ridiculous items that he didn’t need to.
“Come on, Ran, there’s plenty of other more affordable cribs,” you fought to reason with him, looping an arm through his and making him stop. With an annoyed sigh, he turned to face you, rolling his eyes playfully.
“That may be true, but this one is the only one worthy of this baby,” his hand rubbed along your bump and you felt your heart swoon. Tears stung your eyes as you fought back the hormones rising up. Even the littlest affection was enough to take you over the edge these days, you were so touch deprived and you craved every little bit that Ransom gave you. You wondered some days if he would give you more if he asked.
Seeing you cry shouldn’t excite him this much but Ransom felt himself getting hard from the sight. Images of you crying around his cock flashed in his head before he brought himself back to the present moment. To the pregnant emotional girl, who was ready to snap and fall right into his arms. Swiping your tears with his thumb, he gripped your chin, keeping your eyes locked on his. He placed a light kiss on your lips and your eyes widened for a fraction of a second before they closed and he was gone.
You were met with a look of curiosity when you reopened your eyes as he surveyed your reaction. You nodded briefly and quickly grabbed the cart, pushing it away from him.
He kissed you.
He kissed you.
He kissed you.
What just happened? You weren’t sure but you liked it, hesitantly touching your lips where his lips had touched yours. It still felt warm to the touch and a tingling feeling lingered.
Ransom smirked, watching your curvy backside as you fluttered your way towards the changing tables.
“What do you think of this one?” you voiced, diverting your glance to the table you liked rather than at him. The wood matched the crib with light gray drawers that matched the gray rocking you had had your eye on. You don’t know why you were getting so into this nursery situation when it wasn’t your house to decorate but you felt some level of permanence and Ransom would let you stay for as long as you needed. Somehow you feel like he wouldn’t let you leave if you tried. And that thought soothed the panic of leaving him.
Ransom’s hand glided along the wood, pinky resting next to yours. You could feel the heat from his body as his arm pressed against yours.
“Hmm, yeah this would work, and the drawers are the same color as that chair you’ve been eyeing since we walked in,” Ransom said, and your head snapped towards him. He shrugged like it was no big deal.
“What? I read you like a book. I have since we were little. Don’t act so surprised.”
“I haven’t been around you for such a long time, in a while. I forgot how good you were,” you said as you bent down to grab the charging table box. Ransom scoffed, nudging you aside to grab it instead.
“You’re cute if you think I was going to let you lift that.”
“I’m pregnant, Hugh, not weak,” you quipped, annoyed. Ransom placed the box in the cart, and smacked your ass lightly as you pushed the cart past him. “Hey!”
“That was for calling me Hugh, kitten, and if you weren’t pregnant, I’d take you over my knee and spank you,” Ransom winked, leaving you rooted in one spot. Was he flirting with you? Ransom was always a flirt, with literally everyone but never you. What was going on with him? Did he drink when you weren’t looking? You seriously hoped not considering he drove here.
“I- uh- what?” you stuttered out causing him to laugh and wave you forward.
“Come on, we have a lot of store left to cover and lots to buy!” He wrapped an arm around your shoulders guiding you along. “If I knew you would get so flustered from simple flirtations, I would have flirted sooner.”
“Oh shut up, Ransom,” you smacked his chest and was surprised at how hard the muscle was.
“I’m not really surprised. It’s like you’ve been with any man prime enough to flirt well.” Ransom continued, adding random bits and pieces to the cart as you moved through the aisles.
“I’m gonna hurt you when we get home,” you hissed at him, grabbing a rather expensive looking lamp and putting it in the cart. If he was going to pick on you, the least you can do is make him pay for it. Literally.
“Oo do you promise?” Ransom smirked, moving quickly out of arms reach as you swung again. He held his hands up in surrender and you giggled at his silly expression. His eyes lit up with joy at the sound and Ransom swore his heart sputtered for a moment. “Do that again, hummingbird. Laugh for me. It’s been far too long since I’ve heard that sound.”
The elation in his voice made you giddy and you complied, giggling softly. Ransom pulled you into a tight hug, kissing the top of your head repeatedly. He was so happy, it was as if you told him you were giving him a million dollars or something.
By the end of the trip, you had two carts full of stuff and Ransom handed you the keys, telling you to go wait in the car while he paid. He was still on such a high from the fact that you had laughed, that you couldn’t bring yourself to argue. You were sure it was because he didn’t want you to see how much it all cost and have a heart attack. Truthfully you were so happy that you didn’t mind turning a blind eye.
Sitting in the car, you rested your head back and as you wondered how Ransom planned to fit all this stuff in his Beemer, you slowly drifted off to sleep. The next thing you knew, you woke up on the soft leather couch in Ransom’s study. Rubbing the sleep when your eyes, you noticed that the sun had set and the room was illuminated by the lamp on his desk. He sat in his chair, shirtless, typing away at his computer. He smiled softly as he saw you sit up.
“What time is it?” you croaked, voice heavy with sleep. Ransom peered down at his watch before replying.
“Around 8 pm. You were so sound asleep, I didn’t want to wake you up but I didn’t want you to wake up alone either. So I brought you in here while I worked.”
“And you also forgot to put on a shirt in the process?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.
“It gets hot in here. Hotter than the rest of the house,” he reasoned, shrugging his shoulders. You stood up, feeling the back of your dress cling to your skin. He was right, it was hot in here.
Pulling the dress from your skin, you aired it out a bit, making a face at the sticky feeling.
“Told you.” Ransom quipped.
“You were right, Ran. I’m sorry.” You admitted, “Okay I’m going to go shower and change into my pajamas, you order some food?”
“Sounds like a plan. What do you want?”
“Surprise me,” you winked at him and left the room.
You pulled up one of the wide armchairs, closer to his desk and sat down cross-legged. Ransom handed you your burger and a thing of fries. You took a fry, nibbling on the end of it as you watched Ransom take apart and reassemble his burger. He was very particular in the way each item went, needing it to be in a certain order before he could eat it.
“Stop watching me, hummingbird, or I take away your fries,” Ransom warned, eyes still focused on his task.
You gasped exaggeratedly clutching your chest in mock horror.
“You would deprive a pregnant woman of her fries?”
“Yes, if said pregnant woman keeps examining me judgingly.”
“I’m not judging you, Ransom. I would never judge you,” you defended, “I’m just curious about the workings of your genius mind, is all.”
The look he gave you makes you laugh and you take another fry before he followed through on his promise. Ransom didn’t return to his burger though, his eyes stayed lingering on you as they focused on your lips, your jaw, your neck. Your top had slid down giving him more of a glimpse at your slightly swollen globes. They were filling out nicely and the thought of them swelling more with milk, made his mouth water.
Your fry stopped halfway to your mouth as you took in the man before you, his dark hair tousled from running his hands through it, his jaw sharp enough to cut glass and those lips, you couldn’t stop thinking about them. You noticed he was still staring at you, his pupils blown out. He looked almost predatory, hungry and you were his next meal.
Later you may think back on the moment and blame it on hormones or maybe a lapse in judgment, but at that moment you could think of nothing more than how much you wanted him, craved him, needed him to love you. Climbing off your chair into his lap, you locked your arms around his neck, his hands finding purchase on your hips. Ransom didn’t move, couldn’t move, in case he scared you away from whatever you were about to do.
Your fingers carded through his hair, reveling in the softness of it, before gliding softly down his temple, tracing his jaw, and running your thumb over his lips. He parted his lips slightly and you pushed your thumb in, feeling him running his tongue over it. A light gasp came from you and his eyes shot up to meet yours, silently asking you if it was okay. You nodded and moaned as he sucked on the digit. Slowly you extracted your thumb, dragging his bottom lip down before trailing your hand down his neck, and along his collarbone.
Ransom sat so still through your inspection as if any sudden movement would make it all be over or that he would wake up, cause he surely must be dreaming. Holding onto his shoulder, you adjusted your seating, bringing yourself closer to him and inadvertently grinding against him. A strangled moan escaped him and you jumped, thinking you hurt him. His hands squeezed your hips reassuring you.
Slowly you leaned up, stopping a half-inch away, giving him the chance to deny you if he wanted. Ransom instead closed the space and threw the match in the kerosene, kissing you so passionately, you felt it all the way down to your toes. Your fingers dug into his hair, trying to bring him closer to you. His hands moved to your ass, tugging you down onto him and closer.
The two of you were trying to meld into each other. His hands toyed with the edge of your top, gliding under it as he pushed it up and off you, only detaching from your lips for a brief second to get it over your head. Tossing it aside, Ransom’s hands gripped your face bringing you back to him. His lips found yours again and you deepened the kiss, sliding your tongue in his eager mouth. One of his hands stroked your face, as the other one ran down your neck to your breast.
His hand was gentle as he cupped the breast, the heavy weight of it had him groaning into your mouth. It was a heavenly feeling, and your hips rolled down onto his in response. Ransom lightly ran his thumb over your sensitive nipple and you arched into his hand, making him repeat the action. His other hand came down to cup the other breast, squeezing them both and pushing them together, before focusing on your nipples.
Ransom’s tongue danced with yours as he continued to play with your breasts, drawing beautiful sounds out of you. He swallowed them all with pleasure. You kissed messily until you were both gasping for air and Ransom’s lips went along to place feather-light kisses along your jaw and neck. His face buried itself in the groove of your neck, nibbling along the delicate skin there.
You felt his fingers teasing along the band of your shorts and you angled your hips to give him better access. Expertly finding his way into your panties, you let out a high keen as his thumb grazed over your throbbing clit. Strumming the hard nub slowly with increasing speed, Ransom slid two fingers through your wet folds, pushing them in one at a time. Your fingers dug into his shoulders and your head fell back, enjoying the stretch. It had been so long since anyone you had been touched and you found yourself lost in the ecstasy of it.
“Oh you’re so tight around me, kitten. You should feel how you’re sucking me back in.” Ransom groaned in your ear. His words made your hips rock faster, meeting the rhythm of his fingers.
“Ransom, fuck! That feels so good,” you panted, clawing at his skin. Ransom quickened his pace, the wet squelching of your cunt and your salacious moans the only sounds in the room.
“I can’t wait to have you around my cock. The thought of your tight pussy wrapped around me is making me so hard. Do you feel it, kitten?” he whispered, guiding one of your hands to rest on the hard ridge of his pants. You palmed him steadily through his sweatpants, making him buck his hips.
“Ahh, I’m so close, Ran. Oh fuck-” your touch on him faltered for a moment and your whole body shuddered as you came. Ransom continued fucking you through your orgasm before sliding his fingers slowly out of you.
“Such a good girl for me. Cumming so prettily on my fingers,” Ransom praised, sucking his fingers clean. His eyes went back to his head as he moaned from the taste. “Oh, and you’ve always tasted so fucking good kitten. Do you wanna see?”
You nodded weakly, not processing his words and he caught your lips with his, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. He pulled away, resting his forehead to yours. Your fingers stroked through his hair, kneading along the back of his neck, as his hands rubbed your lower back.
“Ransom,” you whispered.
“You need help with that?” you asked cheekily.
“Please, kitten,” His blue eyes, more black now than blue, met yours and he pouted. Pouted. The motherfucker pouted and looked like a damn model while doing so. Fucking handsome prick.
His hands moved back to your hips, handling you like delicate porcelain as he helped you to your feet and then down to your knees. You huffed impatiently, smacking his hands away.
“I’m not a fucking doll. Let me get on my knees by myself and suck your cock. Otherwise, I will leave you and your blue balls and go to bed,” you ranted, dropping down smoothly to the hardwood. Reaching behind him, you grabbed his pillow, placing it under your knees. You planned to be in this position for a bit, might as well get comfortable.
Those cobalt orbs tracked your every movement. He lifted his hips, allowing you to slide his pants down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and you heard his cock slap up against his toned abs, as you pushed his pants off his feet.
Your hands glided up his calves and his thighs, the sinewy muscles tight beneath your touch, the hair tickling your palm. The thought of riding on his thigh made you clench your thighs together, your cunt throbbing in need. That thought would have to wait through as your gaze felt of his cock. It was beautiful. There was no other way to describe it and you now understood why Ransom was so popular with the ladies.
The tip rested nearly at his navel, and the width made you anticipate the stretch it would cause you. Your hands followed the path up his thighs, cupping his balls gently as your tongue licked a broad stripe up the underside of his shaft.
Ransom’s hips bucked automatically, his hands gripping tightly to the armrests. He was trying so hard to let you have this movement, instead of grabbing your head and fucking your throat raw. You licked the smooth sac of his balls, pulling one into your mouth then switching to the other. Ransom’s sharp gasp urged you along, swirling your tongue along each ball. The delicious weight of them on your tongue, had you reaching between your legs, attempting to relieve the ache.
“You playing with yourself, kitten?” Ransom’s voice gruff with pleasure. You nodded happily, mouth too full to talk. “My dirty little kitten, you like the taste of my balls in your mouth?”
You kept eye contact as you released it with a pop, tongue dragging over to the other one, making him groan.
“Fuck baby, that feels so good!”
“You taste delicious, handsome,” you hummed, wrapping a hand around his length, twisting your wrist as you gave him a couple tugs. His head fell back on the chair, eyes closed tight. Ransom was going to lose it and he was going to lose it sooner than he anticipated. Your touch was like magic on him and your mouth was everything he could have dreamed of and more.
You wrapped your lips around the red tip, tongue kitten licking along the slit. His precum coated your tongue, the musky taste filling your senses as you sucked on the head, before taking him further down your throat. The tip hit the back of your throat and you gagged lightly, but kept pushing on, slowly taking him further down your throat. Tears stung your eyes as you held the position as long as you could before gradually pulling back. Ransom wanted this image burned in his mind forever along with the feeling of your warm mouth encasing him.
“Kitten, you look so beautiful, choking on my cock.” he praised as you went down on him again, bobbing your head a few times before taking him deeper. Ransom’s hand found the back of your head as he held you there, bucking his hips upwards lightly. Your nails dug into his thighs as tears continued to fall down your face. He guided you up a little and you managed to breathe through your nose as he pushed you back down again. Soon his hand and his hips work in tangent to fuck your face.
The mixture of drool and precum dribbled down your chin, making a mess on the floor but neither of you noticed. Instead, you kept your eyes trained on his ruined face, the strangled groans and moans egging you as you took everything he gave you.
Your fingers moved in and out of you at the same fast speed his cock did and with a few more ruts, you felt his thighs clench moments before ropes of his cum shot down your throats. Moaning around him, you felt your coil snap, meeting your end simultaneously.
“Ah fuck-” the grip on your hair tightened as he bucked his hips again, before pulling his softening cock out of your mouth. Your lips were swollen and red, tongue darting out to catch any cum that escaped. “You did so well for me. That mouth on you, baby, it’s going to be the end of me.”
You smiled sweetly up at him, the combination of the mascara rivers, and the dried cum/spit on your chin made you look like a masterpiece to him. He gripped your chin, leaning down to kiss you hard. A tangle of teeth and tongue, never breaking as you slowly stood up, pulling him up with you.
Your hand wrapped around his, the food all but forgotten now as you pulled him to the bedroom. Stopping shy of the door to the room, Ransom tugged you to face him. He was struck by your beauty, the moonlight caressing your half naked body, the slope of your belly and the swell of your chest, but mainly it was your face that took his breath away. The intricate features that made up your face, from those plush lips, to your rounded cheeks and those fierce eyes, now twinkling brightly. You looked happy for the first time in months and he did that to you, he brought you back. He leaned down to place a light kiss to your lips, pulling away as you tried to deepen the kiss. He chuckled as you pouted instead.
“If we go in there, there is no turning back, my sweet Hummingbird. If you give yourself to me fully, I will never let you go. Do you understand?”
You nodded your agreement, frowning when he shook his head.
“Use your words, kitten.”
“Yes Ransom, I understand. And I want it, I want you, I want us,” you said, hand caressing his angled face. “I fought it for so long, Ran but it’s always been you. Always been us. I don’t have anyone else. I don’t want anyone else.”
“Are you sure?” Ransom asked, your words making his heart swell.
“I’m positive. Make me yours, Ransom,” you said, tugging him towards the room. He obliged willingly, shutting the door behind you two with a click.
You walked backward pulling you with him, sitting down when the backs of your knees hit the bed. Scooting backward, you watched him climb on the back coming up until he was hovering over you.
His lips glided over your collar bones, placing sweet kisses as he went.
“I’ve dreamt of this for so long,” Ransom whispered into your skin. Your hand carding through his brown locks as he looked up at you through those thick lashes. He looked like a sculpted angel, too beautiful, it almost hurt to look at him. And he wanted you. The thought made your heart race and your breath catch. This wonderful man wanted you, to love you, to take care of you. How did you get so lucky? “Sweet girl, what are you thinking about?” He placed a kiss over your heart.
“How lucky I am.” you admitted, “I’ve been lying to myself Ran, you were always the only one there for me. When things went to shit with my family or my boyfriends left, you were the one who picked up the pieces and put me back together again.” you spoke softly as you stroked his cheek with your other hand.
Shifting his weight, he grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss to the palm.
“I’m the lucky one. You were the only one who ever believed in me and loved me despite my faults. I knew you were the one since our first kiss,” Ransom stated, kissing your palm again.
“I’m sorry I took so long to get here. To think if Jason hadn’t left me, I would have never realized the truth,” you shut your eyes in disgust, shaking your head and Ransom growled at the mention of his name. “I never thought I’d be happy with him leaving, but it brought me you.”
“You were always meant for me, Hummingbird and if he hadn’t left I still would have done everything in my power to show you that,” Ransom said, giving you a quick peck before moving to bite your neck.
Your mind went blank, as your body arched with the sudden pain, sending a wave of pleasure straight to your core.
Your eyes fluttered shut as his lips continued south, along the valley of your breasts. His tongue circled around a nipple, sucking on it before switching to the next one and back again. The sensitivity of your swollen breasts made you keen with every swipe of his tongue, making you squirm beneath him. Your skin was mottled with bruises from his bites and nips.
Having his fill of your breasts, for now, he traced the curve of your bump with his lips, mapping out every inch with his lips. His hands slid your shorts down your legs as he feathered more kisses on your skin, and you kicked them to the side. Your legs parted as he went further down, allowing him to settle between them.
Ransom opened your folds with his fingers, and delved in, sucking on your pussy lips before running his tongue through them. His tongue flicked over your clit in a quick darting motion, and your hips tried to buck off the bed, his hand preventing the motion.
Swirling his tongue over your bundle of nerves, he dipped a finger into your dripping heat and your head pressed further into the pillows, body arching.
He sucked on your clit, keeping a steady rhythm with his finger, before inserting a second one. Curling them, he found that spongy spot that you never located yourself and you mewled at the jolts each press of his fingers sent through you.
He was taking you apart at the seams and you felt yourself start to fall, hands tugging on the roots of his hair. Ransom's eyes stayed glued on as he sucked harder on your clit making you rock your hips harder against his face, his fingers thrusting faster as he felt your walls pulsing around him. You were close and he wanted to launch you over that edge before he made you cum on his cock.
Releasing your clit with a pop, he kissed it gently, still working you with his fingers.
"Come on, baby. Come for me," his voice commanding as his tongue ran through your folds again and again. You felt like you had shattered into a million pieces as your climax hit, your vision gone white as you screamed Ransom's name.
He barely let you come down from your orgasm before he changed positions, wrapping your ankles around his waist, as he ran his hard cock over your overwrought cunt.
You watched him through heavy lids, not knowing if your body had another one in you but you were dying to feel him.
"Ransom, don't tease me," you whined as he tapped the blunt tip against your sensitive pearl before bringing it down and just pushing in the tip before pulling it out.
"What was that kitten? What do you need?" Ransom teased, leaning down to kiss you. You welcomed his lips, as your hips tried to push towards him.
You let out a desperate keen when you felt him repeat the same motion.
"Dammit Ran! Please!"
"Please what?"
"Fuck me you bastard!" you practically growled the words and groaned as he entered you with one swift stroke. His hips sat flush to yours as he gave you a moment to adjust before pulling back and snapping his hips forward.
The feeling was euphoric and your silky walls clenched around him, so tight and warm.
"Fuck kitten, your pretty pussy feels fucking good. Like it was made for me. I can feel you pulsing around me and it's heaven," Ransom panted, placing sweet kisses anywhere his mouth could reach. He rolled his hips, sliding along your g-spot with each drag.
Your nails tracked down his back as you were lost in the way his veiny shaft massaged along your inner walls. His lips brushed yours, and one of your hands held the back of his neck, deepening the kiss.
Every drag of his hips, every kiss you shared, every touch of his fingers and yours, cemented the idea that you were his and he was yours.
Ransom's hips faltered as you reached your third climax, your pussy milking him so good, he knew he wouldn't last much longer.
"I'm going to fill you up, kitten. Feel you up so good, and watch it drip out of your pretty pussy. You like that?"
"Mhmm" you moaned, words lost to you at this point.
"Oh baby, are you cockdrunk? So cockdrunk you can't think straight? Oh my dumb little kitten," Ransom kissed down the side of your neck, leaving his mark on the spot behind your ear. You arched into him, the sensations heightened by the hormones in your body.
His teeth dragged along the delicate skin of your collarbone as he marked you there, his hips rutting into you a final time before you felt his cum paint your fluttering walls, triggering small aftershocks of your last orgasms. His velvety groan rang close to your ear.
His body tight, eyes shot, he stayed in you for a moment longer, before slowly pulling out. You whimpered at the emptiness, only being appeased when he rolled over beside you and held you to his chest. Your eyelids felt so heavy, body worn but your heart was happy and that was more than you could say about it in a long time.
"I love you, my sweet Hummingbird," was the last thing you heard before you drifted off. You weren't entirely sure whether you dreamt that part.
Happiness was a new feeling for you, one you had truly forgotten. Every morning you woke up with a thrill of joy, feeling Ransom pressed against your back, which usually led to morning sex. There was a lot of sex being had, that was for sure.
You two then went about your days, him working from home, you preparing the nursery and making the house a home. There was an unspoken agreement that this was your home now too and so Ransom let you have free reign over almost everything. Everything except his office, his car, and his wardrobe. The latter wasn’t a problem, being that you wore most of his sweaters instead of your own clothes nine times out of ten.
You were in the middle of changing into some leggings and one of said sweaters when his phone chimed. Hearing the shower still on, you went to pick it up, Ransom was never really secretive when it came to you so you weren’t worried. Unlocking his phone, you saw he had a new message.
You opened the app and saw it was just from his mother, asking if he was coming to family dinner on Sunday. All good, until a text caught your eye. The message read ‘here’s your proof boss’. Boss? Ransom wasn’t anyone’s boss. What the heck?
Curiosity got the better of you and the shock flooded through you. Your hands shook as you swiped through the photos in the text. The image of Jason’s mangled body made your stomach turn but you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.
Why did Ransom have these? Who were these people texting him? Did he actually know them? The thought sent a chill down your spine.
“Hummingbird?” Ransom said, exiting the shower, a towel hung low on his hips. He stopped in his tracks at the state of you. His blood ran cold at the horror on your face. He knew immediately that you found the photos.
He had been smart enough to delete the texts from your friends and family after starting the process of setting your phone right but he had kept those damn photos. Why had he been so stupid?
Maybe it was the sick pleasure he got when he saw them. Proof of what he was willing to do for his girl.
“What the fuck is this?” your voice trembled slightly as you all but shoved the phone into his chest.
“What is what?” he asked, trying to maintain his innocence.
“The photos, Ransom! Of my dead ex!” you exclaimed, hitting his chest until his hands held your wrists.
He pulled your struggling form to his wet torso, his arms wrapping around you in a vice grip. He pressed his lips to your hair, making soothing sounds. You fought to free yourself, eventually giving up after realizing it was no use.
“Breathe please. Don’t stress yourself out, for the sake of the baby,” he pleaded, rubbing circles into your back. You growled into his chest.
“Don’t tell me not to stress myself out, dammit! What did you do?”
“If you promise to calm down, I will tell you everything,” Ransom vowed, stroking your hair, your arms limp beside you.
“Fine,” you huffed, “I’ll relax, now let me go!”
You shoved him away and he finally let you. You sat on the bed, as far from him as possible.
“Explain quickly, before I change my mind.”
Ransom moved closer to you, halting when you shuffled away from him. Holding up his hands, he perched on the far corner of the bed, facing you.
“I did have him killed,” he started, watching your eyes widen, “But I did it for you, kitten.”
“For me? Ransom, are you kidding me right now? He left me. What more could he have done to me?”
“He was planning to hurt you! Hurt you and the baby! After we met for lunch, I went to talk to him at his office.” He explained quickly. “You should have heard all the things he was saying. Talking about how he wanted to take you away and use you for money from your family, from me. Apparently, he had been gambling company money and was in major debt.”
You shook your head, not understanding what he was saying. Jason did have a problem but he was going to therapy for it, he was working on it. Or that’s what he had you believe.
“He wouldn’t” you defended weakly. Ransom knew he had you, the dive into Jason’s past coming in very handy at this moment. He nodded sadly, looking at you through his lashes, making you want to reach out to him.
“He would. He had everything planned but I guess he chickened out and broke up with you instead.”
“He chose to run. The bastard! We could have talked it out. I could have helped him,” you ranted, slamming your hands down on the comforter. You knew he was probably telling the truth because Ransom had no idea about Jason’s past with gambling. “Okay be that the case, why did you still have him killed, Ran?”
“I couldn’t risk it! I couldn’t risk him changing his mind and coming to kidnap you,” Ransom exclaimed, his fist balling up at the thought of Jason having you. “I had to keep you safe.”
His voice softened when he said that statement, looking down at his lap. Your heart ached for him, he just wanted to keep you safe. Even though you weren’t for the method he took, he did it for you. You crawled over to him climbing into his lap and taking his face in your hand.
He looked up at you through glassy eyes, afraid that despite his lies, you were still going to leave him. He wouldn’t give up but it made him sad to think about the possibility. The shock he felt was unfathomable when you kissed him softly on his cheeks, his forehead, and finally his lips.
“Ransom,” your thumbs stroked his cheeks as you spoke, “I don’t condone what you did, but I can’t say I’m not thankful that you were trying to protect me.”
You put your finger to his lips as he went to speak, continuing, “But Ransom that was way too fucking extreme, you have to promise me, you can’t take things that far ever again!”
Ransom nodded rapidly, agreeing to your words, not understanding how well this had gone.
“You’re not leaving me?”
“No Ran, I’m not. Who else will keep me safe if I leave, or love me like you do? You’re all I got, all I need,” you mused, kissing him again.
“I love you, Hummingbird,” Ransom said against your lips, “No one will ever hurt you when I’m around.”
“I love you too Ransom,” you replied, resting your head on his shoulder. The pit in your stomach still remained, something didn’t add up. But the alternative, a life without Ransom, made it hard to breathe. So you shoved the feeling aside and cuddled closer.
You were nearing the end of your pregnancy when everything felt normal again. Your friends had finally gotten in touch again. At first, the conversations were strange, them talking about how you’ve been MIA, whereas you believed they were MIA. Somehow wires had been crossed and you had a nagging feeling, something wasn’t adding up.
Nevertheless, you tried not to dwell on it, for the sake of the baby as Ransom always said, and swept it under the rug, not wanting to lose your friends again.
Your family was still distant, claiming that you shunned them when Jason left you and the already broken bonds were harder to mend. You hadn't been to any family gatherings, choosing to stay home with Ransom, since he always chose not to go unless his grandfather asked him to come. In fact you rarely left Ransom's side, you didn't want to. Leaving him left you in a state of panic, you only truly felt safe with him. Especially after he had told you about Jason's true intentions, even knowing he was dead didn't make it any better. Ransom was your life preserver and you weren't letting go.
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sstan-hoe · a month ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my first kinktober! I made a taglist for the kinktober
1st Edging — Sebastian Stan
3rd Spanking — Chris Evans
4th Role play — Ransom Drysdale
6th Degradation — Andy Barber
8th Possesive kink — Bucky Barnes
9th Daddy kink — Andy Barber
10th Breeding — Andy Barber
11th Sex Toys — Ransom Drysdale
13th Squirting — Sebastian Stan
15th Praise kink — Steve Rogers
16th Begging — Ari Levinson
17th Cockwarming — Ransom Drysdale
20th Pussy eating — Chris Evans
22nd Public — Sebastian Stan
24th Gagging — Ari Levinson
25th Mirror — Ransom Drysdale
27th Thigh riding — Steve Rogers
28th Riding — Andy Barber
31st Car sex — Ransom Drysdale
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 —
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the-iceni-bitch · 17 days ago
THIS with OTP! Ransom 💥🔥
HAHAHAHAHA! My dumbass almost opened this at work and I’m glad I didn’t, because holy shit 🥵
I could totally see Ransom doing this after some stupid fight where he just wants his girl to shut up and do what he wants already. And she’d be so pissed but so blissed out after being manhandled into that position.
I’m gonna drabble this bitch, strap in!
18+ ONLY!!
Tumblr media
“Ransom, let me up!” You tried to wriggle out of the hold he had you in, but he was basically sitting on your chest, so there wasn’t a whole lot for you to do.
“No.” He grabbed a handful of ass in each palm and squeezed, spreading you apart and swirling his tongue through your folds lazily. “Not until you apologize.”
“I’m not gonna apologize, you bastard, get off me!” You kicked you legs feebly from where he had them pinned under his thick arms, whining when he gave your pussy a sloppy kiss and plunged his tongue inside you.
“Then I’m staying right here.” He grinned before flicking your clit, rolling it between his lips and purring when slick poured out of you.
You slapped at his back when he kept working you over, mewling and whimpering as he alternated between dragging his tongue all over your cunt and fucking you with it until he had drenched his face. He groaned with satisfaction as you kept throbbing against his lips, slapping and pulling at your ass cheeks as he enjoyed eating you out.
His lips wrapped around your clit and you moaned, trying your best to arch into him even though he had you bent in half like a pretzel. You could feel how pleased he was by the way his lips twitched against you, trying not to get fed up with his manhandling as your cunt fluttered around nothing.
“Ransom, fuck!” Your toes curled as you whined desperately, every muscle tightening as pleasure raged through your veins. “Oh my god.”
“I think this may be my new favorite position, babe.” He laughed at your growl when he kissed your sloppy pussy again. “Go ahead and keep hissing at me, or apologize, and then we can get back to watching the game.”
“Ugh, fine!” You sighed with defeat when he ran his nose over your slit then teased it around your pretty hole. “I’m sorry I said Joe Montana was a better quarterback than Tom Brady. It was just a joke!”
“Half assed apology accepted.” He nipped the soft skin of your ass then soothed it with his lips before crawling off you, handing you back your shorts and ignoring your indignant huff before pulling you back into his lap and kissing your temple. “We’ll have no Brady slander in this house.”
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agentofbarnes · 4 months ago
Ransom can be really fluffy when it comes to his girl. And can get really sad when he don’t get the attention he needs
request | Ransom can be really fluffy when it comes to his girl. And can get really sad when he don’t get the attention he needs
summary | ransom realizes he loves your cuddles
pairing | ransom drysdale x sweet!reader
warnings | fluff, minor smut, minor degradation, needy!ransom, reader has a job but it’s very vague, reader is fresh out of college, the very briefest of daddy kink (one mention), kinda a dom/sub relationship
authors’s note | so this is my first time writing ransom, this is how i imagine soft!ransom and it may be a bit out of character but i so enjoyed writing it
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale was an enigma, despite what people thought about him, they didn’t truly know him. Not like you did. When people found out Ransom was shacking up with one girl, they were surprised. Imagine their shock when they actually met you.
You were the sweetest being to walk the earth. You treated everyone with kindness, not a mean bone in your body. They knew understood how Ransom had convinced you to even give him the time of day.
Ransom was mean, spoiled, and an absolute terror. He put people in their place and while you found his way of dealing with thing vulgar, you had fallen for him. He was everything you needed and vice versa. He was willing to tell off your overbearing parents that never thought you were good enough or the waiter that won’t stop hitting on you. He stood up for you and you kept him calm. Things always seemed to even out.
Not to mention Ransom was a dream in between the sheets, and you loved the way he fucked you dumb. Some people would consider Ransom as the man who corrupted you and they would be right. Before he walked into your life with that long coat and shit-eating grin, you would have never imagined yourself getting off on a man calling you such nasty things.
“God, I’ve fucked you dumb, haven’t I?” Ransom had taunted you the night before when his cock was sheathed in your cunt,”Can’t even find the words, hm? My poor dumb baby. Is my cock just too much?”
He never failed to reduce you into an absolute mess of mewls and whines. He liked it rough, leaving your legs weak and throat raw. You loved every second of it, especially when he pumped you so full of cum that it leaked out of pretty pussy.
Ransom had a whole folder in his phone dedicated to you looking wrecked, tears staining your cheeks from your immense pleasure.
No one would ever treat you like Ransom did. He fucked you like he didn’t love you, but god, that spoiled man adores you. He pampered you like no one ever has and he never lets you forget that you are the only girl who gets his affections like that.
Ransom would buy you all the things you’d ever desire and then turn around degrade you like a whore, which you were...for him.
You had been dating for quite awhile, and you had gotten into a routine of sorts. Ransom had moved you into his expensive house with its glass wall, exposing your life to private neighborhood outside of Boston. He wanted you around all the time, tired of worrying about you in your tiny apartment in the south side of town.
You liked being around him all the time, craving his touch and affection constantly. Ransom wasn’t exactly an affection person per say, but he would let you cuddle in his lap while he wrote or cockwarm him when he was doing business. He never sought you out like you did him, but you never minded. You were the affectionate one and you were okay with that.
Ransom had grown accustomed to your needy ways, and he had gotten used to you being pressed against him. He had gotten so used to it that he hadn’t even realized how much he loved it. Ransom had grown attached to your affections and clingy behavior. You never went a day without curling up in his lap and Ransom quite liked that, not even comprehending that maybe he was just as affectionate as you.
Today was different. You were busy at the moment, and Ransom found himself craving your touch. This was new to him, his feeling of neediness for your attention.
Ransom stood up from his desk, calling it a day even though it was early afternoon. He searched the house for you, looking in the spots you oftener frequented including the bedroom and the comfy couch you loved to sink into.
The more he had to look you, the more sour his mood had gotten. Ransom didn’t know why you didn’t come to him today and honestly, it worried him. He had a heavy feeling sinking into his chest, craving your assurance. Were you distancing yourself? Had he done something to push you away? It wouldn’t have been the first time. Early in your relationship, he found plenty of ways to push you away, but you always pushed back and were determined to break through his strong walls.
If he had done something, it had to be bad if you weren’t clinging to him. You were dependable and predictable in this sort of way. Ransom couldn’t help the insecurity that seeped through him.
He found you in one of the spare room that you have accommodated in order to sketch out some designs for your jobs. You were hunched over a desk, shoulder tensed and brow furrowed with intense focus. It was very clear you had been there for an extended period of time.
He realized then exactly why you had disappeared. When you started something, you had a way of letting it consume you. So, Ransom tended to navigate you to make sure you wouldn’t overwhelm yourself. It seemed this one might have slipped through his fingers. His anxiety turned into concern for your own well-being while his heart craved to have you in his arms.
“Sweets, it’s time for a break,”Ransom determined, his deep voice ripping you from your thoughts.
You relaxed slightly when you see your massive boyfriend in a soft sweater that looked so comfy and a pair of jeans. You wanted nothing more than to curl up against the plush fabric that clung to his chest and just rest.
“I have to work, Ran,”You told him, shaking your head,”I can’t stop.”
“You need to,”He replied, his voice a little more demanding than the usual tone he took with you. It was eerily close to his dominant voice and it had a way of making you listen....most the time.
“I need to focus,”You rebuttal,”This is so important and if I do good, I’ll be one of the top contenders for an actual job, this could get me out of my internship and into a permanent position, Ran.”
Ransom huffed at your disobedience, and he knew it was selfish. Yet, he still wanted your attention. He stepped forward, slowly striding towards you as you turned back to your work. You barely noticed him slip behind your chair until you felt his breath on your neck when he leaned over.
“I need you, Sweets,”Ransom admitted, his voice much softer and loving than before.
You tilted your head back, dropping the pencil on the desk with a confused look.”What for?”
Ransom struggled with this, expressing his desire to have you in such an intimate and non-sexual way. His parents were never good with affection and he was used to be denied since he was child.
“You haven’t been around all day,”Ransom complained honestly,”I miss my sweet girl curling up with me as I revise my work.”
You brighten at the comment. You always felt overly clingy and you always thought Ransom hated it, but dealt with it. Now, the tables had turned and he was interrupting your work for cuddles.
“Oh, is that all?”You asked all giddy, smiling up at him as you bit down on your bottom lip gently.
“Yes, so, you are going to take a break and come sit in my lap while we watch a movie, and I don’t want to hear anymore about work. You need to relax, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed, you hear me?” Ransom commanded, and who were you to not obey?
“Yes, daddy,”You uttered, standing up from your chair and Ransom quickly grasped your waist before picking you up off the ground.
Your head fell into his shoulder, nose nudging against the base of his neck. The man sighed happily, at ease with you so close against him. You barely registered that he fell back against the couch, his massive body sinking into the cushions.
His body practically covered the couch, his head just barely propped up by the pillow. Your knees fell to the side of his hips as your chest pressed against his.
Ransom’s hands rubbed down your back, breathing softly as he finally relaxed. You needed this too. All the stress from your internship faded away when you were curled up against him.
You nuzzled your face into his shoulder, listening to Ransom breath. His aroma overloaded your senses, smelling distinctly of oak and tangerine.
“You’re not going anywhere else today, Princess,”Ransom informed you, kissing the top of your head.”
“You’re so needy today,”You commented, hand resting on his chest as you barely tilted your head up to gaze at him.
“When you have such a pretty girlfriend like I do, you tend to want her near,”Ransom played off.
“You missed me.”
“Yeah, I did,”He admitted, his hand slipping under your shirt to splay his hand on the small of your back.
“You have me now, no need to miss me anymore.”
“This is exactly what I wanted,”Ransom uttered, pulling you closer to him. He wanted you so close and now that he finally had you, he was determined to keep you there.”Spent the whole day thinking I had upset you, I couldn’t find you.”
You recognized the sadness in his voice and it makes your heart ache that you made him feel this way.
“I’m sorry, Ran, I should have told you my plan, but I wanted to get started as soon as possible.”
“I know how you get, sweet girl,”Ransom remembered,”I love you, you know that right? You’re the only girl that ever made needy.”
“I love you too, Ransom,”You nudged your nose against his jaw, making his heart thump in his chest.
“You’re my girl, and I’ll always take care of you, remember that.”
“As long as you let me take care of you,” You kissed his shoulder sweetly.
Ransom glanced down at you, his lips twitching into a smile.”Besides, I’ve gotten quite fond of your clingy cuddles, I like being around you. Why are you so surprised?”
You shrugged lightly, now brushing your lips against his jaw,”I always thought you got annoyed when I do like this .”
“No, I can’t stand you being away from me,” Ransom kissed your nose sweetly,”Guess I’ve gotten used to you purring against my chest like little kitten looking for attention.”
“Well, I like this side of you,” You told him, stretching up to meet his lips in a very soft impact. It was very different from your usual kisses which were desperate and rough. This one was full of love, offering comfort in each touch as your lips molded into one. You weren’t gasping for air or clawing each other’s clothes off, instead you were just basking in the love you had for each other.
No one knew Ransom the way you did, and no one ever would because this side of him was just for you. He was your little secret and you loved him with everything you had.
zee’s masterlist
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chrissquares · 3 months ago
Dessert Time
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x f!Reader
Word Count: ~2.1K
A/N: this is written for @d3vil-is-my-sugg4rd4ddy ‘s ask, took me long enough lmao, and for some reason your ask is not showing up on mobile but it’s on my desktop? and I cant seem to tag you, but I hope you enjoy this ;) [gif credit to @forchrisevans​; dividers by me]
Warnings: 18+, swearing, smut (pet name, female oral receiving, eating out, cunnilingus, clit/pussy playing/licking/sucking/spanking, spit kink (just one scene), fingering), NSFW, explicit sexual content and language, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Bunny, you know you didn’t have to do this, right?” Ransom approached you from behind before he whispered and kissed the back of your neck while you were plating the anniversary dinner for the both of you. “We could’ve had the help cook…” he added quietly, but you could hear him smiling through his tone. Resting both of his hands on your hips, he pulled away as he looked down to at your plump ass in that skin-tight rose-taupe dress you put on for the date night; the bow you tied with your floral apron straps was just sitting at the small of your back, accentuating your curves. He smirked as he pinched your cheek, inching closer to you and burying his face to the crook of your neck, inhaling your intoxicating scent. “Though, I wouldn’t want to miss this cute butt in this tight little dress and this adorable little apron…”
His breath tickled your neck and made you let out a giggle, “Yeah? This cute butt in this dress and this little apron is just the appetizer, baby. Happy anniversary.” You turned around with the two plates of dinner you prepared, giving him a kiss before you moved around him to the table.
Following you to the table, he got another perfect view of your ass before he sat down. His gaze fixated on you like he was undressing you (not that you mind) as he held onto your wrist just after you set the plates down, attempting to pull you down on his lap, in your usual seat.
“Uh uh, baby, before you get all handsy and distracted, how about we have this nice dinner that I made for us first, and then you can get handsy with me, hmm?” You saw his pouting lips and you suggested; as much as you love sitting on his lap, feeling his thick thighs under you, occasionally and “accidentally” grind your ass on him, you actually had something planned for later that you knew he would appreciate.
“But it’s our anniversary… and… it’s your favourite seat…” he raised his eyebrows as he patted his thigh in attempt to lure you onto his lap, but you managed to stand your ground and resist the temptation.
“I have plenty of time to sit on my favourite seat later, now, why don’t you be my good boy and maybe you will get a reward after dinner.” You smirked, taking off your floral apron to reveal your full figure in that skin-tight dress before you took a seat across from him, and he gazed you up and down in a moment of awe before he caved and agreed.
Tumblr media
After having this romantic dinner with your boyfriend and with him praising how delicious the meal was, you cleared out the table before returning behind Ransom’s chair, hugging him from behind with your hands on his chest and your head just on his right shoulder. “Since you have been so good, I think it’s time for your reward, don’t you think, baby?” You whispered by the shell of his ear, biting on his ear before you ran your hand down his arm from his shoulder to take his hand as you stood up and lean on the edge of the table.
You guided his hand up your bare thigh, feeling his warmth and calloused fingers against your skin as you brought his hand higher and higher, sending tingles through your body. Ransom’s eyes darkened as his gaze followed yours, his hand inching up your thigh slowly and sliding underneath your dress; you hooked his finger onto the thin waist band of your panties, letting him peel the fabric off your legs until it pooled on the floor. Stepping out of them, you moved between him and the table, sitting your butt onto the table while you put one foot up on top of his thigh and the other one on his chest with your heels still on.
Slowly moving and dragging your sole down along the middle of his body, you rested the platform onto his crotch, adding a little pressure before you lifted your leg and tilted his head up by his chin with the vamp of your high heel. “It’s dessert time…” you purred as you leaned back slightly, holding yourself up with your hands on the edge of the table while you spread your legs open, “enjoy, baby…” The dress bunched up at your hips as you spread your legs, exposing your pretty little cunt in front of Ransom, making his mouth water.
Ransom held your gaze intensely while a smirk appeared on his face, looking at you like prey while he grabbed a hold of your ankle, planting light and wet kisses along your inner calf and thigh as he leaned forward and hooked your leg over his shoulder. “Don’t mind if I do…” he breathed with his signature smug smile. Nibbling and leaving open-mouth kisses on the soft flesh of your inner thigh, he kissed his way towards your glistening fold, wrapping his left arm around your thigh and reaching your mound with his fingers. He pulled your hood back before he stuck his tongue out and looked up at you, watching your eyes close and your eyebrows knit together in pleasure the moment his warm and wet tongue made contact with your inviting pussy, licking a flat and hard stripe up from your hole and to your clit, making you sigh and moan with rapture.
“Fuckkkkk…” you sighed softly as he continued his assault on your clit, flicking his tongue up and down, teasing your little button until your breaths quickened and your head fell back.
Small moans and growls were echoing through the dinning room as Ransom ate you out, he ran his tongue up and down through your folds, dinking your nectar in while his jaw opened and closed, licking and sucking your clit and pussy the best way he knew how and making your head all fuzzy.
“Yes… don’t stop, baby…” you moaned, rocking your hips on his lips and tongue, fucking yourself on his face as your leg over his shoulder tensed up, keeping him in place.
His jaw never stopped moving while his tongue continued to lap up everything you had to offer, and he hummed each time he wrapped his lips around your clit and suckled until all you could do was gasp. The harder and faster he went, the wetter you got; and that is one of the things that Ransom Drysdale is most proud of—driving his girl crazy and making her wet with just his skillful mouth. He breathed through his nose while moving his head up and down, rubbing and gliding his tongue and lips on your pussy lips like a man possessed, watching your lips parted for air as he let go of your throbbing clit with a wet pop.
“So fucking sweet, bunny… so sweet just for me, aren’t you?” He whispered against your pussy while his lips were coated and glistening with your slick, and he took another couple licks just to tease you, making your walls clench at the stimulation. Watching your pussy pulse with wants and desires, Ransom couldn’t help himself but to run his fingers through your folds, teasing your opening ever so slightly. “I bet you are gonna be squeezing me so tight if I put my fingers in, huh?” He suggested, knowing full well that you could never resist the temptation of his fingers inside you, and he waited for your desperate nods and whimpers.
“Uh hmmm…” you bit down on your bottom lip as you stifled your moan and nodded quickly, looking down at Ransom between your legs and meeting his lustful eyes. He made sure he held your gaze for a moment before he looked down at his dessert, spitting on your pussy as a string of saliva lingered for a moment before it mixed with your slick. The sight of him and the added wetness made your head spin and your pussy clench, and Ransom wasted no time to coat his fingers with the mix of your slick and his spit, spreading it around to rub your clit and slit before prodding his fingertips at your pulsing entrance.
“Is this what you want, bunny? Want my fingers fucking this sweet little pussy?” He teased while he rubbed at your velvety folds, “fuck, you are so soft…” Feeling your leg on his back and shoulder tightening even more, he kissed your soft inner thigh to help you relax while massaging your pussy in strokes.
“Please, baby… just put it in… I need your fingers… please…” you begged as you squirmed under his touch, moving your hips back and forth just to create more friction until he slowly slid two fingers in, stretching you open and feeling your walls squeezing around his digits. You gasped and sighed at the feel of his thick fingers stuffing you full when he pushed himself off the chair, kneeling down on one knee while twisting and pumping his fingers in and out of you.
Each pump was knuckles deep and his fingertips knew their way to your special spot; he curled his fingers and grazed that rough spot over and over again while he fingered you, building you up to your peak before he latched his mouth back onto your throbbing clit. His tongue flicked and swiped at your bud restlessly and in sync with the movements of his fingers, little huffs and hums fell from his mouth as he felt and tasted you on his tongue: sweet like honey and soft like silk.
You moaned and whimpered, cursing and calling out his name as immense pleasure shook your body. Closing your eyes with your head fell back, you felt him sucking and tonguing at your clit, sheathing his fingers up to the hilt as your pussy fluttered. It pulsed, clenched, squeezed around his digits when the coil in your belly tightened; your breath hitched when he moved his head side to side between your legs, causing your body to jolt and spasm as broken cries filled the dining room. “Oh my god… fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…” The heat in your stomach spread and the coil snapped as you came, your walls pulsating and milking his fingers in waves while your body quivered in ecstasy. Your muscles tightened as well as your grips on the edge of the table, you lifted yourself up from the table ever so slightly as your thighs pinched together involuntarily. A white ball of fire burnt your mind blank for a moment as you basked in euphoria, the smoke and blur then faded gradually, making your head all fuzzy in the state of delight.
“That’s it, bunny... Feels good, huh?” Ransom hummed and mumbled in satisfaction while he kept his mouth on you, fingered your through your orgasm and lapped up your juice as it flowed down his fingers. He pulled away with his chin and lips covered in your sweetness, smirking before he pulled his fingers out and admired your raw and swollen pussy.
Coming down from your high, your chest heaved up and down as you caught your breath and gasped, the aftershocks were still washing over you in waves while you watched him licked a slow and wide stripe up your slit, sending shivers through your sensitive core. And as if it wasn’t enough, Ransom brought his hand back and gave a couple more quick slaps on your pussy with the flats of his fingers, making your body jump and jolt at the sudden teasing.
His smug face never went unnoticed, his lips curled into a smirk and he chuckled when you squealed. When he finally rose from his knee, he stood between your thighs as he kept his gaze on your heated face and hooded eyes. He cupped your jaw and neck before dipped his head down, capturing your lips between his slick-covered ones as he let you taste your own sweetness on his tongue.
“Can you taste yourself, bunny?” He smiled into the kiss and whispered, diving back into the kiss and slipping his tongue between your lips again as you hummed and nodded. “Did you plan this? Is this why you wouldn’t sit on my lap? So that I could eat you out on the table?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow, knowing all the answers to those questions were yes(es), and you responded and admitted with a shy and soft “maybe…”
“Do I get this dessert on anniversaries only or could it be an everyday thing now?” He asked shamelessly, and before you could respond, he continued to make you all flustered. “Though, if it was up to me, I’d have that sweet little pussy every meal of the day…”
Tumblr media
A/N: excuse me I need fantasize about it again👀🙈🤤
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stcveskent · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
their little miracle; chris evans
pairings: chris evans x reader
warnings: fluff and a bit of swearing
request on wattpad
its been 8 months,since you heard that you would be giving a little miracle of yours and chris, soon. You still remember the day when both of you saw the baby for yhe first time, as it moved around your belly.
you remember how Chris held your hand when he saw your baby, and said, "it's ours" while crying, you remember the day when he found out it was a baby girl, and he was so happy, and when he told his family about it, they were crying too, because their son's dream came true. Since then he never left your side. Well, he haven't announced it on the internet too . He used to talk to your baby, late at nights, when she won't let you sleep, by endless kickings.
"Hey honey, don't do that to Mama." He says, slowly, and calmly as you laid down next to him, and his hands on your belly rubbing it gently.
"I won't leave your side, y/n." He whispered softly and kissed you. During those times, when Chris got intimate with you, for eg, he would kiss you more often, and lay next to you all the time, hold your hands all the time, you used to blush alot, as if it was a school crush, you could say it was the hormones.
"i love you so much." He says and you smile.
"I love you too and more." You reply and he wraps his arm around you, and kiss your head, and then you gasped as soon as your baby kicks you, because you were giving all the attention to her daddy and not her and even daddy didn't give her attention.
"alright baby, i love you too." He says as he keeps a hand on your belly and you laughed at how your daughter already had control over her Dad, even before her birth.
your smile grew wider, as all those thoughts came to your mind, and Chris noticed how you were smiling, and thinking about some things. He smiled looking at how adorable you looked.
"what're you smiling at, sweetheart." He asks as he comes closer, and kisses you gently.
"thinking of how our girl, already has control over her dad." He smiles as he heard you, it was a very different feeling for both of you.
"Well, trust me, the queen has more control than the princess." He says referring to you and you roll your eyes.
"oh stop!" You said as both of you chuckled, just then, to ruin the moment his phone rang. He groaned, and you laughed at him.
"Always messing up my moments, with my queen." He said, and you blushed at how he made you feel so good.
"Chris, i'm sorry to call you now." His manager spoke, as chris answered.
"No its fine, Joshua? what did you need?" He replied.
"Well, the agency has been calling up alot, for your photo shoot, and i tried to decline it, because you wanted to stay with your wife, but they aren't listening , and said you're their hope."
"alright fine! I'll do it."
"ah thank god!! I'll arrange the dates and timing and inform you."
"Alright!" Chris says as he ends the conversation and looks at you, smiling.
"What's wrong?" You asked
"I have to stay away from you for a couple of hours."
"and what would be the reason?" You asked as he sits next to you and pull you closer to him, and you put your head on his shoulder.
"There's this photo shoot they need me to do it and I honestly don't wanna stay away from you, even if its for a couple of hours, you're now close to your date, I can't just leave you here all alone, when you'd need me." He spoke.
"Chris, i'll be fine, you're worrying too much, babe. I can manage on my own, honey!"
"I know you can, i just don't want to be away from you and our daughter." You smiled as he said that, how your daughter's and his bond was so strong.
"babe!!" You squeeled and hugged him and he kissed you multiple times. Just then the phone rings and he groans again.
"Its the agency, i'll have to take it, i'm so sorry!!"
"Its fine, honey." You said and he answered the call, going into the living room to talk while you watched some TV
"Thank you so much, Chris for joining us!" He said and chris smiled.
"The pleasure is all mine!"
"Is there any arrangements we can do for you?" Just as those words left his mouth, he smiles thinking of an idea.
"Yes! Could i get my wife with me? I want her to be next to me."
"Ofcourse sir! It's our pleasure to have her with us, and we can have some couple photoshoot too!"
"Thank you! See you, soon!" He says and walks to you.
Chris comes back to you and tells you that he's made arrangements for you to come with me, you denied at first but he made you to agree to it, typical christopher  and then the day comes when you had to go with him. You were nervous about something which he had completely forgot about. Announcing about your little miracle.
As soon as both of you entered, the photographers welcomed you both so warmly, and as expected they were shocked by the news, and they were happy for both of you.
As soon as chris finished his part of the work, you two had to pose together, it was all cute with him, and then the photographer requested that you should have a photo or two of your own with your bump and Chris happily agreed to it.
Just after you completed your work, you told Chris, that now seems to be the right time to tell everyone about it. No , only family and some of his close friends knew about this, so he was just concerned about how his fans and co workers would annouce, but you knew things would fall back into a perfect position.
"I posted it." He said and breathed.
"i did too!" You said and smiled.
Just a second later, yours and his phone were filled with notifications, hundreds to thousands, and all were really happy about it, because all of them understood that this was Chris's dream and you could only turn into his reality.
a week or two has passed, Chris had to go through a lot of press , and interviews where the main interest was your pregnancy. As you waited for him to get over with the last interview for the month, and after that he promised he'd take a break, he comes to you.
"How was it?" You asked as he kissed you and sat next to you.
"It was good, i was happy to tell them, how you made me happy, and they obviously wanted you, but i said you were resting."
"Thank you —*gasps* oh shit!" You said and his eyes came out if his eye sockets.
"Baby what happened?!"
"She's coming omg!! My water broke!!!" You said and he panicked, he was roaming around the house finding the baby bag, and you felt contractions, which were going on for a day which you tried to ignore.
"Chris where the fuck are you?!" You yelled, as the contractions hit you again.
"I found it!! Let's go." He said as he helped you get up and rush you to the hospital, through out the ride he didn't leave your hand, and just made you breathe, but it was true, when you're about to give birth, your temper loses, and poor Chris had to listen.
Now you were in the waiting room, with him and yours and his family started to visit you both.
"Hey!" Your mom said and rushed to hug you as you breathed.
"Hey Mom! I'm good? Are you?" You asked and she laughed at you.
"I know, the temper, i gave birth to three kids!" She said and hugged Chris, and he chuckled and stopped as soon as you gave him a death glare.
"come on! my little girl needs a break, how are you feeling honey?" Your dad says and you roll your eyes.
"P A I N!" You said and then your siblings laugh at you.
"Y/n , for real, you need to calm down, also guess what i already have done half of the preparations for my niece!!" your brother says while your sister argues with him that it was she who did it, and that made you laugh, and Chris smile looking at you.
His mother stayed longer with you but then you told her to go, because she looked tired, and she agreed, time passed and you were ready to deliver the baby, Chris started to breathe heavily, he was nervous, more than you.
"Its gonna be fine, babe!" You said and he nods
"I'll be next to you the whole time." He says and you nod.
Slowly the doctors start to give you instructions to how to push till they count till 10 and you agree to it, clearly understanding their instructions.
"Push!" They said and you pushed while your groaned and your grip on chris's hand tightened.
"You're doing amazing honey!" He encouraged and honestly, that made you stay strong till the end.
Just few more pushes later, the cries of your baby girl were heard and you sighed as both of you burts into tears. They laid your little miracle on top of you as Chris adored both of you, he starts to wipe his tears, and the doctor takes your little girl away.
"No where are you taking her!" Chris says and you chuckled at him.
"they're cleaning her, she'll be back soon, with us." You said and he looked at you with  a smile.
"You did so good today!" he says and you smiled at him.
"It wasn't possible without you." You said and he shook his head.
"You're the most strongest women i've ever seen, and  how beautiful you look today! Your glowing baby!" He says and you laugh as he pressed his lips onto yours in a sweet and filled with love kiss.
"I love you so much." He says
"I love you more!" You reply and they bring the baby back to you, and Chris holds her, tears falling from his eyes, as he met his daughter.
"She's so beautiful just like her Mama!" He says and you feel your tears falling.
"Daddy loves you and your Mama so much! He'll do everything to protect both of you!" He says as he holds her in his arms and kisses her multiple times on her head.
"Okay now, Mama also needs attention!" You said and he laughed and kissed you again, and just then you met your family, already waiting and excited to greet their grand child, neice and goddaughter.
Yours and Chris's mother couldn't hold back tears and were crying with joy, while Scott hugged you and cried and you were crying because he was crying , which made everyone laugh and later Scott Shanna, Carly and your siblings already started giving suggestions for the baby names for your little miracle.
It was the best day of your life, you for the first time witnessed how one life can bring so much happiness to so many people, and you were only concerned about your husband, who was on cloud 9 because of his happiness and you couldn't stop smiling because of him. You won't be able to forget this day ever!
done with your request!!hope you liked it❤️
also, but Daddy!Chris is making me cry😭😭
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sweetsbfreex · 5 months ago
a father’s duty
Summary: brought to u by the wholesome picture of Cevans sewing up dodger’s stuffed lion 🤧
Warnings: Talk of trauma (nothing too in depth) and talk of sex
Pairings: Dad, Husband!Ransom x reader
You and Ransom were cuddled up together on the couch, some random movie he had chosen that you weren’t paying attention to. You wanted to cuddle, but he insisted on watching this movie so a compromise had to be made. And the feeling of his hand going up and down, inside your shirt, against your arm; Could only make you purr in contentment.
And you were meant to doze off if it wasn’t for the dramatic, high pitched scream of pure agony. You both shot up from your seats, looking at each other wide eyed before dashing up the stairs (Ransom ahead). 
Until you were in the doorway of an overly purple room.
“Mommy! Daddy!”
Ransom let a small, stunned gasp at the feel of a teary eyed four year old, Celeste bolting to his legs. Her small arms had tried to wrap around his legs as she sobbed into his jeans, fists tight as she clutching the denim. 
Confused you had leant down adjacent to her, Ransom peering down from his stance, lifting her arms to softly run circles over her back. 
“What’s wrong baby?” a fake pout on your lips.
“She’s dead!” she had sobbed, her puffy cheek making contact with his expensive jeans to make eye contact with you. 
“What? Who’s dead babe?” Ransom asked, tilting his head downward, eye brows stitched together. 
She propped her chin up against his leg, “Daffy” she blubbered, extending her arm behind her to point at the limp stuffed bunny a few feet away.
“Fucking––” He couldn’t finish his sentence a hearty laugh emitted into the otherwise somber air, still laughing (some tears streaking his face) he had picked up the once blubbering girl so she saddled on his hip. 
“Ransom! It’s not funny and language, god”
“C'mon” he dragged the n, “You gotta admit this is hilarious, she’s so dramatic...I wonder who she gets it from” he smirked, looking at you knowingly. 
“You” you appointed, holding back your smile. 
“As if” he scoffs rolling his eyes. 
“Daffy!” Celeste exclaimed, snapping the two from their loving trance. 
“Right!” you snapped yourself back into mom mode, making way to Daffy and your way back to the two, watching Ransom wipe the tears from Celeste’s face, calming her down in a hushed voice.
You sidle up next to Ransom lifting the stuffed animal, so the both of you could evaluate the state of her favorite buddy. You looked up to him, watching his face scrunch up, almost like disgust, but you knew he was just very confused.
“Jeez leste, what’d you do?” 
The light yellow bunny up front was perfectly fine, but once you had turned it around a tear in the fabric of the it’s “spine” was parted, the thread poking out along the hem. 
“I–– I was just spinning her around”
“Is that really what you did” you prompted.
“No..” she set forward shyly, resting her temple against her father’s shoulder. “There was a string and then I pulled it by accident”
“By accident?” Ransom asked, eyebrows raised. 
“On purpose” she mumbled, eyes tearing up slowly.
Celeste is probably the biggest liar the two of you know. You both have been working on that habit, reassuring her that it was fine and being honest is better most times (minus surprises, safety, etc). You both had even resorted to acting out examples for her. She was getting better, but ever the fibber she still found a way to slip into the habit. And when you had asked her why exactly she loved lying, she only replied with a quib “It’s fun!” giggling to herself. 
“Hey it’s okay, you were curious” he cooed, “Mommy will fix it don’t worry” 
You looked up at him mesmerized, not so surprised at the father he was becoming. Remembering all those nights he had kept the two of you up, even the day you were in labor, he had been worried. How was he ever supposed to love a kid properly–– let alone his–– when he never had that benefit. All these what ifs running through his head in a cycle.
He had even taken it upon himself to sign you both up for those parenting classes. The ones with the fake dolls. Dolls that he held gently as if they were alive.
“I will. You’ve had a long day, love, you wanna go to bed now?” you asked her, smiling. 
She nods silently, reaching her hands out to you. Ready for the familiar night routine to begin.
After Celeste had been put to bed, it was not you and Ransom being the only two up. You were both in your shared bathroom, getting ready for bed. 
You groaned, catching the attention of Ransom. “Sewing that thing is gonna be some work” watching yourself in the mirror as you rub in your lotion. 
“You’re tying that thing together, how hard can that be?”
“I’m sewing it together” 
“Tomato, Tomahto” he responded. 
“Fine, since you think it’s so easy why don’t you fix it for her?” 
“Deal. I’ll take another night of anal as my end” he says this confindently, not expecting another word for you, as he saunters past you briskly but not before placing a kiss to your check and a rough smack to the ass. 
And god did he take this seriously. Making sure you were up this entire time as he achieved his new level of domesticity. 
And you did, sitting up against the headboard as you watched him sit shirtless across the sized room. 
He sits in the barrel chair. the stuffed animal in his lap, a spool of light pink thread to match the bunny in between his legs, and a packet of needles in his hand. 
“Babe you have to––”
He holds up a hand, stopping you from saying whatever you were about to say.
“I got this babe” he tells you, looking at you wearily as he pulls up a video (‘how to sew stuffed bunny animal together’) on his phone. 
You watch him watch the video,switching the show you were watching to make it seem as if you weren’t watching him too carefully. 
He squints, focused as he listens to the lady in the video.
“You look so cute”
“Thanks” he grumbles, placing a thimble on his pointer finger. 
He was like a cute grandmother. His eyebrows brought together and tongue poking through his cheek, which you teased him endlessly about. There was just something about watching a brawly, grumpy man like him knit. So you pulled your phone out wanting to take a quick picture. 
“Put. it. down.” he tells you, not even looking away from his task.
“Wha–– You’re really creepy, you know that. Smile” you demand of him. “It’d be so cute for the album”
He of course doesn’t smile instead raising the stuffed animal to cover his face from the camera, but you were quick enough to get something before that. Smiling fondly at the adorable photo of his concentrated face. Once you had your fill of serotonin, you closed the device and reached over to set it on your nightstand. 
“You gonna give me a kiss goodnight before you go?” he asks you stoically, head still looking down at his task. 
“Yes Ransom. Just give me a minute’ you respond, shimmying yourself from the soft sheets. You make your way besides Ransom–– naturally he wraps one arm around your waist to bring you–– leaning down and placing a kiss to his cheek (which he smiles at) then his lips. He pulls back first only to return again for a deeper one. Sending you off, finally, with a pinch to your ass. 
“Goodnight, Baby” you tell him over your shoulder on your way back to the bed. 
“Night y/n/n.”
“y/n” is whispered in your ear and the shaking of your shoulder is what causes you to wake up. You turn your head over your shoulder to see Ransom standing over you gleefully. 
“Ransom?” you rasp, turning your whole body over to face him, looking at the clock on your night stand. “It’s two in the morning!”
“Thanks captain obvious” he mutters, rolling his eyes. Yet, he lifts up the stuffed animal. Both hands on either paws, holding it up to show you. “I finished!”
You instantly noticed the band-aid wrapped around his thumb and the brightest smile on his face. Through it you could see how proud of himself he really was. He really was getting a hand of this dad thing he was still figuring it out. 
Ransom, however, could only think about how tired he was and how strained his eyes felt––probably rimmed red. With the amount of times he had to rewatch the video because he missed or didn’t understand a step. But, for his little girl it was definitely worth it. 
“Well, look at you. You did so good bub” you extend your arm up lazily to then loop it around his neck, bringing him down for a kiss. 
If only his conceited friends could see him now. Thinking about how Danver, one of the many friends he had dropped, would berate him passively. Calling it a women’s role most likely. 
“Thank you” he settles one more kiss, “Let’s go”
“Go where?” you chuckle
“Leste’s room...where else? She’ll need him to sleep the rest of the night comfortably” he explains, removing your arm from his neck. To gently tug your hand.
“You sure?” you ask hesitantly.
“Hundred percent, let’s go”
You open the door slowly, the creaking sound it emitted making you cringe. And when you’re hushed by Ransom, you twist around instantly sending him a stink eye.
And you both stand against the side of her bed, you crouch down. Raising your hand to her shoulder. 
“Lesty” you whisper, your thumb running circles over her shoulder. 
She wakes up slowly, as always. The clear indication that she is awake being when she raises her hand to rub at her eyes.
“Mommy? She stops and gasps, “Are we going to Disney?” asking the question with glee, she sits up, her hands placed over her book patterned pajama pants.
You and Ransom share a short laugh. Remembering how you surprised her just like this months ago. The frown that overtakes her face makes you both want to laugh. 
“I’m going back to sleep” she tells you both, already reaching for her blanket. 
“Wait” you laugh, holding her hand. “There's a surprise for you” 
At your announcement, Ransom steps up holding out the sewed up stuffy. Her tiny hands covered the gasp she let out, muffling it.
“She’s fixed!” she’s astonished, running her fingers  along the stitches. 
Celeste felt like a jumping bean with all this happiness filling her body and she wasn’t sure how to express how happy she felt. So, she jumped onto her mother, arms latched onto her neck. Kissing her cheek incessantly.
“Thank you thank you thank you-”
“Actually––” you start.
“Woah! Woah! Woah!” ever the dramatic, “Momma didn’t do this. I did babe” he tells her, a gobsmacked, playful expression on his face. 
Ransom’s replica quickly unlatched herself from y/n, rocketing herself into his arms. He held onto her tightly. Falling in love with the toothy smile–– albeit it was missing a front one–– she gave him. He was rolling around in her appreciation towards his gesture. This was all he wanted. To be a better man for you to marry and be a better father for his daughter.
He brought her into him a little bit, placing a kiss to her forehead. 
“Anything for you Leste” he tells her in a hush. 
You rise slowly from your crouch, knees a bit sore from how long you were down there. Just in awe of the love they both exerted towards each other. Ransom’s hand lightly flying over the back of her head and Her tiny palm coddling his cheek.
“Time for bed?” you ask the two of them, your hand naturally going to Ransom and Celeste’s shoulder.
“Yeah. I’m tired” she tells you, dragging out the h. Setting her cheek to her dad’s muscled shoulder. Nuzzling her cheek against it lazily. 
“Yeah? Well let’s put you in bed first” Ransom responds. 
You walk behind the two, as Ransom sets her down gently on her bed.
He sets a kiss to her cheek then he pulls back, watching the way her arms tighten around the stuffed animal. 
“You love it?” he asks, a proud smile etched on his face. 
“Yes” she whispers, “Thank you, daddy” her palm caressing the top of it’s head. 
“Anything for you Leste” he reaffirmed. He needed her to know that he’d do anything. Anything. To keep a smile that bright on her precious face. He didn’t want her to doubt if he ever loved her or if she could ever come to him about anything. He especially didn’t want her to think that she’d be second to his work. 
He loved her too much and decided, right when you told him the news, he’d learn from his parents’ mistakes and trauma he had to deal with. 
“Goodnight, honey”
He gets up from his spot watching you lean over placing a kiss to her cheek, tugging the crocheted blanket to Celeste’s chin. 
“Night baby” you tell her sweetly.  
“Night” she replies to the both of you before snuggling into the duck more. 
RIght when you shut the door, you expect to face Ransom’s back walking towards your bedroom. But try not to scream, startled, when your head meets with his chest.
You look up, probably not the smartest thing to do. “You ready for bed?” you ask nervously, each hand landing on his broad shoulders. 
With the way he was looking at you, you would assume you were the last stash of biscoff cookies he always keeps fully stored in the house. Especially, with the other Drysdale in the house, the cookies went by faster when they used to.
“Don’t think so..We made a bet. Remember?” he smiles
“RIght now?!” you hiss lowly. He must have lost his mind. “You woke me up at like three in the morning”
“It was actually two” you whack his arm at his smart mouth, of course he doesn’t react.  “Anyway. A bets a bet. Let’s go baby” he crouches down, lifting you up swiftly into a bride-groom like position.
“Ransom!” you whisper, taken by surprise. 
“A quickie and then we’ll drop her off at your parents tomorrow to get to the real stuff tomorrow” he asserts.
With that, he picks up his speed. Taking you both down the hallway. Once he’s arrived at his destination–– the bedroom–– he throws you on the bed. Laughing to himself with how stricken you look. You should be used to this by now, he tells himself. 
“Ransom!” is the last of his name he hears with a tone of scolding mixed with shock, before he gets to work. When he climbs on top of you quickly––like a lion to prey––biting your neck. 
if you enjoyed pls don’t forget to reblog or give feedback if ur up to it <3
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chanelfaerie · 2 months ago
daddy!ransom taking care of his lil bunny baby after snapping at her ? maybe he came home from a family dinner and was feeling agitated, but he feels real bad tho !!
CONGRATULATIONS ON 3K BESTIE !! so proud of my favorite writer on this site🥰
daddy's sorry ⟶ ransom drysdale
join my 3k celebration!
pairing: daddy!ransom drysdale x little!reader
summary: ransom takes out his stress on you, only not the way you'd prefer.
warnings: no smut! (although it sounds like lol), ransom is mean, light angst, dd/lg dynamics, loving ransom later
a/n: I LOVE THIS REQUEST SO MUCH OMG and hearing you say that just made my entire day, thank you so much bby 🥺
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform.
⊱ ────── {⋅. ☽ .⋅} ────── ⊰
you'd been patiently waiting all night for your daddy to come home after another of his family dinners. you'd attended only one of them and clung to his side all night, and after hearing the loud bantering between the drysdale's and the thrombey's, you opted not to go anymore.
ransom agreed, but hated to leave you home alone for so long. this night, he'd left you a tray full of snacks and yummy drinks, some movies and games. your stuffies had been beautifully set on your bed, but nothing was enough.
as soon as you heard the door open and slam shut, you jumped from your bed and rushed downstairs. you knew how agitated ransom could get from these dinners and knew better than the bug, but you couldn't resist; this one had run later than the others.
"daddy!" you jumped, wrapping your arms around him before he could even slip off his shoes.
ransom tried his best to keep his cool. he gently hugged you back before peeling you off of him. "hi, sweetheart," he sighed, throwing his keys into their bowl. he discarded his jacket somewhere in the closet. your daddy seemed different tonight and you wanted to make him feel better.
"how did the dinner go?" you asked, following him through the living room and into the kitchen where he poured himself a small glass of amber-colored alcohol. he already reeked of the stench but you chose not to say anything.
he leaned against the counter and downed his drink. "i don't really want to talk about it right now." what happened to his sweet pet names? where was the warmth in his voice?
you frowned and looked to the floor before an idea popped into your mind. "i know what can make you feel better, daddy!" you jumped, running to the freezer and grabbing the tub of chocolate ice cream he'd gotten the other day.
the thought was so sweet, but ransom just wasn't in the mood for your light tone and expression. as much as he wanted to be around you, all he needed was to be left alone. "god, can you please just leave me alone for just a few minutes!" he screamed, roughly slamming his glass on the counter. "i get you missed me, but that doesn't mean you need to be so goddamn clingy."
you were beyond hurt, and it was evident in your face. there were tears pooling up in your eyes, your bottom lip quivered, your cheeks turned red. you were angry, sad, and hurt. "fuck, all i want is some time to myself, but i just can't get that with you, can i?"
if daddy wanted some time alone, then you could stop being so clingy and leav him alone. "okay, daddy," was all you said before you ran up to your room, leaving the ice cream on the counter to melt.
as soon as he heard the name fall from your lips - even in the midst of all your anger - ransom immediately felt like the world's biggest asshole. he sighed angrily at himself and leaned on his hip.
up in your room, you were hidden under a pile of blankets and a comforter, surrounded by stuffies and a body pillow you'd pretend was your daddy. the blankets still smelled like him and it only made you more upset.
while ransom knew you needed time with these sorts of things, he pushed open the door. when you heard it creak, you hid your face in your pillow, assuming he was just there to change his clothes.
“honey,” he drawed out, a dip in the bed next to you. he would’ve placed a hand on your hip for a little sense of comfort but he kept himself from doing so. “can you look at me?”
your stuffy was practically being suffocated, but you rolled over so your eyes met ransom’s.
“there she is,” he smiled and you missed his soft, loving demeanor that he only showed around his baby. “i missed my little girl. tonight was rough,” he rubbed over your back gently. “meg was especially annoying, but god, harlan was going on about…i don't even know what, i stopped listening after a few minutes-”
he was rambling instead of apologizing. ransom did that a lot. “daddy,” you sighed, sitting up and holding his hand.
“right,” he sighed. “what i’m trying to say, princess, is i love you very much. daddy loves you so so so much,” he brought your knuckles to his lips. “i didn’t mean any of that i said, that was bullshit. you know that right,” your nod was slow and hesitant. he smirked, “righttt?”
ransom playfully shook your shoulders until a pretty smile cracked on your face. “i know, daddy,” you tried to hide your happiness.
his fingers danced over your sides of your tummy and hips, causing you to fall over on the bed in a fit of laughter. “hmm,” he scattered kisses over your neck. “i don’t believe you.”
“daddy!” you yelped, trying to push him away. “stop that tickles!” he lifted his head from your jawline and arched an eyebrow for confirmation. “i know you didn’t mean it, i promise. i’m sorry tonight was annoying, but i love you,” you kissed his cheek. “…would some cuddles make it better?”
his smile was wide and ransom was reminded how happy he was with you. “cuddles would make it a thousand times better, angel.”
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likeahorribledream · a month ago
ꜱᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ
Prompt: Reader knits and Ransom discovers the yarn stash and asks her to knit him a sweater.
Summary: You just started dating Ransom and he asks for a small favor, floof ensues.
Pairing: Soft!Ransom x Reader
Word Count: 4.8k
Warnings: Fluff, maybe a tiny bit of angst (if you squint), Ransom's family.
Tumblr media
As an avid reader, you knew very well who Harlan Thrombey was and as a resident of the same small town, you definitely knew who Ransom Drysdale was.
You've heard all the horror stories about the Thrombey family and unlike most people from your town, you stayed away from the drama and the gossip.
Unfortunately for you, the Thrombeys are everyone's favorite family to gossip about and no matter where you went you would run into someone talking about them.
Except for your safe place, where gossip couldn't be heard or passed on: the library.
It is your favorite place in town, it's both gorgeous to look at and it is filled with so many books that it would probably take you a couple of lifetimes to read them all. It is almost as old as the town itself and you love that it was renovated multiple times but that they kept it exactly the same every time.
You spend all your free time there, either reading or browsing through the rows of shelves. More often than not, you were alone there. Especially on Saturday nights.
But there was this one Saturday night where you thought you were alone but you could hear that someone else was looking at books and reading a few pages before putting them down again.
Though you were aware that someone was in the library, you still jumped when you turned a corner and found yourself face-to-face with the mystery reader.
You chuckled at yourself for being so nervous and apologized to the other person for almost slamming right into them.
The last person you thought you'd run into at the library: Ransom Drysdale.
You weren't surprised to see him at the library because, of course, he would love books. Harlan probably introduced him to them at a very young age so that he could share his passion with his first grandson.
What surprised you was to see him there at night, especially on a Saturday. With all the things you have heard about him, you thought you'd have more chance of running into him at a bar or at a club.
You were surprised but you thought he looked like he belonged in here as much as you did.
You smiled at him and apologized again.
"I'm really sorry. I'm not used to seeing other people here, I need to watch where I'm going."
You looked at the book he was holding and pointed at it. "I just returned this book earlier, you're going to love it!"
He looked at you, not saying a word and then it dawned on you that even if Ransom was at the library, it didn't mean that he wanted to be chatted up by the local nerd. Clearly he wasn’t interested in small talk because he didn't make any effort to engage with you whatsoever.
You cleared your throat. "Anyway, sorry again. Have a good night."
You quickly turned around and walked away to the other side of the library to make sure you weren't going to run into him by accident again.
Ransom watched you walk away with a small smile tugging at his lips.
Tumblr media
For the next 3 Saturdays, Ransom was there at night with you and it was beginning to annoy you. You tried not to bother him by giving him his space but he kept going through the rows of your favorite genre and that meant he kept you away from the books you truly wanted to read.
The third week, you arrived earlier and was relieved to see Ransom wasn't there yet. You went straight to the books you wanted and made your way through the small lists you had made earlier of the books you wanted to borrow.
Unfortunately, you hadn't been fast enough and Ransom walked in.
He moved in your direction and you sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm almost done then I'll get out of your way." You told him without looking at him.
"You were right."
You frowned in confusion and turned to look at the freakishly tall man standing next to you.
"I'm not sure I know what you mean."
"About the book, the other day. It was really good."
"Oh." You smiled and nodded. "I couldn't put it down. I'm glad you liked it too."
You turned back, thinking the conversation was over but soon Ransom spoke again.
"Do you have any other suggestions for me? You look like you read a lot and I've gone through my entire list."
Your eyes widened and you turned to face him. "You want my help?"
He nodded. "If you aren't too busy. If you want to."
After that, your Saturdays were now spent with Ransom as the two of you walked around and exchanged suggestions or sat around, talking while flipping mindlessly through books.
He was actually a very nice man, funny even. He was also extremely smart and you wondered why no one ever talked about this side of him.
After a month of weekly meetings, you exchanged numbers and soon after that you found yourself talking to Ransom every day.
You were shocked by how often he had been the first one to start a conversation. Almost every morning you would wake up to a text from him along the lines of "good morning" or "rise and shine", the latter always making you laugh.
You found yourself looking forward to your Saturday nights, looking forward to the hours you were going to spend with your new friend.
You never would have guessed it but you had a lot of points in common with him and you loved listening to him talk about the things he was passionate about. If anyone ever asked you you would deny it, but you had developed a serious crush on Ransom over the weeks. There was no way in hell that he'd go out with a girl like you, so you decided to keep your feelings to yourself and enjoy being his friend instead.
Little did you know that Ransom hadn't been able to get you out of his mind since the night you had almost crashed into him. You were so cute, polite and nice; it left him speechless and it's only when you had walked away that he realized that his silence had probably come off as if he didn't want to talk to you when in reality he had been terrified to open his mouth, terrified he might have said something that would have chased you away.
As it turned out, not speaking to you had done the exact same thing as you were avoiding him like the plague. You were always on the opposite side of the library. He decided to wait around where he had met you so that when you'd come to pick something off the shelves, he would be able to talk to you but it had been weeks and he hadn't gotten anywhere.
Until one lucky night when he arrived a little bit earlier than usual and found you at the exact spot he had been waiting for you all those nights.
Before he had time to think about it and talk himself out of it, he walked over to you quickly and finally talked to you.
You were just as sweet as he remembered and his heart melted with every word you spoke to him.
He didn't want to scare you away. He took his time with you and got to know you before making a move.
There was no way in hell that a girl like you would ever go out with a guy like him, he needed to show you that he was good. Good enough to spend time with you, good enough for you.
He had never been one to text much or to be on his phone but he couldn't help himself with you. He texted you all the time and found himself glancing at his phone every few seconds as he waited for your answers.
Ransom was crushing. Hard.
After 2 weeks of texting every day, it was finally time to make a move.
He waited until Saturday night and when you were sitting down to talk, he asked you out.
"Would you like to go out to dinner with me next Saturday?" He tried to look calm and collected, but inside he was a nervous wreck.
You looked up, surprise written all over your face. "You mean…"
"Like a date." He nodded.
You stared at him without giving an answer and Ransom's brain was going a mile a minute trying to find a way to take it all back. He was terrified that you were going to reject him. He should have thought this through.
"I'd love to." You finally said.
Ransom had been so lost in his thoughts that he barely heard you. He wasn't sure if you had actually said yes or if it was just wishful thinking.
"Wh- What?"
You grinned. "I'd love to go out with you."
He grinned back as he tried to ignore how his heart had been fluttering in his chest.
From the moment you started dating, you were inseparable.
Tumblr media
Unfortunately for some reason, the both of you thought that you weren't really what the other person wanted.
Ransom thought you deserved someone better than him and you thought he'd prefer a woman that was much cooler and interesting than you were.
Whenever he came over to your place, you'd make sure to hide any and all things that would make you look like even more of a dud.
That's how you found out how curious Ransom was and how shamelessly he snooped around.
"What's that?" He asked you one day, after he found your yarn stash.
Crap, you thought. It is over for sure now.
"That's yarn." You said, embarrassed.
"Yarn? What for?" He sounded curious.
"For knitting. I knit."
"You knit?" His brows raised with surprise. "Like scarves, mittens, sweaters and stuff?"
"Yeah…" You looked down, averting your eyes.
"That's so cool!"
Your eyes snapped up, thinking he was making fun of you but the excitement on his face was genuine.
"Could you knit me a sweater?" He grinned.
You should have known that Ransom would appreciate your knitting, the man's wardrobe was 90% knitted sweaters.
You had tried on multiple occasions to knit sweaters but they always looked like crap. You couldn't say that to Ransom though. He thought you knitting sweaters was cool, if you told him that you weren't any good at it he'd probably think it was useless and stupid.
"Sure." You smiled hesitantly.
"You're amazing." He had kissed your forehead, excited at the idea of his favorite person making something special for him.
The following weeks, Ransom would ask about his sweater. How it was going, when he would get it and how far along you were in the process.
Truth be told, it was going horribly. You couldn't get the pattern right and you had started over dozens of times. So you lied and told him that you hadn't had time to start yet.
You had the genius idea to call your grandmother. That woman could knit just about anything and you knew that if someone could help you, it would be her.
You called her to ask for help and she was more than happy to do so. You met several times a week after work, as it turns out knitting a sweater was very difficult and you kept making messes.
You were really getting annoyed and frustrated but you were determined to give Ransom the sweater he had asked for.
His birthday was coming up, it was the perfect moment to give it to him. At the pace you were going, there was no way you'd be finished in time so you met with your grandmother more often and sadly had to cancel your date with Ransom on more than one occasion.
"I'm sorry, bub. She just really needs me right now." You told your boyfriend over the phone after cancelling your date for the second time this week.
"I feel like we haven't seen each other in weeks. I miss you baby."
You sighed, feeling horrible. "I miss you too."
"Can I come with you to see her? You'd be with her and we'd be able to spend time together." He asked, hopeful.
"She's feeling a little bit sick, it's probably best if you don't come. I wouldn't want you to get sick too. Let's just wait until she feels better, ok?"
Ransom hummed, disappointed but not surprised that you didn't want him to meet your family. He isn't good enough for you. He isn't the kind of guy you bring home to meet the family. He's the kind of guy you keep hidden away until you meet the guy that you introduce to your parents.
"Ok… I hope she'll be ok. I gotta go."
Before you could answer he had hung up.
"Are you ok, sweetheart?"
You looked up at your grandma and nodded sadly. "Yeah. I just feel bad for lying to him."
"You're almost done. His birthday is next week and when you give him the sweater I'm sure he'll forgive you."
You smiled. "I hope so."
"Then, you can finally bring him home so we can meet him."
You grinned. "I can't wait."
You were supposed to celebrate Ransom's birthday at his home, just the two of you but during the week he texted you that you were going to Harlan's mansion for a family dinner instead. That certainly didn't help calm your nerves.
The sweater was finally done and you were very proud of yourself. Your fingers were hurting, you had started over hundreds of times but it was worth it. You chose black yarn to hide the few flaws from your knitting. It was far from perfect but it was good enough for his birthday. You'd just keep making him more until they were perfect.
Tumblr media
You had wrapped it in a little box and put a cute bow on top of it. You drove to Harlan’s by yourself, coming straight from work.
You were relieved to see that Ransom was already there.
You parked behind his car, grabbed the box and quickly got out. You were about to run inside when you noticed Ransom coming out of his own car.
"I thought you were already inside." You said as he walked over to you, surprised.
"And let you face them alone? I don't think so."
He stood in front of you and looked down into your eyes. You hadn't seen him in almost 3 weeks and you had missed him like crazy. He put one of his hands on the small of your back and the other one on the back of your neck and pulled you close.
"Hi baby." He smiled lovingly.
"Hi bub. Happy birthday." You grinned.
He pressed a quick kiss to your lips and pulled back, making you pout.
He moved his hand from behind your neck and brushed his thumb on your bottom lip.
‘’Don’t pout. I missed you too much and if I start kissing you it’s going to turn into a makeout session.’’ He chuckled.
‘’I don’t see why that’s bad.’’
‘’What’s bad is that we’re standing in front of my grandfather’s house and I’m pretty sure that my entire family has been staring at us from the living room window. I don’t really feel like putting on a show for them.’’
You laughed. ‘’Very good points.’’ You kissed his cheek. ‘’Why are we here, anyway? I thought you didn’t want to spend your birthday with them.’’
Ransom used his free hand to tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. ‘’Harlan wanted to see me, and meet you. Unfortunately that means that everyone else has to be there.’’
‘’He wanted to meet me?’’ You were surprised that he even knew about you. ‘’Have you been talking about me when I’m not there, mister Drysdale?’’ You teased him.
‘’Of course I have.’’ He shrugged like it was no big deal. ‘’Even before we started dating.’’
His confession made your heart flutter in your chest and for the first time in your life you finally understood what people meant when they said they felt butterflies in their stomach.
You held his gift in one hand and wrapped your free arm around his shoulders and tried to bring him closer to you.
‘’I really want to kiss you right now.’’ You whispered.
‘’Later, baby. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.’’ He winked, making you laugh.
You kissed the tip of his nose and let go of his shoulders.
‘’Let’s go inside then. The quicker we eat, the quicker we leave and I can have you all to myself.’’
‘’That’s my girl. I like the way you think.’’ He let go of you completely and took your hand in his.
‘’Ready to meet my family?’’
You laughed. ‘’Nope.’’
‘’I apologize in advance for everything that’s about to happen in there.’’
You squeezed his hand and you both walked towards the front door. Ransom finally noticed the box you have been holding.
‘’What’s that?’’ He asked innocently. ‘’Did you get me a gift?’’
‘’Maybeeeee.’’ He tried to steal it from you but you quickly stopped him. ‘’Not yet.’’ You stuck out your tongue.
‘’Baby you better put that tongue back where it belongs if you don’t want me to-’’
He got cut off by the front door flying open. A tall woman with black glasses was now standing in front of you.
‘’Are you coming in any time soon or should we all move to the driveway?’’
You felt Ransom tense up at the woman’s words and you instinctively squeezed his hand to make him relax.
‘’Calm down, mother.’’
He pushed past her to get inside and you followed. You smiled shyly at his mom but she barely acknowledged you. This was going to be a long night.
Ransom took off his coat and took yours to hang them up. He grabbed your hand again and he guided you to the living room where everyone was.
You knew that his relationship with his family was bad but you didn’t think it was that bad, until you heard them groan when Ransom walked in. That’s one way to greet the birthday boy.
He quickly introduced you to everyone, keeping his dad for last. Richard had this weird smile on his face and tried to shake your hand when no one else had even moved to look at you.
‘’Don’t you dare come close to her.’’ Ransom hissed as he glared at his dad.
His dad rolled his eyes and walked back to his seat.
‘’Where’s Harlan?’’ He asked, to no one in particular.
‘’Right here.’’ A soft voice came from behind you.
You both turned around to face him and for the first time tonight, someone greeted Ransom with a smile.
‘’Happy birthday, Ransom.’’ His eyes fell on you. ‘’And you must be the woman I’ve heard so much about.’’
You smiled back at him and nodded. ‘’Well, at least I hope I am.’’ You joked, making both men laugh.
‘’With Ransom, you never know.’’ Richard called out, scoffing.
‘’Must run in the family then, uh?’’ You answered, not even bothering to look back at him.
A collective gasp shortly followed your answer.
This was the first time that Ransom felt so much pride towards another human being in all of his life. He let go of your hand and put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side. He leaned down and whispered ‘’That’s my girl.’’ in your ear, followed by a kiss on your cheek.
Harlan looked at the both of you with a little playful glimmer in his eyes. ‘’I can see why you like her so much.’’
Ransom proudly looked down at you. ‘’She’s the best.’’
You looked up at your boyfriend and smiled brightly at him. He kissed your forehead softly.
Harlan noticed the box in your hand and pointed at it. ‘’Should we do the gifts now?’’
‘’Yes!’’ Ransom answered, excited to finally be able to see what was in the box.
You were suddenly very nervous. What if he hated it?
You both sat down together in a loveseat and Harlan brought his gift to Ransom first, which you were thankful for.
He had gotten Ransom a first edition of a book he loved and the happiness in his eyes was everything. He gently put the book down next to him and made grabby hands at you. You hesitated for a few seconds and finally handed him your gift.
You watched his every move as he carefully undid the bow and tore at the wrapping paper. He opened the box and smiled. He touched the fabric with his fingertips and looked up at you. ‘’You bought me a sweater!’’
You shook your head no. ‘’I didn’t buy it. I- I made it.’’ You were too nervous to look at him and kept your gaze on the sweater instead.
‘’You made this for me?’’ He quickly took it out of the box and started looking at it from every angle.
‘’It’s the first sweater I’ve ever made. It’s far from perfect but as it turns out knitting sweaters is a lot harder than it seems.’’ You laughed softly. ‘’That’s why I was spending so much time with my grandmother. She was teaching me.’’
Ransom never thought he would get emotional over a sweater and yet, here we are. ‘’You made this for me.’’ He repeated, barely above a whisper as if he couldn’t believe it.
‘’Do you like it?’’ You asked nervously. ‘’If you don’t like it, it’s ok. I’ll buy you one instead, you don’t have to wear it.’’
Ransom’s head turned to face you so quickly you thought he had given himself whiplash. ‘’Baby, are you kidding? This is perfect. I don’t like it, I love it.’’
He reached over to you and grabbed your jaw with his hand, bringing your faces closer together. ‘’The sweater is amazing. You’re amazing.’’ He whispered before kissing you for a lot longer than he probably should have with his entire family just staring at you two but he absolutely didn’t care. He pulled back, just enough to allow you to breathe.
‘’Thanks baby.’’
‘’You’re welcome bub.’’
He kissed you again but kept it short and sweet, if he thought he had wanted you earlier it was nothing compared to how he was feeling at that moment and he didn’t trust himself to kiss you any longer.
‘’Ok. Enough.’’ His mother spoke up, ruining your sweet little moment together. ‘’It’s a sweater for God’s sake. Calm down. You own dozens of them already.’’
Ransom sighed loudly and turned to look at his mother. ‘’Is that jealousy I hear, Linda?’’ He smirked. ‘’When’s the last time your husband gave you a thoughtful gift that wasn’t some kind of bribe to keep you from divorcing him after you caught him cheating on you? Again.’’
‘’Watch how you talk to your mother.’’ His father warned him.
‘’Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were the only one allowed to disrespect her.’’
You bit your lower lip trying not to laugh at everyone’s expression.
‘’You all act like you’re better than everybody else because you have money, you look down on everyone with pity when you’re the ones who should be pitied.” He took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers, making you smile.
‘’When’s the last time any of you smiled at one another, a genuine smile, because you were happy to see each other?’’ He looked at his uncle and his wife, then his parents. None of them answered. ‘’Judging by your silence, it’s probably been years. So none of you are allowed to judge me or my girl because we are happy to see each other. You might only see a sweater, but I see hours of hard work that she put into making this sweater to make me happy. So, kindly eat shit. My girl and I are going to celebrate my birthday together and I’ll see you again at Christmas or something.’’
He stood up and gently pulled on your hand so that you’d do the same. He handed you his sweater and the book Harlan gave him.
‘’Could you hold this for me, please?’’
You took both and watched as he apologized to his grandfather and thanked him for inviting you both.
‘’I’ll call you next week.’’ He promised.
‘’It was really nice meeting you, Mr.Thrombey. Thank you for inviting me. You really have a beautiful home.’’ You smiled shyly.
‘’I have a feeling we’ll see each other again, dear.’’ He winked and gave a quick nod towards Ransom. ‘’Now, go celebrate. Have fun.’’
Ransom let go of your hand, took both of your coats and put his on first. He held yours so that you could put it on one arm at a time while still holding his gifts for him.
‘’Can I leave my car here? I’ll come back for it tomorrow.’’ He asked Harlan.
‘’Not a problem.’’
Ransom opened the front door for you and followed you as you walked out of the mansion. He shut the door behind him and felt like he could breathe again.
‘’Well, that went better than I expected.’’
‘’Did it really?’’ You asked, laughing.
He nodded. ‘’Ten times better.’’
‘’Thank goodness for that.’’ You pulled out your car keys from your coat’s pocket. ‘’Where are we going?’’ You looked up.
He stole your keys from your hand. ‘’How about we go back to your place, order pizza and watch movies?’’
‘’It’s your birthday, bub. We can do anything you want.’’
‘’Home it is.’’ He put his arm around your shoulders and guided you to the passenger side of your car.
You opened the car door to the backseat and put Ransom’s sweater and book in the back. Ransom closed the door for you and turned you around so that you were facing him. He caged your body between him and the car. One hand on your hip and the other holding the side of your face. Your hands gripped the front of his coat to keep him close. The look in his eyes made you shiver.
He gently stroked your cheek with his thumb, looking in your eyes.
‘’I love you.’’ He whispered, just for the two of you.
Your heart was racing in your chest. You had dreamed about hearing him saying those words to you so many times, it barely felt real.
‘’I love you so much.’’ He added. ‘’It scares the crap out of me.’’ He chuckled softly and brought you closer to him. He leaned down and pressed his forehead to yours.
‘’You don’t have to say it back but,’’ He closed his eyes and took in a shaky breath. ‘’Please don’t break my heart.’’
‘’I love you too.’’
His eyes opened as soon as the words came out of your mouth. He leaned back, just enough to look at you properly. He looked deep into your eyes, as if he was looking for any sign that you didn’t mean it.
‘’Say it again.’’
‘’I love y-’’
Ransom cut you off, crashing his lips onto yours. His hand moved from your hip to the small of your back, grabbing a fistful of your coat and bringing his chest flush against you, making you tighten your grip on his coat. He kissed you with so much desire and love that it literally took your breath away, only stopping when the two of you were completely out of breath and panting. He pecked your lips a few more times before pulling away, slowly unclenching his fist and letting go of your coat. He brushed his nose against yours and smiled brightly.
‘’Sorry.’’ He said, breathless. ‘’You were going to say something?’’ He chuckled.
You laughed. ‘’I can’t remember.’’
‘’Good.’’ He smirked. ‘’That means I still got it.’’ He wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lower lip.
‘’Dork.’’ You rolled your eyes, teasing him.
‘’Your dork. Forever.’’ He grinned goofily.
You shook your head softly and chuckled. ‘’Come on, dork. Let’s go home.’’
‘’Yes ma’am.’’ He kissed your cheek and moved to the right to open the passenger door for you and drove you home, hand in hand and smiles never leaving either of your lips. The thoughts that you weren’t good enough for him or that he did not deserve you were completely gone.
Tumblr media
The following weekend your parents had invited you over to meet Ransom and give him a proper birthday dinner. Your grandmother was absolutely in love with him and he loved her just as much. They were adorable together and it warmed your heart to see your boyfriend get along so well with your family. You couldn’t stop smiling as you watched him talk with your parents and laugh with them. He was finally able to enjoy some real family time and happiness sure looked good on him.
That, and the sweater you had made for his birthday that he was wearing, with pride.
Tumblr media
Adorable sweater divider by @firefly-graphics
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