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#ransom drysdale one shot
holdontorogers · 4 months ago
»» Amazing, isn’t it? r.d.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Ransom Drysdale x Reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; as your book became a success, Harlan Thrombey invited you to be a part of his publishing company. He just forgot to mention that his grandson, who started working there as well, was an asshole.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 3,662
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI; swearing, enemies to lovers, pet-names (sweetheart, princess, pretty thing, honey, kitten), fingering, oral (f & m), fingering, unprotected sex, rough sex, slight daddy kink, slight breeding kink, praise kink, dumbification, degradation, Ransom is an asshole (but what’s new?)
𝐚/𝐧; GIF NOT MINE. this might have a part 2, depends on how you guys like it and if I get the time and inspiration for it 😌. want to feel ransom’s ring when he chokes me
Tumblr media
It started out as a joke. This last paper drove everyone from your Masters program insane. 
Yours was the only one to receive a full grade, so naturally your friends betted you could write a book.
The irony being that you actually began to start the book, as a joke. However, part of you started to really enjoy that.
Long story short — you finished the book, your friends loved it and encouraged you to publish it, it was a hit.
Apparently you did an excellent job, you thought to yourself, as you signed a contract with Blood Like Wine, Harlan Thrombey’s publishing company.
Yes, the Harlan Thrombey: best selling mystery novelist, 85 years old man; owner of his own publishing house…….. the most brilliant man you’ve ever met. 
After three meetings, he was ready to welcome you into the publishing house.
“Harlan, I cannot believe this is happening” you smiled while shaking his hand, vibrations all over your body of all the excitement.
“Oh, don’t worry about it, young lady, I am sure you will be an incredible addition to the company” he smiled back at you, subtly laughing at your joy.
“Oh, one last thing” he added, circling around his desk, going towards the door as you followed.
“yeah?” you tried, looking back at him with narrowed eyes. “My grandson will be working with us this Summer” he gently looked at you, making your eyebrow raise, what was the problem?
“Your grandson?” you encouraged him to continue his explanation, as he opened the door.
“Ransom, he is” Harlan pressed his lips together, frowning as he searched for the words to define Ransom.
“He is difficult, hard to deal with” he had a serious look on his face, you gulped, getting out of his office still looking at him.
“This Summer is his last chance to show me he’s still worth saving” he explained and then sighed, pressing a finger on his frown as he thought about his next words.
“I see a lot of me in that kid, you know?” he had a soft look on his face, you smiled gently at him. “Wanna make sure I did all I could”, he concluded.
You nodded at his words, eyes tracing the hall, searching for the right thing to say. “Well… Can’t wait to meet him!”, you tried. And how wrong were you.
Harlan then showed you your office. It was at the mansion; his latest renovation included upgraded offices, one for him, one for Ransom, and one for you.
It was huge to say the least. Harlan’s office was at the end of the hall, yours was by the stairs, and Ransom’s was in the middle.
That should be interesting, you could only hope.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
Later that day you googled Ransom, why? You were not sure. Something about Harlan’s carefulness when talking about him intrigued you.
Ransom was a spoiled trust fund prick.
You could almost hear the snobby voice he must have, you could almost see the superior look he gave to anyone who dared cross Hugh Ransom Drysdale.
Any picture of him next to Harlan had him in a dreadful look.
And impeccable clothing, to the point where you envied the style this man had. But he still looked like someone you would not get near to.
You started to research about the Thrombeys wondering why you did that after accepting the job. They seemed like awful people — Harlan’s opposite, you hoped.
You left out a heavy breath, rolling your eyes and throwing yourself in your bed, hands on your face.
How much did Harlan like this kid? How bad could Ransom be? What would happen to your future if you two didn’t get along? What about that entire family??
You had just gotten your Masters, it was time to start focusing on the career you’d like to pursue. What if signing with Blood Like Wine was a terrible idea?
You decided that concerning about it was only give you a sleepless night before your first day.
You would work there this Summer and see if another book would work out its way out of your brain. Just one Summer by now, you could do this.
You were going to do your best, and an entitled, snobby, rich baby boy would not be on your way.
So you decided to freshen up and tug yourself to sleep. You had a long day tomorrow.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
He was even worse than you imagined.
“It’s Hugh” he spitted out to the poor maid, “you’re the help, you call me Hugh. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand”. There wasn’t even a reply, just heavy steps on the stairs.
You rolled your eyes and tried to focus on the blank page in front of you. That was, until someone knocked, and entered.
He was gorgeous, and you cursed yourself for thinking about that at first.
But yeah, the perfect cream sweater, the perfect hair neatly done, and his ocean blue eyes… undeniably gorgeous.
But then he started talking.
“So you’re the pretty thing Harlan invited into this hell house” he had his hands on his hips, his sunglasses hanging at the edge of his nose, and a smirk on his face.
“And you are?” you managed to ask, barely finishing the question until he barked out a laugh. Where the hell did that come from?
“I’m Ransom, honey, but I’m sure you knew that” he winked, pressed his lips together as he removed his sunglasses, eyes focused on you.
“The question is” he was walking around the room, your office “who are you, pretty one” he stopped by your desk, pointing at you. That smirk officially becoming your least favorite thing in the world.
“I’m busy” you hissed, giving him a challenging look. He laughed “that’s an odd name” he continued to analyze you with his eyes, taking longer than necessary on your curves.
“Don’t you have work to do?” you said, he annoyed you. Beyond reason.
No matter what you said, he would bark something right back, his eyes eyes followed all your moves, daring you to move.
You hated how you felt, nearly squirming in your sit as he just laid eyes on you. It was going to be a long Summer.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
It hasn’t been any better than the first day. Ransom kept coming to your desks, provoking you and leaving you infuriated.
Almost two months passed by and Ransom’s ultimate task of the day was to push your buttons until you snap, which you never did.
He was doing research for Harlan, at least that was he’s supposed task. You honestly thought his job was to drive you crazy.
If it wasn’t by how rude it was with, well, everyone, it would be because he was either late or not there at all.
And if you’re being honest, the fact that he would always seem to have a girl around made you clench your teeth. It was either hickeys or lipstick marks that he’d made sure you saw.
He could only parade those on purpose, and the fact that it got you worked up and absolutely irritated only egged him on.
Ransom loved the effect he had on you, he loved to see you tense in your sit whenever a mark from his last rendezvoused showed. He loved how worked up he got you.
But Ransom wished he could just snap it out of you. He didn’t like that you always had something to say right back at him.
He didn’t like when you rolled your eyes or looked disgusted at him but never did anything about it.
He didn’t like how you never left his mind, making him come into the place he hated the most in the world, just to annoy you.
Naturally he would constantly tease you. Suddenly opening your office door “by mistake” while you were concentrated, just to catch you off guard.
Softly grabbing your hips while he reaches for something in the kitchen, something that couldn’t wait until you moved. No, he would always be at the same places as you were, like a magnet.
It was getting harder to resist. You were hornier by the minute; the book taking away all resemblance of a social life you once had.
Your vibrator was old news and working at the same house as Ransom, with him impossibly close to you, was really hard to forget how bad you wanted him.
His cologne filled your nostrils, your had became fuzzy whenever he was around. His voice echoed in your head, and it was getting harder and harder to resist. You had no idea what to do.
One time he even almost kissed you, sweet talking with you until he was running his hands through your hair, almost closing the distance between your lips. If it wasn’t for Harlan, calling you at that exact second…
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
“Ransom do you have the paper from Harlan already?” you asked through his door. Harlan was gone for the weekend.
Obviously he left Ransom to take care of things, including the reviews from the last chapter you wrote.
“Come in, sweetheart” you rolled your eyes opening the door “Ransom I’m serious I need to move on with things and” you started, waking into his office; he wasn’t even listening to you mumbling.
Ransom was laughing at something on the computer, not taking his eyes from it. The draft you left for Harlan (and now him) to read threw face down on the table.
You felt your blood boiling, rage filling your eyes. It’s not enough he’s constantly out to irritate you. He had to act like anything else wasn’t as important as him.
“You know what?” you snapped. “Don’t bother, I’ll just keep writing it and give it to Harlan when he’s back” you grabbed the paper from his desk.
Ransom held your arms, holding his other one up, signaling for you to wait. Not that you had a choice.
His grip was strong, not enough to hurt, but enough to make it impossible for you to move. At least that’s what you told yourself.
You were horny, and Ransom hasn’t made it easy for you, having to watch him always too close to you. He was a teaser, a menace. You were nearly done holding yourself back, ready to just let it go.
How bad could it be? Letting Ransom have his way with you? Maybe he was bad in bed and you would stop being so hot and bothered whenever he was around.
Maybe sleeping with him was what you needed to get pass this. At least that’s what you told yourself.
“Ransom, I don’t have all day” you hissed. Ransom closed his computer, looking back at you.
“See? Wasn’t that long now was it?” he let go of your arm, leaning on his chair with his arms around his body, examining you.
You turned the papers around, seeing notes on it, you frowned. “Did Harlan read this before leaving?” you asked, confused.
“Of course not” Ransom quickly said, as if it was obvious, that stupid smirk on his face. “You did this?”, you were confused, disbelieving how actually good those notes were.
And also, how Ransom they were, with plenty of “eat shit” to a character he didn’t like and “wtf????”s marked all over, but there were also good notes, great feedback.
“Yeah” he shrugged, your brows knitted together “I’ve been reading it since the start” he simply said, making you even more incredulous.
“I was intrigued after you first book, wanted to see if it was beginners luck or if you really had it”, were you delusional? Ransom Drysdale read your book?
“You read my book?” you couldn’t stop the words from coming out, still trying to put his words together in your brain.
Ransom had such an effect on you. You hated it.
“Of course, what do you think I’m doing here?” he raised a brow at you, a coy smile on his face. You frowned at him.
Ransom, then, started to move, going around his desk into your direction. He held your gaze as he approached you.
You could feel your arousal as you followed his movements. You tried cursing yourself and snapping out of it, but Ransom was too close, too sudden, too intoxicating.
“What happened, princess?” he mewled, you gulped at the pet-name, its effects quickly sending goosebumps all over your body.
You thanked that mansion for being cold, your sweater hiding how much of an effect he had on you.
“Lost your words, sweetheart?” he raised your face with a finger, examining you, you didn’t dare to move. His eyes were dark, his pupils consumed with lust.
“Always so eager to reply right back at me, honey, what happened?” he was mocking you. Yet, you could only bit your lips, holding back the whimpers.
“Bet I could just bent you over this desk and claim you mine” he taunted, your eyes widened at his words, partly because you wanted him to stop, partly because you were almost begging him to do that.
It was getting pretty hard to control yourself. You pressed your thighs together slightly, but Ransom caught you.
“Oh, I see the problem here” he smirked, “you’re too wet to even form sentences aren’t you?” he turned you both so you were caged around his arms, pressing you on the desk, towering over you.
“My dumb girl” he ran his lips through your jawline, you whined, throwing your head back at the feelings, all becoming too much “so ready for daddy,” his hands were now traveling your body “but I need words, baby”.
“Ransom” you tried, your voice filled with need. You knew you shouldn’t do it, you should not allow this much power to anyone, especially him.
But you didn’t care, you grabbed his expensive scarf pushing him to your lips. He hungrily accepted the act, devouring your mouth, tongue and teeth as the kiss invaded all your senses.
Ransom pulled away, back at taking his sweet time torturing you, rubbing your cheeks as you pouted.
“What is it that you need, kitten?” He ran a finger through your pants, just to see you squirm “use your big girl words” he scolded, coming closer to your ears, his hands stopping at your centre, his fingers caressing you through your pants.
“I need you” you chose to go against reason, you only wanted him at that moment. The trust fund prick, staining you with his hands and touches, unmatched to anything you ever felt before.
Ransom opened your pants, slowly dragging them down your body, on his knees. He could now see the goosebumps and shrives at every touch of his hands, caressing your thighs, kissing his way up where you needed him most, sweet sounds leaving your mouth.
You found balance on his desk, spreading your legs. “That needy, uh?” he hummed, rubbing his fingers through your panties, his eyes widening at how soaked they were.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you hanging” he ripped the underwear out of your body, shoving it in his pockets “I’ll take care of you, will have you screaming my name” it was a promise he intended to keep.
You were completely exposed to him, body flushed and ready, dripping for him. He parted your lips with his fingers, humming at how ready you were for him.
In one motion, Ransom slipped his tongue in your heat, you moaned at the feeling. His tongue teased your entrance, and explored every inch of your mound. You jerked your hips, still looking for more friction.
“Bet if I add two fingers at once your greedy pussy will take them so well” he purred “so greedy for daddy” he hummed, his two fingers stretching you and hitting you sweet spot at every thrust.
You cried out his name as his tongue circled and sucked on your clit. The pleasure was getting too much, you senses blown away by Ransom’s movements.
You don’t ever remember feeling this good, having someone knowing you so well. Ransom took his time to watch your every reaction, his fingers at a perfect pace, his tongue driving you over the edge.
You never came this hard, your body shaking and weak, as curses, moans and Ransom’s name was all that could leave your mouth.
Ransom stood up, shoving his fingers in your mouth so you could taste yourself. You moaned and sucked on his fingers shamelessly enjoying every second of it.
“That good, uh?” he said, that cocky bastard. You never hated that smirk so much as you did now.
Especially because you couldn’t even respond to him, your dizzy head spinning as you recovered. Your hands gripping the desk for balance.
You were beyond wrong. That was the worst idea you ever had. Ransom would ruin anyone else for you. There was no way you wouldn’t want him more after today.
“Sweetie, are you there?” Ransom cupped your cheeks, the coy smirk still in his face. “That was….” you tried finding the words, biting your lips.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he said, looking at you with a proud smile on his face. “Feel like returning the favor, bunny?” he raised a brow at you, as you nodded.
Ransom removed his pants, “wanna see what that pretty mouth can do before I fuck you stupid” he taunted, freeing his cock.
You sank down to your knees, palming his length, the precum visible in his swollen tip. Your mouth watered at the sight, he was big, you gulped, body tensing a little.
“Oh, don’t worry kitten” Ransom mocked “it will fit” he said, stroking his length, bringing it to your mouth.
You left your tongue out, welcoming him, the salty precum filling your mouth. You sucked the reddened tip, your tongue swirling around it. Ransom’s eyes going wide as he groaned.
He grabbed your hair, pulling his length into you. you hallowed your cheek and took him all, gagging as he tried to fit in your mouth.
“Doing so good for daddy, sweetie” he praised “such a good girl taking all of my cock” you moaned at the words, making his dick twitch in your mouth.
He increased his pace, growling and moaning as he pounded into your mouth. “Fuck, your mouth feels so good, sweetie” his thrusts were sloppy, losing his pace as he got closer to his release.
Then, he stopped, pulling you out of him and into your feet. Ransom pulled you back to the desk, spinning you until you were sited, legs on his waist.
You removed his shirt and pulled him closer to you, kissing his lips. You both moaned as your tastes collided. You ran your hands through his hairs, making a mess on his perfectly neat hair.
Ransom growled as you pulled him, gripping your hips, slowly sinking into you slowly. You whined as you felt your walls stretching to fit him.
“So tight, baby” Ransom said, burying his face in your neck “can feel you squeezing me, fuck” he began to increase his pace, slamming his hips faster.
You threw your head back, your legs pressing his waist tighter, feeling him balls deep inside you.
“Gonna ruin all other men for you” Ransom groaned “gonna have your greedy pussy all for myself now” you nearly screamed at his words.
“Ransom, don’t stop” you begged squirming and moaning all for him. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, daddy’s gotcha” he whispered in your ear, his voice low and raspy sending shrives down your body.
Ransom began pounding even faster, biting and kissing your neck, his thumb in a perfect pace in your clit. It was mind blowing. Ransom knew how to touch all the right places.
You could feel your bodies working in a perfect rhythm. You could feel how Ransom didn’t stop kissing and touching you. How his free hand was grabbing your leg, strong enough to leave his mark on you.
You could also see the look on his face, his body and the sounds that left his mouth showing that he was just as in it as you. Red skin, flushed expression and sweat covering his body. His hair was a mess, as you pushed and pull to bring him impossibly closer to you.
His thrusts were losing their pace, becoming sloppy as you could feel the waves of your orgasm hitting you. White hot spots of pleasure taking over your body.
You were in a blissful state, holding yourself in Ransom, finding balance in his shoulders, leaning towards him as he drove you through your high; still chasing his own release.
Ransom was lost in the feeling, your pussy pulsating and squeezing him even tighter than before. He never felt so good in his life.
“Want me to fill you up, sweetie?” he could barely make sense of his words, lost in you “yes, daddy, please” you whined, and that drove Ransom wild, straight to his own orgasm.
You could fill his warm cum spilling inside you, filling you up as he moaned loudly, his forehand meeting yours as you were both breathing heavily.
Ransom cleaned you up with his boxers, helping you find your clothes.
Holding them out for you, he raised a finger to his chin and grinned “you know, there’s showers in here” he winked, still looking at you.
“Well, I could actually use a warm bath now” you replied, winked back at him. Ransom laughed and let you the mansion. You were wearing nothing but his sweaters.
You had no idea what you were doing. All you knew is that somehow you still needed more of him.
You were completely intoxicated by Ransom Drysdale, the trust fund prick. And tonight, he could take you wherever he wanted.
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sstan-hoe · 2 months ago
𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙊𝙡𝙚' 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩𝙮 | 𝙍.𝘿
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — Ransom can get really soft when he didn’t see Y/N for days
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — First time writing Ransom!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Taglist | Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Don't go wasting your emotion, lay all your love on me…” You sang as you cooked yourself dinner, the music was on full volume and how couldn’t it be when it was ABBA.
Ransom stepped into the building of your apartment with the intention to surprise you, it was actually planned that he would come by tomorrow, but he couldn’t wait to see you, he had missed you so much.
He could already hear from the hallway that you were listening to ABBA and had to smile to himself.
Ransom pulled the keys to your apartment out and when he unlocked the door he could smell the faint aroma of pancakes, your favourite dish.
You didn’t notice that Ransom walked in and kept seeing while turning the pancakes, when you turned your body to the door you saw Ransom leaning against the frame. It took you a second to realize that Ransom was standing there.
“Ransom!” You squealed as you fell out of your trance and jumped into his arms. “I thought you were coming tomorrow.” You beamed at him.
“I missed you too much sunflower.” He replied with a smile lacing at his lips, ‘sunflower’ was a nickname Ransom had for you since your first date where you told him that your favourite flower was the sunflower, and you wore a yellow dress with big a sunflower on the right side.
“I missed you too!” You beamed at him with excitement. “Come on I was just making dinner, I have enough for two.” You told him and whirled yourself around in his arms.
You grasped his hand. “You can set the table.” You ordered and he walked over to the cabinet with the plates and bowls to get everything including the cutlery.
Ransom went to the dining room where the music was blasting where turned the volume down. “Are turning my ABBA down?!” You called from the kitchen making him grimace. “Yes, sunflower but-“ “Nope no you don’t turn ABBA down.” You lectured him as you walked out of the kitchen.
In response Ransom playfully rolled his eyes at you making you slap his arm.
“You do know that pancakes are actually for breakfast yeah?” Ransom said as you took your first bite. “Says who?” You asked him with raised brows and Ransom huffed. “Everyon’.”
“Sure and I’m the Queen.” “You are a Queen.” Smooth asshole you thought and blushed like an idiot.
“Anyway…I think you can it at breakfast, lunch and dinner because there is no rule if it’s your favourite dish.” You noted with raised head to give your statement more authority.
“Does that mean I can have you everytime of the day?” “What?” You questioned him as you blushed again.
“Eat your food.” You pointed at the food and gave him a proving look. “Yes sunflower.” Ransom said and began to eat his food.
“Sunflower?” Ransom whispered into the dark. “Ran it’s in the middle of the night.” You grumbled as you turned your back to him. “Something doesn’t feel right.” He stated ignoring your grumbles.
“Ransom…” You grumbled once more as you tuned your upper half to him.
“It’s you, you aren’t cuddling with me!” He concluded and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you onto his chest. Your arms went around his neck automatically. “Happy?” You mumbled against him.
“Very.” Ransom smiled and nuzzled his nose into your neck.
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 —
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chrissquares · 5 months ago
omg bestie i have one so u can chris x reader obv and u can do that the reader goes to the mall and goes into vs and buys lingerie and she try it on in the fitting rooms and snaps a picture of it while she's wearing it and she sends it like 'do u like it baby or daddy' and then he's like wait to u come home and add in that smut ifykyk
hehehehehheheh that's a good one😏 though I gonna change it to ransom because i dont write rpf anymore but oooooo this is gonna be fun 😏😏😏 I tweaked a little something something soooo... enjoy~ and oops it is now a one shot lmao
You Love Teasing Me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x f!Reader
Word Count: ~1.4K 
warnings: 18+, swearing, sexting (kind of), smut (sir kink, spanking, tit squeezing, male oral receiving, spitting on cock, blow job, hand job, balls sucking, deepthroating, gagging, cum playing/licking, cum on chest), NSFW, explicit sexual content and language, minors DNI
Tumblr media
While you were standing in front of the mirror in the fitting room of VS, you were trying on this lace button-front teddy that would look absolutely amazing with the little black skirt and the little white maid apron that you have at home. You could already imagine Ransom's face when he sees it, his lips would turn into a crooked smirk and his eyes would darken while eyeing you from your pretty face and down to your bare legs.
But, you wanted to tease him, especially when he is at Harlan's house. So, you decided to snap a couple pictures in the fitting room and sent them to your dear boyfriend: there was one that was showcasing your bare back and the lace panties hugging your ass cheeks perfectly, and there's a bird-eye view that focused on the collar and the button-front with your arm modestly, but yet sensually, covering your bare titties.
"Do you like it, babe?"
You sent the text with the pictures and the dot dot dot typing bubble almost showed up immediately, which made you grin at your screen.
"WTF I'm at Harlan's..."
"I'm leaving rn, jesus baby, you better come home in the next 15 or I'm coming to that fitting room and gonna fuck you there"
He sent the text one after the other, and you wondered what excuse he used to leave Harlan's house in a hurry.
"Yes, sir... 😏"
Without a second thought, you texted back with a cheeky smile and you quickly get dressed and paid for the teddy before heading home.
When you got home, Ransom's beemer was nowhere to be seen; but you knew it wouldn't take him long to come home from Harlan's, so you quickly got into the house, changed into your newly purchased teddy and put on your black skirt and apron before you scurried down to the living room just as you heard his car outside.
You picked up the tablecloth and bent over as you pretended to wipe the table with your ass facing the front door and letting whoever walks in get a perfect view of your plump ass and your lace panties.
Hearing a low growl and a curse, you smirked to yourself while you felt Ransom's presence getting closer, the smell of his cologne getting stronger with each step he took. And finally, he was pressing his chest against your back with his head on your shoulder, an arm wrapped around your body with his left-hand cupping and squeezing your right tit.
"You just love teasing me, don't you?" he whispered, biting on your ear lobe while his right hand bunched up your skirt at your waist, exposing your full bum before he smacked down hard on your right cheek.
You let out a breathy sigh when the spank stung a little and your head fell backwards onto his shoulder. "Yes, sir... more please..." you moaned as you pushed yourself back onto his crotch, trying to get as close to him as you could, so that you could grind your ass on his clothed bulge like the tease that you were.
But he held you tighter, kept you from squirming and grinding your ass on him. "Hmmm... you know there are consequences for teasing me, hmm? or is that what you really want? you love being punished and getting spanked and used, huh? well... maybe this time you will have to earn it..." he spoke through his gritted teeth as he spun you around, getting a good look of your front and your titties, kissing you hungrily before ordering you to get on your knees and sit on your heels.
Your muscle memories brought your hands straight to his belt and fly, undoing them like you have done a million times before you pulled his angry dripping cock out from its constraint. You eagerly grabbed a hold onto his cock as you stuck your tongue out, looking up at him as you inched closer to run his tip onto your tongue, moving his bulbous tip side to side before using the tip of your tongue to tease his slit.
He watched you intensely, breathing heavily while you wrapped your lips around his crown, sucking it gently as your hand start to pump his length. By propping yourself up higher and getting your bum up from your heels, you guided his cock towards your tits, rubbing and brushing his tip and cock against your nipples and bosom as you spat and made his cock catch your saliva. And your hand didn't wait another second before stroking and lubing him up with your own spit.
Putting him back into your warm and velvety mouth, you flattened your tongue as you sucked and licked, tracing the vein on his underside with your tongue while you watched his head fell back in pleasure. You bobbed your head vigorously, making your tits bounce freely, slurping him up as your hand jerked and pumped the rest of his cock. His tangy taste was so addictive that it made you want more and more.
"Mmmmhmmm" you hummed at the feel and the taste of him, the moan reverberated in your mouth and sending vibrations through his cock.
"Fuuuuuck..." he cursed, threading his hand through your hair while holding onto the back of your head, pushing himself deeper into your mouth and held you in place with his hand. "That's it, baby..."
Pulling off him with a gasp, you took a big gulp of air before you held his cock upwards, licking his balls left and right before you sucked one into your mouth. You pumped him up and down as your lips suck his balls in pulses, massaging them one after the other with equal attention, making Ransom groan loudly from above.
You smirked proudly before you peppered kisses up his swollen cock, and then swallowed him whole until his throbbing tip hit the back of your throat, stuffing your mouth full and feeling just how perfectly he fitted in your mouth.
Ransom squeezed and tightened his fingers on your hair, tilting your head up slightly so that he could shove his cock down your throat a little more, holding you in place while making you gag. You held him in as long as you could before your throat narrowed and pushed him out, coughing a bit when he pulled out, and drool was dripping down the corner of your mouth as a string of saliva lingered between your lips and his cock.
"Good girl..." he praised after a moan, moving his hand from your head to your cheek before he rested his thumb on your bottom lip, and you reflexively started sucking on his thumb while you worked on his throbbing cock.
He was getting warmer and warmer, and you knew he was close when he began thrusting his hip and fucking himself into your hand. "Hnnnhnng ahhhh fuck...." he sighed continuously until his voice got caught in his throat, and your hand was stroking him so quickly that your movements were a blur.
You pumped your chest out as you got up from your heels once more, pointing his cock at your tits while jerking him off with earnest, and it didn't take long for his balls to twitch and his body to jolt. He came with a deep groan while ropes of his hot and creamy spent landed on your tits, and some on your lace button-front and collar.
And then the room was just filled with the two of you panting. You sucked his cock into your mouth one last time, making sure you suck everything out of him and not letting a drop wasted on the floor before you smiled sweetly up at him; and you wiped his cum off your chest with your fingers and smeared it back onto his cock and licked it clean from base to tip.
"Did I earn my spankings, sir?" you asked him almost innocently.
And he was in a fucking daze and panting very heavily while looking down at you, "jesus fucking christ...." he sighed, "you sure did, baby... now bend over my lap and let me take a good look at that ass in those lacy panties..."
Tumblr media
A/N: this literally went so differently when I first started lmaooo
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 8 months ago
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader Word Count: 2,529 Summary: After another family gathering from hell, you indulge Ransom in a little slice of heaven. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Mention of shitty family drama. Dirty talk. Oral sex (m receiving). Unprotected sex. Soft!Ransom Drysdale. AU. 18+
A/N: This is my entry to the lovely, talented, & hilarious @the-iceni-bitch​ ‘s Hoeing to Hozier Challenge! Congrats on 1K followers and thank you so much for hosting this, lovely! I hope you enjoy this dose of soft sweater daddy filth and feels, just for you! 🥺 ❤️
My prompt: "The only heaven I’ll be sent to, is when I’m alone with you...” - Take Me to Church
Tumblr media
The knock on your door was so loud it shook your apartment and made you yelp in surprise.
Tucking the bookmark into your book, you set it aside before quickly uncurling yourself from your sofa and hurrying to the front door.
Another knock sounded--impatient and making your door rattle on its hinges--and you didn’t even check the peephole before you were flipping the lock and opening the door.
Your lips parted in surprise as you found Ransom looming close, his gaze quick to drop to your bare legs. You shivered, tugging on the hem of your sleep shirt, your body instantly buzzing to life with warm awareness like it always did when you were with him.
“I thought you had your mother’s birthday party tonight?” you greeted.
Ransom’s eyes snapped to yours, the dark anger swirling in their depths making your gaze go wide as you instinctively took a step back.
He didn’t often direct his anger or malice your way, but you’d witnessed it first hand the few times he’d taken you along to a family function or out with his friends.
It wasn’t really a shock that Ransom was an asshole considering the company he kept and the people who raised him.
But during your time with him--going on nearly a year now--you’d been able to chip away at some of that arrogant asshole armor of his, and what you found beneath was an angry, sad, and insecure man who greedily consumed any scrap of genuine love and affection you gave him like a starving man feasting for the first time in years.
“I did,” Ransom finally responded, a scowl twisting his handsome features. “Just your typical Thrombey family condemnation. I didn’t even get my fucking coat off before they were digging into me.”
Your heart ached for him as you touched his wrist and drew him inside, softly shutting the door behind him before pressing close. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, twining your fingers with his and tipping your head back to catch his lips in a kiss.
Ransom endured your soft, languid kiss for a few seconds before shaking his hands from yours and sliding one around the curve of your ass, yanking you against him hard as his free hand cradled the side of your throat and angled your face so he could deepen the kiss.
He swallowed your gasp with a pleased hum, his tongue a desperate press against yours as his hand wandered your ass before his fingers were dipping along your warm center from behind.
You could feel him grin against your mouth as you moaned and jerked against him, your fingers desperately clutching at the lapels of his coat as you broke the kiss.
“Ransom,” you panted, blinking the lust-filled daze from your eyes. “I’m sorry your family is so awful, maybe talking about it would make you feel better?”
A wicked smirk curled Ransom’s lips as he pressed his forehead against yours. “Fuck my family, figuratively.” His fingers danced along the dampening cotton of your panties as he murmured, “And now I’m gonna fuck you, kitten. Literally.”
He snickered at his own joke as you buried your warm face against his chest with a sigh. Straightening, you slid your hands beneath the collar of his coat and pushed it off his broad shoulders, waiting for Ransom to shrug out of it before hanging it in the front closet.
When you turned back to him, you felt your body temperature spike at the way Ransom was watching you.
His eyes were dark, but not from anger, from desire, for you. His teeth were pressing into the pink pillow of his bottom lip, fingers twitching at his sides like he was restraining himself from touching you.
Your gaze dipped lower, and you felt another wave of heat flood your face as you spied the bulge at the front of his pants.
Even as a new gush of arousal made you clench your thighs together, you bit your lip as you lifted your gaze to his, fingers reaching for his wrist and tugging him closer. “You sure you don’t wanna talk, handsome Ransom?”
A genuine smile--small but soft--twitched his lips at the nickname, and suddenly Ransom was sweeping you up in his arms until you were flush to his front and he was pressing you back against the nearest wall.
“The only talking I wanna do is dirty talk, ‘cause I know how much you like that, sweetheart,” he whispered against your ear. “Now take me to bed so I can split you open on my cock until neither of us can string together a sentence.”
You whimpered, thighs rubbing together as Ransom swooped in for a brief, filthy kiss, and then he was turning you around, planting his big hands on your shoulders, and marching you down the hall and into your bedroom.
You’d barely turned on the bed side lamp before Ransom was on you, his hands quick to tug off your t-shirt and toss it over his shoulder carelessly. He licked his lips as his hands slid up your sides before moving to grope your breasts, his eyes sparkling as you gasped and arched into his touch.
When he ducked his head and took your nipple between his lips, any lingering concern you had for him and his bad night evaporated, along with every other thought in your mind.
The nip of his teeth on your sensitive flesh had you mewling, your fingers raking through Ransom’s soft hair as he pulled away to gaze up at you.
“Fucking love those sweet sounds you make for me, kitten.”
He shoved you onto the bed, grinning as you gasped and bounced, his eyes fixed on your jiggling breasts as he worked his belt open.
Ransom undressed quickly, his hand dropping to his hard, weeping cock once he was naked before you and eyeing you up like he was actively plotting your ruin, which you were certain he was.
And you welcomed it, lifting your hips as Ransom’s fingers curled against the sides of your panties and tugged them down your legs before they joined the pile of discarded clothes on the floor.
You sighed as Ransom crawled over you, his warmth immediately chasing the chill from your body as his smooth skin slid against yours. Eyes fluttering as your touch rounded his broad back, Ransom kissed you slowly, his lips gliding against yours--his tongue teasing--until you were both gasping for air and rocking against each other impatiently.
As he settled between your legs, fingers teasing along your slit, you swallowed a moan, pushing against Ransom’s chest. “Wait.”
His head snapped up from where he’d been mouthing along your neck, eyes shining with confusion. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” You smiled at his wary look before pushing at his chest some more. “I just wanna make you feel good.”
“Then stop interrupting me,” Ransom huffed.
You laughed, pressing against his chest, getting momentarily distracted by the prickle of Ransom’s chest hair beneath your fingers.
And then he was pushing himself away from you, brow arched, face hinging on a scowl.
You grinned at his impatience, unable to stifle your giggles. “You look like you’re close to crossing your arms and pouting at me,” you teased, pressing up on your knees and urging Ransom toward the head of the bed.
“What are you doing?” he muttered, settling back against your pillows with a roll of his eyes as your hands pressed against his shoulders. His gaze widened as you swung a leg over his hips, until you were settling on top of him. Ransom’s grin was shit eating as he said, “Kitten, if you wanted to be on top, you could have just asked.”
“Not just that,” you hummed, dipping low for a thorough kiss.
Just as Ransom’s tongue swept along the seam of your lips, you pulled away, smiling at his quiet noise of exasperation before you touched your lips to his cheek, then the hinge of his jaw.
You felt him jolt beneath you at the feel of your teeth tugging on his earlobe. “Love you,” you whispered against his ear, pressing a kiss on the side of his neck before shimmying lower and trailing more kisses along his chest.
Ransom gritted your name as you licked and sucked at his nipple, his big hands reaching for you. “As much as I can appreciate foreplay, I just wanna fuck that sweet pussy so--”
Gazing up the length of his gorgeous body, you settled between his knees, hand gripping the base of his cock as you licked the mess of precum from the tip of him.
“Christ!” Ransom hissed, head falling back as his hips bucked. Swallowing, he lifted his head to glance down at you, glaring at your beatific smile as you slowly stroked his cock. “You keep teasing me and I’m gonna edge you for hours.”
“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” you winked before giving him a squeeze.
Ransom watched as you curled over him, his breath hitching as you took the head of him into your warm mouth, suckling and teasing his crown with your tongue. “Fuck, kitten, come on,” his hips rutted impatiently, fingers curling into the bedding as you finally, finally, swallowed his cock as far as you could.
His moan was a guttural sound of relief as he sagged back against the bed, muscles tense and hips rocking as you closed your eyes and breathed through your nose, swallowing and humming as Ransom hissed another string of obscenities at the feel of you.
Pulling back to take a breath, you blinked the tears from your eyes, glancing up to find Ransom panting and staring up at the ceiling. His whole body shuddered as you moved your free hand to his sac to tease him some more.
Ransom’s eyes found you then, dark, owlish blinks as he watched you kiss the tip of his cock and swipe away the latest dribble of precum with your tongue before taking him into your mouth once more.
“Fuck, that’s it,” he groaned, his hands framing your face as he fucked your mouth. “You’re so good to me, aren’t you?” he sighed, breath catching as your cheeks hollowed and you bobbed your head faster. “Fuck, sweetheart, that’s it. God, you feel so good.”
You moaned in response, jaw aching but panties pooling with your slick as you felt Ransom’s cock twitch against your tongue.
“Wait,” Ransom panted, fingers curling against your jaw.
You pulled away from him, head tilted in question.
“Wanna cum inside you,” he breathed, face rosy and hair a wild mess as he reached for you.
He tugged you up his body and groaned your name as you settled over his hips, lined his length up with your entrance, and slowly sank down on him.
Hands falling to frame your waist, Ransom’s fingers dug into your skin as he drove into you just a little bit deeper, until he was seated to the hilt and you were gasping sharply at the feeling.
“God, Ransom,” you whispered, fingers clawing at his chest as you curled over him. “I can feel you everywhere.”
His hand slid against your cheek, lips brushing yours as he murmured, “And you love it, don’t you? You love taking my cock, isn’t that right, kitten?”
“Yeah,” you mewled, clenching at his words and swallowing Ransom’s grunt as you kissed him desperately. “Love it. Love you.”
You pulled away, gaze meeting Ransom’s to find him watching you with a quiet kind of affection that had your belly somersaulting.
“Show me how much,” he whispered, thumb dragging along your bottom lip. His free hand slid down your belly, until his fingers were tickling along your clit and making you spasm. “Ride me until that perfect pussy is squeezing me tight and milking my cock.”
Moaning you did just that, biting your lip to stifle your gasp as you sat up and started to ride Ransom slowly.
With every lift and drop of your hips, every grind and clench, your pace quickened, until your head was dropping back and your fingers were digging into Ransom’s abs as you bounced on his cock, that tightwire of pleasure deep in your core pulling taut as you neared sweet relief.
“Fuck, that’s it,” Ransom moaned. His hands gripped your hips tight as he started to piston up into you, until you were fucking each other in a frenzy, your wordless cries interspersed with his shameless moans.
When his thumb found your clit, you shattered, the tightwire inside of you snapping as your body seized. You rocked against Ransom as you rode out your orgasm, gasping as he powered into your harder, tipping over the edge with a hard, deep stroke.
Moaning at the warm wash of his spend filling you up, you collapsed against Ransom’s chest, whimpering as he fucked into you a few more times, pumping you full of his cum before going pliant beneath you with a quiet, “Fuck.”
You didn’t realize you were dozing until Ransom’s quiet voice murmured your name.
“Let me clean us up, kitten,” he whispered, smiling as you whined at the loss of him before curling up in bed and sleepily watching as Ransom disappeared into the bathroom.
The sound of running water reached your ears as your eyes blinked closed and stayed that way. A moment later you felt a warm, wet towel between your legs, and your eyes fluttered open, watching as Ransom gently cleaned you and shot you a playful wink before disappearing again.
Your eyes drooped as you felt the bed dip beside you, and you hummed as Ransom slid close, his body heat instantly warming you as he tugged you against him and slid his leg between yours.
“Thanks for making me feel better,” Ransom whispered, nuzzling your nose with his.
Smiling, you forced your eyes open, cuddling closer and breathing in the same air as Ransom as you reached for him. You felt your heart skip a beat as he leaned into your touch like an eager cat, his own eyes fluttering as you moved close for a slow, sensual kiss.
“You’re very easy to cheer up,” you murmured against his lips. “And it’s always a win win for both of us.”
His laugh was a warm huff against your face, making you giggle.
It was your turn to lean into his touch with a pleased purr as Ransom’s hand cupped your cheek. You watched him watch you, your body deeply sated and your heart content.
“Say it,” Ransom hummed.
Your lips twitched, eyes soft as you drank in the different kind of desire shining in those baby blues of his--this one more innocent but just as desperate.
“I love you, Ransom,” you told him, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips before snuggling against his chest and holding him tight.
He held you just as tightly, the quiet stretching between you for a few moments. As you began to surrender to sleep, you felt Ransom press a kiss to the crown of your head, his hand smoothing up your back as he whispered, “I love you, too, kitten.”
Tumblr media
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Please note that my work is not to be reposted or published anywhere other than my Tumblr without my expressed permission. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️
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stardustedangel · 4 months ago
Red Light
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
pairing || ransom drysdale x fem!reader
word count || 2.4k
summary || you and ransom have some fun in his car after you had been begging for some special attention
warnings || 18+ ; minors DNI ; teasing, fingering, oral sex (m receiving), finger sucking, car sex, semi-publix sex, unprotected sex, spanking, choking, hair pulling, slight degradation
author’s note || first fic in over two months so i’m nervous but hope everyone likes it <333 YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PERMISSION TO RE-PUBLISH, TRANSLATE, OR TAKE ANY OF MY WORK.
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
Tumblr media
There you were, sitting in the passenger seat while your hands were fidgeting with the hem of your slip dress in a sad attempt to keep your hands off of the man driving. You glanced over at Ransom and clenched your thighs at the sight beside you.
Nostrils flared. Eyebrows furrowed. Bottom lip pulled between his teeth and two fingers were placed against his temple in an attempt to rub out his growing irritation. God, it was a sight to see. You tried to keep the small smile threatening to show as pride bubbled in your chest knowing that you were able to work up a reaction like this from him.
You knew you should’ve been embarrassed with what had happened in the last thirty minutes. Ransom and you had been at a bar drinking with some of his friends when you all but begged him to leave. He’d refused the first few times you had asked, throwing you an eye roll and telling you that you’d both leave with the next hour, but when your hand palmed at his subtle bulge under the table he dragged you to the car, but not without throwing his friends a half-hearted apology.
You’d been thinking of something to say. Maybe asking him where he was going as if you didn’t know. Just something to break the tension in the car—something that would hopefully end in him taking you over the hood of his car. It only took a few more seconds of rubbing your thighs together and mouth opening and closing time after time trying to force words out before a whimper tumbled its way out of your mouth. Your head fell against the headrest in embarrassment, but your thighs didn’t stop their movements.
Ransom’s eyes left the road for a split second to take in your hazy appearance, either from the alcohol or from how needy you were, and eyes shifting lower to see the way your dress was slowly slipping up each time your thighs shifted together.
Ransom’s eyes returned to the road as he let out a deep sigh. “What are you doing?” Thank god he said something.
You let out a frustrated whine, confused as to why Ransom was taking his sweet time on the road instead of fucking you the minute you two got into the car. You were even more annoyed that he wasn’t showing you attention while driving—no hands on you and only one gaze your way since he’s been driving.
“Waiting for you to do something,” you whined while your body slightly thrashed in the seat.
Ransom couldn’t stop the amused quirk of his eyebrow, “Oh?” Ransom halted the car when he saw the light flick to red and looked over at you lazily. “What exactly should I do, baby?”
“Fuck me,” you said bluntly with a whine trailing off at the end of your words.
You slid your left hand across the center console and set your hand on Ransom’s upper thigh. You squeezed lightly before trailing your hand to rest on his bulge, squeezing again all while making eye contact with Ransom. He twisted his face in mock sympathy, leaning over the console sweetly holding your hand that was placed over him. You were quick to lean into him, thinking he was going to finally give you what you want before he tossed your hand back into your own lap and started driving again when the light turned green.
You groaned and sunk further into your seat, crossing your arms over your chest. “Fucking tease.”
Ransom chuckled and rolled his eyes at your words. “That’s rich coming from you, baby.”
Truth be told, Ransom would have no problem fucking you in his car—maybe ever pulling over and bending you over the hood while he gave to you as good and hard as you always liked it, but where would the fun be in that? He loved watching the way you got yourself worked up all night, trying desperately to drag Ransom away from his friends so he’d touch you or give you anything. And he loved seeing you squirm in the seat of his car, practically dripping onto the seat. Ransom was willing and looking forward to seeing how far you’d take things.
“I can’t wait till we get home. Can we do something now, please? I just,” you cut yourself off when you let out a desperate sigh, “I can’t wait, Ransom.”
Though his eyes were still focused on the road you pouted up towards him. Putting on your most innocent, pleading expression you could and leaning in towards him. His eyes left the road to connect with your bright ones, feeling a small part inside of him twinge in pity. A bigger part of him felt pride, amusement, and all and all—need.
Ransom saw the way you were eyeing his bulge and his mouth quirked up in a smirk as he relaxed further into his seat. “You have until we get home, kitten. Better make it quick.”
You squealed in excitement. Hands sliding over the center console and working on the button and zipper of Ransom’s pants, hand reaching beneath his underwear to pull his cock out. You didn’t know how long you’d have till the two of you would be home, but you figured choking on his cock was a good way to pass the time.
Your right hand worked over the bright red tip, smearing his precum around. Your hand left his cock for a split second to spit into it before returning and working your hand up and down. Ransom let out a low groan, grip tightening around the wheel as your own tightened around him.
You barely paid attention to the reactions that you were getting out of Ransom, instead choosing to focus on the movements on your hand. With each pull upward your thumb rubbed over his tip. After a couple of minutes, you leaned your head down to lick his tip, then dragged your tongue down to lick the underside of his cock. Ransom let out a shaky breath, hand coming to rest on your head and thread through your hair, not pulling or tugging, just simply resting there.
You finally took him down your throat, mouth wide and eyes closed as you reveled in the feeling of some of your needs being satiated. You always loved taking Ransom down your throat; having him use you any way he liked. Your left hand grasped onto his thigh while your right continued to work over the parts of him that you couldn’t take down your throat.
“Oh, fuck,” Ransom quietly let out, but you still heard it. You moaned in response and Ransom’s hips quickly thrust up, eliciting a gag from you. You kept your mouth on him, but only quickened your pace.
“Fuck, baby. Your mouth is so warm. Fuck- feels so good.”
Your mouth came down harder and quicker, taking him down your throat even further, taking pleasure in every sound that Ransom made. Ransom shuddered above and had to make a conscious effort to slow down the car. He hadn’t noticed how hard his foot was pressed down on the gas pedal until he was forced to slow to a red light. He was grateful that it was only him and a couple of other cars on the road.
Ransom’s grip then tightened in your hair, pulling you up and down faster as he continued fucking your mouth. He was chasing his high and all you could do was wait for him to come down your throat. As he chased his high, your hand moved back towards yourself and under your dress, rubbing your clit through your lace panties before shoving two fingers into your pussy. Ransom took notice of this and his hand left your hair, yet his thrusts never ceased. He spanked your ass that was arched high in the air as you played with yourself, making you moan and jolt forward.
“Playing with yourself while taking me down your throat? You’re such a dirty girl, fuck. Such a dirty girl letting me fuck this warm mouth right here.” Ransom’s words spurred you on, making your cunt clench. He spanked your ass again, noticing you getting closer to your high.
“Fuck, kitten. That’s right. Come all over those pretty, little fingers. Be my good girl.” You moaned against his cock and your hips started to rock over your own fingers.
It only took a few more rolls of your hips for you to come, whimpering and loaning on Ransom’s cock while he palmed at your ass. Ransom pulled you off him with a pop. “Ransom,” you whined up at him needily. Eyes glassy and lips red and swollen. He took a firm grip on your jaw, pulling your mouth onto his, tongues moving over one another’s before pulling away.
Ransom’s previous plans of driving home had been long abandoned. He quickly put the car in park, not caring that he had just stopped fully at the light—not like there were any cars around anyways. Ransom looked at you with a smirk on his face. “Change of plans,” he grabbed your waist and swung you into his lap, “I’m gonna give you exactly what you want right now.”
You moaned and started to rut against Ransom’s cock the moment you were settled in his lap. His head teased your folds as he pulled your panties to the side and used his right hand to move the car seat back. When the seat jerked you gasped and pulled at the collar of Ransom’s shirt eagerly. “Fuck me, please, Ransom. Need it so bad.”
“Don’t worry, kitten,” Ransom lined himself up at your entrance and placed his hands on your hips before looking at you with a mockingly sweet look in his eyes, “I got you.”
Ransom then thrust up into you the same moment he pushed you down onto him. You cursed loudly at the feeling of being stretched out so deliciously. The feeling you had been waiting for all night was finally here and your body moved quicker than your mind did as you started to ride Ransom.
Your hands settled on Ransom’s shoulders while his fell to your hips fastening your pace. His nails were biting into your skin leaving crescent-shaped marks that you were sure you were going to see the next day. His head tipped back and his mouth fell open at how warm and tight you felt around him.
“Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me. Can’t wait to come in this tight, little cunt, baby.”
You sobbed and threw your head back when the head of his cock hit the special place inside of you that had you squirming. You could already feel your next orgasm building from your last and started to pull at the collar of Ransom’s shirt desperately. You looked at him with dark, lust-blown eyes and whimpered. “Ransom,” you gasped and swallowed in an attempt to get the words out, “kiss me.”
Ransom was quick to wrap his hand around your neck and pull you into him. Your lips slid together as his tongue slipped into your mouth and played with yours. His hand on your neck tightened and as the kiss continued you were slowly becoming light-headed. Everything felt like too much yet not enough at the same time. Each time you wanted to pull away from the pleasure you were only further encouraged by yourself to dive in deeper.
Ransom's tongue licked over your bottom lip as he pulled away and used his grip on your throat to bounce you harder onto him as his hips thrust in time to meet your movements. His hand previously on your hip went to play with your neglected, throbbing clit and that sent your upper body curling into Ransom.
“Ransom! F-fuck, I’m gonna come.” Your hands tangled in his hair, pulling at the strands as he groaned at your touch, and your face rested in the crook of his neck. Your mouth latched onto his neck, sucking and nipping marks that you hoped would last for days.
“Come for me, kitten. I’m right behind you.”
You quickly came undone around Ransom, clenching around his and hands tightening onto the tufts of hair between your fingers. Your hips rolled against his wanting to ride out your orgasm as long as you could. Ransom helped you along as his fingers circled and played with your clit as you came. Seconds later both of Ransom’s hands returned to your waist to bring you down onto him one last time as he crashed into his own climax. He mumbled your name over and over as he rode out his own high.
The two of you finished riding your highs out and your bodies were sat close together, exhausted and sweaty. When you had enough energy to move you sat up and threw Ransom a tired, but bright grin. He returned a smug grin of his own, hand coming to guide your face to his to place lazy kisses onto your lips. They weren’t as heated and desperate as before, but the passion was still there as the two of you lazily kissed.
Ransom separated from you and moved your body upwards slightly to pull himself out of you. He cockily admired the way his cum dripped out of you and used his fingers to push it back into you. He adjusted your panties back over yourself and tapped your thigh teasingly as he finished. Ransom pressed a kiss onto your collarbone and carefully maneuvered you back into your seat. “Let’s get you home. Alright, baby?”
You hummed and slumped back into your seat with a dopey grin on your face, your body feeling fully relaxed and your mind completely fucked out. “Yes, sir,” you said in a teasing manner.
“Oh, one more thing,” you said quietly and shuffled in your seat slightly as you beckoned Ransom to lean over the center console towards you. He did and let out a low 'yes, baby?’ as he did. You lined your lips up to his ear and giggled to yourself.
“The light’s green,” you whispered with a cheeky smile. You pressed a kiss to his cheek before settling back fully into your seat and bringing the seatbelt over your body, eyes closing in content. Ransom could only shake his head at you with a stupid, grin on his face as a breathy comment of ‘brat’ left his lips before he was buckling up himself and putting the car in drive, ready to leave the light that the two of you had been sitting at.
You giggled at his next teasing words and bit your lip in excitement. “Don’t get too tired, baby. You’re gonna wanna be up and ready for round two.”
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
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lipstickbisous · 4 months ago
daddy!ransom taking care of his lil bunny baby after snapping at her ? maybe he came home from a family dinner and was feeling agitated, but he feels real bad tho !!
CONGRATULATIONS ON 3K BESTIE !! so proud of my favorite writer on this site🥰
daddy's sorry ⟶ ransom drysdale
join my 3k celebration!
pairing: daddy!ransom drysdale x little!reader
summary: ransom takes out his stress on you, only not the way you'd prefer.
warnings: no smut! (although it sounds like lol), ransom is mean, light angst, dd/lg dynamics, loving ransom later
a/n: I LOVE THIS REQUEST SO MUCH OMG and hearing you say that just made my entire day, thank you so much bby 🥺
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform.
⊱ ────── {⋅. ☽ .⋅} ────── ⊰
you'd been patiently waiting all night for your daddy to come home after another of his family dinners. you'd attended only one of them and clung to his side all night, and after hearing the loud bantering between the drysdale's and the thrombey's, you opted not to go anymore.
ransom agreed, but hated to leave you home alone for so long. this night, he'd left you a tray full of snacks and yummy drinks, some movies and games. your stuffies had been beautifully set on your bed, but nothing was enough.
as soon as you heard the door open and slam shut, you jumped from your bed and rushed downstairs. you knew how agitated ransom could get from these dinners and knew better than the bug, but you couldn't resist; this one had run later than the others.
"daddy!" you jumped, wrapping your arms around him before he could even slip off his shoes.
ransom tried his best to keep his cool. he gently hugged you back before peeling you off of him. "hi, sweetheart," he sighed, throwing his keys into their bowl. he discarded his jacket somewhere in the closet. your daddy seemed different tonight and you wanted to make him feel better.
"how did the dinner go?" you asked, following him through the living room and into the kitchen where he poured himself a small glass of amber-colored alcohol. he already reeked of the stench but you chose not to say anything.
he leaned against the counter and downed his drink. "i don't really want to talk about it right now." what happened to his sweet pet names? where was the warmth in his voice?
you frowned and looked to the floor before an idea popped into your mind. "i know what can make you feel better, daddy!" you jumped, running to the freezer and grabbing the tub of chocolate ice cream he'd gotten the other day.
the thought was so sweet, but ransom just wasn't in the mood for your light tone and expression. as much as he wanted to be around you, all he needed was to be left alone. "god, can you please just leave me alone for just a few minutes!" he screamed, roughly slamming his glass on the counter. "i get you missed me, but that doesn't mean you need to be so goddamn clingy."
you were beyond hurt, and it was evident in your face. there were tears pooling up in your eyes, your bottom lip quivered, your cheeks turned red. you were angry, sad, and hurt. "fuck, all i want is some time to myself, but i just can't get that with you, can i?"
if daddy wanted some time alone, then you could stop being so clingy and leav him alone. "okay, daddy," was all you said before you ran up to your room, leaving the ice cream on the counter to melt.
as soon as he heard the name fall from your lips - even in the midst of all your anger - ransom immediately felt like the world's biggest asshole. he sighed angrily at himself and leaned on his hip.
up in your room, you were hidden under a pile of blankets and a comforter, surrounded by stuffies and a body pillow you'd pretend was your daddy. the blankets still smelled like him and it only made you more upset.
while ransom knew you needed time with these sorts of things, he pushed open the door. when you heard it creak, you hid your face in your pillow, assuming he was just there to change his clothes.
“honey,” he drawed out, a dip in the bed next to you. he would’ve placed a hand on your hip for a little sense of comfort but he kept himself from doing so. “can you look at me?”
your stuffy was practically being suffocated, but you rolled over so your eyes met ransom’s.
“there she is,” he smiled and you missed his soft, loving demeanor that he only showed around his baby. “i missed my little girl. tonight was rough,” he rubbed over your back gently. “meg was especially annoying, but god, harlan was going on about…i don't even know what, i stopped listening after a few minutes-”
he was rambling instead of apologizing. ransom did that a lot. “daddy,” you sighed, sitting up and holding his hand.
“right,” he sighed. “what i’m trying to say, princess, is i love you very much. daddy loves you so so so much,” he brought your knuckles to his lips. “i didn’t mean any of that i said, that was bullshit. you know that right,” your nod was slow and hesitant. he smirked, “righttt?”
ransom playfully shook your shoulders until a pretty smile cracked on your face. “i know, daddy,” you tried to hide your happiness.
his fingers danced over your sides of your tummy and hips, causing you to fall over on the bed in a fit of laughter. “hmm,” he scattered kisses over your neck. “i don’t believe you.”
“daddy!” you yelped, trying to push him away. “stop that tickles!” he lifted his head from your jawline and arched an eyebrow for confirmation. “i know you didn’t mean it, i promise. i’m sorry tonight was annoying, but i love you,” you kissed his cheek. “…would some cuddles make it better?”
his smile was wide and ransom was reminded how happy he was with you. “cuddles would make it a thousand times better, angel.”
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bucksfucks · 10 months ago
caught | ransom drysdale
Tumblr media
SUMMARY || ransom fucks you, his assistant, on the kitchen counter, not phased as his parents catch him in the act.
PAIRING || ransom drysdale x reader
WORD COUNT || 1,449 words
WARNINGS || hate sex, degradation, mocking, name calling, unprotected sex, fingering, public sex, slight daddy kink, size kink, breeding kink if you squint — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
     "Only the help calls me Hugh." Ransom growled as you rolled your eyes, completely unfazed and fed up with his snobbiness too-good-for-everyone-else behaviour as you hit send on the email before tucking your phone in your back pocket. 
    "When you stop treating me like it, maybe then I'll refer to you as Ransom. Until then, you're Hugh," you bit back, eyes locked with his as you saw the way his jaw clenched and eyes grew darker. 
    He didn't answer, standing there, towering over you as he cast his eyes over your figure. Your heart was racing in your chest, throwing itself against your ribcage as you tried to keep your breathing as steady as you could. 
    Ransom was a man capable of dark things, very dark things. 
    You knew you should be scared, but in the moment, telling him off felt better than you could've ever imagined. You'd played this moment in your head over and over each time he treated you as disposable. 
    "If that's what you want," Ransom's voice was low and hoarse as he grabbed your bicep with his large hand. "Then that's what you'll get." 
    He pulled you into his body, a small squeak leaving your lips as he held you against him. His grip was tight enough to keep you stationary, but not tight enough to hurt you. 
    A mix of whiskey and oak consumed your senses, a distinctly Ransom scent as you craned your head to look up at him. 
    "Ransom wha—"
    You didn't get a chance to finish your sentence as Ransom quickly whisked you around, pinning you harshly against one of the thick wooden doors of his office. You hissed at the sensation, biting your lip as he pressed himself against you. 
    "If you wanted me to fuck you this badly, all you had to do was ask, baby." He chuckled darkly, lips hovering close to your ear as his words sent a shiver cascading down your spine. Oh how much you hated him, but not enough to stop him from fucking you. 
    "Who says I wanna fuck you?" You spat back through grit teeth as you felt the familiar throbbing between your legs. 
    He cocked his head to the side, giving you a mocking pout. 
    "Don't play stupid with me now, I see the way you look at me. Bet you wish my fingers were filling that tight pussy of yours, or better yet, my cock, hmm?" 
    You had to bite back a snarl at his words. You hated, absolutely despised when Ransom was right, and in this case? It was irrefutable. 
    He laughed at your silence, pinning you with his thigh in between your thighs as you gasped softly. 
    "That's right, baby. Don't fight it anymore, let Daddy show you just how good he can make you feel." He purred as you shot him a glare, your last attempt at trying to hold your ground, but when he moved you over his thigh, your façade fell. 
    "Fuck," it was a soft moan as the word fell from your mouth, Ransom's calloused fingers forcing your jaw up before he engulfed your lips in a needy, desperate kiss that left you breathless. 
    "Out of all my assistants, you have the best ass, baby." He barks with a wild smirk, grabbing at the supple flesh before kneading it. You scoff, pulling him down by his collar hoping you'd rip a button or two from the expensive garment. 
    "Guess we'll find out if you have the biggest dick out of all of my ex-boyfriends," you say through gnashed teeth before Ransom is throwing you over his shoulder with the first surface he can find in mind. 
    "You're nothing but a little brat." Ransom spits harshly, setting you down gentler than expected onto the kitchen counter before standing between your legs. Despite the height the counter gives you, you're barely at eye-level with him. 
    "I learned from the best," you smirk, Ransom's fingers already between your thighs, slipping under your panties until you're gasping and throwing your head back. 
    "Not so fuckin' mouthy now, are we." He growls, finding your clit before rolling it between his index finger and thumb. You hate how good Ransom is at this, barely knowing your body and already causing you to melt. 
    "But you're already dripping wet." His voice is a low rumble as he slips one finger inside of you, the shirt you were wearing is haphazardly ripped from your body, bra thrown somewhere into the sink as Ransom bites at the top of your breast. 
    Another finger is added, the lewd wet sound of your slick against his fingers fills the air around you work ridding him of the cable-knit sweater he was wearing. The same sweater you gifted him for Christmas. 
    He's toned and looks like he was sculpted by Greek Gods and you want to roll your eyes because of course Ransom would be the spitting image of absolute perfection. 
    You don't have anything else on your mind other than Ransom as clothes are discarded and you're lying against the cool marble of the countertops, Ransom's boxers disappearing down his legs before he's smirking down at you. 
    "Bigger than your ex's, I know baby, you don't have to tell me." His remark is snide and you want to ridicule him, but yet again, Ransom is right. 
    "But don't worry baby, you'll be able to take it, I know you will," he nearly cooes as he has you sitting upright on the counter again, hands on your ass as he moved you forward until you're forced to wrap your legs around his waist. 
    "You gonna keep stalling or fuck me like you promised?" You smirk, cocking your head to the side as you steady yourself with your hands on his broad shoulders. He drops his head as a deep laugh runs through him. 
    "If that's what you wanted, all you had to do was ask," your mouth snaps shut as he slides into you, stretching you open as you bite your lip and hold him close to you. He groans as he bottoms out, hot breath fanning over yours and mixing with your uneven breaths. 
    "God—such a tight pussy," he grunts, shallowly rocking his hips against yours as he sinks even deeper into you and you know you're done for. Ransom could do and say whatever and you'd give it to him. 
    His thrusts are harsh and sudden, knocking the air from your lungs as your nails sink crescents into his pale skin; your mark on him he'll remember tomorrow. 
    The sound of slapping skin, your moans, and Ransom's grunts can be heard echoing through the house. The house where his family slept, the house where his family ate off of this very counter. 
    "Grippin' my cock so well, baby. Love this pussy." Ransom smirks, his eyebrows tight together as your eyes fall shut, submitting to the way his cock is driving against your g-spot with each thrust. 
    "Ransom fucking Drysdale! Are you fucking kidding me?!" A shrill voice causes your eyes to snap open as you're met with none other than Linda and Richard standing at the entrance of the kitchen where Ransom is butt-fucking-naked still deep inside of you. 
    You're mortified, absolutely terrified, but Ransom doesn't stop fucking you. No, Ransom looks over his shoulder, a shit-eating grin on his face as he drives his cock deeper inside of you. 
    "Are you gonna stand there and watch or what?" He barks, "get the fuck outta here!" He yells, turning back to you with mischief glimmering in his eyes while his fingers dig into the skin of your hips. 
    You're cowering, hiding behind his body trying not to cum right in front of his fucking parents. They scamper away soon after, muttering and mumbling all sorts of profanities directed at their son as he clenches his jaw. 
    "I can feel how much you need to cum, baby. Don't try and hold back, make a mess all over Daddy's cock." His words are the catalyst that send you over the edge, walls fluttering around his cock before he's sinking his teeth into your shoulder. 
    He cums with a grunt, cock twitching and spasming inside of you until he's painted you full of his cum. Ransom stays inside of you, catching his breath as you feel your heart still racing in your chest. 
    "Your parents are gonna fire me," you mumble, still not believing that happened. Ransom laughs, full and loud as it bounces off the kitchen walls. 
    "I don't give a shit, you're comin' home with me anyways. I'm stealing you away as mine." Ransom smirks, sinister smirk on his face. "You're mine now, baby." 
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dadplease · a month ago
kinktober 2021 | day seven: good girls only. [blurb.]
✷ written for eun’s 2021 kinktober ✷
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
today's prompt | edging and denial
summary | ransom shows you what happens when your brattiness goes too far.
pairing | daddy!ransom drysdale x little!reader
warnings | ddlg (daddy!ransom little!reader), restraints, soft!daddy!ransom (but like, cruel!soft), mocking but not so much degradation, heavy edging, crying, vibrator use, overstim, denial! no happy ending! >:-(! how rude >:-(!
an | yay here's day seven, not gonna lie this one's brutal but also?? i kind of love that lol; ransom's not even that mean here, at least not in his words, just in his actions >:-) hope you guys enjoy!
When Ransom pulls the whirring bulb of the wand away from your scorching clit, just as you're about to come undone, for what seems like the millionth time in a row, there's nothing you can do to stop a heavy sob from rising in your throat as you wail in protest.
"My poor baby," your daddy coos sympathetically as he switches off the toy, setting it down on the floor as he crouches down before you, his face becoming level with your ruined cunt.
You're not sure how long he's kept you tied up here, ankles bound high above your head against his favorite leather chair, your most intimate places- his prized possessions, left on display in clear view. It's your punishment for bratting off on him one too many times, and at this point, you know you're really in for it. This isn't the first time he's tied you up and toyed with you, waiting a painfully long time to let you cum, but given the fact that it's now been hours with no mercy shown, you're starting to worry he might have different intentions than you originally thought.
"Look at you, so puffy and swollen," Ransom croons, bringing his pointer finger and thumb up to pull back the glistening folds surrounding your tormented clit. "That looks awfully painful, sweetheart," he notes as he eyes the throbbing knot of flesh. "Bet you want it so bad, don't you, princess? C'mon, let me hear how bad you want it."
"P-P-Please Daddy!" you heave, salty tears rolling down your cheeks as your bottom lip wobbles. "Want it so bad, p-please! Will be good for you Daddy, promise- will do anything," you implore.
"Hmm," Ransom hums thoughtfully, bringing his other hand up to circle over the head of your clit with just the light pad of his finger, causing you to jolt against your restraints, your gut burning as you already start creeping towards the edge once more. "That's awfully convincing, princess," he admits, now running steady circles over your hardened nub as excitement and hope begin building in your throat; at last, you think he finally might be relieving you of your agony. "And Daddy knows you're so sensitive, you must be getting close already..."
"Yes! Y-yes, please Daddy," you chant, your tummy twisting in knots as you prepare for the release you've been seeking for hours now at the cruel hands of your dissatisfied daddy.
"So close..." Ransom hums, circling tighter and tighter over your little button. Clenching your hands into fists, you brace yourself, inching closer and closer to climax with each passing second, almost, almost- until...
"No," Ransom's stern voice hits you like a ton of bricks, your entire buildup crashing down as he pulls his hands away, a sick look of satisfaction forming on his face as you sob in protest. Backing up, Ransom shakes his head, speaking over your cries with unnerving steadiness. "No cumming for you, little girl. This is a lesson you won't want to be taught again: only good girls get to cum."
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inklore · a month ago
poison on your tongue.
Tumblr media
premise: ransom comes to visit you in the middle of the night to sedate his hunger.
pairing: vampire!ransom drysdale x (f)reader
warnings: restraints / semi bondage, blood drinking, sort of dubcon, unprotected sex, yandereish, dirty talk, maybe somnophilia a little bit, sweetheart endearment used. reminder: you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only.
word count: 1.2k
etc: uhhh, i had like several different versions of this in my head and went with the most fucked up one. but like there was a sub!ransom one where ransom is fed blood the more he begs for it, an enemies to lovers feeding off of someone together one, and a few other ones so like let me know if y’all would want me to ever write those thots out someday lmao.
♱ kinktober 11.
You don’t hear him when he slips through your door. Or when he’s removed the blankets from your body, the cool air of your dark room barley making you stir in your slumber. You only realize that he’s in your bedroom, like so many nights before, when you feel him tying your wrists together with your top, leaving your chest exposed to him, your shorts and panties soon following suit. His knee is between your legs keeping you spread and open for him. The heavy musk of his fancy cologne and the smell of copper burning your nose at his proximity to your body.
If you would of heard him you might of ran, grabbed the crucifix at the side of your bed. Even if the act would of been futile. Anything to keep him from sinking his fangs into you, taking from you like he has done so many other nights. You becoming one of Ransom’s most favorite snacks.
“Why?” You ask, no pleading to be found in your voice. No weary. You’ve been here so many times before. You weren’t scared of him anymore, not of what he was at least. Your only fear was your impending death you were sure was soon to come. Ransom constantly feeding on you, taking from your body to replenish his own in a sick hunger, doing your body no favors. At least when he was away for too long. As if your body couldn’t survive without his teeth in your neck, your thigh, your mound. As if your body could only function with the blood loss rather than without it. It craving Ransom to take from it, to devour it in a hungry kiss that left you shaking and spent and weak. You just didn’t understand why he had chosen you to be plagued with such torture.
Ransom hums against your skin as his lips kiss at your hips, his tongue licking the area you know he’s prepping to sink into. Making your skin more raw and supple, to hurt more. “Why what, sweetheart?” He humors you, looking up at you through his lashes, smiling against your skin.
“Why me? You could use anyone for your own personal blood bag. Why me?” Ransom’s chuckle makes your stomach tighten and bitterness grow. He leans up, one hand grabbing your tied wrists and moving them at a better angle above your head. The other resting at your hip, nail digging into the skin he was just playing with.
His mouth is inches from yours, his fangs now visible, sharp, taunting. “Because, you’re delicious.” His smirk makes you glare up at him. “No one tastes as good as you do. You’re so sweet and tender, and know all the right spots to hit, not just when I’m hungry.” You feel his knee rub against your bare cunt, your breath hitching in the back of your throat. “I knew from the first time I felt your blood touch my tongue, and your cunt around my cock that one bite would never be enough.” His mouth hangs open hungrily as he watches you try not to moan or wither against him. Your hands balled into fists, your glare soon turning heavy and hooded with lust. “I crave you.” It comes out as a growl before his mouth comes down on yours, your body responding to him without any thought or coercion.
His teeth sinking into your bottom lip as he kisses you roughly, your hiss vibrating off of his blood coated lips as he pulls away. Gaze never leaving yours as he licks your blood off of his mouth. The surface wound making your bottom lip pound. Ransom bringing the hand at your hip up to the small wound he’s made, uses two fingers to collect the blood there and puts them into your mouth. “Suck,” he demands. “I want you to taste how sweet you are.” And you don’t hesitate to listen, wrapping your lips around his digits and licking and sucking around them, cleaning your own blood off of his fingers. The bitter taste of copper covering your tastebuds with malice and pleasure. Your muffled moans bringing a smile to Ransom’s face.
Your brain already filling with the haze of pleasure and need from Ransom to the point where you almost find yourself begging him to get it over with; take from you, litter your skin with bite marks and blood. It always ending the same way, your body’s need taking over and ignoring any protest of ill feelings you have towards the man. His tongue leaking poison into your body, claiming you as his, making you crave his animalistic ways. Turning your body on a dime easily, just for him.
He takes his time with you, keeps you on the precipice before he finally gives you what your body is keening for, what it’s been programmed to need from him ever since that first bite. And when he finally sinks his teeth into your hip the strangled moan you let out is music to his ears. Your body shooting with a pain that turns into lust and arousal the more he takes from you. The more you feel him suck at your skin draining you of the very thing that helps keep you alive. Ransom moving up your body leaving a trail of bloodied skin and bite marks in his wake. The intensity of his fangs only heightening your bodies ache when he bites into your neck, your body arching off the mattress. Your body fighting itself to not push Ransom off and instead pull him closer. The pleasure he’s poisoned your body to feel for him always winning.
“Should I just feed off you tonight, or should I fuck you as well, sweetheart?” His tongue licks at the wound he’s just made, “should I drain you until you’re too weak and use your cunt until I’ve refilled you with my cum?” He’s leaving kissing up your neck, smearing blood along your earlobe and cheek, “What does my little blood bag want?”
The needy groan you let out paired with the vigor in your hips bucking against his knee is all he needs for an answer, your body already too fucked from his mouth and constant taste of copper each time you swallow. And soon enough Ransom has his cock inside of you and the mewls that fall from your lips are loud and repetitive as he does just what he said he was going to do; drain you until your vision is blurry, your head woozy from the loss of blood and intense pleasure of his mouth and cock. Your body lulling and succumbing to Ransom fully as he fucks you like a rag doll.
“You’re so beautiful like this, cock drunk and drained. Your body weak but your mind and cunt still craving me, still begging for more, for my cum.” He’s kissing your mouth and you try to keep up with his lips, can taste your own blood on his tongue. It’s so wrong what Ransom has done to you, you know you could put up a fight, use reinforcement. But you know it’s too late for that, your body signing an invisible contract with Ransom the first time your flesh met the euphoric pleasure of his bite. Your body, mind and soul now owned by a devilish man who would take and take from you until there was nothing left. “So happy I found you, sweetheart.” Ransom grunts against your skin, sinking his teeth into you one last time before your vision goes dark and you cum around his cock.
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thicccsimp · 6 months ago
Undivided Attention
Summary: After cutting a night out short with his jealous brooding, Ransom makes sure he will be the only thing left on your mind.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 2,815
Warnings: 18+ Smut. Explicit Sexual Content. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Spanking. Overstimulation. Oral Sex (F Receiving). Fingering (F Receiving). Unprotected Vaginal Sex. Slight Degradation/Name Calling.
A/N: This was written for @iraot‘s 1.1k Wheels of Debauchery Challenge! Congratulations on hitting such a huge milestone! I also want to thank you for making such an interesting challenge, it really pushed me to write something outside of my normal comfort zone. The kinks I got from the wheel were Possessiveness, Spanking, and Overstimulation.
I’d like to thank @celestial--valkyrie for beta reading this for me, I don't know what I’d do without your help! Any and all mistakes are completely my own!
I also owe a huge thank you to @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ for being a literal ray of sunshine and hyping me up with this piece and convincing me not to just scrap the entire thing. You always being my cheerleader means the world to me!
As always I appreciate any feedback any of y’all would like to give me. Please feel free to like, comment, and reblog if you feel inclined to.
Tumblr media
The music comes blaring from the speakers around you loud enough that you can feel the bass reverberating in your chest. You lose yourself in the upbeat rhythm, your body swaying in perfect time with it. Your eyes lazily half open as you glance around the dark room, the flashing neon lights only providing you with momentary glances of your boyfriend looking sour as ever watching you from against the far wall. His arms are folded in front of him and his jaw clenched tight, you can feel his pissy mood from all the way across the room. You roll your eyes and let yourself fall deeper into the music; you feel the occasional hand caress or grab at your body but you merely dance away, uninterested in their attention. You can’t help but let your mind wander as your body moves naturally to the beat. 
I don’t know why he suggested going out tonight if he was just going to get all pissy and ditch me after 10 minutes to go and brood in the corner. Oh well. He’s not ruining this night for me, I wanted to have a good time and his little tantrum isn’t going to change that.
You spend the next couple hours dancing to your heart's content, only occasionally stopping to grab another drink from the bar. Your eyes meet Ransom's a few more times through the night but his face never softens once, he just continues to watch you from a distance, nursing the same glass of whiskey he got when you first arrived together. 
Your eyes are blissfully closed as you move along to another song when you feel a hand grab onto your waist. You can’t be bothered to open your eyes as you go to slide out of the strangers grasp only to be surprised when their grip tightens instead. Your eyes spring open, ready to tell the bastard to fuck off, only to find that the hand belongs to Ransom, his hard face looming over you. He leans down a touch and speaks slowly and clearly, being sure you’ll hear him over the music, “It’s time to go.”
You shake your head at him, annoyance clear on your face, you start to back away from him as you shout over the music, “No. I’m not ready to leave Ransom. I’m actually enjoying myself. Feel free to go though since you clearly don’t want to be here with me, I’ll get my own ride home.”
His grasp on your waist is suddenly ironclad as he pulls you roughly against his body. He leans down so close to you that his lips brush against your ear as he speaks, his voice laced with challenge, “I said it’s time to leave. Don’t make me throw you over my shoulder and carry you out. You know I will.”
The severity of his tone sends a shiver down your spine and makes your core clench with arousal, as maddening as his possessiveness can be, it was also undeniably attractive. You roll your eyes but comply, turning on your heels and beginning to make your way toward the exit. Ransom's grip on your waist slowly makes its way up your back until he places a firm grasp on the nape of your neck causing you to stand up straighter as he begins to steer your body through the crowd with ease. You shoot daggers up at him, he knows how much you hate when he marches you around like a parent leading their toddler. His head angles down at you, his eyebrow cocked up, as his grip tightens, silently daring you to say or do something. You have to swallow down the words that dance on the tip of your tongue, knowing with certainty that he’s not above causing a scene; you settle for rolling your eyes and grinding your teeth together in irritation.
Once you're both seated in his BMW, you expect him to be all over you, pawing at you while giving you an earful; but instead he keeps his eyes set on the road and his grip tight around the steering wheel. You’re not sure if it’s the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream or just purely because it was so unexpected but you find yourself irked that he seems to have no interest in you at all. You angle yourself in your seat to face him as you reach over and place a hand on his thigh, sliding it towards his crotch before one of his hands leaves the steering wheel to push your hand away without so much as a glance. Your eyebrows knit together as you try again, letting his name roll needily from your mouth, only to be met with the same standoffish reaction. You turn in your seat once more and huff as you look out the window, utterly vexed that this man not only had the audacity to make you cut your night short but then to not give you the time of day after.
The car comes to a halt outside his home after what feels like an eternity, you open your car door and head for the door, your heels clacking angrily against the cement of the driveway with every step. You quickly fish the spare key he had given you from your clutch and unlock the door, storming inside and slamming the door shut behind you as you kick your heels off and make your way towards the stairs. You freeze in your tracks as you realize you never heard the slam of the door you were expecting. You look back over your shoulder to see Ransom has caught the door and is calmly shutting it before he turns his attention to you, his eyes stormy and menacing. He closes the space between you in mere seconds, his hand coming up and grabbing a fist full of your hair by the root. He turns you quickly to face him, the sweet ache on your scalp making you swallow hard as he walks you backwards until your back meets the wall with a soft thud. The hand in your hair vanishes and swiftly makes a new home against your throat, squeezing just enough to make your head begin to swim in the most intoxicating way.
“I’ve had enough of that fucking attitude, Y/N.” Ransom growls out at you as his chest begins to rise and fall a bit faster than it was a moment ago. “You think you have the right to be pissy after you ignored me all night to dance around like a little slut while all those guys laid their hands all over you?”
Your eyes bulge indignantly as you reach up, grabbing at his fingers against your throat, loosening his grip just enough to be able to talk a bit easier. “Excuse you!? I ignored you all night? You were the one who got all put out for no reason and left me alone on that dance floor! Why do you even care? You didn’t seem to want my attention then or just now in the car!” You shoot back at him, words laced with venom and just a bit of hurt. 
“That’s not how this works. I don’t just want your attention when you feel like throwing me a bone. You seem to have forgotten, you’re mine.”  The emphasis on his last two words make your core clench around nothing. You open your mouth to retort but his hand around your throat tightens once again, keeping the words trapped inside. “No. I’ve heard enough out of you. It’s about time I remind you who owns this.” He growls out as his other hand snakes between both of your bodies and under the skirt of your little black dress to cup your pussy firmly. Your eyes roll back into your head at the sudden pressure, you know that despite your frustration with him, he already has you dripping and now he knows it too. He releases his hold on both your neck and your pussy and wraps a rough hand around your delicate wrist and begins tugging you after him as he makes his way to the sofa. You suck in the air your lungs have been demanding as you stumble behind him. He takes a seat on the edge of the couch before roughly pulling you down to lay across his lap; your dress has been shoved up around your waist and your panties pulled down around your ankles so fast you can’t even comprehend it before his hand makes contact with your ass. 
“Aaahh! Ransom wa-” you begin to whine out before another sharp smack to your ass cuts you off. You attempt to wiggle out of his lap but his other hand pressing firmly down on your back keeps you securely in place. 
Ransom tsks his tongue at you as he rubs his hand over the swell of your ass, speaking steadily and firmly, “The only words I want to hear coming from your mouth are numbers as you keep track, got that Princess? We’re going to twenty three, one for every man you let touch you tonight. You utter a single word that isn’t a number or you miss one, we’ll start over. Don’t test me on this, Y/N.” 
The tone of his voice leaves no doubt in your mind that he means every word, you swallow hard and just nod your head. You bring your hands up to brace yourself, one clinging to his thigh while the other grasps his calf; you hold your breath in anticipation of the smack you know is coming. His hand makes contact with your ass once again and the sting makes you groan, “Three”. As soon as the word leaves your mouth, you feel the sting of his hand once again, “Four”. Ransom keeps up the pace, not allowing you a moment of rest between each smack to your ass, which becomes exceedingly sensitive with each and every strike. By the time you hit twenty, your legs are shaking, your arousal running down your thighs, your voice hoarse and strained as you continue to count out the final slaps. The sound of the last smack registers in your ears before the sickeningly sweet, overwhelming sting sets in, “Twenty three!” you manage to choke out. 
Ransom pulls you up, holding your body against his for just a moment before laying you out on the sofa, you hiss softly as your red raw ass makes contact with the deliciously cool leather as it grants you the slightest bit of comfort. He drops to his knees at the edge of the couch before reaching out and wrapping his strong sweater clad arms around your thighs before swiftly pulling you towards him until your ass is about to fall off the edge. His head dips down between your thighs, peppering them with swift kisses and gentle bites, inching closer and closer to aching core. He finally licks a long stripe along your dripping slit before his thumbs come to gently spread your soaking petals, fully exposing you to him. His tongue prods your entrance before beginning to greedily lap up all the sweet juices that are flowing from you, he lets out a moan from deep in his chest as your taste takes over his mouth. “So fuckin’ sweet baby” he whispers huskily into your sex as his lips find your pulsing bud, quickly encapsulating it and sucking gently. You let out a needy moan as your hands fly to his hair, tugging at it harshly as you grind into his face, desperately chasing your own release, trying your best to ignore the sweet sting still biting at the sensitive skin of your ass. 
Ransom suckles on your bud harder as you grind into him and you feel the coil in your stomach finally burst, your climax rushes over you like a wave. Breathy curses flow from your mouth freely as you ride out the sweet release your body had been craving so desperately. As you begin to come down from your high, you go to scoot yourself away from Ransom's mouth which was still working overtime on you. He immediately locks your thighs in with his arms, keeping you pressed firmly against his eager mouth. 
“Ransom.. baby.. I need a- aaah! I need a second,” you whine out breathlessly as you writhe under his grasp. 
He finally lifts his head from between your thighs, looking up to you with lust blown eyes and his face glistening in your arousal, “What's the matter, Princess? Weren’t you just upset you didn’t have my attention earlier? Well don’t worry your pretty little head over that. You’ve got my undivided attention now and I don’t intend to stop until my mouth is the only thing you can think of.” His tone dripped with derision as his lips curled up into a mischievous smirk. “You wanted all my attention and the attention of every guy in that club tonight, I’m going to show you just what greedy little sluts like you get.” Ransom immediately dives back in between your thighs, his lips closing in around your throbbing bud again, sucking on it harshly pulling another hasty orgasm from you. 
You whine and moan breathlessly as you continue to try and squirm away before finally resigning to the fact that you are no match for his sturdy arms, you are ultimately helpless. You feel another climax beginning to crest and his name begins to fall from your mouth like a mantra and even you’re not sure if you’re begging him to stop or to keep going at this point. Your legs shake and your breath is ragged and hoarse as another orgasm claims your body. Your vision is beginning to swim as you stutter out, “Pl-please… Ra-Ra-Ransom… I n-need-” 
Ransom lifts his face away from you, looking up at your face, reveling in how your makeup runs down your face and your bottom lip quivers, “What’s that Baby? You need more? I think so too Princess.. I know you have more for me.” And with that he returns to his assault on your sensitive aching clit, you feel one of his arms release its grip on your thigh but the other still holds you firmly in place as you feel two of his fingers plunge deep inside of you, curling into your walls in a way that makes you see stars. Your voice is nearly shot as you cry out as you feel him coaxing yet another orgasm from you; you feel your walls clench around his fingers, keeping them in place as you ride out yet another wave of earth shattering ecstasy. 
Your body goes limp like a rag doll, your chest rising and falling alarmingly fast now. Ransom finally rises from between your trembling thighs, peeling off his sweater and undoing his belt as he looks down at you, admiring what a mess he’s made of you. Your eyes stay lazily open watching him as you will yourself to even out your breathing, you watch as he grasps your hips firmly and lifts them effortlessly off the couch, lining your entrance up with his cock before burying himself to the hilt with one powerful thrust. The sound that comes ripping from your chest is guttural and primal, your entire body aches in the most intoxicatingly painful way as every inch of you buzzes with overstimulation. 
“C’mon baby.. just one more. I want to feel your greedy little cunt milk me.” Ransom's voice is husky and harsh. His strong hands begin to glide you along his cock with ease, setting a deep brutal pace, every inch of your body is consumed by a blinding combination of equal parts pain and pleasure. Your head lulls off lazily to the side, unable to even keep it up on your own anymore as you watch his face contort with pleasure as he fucks your oversensitive cunt with reckless abandon. Moans and curses escape both of you wildly and your orgasm hits you like a train, sudden and intense, your eyes roll to the back of your skull as you whimper helplessly as your walls contract around him. You feel his cock twitch before spilling his warm seed deep inside you while he growls out your name, his eyes squeeze shut and he throws his head back in pleasure. Ransom gently pulls out after a moment and sets your hips gingerly back down on the couch. He leans down, placing a large hand on either side of your head as he hovers just above your face, “Now remind me Princess… who do you belong to?” 
“Y-y-you. On-only you, R-Ransom” you stutter out quietly, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, he truly owes every bit of you and you wouldn't want it any other way.
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sweetsbfreex · 7 months ago
a father’s duty
Summary: brought to u by the wholesome picture of Cevans sewing up dodger’s stuffed lion 🤧
Warnings: Talk of trauma (nothing too in depth) and talk of sex
Pairings: Dad, Husband!Ransom x reader
You and Ransom were cuddled up together on the couch, some random movie he had chosen that you weren’t paying attention to. You wanted to cuddle, but he insisted on watching this movie so a compromise had to be made. And the feeling of his hand going up and down, inside your shirt, against your arm; Could only make you purr in contentment.
And you were meant to doze off if it wasn’t for the dramatic, high pitched scream of pure agony. You both shot up from your seats, looking at each other wide eyed before dashing up the stairs (Ransom ahead). 
Until you were in the doorway of an overly purple room.
“Mommy! Daddy!”
Ransom let a small, stunned gasp at the feel of a teary eyed four year old, Celeste bolting to his legs. Her small arms had tried to wrap around his legs as she sobbed into his jeans, fists tight as she clutching the denim. 
Confused you had leant down adjacent to her, Ransom peering down from his stance, lifting her arms to softly run circles over her back. 
“What’s wrong baby?” a fake pout on your lips.
“She’s dead!” she had sobbed, her puffy cheek making contact with his expensive jeans to make eye contact with you. 
“What? Who’s dead babe?” Ransom asked, tilting his head downward, eye brows stitched together. 
She propped her chin up against his leg, “Daffy” she blubbered, extending her arm behind her to point at the limp stuffed bunny a few feet away.
“Fucking––” He couldn’t finish his sentence a hearty laugh emitted into the otherwise somber air, still laughing (some tears streaking his face) he had picked up the once blubbering girl so she saddled on his hip. 
“Ransom! It’s not funny and language, god”
“C'mon” he dragged the n, “You gotta admit this is hilarious, she’s so dramatic...I wonder who she gets it from” he smirked, looking at you knowingly. 
“You” you appointed, holding back your smile. 
“As if” he scoffs rolling his eyes. 
“Daffy!” Celeste exclaimed, snapping the two from their loving trance. 
“Right!” you snapped yourself back into mom mode, making way to Daffy and your way back to the two, watching Ransom wipe the tears from Celeste’s face, calming her down in a hushed voice.
You sidle up next to Ransom lifting the stuffed animal, so the both of you could evaluate the state of her favorite buddy. You looked up to him, watching his face scrunch up, almost like disgust, but you knew he was just very confused.
“Jeez leste, what’d you do?” 
The light yellow bunny up front was perfectly fine, but once you had turned it around a tear in the fabric of the it’s “spine” was parted, the thread poking out along the hem. 
“I–– I was just spinning her around”
“Is that really what you did” you prompted.
“No..” she set forward shyly, resting her temple against her father’s shoulder. “There was a string and then I pulled it by accident”
“By accident?” Ransom asked, eyebrows raised. 
“On purpose” she mumbled, eyes tearing up slowly.
Celeste is probably the biggest liar the two of you know. You both have been working on that habit, reassuring her that it was fine and being honest is better most times (minus surprises, safety, etc). You both had even resorted to acting out examples for her. She was getting better, but ever the fibber she still found a way to slip into the habit. And when you had asked her why exactly she loved lying, she only replied with a quib “It’s fun!” giggling to herself. 
“Hey it’s okay, you were curious” he cooed, “Mommy will fix it don’t worry” 
You looked up at him mesmerized, not so surprised at the father he was becoming. Remembering all those nights he had kept the two of you up, even the day you were in labor, he had been worried. How was he ever supposed to love a kid properly–– let alone his–– when he never had that benefit. All these what ifs running through his head in a cycle.
He had even taken it upon himself to sign you both up for those parenting classes. The ones with the fake dolls. Dolls that he held gently as if they were alive.
“I will. You’ve had a long day, love, you wanna go to bed now?” you asked her, smiling. 
She nods silently, reaching her hands out to you. Ready for the familiar night routine to begin.
After Celeste had been put to bed, it was not you and Ransom being the only two up. You were both in your shared bathroom, getting ready for bed. 
You groaned, catching the attention of Ransom. “Sewing that thing is gonna be some work” watching yourself in the mirror as you rub in your lotion. 
“You’re tying that thing together, how hard can that be?”
“I’m sewing it together” 
“Tomato, Tomahto” he responded. 
“Fine, since you think it’s so easy why don’t you fix it for her?” 
“Deal. I’ll take another night of anal as my end” he says this confindently, not expecting another word for you, as he saunters past you briskly but not before placing a kiss to your check and a rough smack to the ass. 
And god did he take this seriously. Making sure you were up this entire time as he achieved his new level of domesticity. 
And you did, sitting up against the headboard as you watched him sit shirtless across the sized room. 
He sits in the barrel chair. the stuffed animal in his lap, a spool of light pink thread to match the bunny in between his legs, and a packet of needles in his hand. 
“Babe you have to––”
He holds up a hand, stopping you from saying whatever you were about to say.
“I got this babe” he tells you, looking at you wearily as he pulls up a video (‘how to sew stuffed bunny animal together’) on his phone. 
You watch him watch the video,switching the show you were watching to make it seem as if you weren’t watching him too carefully. 
He squints, focused as he listens to the lady in the video.
“You look so cute”
“Thanks” he grumbles, placing a thimble on his pointer finger. 
He was like a cute grandmother. His eyebrows brought together and tongue poking through his cheek, which you teased him endlessly about. There was just something about watching a brawly, grumpy man like him knit. So you pulled your phone out wanting to take a quick picture. 
“Put. it. down.” he tells you, not even looking away from his task.
“Wha–– You’re really creepy, you know that. Smile” you demand of him. “It’d be so cute for the album”
He of course doesn’t smile instead raising the stuffed animal to cover his face from the camera, but you were quick enough to get something before that. Smiling fondly at the adorable photo of his concentrated face. Once you had your fill of serotonin, you closed the device and reached over to set it on your nightstand. 
“You gonna give me a kiss goodnight before you go?” he asks you stoically, head still looking down at his task. 
“Yes Ransom. Just give me a minute’ you respond, shimmying yourself from the soft sheets. You make your way besides Ransom–– naturally he wraps one arm around your waist to bring you–– leaning down and placing a kiss to his cheek (which he smiles at) then his lips. He pulls back first only to return again for a deeper one. Sending you off, finally, with a pinch to your ass. 
“Goodnight, Baby” you tell him over your shoulder on your way back to the bed. 
“Night y/n/n.”
“y/n” is whispered in your ear and the shaking of your shoulder is what causes you to wake up. You turn your head over your shoulder to see Ransom standing over you gleefully. 
“Ransom?” you rasp, turning your whole body over to face him, looking at the clock on your night stand. “It’s two in the morning!”
“Thanks captain obvious” he mutters, rolling his eyes. Yet, he lifts up the stuffed animal. Both hands on either paws, holding it up to show you. “I finished!”
You instantly noticed the band-aid wrapped around his thumb and the brightest smile on his face. Through it you could see how proud of himself he really was. He really was getting a hand of this dad thing he was still figuring it out. 
Ransom, however, could only think about how tired he was and how strained his eyes felt––probably rimmed red. With the amount of times he had to rewatch the video because he missed or didn’t understand a step. But, for his little girl it was definitely worth it. 
“Well, look at you. You did so good bub” you extend your arm up lazily to then loop it around his neck, bringing him down for a kiss. 
If only his conceited friends could see him now. Thinking about how Danver, one of the many friends he had dropped, would berate him passively. Calling it a women’s role most likely. 
“Thank you” he settles one more kiss, “Let’s go”
“Go where?” you chuckle
“Leste’s room...where else? She’ll need him to sleep the rest of the night comfortably” he explains, removing your arm from his neck. To gently tug your hand.
“You sure?” you ask hesitantly.
“Hundred percent, let’s go”
You open the door slowly, the creaking sound it emitted making you cringe. And when you’re hushed by Ransom, you twist around instantly sending him a stink eye.
And you both stand against the side of her bed, you crouch down. Raising your hand to her shoulder. 
“Lesty” you whisper, your thumb running circles over her shoulder. 
She wakes up slowly, as always. The clear indication that she is awake being when she raises her hand to rub at her eyes.
“Mommy? She stops and gasps, “Are we going to Disney?” asking the question with glee, she sits up, her hands placed over her book patterned pajama pants.
You and Ransom share a short laugh. Remembering how you surprised her just like this months ago. The frown that overtakes her face makes you both want to laugh. 
“I’m going back to sleep” she tells you both, already reaching for her blanket. 
“Wait” you laugh, holding her hand. “There's a surprise for you” 
At your announcement, Ransom steps up holding out the sewed up stuffy. Her tiny hands covered the gasp she let out, muffling it.
“She’s fixed!” she’s astonished, running her fingers  along the stitches. 
Celeste felt like a jumping bean with all this happiness filling her body and she wasn’t sure how to express how happy she felt. So, she jumped onto her mother, arms latched onto her neck. Kissing her cheek incessantly.
“Thank you thank you thank you-”
“Actually––” you start.
“Woah! Woah! Woah!” ever the dramatic, “Momma didn’t do this. I did babe” he tells her, a gobsmacked, playful expression on his face. 
Ransom’s replica quickly unlatched herself from y/n, rocketing herself into his arms. He held onto her tightly. Falling in love with the toothy smile–– albeit it was missing a front one–– she gave him. He was rolling around in her appreciation towards his gesture. This was all he wanted. To be a better man for you to marry and be a better father for his daughter.
He brought her into him a little bit, placing a kiss to her forehead. 
“Anything for you Leste” he tells her in a hush. 
You rise slowly from your crouch, knees a bit sore from how long you were down there. Just in awe of the love they both exerted towards each other. Ransom’s hand lightly flying over the back of her head and Her tiny palm coddling his cheek.
“Time for bed?” you ask the two of them, your hand naturally going to Ransom and Celeste’s shoulder.
“Yeah. I’m tired” she tells you, dragging out the h. Setting her cheek to her dad’s muscled shoulder. Nuzzling her cheek against it lazily. 
“Yeah? Well let’s put you in bed first” Ransom responds. 
You walk behind the two, as Ransom sets her down gently on her bed.
He sets a kiss to her cheek then he pulls back, watching the way her arms tighten around the stuffed animal. 
“You love it?” he asks, a proud smile etched on his face. 
“Yes” she whispers, “Thank you, daddy” her palm caressing the top of it’s head. 
“Anything for you Leste” he reaffirmed. He needed her to know that he’d do anything. Anything. To keep a smile that bright on her precious face. He didn’t want her to doubt if he ever loved her or if she could ever come to him about anything. He especially didn’t want her to think that she’d be second to his work. 
He loved her too much and decided, right when you told him the news, he’d learn from his parents’ mistakes and trauma he had to deal with. 
“Goodnight, honey”
He gets up from his spot watching you lean over placing a kiss to her cheek, tugging the crocheted blanket to Celeste’s chin. 
“Night baby” you tell her sweetly.  
“Night” she replies to the both of you before snuggling into the duck more. 
RIght when you shut the door, you expect to face Ransom’s back walking towards your bedroom. But try not to scream, startled, when your head meets with his chest.
You look up, probably not the smartest thing to do. “You ready for bed?” you ask nervously, each hand landing on his broad shoulders. 
With the way he was looking at you, you would assume you were the last stash of biscoff cookies he always keeps fully stored in the house. Especially, with the other Drysdale in the house, the cookies went by faster when they used to.
“Don’t think so..We made a bet. Remember?” he smiles
“RIght now?!” you hiss lowly. He must have lost his mind. “You woke me up at like three in the morning”
“It was actually two” you whack his arm at his smart mouth, of course he doesn’t react.  “Anyway. A bets a bet. Let’s go baby” he crouches down, lifting you up swiftly into a bride-groom like position.
“Ransom!” you whisper, taken by surprise. 
“A quickie and then we’ll drop her off at your parents tomorrow to get to the real stuff tomorrow” he asserts.
With that, he picks up his speed. Taking you both down the hallway. Once he’s arrived at his destination–– the bedroom–– he throws you on the bed. Laughing to himself with how stricken you look. You should be used to this by now, he tells himself. 
“Ransom!” is the last of his name he hears with a tone of scolding mixed with shock, before he gets to work. When he climbs on top of you quickly––like a lion to prey––biting your neck. 
if you enjoyed pls don’t forget to reblog or give feedback if ur up to it <3
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stardustedangel · 8 months ago
Pretty, Pleated Skirt
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
pairing || ransom drysdale x fem!reader
word count || 1k
summary || when you made ransom buy you a pretty, pleated skirt and wanted to take pictures perched in his lap, how was he expected to keep his hands off of you?
warnings || 18+ only, minors dni, smut, light degradation, daddy kink, fingering, light choking, sex tape
author’s note || first ransom fic, vv nervous,, so nervous hehe ; do not repost my work
*gif does not belong to me*
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
Tumblr media
You and Ransom walked into your bedroom. You strolled in excitedly with Ransom tailing you. His eyes explored your bare legs and followed the sway of your hips in that goddamn pleated skirt you made him buy. The red hue of the skirt complimented your skin perfectly and you practically glowed.
His eyes left your ass when you sat down at your vanity, the chair pulled back so you could have a perfect view of your skirt through the mirror. You turned to Ransom excitedly and called him over.
“Ransom, come take a picture with me. Pretty please,” you batted your eyelashes at him with a pout on your lips.
Ransom rolled his eyes with a small smile on his lips and strolled over to you, picking you up and placing you on his lap all while looking at your pretty reflection in the mirror. You gave him a beaming smile through the mirror, happy that you didn’t have to do much convincing, and pulled out your phone angling the camera up at you both through the mirror.
Ransom’s hands caressed your thighs as you snapped pictures of the two. You shivered under his touch and started to squirm in his lap, eliciting a low growl from Ransom. When Ransom began planting kisses along the side of your neck your arms fell from their upright position and stopped taking pictures.
“Ransom,” you whined as his hands squeezed your thighs and he nipped at your neck, “you’re distracting me from taking pictures.”
“Keep taking them kitten,” he mumbled against your neck and his hand slipped underneath your skirt to run over your panties, “I’m just keeping myself occupied.”
You let out a gasp as soon as Ransom started to play with your clit over your lace panties. Your head rolled back onto his shoulder and your grasp on your phone loosened.
Before you could fully succumb to the pleasure Ransom was giving you, his hand left yours and went to tighten your grip on your phone. He nipped at your neck, causing you to jolt, and lock eyes with his through the mirror.
“I thought I said to keep taking pictures, kitten,” Ransom’s tongue grazed over your neck, “wasn’t clear enough for you? Maybe this will be more clear.”
Ransom slipped your phone into his hands, flipping the camera and setting the phone up on the vanity so the both of you could be seen through the camera. You borderline moaned at the sight before you.
There you sat, pretty and perched on Ransom’s lap with one of his hands trailing the expanse of your thighs. You could already see the red marks blooming on your neck and shivered when Ransom kissed a mark noticing the way your eyes stayed trained on them.
“Hmm, thought I’d record my pretty baby getting off in my lap. Better than pictures, right?”
You desperately nodded and grabbed at Ransom’s hands trying to get him to touch you. Somewhere. Anywhere. Your skin felt on fire from the way his eyes burned into you.
His hands resisted yours and he grabbed at your chin forcing you to look directly at him in the mirror. “I haven’t even pressed record, yet. That desperate, kitten?” The whines that left your mouth were silenced when Ransom finally hit the record button and his fingers immediately connected with your clit once again.
“F-fuck, Ransom. M-more. Touch me more.”
Ransom chuckled lowly and applied more pressure. He looked at you through the phone, smirking at the sight of you with your eyes closed and your head lolled against his shoulder.
“Ransom? That’s my name, kitten? Call me that special little name and I’ll give you more.”
You bit your lip in embarrassment and turned your head slightly to hide it in Ransom’s neck. Your hips bucked up into his hand, but Ransom’s quickly fell onto your hips to stop you and keep you still. You whined and squirmed against Ransom until he brought a hand up your neck squeezing lightly.
“Say it, baby. Please.”
You looked at Ransom through the mirror and your eyes softened. “Daddy, touch me please. Please. Want daddy’s fingers.”
Ransom turned your face to meet his and he planted a kiss on your lips with a smile on his face.
“Of course, kitten.”
The minute you were facing forward again Ransom slipped your panties to the side and plunged his fingers into you. Your nails dug into Ransom’s arms as an obscene moan fell from your lips. Your grip on him tightened trying to stable yourself as his fingers fucked in and out of you.
“Daddy!” You exclaimed. Your eyes rolled back and your mouth fell open. Ransom looked at your reflection and pride bubbled in his chest at the effect he had on you. He placed small kisses onto your neck as he continued plunging into you.
Ransom’s thumb came to circle your clit, keeping the same steady, fast pace that he’s set.
“Look at daddy plunging his fingers into your wet cunt. How’d you get this wet so quickly, kitten? Such a pathetic baby you are.”
You couldn’t even respond to Ransom. All you could focus on was the steady rhythm of his fingers and the vibrations you felt against your back when Ransom chuckled at his fucked out baby. You squirmed more against him when you could feel yourself about to come undone.
“Daddy...I’m about to,” the rest of your words fell off as Ransom hit that once special spot inside you.
“Yeah? Ready to cum all over daddy’s fingers? Cum then. Coat daddy’s fingers.”
You didn’t think twice when he gave you permission to cum. You let out a moan and opened your eyes to find Ransom’s reflection staring directly at you. You bucked your hips and road out your high all while looking at Ransom and loathing that smirk on your face. You mumbled out a low ‘thank you, daddy’ as you were finishing.
When you finally finished Ransom pulled his hands out of your cunt and sank his fingers into his mouth. He licked every drop off you off his fingers and released his fingers with an obnoxious ‘pop’.
Ransom flipped you around so you were straddling his lap and facing him. He threw you a smile and pressed a kiss to your lips, slipping his tongue in your mouth so you could taste yourself.
“You taste so good, kitten,” Ransom’s hands ran his hands up and down your body as you buried your face in his neck completely fucked out, “maybe we should go shopping more often.”
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chaashni · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Jerks, assholes, shamers.This queen doesn’t need a Prince on a white horse to come save the day, but you’ve got no objection if he fucks all the negativity away.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!busty!Short!Reader
Word Count: 6.3K
Warnings: Smut. So please minors, this isn’t the place for you. . Jerks. Assholes. A random OC named Creep(officially lol). Ransom’s foul mouth. Stretchmarks on breasts. Busty reader but I haven’t made the insecurity super specific so everyone can read (this was pretty self indulgent because I’m busty af lol). Ransom being a little shit to everybody but the reader. Aggressive!Angry! Ransom (redirects to that scene where all of his neck veins are popped up and he looks furious). A Harry Styles cameo cause I love him and this blog simps after him(not so respectfully). A concert. A little bit of drinking. Manhandling. Shitty exes. Nipple play. Idk what else this went pretty long.
A submission for @gotnofucks ‘s Body Positivity Challenge.  THANK YOU for hosting a challenge of this theme because it gives writers a chance to delve into topis which would be avoided in fanfictions. I have not spent paragraphs about reading moping over her insecurities, and she doesn’t hate her body either, but I have tried to add situations where the struggles (like men and their entitled eyes) come into play. I chose Ransom because he isn’t exactly the first choice for a comfort character and I wanted reader to realize her worth on her own. I hope you all like this.
Tumblr media
"No, place the light from a sixty degree angle," you climbed up on one of the stools, gazing around the studio with a frown on your face, your back stiff from all the equipment you had to reshuffle. "From the left." You quipped, running a frustrated hand through your hair and looking around.  "Please lower the elevation of that thing there." 
In the nicest way possible, you were pissed. Your phone buzzed away inside your bag and you couldn't attend to it, because you were busy coordinating stuff which was supposed to be perfected an hour before your arrival. It didn't help that the staff you were working with today were incredibly non-cooperative, and again, in the nicest way possible, you were stuck with idiots.
You jumped down from the stool, immediately wincing from the sharp tick at your ankle. Damn heels. You cringed at the jump of your chest, scowling at the two guys ogling at you, mentally scolding yourself for getting a little too worked up about this. It's not like you gotta jump around and possibly hurt yourself doing a task which is not yours to complete in the first place. So you ordered them to get all of this fixed as you had requested the day before, picking up your bag and spinning on your heel to stride out of the room.
18 missed calls.
To any other person, an array of missed calls and messages stringing along on their phone would be a cause of concern and frankly, a little alarming.
Not if the people calling are all little shits.
Your phone chimed again, your hair flying as you swing the door of the washroom open, dumping your bag on the slab and flipping the device to your ears.
"What?" You barked, drumming your nails on the granite. You were greeted by a dismissive scoff from the other side, like your irritation irritated him . You narrowed your eyes on the name of the screen, mentally preparing yourself for another riptide of fury, your only salvation being the tap of cold water which was within your arms reach.
Ransom Drysdale.
This wouldn't go good.
You were more than ready to dunk your head underneath the tap running in full force in case this day went worse. Considering Ransom, you could as well say goodbye to this nice bandana.
"Aren't you sweet today, little gem?"
That quippy, condescending tone. Some days it had your skin prickling, like somebody had sprayed diluted acid over you. It stung and it burned, the solution leaving you sizzled and smokey, dark lines of pent-up frustration stretching as remnants over your skin.
Other days it electrified you. Chains of gold and straps of pure leather hung around in that little fantasy world his words spurned you into, that man with his goddamned smirk being the main character.
The man with the sweaters and foul words made your pussy gush and bleed, and he knew it too. Each time he would levitate you to the very edge of the iceberg and at the last inch, keep you hanging.
Somedays, the dominoes toppled down one after the other in both directions, leaving you angry and horny at the same time.
Just like he had left you, last night.
Today, however, Ransom's words were tipping towards the first one, the dominoes collapsing in a direction which would have you rolling your eyes and causing collateral damage to his precious ears if he did not hang up quickly.
"What do you want, Hugh?" 
Okay, that was a little more venomous than you had gone for, but what can a girl do? Correction. What can a sexually, and at the same time, creatively frustrated girl do?
"Oh,"... He drawled. "You better type this down, make a checklist, email me when all of it is done."
"Hugh." you tried to cut him off, brushing your hair at the ends irritatedly as he didn't pay any attention to you.
"Start with a memory check. I'm so fucking done with having to remind you the most basic things. Like what you should be calling me." Now Ransom sounded like some middle aged dad lecturing his kid, and you were going to say just that when an intern stormed inside, yelling at you that the model you were supposed to work with had arrived, snapping at you to not waste any more time.
Who's talking?
But she had caught you off guard. The brush dangling in your hair shot down to the floor, clanking against the tiles and some bristles broke at the impact. 
"Oh shit." 
You nodded, lifting up two fingers to let you know you needed two minutes, hearing your stupid ass excuse of a friend scoff from your phone.
"Do you give out those 'kick me' passes to everyone you meet at work? Because you should stop." He bit, to which you responded with a dry 'Fuck off'.
"Not so soon."
And then you were zoning him out, cursing your luck because this was just the right time for your boobs to slip out of the cups of your bra. Great. Of Course you had to bend all the way down and pick up the hair-brush. What were you expecting to do? Twerk on the way up?
"Ain't got the time Ransom. Goodbye."
You dived your fingers under your jacket, shoving them past the neckline of your top to pull the straps up and adjust the constriction, shoving the stupid hairbrush into your bag.
"Yah. Goodbye. I have concert tickets for everybody, so go ahead, finish up early. Worked too hard for these to go to waste."
You stopped, the annoying creak of the door as it shut propelling you forward again.
"You got them? Who did you bribe?"
At Least there was one good thing about being <friends> with  Ransom Drysdale. He knew just which connections to juggle with and get your friend group what you wanted.
"My grandma. Be on time, little gem."
And that was how your mood skyrocketed.
No, not that nickname. The concert you were supposed to attend. That was what lifts your mood, because every fucking diety knows you needed to go out and have some chill. Your friend Tessa was this crazy Harry Styles fan, and she had ranted and raved and heaved and sighed in front of the group last Friday night out  about his concert in town. Puppy eyed looks and explanations of how long people had been cooped up in their homes, followed by strict ultimatums of getting tested and vaccinated and tears filling her eyes when a few of the guys called him overrated, and they had all melted.
Apparently, Ransom could get things done real quick, so you would allow him this one chance to lecture you about punctuality. You felt much better now that you had something you could look forward to, something a little more solid than the tango of words and touches between you and Ransom, something just as stimulating as him.
Let's get this over with.
The model was beautiful, had a very sweet smile which did not look out of place on her sculpted face, and was super apologetic about being late. You hadn't worked with her before, but admired her professionalism and her creative inputs, you simmering rage melting to a hazy underline of a tremour  because she was channeling her craft to a crescendo and so were you. Some models just don't work. Some don't want it to work, which had led to a channel of mediocrity cutting through your fields and you were excited to break out of it. This model, her art meshed yours, edgy pieces sitting snugly against your laid out mosaic, perfect  for you to work with. 
Except for that stupid bra which was intent on pulling you down. The cups kept slipping downwards, your breasts pumping up and attracting the attention of everybody to your very visible discomfort. It didn't help that you had to stand on a tool to be in direct line with the tall model.
This was embarrassing. 
It felt like you were standing on a stage, all eyes suddenly slashed away from the equipment and thrown your way. The next few shots did not turn out to be as coordinated as the others because apparently, a girl with her tits pushed out is more important than a long due lunch break.  
Is there a way for you to discreetly fix this?
Nope. NADA
So you rolled your eyes, a bitter taste in your mouth as you asked someone to fix the resolution of the camera. You cringed at the mirror on the other side of the studio, wondering why the hell would nature be <oh-so-generous>with you in this department. It's not like you spent days slaving over your huge breasts. They just knocked on your door and let themselves in, all positive and negative baggage unceremoniously dumped over you.
It wasn't even like all men loved big breasts. And you, at the moment, were pissed off at their size and you weren't even talking about how they look without a bra.
The under compensating on your height and the overcompensation with your breasts made you look like some hyper-sexualized little pixie, something which made you want to tear someone's hair off the roots at times. Given the nature of your job, which involved jumping and moving around a lot, these features, though flattering in many situations, invited a lot of unwanted attention, and drained a lot of your energy.
Can this be over already?
It was. An hour later, you stomped over to the parking lot, bag slung over your shoulder, hair messy and heels in hand. You called Tessa only to have your words thrashed straight into voicemail, little phosphines with all the colours in a fucking rainbow and more exploding over the darkness each time you shut your eyes.
Ransom had left you two texts.
"Three hour drive to the stadium" 
"Don't get lost ."
No. Why would you get lost? Don't you have the mice from under his bed leading you there? They would find their kin, lead you to him and all.
You had officially lost your mind.
You didn't reply, driving straight to the cafe for a cup of strong coffee. You scrolled through lovehoney, adding stuff to your cart like it was nobody's business as the coffee infiltrated your bloodstream, sedating your raging mind.
At Least you would get to see Harry Styles shake his ass on stage. Live. You might even live out the little fantasy the twelve year old version of you carried. Worst case scenario, Ransom would flirt with you <a little more>, crack you open and fuck up the wires holding your desires <a little more>, wear down your endurance and neglected pussy <a little more>.
And you'd let him.
Only after you had vibed to sunflower and the guitar solo in 'She' to your heart's content. Only then would you let Ransom-fuck-me-Drysdale sass you out. Or sweet talk you. Whatever he wanted. Both had their own perks. Grinning devilishly, you tore your car up to the gates of your apartment, cheekily saluting the guard who chuckled and mock saluted you back, holding your bag in front of your chest and almost running upwards.
"Girl I'm mad at you. But I'm super excited so excuse me being out of character," Tessa chimed away on the phone as you waddle around in your bra and panties, dresses hanging from your arms and phone tucked under your ear.
Tumblr media
"I'm sorriee…" you whined, dumping all the outfits in your bed and huffing. "Had some real shitty people to work with."
"Model sucked?" She asked, words slurred from the wine she was drinking for her pre-show buzz.
"Nah, she was cool." You huffed dismissively, pulling your drawer open and bringing out your little treasure box full of fake jewellery. Your love for oxidized collections was a group joke and you happily let them indulge in it.
"She? Tell me you got me her number."
"Nope. Not playing matchmaker for you." You laughed as she whined, teasing her she would find someone at the concert. 
"I wish." Tessa laughed, swooning a little and blowing air through her lips.
"Okay, lemme get ready."
You loved the concept of dressing up. Makeup, nice clothes, pretty things, you loved them all. All of this should have been easy for you because you worked in a field that involves high-end fashion, but you found yourself razing your teeth over your bottom lip, mind running in a million ways on what would make Ransom swoon.
And hell didn't you like the attention he gave you. Attention which started with cheeky comments solidifying  into an intense banter with each shot you chugged down, both of you volatile enough to carry the conversation on for a very long time without backing off. It all transcended into a drizzle of light touches, skin to skin contact which left you starved your more, fucking up your senses of time and space and pushing both of you closer. Till he would lean down, press a kiss at the corner of your lips, or over the crease of your brow, or your shoulder, wink at you and leave.
Ransom knew you wanted him, and you were sixty percent sure he wanted you too. Okay, make that eighty. He just likes being a shitshow, likes prolonging things, likes watching your break and crumble and present yourself to him, just like everything else in his life. You weren't exactly in the mindset to do that, not yet at least, so you fired back with the same destructive energy, aiming to bring him to his knees.
You had a Versace in your cupboard. You had saved for it for months, finally allowing yourself the luxury of the clothing which looked like it was better suited pinned up to the wall of some museum. You had saved it for a good occasion, and you would be fucked if you didn't wear it to a Harry Styles concert.
You'd be fucked if you wore it to a Harry Styles concert.
The dress was low cut, a broad neckline aiming to pump out your breasts and there was no way you could wear a bra underneath. Given your track record at concealing your excitement in concerts, the dress would probably be torn, you would get elbowed and bruised by the end of it. So you rolled your eyes, your heart sinking as you kept the dress back inside, opting for a sleek two-piece instead. The incident in the afternoon had left a sour taste in your mouth and you didn't want a repeat telecast of that when you were supposed to be enjoying yourself. 
You couldn't risk Ransom spotting those stretch marks lattices all over your boobs. You couldn't destroy your chances before he even kissed you.
"Hey pretty!" Tessa shrieked and wrapped herself around you, engulfing you in the tightest hug possible. "I'm excited! All thanks to your boy toy. He's looking sharp there."
Tumblr media
You were used to the heat surge all over your body at Tessa's teasing words, the spike in your pulse and the throbbing of your pussy following. The man did know how to pull a look.
Layered outfits? Check. I'm-a-Royal-son-of-a-bitch vibes? Check. Perfectly set hair? Check. The intense desire to mess it up for him and face his wrath? Check. 
You had to tilt your chin up to look Ransom in the eye, your breath getting sucker-punched out of your lungs at the hungry glint at the circumference of his irises. He eyed you up and down with his signature smirk, and somehow the guy had managed to pull a leaf out of Stephanie Meyer's book, because his eyes were glittering and there was some infinitesimal spark all around.
Or maybe the wine was getting to your head. Mixing with your hormones and giving way to a dangerous concoction which fucks up your eyes.
Or maybe you were too enamored by him.
Maybe you were in love. Who were you to know.
"Little gem." He started, bending down and brushing a tendril of your hair away from your face. He ran his knuckles along your jaw as you stood transfixed at your spot, not so used to having him right in front of your face. His eyes flickered down to your lips, and then even below, a slow smirk filling his face and then he was winking back at you.
"Next time you ignore my texts I'll block you."
And there he was again.
"I don't have time for stupid shit." You laughed, pressing a hand at his shoulder and pushing him away. His smirk remained, but you could see his irises darken as more people filled the stadium, the lights changing. His lashes caught on the different colours of the break lights, iridescent and dreamy over the brilliant sapphires, and you caught yourself swooning.
"You check me out too much for someone who doesn't have time for me." He stated, shrugging cockily, a victorious grin on his face. 
"So you agree you are a stupid shit." A brilliant smile took over your features as his crumbled, your finger poking his chest. "That's why I say, you should pay more attention." 
He clutched your wrist, large hands completely wrapping over yours and you couldn't help the tiny gasp betraying you. He watched both of your jointed hands, looking up with a smirk which could hypnotize you to drop to your knees and mumbled hoarsely.
"Pardon my recalcitrance, little gem."
You rolled your eyes and looked away, waving at all the other girls and their partners. Tessa was beaming even as the lights dimmed and the stage flared, the stadium buzzing with an anticipation for the show which you knew would be a blast and something you'd remember. There was another thing that you knew. This cocky, irresistible guy who stood next to you, a smug smile on his lips and an disinterested shadow over his eyes, he was here only because you had asked him to. If you'd leave, he wouldn't linger even for a second.
Isn't that something?
The show was crazy, every part of it so amazing you could craft an erotica out of each second. Harry Styles had his enigma as he swept over the stage, and your side was one which gave one hell of a view, and you'd swear on your life everybody in the front rows could hear you sing along.
"Okay woman calm down. I get it." One eye pinched, a hand covering his ear Ransom shouted over the music, but who paid heed to him? You imitated a 'smile wide' gesture with your fingers, grinning widely. You tore your eyes away from his stupidly handsome face before you got lost in those ink-splattered irises, the taunting brake lights coagulating into an enchanting kind of shade and you didn't want to get lost in them again and miss Harry's show. You had priorities.
"LaLaLaLaLaLa" you screamed to the chorus of Woman, laughing and swaying along to the beat. Ransom next to you huffed and whined, but you already had recorded him vibing to Canyon Moon and She, so you had perfect blackmail material if he pulled any of his shit-stunts.
The show was going in full swing, people loud and excited, all vibing without a care in the world. Except a few, apparently.
A dude in the row ahead of yours, some seats to your right, did not seem like he was interested in watching  the show. He was watching you. You had caught him a few times before, even held his gaze for a few seconds and the fucker had the nerve to sneer at you. It was getting creepy and a little violating, and it made the bad kind of chills run down your side. You leant back, cringing when the guy's lips puckered up to a disgusting pout as your breasts jerked uncomfortably. Quickly you asked Tessa to switch places with you, placing yourself out of the direct line of sight of that creep.
Ransom frowned, an irritated dent in his brows when you moved away from him. He must have sensed something was wrong, because he glared in the direction of the creep, giving a mean side eye and settling back in his seat.
Who even sits through Adore you?
Maybe you should too. That guy had also done some arrangement of his own, moving to the seat directly in front of yours. This was getting out of hand, especially when he had the nerve to turn around, put a knee on the seat and completely face you.
"Hey little mama, looking pretty there."
You could punch that slow smirk off his face. Really. 
"None of your business, you ass." You looked away, shuffling closer to Tessa who looked just as creeped out, muttering something about men and their general tendency to disappoint.
He turned around for a minute, raising two fingers up in the victory sign. You caught the eye of Ransom who was leering at the man, body tense, a vein popped up on his neck. You could have even stopped for a second and admired him, if your insides weren't twitching with unpleasant nerves and if your fingers weren't as clammy.
He swept his gaze over you once, the irritation melting into concern and you nodded once to let him know you were okay. He placed his hand at the back of your seat, bending sidewards and telling you to he was switching seats, when that stupid fucker did a three sixty again.
"I know a show's going on but you are so much better babe," he cooed, eyes glued to your chest. You suddenly thanked your stars you hadn't worn the Versace, and then you were hit by this simmering rage because why should you have to think like that? 
Ransom's fury, however, was directed right where it should have been. He jumped up from his seat, jumping forward and standing right in front of you, his hands inches from slamming his head somewhere.
"Listen here you dipshit." He seethed, lips twisted in a furious snarl that had the grin slipping off the creep's face. You and Tessa involuntarily placed your hands on his shoulder to calm him down, because none of you wanted this to end in bandages and security.  The guy in front of you smirked, running his tongue hungrily over his lips, eying your chest. Then he whistled at you.
"Got a bodyguard? I'd say you gotta protect those assets…" Ransom lunged forward, grabbing him by the neckline of his tee so harshly that the stitching ripped, the jarring sound of fabric drowned by the startled gasps and indignant shrieks around you.
"Who even let you in here? Got a ticket or you just latched onto someone's back and slithered your way in?" Ransom was furious, the nerves of his neck all visible and threatening. "Slimy little fucker like you should be eating shit at some porta-potty and you just come in and harass my girl."
His words bled venom, the arresting hands of all of your friends the only things keeping him from pouncing. A few security men were making their way from the side, and you heaved a sigh because this would finally come to a stop. Ransom let go of him, shoving him backward with all his force, lips twisted in a furious snarl. "Annoying motherfuckers like you think you're entitled to every-fucking-thing you want to get your tiny dick a little action don't you dare-"
"C'mon, free them nips. Can't be that bad," that creep hollered as he was dragged away, your face heating up in shame and disgust.
Ransom would have lurched again, hell, he looked like he would kill the guy. Ransom didn't care about authority anyway and you were somewhere in this twisted web of indignation and shame mixed with the undertones of  lust.
"Ransom, stop, it's okay."
It was not okay. Nothing was. Being catcalled because you let go of your guard and caught yourself slipping is not right and absolutely not what anybody deserves. But the worst thing was that there was a part of your subconscious, the fiend, who tutted at you in disappointment, telling you could have avoided the whole deal.  You were mad at yourself for thinking of that.
Then comes the part where Ransom played the angry young man, dressed like a Prince on a horse carriage and acting like some knight in shining armour. You weren't able to place your feelings on his display of anger, on his swooping in and rescuing you. You were grateful, definitely, and you knew Ransom was protective about the things-and people, in your case- that he cared about. But did it mean he felt you couldn't protect yourself? Did he see you as some doe-eyed helpless woman? You faced worse on an everyday basis, you could have handled this.
You huffed exasperatedly, brushing your hair away from your face, not meeting Ransom's eyes at all. You watched the rest of the show without much excitement, a bitter taste lining the inside of your mouth which only a vodka shot could dissolve.
You were just waiting for the show to wrap up and you would be ordering yourself a tray full of them. 
Damn people.
Tumblr media
Ransom knew when to leave someone alone. Communication issues. The fiend sang from some dusty corner of your brain, but you downed it back with your second shot, ears still buzzing from the after-effects of a tainted concert euphoria. 
Drunk you was a horny you. Ransom was in front of you, sitting with his legs stretched out, a hand draped over the backrest of the leather couch, looking all too comfortable in this little pub. You nursed the third shot glass as you stared at him, dizzy brain brushing over each of his features. He was handsome. Effortlessly. And even when he was angry and cursing like a trucker, he looked hot.
That eye contact was going to kill you. 
You weren't mad at him. You were mad at the world though, and even that anger was cracking under the heat of the shots.
Ransom's slow smirk helped too. The anger bubbling at your chest crumbled as he made his way over to you, the tinkering of the mean shards reverberating in your head. Or that must be the shots.
"You're gonna give yourself alcohol poisoning." He stated with a smirk, but the menacing, sarcastic vein wrapped around his words was absent. His eyes were light, playful even, and you were glad.
"Screw you Hugh."
Ransom groaned, snatching the shot from your hand and throwing the burning liquid onto his tongue. You watched his Adam's apple bob up and down, a little drunk on how he swiped his tongue over his lips.
The shattered pieces of your anger rattled against the imaginary walls keeping them in, a spray of lust taking over. Ransom had that effect on you.
"So you're just gonna pout those pretty lips and drink," he chuckled, bending his knees and resting his elbows on the bar counter to catch your eye. "What a lady."
"You're jealous I can out-drink you." You rolled your eyes, raising the shot glass up to him. You chugged it down, the liquid burning through your intestines and suddenly you were being swooped up with one arm. Ransom dropped you over the bar counter, flicking a hand at the waiter two feet away from you to shoo him away while you gulped.
"Yeah. Now I can look at you properly." He flicked your nose as you widened your eyes, ready to mouth him off with big indignant words which he would smirk and roll his eyes to, when he raised your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles.
"I thought you were gonna wear that Versace?" 
You huffed, the adrenaline from  being swung around without a peep doing a nosedive as you were reminded of that.
"Didn't wanna flash my tits. I mean, people are there to watch Harry, any distractions and they'd all be watching me instead."
Drunk you examined everything under the most unfiltered lens. Drunk you spoke too much of what you were feeling for your own good.
"Those are assholes." Ransom clenched his jaw and your breath caught in your throat. "And you'd kick ass if they did, wouldn't ya?"
His eyes were fond and soft, thumb soothingly brushing over your knuckles. You found yourself leaning in, his alcohol stenched breath mixing yours. You barely suppressed the urge to run your fingers through his hair, running the tip of your index along the chisel of his jaw instead.
"You'd look damn hot doing that too." You chuckled along to Ransom as he caught your finger between his teeth, nibbling. As hot as it was, you couldn't help your mind spiralling to a darker place, to the disappointed groans of men you had been with, when they would reach out to grab your boobs and recoil almost immediately, spending the rest of their time only between your things because it was better than looking up.
"Too many stretchmarks." The words slipped out of your tongue before you could bite them back, the little insecurity marked over your breasts which caught the attention of every guy and served as a huge turn off flashing in your drunken mind. 
Ransom crinkled his brows, looking at you oddly. For some reason his face gave an 'explain yourself' kind of look, and your hazy mind did not want him to look at you in that odd way, like he was looking at some idiot in a drain, so you pursed your lips, sitting up straighter.
"The neckline of that dress is too deep and I did not consider my stretch marks when I brought it. I mean, you saw me jump around today. You could guess how many people would be turning around in their seats to look at me."
"Then I'd be kicking each one of their asses for objectifying you." He stated, an air of arrogance in his words as he sponged another kiss over your knuckles. "They should know you are not putting up a show for them."
You smiled, his genuine words making you feel warmer, lighter. A little less angry at the stupidity your brain cooked up and threw your way from time to time.
Sober you knew you weren't supposed to be objectified because of what you were. You were not a painting hanging from a wall for them to ogle and gawk at, and definitely not an artifact made for them to touch. You weren't supposed to be judged and your dresses weren't supposed to be an invitation card.
Drunk you believed it. Maybe after this incident, sober you would believe it too, with all your heart. That stupid fiend in your head would be gone by morning.
"I know." You sighed and ran your finger along the lapel of his coat, looking at the table at the other corner. Your friends had left long back and the pub was mostly empty, save for the last few servers cleaning up in the kitchen. 
"You didn't have to go so harsh on him." 
"He was gonna get his face pushed into a toilet seat. No regrets."
"Little gem."
That annoying smirk was back, his hands caressing the top of your things. This might as well be a good time to curse yourself for wearing a two piece, because he was going to  tease you and leave you wet and tingly and to your own devices again.
"I can take care of myself."
Ransom chuckled, dropping his forehead to yours. He smudged your noses together, the back of his knuckles hovering in a horizontal line across your nipples. "Sure little gem, I know you can." The hand raking over your thighs moved to the waistband of your skirt. "But you don't have to. Not when I'm right here."
That is how you found yourself like this. Ransom sitting on your couch with his arms behind his head, legs propped over the table, an easy smirk on his face. His eyes bled lust as he eyed you up and down, hungrily taking you in.
"Take off your top."
You obliged, adrenaline coursing through your veins like a riptide with how easily he had taken control. Like it belonged to him. You peeled the top off, your breasts spilling out from the confines of the tight piece and hanging limply against your bra.
"Why don't you push your hair back, little gem?" Ransom's request held rival to the domineering gaze he had pinned you in with, your eyes already glazed over with how he was slowly breaking you.
Breaking you and you would let him. Ransom Drysdale had never been good with words. Judging this situation, his alternative was a good fucking. You were hands down going to take that offer.
You obediently swept your hair back, the flimsy material of the bra being the only thing shielding your breasts from him. And with the way he was licking his lips, eyes fixated on your chest with a startling vehemence, and maybe a little devotion, you knew it would be getting off soon.
"Good girl."
Cocky bastard. That self satisfied hum made you embarrassingly wet, a drop of sweat rolling down your jaw as he ravished you, the anticipation of being here after so long leaving your nerve endings all smoked up.
"Pull down the cups. I wanna see your breasts." You did that too, albeit a little shy. Slowly, you pulled down the cups, wondering how long the foreplay would last before you were actually cumming on his cock.
Ransom smacked his lips together, leaning ahead to tap the table in front of him. "Get over here."
A tremor ran through you at his command. You climbed on the table, placing a knee on each side of his propped legs. You settled your ass over his boot, a sly smirk on your face which could rival his signature one any day as you toyed with your lips.
"You little minx," Ransom cursed, a stiff tent very visible on his pants. He reached his hands out, one of them freeing your lip from under your teeth while the other toyed with your nipple. You moaned and gasped as he grabbed both your boobs in his hand, kneading, pressing and massaging over them. He lightly flicked your nipples, the pleasure which you were getting from having your breasts fondled making you gasp and clench.
"How could some fucker resist these?" He mumbled, leaning forward and catching one of your pebbled nipples with his lips. He raked his tongue over the sensitive skin, biting and marking all the while you rutted against his boot, muffled noises and little gasps escaping your lips. "Must have been blind."
You could cum from the feeling of him stimulating your nipples alone. All those years of partners neglecting your breasts, you had kinda forgotten they could be used as a means of pleasure too, if treated nicely. Ransom scattered bite after bite over your tender flesh, your mind reeling at how easily he could get you to turn into putty.
"God Ransom, fuck-" you gasped when he pinched one of your nipples, sparks of pain molding into a seamless pleasure under his minstrations. "That feels good."
"Does it now, little gem?" He chuckled, grabbing your jaw with one large hand and pulling you forward easily, crashing his lips against yours. It was hot and messy, just like everything about Ransom. He shoved his tongue into your mouth, sucking your lips and biting them harshly, teeth  crashing against the other's. "Prettiest I've ever seen."
You moaned, rutting faster against his boot, sure you would burst if he didn't stop whatever he was doing. It was new and unfamiliar, and so damn exciting to explore. Ransom's dominance, his aura, the sex that he radiated all condensing into this beautiful, arrogant mess of a man set on overstimulating your breasts. The recalcitrance in his stance got you all the damn time, the way he could disrupt anything like he didn't care just because he wanted to. And Ransom wanted you. The way he was bossing you around at your place, sitting on your couch like he was a king you'd kneel for was killing you. The softness in his eyes juxtaposed it, but it felt just as comforting. Ransom Drysdale had you wrapped around his little pinky.
Your nipples tingled from being licked and pinched, Ransom's nails leaving their mark over your stretch marks. Evident. Stinging. Claiming.
You sighed against his lips, yelping when he grabbed your waist and lifted you up, setting you over his thigh. He tore your skirt open, your eyes widening at his strength while your pussy flittered and wept in need, your body hot and gleaming with a sheen of sweat.
"Let's say you make yourself cum from humping on my thigh like a little kitten," Ransom puckered his lips up, stealing a kiss before he patted your jaw.  "In two minutes."
His words held a challenge, a little bit of a mean streak underlining them. 
"I can." You were so turned on you could cum from his words alone.
"Then I'll fuck these pretty breasts." Ransom slapped your tits lightly, watching them transfixed as they jiggled. "Wear that Versace of yours and I'll fuck you in it."
You moaned at the idea, your thighs clenching and face heating up, but you tried to stifle it down to a calm deadpan, failing miserably.
"I saved up for it." The idea was making you wetter than anything and you'd give into everything Ransom says, but you wanted to see what he would say.
"I'd buy you ten more." He huffed dismissively, shoving two fingers into your mouth and pressing them against the flat of your tongue
You gagged around his fingers, spreading your legs and placing your clothed cunt over his thighs.
"Fuck me."
"Later." He smirked, winking at you and tweaking your nipple before rubbing slow circles over the stinging bud.
"Now get started if you wanna cum at all tonight, little gem."
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loveaffaire-recs · 3 months ago
Loveaffaire-Recs’ Navigation
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Here’s a little navigation post for navigating through tags to find a person’s/character’s fic in a faster and better manner!
This navigation contains the fanfic recs of—
MARVEL— Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Loki Laufeyson, Stucky x Reader
ACTORS— Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston
OTHERS— Harry Styles, Andy Barber, Ransom Drysdale.
Remember to read the individual warnings for all the fanfictions, NSFW fics have been tagged separately so minors DNI with NSFW tags.
If a link doesn’t work, let me know here.
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
NSFW Peter Parker
Steve Rogers
NSFW Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Series
Bucky Barnes
NSFW Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes Series
Loki Laufeyson
Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes Series
NSFW Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Tom Holland
Tom Holland Series
Chris Evans
NSFW Chris Evans
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston Series
Tumblr media
Harry Styles
Ransom Drysdale Series
NSFW Ransom Drysdale
Andy Barber Series
NSFW Andy Barber
Tumblr media
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bucksfucks · 8 months ago
headcanon request: makeup sex with ransom...? maybe a lil angst with a lot of smut..? 👀
𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙞𝙩 𝙖𝙡𝙡 ; 𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙢 𝙙𝙧𝙮𝙨𝙙𝙖𝙡𝙚
summary || ransom gets a second chance.
warnings || angst — talk of break ups (forgotten anniversary), fluff, praise kink, daddy kink, cocky!ransom, slight mocking, ransom eats you out, unprotected sex, makeup sex, ransom shoves his fingers in your mouth but lovingly, soft ending — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
gif not mine // full credit to owner.
Tumblr media
“ransom what could you possibly want at two in the fucking morning?” you nearly scream as you swing your front door open. you know it’s him, there’s no other man that would show up when you’ve told him you want nothing to do with him. “to explain.” he replies, just as winded and exasperated as you roll your eyes. “you forgot our anniversary because you don’t care, there, i summed it up.” you bite and you can see him physically recoil at your words. your heart breaks with each passing second as he nearly begs and pleads—an very un-ransom thing to do as he drops his head. “let me remind you that it was you that decided to call things off.” you said, pointing a finger at him as he furrowed his eyebrows.
“because i was mad at you, not because i stopped loving you!” he shouts, his words hitting you and causing your breath to hitch in your throat. what? you looked at each other for a few moments longer before you silently stepped aside to let him inside. “baby, i’m so sorry. i promise it slipped my mind, i never meant to forget our anniversary. every night i lie awake scolding myself because i let the one person i love get away from me.” he pours his heart out, voice cracking as you stare at him blankly. “baby, ple—“ but you cut him off.
“shut up.” you whisper, pulling him by his neck to your lips as he makes a confused sound before you’re both melting into each other’s touch. it’s soft and desperate, he wants to cherish this moment, but you know how much he needs this. “fuck,” he whispers, “fuck i missed you.” your stomach drops at his words, not from sadness, but from how badly you needed to hear that.
you both stumble into your bedroom and fall into your unmade bed, limbs intertwined and lips fused together. “you missed me, huh?” you have to fight the urge to roll your eyes as the cocky ransom you fell for comes out. “missed the way i touch you? no one else knows you better, don’t even try to lie to me baby girl,” he purrs, suckling at the skin of your neck. ransom has always been quick at undressing you (unless he’s set on teasing you) wanting to feel your skin against his.
“god, princess, you’re just so fuckin’ beautiful.” he marvels, wrapping his lips around your nipple as you let out a whimper. “don’t worry baby, daddy’ll give you exactly what you need.” he smirks as he settles between your legs. he flattens his tongue against your core, licking a thick stripe as you squirm under him. “oh how i’ve missed how sweet you taste,” he groans, diving back in. he uses his tongue to focus on your clit, teasing it with tight circles as his fingers work you open. “gotta get you ready for my cock,” and you shudder at the thought of him buried deep inside of you.
“aw sweet girl, are you close?” he mocks, “gonna come all over my face?” as you dig your fingernails into his forearm. he coaxes your orgasm from you, your back arching off the mattress as you do. “taste yourself princess,” he whispers, sliding his fingers past your lips as you lick them clean. “good girl,” he smirks, “gonna let me fuck you and remind you who you belong to?” he growls, lining himself up as you nod your head and grasp at the sheets. “that’s a good girl, takin’ my cock so well.” he praises as he sinks into you.
you’ve missed the way he feels you up, stretching you and making you feel whole as he steadily thrusts into you. “feel so good wrapped ‘round me,” he grunts lowly. “gonna make come, fuck, g—“ he moans deeply in your ear as your walls grip him. a few harsh thrusts later and he’s stilling inside of you as he comes, collapsing on top of you as you kiss his freckled shoulder. “wow,” you whisper, almost to yourself as you feel the vibrations of his chuckle. “i’m the best i know,” ransom jokes as you roll your eyes and pinch his cheek. your laughter dies down as ransom cups your face.
“i love you, princess. let me spend the rest of my life making it up to you.” he whispers and you feel your heart swell as you nod your head and lean into his touch. “you get one more chance, no fuck ups.” you warn playfully, “no more fuck ups.” he promises and he means it.
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dadplease · 6 months ago
untouched, perfect. and all for him.
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
summary | when ransom finally gets his hands on you after countless failed attempts at taking you willingly, he shows no mercy when stripping you of what he wants: everything.
pairing | dark!ransom drysdale x innocent!reader
warnings | very dark very filthy!, evil ransom, non-con/resistance, restraints, crying, unprotected s!ex, a little oral (f receiving), fingering, squirting, many forced orgasms, overstim, forced taking of virginity, praise kink? size kink? also pretty long? idek
requested by @secretturtletaco | Can I request " I like when you struggle" " I might have to tie you down " and " how many times do you think I can make you cum " with Ransom × innocent reader?? please 🥺👉👈
an | okay so i went really dark with this, i hope that is okay with you(!) (if not please send another ask and i will write you a different one<3) but like i could totally see ransom taking what he wants from (innocent) reader regardless of her cooperation so. yeah :’-) if this is not your cup of tea that is so so valid and i would be more than happy to write you something else! also bonus points for using my three fav emojis lolol
“Ransom, wait-” you beg as the man’s strong arms force you down onto your back against the plush duvet of his large king-sized bed. The look of hunger in his eyes is unmistakable and terrifying; you know you need to remove yourself from his presence before he takes things any further.
It had all started with an innocent dinner date. You weren’t thrilled to go, but you figured it would be the polite thing to do after he had asked so many times to take you out. Then, when he was driving home, he had made a few wrong turns, and suddenly you were at his house. He said something about wanting to show you a book he thought you might like; after all, you had met in a library, but when he escorted you to his bedroom and closed the door behind the two of you, you finally knew you were in a much more dangerous situation than you had originally thought.
“Come on, doll. I just wanna have some fun,” he smirks darkly, his eyes sparkling with lust as he runs a hand across your cheek, trailing his fingers down your neck carefully. Neither of you have had a swallow of alcohol all night, and maybe that’s the worst part: that he’s doing this completely sober. That he’s bold and sick enough to ignore your lack of consent with a clear and free mind. “God, you were a pain to get here, but I finally did it. You’re finally mine,” he whispers as he brings his lips up right against your ear, his breath hot on your skin as tears build in your eyes.
“Please, stop,” you whimper weakly as his hands begin exploring your neck and chest, playing suggestively with the neckline of your dress. “I-I don’t want this, Ransom. I don’t.”
“Oh, but you need this,” he purs in response, sucking and kissing at a soft spot on the side of your neck. “You’re so pure, baby. So clean. Need someone to loosen you up, show you how good being bad can feel.” You shake your head in protest, jumping as a hand drags over one of your breasts.
“Please, Ransom, please,” you implore, the fear and stress in your voice clearly audible, though it only seems to excite the man more. “I won’t tell anyone, I-I- I promise, I swear.”
“Shh, sweetheart,” he mumbles as he begins tugging at the sleeves of your dress, causing you to writhe beneath him. “Don’t cry, I’m just gonna make you feel good, pretty girl. Gonna make you feel so good,” he hums as he drags your dress off of you, letting it fall onto the floor in a lump. Now you’re left in nothing but your white bra and panties, the innocent lace trim causing Ransom’s mouth to water. He’s wanted you for so long, worked so hard to get you here, and now you’re his. All his, as it should be. Ransom Drysdale always gets what he wants.
“Look at you, so beautiful,” he croons as he runs his fingertips along your stomach. You shiver under his touch, squeezing your legs together in shame as tears continue to trail down the sides of your cheeks. “Untouched, perfect. And all for me,” he enthuses greedily as his face comes down between your breasts. You squirm underneath him, but one of his strong hands comes down and clamps over your neck, not enough to cut off your air but just enough to hold you still. Compared to his giant, muscular frame, you’re nothing; fear surges through you as you realize you’re not going anywhere without his permission. “God, I love it when you struggle,” he admits, the serious and steady tone of his voice making you sick to your stomach. “But you need to learn that good girls hold still. D’you think you can do that for me, darling?”
“N-no, I won’t,” you fight back pathetically, earning a fake frown of sympathy from Ransom as he sticks his bottom lip out at you mockingly. “Let me go, Ransom. I d-don’t want this. I don’t want-”
“Uh-uh uh,” he cuts you off by tightening his grip on your neck ever-so-slightly. “This isn’t about what you want, doll. This is about what I want,” he reminds you, bringing his free hand down to his waist and unbuckling his belt. “And since you’re apparently going to put up such a fight, I guess I’m just going to have to tie you down,” he shakes his head as he pulls the long leather strap off, removing his other hand from your neck and using both of his to grab your wrists, pulling them tightly together above your head.
“N-no, stop!” you beg, panicked as he drags you up towards the head of the bed by your arms, beginning to work the belt around your wrists as tightly as he can. “Stop, p-please,” you whimper, desperately trying to think of a way out of this mess.
“Shhh, it’s okay,” he soothes as he secures your wrists to the headboard, buckling you in place. “You’re gonna love it, sweetheart. I promise, I’ll make it feel good.” Now with you restrained and at his complete mercy, he takes a moment to sit back and look you over, admiring the soft, untouched quality of your innocent body. Ransom is well aware that you’re a virgin; over dinner you discussed how you’ve never dated anybody, never even gone out alone with a boy before. To him, this makes you all the more desirable. Something pure, something clean. Completely his to destroy.
“God, you’re perfect,” he breathes as he runs his fingers over one of your breasts, causing you to flinch at the tingly sensation his touch sends shooting across your skin. “So sensitive, too. I bet my hands are just going to ruin you,” he amuses as he pulls his thick, cableknit sweater up and over his head, leaving him in a tight white undershirt and his dark pants. “How many times do you think I can make you cum, hmm?” he taunts as he tugs playfully at your brastrap.
“None,” you insist quickly, the urgency in your voice causing Ransom to chuckle. “I-I’ve never cum in my life, Ransom, and if you think your sick assault is gonna change that, then-”
“Then how about a deal?” his deep voice rises over your own. An overly-confident smirk has formed its way onto his face, making your eyes burn with irritation. “I get to play with you for… let’s see…” he trails, glancing at the gold watch on his wrist. “Ten minutes. No real sex, I keep my pants on. Just foreplay,” he clarifies. “If I can’t make you cum in that amount of time, then I let you go.”
“What?” you ask, his proposal sounding ridiculous.
“You heard me, sweetheart,” he says. “Ten minutes. No cumming, or I get to fuck your brains out.”
“That’s ridiculous,” you shoot back, “why on earth would I agree to something like-”
“What other choice do you have?” Ransom laughs at your continued resistence. Sighing, you see his point. Narrowing your eyes at him, you spitefully agree. A wide grin spreads across his face as he rubs his hands together, licking his lips. That asshole.
“Alrighty then,” he coos excitedly, “I guess we better get started, then.” Bringing his large hands down on top of your breasts, he begins kneading them, the forceful tugging on the tender muscle causing you to let out a whimper. “You’ve seriously never been touched like this before?” he asks as your cheeks burn in humiliation. “Guess I can believe it,” he shrugs, “your body’s clearly been hungering for touch like this for quite some time.” Pausing, he reaches a hand into his pocket, pulling out a pocketknife. Faster than you can form any sort of protest, he flicks it open, grabbing your bra and slashing it three times, once across each strap and once between the cups.
“R-Ransom!” you cry out as he pushes the useless garment away, leaving your chest completely exposed now to the cold air and his hungry gaze. He drops the knife down beside him, bringing his hands back up and cupping the undersides of each of your breasts.
“Sorry, doll. Don’t have time to take it off the right way,” he apologizes as he begins kissing at your collarbones, working the base of your breasts gently with his hands. A stray tear still escapes down your face every few moments and you squeeze your eyes shut in embarrassment, wishing you could fall through the mattress and disappear completely. Your eyes shoot open again in surprise when you feel Ransom’s warm tongue dragging down your chest, finding one of your nipples and beginning to suck softly.
You let out a quiet whine, something between a whimper and a moan, and he sucks a little harder, taking your other nipple between his fingers and rolling the hardened bud skillfilly. “That feel good, pretty girl?” he pulls his mouth away to ask, a knowing smile already formed on his face as you bite your lip in attempts to keep from admitting it. You both know the truth, though; despite not wanting his touch, your body is betraying you and opening up to it. And there’s nothing you can do but lie back and take it.
“I hate you,” you mumble through your tears as he continues to stimulate your nipples, a warm feeling building up in the pit of your stomach.
“That’s not very nice, sweetheart,” Ransom scolds as he pinches a bit harder on your sensitive nubs. “I don’t have to be gentle, you know.” You roll your eyes, trying to focus all your attention on ignoring the sinful feelings rising through your belly.
Continuing to work your nipples with one hand, Ransom brings the other down and places it over your cotton panties, causing you to flinch at the new sensation. “Don’t worry, though, babydoll,” he murmurs as his fingers dance over the top of your lips through the fabric. “I want to be gentle,” he tells you as he begins rubbing at a spot that sets your whole body on fire, a place you hoped he’d never find. “You’re just an innocent little thing. Gotta be careful with you,” he hums as your tears become more steady, your breath catching in your throat. “Oh, look at that,” he coos, noticing the way your legs are shaking under his touch. “So sensitive, and I haven’t even touched you down there yet. So wet already, I can feel it soaking right through your panties.” Your cheeks burn pitifully as you whimper, trying to squeeze your legs together in attempts to keep him away.
“No, no, that won’t do,” he chastises as he makes his way down between your legs, positioning himself between them so that you can’t close them even if you try. “Gotta make sure you’re nice and spread out for me,” he says, taking his knife and snipping it across your panties, pulling the ruined fabric away from your heated sex. “Fuck. So fucking beautiful,” he curses, his eyes soaking up your bare pussy, your arousal dripping down onto the duvet underneath you. “I make you this wet, sweetheart?” he asks, faking surprise as he runs his fingers through your slit, causing your body to jerk up at his touch. “‘m starting to think you like this.”
“N-no, I don’t,” you cry softly, wishing you could cover your eyes with your hands and hide away from Ransom’s predatory gaze.
“Mm, that’s okay, baby,” he murmurs as he dips a finger into your wetness, pulling it back up and circling it around your clit, causing you to jump again. “I’m sure you’ll change your mind soon enough.” And with that, he takes one hand and places it down firmly right above your pussy, pulling up on the skin so that your nub peaks out from under its hood. With the thumb of the other, he begins flicking over the swollen bud with intense speed and precision, the sudden overwhelming stimulation making you cry out in pleasure that’s almost too much to bear. “Oh, look at that,” he praises, “responding so well for me. That feel good, sweetheart?” he taunts as you try to close your legs, failing due to his large form being wedged between them.
“Wait, please,” you beg, the burning sensation spreading out from your clit through your whole body, a desperate feeling building in your tummy. “Please, please…”
“’Please’ what?” Ransom mocks, sensing your climax fast approaching.
“Stop, stop!” you cry, but he just grins, increasing his speed.
“Why would I do that, darling? What’s wrong? Gonna cum for me?” he asks darkly, and before you can stop yourself, his words come true. Your orgasm rips through you almost painfully, your toes curling up as your back arches, and Ransom grins. “Good, just like that,” he coos as you keep cumming, tears springing from your eyes as he forces the unwanted response out of you.
As you begin to come down from your high, you fully expect Ransom to ease up, but instead, he does the opposite and begins pushing a finger into your swollen opening as his other hand continues on your throbbing nub. “N-no!” you cry out at the unwanted insertion, your virgin pussy swallowing up his finger as he groans at your tightness.
“Fuck, princess. So fucking tight,” he grunts as he works his finger in you, the pad of his large digit finding a soft spot inside you that you didn’t even know existed, and you begin crying out in protest and pleasure once again. “Such a good girl, taking my finger so well,” he croons, his thumb not slowing as it rubs over your clit. “Think you can take another one?” he sings, beginning to pump a second finger into you as another orgasm begins building up before you can even recover from the first.
“Again?” Ransom asks, humiliating you with his quick recognition, “already? Must feel really good, sweetheart,” he says smugly as he thrusts harder and faster, extracting filthy sounds from your drenched folds as you clamp down on his fingers, your eyes rolling back as you’re once again sent over the edge. “Shit,” he chuckles as you squirt all over his fingers, “fuckin’ just like that, doll. Cum all over my fingers. That’s it.”
“P-p-please,” you choke as you come down, tears and spit dribbling down your face from crying so hard. Your whole body aches with overstimulation, and all you can hope is that Ransom will come to his senses and release you. But you know that’s probably too much to ask.
“Oh, poor baby,” he fusses as he twists his fingers slowly inside of you, causing you to yelp painfully. “You’re so pretty when you cry, sweetheart. So pretty, despite everything I’m forcing out of you. My pretty girl. So beautiful,” he hums, his face lowering between your legs as you scream in protest.
“D-don’t, no, n-not that, not that,” you sob, but your words do little to stop him as he begins pumping you slowly again with his fingers, his lips resting barely above your hardened nub.
“Need this little clit in my mouth,” he grunts hungrily, stroking it a few times with the pad of his thumb. “Need to feel it throbbing as you cum. Need you to cum again, princess. Think you can do that for me?” he asks, slowly gathering the bundle of nerves between his lips and sucking on it harshly, the increasing rhythm of his thrusts and the suction on your clit becoming altogether too much as you squeeze your eyes shut, screaming out as your third orgasm hits, your pussy spasming violently as you squirt right into Ransom’s awaiting mouth.
The climax lasts a painfully long time. After several moments, though, you finally begin to wind down. Your heart pounds heavily in your chest as the heat and pressure subsides, and your teary eyes blink open to find that Ransom’s pulled away completely, standing to the side of the bed as he finishes undressing. Your eyes widen at the size of his massive cock throbbing between his legs, new sobs bubbling up in your chest. Turning back to you, Ransom smiles sympathetically, cooing as he shakes his head, “Poor baby, couldn’t last no matter how hard you tried.” Climbing back up onto the bed, he resumes his position between your legs, and you simply continue to cry, having no energy left to beg or protest.
“Gonna fill you up, sweetheart. You’re not done cumming for me yet,” he grins as he places himself right outside your opening, the tip of his member beginning to force its way painfully into your overstimulated pussy. Ransom shushes you gently as you cry out at the forced penetration, soothing, “Shhh, baby. You can take it. Gonna make you feel so good, doll. Gonna fill you up so good.” He continues pushing and the pressure grows; it feels like you’re quite literally being torn open by his oversized cock.
By the time its all the way in, you’ve squeezed your eyes shut again, overwhelmed and terrified by the object now inside of you. “Good girl, such a good girl, taking all of me,” he praises, kissing your tear-stained cheek as he begins thrusting in and out slowly, bringing a hand down and rubbing at your clit to try to ease some of the pressure. You whimper as the pain begins to fade away, a degrading sense of pleasure rising up in its place. You’re just so full, stretched out to the max, with his skillful fingers working your exposed clit, and you know you can’t last long. You sob and Ransom shushes you almost comfortingly, the care and tenderness he’s showing somehow making the whole thing feel even worse.
“Fuck, so tight, sweetheart,” he pants as his thrusts grow faster and stronger, both of your arousal levels rising as a terrible coil builds in your tummy, a feeling you’ve grown to hate more than anything in the world. “That’s it,” Ransom praises as he sees the way your body’s beginning to respond. “Gonna cum for me again, aren’t you, doll? Gonna cum all over my cock as I stretch you out. Go ahead, baby; cum. Cum for me,” he instructs, and at his word, you do, crying out in agony as the climax sets off through your body. “Fuck. That’s it, gonna fucking cum,” Ransom soon follows as his thrusts become sloppy, his hot seed shooting through your quaking pussy as you both find your release.
When feeling finally begins returning to your limbs and your high dies down, the only sound remaining in the room is the heavy breathing of the two of you, accompanied by your soft cries of fear and pain. Pulling out of you slowly, Ransom settles back on his knees, grinning down at you as your sobs grow stronger. “Fucking perfect,” he sighs, relieved to have finally taken what he was so desperately seeking.
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inklore · a month ago
roadside attraction.
Tumblr media
premise: when your car breaks down on the side of the road leaving you stranded and alone, your only hope is to try to flag someone down to help. but when no one stops and you’re left to walk alongside the dark and abandoned road, that’s when your luck seems to change, possibly for the worse.
pairing: ransom drysdale x (f)reader
warnings: starts off noncon but then slightly turns into dubcon, boss x employee, rough blowjob, ransom being an asshole and guilt trippy, coercion, manipulation, a bit of gaslighting, dirty talk, threats, the reader doesn’t call him ‘hugh’ because that name is not sexy and he’s asshole enough in this lmao. reminder: you are in control of your reading consumption so if you don’t vibe with any of the above please do not go on. 18+ only.
word count: 4.3k
etc: i’ve never written dubconish things before so uhh, if this is the worst or needs more warnings please let me know! i feel like this isn’t the best for it being my first time writing such topics, besides the whole blowie to a boss, i’m amazing at writing that it seems lmaosksk. but PLEASE reblog and comment if you enjoyed xoxo
♱ kinktober 03.
It had been just your luck that your car had broken down miles from any forms of civilization. It had also been the cherry on top when every towing service in the area was closed for the night, and no one else was picking up their phone either.
At least the night air had not been too chilly or sweltering as you dreadfully walked the side of the road in the direction you knew civilization was bound to be found. Several cars passing by you only to blind you with their lights and ignore your hollers of beggings to ‘please stop’.
So when eventually another car zooms past you, you bother to try and get it to stop; your phone in hand, flashlight shining on the ground in front of you as you walk, keeping your head down as continue your walk. But when you hear the screeching wheels of the car stopping, doing a quick and sharp u-turn and pulling up beside you, you definitely don’t expect to see Ransom, your boss, grinning at you from the rolled down window.
Thus why you were currently sat in the passenger seat of his BMW, some pretentious jazz song playing softly from the speakers. Silence spreading between the two of you as he drove in the direction of your place.
“Shit luck,” Ransom breaks the quiet between the two of you. His eyes still on the road an–almost–mocking smile on his face.
“Yeah.” You try to sound nonchalant, sufficing a small chuckle. Though the Drysdale family had been your employers and you their housekeeper, you didn’t see much of Ransom, or when you did he was in and out of the house or locked away in one of the rooms, or avoiding the help at all costs, so the two of you had barely spoke before this moment.
Which is why when he stopped and offered you a ride you were shocked he even recognized you, having only ever acknowledged you when he needed you to ‘specially’ clean something. His high maintenance not needing any interaction between the two of you to show itself.
For never really speaking to Ransom you knew him pretty well. You had seen, or rather heard, him yell at a few other maids. Show the colors that only a rich asshole could display. So you never had felt too upset that the two of you didn’t interact. You found yourself almost grateful for it.
But it seemed that would change tonight. Though you hope the three words spoke between the two of you would die right then and there, and not continue on. Knowing it would be more a chore than anything to come up with something to talk to him about.
“It’s a good thing I saw you when I did.” Ransom looks over at you, what seems like a genuine smile on his face. “Never know what kind of person would have stopped, picked you up, done to you.” The last words have a hint of a smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth. Making a weird feeling lay heavy in the pit of your stomach, your fingers tapping on your knees nervously. “Seriously, you should be grateful.” He says it nonchalantly but the undertones of the notion makes your skin prick and your stomach churn, a slight almost guilt and regret surfacing within you.
“I am, truly.” You give him a smile. “Thank you, Ransom, really.” The nicety feels more pressured and forced than anything, but you really mean it. You even sound sincere, feel it. He wasn’t wrong, anyone could of picked you up and you don’t know what would of happened. You were happy at least someone you knew had come across. Even if it was him. You were grateful it was him–you try to convince yourself, tell yourself that he could of left you in the street but didn’t—it was nice of him to stop. “I mean it, thank you, you’re right.” You chuckle softly, “I doubt anyone else would of stopped, but riding in a strangers car not knowing their true intentions, doesn’t sound too fun.”
Ransom gives you a side glance, smiles, goes back to the road. A weird feeling of stupidity bubbles up in you when he doesn’t say you’re welcome or acknowledge what you said more than he. But you chalk it up to that just being Ransom. It’s not like the two of you were even on a first name basis let alone knew each other enough to joke around. He didn’t owe you anything.
The rest of the ride is silent for the most part, except for the music and hum of the car. Neither of you going out of your way to start a conversation. A silence–not that comfortable–spreading between the two of you. Sometimes you catching Ransom glancing in your direction, it only setting you weirdly on edge, so you keep your eyes ahead. You only daring to peak him a glance when you hear the sound of the steering wheel being gripped a little tighter by his hand, not allowing yourself to delve too much into its possible hidden meaning.
When you finally pull up outside of your small duplex, you find a strange embarrassment being swallowed down when you see Ransom bend to look up at the very standard housing. It was nothing compared to his place, or his parents’. And they certainly didn’t pay you enough to afford a house such as their luxurious ones.
But, you were sure the Drysdale’s didn’t hire you for your money or lack there of. They hired you to clean their house and that’s all. So the thought Ransom found it hysterical that you lived in such a dump–compared to his place–shouldn’t have made your cheeks burn or have you quickly undoing your seatbelt and trying to rush out of his car so he wouldn’t have to look at the place you called home any longer.
No, that shouldn’t of been the reason you were trying to exit his car in such a haste.
The way he grabbed your wrist as your other hand reached for the door handle, the way there was a deceivingly nice smile on his lips, or when he locks the car doors. Turns the car off and just stares at you, his thumb tapping on the steering wheel; should of been the reason for your haste.
“You’re so lucky my plans got canceled tonight.” He laughs under his breath, shakes his head to himself and looks out into the darkness of the street in front. “I should be fucking some coked up model,” he is smirking when he turns to look at you, “but instead I’m here saving you.”
Your mouth hangs open in shock, his words filling you with disgust and a dozen other emotions you can’t grasp on to as his words replay in your head. As his stare is intensely burning into you making your heartbeat faster in your chest, a white hot heat settling over your entire body–one that has your hands shaking a bit, your body instinctively moving closer to the door.
“I’m sorry, Ransom, really.” You try to smile, but all you can let out are heavy puffs. “I said thank you and I do mean it. I do.” You sure you sound like a pathetic mess as you try not to stammer on your words, slow your breathing, and not freak out.
But the way he’s looking at you, the reminder that the door is locked and the reminder that Ransom Drysdale really is not a good person–something you already knew from stories, hearing his screams from other rooms, and his lack of being a remotely friendly employer.
“I believe you, I do.” Ransom’s tone is mocking, his smirk growing when he see’s how it makes you react. The tension in the car nipping and biting at you. “I’m a damn good boss, aren’t I?”
“Y-yes,” your voice is shaky, you’re stammering and you take a deep breath in to try and compose yourself, to lie, to say whatever you need to to get out of his fucking car. “Yes. You are a great boss. Working for you and your family is-“
“No, no,” He stops you, shakes his head. “You don’t work for my family. You work for me. They just…” He shrugs, cheshire grins as if this were some very humorous joke to him. “Borrow you sometimes. You work for me, and for me alone.” He smiles, reaches out and places his hand atop your knee. Your instincts making you flinch, you try to hide it as if you were just shifting and not your body going completely rigid under the warmth of his sudden touch. “In some ways I guess you could say I. . .own you.” His smile is now tight lipped and his thumb is rubbing the inside of your knee, your heart rattling in your chest, your breath making your chest heave. The heat in your body turning into a cold invisible sweat. “Wouldn’t you say?”
“I-you-“ your instincts are telling you to scream in his face. To push him away, tell him fuck you, grab your phone and call anyone to get this asshole as far away from you as possible. But when his grip tightens on your knee as you stammer, look at him with the beginnings of a smile and wide eyed look of a scared animal, you know it’s not the right card to play. Ransom could do more damage to you with one phone call to whoever, than he could with his simple words and gestures of being an entitled prick. Because while that were true, he is an entitled prick, he was also a rich entitled prick who could stop you from working anywhere. And picking up and moving to another town or possible state was not something you wanted to give too much thought right now, at the hands of this rich asshole.
But that didn’t mean you also had to play his game the way he wanted you to. You could be honest, you were sure Ransom Drysdale could appreciate that.
“You can’t own a person. Let alone someone who works for you that I doubt you even know the name of.” You give him a fake playful grin. The raise in his brows at your daring comment making him let out a breathy laugh.
“I don’t have to know someone’s name to own them.” He states, his smile gone. “That would defeat the fun in owning someone, and business, sweetie.” The scowl on his face makes regret burn in your throat as you swallow. Maybe it would of been easier to just go along with his little rich-asshole-game. It would settle the fear making your body involuntarily shake, or the massive lump in your stomach stop growing, and your nerves itching an ache for you to scream. Your resolve to play his game, to be honest and just as rude as him dying faster than it started.
You could act as fake brave as you wanted, but it didn’t deny the fact that you wished you never got into Ransom’s car. You wished you politely declined and kept walking. Wished your car never broke down. Wished your shit luck didn’t put you in this situation at all.
“I also don’t need to know your name to know working for me is the best it’s going to get for you. Girls like you don’t have silver platters of opportunities they can eat off of. The only thing girls like you have are nice guys like me who offer you great jobs, decent pay, and a taste of what it’s like to have money without having anything to your name. That’s what makes me a good boss. That’s why I picked you up tonight, saved you.” He’s smiling again, “I’m a good person, didn’t want to see you get into trouble. You should be grateful. You say you’re grateful, have thanked me a dozen times now.” He laughs, it dying out sooner than it starts when he goes back to scowling at you. “But you haven’t shown me how grateful you are. Haven’t shown me any real thankfulness. Especially when I’m such a good guy for picking you up, such a great boss for giving you a ride.”
You’ve pressed yourself completely to the passenger door, your body squished into it almost in a mold. His grip on your knee aches and your hands clench and unclench. Your eyes flashing from his blown out dark pupils to the darkness outside. Hoping maybe someone might walk by, come out of their house, anything to give you a chance to signal for help. To get this asshole away from you.
But there’s nothing and there’s no one.
You are alone in the car with Ransom, your burning fear and guilt that’s gripping your lungs making it harder to breathe.
“So, what are you going to do to repay me?”
“I-don’t have much money but-“
His laugh is loud and makes you jump. Your cheeks burn. “You can’t honestly think I’d want money from you? You? My employee? Someone who has nothing and I have everything?” He continues to laugh, his head bent back. “That’s funny.” When he finally stops his mocking laughter, your eyes burn slightly from tears of fear? Embarrassment? You’re not sure what. “You know what I want.”
You shake your head, try for the door handle of the car again and whimper slightly when you realize it’s no use at all. Your body going back to its rigid state when you feel Ransom reach over and grab your wrists in his hands; his touch hot, tight, searing.
“You’re acting ridiculous. I’m not asking for much, barley anything. I told you I was supposed to be getting my cock wet tonight, did I not?” His smile is sadistic and perverse. Him moving your wrists into one of his palms while his other hand moves to your face, his thumb against your cheek. “But my plans were canceled and I was lucky enough to find you, pick you up, help you, be a good person. Show you kindness.” You shiver under his touch, his thumb rubbing along your jaw.
If this were any other circumstance, a different time, a different place. You might find the action sweet, kind. You might find it almost intimate.
Ransom wasn’t an ugly guy, far from it. You had seen him walk around his house enough times in the morning with his shirt off, caught him working out a couple times, and watched him wade in his pool enough to know that there was no ugliness about him. At least on the outside surface. On the inside the ugliness was more than apparent.
If this had been a different time you might actually enjoy his advances, if they weren’t so intense, so crude, so terrifying. You might even. . .want it.
Scenarios of possible different circumstances playing throughout your mind; secret touches in passing, having you stay longer so he could spend time with you, stolen glances and kisses behind closed doors, muffled moans–that you’ve heard come from his room before–now your own.
It makes a low ache burn below that makes your stomach churn in disgust. Your mind and anatomy betraying you to feel something other than pure anger and resentment towards this man.
“It’s only right that you repay me in the way I deserve.” His thumb runs along your jaw, to your bottom lip, the pad of it running along it. “Show me how thankful you are, Y/N.” You’re surprise at him knowing your name makes him chuckle as he stares at your mouth. “It’s either that or find a new job, don’t be unkind to me, don’t make me do that, I don’t want to do that, not to you.” He gives a sympathetic smile. Moves his hands from your body and into his lap.
He situates himself in the drivers seat a bit before his fingers come to the button on his pants, undoes them, unzips and pulls his half hard cock out.
You expect to feel bile rise up in the back of your throat, expect to turn and scream and frantically beat on the car window to get the fuck out of the overly expensive automobile. You expect to feel some sort of fight or flight but you don’t. Those feelings never come. Those actions don’t surface. The only thing you feel is your cheeks heat to–what you assume–is a bright flush. You feel your breath continue to vibrate your chest, your heartbeat slow to a nervous beat rather than a scared one. Your eyes jump from Ransom’s cock to his face, his look calm and cool, daring, smug.
You hated Ransom, that much was made clear tonight. Every whim of bad and ill being the other maids gossiped about all being apparently true. Every stereotype of rich asshole embedded in his dna. These were facts. Things shown to you tonight that you could not and would not deny.
But you also could not deny that sucking his dick didn’t seem like the worst outcome. It was absolutely barbaric for that thought to be your reasoning to not feel fearful anymore. Or just punch him and try to make your escape. And maybe it was the slight guilt you felt for even getting in the car, for troubling him, for your car breaking down and putting you here. Or maybe it had been your earlier thoughts of a different kind of lust and desire coming from the man. Maybe you had given your body another thing to go into a frenzy about, the fear turned into something you shouldn’t be feeling. Something ridiculous and manipulative and wrong.
And part of you didn’t want to do this. You could feel it. The lump in your stomach growing. The pull and churning. The building upon the regret you already had there in the top of your mind. It wasn’t right for Ransom to ask this of you. It wasn’t okay under any circumstances. He was a piece of work who didn’t deserve kindness, let alone this type of kindness. And you didn’t want to give it to him.
But the reality was no matter how much convincing you could give yourself, no matter the guilt that burned at your eyes, the sickness of this all searing you like a brand, or the good feelings you tried to dredge up of false rationalization: you weren’t getting out of this without Ransom Drysdale’s cock ending up in your mouth.
He reaches over and grips the back of your neck, his palm making your body radiate heat even more, burn hotter. Your hands go out to grab onto the, barley there, center console to stop him from pulling you forward. His scowl intensifying, his breath coming out in annoyed, or frustrated, puffs clear by the rise and fall of his chest.
You suspect he’s going to say something, going to let more crude words fall from his mouth, before you move your hands to your thighs, moving your body in a better position. Let him pull you by your neck so you’re leaned over the console, your knees coming to rest where your ass once was. Your chest pressed to one of Ransom’s thighs. As you open your mouth and let his cock slip inside; a deep groan vibrating through his chest.
It doesn’t take long for his cock to get completely hard. It also doesn’t take long for you to swallow down your regret and just let it all happen, really happen. Let Ransom’s nails dig into your scalp as he grips your hair, pushing your head up and down his shaft.
Not caring when you choke and sputter on his cock, spit running down your chin. Your nails digging into his cloth covered thigh to hold yourself up, to keep yourself steady to not fall completely in his lap. To keep you grounded and present as his cock continuously assaults the back of your throat; raw and irritated already.
“Mmm, didn’t think you’d give in so easily.” You can’t see him from your position but know he’s smirking, head resting against the seat, breaths heavy. “Thought you had a little bit more fight in you,” his laugh is low. “But all you girls are the same. Doesn’t take much convincing to have you choking around my cock, does it, sweetie?”
As if to prove his point, Ransom thrusts his hips up in time with him pushing your head down, making you choke and cough and sputter around his cock. Surprisingly letting you pull off to swallow and catch your breath, your throat hoarse and burning. Your eyes filled with tears clouding your vision as you turn to shoot him a glare.
Him making a sympathetic sound as he wipes a stray tear from your cheek, “Don’t give me that look.” He smiles, “you know you love it, were probably just waiting for the right time, this very moment. To have me ask you to suck my cock. You’re a good girl,” His thumb and forefinger grab your chin, bring you in closer to his face. Your arms shake, your wrists aching. You can’t catch your breath and you feel a disgusting pounding between your legs at his words. “You listen. You know when to fight, when not to. When to do what your boss says, when to thank him for being such a good employer.” His mouth is dangerously close to yours and you think he might kiss you, but his devilish smirk makes your stomach plummet and mind whirl with anger and disgust, and you know he’s not going to, he’s to just playing with you. “Makes me wonder how easy it would of been to fuck one of your other holes. Would you have let me in those as easily? Let me pick you up from the side of the road and fuck you on the hood of my car as a thanks? Maybe even fuck that tight little ass of yours as an even bigger treat? Is that the kind of girl you are, Y/N? The kind I think you are? A giving employee? A slut. . .”
You scowl at him and he laughs, words to shoot back at him dying in the back of your throat as he pushes you back down on his spit coated cock. His movements never letting up, his grip ever tightening in your hair. The filthy words continuing to fall from his mouth, “should have you suck my cock from now on, no more cleaning, just my cock filling your holes.” He groans low and deep and harsh.
The spit from your mouth now making a home on your neck, the constant sputter of saliva finding it’s way there as you continue to gag on Ransom’s cock. Tears spilling as you try to blink them away, the loud noises of wetness and sputtering from your mouth filling the car as he fuck your mouth.
“Fuck, this is way better than the plans I had tonight.” His chuckle is low and swallowed down. “S’good, real good, baby. Fuck.”
You can feel your jaw begin to ache, the sting of being fucked up into and held open for too long making you groan. Which Ransom takes as a moan, “knew you liked it,” coming from him as his fingers pull your roots and move you faster on his cock. You holding your body back from pushing off of him to catch your breath, your eyes clenched shut as you just let him use your mouth like a fuck toy. Let him take, and have control over your body to the point where the thought of resisting is far from your mind. Your muscles working over time to stay in place for him, to angle your tongue a certain way to maybe make this go faster–definitely not to hear that low throaty groan that Ransom does each time you do it. Your throat numbing to the raw assault that is Ransom’s throbbing cock.
“Wish I could make this last longer,” he groans. “Wouldn’t mind fucking this pretty mouth all night.” Your scalp continues to burn from his continued tightened grip, his breaths are coming out faster and shallower, his hips snapping up quicker. The taste of precum burning your abused throat. “But, fuck, baby. I’m so close. Your fucking mouth..” And when he groans this time it’s more of a whimpering moan that has your pussy clenching around nothing. Your body shaking, your throat waiting, anticipating. Your tastebuds coming to attention, as if excited to know what Ransom tastes like, the thought of him filling your mouth after you worked to make you cum; to thank him–making that swirl of disgust make you gag one more time before his hips thrust up, his palm pressed to the back of your head holding you in place, as his hot cum fills the back of your throat.
The warmth of his seed seeming to calm the burn in your throat as you swallow it down.
And after he’s pushed your mouth off of him, you back in your seat, mouth clean and full of the aftertaste of him. Ransom’s clothes and demeanor back to normal, that same sickly grin there. He’s unlocked the car doors and you’re stepping out, the cool air of the night stinging your body, bringing up back to the reality of what just happened. Your throat sore as you swallow. Your legs wobbly as you move to close the door behind you.
“Thank you, Ransom.” You say hoarsely, softly, glancing at him sheepishly through the now open window.
“Of course, Y/N.” His tone is anything but thankful or welcoming for you having just sucked his cock, for him having just used you. “That’s what bosses are for.“ Ransom smirks and then he’s pulling off from where you stand and driving into the night.
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nostxlgia18 · 3 months ago
Part 1 part 2
Pairing: Chris/Ransom × girlfriend!reader
Summary: How would the boys react to their girl being sick
Warning: fluff, sick reader
Requested by : @cevansrogerss 🌹
Chris Evans
Tumblr media
Last night, you were extremely tired when you got home from work, all you wanted to do was warm up under a blanket and just drift off to sleep. The following morning you woke up with a nose block and a very heavy head, you could barely get out of bed but you forced yourself to. Chris was gonna be back from shooting today and ugh you feel pathetic.
"Babe?" a yell from downstairs woke you up
'When did I fall asleep?' you wondered
You stumbled out of your bed, giving one look in the mirror
You left a sigh, red nose and cheeks 'Ahh such a great way to greet your boyfriend'
You walked down the stairs and heard a gasp instantly
"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Chris started to walk up to you
"Stop stop, don't come near me. You might catch it too" You gestured him to stop
"Ohh fuck it" Chris ignored your protests and pulled you in his arms
"Since when?" he asked caressing your face
"This morning" You sniffed
"Oh darling! Did you call the doc?" Chris enquired
"No but, I'm sure it's a flu. I took a medicine though" you coughed
"Good!, Why don't you go upstairs and I'll make you some soup huh? and then we can cuddle the whole day okay" Chris made his way to the kitchen
"No wait, you were....were supposed to go meet your friends!" you sneezed
"There is no way I'm leaving you alone"
"I'll be fine on my own, you don't cancel your plans for me" You stopped him mid-sentence
"No means NO! now get your bratty ass up in the bed" and Chris disappeared in the kitchen
Ransom Drysdale
Tumblr media
'Achoo' you sneezed for the 10th time this evening, having a mid-night ice cream wasn't good after all
Your phone chimed with a notification from Ransom, the playboy with who you have been having a enemy with benefit kind off relationship for 3 months now
Ransom- See you tonight sugar. 😉
Y/n- Nah, I'll pass. I'm sick
Ransom- so?
Y/n- What do you mean SO? I'm sick Hugh
Ransom- Did I ask? I want you here in 15
Oo thank god he didn't argue further, you turned your phone off and tried falling asleep
The doorbell to your home rang a several times, waking you up in a jolt
"I'm gonna kill whoever it it!" you exclaimed getting out of bed
You opened the door to see Ransom, if his looks could kill you would be 3ft underground right now
"What are you doing here? you yelled
He walked past you into the living room hitting your shoulders
"Why is your phone turned off?" he asked
"Cause I wanted to sleep peacefully, why are you here anyway? " you shrugged
"Cause you didn't show up at mine" he crossed his hands over his chest
"Yeah and I told you I'm sick, why will you have sex with a sick person?" you grossed out just thinking about it
He sighed and held out a plastic bag for you
'Wow, you didn't realize he had this till now'
You took the bag and pulled out a rectangular container
"Have this, might help you" Ransom said starting to walk out of your home
"Wait, you bought soup for me?" You couldn't believe your eyes
Ransom cares!
He didn't reply to you, just walked out with a smirk on his face
You bit your lower lip, thinking
This asshole isn't much of an asshole you thought he is.
Taglist: @shyconversationalbookworm
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