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#ransom drysdale x fem!reader
bluemusickid · 5 months ago
Can you please write a smut with Ransom Drysdale
Where Ransom stumbles onto the reader’s only Fans and he gets really turn on and messages her asking if they can meet up. The reader is very hesitant but then Ransom offers her like 500K so she agrees and they meet up and have WILD sex including anal, degrading, cock worship🥵! In the end Ransom reveals that he filmed the whole time they were fucking and tells her to post it on her only fans.
Oooh, anon, I love the way you thinkkkkk🥵😉😉😈😈😈 Sorry it took so long, I was caught up with uni work.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, darkish themes, Ransom being Ransom, NSFW, dub-con, {non-con (if you squint)}, oral sex, blowjobs, cock worship, slight degradation kink, anal sex, use of toys, shameless PWP tbh, bad language, swearing, MINORS DNI.
A/N: This was honestly so fun to write; really challenging and darker than I usually write. Also, it's filthy. By my standards hahahaha. Hope you enjoy! This pic is the inspo for this lil' piece. Minors pls don't read; you are responsible for your media consumption. Thank you. I post my work only on AO3 and Tumblr, nowhere else. Please do not reproduce my work anywhere else. Not beta'ed, any mistakes made, grammatical or otherwise, are all my own. Dividers by the wickedly talented @firefly-graphics 💓
Join my taglist and check out my masterlist for more!! Likes are welcome, reblogs are appreciated.💓
Tumblr media
A Deal with Drysdale.
Ransom grunted as he rolled over, pushing off the girl’s hand from his torso. Katherine, Kathy, what was it again? Didn’t matter, she was a boring fuck. Couldn’t even go one fucking round. And what is it with women fake moaning? He swore he coulda slapped her with all that loud yodelling.
“Hey handsome? Fancy another round before I leave?” she drawled from behind him, as he took a shot of whisky. Turning around, he threw her clothes at her, “No. Take your shit and leave.”
The blonde huffed, squeezing herself into that obscenely short piece of clothing she called a dress. No doubt cost her daddy a lot, he thought.
"You’re a dick, Ransom.” she screamed, standing at his main door. "And you’re a terrible fuck with fake tits. Now get out.” he drawled. He watched with a smirk as he saw her slam the door and get into her expensive car. He was used to women like her, vicious gold diggers. She would be bouncing on another rich dude’s dick by the end of the day, he was sure of it.
Sighing, he plonked himself onto his bed, scrolling through his Instagram. Some of the girls here were kind of his type; certainly for the night, he thought. Scrolling through his explore page, he double tapped on pics of girls with clearly fake asses who were “super into” yoga, scoffing at how most of them spent their days drinking and passed out on the floors of different strangers' homes.
Something caught his eye. It was a picture of you, coyly hiding behind a tree, but very obviously naked. Ransom couldn’t describe what he felt, but something about that picture was alluring. He felt drawn to you, like a moth to a flame. He had to have you, no matter what. Clicking on the link in your bio, he was surprised to be redirected to your onlyfans page.
Scrolling through your it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Every picture of you, every short clip, was sheer art. Your curves, your decadent body, your seemingly smooth curves, all appealed to him, like a siren’s call. He closed his eyes as he took himself in his hand, imagining you on top of him. He came with a shout, his spend coating the sheets and his hand. He had made up his mind, and as he texted you, a plan formed in his head.
Tumblr media
You pulled up into the parking lot of the quaint little diner, a pit slowly forming in your stomach. This was the first time you'd actually gotten a request to meet up. Normally it was just horny guys or girls asking to see "more of you", but never a message giving you a time and place. You often wondered how you'd gotten into this world of erotica; but school was expensive, and your parents were no-good alcoholics, who spent every waking moment drowning their sorrows in cheap tequila and half-used cigarettes.
Stepping inside, you took in the interior, the homely setting a stark contrast to the conversation you were about to have. Your eyes scanned the place, looking for the man who turned your mind into mush without even meeting you. The host asked you for a name and then ushered you to a private booth, separated from the main area. Whoa.
You finally saw him. Hugh Ransom Drysdale. He lived up to the power that his name exuded. Dark hair, coiffed up with gel, not a hair out of place. He looked like he had stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine; devilishly handsome was a phrase that came to mind. His dark maroon sweater encasing his body, with his arm draped loosely on the back of his seat, you took him in deducing that he was probably a spoiled guy, used to getting what he wanted, not taking no for an answer.
"If you're done checking me out, sweetheart, take a seat." He drawled, his eyebrow raised as he smirked at your gawking. Your cheeks warmed as you sat down, embarrassed to be called out like that. You hoped the rest of the conversation went better than the first impression you set out.
"I must say, I don't normally get requests like this, so I was quite surprised when you reached out."
He raised an eyebrow, taking a swig of his beer. You could feel him eyeing you, scanning every inch of you with his blue-greens. It was disarming, intimidating and yet, intriguing. Clearing your throat, you order yourself a peach iced tea, wanting to keep a clear head around him. You crossed your legs, your core throbbing a little already. Oh no.
"To set things straight, this isn't a date. I don't do that shit. But I have a proposition for you."
"Yes. I enjoyed your onlyfans, but it lacked stuff which is taste. So, for a night, of my choosing, I wish to "hire" you, in a manner of speaking, to do as I please. You'll be paid for it, obviously, but I need to know where you stand before we take this forward."
You took his words in, eyes widening with every syllable he spoke.
"...Hire me? That's...not what I do, Mr. Drysdale." you muttered, your hackles rising. Men.
He snorted. "I'll buy you dinner before that, or some shit like that. It could be a post-dinner date fuck, then."
Taking a swig, he continued, "I'll make it worth your while. Just name your price."
You scowled, looking away. This man was truly incorrigible. And rude.
"Look, sweetheart, consider this flattering, 'cause I don't normally do this shit. But there's something intriguing about you, and I have to have you. It isn't like you're whoring around, consider this a gift from a wealthy benefactor."
Pursing your lips, you gaze out of the window, pondering. Much as you hated to admit it, you did need the money. You couldn't make ends meet with your tuition fees, and textbooks, and other expenses. This would help you immensely. You knew what you had to do.
"I have some ground rules. And a few things I will absolutely not do. If we agree upon those and the amount, I think we have ourselves a deal."
His gaze darkened, his smile widening slowly. You could sense his sinister intentions, and you'd be lying if you said that it didn't make you wet. This man was beautiful, but deadly. You had just signed a deal with the devil. You hoped you wouldn't regret it.
Tumblr media
Walking on the graveled path leading upto his door, the pit in your stomach only deepened. Why? Was it because he was a Drysdale? Or because something felt amiss? The modern house with it's glass façade did little to assure you, rather made you wonder about what this man had in store.
Whatever it was, you'd hoped he made it worth your while.
"So 500K for allowing you to do whatever with me, as you please?
"Yes. That's just an initial number, depends on how well it goes." He said, his eyes glinting.
You squirmed under his gaze. You were wet, and you were sure that he could sense that. He didn't break eye contact even for a second, taking a swig of his beer, a droplet making it's way down his chin. Your lips parted, breath coming heavily. You wanted to lick that droplet, you wanted to taste him.
"Go to the bathroom and wait for me there." He rasped, his voice scratchy and hoarse with arousal. It went staright to your core, feeling the material of your panties get damper, as you slipped away and made your way to the restroom, heart beating with anticipation.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror, your pupils dilated and your nipples rock hard. This man had overwhelmed you, and he hadn't even touched you yet. The door opened and he walked in, the gaze of a predator upon its prey. He grabbed your waist and pulled you to him, flush against his chest, his crotch against your hip. He kissed you, with hunger, his hands making their way to your hips, hitching a leg on his waist, as he rubbed himself against you. You gasped, clutching onto his shirt for balance, the coarse material of his pants and the cool metal of the zipper moving against your heated core. Not breaking contact with your lips, his hand made its way under your dress, rubbing you through the fabric of your damp underwear. You moaned, your hand covering his, pushing him closer and urging him on. He smiled, pushing aside the material and circling your clit and your wet folds. He groaned, feeling your wetness envelop his fingers as he plunged a finger inside your channel. You bit his earlobe, unable to contain your moans. Dropping his forehead against yours, he muttered,
"This is how good I can make you feel, sweetheart. Just say yes and I can show you the best night of your life. We'd be great together, with those gorgeous moans of yours filling my ears as I split you open with my cock. Just. Say. Yes." He grunted, feeling your walls quiver in anticipation.
"Fuck, Ransom, yes yes yes!" You screamed, your walls clamping down against his fingers, your release coating his fingers. He held you for a moment, placing you down before sucking his fingers dry and leaving, as quickly as he had entered.
Tumblr media
The little sexcapade you'd had earlier had blurred your sense of judgement. Lust was in the driver's seat then, but now, it was rationality. Absentmindedly, you hoped no one had heard you in the bathroom, you'd quite liked that diner.
It's just a one time thing. It won't happen again, you promised yourself as you knocked on the door.
Or atleast you hoped.
The door swung open, the deep blue eyes staring into yours, your core tightening already. He grasped your hand, pulling you inside.
You marvelled at how neatly maintained the house was. He did seem to have singular tastes, and not just sexually. Pulling you into his room, he stood beside the queen sized bed.
"Remember, you agreed to this. Anything goes, and anything I want."
"Y..yes." you faltered, his eyebrow raising at that.
"Is there something you want to ask, sweetheart? 'Cause if you're backing out, the money goes away too, I hope that much is clear."
"Yes, I am aware. And I'm not backing out."
"Wouldn't hold it against you even if you did. Some girls just can't hold up under this...intensity." he spoke, his eyes glimmering dangerously.
Emboldened by the fire he awoke in you by challenging you, you grasped his hand and walked over to the plush lounge chair in the room. Pushing him down to take his seat, you make your way to the mini-bar, marvelling at his collection of spirits. Ransom smirked, eyebrow cocked. Taking the glass from your hand, he brought the glass up to his lips, only to be stopped by you. You took the glass from his hand, taking a sip from it. Settling yourself on his lap, you touched your lips to his, letting the liquid flow from your mouth into his. He swallowed the amber liquid, the burn of the liquor cooling the burning lust inside him. You meshed your lips to him, marvelling in the taste of the whisky and him, intermingling and threatening to intoxicate you with just one taste. You felt his fingers on your waist, pulling you closer, until not even an inch of space remained.
Pulling away, you both panted, as you scooted off, settling yourself between his legs. You kissed his thighs over his pants, needing to feel him as you undid his pants, his shaft tall against his stomach. You looked at it hungrily, like a starving man at a buffet. Taking him in your hands, you left small kisses at his bulbous head, earning a small inhale from him. You left sloppy, wet kisses along his inner thighs, briefly laving his sac with your tongue, your eyes not leaving his deep blue hues. He looked at you with such hunger in his eyes; you were sure that by the end of the night, you would not be able to walk properly.
Your mouth completely engulfed him in a single move, your tongue teasing the underside of his shaft. Pulling off with a pop, you smirk at him, stroking him lightly at first, and then tightening your grip. He groaned, his legs tightening around your torso as you continued stroking him, taking his sac and swirling your tongue around, enjoying the feel of him on your tongue. Taking himself in hand, he caught you off guard as he thrust into your open mouth, holding you there till you gagged. Pulling off, you took a deep breath, before hearing him say,
"I'm gonna fuck that slutty mouth of yours so hard, kitten."
With that, he began thrusting into your mouth, with abandon, keeping himself in your mouth as he got up to get a better traction, pulling you to lean against the chair. He kept his merciless rhythm going, hitting the back of your throat with each thrust. You thanked god you wore waterproof mascara, for you were sure that you were drooling and tearing up. He sped up his actions, roughly holding you down as he came in your mouth, his spend coming out in spurts on your tongue, the salty tang hitting you immediately.
"Swallow every single drop of it. I don't want to see even a drop on my floor, kitten." He grunted, pulling out of your mouth, stroking himself to get the rest of his cum on your chest and torso. You swallowed, getting the rest of it on your finger and licking it clean, much to his appraising eyes.
"Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun with you, kitten. The night's only just begun."
Tumblr media
You look at the clock in the room. 10:45. By this time, you've lost count of the number of orgasms Ransom has coaxed out of you. He'd bent you over the desk in his room, licking your folds with such rapacity you were sure your legs would give way. He heard you keen and wouldn't stop his intrepid tongue, adding 3 fingers into your channel, making you scream out in ecstacy, your juices dripping down his fingers and your legs.
Next, he'd taken you against the wall, hitching a leg up around his hip as he fucked you, with a punishing rhythm, till you swore you felt like you would pass out. As he felt you tighten around him, he pulled out, bracing you against the bar counter, the cool marble a stark contrast to your overheated and sweaty body, your nipples pebbling at the sensations.
"You have an extraordinary ass, kitten, and I'm gonna fuck it. But first.."
You felt a cool object press against your crack, causing you to jerk and look behind you, only to see a butt plug in Ransom's hand. A glass butt plug. It was larger than what your normally used, not to mention more expensive than your normal plastic ones.
" plug??"
"Only the best for my kitten." He grinned, rubbing slow circles along your folds. You moaned, relaxing as bit as you felt the cool glass being inserted, the sensation exquisite, yet strange. You tried to move away from the intrusion, but Ransom held onto you tightly, trying to relax you by circling around your clit, his hot tongue laving at your pulse point. You moaned as you felt the cool glass move, Ransom thrusting it in and out of you, getting you ready for his cock.
And now, here you were, in his bed, bent till your legs were next to your ears, your ass in the air as Ransom entered the puckered hole from above, the both of you sighing at the sensation. Ransom started off slow, letting you savour him inch by inch. You slightly tensed, but relaxed once he was fully seated inside you, spreading the moisture gathered at your folds, with his thumb. Your breath hitched as Ransom began moving, each thrust hitting new spots and making you see stars. The position let him go deep, and made your toes curl. He spanked your ass as he thrust, the action only adding onto the pleasure. You groaned, allowing yourself to relax and give in to the steady rhythm he was setting. He pulled out abruptly, moving to the bedside table, pulling out a condom, as you looked on, quite bewildered.
"As much as I love going in raw, I need to cum inside your sweet pussy, but I don't want a fucking kid."
He retook his earlier position, holding down your legs as he thrust inside your channel in one swift move, buried to the hilt. You were sure you warbled, the position hitting the front wall square on. He let himself go, the grip on your thighs tightening with each thrust. Ransom went wild, there was no other word for it. At some point he put the plug inside you again, the combination of the cold intrusion and Ransom's hot cock threatening to wipe your mind clean of any rational thought. All you could do is hang on as he fucked you into the mattress, the position making sure that he hit your spot everytime. You could feel the coil in your belly tightening again, your walls snug against him.
"...R..ransom...don't stop please...'m so close..." you breathily whispered, words evading you.
He bent a little, hitting the bellyache square on. You screamed as you reached your peak, your toes curling, your velvet walls engulfing him, joining him to you.
With a few frenzied thrusts, he came, with a shout, your name a litany on his lips as he emptied himself inside you, your walls slightly twitching around him. He pulled the toy out of you while simultaneously pulling out of you, growling at the sight of your swollen folds and puckered hole. Straightening your legs, he let you rest as he went to the bathroom to clean himself off and dispose off the condom.
As he slipped next to you in bed, a wicked smile formed on his face. Time for the second part of the plan.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning, sun streaming through the drapes. Shifting slightly, there was a dull ache permeating through your body, your core sore from all the activities. Ransom was spooning you, his arm around your waist, his member sitting hot and heavy against your ass. You couldn't help but grin. You had your trepidations, but last night had been amazing. You had to admit, Ransom was great in bed. You would've thought that he would be selfish, and a bit more demanding; you were proven wrong tho.
Carefully, you got out of bed, making your way to the bathroom, walking gingerly. You were right; you were sore beyond belief, your legs and your glutes burning in the most delicious way. You cleaned yourself up and entered the room, to see Ransom still fast asleep. Dressing up quickly, you looked around the room, realising that you didn't really have a chance to check out the room. You deduced that he was somewhat of a minimalist; geometric bookcases, vases, and even decorative pieces. You pulled out a book from the bookcase, only to have a circular object catch your eye. Reaching up, you pulled out the object from it's hiding spot. Your heart dropped as you realised what it was. The fucking sleazeball.
"Oh kitten, I wish you hadn't found out like this. I was about to tell you all about it."
You whirled around, eyes flashing angrily. "Tell me what, that you were making a sordid sex tape with me, WITHOUT even telling me?! You sick pervert, who even does that?!" You yelled, moving away to maintain distance. His face hardened, jaw clenching in annoyance.
"Don't act like you're an innocent virgin who doesn't know anything about anything, sweetheart. You have a fucking onlyfans, for fucks sake. As I said, everything on your page wasn't to my taste, so this is my way of making sure that there is. Simple." Moving closer, he continued, "and let's be honest. Yesterday night's footage was fuckin' GOLD. You could sell it and be a fucking millionaire. Face it, sweetheart, J just made you easy money, and you should be thanking me, not fucking yelling like a psycho!"
You turned away from him, disgusted. This man undermined you, every chance he got. It made you feel like a cheap whore, being recorded without your consent.
"Since you won't see reason, I'll make you another deal. An added 200K for uploading this clip on your onlyfans. My face is hidden, so no one can tell it's me. You can edit the clip the way you want, and all the money you make from this is what you get to keep." A small grin formed on his face as he spoke the next words. "However, the only promise is that you have to be here whenever I call you. And I'm free to do whatever I want."
You didn't know how to react. After a minute's silence, you gathered enough courage to ask, "and what if I don't agree to this?"
Raising his eyebrows, he said, "then i'll put out the raw unedited footage online. I'm not sure how that would look on your college record or future job prospects, for that matter; should you be identified. After all, my face is hidden, but yours is not."
You could feel a sheen of tears on your eyes. There really was no way out of this. The asshole had made sure of it. That's the perk of being rich and connected, you realised bitterly. Rules and morality simply don't apply to you. Taking a deep breath, you make your decision.
"I guess, since there is no way out, I'll accept your deal. But if I'm not comfortable with something, I won't do it. And you won't record me in future...meetings. Also, you'll pay me in advance before meeting up."
Crossing his arms, he grinned salaciously. "I accept all the terms sweetheart, you have yourself a deal."
Moving closer, he rasped into your ear, "now whatsay we seal this deal with a kiss?"
You gulped audibly. This was a deal with the devil. And you were sure to regret it.
Tumblr media
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mjolnir-steve · a month ago
If You Love Me, Let Me Hear You
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader
Word count: 8120 (Am I okay???)
Summary: Ransom and reader are idiots in love, but they haven’t told each other that yet. Ransom lets himself be vulnerable for the first time.
Warnings: soft!Ransom, explicit language, explicit sexual content (18+ only!!!!! - sprinkle of praise kink, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex (m/f), vaginal fingering, mildly subby Ransom, squirting (oops), calling Ransom daddy but not full-blown daddy kink???), mention of loss of virginity, brief mention of insecurity in appearance, suggestive teasing, teeny bit of angst, too-sweet fluff bc I need it to survive... Please let me know if I missed anything!
This fic is extremely self-indulgent. I am plus-size, so I obviously wrote this envisioning myself as the reader. However, I kept the mention of size brief. I don’t think I’ve written anything hinting at race/ethnicity, so I really hope this is something all can enjoy.
Please see end for A/N. :) This is unbeta’d because I was afraid of chickening out of posting!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics​!
Tumblr media
You met Ransom Drysdale at an event at his grandfather Harlan’s estate celebrating the release of his latest novel. It was the first event you coordinated in your new position as Harlan’s assistant, and you were positive that everyone in the room could feel your anxiety rolling off of you in waves. In spite of your self-imposed “no alcohol at work functions” rule, you ordered an amaretto sour, figuring it wasn’t that strong, just syrupy sweet and enough to take off the edge. Ransom took one look at you from across the room and immediately decided you’d be going home with him that night. It physically pained you to say no to him, but you did, and for whatever reason, he didn’t give up. After a few weeks of showing up at the office and demanding your attention, he asked you on an actual date – out to dinner and a movie – and you said yes, unsure of what to expect.
Now you were waiting for Ransom to take you out on your first actual dinner date in ages. You’d been together for six months, but you could count the number of actual dates you shared on one hand. There had been three, and you slept with him after the third. You tried planning a few more after that, but those plans went out the window every time Ransom saw you all dolled up for him. He couldn’t keep his hands off you once you’d let him get a taste, and you didn’t mind that a bit; however, you did take issue with two hours of work on your makeup and outfit being smeared and discarded in a matter of minutes. So today, after breakfast, you insisted on celebrating six months together with a proper date.
“We can go to Dunkin’ for coffee and munchkins if you want, but we have to leave the bedroom at some point. I wanna celebrate!” You pouted a bit, sure that you looked ridiculous, but you had every intention of standing your ground. Good thing you had the kitchen counter behind you to back you up.
Ransom looked you up and down, his crystal blue eyes darkening to the prettiest navy. He put his hands on your waist, the cool metal of his pinky ring making you shiver as it came into contact with the sliver of exposed skin that managed to sneak out from underneath your sweater… Well, his sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the wash when you insisted he do the laundry himself for once. He leaned forward and kissed over your collarbone, up your neck, and stopped just below your ear, whispering, “But we already celebrated, pretty girl. You didn’t forget, did you? In the shower after we woke up…” He pressed into you, so close that you could feel him hardening against you.. “...on the couch while we waited for the scones to finish in the oven.” He nipped at your pulse point, and you hoped he didn’t hear your breath catch in your throat. “We can celebrate here in the kitchen right now...” He kissed you then, cupping your jaw with one hand and beginning to push down your shorts with the other.
You sighed into the kiss and you almost gave in, but you came to your senses in the brief moment when his lips left yours, lungs in search of air. You pushed him off of you and yelled, “NOPE!” He tried to cage you against the counter again, but you ran around the kitchen island, putting a ridiculous amount of solid marble between you. You held back a laugh when you realized how unhinged you must have looked holding the dough-covered rolling pin you used while baking this morning. “You buy me all these beautiful dresses and all this gorgeous jewelry, and I never get to wear any of it anywhere,” you said, a little too calmly while waving the rolling pin in his face, as if it were anywhere near as threatening as those knives in Harlan’s office. “Just a few hours. That’s all I ask.”
He put his hands up in defeat. You thought you’d won until he bit his lip and raised his eyebrow, and you knew you were in some kind of trouble since he reserved the single-eyebrow raise for those moments, the ones when he formulated his most sinful plans for you and your body. “Fine. Dinner is all about you, but what we do after? That’s all about me.”
You tapped your finger against your chin, pretending to think about it but knowing your pussy already agreed to this deal. Traitor. “Fair, I guess. If you sweep me off my feet at dinner, then we can do whatever you want when we come home.”
Ransom had started rolling his eyes at you, but his face visibly softened a bit when he heard you call his house home. He walked around the island and stood in front of you, smiling like an idiot when he leaned in towards you. He jerked backward with a soft chuckle, easing the rolling pin out of your hand and onto the tabletop before taking your face in both of his hands and giving you the sweetest, deepest kiss, like some kind of Disney prince. With a soft peck to the corner of your mouth, he pulled away from you enough to see your dumbstruck face, stroking your cheek with his thumb before kissing the tip of your nose. “What was that you said about sweeping you off your feet?”
His cocky grin burst the bubble you were floating in, and you quickly came back down to earth, lightly smacking his shoulder. “You’ll have to do more than that, Hugh.” Your laugh bordered on a cackle when his jaw dropped at your use of his given name, so formal that most people didn’t even know it. With that, you took the stairs two at a time and settled into your seat at the vanity he’d had built for you so you could get ready for what could be either the most romantic or the most heartbreaking night of your life.
Tumblr media
Ransom always told you he didn’t think you needed makeup, but you weren’t going to let your extensive collection go to waste. You settled on keeping your base simple and going all out with a neutral smokey eye. You contemplated wearing red lipstick and decided against it, pressing your thighs together at the memory of how it stained the sheets last time you wore it, when he pounded you into the mattress, your screams and moans stifled by your pillow. You couldn’t seem to get your eyeliner right, and that’s when you realized your hands were shaking. 
You were in love with Ransom, and you wanted to tell him tonight. Although your relationship wasn’t traditional by any means, you knew you had gotten closer to Ransom than anyone else ever had – members of his own family included. His demeanor was caustic at best, and your friends didn’t understand why you were with him, even though he treated you like a princess in public just as much as he did in private – maybe even more so, since he couldn’t let a second go by without reminding the world you were his. His family (apart from Harlan, and maybe his cousin Meg) loathed you and made sure you knew it, taking every opportunity to call you a gold-digger and pull Ransom away from your side to introduce you to some heiress or other.
Over the last six months, you and Ransom had shared almost as many heartfelt conversations as you did orgasms. He told you he loved to write, but he was too scared to try to publish. He feared Harlan would be accused of nepotism and he never would be able to make his own name mean something. After a few weeks, you confided in him that he was your first, and he was almost angry that you didn’t tell him beforehand so that he could’ve made it special for you. Then in typical Ransom fashion, he remarked, “I’m impressed you took all of me on your first try.” You gasped and smacked his cheek, feigning disgust and failing to hold in your giggles. 
Another night, he told you that his mother Linda became “annoyed” with his childhood pet cat and gave it away one day while he was at school – that’s why he didn’t want another pet now, even though he lived in his own house. You shared that even though you were working on your master’s in publishing, you truly wanted nothing more than to be a stay-at-home mom one day, that you craved domesticity, having dinner on the table when your husband came home. He furrowed his brows at that. “Isn’t that, like, the opposite of feminism?”
You countered that it’s different when a woman stays home because she wants to do it, not because it’s expected of her. He said he would love to come home to you every day, whether you had dinner on the table or not. 
Most recently, he shared that he started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone so that he could take you on your dream vacation throughout all of Spain and not be embarrassed. He blushed and the conversation ended there, with you kissing him so hard he regretted not telling you sooner.
Tumblr media
You chose a black midi dress Ransom bought you two months ago for your birthday. It was long-sleeved and not too low-cut. It fit you perfectly. The material was soft and slinky, but not so much that it would give away the surprise underneath, a lacy matching set you knew he’d love. 
You always worried about your tummy in outfits like this, but you knew Ransom would worship you no matter what you wore (or didn’t wear, for that matter). He reminded you, enthusiastically and repeatedly, that he wanted his hands full of your body. The first time he begged you to sit on his face – yes, Hugh Ransom Drysdale begged for something – you told him you were afraid you would suffocate him. 
“1. That’s practically impossible, sweetheart. 2. I can’t imagine a better way to go. About to cum with my mouth full of you and my head in between your perfect thighs? Murder me. Fucking do it. I’m telling Harlan to use this in his next book.” Cheeks warming at the memory, you finally slipped on your favorite strappy burgundy heels and walked downstairs, more anxious than you’d ever been, afraid you wouldn’t be able to stomach the food at dinner.
Tumblr media
If Ransom’s jaw could have been on the floor, it would have. The same could be said for you, taking in the sight of your godlike boyfriend. His dark hair was carefully coiffed away from his face, drawing attention to his long, even darker eyelashes. So unfair. He wore a pair of gray wool slacks, pressed to perfection, with black bit-loafers and a burgundy sweater which emphasized how flushed his own cheeks were at the moment. His sweater matched your shoes exactly, and you marveled at how he always read your mind. He took your hand, helping you down the last few steps, and twirled you around once you reached the bottom. He spun you in close to him, and like something out of a movie, he revealed the bouquet of pink peonies he’d been hiding behind his back and dipped you, dropping a short kiss to your lips. “Happy anniversary, baby.” He pulled you back up against him, kissing you again and somehow managing not to crush the flowers.
You thought you might say it right then and there, but he left you both speechless and breathless. Everything he was doing and saying indicated he felt the same, but you were still so afraid he didn’t, all too aware of how guarded he could be. You opted to enjoy the evening a bit before potentially dropping a bomb you wouldn’t be able to defuse. “Ran, thank you. They’re beautiful.” You kissed his freshly-shaven cheek, giggling as he tried to get you to kiss him on the lips instead. You couldn’t resist, and you let him kiss you until you felt his tongue attempting to gain access to your mouth. “Enough. We’ll never leave at this rate,” you chided, kissing him on the cheek once more before turning around to look for a vase. You were shocked to find he’d already left a vase filled with water on the counter. How had you failed to notice that, and why was he being so thoughtful, so charming?
Little did you know, Ransom was questioning if he was doing too much? Not enough? He hoped you wouldn’t notice his hands shaking as he took the flowers back from you, quickly trimming the stems and arranging them neatly in the vase. He had watched Fran do it at Harlan’s several times, and he hoped he was doing it right and not killing them. He noticed you watching him and could feel himself blushing for the second time in as many minutes. Your attempts to look away from him were futile, your eyes involuntarily fixed upon the way his thick thighs and round ass filled out his tailor-made slacks. You nearly got on your knees, but this date was your idea, after all. Instead, you opted to take the vase from him and move it to the windowsill. “You never did say where we’re going, Ran.”
It took everything in him not to spoil the surprise, that he reserved your preferred table at your favorite restaurant the next town over. You regularly ordered takeout from there, but Ransom had never actually been, so even he was looking forward to going. He also arranged the menu beforehand knowing if he didn’t, you would spend entirely too much time trying to make a decision and not enough time letting him make you laugh. He even asked them to make your favorite cake for the two of you since he knew it always sold out earlier in the day. He smiled at you, and you knew he had no intentions of telling you where he was taking you.
“It’s cute that you think the grandson of a mystery writer wouldn’t keep you in suspense..” He winked at you, moving to open the door for you. Biting back a smile, you rolled your eyes as you walked past him. He locked the front door quickly, wanting to get ahead of you and open the passenger door of the Beemer. Ransom was always softer with you than he was with anyone else, but he was taking it to the next level tonight. He was never cruel to you like he was to his exceedingly vicious family, but he also didn’t shy away from the odd sarcastic response. If anything, he was only guilty of teasing you, most often when you were begging him, sexually or otherwise. He hoped you had no idea how the butterflies in his stomach that first appeared when he saw you walking down the stairs were currently conspiring to make him vomit out of the sheer panic he felt, sure that he was about to royally fuck this up.
Ransom was in love with you. This was the first time he ever felt so strongly about anyone, and it made him sick because he felt undeserving of you. He wasn’t sure he even felt love for his family, apart from his grandfather. He had dated before you, but he wasn’t one for relationships, definitely not exclusive ones. But there was something about you, and he knew from the second he spotted you at that release party six months ago that he wouldn’t be able to live without you. He was drawn to you immediately. At first, he thought he just wanted to fuck you, but you turned him down when other women would have fallen to their knees. Normally, rejection would have pissed him off, quickly moving on to the next pretty thing to catch his eye. To his surprise, he found himself wanting to get to know you - the sex would just be a bonus. 
You had him wrapped around your finger after one date, totally whipped after two, and you didn’t even know it. Then you spent the night with him after your third date, letting him take you apart with his mouth, his fingers, his cock, and he asked himself what it would be like to have you every night for the rest of your lives. And later, when you told him he was your first? Initially, he was disappointed, even upset, that you didn’t give him the opportunity to be more gentle, more careful. He got past that quickly enough when he realized it turned him on a lot, not because he was a perv who relished ruining virgins or some shit like that, but because you wanted him enough, trusted him enough, to share that experience with him. His family barely trusted him to remember to feed his grandfather’s dogs, and you were willing to give him your body, letting him be the first and only person ever to make you cum and you let him do it about five more times that night.
All of this led Ransom to this moment, white-knuckling the steering wheel as he reversed out of the driveway. He wanted to tell you how he felt; you deserved someone who could give you that, shouting it from the rooftops by day and whispering it in your ear by night. He was in near agony, frightened to say those three words for the first time to a person and not his favorite sweater or his car, unsure if you felt the same. He wanted to believe you did, that this wasn’t just some sort of weirdly intimate exclusive fuck-buddy set-up where you didn’t actually want him as much as he wanted you, all of you. It had only been six months, and he was wildly inexperienced in the emotions department, but the way he craved you assured him that there was no way he could ever let you go. With all of that on his mind, he wasn’t certain he’d be able to tell you tonight, but he sincerely wished with all of his liquor-soaked heart that he could show you, at the very least. You could sense that he was lost in his own head and reached over to lace your fingers with his, pulling his right hand down to rest in your lap. He looked at you for a moment and gave you a tiny, shy smile, quickly returning his eyes to the road.
Tumblr media
You squealed when Ransom pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, thankful that you chose to skip lunch, both to leave room for dinner and to avoid feeling sick with nerves. Ransom walked around to open your door and offered you his hand to help you out of the car. “I don’t believe I actually told you how breathtakingly stunning you look tonight. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He kissed your hand that he was still holding as you smoothed your dress with the other. He shut the door behind you and moved to take your arm in his to walk you inside.
“You didn’t. I must look good if I somehow rendered a Thrombey speechless,” you grinned .He laughed at that, kissing you on the cheek. You stopped walking, turning to face him. “Seriously, what’s gotten into you? Have I made you soft, Drysdale? It’s been thirty minutes and you haven’t even cursed.” You smiled at him, eyes crinkling with amusement. He panicked for a moment before he realized you were only teasing him. He really thought for a moment that all of his efforts were for naught, that you thought it was overkill. 
He tried to play it cool, leaning forward to bring his lips to your ear. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “I’m saving that for when we get home from this expensive-ass date, baby.” The tone of his voice sent a shiver down your spine, straight to your core. You’d be lying if you said your panties were still dry. He moved back, grabbing both of your hands and looking at you with a bright smile and a wink. You laughed and closed the distance between you, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks and kiss him, innocently at first. You turned it into an almost-messy, open-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss, ending it with a quick peck before it got too out of control. He looked wrecked already, cheeks flushing (again) and chest slightly heaving. Perhaps it was a not-great decision on his part in wearing his grey slacks since you could see the outline of his soon-to-be painfully obvious erection forming. He let out a deep breath and took your hand in his, walking you into the restaurant.
Tumblr media
Dinner was perfect, and the conversation between the two of you flowed as easily and sweetly as your favorite wine of which Ransom had ensured there’d be plenty. When you’d finished your meal, though, he seemed distant, sending the odd text and checking his phone in a way that was anything but discreet. The waiter asked if you were ready for dessert and you requested a moment to decide.
You reached across the table and put your hand over Ransom’s, imploring him to put down his phone. “I’m not sure if you’ve already arranged dessert, but I made you something at home if you don’t mind taking this to go?” His eyes widened, and you couldn’t quite discern his expression. He bit his lip, looking down toward his phone, and you realized he was nervous as he quickly sent another text. You scooted toward him in the rounded booth, lightly placing one hand on his thigh and gently squeezing his hand with your other. “Is everything okay, Ran?”
He placed his other hand on top of yours and smiled at you, but his voice was uncharacteristically shaky when he spoke. “Everything’s perfect. I just have another surprise for you at home that’s being set up while we’re here. I wanted to make sure it’s all done before we get back. I didn’t mean to worry you.” He kissed you on the cheek, his gentleness bewildering you further. “Dessert at home sounds great.” He asked the waiter to wrap up your leftovers, including the cake you hadn’t yet tasted. After placing a rather large wad of bills on the table, he stood up and extended his hand to you to help you to your feet.
Tumblr media
“So when you said you made dessert… Did you mean actual dessert, or was that a euphemism for sex? Because I’ve been rock hard since that kiss on the way in, and I think I deserve a reward for not simply having my way with you in the restroom.” Ransom looked at you from the driver’s seat with wide eyes, hopeful yet suggestive, as he lifted your hand to kiss it with his perfect pink lips. 
You smirked at him then, making the decision to toy with him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” You moved your hand still entwined with his down to his lap, gently applying pressure where he so desperately craved it. Satisfied with the clipped moan that slipped from his mouth, you continued, slowly, barely rubbing him through his pants. “I do appreciate that, though – that you kept your hands to yourself like that, handsome.” You felt his hand squeeze yours, and you knew it was taking everything in him not to pull over and fuck you on the side of the road. You could feel the wetness beginning to pool in your panties. Maybe it was a bad idea, but emboldened by the way he was reacting to your words, you decided to push him even further. You leaned over and gently pressed your lips to the side of his neck, purring in his ear, “Only good boys get to have dessert, and you’ve been so good for me tonight.” 
You’d begun to suspect your boyfriend had a bit of a praise kink a few weeks ago when you jokingly called him a good boy after he proudly informed you that he did all of the dishes by hand and didn’t use the dishwasher or leave them for the maid. The words left your mouth, and his pupils dilated before he quickly cleared his throat and left the room, so you decided to hold onto that card and play it the next time you really wanted something from him. Tonight was that night. You actually did make dessert for him, and you wanted him to at least see it before he locked the two of you in the bedroom for the night. He turned his whole body to look at you like he just won the fucking lottery, and you felt the car accelerate the slightest bit. Using your free hand to pinch his chin, you directed him to face forward once more. “Eyes on the road now, Ran.”
Tumblr media
Ransom practically ripped the keys out of the ignition when he pulled into the driveway. The second you unbuckled your seatbelt, you thought he might tear the passenger door off the hinges as he reached in to scoop you up bridal-style. He kicked the door closed and started running toward the house with you in his arms, holding on tightly to his neck and squealing in excitement. He stopped in front of the door and adjusted the way he held you, wrapping your legs around his waist and supporting you with one arm as he scrambled to turn the key in the lock. The front door closed with a slam that surely shook the house as he made his way toward the stairs up to his bedroom. Was it your bedroom, too? Your own apartment essentially served as a storage unit at this point. You shook your head to yourself. You could think about that another time.
You came to your senses when you heard the creak of the first step under Ransom’s foot. “Wait, Ran, put me down!” 
He stopped with one foot in mid-air, ready to take the next step. He pressed his forehead to yours, whining, “Whaaat, Y/N? You’re torturing me, beautiful.”
You tried to soothe him, scratching through the hair at the back of his neck as you warily placed your feet on the ground. “I really did make dessert for you, Ransom,” you pouted. 
Of course you made dessert, Ransom thought. You were perfect in every way, and every single thing you’d done that day replayed in his head, reminding him that this had to be too good to last, that you were too good for him. Without thinking, he clapped his hand across his face, dramatically stretching his features downwards. “Can you at least let me blow your back out first? I’m in pain over here.” He waved his hands around in the vicinity of his glaring boner, looking like an air traffic controller. He’d made up his mind that you certainly would not stick around if and when he worked up the courage to say those three words, those eight letters, that made his stomach flip in truly unbearable discomfort, so he was on a mission to feel you around him, on top of him, underneath him one last time.
To his surprise, you scrunched your nose at him in the adorable way you always did when he made an overtly sexual comment. You reached out for his hand and led him to the kitchen. “Just let me show you before we go upstairs. I don’t mind if we eat it later, but I’m proud of this one. I made it just for you, honey.” Ransom knew you loved to bake. In fact, one of his favorite things was watching you sing and dance around the kitchen as you experimented, sugar, butter, flour everywhere. He wondered to himself when you had time to make dessert without his noticing. “Close your eyes for a sec. No peeking.” He watched you spin around toward the fridge before he covered his eyes with one large hand, the other resting on the countertop. “Open.” If your smile were any wider, your face would have split in half.
Ransom raised an eyebrow at the dish before looking back at you. “Cheesecake? What’s on top?”
You let out a deep breath. “Okay, so…” You tried to channel Vanna White, showcasing your creation with dramatic hand gestures. “I present to you… brown sugar bourbon cheesecake with… Drum roll, please, Ransom.” His cackle was cut short by the realization that you were completely serious. He did as you instructed, moving towards you to tap your hips in place of a snare drum. “... Biscoff cookie crust. I crumbled some on top, too. I snuck down here after you fell asleep last night so it would have plenty of time to set.”
Ransom felt the sting of tears in his eyes and quickly lowered his head to blink them away before you could see. He couldn’t imagine what he ever did to deserve you, this beautiful woman in front of him who found the most thoughtful, unbelievable ways to make him feel so special. In that instant, he let himself believe that maybe you loved him, too. Why else would you sacrifice your own sleep? Why else would you work so hard? Remember his favorite things and venture to find some way to combine them into what would, no doubt, be the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten besides you? This night was chipping away at his walls to the point where they might crumble, and for the first time, he thought maybe he was okay with that. 
He hugged you then, lifting you off the ground and spinning you around. He peppered kisses all over your face, ending with an unexpectedly sweet kiss to your lips. You thought you saw tears glistening in his eyes, but you didn’t say anything. “Thank you so much, baby. This is so thoughtful. You’re too good to me.” Something shifted in the air between you two, and you could tell he was not going to cut a slice of the dessert anytime soon, so you turned around in his arms to put it away. He leaned over you, growling in your ear from behind, “I can’t wait to share some with you in our bed.” He kissed your shoulder and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, unknowingly answering your earlier question as to whether or not the bedroom was yours, too. The warm sensation in your chest was almost too much to bear, but you didn’t want it to go away.
You placed the dish in the refrigerator and shut the door, turning around in his arms. “Now,” you hiked one leg up on his hip, “I believe you said something about blowing my back out, honey.” His hands moved down from your waist to support your ass, prompting you to wrap your other leg around his narrow waist, your arms around his thick neck, decidedly your new favorite method of transportation.
Tumblr media
Ransom took the stairs two at a time, anxious to see how Fran and Marta did with his request. “Close your eyes for me, baby?” He kissed your forehead, lips lingering for a moment as he watched your lashes flutter before he opened the bedroom door.
He smiled when he opened the door, taking in the view and the sweet scent of all of the candles and flowers. He texted Marta and Fran while you’d been getting ready, asking if they could pick up several dozen roses and candles to decorate the room before you got home from dinner. Neither of them ever had considered Ransom to be so romantic and were more than willing to help when he mentioned it was your anniversary. He smiled, satisfied with the job they’d done, making a mental note to Venmo them double what he sent initially. 
Ransom placed you down on the floor, holding onto your waist from behind and pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Open.”
You couldn’t believe how beautiful your bedroom looked, covered in red and pink rose petals and bathed in the warm glow of the candlelight. “Oh, Ransom,” you gasped. You looked around for another moment, noticing the bed was made with the new duvet and sheets you’d been looking at online a few weeks ago. “This is too much.”
He turned you around to face him and kissed you, short and sweet. “Baby, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do enough for you.”
You looked up at him and smiled, eyes shiny with tears yet to fall. “I thought dessert was supposed to be all about you?” You placed your hands on his chest, relishing the feel of his heart beating faster at your touch.
“This is for both of us.” Smooth as ever, he reached behind your back to unzip your dress. “You get the girly, dreamy set-up, and I get to admire how sexy you are in this light.”
Your dress dropped to the floor and he helped you step out of it, picking it up and neatly laying it over the back of your chair. You were already wet, and this simple act of taking such care with you, with your clothes, only ruined your panties further. You stood with your hands on your hips, slightly flexing your biceps forward to maximize the appearance of your cleavage.
“Are you implying that I’m not sexy in other lights, Ransom?” You bit your lip so he’d know you were just playing, afraid to tease too, too much since he seemed so on edge.
His mouth hung open wide as he looked you up and down, arms reaching forward to run his hands up and down your sides before resting low on your hips. Ransom stepped back and took one of your hands in his, using his other hand to prompt you to turn around for him before pulling you in for another kiss. “That is actually the exact opposite of what I’m thinking, pretty girl.” He continued admiring you, sneakily slipping his fingers beneath the waistline of your panties. “You know this color on you drives me crazy, right?”
You smiled and nodded as he moved his fingers lower, gathering your wetness with a feather-light touch that made you pant. He groaned when he easily slipped two thick fingers inside you and met no resistance, a fresh rush of your slick leaking down his hand.
“Well, fuck me. Jesus, baby.” You whimpered at the loss of his fingers, but your eyes widened as you watched him suck on his fingers, lapping your juices from his skin. When he was finished, you pressed the length of your body to his, backing him into the wall behind him.
“That’s the goal, daddy.” You felt his cock twitch in his pants as you tightened your fingers in his hair, forcing his mouth open with a gasp, granting your tongue access to taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
You never thought you would address a man other than your father as daddy until you were with Ransom. He was your first and only, so when he commanded that you “cum all over daddy’s cock” the first time you slept together, you did just that. From that point forward, you only ever called him that in bed, figuring it was just what he liked. It wasn’t necessarily your kink, but pleasing Ransom definitely was. Whether or not you were in the bedroom, it was a surefire way to get what you wanted.
Six months later, here you were, confidently sinking to your knees and unzipping his tented slacks. You were so nervous the first time you offered to suck your boyfriend off, but he was understanding, assuring you it was okay if you weren’t ready. His tenderness only motivated you, and you probably should’ve known then that you held his inexperienced heart in your hands.
Still pressed against the wall, Ransom gazed at you with a mix of lust and adoration, in disbelief that he managed to find you and that you willingly stayed with him. He let out a thin wheeze as you finally rid him of his briefs, planting a kiss below his belly button before your lips traveled south. “Baby, please, I need you.”
You smiled up at him, nuzzling your cheek against his thigh. “Who’s got you so needy tonight, daddy?” you whispered as you nipped along his perfectly defined Adonis belt. He pulled his sweater off in a frenzy, the sight of his naked form causing your walls to clench around nothing.
“You, pretty girl. Always you. Only you,” he whined, reaching down to cup your cheek as your eyes met his.
Ransom already looked gone, eyes hooded and sweat glistening on his forehead, his chest. You weren’t sure how long you’d last, and he’d barely touched you yet.
You hummed in response, then kissed the leaking head of his cock before swallowing the length of him. You bobbed your head back and forth, taking him as deep as you could. His moans grew higher in pitch with each movement inside your throat, and you squeezed your thighs together to relieve the ache between them. His hips bucked forward of their own accord until you brought a hand to his tummy, holding him still. You pulled off of him with a wet pop, a noise that in any other situation might gross you out but only served to turn you on further while you were on your knees.
“Patience, daddy.” You rose to your feet, kissing your way up his body. You leaned on him for support as you removed your heels. Once you were finished, Ransom surged forward, capturing your swollen lips with his, frantically licking his way inside your mouth, inevitably tasting himself on your tongue. You feverishly kissed him back, providing the closeness he needed to reach around and undo the clasp of your bra. He managed to toss your bra onto your vanity before ducking his head to pay your pebbled nipples some well-deserved attention. You cradled the back of his head, carding your fingers through his hair as you pressed his face to your tits.
Another wave of arousal damn near gushed from your core, prompting you to put an end to Ransom’s ministrations. “Take me to bed?”
Ransom squeezed your ass before giving it a quick tap. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist while he laughed at your enthusiasm, laying you down in the middle of the bed before removing your completely-drenched panties.
“I’d venture to say this is the wettest you’ve ever been, baby.”
You felt heat rising in your cheeks in response to his comment. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You grinned at him before pulling him down on top of you, eager to feel him inside you at last.
“Baby, slow down,” he gasped, breath ragged. He kneeled over you, reaching for the nightstand where he kept the condoms. You grabbed his wrist and brought his hand to your lips, kissing his open palm. Ransom inhaled sharply, waiting for you to speak.
Although your pupils were blown, your eyes were soft, searching his face. “I just wanna feel you, Rans–”
Ransom’s brows rose high on his forehead, but in what emotion, you were unsure. Now you were afraid you’d done something wrong, even though you didn’t do it on purpose.
“–I mean, daddy. Please.” You searched his face for any indication of what he was thinking, but he was giving you nothing.
Ransom was overwhelmed. No one had called him by his actual name during sex ever. Even his first girlfriend stuck to calling him “baby” or “handsome” after he clapped a hand over her mouth when she started to say his name. Once he was a bit older, he preferred “sir” or “daddy”. But then you came along, thawing out the block of ice in his chest where his heart always was meant to be. And you were telling him to fuck you raw? Another thing he’d never done with anyone else, wanting to be somewhat safe since he used to sleep around so much.
“Please say something,” you murmured, bringing him back out of his own head.
He leaned down, cupping your cheek and pressing his forehead to yours. “Are you sure that’s what you want, baby?” he prodded, voice laced with warm concern.
“I’m so sure.” You stroked the apple of his cheek with your thumb, smiling when he relaxed at your touch. “You’re the only person I’ve ever been with, and you haven’t been with anyone besides me in all this time.” 
The corner of his mouth turned upwards, showing off one of his dimples that would make you weak in the knees if you weren’t lying down already. “But you’re not on birth control, baby. Please don’t feel like you have to do thi–”
Pulling his face to yours, you kissed him hard. “–No, I’m not, but I’ve been tracking my cycle. We should be fine.” His eyes fluttered shut as you kissed him once more. You waited for him to open his eyes so you could look into them.
“I trust you.”
Ransom looked like the heart-eyes emoji; he had never heard those words in his life – not from family, not from friends. He kissed you again, sloppily, hungrily.
“If you change your mind, promise you’ll tell me?”
“I won’t change my mind, but I promise.”
Another kiss, gentler this time, made your head spin. It was different from any other kiss you’d shared, emotional and full of something you were hesitant to name. He lined himself up with your entrance, coating himself in your slick before pushing into you slowly.
“OhmyfuckingGOD,” he hissed as you adjusted to his thickness, your walls involuntarily tightening around him. “You feel so amazing, baby. I’m not gonna last long. Fuck.”
The sensation of his cock inside you was similar to the usual, but so much more intense. Ransom began to move, and you could feel each vein dragging against you with every thrust. Open-mouthed kisses along your throat left you panting. You were a pliant, fucked-out mess as he moved his hips with more intention, his tip hitting the spot that made you see stars.
“Ransom, please,” you screamed as one thrust in particular had you arching your back, pushing your chest into his.
Your eyes flew open as you tried to assess the damage you’d done. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
Ransom slowed his pace. “Don’t be sorry, pretty girl.” He kissed your tears away as quickly as they came. “I’ve never let anyone call me by my actual name in bed before.” He smiled sweetly at you as he continued moving inside you, each stroke somehow more tender than the last. “Say it again, Y/N. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.”
You cried out as he began to circle your clit with his thumb. “You are, Ransom. Always. Make. Me. Feel. So. Good.” He punctuated each word with a perfectly-angled thrust.
You were so fucking close, and Ransom began to lose his rhythm, not far behind you. “Please, Ransom, make me cum.” You sounded pathetic, needing your release in the worst way. His hips snapped violently against yours, pushing you up the bed.
“Louder, baby. Scream my name when I make you cum.” Using his index and middle fingers together, he rubbed your clit harshly at lightning speed, making you choke on air as you fell apart.
His name left your mouth like a wail, volume so high that, if he had neighbors, they’d probably call the cops. Ransom continued fucking you through it, losing all control at the feeling of you squirting all over him.
“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Ransom moved to pull out of you, planning to finish on your chest, but you crossed your legs behind him, pulling him right back in.
“Baby, please, I need to cum.” He pressed his face into your neck as he struggled to delay his climax.
Hugging him tightly, you kissed the top of his head before pushing him up to his knees, straddling him. “I know, baby, I know. I want you, all of you. I always will.” You snaked a hand down his back to grab at his ass, urging him impossibly deeper inside you. “Come on, Ransom. Please give it to me.”
He came with a roar, biting into your shoulder. The feeling of his cum filling you up was unlike anything you’d felt before, but not unwelcome by any means, and triggered another orgasm of your own, milking him thoroughly. You held each other, sobbing wordlessly as you came down from your simultaneous highs, eventually collapsing in a puddle of loose limbs. 
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure if minutes or hours had passed, you were so out of it, floating on the most blissful cloud. Ransom began to stir, kissing from your chest to your collarbone, from your throat to your jaw, before finally ending once again at your lips. You winced as he pulled out of you, the feeling of his spend leaking from your core unfamiliar and a little unpleasant. Ransom laid next to you, tucking your head under his chin and folding you into his embrace.
He smiled sleepily, unable to get enough of your voice saying his name with so much affection. “Yeah, pretty girl?” He held you tighter.
“Why did you let me say your name tonight?”
He shuffled down to face you, lifting your chin with his finger. He figured it was now or never.
“Because I love you, Y/N. You’re the only person who’s ever believed I could be a good man. You encourage me to be the man I want to be, not the man you want me to be or the man everyone else seems to think I should be. You’ve never tried to change me. I’ve only changed because I wanted to. I wanted to be better for you.”
You felt tears spilling down your cheeks, now that your boyfriend had confirmed you had nothing to be afraid of, after all. He felt the same way, and your heart was going to beat right out of your chest.
“And you make me happy,” he continued. “I love your laugh and the way you somehow always know what I want for breakfast. I love how you sing in the shower, then pretend you didn’t. I love how you let me be the little spoon on my bad days and when I’m drunk. I love that you read to me when I can’t fall asleep. I love your heart and your mind and your laugh. Everything. I love everything about you.”
The terrified look on Ransom’s face didn’t last long. It couldn’t – not when you were rolling on top of him to pull him into your millionth kiss of the night.
“I love you, too, Ransom. So fucking much. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long now.”
The two of you held each other and cried, in need of emotional release following such an intense physical one. 
With another peck to your lips, Ransom untangled himself from you, going to the en suite bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean you up. His touch was soothing, careful around your most sensitive areas. He discarded the cloth in the hamper before leaving the room again. You wondered where he went, but you could hardly keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
A few moments later, you felt something cold against your mouth. Opening your eyes, you found Ransom sitting next to you with a plated slice of cheesecake, holding a fork up to your face. You laughed, sitting up before taking a bite.
“I really outdid myself, didn’t I?”
“Absolutely, baby. This is fucking incredible.”
You brushed a crumb away from the corner of his mouth. “I think we should make post-orgasm cheesecake a permanent thing.”
Ransom placed the now-empty plate on his nightstand, getting under the covers with you. “I know we should make it a permanent thing.” He pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around your back.
“I love you, Ransom. I hope we’re a permanent thing,” you whispered into his chest.
He looked down at you before kissing the tip of your nose and holding you tighter. “I love you, too, pretty girl. I know we’re a permanent thing.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This fic is actually the reason I started this blog. I used to write fic years ago and stopped writing, fic or otherwise, for quite some time. Earlier this year, I started to venture into reading fic again and found some incredible authors here. I had submitted these asks (1, 2, 3) to Christy (@chrissquares​), knowing she loved Ransom as much as I do, and her responses inspired me to create a new blog and get back to writing. 
I’ve been working on this since the end of May when I sent in these asks, and I think this is as ready as I’ll ever be to share it. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Christy! I’m so happy to be writing again, and I hope people can enjoy this (much longer than planned) story. 🥺
As always, comments and reblogs are so appreciated.
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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chuckbass-love · 4 months ago
request for prompt 89 with ransom and his beemer😏
A/N: Helloooo, lovely. Ugh i just gotta say, the moment i saw this i was smiling. Car sex with Ransom is a major fantasy of mine, he'd be so protective over the seats in his precious beemer but too horny to give a fuck. I can totally see this happening, for real but i have changed this a little, just because my mind went to other places. Regardless though, i hope you still enjoy this....
Prompt #89: "Just pull the car over"
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Jealous, smut, unprotected sex, breeding kink (slightly, if you squint), swearing, public sex, fluff, angst, fighting, vaginal fingering, public nudity, ass spanking and dangerous driving. 18+ as always.
Word Count: 3,260
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @dicapriho go check them out❤️
Hood Sex
Tumblr media
“Well maybe, just maybe I was only being polite to her because you asked me to and now you’re throwing a fucking bitch fit. Make up your dam mind, Y/N” Ransom snarled through gritted teeth, clenching his jaw simultaneously.
You’ve had just about enough of his attitude and blatant disregard for your feelings. He’s constantly being disrespectful toward you and it’s high time you gave him what for.
An old friend from school recently re appeared in your life and along with her return came a reminder of your high school reunion. One that you were dead set on avoiding. But Ransom managed to convince you to go, something that was rather unusual for him, totally out of character. 
Normally he’d be the type to convince you to stay home with him tangled up in his sheets as you fucked on and off. 
But you threw caution to the wind, giving in almost instantly.
You dressed up in a gorgeous knee length red number along with your best pair of red bottoms. Whereas Ransom dressed up in his signature slacks and white cable knit sweater and soon enough you found yourself at the reunion.
The friendship group you accumulated over your time in high school were soon gathered around you and Ransom as he did his best to be polite, answering arbitrary questions that revolved around the two of you. Yet one old friend in particular crossed the line on more than one occasion. 
Avery Jones. You watched her intently as she twirled her hair around her index finger whilst she bit down on her lip. The woman was practically undressing your man with her eyes, probably wondered what it would be like to have him to herself. And although you wanted to out her, you were reluctant to show your jealousy at that point, being that you’d made a big deal about Ransom being polite.
However, the lid on your calm, cool and collected state soon flipped when she rested her hand on his forearm during the aftermath of a joke he told that wasn’t even intended as a joke. She giggled like a little school girl, one that you tried your hardest not to punch.
But rather than doing so, you pulled Ransoms arm as you dragged him head first out of the building.
That leads you to now.
You were cursing under you breath before he finally snapped at you.
“Well what am i supposed to do Ransom when that whore was all over you like a rash?” you ask, genuinely intrigued to hear his answer and his alternative approach to the situation, but he just gets into the car in a huff.
“So that’s what this is about then? Huh? You’re jealous of the attention i was getting from your former school friends. How about the time that you came to my high school reunion and my friends were all over you? If i remember correctly, even the nerds were flocking at your feet. Did i ge-”
“Don’t you dare even finish that fucking sentence, you got jealous and you know it”
Silence fills the space between the two of you as he sighs heavily before turning the key in the ignition and pulling the car out of the parking space and out of the lot. 
He scratches the stubble that’s starting to grow around his mouth and cheeks before smacking the wheel angrily. 
“Fine, i did get jealous. But that was different and you know it, you were flirting back and touching them. You did that shit on purpose. I however was only doing what you nagged me all day to do”
He’s right. You can’t argue because he’s right. You did flirt back with the guys from his high school, you lapped up the attention like the only single woman at a club. And boy did that make Ransom mad. But for once, you’re the one entirely in the wrong. Avery may have flirted but he didn’t show any signs of encouraging it. He was just doing what you wanted him to, going along with the conversation and even joining in to appear interested. 
“Doesn’t mean that you’re entirely innocent. You enjoyed having Avery touch you, admit it” but rather than admitting it as soon as those words leave your mouth, he reaches his free hand over to you, slipping it underneath your dress and cupping your sex.
“Wanna keep this attitude up? Huh? Because i can torture you further if you like, your choice princess” he barks, his thick digits slip into your panties too before they swirl around your sensitive button slowly.
Your entire body tenses up as you squeeze your legs closed on his hand but he’s too strong for your liking as he pulls his hand free. He uses it to smack down on your thigh hard “don’t think so, spread ‘” he orders and you can no longer deny him.
So you do exactly as he told you to, spreading your legs open like a whore and allowing him to rub ferociously at your pussy, causing you to whine and whimper with your head facing the window. 
You refuse to look at him because looking at him will cause your anger and jealousy to subside, leaving nothing but a horny and desperate mess of woman that you always are when it comes to him.
Somehow you find yourself unable to control the actions of your own body as it betrays you, moving on its own accord with your hips bucking up much to your dismay.
“Someone’s desperate for a good fucking” he’s smirking, you can hear it in his voice and the moment you turn to look at him, that’s exactly what you find. He seems so proud of himself, so happy to have the better of you once again. But you also know that his frustration still lingers underneath the surface. 
“Please, stop” you try to beg but it comes off as more of a green light for him to continue, you’re torn between needing his touch and needing to stand up against him.
But oh boy, the way he’s pushing two fingers inside of you, it feels too good to stop. And the way his thumb is rubbing at your clit to have you keening for more as you arch your back, you can’t help how your body reacts to him. 
“Do you really want me to stop? Because i can feel your walls fluttering around my fingers, baby. You can’t fool me”
All of a sudden you fall back against the seat as he floors the car, the rev of the engine excites you in ways that it shouldn’t. He’s angry, no scrap that, he’s seething. 
And you know that this can only come to a head and lead to one place.
Despite your anticipation for him to slow down eventually though, he continues. And this not only puts him at a risk but it puts you at risk too. 
What if he gets pulled over?
What if he gets arrested?
“Ransom, stop” you beg once more, turning in your seat and moving his hand away from your sex “Ransom, slow down” but he doesn’t listen. 
So you do the one thing that you know will capture his attention.
You brush your hand across his crotch.
“What are you doing?” he growls, stealing glances at you every couple of seconds.
“Jesus, just pull the car over” you yell and to your surprise, he does. He pulls down a random dirt road that’s just far enough out of the way so no other cars can see you and without saying a word he gets out of the car.
You watch through the windshield as he covers his face with his hands, the headlights shining a spotlight on him and you can see the freezing temperature causing visible air to fall from his mouth.
“Ransom” you call out, deciding to tread carefully as you step out of the car, closing the door before you take a couple of steps closer.
“You really do push my buttons, you know that don’t you?” he shakes his head before facing you.
“Well excuse me for being absolutely terrified of losing you, for wondering if another woman will come along and steal all of your attention, for not feeling good enough” you say trying your hardest not to let your tears of worry spill out and slide down your cheeks. 
You wrap your arms around yourself in hopes that it’ll cover you from the cold air running riot around you. 
Ransom clenches his jaw as he scoffs out of shock. You’ve never admitted your fears to him before, your insecurities have always been the elephant in the room but he always thought you knew what the two of you have will forever be solid, unbreakable.
Instead of speaking though, Ransom storms over to where you’re stood and he wraps his large hand around your bicep, using the strength in his grip to yank you over to the hood of his beamer.
“What’re you doing?” you question, confused as to what he has planned for you but when he forces you over the hood of his car, it all clicks into place.
“I’m showing you that not only are you the one i want to be with but that i have no intention of giving you up, not for another woman, not for anyone. You are mine and that’s all there is to it” 
All of a sudden his belt clanks around before you hear his zipper move down and the tip of his well hung cock pushes at your dripping wet entrance before slamming in. 
As he does this you jolt forward, moving further up the hood of the car and with your dress bunched up at your waist, you’re feeling the cold air now more than ever. 
However, you have a feeling that it’ll soon pass with the pleasure taking its place, rightfully.
“Why can’t you just fucking be good, just for once” he groans, calloused hands splaying across your ass cheeks, squeezing the soft globes roughly, showing no signs of letting up. Even his nails are joining the party now, digging into your soft flesh, bound to leave you waking up with marks tomorrow morning.
“Such a disobedient little whore” you feel all of the emotions that are consuming him as he continue to fuck into you and you gotta say, when Ransom gets like this, you adore it. He shows you he cares by doing what he does best, fucking you into oblivion.
He’s never been one for romance or showing much affection but over the course of the last year, he’s been more persistent to be the man you’ve always deserved.
And boy has he tried but the feel of his balls smacking against your folds disrupts your thoughts momentarily and you find yourself reaching back to grab a hold of him. 
Instead he takes your arms, crossing them over one another and holding them in place on the small of your back with just one of his hands, leaving you trapped with no leverage. 
But Ransom knows all too well that this is when sex is most enjoyable for you, you love to be restrained, held back from having any kind of upper hand. You love to be man handled but most importantly, you love to be man handled by him and him only. 
He is the one for you, always has been since the moment you met. 
Sometimes it’s hard to see the effect he has on other women and that’s only because you can recall being exactly like Avery when you first conversed with Ransom. You were bewildered, wide eyed and falling more as the seconds ticked by. You too undressed him with your dark and lustful eyes, imagined his mouth on yours, on your neck, on your breasts and even your pussy. 
You wanted him so badly and that’s why when Avery was acting that way, it struck a cord, you don’t want any other woman to take his fancy the way that you did or to tempt him the way that you did.
And so you acted out. You took it out on him. 
For someone who hadn’t had much experience in terms of relationships before he met you, you’d have suspected Ransom would be the on to behave like this, to be on the verge of tears and unsure of what the future holds or if you’d ever stick around but instead it’s you.
It’s only down to the past relationships you’ve endured, the abuse, the neglect, the lack of respect. 
You’ve always been so used to guys that could care less for you or how you felt, or guys that would gaslight you constantly, threaten to leave you at any sign of weakness from you. And when you met Ransom, you assumed the worst in him too. 
It’s something that with a little honesty and talking, you got through it. 
And so he thought you were past this. 
He was reluctant to get into a monogamous relationship with you too, but only because he’d spent his entire adult life up until a year ago just fucking women casually.
But the more he got to know you, the further you crawled into his heart and under his skin, the more his opinion - his wants and needs - changed.
You were and still are unlike any other woman he’s ever met.
You’re tenacious, independent and demanding. You changed his view on relationships until before he knew it he was asking you to be his girlfriend officially. 
Now here you are, getting railed where anyone could find you for all you know but that’s the last thing you care about. All you want now is for him to make you cum the way he has so many times before. 
No words are even uttered, nothing but groans, moans and grunts fill the air along with his balls smacking your petal like folds rapidly as his pace picks up.
But that all changes when....
“So sick of you giving me attitude, gonna fill you up to the brim with my cum, make you nice and swollen and round with my baby, maybe that’ll convince you that i’m serious about you, huh? Will that do the trick? Will that stop you from acting up like a fucking brat?”
The intense feeling of your clit pulsating at the sound of his words, lets you know that you’re so incredibly close and the hitch in his breathing lets you know that he is too. 
“Ransom, i-” but before you can warn him, he feels you clenching down harder than ever before as your juices cover his cock.
“Such a fucking dirty whore, ain’t that right? Creaming all over my cock like a fucking dirty whore” 
His pace quickens, the tip of his cock punches at your g-spot, forcing you through one orgasm and into another. 
You feel your heels lift off of the ground, leaving you on just your tip toes. Your back arches and you whimper pathetically as he smacks down on your ass cheek with such force that you’re bound to be sore when sitting down next.
But you don’t care, because right now in this moment, all of the insecurities and pent up frustration that you’ve evidently both held in is coming out in this intimate yet rough sexual encounter and it’s all the more better because of it.
He continues to hiss and grunt and even mutter to himself as he twitches inside of you, you then feel him spill his load, filling you up just like he said he would and as he does so you hear loud porn star style moans escape his dirty mouth. 
“Fuck” he curses, slowing his hips until they come to a halt. 
“Ransom” you whisper, needing to hold him now more than ever and once he pulls out, you do just that. His arms wrap around you.
“I’m sorry”
“You know i had everything planned for tonight. The high school reunion, then the dinner afterwards. It was all set” you furrow your brows in confusion, unsure of what he could mean by that.
“Ran-” but then you see him pull out a key.
“I was going to ask you to move in with me. Because despite this being my first relationship, i feel so strongly about you and this connection that we’ve always seemed to have since day one that i just can’t go another day without waking up next to you knowing that i get to see your beautiful face every day”
Tears well in yours eyes as you look deep into his, spotting the same in his blue orbs. But soon after you look down at the both of you, his cock is still out and your panties are misplaced with your dress still bunched up at your waist. 
“I think we should really make ourselves more presentable before having this talk, Ransom, don’t you?”
That’s when he looks down too, chuckling to himself before tucking himself back into his slacks and doing up his belt whilst you take the time to sort your panties out and pull down your dress.
You gesture towards the car before getting back inside, seconds later he joins you.
“No matter who flirts with me, Y/N, those days are behind me. I only have eyes for you”
You giggle “and the waitress at dinner the other week” you raise your brow disapprovingly.
“Okay, fine. And the waitress from the other week...” you both laugh further before he interrupts “look, my point is. I love you and i want to be with you every day. I want you to come home from work and tell me about your day even if i yawn or act uninterested. I want you to cook for me so i can complain about how Antonio does it better. I want to wake up and have lazy morning sex, every morning”
His words whilst insulting for the most part, are still as honest as they come. Ransom has never been one for romance but you still love him regardless and this is him trying his hardest to be romantic, even if it is failing a little. It’s your own little something, it’s imperfectly perfect.
“Yes, i’ll move in with you but you insult my cooking Drysdale and you won’t be eating at all”
“No promises, baby”
He welcomes you into his embrace, pressing a couple of kisses to your head before lifting your head up to kiss your lips softly and then dirty. His tongue forces its way inside of your mouth before it battles with yours but this time, there’s no winner. 
Because being with him is enough, you don’t need to battle anymore tonight.
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stardustedangel · 2 months ago
Red Light
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
pairing || ransom drysdale x fem!reader
word count || 2.4k
summary || you and ransom have some fun in his car after you had been begging for some special attention
warnings || 18+ ; minors DNI ; teasing, fingering, oral sex (m receiving), finger sucking, car sex, semi-publix sex, unprotected sex, spanking, choking, hair pulling, slight degradation
author’s note || first fic in over two months so i’m nervous but hope everyone likes it <333 YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PERMISSION TO RE-PUBLISH, TRANSLATE, OR TAKE ANY OF MY WORK.
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
Tumblr media
There you were, sitting in the passenger seat while your hands were fidgeting with the hem of your slip dress in a sad attempt to keep your hands off of the man driving. You glanced over at Ransom and clenched your thighs at the sight beside you.
Nostrils flared. Eyebrows furrowed. Bottom lip pulled between his teeth and two fingers were placed against his temple in an attempt to rub out his growing irritation. God, it was a sight to see. You tried to keep the small smile threatening to show as pride bubbled in your chest knowing that you were able to work up a reaction like this from him.
You knew you should’ve been embarrassed with what had happened in the last thirty minutes. Ransom and you had been at a bar drinking with some of his friends when you all but begged him to leave. He’d refused the first few times you had asked, throwing you an eye roll and telling you that you’d both leave with the next hour, but when your hand palmed at his subtle bulge under the table he dragged you to the car, but not without throwing his friends a half-hearted apology.
You’d been thinking of something to say. Maybe asking him where he was going as if you didn’t know. Just something to break the tension in the car—something that would hopefully end in him taking you over the hood of his car. It only took a few more seconds of rubbing your thighs together and mouth opening and closing time after time trying to force words out before a whimper tumbled its way out of your mouth. Your head fell against the headrest in embarrassment, but your thighs didn’t stop their movements.
Ransom’s eyes left the road for a split second to take in your hazy appearance, either from the alcohol or from how needy you were, and eyes shifting lower to see the way your dress was slowly slipping up each time your thighs shifted together.
Ransom’s eyes returned to the road as he let out a deep sigh. “What are you doing?” Thank god he said something.
You let out a frustrated whine, confused as to why Ransom was taking his sweet time on the road instead of fucking you the minute you two got into the car. You were even more annoyed that he wasn’t showing you attention while driving—no hands on you and only one gaze your way since he’s been driving.
“Waiting for you to do something,” you whined while your body slightly thrashed in the seat.
Ransom couldn’t stop the amused quirk of his eyebrow, “Oh?” Ransom halted the car when he saw the light flick to red and looked over at you lazily. “What exactly should I do, baby?”
“Fuck me,” you said bluntly with a whine trailing off at the end of your words.
You slid your left hand across the center console and set your hand on Ransom’s upper thigh. You squeezed lightly before trailing your hand to rest on his bulge, squeezing again all while making eye contact with Ransom. He twisted his face in mock sympathy, leaning over the console sweetly holding your hand that was placed over him. You were quick to lean into him, thinking he was going to finally give you what you want before he tossed your hand back into your own lap and started driving again when the light turned green.
You groaned and sunk further into your seat, crossing your arms over your chest. “Fucking tease.”
Ransom chuckled and rolled his eyes at your words. “That’s rich coming from you, baby.”
Truth be told, Ransom would have no problem fucking you in his car—maybe ever pulling over and bending you over the hood while he gave to you as good and hard as you always liked it, but where would the fun be in that? He loved watching the way you got yourself worked up all night, trying desperately to drag Ransom away from his friends so he’d touch you or give you anything. And he loved seeing you squirm in the seat of his car, practically dripping onto the seat. Ransom was willing and looking forward to seeing how far you’d take things.
“I can’t wait till we get home. Can we do something now, please? I just,” you cut yourself off when you let out a desperate sigh, “I can’t wait, Ransom.”
Though his eyes were still focused on the road you pouted up towards him. Putting on your most innocent, pleading expression you could and leaning in towards him. His eyes left the road to connect with your bright ones, feeling a small part inside of him twinge in pity. A bigger part of him felt pride, amusement, and all and all—need.
Ransom saw the way you were eyeing his bulge and his mouth quirked up in a smirk as he relaxed further into his seat. “You have until we get home, kitten. Better make it quick.”
You squealed in excitement. Hands sliding over the center console and working on the button and zipper of Ransom’s pants, hand reaching beneath his underwear to pull his cock out. You didn’t know how long you’d have till the two of you would be home, but you figured choking on his cock was a good way to pass the time.
Your right hand worked over the bright red tip, smearing his precum around. Your hand left his cock for a split second to spit into it before returning and working your hand up and down. Ransom let out a low groan, grip tightening around the wheel as your own tightened around him.
You barely paid attention to the reactions that you were getting out of Ransom, instead choosing to focus on the movements on your hand. With each pull upward your thumb rubbed over his tip. After a couple of minutes, you leaned your head down to lick his tip, then dragged your tongue down to lick the underside of his cock. Ransom let out a shaky breath, hand coming to rest on your head and thread through your hair, not pulling or tugging, just simply resting there.
You finally took him down your throat, mouth wide and eyes closed as you reveled in the feeling of some of your needs being satiated. You always loved taking Ransom down your throat; having him use you any way he liked. Your left hand grasped onto his thigh while your right continued to work over the parts of him that you couldn’t take down your throat.
“Oh, fuck,” Ransom quietly let out, but you still heard it. You moaned in response and Ransom’s hips quickly thrust up, eliciting a gag from you. You kept your mouth on him, but only quickened your pace.
“Fuck, baby. Your mouth is so warm. Fuck- feels so good.”
Your mouth came down harder and quicker, taking him down your throat even further, taking pleasure in every sound that Ransom made. Ransom shuddered above and had to make a conscious effort to slow down the car. He hadn’t noticed how hard his foot was pressed down on the gas pedal until he was forced to slow to a red light. He was grateful that it was only him and a couple of other cars on the road.
Ransom’s grip then tightened in your hair, pulling you up and down faster as he continued fucking your mouth. He was chasing his high and all you could do was wait for him to come down your throat. As he chased his high, your hand moved back towards yourself and under your dress, rubbing your clit through your lace panties before shoving two fingers into your pussy. Ransom took notice of this and his hand left your hair, yet his thrusts never ceased. He spanked your ass that was arched high in the air as you played with yourself, making you moan and jolt forward.
“Playing with yourself while taking me down your throat? You’re such a dirty girl, fuck. Such a dirty girl letting me fuck this warm mouth right here.” Ransom’s words spurred you on, making your cunt clench. He spanked your ass again, noticing you getting closer to your high.
“Fuck, kitten. That’s right. Come all over those pretty, little fingers. Be my good girl.” You moaned against his cock and your hips started to rock over your own fingers.
It only took a few more rolls of your hips for you to come, whimpering and loaning on Ransom’s cock while he palmed at your ass. Ransom pulled you off him with a pop. “Ransom,” you whined up at him needily. Eyes glassy and lips red and swollen. He took a firm grip on your jaw, pulling your mouth onto his, tongues moving over one another’s before pulling away.
Ransom’s previous plans of driving home had been long abandoned. He quickly put the car in park, not caring that he had just stopped fully at the light—not like there were any cars around anyways. Ransom looked at you with a smirk on his face. “Change of plans,” he grabbed your waist and swung you into his lap, “I’m gonna give you exactly what you want right now.”
You moaned and started to rut against Ransom’s cock the moment you were settled in his lap. His head teased your folds as he pulled your panties to the side and used his right hand to move the car seat back. When the seat jerked you gasped and pulled at the collar of Ransom’s shirt eagerly. “Fuck me, please, Ransom. Need it so bad.”
“Don’t worry, kitten,” Ransom lined himself up at your entrance and placed his hands on your hips before looking at you with a mockingly sweet look in his eyes, “I got you.”
Ransom then thrust up into you the same moment he pushed you down onto him. You cursed loudly at the feeling of being stretched out so deliciously. The feeling you had been waiting for all night was finally here and your body moved quicker than your mind did as you started to ride Ransom.
Your hands settled on Ransom’s shoulders while his fell to your hips fastening your pace. His nails were biting into your skin leaving crescent-shaped marks that you were sure you were going to see the next day. His head tipped back and his mouth fell open at how warm and tight you felt around him.
“Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me. Can’t wait to come in this tight, little cunt, baby.”
You sobbed and threw your head back when the head of his cock hit the special place inside of you that had you squirming. You could already feel your next orgasm building from your last and started to pull at the collar of Ransom’s shirt desperately. You looked at him with dark, lust-blown eyes and whimpered. “Ransom,” you gasped and swallowed in an attempt to get the words out, “kiss me.”
Ransom was quick to wrap his hand around your neck and pull you into him. Your lips slid together as his tongue slipped into your mouth and played with yours. His hand on your neck tightened and as the kiss continued you were slowly becoming light-headed. Everything felt like too much yet not enough at the same time. Each time you wanted to pull away from the pleasure you were only further encouraged by yourself to dive in deeper.
Ransom's tongue licked over your bottom lip as he pulled away and used his grip on your throat to bounce you harder onto him as his hips thrust in time to meet your movements. His hand previously on your hip went to play with your neglected, throbbing clit and that sent your upper body curling into Ransom.
“Ransom! F-fuck, I’m gonna come.” Your hands tangled in his hair, pulling at the strands as he groaned at your touch, and your face rested in the crook of his neck. Your mouth latched onto his neck, sucking and nipping marks that you hoped would last for days.
“Come for me, kitten. I’m right behind you.”
You quickly came undone around Ransom, clenching around his and hands tightening onto the tufts of hair between your fingers. Your hips rolled against his wanting to ride out your orgasm as long as you could. Ransom helped you along as his fingers circled and played with your clit as you came. Seconds later both of Ransom’s hands returned to your waist to bring you down onto him one last time as he crashed into his own climax. He mumbled your name over and over as he rode out his own high.
The two of you finished riding your highs out and your bodies were sat close together, exhausted and sweaty. When you had enough energy to move you sat up and threw Ransom a tired, but bright grin. He returned a smug grin of his own, hand coming to guide your face to his to place lazy kisses onto your lips. They weren’t as heated and desperate as before, but the passion was still there as the two of you lazily kissed.
Ransom separated from you and moved your body upwards slightly to pull himself out of you. He cockily admired the way his cum dripped out of you and used his fingers to push it back into you. He adjusted your panties back over yourself and tapped your thigh teasingly as he finished. Ransom pressed a kiss onto your collarbone and carefully maneuvered you back into your seat. “Let’s get you home. Alright, baby?”
You hummed and slumped back into your seat with a dopey grin on your face, your body feeling fully relaxed and your mind completely fucked out. “Yes, sir,” you said in a teasing manner.
“Oh, one more thing,” you said quietly and shuffled in your seat slightly as you beckoned Ransom to lean over the center console towards you. He did and let out a low 'yes, baby?’ as he did. You lined your lips up to his ear and giggled to yourself.
“The light’s green,” you whispered with a cheeky smile. You pressed a kiss to his cheek before settling back fully into your seat and bringing the seatbelt over your body, eyes closing in content. Ransom could only shake his head at you with a stupid, grin on his face as a breathy comment of ‘brat’ left his lips before he was buckling up himself and putting the car in drive, ready to leave the light that the two of you had been sitting at.
You giggled at his next teasing words and bit your lip in excitement. “Don’t get too tired, baby. You’re gonna wanna be up and ready for round two.”
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
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chrissquares · 4 months ago
Dessert Time
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x f!Reader
Word Count: ~2.1K
A/N: this is written for @d3vil-is-my-sugg4rd4ddy ‘s ask, took me long enough lmao, and for some reason your ask is not showing up on mobile but it’s on my desktop? and I cant seem to tag you, but I hope you enjoy this ;) [gif credit to @forchrisevans​; dividers by me]
Warnings: 18+, swearing, smut (pet name, female oral receiving, eating out, cunnilingus, clit/pussy playing/licking/sucking/spanking, spit kink (just one scene), fingering), NSFW, explicit sexual content and language, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Bunny, you know you didn’t have to do this, right?” Ransom approached you from behind before he whispered and kissed the back of your neck while you were plating the anniversary dinner for the both of you. “We could’ve had the help cook…” he added quietly, but you could hear him smiling through his tone. Resting both of his hands on your hips, he pulled away as he looked down to at your plump ass in that skin-tight rose-taupe dress you put on for the date night; the bow you tied with your floral apron straps was just sitting at the small of your back, accentuating your curves. He smirked as he pinched your cheek, inching closer to you and burying his face to the crook of your neck, inhaling your intoxicating scent. “Though, I wouldn’t want to miss this cute butt in this tight little dress and this adorable little apron…”
His breath tickled your neck and made you let out a giggle, “Yeah? This cute butt in this dress and this little apron is just the appetizer, baby. Happy anniversary.” You turned around with the two plates of dinner you prepared, giving him a kiss before you moved around him to the table.
Following you to the table, he got another perfect view of your ass before he sat down. His gaze fixated on you like he was undressing you (not that you mind) as he held onto your wrist just after you set the plates down, attempting to pull you down on his lap, in your usual seat.
“Uh uh, baby, before you get all handsy and distracted, how about we have this nice dinner that I made for us first, and then you can get handsy with me, hmm?” You saw his pouting lips and you suggested; as much as you love sitting on his lap, feeling his thick thighs under you, occasionally and “accidentally” grind your ass on him, you actually had something planned for later that you knew he would appreciate.
“But it’s our anniversary… and… it’s your favourite seat…” he raised his eyebrows as he patted his thigh in attempt to lure you onto his lap, but you managed to stand your ground and resist the temptation.
“I have plenty of time to sit on my favourite seat later, now, why don’t you be my good boy and maybe you will get a reward after dinner.” You smirked, taking off your floral apron to reveal your full figure in that skin-tight dress before you took a seat across from him, and he gazed you up and down in a moment of awe before he caved and agreed.
Tumblr media
After having this romantic dinner with your boyfriend and with him praising how delicious the meal was, you cleared out the table before returning behind Ransom’s chair, hugging him from behind with your hands on his chest and your head just on his right shoulder. “Since you have been so good, I think it’s time for your reward, don’t you think, baby?” You whispered by the shell of his ear, biting on his ear before you ran your hand down his arm from his shoulder to take his hand as you stood up and lean on the edge of the table.
You guided his hand up your bare thigh, feeling his warmth and calloused fingers against your skin as you brought his hand higher and higher, sending tingles through your body. Ransom’s eyes darkened as his gaze followed yours, his hand inching up your thigh slowly and sliding underneath your dress; you hooked his finger onto the thin waist band of your panties, letting him peel the fabric off your legs until it pooled on the floor. Stepping out of them, you moved between him and the table, sitting your butt onto the table while you put one foot up on top of his thigh and the other one on his chest with your heels still on.
Slowly moving and dragging your sole down along the middle of his body, you rested the platform onto his crotch, adding a little pressure before you lifted your leg and tilted his head up by his chin with the vamp of your high heel. “It’s dessert time…” you purred as you leaned back slightly, holding yourself up with your hands on the edge of the table while you spread your legs open, “enjoy, baby…” The dress bunched up at your hips as you spread your legs, exposing your pretty little cunt in front of Ransom, making his mouth water.
Ransom held your gaze intensely while a smirk appeared on his face, looking at you like prey while he grabbed a hold of your ankle, planting light and wet kisses along your inner calf and thigh as he leaned forward and hooked your leg over his shoulder. “Don’t mind if I do…” he breathed with his signature smug smile. Nibbling and leaving open-mouth kisses on the soft flesh of your inner thigh, he kissed his way towards your glistening fold, wrapping his left arm around your thigh and reaching your mound with his fingers. He pulled your hood back before he stuck his tongue out and looked up at you, watching your eyes close and your eyebrows knit together in pleasure the moment his warm and wet tongue made contact with your inviting pussy, licking a flat and hard stripe up from your hole and to your clit, making you sigh and moan with rapture.
“Fuckkkkk…” you sighed softly as he continued his assault on your clit, flicking his tongue up and down, teasing your little button until your breaths quickened and your head fell back.
Small moans and growls were echoing through the dinning room as Ransom ate you out, he ran his tongue up and down through your folds, dinking your nectar in while his jaw opened and closed, licking and sucking your clit and pussy the best way he knew how and making your head all fuzzy.
“Yes… don’t stop, baby…” you moaned, rocking your hips on his lips and tongue, fucking yourself on his face as your leg over his shoulder tensed up, keeping him in place.
His jaw never stopped moving while his tongue continued to lap up everything you had to offer, and he hummed each time he wrapped his lips around your clit and suckled until all you could do was gasp. The harder and faster he went, the wetter you got; and that is one of the things that Ransom Drysdale is most proud of—driving his girl crazy and making her wet with just his skillful mouth. He breathed through his nose while moving his head up and down, rubbing and gliding his tongue and lips on your pussy lips like a man possessed, watching your lips parted for air as he let go of your throbbing clit with a wet pop.
“So fucking sweet, bunny… so sweet just for me, aren’t you?” He whispered against your pussy while his lips were coated and glistening with your slick, and he took another couple licks just to tease you, making your walls clench at the stimulation. Watching your pussy pulse with wants and desires, Ransom couldn’t help himself but to run his fingers through your folds, teasing your opening ever so slightly. “I bet you are gonna be squeezing me so tight if I put my fingers in, huh?” He suggested, knowing full well that you could never resist the temptation of his fingers inside you, and he waited for your desperate nods and whimpers.
“Uh hmmm…” you bit down on your bottom lip as you stifled your moan and nodded quickly, looking down at Ransom between your legs and meeting his lustful eyes. He made sure he held your gaze for a moment before he looked down at his dessert, spitting on your pussy as a string of saliva lingered for a moment before it mixed with your slick. The sight of him and the added wetness made your head spin and your pussy clench, and Ransom wasted no time to coat his fingers with the mix of your slick and his spit, spreading it around to rub your clit and slit before prodding his fingertips at your pulsing entrance.
“Is this what you want, bunny? Want my fingers fucking this sweet little pussy?” He teased while he rubbed at your velvety folds, “fuck, you are so soft…” Feeling your leg on his back and shoulder tightening even more, he kissed your soft inner thigh to help you relax while massaging your pussy in strokes.
“Please, baby… just put it in… I need your fingers… please…” you begged as you squirmed under his touch, moving your hips back and forth just to create more friction until he slowly slid two fingers in, stretching you open and feeling your walls squeezing around his digits. You gasped and sighed at the feel of his thick fingers stuffing you full when he pushed himself off the chair, kneeling down on one knee while twisting and pumping his fingers in and out of you.
Each pump was knuckles deep and his fingertips knew their way to your special spot; he curled his fingers and grazed that rough spot over and over again while he fingered you, building you up to your peak before he latched his mouth back onto your throbbing clit. His tongue flicked and swiped at your bud restlessly and in sync with the movements of his fingers, little huffs and hums fell from his mouth as he felt and tasted you on his tongue: sweet like honey and soft like silk.
You moaned and whimpered, cursing and calling out his name as immense pleasure shook your body. Closing your eyes with your head fell back, you felt him sucking and tonguing at your clit, sheathing his fingers up to the hilt as your pussy fluttered. It pulsed, clenched, squeezed around his digits when the coil in your belly tightened; your breath hitched when he moved his head side to side between your legs, causing your body to jolt and spasm as broken cries filled the dining room. “Oh my god… fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…” The heat in your stomach spread and the coil snapped as you came, your walls pulsating and milking his fingers in waves while your body quivered in ecstasy. Your muscles tightened as well as your grips on the edge of the table, you lifted yourself up from the table ever so slightly as your thighs pinched together involuntarily. A white ball of fire burnt your mind blank for a moment as you basked in euphoria, the smoke and blur then faded gradually, making your head all fuzzy in the state of delight.
“That’s it, bunny... Feels good, huh?” Ransom hummed and mumbled in satisfaction while he kept his mouth on you, fingered your through your orgasm and lapped up your juice as it flowed down his fingers. He pulled away with his chin and lips covered in your sweetness, smirking before he pulled his fingers out and admired your raw and swollen pussy.
Coming down from your high, your chest heaved up and down as you caught your breath and gasped, the aftershocks were still washing over you in waves while you watched him licked a slow and wide stripe up your slit, sending shivers through your sensitive core. And as if it wasn’t enough, Ransom brought his hand back and gave a couple more quick slaps on your pussy with the flats of his fingers, making your body jump and jolt at the sudden teasing.
His smug face never went unnoticed, his lips curled into a smirk and he chuckled when you squealed. When he finally rose from his knee, he stood between your thighs as he kept his gaze on your heated face and hooded eyes. He cupped your jaw and neck before dipped his head down, capturing your lips between his slick-covered ones as he let you taste your own sweetness on his tongue.
“Can you taste yourself, bunny?” He smiled into the kiss and whispered, diving back into the kiss and slipping his tongue between your lips again as you hummed and nodded. “Did you plan this? Is this why you wouldn’t sit on my lap? So that I could eat you out on the table?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow, knowing all the answers to those questions were yes(es), and you responded and admitted with a shy and soft “maybe…”
“Do I get this dessert on anniversaries only or could it be an everyday thing now?” He asked shamelessly, and before you could respond, he continued to make you all flustered. “Though, if it was up to me, I’d have that sweet little pussy every meal of the day…”
Tumblr media
A/N: excuse me I need fantasize about it again👀🙈🤤
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spiritualchange · 12 days ago
Lust to Love
summary: ransom knew he would never fall in love, that was before he met you; based off this request
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, daddy kink, pet names, so much aftercare, fluff
word count: 1.2k
pairing: sugar daddy!ransom drysdale x fem!reader
cherry au
navigation | weekly schedule
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Fuck yeah Cherry, milk my fucking cock." The two of you were relentless, going on for hours.
"I'm cumming, daddy, I'm cumming." You squealed, hiding your face into the crook of his neck. You flinched as his hard cock slipped from you, slightly nudging your clit.
You were tired, it had been your third orgasm for the night and typical Ransom behavior had you going until you reached 6, maybe 7. Your body was slumping against his, your arms wrapping around his shoulder, your head still hiding in his neck as you felt yourself dozing off.
Ransom on the other hand was still hard, ready to fuck you again. He was just about to move the both of you, his hands already planted on your hips when he heard you whine.
"No daddy." You cried softly. "No more, tired."
"Alright Cherry." Ransom kissed your bare shoulder. He was delicate enough to move the both of you into the bathroom, turning on the bathtub, pouring in your favorite scented bubbles.
Aftercare was something Ransom wasn't familiar with until your arrangement started. Ransom's 'aftercare' consisted of falling asleep and leaving within the middle of the night, something he did with you. It wasn't until after the first time the two of you had sex since that night, you had to explain to him what aftercare was and he brushed you off about it.
Aftercare was something Ransom wasn't familiar with until your arrangement started. Ransom's 'aftercare' consisted of falling asleep and leaving within the middle of the night, something he did with you. It wasn't until after the first time the two of you had sex since that night, you had to explain to him what aftercare was and he brushed you off about it.
The next day when you went into work, he looked into a dom/sub relationship, trying to understand the rules he had as your dom, which included aftercare. It was awkward at first for the both of you, you could tell it was his first time but it was sweet because you knew Ransom was trying.
You let out a sigh as Ransom brought you into the bath, snuggling yourself deeper into him. Ransom started with your back, grabbing the loofah, scrubbing softly. Making his way up and down your body, the last he had to do was clean your cunt.
"I know, baby." He cooed as the loofah hit your clit, still as sensitive as before. "I'm almost done."
"Daddy." You cried.
"It's Ran, Cherry, no more daddy." That was another thing he learned, trying to coax you away from your subspace, knowing if he referred to himself as 'daddy', it wouldn't help the situation, your brain still thinking of him as your dominant.
"Ran." You whispered.
"Yeah baby, Ran." He smiled, kissing your nose.
You held onto him the entire time you were in the bath, finally letting go when the water started to become cold, Ransom getting out first, quickly drying himself off before tending to you.
Ransom couldn't help but squish your cheeks through the towel, it was like gold hearing you laugh.
You watched contently from the bathroom counter, already dressed for bed, watching Ransom clean the bath, dressing himself before slotting himself between your legs.
"You still sleepy?" He asked, knowing full well you were probably saying no but would fall asleep within the next 30 minutes.
"No." You denied. Ransom smirked.
"Don't lie to me Cherry." He said sternly.
"Maybe." Your nose crinkled. He loved that about you.
Love you.
I love you.
I love you Cherry.
Ransom heard it from everyone that we wouldn't have the ability to love someone, from his friends, his family, an ex-hookup. He felt different with you, you didn't treat him as some rich douchebag, you trusted him, maybe loved him the way he loved you.
He had been with you for almost 9 months, but he wasn't your boyfriend. Ransom was never really anyone's boyfriend, it felt like a new territory, something he was scared to approach.
Ransom had been in love with you since the moment he met you. He didn't know how long he wanted to tell you, fearing rejection or anything worse. He knew he wasn't good for you, you were too pure, you needed someone who would make you happy.
He made you happy. Ransom was the one for you. After starting your 'relationship' it finally occurred to you who Ransom Drysdale really was.
Grandson to famous writer Harlan Thrombey, but more importantly, a womanizer, a player, a douchebag. Your roommate was the one to tell you about his sexual adventures with the ladies which really made you more unsure if you should have continued a relationship with him in the beginning.
He didn't live up to that name, that title, he was loving, caring to you.
You were falling for him, scratch that, you were already in love with him.
The two you said at the same table, the same restaurant Ransom took you on during your first date. It had been unreal to you that 9 months ago you met him and loathed him and now you were about to tell him you loved him.
"Your food good Cherry?" Ransom asked, he felt like an idiot for making small talk. He had a whole speech prepared but it felt like he was sweating through his shirt.
The two of you shared the dessert you wanted, the plate between you. Ransom wanted to be cheesy, feeding you the last bite from his fork which unfortunately ended up back firing, spilling onto your dress.
"I'm sorry baby." He frowned.
"It's fine Ran." You giggled licking up the residue on your dress.
You were the last to leave the restaurant, walking hand and hand to the car which ended up being parked a block away.
"I had fun tonight." You whispered standing at the stop light.
"Good." He kissed the top of your head. This was his moment, it was perfect.
"I love you." He confessed watching your face morph into shock. He didn't know what else to say. Your face was blank, eyes wide, Ransom didn't know if this was a way for you to tell him you were rejecting him.
"Fuck." He swore under his breath.
"No, no." You said quickly. "I love you too."
He didn't expect it from you.
"I love you so much Ransom. I didn't know why I waited so long to tell you, I guess I was nervous, you had been with other women before me and-hmph!"
He stopped your sentence, grabbing your cheeks, kissing your lips. Ransom was cheeky, slipping his tongue between your lips, nipping your bottom lip before pulling away.
"You kissed me, you've never kissed me like that." You murmured. It felt eternal to you, that moment, something you were going to remember for the rest of your life.
"I know what we had wasn't normal, and I know that I'm an asshole but I love you Cherry, so much." He confessed.
"I love you too Ran." You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck.
There had been a talk between the two of you the next morning, explaining to each other and to yourselves what the new relationship was going to look like. You had been moving from sugar baby to girlfriend. Ransom didn't want to move past the last arrangement, he still wanted to spoil endlessly with gifts and surprise trips.
"You sure you want to be my girlfriend." Ransom asked over and over again, sometimes he felt like to him that you just told him you loved him just so he would stay with you for the money.
"Of course Ransom." You answered each time. "You're it for me baby."
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sweetsbfreex · 5 months ago
a father’s duty
Summary: brought to u by the wholesome picture of Cevans sewing up dodger’s stuffed lion 🤧
Warnings: Talk of trauma (nothing too in depth) and talk of sex
Pairings: Dad, Husband!Ransom x reader
You and Ransom were cuddled up together on the couch, some random movie he had chosen that you weren’t paying attention to. You wanted to cuddle, but he insisted on watching this movie so a compromise had to be made. And the feeling of his hand going up and down, inside your shirt, against your arm; Could only make you purr in contentment.
And you were meant to doze off if it wasn’t for the dramatic, high pitched scream of pure agony. You both shot up from your seats, looking at each other wide eyed before dashing up the stairs (Ransom ahead). 
Until you were in the doorway of an overly purple room.
“Mommy! Daddy!”
Ransom let a small, stunned gasp at the feel of a teary eyed four year old, Celeste bolting to his legs. Her small arms had tried to wrap around his legs as she sobbed into his jeans, fists tight as she clutching the denim. 
Confused you had leant down adjacent to her, Ransom peering down from his stance, lifting her arms to softly run circles over her back. 
“What’s wrong baby?” a fake pout on your lips.
“She’s dead!” she had sobbed, her puffy cheek making contact with his expensive jeans to make eye contact with you. 
“What? Who’s dead babe?” Ransom asked, tilting his head downward, eye brows stitched together. 
She propped her chin up against his leg, “Daffy” she blubbered, extending her arm behind her to point at the limp stuffed bunny a few feet away.
“Fucking––” He couldn’t finish his sentence a hearty laugh emitted into the otherwise somber air, still laughing (some tears streaking his face) he had picked up the once blubbering girl so she saddled on his hip. 
“Ransom! It’s not funny and language, god”
“C'mon” he dragged the n, “You gotta admit this is hilarious, she’s so dramatic...I wonder who she gets it from” he smirked, looking at you knowingly. 
“You” you appointed, holding back your smile. 
“As if” he scoffs rolling his eyes. 
“Daffy!” Celeste exclaimed, snapping the two from their loving trance. 
“Right!” you snapped yourself back into mom mode, making way to Daffy and your way back to the two, watching Ransom wipe the tears from Celeste’s face, calming her down in a hushed voice.
You sidle up next to Ransom lifting the stuffed animal, so the both of you could evaluate the state of her favorite buddy. You looked up to him, watching his face scrunch up, almost like disgust, but you knew he was just very confused.
“Jeez leste, what’d you do?” 
The light yellow bunny up front was perfectly fine, but once you had turned it around a tear in the fabric of the it’s “spine” was parted, the thread poking out along the hem. 
“I–– I was just spinning her around”
“Is that really what you did” you prompted.
“No..” she set forward shyly, resting her temple against her father’s shoulder. “There was a string and then I pulled it by accident”
“By accident?” Ransom asked, eyebrows raised. 
“On purpose” she mumbled, eyes tearing up slowly.
Celeste is probably the biggest liar the two of you know. You both have been working on that habit, reassuring her that it was fine and being honest is better most times (minus surprises, safety, etc). You both had even resorted to acting out examples for her. She was getting better, but ever the fibber she still found a way to slip into the habit. And when you had asked her why exactly she loved lying, she only replied with a quib “It’s fun!” giggling to herself. 
“Hey it’s okay, you were curious” he cooed, “Mommy will fix it don’t worry” 
You looked up at him mesmerized, not so surprised at the father he was becoming. Remembering all those nights he had kept the two of you up, even the day you were in labor, he had been worried. How was he ever supposed to love a kid properly–– let alone his–– when he never had that benefit. All these what ifs running through his head in a cycle.
He had even taken it upon himself to sign you both up for those parenting classes. The ones with the fake dolls. Dolls that he held gently as if they were alive.
“I will. You’ve had a long day, love, you wanna go to bed now?” you asked her, smiling. 
She nods silently, reaching her hands out to you. Ready for the familiar night routine to begin.
After Celeste had been put to bed, it was not you and Ransom being the only two up. You were both in your shared bathroom, getting ready for bed. 
You groaned, catching the attention of Ransom. “Sewing that thing is gonna be some work” watching yourself in the mirror as you rub in your lotion. 
“You’re tying that thing together, how hard can that be?”
“I’m sewing it together” 
“Tomato, Tomahto” he responded. 
“Fine, since you think it’s so easy why don’t you fix it for her?” 
“Deal. I’ll take another night of anal as my end” he says this confindently, not expecting another word for you, as he saunters past you briskly but not before placing a kiss to your check and a rough smack to the ass. 
And god did he take this seriously. Making sure you were up this entire time as he achieved his new level of domesticity. 
And you did, sitting up against the headboard as you watched him sit shirtless across the sized room. 
He sits in the barrel chair. the stuffed animal in his lap, a spool of light pink thread to match the bunny in between his legs, and a packet of needles in his hand. 
“Babe you have to––”
He holds up a hand, stopping you from saying whatever you were about to say.
“I got this babe” he tells you, looking at you wearily as he pulls up a video (‘how to sew stuffed bunny animal together’) on his phone. 
You watch him watch the video,switching the show you were watching to make it seem as if you weren’t watching him too carefully. 
He squints, focused as he listens to the lady in the video.
“You look so cute”
“Thanks” he grumbles, placing a thimble on his pointer finger. 
He was like a cute grandmother. His eyebrows brought together and tongue poking through his cheek, which you teased him endlessly about. There was just something about watching a brawly, grumpy man like him knit. So you pulled your phone out wanting to take a quick picture. 
“Put. it. down.” he tells you, not even looking away from his task.
“Wha–– You’re really creepy, you know that. Smile” you demand of him. “It’d be so cute for the album”
He of course doesn’t smile instead raising the stuffed animal to cover his face from the camera, but you were quick enough to get something before that. Smiling fondly at the adorable photo of his concentrated face. Once you had your fill of serotonin, you closed the device and reached over to set it on your nightstand. 
“You gonna give me a kiss goodnight before you go?” he asks you stoically, head still looking down at his task. 
“Yes Ransom. Just give me a minute’ you respond, shimmying yourself from the soft sheets. You make your way besides Ransom–– naturally he wraps one arm around your waist to bring you–– leaning down and placing a kiss to his cheek (which he smiles at) then his lips. He pulls back first only to return again for a deeper one. Sending you off, finally, with a pinch to your ass. 
“Goodnight, Baby” you tell him over your shoulder on your way back to the bed. 
“Night y/n/n.”
“y/n” is whispered in your ear and the shaking of your shoulder is what causes you to wake up. You turn your head over your shoulder to see Ransom standing over you gleefully. 
“Ransom?” you rasp, turning your whole body over to face him, looking at the clock on your night stand. “It’s two in the morning!”
“Thanks captain obvious” he mutters, rolling his eyes. Yet, he lifts up the stuffed animal. Both hands on either paws, holding it up to show you. “I finished!”
You instantly noticed the band-aid wrapped around his thumb and the brightest smile on his face. Through it you could see how proud of himself he really was. He really was getting a hand of this dad thing he was still figuring it out. 
Ransom, however, could only think about how tired he was and how strained his eyes felt––probably rimmed red. With the amount of times he had to rewatch the video because he missed or didn’t understand a step. But, for his little girl it was definitely worth it. 
“Well, look at you. You did so good bub” you extend your arm up lazily to then loop it around his neck, bringing him down for a kiss. 
If only his conceited friends could see him now. Thinking about how Danver, one of the many friends he had dropped, would berate him passively. Calling it a women’s role most likely. 
“Thank you” he settles one more kiss, “Let’s go”
“Go where?” you chuckle
“Leste’s room...where else? She’ll need him to sleep the rest of the night comfortably” he explains, removing your arm from his neck. To gently tug your hand.
“You sure?” you ask hesitantly.
“Hundred percent, let’s go”
You open the door slowly, the creaking sound it emitted making you cringe. And when you’re hushed by Ransom, you twist around instantly sending him a stink eye.
And you both stand against the side of her bed, you crouch down. Raising your hand to her shoulder. 
“Lesty” you whisper, your thumb running circles over her shoulder. 
She wakes up slowly, as always. The clear indication that she is awake being when she raises her hand to rub at her eyes.
“Mommy? She stops and gasps, “Are we going to Disney?” asking the question with glee, she sits up, her hands placed over her book patterned pajama pants.
You and Ransom share a short laugh. Remembering how you surprised her just like this months ago. The frown that overtakes her face makes you both want to laugh. 
“I’m going back to sleep” she tells you both, already reaching for her blanket. 
“Wait” you laugh, holding her hand. “There's a surprise for you” 
At your announcement, Ransom steps up holding out the sewed up stuffy. Her tiny hands covered the gasp she let out, muffling it.
“She’s fixed!” she’s astonished, running her fingers  along the stitches. 
Celeste felt like a jumping bean with all this happiness filling her body and she wasn’t sure how to express how happy she felt. So, she jumped onto her mother, arms latched onto her neck. Kissing her cheek incessantly.
“Thank you thank you thank you-”
“Actually––” you start.
“Woah! Woah! Woah!” ever the dramatic, “Momma didn’t do this. I did babe” he tells her, a gobsmacked, playful expression on his face. 
Ransom’s replica quickly unlatched herself from y/n, rocketing herself into his arms. He held onto her tightly. Falling in love with the toothy smile–– albeit it was missing a front one–– she gave him. He was rolling around in her appreciation towards his gesture. This was all he wanted. To be a better man for you to marry and be a better father for his daughter.
He brought her into him a little bit, placing a kiss to her forehead. 
“Anything for you Leste” he tells her in a hush. 
You rise slowly from your crouch, knees a bit sore from how long you were down there. Just in awe of the love they both exerted towards each other. Ransom’s hand lightly flying over the back of her head and Her tiny palm coddling his cheek.
“Time for bed?” you ask the two of them, your hand naturally going to Ransom and Celeste’s shoulder.
“Yeah. I’m tired” she tells you, dragging out the h. Setting her cheek to her dad’s muscled shoulder. Nuzzling her cheek against it lazily. 
“Yeah? Well let’s put you in bed first” Ransom responds. 
You walk behind the two, as Ransom sets her down gently on her bed.
He sets a kiss to her cheek then he pulls back, watching the way her arms tighten around the stuffed animal. 
“You love it?” he asks, a proud smile etched on his face. 
“Yes” she whispers, “Thank you, daddy” her palm caressing the top of it’s head. 
“Anything for you Leste” he reaffirmed. He needed her to know that he’d do anything. Anything. To keep a smile that bright on her precious face. He didn’t want her to doubt if he ever loved her or if she could ever come to him about anything. He especially didn’t want her to think that she’d be second to his work. 
He loved her too much and decided, right when you told him the news, he’d learn from his parents’ mistakes and trauma he had to deal with. 
“Goodnight, honey”
He gets up from his spot watching you lean over placing a kiss to her cheek, tugging the crocheted blanket to Celeste’s chin. 
“Night baby” you tell her sweetly.  
“Night” she replies to the both of you before snuggling into the duck more. 
RIght when you shut the door, you expect to face Ransom’s back walking towards your bedroom. But try not to scream, startled, when your head meets with his chest.
You look up, probably not the smartest thing to do. “You ready for bed?” you ask nervously, each hand landing on his broad shoulders. 
With the way he was looking at you, you would assume you were the last stash of biscoff cookies he always keeps fully stored in the house. Especially, with the other Drysdale in the house, the cookies went by faster when they used to.
“Don’t think so..We made a bet. Remember?” he smiles
“RIght now?!” you hiss lowly. He must have lost his mind. “You woke me up at like three in the morning”
“It was actually two” you whack his arm at his smart mouth, of course he doesn’t react.  “Anyway. A bets a bet. Let’s go baby” he crouches down, lifting you up swiftly into a bride-groom like position.
“Ransom!” you whisper, taken by surprise. 
“A quickie and then we’ll drop her off at your parents tomorrow to get to the real stuff tomorrow” he asserts.
With that, he picks up his speed. Taking you both down the hallway. Once he’s arrived at his destination–– the bedroom–– he throws you on the bed. Laughing to himself with how stricken you look. You should be used to this by now, he tells himself. 
“Ransom!” is the last of his name he hears with a tone of scolding mixed with shock, before he gets to work. When he climbs on top of you quickly––like a lion to prey––biting your neck. 
if you enjoyed pls don’t forget to reblog or give feedback if ur up to it <3
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starryevermore · 5 months ago
she gets the flowers ✧ a ransom drysdale & steve rogers series
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Ransom Drysdale was...complicated, to say the least. He takes a lot more than he gives, and when you confront him about the state of your relationship, he pushes you out. As you try to pick up the pieces, though, he moves on and finds a girl he treats better than he ever treated you. And, perhaps, that hurts far more than the way he treated you. (AO3)
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.  
reblogs and feedback encouraged. 
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Inspired by: 
“She Gets the Flowers” by Beth McCarthy
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Let Go
knowing ransom drysdale was your biggest mistake. 
Chapter 2: What She Has
you try to move on, but seeing ransom again makes that difficult.
Chapter 3: I Got Excuses
you go to ransom to talk. 
Chapter 4: Just Walk Away
you try to put your past behind you. 
Chapter 5: Hard to Handle
shit gets hard. 
Chapter 6: A Love That Is...
ransom isn’t ready to let you go, but you’re not his anymore.  
Tumblr media
All He Wanted
you were all he ever wanted. 
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jadegrey711 · 4 months ago
I Can’t Get No...
Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N; Hello everyone! So this is my second addition for @stargazingfangirl18​ 5k writing challenge! I got this idea after watching a new Netflix show I immediately had this idea for any number of Chris Evan’s characters, but I thought Ransom suited it best. I really hope I did my own idea justice lmao. I want to see if you guys can guess what song the title is based off of! I thought I was very clever lol. 
If you like my stories you can check out my sideblog @jadegreywriting​​​ to see all of them and my masterlist without filtering through my main blog.
Word Count: 2673
This story is for 18+ ONLY. It contains sexual themes that are not suited for younger audiences so if you’re under 18 my blog and this story is not for you. Please make sure to read at your own discretion and remember that you are solely responsible for your content intake. 
Warnings: Dub-con, masturbation (fem), Vaginal fingering, mentions of breeding kink.
I own all rights to this story and do not give permission for my stories to be published, translated or reposted anywhere else. The only places I have published my stories is here on Tumblr and on my AO3 account (LadyAuthor711)
Tumblr media
“I fucking hate him.” I mumbled to yourself, almost as a reminder as your mind drifted back to those blue eyes and cocky mouth as he’d whisper dirty things in your ear. 
“Stop.” you whispered again, shaking your head to clear the image of his plump lips leaning towards yours as you furiously rubbed your clit, desperately trying to come. But, you just couldn’t shake the image of him trailing those sinful kisses down your body and the way his eyes darken as he positioned himself in between your legs, placing soft kisses on your inner thigh before he brought you to complete ecstasy.
“Fuck!” You shouted, pulling your hands from between your legs.
You almost felt like crying with how badly you had wanted to come to get some sort of relief but it seemed like your body just wouldn’t let you. Not without thinking about Ransom, even when you were with other people you still couldn’t get off; not without thinking about him. And you refused to give into those sweet daydreams now matter how much you wanted to.
It’s not like you didn’t try, for five months after your breakup with Ransom, you had revenge sex with multiple different partners, but all of those encounters ended the same way. With your partner finishing and your body betraying you, with the constant reminder that Ransom owned this body and nobody could make it sing like him.
You wouldn’t give in though, even if it meant you could never get off again; you were done with Ransom and all of the crap that came with him. You vowed you’d never go back to him, no matter what your body had to say on the matter. Because you knew that if you did give into that temptation that was Ransom Drysdale and go back to him, there’d be no escaping him this time.
Ransom let you walk out this time, but he’d soon realize that losing you would be like losing one of his many toys and if you were ever to go back to him. He’d do anything and everything in his power to make sure that next time there would be no escaping him. Ransom wasn’t the kind of person who took kindly to others having his toys and you were by far, his favorite one.
The image of Ransom tying you to the bed in the heat of an argument and keeping you there so he can fuck the argument out of you, flooded your mind and you felt your nipples hardened. Before you quickly shooed the image out of your mind, and tried to have some semblance of sleep.
*** The next morning as you walked out of the elevator out onto the floor of Blood Like Wine Publishing, already feeling grouchy but there was also a modicum of tension in the air.
The interns were running around like chickens without their heads and others in the office were whispering to each other in hushed tones.
“I didn’t even know he knew where the publishing house was at.”
“Surely he’s not here to actually work.”
“He must have gotten in trouble with mommy and daddy again.”
The more whispers you heard the more your heart started to pound in your chest as you walked further into the publishing house.
“No, he wouldn’t stoop this low.” You thought to yourself, shaking your head. “It’s been five months, he wouldn’t pull a stunt like this now.” But as you neared closer and closer to your office you saw that the door was wide open and you heard laughter coming from in there.
“He fucking didn’t” You hissed, and walked into your office to find your boss and Ransom sitting on the edge of your desk; laughing with each other about some joke.
“Y/N!” Your boss greeted you cheerfully. “Just the woman we’ve been waiting to see.”
You stared directly at your boss not even sparing Ransom a glance in his direction and tried to plaster on your brightest “at work” smile, even though they could probably smell the panic that was coming off of you.
“What can I do for you, Mr. Perkins?”
“As you might have already guessed, we have a special guest with us today. I don’t think I need to introduce you two.” Mr. Perkins said with a knowing smile, making your eyes narrow at the thought that their earlier joke was probably about you.
“Yes, Mr. Drysdale. What made you grace our presence today.” You seethed not caring about hiding any ounce of venom behind your voice.
“Mr.Drysdale has decided that he’s going to become part of the Blood Like Wine family!” Mr. Perkins said excitedly and you felt your heart drop.
Before you could say anything Ransom chimed in. “That’s right. I’ve decided it’s time for me to be more a part of the family’s legacy and really push up my sleeves and be a part of this company.”
You had to stifle the psychotic laugh that threatened to burst through your lips at the idea of Ransom working for a living let alone carrying out the family’s legacy. He hated his family.
“Indeed a noble action.” Mr. Perkins said wistfully. “Anyways the reason why we are here in your office is I thought you could show Mr. Drysdale around the office and help him get settled in here since you both are already acquainted with each other.” And then he did it again. Mr. Perkins threw Ransom that knowing look and you swear you could have throttled the fucker right there.
You ground your teeth but nodded trying to put on a professional smile but you didn’t think anyone was buying, especially not Ransom.
“Alright, good. Now I’ve got to get back to work, it’s all busy, busy around here.” Mr.Perkins but this time you didn’t return it.
“Thank you again Mr. Perkins for taking time out of your busy schedule. To help me settle in.”
“Of course, Mr. Drysdale.”
“Please. Call me Hugh.” Ransom smiled sweetly.
“Alright Hugh.” And with that Mr. Perkins left your office.
You quickly looked down the hallway as Mr. Perkins went into his office and then closed your office door and looked at Ransom.
“What the actual fuck are you doing here? This is a new kind of twisted. Showing up at my job Ransom?”
He smiled at you and got off of your desk. “It’s nice to see you again, Y/N.”
“Cut the bullshit Ransom. What the fuck are you doing here?”
“I mean this is my family’s business isn’t it? I’m certainly not going into fucking real estate with my mother.” He said the last word with a sneer, but then quickly replaced it with that cocky smirk. “I just thought it was time I started being a part of this company. I wanted the CEO position, unfortunately this is the best they could do on such short notice but I’m sure by next quarter I’ll have that CEO position.” He smiled,  his glacier eyes meeting yours. “And maybe I just wanted to see you.”
“Is everything a fucking game to you?” You asked incredulously.
“Yes.” He said the word like a growl.
“What do you think you’re going to win in this little game you’re playing, Ransom?”
You let out a small chuckle. “That’s never going to fucking happen. You can drop dead first.”
You watched Ransom’s jaw twitch. “I’ve given you space for five months, Y/N.”
You felt your whole body fill with pent up rage as you scoffed. “You gave me space? I fucking left you Ransom!”
Ransom’s face hardened into something serious as he pushed off from the desk and walked closer to you. “I want you back. You’re mine and you know it.”
“Fuck off Ransom. In fact get the fuck out of my office.” You hissed at him and pointed towards the door.
His cold eyes scanned down your body, paying particular attention to your rising chest as your breathing became heavier.
Ransom’s eyes held a calculating coldness to them as he spoke. “I can make your life very hard here, Y/N. I know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are in the company. It would be such a shame if you’d lose that position that you’ve worked so hard for; just from a small phone call from me to your boss.” Ransom let out a soft sigh, running his hand through his hair. “It would be a lot easier on both of us if you just came back to me.”
You let out an incredulous laugh. “You threaten my position in this company, my livelihood and then expect me to just come crawling back to you?” You shook your head furiously. “It doesn’t matter what you threaten me with Ransom. I will never come back to you! I won’t go back to being treated like a piece of shit, like a damn afterthought or something you can just use as you wish.”
You let out a shaky breath, feeling the sting of tears come to your eyes as you thought back to how your relationship with Ransom was. “I won’t put my heart on the chopping block again for you.”
Ransom’s cold expression softened as he took in your words, once again moving towards you. But you walked around him so that now he was close to the door and you were close to the desk.
“I know it wasn’t the best but fuck I need you, Y/N. You make my life mean something, I promise that I’ve changed for the better.”
You let out a laugh. “Changed? You couldn’t have possibly changed in these five months if you’re threatening to get me fired so I’ll go back to you.”  
“You’re the reason I changed, Y/N. When you left me-” he paused, choosing his next words wisely. “When you left me, I only realized then just how much you meant to me. How much I needed you in my life. And I just let you slip through my fingers.”
“Cut the shit Ransom. I know you, and I know your games. That whole ‘I’m the reason you changed’ act may work on some other foolish girl but not me. You’re incapable of change but you are a half decent actor. I’ll give you that.” You sat at the front of your desk and laughed. “It’s really too bad that you came to this whole “realization” five months too late. Cuz’ while you were coming to this realization; I’ve already moved on and there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of lacking partners.”
You knew you fucked up as soon as you said it. But Ransom had always brought out the pettier version of you. However, you should have kept your mouth shut, as you watched Ransom’s handsome face contorted with anger, those cold indifferent glacier eyes darkened.
Before you could react, Ransom was on you, his strong arms caging you to the desk, his body already between your legs keeping you pinned there entirely. His breathing was as heavy as your own as you met his eyes, daring him to do something. You watched as Ransom leaned closer into your body, his nose brushing the side of your neck inhaling your scent before placing a soft kiss to the hollow behind your ear and you could already feel how wet you were for him.
“I’ve really missed you baby.” he whispered in your ear and continued laddening your neck with soft kisses. You bit your lip harshly to try and keep the obvious moans from escaping past your lips.
You refused to give in to him no matter how good his kisses felt, how good it felt to be touched again. No matter how much your body carved his touch. “I don’t miss you.” you hissed, but even Ransom knew there was no real anger in your voice now; not with how he was sucking your neck, marking you as his again.
“Oh yeah? Let’s see what your sweet pussy has to say about that, darling.” His touch was rougher as he grabbed the edge of your skirt trying to lift it up your legs.
“Ransom no!” You cried, trying to grab your hem and fight it from his hand but his other hand simply grabbed both of yours and held your hands in place as he pushed your skirt up enough so he now had full access to your throbbing pussy. You tried to clench your thighs together to keep his hands away but it was no use with his body in between your legs and pushed so close to yours.
You bit your lip and you knew Ransom could feel how wet you were, as he cupped your mound, how you were throbbing against his hand.
A shit eating grin spread across Ransom’s face as his fingers slid between your folds causing you to gasp. Ransom tsked at you. “Who’s the actress now, darling?” he leaned in to steal a kiss from your lips and you let him.
Let him deepen it and sweep his tongue across yours, as his fingers rubbed against your folds, earning a low moan from you. “Let me have you sweetheart. Tell me you’re mine.” he whispered sweetly, as his thumb traced over your clit and you let out a high keen.
You could already feel how close you were, your body wanting, needing this release that only he could give you. Ransom lets go of your hands and you wrap them around his neck, trying to find some sort of footing as the world was being knocked out from underneath you as your orgasm crashed over you.
You tried to muffle your scream in his neck and felt tears in your eyes at how intense your release was.
“Wow. For someone who hates me so much, you came so quickly.” he chuckled, rubbing a few more small circles on your clit before he pulled his fingers out of you and sucked on them. “Fuck. I’ve missed the way you taste, darling.” He moaned, and before you could wipe away the evidence Ransom noticed the tears in your eyes.
“I know those aren’t tears of sadness.” He cocks an eyebrow. “You’ve always been sensitive, darling but I’ve never gotten you to cry before.” he chuckled and then you watched with heated cheeks as he clicked it all together and then smiled. “How long has it been for you? The whole five months?”
You don’t answer him, you only try to turn your face away from Ransom, but he grabs your chin and makes you look him in the eyes. He’s always been able to read you like a book.
“You haven’t been able to come at all have you?” he laughed and then his smile twisted into something cruel and mocking. “Not even with all those men you’ve been fucking huh? Nobody has been able to make this pussy sing have they? That’s so sad, darling. To go all this time and deny yourself when you could’ve just come back and I would’ve gladly ruined you-” He stopped himself and laughed before continuing. “But I guess I already have haven't I?”
He kissed you harshly, your chin still gripped in his hand. “Because this pussy knows who it belongs to. And you know it too.”
“No.” You whispered weakly.
“Oh yes, Y/N. We are made for each other and there’s no walking away from me this time sweetheart. I’m going to have to think of some way to tie you to me. Maybe I'll give you a kid or two. I know we both aren’t very fond of children but there may be no other option to make sure that you won’t leave me next time we have a fight.”
“No, Ransom.” you said your voice filled with panic. Ransom quickly hushed you by putting his lips back on yours in a searing kiss. 
“Shh, it’s okay sweet girl, you'll learn to love me in time.” His smile wicked. “Besides, I think I like the idea of little boys with their dad’s good looks. Maybe later, maybe for now I’ll just stick to tying you to our bed and fucking you senseless until you see my side of things.” 
You watched as Ransom pulled away from your lips to whisper in your ear. “But, right now I’m going to fuck you over your desk and have the whole building hear you scream as I break your little dry spell, darling.” 
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mjolnir-steve · a month ago
Number 48 with Ransom Drysdale?
I wasn't sure which 48 to go with, so how about all three? 😅Thank you so much for sending me this!! 💜
Fluff: “the world could be on fire and i’d still be happy as long as i'm with you.”
Smut: “what would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?”
Angst: “you can’t take back what you said.”
Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader Summary: Ransom said something stupid and you heard it. Now he has to explain himself. Warnings: some cursing, lil bit of smut (18+ only!!!!!!), beginnings of oral sex (f receiving), lil bit of angst, hurt/comfort? Word count: 1355 (Is this drabble length? Who knows!) Prompts are in bold!
You ran toward the front door, fumbling with your keys in your haste to get away from your prick of a boyfriend. Ransom was close behind, almost getting his fingers caught in the door when you tried to slam it behind you. “Y/N, please, let me explain!”
He stepped inside and toed off his shoes before running after you up the stairs. He checked every room, unable to find where you’d disappeared to. With his head in his hands, he sat down on the bed you shared and wondered when exactly he’d stop being a fucking moron. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to call you, but set it down when he heard sniffles from the walk-in closet.
Ransom took a deep breath and opened the door gingerly, as if he were afraid he’d scare you off. “I’m so sorry, cookie. Can we please talk about this?” He found you sitting on the floor at the back of the closet with your knees pulled tight to your chest.
Your chest tightened upon hearing the nickname he coined for you one day when you accused him of liking Biscoff cookies more than he liked you. It was only a few months into your relationship and you stupidly thought it meant something. “What is there to talk about, Hugh?” you said with all the vitriol you could muster. “You told your family I’m basically just a piece of ass.” You wiped at your eyes, hissing at the burn caused by the mascara you’d forgotten you were wearing. “I don’t see how you could clarify that statement any further.”
Ransom sank to his knees in front of you and reached for your hands, but you pulled away, crossing your arms. He sat back and brought his hands to his lap, fidgeting with the hem of his sweater. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” He rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm, trying to relieve the pressure building up behind them so that he wouldn’t cry just yet. “I’m so s–”
“–First of all, that does not make it better. Second, whether I was supposed to hear it or not, you still said it, Ransom. You can’t take back what you said.” All your willpower couldn’t stop your voice from cracking. You covered your mouth with both hands in a futile attempt to stifle the sobs beginning to rack your body.
He crawled forward, wrapping you in a tight hug and letting you cry into his shoulder. Thankful you didn’t push him away, he rubbed soothing circles into your back with one hand and cradled the back of your head with the other. “Baby, please listen to me. If you still can’t forgive me after this, I’ll understand, but please please please let me explain myself.”
You relaxed into him a bit and loosely wrapped your arms around his middle, hesitantly nodding your consent into the side of his neck. “My parents were asking if I was serious about you because they’re selfish fucks. Everyone in my family is, except my grandfather. They don’t like to see outsiders getting comfortable in our ‘ancestral home’ or whatever. I’ve seen it before when my cousins bring their significant others home. They don’t want to see me happy because… Well, because they’re assholes, but also because they see new people as threats, especially when those people aren’t as wealthy as my grandfather has made us.”
Ransom sat down on the floor, guiding you to sit in his lap. You looked at him, a bit unsure, as he took your face in his hands. “If I let them know that you mean something to me, everything to me, then they would make your life miserable. It sounds so stupid saying it out loud, but I figured if I let them think you meant nothing, then they’d leave us both alone for a while longer.” He brushed a few stray tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. “There are no words to tell you how sorry I am, cookie.”
You blinked at him and waited a moment to see if he’d continue, but he remained silent, eyes shut tight, tears threatening to fall from behind his dark lashes. “That’s why you never bring me to family things? I thought you were embarrassed by me. I thought you didn’t want them to meet me.” You started crying again as your last sentence caught in your throat. Ransom pressed his forehead to yours.
“I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t want you to have to meet them. You make me so happy and I was scared they’d try to ruin that, ruin us. I should have been honest with you.” You covered his hands with yours, still holding your face, and leaned back enough to look in his eyes, somehow still brilliant blue in the dim light leaking in from the bedroom.
“I make you happy, Ran?”
“The happiest I’ve ever fucking been. The world could be on fire and I’d still be happy as long as I’m with you.” He kissed your forehead, the top of each cheek, and the tip of your nose, but you stopped him with a finger to his lips before they could catch yours.
“You make me happy, too, handsome,” you sighed, bumping his nose with yours. “But you have to promise me you’ll talk to me more. I know your family is mostly made up of assholes, and I can handle that, but I can’t handle it if you’re going to act like that, too. This all could have been avoided if you just gave me a heads up. I’m not going to tell you how to handle your family – I know you probably know best – but I am telling you how to handle me.”
You took his hands from your face and held them with yours, close to your heart. “If you need me to act a certain way or say certain things to keep them out of our bubble for a while longer, I can do that. I just need you to communicate with me, okay?” He nodded at you, a hint of a smirk forming on his lips.
You kissed him then, unspoken emotions flowing between the two of you of both apology and acceptance. Ransom deepened the kiss, needy as he always seemed to be after an argument, no matter how big or small.
“You said something about handling you, cookie?” He laid you down on the closet floor, pushing down the straps of your dress and bra. Your laugh turned into a moan when he simultaneously nipped along your neck and rolled your nipple between his fingers.
You moaned his name, arching your back and pushing your exposed chest against his sweater. “Strip, pretty boy.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He practically leapt up, removing his clothes with a speed you were sure had to count towards some sort of Olympic record. You couldn’t stop giggling as he settled between your legs again, resting his chin on his hands folded over your tummy. “Tell me what you want next,” he almost whined, looking up at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes he could muster.
You carded your fingers through his hair, admiring his features for a moment before you decided to take advantage of the situation. “What would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me? Always so needy, handsome.”
He let out a shaky breath. “Who cares what they’d say? If they ever had sex even half as good as we do, they’d be fucking desperate for it, too.” He lifted his head and began to kiss his way down your body, stopping at the tops of your thighs. “Wait. Does this mean I’m forgiven?”
“Show my pussy how sorry you are, then we’ll talk.” You pushed his face away to where you needed him most, laughing and gasping as he whispered actual apologies against your core, causing your skin to break out in goosebumps as his breath fanned over your warm, wet center. You’d already forgiven him, but why not make him earn it?
A/N: I really hope you liked this! I’ve just started writing fic again after about seven years off, so feedback is appreciated, as well as comments and reblogs. :)
Send me drabble prompts to help me flex these writing muscles again!
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chuckbass-love · 18 days ago
please do #19 with ransom🤭
A/N: Hey, sweet anon. I let all of my requests build up so hence the long wait, which i am sorry for. However, i really hope you love this. I was supposed to upload an Andy Barber request first but it’s a long one and i’m in the process of editing it for y’all. But for now, here is a steamy, short and sweet Ransom fic because he’s my fave, to keep y’all satisfied for now.
Prompt #19: "Do you need me to finger you first?"
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warning: Smut, vaginal fingering, brief thigh riding, degradation, swearing and a small mention of murder and prison. 18+ as always guys!
Word Count: 2,210
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @evansensations go check them out💕
Get You Ready
Tumblr media
It’s 2:45pm, early afternoon time in Massachusetts and you’re currently held up and pre occupied in the middle of nowhere in a rented cabin with Boston’s most notorious playboy. Hugh Ransom Drysdale.
To say you’ve become well acquainted with the convicted murdered would be an understatement to say the least. He’s dangerous, bad news or a bad egg as your mother likes to say. But you couldn’t bring yourself to abandon him when he got arrested, and so the regular visits began. 
At first, you tried to deny him the simplest pleasures of just kissing you, you refused to give yourself to a man with such a unsettling reputation. However, that refusal didn’t last long. He found a way, by somehow coercing you into succumbing to his touch, the slow drag of his lips across yours before he bit down hard on your bottom lip was enough to have you panting and keening for more.
And so it continued...
The kissing turned to touching and the touching turned to more, with your consent of course.
But the haze of white bed sheets and lazy morning sex had to end at some point, that point being the death of Harlan, Ransom’s grandfather. 
From the moment news broke of his death, Hugh began to act shady, and although you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, you knew you had reason to be suspicious.
The will reading then fast approached and it only got worse, his restlessness, the way he seemed to be so irritable yet so unable to find anything to help. Nothing would suffice, not even the soft touch of your hand on his shoulders to massage the tension away. 
And then Marta was handed everything...literally on a silver platter. Though you couldn’t fault Harlans choice, the same could not have been said for the good for nothing, money grabbing Thrombey's and Drysdale’s. They were angry, seething even. However, Ransom was peculiarly calm, it was worrisome. 
Days passed with Blanc trying to solve the mystery of the best selling authors demise but to no avail. No one could figure it out. Fingers were pointed, digs were thrown. But no one knew, just who did kill Harlan Thrombey? It was a mystery. 
That was until Hugh Ransom Drysdale was found out, Blanc clocked on eventually, he realised how Ransom had pulled the wool right over his eyes, for far too long.
This same realisation led to his arrest. 
But with great lawyers, he weaselled his way out of a long sentence. 
The day of his release, and much to your mothers dismay, you rushed into his arms. You wanted to be the first person he saw, the first person he held. You wanted him to know what he meant to you, how loyal you were to him. And you still are.
Throughout all of the shit that’s been thrown at the two of you, you’re still together, albeit in some old cabin in the middle of nowhere, but together nonetheless.
And now here you are on an extremely cold day, wrapped up in his warm embrace as you lay between his spread legs. Your head is rested on his chest as his fingers brush against your clit for the umpteenth time today, you had a taster of his cock inside of you and after days of him being too busy, it hurt a little, the stretch.
See, how you ended up here is a funny story, you dared to tread the waters around him whilst he was working on something in his study and in doing so, you earned a punishment. 
He had told you he was busy one time too many and you didn’t listen, you actively ignored his refusals. 
The whore that you’ll always be for him just couldn’t resist getting on her knees as he sat there man spreading and looking too good not to touch. And the moment you worked at his belt to pull his slacks and boxers down, his hardened cock sprang free from its confines and he looked too good not to taste. 
But before you could wrap your sweet gloss covered and tempting lips around the throbbing tip that leaked his tasty pre-cum, he gripped your face aggressively with one hand. His phone rang in the other and as he answered, his punishing grip relented and he was tapping his lap for you to sit down on it, not before he signalled for you to strip though.
Whilst you undressed, he shimmied out of is slacks, until they dropped to his feet along with his boxers. He stepped out of them and waited for you to straddle him, for you to sink down on his hardened length. But just as you were about to, a better idea rose to light. Instead he manoeuvred the two of you so that you were straddling his thigh, the words ‘ride it’ that he mouthed let you know that that was all that you’d be getting today.
The phone conversation seemed to drag out agonisingly but he’d assist you by moving his thigh just to give you some reprieve, some friction, even if it only lasted a second.
However, once the phone call came to an abrupt end, it was game on. You began to move more, letting moans slip so casually until he stood up with you in his arms. He carried you to the bedroom, taking his time to admire every inch of your face as he walked, you felt warm under his stare.
Reaching the bedroom, Ransom positioned the two of you so that you were between his spread legs, your own legs wide open for his pleasure. He began to toy with your cunt, muttering degrading words while he pulled orgasm after orgasm from you just by rubbing at your over sensitive clit and now you’re not sure you even have another inside of you. 
“Does my dumb baby need my cock?”
Your eyes droop as you fight off your spent state, but you still manage a slow nod as you turn your head to look back at him, eyes pleading for just an inch of him to be buried inside of you.
“Beg for it, baby”
With a dry mouth and zero energy, you whisper “please, daddy. Please fuck me with your cock” 
Your words, nothing but a whine to his ears but since you’ve been such a good girl thus far, he caves in easily until before you know it, you’re on your back with Ransom hovering above you.
He pumps his shaft a couple times, before tapping it against your sex lightly, making you jolt. 
“Are you ready for me?” he asks, lust blown eyes focused on yours as they turn darker. You give a simple nod along with a meek little “yes” to satisfy him.
And with that he slams inside of you, causing you to cry out in pain.
Ransom may be a lot of things, but he can never bring himself to fuck you if you’re uncomfortable. He prefers you to enjoy the sex.
His hips come to a rushed halt as he lowers his head to where yours is laying on the pillow beneath, his thumb brushing your tears away.
“Shhh, what is it, baby?” 
“It’s been a couple days since we last did anything, i’m a little tight, it just hurt that’s all” you explain, trying to signal for him to continue. But instead he chuckles, pulling out entirely and pulling your bottom lip down as his other hand roams south.
“Does my dumb baby need a little help? Do you need me to finger you first, hm? Get that tight cunt ready for me?”
His crass words resonate deep within, sending more arousal to pool at your sore entrance and regardless of how bad it hurts, you want him.
“No, i want you now-”
“Hush, baby. Let daddy take care of it for you”
His lips begin to trail from your tear stained cheek to your lips and then down to the valley between your breasts. He sucks a now hardened nipple into his mouth, biting down and flicking his tongue across it with precision but you daren’t get too used to it as he soon moves further down toward your needy and aching sex. 
Once he reaches it, your chest begins to rise and fall, your breath growing heavier. 
You watch on as he licks a stripe from your entrance to your clit and he repeats this action a couple more times before sucking on the pulse point, flicking his tongue just like he did across your nipple. Your back arches and endless lewd moans slip as you struggle to contain how good he feels. 
Two thick digits slip inside of you, scissoring you open and easing you through the stretch to prepare you for him once again. The thing with Ransoms size is that regardless of how often you fuck, he’ll always need to prepare you before he fucks you.
“Tastes so good, baby” he coos, his fingers pumping in and out of you, slowly at first and then the pace picks up until your clutching at the sheets beneath you. His mouth giving your body that extra push toward the edge, the pool of pleasure awaiting you below as you writhe around, enjoying every second of his sinful mouth.
“Ransom” you groan, hips bucking up to meet the rhythm of his fingers, chasing that all important release.
It’s like whenever Ransom is involved, your body ignites and you turn into a blazing inferno, every inch of you so needy for him, it never fades. 
He has you right where he wants you and you feel absolutely no shame in that.
Your bodies are drawn together constantly, like a magnetic pull is responsible. And as much as your family don’t approve, you adore it.
The feel of his fingers curling inside of you, the tips poking that spongy spot deep within you that has the power to send your body into a shaking mess. You crave that release now, you’re starving for it. And you’re going to make sure he gives it to you.
The continuation of your hips rolling and bucking alerts Ransom of how close you are and a smirk appears on his sinister face... here comes trouble.
Without missing a beat, he withdraws his fingers from your tight cunt, lifting them up for you to see the way your slick covers them beautifully. His tongue dips out to wet his lips as he ogles the sight of your arousal before he takes them into is mouth, his tongue working expertly, making sure that every drop hits his tastebuds. 
An overly satisfied and deep guttural groan rumbles from him and you feel your eyes widen at the hottest sight you’ve ever seen. Ransom in his element, pleasuring you until you break for him. 
There’s just something about the way he fucks, the way he teases, the way he touches and kisses. It’s him in all of his glory.
He merely has to look in your direction with those darkened lust filled orbs and you’re a goner, weak at the knees. Some people’s talents lie in photography or creative writing, but Ransom’s lies in the art of seduction and pleasure. He knows exactly what he’s doing and no other man has ever come close to him. 
It makes you question how you coped all that time before you met him.
“You think you can handle me now, hm?” his degrading tone doesn’t skim over your head, but somehow you live for the way his entire demeanour switches when it comes to these things. 
He hovers above you once again, his hands braced either side of your head as he urges you to lift your legs up as high as you can before he drapes them over his broad shoulders. 
Your breathing picks up, your chest rising and falling as your eyes remain locked on his, the tip of his impressive size nudging at your entrance. The edging he put you through now a distant memory as he eases in, or at least for the first 2 inches. Then he slams in, forcing you to take the rest of him, all the way.
“God” you scream, hands scrambling around again, searching for something to claw at as his hips snap into you, his pace nothing short of unforgiving. 
“God can’t save you now” he grumbles, mouth falling open as he scrunches his face up in reaction to the feel of your pussy wrapped around him in a fist like grip. Wet and perfect.
The noises filling the room are making you grateful that you’re well away from everyone else, your own little safe haven in the middle of nowhere, no one can interrupt you now.
And It’s bound to be a long night....
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stardustedangel · 17 days ago
Love The Way You Break
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
pairing || ransom drysdale x fem!reader
word count || 1.5k
summary || your bratty attitude is quick to leave the moment ransom suggests getting a taste of you
warnings || 18+ only, minors dni, daddy kink, bratty reader, pet-names (kitten, baby), choking, oral (f receiving), face riding, some nipple play
author’s note || haven’t written for ransom in forever so here you go :)) || you do not have any permission to re-publish, translate, or take any of my work || *gif does not belong to me*
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
Tumblr media
“Just shut up and come here.”
You had followed Ransom up the stairs to your shared bedroom, ranting on about how you were annoyed that he hadn’t said anything to you since you’d gotten home. And with those words being the first to come out of his mouth you crossed your arms over your chest and narrowed your eyes at him.
“You’re a fucking dick.”
Ransom slipped off his coat and shoes before sitting on the edge of the bed. He ran his fingers through his already disheveled hair as he sighed annoyingly. He urged you forward with his hands, desperate to have you closer to him. “And you’re a fucking brat. Just come here.”
You walked towards him slightly, still with an annoyed pout painting your face, before you were standing directly in front of him. Ransom didn’t waste any time before he was grabbing your hips and pulling you to straddle him. His arms wrapped around your hips and he buried his head into your neck beginning to press wet kisses across the planes of your skin.
You were still annoyed with him so instead of immediately melting into his touch like you normally would, you kept your arms across your chest and squirmed away from some of his touches.
Ransom nipped your neck harshly at you ignoring him and slipped one of his hands from your hips to your throat, squeezing tight enough to draw a breathy gasp from you. Your hands gripped onto his sides, fingers clenching over the soft material of his sweater at the sudden action, narrowed eyes boring into his as his lips left your neck.
“What’s with the attitude? Why are you being such a brat today, hm?” Ransom cooed the words out mockingly, though the dark glint in his eyes told you all you needed to know.
You went to speak, but the second you opened your mouth the hand around your throat only tightened. You whimpered and squirmed in Ransom’s lap. Your hands came to hold his wrist, desperate eyes pleading with want and need. Ransom smirked at how easy it was to make your pliable in his hands.
“Answer me, kitten.”
“Y-you were being mean,” you struggled before Ransom’s grip loosened slightly, “You were ignoring me.”
Ransom hummed and moved his hand that was previously on your neck to grab onto the sides of your face making your lips pucker. “I was mean, kitten? I’m sorry. Daddy had a stressful day. Wasn’t planning on doing much talking once I got home.”
You moaned at his statement and rocked against him slightly, getting needy for what he meant. He pressed a kiss to your lips, tongue teasing your bottom lip before pulling away.
“What did you want to do?” You asked meekly and played with the hem of his sweater.
“Just wanted to taste you. Have you sit on my face,” Ransom shrugged out the answer carelessly, looking up at you to gauge your reaction.
“That’s all you wanted?” Ransom shrugged again at you and his hands left you to lean behind him on the bed. “Mhm. If you shut that bratty, little mouth earlier you would’ve known that. Now I kinda just wanna spank you instead.”
“N-no! I wanna ride your face!” Your hands balled into his shirt, jerking him around annoyed slightly at his statement.
“But you’re being so bratty, baby. I don’t even think you want me to taste you.” Ransom painted a faux frown on his face as his thumb stroked your cheek.
“No! I do! I’ll be so good, daddy. I’m sorry.” You pleaded with him, head leaning towards him to press kisses onto his lips.
Ransom thought for a moment, thumb tapping against your cheekbone and head tilting to look at your pleading eyes. He smiled a bit as he spoke. “Okay, you can. Maybe it'll fix your little attitude.”
You nodded your head eagerly before slipping off his lap so he could lie down on the bed and you could strip. Ransom laughed at your eagerness before adjusting himself on the bed–head on the pillow, legs slightly bent at the knee, and hands waiting restlessly by his side.
His eyes raked over your bare body, teeth tugging at his bottom lips when his eyes caught sight of your tits. You threw your clothes on the floor next to his and sauntered over to him, hand grazing his clothes cock before you crawled onto the bed. You crawled up his body, hands leaving red marks in their wake, and pressed a passionate kiss to Ransom’s lips. He returned it with no hesitation, tongue slipping into your mouth and hands threading through your hair to pull you closer. His lips left yours and he grasped your hips making you hover right over his mouth. You looked down at him, smirk taking over and fingers playing with his brown locks. “Daddy looks pretty down there.”
‘Brat’ Ransom thought as he rolled his eyes at you, hooked his arms around your thighs, and pulled you down onto his face. The smirk was wiped from your face and replaced with a breathy moan leaving your sinful lips.
You began to grind down on his face, wrapped up in the feeling of his tongue working at your clit and prodding at your entrance. He sucked on your clit making your legs shake around him before he began to focus on your entrance. He fucked his tongue in and out of you and louder, drawn-out moans left your mouth.
The pleasure was entirely too enjoyable. To think that if you’d been a brat any longer you would’ve missed out on this, but now you were here and felt like you were on cloud nine. Ransom noticed every small reaction to everything he did to you. The way you’d jumped when he’d refocus on your clit, the way you’d let out a choked gasp, and even the way your hands clench around nothing trying to find something to hold onto.
Every reaction you have had Ransom letting a smug grin overtake his face, even with your wet cunt on it. A loud whimper of ‘daddy more’ had him lapping faster at your cunt and you greedily grinded down onto his warm mouth.
Your hands gripped onto the headboard looking for more leverage and looked down at the man beneath you. He was already looking at you, eyes dark and hungry with a smug glint that made you want to slap him. God, he was so cocky and he had reason to be. That’s what annoyed you even more. Ransom maintained eye contact, fingers digging into your plush thighs effectively bruising them before reaching to tug at your hard nipples.
“Fuck, daddy! Feel so good,” your words slurred together at the pleasure and tears pricked your eyes.
He reveled in how easy it was to break you and how much he loved it. Entire attitude was out the window the second he suggested getting his mouth on you and that made his chest swirl with pride. He continued to tug at your nipples, pinching them between his fingers then cupping your breast to pull you down harder against his tongue.
Your legs began to shake around his head and your head was thrown back to soak in all the pleasure. Ransom knew you were close the moment your movements started to get sloppy and erratic. You were chasing the release that Ransom was quick to give you.
“I’m gonna come, daddy! G-gonna come!”
You came with a loud moan, Ransom’s tongue working over you even as you whined from sensitivity. He wanted to worship you every single second he could before you had finally ridden out your orgasm.
Ransom’s tongue lapped at your juices and sucked on your clit just to tease you right before he pulled away with a pop. His warm hands rubbed at your sides and nipped at your thighs. He pulled your body down so you could rest against him. Your breathing has started to slow down and the twitching of your legs from overstimulation had begun to as well.
Ransom’s hands played with your ass and thighs waiting till you were calm. When you were, you looked up at his cocky grin and rolled your eyes, biting back a grin of your own as you scowled.
“I’m still annoyed at you,” you huffed,” and I still think you’re a dick.” You added that statement with a small smile.
Ransom sarcastically laughed and swatted your ass, grinning at the hiss you let out. He hummed and swatted your ass again. “Knew I should’ve just spanked your ass raw. Still got that bratty attitude.”
“But then your mouth would’ve been so lonely,” you teased and pressed a chaste kiss to his neck.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Get some rest cause you’re gonna get that punishment in a few.” You looked at him with wide eyes, thinking that the punishment was a simple bluff.
“Wait, w-what–,” you were cut off by shushing and Ransom’s hand bringing your head to rest against his chest again.
“Save your whining for later, okay?,” he closed his eyes, a grin resting on his face, “Hm, we’re gonna have so much fun, kitten.”
⊱ ━━━━━━━━.⋅ ෆ ⋅.━━━━━━━━ ⊰
taglist || @donutloverxo @aquariuslavenderhoney @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @strawbeariefaerie @kenzieam @animnerd @capsiclecevanss @honeychicana @la-cey @nony-bear @doozywoozy @melchills-j @white-wolf1940 @patzammit @justile
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jasminesjunkdrawer · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing: ransom drysdale x fem!reader
summary: in which a series of unfortunate events led you to living with your best friend, ransom drysdale. and now it has been seven months and aside from minor miscommunications, everything was going pretty great with the unexpected living arrangement. however, a certain phone call has the power to change all of that.  
warnings: explicit language, mentions of smut, some angst, soft!ransom (but he’s an asshole at some points), drunkenness, parent issues 
word count: 3.9k words
author’s note: first time writing something ransom related and also first time posting something in what feels like forever lmao i just started my third year of college so things have been a lil chaotic lately. but i hope you all enjoy this!
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
When you heard the front door slam shut, followed by the sound of elated giggles, you knew you should’ve gone to the library to study for your Criminal Law exam. Mainly because you knew exactly what sounds would come next.
You had lived with Ransom Drysdale long enough, and had known him even longer, to know where things were about to lead with the latest conquest he had just brought to the apartment. And to say that you really didn’t want to hear what would be coming next would be an understatement; you hated that the walls in the apartment were so damn thin.
Therefore, once you heard Ransom’s room door shut, you did not hesitate to close your notebook and textbook, packing both things away and proceeding to leave the apartment. You made sure to slam the door on your way out so that he knew how annoyed you were.
You were on the phone with your friend before you even made it to the stairwell.
“Hi, is the invitation to study together still open?” You asked when Liana answered the call. From the moment you started law school, only about four months ago, you and Liana became friends almost immediately. In a field that was way too male-dominated, it was refreshing to see another girl in your classes.
“Yes, please come over to my place,” She did not hesitate to answer. “I am currently struggling and also freaking the fuck out.”
You laughed a bit. “Glad to know we’re on the same exact page. This test might be the death of me.”
“I can wholeheartedly agree with that statement. So, I’ll see you soon?”
“Yup, I’ll be there in a bit,” You responded before hanging up the phone.
As you got into your car, you heard a notification ping on your phone. When you looked at it, you saw that it was a text from Ransom that said, “Sorry.” You couldn’t help but wonder when he had time to send that in between what he was doing with the girl he brought home. Instead of asking that, you sent him back a text that simply said, “Fuck you.”
• • •
The drive to Liana’s apartment did not take longer than twenty minutes, and soon you both had your textbooks and notebooks sprawled out on her kitchen table.
“Okay, I know we’re supposed to be studying, but I love drama too much. What did Ransom do?”
You looked up from your textbook and sighed as the last thirty minutes replayed in your mind. “He brought a girl over to the apartment, but he didn’t give a heads up this time. I was this close to hearing things that would have traumatized me.”
In the eight years you’d known Hugh Ransom Drysdale, you’ve only had the displeasure of hearing him having sex once. It was Senior prom, and he was fucking a cheerleader in the girl’s bathroom, and the timing of you needing to use the restroom was upsettingly perfect. At first, when you walked in, you had absolutely no idea who was in the stall, but when you heard the girl he was with scream his name excessively loud, you rushed out of the bathroom, scarring visual images already playing in your mind.
Since then, you’d been lucky enough never to have to hear him again, and you didn’t want that to change anytime soon, especially on a night where you needed to study for a test that you just knew was going to kill you.
“Yikes,” Liana said in response to your previous words. “Honestly, with his track record with women, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more often than not.”
“That’s the exact reason why I came up with this system when he let me move in with him. He’s supposed to text or call me before he’s at the apartment, and I leave as quickly as possible. But, apparently, the dumbass forgot tonight.”
“God, I still can’t believe you moved in with him.”
“He’s a dick and a sarcastic asshole most of the time, but he’s also my best friend, and I love him,” You stated honestly and with a small shrug. “And when all of that shit went down with my parents, and I had nowhere else to go, he was the first person to help me out.”
Your parents were much more of the traditional type and cared more about you finding a husband rather than actually getting a career. Part of them even hated the fact that you were going to college instead of pursuing one of the sons of their many, many rich friends and becoming married by twenty-one. And seven months ago, when you told them that you were going to Law School– to a college that you had received a full scholarship from– once you got your undergraduate degree, they decided to disown you, and did so with almost no hesitation. It hurt like hell at first, but part of you felt like it had been inevitable. They wanted one thing for you, and you wanted something vastly different.
That same night, you showed up at Ransom’s apartment, expecting to only stay there for the night, but he offered to let you stay in his spare bedroom as long as you needed to and was adamant about you accepting his offer. And of course, you said yes; Ransom may be rude and condescending to pretty much everyone, but he was almost always nice to you.
“Anyway, enough about me and the loveable douchebag I live with,” You said and then looked down at your textbook again. “Can we study for this test?”
Liana reluctantly nodded her head. “Sadly, yes.”
• • •
A silent prayer passed your lips as you opened the front door to the apartment two hours later, hoping that it was only Ransom in it now. When you heard nothing except the quiet tick of the clock on the wall, you emitted a sigh of relief, knowing that you were in the clear.
You placed the books in your hands on the kitchen island and began rummaging through the cabinets to find the cereal.
Yes, it was almost two in the morning, but having cereal this late was your guilty pleasure. You didn’t understand how or why, but it always tasted better in the middle of the night.
All that was left was a box of Trix that you were positive Ransom had bought because you weren’t the biggest fan of that cereal, but you settled for it anyway because you craved cereal, and at that moment, it didn’t matter what kind. You ate your cereal standing at the island as your mind ran through a few of the concepts you and Liana had just studied, upsettingly failing to correctly recall most of them.
You were racking your brain trying to remember the definition of the “principle of legality” when you heard the sound of footsteps coming from Ransom’s room, steps that sounded like more than one person. Before you could go anywhere else, you saw him, dressed in a simple t-shirt and sweatpants, and the woman he was with, unsurprisingly dressed in what you guessed was the clothes she had shown up in but were now disheveled and slightly wrinkled.
The woman noticed you in the kitchen. “Uh, who is this?”
You understood her confusion. Ransom always failed to mention you; his best friend who had been living with him for the past seven months due to extenuating circumstances. You never felt offended that he didn’t inform them about you, though, because you knew that there was really no point. The women he was with were always a one-and-done situation, and you rarely ever met them.
But, in the few instances that you did meet some of the women that would come and go throughout the apartment, they had been nice, so you never hesitated to be friendly back with them. However, due to the night you had endured and the way that Ransom’s latest hookup was looking at you with an expression that could only be deemed as disgust, you weren’t in the mood to be nice.
So, you smiled at the woman in front of you and then narrowed your eyes at her. “I’m his wife.”
She gaped at you for a brief moment before turning to Ransom and slapping him across the face before storming out of the apartment. You had to put your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter.
When the door slammed shut, you went over to lock it and then looked at Ransom. “You’re welcome. Now you’ll never have to see her again.”
“I do not think I should thank you because she fucking slapped me. Very hard, might I add,” Ransom responded as he rubbed his cheek. “Also, what if I wanted to see her again?”
“Then I'd say I think you’re having a stroke, and we should probably take you to the hospital,” You said with a sarcastic smile gracing your features. “And I didn’t expect the slap, but I’m glad she did it because now I don’t have to. You promised that you would at least give me a courtesy text before you brought a girl over. You know how thin these fucking walls are.”
“I know, I know, but everything with her happened so fast, and I forgot to text you,” Ransom responded as he walked over to where you were still standing at the island. He grabbed your cereal and spoon and took a bite of the colorful Trix.
You rolled your eyes, not wanting to accept the terrible excuse, and pulled your bowl away from him, grabbing your spoon back. “You do not deserve my cereal.”
His eyebrows quirked up amusingly, and you could see the playful glint sparking in his blue eyes. “Cereal that I paid for?”
“You’re the worst,” You said and then flipped him off before grabbing your bowl and walking to your room, closing the door behind you.
“Love you too,” Ransom’s voice penetrated through the door, and you could practically hear the smirk in his tone.
You were sitting cross-legged on your bed when the door opened, and you were too busy enjoying your cereal to tell Ransom to get out.  
“Did you get to study for your test?” He asked as he walked over to your bed and laid down next to you.
“Yes. But, will I still be failing said test? Also, yes,” You answered and then looked at Ransom. He was laying on his back with his head on one of your pillows and eyes closed, but you knew he wasn’t sleeping just yet. “Please tell me that you’ve taken a shower since fucking whoever that girl was.”
His eyes were still closed. “Then I’d be lying to you.”
You outwardly cringed. “Remind me to wash my sheets tomorrow.”
“Got it,” He mumbled and turned on his side, and you knew that he was definitely asleep now.
You finished the rest of your cereal and then went to the kitchen to put the bowl in the sink. When you came back, you saw that Ransom was now under the covers. You let out a breath of a sigh before joining him.
“Move over, weirdo,” You said as you attempted to get comfortable under the comforter.
“I hate you,” He mumbled but still shifted over a bit so that you had more room.
You let out a small laugh and smiled into the darkness. “Love you too.”
You wondered if there was ever a time where he had been in a girl’s bed as platonically as this; your gut instinct told you no. Ransom was not the type to simply sleep in a girl’s bed; there would always, always be something more happening.
But somehow, that was never the case with you.
And honestly, you were glad for it. Your friendship with him meant more to you than what a one night stand would have been, and at this point, you couldn’t even imagine what something more would be like.
You would never know this, but from the moment he met you, there was something about you that made him not just want one night with you. The sarcastic remark you gave him when you both were fourteen and first met at this banquet dinner that his parents put together and your parents were invited to let him know that you would be harder to hook up with, but he always liked a challenge.
However, your wittiness and sense of humor that he had the pleasure of seeing throughout that night when you both snuck a bottle of champagne and talked about anything and everything– before your parents caught you and dragged you home– told him that there was more to you that he wanted to see.
Yes, he wanted to have sex with you, but he wanted you in his life more. He didn’t just want one night.
And so far in your eight-year friendship, he has had thousands of them, and the question of whether or not he still wanted to have sex with you was up for debate.
• • •
You walked out of your Criminal Law class surprisingly feeling okay about the test. It did not go amazingly, like you expected, but you didn’t think that you failed it.
Before you could further ponder the past hour of your life, your phone began ringing in the back pocket of the jeans you were wearing. You expected the call to be from Ransom, but when you saw your dad’s contact name come up, you almost dropped the device in your hand.
To say that you were hesitant to answer the call would be an understatement. The last time you talked to him or your mom was seven months ago when they disowned you because you refused to live the life they wanted for you.
You didn’t know whether or not you should answer the call, mainly because you had no idea why he was calling, and that uncertainty made you feel worried. Your finger hovered over the answer button, silently debating what to do.
Until the decision was made for you.
Your phone stopped ringing, and a notification immediately popped up saying that you missed the call.
Another call didn’t come through after that, and you had no idea if you should feel relief or not. However, instead of thinking more about that thought, you decided to just finally head to your car and drive back to the apartment since you didn’t have any other classes for the rest of the day.  
You desperately wanted to know why your dad had called, but you also feared that whatever he would say would only make you want to go right back to how things were before everything changed. And you knew that he was the one that could make you even think about dismissing what you truly wanted and listen to what he and your mom wanted. Your relationship with him had always been stronger than the one you had with your mother.
Part of you couldn’t help but think that maybe things changed, and he was finally understanding of what you wanted from your life, and he managed to get your mom to understand too. For all twenty-two years of your life, all you wanted was for them to truly understand you and accept the fact that you would never allow yourself to simply be someone’s wife; you knew that you were deserving of so much more than just that.
They could never understand, though. You felt that your dad had gotten close at times, but you also knew that he was so far.
You didn’t know why he called you right then, and you knew that you never would because you wouldn’t call him back. You refused to do so. He and your mom were the ones that cast you away so easily, and that hurt a lot more than you wanted to admit. It didn’t feel right to talk to them just yet; you were still hurting from it all. Another fact that you didn’t want to admit.
When you made it to your car, a wave of impulsiveness washed over you, and you pulled out your phone, proceeding to call the only person that could make your spiraling mind feel better.
“Let’s get drunk tonight.”
“Hello to you too,” Ransom responded. You could already hear the smile in his tone. “I’m guessing the test did not go well.”
You bypassed his statement, mainly because the test you took was the farthest thing from your mind at the moment. “I don’t wanna go out because fuck human interaction right now, and you’d probably just ditch me for the first cute girl you see, so let’s get drunk at the apartment. Maybe watch some hilariously bad movies as we do so.”
“Okay, bring some stuff home. I don’t think we have anything good here.”
You smiled at that, already feeling better now that you had your night laid out in front of you. “Okay.”
• • •
“I have no fucking clue what’s going on right now.”
“Jesus Christ, keep up, Drysdale,” You sighed dramatically as you took the bottle from Ransom’s hands and took a swig of the dark liquor. The taste didn’t burn as it went down your throat like it did earlier. “The alien cheerleader is actually the mom of the head cheerleader from the rival team. Now we’re gonna find out who the dad is.”
Ransom simply looked at you. “I love how you think that any of that made sense.”
“Do I need to start it from the beginning?” You asked, shifting yourself on the couch the two of you were sitting on to reach for the remote.
“Oh, God, please don’t.”
You laughed much harder at Ransom’s minor joke than intended to, and that is what let both you and him know that you were definitely drunk.
“Okay, I think that’s enough of this for tonight,” Ransom said as he took the bottle from your hands.
You didn’t protest because you knew he was right; although, you were enjoying the light and floaty feeling coursing throughout your body. However, you knew that the morning repercussions of the night would make you hate yourself for drinking too much.
“You never told me why you wanted to have this drunk night. Can I have an explanation now?” Ransom asked, turning his head to look at you.
You were quiet at first. If you were completely honest, you wanted to forget about everything that happened a few hours earlier. But, you also felt the strong need to tell Ransom everything. He was probably the only person that you actually wanted to talk to about all of the horrible shit going on in your life.
“My fucking dad called me,” Saying those words out loud made you laugh uncontrollably because of how suddenly ridiculous that sounded to you. He was the same father that was on the same side as your mom when it came to dissociating themselves with you, and now he was calling, for reasons unbeknownst to you, seven months after everything happened. Now you were really glad that you didn’t answer him. He didn’t deserve an answer.
Ransom looked at you with an expression that could only be deemed as shock. “Wow, shit. What did he say?”
“I didn’t answer the call,” You responded as you mindlessly played with the fabric of the blanket that was draped over you both. “But now I’m glad I didn’t. Fuck him.”
“I second that fuck him,” Ransom agreed. He leaned the bottle toward you, allowing you to take it back because he knew you needed it right then. You didn’t hesitate to drink from it. “He didn’t leave a voicemail or anything?”
When you processed Ransom’s words, which took a moment to do due to your slightly inebriated state, your eyes widened.
“Holy shit,” You said as you grabbed your phone off of the coffee table and went straight to your voicemails.
And there it was, a forty-six-second long message from your dad.
You looked at Ransom. His eyes were still on your phone. “You have to listen to it.”
Now he was looking at you. “Why just me?” He asked.
“Because… Because,” You shook your head. “I just really can’t do that right now. I can’t bring myself to listen to him. So, please do it and just tell me what he said.”
Ransom didn’t question you further and instead nodded his head. He took your phone and watched as you turned your head the other way as he began listening to it.
“Hi, Y/N, I know that I probably should’ve expected to get your voicemail, but I do wish that I could actually be talking to you right now. I’m so sorry that it’s taken me this long to reach out to you, and there’s no excuse for that. But, I hope that things can become right between us all. All I want is for you to be happy in your life, and if that means law school, then I want to fully support you through that. Even your mom will too. Anyway, I really want us to talk soon, so please call back when you get the chance. I love you.”
The voicemail ended there, and Ransom tried his hardest to hide the surprise he was feeling.
“Well, what did he say?” You looked at him with wide and curious eyes.
He couldn’t tell you the truth. From the second the voicemail ended, he knew that he couldn’t. Because if he told you what your dad had said in that voicemail, he would lose you. If you knew the truth, you would move back with your parents, or they would pay for some new apartment for you. Either way, you wouldn’t live with him anymore, and thinking about that truly fucked him up.
Yes, the two of you had been friends for eight years, but these past seven months your friendship had been stronger than ever before, and Ransom didn’t want that to change. He really didn’t want to lose you.
It was completely selfish, and he knew that too, but selfishness was practically one of his defining character traits. However, at this moment, it felt harder to be how he usually was because when he was with you, he would never act like how he did with others.
But, right then, he forced himself to do it anyway.
“He was just saying the usual thing. How he and your mom want you to move back home only if you give up law school. Also, apparently, there’s this doctor guy they want you to date too,” Ransom told you, but he avoided eye contact with you the entire time. Until he decided to say his last statement. “I’m sorry, Y/N.”
You sighed and felt the involuntary rush of tears fill your eyes, but you refused to let them fall. As angry and hurt as you were, you knew that deep down you were actually hoping that maybe just maybe things had changed. You hated that a small part of you still hoped for some sort of heartfelt reconciliation and fairytale ending.
“Of course he did. Of fucking course that’s all he called about,” You finally said and took another sip from the glass bottle, this one much longer than the others.
Seeing you look so visibly upset made Ransom want to tell you the actual truth, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. As much as he wanted to do that, the want to keep you as his roommate, as his best friend, was so much stronger.
So, instead of saying anything more, he deleted the voicemail and set your phone down.
He placed his arm around, and you immediately accepted the touch, moving closer toward him. “I’m sorry.”
In your mind, he felt sorry for you because of the fact that your parents were still assholes, and you didn’t question him because you now agreed with that fact more than ever. But, you wouldn’t know that he was apologizing for something entirely different, something that he knew you would never forgive him for.
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
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spiritualchange · 26 days ago
Work for It
summary: everything you want comes with a price
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, blowjobs
pairing: sugar daddy!ransom drysdale x sugar baby!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
cherry au
gif is not mine
Tumblr media
You sat on Ransom's lap, your elbows resting against the desk, as he scrolled through the jewelry website. You had been practically good these past few weeks dealing with Ransom being away and keeping your promise of not touching yourself, and Ransom always said good girls get rewards.
Ransom heard your sharp breath as he scrolled past the next necklace, a white pearl choker.
"You like that one Cherry?" He bounced his knee to get your attention.
"Mhmm, can you get it please daddy?" You turned around. Ransom couldn't help but smirk, knowing he had you in the palm of his hand.
"Yeah, but you gotta work for it." The familiar sentence sends you down your knees, your body under the desk, your hands already massaging his thighs. It truly wasn't work, both of you knew how much you loved his cock, it was like another reward for you.
Even after being together for 9 months, you couldn't help but whimper at the sneer size of his cock each time. It was way about average, girthy, and each vein prominent. Your lips took no time attaching to his tip, licking the pre-cum, letting you tongue swirl on the inflamed tip.
After the copious amount of training, Ransom couldn't even explain how good it was watching your mouth take all of him, your nose rutting against his abdomen. His hands played with the back of your hair as you gagged, spit drooling onto his cock and down your chin.
"Just like that Cherry." He pushed your head back down, taking over the control. He felt your breathing each time as you breathed through your nose, taking more and more of his cock each time.
You licked down the underside vein, before letting your mouth wrap around one his balls sucking contently as you continued to jack him off. Ransom never understood how you love his balls so much yet he kept all of him to not cum right then and there.
"It's sucking on my tits, daddy." You tried to explain to him one night when he asked.
"Come on baby, gets those lips back on my cock, I want to fucking cum in your mouth." Ransom swore he saw your tits perk up, your mouth going back to bobbing up and down.
You were like his little canvas, letting him spill his cum anywhere on you. You licked up every drop of cum into your mouth, swallowing loudly to show Ransom, before swiping your fingers all along your collarbone to pick up any you missed.
"If you keep doing that baby, I'll buy you whatever you want." Ransom smirked, bringing you back on his lap, his lisp sloppily meeting yours, his tongue already slipping into you, tasting the aftertaste of his cum.
"Your cock is already enough." You said.
"So I don't need to buy you any more presents." He raised an eyebrow.
"I didn't say that Ran!"
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sweetsbfreex · 4 months ago
the first tooth
Summary: a drabble of this family (can still be a stand alone) where Celeste loses her first tooth. 
Pairings: Dad! Husband! Ransom Drysdale x reader
Celeste, six, has been bragging about her loose tooth ever since she bursted in the kitchen–– freaking the both of you out.
"My tooth is wiggling! My tooth is wiggling!" she screams then stops to show you the tooth, mouth wide open, her tongue pushing against her left front tooth.  
"Look at that, you're about to lose your first tooth babe!" Ransom laughed, her chin between his fingers.
You raised your hand for a high five, "Now we just gotta wait for it to fall off and then the tooth fairy can drop you a gift" you tell her. 
"Or you could let daddy help you remove it faster?" 
"How?" she looks at him skeptically, mouth slanted.
"I could tie it to the door and close it, so it pops out?" he asks her.
Her hands cover her mouth as she grimaces at the thought of it. Your stomach turns too at the thought of it, you've always gone for the natural path of letting a tooth fall out. Not very surprised that Ransom was the fearless kid who took his teeth out in different methods.
"No thank you!" her voice muffled behind her hands.
"All right, suit yourself" he tells her, arms raised.
"Try eating some hard things baby, that usually helps, and you never notice" you advise her.
"Like carrots?"
"Yeah, like a carrot"
“Thanks!” she cheered to the both of you, skipping to the back door. “I’m going outside!”
When you hear the slam of the door behind her you turn to Ransom, whose face matches yours. 
“She’s losing her first tooth” you sigh.
 Of course you're ecstatic to see her growing so happy and healthy, but time truly flies by when you’re having fun. And it was definitely raising a little girl like Celeste, who was perfect in every way in your and Ransom’s eyes. 
“I know!” he shrieks, “Next thing you know she’ll be asking me for a raise on her allowance”
 “Ran!” you can’t help but laugh at his joke
“We can always have another one?” he inquiries sweetly. His arms latching around your waist tightly, one hand running up and down your spine. 
“We’ll sit on it” you tell him, kissing his forehead, walking back to the cake batter you were mixing. 
He can’t help but feel the slight disappointment wash over him, but he also understands, with how hard your pregnancy was with Celeste. 
Days pass as Celeste’s loose tooth becomes her new obsession. She’s shut down every opportunity Ransom gives her to try the string method and let nature take its course. 
She’s tried eating hard food, gargling salt water, brushing her tooth rougher than usually, and gently wiggling it around with her tongue. But to no avail, since it seems her tooth is as stubborn as Celeste herself.
When the moment finally happens it is during dinner, which takes place in the living room. She doesn’t even realize at first until her face sours up and you and Ransom look onto her confused. 
“You okay?” you ask, a little worried she wasn’t enjoying her food–– consisting of plain wings, truffle fries, celery with a side of blue cheese. 
She spits something into her palm and pulls back her head slowly, “My tooth! It’s my tooth! It finally came out!” She's beaming. 
Ransom can tell how bad the jellybeans are taking over her, so he takes her plate from her lap and as quick as he does that, she jumps off the couch dancing around the room.  
The hand holding the tooth shakes in the air as she sings a tune mixed with “My tooth fell out” and “The tooth fairy is coming.”
“Come here you firecracker” Ransom laughs, waving his arm in a come here motion. 
When she stands between his legs, he tilts her head up to see more clearly. “I’m so proud of you lesty, let me take a picture” his body reaches forward to grab his phone off the coffee table.
“Daddy!” she groans, palming her forehead. She thinks neither of you can’t tell through her little facade, but Celeste Drysdale turned into an instant diva whenever the camera was faced onto her. She loves taking her photo, no matter the occasion. 
You smile as your husband smiles taking a picture of the smiling girl holding up her first lost tooth. 
When he finishes taking who knows how many pictures of his precious girl, he asks her to look over them. “Look how beautiful you look” he smiles down at her. 
“I know! Thank you daddy” she responds confidently.
Definitely a Drysdale. 
“I’m so proud of baby” you tell her as you hug her closely, kissing her cheek. “You know what to do now right?”
“I’m gonna go put it under my pillow” she bellows, dashing out of your arms and up the stairs.
“I think one hundred dollars should suffice” he says, his arm hooking over your shoulders.
“It’s her first tooth! C’mon…”  
“That’s a lot of money for a kid, baby” you tell him. 
“Fifty–– and i’m not going any less”
“I wasn’t expecting you to” rolling your eyes at the stupid, yet attractive smirk on his face.
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starryevermore · 5 months ago
how to say i love you ✧ ransom drysdale
request: when you get the chance, pls write some fluffy Ransom writings, my heart can’t take all of this angst 🤣
pairing: ransom drysdale x reader
summary: ransom is a little unconventional in how he says “i love you”. 
word count: 3,232
warnings?: implied smut, fluffy
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.  
reblogs and feedback encouraged. 
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Hugh Ransom Drysdale was neither easily lovable nor the kind of person who loved easily. He was rough around the edges, a result of his upbringing. For a long time, he didn’t even know about the word “love”, about the phrase “I love you”. It wasn’t until he was in school that he even heard it. Some kids on the schoolyard declaring their love and affection to whoever their significant other of the day was. And he didn’t understand the phrase. Not one bit. It was...confusing. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it. What was love, really? What kind of feeling was that? It was so far removed from his experience, that he just couldn’t figure it out. So he took that phrase, filed it away to deal with later, and...he never did. 
He didn’t love. He just wasn’t the kind of person who said “I love you”. It was a point of contention in many of his relationships. His girlfriends would always willingly declare their love for him. But when it came time for him to reciprocate? He just...couldn’t. Wouldn’t. The words just felt wrong in his mouth. Like they weren't his to say. He’d never felt loved. So why should he be saying it like it meant something to him? 
It didn’t.
It never had, and it never would. 
At least, that’s how he felt before he met you. 
He never meant to feel like that around you. It was a complete accident. When he first met you, it was at a book signing for Harlan. Apparently, you were a new author that Blood Like Wine had signed for their newly acquired young adult imprint. When he first saw you, all he could think of was your cute ass and your pretty little legs that he imagined would look so good wrapped around him. And then he spoke to you, catching your name, and remembering that Harlan had said something about you being a hidden gem for the company. That you had a lot of talent and, with the right marketing, you could dominate any and every bestseller’s lists. A talented, soon-to-be accomplished woman. Perfect for Ransom, and he said about as much. Asked you out on a date, said he could show you around Boston, and you...
Declined. Said no, that you weren’t looking for any sort of relationship. Not now, not for a long time. 
And that confused, irritated, and enticed him all at the same time. He wasn’t used to being told “no”. That word was almost as foreign as “love” to him. And it only drew him in further. When he found out that Harlan was planning on inviting you to family functions, Ransom found himself finding reasons to show up, to deal with his family’s obnoxious attitudes if only for a moment to speak with you. 
If you were just as frustrated with his family’s antics, you didn’t show it. No, you didn’t crack at all when attention would turn towards you, when someone would have some snide remark about how you were able to land the publishing deal you had. Hell, you didn’t even say anything. You would just laugh, a sort of “I’m better than you, and I don’t even have to say anything to prove it” kind of laugh, and take a sip of your wine before turning to talk to Harlan or Meg or...his mother? Fuck, why would you choose to talk to his mother of all people? 
He caught you later in the night, when he was one wrong move from going off on his family. You were looking out one of the large windows in Harlan’s home, still sipping on your wine. You looked almost at peace, even with his family going at each other’s throats in the next room. He almost didn’t want to disturb that peace. Almost. But he was Ransom fucking Drysdale, and he got what he wanted, and what he wanted in that moment was to talk to you. 
“You ready to go off running, find another publisher so you don’t have to deal with this shit?” he asked, standing beside you and looking out the window, too. 
You glanced at him, before turning your attention back to the starlit night. “S’gonna take more than a few catfights to scare me off, Drysdale.”
“I have to admit, I was impressed by the way you held your own in there. Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone just...not respond to all that bullshit.”
You smirked. “You should try it some time. There’s no greater satisfaction than looking at someone who’s trying to get a rise out of you dead in the eyes and not giving them the reaction they want. Their reaction to that? Oh, it’s borderline orgasmic.”
He looked over at you, trying to get a good look at your face as he delivered his next time with a shit-eating grin. “I can show a thing or two about orgasms.”
“That a promise?” you asked. “If it is, you gotta take me out to a nice restaurant first.”
He only choked on his drink. He wasn’t expecting that. After the way you blew him off at Harlan’s book signing, he was expecting you to be more difficult to catch. “That easy, huh? Just a little dinner and a few orgasms and you’re mine?”
“Never said I’d be yours, Drysdale,” you said. “But a girl’s got needs. If I can kill two birds with one stones, then I gotta take it when I can.”
“Well, why’s now different than before?”
You tore your eyes away from the night sky to look around the room. You pursed your lips before admitting, “Harlan said something about how you need someone headstrong to go toe-to-toe with, thought I could be the one to do that. And, well, I didn’t give much of a shit about what he was saying. Still don’t, if I'm being honest. But you offered me an orgasm, and goddammit I'm gonna get it.”
“And it’ll get him off your back,” he chuckled. 
“Perhaps. Or it’ll make it worse. We’ll just have to burn that bridge when we get there.”
“What, we gonna just run off together if he gets on our case even more than before?”
“Never said together, Drysdale. That’s wholly dependent on how good you are in bed.”
“Well, I can promise you that you’re not gonna want to leave my bed when I get my hands on you.”
That Friday night, he took you out to this upscale restaurant that had just opened. It had good reviews, looked just impressive enough that would keep you enticed, and he got the chance to display his superior tastes in, well, everything. And yet, you looked at the restaurant, its menu, like he’d taken you to a lowly McDonald’s. Sipped your wine like it wasn’t anything better than grape juice. Didn’t seem at all impressed with his choice. 
When he got you in his Beemer, he was on edge. Whether it was at you for not caring where he took you or at himself for not finding a place you would actually enjoy, he didn’t know. But he was pissed, and he needed to release that energy fast. By the time he got to his house, he was ready to throw you on the nearest surface and fuck you so hard that you would have no choice to stay with him, if just for how he could make you come undone. 
Instead, the moment you walked through the door, you’d grabbed him by the scarf, practically pulling him on top of you. He braced himself against the wall, his question dying before it could even pass by his lips when you pressed your pretty little lips against his, nipping at his bottom lip. And, though he didn’t want to pull away, he still had to say his piece. 
“And here I thought you didn’t enjoy the night, petal,” he said, before connecting your lips to his once more.
“Gotta keep you on your toes,” you mumbled between kisses. “Didn’t want you to think this was gonna be easy, but just lost my will to fight as soon as I saw how worked up you got.”
“Yeah? Well that’s all you, petal. Think it’s only right you help me wind down.” He hands slipped to the underside of your thighs, hoisting you in the air as your legs wrapped around his legs. 
“Shit, if that’s my punishment, you knew I gotta accept.”
“Oh, no, your punishment’s gonna be a lot worse than that, petal. I’ll make sure of that.”
He made sure to keep his earlier promise of making you not want to leave his bed once he got a hold of you. And you didn’t. Stayed with him the whole weekend, waltzing around his home like you owned it all but a pair of clothes. He was sure that there wasn’t a single surface that he hadn’t taken you on by the time Monday rolled around. But, on Monday, you slipped on the clothes you long since abandoned, gave him a kiss on the cheek and went on your merry little way. 
He didn’t hear from you for a while after that. Honestly, he wasn’t expecting much from that date. He certainly didn’t expect anything, any semblance of feelings, to come from it. And yet, when you never called him again, he found it hard to just get you off his mind. Even when he went through his list of girls, he just couldn’t let you go. Something about you, your dismissive attitude, just drew him in. And he wasn’t going to let that pass him by. 
After finding out about a meeting you’d had with your publishers, he waited outside of the building until you came down, practically throwing you in his car before he demanded to know why you’d been dodging his calls. 
“Careful, Drysdale, or someone might think you care,” you teased, your pretty little smirk dancing across your face. 
“Is it a crime if I do?”
You paused, as though you hadn’t expected that. “Well, if you do care,” you finally said, “then I gotta be your only one. None of your other girls can fall back into your rotation. Just me or not at all.”
“How do you know I got other girls?”
“A guy like you doesn’t exactly settle,” you said. “And I’m not about that life. So it’s either me, or I get out of this car and leave, making that weekend just a one time thing. What do you want?”
He froze, unsure if he was ready for such a commitment, even if it wasn’t a relationship. But, then he remembered how no one else made him feel seen the way you made him feel, no one made him...feel quite the way you did. And so he said, “I’m all yours. And I can promise you that.”
The two of you existed like that for three months, all sex and dates and feelings, but no label. No label. And Ransom didn’t like that. He wasn’t quite sure why, but he fucking hated it. 
Maybe it was because there was a chance that you could end it as quickly as you started it. Turn around, say that you wanted something else, and leave. You weren’t his, after all. You were just a girl he was having fun with, nothing more, nothing less. And he really didn’t like that. 
One day, as he sat in the bathtub, covered in bubbles with your back pressed against his chest, he couldn’t stop himself from asking the question he hadn’t asked in a long time. Not since, his college days, he realized. 
“Be my girl?”
“Aren’t I already?”
“No, for real this time. None of this unlabelled shit anymore,” he said. “Be my girl, officially.”
You turned your head to look back at him, wearing that little smirk he wanted to just kiss away. “You mean you want me to be your girlfriend?”
“Took you longer to ask than I thought,” you mused. “But I would love to be your girlfriend.”
The knot he hadn’t realized was being tied up in his stomach untangled itself. “Good. Because I wasn’t gonna let you go if you said no.”
“Yeah? And why’s that?”
“You are my treasure,” he murmured, his lips brushing against your temple. “I’m never letting you go.”
He kept that promise, too. Most days, you didn’t leave his house. You’d stay wrapped up in one of his sweaters, tucked away in the corner of his big couch, typing away as you worked on your next novel. Or you’d be in his kitchen, insisting that he was gonna love that new recipe you were trying, only for it all to go up in smoke and you’d have to order pizza lest you go to bed without a proper dinner. Or you’d be spinning around his bathroom, singing along to some Harry Styles song as you got ready in the morning. 
Or, it’d be like now, with you tucked away in his arms, the sunlight streaming through his big windows, pulling the two of you out of sleep.
“I want to spend every morning waking up like this,” he murmured, nuzzling his nose in your hair. “All I want is you in my arms.”
“Yeah? Don’t you already have that?” you asked.
“Not officially,” he said. “You can still leave if you want. All your stuff’s still in your place. Want it here. With me.”
“...are you asking me to move in?”
“Well, you’re the one asking. I’m just saying what I want.”
“And what Ransom wants, Ransom gets,” you teased. 
He kissed the corner of your smirk. “Now you’re speaking my language. So, what do you say? Wanna be my roommate?”
You laughed loudly, burying your face in his chest as your shoulders shook. “I mean, if this is the kinda treatment I get as a guest, I’d better be getting first class treatment as your roommate.”
He laughed, too, pulling your face away so you’d look at him as he pressed soft kisses around your face. “Whatever you want, petal. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.”  
The only downside that came from you moving in with him was that he got to see all your bad sides. The bad days. The ugly moments. The moments where you’d bury yourself in your work, pretend that everything was fine when it really wasn’t. It was hard to navigate those moments. He was used to fights, not kindness. He didn’t know what to do when things like that happened. But he...He didn’t want to ruin this. He’s ruined a lot of things in his life, a lot of those things being intentionally fucked up, but this wasn’t one of those things.
He meant what he said when he said he never wanted to let you go. 
He got better at telling the good days from the bad days. And he got good about knowing how to pull you out of those bad moments. Figured out how to make you feel loved, even if he couldn’t say the words. 
It was a bad day, and he knew it from the moment he left the house. He hadn’t wanted to leave, but he needed to drop off some paperwork with Harlan. It was supposed to be quick, done and over with in a span of a few minutes. And yet, it felt like a century he was away. He didn't like leaving you on the bad days, and he knew you didn’t either. But, at least while he was gone, he could get something to make you feel better.
“Hey, petal. I picked up your favorite from that little Chinese place you like so much,” he said, getting in his car, dropping the takeout bag in his passenger seat. He switched his phone to his other ear as he started his car. “I’ll be home soon.”
“I’ll be waiting,” you said, before the two of you said your goodbyes and ended the call.
When he got home, you practically threw yourself in his arms. “Missed you,” you mumbled against his chest. 
“Missed you too, petal, but I’m here now.” He held up the takeout bag. “And look! I even made sure they threw in extra fortune cookies.”
Your eyes lit up. “Extra fortune cookies? Oh, Ran, you spoil me.”
“What can I say? I’ll do anything to make you feel good.” He leant down and kissed the top of your head. “Promise.”
In spite of all of the ups and downs that came in a relationship, Ransom knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. You were a diamond in a sea of coal. He wasn’t stupid enough to let someone like you pass him by. He wanted you to be his, now and forevermore. 
He planned a little dinner in his backyard. Had a cute little set up, with a pretty little gazebo and fairy lights and a little table. Brought in a professional chef, had all of your favorite foods made. Imported the best wine. Made sure that everything you loved was incorporated in some capacity. And, God, when he saw the way your face lit up when you saw everything he did for you? He wanted to see that everyday for the rest of his life. 
He could hardly wait for dessert to be finished. He was buzzing with excitement, ready to hear you say “yes” to the only question he’d ask that would really matter. By the time you took the last bite of the tiramisu, he was already reaching across the table to grab at your hand. 
“Yeah?” you asked as you swallowed your dessert.
“I want to be your future,” he declared, sliding out of his seat and falling down to one knee. He reached into his pocket, pulling out the small velvet box and popping it open. Your hand flew to your mouth, and he could see the tears welling up in your eyes. “Petal, you’re all I want. I’m the kind of man who’s had everything I could ask for. But all the riches in the world couldn’t amount to you. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I can’t ever let you go. Not when you made my life so much richer with you as my girl. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you’ll let me.” “Oh, Ransom,” you cried.
“So, what do you say? Will you be Mrs. Drysdale?”
“Baby, you didn’t even have to ask. Of course I’ll be your wife. Of course I’ll be,” you sobbed as he slid the diamond engagement ring onto your finger. He stood, and so did you, him taking your face in his hands and pressing a kiss to your lips. “God, I love you so much, Ran.”
And though he wanted to say it back, his chest felt tight when he tried to form the word around his lips. Instead—
“You do know that I...” He paused, the word feeling foreign in his mouth, like it wasn’t his to say. “ about you a lot, right?”
“Oh, baby,” you cooed, cradling his face in your hands. “I know that you love me. I do. You tell me everyday in your own way.”
Tumblr media
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belovasbrat · 2 months ago
Drysdale Thursday ❤️‍🔥 I would let this man absolutely ruin me with no hesitation at any given time 😂
Imagine him screaming on the phone to someone who pissed him off and you’re just watching all the veins in his neck practically pop out and like this should not be as attractive as it is in my head 🥵
same girl…same
oh fuck i’m wet thinking about it tbh || smut under the cut
like he’s screaming and shouting, face red and veins popping out dangerously, and you can swear at that moment, you’ve never wanted him to ruin you more. when he hangs up, his breaths ragged as he tries to compose himself, he doesn’t miss the way you rub your thighs together, slick pooling in your panties. you can’t even look at him; he knows how turned on you are. and he mocks you relentlessly for it.
“are you getting off on this? god, you slut. want me to rough you up, huh? want me to ruin this pretty cunt?”
your breath comes out heavily as you try to find an answer, and suddenly he’s towering over you, jaw clenched and hands pinning you to the wall, caging you in.
“w-wait, n-,”
“don’t lie to me. i know this turns you on, pearl.” the nickname turns you into a puddle immediately, and you melt under his touch. “there’s my good girl.” he chuckles. “you gonna be good and let daddy ruin you?”
“yes daddy.”
he takes all of his frustrations out on you, using and abusing every hole you have to offer — pounding you, spitting on you, slapping you, choking you until you’re an incoherent, babbling mess, face smashed into the mattress of your lavish bed, and your eyes fluttering and rolling in bliss.
“you did so well, pearl. come on, daddy’s gonna get you cleaned up.” he coos and you let him lift you, your body limp against his. you can’t speak but you nuzzle into him weakly as he washes you before sliding you into bed and kissing your forehead.
“sleep, pearl. you’ve earned it.” he murmurs, chuckling as you tug at him until he’s in bed next to you.
“love you, daddy.”
“love you too, pearl.”
it makes you insanely happy to hear him say the words. he’s terrible with feelings, but with you he feels like he can finally be himself without judgement; and, sure, you have your ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you love the asshole, and he loves you.
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sconnie-doesnt-know · 9 months ago
hey lovely,
If you're taking request then I'd like to request a smutty fic with shy!reader and ransom from the prompt list no. 75 " you look real pretty when you cry." and no. 100 " i don't like when anyone else touches you"
Hope it's okay for you🥺👉👈
Sorry for the delay, the holidays kept me busy. This gets sexual but not completely smutty. I hope you still enjoy it! Thank you so much for the prompts!!
Tumblr media
warnings for language and sexual content.
You dab at your cheeks with a tissue, trying to keep your makeup intact while you sniffle at your reflection.
“You’re so lucky,” the girl at the sink next to you slurs.
You stare at her in the mirror, sniffling again and wiping at your nose, “What?”
“You’re look real pretty when you cry.” The droopiness of her eyelids and the slowness of her speech makes you wonder what she’s seeing with her beer goggles on.
You scoff and roll your eyes, not in the mood for a drunk girl bathroom chat. Not with how the women at this place had been acting all night.
You look yourself over, deciding the damage isn’t too bad from your little breakdown and mutter a thanks at her, leaving her once one of her friends comes out from the stall.
Ransom is just where you left him, probably not even noticing that you left with the harem of women who have been approaching him all night despite you being right there. Your heart clenches with how handsome he looks under the soft light from the restaurant, his hair loosely brushed back and in danger of flopping over his forehead. The sleeves of his thin sweater rolled up to reveal hints of muscled arms as he leaned against the bar top. 
You walk up next to him, placing a hand on his forearm to grab his attention.
“I think I’m just gonna go,” you tell him softly.
“What the hell? Why?” he snaps.
“I just...I’m not feeling all that great.” You try to brush him off, but he turns his arm over, gripping yours tightly. His eyes dart over your face, taking in the glistening on your eyes.
“Who made you cry?” he says, voice sharp.
Before you can answer you hear “Hey Ransom” as another girl purrs and places her hands on his shoulder and ignores you completely.
Your hand flexes, nails digging into his arm where you’re still hanging on, giving her a deadly look that she misses, but Ransom doesn’t.
The corner of his mouth tips up into that smirk when he glances down to where you’re hanging on. He shrugs his shoulder to knock her away, and for good measure he tosses, “Go away,” over at her and she reluctantly does. But he doesn’t lose eye contact with you and you can feel the tears building up again in your embarrassment.
“Babygirl, why are you crying?” His tone is more teasing than concerned.
“Nothing. It’s stupid. I’m not crying,” but the sniffle gives you away.
“Alright,” he lets go of your arm, reaches into his pocket and takes out his wallet. Throwing some bills on the bar, he gets up. “We’re done here.”
He ignores everyone as he walks out, one hand guiding you by your elbow while you struggle to keep up, stammering in surprise as he ends the evening. A doorman opens the door as you exit. Ransom brings you both to a stop just a few feet away.
“W-what’s going on?”
“You tell me,” he snaps. “Why were you crying?”
“It’s nothing. I wasn’t.”
“Cut the shit,” he says flatly. “Come on kitty, tell me where those claws came from?”
He smiles and holds up his arm, showing dark pink crescent shapes on his fair skin from where you grabbed him earlier. “Didn’t peg you for the jealous type. You’re such a sweet thing.” He turns up the charm, boxing you in against the wall of the restaurant and gently swiping his thumb over your cheek. 
“Hmm?” he prompts.
Quietly you murmur, “I don’t like when anyone else touches you.”
“Oh no?” His smile turns from charming to leering, “Am I all yours, kitty?”
You nod, heat rising in your cheeks, breaths heaving in your chest.
“And you? Are you all mine?” He tilts his head, hand sliding teasingly slow along the curve of your jaw, then his fingertips tracing gently along your neck, no doubt feeling your pulse racing.
You look to the side, seeing the doorman standing there and not-so-slyly watching you with the door propped open. His eyes are blatantly undressing you, looking at all the exposed skin from the cut of your dress. It’s not a flattering feeling; it makes you burn with anger. The way you don’t want anyone to look at Ransom, you don’t want him looking at you the way he is. Your dress, your skin, your shoes, your body - those are for Ransom alone to enjoy.
The doorman catches you watching him, quickly diverting his gaze as you give him a dirty look. You raise the volume of your voice and it startles you a bit, but you want the message clear to anyone nearby. “Yes, Ransom. I’m yours.”
“Fuckin’ right you are.”
With that he takes your mouth with his, tongue immediately sliding out to tempt your lips open for him. His one hand wraps around the back of your neck to hold you in place, the other gropes further down. His thumb slides over your nipple, rubbing back and forth over your dress before his hand glides down your side to your hip, gently pulling you to rock your hips against him when he presses a leg between yours.
Your own hands wander over his broad back, one gripping tight to his shirt and the other sliding into the length of hair at the back of his head.
He groans when you flex your fingers, scratching gently at his scalp.
“Oh, kitten, harder c’mon.” He moves his lips quickly to your neck, mouth working at a spot that makes you squirm and whimper.
Breathless, you pull away, “I might leave marks,” you warn him, dazed from the intense make-out session.
Suddenly he sucks hard at the tender skin, letting go with a loud pop. “Then we’ll be even,” he huffs out, breathing heavily against you. “Show ‘em I’m yours, kitty. Gimme your claws.”
@stargazingfangirl18 @sagechanoafterdark @sweeterthanthis @jtargaryen18
@drabblewithfrannybarnes @ozarkthedog @donutloverxo @devilsbaby-doll
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onsunnyside · 5 months ago
𝙍.𝘿. – Fluff, Soft fics
soft!ransom, meet cute, crushes, established relationships…
Tumblr media
Read the warnings for each fic.
Organized by author.
← 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬 𝘵𝘰 𝘙𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘰𝘮 𝘋𝘳𝘺𝘴𝘥𝘢𝘭𝘦 𝘔𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵
@agentofbarnes - attention
@buckyownsmylife - you’re dating and he’s feeling soft
@candy-and-writing - Loose Ankles
@captainapple - Ride or Die
@chrissquares -
Always Yours - possessive!ransom
Drunk Baby
One, Two, Three Brats
Those Three Words
@cloudystevie - her cherry lips on his whiskey flavoured kiss - soft!ransom, soft sex
@donutloverxo - Friend-zoned
@drabblewithfrannybarnes - Birthday Babygirl
@egcdeath - First Impressions
@fairyevans - ransom & bunny!reader’s proposal
@just-one-ordinary-fangirl -
Family Troubles
Garden Party - protective!ransom
@kinanabinks - Eyes Off
@kiwisomething - His Big Return
@lavendercitizen - Rest
@ozarkthedog -
Cold Hands and a Sweater Prompt
It's Time - pregnant!reader
@rodrikstark - winter
@smutsonian - ransom meets his match
@slothspaghettiwrites - The Big Question
@stargazingfangirl18 -
Cableknit Kitty
Come Here
Cranky Cuddles
Period Pains
Shy, Bookworm!Reader
The Blues
Under the Weather
@stop-obsessing-over-those-actors -
Dad!Ransom HC
Hot Boy Summer - college!reader
@sunflower-writings - Accidentally in Love
@sweater-daddiesdumbdork - Ransom Request - Getting in bed and making him gasp out. Cute and Fluffy. 
@the-iceni-bitch - You are the Best Thing
@twoghostsfromeden - Jealousy, Jealousy - famous!reader, slightly soft!ransom
@worksby-d -
New Man
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