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#ransom drysdale x you
stargazingfangirl18 · 2 days ago
A Helping Hand
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader Word Count: 1,682 Summary: Ransom is tired and cranky, so you decide to make him feel better. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Dry humping. Hand job. Cum play. Dirty talk. Praise kink. Mob AU. 18+ only!
A/N: Hoe’kay, beauties, I do want to try to knock out at least a few Kinktober drabbles this year. Probably just a handful, a mix of some of our established babes and some general. First up, these two assholes from Necessary Arrangements who have been on my mind and hoo ha lately. Enjoy! 😘
Kinks: Handjob + Praise + Cum play
Tumblr media
It wasn’t a new phenomenon to be with Ransom and be the one to slow things down.
You tended to like the buildup, as well as just annoying him to no end.
But tonight was different.
There was something about the way he’d been genuinely cranky and tired when he arrived. A furrow in his brow that wasn't put there by you and your trolling as he swept you up into his arms and ground his erection against your hip as he buried his face against the crook of your neck and just breathed you in.
Maybe it was also because you were feeling all kinds of soft and playful tonight, and you could blame it on hormones tomorrow, but for right now, you were gonna enjoy yourself.
Enjoy the view of Ransom lying beneath you as you straddled his thighs, dressed in nothing but a pair of dark boxer briefs as he sank back against your bed as you slowly kissed your way up his chest and neck.
You felt him groan as you playfully nibbled at his Adam's apple, his head tilting back to give you better access as his hands slid up your thighs to cup your hips. He shifted you over him, pulling you up until you were settled over the hard, hot length of him.
Ransom shivered as you continued to plant a trail of slow, lingering kisses up his throat, adding a rock and grind of your hips to pull another noise from him - this time a delightful grunt that you swore you felt rumble to life beneath your hands as you touched his chest.
“Be honest, you were hard before you even got here, weren’t you?” you teased, whispering your words against Ransom’s ear as you felt his fingers dig into your hips, sneaking beneath the top of your panties.
At his quiet, wordless huff, you retreated, grinning at Ransom as he glowered at you. It was a half-hearted attempt, even for him, and made less effective by the rosy flush warming his cheeks, his lust-blown gaze, and messy hair.
Your smile grew as you reached out to brush some of the soft locks of his hair that had fallen over his forehead back into place.
Ransom’s eyes fluttered at the soft, innocent contact, and you couldn’t help it as your hand dropped to cup his smooth cheek, something warm bursting to life in your chest as he closed his eyes and leaned into your touch like an eager cat.
You wanted to kiss him, and the sudden realization had you licking your lips and swallowing at the thought as your gaze fell to Ransom’s mouth and lingered.
It was the impatient rut of his hips and resulting groan as the folds of your cunt drew along his cock through the few layers of clothes between you that broke the spell and had you shoving down that traitorous thought.
“Come on, kitten, it’s been a long fucking day and I just wanna cum.”
Laughing, you sank against him, smoothing your hands up his bare chest and giving his tense shoulders a squeeze, until you could feel him loosen up beneath your touch. Your fingers trailed higher, until they were sinking into Ransom’s hair as you began to rock against him with more enthusiasm. And friction.
“Always so impatient, but I know how much you like this,” you hummed
Your panties were thoroughly soaked through and clinging to you, just adding to the sensations as your clit throbbed and you moaned quietly as the sensitive bundle of nerves caught against the head of Ransom’s cock.
“I like it too,” you sighed. “I like it when you’re good for me and let me do what I want.”
Ransom’s breath caught in his throat, his grip tightening on your waist as he moaned.
Your half-mast eyes shot open at his response, head cocking to the side as you watched him blink at you owlishly, the flush darker across his cheeks and spreading down his neck to his chest.
It was a barely a half-formed thought in you sex-hazed mind before your body was accepting it as fact - Ransom Drysdale had a praise kink.
And fuck if the mere idea didn’t have a new flood of arousal gushing from you and ruining Ransom’s boxers just as thoroughly as your own underwear.
Your mouth ran away with you then as you shimmied even closer to Ransom, your fingers digging into his hair as you met his gaze.
“You feel so good,” you breathed, riding him harder as your pussy clenched around nothing. “Not even fucking me yet but I’m making such a mess of us both.”
“Fuck,” Ransom shuddered.
You dropped your forehead to his with a whine as you settled against him more, felt the hot length of him split open your folds through your panties.
“God, I swear your cock was made for me,” you whispered, eyes fluttering shut as you rocked and grinded until you felt him against your clit.
You moaned as you felt yourself rushing toward the edge of bliss fast, tucking your face against Ransom’s as you mewled. “And you’d let me do whatever I want with it--with you--wouldn’t you?”
“Yeah,” Ransom panted, sounding just as wrecked and desperate as you felt. His fingers slid into the back of your panties, fingers gripping your bare ass as he thrust up against you and groaned at the feel of you, shuddering as your gasp warmed his ear. “I need--”
“I know what you need,” you sighed, pressing a kiss against the hinge of Ransom’s jaw as you pulled away.
When you put some space between you, he whined a quiet “nooo” until your hand was shoving down the front of his boxers and retrieving his hard, leaking cock.
“Shit,” Ransom hissed. His hips rutted up in response to your touch as his head fell back, the tendons popping in his neck as your hand gripped his length and gave him a squeeze. “Oh fuck.”
Humming, you gave him a slow, firm stroke, lips curling as Ransom’s head snapped up and he stared down at the way you worked him with your hand. His lips were parted, cheeks ruddy with his want for you--for release--and you felt another hot rush of slick pooling in your panties as you twisted your wrist.
“This is what you get for being so good for me,” you murmured, pressing a kiss to Ransom’s cheek and hearing his breath catch as your thumb drew over the tip of him, your hand already soaked and sticky with his pre-cum.
“It’s unfair how pretty you are,” you whispered in Ransom’s ear, grinning as he shivered and rutted into your grip. “Even more unfair how many times a day I think of you and this magnificent cock filling me up.”
“Oh god.” Ransom arched beneath you, moaning as his arms wrapped around you and yanked you close and held you tight as his hips started to drive up frantically as he sought his release.
“That’s it,” you husked, fingers digging into Ransom’s hair as your touch moved faster. “Go on, pretty boy, now it’s your turn to make a mess of us both. Cum for me.”
You squeezed and jerked Ransom’s cock, working your free hand between your bodies until you could cup and fondle his balls as you moaned against his ear.
“Come on, Ransom, let go for me,” you whispered against his skin, kissing the soft warm patch of flesh just beneath his ear and sucking, marking him as yours.
You felt him jerk beneath you, his breath hitching a second before Ransom was groaning and rocking his hips up desperately. When the first warm burst of his cum coated your hand, you pulled away, eagerly watching as Ransom’s head fell back, lips parting on a grunt as his hips drove up and more cum spilled from him.
“So pretty,” you whispered, working him through his release, rubbing his own spend into his skin until Ransom’s hand was falling to your wrist and stilling your motions.
Chest heaving, he sank back against the bed, and you smirked proudly at the ruined state of him, gazing at his handsome, flushed features with a combination of appreciation and pride as you brought you cum coated hand to your mouth and began to suck Ransom’s pleasure from your fingers.
“Christ, you’re a fucking menace,” he whispered, watching you unblinkingly as you hummed at the bitter tang of him on your tongue.
“I think what you meant to say,” you murmured, shimmying closer until your nose brushed his, your eyes locking as you painted some of his cum on your lips like lip gloss. “Is ‘thank you.’”
Ransom’s hands slid up your back, tugging you closer as his gaze dipped to your cum-coated lips.
“Are you desperate enough to get a taste of me that you’re willing to taste yourself, too?” you teased.
Laughing as Ransom lunged for your lips, you pulled away, planting a hand on his chest and shoving him back. “Sorry, handsome Ransom, not today.”
He glared at you as you licked his cum from your lips.
“You don’t look as cranky as before,” you teased, rubbing your finger between his eyebrows where the stressed furrow had been earlier when he first arrived. “I guess my work here is done.”
You went to climb off his lap, but yelped as Ransom grabbed you and twisted, until he had you pinned to the mattress beneath him, a new fire burning in his eyes as a smirk slowly curled it’s way across his lips.
“You’re not done here until I get to feel that pussy cum around my cock,” Ransom husked.
You clenched at his words, your own smirk appearing as you replied, “Well then, I guess you better get to work, huh?”
Ransom grinning at your surprised gasp when his big hand was suddenly showing its way down the front of your panties and cupping your soaked center as you squirmed against him with a quiet moan. “I guess so.”
And he did.
Tumblr media
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Please note that I do not give permission for my work to be translated, reposted, or published anywhere other than my Tumblr. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️ 
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sstan-hoe · 2 days ago
𝐶𝑜𝑐𝑘𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑔 — 𝑅𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑜𝑚 𝐷𝑟𝑦𝑠𝑑𝑎𝑙𝑒
𝑃𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 — sexual content, cockwarming, p in v (wrap it before you tap it)
𝑊𝑜𝑟𝑑 — I hope u guys don't mind these shortys, *not my gif, reblog and comment!
Tumblr media
Since Ransom took a position in Harlan’s firm, he became busy and took long office hours. One side you were more proud of him that he finally took responsibility however you missed your mouthy asshole of a boyfriend with his sarcastic comments and talent of cooking.
Ransom sat in his office as the clock stroke one am. His head was bowed over a file of a new author who wanted to sell his first book. Ransom had read the book himself and to you to get a second opinion.
Both of you thought it was trash, but Ransom couldn’t get the thought out of his head ‘what if people love it?’. He was the one who had to decide to either make it or not.
A soft knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. “Come in.” He muttered, the door cracked open revealing you in one of Ransom sweaters.
Ransom lifted his head watching you as you stumbled over to him in tired state. You yawned covering your mouth with his sleeve. “Buttercup shouldn’t you be in bed?” He whispered while pulling you on his lap.
“’missed you.” You mumbled curling against him. Ransom’s hand brushing through your hair. “need ‘ou.” Your hips slowly moved over his groin which made Ransom smile.
“I have to finish this buttercup…but how ‘bout you keep me warm?” You gave him a tired nod before you were shifted to the side. Ransom unzipped his trousers and lifted your hips, letting you slowly down on him.
You released a satisfied hum as you put your head on Ransom’s shoulder.
“I love you buttercup, gripping me so tight.” You barley catched on his words. “Gonna finish that and then make ya feel good, promise.” Ransom smoothed down your back while you slowly welcomed the sleep.
“You already makin’ me feel good.” You whispered before the sleep overcame you fully.
𝑇𝑎𝑔𝑠 —
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the-iceni-bitch · 9 hours ago
Know You Want It…
Kinktober Day 19: Double Vaginal Penetration
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader (OTP) x Ari Levinson
Words: ~1.5k
Summary: It’s always a great time when Ari visits.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, mmf threesome, bisexual male partners) established relationship, subby Ransom, soft dom Ari and Reader, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: I’m seriously so glad I decided to have Ari start joining in on these two idiots’ sexcapades, as much as it’s making me sweat through all my clothes. 🥵
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!!
Tumblr media
Ransom couldn’t stop moaning as you kept pulling softly at his lips with yours, your hands running over his waist and chest until they were curled around the back of his neck while you licked slowly into his mouth.
The fact that occasionally Ari’s large, warm hands would brush over his arms was just making it all so much more intense, your chest vibrating against his as Ari sucked on your neck. You smiled against Ransom’s lips when he let out a soft whine, tangling your fingers in his hair and cooing before ducking your head to lave your tongue over his thrumming pulse.
“You are all worked up, baby.” You nipped at his throat when he just whimpered for you, tilting your head to the side so Ari could lean over your shoulder and brush his nose over Ransom’s with a deep growl. “Always get so excited when you see your boyfriend, you are leaking all over me. Shh, you don’t need to apologize.” You could tell by the way his posture changed he was feeling embarrassed, brushing your lips over his jaw and humming soothingly as he rolled his body against yours. “I love when you get all shy and pretty. What about you, Ari?”
“Oh yeah, it’s a fucking treat.” You could hear the pleased grin in Ari’s voice as he pressed his lips to the corner of Ransom’s mouth, his hand curled around the back of his neck and holding him steady as your boyfriend started to melt into the bed. “Why don’t you ask for what you want, pretty boy.”
“Ah, fuck.” His brain turned to literal mush whenever he got to indulge in the two of you together. It was a good thing Ari wasn’t in town more often, and that when he was the three of you managed to keep things platonic most of the time. He couldn’t make any decisions right now, it was too much. “Want… Christ… want whatever she wants, shit.”
“Jesus, you really are the best boy, huh?” Ransom tucked his face into your neck and whimpered at Ari’s praise. “No wonder you seem so happy all the damn time, sweetheart, you’re getting fucking spoiled. Better tell us what you want then, before your boy passes out.”
“Mm, there so much to choose from, though.” You sighed when Ransom brushed his lips over your neck, one of his arms snaking around your waist and holding you close while the other hand trailed over Ari’s chest. “Think I want both of you inside me.”
“Yeah? Right where we are or…”
“No, I want both of you inside my pussy.” You beamed when Ransom choked out a moan against your throat, Ari’s teeth scraping over the shell of your ear with a low chuckle as he started slowly rocking his hips against your ass. “C’mon baby, just wanna be so full I can’t walk for the next week.”
Ransom groaned when you shoved him back on the bed, letting you slot your lips over his and bucking his hips into yours when he felt the wet warmth of you slipping over his length. Ari just sat back on his heels and slowly stroked his cock, content to watch the two of you get a little lost in each other as he pushed his hair out of his eyes. As soon as you felt Ransom relax under you, you reached between the two of you to wrap your hand around his cock, lining him up and sinking down on him nice and slow as he let out a fluttering sigh.
Honestly, Ari could have settled for just watching the two of you getting wrapped up in each other, your breathy moans and pants mixing beautifully with the wet sounds coming from your sloppy pussy as you and Ransom writhed against each other. The way your back arched as you braced your hands on the headboard made Ari growl, Ransom leaning up to chase your lips with his as his fingers pressed bruises into the soft curves of your hips.
Ari ran his hand up your spine when he watched you shudder with bliss, curling his fingers around the base of your skull and turning your head so he could devour your mouth with his. You purred at his soft attention while Ransom traced the column of your throat with his lips, letting yourself relax into the suffocating warmth of being pressed between their bodies as they lavished you with gentle kisses.
“You ready for me, sweetheart?” Ari’s tongue flicked at the seam of your lips as he nuzzled his nose against yours, smiling softly when you sighed as Ransom’s tongue ran over your jaw.
“Oh, I’m ready.” You rolled your hips back when he grabbed two handfuls of your ass and spread you apart, teasing his thumb over where you were already stretched tight around Ransom’s cock. “You gonna give me what I need or just look, Levinson?”
He chuckled darkly into your shoulder and grabbed his cock to line himself up, teasing his tip through the slick that was pouring out of you before pressing his hips forward. All three of you let out a medley of groans and gasps once he was fully seated in you, his cock and Ransom’s throbbing against each other inside you as you all breathed deeply.
You were the first one to move, rocking your hips forward slowly and moaning at the feel of both of them splitting you open and sliding beautifully against your slick walls as you fucked yourself nice and easy. Ransom was so overwhelmed he just collapsed back against the bed with a thin keen, letting you use him like you had so many times before. He whined when you pressed your palms to his chest and rose over him like the goddess you were, letting you take control of the rhythm and gazing at you reverently as he rested his hands on your thighs.
When he looked at you like that you almost forgot Ari was there, even with his cock pulsing inside you as he stroked it against Ransom’s in your throbbing cunt. But then his mouth was on your neck and you let out a small sound of surprise, laughing lightly when he yanked your head to the side and growled softly as he trailed a hand up to squeeze your breast.
“You forget about me, sweetheart?” He purred when you leaned your head back on his shoulder, his grip on your breast tightening when you clench hard around the two of them. “God, you’re something else, how close are you? Feel like I’m gonna fucking burst.”
“So close.” You felt Ransom’s chest rumble under your palm as his hips drove up into you suddenly, a sharp jolt of pleasure shooting up your spine as the two men started moving with you. “Oh fuck, need it. Fuck me full, wanna be leaking the both of you for days.”
“Christ, that fucking mouth.” Ari nipped at the hinge of your jaw and drove into you harder when you started muttering that filth, smirking as Ransom just mewled stupidly underneath the two of you. “No wonder you’ve got this boy so lost for you. You better come all over us first if you really want it.”
He released his hold on your breast and trailed his hand down to tease your clit, his growl vibrating through you until your back arched with bliss as you let out a sharp gasp. Ari wrapped an arm around you to hold you steady as your orgasm ripped through you, your whole body quivering wildly as your release gushed out of you in a flood that soaked them both equally.
Ransom was right behind you, as always, the feel of your perfect cunt fluttering around him as Ari’s cock slid over his drawing it right out of him as he let out a broken wail and his body bowed off the bed while his cum spurted warmly against your spasming walls. Ari’s teeth sank into your shoulder when he finally joined the two of you, leaning forward and resting his weight on his hands as he let his hips stutter against your ass and his warmth flooded you.
You sighed when Ari pulled out of you slowly, sinking down to lay against Ransom’s chest as Ari rolled to the side but kept an arm draped over you, turning to give him a satisfied grin as Ran nuzzled himself into your hair. He grinned too when Ari leaned over and pressed his lips to his throat, sighing as he flicked his tongue out to catch a taste of him.
“I swear, this really was just supposed to be a dinner invite.”
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jobean12-blog · a day ago
All Tied Up in Knits
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x reader
Word Count: 410
Summary: You just can’t get enough of Ransom in his sweaters. 
Author’s Note: This is for Eyre’s @buckyownsmylife Kinktober one prompt a day list and day 18: uniform kink. Now I know a sweater is technically NOT a uniform but for is! haha Hope you enjoy! Thank you all so much for reading and your continued lovely support for my Kinktober! Much LOVE always!❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: flirting, light smut, light dirty talk, Ransom and his sweaters (18 + ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Gif NOT MINE: Credit to @neko-goes-nyah thank you so much! 🥰
Tumblr media
Kinktober Masterlist 2021
Tumblr media
You walk into the house and drop your bags, rubbing your cold hands together.
“Ransom!” you call.
“I’m in here sweetheart,” he answers from the living room.
You rush into the room and find him seated in the large recliner by the fireplace. He’s reading through a stack of papers and doesn’t look up right away.
His light grey sweater clings to his broad shoulders and accentuates the hard muscles of his chest, making your fingers twitch in anticipation of what lies beneath. You drink him in, instantly feeling the warmth spread across your skin as your thoughts wander.
“Ransom,” you murmur, stepping between his spread legs.
He lifts his eyes to yours and smirks as his hand reaches out to rest on your thigh. You take the papers from his hand and drop them to the floor.
“I was reading that,” he snarks.
“You can read it later,” you answer, smoothing your hands along his soft sweater.
“Is this new?” you ask, fingering the plush material.
“I got it yesterday,” he simpers. “You like it?”
You hum appreciatively, slipping your cold hands under the fabric and lightly scratching his warm skin.
“For fucks sake!” he screeches. “Your hands are freezing!”
“Sorry,” you whisper, pressing your teeth into your bottom lip.
“Bullshit,” he murmurs, sliding his hands up and under your shirt with a sideways smirk.
His hands are warm as they graze the skin just under your bra before trailing back down to settle at your waist.
“I love you in sweaters,” you croon, dancing your fingers down his defined abs. “They look so good on you.”
His eyebrows shoot up and a knowing smile plays on his lips. His hand moves down to caress the skin at your hips before dipping into your leggings.
“Is that so?” he asks, sliding his hand lower. “Let’s see how much you love them kitten.”
Your back arches when his finger brushes against your wet underwear and you breathe out his name.
“You weren’t fucking kidding sweetheart,” he groans as he pushes the fabric to the side and spreads you open. “Fucking soaked for me.”
“Ransom,” you plea, pushing down onto his fingers.
He teases you before sliding one thick finger inside. His free hand grabs the back of your neck and he pulls you closer until his lips meet the shell of your ear.
“Right after you go for a ride we’re going shopping. Pretty sure this came in other colors.”
Tumblr media
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likeahorribledream · 2 days ago
ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴏᴏɴ
[ Previous Chapter ]
Summary: Ransom's week away from you was long and painful, and just as he's about to get home to you he runs into some trouble.
Pairing: Mob!Ransom x Female!Reader
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: None, I don’t think.
This is the hairstyle and beard I have in mind for Mob!Ransom
Tumblr media
You stare at James for what feels like forever but in reality it is only a few seconds. Surely your mind is playing tricks on you from the lack of sleep. The exhaustion is making you hallucinate. Either that or you're in the middle of a nightmare. You have to be, this can't seriously be happening.
It probably shows on your face that you don’t seem to understand or believe what James just told you because he repeats himself.
‘’He’s been arrested.’’
You clear your throat. ‘’Wh- When?’’
‘’Earlier today.’’
‘’What happened?’’ You feel like you’re going to be sick. Your stomach is one big knot.
‘’I’m not sure yet, he didn’t have time to tell me everything. I’m leaving right now to get him out. I thought maybe you’d like to come with.’’
You nod and James opens the door to his SUV for you, leading you to take a seat in the back.
You stop right before getting in. ‘’What about my car?’’
You can’t exactly leave it in an open field.
‘’You can give the key to Jesse. He’ll get it home for you, on our way back we’ll stop to get the key back from him.’’
‘’Ok.’’ You take your car key off of your keychain and give it to Jesse.
James helps you up and he follows right behind, sitting next to you. The next 3 hours are going to be extremely long and painful.
Ransom had spent the 3 hours on his way there cursing at James and insulting him in his head. He kept seeing the sad look in your eyes when he told you he had to leave and he wouldn’t be able to reach you in any way, and the memory was just as painful every time.
He hated James for making him break the promise he had made to you to stay with you, he hated James for punishing him like he was just some punk kid who didn’t know how to get his head out of his own ass. He had proven time and time again that he was a good soldier, that he could be trusted and now that he has you, suddenly all that work has been thrown out of the window. Unfairly so.
He suspects that James liked that Ransom didn’t have anyone in his life; no significant other, no friends or family because it meant that all of his time was devoted to the family. Then, Ransom met you and he started splitting his time between you and them.
Why could they all have someone in their life except for him? Had they expected him to stay single for the rest of his life and just give them all of his time? Because that would be completely ridiculous.
Was he going to get punished every time he spent too much time with you, all according to James?
He’s about 90% sure that that is what’s going to happen and he’s already angry at James for it.
Thankfully he hadn’t been the one to drive because he had been so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t even see the 3 hours go by or how he got to his hotel.
He has a week long meeting in front of him, he used to hate them and he absolutely still does. Always have, always will. It’s a very safe way to do business but it’s a giant pain in the ass.
What Ransom has to do is meet with the possible gun suppliers that James talked about, they are going to get together every day and little by little they’ll get more information about the other.
The first day he met with the gun suppliers, he felt like something was off with them right off the bat. They seemed nervous, they tried to hide it but Ransom is really good at reading people. They were twitchy and they hesitated for too long whenever Ransom asked them a question.
Usually, gun suppliers are tough looking, they exude self-confidence and they know what they’re talking about. They don’t bullshit you, they don’t have the time to be jerking people around; time is money and if they waste time then they are losing money. Serious money.
The guys he met with were none of that. It almost felt like it was their first deal ever and he has no idea how James thought this was a good move for them.
He kept meeting with them, anyway. It’s not like he really had a choice. He couldn’t call anyone and the guy driving him home would only come back to pick him up on the very last day.
Needless to say, the meetings weren’t going well. Ransom had come in already angry because of James and his patience was extremely thin. The fact that the two guys he met with didn’t seem to know what the fuck they were talking about really didn’t help his patience or help Ransom calm down.
He barely even listened to them talk. Most of the time he just repeated "Who are those clowns? Where the hell did James find them?" Over and over again.
Around the fourth day, Ransom even started to suspect that there were probably no guns at this point. He wasn’t sure who was messing with him. The supposed gun suppliers or James.
If James made all of it up just to get him away from you, he was going to lose his goddamn mind.
His bad mood only worsened with every day that passed.
To help, Ransom could barely sleep. He couldn’t find a single comfortable position and he kept waking up and reaching around for you only to remember where he was and where you were.
Ransom was miserable without you, it’s as simple as that.
It’s no secret, Ransom’s family sucks. They always have, for as long as he can remember. They all treated each other like dirt and it didn’t matter if you were a kid or not, as long as you’re a Thrombey; they’ll treat you badly. He didn’t grow up with loving parents or with a fun aunt and uncle he’d look forward to seeing every holiday. His favorite family member was Harlan and even he would act like an asshole sometimes. It’s like it’s part of their DNA. Their assholeness is genetically encoded.
They were the only role models Ransom had, so of course he started acting like them. He was an asshole to absolutely everyone, he treated people like shit and he acted like he was above everyone else. He didn’t like people and they sure as hell didn’t like him.
He was good looking enough to get girls to tolerate him enough to have sex with him, but he never made any meaningful connection with any of them.
It was one night and then he was onto the next. Until he turned 24.
Why 24? He doesn’t know, but something went off inside of him at that age and he suddenly realized that he didn’t need to keep acting this way.
He managed to have more meaningful relationships after that, but they never lasted very long because his ‘’nature’’ would always come back out and bite him in the ass. He was great at self-sabotaging.
He never really cared if his relationships, romantic or otherwise, didn’t last long. He had made peace a long time ago with the fact that he wasn’t going to be the kind of man with a wife and kids, or friends he’d get together every Thursday to eat junk food with and watch the game of whatever sport they were into.
Then, he joined James’ family. He got to be a part of something, he got to care about other people and have them care for him too. He found himself having dinner regularly with all of them, or just some of them, and suddenly Ransom had something he never thought he would have; long lasting and meaningful relationships.
He liked to watch the guys and their families, almost all of them had girlfriends or wives. He liked to see how real families acted towards one another. Not all of them had good relationships, some of them had their own families that were just as toxic as the Thrombeys, but they all had relationships and after almost a year of being with them, he found himself craving that kind of life. The life he had accepted he’d never have. Now, he wanted it. He needed it. He just didn’t think he’d ever get it.
Until he met you. Then, everything changed.
From the first time you spoke to him, he knew. You were who he had been looking for. You turned his brain, and knees, into jello, you made his heart beat frantically, you made it hard for him to breathe but it was, somehow, easier to breathe when you were around, you made him want to be a good man. A better man. He wanted to be worthy of you, he wanted to be good enough for you so you’d consider maybe spending time with him.
When you didn’t push him away or reject him, Ransom thought he was dreaming. You were smiling at him, laughing at things he said, you didn’t push his hands away when he touched your shoulders or your back, you answered all of his calls and messages. You even agreed to meet his family only a week after meeting him and it made him so happy. More happy than you could ever know. Not because he wanted you to meet his nightmare of a family but because it felt… normal, it felt right. For the first time in his life he was doing normal relationship things and he found himself looking forward to doing those kinds of things with you.
Then he kissed you and you had let him. Not only that, you kissed him back.
His perfect girl liked him.
He wanted you in every sense of the word. He was completely in love with you, he knows that most people would say he’s crazy and he needs to calm down but it’s true. He loves you. He’d do anything for you, anything to make you happy and to make you smile.
Almost every night now, he would dream that you were his wife and mother of his kids.
He never wanted to have kids or at least he never really thought about having any, but with you? He’d have dozens of them.
Ransom kept all of it to himself, he didn’t want to scare you off but god if life worked in the way that he wanted it to you would have a ring on your finger already.
He doesn’t want a wedding. He wants a marriage, though he’d never pass up an opportunity to show to everyone how much he loves you.
This week away from you makes him realize just how much all of it is true. He needs you in his life, and he never wants to do anything that’d ruin what he has with you.
Which only makes him even angrier to think that James belittled his relationship with you like you were just another conquest to add to his list.
Ransom understands the dynamic of the family, the hierarchy, and he’s always respected it.
But who the hell does James think he is to meddle in his relationship? Telling him he needed to chill? That maybe you wouldn’t be with him a month from now?
It’s almost as if James doesn’t want Ransom to be happy, because if he is then it means he’d lose his perfect little soldier that does whatever he’s told, anytime, any day.
As he lays in his bed awake in the middle of the night, Ransom realizes how much you changed his life since you walked in it. He truly is miserable without you and all he thinks about is getting home to you. That’s all he wants, almost all he thinks about.
He misses your smile, your laugh. He misses watching you work and take care of your employees. He misses watching your nose scrunch up when he kisses it, he misses kissing you and holding you. He misses absolutely everything.
Ransom covers his eyes by throwing his arm over them, groaning. ‘’Fuck.’’
‘’Suck it up, man. You’ll be home in a couple of days.’’ He tells himself as he tries to fall back asleep.
As the week goes by, his feeling about the suppliers doesn’t change. He truly thinks that they’ve been jerking him around, he just doesn’t know why.
Finally, the last day came and he just had to meet with them one final time to hash out some of the details and then he’d be on his way home to you.
As a show of good faith, Ransom agreed to meet with them in a location of their choice.
Ransom shows up on time, as usual, and waits for them. An hour goes by and they still hadn’t shown up, further adding to his feeling that something wasn’t right.
He is getting seriously pissed. He absolutely hates when people are late, especially when they are making him late to see you.
After he leaves, he’ll still have a 3-hour drive before he finally gets to see you again. He needs to leave as soon as possible so that he can get home as soon as possible.
‘’What the hell is happening here?’’ He mumbles under his breath, fuming.
Soon enough, Ransom gets his answer as a bunch of cars pull up, caging him in. Everything happens so fast that he barely has time to understand what is happening, though the flashing red and blue lights made it pretty obvious.
‘’Police! On the ground! Hands behind your head!’’ Someone yells at him.
‘’Shit.’’ He says through gritted teeth as he slowly gets on his knees, hands clasped behind his head. He lays on the ground, face down and waits.
A few seconds later someone is standing above him, putting a cold bracelet on one of his wrists then bringing his hands behind his back, one after the other, and finally his other wrist gets the matching cold bracelet.
An officer pats him down while he’s still laying on the ground and he thanks whatever guardian angel that was watching over him that convinced him to leave his gun in his suitcase. It had been a dangerous move, coming to a meeting unarmed, but he had a feeling it was best if he didn’t bring anything with him.
Two officers pull him up from the ground and one of them starts reading him his rights as they walk him over to one of the SUVs. The door gets opened for him and he’s shoved into the back, the door being slammed shut right after.
Ransom lets his head fall back against the headrest and he closes his eyes. ‘’All I want is to get home to my girl.’’ He whines, barely audible.
He’s taken to the police station and they allow him one phone call before they throw him in a cell.
Though he’s tempted to call you, Ransom decides to call James.
‘’James? It’s me.’’
‘’Yeah… Listen. I need you to get a lawyer down here and fast. I just got arrested.’’
‘’Ok. Hang tight. She’ll be there soon, I’m on my way too.’’
‘’Can you call my girl? Tell her what happened? I don’t want her to worry.’’
James hesitates. ‘’Yeah, ok.’’
‘’Thanks.’’ An officer tells him that his time is up. ‘’I have to hang up. Hurry please.’’
The same officer takes the phone out of his hands and hangs up for him. He motions for Ransom to stand up and he takes him to his cell. He massages his wrists as soon as the handcuffs are off, whoever had put them on him clearly gets off on cutting off blood flow to the hands.
He sits down on the cold bench and waits, that’s all he can do for now.
Ransom doesn’t know how much time goes by before his lawyer finally shows up.
They take him to a private room where they’ll be able to speak freely. As soon as the door is shut, he turns to look at her.
‘’What the fuck happened? Why am I here?’’ He almost yells.
She gestures for him to lower his voice. ‘’They received an anonymous tip, saying there was a man that was either selling or trying to sell weapons. Illegal ones.’’
He frowns. No one knew about where he was or what he was doing, he highly doubts the suppliers he met with are the ones who called in the tip because they knew there wouldn’t be any transaction made today.
‘’They don’t have a case. You weren’t armed, you weren’t doing anything illegal, you didn’t have money or weapons of any kind with you or on you. They’ll have no choice but to release you.’’
‘’Good. Can they do it now? I have somewhere I gotta be.’’ Ransom huffs.
‘’I’m sorry, Ransom. They are allowed to keep you for 48 hours without evidence. They won’t release you until then.’’
‘’Are you kidding me? You’re telling me I’m going to be stuck here for two whole fucking days when I didn’t do anything?’’
‘’They are legally allowed to do that, which means there’s nothing I can do to help speed along the process. With your rap sheet alone they have cause enough to keep you here while they are trying to find any evidence that the tip wasn’t bogus. I’ll still look to see if there’s anything I can do, but sadly I think the only choice we have is to wait.’’
Unfortunately she was right. They did keep him for 48 hours, not a minute less. He had no way to tell time, no clocks around, and it drove him absolutely crazy to not be able to know when he’d be let go.
‘’On your feet, Drysdale. You’re free to go.’’ An officer opens the door to let him out of the cell.
‘’About damn time.’’ He says under his breath as he walks out.
His lawyer is waiting for him at the front desk, to hopefully speed up him being processed out.
While she reads over all the paperwork, Ransom puts on all his jewelry they made him take off. His rings, his watch and his chain.
‘’James is waiting for you outside.’’ His lawyer informs him as he signs the forms after she told him it was ok to do so.
‘’Good. I gotta get home.’’
As he puts down his last signature, he has half a mind to throw the pencil at the poor clerk’s head but stops himself. One, it wasn’t the clerk’s fault and two, he is still in the police station and he’s being watched like he’s prey. Like they’re all hoping he’s going to do something, anything to allow them to arrest him again.
Unfortunately for them, Ransom’s need to be with you is stronger than his need for petty revenge. It took one fucking hour of paperwork before he could finally walk out.
The lawyer kept giving James updates about Ransom. Why he was there, what were the charges, when he’d be able to get out.
‘’She says they don’t have a choice but to let him out. They don’t have anything to get the charges to stick. They are allowed to keep him for 48 hours without charging him, then they’ll let him go.’’ James tells you after hanging up with the lawyer.
You let out a long sigh of relief. ‘’That’s good.’’ You smile.
The next 48 hours are going to be excruciatingly long, but now that you’re sure Ransom will get out they’ll go by a lot easier.
At the 48-hour mark, the SUV is parked in front of the police station. You, James and his driver/bodyguard all get out of the car and wait for Ransom to get out.
After 15 minutes of waiting, you start to get agitated.
‘’Is it normal that it’s taking this long for him to come out?’’ You ask James nervously.
‘’Yes. There’s a lot of paperwork to sign. Don't worry, sweetheart. The lawyer is in there with him, if anything happens she'll let us know immediately."
You nod, only slightly reassured.
40 minutes in, you can't stand still anymore so you start pacing. Much to James and his driver's dismay.
"Sweetheart, I know this is all new to you and it's making you anxious but you gotta stop pacing. You're making me anxious."
You stop moving immediately, embarrassed.
"I'm sorry."
"It's ok." He smiles. "It shouldn't be too long now." He looks at his watch. "Another 20 minutes. 30 max."
You manage to stand still for exactly 7 minutes, the driver timed you, before you start pacing again.
"Sweetheart." James sighs.
"I'm sorry. I can't help it." You stop moving again.
"Maybe you should wait in the car?"
"No. No. I'll be good. I promise."
You didn't want Ransom to come out of the police station and think that only James wanted to see him.
15 minutes later, James taps on your shoulder and nods towards the door. ‘’Here he comes.’’
The lawyer is the first one to walk out and she smiles when she sees you. She knew you were there but didn’t tell Ransom to surprise him. Though she almost told him a few times just to shut him up and stop him from complaining about how he needs to go home, NOW.
As Ransom walks out of the police station, he’s slightly blinded by the sun. The only light source he’s seen recently are neons. He blinks a few times to help his eyes adjust and when they finally do, the first person he sees is James.
Suddenly his anger is back and he wants to scream at him for sending him into a damn trap but then he sees you. Almost all of his anger evaporates when your eyes meet.
‘’My baby.’’ He grins.
You finally relax when you see him.
‘’Ransom.’’ You grin back as you walk over to him to meet him halfway.
‘’Come here.’’ He grabs you by the hips and pulls you to his chest, quickly wrapping his arms around your waist.
He hides his face in your neck and inhales deeply, breathing in the smell of your shampoo, your soap and everything else that makes you smell like you. His anger dissipates completely the moment he gets his arms around you.
You wrap your arms around his middle and hold onto him with your hands laying flat on his back, fighting everything in you that tells you to take fistfuls of his suit jacket to make sure he’s not going anywhere.
Ransom peppers your neck with kisses. ‘’I missed you angel. You have no idea how much.’’
You chuckle. ‘’I missed you too. A lot.’’
‘’Yeah?’’ He pulls his head away from your neck to look at you, a big smile on his lips.
‘’You have no idea how much.’’ You tease him.
‘’I want to kiss you so bad right now.’’ He groans. ‘’But I haven’t brushed my teeth in almost 3 days and I feel disgusting.’’
You laugh and move your hands to rest on his chest. ‘’Let’s get you some toothpaste and then we can catch up.’’
He kisses your forehead. ‘’Thank you for being here.’’
‘’I’ll always be there for you.’’ You smile and let him guide you back to the car.
Though Ransom was surprised to see you at first, after James’ whole speech of putting some distance between you and him, it didn’t take long for him to understand what James’ strategy had been.
James had brought you along because he knew that Ransom was going to be absolutely furious and ready to explode, he also knew that Ransom would never allow himself to act like this in front of you. He bought himself 3 hours of peace, but he couldn’t use you as a shield forever.
You sit on the other side of the backseat, while Ransom lays down on the empty seats. He puts his head on your lap and looks up at you. ‘’Is it ok if I sleep?’’
You smile. ‘’Of course.’’
Ransom closes his eyes and you start running your fingers through his hair, helping him fall asleep.
He feels so much better now that you’re here with him. Like he can finally breathe again.
Though you still have a 3-hour ride in front of you to get you back to your house, Ransom already feels like he’s home.
For him home isn’t a house, it’s a person. His person. You. And as long as he has you with him, he’ll never be away from home again.
Tumblr media
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turbolisedcomet · 13 hours ago
Summary: You had to go through hell to get to heaven.
Pairings: Ransom Drysdale x reader(any race)
Word Count: 4.4k+
Warnings: Fluff, angst, Lindsay, and Kylie (Yes they are warnings).
Author’s Note: Here is the reader being the happy bitch she deserves to be with Ransom.
Part 1 Part 2
Tumblr media
“ Are you nervous?” You ask, squeezing Ransom’s hand gently in yours that was resting on his lap. He looks at you with soft eyes and a tender smile at your concern.
“ A little bit. Are you sure your family will like me?” He asks in a quiet voice with eyebrows furrowed in worry right after hearing the announcement that the plane will be landing soon. Your heart breaks a little at how worried and accustomed to not being liked he was. Yes, in the past he wasn’t exactly the best person to exist but after coming back to his senses he went through all pain imaginable to change and he did change for good. But, people were always oblivious to that. They needed someone to hate and gossip about and with Ransom’s past, he was an easy target.
“ Of course they will, Ran. Please, don’t worry about that. How can they not love you when you’ve done so much for me and Amber? And at the end of the day, no matter what, Amber and I will always love each other.” You hearten him and pull him in for a kiss after seeing him visibly relax at your reassuring words.
“ Why did that have to be the first thing I see when I just woke up?” You hear Amber groan from her seat. When you lean forward to catch a teasing smile on her face, you know she’s playing around.“And you missy drooled over his shoulder.” You point out and Amber opens her mouth to say something but closes it before sinking into her seat as Ransom chuckles. “ You know that’s fine, flower. It’s not like I don’t own another hundred sweaters. Good nap, Amb?”  He asks brushing the hair from her face.
“ Amazing nap, dad.” She murmurs in response before resuming her nap, with her head resting on his shoulder.“ Amber we will be reaching in a few minutes. Now is not a good time to fall asleep.” You tell her but she’s already dozed off.
“It’s fine, flower. Let her sleep, I’ll wake her up when we’re about to land.” He assures you before wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his chest, resting his chin on top of your head. After the day you made the bold impulsive decision to kiss him a year ago, he became a constant in both your and Amber’s life. At the start of your relationship, you were hesitant with him about everything which of course he understood. You knew and trusted him as a friend and neighbor before but when it comes to a romantic relationship, everyone always gets to see a different side of their partner. There were days where you would question him about everything he did and sometimes even shut him out for days but he was always so patient and persistent with you like, the goal in his life right now was to be the man you deserve to call yours and give you the life that Bucky failed to. You realized how much in love you were with him when after you had a breakdown which followed a fight with Ransom he spent the entire night outside your locked room and in the morning you found him curled up on the floor still waiting for you. He wasn’t even angry at you for shutting him out as you expected him to be like any other normal human would. After so many breakdowns and shutting out it would only make sense for him to have enough. But, he understood. He cared . He even spent the entire day cooking for you and Amber, doing all the chores of the house, and helping Amber and Alisha with their schoolwork. You knew that day with all your heart that he was the one that you had to go through hell to find.
It was not only you that considered Ransom a total miracle in your life. He was so important to Amber too. She tried not to get too attached or close to him at first, probably scared of what would follow. But then, he saw him treat you like you were the most delicate and precious thing to ever exist. Amber knew that if her mum could trust him with all her life, she could too because you would never allow a person who could potentially hurt Amber ever into your life or allow you to get close to Amber. He was there for her in a way she has never experienced. He would at times drive her and Alisha to school and back home, help her with her schoolwork and give her aid in navigating her relationship with Alisha when they were lost at times. While searching for colleges to apply to, it was Ransom who stayed up all night after telling her to go to bed and made a list of all the colleges she would like to attend along with the accommodation and everything. On the first Christmas, he celebrated together with you and Amber, she brought him down to tears by calling him ‘dad’ for the first time. Later that night he was in bed with you, crying again about it and how thankful he is to have you and Amber in his life. How he finally got a family he has always dreamt of but never had the privilege of having
“ Gimme that sweetheart, you don’t have to carry all of that,” Ransom says before taking one of Amber’s bags and slinging it over his shoulder while having your hand clasped in his.
“ Thanks, Dad,” Amber says with a tired smile as the three of you walk towards the exit terminal. “ Do you both want anything to drink or eat, since it will take some time for Sam to arrive?” He asks before halting in his tracks, waiting for an answer. Your flight had landed earlier than expected and Sam was to pick up all of you from the airport and you had called him up to inform him about your early arrival so that he could come to the airport earlier. “ I’m starving.” Amber groans, throwing her head back dramatically at which you and Ransom share a small laugh.
“ Come on then, let’s go eat something. What do you want to eat?” “ Anything with chicken in it,” Amber replies without a spare second. “ What about you, flower? Steak sandwich?” He turns to you and asks. You had only mentioned it once when you were on your second date with him that you loved having a steak sandwich after a long trip or long day of work. Your heart fluttered at how he remembered it. “ You know me.” The three of you walk towards a familiar restaurant through the busy, buzzing crowd.People were rushing towards their loved ones waiting for them, some screaming into their phones and kids throwing tantrums. It was pure chaos, really. Settling your bags on the floor, You and Amber take seats. “ You both sit here while I’ll go get the food, alright?” Ransom says.
“ I’ll come with you.” You suggest only for him to give you a smile and say, “ No, flower. You and Amber can rest your legs for a while. We’ve been walking around for quite some time.” You nod your head, agreeing to his proposal before he presses a sweet kiss to your lips, ruffles Amber’s hair, and walks away. 
You and Amber watch as he walks away and when he’s quite far Amber whips her head in your direction and leans in.
“ Do you want to marry him, Ma?” She asks with excitement and curiosity, lacing her voice. Your eyes widen at the sudden and unexpected question from your daughter.
“ Amber.” You whisper-shout.
“ What? It’s a genuine question.” She defends herself while lifting her shoulders up slightly. “It’s only been a year, Amb.” You weren’t so sure about the tone you speak in.  It was more like you were trying to convince yourself and Amber picked on that pretty quick. “ So what? Clearly, dad is one to stay so why delay it when it’s something you both want? And you know waiting for a few more years won’t change anything if you really love each other. It’s not like waiting for some more time will prevent problems from not happening.” You knew she was referring to Bucky with the last sentence she spoke and you couldn’t help but agree with her. She was right.
“ When did you get so wise and philosophical?” You tease her. “ You know me, I’m just simply so amazing.” She says while proceeding ostentatiously flip her hair that has the two of you bursting out in laughter.
“ That you are, lovebug.”
Tapping his fingers on the counter, Ransom waits for the ordered food. As the cashier types away on the touch screen in front of him, Ransom turns his head to look over his shoulder to where both of his girls were sitting and sees them deeply involved in a conversation which pulls his lips into a smile. He has never felt more blessed or half as excited in life since your and Amber’s ingress into his life. The life he was living right now was like a signal that he had suffered enough for being who was years ago and a reward for doing everything in his power to redeem himself. He never knew his reward would be so precious and perfect, if he had he would have worked for it way sooner.
“ Sir, would you like to have the free complimentary fries with your order?” The cashier asks looking up at him.
“ Uh, yeah, sure. “ He replies before looking back again only this time he catches your eye and sends you a wink at which you furiously blush, your face heating up, and shyly turn your head away from his direction. A smirk finds its way to his lips, satisfied with your reaction.
“ Oh my god, you both are so sappy. It’s so disgusting and cute.” Amber says in amusement as she watches you smiling uncontrollably only because of a cheeky wink from Ransom.
“ Oh shut it.” You dismiss her comment.
“ Shut what?” Ransom asks, before placing down the food on the table.
“ Nothing.” Amber drawls out while suppressing a smirk as Ransom gives her a questioning look and you give her a warning glare.
“ Hey, I’m Ransom.” Ransom introduces himself to Sarah after you pull away from her warm and welcoming hug.
“ So you’re the lucky guy.” She says.
“ That’s me.” He replies back while looking at you with much adoration.
“ That’s the man,” Sam shouts from the kitchen simultaneously before guiding the three of you to your room.
“ Go on and get fresh, we have a lot of catching up to do later,” Sarah says, her voice holding so much happiness at finally being able to see her friend in person.
“ Oh yes, we do.” You say reciprocating the same emotions before following Sam to the room that you’ll be occupying with Ransom and Amber. Sam had suggested that he take the couch and either Amber or you and Ransom can have the room during your stay but that was unnecessary.
Returning to the living room where Sarah was waiting for you to return, you three settle down along with Sam.
“ Where are the boys?” You ask Sarah as Ransom wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you against him.
“ They have work today, so they’ll be stopping by later tonight. Trust me when I say that they were so excited when they heard you were coming.” You have always adored Sam’s nephews. They were the sweetest boys and the fact that they still remembered you and were excited by your arrival brought a certain warmth to your heart.
“ Oh, I always forget that they are all grown up now.”
“ What about baby Amber here? She’s all grown up too.”
Conversations flow among everyone and you couldn’t be happier noticing how Amber and Ransom were getting along with Sam and Sarah so well. Ransom seemed hesitant and nervous at first like he was cautious about every move he made and every word that came out of his mouth as he nervously squeezed your hand every so often as you gave him comforting glances but with how warm and receiving Sarah and Sam were his nervousness faded away and he seemed like his usual self now. Amber too was having an amazing time as she chatted up with Sarah and Sam. You didn’t even feel like so many years had passed by without seeing them. Everything seemed so normal and natural. You knew the bond you shared with two siblings could never be broken even by time.
“ Is Bucky still staying at the apartment?” Your question has everyone stopping whatever they were doing at once as silence took over the room.
“ Don’t worry I can say his name without breaking down.” You say with a small laugh, trying to lighten up the mood which seems to work as the tension in the air dissolves and a relaxed expression takes over everyone’s face.
“ He still stays there,” Sam replies to your question and you nod in response.
“ Does he know that I’m here?” 
“ Probably not. At least I haven’t told him anything. We don’t really talk now except for anything involved with the missions.” Sam informs you and guilt settles in you at the thought of their broken friendship.
“ I’m sorry.”
“ No, no. You have nothing to be sorry for. That was my decision after the stunt he pulled.” His comforting tone makes you smile.
“ With that woman and her daughter following him around everywhere and wrecking everything, trust me, you would not want to be around him.” Sarah comments and you have to agree with what she said. Lindsay and that stuck-up daughter of theirs were spawns of the devil.
“ This is Lindsay and Kylie you’re talking about right?” Ransom asks, receiving nods of agreement from everyone. 
The doorbell rings interrupting the conversation going on.
“ I’ll get that,” Sam says, getting up and walking towards the door as Sarah converses with Ransom about his work.
“......told you to not come today.”
“...was free…...didn’t want to delay…...get it over with.” The conversation at the door is involuntarily walking towards the door where you see Bucky who looked like he was about to leave before your presence catches his attention and he’s looking at you, frozen in spot.
“ Who is it?” Sarah asks.
“ James.” You say as both an answer to Sarah and acknowledgment of his presence. Ransom is already by your side at the moment.
“ I-I’ll probably go.” Bucky stammers as he tries to force his gaze away from where Ransom’s arm was wrapped around your waist.
“ You sounded like you needed something. Don’t stop on my account.” You say in a voice that you weren’t able to recognize as Sam gives you a look which you return with one of your own which said that you were perfectly alright with it. Why wouldn’t you be?
“ N-no that’s-”
“ Just come in and get your work done.” With that, you turn to walk back to the living room as Ransom’s glare remains on Bucky till he is out of sight.
Bucky hesitantly walks into the living room to find you curled up against Ransom while his arm was swapped around your waist as his fingers stroked your side gently and his other hand stroked Amber’s hair absentmindedly. Bucky’s jaw clenched at the sight and a fire ignited in his body and the flames of jealousy spread everywhere.
It was the perfect family picture right in front of him. Something he could have had but decided to ruin.
“ You can sit and I’ll go get your stuff,” Sam says walking away, leaving Bucky in the room with all of you. He takes a seat beside Sarah, who keeps giving him subtle glares.
While you were engaged in a heated conversation with Amber, Ransom caught Bucky’s eyes with a sly smirk and stretched his hand forward for a handshake.
“ Ransom, (Y/N)’s man.” He says with an irrefutable arrogance in his voice, the way he referred to himself heating up your cheeks and Bucky reaches forward and takes his hand with his jaws clenched so tight that it would snap anytime. Holding the firm handshake they glare at each other before you’re gently urging him away.
“ That’s-uh-great,” Bucky says, trying not to let his jealousy and inner turmoil show in his voice. His hatred for Ransom was irrational. He saw Ransom being in the place that he was supposed to be in and the venomous feeling of repulsion consumed him. But, you looked so happy, you were glowing like the day you walked down the aisle to a silently crying Bucky or when you were pregnant with Amber. He hated how he had tainted even those good memories by his actions. Amber too was so happy. With the way Ransom and Amber interacted, you wouldn’t even be able to guess that she was not biologically his.
“It’s amazing, actually. We’ve been together for a year now.” You say dreamily looking up at Ransom whose eyes twinkled with so much love and for a moment it was like you both were the only people in the room.
Bucky knew that look on your face all too well. It was clear that the two of you were deeply in love with each other and even though he was happy that you found the love you deserve, a selfish part of him still wanted him to be your man. His eyes drifted to Amber as you and Ransom converse with Sarah, to see her watching him with a hard glare like she was cautiously waiting for him to make a wrong move. He offers her a smile to which she frowns and turns her head away, before her phone rings.
“ Could you all excuse me for a while? It’s my girlfriend.” She says as a wide smile decorates her face.
“ Of course, lovebug. Tell her I said hi.” You say to which Ransom adds, “ Give her a hi from me too, sweetheart.”
“ Will do.” She says before rushing giddily towards all of your room.
Sam appears from the hallway carrying a bag which he hands over to Bucky.
“ Everything is in there,” Sam informs him and he shoots him a nod.
“ Yeah, thanks.”
“ Are you staying for a while?” Your question catches him off guard as he stares at you with parted lips before regaining himself.
“ We wouldn’t mind at all,” Ransom says with a pompous undertone to his voice.
“ Yeah, that would be nice.” There was no way Bucky was going to pass up a chance to be around you. He was going to treat every moment like his last.
Tense and hesitant conversations were shared while Bucky tried to memorize every movement you made, every word that came out of your mouth. It was so familiar, being around you felt like home, which he knew he had to leave soon. Ransom was bragging about you and your face helplessly heated up with every word of praise and gratitude coming out of his mouth about you. Bucky knows that letting you go was a mistake but, hearing Ransom oh so lovingly goes on and on about you only compounds what he’s been missing out on.
“ Dad.” Amber's voice comes from the hallway and both Ransom and Bucky perk up, raising their eyebrows as a response to her call. When Bucky catches Ransom’s brief glare at his response, he quickly averts his eyes, realizing what he did and pretending that nothing happened. All Bucky could hear was his daughter calling Ransom, “dad” and fuck if it doesn’t hurt. The silent but deadly interaction goes unnoticed by Amber as she walks towards the couch.
“ Alisha’s dad told me to tell you that a few people stopped by your house and asked about the town and neighborhood. They probably might want to buy it.” 
Ransom had moved into your house after a few months of dating and had put his house on sale.
“ Well, we can discuss that if I get a call from them.” He says and you nod your head in agreement just as Bucky’s phone starts ringing which he pulls out from his pocket and frowns upon staring at the screen before he keeps it back in his pocket. 
“ Anyone want a beer?” Sam asks and voices out their agreement.
“ You’re not getting any beer. You’re drinking soda.” Sam playfully points at Amber.
“ Ow man, come on. I thought I could sneak in one.” She says throwing her hands in the air, receiving laughs from everyone in response. Bucky’s phone rings again and he repeats the same action as before. And then it happens for the third time.
“ You know, you can take it,” Sarah says, slightly annoyed.
“ No, I'd rather not. No one important.” No sooner did he finish than rapid knocks at the door were heard.
“ Maybe the boys are here early,” Sarah murmurs as she walks towards the door. 
“ Where’s James?” Oh no. Not them again you thought as Amber groaned at the familiar voice. Sam and Bucky seemed panicked while Ransom was clueless as she munched on some cookies.
Before Sarah could do anything, Lindsay and Kylie walked into the living room. Their gazes immediately fell on you and Amber as similar expressions of smugness took over their faces. 
“ Are you really that pathetic and desperate, James?” Lindsay giggles in a complacent tone that makes you want to rip her hair off and shove it up her ass.
“ Why the fuck are you here?” Bucky seethes and Lindsay rolls her eyes in response.
“ Why didn’t you pay my rent?” She asks him while placing her hand on her hips.
“ Why would I? You and your boyfriend are supposed to do that.” He says in disbelief.
“ You know that he doesn’t have a penny with him and neither do I. The landlord will kick us out if we don’t pay it in a few days and you don’t want your daughter living in the streets, right?” Lindsay’s manipulating ways astound you as you, Ransom, and Amber watch the episode unwind in front of you like it’s one of the movie nights you three have. You do feel bad for Bucky but then, you remind yourself that did this to himself.
“ We’ll talk about this later. Now, please go.” You can hear how desperate he is for them to get as far away from him as possible.
“ Ugh, James, it’s not like you even spent all that money. Stop being selfish and give it up.” This time Kylie exasperatedly tells. This was worse than you thought.
“ Now, you’re just basically rubbing it in everyone’s face that you're a dumbass stuck-up fool.” Amber comes to Bucky’s defence and he was clearly surprised by the uncalled-for response from her.
“ What did you say?” Kylie screeches.
“ Ah, look at that. Looks like you have a souvenir from our meeting before.” Amber says referring to Kylie’s crooked nose which was a result of the punches she blew on her face. Ransom, knowing of the confrontation, which he clapped her on the back for, snorts.
“ You and your whore mother will pay for this.” Ransom saw red at the words that reached his ears.
“ Don’t you dare say a single fucking word about my girls.”  He growls holding up a finger in her face as a warning.
“ I’m so sorry about this. We’ll go. I’m really sorry. It was good seeing you, (Y/N). I’m so glad that you’re happy. Both you and Amber. The two of you deserve the world.” Bucky says as he urges a stunned Lindsay and Kylie out of the house, his eyes lingering on you for a few moments like he was making up for all the time he couldn’t see you and with a sad smile on his lips, he’s out of the house with the other two.
“ Wow, that was something,” Sam utters with wide eyes.
“ Sure was,” Sarah says, mirroring her brother.
“ Can I talk to you in the room, flower?” Ransom asks and you nod your head before excusing yourselves and walking over to the room.
“ Are you alright?” He asks, closing the door behind him.
“ Of course I am. Thank you for standing up for me and Amber out there.” You say in a low voice as his arms snake around your waist and pull you against him.
“ Flower, you don’t have to thank me. I did it because I love you both more than life, anything I ever have and there’s no way I would let anyone talk about the two of you like that.” He presses a kiss on top of your head.
“ I know. I love you too.” You smile up at him.
“ Can we have a baby?” His question has you lightly laughing.
“ Really? you’re serious?”
“ Yeah. In another year Amber will be off to college and it’ll be nice to have a little us running around. I’ve always wanted a baby with you.” 
“ I think we can work that out.” You say, giggling as Ransom lifts you in the air laughing and hugging you tight at your approval. 
“ I wouldn’t mind having someone to play with.” Amber’s voice is heard from the other side of the door.
“ Get in here, young lady.”
“ There better not be any funny business going on.” She warns before getting in the room with a you-caught-me smile on her face.
“ Were you eavesdropping?”
“ I was on my way to the washroom and this very interesting conversation caught my ears.” She shrugs and laughs at her, Ransom pulls the two of you into a tight hug.
“ I love you both so much.”
“ I love you too, dad, But, I really gotta pee.” She says wiggling out of the embrace and rushing towards the door, Both of your laughter settles into smiles as the door closes again before, Ransom leans in pressing kisses along your neck up to your ear and whispers, “ Just wait till we get home, flower and then we can do all the baby-making we want.”
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𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦 𝐝𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
'☆' indicates smut
⇝ 𝒎𝒓𝒔. 𝒅𝒓𝒚𝒔𝒅𝒂𝒍𝒆 ☆
ransom drysdale x reader
it was your grandfather's last wish for you to marry ransom, and to honor his last wish, you agree to get married to him, even though it means you'll be stuck in a loveless marriage for the rest of your life.
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marvelouscharlie24 · 2 days ago
Ransom Drysdale Masterlist
Tumblr media
😈 Indicates smut
🌸 Indicates fluff
💔 Indicates angst
🖤 Indicates dark content
Tumblr media
Family Affair 😈
Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader. Word Count 2,995
Summary: After an awful family gathering, Ransom takes it out on you.
Warnings: Unprotected sex. Explicit sexual content. Fingering. Asphyxiation. Oral sex (female receiving). Mention of shitty family drama. Explicit language. Angry sex. 18+.
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agentofbarnes · 25 days ago
Ok so this is a bit self indulgent, but let’s go.
What if dewdrop has a high school friend who is very dear to her, but has always been in love with her and has actually told her about is feelings a while ago and he shut him down. But the thing is he never actually got over her and every opportunity he gets he will flirt with her and still have hopes that maybe one day they will end up together. How would Ransom react to this?
daddy’s lil fucktoy ~ ransom
pairing ~ sugardaddy!ransom x sugarbaby!reader (dewdrop au)
warnings ~ smut obviously, minors DNI, collar kink, daddy kink, possessive!ransom, slight insecure!ransom, dom!ransom (as always), loving usage of fucktoy, slight degradation
notes ~ i just want you to know that rosie and i had a full hour conversation about this ask while spurred me to write this. also wrote this very late at night so if it’s terrible, i was tired
Tumblr media
Ransom hated your friends, not because he wanted you to himself but because they were terrible. You certainly had a way of letting assholes into your life and he knows he should be grateful that he was one fo the assholes you let in, but at least he loved and cared for you. These so-called friends of yours seemed to always want something. They wanted to create drama or they wanted to take advantage of your kind heart.
And no one was worse than your childhood best friend, Killian. The ‘poor guy’ had a way of always playing the weak, nice friend, but Ransom always saw through him and his lingering eyes. He played the role amazingly and you had fallen for it.
“I just don’t get why you keep them around, baby, they’re terrible to you,”Ransom sighed out when he leaned back against the leather seat of the driver’s side. His fists clutched around the steering wheel with his eyes focused on the road.”I mean, I get why you stay in touch with Killian, he’s been your friend since you were five but he…he’s the worst of them, he clings to you and he does everything in his power to make me seem like I’m the worst. He’s turned all the girls against me, except Kelly, but I’m pretty sure she wants to sleep me.”
“Wouldn’t be the first time she slept with my boyfriend,”You admitted, glancing at him with soft eyes.”But I know you wouldn’t.”
“Kelly isn’t the point, though, seriously? You still talk to her?”Ransom asked incredulously with furrowed brows.
“I mean, she had a rough year—“
“No, there’s no excuse for that, dew, you deserve better.”
“It’s fine, Ran, she doesn’t even bother me that much anymore. It was back in freshman year of college, it’s history.”
“And what about Killian? He’s tried to chase me off so many times, he fucking told me to break up with you tonight, you know that?”
“He what?”
“He said I didn’t deserve you, and he’s right, but I want to be good enough,”Ransom huffed at the thought of the man that enraged him. His knuckles were nearly white with his hard grip on the wheel.”I can only assume I’m not the only one he’s tried to chase off.”
You wanted to facepalm and cry at the drama that was your best friend,”I thought he was over it,” You muttered, rubbing your hand over your face in frustration.
“Over what?”
You let out a soft sigh,”I’m sorry, I should have told you, but…a couple months before we met, he told me he was in love with me,”You admitted with a frown,”I told him I didn’t feel the same and he said he understood. He said he wanted to be friends and that he would move on, i didn’t realize he was still holding ou—“
“I’m gonna kill him,”Ransom nearly growled, chest heaving as his temper rose.”He thinks he can’t get rid of me so what? So, He can have you? Yeah, right, god, he can’t just be friends with you, Y/N, guys like him don’t think they deserve to be in the friend zone, they think of women, he thinks of you as a piece of meat that he wants and if he can’t have you, no one can. He just hides it under that weird friendly too-close-for-comfort best friend aura.”
“Ransom, calm down, baby,”You pulled one of his hands carefully off the wheel and intertwined with yours. He visibly relaxed under your affection.”You know you have no competition, I only want you, daddy.”
Ransom chuckled at that, a smile forming on his lips along with the idea in his head.”Yeah, you’re my girl, aren’t you?”
It had been almost a week since that night and you were out with your friends once again, but most of all, you were out with Killian who had brought you home safely.
“You know, I don’t get why you like this guy,” Killian mentioned when he pulled into the driveway.”I mean, I get that he has money—“
“I don’t care about his money,”You replied immediately,”And I find it extremely offensive when people think that.”
“I suggest you don’t ask any of our other friends what they think then,”Killian joked but it fell flat.”So if it’s not his money, it’s his dick, right? I can’t imagine you actually love him, he’s a spoiled prick, babe.”
“I’m not your babe, Killian,”You snapped, frowning at him.”Ransom’s my boyfriend and you need to understand that I love him, and sure, he has big cock but you know what? I love him for more than that, he’s…fun and he takes care of me. You guys don’t see him like I do, you don’t…”You sighed out in frustration,”You don’t see Ran. He’s a work in progress and yeah, maybe he’s an asshole, but he isn’t to me. He just wants to be loved and adored. He’s actually really sweet and—“
“I get it, I get it, you love him,”Killian held his hands up in surrender,”I’m just looking out for you. I can’t help but think you deserve better.”
“Yeah, well, he’s all I want,”You admitted before getting out of the car. You shut the door and you already know Ransom has been waiting by the door for you because well, you know your boyfriend. He’s too proud to admit he’s jealous and insecure, but you know he’s pacing behind the door.
When you opened the door of your now shared home to find Ransom sitting in very expensive leather chair with a little box in his lap and the hottest smirk you’ve ever seen.
“Come here, dewdrop,”Ransom’s voice was commanding and deep, and you can’t help the wetness that pools in your panties.”Come kneel for daddy.”
You drop your purse at the door, smiling mischievously and forgetting about all the drama of the night. You sauntered over to him, dropping to your knees in front his chair. His thighs were spread so you could fit perfectly between them.
“Did you have fun, baby?”
“Would have been a lot more fun if you had come, daddy,”You told him honestly, gazing up at him with excitement for what he had planned. The thong you had worn was sticking to your core at the sight of Ransom so powerful.
“Well, I had to pick up a present for my pretty girl,”Ransom told you, caressing your cheek gently as he leaned forward to push the box into your hands.”Go on, open it.”
You glanced down at the box now in your hands, lifting the top and unwrapping the tissue paper to find a leather pink collar with a metal heart in the front. From the heart hung a heart shaped dog tag that read daddy’s lil fucktoy. Along with the collar was a pink leash and a note: just a reminder of who you belong with.
“I love it,”You beamed up at him, clenching your thighs together in anticipation.”Will you put it on me, daddy?”
“It would be a pleasure, dewdrop,”He whispered with a grin, taking the collar between his fingers and placing it around your neck. It was tight, but you liked it. The dog tag fell against your skin while he hooked the leash to the collar.
Ransom leaned over, connecting his lips against yours now that you were claimed so perfectly for him. His kiss was a clash of tongue and teeth, his own neediness consumes him as he licked into your mouth lustfully.
He pulled away slowly, taking your bottom lips between his teeth and pulling at it before releasing you. You whined at the loss of his lips. Ransom smirked at the image before him, you with the pretty collar and leash attached. You were his.
“My beautiful girl, fuck, you look sinful,”Ransom groaned, his cock fattening his tight jeans. He stood up in front of you, tugging you by the leash to get on your feet.”I’m gonna take you bed, and I’m gonna fuck that pretty pussy until you’re shaking and crying.”
“Anything you want,”You promised, giggling when he smacks your ass and pulls you to the bedroom. As soon as he has you in the bedroom, he’s stripping you of all your clothes and pushing you on the bed.
On your hands and knees, the leash tugs on your neck as Ransom sheds his own clothes and finds his way behind you. He pulls the leash harshly, forcing you off your hands and your back flush against his chest.
Ransom grabbed your jaw, turning you towards him with a harsh kiss. You melted into him, whining against his lips as you eagerly let him dominate you. When he breaks the kiss, he’s pushing you back on the bed.
“Gonna be a good girl for daddy and take my cock?”
“Yes, daddy,” You gasped when you felt his hand smack against the flesh of your ass. His hand inched down over your holes till his fingers are teasing your weeping cunt.
“God, you’re fucking dripping baby, all for me, and don’t you fucking forget who makes you soak your panties,”Ransom growled, lining his cock up at your twitching hole. He sank his cock into your quivering cunt, admiring how your pussy stretched around his large intrusion. Your walls pulsated around him, clinging to his fat cock like you couldn’t get enough of it.
“Oh, daddy,”You clutched the sheets in your fists, gasping when he fills your cunt with one solid thrust. You do your best to accommodate his size and you do like the queen you are.
Ransom groaned when you complete enveloped his cock in your warmth, head falling back as you squeeze him so tightly.
“Such a good girl, taking daddy’s cock like that,”Ransom praised, one hand gripping your hips while the other kept a tight grasp on the pink leash that controlled you.”You can feel me stretching your tight little pussy out, don't you baby girl?”
You can’t nod, he has the leash too short as he pulled you back on his cock. His pressed his hand against the small of your back, making you arch your spine as he fucked into you with no limit on his strength. He rammed into your pussy, fucking you relentlessly.
“Yes, yes, fuck, I love your cock, daddy, love how you split me open…make me hurt, daddy, please.”
Ransom grunted, pounding into your upset fast and hard with his hand continuously coming down harshly on your ass. The flesh of your ass feels tender and hot under his blows, and you love it. It sends jolts of pleasure straight to your core, making your walls constricted around his hard cock.
You cry out his name, tears brimming your eyes blissfully. The collar around your neck feels tight with the pull of the leash. He used the leash to pull you against him, to pull you back in his cock. He leaned over you, his chest pressed against your back and his lips hovered over your ear.
“This is where you belong, daddy’s little fucktoy, you were made for my cock, baby, made for me,”Ransom growled, biting at your lobe teasingly.”You’re fucking mine, no man can fuck you like this. This cunt belongs to me, this mouth,”He grabbed your jaw roughly, squeezing your cheeks,”it’s mine to kiss, mine to fuck, you understand? You’re my fucktoy, my girl, my love. Say it, tell daddy who you are.”
“I’m yours! I’m your little fucktoy, daddy, please, canI…can I cum? Please please, make me yours.”
“Yes,”Ransom rasped, fucking you with everything in his. His spare hands glided under your body, finding that sweet sensitive pearl and circled it with his fingers until you were crying his name and cumming in his cock. You trembled under him, making the man smirk in pride. He let out a moan from the back of his throat, spilling into your pretty pussy.”That’s my good girl, fuck!”
Ransom slowly pushed his cock in and out of your cunt, watching how easily he slipped into your heat with his cum spread around his cock. He gently fucked his seed back into your pussy, not stopping for a single second.
“This what you wanted, daddy?”You asked in seductive tone,”My pussy covered in cum, your name around my neck?”
“You think I’m done with you, dew? Oh baby, how dumb you are,”Ransom chuckled darkly, thrusting harshly back into your pussy.”When I said I wanted you dripping in cum, I meant it. I hope you’re rested, because daddy’s in a mood.”
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syntheticavenger · 21 days ago
Nocturnal - One
Words: 3.5K
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Language, mentions of past cheating, a hint of degradation, brief assault, bribery, manipulation, dub-con kissing.
Notes: A little world building and some hints for what is to come for the next chapter. I expect this mini series to be completed quickly.
Nocturnal Series Masterlist
Summary | You knew Ransom Drysdale was no good even after you broke up with him. You just didn’t know how far he’d go to show you.
Tumblr media
Ransom has nothing but time. He waits for you, sipping a scotch while the minutes tick by because he knows that you’re fighting against the very instinct that drew you to him in the first place.
Your little stunt at the restaurant hadn’t gone in your favor and pretending that he didn’t exist had cost you a tip and a little sass from Ransom’s new girlfriend, who was currently unimpressed at your attitude. He saw the devastation in your eyes when your manager came to discuss the issue, how your head bowed, and your lips had formed into a frown while he chastised you.
At the knock of the door, he waits, leaning back in his chair, content to let the minutes tick by. You’re just as stubborn as he is and he knows this. He knows that you’re aware he’s inside and a dark smile spreads across his lips at your voice on the other side of the door.
“Ransom?” Your voice is low, barely audible.
It’s the shame, Ransom thinks. You don’t want anyone else to hear.
“Come in,” he tells you, languidly taking a sip when you enter.
You’ve been crying. Your thin coat does nothing to keep you from the cold, still slightly shivering when you close the door behind you, your gloves worn down and stained that you shove into your coat pockets when you reach him. He sees it in your eyes - the dejection and guilt that shines in your irises under the light.
“Glad you came to your senses,” Ransom begins, placing the glass back down. “How much money do you need?”
You shift in your scuffed up ankle boots, not looking at him as you reply.
“Five hundred,” you answer softly. “That’s it.”
Ransom arches a brow at your answer, humming while he crosses one leg over the other, studying you like prey.
“You told me a thousand over the phone.”
“I-I’ll do a payday loan for the rest.”
He tuts, hearing your response, the shake of his head almost as bad as the smirk that appears on his lips.
“You don’t even have enough money to pay it back with interest. Those are predatory loans. All I’m asking for is a favor.”
And he keeps from smiling at the thought of what he knows to be true.
He’s the predator and you’re the prey. He likes the way your eyes widen in response to his comment.
“Favor? You said -”
“I said,” Ransom speaks, his voice slightly louder. Irritated. “That you would do something for me. In your haste, you agreed and you didn’t ask me what it entailed. So here we are, discussing the terms of our agreement.”
“I don’t have anything, Ransom, you know that,” you remind him quickly, tears filling your eyes as he stares at you.
“I know. Doesn’t help your shitty parents are too broke to help you out either. That’s why I’m here to help you. I’ve missed you.”
You don’t look at him as he says it, your lower lip trembling slightly. It’s a sore subject, admitting he misses you when he was in bed with another woman the night you came home late. Back to your parents you went, refusing to speak to him until he forced you to come back and pack up your things. His new girlfriend is the one you caught him with and it stings, he can tell you hate standing in front of him and asking for money but it’s that or eviction and you can’t ask any of your friends for help because they’re all in the same predicament.
“You don’t,” comes your reply, sad and barely above a whisper. “I’ll pay you back what I owe you. I just need to get caught up.”
“I have missed you. Don’t invalidate my words because we didn’t last. Had you been home like I’d asked you to be, I wouldn’t have found someone else.”
“This was a bad idea,” you suddenly admit, wiping your tears from your face as you find the nerve to leave. “N-Nevermind, Ransom.”
“Hey, hey,” Ransom calls out behind you. “Where are you going to go? You could go back to your parents. You’ll pay more in rent at their shitty house than you do in your tiny apartment. No privacy either. Your mother opens your mail, remember? But hey… your choice.”
Your fingers grip the doorknob, and he waits once again as your mind ping-pongs back and forth as it weighs the heavy toll of what you’re asking for.
“Just be smart,” Ransom says, observing your shoulders that droop in defeat.
He hears your sigh, watching you turn around as you sniffle.
“It’ll be fine,” Ransom continues, hesitating for a moment when you are about to sit in a chair. “Wait.”
Your soft gaze should break his heart but he doesn’t care. He remembers how you dismissed him hours before and the rage simmers under the surface once more. He wants to see tears on your pretty face.
“On your knees,” Ransom finalizes. “Tell me thank you for my generosity.”
His eyes darken at your question.
“Don’t make me repeat myself. You know how much I hate that.”
Lowering yourself to your knees, he crooks his finger and motions you forward. Shaking your head earns you a hardened gaze.
“Come here.”
Walking on your knees toward him is humiliating, the last shreds of your dignity barely hanging on as you stop in front of him, his legs parting slightly to let you kneel between them.
“Is this how you pictured yourself? On your knees, asking me for money so you don’t get kicked out of your apartment?” Ransom begins, placing his hands on his thighs as his signet ring catches your attention. “Eyes up here.”
When you stare at him, a chill goes down your spine. That handsome face doesn’t hide his cruelty, even as he smiles at you.
“Your boss didn’t seem pleased with your little performance. You forget who I am. I’m untouchable, remember? All I would have had to do is make one phone call and that place would be done for. It’s not even that good, for starters. Bet he wrote you up after he chastised you in front of me.”
Your stare at the ground gives him his answer.
“That’s tough,” he sympathizes with a sigh. “Shouldn’t have popped off like you did. Thinking you could ignore me and look where it got you. Still needing my help. All of this could have been avoided had you just done what I asked.”
“I got extended that night,” you try to explain, his head lifting at your words in defiance.
“I know,” he replies, his tone slightly mocking as your knees start to ache at the position in you’re in. “It gave me time to find someone else.”
Ransom watches a tear slip down your cheek and he tilts his head at the sight.
“Comes from a good family. Rich,” Ransom muses as his thumb brushes against your cheek to wipe another tear that comes down. “Can’t imagine she’d even have to think about doing what you’re doing. It’s the least I can do for you, you know? All that history between us… I can’t just let you drown in debt. You’ll have to pay it back, of course, but you did the right thing coming back to me.”
A soft sob escapes your lips as tears flow, your hands going to your face before he pulls them away gently, your head lowering in shame as he leans forward slightly to kiss your forehead. Your cry is silenced at the action, eyes glistening with tears when his gaze goes to your face, as if he’s exploring every inch of your bewildered and scared expression.
“Give me a kiss,” Ransom orders, his tone light as you blink at his direction.
“N-No, Ransom,” you answer, shaking your head as he sees your head shake in response.
“After I’m trying to help you? Oh, baby, I thought you’d be nicer than that. I could singlehandedly get you out of all this debt and you can’t even give me a single kiss for old times?”
He grips your wrists tighter, pulling you toward him as his lips are on yours within seconds. You shouldn’t remember how good he is at making you forget where you are, Ransom kissing you breathless until he breaks it, his arms around you as you’re pulled against his chest. The last shreds of your resolve have vanishes, still smelling the faint cologne on his sweater as you cry again, knees still slightly aching as he soothes you with a slight hush at the shell of your ear.
“I said I’d help you,” Ransom promises as lets you go, reaching for his wallet as he peels out a small handful of bills, counting them in front of you before he places them into your palm.
“T-Thank you, Ransom,” you answer softly. The weight of your debt is much heavier than the hundred dollar bills that are in your hand.
“Don’t thank me just yet. You still owe me a favor. Now go,” he dismisses you, leaning back in his seat.
You’re more than grateful for the reprieve, getting up fluidly from your knees and ignoring the dull ache before you grab your purse, fresh tears spilling down your cheeks. You can’t seem to get to the door fast enough, closing it behind you and not even bothering to stop while you head toward the elevator.
When you get to your car, the guilt and shame hit, making you cry as your hands are draped over the steering wheel while you try to compose yourself. All you need to do is take a second job for a little and pay him back. Maybe even add interest to it so that he knows you’re serious about not wanting anything else from him.
And that little bit of hope allows you to finally drive away from the hotel.
Ransom hears his girlfriend as she pops up from the couch, eyes blazing with anger as she holds up her phone.
“Where were you?” she demands, placing her phone on the counter. “I called you three times.”
“Busy,” Ransom replies, placing his keys on the hook. “And you know better than to raise your voice at me.”
“It’s her, isn’t it? That bitch at the restaurant? I saw how you looked at her. You said it was over.”
He scoffs, shaking his head as she continues on, her voice raising with every accusation.
“Did you fuck her? Is that where you were?”
He laughs, turning his back on her as he opens the fridge, grabbing a beer as she pulls his arm roughly to get him to look at her. His demeanor shifts, his hand going to her neck as she squeaks in surprise when he backs her into the wall.
“Doesn’t feel good when someone puts their hands on you, does it?” Ransom growls, nose to nose with her as she glares at him. “Would that make justify your behavior if I told you I did? She knows what I like more than you do.”
“You’re an asshole.”
“And you’re unhinged,” Ransom shoots back, giving her throat a harder squeeze as she chokes. “I didn’t fuck her, you jealous, spoiled brat. I cheated on her, not you.”
He gives her a hard stare as he lets her go, inhaling slowly as he takes a step back.
“A mistake I’m going to correct. We’re done.”
Her eyes widen at his statement, shaking her head rapidly as she follows him.
“You aren’t going to break up with me for a waitress,” she shrieks at him while he heads up the stairs. “Ransom, this is ridiculous. You said yourself she was nothing. You didn’t even stop fucking me when she saw us. We come from the same social circles. You really want to give that up? You want to go back to trash?”
Ransom ignores her, opening a drawer where she keeps her things, tossing them on the bed as she grabs them.
“Fine,” she hisses, ripping her bag from the closet as she stuffs her clothes inside it. “You’re pathetic, you know that? I get you wanted to date someone who could be under your heel but I thought it was a phase. That you finally came to your senses. Your mother loves me. How do you think she’ll react when you bring her back here?”
“Your first mistake is thinking I actually give a shit what my mother thinks,” Ransom answers calmly, closing the drawer before he finally turns his attention on her. “In case you forgot, you’re barely hanging on as it is with your father’s name getting you by. Still locked up for embezzlement, if you haven’t forgotten. You’re only allowed in the country club because I allowed it. Now get out of my sight.”
“Fuck you, Ransom,” she seethes, tears streaming down her face. “I hope she breaks your heart.”
“Just get out,” he orders. “Now.”
With shaky fingers, you slip the envelope into the drop box, a sense of relief in your belly that you won’t be evicted. You hate your apartment but it’s all you can afford on your meager salary and for that, you’re grateful to have a place with a door that locks. It isn’t in the best neighborhood but once you’re inside the creaky building, you know that you’re safe. Trudging up the stairs, you feel the holes in the pockets of your worn coat, grabbing your keys as you make it toward your door.
One day you’ll be able to afford a better jacket, better suited for the Boston chill. As of now, entering your studio apartment gives you a sense of comfort as you turn on the light, locking the door behind you while you go through the motions of shrugging off your coat and taking off your gloves, your fingers tingling as you turn on the small space heater.
Your job search needs to continue, even as exhaustion pricks at your eyes. Your laptop is slow, almost ancient at this point but it’s still of good use to you, even as you once again scroll through the job sites that you’ve bookmarked.
Your thoughts go to Ransom and how he kissed you. You don’t want to think about it, sadness filling you at the thought of how you remember in every detail of how he hurt you. How he didn’t even try to come after you. You thought you’d gotten over him. Your parents had been textbook with their reluctance to let you back into their house, your mother telling you that she had been right all along, that a rich playboy would never truly choose you, not when they were conditioned to stay with their own kind. Your father, to his credit, didn’t say a word. Perhaps that hurt most of all.
Still, you’d been happy when you’d saved up enough for an apartment, eager to get out of their house. You hadn’t expected your landlord to raise the rent and even after the talk down you received from your boss, you hadn’t expected Ransom to call you when you were walking to your car, still in shambles at the discipline you had received. It was a simple offer, just to see him at the hotel he was at because he heard you were short on rent, making no mention of how he knew about your predicament or how he embarrassed you at the restaurant.
You had no one else to turn to, hating how you had given in so easily when he offered to help you.  Too exhausted to cry any longer, you push away the dread of knowing you have to pay him back, getting up and heading into the kitchenette to grab a tea bag as you put the kettle on.
The lights go out right as you turn on the burner, swearing softly when you try to rack your brain as to when the electricity bill was due. Every bill seems to mount higher and higher and you can’t keep track anymore. For now, you’re used to this, grabbing a lighter from the drawer and placing a row of candles on the coffee table. The soft light brings you a little comfort as a chill seeps in, your space heater now useless.
Your cell phone vibrates on the table, Ransom’s number popping up as you stare. It seems too soon for him to want to be paid back but it’s Ransom and you know anything is possible. When you answer, you wait as a few moments pass.
“Did you pay your rent?”
“Good,” Ransom continues. “I’m outside your door.”
“Didn’t want to knock if you weren’t home.”
Getting up from the couch, you spy him standing outside and you pause for a moment, unsure if you want him to see how your small place, let alone in the dark. You know he hates to be kept waiting and even that small thought makes you open the door, his eyes looking behind you before you open the door wider for him to step in.
“This is… quaint,” he finishes with a raise of his eyebrows. “Small. You like sitting in the dark?”
When he reaches for the light switch, you stop him.
“My electricity was cut off,” you murmur. “Just now.”
“That’s unfortunate. It’s going to get cold in here in a bit. You have anywhere else you can go?”
“No,” you reply, looking at the lit candles. “I’ll double up on my blankets.”
“So you’ve done this before? You didn’t realize it was due? How much do you owe?”
“A lot,” you confess. “But I’ll figure it out.”
“How much?” Ransom persists. “You never used to hide anything from me.”
“Like two-fifty. I’m fine, Ransom, I -”
“I’ll pay it.”
“No,” you answer quickly. “I can’t pay you back. I already owe you.”
“So then it’s not a big deal. We’ll just add to it.”
“I can’t ask you to do that.”
“You aren’t asking,” he corrects you. “I’m offering.”
He spies your twin bed that’s pushed against the corners of the wall and you follow his gaze. You know he’s biting his tongue to say more, your nerves on edge while he shrugs at the bare spaces on the walls.
“Is it comfortable? Less space than my King bed,” he muses. “Fireplace in the bedroom. You liked that most of all, didn’t you?”
“Did you come here to ask about the favor?”
“No.” Ransom sighs as he continues to look around your tiny apartment. “In time, you’ll know when I want it.”
“I’m going to pay you back.”
Ransom seems intrigued by your statement, his attention on you while he smirks.
“Oh, I know you will.” He gives you a knowing nod before he blows out a candle. “You can’t sleep in a place like this. The least I can do is put you up in a hotel for a few days while this gets sorted out.”
“You already gave me money. I can’t… I’m fine, Ransom.”
“Clearly,” Ransom taunts. “I wasn’t asking. Pack a bag.”
The shower in the hotel suite is lavish, with a heated marble floor. Tying the fluffy robe around you, the guilt pops up again at the size of the suite. It’s two times larger than your apartment, with views of the city that take your breath away. He offered you no explanation, only giving you the key before he simply told you to have a good night.
But you didn’t miss the lingering stare before you closed the door. This was too much, the opulence of it more than you could even ever dream of.
But the minute that you lie back onto the pillows, sleep takes over and you’re lost to it, your worries fading.
Hours pass before you wake to the sound of the knock at the door, blinking at the time. It’s well past when you would usually be awake and you know a good night’s sleep was what you had been missing.
At the door, a man stands with a tray in his hand.
“Compliments of Mr. Drysdale,” he says, placing the tray on the table. “Enjoy.”
A full breakfast spread is in front of you once he leaves. As much as you tell yourself that this doesn’t change anything, that you’re still going to pay him back no matter what, you find the guilt seeping back in at what this cost him and if you’ll have to pay this back as well. You can’t imagine his new girlfriend would appreciate this sort of hospitality that he’s showing you, either.
Your hunger outweighs the possibilities of what is to come, sitting down and taking a bite of scrambled eggs as you savor it.
While you take a sip of coffee, you remember the words he mentioned when he was in your apartment.
He said he’d let you know when he’d need his favor.
You were on his timeline, not your own.
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stargazingfangirl18 · 2 months ago
Pairing: Andy Barber x Female!Reader x Ransom Drysdale x Steve Rogers Word Count: 22,871 (oh my god, I’m SO SORRY) Summary: Three of the most violent and notorious inmates at Steelridge Correctional Center escape, and they take you--the sweet, compassionate prison doctor--with them. Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Unprofessional doctor/patient feels. Violence. Death/murder. Reference to murder. Threats of non con and murder. Kidnapping. Gun, knife, and law enforcement baton/nightstick use. Non con. Dub con. Vaginal fingering. Gang bang. Unprotected sex. Rough/painful sex. Oral sex (f & m receiving). Cum eating. Hand job. Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Degradation. Spitting (just once for lube). Anal sex. DP. Overstimulation. Pussy slapping. Squirting. Beating/whipping with a belt. Sooo much angst. Suicidal thoughts & themes. Physical, emotional/mental, & sexual abuse. Gaslighting. Prison AU. Doctor!Reader. General AU for most of the fictional babes. Mean!Steve Rogers (I mean it, he’s awful). 18+ only!
A/N: Whew, okay omg I am SO EXCITED for this story aka my fic o’ ruin. It’s my super late final entry into my soft!dark challenge, and I’ve been chipping away at it for a while. It took me some time to figure out a scenario/AU that made sense for these characters to come together and cum together 😏but I think I pulled it off. Also, please take all of my medical, prison, criminal, and law stuff with a grain of salt, I’m not an expert lol. Enjoy! ❤️
🚨P.S. Please note this is a DARK FIC that contains lots of dark elements. Like. If you didn’t read all of the warnings above, please go back and do so right now. And do not proceed if you are not okay with any of these elements. Your media consumption is YOUR responsibility. Also please note that I do not in any way condone any of the dark actions or elements found in this story, this is a work of FICTION. Thank you! (Also please let me know if I missed any warnings.) 🚨
Prompts: This ask + There was only one bed + “Come on, just a little taste.” + Overstimulation/Squirting
Tumblr media
You were updating the newest batch of patient records from this week’s annual inmate physical exams when you heard the quiet, distressed murmurs.
Pushing away from your desk, you made your way across the infirmary to the only patient you currently had under your care.
Andy Barber.
You knew that when you took this job as the physician at Steelridge Correctional Center, you were expected to maintain a certain level of disassociation from your patients--the inmates--to maintain protocol and keep yourself safe.
But bedside manner and compassion had always been two of your strongest traits--even before you were practicing medicine--and it was situations like Andy’s that pulled on your heart strings and made you truly sad.
Made you more willing to bend some of the rules so that you could show even the incarcerated kindness and dignity.
Because if anyone deserved kindness, it was Andy Barber.
His story was a tragic one, having lost both his wife and teenage son in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. And when the man got away with his crime scott free, Andy had killed him.
Murdered him with his bare hands in a fit of grief driven rage.
That should have made you terrified of him, but you weren’t, because Andy wasn’t like the other inmates in this prison.
He had been a good man, a respectable man, an ADA fighting the good fight before tragedy and grief had driven him to his breaking point.
You saw the soft kindness and respect in his gaze every time you interacted with him. You also saw the cloud of despair and loneliness. And you saw the genuine gratitude any time you bent the rules just a little and offered him what small acts of kindness and reprieve from his harsh circumstances that you could.
A lingering soft touch, a longer stay in the infirmary to keep him out of the cell block, sneaking him a homemade baked good when the attending guard wasn’t looking, loaning him your own books once he had read through the pathetic collection housed in the prison library.
Another quiet noise of distress pulled you from your musings, and you stepped behind the privacy curtain pulled around Andy’s bed to check on him.
He was two days into his stay in the infirmary for treatment for the flu, the sickness having hit him so hard that he had to be wheeled to the infirmary on a stretcher because he had been too dehydrated and weak to walk.
He was still asleep, his handsome face paler than usual and covered in a sheen of sweat as he tossed and turned as much as he could with his right wrist handcuffed to the bed rail.
You made a soft noise of comfort as you brushed some of the dark messy hair from his forehead, reaching for the washcloth and bowl of water at his bedside. You wet the cloth and wrung it out before gently mopping Andy’s face and seeing the furrow between his brows slightly ease.
And then he was jolting awake with a sharp inhale, his eyes shooting open, bleary and blinking rapidly, as you set the washcloth aside.
“Doc?” Andy’s voice was raspy from sleep as he blinked you into focus, sagging back against the bed once he realized where he was.
“Are you okay?” you asked, eyes shining with worry. “Looked like you were having a nightmare.”
“I was.”
“Wanna talk about it?” you whispered, reaching for the plastic cup of water with a straw sticking out of it before bringing it to Andy’s lips.
He drank slowly, his plump lips chapped but still occupying your gaze longer than they should have once he was finished and you set the drink aside.
Andy shook his head. “I can’t.” His eyes were haunted and had your heart aching for him before he dropped his gaze.
Your touch was gentle as you pressed the back of your hand to Andy’s forehead, testing for fever and feeling his skin still burning up.
“It was probably a fever dream,” you said, your hand having a mind of its own as your knuckles drew a gentle caress down Andy’s cheek.
His eyes jumped back to yours, sparkling with a mixture of confusion and desperation. The pain and grief was so pronounced in his gaze that it had you swallowing around a lump in your throat.
Glancing up to make sure the curtain was pulled as far as you thought it was and blocking you from the view of the attending guard out in the hallway, you gently cupped Andy’s face as your gaze returned to him.
He swallowed as he watched you, his eyes fluttering shut as he leaned into your cool, soft touch. His breath caught at the maintained contact, and there was no question in your mind that he was painfully touch starved, like so many others in this godforsaken place.
You allowed your touch to linger, trying to give Andy some small modicum of relief, just a bit of genuine human connection as your thumb grazed against the apple of his cheek, mapping the faint freckles on his skin.
You stood that way for a long moment, granting Andy a kind touch and some comfort on the other side of whatever horror show his subconscious had worked up for him, and you knew his mind had plenty of material to pull from.
“I’m going to let your guard know I’m keeping you for another day or two since your fever still hasn’t broken,” you told him, slowly pulling your hand from his face.
You turned to go but froze as Andy’s free hand caught yours.
You’d been grabbed by other inmates before, and usually it was terror that had your heart skipping a beat in your chest in response…
But right now? Here with Andy? Under his touch?
It wasn’t terror that had your face warming and your breath catching as he turned his palm against yours, until he could lace your fingers together and give your hand a soft squeeze.
It was something else entirely.
Something forbidden.
When Andy’s gaze lifted to yours, his blue eyes were filled with so much yearning you felt your own eyes burn with tears.
“Thank you,” he whispered, gently pulling his fingers from yours and giving your knuckles a final, lingering brush of his thumb before releasing your hand.
Trying to ignore the way your tummy was fluttering, you nodded, mustering up a small smile for Andy before leaving him to rest as you made your way to the guard outside of the infirmary.
Tumblr media
The only time you really resisted your natural inclination of caring and nurturing others was when you had to wear that mask of aloof professionalism while treating the inmates that scared you.
Inmates like Steve Rogers.
A former army captain, Steve was a hulking mountain of a man who had violently killed three men outside of a bar after they had jumped his best friend and fellow army vet.
He looked like some kind of intimidating lumberjack with his long, dark blonde hair and the well trimmed beard that shadowed the perfect angles of his face as he lounged back on the treatment table and watched you stitch up the stab wound at the side of his toned abdomen.
Steve didn’t talk much, at least he hadn’t the few times you had treated him during your short tenure at Steelridge, but he didn’t need to speak to make you want to rush through your time with him.
Just the unblinking, dark stare of his eyes--always fixed on you any time your gaze flickered to his--was enough to have your skin crawling in apprehensive awareness.
Unlike many of the other inmates, Steve had never said or done anything lewd to you, but you just knew he was undressing you with his eyes every time he was in your presence.
When you glanced up from the latest perfect stitch you had carefully mended into his skin to find his teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he eyed the gap forming at the top of your blouse as you leaned over to tend to his wound, you couldn’t help but shiver.
You jumped as Steve’s eyes snapped up to yours without warning, freezing like a deer in headlights--feeling like you really were in danger--as you fell into the deep, dark well of lust shadowing his gaze.
He licked his lips slowly as you watched him, and at the nearly imperceptible sound of your breath hitching in your chest, he did something you had never seen him do before.
Steve smiled.
The curl of his plush pink lips was slow to unravel, until wicked amusement colored his features as his dark eyes bored into yours.
It wasn’t until a quiet, gravelly chuckle shook through his chest that you jerked back into action, feeling your face flood with warmth, your fingers trembling as you hurried to finish Steve’s stitches, uncomfortably aware of his heavy, insistent stare fixed on you the entire time.
Tumblr media
For as quiet as Steve Rogers was, Ransom Drysdale was the complete opposite.
And for a guy who was serving a life-time sentence for murdering his grandfather and his grandfather’s housekeeper, Ransom was always in a good mood whenever you saw him.
Even now, as you treated his bruised ribs from getting into another fight in the commissary.
Not that you blamed his fellow inmates, as you often found yourself wanting to do bodily harm to Ransom Drysdale, too.
Slap that smug smirk right off of his annoyingly handsome face.
Especially when it was the type of encounter with him where he did nothing but drop one disgusting innuendo or sexual advance after another.
Like today.
You leaned closer than you would have preferred as you pressed the stethoscope to Ransom’s broad, naked chest, trying to hear if his airway was compromised in any way due to his injured ribs.
“You’ve got pretty hands, doc,” Ransom slithered, touching his tongue to his teeth as he gazed down at your hands. “Small and soft. Can’t help but imagine how good they’d look wrapped around my cock.”
Despite the warmth of humiliation heating your cheeks, you kept your features neutral as you moved the stethoscope slightly and focused on listening to Ransom’s breath.
“Breathe in slow and deep for me, please,” you told him, completely ignoring his prior comment.
“Please,” Ransom mimicked. “So polite. Bet you’d thank me for pounding that uptight pussy until you were crying for me.”
You sighed your irritation, your hand retreating from Ransom’s bare chest, but then his free hand--the one not handcuffed to the bed rail--was grabbing your wrist and yanking you close.
Gasping as you stumbled against Ransom, the soft musk of him filling your nose, you stared into his glittering eyes in trepidation. “Let go of me.”
“You know how long it’s been since I’ve buried myself in a tight, wet cunt?” he murmured, touching his nose to yours and humming at your choked gasp. “I know you’d make the prettiest sounds for me, kitten.”
He shifted closer, holding you tighter so you couldn’t move away, his fingers pressing into your delicate wrist so hard you couldn’t stifle a quiet whimper of pain.
“Come on, just a little taste,” Ransom murmured, his lips nearly brushing against yours and causing you to jerk away.
You tried to yank your hand from his grip, but when he wouldn’t let go, you dug your fingers into his bruised ribs.
“Fuck!” Ransom hissed in pain, finally releasing you as he hunched over, protectively curling his free arm around his torso.
You scrambled away from him, pressing a hand to your chest like it would quell the frantic beating of your heart. Your eyes were wide and frightened as Ransom slowly lifted his head, his face curled into a sneer as he glared daggers at you.
“You little bitch, you’ll pay for that.”
“Guard!” you called, your voice trembling as you got one last look at Ransom’s lethal stare before you turned your back on him.
You asked the guard to take him away, overtly aware of Ransom’s gaze on you the entire time. You didn’t wait for his departure to push out into the hallway and fumble with your employee badge, hurrying through all of the security checkpoints in the hallway.
Using your badge to buzz through the closest exit, you darted outside, sagging against the brick building as you held a hand to your chest. You shakily inhaled the cool, fresh air of Northwest Massachusetts as you willed your heart rate to return to normal and your trembling to subside.
Tumblr media
“And how did this happen?” you asked Andy as you finished stitching up the small cut over his eye.
His lips quirked. “Wouldn’t give up my pudding cup at lunch. It’s the little things, you know?”
“Jesus, Andy,” you laughed quietly, shaking your head as you pushed away the cart of medical instruments and tugged off your rubber gloves.
Andy’s voice was so quiet you almost didn’t hear him when he said, “Love the sound of my name on your lips.”
You froze, wide gaze shooting to him to find Andy watching you with a soft smile and an even softer look in his eyes.
Sometimes you really wished you had never met Andy Barber.
At least not here, of all places.
Because the more you got to know him, the more you liked him.
More than liked him.
He was quietly funny and wickedly smart. He was so kind and gentle with you. And he was honestly one of the most beautiful people you had ever seen up close.
But he was also a convicted killer serving a lifetime sentence for brutally murdering another person.  
The devastation must have shown on your face, because Andy’s smile fell as he ducked his head and muttered, “Sorry.”
“No!” You hurried to assure him, your gaze flickering to check the curtain was pulled around the bed before you reached for his hand. “It’s fine.”
“I’m not trying to be a creep or anything,” Andy told you, eyes hesitantly lifting to yours. “I you so much. You make me remember what life was like before all this.” His voice faltered for a moment, his sad eyes shining as he watched you. “You make me happy.”
It was instant, the way your vision blurred with tears, your grip on Andy’s hand tightening as you felt emotions rising in you quickly. “Andy, I--”
Your words were cut off by the sudden, piercing wail of a siren, and you jumped, wide eyes meeting Andy’s briefly before you were moving to yank the curtain open.
Out in the hallway, you could see the insistent flash of red from the emergency light set over the security checkpoint just down the hall. The guard who had brought Andy to the infirmary was nowhere in sight, and you took a step toward the door, intending to go find him to see what was going on, but Andy grabbed your wrist and tugged you back toward him.
“Don’t go out there, doc.”
You turned to him with furrowed brows. “But what if they need me?”
“It’s a lockdown,” Andy shook his head. “Probably a riot again, you never know how those will shake out. You’re safer in here.”
Your words were cut off as Andy’s attending guard burst through the infirmary door, one hand clutching his stomach, blood coating his fingers, as he fumbled with the lock on the door before turning to you.
“They’ the hallway,” he wheezed, eyes glittering with terror before he was reaching for you.
You hurried to cushion his fall, grunting under the guard’s weight as you tried to ease him to the floor as gently as possible.
Everything was happening so quickly--the deafening alarm making it hard to think--and the guard bled out so fast you didn’t even have time to grab the proper medical equipment to try and help him. Your fingers shook as you checked the pulse in his neck for a final time before you were sagging back on your heels, tears blurring your vision.
Andy murmured your name, and it was his use of your given name for the first time ever that had you jerking to awareness and glancing at him over your shoulder.
But Andy wasn’t looking at you, he was staring at the plate glass windows of the infirmary and out into the hallway.
Where a few wild, raucous inmates were beginning to gather.
Some of the most violent and infamous killers in the world.
“Doctor, doctor!” Robert Pronge hooted, banging his big fists on the infirmary windows and making you jump. “Need some of your one on one treatment, kitty cat. Got a case of the blues that only a hot, wet cunt can cure.”
Andy said your name again, more urgently this time.
Your terrified gaze flew back to him.
“Get the keyring on his belt,” Andy told you, gesturing to the dead guard. “I need you to get this off of me” He held up his cuffed hand, his gaze flickering to the locked door of the infirmary as the other prisoners twisted the knob and threw themselves against the door. “Hurry!”
Your fingers reached for the key ring at the tone of urgency in Andy’s voice, but then you paused, fingers shaking as you glanced back at him. “But...I shouldn’t.”
Andy’s smile was sad. “I just want to protect you, honey, and I can’t do that if I’m locked up like this.”
You realized you were crying as you watched him, torn, but then the sound of shattering glass had you shrieking as the inmates in the hall busted through one of the windows, their big, meaty arms reaching through the metal bars that still kept them outside as their irritation grew louder.
Their threats more violent and horrific.
“Gonna tear up that ass of yours, doc,” Bryce Langley jeered, his eyes so dark they looked black--possessed--as he rubbed at the growing tent in the front of his orange jumpsuit. “Stuff you full of my cum and drink it out of your asshole myself.”
Shuddering hard as disgust rippled through you, you yanked the keyring from the guard’s belt and staggered to your feet. You gave Andy a brief look of uncertainty before you were unlocking the handcuff from around his wrist and setting him free.
“Thank you,” he murmured, big hands giving your arms a brief squeeze before he was rushing across the infirmary and shoving the bookshelf and file cabinets in front of the door to buy you more time.
“Aw, come on, Barber, don’t play keepaway,” Robert snarled at him. “There’s plenty of her to go around. We’ll even let you have the first go at her.”
“Fuck off,” Andy snapped.
It was the first time you had ever seen his face twisted with anger, and you took a step back as he turned to you, his body tense and his chest heaving as he quickly glanced around the infirmary. He looked up, his eyes lingering, and then he was pulling your heavy metal desk away from the wall.
Turning toward you, he held out a hand, but you took a startled step away from him at the lingering fury furrowing his brow.
At your terrified look, Andy’s face immediately softened and he gave you a small smile. “Come on, doc.” He waved you closer before climbing up onto your desk and prying open the grate leading to the air duct above and tossing it aside with a loud clatter. “Gonna get you out of here, keep you safe.”
As Andy extended a hand to you, you hesitated. “Why?” you asked, startling as the inmates in the hallway broke through another window.
Andy stared at you, his eyes determined as he crouched atop the desk to bring himself closer to your level. “You know why.”
His quiet murmur--his veiled confession--along with the whirlwind of emotions swirling in his gaze as he watched you had your breath catching as you stared at him.
It also had the last of your faulty rule follower armor crumbling away as you felt all of the feelings that you knew you shouldn't have for Andy flood through you, to the surface, and with them came a deep, unearned sense of trust that had you sliding your hand into his and allowing Andy to pull you up onto the desk beside him.
Range of motion was a challenge in your fitted skirt, blouse, and heels, but Andy easily lifted you up until you could heft yourself the rest of the way into the air vent. You scrambled to make room for him, unable to stop yourself from staring at the way his arm muscles popped and flexed as he effortlessly pulled himself up into the small space beside you.
It was close quarters in the vent, and despite the urgency to get away from the violent offenders closing in on you below, you were frozen. All too aware and mesmerized by the way Andy’s big body was pressed up right against yours in the small space, his eyes flickering down to your parted lips as you breathed in the same air.
It was the sound of the third and final window shattering below that had you both startling back to reality.
“Come on, let’s see if we can find an empty hallway and get you to an exit,” Andy said, leading the way as you hurriedly crawled further and further away from the infirmary.
“How long do you think this will last?” you panted, your body already screaming it’s protest and prickling with sweat as you army crawled in the small space.
“No idea,” Andy replied. “Depends on how bad it is, but if they’re making it through the hallways and past security checkpoints…”
His words faded away but lingered heavily.
It was no secret Steelridge was severely overpopulated, and with some of the most violent, malevolent criminals in the world.
“And this far out, it’ll take the prison a while to get any kind of reinforcements here,” Andy muttered ahead of you.
You fought against the terror crawling it’s way up your chest and tried to focus on the present moment and the solitary task of getting to safety.
After a while, Andy paused and you could just make out light up ahead as he glanced down through the steel slats of another metal grate.
“This hall looks clear,” he whispered to you. “And we should be right around the north side exit. You know that backs up to that old guard tower they’re gonna demolish soon to expand the prison?”
Andy worked at the grate until he was pulling it up into the vent and setting it aside. “I’ll go first. Don’t show yourself unless I tell you it’s safe, and if it’s not, keep going and hide until the sirens stop.”
And then he was dropping himself through the opening before you could respond. You heard the quiet impact of his feet hitting the linoleum floor below.
Your heart was slamming against your rib cage as you waited for what felt like forever but was probably just a few seconds, and then Andy’s voice was calling out to you from below.
“Come on, doc. Hurry!”
You crawled to the opening, until your face was peeking over the edge. You swallowed nervously at the distance to drop. You were smaller than Andy and it was a longer descent for you.
“Come on,” he urged, hands extended to you. “Feet out first, ease yourself down, and I’ll catch you.”
You opened your mouth, a mortifying chirp of fear falling from your lips before you trembled, “But--”
Andy startled, glancing over his shoulder and listening intently. “I think they’re coming, we don’t have time.” His gaze was frantic as it returned to you. He said your name softly, reaching for you. “Trust me.”
“I do,” you whispered without thinking, and then you were hustling into motion and shimmying yourself out of the air duct. You cried out as your grip slipped and you fell, but it was a short drop before Andy was catching you.
You oofed quietly as his strong arms held you against him--chest to chest--before he was slowly sliding you down his body until your feet touched the floor.
Your heart was jackhammering again, but this time it wasn’t from fear.
It was from the way Andy was looking at you--like you were his everything--and the way his arms felt like home as he held you close.
And then the sweet little bubble you two were in burst as Robert Pronge’s voice sounded from the other end of the hallway.
“I always did like the chase, kitty cat,” he called to you, no longer surrounded by his companions. He was sporting a black baton that you usually only saw the prison guards carrying, tossing it from hand to hand as he slowly sauntered closer.
“Go,” Andy murmured, stepping in front of you and ushering you behind him, toward the exit that lay a few yards away. “Run.”
You didn’t need to be told twice, rushing toward the door and yanking the retractable employee badge from the clip hanging from the band of your skirt. You hesitated to use it, sweat beading on your brow as you glanced up at Andy’s broad back, the way his arms were spread like he was trying to shield you.
Your gaze flickered beyond the small window of the door and out into the barren and long forgotten backyard of the prison that no one ever used, and beyond that to the dilapidated guard tower sitting on the very edge of the property.
It was one thing to grant Andy gentle touches and preferential treatment.
It was another to take him outside, unsupervised.
This wasn’t just bending the rules or against protocol, it was illegal.
And as the alarm blared loud and unyielding, and the red light flashed overhead of the door, you struggled to make a decision, to know what was right in this moment.
Because you thought Andy Barber was a good man but you knew that he was a murderer.
You felt the rise of conflicting feelings and frenzied logic overwhelm you, the foundation of terror still thick and present and making more tears fill your eyes as Andy turned to you.
His face was twisted in confusion as you just stared at him, unmoving, and then you saw him go rigid before your eyes, slowly looking over his shoulder as the noise down the hall intensified.
You peeked around him, blood freezing in your veins as you watched a few more inmates join Pronge. There were over half a dozen of them now, bodies big and broad and easily filling the hallway as they purposefully took their time closing in on you.
Like it was a game.
Like they were having fun.
And you knew that they were, your eyes big and wide with fear as you struggled to swallow around the sudden dryness in your throat.
Andy filled your vision, his hands grabbing you and propelling you toward the exit. “Go!”
You gripped your employee badge for dear life as he pressed you against the heavy metal door. “I-I can’t let you out, Andy.” You realized quite suddenly that you were crying again, tears streaming down your face as you stared up at him in devastation. “I can’t.”
“Hey, listen to me,” he murmured, ducking close and gently framing your face with his hands. “It’s okay, honey. Go, and I’ll make sure no one follows you.”
Another hoot and threat of violence from Pronge had you curling your fingers into Andy’s bare forearms, feeling the warm skin and muscles flex beneath your touch.
“They’ll kill you,” you trembled, clutching him tighter. “For helping me. For letting me get away.”
Andy’s smile was a beautiful, tragic thing as he gently swept his thumb along the apple of your cheek. “As long as you’re safe, that’s all that matters to me.”
And then he was grunting as he was attacked from behind.
You screamed as Andy twisted in Pronge’s hold, grappling with the other man as fellow inmates lounged and watched from a few yards away.
Like it was a show for their entertainment.
You realized it was as you watched in horror as Pronge fit the black nightstick beneath Andy’s chin and started strangling him with it.
“No!” you screamed, swaying closer, eyes darting around frantically to try and find a makeshift weapon.
“Don’t worry, doc, just working up an appetite first,” Pronge drawled, making a lewd gesture at you with his tongue that had your stomach churning with disgust. “Then I’m gonna tear apart that sweet pussy of yours until you’re begging me for death.”
Andy snarled at Pronge’s words, twisting and moving so quickly--so violently--that you almost couldn’t process what you were seeing as he wrenched the baton from Pronge’s hands, took a mighty swing, and cracked the other man in the side of the head.
The sound of impact was sickening, and you felt the burn of bile at the back of your throat as Pronge’s blood splattered against the white wall before his body dropped to the floor, unmoving.
For a moment, everything was quiet and still, save Andy’s heavy breathing.
And then all hell broke loose, the other inmates roaring their ire and hurtling toward you, all at once.
This time you didn’t hesitate as you swiped your badge against the locking mechanism of the exit, grabbed Andy’s wrist, and yanked him outside with you.
You both frantically pushed the heavy door closed, and you heaved a shaky sigh of relief when it clicked shut--and locked--the little light on the outside card swipe mechanism flickering green.
You jumped as Bryce Langley slammed his fists against the door, his face twisted in rage and spittle flying from his mouth as he screamed awful threats at you.
“Come on,” Andy said, tossing the nightstick aside in the overgrown grass before grabbing your hand and tugging you away from the exit and the eyes of the incensed inmates on the other side of the door.
Your head felt like it was filled with cotton, the world around you fuzzy and surreal, as Andy jogged you across the backyard and toward the abandoned guard’s tower.
It was almost like you blacked out, because one minute you were standing outside of the old building with him and the next you were inside it, surrounded by shadows and small spills of sunlight streaming in from outside between the poorly boarded up windows. The fall chill in the air made you shiver as Andy finally pulled you to a standstill.
“Hey, you okay?” he asked, hands gripping your arms. He frowned. “You’re shaking.” Andy caught your chin between his fingers, ducking his gaze to yours.
It was the warm, soft drag of his palm against your cheek that brought you back to awareness, and you blinked at him, unleashing more tears down your cheeks as you sagged against him, fingers desperately curling into the stiff orange fabric of his jumpsuit as you sobbed.
“That was s-so scary,” you cried, burying your face against Andy’s chest. “I thought we were going to  die.”
“Hey, it’s okay,” Andy murmured quietly. There was no hesitation from him as he wrapped his arms around you and held you tight, his hands smoothing up and down your back. “You’re okay, honey.”
You shuddered as Andy’s hand cradled your head, gathering yourself and sniffling quietly as you finally straightened against him and shyly met his gaze. “I’m sorry.”
His smile was a sweet curl of his lips, his gaze tender as he cupped your cheek. “You don’t need to be sorry.”
Sliding your hand atop his, you leaned further into Andy’s touch, feeling the pit of dread in your stomach that had been there since those sires first sounded slowly starting to fade.
“Thank you for protecting me,” you whispered.
Andy’s smile dimmed a little, and he remained quiet, instead caressing your face with his fingers, his eyes glinting with a sudden desperate kind of need as he swayed closer to you.
“I would do anything for you,” Andy hummed, his words quiet but intense and making your belly flutter even as your hair stood on end.
It was hypnotic, the soft darkness in his gaze as he slowly dipped his face closer to yours. You knew his destination in the way his eyes flickered down to your lips, and still you didn’t stop him--didn’t object--as Andy closed the distance between you and pressed his lips to yours.
His kiss was electrifying, the first touch of his mouth to yours rocking your body with a shiver of awareness that propelled you flush against his chest. Andy groaned as he swept you closer in the circle of his arms, his head tilting and tongue questing until he was deepening the kiss and exploring the hot cavern of your mouth for the first time.
A desperate little whine escaped you as Andy’s tongue swirled with yours, his fingers digging into the flesh of your hips as he moaned at the taste of you, the way you were arching against him and finally, finally pressing your sweet, tempting body where it belonged.
Against his.
“Well you don’t waste any time, do you, Barber?”
You went still at the sound of Ransom Drysdale’s voice, tearing your lips from Andy’s to look over and find not one, but two additional inmates watching you with dark intent.
This time it wasn’t awareness that zipped up your spine, but stone cold dread as you glanced between Ransom and Steve Rogers.
You couldn’t help but take a frightened step back, retreating but keeping your movements slow as your mind struggled to comprehend what was happening.
Soon Steve and Ransom joined Andy, stepping up on either side of him as all three men watched you with varying looks of want.
“W-what is happening?” your voice was a quiet, trembling thing, your tearful gaze finally landing on Andy.
But he wouldn’t meet your eyes, his gaze firmly fixed on the floor as his fists curled at his sides.
“Hotshot lawyer here offered you up as a bargaining chip,” Ransom smirked, slapping a hand on Andy’s shoulder. “So he could get in on our little prison break.”
The shake of your head was immediate, the disbelief rippling through you as you pressed trembling fingers to your lips to stifle your sob. “He wouldn’t.”
“He did,” Steve hummed, licking his lips as his eyes wandered over you. “I strategized everything, Drysdale has the money and resources keeping us afloat on the outside as we lay low for a while, and Barber brought the entertainment.” You startled as his dark gaze shot to yours, a wicked smile curling his lips as he said, “You.”
“He wouldn’t do that,” you quavered, desperately wanting to believe your own words, but the longer Andy purposefully avoided your gaze, the harder it was to do so.
“Not only did he do it, but it was his idea,” Ransom said, a gleeful tone to his voice as you couldn’t quite stifle the small sound of devastation that spilled from the back of your throat. “Why do you think he was the one in the infirmary with you when we started the riot? He knew you’d never go with one of us, even if we protected you once shit went down, but you would go with him. And you did, just like he said you would.”
You actually felt it, your heart breaking as you stared at Andy in despair, your chest feeling suddenly hollow as the weight of his betrayal sank in, settled dark and heavy in the pit of your stomach.
And then Steve took a slow step forward--toward you--and you had enough self-preservation instincts, despite your head-spinning shock, to dart backward and away from him. Your back hit the wall and punched the air from your lungs as you whimpered Andy’s name, eyes desperate as you looked to him to help you despite his treachery.
His eyes met yours and they were miserable and shadowed with guilt. “I’m so sorry,” he said, wincing at the look of betrayal on your face.
Steve stepped into your eyeline, filling your vision as he crowded you against the wall and smirked at the muffled squeak of distress that fell from your lips as his massive hand curled around your throat.
“You’re lucky that we need to get moving, doc,” he murmured. His fingers twitched against your delicate neck, his heated gaze watching the quiver of your bottom lip. “Gotta get far away from here while everyone’s still distracted by the riot.”
But he didn’t move away, instead Steve dropped his forehead to yours, his hand wandering down your front, making a detour to grope your breast. His lips curled at your pained cry, his touch falling lower until he was bunching up your skirt and shoving his hand between your thighs.
“No, please!” You gasped as his hand cupped your heat, his fingers pressing hard and rough against your panties, until he could feel your warm folds against his fingers through the thin fabric.
“Fuck, it’s been so long,” Steve grunted, nuzzling along your cheek, his fingers rubbing harder against your cunt, until he could feel your panties growing damp without your permission. “There you go, look at you, you like it already.”
“No,” you sobbed, shaking your head, fingers trembling as you tried to push him away from you.
It was like shoving at a brick wall.
Steve’s touch didn’t relent until his fingers were wet with your slick, and only then did he pull his hand from between your legs, tipping your face up to his with his free hand and making you watch as he brought his shining fingers to his mouth and sucked your juices from his skin with an obscene groan.
“Fuck, we’re gonna have fun with you,” he rumbled.
“Not if we get caught, so let’s fucking go,” Ransom huffed, but his eyes were just as dark as Steve’s as he gazed at you with a type of violent yearning that had you hurrying to tug your skirt back into place.
Sighing, Steve grabbed you by the arm, dragging you away from the wall and roughly shoving you into Andy. “Your bargaining chip, your responsibility,” he told the other man before striding deeper into the dark, rundown building. “The entrance to the underground tunnels is this way, let’s move.”
Still shaking, your mind a mess of fear and disbelief--of hurt and betrayal--you could only stumble along beside Andy as he took your hand and led you further into the building, and further away from your life as you knew it.
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure how long you walked the dark, dank underground tunnels with the three convicts, but it was long enough that your feet were aching in your heels as the darkness before you began to recede, distant light chasing the shadows from your surroundings.
Before long you were trailing Steve and Ransom out of what looked like a large drainage shallow, Andy attentively helping you onto more solid ground before leading you up and away from the trickling creek and onto higher land.
You shivered as you found yourself in the middle of dense woods, vaguely remembering how the prison was fairly close to a national forest, and feeling your stomach sink at the realization that it was unlikely you would be found anytime soon.
Especially if the riot was still in progress back at the jail.
“Let’s go,” Steve commanded, digging what looked like an old compass from his pocket and leading the way through the trees and undergrowth.
You hugged yourself tightly, painfully cold out here in the middle of the New England forest in autumn without any sort of coat or layers to keep you warm. You stiffened as Andy wrapped an arm around you and tugged you close, hand rubbing along your arm to try and warm you up.
Shoving away from him roughly, you avoided his gaze as you muttered, “I’d rather freeze to death.”
“Someone’s in the dog house,” Ransom snickered at Andy, giving your ass a harsh smack and squeeze that had you yipping as he stepped around you to follow behind Steve.
Andy murmured your name as he stepped up beside you, easily keeping pace with the way you stumbled through the leaves and tree roots in your impractical heels. “I’m so sorry, honey--”
“Don’t call me that,” you tried to snap at him, but your voice broke, tears brimming as you tried like hell to blink them back. “You promised to keep me safe.” Your breath caught, a sob rising up and you shook your head, hurrying away from Andy and keeping some distance between you as you trailed after the others.
Just as the sun began to dip, you followed Steve into a clearing, eyes going wide at the sight of an old, dusty Dodge Charger sitting in the middle of the barely there road that split the trees surrounding you.
Ransom whooped his delight, jogging over to the car and feeling around beneath the driver side tire well before pulling free a key. “I’ve never been so grateful to know such awful people who are so easy to buy off.”
His smile was shit-eating as he rounded the back of the car and popped the trunk, Steve and Andy moving closer to gaze into the depths as you lingered behind them.
Steve pulled forward a large duffle bag and you watched as he unzipped it to reveal a mess of men’s clothing and boots as well as some personal hygiene items. He was already unbuttoning his prison jumpsuit as your eyes landed on the various guns and knives piled in the corner of the trunk.
You froze at the sight, alarm bells ringing in your head, an inner voice hissing at you to make a run for it while they were all distracted with changing into normal clothes.
Taking a hesitant step back, you dropped your arms from around your torso, your fingers twitching nervously at your sides as you got an eyeful of three broad, muscled bodies that--in any other circumstance--would have had you wanting nothing more than to stay.
But then that urgent voice was yelling in your brain again, and you were watching as Ransom tugged a worn cable knit sweater over his head before reaching for a broad-handled hunting knife from the stash of weapons.
And you ran.
Twisting on your heel, you darted back into the woods, your footfalls loud and crashing as you heard the men shouting behind you. Keeping your arms raised to shield your face as much as possible, you weaved and dodged the trees and rocks littering the forest floor.
You didn’t make it far before a heavy weight was crashing into your back and you went down hard.
Screaming as you were roughly rolled onto your back, you slapped and clawed at Steve’s face as he wrestled with you, feeling both satisfied and nauseated as your nails caught on his cheek and drew down, carving three bloodied lines into his perfect face.
He growled as he caught your wrists and gathered them in one of his massive hands, the other circling your throat and squeezing hard until you stopped struggling once you realized you couldn’t breathe, your pathetic fight dying just as quickly as it had started.
Your eyes were big and frantic—pleading—as you went still and pliant beneath him, more tears wetting your cheeks as Steve snarled at you.
“Oh you just got yourself in a world of trouble, doc.”
Your vision was starting to go dark as his fingers crushed your windpipe, the frantic thrum of your heart beating loudly in your ears.
“I could have been nice,” Steve gritted, dipping close and avidly watching the way the light in your eyes was starting to dim. “I could have made it good for you.”
His mouth opened but whatever he was about to say next was replaced by a pained grunt as he was tackled to the ground beside you.
You gasped and coughed violently, your lungs burning as you heaved for air, and breathed in too much, choking as you curled into a ball and sobbed.
A few feet away, Steve and Andy wrestled, the latter straddling the former captain, cocking his fist back, and throwing a punch.
“You could have fucking killed her,” Andy growled, shoving away from Steve and standing over him, broad chest heaving. “You said you wouldn’t hurt her.”
“And you said you’d keep her under control,” Steve spat, swiping the blood from his split lip as he rolled to his feet and stood toe to toe with Andy. “You can try and play the role of savior all you want, Barber, but you’re not. Far from it. And now she knows the truth about you, and she fucking hates you for it.”
Another wordless snarl from Steve, and then you felt the weight of his furious gaze lingering on you before he was gone, stomping back the way you came as Andy turned to you.
“Come here, you’re okay,” he said quietly, dropping to his knees beside you and smoothing a hand over the side of your face.
“Please,” you croaked, your throat feeling like it was on fire after Steve’s assault. “Please just leave me behind,” you whispered, desperate gaze meeting Andy’s. “Please don’t make me go with them. They’ll kill me.”
“No they won’t, I won’t let them,” Andy promised.
“And what will you let them do to me?” You wailed. “Please, Andy. Don’t do this. You said that you would do anything for me, so let me go. Please.”
There was a flash of shame in his eyes but then it was like the shutters were being drawn as his jaw ticked and he watched you quietly.
“I would do anything for you, anything except let you go. This is the only way we can be together, and it won’t be like this forever. Just for a little while and then we’ll go our own way. Just you and me.”
Andy shushed you as you began to weep, his hands gentle as he gathered you close and pulled you to your feet alongside him.
“Just, be good, please,” he whispered as he led you back to the car. “Don’t make them angry. The more you cooperate, the easier it’ll be, for all of us.”
You didn’t reply, you just cried harder as you rejoined the others and avoided Steve’s violent glare as Andy ushered you to the car and settled in the back seat with you pulled close to his side.
Tumblr media
Despite your predicament, you felt yourself falling asleep, all of the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm forming a cocktail of exhaustion that had you curled up against the car door. You sat as far away from Andy as you could get in the backseat as Steve drove and Ransom filled the passenger seat beside him.
You were jostled awake as the car pulled into a gravel lot, and you blinked your bleary gaze back into focus until you could read the bright red glowing letters of the motel sign before you.
Glancing around frantically, you realized it was dark now, and there were only a couple of other cars filling the lot of this motel seemingly in the middle of nowhere.
A soft, warm touch to your shoulder had you startling as you glanced over at Andy.
“We’re just stopping for the night,” he murmured. “Then we’ll be back on the road first thing in the morning.”
Up front, Steve rifled through the car’s glove box before pulling out a wad of cash and a worn trucker hat.
“I’ll go check in, don’t leave the car until I get back,” he said gruffly, pulling the hat low on his head before climbing from the car.
He stalked across the parking lot, to the far end of the motel building where the little corner check in office was located. He was only gone for a few minutes before returning and gesturing at you all as he rounded the car and grabbed the duffle bag from the trunk.
“Room 40,” he said, nodding at the very last door on the end of the building, on the total opposite side of where the check in office and other guest cars were located. He started to move that way but stopped at the sound of your frightened voice.
“Wait, we’re all sharing one room?”
Steve pivoted on his heel, his smile mean as he moved toward you, until you were pressed up against the side of the car and he was pressed up against you. Something dark and wicked--eager, too--glittered in his gaze, making all of your hair stand on end as he spoke.
“Oh, doc, we’re gonna share so much more than that.”
At your stricken look and the way your eyes shined with tears, Steve chuckled before stepping away and sauntering toward your motel room.
“He’s not wrong,” Ransom smirked, blowing you a kiss before trailing after Steve.
Andy took a step toward you but stilled as you warded him off with a shaking hand.
“Just, don’t,” you whispered, sniffling back a few tears as you hugged yourself tightly and slowly made your way to room 40.
Your stomach flipped unpleasantly once you stood in the doorway and found the tight, outdated space almost completely filled by one lone king sized bed.
The shower was already thundering on the other side of the closed bathroom door, and Ransom was lounging on the bed as his amused gaze lifted from the menu of TV channels he was reading to survey your look of horror.
“Oh, come on, kitten, don’t look so put out. We’re gonna fuck you so good, you’ll be begging us to take you with us when we leave here.”
Revulsion shook through you and you hugged yourself tighter, keeping as far away from the bed as you could before curling up in one of the two chairs that framed the small table adjacent to the door.
The door that Andy was closing behind him and locking with a soft click as his eyes quickly surveyed the room.
His gaze lingered on you, watching as you stubbornly stared at the floor to avoid his eyes, and kicked off your ruined heels before hugging your knees to your chest. He got a peek at the lacy black top of your thigh high as your skirt bunched up around your legs before he was forcing his gaze away.
When the shower suddenly cut out, Ransom quickly called, “Dibs!” Sliding from the bed, he rifled through the duffle bag before tugging free a pair of boxer briefs and flannel pants.
“Not that we’ll be dressed for long anyway,” he snickered.
You shuddered, closing your eyes against more tears as you rocked in your seat, anxiety and dread swirling in your belly as you barely held it together.
Steve, clad in only a towel slung low on his hips, was barely clearing the bathroom doorway before Ransom was darting inside and shutting the door behind him.
You glanced up at Steve’s towering form, unable to help it as your eyes danced along his tall, muscular body, lingering on the perfect slope of his broad shoulders before dropping to the adonis belt leading down into the top of his towel.
After a beat, your wide gaze flickered up, locking with Steve’s and you felt your face heat as he smirked at you before suddenly dropping his towel. You quickly glanced away, pressing your warm cheek to your knee as you stared at the closed blinds covering the window beside you.
Steve laughed. “Oh come on, doc, considering your profession and how pretty you are, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of naked men, no?”
You didn’t respond, you didn’t move a muscle, refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing you react.
Steve must have known exactly what you were doing, because his voice was callous as he said, “Don’t worry, after tonight you’ll have a PHD in taking cock and being a dirty little whore.”
You flinched at his words, vision blurring with fresh tears as you held yourself tighter, sniffling quietly.
“Leave her alone,” Andy snapped at Steve, watching as the former captain pulled a pair of grey sweat pants from the duffle bag and tugged them on.
Steve laughed, but he didn’t say anything else as he stretched out on the bed, tucked his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.
Andy pulled the duffle bag across the bed and rifled through it, pulling free his own change of clean clothes for after his shower before digging deeper, until he found some clothes and items for you, just as he had requested of Ransom’s contact.
He unearthed a pair of panties and an oversized t-shirt for you to sleep in, as well as the small pink toiletries bag that he knew housed a variety of feminine hygiene products.
“Here,” he murmured, turning toward you and holding out the items like some kind of peace offering.
You ignored him, trying like hell to hold on to that anger and betrayal you felt for Andy, because it was better than drowning in the fear and anxiety that was just waiting to eat you alive.
But with that anger and betrayal came an overwhelming sense of sadness. A feeling of being utterly gutted and beyond devastated at Andy’s betrayal.
You couldn’t believe he would do something like this to you.
It was like your brain honest to God couldn’t even process such a concept.
And yet, here you were.
Sighing, Andy finally set your things on the table beside you before turning to glance up as Ransom emerged from the bathroom, clean and dressed in his pajamas before collapsing on the bed.
“I’m starving. I’m sure there’s some take out menus in here or something,” he muttered, pulling open the bedside drawer on the outdated nightstand. He made a sound of victory as he discovered a stack of menus. “What are we in the mood for? Chinese? Pizza? Burgers?”
You zoned out, allowing blissful static to fill your mind as the three male voices grew more distant as you stared at the wall beside you, unseeing.
You weren’t sure how much time had passed, but suddenly Andy was shaking you back to awareness. His hair was wet from his shower, the t-shirt he was wearing clinging to his broad frame as he crouched in front of you.
“Why don’t you go wash up? There should be plenty of hot water left.” His hand lifted, hesitant, and you watched as his fingers gently circled your ankle, his eyes watching as he touched your bare skin before lifting to your tearful gaze. “It’ll make you feel better.”
“The only thing that would make me feel better is if you let me go.”
“Well that’s not gonna happen,” Steve rumbled as he reclined against the headboard as Ransom spoke softly on the room phone. His dark gaze met yours--unwavering--as he leaned over, toward you, until you were recoiling from him. He continued, “So either you go enjoy a shower, or you come over here and ride my cock until dinner gets here.”
You were on your feet so quickly that you made yourself dizzy, holding a hand to your head as both Steve and Ransom laughed. You darted past Andy and toward the bathroom, but he grabbed your wrist, stilling your escape.
“Don’t--” you started.
But Andy only released his grip on you and held up the clothes and toiletries bag you’d left behind on the table.
You grabbed the items from him before scurrying into the bathroom, locking the door shut behind you, and catching yourself on the edge of the old, cracked counter as you met your frightened gaze in the mirror above the sink.
You stared at yourself for a long moment, mesmerized by the evident terror in your own gaze--something you had never seen before--making it feel like you were staring at the reflection of a complete and total stranger.
And then your vision was blurring with more tears as you held your hand over your mouth to muffle your sobs, unwilling to entertain the men on the other side of the door anymore than you would be forced to soon enough.
Tumblr media
You’d barely been able to nibble at the food you’d been given after your shower, your appetite gone and your heart shattering just a little bit more when you saw that Andy had Ransom order your favorite sandwich, one he’d only seen you eat a couple of times when he had stayed in the infirmary, but a small detail he’d noticed and remembered all the same.
Curled up in the same chair as earlier, your eyes were starting to grow heavy, lingering shut for longer and longer between blinks as the minutes wore on.
You didn’t hear the men finish their meal, locked away in your own little world, but then a heavy hand was falling on your shoulder and jerking you awake.
You blinked up at Steve, feeling your stomach flip at the look of dark desire he was giving you.
“It’s playtime, doc”
“W-what?” You yelped as he grabbed your arm and yanked you to your feet, tugging you close until you were stumbling into his chest.
“No, please! Don’t do this,” you pleaded, your voice breaking as you stared up at Steve with frightened eyes.
“Begging looks good on you,” he hummed, dropping his head close enough that his nose brushed yours and you gasped. “Gonna have you crying for me soon enough, especially after that stunt you pulled earlier.”
“No--” you shook your head, struggling in his hold.
“But Barber gets you first since you’re his bargaining chip,” Steve sighed his disappointment, turning and roughly throwing you onto the bed.
You pushed yourself up to sit in the middle of the mattress, your cheeks wet with tears as your eyes frantically darted around, looking for an escape.
But there was none.
Ransom lounged to your right, Steve was sitting to your left, and Andy was perched at the foot of the bed, his face shadowed with a strange mixture of remorse and desire as his eyes slowly trailed over you.
Andy’s gaze lingered on your bare legs and the way your t-shirt had ridden up indecently high on your thighs. He licked his lips before his eyes flickered up to yours.
“I promise, I’m gonna make you feel so good, honey.” He reached for you, but you scrambled away.
You didn’t get far before Ransom and Steve were each gripping one of your arms and yanking you back to the center of the bed, back to Andy.
He gently touched your ankles, then your calves, his palms cradling your warm, soft skin like you were something delicate.
Something he cherished.
It made a sob hitch in your chest, because how many times had you secretly fantasized about being on the receiving end of that kind of look--that kind of intimate touch--from Andy Barber?
Only the reality was nothing like you had ever imagined.
Not with both Ransom and Steve gripping you tighter, leaning in and trapping you between their bodies as Andy spread your legs open and shifted closer. Until he was kneeling between your splayed thighs and gazing down at you like you were his own personal salvation.
As Andy’s hands smoothed up your inner thighs, you knew he could feel you trembling, but that didn’t stop his wandering touch. His hands cupped your hips, giving you an exploratory squeeze that had a grunt lodging in his throat as Andy’s gaze blew dark with lust before your eyes.
His touch grew bolder then, his fingers tucking beneath the hem of your t-shirt and slowly pushing it up your body. He smoothed his palms along every new inch of revealed  skin until you were squirming and your hand was shooting out to stop the ascent of your shirt just beneath the swell of your chest.
Andy stared at the soft underside of your breast, his thumb gently tracing you there, his gaze snapping up to yours at the sound of the quiet gasp falling from your lips.
You stared at him, your eyes shining and pleading as your bottom lip quivered. Your body thrummed with awareness and anticipation despite the sick pit in your stomach as you felt the burning stares of Ransom and Steve, felt the former’s hot breath on the side of your neck as the latter trailed his fingers along the outside of your bare thigh.
“Please don’t do this,” you whispered to Andy.
“I know you want me just as much as I want you,” Andy murmured, tongue sneaking out to wet his bottom lip as his gaze dropped to your exposed tummy.
His thumbs gently caressed your skin, eyes glittering with a hint of smugness as you shivered in response, trembling for him harder as his gaze met yours.
“No more lines to toe, no more rules to follow,” Andy sighed, his hands cupping your sides and gliding up, until his touch was moving beneath your t-shirt and his thumbs were circling the hard peaks of your nipples. “Now it’s just you and me.”
“And them,” you cried, biting your lip against a moan as Andy palmed your breasts.
It was as if your acknowledgment of them spurred them into action, and both Ransom and Steve yanked you backwards, until you were flat on the bed. They settled on their sides on either side of you as Andy stretched his body over yours.
“Don’t mind us,” Ransom murmured against your ear, giving it a gentle nibble. “We’re just spectators at the moment. The deal was that we each get some one on one time with you tonight to break you in.”
“Emphasis on ‘break you,’” Steve taunted.
You shook your head, crying as all three men worked together to undress you. Ransom and Steve tugged your shirt up and over your head before tossing it aside, and Andy rid you of your panties before shifting down the bed with a gravelly hum, his dark gaze intently fixed on your bare cunt.
“Gonna make you feel so good,” he breathed, settling between your thighs and licking his lips.
“No!” you cried, fruitlessly squirming in Ransom and Steve’s hold as you tried to snap your legs closed, but Andy easily pressed a palm to each of your thighs and pushed them back open again.
You gasped as he parted your folds with his thumbs, going rigid as he dragged one of them up the cut of you before gently circling your clit.
Andy’s eyes looked up the length of your quivering body, watching your reactions as he touched you.
Choking on a sob as you felt yourself growing wet, you squeezed your eyes shut as you sagged back against the bed, panting.
It burned at the back of your throat like bile, the hatred you felt for yourself in that moment.
Although you knew your physical response was purely biological, it was a certain kind of torture—a mind fuck—to have someone you cared for, to have Andy, making you feel this way, against your will, with others so eagerly watching.
This is my punishment, you thought fleetingly as a fresh wave of tears wet your lashes. This is what I get for feeling this way for someone like him.
“Yeah, that’s it, just give in,” Ransom cooed, jarring you from your thoughts. “You wasted all those years and money on med school, when this is what you were really made for.”
You were still processing Ransom’s awful words when you felt the heavy, hot drag of Andy’s tongue along your cunt. Your back bowed, a loud keen spilling from your lips as he tugged the hood of your clit back and lashed the sensitive bundle of nerves with his tongue.
“Fuck, listen to those pretty sounds she’s making,” Steve groaned, massive hand reaching out to squeeze your breast.
“She tastes incredible,” Andy panted as he pulled away from you. “Fuck, she’s so wet.” He spread open the petals of your sex with his fingers, his thumb strumming your clit and watching the way your pussy weeped for him. “Christ.”
“Bet she’s a squirter,” Ransom smirked, dipping low to nip along the hinge of your jaw. “Isn’t that right, kitten? It’s always the quiet ones.”
You shook your head, your face burning from humiliation--and something else, something that had shame blooming to life deep in the core of you--as Steve and Ransom laughed.
“We’re gonna find out,” Ransom promised. “Once it’s my turn.”
You didn’t have long to dwell on that before Andy was back to eating your cunt so enthusiastically that you had no chance at stifling the cries and moans he was pulling from you.
His nose bumped against your swollen clit, his sharp jaw flexing relentlessly as he touched and teased and tasted you with his tongue. You could feel the prickle of his beard on your most sensitive flesh, and then his tongue was teasing along your quivering entrance before catching and pressing inside.
Your cry was sharp as you arched up, mindlessly rutting your hips against Andy’s face as Steve and Ransom’s hands eagerly mapped the trembling terrain of your body.
“Fucking look at her lose it,” Steve rumbled. “I knew she’d fucking love this, the little slut.”
“God, I can’t wait to feel her around my cock,” Ransom groaned, fingers twisting your nipple hard, lips curling against your jaw as he pulled a ragged keen from you with another harsh pinch.
From between your legs--and against your cunt--Andy moaned, at the flavor of you coating his tongue, at the way you were ardently fucking his face, at the sweet sounds of ruin falling from your lips.
His tongue gave a few more firm strokes along your channel before he was retreating and kissing your clit before sucking it into his mouth. He pressed two thick fingers inside of you, groaning at the smooth, velvety feel of your tight walls constricting around him, and then he was zeroing in on that spongy spot and--
You came suddenly, and hard, your body going taut as your muscles seized, a high pitched cry ringing around the room as you clenched and pulsed around Andy’s still questing fingers.
“God, you’re gorgeous,” he hummed, fingers still languidly moving inside of you as you went pliant beneath him, sweat dotting your brow and eyes fluttering.
“I’m so fucking hard right now,” Ransom bemoaned, trying to mouth at your neck before Andy shot him a look.
“Wait your fucking turn,” he grunted, yanking his shirt over his head and flinging it aside before removing the rest of his clothes.
Huffing, Ransom shifted away, sharing an annoyed look with Steve as they both settled back against the headboard to give you and Andy some space.
Your brain was scrambled already, a distant part of you recalling how sensitive you were, how responsive your body was when it came to sex, and how you had almost forgotten because it had been so long since you’d had it.
Since before your job at the prison.
Since before your crush on Andy Barber.
Your body was already well on its way to being wrung out, and you knew you were just getting started.
These were just a few of the many rampant thoughts filling your foggy brain when Andy  moved back over you. His bare body was thick with muscles and decorated with a number of tattoos that you didn’t expect, making your wide eyes linger as a different kind of warmth pooled at your center.
As Andy settled his weight over you, you felt the heavy, hot press of him against your stomach and gasped.
“See what you do to me,” he whispered, something soft in his gaze as he touched your cheek with his knuckles.
He moaned as he rocked against you, granting himself a little bit of friction as his hard cock dug into your belly. Andy dipped his head to kiss you, and you didn’t resist the eager press of his lips, still dazed by everything that was happening and your earlier orgasm.
And yet, deep down, your heart ached as the sting of his deception lingered, even as a part of you yearned for this very thing from Andy. A few tears leaked from your closed eyes and rained down your temples as he gently cupped your face and kissed you breathless.
You tried your best to focus on how good he was making you feel, wanting desperately to get lost in the physical sensations and escape the two unwanted and heavy gazes of Ransom and Steve from just a few feet away.
When Andy pulled away, he didn’t go far, leaning his forehead against yours as his hand moved between your bodies. You felt the tip of him dragging along your folds and gasped, shaking fingers clutching at Andy’s arms.
“Wanted to really work you over, honey,” he murmured, breath hitching as the head of his cock dipped against your entrance. “But fuck, I can’t wait any longer. Need to feel you.”
That was all the warning you got before he was spearing into you slowly, his cock thick and hot and the biggest you’d ever had as he stretched you open and groaned at the wild pulse and flutter of your cunt around him.
“Oh fuck,” Andy moaned, giving a few more rocks of his hips before he was bottoming out and you were mewling at the invasion.
The feeling of being completely and utterly full was too much--overwhelming--and you found yourself clinging to Andy desperately. You wrapped your arms around him, your hands pressing into the firm muscles of his back and tugging him closer, seeking comfort as your leg curled over his hip and Andy slid into you even deeper, grunting low in your ear.
“You feel so good,” he whispered against your lips, giving you a slow, sweet kiss as he sank even further against you. His hand was a warm press against your cheek, gently cradling your face as he kissed you deeply, his hips slowly starting to rock against you.
And you lost yourself to him, everything else falling away as Andy kissed you, worshipped you with his lips and tongue, as the rhythm of his hips began to pick up.
The next quick retreat of his cock had you nearly feeling empty before Andy was driving into you hard and punching a wrecked moan from between your swollen lips. You were mindless as you framed his rosy face with your hands and canted your hips for a better angle.
Another brutal snap of his hips, and Andy was grinding against you, making your clit sing as a shiver of ecstasy raced up your spine and you arched beneath him with a broken cry.
“That’s it, you’re doing so good for me, honey,” Andy panted, grunting as he pounded into you harder, the surge and retreat of his cock going faster.
He moaned as you clenched around him hard in response to his words, and then he was dropping his sweaty forehead to yours, his hand skimming down your belly as he fucked you with abandon, chasing his own release while his thumb rubbed circles on your clit until you were finding yours.
Bliss crashed into you like a tsunami, pleasure rippling over every inch of your overwrought body as you keened and mewled as your body rocked and quaked in visceral delight.
“Yeah, fuck,” Andy gasped as your tight heat squeezed him so hard it almost hurt. He rutted into you frantically, right on the edge of his own sweet relief. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna--”
You felt the twitch of Andy’s cock as he thrust into you hard and lingered, a hot rush flooding your insides as he moaned and gasped against your lips. The next few ruts of his hips were forceful and deep, making you whimper as each final plunge had another warm spurt of cum coating your fluttering walls.
With one final drive of his hips, Andy sagged against you with a quiet moan, tucking his face against the crook of your neck as he held you tight and trembled on top of you.
Your head was filled with static as you came down from your high, your body still twitching with aftershocks as you felt Andy breathe in deep. And then he was pushing himself up over you and gently cupping your face.
He kissed you slowly, softly, his lips lingering against yours as he whispered, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I don’t have a choice.”
Your brows had barely begun to furrow in confusion before he was pulling away from you and suddenly Steve was taking his place.
He was naked and slowly fisting his cock as he knelt at your feet, smirking as the look of confusion on your face slowly morphed to terror.
Swallowing, your eyes slowly left Steve and landed on Andy, but he was avoiding your pleading gaze as he quickly pulled on his clothes.
“A-andy, please,” you whispered.
He ignored you, didn’t even look at you, as he said, “I’ll be in the car. Turn on the light outside of the room to let me know when you’re both done.”
And then he was gone, the door shutting behind him with a quiet click of finality as he left you alone and at the mercy of Steve and Ransom.
You whimpered, swallowing a sob as you tried to move away from Steve with a quiet, “no, please,” but he just caught you by your knees and yanked you closer.
“Hope you didn’t think we’d all be worshipping you like Barber,” Steve mocked.
His big hand settled on your quivering stomach and slowly slid up your body as he stretched out over you, until your faces were aligned and his hand was circling your throat.
“I still owe you for earlier, for trying to run and then scratching up my face.”
You shook your head, tears springing to your eyes. “No, I’m sorry--”
“Oh,” Steve chuckled lowly, his fingers flexing around your throat. “You will be.”
You shrieked as he suddenly pulled away, grabbed your hips, and flipped you onto your stomach. He yanked you up onto your knees, and you were just getting your hands underneath you when Steve tsked and gripped the back of your neck, shoving your face into the rumpled blankets of the bed.
“Don’t fucking move,” he snarled. He gave your neck a warning squeeze that had you chirping in pain, and then he slapped your ass hard and shoved your legs apart as far as they would go.
Your words morphed into a scream as Steve roughly drove into you, his cock bigger than Andy’s, and thicker too, as it stretched you painfully and burned with every single inch that was forced into your trembling body.
There was no moment to adjust, no teasing your clit to make it feel good for you or help you to your own release, just raw, primal fucking as Steve set a brutal pace that had you crying into the sheets with every harsh snap of his hips.
“Fuck,” he grunted, massive hands framing your waist and digging into your skin hard enough to bruise as he viciously yanked you back onto his cock and into every forward thrust of his hips. “I knew this uptight pussy would fit like a fucking glove.”
His words fell away, replaced by groans and grunts, as he fucked you, his hands pulling your ass cheeks apart and watching the way your swollen pussy swallowed his cock over and over again.
You buried your tear-stained face against the blankets, biting your lip against the pained noises bubbling up from the back of your throat. And then you were going rigid as Steve’s thumb brushed over your puckered hole.
“N-no, please, don’t!”
“Bet you’ve never let anyone fuck this ass before, huh?” Steve panted, the drive and drag of his hips never faltering.
You whined, in fear and at the indignity of it, sobbing as you felt Steve spit on your asshole, crudely lubing you up before pressing his thumb against your tight ring.
It took a beat, but then your body surrendered to his wicked touch, his thumb sinking into your virgin hole and making you go stiff at the unfamiliar and painful intrusion.
“Shit, she’s squeezing my cock so fucking hard,” Steve gritted, the quest of his thumb pushing harder, going deeper, working in tandem with the relentless drive of his cock until your body was locking up with an unexpected orgasm.
Steve laughed as you spasmed beneath him with a pathetic moan, your hands fisting the blankets as you shook, your body feeling both wrecked and like it didn’t even belong to you as you clenched and fluttered around Steve’s unrelenting cock.
“That’s it, doc, milk my cock like the dirty little slut that we all know you are,” Steve hissed.
He railed into you harder, relishing in every pained chirp and quiet plea, until he was hurtling toward his own release and filling you up with a guttural moan. A few more hard, deep thrusts shoved his spend deeper before his hips met your ass for the final time.
Steve sighed in satisfaction, his hand smoothing along your trembling ass as his thumb gave your puckered hole a final stroke that had you gasping for him. He smirked, pulling his thumb from your ass, humming at the quiet squelch and the way your pretty hole slowly winked closed before his eyes.
He wasn’t gentle as he pulled out of you, laughing as you whined your misery before collapsing on the bed and curling into a ball.
You hugged yourself tightly, your body sore and exhausted, your pussy overstimulated and tender and leaking cum as you tried to catch your breath, a quiet, distant part of you beyond thankful for your birth control implant.
The room was quiet around you, and then you felt the bed shift as a soft, warm hand gently smoothed up your back. The touch was much softer than Steve’s and you knew it was Ransom who loomed over you now, eager for his turn.
You began to cry, covering your face with your hands at the thought of being used again, feeling so dirty to the depths of your very soul that you didn’t think you’d ever feel clean again.
“Shhh, it’s okay, kitten, I can be nice,” Ransom crooned, pressing a chain of soft kisses along your shoulder and then up the side of your throat. “You just do what I say, and I’ll take care of you.”
You flinched as his free hand slid between your legs to cup your core. “No! Please, it hurts, I hurt.”
“I’m gonna make it hurt so good, you’ll be begging for it,” Ransom hummed, rolling you onto your back and shoving his way between your splayed legs. “Fuck, look at that pretty pussy. Gonna make her fucking weep for me.”
You jerked as he drew his fingers up your slit, whining at the overstimulation. “I can’t.” You clawed at Ransom’s hand, trying to yank his touch away. “Don’t!”
Sighing, he gathered your wrists, glaring at you before his eyes were flickering up to Steve. “Hold her down for me, will ya? I’ll need both my hands to ruin this cunt properly.”
They both ignored your whimper, Steve grinning as he propped himself up on his side above your head, still naked and easily pinning both of your wrists to the bed with one hand.
And then Ransom was shifting lower, until his face was level with your puffy folds and he was kissing along your messy core and moaning at your sweet little noises of distress and mortification. He cleaned you with his mouth, his tongue dragging along your heat and shoving into your quivering hole, making you keen.
He slung a heavy arm over your hips to hold you down, working his way back up to your clit, tongue torturing your little pleasure pearl with kitten licks before he was tugging back the hood of it to give him better access.
“Is she, or isn’t she?” he drawled, his thumb working your sensitive bundle of nerves, gaze glittering as he watched the trickle of fluid from between your folds. “Mmmm, I think she may be.”
And then he was strumming your clit relentlessly, his thumb insistent and brutal in it’s torture as you cried out and your back bowed.
White noise buzzed in your head, growing louder and louder as catching your breath became more difficult, then impossible.
You were toeing the line of pleasure and pain, begging Ransom to stop and shrieking as he gave your pussy a harsh slap. Your gasp was sharp, your body trilling at the new sensation—overwrought—and you couldn’t suppress the moan that slipped out as Ransom gave your cunt another hard spank.
“Yeah, go on, kitten, let go for me. You’re almost there, I know it.” One more painful slap between your legs, and then Ransom’s thumb was back at your clit, rubbing hard, and then harder, circling and circling until you finally, blessedly snapped.
Your body bowed with the force of your release, and you could actually hear it gushing out of you, the rush of fluid squirting from your pussy as you writhed and trembled and sobbed because it felt so fucking good.
“Fuck, that’s it, make a mess for me,” Ransom groaned, incessantly tapping your clit with his fingers, the contact ringing loud and wet as a second orgasm rippled through you.
You were senseless as another wave of wetness gushed from your cunt, a distant part of you amazed because you had no idea you could do this, and it was like you had no choice but to surrender to the overwhelming pleasure washing through you.
Being ripped from you against your will.
“Christ,” Steve grunted, his grip on your wrists tightening reflexively as he stared down the length of you. “For all her crying and fussing, she’s ruining the fucking mattress because she likes it so much, the slut.”
Ransom snickered as you collapsed back against the bed.
You were incoherent and completely spent, your body trembling and covered in sweat. All you could do was moan weakly as Ransom shoved two fingers inside of you and gave your pussy a few experimental pumps as he settled on top of you.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he murmured, knocking his nose against yours as he curled his fingers and smirked as you gasped and spasmed beneath him.
Ransom’s head dipped closer, his dark eyes dancing between yours, and then he was kissing you. His lips worked against yours eagerly, a groan sounding from the back of his throat before he was gripping your face and deepening the kiss.
You didn’t resist, even as the flavor of your own ruin coated your tongue, your body well beyond fucked out and on autopilot as your lips unconsciously tried to meet his press for press.
Ransom’s lips were still teasing against yours when he guided his cock to your entrance and sank into you with one powerful stroke.
You mewled against his mouth, eyes filling with tears at the burn of him filling you up, another unwanted invasion despite the way your cunt was gripping and pulsing around his cock, hungry for more.
“Mmm, I always thought you’d be a good lay,” Ransom said, sliding his cock almost all the way out before surging back into you and groaning his delight. “Fuck, I love being right.”
He railed into you half a dozen times before he was suddenly pushing away from you and you were blinking up at him in a haze of confusion. And then you were groaning as your sore body protested the way Ransom was jostling and rearranging you, nearly folding you in half as he perched your ankles on his shoulders, tilted your hips, and shoved his cock back into you with a quiet snarl.
“Ah fuck,” he gritted, smirking at your pathetic whines and whimpers as he settled into a frenzied pace and stroked into you so deep, you swore you could feel him in your belly. “Not gonna last long, not with this tight pussy being so greedy for me.”
You jerked as his thumb dropped to your swollen clit and began to trace light circles. “No, I can’t,” your wail was quiet as you struggled against Steve’s hold on your wrists to no avail.
“You fucking will,” Ransom panted, slamming into you harder, lingering for a beat as he circled his hips and moaned. “Fuck. Wanna feel you cum around my cock. You know how long it’s been since I had a cunt squeeze me like this?”
With every stroke of his cock, Ransom had you crying out, unable to catch your breath as that coil wound tighter and tighter in your belly one last time.
He was relentless and determined, pistoning into you over and over again, his thumb pressing harder against your clit until you were cumming with a strangled cry of complete and utter ruin.
“Ah fuck, that’s it,” Ransom moaned, stilling for a beat and basking in the feel of your cunt pulsing and gripping and sucking him in deeper. As you went limp beneath him, your eyes fluttering shut and staying that way, Ransom finally let go.
Husky grunts and groans spilled from his lips as he fucked you. The sound of skin slapping and your wet, messy cunt squelching rose up around him until he was driving into you hard and shouting his release, head thrown back and the tendons in his neck popping as he emptied himself into your overworked cunt.
“Shit,” Ransom panted, giving a few more pumps of his hips before bottoming out one last time as your pussy spasmed around him. He sagged against you, taking a moment to catch his breath.
“I’m pretty sure she passed out.”
At the sound of Steve’s voice, Ransom glanced up at him, watching in amusement as he released your wrists before picking up one of your hands and dropping it back to the bed.
It flopped there, and you remained still, your face lax and shining with sweat as Ransom gently tapped your cheek with his knuckles. “Kitten?”
When you didn’t respond in the least, didn’t even move, Ransom laughed. “Well, wouldn’t be the first time I fucked a girl unconscious.”
“Pretty sure you had a little help getting her there,” Steve said dryly.
Grinning, Ransom pulled away from you, humming as he eased his softening cock from your pussy and sat back on his heels, watching cum trickle down your messy folds.
“After that filthy workout, I need another shower,” he smirked, giving your naked body a lingering look before rising to his feet. “You want me to give Barber the green light to come back in?”
Steve watched your unconscious form, big hand trailing along your naked chest, fingers plucking at your hard nipples. It took a moment for him to pull his gaze from you, so mesmerized was he by all that bare and dewy skin.
Finally, his eyes lifted to Ransom, a smirk curling his lips as he replied, “Nah, let’s leave him out there to stew in his misery for a little while longer, the prick.”
Tumblr media
You woke with a jolt, the slight movement enough to make your body scream in protest.
You slapped a hand over your mouth to stifle your whimper of pain, going very still as you remembered where you were--what had happened--as you tried to focus on the dark and quiet motel room around you.
You weren’t sure what time it was or how long you had been out. The last thing you remembered was Ransom taking his turn with you and then…blissful nothing.
You could feel that you were still in bed and surrounded by them, your eyes slowly adjusting to the dark. You could just make out Andy on your right, Steve on your left, and Ransom sprawled at the foot of the bed.
All three men were sleeping, their breathing deep and even as you felt the familiar sting of tears at the back of your eyes at the sheer force of relief you felt to be the only one awake right now.
To not be consumed by them, filled by them, fucked by them, hurt by them in this moment.
You suppressed a shudder as flashes of the night replayed in your mind, the way they had violated your body, used you for their own pleasure, all three of them, one after another.
Even Andy.
You were here, enduring this, because of Andy.
Another feeling swiftly rose up within you, and you carefully crawled from the bed, around the big, sleeping bodies of your captors, and fled to the bathroom.
You didn’t even check to make sure the door was shut all the way before you were  darting toward the toilet, dropping to your knees, and retching.
It felt like you threw up everything you had eaten in the past month, your body rebelling the earlier abuse the only way it knew how, until you were weak and shaking and curled up on the cold tile floor.
That’s how Andy found you a short while later, shivering as you dozed, your face still covered in a sheen of sweat and sick staining your bottom lip.
Sighing, he closed the door, locking it with a quiet click, before wetting a wash cloth at the sink and grabbing the bottle of mouthwash on the counter.
Kneeling beside you, Andy murmured your name, hand smoothing over your clammy cheek as he gently cleaned your mouth.
You whined as he tugged you up to a sit, making you rinse your mouth before using the wash cloth to mop some of the sweat from your forehead.
“How long have you been in here?” He asked, rubbing your back gently.
“I dunno. Not long.”
“Do you feel like you’re gonna be sick again?”
You shook your head. “I don’t think I have anything left in me to be sick.”
You realized it in that moment, as you tried to discern how you felt, that you felt like your body no longer belonged to you, no longer existed the way that it always had before.
And it didn’t.
You were forever changed now.
Dirty in a way that would never come clean, because it wasn’t just your body that was marred with a kind of unspeakable filth you couldn’t even comprehend let alone begin to undo…
It was like all that you were, the deepest most sacred part of you--your very soul--was irrevocably tainted and forever tarnished.
Ruined in a way that could never be repaired.
“I feel so dirty,” you whispered, your voice breaking as your vision swam with tears. You dropped your face into your trembling hands, riddled with a strange combination of feeling too much and feeling hollow to your core.
“We can get you cleaned up, honey,” Andy whispered. “Come on.”
You didn’t fight him as he pulled you to your feet, wrapping an arm around your back as he used his free hand to start the shower.
It was then, as you watched him undress, that you realized you were naked, and it hadn’t even occurred to you until that moment. You hadn’t felt vulnerable by it. All you felt was a jarring sense of unending horror, loss, and grief.
Because you had died out there in that motel room tonight.
Who you woke up as this morning, the kind, caring, compassionate doctor at Steelridge Correctional Center, had ceased to exist.
She was gone now, lost forever.
And all that was left was a fragile, nearly broken shell of a person.
You must have spaced out, lost in your dark, mournful thoughts, because it was the pounding of the hot water on your back that brought you into awareness again.
You turned into the spray of water, closing your eyes and tilting your head back as you let it wash over you, pretending that it really was cleansing you in the way you so desperately wanted.
Blinking your eyes open, you used your fingers to gently clean away the mess between your legs, wincing as your abused core burned and ached, despite your delicate touch.
Suddenly there was a heat at your back even hotter than the water, and you went still as Andy pressed flush against you.
His beard scraped your shoulder as he pressed soft kisses to your skin. His chest hair tickled your back as his hands mapped the flare of your waist as he pulled you against him and rutted his growing hardness against your ass.
The hollowness you had been feeling was slowly being replaced by a deep seated anguish and a red hot fury.
It only grew as Andy turned you toward him and pressed you against the cold tile wall.
His hand dipped to your thighs and you caught his wrist. “Don’t. I can’t. It hurts too much.”
Andy pressed a kiss to the crown of your head, shaking free of your grip. “S’okay, honey, you can still make me feel good.”
You felt your stomach churn as he curled your hand around his cock.
Andy moaned quietly as he made your fingers squeeze the velvety steel of his length. He pressed his forehead to yours, staring down between your bodies as he guided your touch, directed the drag of your thumb along the vein at the underside of his cock until he was groaning.
You tried to recoil, to pull your hand away, but Andy’s hold only grew tighter as he rutted his hardness into your forced grip. His free hand found your hip, holding you in place as you tried to squirm away.
Thankfully he didn’t last long, giving a throaty grunt as he came a few minutes later, the white ropes of his cum hitting your stomach and dribbling over your hand.
As you listened to Andy’s panting breaths, and stared at the way his hand still held yours captive around his softening cock, you realized he was the worst of your three captors.
That despite the brutality Steve had shown you earlier, you’d take that over Andy’s deceptively soft touches and empty promises any day of the week.
How had he fooled you?
Emotion bubbled up your throat as you finally tore your hand away from him.
“I was so stupid!” You cried, glaring up at him as he watched you with a stunned look on his face. “I thought you cared about me! I thought you were a good man, but I was wrong.”
“Honey—“ Andy lifted his hand to your face, trying to placate you.
“No!” You slapped it away. “Don’t touch me.”
You shoved him away, yanking the shower curtain open and stumbling out of the small space. You pulled a clean towel from the cabinet and dried yourself off before wrapping the towel around your body and pressing yourself into the furthest corner of the tiny bathroom.
Andy turned off the water, reaching for his own towel before stepping out from the shower. Sighing, he just stared at you for a moment, guilt and indifference going to war across his handsome features before he finally murmured your name.
You shook your head. “Please just, bring me some clean clothes and leave me alone.”
“You need to come back to bed,” Andy said.
“I won’t.”
“You don’t have a choice!” he snapped, his voice harsh despite how quiet it was, his eyes burning at you as you flinched but maintained his stare. “This isn’t up for debate. I told you I can’t keep you safe if you’re being difficult.”
You laughed, but it was a sharp, mirthless thing. “Is that what you think you’ve done so far? Kept me safe? Are you really that goddamn delusional?”
“If I didn’t protect you back at the prison, you’d be dead right now.”
“I would rather be dead than have endured what I did tonight because of you.”
Andy’s stance deflated as his face went soft, his gaze filled with despair. “You don’t mean that.”
Your lower lip trembled as you spoke your realization aloud, “It scares me how much I do.”
And suddenly you were weeping as you sank back against the wall, smothering the inhuman and distraught wails spilling from your lips so you didn’t wake the others.
Andy was on you in a heartbeat, pulling you into his arms and hugging you tightly as he rubbed your back and whispered words of comfort you couldn’t comprehend because you were lost in the deep abyss of your pain.
Rocked at the realization that, for the first time ever, you truly did welcome death if it meant you would escape another night locked away with the three sick and twisted men who had your life—and your body—in the palm of their hands.  
You stood there for a long time, until you were all cried out and feeling even more numb than you did before. Your eyes were swollen and heavy with exhaustion, and you didn’t even resist as Andy dressed you in the clean t-shirt he had grabbed from the duffle bag just outside the bathroom door.
You didn’t argue as he led you back to bed and waited for you to curl up in the middle, between him and Steve.
You were too exhausted to object when he curled around you, spooning you and hugging you to his chest.
“I promise it will get better,” Andy whispered against your ear, holding you tighter as you closed your eyes.
One last thought whispered through your mind as you finally surrendered to sleep.
I know that it will only get worse.
Tumblr media
The next time you woke up, it was your own pained mewl that pulled you back to consciousness.
Your eyes fluttered open and after a few sleepy blinks, Steve’s face came into focus just inches from your own. Your gaze went wide--terrified--and then your body tensed as you felt his big, rough hand sneaking between your legs.
“No, please,” you whispered the familiar—and steadfastly ignored—plea, voice trembling and tears catching on your lashes as you clutched his wrist.
“Don’t do that,” Steve murmured, pulling his hand from your center and catching yours. His touch was surprisingly gentle as he lifted your palm to his face and pressed a kiss to the center.
He smirked as your breath caught in shock at the soft gesture, but the curl of his lips wasn’t as mean as usual. “Gonna show you how nice I can be. If you’re good for me, I can be real good to you, doc.”
You couldn’t keep your face indifferent, features twisting with disbelief as you watched him.
Steve laughed quietly. “Guess I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. Freedom and some good pussy will do that to a guy.”
His fingers danced down your side, skipping over your hip, taking their time to skim and grope along the dips and valleys of your body.
“You know how many times I’ve imagined fucking you? You must have known what I was thinking every time I saw you, the way you were always so nervous around me, so sweet and jumpy anytime I came to the infirmary.”
His hand finally dipped back toward your center, and you couldn’t help but press your thighs together, petrified at the thought of Steve taking you the way he had last night.
“Please, I’m still sore,” you whimpered, resisting the urge to claw at his face as he easily shoved his hand between your legs.
“Aw, I’ll make it feel better,” he cooed.
You stiffened as Steve’s fingers delicately brushed over your folds, a tiny part of you grateful that it didn’t hurt as much as you feared it would, especially after last night.
But it didn’t feel good either.
You wouldn’t let it.
You couldn’t.
There had to be something you could control in this situation.
When Steve circled your clit, you jerked at the throb, gasping as your eyes watered even more. “Steve, I can’t—“
He surged forward, kissing away your objections, his mouth moving against yours as fiercely as his body had pressed against yours last night.
Steve groaned when his tongue touched yours, his free hand sliding against the curve of your cheek and tugging you closer as he explored the inside of your mouth with his tongue.  
His kiss distracted you enough that you didn’t realize how insistently his fingers were working your cunt until you were already wet.
When two of his fingers slid into you and began to stroke and scissor, Steve trapped your whimper between your mouths before reluctantly retreating from your lips.
“There you go, just take what I give you. Let it feel good.”
You shook your head, biting your bottom lip against a moan when Steve curled his fingers.
“You’re cute,” he smirked. “But I know you like it. As much as you wanna pretend like you don’t, you’re cunt’s creaming all over my hand, it’s fucking crying for me.”
He nipped at your kiss swollen bottom lip, humming as you clenched around him hard when he discovered that spongy sweet spot inside of you.
You couldn’t stifle your moan as Steve began to aim for that spot over and over, until you were writhing against his hand, your hips frantically rocking as you choked out a pathetic, “Please!”
“How can I say no when you’re being such a sweet little slut for me?” Steve murmured, his thumb rubbing your clit as his fingers drove deeper and faster.
Until your body was bowing and a wordless cry was falling from your lips as pleasure rushed through you like a tidal wave.
“Yeah, that’s it,” Steve panted, his voice excited as he nipped at the hinge of your jaw. “So pretty when you’re cumming for me, doc.”
He shifted closer as your trembling subsided, your breathing ragged and your stomach twisting with self-disgust as Steve pulled you flush against him. His hand retreated from your center so he could lift your leg, curving it over his hip and opening you up for him as his other hand guided his cock to your center.
“Steve, please don’t,” you were crying now, desperate for a reprieve from this endless desecration as your fingers dug into his chest as he dragged his length along your slit. “Please—“
“Shhh, don’t make me hurt you,” he warned, voice still soft but his eyes flashing with enough steel--and that familiar, wild ferocity--that you felt a wave of terror shake through you before sagging against him in submission.
“Good girl,” Steve whispered, hips tilting and cock nudging at your opening before he was slowly sliding into you.
It felt like he was impaling you with fire, your channel stretching to capacity and burning something fierce with every inch that sank inside of you.
Choking on a sob, you closed your eyes, feeling hot tears spill down your cheeks as your fingers dug into Steve’s chest and you whined at the feel of him finally bottoming out.
“Mmmm, you’re doing so good for me,” Steve murmured, smoothing a hand over the curve of your ass before tilting your face up to his and slotting his lips over yours for a languid kiss.
“Look at us, getting along,” Steve purred. His fingers gripped your ass harder to hold you in place as his hips retreated before driving into you again, quicker than before.
He swallowed your pained sounds as he did it again, and again, until he was fucking you with deep, steady strokes.
You couldn’t tell if it was starting to feel good or if you had just gone numb, but you felt in a daze as Steve picked up his pace.
And then you felt the bed shift behind you, and a kiss against your shoulder, the prick of a beard against your skin.
Before you could process what was happening, Andy’s chest was pressing against your back, his big hands pushing your shirt up and tugging it over your head until you were naked between both men.
“Not a bad way to wake up,” he said, his voice gruff from sleep as he chained kisses along the slope of your neck.
“You’re telling me,” Steve groaned, giving a harsh rut of his hips that had you keening in pleasure-pain.
You’d barely caught your breath from Steve’s increased pace when you felt Andy’s fingers teasing along your cunt, swirling around your clit and making you gasp.
When those same slick-soaked fingers were suddenly rubbing at your puckered hole, you wailed a quiet “no!” as you tried to jerk away.
It only drove you closer to Steve, and suddenly he was rolling onto his back and pulling you with him, settling you on top, his hands like steel manacles against your hips as he fucked up into you.
Your head was spinning from all the different sensations and emotions running rampant through your body and mind, and your struggles were weak and pathetic compared to the strength of Steve and Andy.
Especially now that they were working together, using you in tandem.
Andy’s hand slid against your back, pushing you down until your chest was flush to Steve’s. And then he was moving behind you, hands gripping your ass and spreading you open.
You cried harder, unable to move as Steve hugged you against his chest, the drive of his hips never relenting as he groaned and snarled beneath you, lost in his pleasure as he held you captive so Andy could prep you for his own.
Andy’s finger at your asshole was gentler than Steve’s had been last night, but it still hurt, especially with how rigid you were, and no amount of soft praise and gentle cooing could ease the tension from your body.
That didn’t stop Andy from working you open though, until your tight channel could take two of his fingers at once and you were tucking your face against the crook of Steve’s neck, hiding as you drowned in humiliation and shame.
At the prod of Andy’s cock at your back entrance, you went completely still. Completely quiet. Even your breathing stopped.
It was almost like you were shutting down completely, unable to accept what was happening.
And who was doing it to you.
Against your will.
Andy eased into you slowly, and despite how gentle he was, it hurt. It hurt so much, but you were too far gone to react. To cry anymore. To beg him to stop even though you knew he wouldn’t.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” Andy grunted as his hips finally met your ass. “She’s so fucking tight.”
“Mmm,” Steve hummed, his thrusts stopping as he felt you constrict around him. “Her cunt feels tighter now too. Squeezing me so hard. I could stay in this perfect pussy all day.”
Andy fucked into you a few times, Steve joining in from beneath you as they settled into a rhythm that worked for them both. The room slowly filled with groans and hisses of pleasure, skin slapping loudly as the headboard knocked against the wall in a steady rhythm and the mattress squeaked at the strain of your romp.
You ignored it all, shuttering yourself away in your mind as you closed your eyes and pretended like your body wasn’t yours.
This wasn’t you.
You weren’t here.
You were far away. Back at the California beach cottage where you had vacationed last summer. Waking up every morning to the sound of the waves crashing below and watching the most incredible sunsets at the end of each day.
As your fingers curled against Steve’s chest in response to the way they were working you, you tried to ignore how your traitorous body was weeping with arousal, easing the push and pull of the two cocks effectively taking you apart.
You tried so hard to disassociate from all the feelings and sensations driving your body to the very brink of overwhelm and devastating ruin.
You blinked back the tears that sprung forward as you recognized the desperate, needy bloom that started warming deep down in your center, burning hotter and stronger with every unwanted rut and wicked touch.
In your mind, you returned to the path you had walked along the private beach each morning on your vacation last year. You were counting all the different colors on the ocean horizon when you felt a soft touch against your cheek and your eyes fluttered open to find Ransom kneeling beside you and Steve.
He was naked, his eyes dark and shining with a sinful desire as he tugged your face his way and pressed the head of his hard, weeping cock against your lips.
Some deeply buried part of you that was holding out hope for whatever could possibly come on the other side of this nightmare died as you gagged around Ransom’s cock.
His groans joined the carnal symphony filling the room as he fucked your mouth, then deeper, ramming into your throat, uncaring as you choked and convulsed--unable to breathe--as tears streamed down your face.
You felt fingers at your clit as your body--the biggest betrayer of all--was filled and fucked and ravaged by three different cocks.
And suddenly you were choking on Ransom’s salty, bitter cum a split second before your body was going taut with an orgasm that brought you more devastation and despair than pleasure.
“Oh fuck!” Steve snarled as you clenched around him, and then he was fucking up into you desperately, giving a wordless shout as he came, his hips jerking against you as he filled you with his seed.
Behind you Andy moaned at the flutter and pulsing of your body, his hips moving more frantically as he chased his own end. A few more hard thrusts and he was groaning his release, giving one final stroke that was so forceful it had you whimpering as you jerked against Steve, feeling a warm rush of cum fill your ass and burn you up from the inside out.
You weren’t sure how long you laid there among the tangle of panting, sated men--your captors and defilers--but after a while they all began to move away, heedless of the way you curled up in the center of the bed, silently crying as they took turns cleaning up and getting dressed.
You drifted in and out of consciousness, shoving Andy away with a pathetic whine when he tried to make you drink some water, and again when he brought you some fresh clothes to change into.
It was all too much, and everything hurt, your body riddled with the kind of pain and exhaustion that you had never felt before. You had nothing left to give--completely spent and despondent--so you just laid there, trembling and covered in sweat and cum and your own shameful juices, closing your eyes and hoping they would never open again.
But all too soon bright sunlight was peeking in around the edges of the drawn blinds as Steve began packing up the group’s meager belongings.
After another failed attempt by Andy to get you up and dressed, Steve growled his irritation, tossing the packed duffle bag aside before moving toward you with violence in his eyes.
“This is the last time we ask nicely, doc,” he gritted, hands on his hips as he stood over the edge of the bed, glaring down at you. “So get that cum filled ass up and at ‘em and get dressed so we can move out.”
You ignored him, silent as you stiffly rolled onto your other side to escape his presence as much as you could, wincing at the pain that flared through your body at the movement.
And then a different kind of pain, the blinding kind, was piercing through you as Steve grabbed you by the back of the neck and wrenched you out of bed.
Your scream was a quiet, quavering thing, your throat raw from crying and shrieking and moaning over the past god knows how many hours of torture and debasement.
Steve threw you at his feet, giving you a swift kick to the stomach that has you choking on air and curling in on yourself with an agonized wheeze.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Andy snarled, lunging for Steve and growling as Ransom held him back. “You’re gonna fucking kill her.”
Steve sneered at him, opening his mouth to respond but your broken voice beat him to it.
“Do it, please,” you trembled. You gingerly pushed yourself up to sit as you stared up at the three convicts, tears streaming down your face, eyes pleading and shadowed with exhaustion. “Please just get it over with, just kill me.”
“Kill you?” Steve’s laugh was malicious as he crouched down before you and balanced on the balls of his feet. He took your chin between his fingers. “Doc, you're ours now. We’ll need to lay low together for a while and we’ll need some entertainment for the long haul.”
“Got a sweet little cabin off the grid where we’re gonna be fucking all those pretty holes of yours every single day, kitten,” Ransom chimed in as Andy shrugged out of his hold. “Just another two days or so on the road and we’ll be home sweet home, where no one will ever find us.”
The thought of enduring further torture and violation at the hands of these men, let alone living with it for good, had you sobbing as you shook your head. “I c-can’t do this. P-please.”
Your next sob was cut off as Steve grabbed you by the throat and gave you a harsh shake. “You’re gonna do it. You’re gonna get your ass up and get dressed or I’m really gonna give you something to cry about.”
He let you go and you shook your head, a desperate chant of, “No, no, no,” falling from your lips between your frantic sobs and hiccups. When you tried to curl in on yourself, your defiance born from sheer panic versus stubbornness, Steve lost it.
He snarled like an animal as he grabbed you by the throat, rose with you in his grip, and threw you on the bed. “That’s it, I tried being nice and patient with you, you little bitch. I showed you how it could be if you just played nice, but I’ve fucking had it. Now I’m gonna show you what happens when you keep fucking disobeying me.”
It was the metal clink of Steve’s belt unbuckling that has you weakly rolling onto your stomach and trying to crawl away from him. The sound of the leather sliding from the belt loops of his jeans made you whimper.
You couldn’t take him again. You couldn’t take any of them again.
The thought had you hyperventilating and then all the noise in your head cut out at once as you felt the violent crack of Steve’s belt against your bare ass.
Your shriek of pain was a broken, pitiful thing as your body spasmed with agony.
“What are you doing?” Andy shouted, lunging for Steve again, but going perfectly still as the former captain swiped up the handgun from the bedside table, clicked the safety off, and pointed it at Andy's chest.
“Don’t fucking move,” Steve spat. “This is your fault for being so fucking soft with her. She needs to know who’s in charge and what happens when she keeps acting like a little cunt.”
He brought the belt down again, this time whipping across your back, and you sobbed as you felt the welt it left behind, searing into your skin.
“Fucking stop, she gets it,” Andy said, his voice shaking with suppressed fury as he curled his his trembling hands into fists at his sides.
Steve’s lips quirked into a mean smirk as he wound his arm back and brought the belt down across your back again, chuckling at the sound of your strangled cry of pain.
Andy dove forward but stopped as Steve turned on him and shoved the barrel of the gun against the center of his forehead. He stalked forward, pushing Andy against the wall, white teeth bared as he muttered, “Just give me a fucking reason. Think of what I’ll do to her when you’re not around to play protector.”
Andy’s jaw clenched, his furious eyes glittering with a quiet rage and the shadow of fear as he silently met Steve’s stare head on, but didn’t reply, didn’t move a muscle in challenge.
“Yeah, that’s what I fucking thought,” Steve hummed. He turned, handing the gun off to Ransom and nodding toward the other side of the bed. “You’re gonna hold her down and point that gun at her head, and if he moves,” he jerked his thumb over his shoulder at Andy. “You put a bullet in her fucking head.”
Ransom huffed, glare dancing between Steve and Andy before his grip on the gun tightened and he rounded the bed until he was standing over you.
“Surrounded by fucking drama no matter where I go and who I’m with,” he muttered, gathering your wrists in his free hand and holding them tight. He gave you a little shake. “You just couldn’t do what you’re told and make things easy, could you?”
“Please,” you whispered, your attempts to pull away from Ransom as feeble as they were useless.
And then another scream was being wrenched from your raw throat as Steve hit you with his belt again, and again, and again.
He didn’t stop until your cries went quiet, your voice giving out as you violently trembled against the mattress. Your breathing was quick and shallow, adding to your mindless, disorientated state, and your back and ass were a mess of welts and cuts, already forming bruises and blood.
Chest heaving with exertion, Steve’s wild eyes slowly trailed over you. His free hand dropped to the tent growing at the front of his jeans and he groaned as he gave himself a squeeze through the thick denim.
“She’s got me so fucking hard, breaking her in like this,” he rasped, dropping the belt at his feet before he was crawling over you, knees framing yours as he rubbed a hand up the arch of your spine.
Your muted sound of agony was an insult to the staggering amount of pain you felt as Steve rubbed the open cuts and weeping wounds marring your back. When you felt him stretch out over you, drop his weight against your quaking body, and nuzzle his nose against your sweaty cheek, you closed your eyes against a new onslaught of tears and pressed your face into the scratchy blankets.
A sob caught in your throat as Steve guided his hard length between your legs, and then he was shoving into you forcefully, his groan of pleasure a hot puff of air against the curve of your jaw.
He was brutal as he fucked you, powerful hips slamming into your tender ass and lighting you up with a new wave of agony every time he drove his cock as deep as it could go. Steve reveled in your quiet little chirps and whimpers of pain, moaning as he buried his nose against the nape of your neck and gave your soft skin a hard bite.
“You’re gonna fucking feel me for days, doc. Inside and out.” Another sharp snap of his hips and he lingered, his cock twitching inside of you as Steve panted his pleasure. “Remember this, because this is what happens when you tell us no.”
He retreated briefly before pounding back into you, punching an agonized moan from between your lips as he hit your cervix.
“And it’ll get worse every time.” Another push and pull and a dirty grind and Steve was cumming with a groan, dropping his sweaty forehead to your shoulder as he pumped you full of his release. His hips didn’t stop moving until you could feel his spend oozing out around his softening cock and dripping down to pool beneath you on the bed.
It was quiet for a long moment, a buzzing in your head as you tried to ignore Steve’s hot pants against your skin as he regained his breath.
In addition to the sound of Steve recovering from his pleasure--from so violently using you--you heard something else, something you couldn’t quite place. At first, you chalked it up to just another symptom of the pain overtaking your body and the distress overriding your mind.
But as it grew louder, closer, you felt Steve go rigid against you, and that’s when you realized that it wasn’t just in your head, because he could hear it too.
A second later, it clicked, what it was that you were hearing.
The distant sound of sirens, quickly growing closer.
And then the crunch of multiple sets of tires over gravel sounded from the parking lot just outside, and Steve shoved away from you. Quickly doing up the front of his pants, he snatched the gun from Ransom, his own eyes as wide as the other man’s.
“Is that…” Ransom trailed off, his throat bobbing on an anxious swallow as his gaze moved past Steve, toward the covered windows. “How--”
“You fucking bitch,” Steve barked, lunging for you and dragging you up from the bed and against his chest with a violent yank. “You called the cops!”
“I-I didn’t,” you whispered.
And then you were crying out as Steve backhanded you hard, sending you crumpling to the floor as you held your face and felt the sting of a split lip and the sharp copper tang of blood on your tongue.
You heard the quiet click of the safety on a gun, and then Andy was darting in front of you, crowding you back against the wall and shielding you with his own body as he stared up at Steve.
“She fucking ratted us out,” Steve sneered.
“When?” Andy asked, shaking his head. “How?”
“She probably snuck using the motel phone when we were sleeping.”
“The only time she was awake without you and Drysdale, I was up with her. She was sick in the bathroom and then I cleaned her up and brought her back to bed. I was holding her the entire night, she didn’t move.”
Suddenly a new voice rang out, echoing over what sounded like a loudspeaker from outside, and making you all go quiet and still.
“This is the U.S. Marshal, we have the motel surrounded. You have one minute to surrender peacefully, or we’re coming in to get you.”
Steve hissed a string of curses, his face flushed red with anger as he raked his free hand through his hair, and in his distraction, he didn’t notice Andy slowly rising to his feet and then pouncing.
You watched them grapple with each other--for the gun--with a muted kind of horror, pushing yourself into the corner of the room and painfully pulling your knees into your chest to make yourself smaller as Ransom gazed between his fighting fellow convicts with wide eyes.
You jumped when the gun went off with a loud pop, watching as Andy stumbled back with a grunt, pressing his hands to his stomach as blood flowed over his fingers, quickly staining his hands and clothes red as he sank to the floor with a quiet, “Fuck.”
As Steve slowly turned your way, Andy sank back against the foot of the bed across from you, his frantic blue gaze finding yours as Steve raised his arm and pointed the gun at your head.
“I’m so sorry,” Andy whispered, one lone tear streaking down his cheek as he watched you with a sorrowful gaze.
You didn’t reply, didn’t even notice your own fresh flow of tears as you blinked up at Steve before closing your eyes and letting them stay that way, your body tense and waiting and ready for the end.
The soft metallic click of the gun chamber cocking had you inhaling a final, shaky breath, wishing for it to be quick and painless and desperately hoping your final plea, at least, would be honored by some greater power.
And then the motel room door burst open, splintered wood flying everywhere as bright, heavenly sunlight spilled in along with the flood of a tactical unit armed to the teeth.
The big, broad man leading the charge wasn’t dressed like the others. His blue jeans were worn, his motorcycle boots scuffed, and the combination of his denim shirt, bullet proof vest, and U.S. Marshal coat made him look even bigger up close as he expertly raised his gun at Steve and shot twice before the other man went sailing backward with the impact of it.
The rest of the agents made quick work of subduing Ransom, who didn’t even put up a fight, and Andy, who was weakly raising his bloody hands in a show of surrender.
You watched him as he was rolled onto his stomach, despite his gunshot wound, and handcuffed.
His eyes flickered up to you, desperate but also glimmering with relief. He murmured your name quietly, pleadingly. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I never meant for this to happen. I just wanted to be with you.”
You blinked at him before turning away without a word, curling in on yourself and burying your face against your knees as you tried your best to ignore the flare of pain that rattled through you at the movement.
“You missed the fucking kill shot,” you heard Steve growl, the clink of metal sounding as he was handcuffed.
The same new voice from the loud speaker responded, but in person it was quieter and smooth as it rang with confidence and authority. “I wasn’t going for a kill shot. You’re not getting the easy way out. You’re going back to jail and you’re gonna rot there for the rest of your miserable life, like you deserve, you piece of shit.”
There was a wordless growl from Steve, and then that same quiet voice, this time tinged with disgust, spoke again.
“Get him out of my sight. All of them. Put them in separate vehicles, even the injured ones. They can get treated back at Steelridge.” There was a pause, and then the voice was softer than before. “But call a bus for her.”
Another loud flurry of movement, your hazy mind trying to slowly identify the sounds because it was all that it could handle at the moment.
Because the thought of this horrific, unspeakable ordeal really being over, of you being saved, was something you literally couldn’t comprehend.
Not after everything.
And the confusion of it, the distrust of it--the utter disbelief--had a thin, shaky whine rattling in your chest as you began to rock bath and forth, eyes burning as doing so made your eviscerated back and ass throb.
It went so quiet you thought that maybe you had passed out, and then you heard the quiet rustle of clothing, and felt a sudden soft, warmth envelope you, a pleasant musky scent--and the hint of cinnamon and sandalwood--filling your nose.
You jerked with a frightened whimper, hugging yourself tighter as you recoiled further against the wall, petrified.
“Shhh, you’re okay, sweetheart.”
For some reason the gentle reassurance in his voice only spurred on more tears, but it also had you hesitantly lifting your head, peeking up at this stranger--your savior--as you gave a quiet sniffle.
He was painfully handsome, his brown hair longer than most men wore it and curling around the collar of his shirt. From beneath a thick beard, his smile was soft and encouraging, and the kindness in his dark blue gaze made your vision blur with further evidence of your overwhelm.
Of your complete and utter relief.
He tugged his coat further up your body, until it was tucked up under your chin and covering your nakedness--your vulnerability--from his soft, unwandering gaze.
There was another beat of silence, and then he was saying your full name, with your doctor title prefacing it, but still framing it as a question to confirm your identity.
You nodded, fingers curling into the collar of his coat as you held onto it for dear life, like it could somehow protect you from whatever came next.
Because you had no idea what that would be.
You hadn’t expected a next.
“I’m Ari Levinson,” he introduced himself, dipping his head to draw level with your watery gaze. “You’re safe now. An ambulance is on its way and we’re gonna get you taken care of, okay? It’s over now.”
The sound that spilled from your lips in response to his words was inhuman - a hitched, shaky wail of hysteria as you pressed your trembling fingers to your lips, screwed your eyes shut, and broke down.
“Shh, you’re okay,” Ari murmured, and you heard the hesitancy in his voice as he asked, “Can I touch you?”
You were too distraught to reply, but when you felt the tentative weight of Ari’s big hand on your shoulder, the way his touch was so soft it was almost imperceptible as it rubbed up and down your arm, you whimpered, shifting closer to him and desperately seeking comfort.
Seeking a gentle, innocent touch--real consolation and solace--from someone who didn’t want to use you or hurt you.
“You’re safe now,” Ari reaffirmed on a quiet rumble as you pressed your face to his firm chest and sank into his strong hold.
You gasped sharply as his hand went to smooth between your shoulder blades, and he stilled, shifting until he could see your back. He quietly hissed at the sight of the contusions and blood criss-crossing your flesh.
You whined in humiliation, trying to push away from him, but Ari hushed you quietly, touching your arms and giving them a comforting squeeze.
“I’m so sorry they did this to you. I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner. I’m so sorry,” he whispered again against the top of your head as you sagged against him.
“How did you find us?” you asked softly, sniffling as you straightened into a sit. You were grateful as his hands remained on your arms, helping to hold you up as your drained body trembled from weakness.
“Your employee ID badge from Steelridge. They install trackers in all of them for security purposes.”
You blinked at Ari, your mind going quiet as you thought back to what felt like an eternity ago, when you were trapped in that prison hallway with Andy and a group of violent criminals slowly closing in on you.
You remembered the internal battle you had waged, agonizing over whether or not to use your badge to get both you and Andy to safety. Even in a moment like that, some distant part of you was terrified and resistant to breaking the rules.
But you had.
For Andy.
Just like he knew you would.
And that was the beginning of the end of your life as you knew it.
So in this moment, as Ari quietly murmured your name with concern lacing his words, you realized that it was because of you that they had gotten caught.
It was because of you, Andy’s bargaining chip and the prized little plaything they had all been so greedy for, that all three of those monsters were on their way back to the place they had wanted to escape most.
And, despite everything, maybe even because of it, you laughed.
It was a garbled, quaking thing, your laugh, but you couldn’t stop it, just like you couldn’t stop the way it slowly morphed into a body shaking sob, and then another. You covered your mouth with your hands, frantically trying to keep your noises at bay, but then Ari was pulling you against his chest and speaking quiet words of comfort against your ear, somehow making the frenzy in your mind and the lump of emotion in your throat slowly begin to recede.
You stopped crying by the time the paramedics arrived, and although Ari was reluctant to move away so they could treat you, he gave them space but lingered close the entire time.
A few minutes later, when they gave you a shot of morphine to help with the pain, you felt a different kind of numbness than you were used to--a pleasant and promising one--slowly trickle through you.
Once your initial treatment was finished, the paramedics helped you onto a stretcher, instructing you to lay on your side as they covered you with a blanket and carefully wheeled you outside.
You winced at the brightness of the sun, but relished in the warmth of it beating down on you after the last however many hours of darkness.
You got a glimpse of the three no longer escaped cons on your way to the waiting ambulance.
Ransom secured in the back of one U.S. Marshal SUV, pouting and then scowling as he caught sight of you.
Steve was next, his lips curling into a sneer as he watched you go by from his own temporary prison.
And finally Andy, slumped in the back of another SUV, his gaze unblinking and mournful as he watched you get further and further away from him.
You shuddered, feeling sleepy as the drugs began to take effect, your eyes growing heavy as you were loaded into the back of the ambulance.
You blinked your tired gaze open to find Ari hovering over you. His hand found yours and gave it a gentle squeeze as his lips split into a small, warm smile beneath his beard. “You take care of yourself, okay? I’ll be by to check on you later, once I wrap up everything at the prison.”
He went to step away, but you held his hand as tight as you could in your weakened state as you whispered, “No! Wait, please don’t leave me.”
Because something about Ari, despite the fact that he was a complete stranger, despite everything you had been through in the past day--including Andy’s brutal betrayal--made you feel safe.
And the thought of losing that feeling of safety right now had panic swelling within you.
Ari stilled at your distressed plea. His features went soft at the frightened look on your face as he glanced up at the paramedic a few feet away in question.
She shrugged. “Up to you, but we need to leave, so make a decision.”
Eyes finding their way back to your pleading gaze, Ari smiled at you reassuringly, reaching for the two-way radio clipped to his belt and raising it to his mouth to speak.
“Hey Jensen, I’m gonna do a ride along to the hospital. I want you to oversee the delivery of perpetrators back to Steelridge, and don’t leave until they’ve all been processed. And have my vehicle waiting for me at the hospital for later, okay?”
“You got it, boss,” a different voice responded lightly. “I’ll text you updates as I have them.”
With Ari’s decision made and orders given, the paramedic hustled to close the back doors of the ambulance before moving toward the front of the bus. She signaled to her partner that they were ready to go, and then the vehicle was lurching into motion, crunching over gravel as the overhead siren began to wail and you cleared the motel parking lot before settling into a smooth ride on the open road.
Sleep called to you more strongly now, your body finally numb in a blissful kind of way--at long last--and your mind just as pleasantly hazy.
Ari leaned over from his seat along the wall and lifted his free hand to join the other, gently cupping your hand in his warm, strong grip. “Go on, rest now, sweetheart.”
“You won’t leave me?” you murmured softly, your words slurred with the impending promise of sleep.
You got a final glimpse of Ari’s soft smile before your eyes were closing and staying that way, your mind still aware enough to feel the careful squeeze he gave your hand as he replied.
“I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”
And as Ari’s warm voice washed over you, you felt a familiar feeling, distant and buried so deep within you that it took you a moment to place what it was.
It was hope.
And it was just a small flicker, a fragile, tentative glimmer.
But it was there.
And it was yours.
Tumblr media
Hoooooe’kay. Omg. Wow. This one, y’all. First, I really had no intention for it to be THIS dark and angsty. My initial idea was for more of a soft!dark but eventual consensual gang bang with a few bad but fine AF men. But then this happened, and our sweet Reader was traumatized way more than I anticipated. And, well, after all that, she deserved the hope and a hint of a happy ending with the kind of person who would treat her right. 🥺
So yes, we will have a follow up to this story so we can check in with Reader to see how her healing journey is going and if Ari is a part of it. (Spoiler: He so fucking is. 😘)
Also sooooo many thanks and much love to my hoemate @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ for giving me the brilliant idea for the ending with U.S. Marshal!Ari, even if she thinks she didn’t lol. And lots of love and gratitude to @river-soul​ and @navybrat817​ for letting me pterodactyl screech in their DMs about this story lol. I love all of you so much, thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Finally, please leave a hoe your thoughts, feedback, and feeeeels, okay?! It gives me more life than you know and motivates me to keep spinning stories so we can be ruined--and geek out--together. Thank you for reading this. ilu ❤️🙏🏻
I no longer do tag lists, but if you'd like to be notified when I post new writing, follow my side blog @sirisshamelesshoelibrary​ and turn on notifications to get pinged when I drop some new hoe fuel 😘
Please note that I do not give permission for my work to be translated, reposted, or published anywhere other than my Tumblr. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️ 
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chrissquares · 4 months ago
Where ransom is drunk and your his girlfriend, you have to take him home and he keeps saying things like “you know you love me” “just pull the car over” “can you just do me already” or something like that thx!!
Ahhhhhhhhh I haven't written for my baby in a while and this prompt is perfect for a needy ransom because I need me a needy baby right now 🙈🙈🙈 hehehehe
Drunk Baby
Tumblr media
Pairing: Drunk!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: 915
[gif credit to @forchrisevans ]
Warnings: 18+, swearing, some fluff, drunk needy blabbering ransom lol, shameless clingy and horny ransom, mentions of bulge/fingering/something up your bum, hand over bulge, NSFW, minors DNI
it takes a lot for Ransom to be drunk, like a lot, and it usually happens after he saw his parents
Ran and his parents are basically oil and water, they don't mix at all because all they do is undermining him, judging the way he lives his life, and judging how he never had to lift a finger for anything
but not once did they blame themselves for throwing money at him at such young age, and for the fact that they did this to him
Ransom is actually very capable of a lot of things, but he is just too stubborn to prove his parents wrong; he said he doesnt need to prove himself to them and that he doesn't care about what they think
but deep down you and he both knew that he cared
he'd usually hit the bar with his friends to blow some steam off after going to his parents, and there's no exception this time
and you just knew his friends were gonna call you to come and pick him up because with Ransom being Ransom, he wouldn't let anyone else take him home whenever he gets this drunk
“hey babe...” he greeted you drunkenly, his lips curled into a sheepish smile at the sight of you, “guysssss, look! it's ma girl...” slurring his words as he announced to his friends (who were the ones that called you) and pulled you close suddenly, nuzzling his head to the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent and straight up planting kisses on your neck like he just needed to get a taste
after paying for everyone's drinks as a thank you, you carefully guided (and dragged) Ransom out of the bar and to his usual reserved parking spot
you reached in his coat pockets in attempts to find his car keys but all there were his phone among some crumbled up receipts, “where're your keys, babe?” you asked
and he chuckled with his face hot and slightly red from the alcohol in his system, looking at you weirdly close as he whispered for no reason, “up your ass...” and his shit eating grin got even bigger
rolling your eyes, “you fucking wish...” you retorted as you reached into the pocket of his pants, finding (his bulge) the keys you needed and unlocked the car with it
shoving a drunken Ransom into the car was a lot harder than you thought, his clinginess was through the roof but you still managed to get all his limbs inside the car before you slammed the door shut
on the ride home, he was everything but quiet, “babe... babeeeeeee...” he called for you like a child wanting attention, “gimme a kiss...” leaning in towards you while you were behind the wheel
“I'm driving, Ransom... cut it out...” you took a quick glance at him and saw him frowning and almost pouting
“you know you love me, baby... dont say no to me please... now gimme my kissss” he insisted and whined, hand reaching for your chin and wanting to turn your head
and luckily you just so happened to hit a red light which made you stop and turn to him for a quick peck, hiding the faint smile on your face because you were not about to encourage this kind of behaviour
after getting what he wanted, he settled down a little, but his hand was still not behaving; resting on your thigh, brushing it up and down your bare skin and sneaking under the hem of your flowy skirt
you let his hand wander a little, even let him pinch the soft flesh on your inner thigh, making you squirm while you were trying to focus on the road
seeing you tolerating his touches, he got more eager by the seconds, leaning towards you again until his lips meets the ball of your shoulder and he gave it a kiss as his hand danced higher on your inner thigh, “I need youuuu, babe...” he whined with his lips against your skin
“No, Ransom.... just wait until we get home... you are gonna get us both either arrested or killed...” you rejected him one more time, driving with your left hand while your right grabbed his wrist, taking his hand away from your thigh to make sure your head was not going to be compromised with thoughts about his fingers being knuckles deep inside you
“but I need you nowwww, just pull over...” it was almost like he was throwing a tantrum
“I promise you can do whatever you want to me when we get home... just behave for me, okay?”
he frowned again, holding your right hand captive by grabbing your wrist in return, before guiding it towards his crotch, “just use your hand, babe please...” he huffed while his hand was over yours, palming and rubbing your hand over his bulge
“Hugh Ransom Drysdale...” your warning tone earned yourself a frustrated groan from him with his head fell back, rested on the headrest and his eyes closed
“can you just do me already?” he mumbled quietly with his eyes still closed in the passenger seat, squirming and moving his hips a bit just to show you how needy and uncomfortable he was without your touch even when he was drifting off to sleep
and when you glance over to him, he was breathing steadily, sound asleep, but his hand was still resting over yours, unconsciously lacing your fingers together
A/N: my cute drunk needy sleppy babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy💗 ahhhhh
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 months ago
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!reader (OTP)
Words: ~1.1k
Summary: Ransom wants morning sex, but someone has other ideas.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, lazy wake up sex, mentions of f receiving oral sex, ruined orgasm), pets being assholes, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: Maybe I’m over my writers block? Who knows, the OTP will usually do that for me. Even when they’re being all domestic and shit.
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications.
Tumblr media
Ransom groaned softly when he woke up, rubbing his cheek into the dip between your shoulder blades and opening one eye reluctantly.
He grinned when he got a look at the clock. The alarm wasn’t going to go off for another 30 minutes. That meant he had just enough time to give you a couple of orgasms before you had to get ready for work.
“Mm, no Ran.” You mumbled into your pillow when the brush of his lips over your spine woke you up, his eyelashes tickling you and making it really hard for you to fall back asleep. “Lemme sleep.”
“It’s too late, babe.” He ignored your whine when he brushed your hair out of your face, sliding his hands around your waist to turn you over so he could nuzzle into your throat. “I’m up, you’re up, and neither of us have to do anything for a half an hour.”
“Why can’t we just fuck in the shower like we usually do?” You sighed deeply when his hands slid down your hips, gripping your thighs and manipulating them until your legs were wrapped around his waist.
“Because I want some lazy wake up sex.” He hummed into your mouth when he slid inside you, grinding into you slowly and resting his forehead against yours. “Then maybe I’ll eat that pretty pussy against the wall of the shower.”
“Maybe?” You bit your lip when he hit that deep spot that made your toes curl, curling your arms around his back until you were pressing his ass into you deeper. “I thought pussy was an important part of your balanced breakfast?”
“Oh, it’s the most important part, honey.” He chuckled and reached a hand up to grip the headboard, giving himself more leverage as he started rocking into you harder. “Gotta make sure it’s nice and juicy for me, though.”
“Aww, it’s always juicy for you, Ran.” You flicked your tongue over the seam of his lips and gave him a lazy grin, rolling your hips to meet his and moaning when he pressed his lips to yours.
You locked your ankles at the small of his back to keep him close, clenching around him when he ground into your clit and made you gasp. He rubbed his nose against yours as he gazed into your eyes, groaning at the feeling of you fluttering around him as you tried to draw him even deeper.
“Jesus, baby.” He was losing himself in your gaze. “I think you might need to call off work.”
“Not gonna happen.” You ignored the petulant look he was giving you, nibbling on his bottom lip while he pouted. “It’s the only relief shift I’m working at the ER for the next two months, Ran. I’m not gonna be an asshole who calls off just to get well fucked.”
“Fine.” The muscles in his arm bulged when he pulled himself into you for one violently deep thrust, grinning when you gave him a satisfying moan. “Gonna make sure you feel me all fucking day, then. Maybe I should fill you up in the shower and make you… ah, what the fuck?!”
The kitten had managed to sneak up onto the bed and just smacked Ransom right in the face, screaming at him before charging around the mattress like a tiny fiend and leaving you to laugh hysterically.
“Hold on, Ran, lemme see.” You bit your lip to keep from cracking up even more, pushing his hair out of his eyes to examine where Niamh had caught him while he scowled at the little demon who was zooming around your head. “Just a scratch, didn’t break the skin.”
“Great, can we get back to it?” The kitten finally settled and Ransom let out a deep sigh, nuzzling against your cheek as he started moving again. “‘Cause I want to feel that perfect… no, Fionn!!! Goddamn it!”
Your dumbass golden finally realized everyone else was up and hopped up on the bed, trying to shove his nose between the two of you and licking both of your faces while Ransom spluttered with frustration. As soon as the kitten realized her friend was there she was pouncing on him, the two animals wrestling playfully and jumping all over the bed and making Ransom collapse against you with a defeated huff.
“Fucking cockblockers.” He mumbled into your neck, groaning when the dog flopped on his back. “Ok, no, that’s it. C’mon assholes.”
You propped yourself on your elbow when he stood up with a low growl, grinning when he picked up the kitten and called her a spoiled brat and flicked his wrist at the dog so he’d follow. Then he opened the door to the stairs and set the cat down, making sure to scold her and the dog about interrupting him before he closed the door right in Fionn’s face.
“Baby, they need breakfast.” You squealed when he pounced on top of you, wrapping your body around him on instinct when he lined himself up again.
“They can wait fifteen minutes.” He tried to ignore the yowling and barking that was coming from the other side of the door. “Why do we let them sleep in here, again?”
“I seem to remember suggesting we set up a crate for the dog downstairs when I moved in.” You teased, running your fingers through his hair and nipping at his jaw while he started fucking into you with a purpose. “But someone felt guilty that he was gonna be stuck there all by himself, and just wanted his buddy with him.”
“Well, someone’s an idiot.” He muttered, rolling his body into yours while he frowned slightly. “Those assholes are ruining our sex life.”
“Ruining our sex life? Ran, we still do it at least twice a day, more on our days off.” You rolled your eyes at him. “You’re such a fucking drama queen.”
“But we could be doing it all the time if we didn’t… oh fuck my life.”
He forgot to lock the door, and the big asshole had managed to get it open after pawing at it for a few minutes while the little asshole yelled about nothing, the two of them trotting into the room looking very pleased with themselves. You grinned at Ransom and gave him a sympathetic pat on the cheek before crawling out from under him and slipping one of his sweatshirts over your naked form so you could go take care of the kitten, leaving him to growl into the pillows before turning to glare at Fionn where he was resting his head on the edge of the mattress and wagging his tail expectantly.
“Just because you don’t have any balls doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t get to use ours.”
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navybrat817 · 9 days ago
This Is the Hunt
Pairing: Dark!Ransom Drysdale x Soft!Dark Female Reader Summary: Ransom likes the hunt, especially when you turn him down. Word Count: Almost 800 Warnings: Threat of sexual assault, non-con touching (do not read it this upsets you!), misogynistic thoughts, implied major character death, swearing, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat. A/N: A Sinday treat for @syntheticavenger​ 's 8k Spooky Challenge. Congrats, lovely! It was a fun challenge to keep this to less than 800 words!
Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog ​ for new fics and notifications. Not beta read and written on my phone, so any and all mistakes are my own. Please comment and reblog if you’re inclined! 18+ please!!! - Banners by the lovely @its-just-may ​.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ransom didn't like the word no. Call him spoiled or egotistical, but he was a man who got what he wanted. Tonight, he wanted you. And he wouldn't let anything get in his way of his goal.
He knew your type… You looked innocent enough, but the revealing "costume" screamed that you were an attention whore. Hell, you'd probably cream your panties the moment he took control. He wondered if you'd drip when you were choking on his cock. 
His hunger for you grew as you turned down offers for drinks. He was going to have you and you'd thank him for giving you the fuck of your life. You'd probably beg him for more like a cock drunk slut. Maybe, you'd cry when he left.
Flashing his signature smirk as he made his way over, he ignored your feigned look of disinterest. It made the hunt more exciting. "So… What are you supposed to be? A siren? Vampire?"
You glanced down at your dress and cape with a shrug. "Just felt like dressing up."
"And dress up you did," he said, running a finger down your arm. Your skin felt so warm. How hot would your pussy feel? "Let me buy you a drink."
"No, thanks. I'm waiting for my friends," you said politely. 
"You don't have to worry about that since I'm here," Ransom said, putting the right amount of charm in his smile. "C'mon. One drink."
You took a step back, giving him a once over. "I appreciate the offer, but no thanks."
He chuckled after a moment. Were you actually turning him down? "Listen, pumpkin-"
"No, you listen. There are plenty of girls here who would love a drink, but I am not one of them. I would appreciate it if you left me alone."
Blood boiled in Ransom's veins as he leaned in close. Who the fuck did you think you were to talk to him like that? "If you wanted to be left alone, why did you dress like a slut?"
Anger flashed in your eyes as you grabbed the nearest drink and threw it in his face. "Go fuck yourself," you snapped, spinning on your heels and storming away. 
"Bitch!" he yelled, wiping the liquid from his eyes. A few people glanced his way as he pushed through the crowd, looking for you. It wasn't enough for you to turn him down, but humiliate him in the process?
Fuck. That. 
The cool night air hit him as he went outside, looking both ways. His teeth flashed as he spotted you walking, quickly heading in your direction. "Where are you going, pumpkin?"
You looked back for a second before you began to run, your cape flowing behind you with each step. He quickly gained on you, tempted to tackle you on the sidewalk. Would anyone stop him if he did?
He smirked again when you turned into an alley. He couldn't recollect the last time he was this excited, but he'd still make you pay. "Too easy," he chuckled, barely out of breath as he followed. It gave him a chance to take in your form in the dim light, frantically searching for a way out. "Why run if you didn't want me to catch you?" he taunted as he stomped over, grabbing your arm.
You shrieked as he pushed you against the bricks. "Wait-"
"I'm not waiting, you fucking bitch," he snarled as he shoved his leg between your thighs, making your costume ride up. He leaned in close, so you could feel his breath. "You're wet. I can feel it. Knew you'd be a slut."
You trembled as he rocked his knee against your heat. "...I like the chase."
"I don't give a shit what you like. I wanted to make you feel good… but now I want it to hurt."
Your laughter surprised him. "Oh… it'll hurt."
Ransom didn't register the movement behind him until he felt a sharp pain in his neck. He didn't even have a chance to scream as someone pulled him away from you, blood flowing from his wound as his back hit the ground. He sputtered as he tried to cover it with his hand, seeing two pairs of glowing eyes staring down at him. Who, or what, the fuck were they?!
"I told you…" you said calmly as you pushed yourself off the wall and fixed your dress. "I was waiting for my friends. Well… boyfriends. And they don't like others touching me."
"What… the fuck?" Ransom coughed as you crouched down and smiled. He was wrong… There was nothing innocent about you.
"Men like you are all the same. It's pathetic," you taunted as you patted his cheek. "Now stay still. My boyfriends are hungry."
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clints-lucky-arrow · a month ago
scream. || serialkiller!ransom drysdale x f!reader.
Tumblr media
"Why are you doing this?" you ask, voice cracking with a cacophony of rage, fear, and sorrow.
It doesn't seem like your Ransom who smiles back. He's not playful or mischievous. There's no sign of that usual teasing smirk. Whatever mask that he has worn so well over the many years finally drops, and all that's left is something savage and cruel in its place.
"Because I want to," he replies, as if it's the simplest thing in the world. "Because I can." - Excerpt.
Written for @boxofbonesfic Spooktacular Smutfest.
WARNINGS: Dark Fic. Slasher!Horror. Graphic Murder and Violence. Detailed Descriptions of Injury. Dub-Con/Non-Con. Sexual Assault. Posessive!Ransom. Blood Licking. Vaginal Fingering. Vaginal Sex. Loose Mentions of Drugs and Addiction. Mentions of Slight Emotional Infidelity. Breeding Kink. Dead Dove, Do Not Eat.
Word Count: 3.8k
TAGLIST BLOG: @clints-lucky-reblogs​​
Likes, comments and reblogs are much appreciated.
A/N: This one isn't for the faint of heart.
My first dark fic! I've never done one before, so hopefully it's alright. We are going for horror-themed after all... 
Remember, please heed the warnings above. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. If you're not into these types of stories, it's very simple: Just don't read it.
My responsibility ends here...
Tumblr media
Everything is blurry. Woozy and sickening, heightening the tide of roiling nausea inside your stomach. It radiates through your body. Relentless. An ache that disjoints the world. One that leaves you addled and more than slightly confused.
The pain is strongest in your temple.
As you lift an arm to touch, a sharper throb laces through your skull. Wincing, you withdraw your hand. Crimson blood glistens upon your fingers, nearly shining below the bright light of the chandelier overhead. The sight very nearly has you pass out right there. Still, you fight the urge, knowing that to do so may well mean death.
Can't stop. Not here. Not when you don't know where he is.
The killer.
That masked psycho brandishing a knife. He'd killed Ransom. Fuck. You'd found him first, on the floor of the study with the black rise of a handle poking out of his chest, and you'd screamed until you felt your throat give out. If it hadn't been for Stephanie - your best friend - dragging you away, you would have been next. But it hadn't been you. It had been Daniel, and then it had been her.
You have no idea where the others were. Everyone had scattered in different directions - fleeing wildly through the twisting halls of the sprawling Thrombey manor. A maze that only the family really knows how to navigate. For all of the time that you'd been here, and that was many, many occasions, the layout still has yet to stick.
It is even worse now. When the freak in the mask had lunged out of the corner to stab Stephanie, he'd turned, ripped hem of his black cloak whirling at his ankles, and punched you in the temple with a closed fist. Hard. You were sent reeling at the impact, other side of your head colliding with the solid jut of the mantle piece, and sickening stars burst across your vision. It had been a wonder that you'd gotten away.
Maybe he could have caught you - it's hard to decipher the real memories through the dizziness, and the pulsating pain - but still, something whispered that you were being toyed with. Held between the paws of a predator, simply for his cold amusement. That if he truly wanted to, that monster could have slashed you instead of just delivering a blow. And, he could have caught you as you stumbled away.
This is no accident.
Tight claustrophobia strains your chest. It's harsh, like an elastic band pulled unbearably taut. Another wave of dizziness washes over you. There's a sound - a low, aching groan. It takes a prolonged beat to release that it's coming from you. Fingers tightening weakly on the bannister, you try to descend the short set of stairs before you. All that you need to do is keep going down, and the house will let you out eventually.
You can find a door, maybe even a window. Just something. Whatever will release you into the garden or the drive - allowing you to get to your car - so that you can tail it away from this nightmare.
The next sharp throb that pierces through your skull nearly has your legs give out. Body seizing slightly, you almost collapse on the bottom step, falling against the railing and clinging to it for dear life. Spots of darkness dance across your vision. Everything feels groggy and far away, as if at the other end of a long tunnel. While you fight to remain awake and upright, those specks continue to grow across your eyes, blocking all else out as they begin to stitch together into a blanket of shadow.
Salt stings your tongue. Bitter tears slowly roll down your cheeks. They mix with the iron tang of blood, and you can taste both coupled on your lips. It might be the end. You're not sure. Do you even care anymore? The answer is becoming more blurred with each passing second, just like your hazy thoughts. You can feel yourself weakening. Giving in.
Just as you think you're about to go - to lose yourself to the darkness - a pair of hands settle on your hips. They are large. Warm and firm. Lifting you back onto your unsteady feet in a movement that seems nearly effortless, and helping you turn around. The light overhead sears through your heavy-lidded eyes. You can barely make out the towering silhouette past them. Not when blood drips into your eyes, and a fresh wave of nausea threatens to cramp your stomach.
Through the ringing in your ears, you can hear a voice. Soft and caring, but underlied with something strange. "Baby? Baby, are you alright?"
Gasping, you blink away the tears and blood, and finally, a face swims into focus. That beautiful, familiar face. One that you never expected to see alive again.
A hoarse breath catches in your throat, and your words come out as nearly a wheeze. "Ransom?"
He doesn't have the time to answer before your eyes roll back in your skull, and you very nearly pass out on the spot. Instead, he makes a sound oddly akin to a chuckle as he catches you, stopping you from pitching to the floor. The noise confuses your already addled mind, cogs turning to make sense of it. No. It couldn't be. He wouldn’t be laughing. Not at this moment. 
The confused intenral monologue abates as strong arms wrap around your waist, and then you are hoisted up. Thrown over his shoulder so that your head slumps upside down upon his back. The world sways weightlessly as he begins to move. Dimly, you are aware of being carried. Such knowledge only makes you start to cry. A mixture of hope and relief bubbles in your chest.
Ransom is alive, and he's going to get you both out of this nightmare.
Footsteps pad lightly down the corridors. Ransom shifts, and the sound of a door kicking open reverberates. You expect to feel the brush of the cold autumn breeze across your face. An unmistakable signal of freedom. That doesn't happen. Why?
Instead, your boyfriend places you down upon the bathroom counter, right next to the sink. It's hard, but the solid ledge provides a reassuring hold for your unsteady form, and your fingers curl weakly underneath it. One of Ransom's arms stays around your waist, holding you up like a doll, but the other rises. Firm fingers guide your chin upwards to the light as keen blue eyes examine your face.
His lips twitch. It must be the injury. Must be the blow to your head, and the obvious concussion that accompanies it. It has to be, because Ransom couldn't be smirking right now. His head dips, and when his face raises, the ghost of a smile is gone. You must have imagined it, just like the laugh before. Your own hands lift to tangle within the fabric of his dark shirt. It's soft underneath your grip, and provides reassurance. No. You’re right. He wouldn’t be smiling right now. 
But there’s something wrong here. It's hard to put a definitive finger on it in this state. All that you can think is that it's about Ransom. Maybe? It’s hard to remember. Nearly impossible, when your fucking head hurts so much.
Gently holding your face, Ransom twists it carefully - examining your injury with a gaze that is brightly curious. Almost shining. Still, it lacks something. A soft hiss of sympathy escapes through his clenched teeth. Upon his forehead, a strand of usually well-groomed hair falls across his brow. Sweat glistens visibly upon the skin of his forehead. There's something about the unkempt sight that has you finally remember something.
“Ransom!” It barks from your lips, stronger and sharper than any previous utterance. Your fists tighten in his clothes, a strange shifting meeting your ears as you shake him, fumbling as you weakly attempt to push him off. “We have to go! We have to get out of here!”
Fingers grip your wrists. The hold is nearly tight enough to bruise. Ransom pins your arms to your side with ease. The mere act only serves to addle your further - knocking away the confidence with which you had previously been filled with. That distant, stammering confusion wells up again. Dizzying, thick, and all consuming. Leaving you with nothing but a vague sense of bafflement, and a reverberating pain that you cannot form rational thought beyond. 
But there’s something else. That prickling knowledge won't go away completely. No. Something else, something about... 
“Ransom?” you repeat weakly. “Ran-”
It cuts off as his hand strokes down the back of your head, running through your hair. A murmur rumbles from his chest, low and comforting, as he tips you inward. The embrace is warm and solid. You should be thankful. You should feel safe. But you don’t - not quite - and the reason why is growing more distant with each passing second.
His fingers accidentally brush against the throbbing spot on the side of your head. A small cry barks from your lips in response to the bolt of pain that laces through you at the contact. It’s nearly enough to reel you straight back into painful oblivion once again, but you fight the sensation. Dimly, you are aware of something else.
Ransom’s arm slides around your back again. Muscles bunch, and you are pulled nearly all the way forward in one smooth motion. Drawn to the edge of the sink, and closer to his chest, to where he stands between your parted legs. The action has you reeling, head lolling back weakly towards the ceiling. Those spots of nothingness dance before your eyes, growing. Stitching themselves together as your eyelids slip shut. Past the struggle to remain awake, only two things register.
First is your boyfriend’s rough voice whispering in your ear, low and reassuring, but edged like a knife. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ve got you. It’s okay.” 
The slow descent of his other hand trailing down your body is the second. It would have made you pause, if that is something you were even capable of. What? You moan, disoriented and confused, trying to stop him as his hand slides below the front of your dress. Ransom presses in closer, and his mouth ghosts down the side of your neck.
Warm lips trail over your skin. There's a heated flick as his tongue darts out, lapping at something. Upon drawing back, red smears the side of his mouth. A strange sensation ripples over you as his fingers brush across the covered mound of your cunt. It's part revulsion and part exhilaration.
You know the latter well - it always comes in response to his touch - but the former raises the faintest prickle of alarm bells. Distant warning thrums at the back of your mind, but you can’t place why.
Ransom's breath hitches as his fingertips delve underneath your panties. Another soft moan escapes your lips as the pad of his thumb slides through your folds. They part easily underneath his touch, separating like petals. He ducks in to meld his mouth to yours just while simultaneously pushing two fingers inside your centre. They slip deep within, burying the digits nearly up to their knuckles.
Despite the addled state of your mind, it's hard to ignore the bliss that his touch brings. Ransom knows exactly how to touch you. How to make you sigh and whimper as he pumps within. Those careful fingers are half-curled, but he guides them so deep, allowing you to feel just how much of you can be filled with his hand alone. It draws another low mewl from you, and he inhales it hungrily.
His kiss is intense. Nearly frightening. It threatens to steal the breath from your lungs, and to suffocate you right here and now. You have to break away, panting and struggling to remain upright. It grows harder with each pump of his hand - an action that increases in speed with each passing second. He hits the mark inside of you again and again, repeating until your hands have raised to claw amidst the strange fabric of his shirt, and you can feel that familiar heat beginning to coil in your stomach.
Just when you think that he's going to bring you over that peak - guiding you to burst over his fingers - they slip free. It leaves you shocked. Cold, and almost sobered, but that allows you a split second to regain some of your old composure and clarity. It allows you to remember that there is something wrong, and there's something wrong with-
"Ransom," you moan, once again stirring to fend him off.
There's no opportunity. Not when his hands lower to fumble below the frayed fabric at the end of his cloak to pull his cock free from the confines of their black trousers. Something screams in the back of your mind, but it is washed away when he realigns himself only a moment later, swollen cock at your entrance, before pushing inside with another violent hiss. A sharp sting persists as teeth clamp on your shoulder. Murmuring broken protests, you try to tell him, 'no.' That it hurts. 
You're not sure if he hears it, but the pressure releases a moment later, and those soft lips seek out yours again. Ransom kisses you while thrusting. Stroking himself into your core as you perch on the edge of the bathroom sink, clinging to him for dear life. Everything is blurry and unfocused. Dizzy. His relentless pace doesn't allow you a second of relief from the constant state of disorientation, and in doing so, keeps whatever it is that you're struggling to remember at bay. Not that you can even think about that. It's impossible to register anything beyond the silken plunge of his cock.
He feels so good within your walls. Stretching you perfectly, and long enough to have you feel every inch of him. It's a wonder that you'd thought that you could live without it. Without him. Ransom Drysdale is like a drug, and you are an addict. As much as you may wish that you weren't, especially in your more rational moments.
But those are gone now. Batted away by the blows sustained to either side of your skull. Knocked aside by a concussion that keeps you weak and pliable, so easily held and fucked in his family bathroom. A place that the faint intuition within screams that you should flee from. Christ.
His arm snakes around your back once more. Ransom guides you even closer, until you are pressed right up against him. Utterly flush. It allows him to hoist your right leg onto the counter, looping it over his arm. Clearing the way to only drive himself into you harder. Increasing his pace until he is pounding into your cunt, driving the air from your lungs as his shoulder jars into the point above your chest. Dominant and merciless, just like you know him to be. 
A man who doesn't care much for anything beside his own wants. It's why you'd debated leaving him in these recent months. Why you'd been drawn to another, softer man.
What is his name again?
Swiftly, Ransom's cock builds you right up to the edge once more. Forcing you there, until broken cries are lifting into the high-ceiling bathroom, echoing off the tiled floors. He fucks you as hard as he possibly can, watching intently through narrowed eyes and gritted teeth. His jaw clenched - twisted into a snarl - and for a moment, you could nearly swear that he looks like he hates you.
The thought shatters as you release. The orgasm tears through you, ushering forth a shuddering wail, and you can feel the clench of your walls. They flex upon his cock, squeezing him. Nearly begging to be coated in his own release, just as your mind almost bursts into a hazed abyss. Your ears ring, the whine building to a crescendo as you cry and shake, all the while feeling the harsh snap as he continues to rock against you, violently pursuing his own release.
"Knew you'd take it," he snarls, and you can feel the graze of his teeth on your throat as he shift further in, gripping the underside of your thighs to lift you up and pound you harder. "You little bitch. Did you really think that Daniel could ever fuck you like this?"
And that's when it finally happens.
Those pieces of shattered thoughts pull together in one glimmering moment of stone-cold clarity. A knowledge that turns the blood to ice within your veins, and has your hands clench on the fabric of his shirt. Except it's not a shirt. It's the same long, black, cloak that the killer wore, and your boyfriend's handsome face replaces the elongated and crude white plastic of the mask. Everything comes together, and you know.
Ransom is not dead. He's not lying on the study floor with a knife in his chest. There's no mark there at all. It was fake. A trap. Because Ransom's not another victim.
He's the killer.
You go to push him off you. To fight and to scream, but he seizes your wrists again before you can even move. Pulling them against his chest in a rock-hard grip as a taunting smile lights his face and his words come in a dark, mocking tone. "Easy, sweetheart."
"Fuck you," you spit, struggling desperately. Trying to get away, and wildly attempting to cast him out of you. "Get off. Fuck you!"
"Oh, baby," he croons, but you can see by the hitch in his chest and the crazed light in his eyes that it is no use. "I already am. Fucking you, I mean. And stop that. There's no one left to hear you scream."
He pins your arms down at your side, holding them against the solid marble counter. The action pitches your body forward, and allows him to do what he's been striving to. One last time, those hips collide with yours. The head of his cock buries deep inside of you, filling you right to brim. Allowing no room for struggle or escape - and no chance to slide loose - as he comes with a feral cry.
You hate yourself for your body's reaction. How he strikes that already overstimulated spot, and the climax shakes through you with vigour. Rushing in time with his own bursting relief, until your cunt is nothing but a hot, sticky mess. His thick semen coats your insides, painting you in thick ropes, and a broken moan of both pleasure and horror grates from your chest.
Fuck. What have you done?
What has he done?
Regaining something - a tiny vestige of strength and composure - you try to push him away one final time. It’s suprising, but you manage to slip from his hold. However, it's not for long. Just momentarily. Those rough hands seize your shoulders, and he shakes you harshly. Just twice - and only for a split second, but it sends your already unsteady mind reeling right back into a wave of all-consuming dizziness. The strength flees from you instantly.
It has you slump back upon the mirror, fighting to stay conscious and struggling to peer past the relentless beating in your skull, just as Ransom slowly eases himself out of you. World swimming, you see double. Two Ransoms. Two reddened cocks emerging from your soaked cunt, but it joins together a few moments later. Refocusing just enough to allow you to watch weakly as he smirks, before scooping the escaping ooze of his release back inside of you.
His cum. His seed.
A shudder runs through you at the thought. Something wet rolls down your cheeks, and you blink, fighting away the pink-tinged smear of bloody tears from your vision.
Ransom killed Stephanie, and all the rest of your friends. Thomas. Riley. Leo. He killed Daniel, the man that you were debating leaving him for. The one that Steph had encouraged you to be with instead.
The nausea wells stronger than before, and you have to fight down the urge to retch. Your body aches, a mixture of the injuries that your boyfriend himself inflicted with that foul blow to your temple earlier, and as a result of the harsh fucking that he had given after.
He hurt you. He killed them.
"Why are you doing this?" you ask, voice cracking with a cacophony of rage, fear, and sorrow.
It doesn't seem like your Ransom who smiles back. He's not playful or mischievous. There's no sign of that usual teasing smirk. Whatever mask that he has worn so well over the many years finally drops, and all that's left is something savage and cruel in its place.
"Because I want to," he replies, as if it's the simplest thing in the world. "Because I can."
Unable to squirm away, you shudder in disgust as he trails a finger lightly over your cheekbone, leaning in so that the tip of his tongue can dart out, and taste the blood running down the side of your face once again. Leaning back, your boyfriend - the killer - only pauses to brush his lips briefly over yours, before drawing up to his full height and smiling coldly.
Ransom speaks again, and something murderous shines in the depths of his beautiful blue eyes. "Because they would have taken you from me. And now no one ever will ever try to again."
This is not your Ransom.
He isn't the one who you remember so fondly. The man that you fell in-love with on that sun-filled summer two years ago is gone, as simply and completely as if he just ceased to be.
Because that's the truth, isn't it?
It's something you know with just one look at his unmasked face. That you feel in the frigid shiver that runs down your spine. Prey in the claws of a predator. Trapped, with nowhere to run. It's the truth, as callous and cruel as that reality is. There's no one else to rely on. Just you, here alone with him.
Your Ransom never existed at all.
Tumblr media
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holdontorogers · 3 months ago
»» Amazing, isn’t it? r.d.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Ransom Drysdale x Reader
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; as your book became a success, Harlan Thrombey invited you to be a part of his publishing company. He just forgot to mention that his grandson, who started working there as well, was an asshole.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭; 3,662
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; 18+ ONLY | MINORS DNI; swearing, enemies to lovers, pet-names (sweetheart, princess, pretty thing, honey, kitten), fingering, oral (f & m), fingering, unprotected sex, rough sex, slight daddy kink, slight breeding kink, praise kink, dumbification, degradation, Ransom is an asshole (but what’s new?)
𝐚/𝐧; GIF NOT MINE. this might have a part 2, depends on how you guys like it and if I get the time and inspiration for it 😌. want to feel ransom’s ring when he chokes me
Tumblr media
It started out as a joke. This last paper drove everyone from your Masters program insane. 
Yours was the only one to receive a full grade, so naturally your friends betted you could write a book.
The irony being that you actually began to start the book, as a joke. However, part of you started to really enjoy that.
Long story short — you finished the book, your friends loved it and encouraged you to publish it, it was a hit.
Apparently you did an excellent job, you thought to yourself, as you signed a contract with Blood Like Wine, Harlan Thrombey’s publishing company.
Yes, the Harlan Thrombey: best selling mystery novelist, 85 years old man; owner of his own publishing house…….. the most brilliant man you’ve ever met. 
After three meetings, he was ready to welcome you into the publishing house.
“Harlan, I cannot believe this is happening” you smiled while shaking his hand, vibrations all over your body of all the excitement.
“Oh, don’t worry about it, young lady, I am sure you will be an incredible addition to the company” he smiled back at you, subtly laughing at your joy.
“Oh, one last thing” he added, circling around his desk, going towards the door as you followed.
“yeah?” you tried, looking back at him with narrowed eyes. “My grandson will be working with us this Summer” he gently looked at you, making your eyebrow raise, what was the problem?
“Your grandson?” you encouraged him to continue his explanation, as he opened the door.
“Ransom, he is” Harlan pressed his lips together, frowning as he searched for the words to define Ransom.
“He is difficult, hard to deal with” he had a serious look on his face, you gulped, getting out of his office still looking at him.
“This Summer is his last chance to show me he’s still worth saving” he explained and then sighed, pressing a finger on his frown as he thought about his next words.
“I see a lot of me in that kid, you know?” he had a soft look on his face, you smiled gently at him. “Wanna make sure I did all I could”, he concluded.
You nodded at his words, eyes tracing the hall, searching for the right thing to say. “Well… Can’t wait to meet him!”, you tried. And how wrong were you.
Harlan then showed you your office. It was at the mansion; his latest renovation included upgraded offices, one for him, one for Ransom, and one for you.
It was huge to say the least. Harlan’s office was at the end of the hall, yours was by the stairs, and Ransom’s was in the middle.
That should be interesting, you could only hope.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
Later that day you googled Ransom, why? You were not sure. Something about Harlan’s carefulness when talking about him intrigued you.
Ransom was a spoiled trust fund prick.
You could almost hear the snobby voice he must have, you could almost see the superior look he gave to anyone who dared cross Hugh Ransom Drysdale.
Any picture of him next to Harlan had him in a dreadful look.
And impeccable clothing, to the point where you envied the style this man had. But he still looked like someone you would not get near to.
You started to research about the Thrombeys wondering why you did that after accepting the job. They seemed like awful people — Harlan’s opposite, you hoped.
You left out a heavy breath, rolling your eyes and throwing yourself in your bed, hands on your face.
How much did Harlan like this kid? How bad could Ransom be? What would happen to your future if you two didn’t get along? What about that entire family??
You had just gotten your Masters, it was time to start focusing on the career you’d like to pursue. What if signing with Blood Like Wine was a terrible idea?
You decided that concerning about it was only give you a sleepless night before your first day.
You would work there this Summer and see if another book would work out its way out of your brain. Just one Summer by now, you could do this.
You were going to do your best, and an entitled, snobby, rich baby boy would not be on your way.
So you decided to freshen up and tug yourself to sleep. You had a long day tomorrow.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
He was even worse than you imagined.
“It’s Hugh” he spitted out to the poor maid, “you’re the help, you call me Hugh. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand”. There wasn’t even a reply, just heavy steps on the stairs.
You rolled your eyes and tried to focus on the blank page in front of you. That was, until someone knocked, and entered.
He was gorgeous, and you cursed yourself for thinking about that at first.
But yeah, the perfect cream sweater, the perfect hair neatly done, and his ocean blue eyes… undeniably gorgeous.
But then he started talking.
“So you’re the pretty thing Harlan invited into this hell house” he had his hands on his hips, his sunglasses hanging at the edge of his nose, and a smirk on his face.
“And you are?” you managed to ask, barely finishing the question until he barked out a laugh. Where the hell did that come from?
“I’m Ransom, honey, but I’m sure you knew that” he winked, pressed his lips together as he removed his sunglasses, eyes focused on you.
“The question is” he was walking around the room, your office “who are you, pretty one” he stopped by your desk, pointing at you. That smirk officially becoming your least favorite thing in the world.
“I’m busy” you hissed, giving him a challenging look. He laughed “that’s an odd name” he continued to analyze you with his eyes, taking longer than necessary on your curves.
“Don’t you have work to do?” you said, he annoyed you. Beyond reason.
No matter what you said, he would bark something right back, his eyes eyes followed all your moves, daring you to move.
You hated how you felt, nearly squirming in your sit as he just laid eyes on you. It was going to be a long Summer.
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
It hasn’t been any better than the first day. Ransom kept coming to your desks, provoking you and leaving you infuriated.
Almost two months passed by and Ransom’s ultimate task of the day was to push your buttons until you snap, which you never did.
He was doing research for Harlan, at least that was he’s supposed task. You honestly thought his job was to drive you crazy.
If it wasn’t by how rude it was with, well, everyone, it would be because he was either late or not there at all.
And if you’re being honest, the fact that he would always seem to have a girl around made you clench your teeth. It was either hickeys or lipstick marks that he’d made sure you saw.
He could only parade those on purpose, and the fact that it got you worked up and absolutely irritated only egged him on.
Ransom loved the effect he had on you, he loved to see you tense in your sit whenever a mark from his last rendezvoused showed. He loved how worked up he got you.
But Ransom wished he could just snap it out of you. He didn’t like that you always had something to say right back at him.
He didn’t like when you rolled your eyes or looked disgusted at him but never did anything about it.
He didn’t like how you never left his mind, making him come into the place he hated the most in the world, just to annoy you.
Naturally he would constantly tease you. Suddenly opening your office door “by mistake” while you were concentrated, just to catch you off guard.
Softly grabbing your hips while he reaches for something in the kitchen, something that couldn’t wait until you moved. No, he would always be at the same places as you were, like a magnet.
It was getting harder to resist. You were hornier by the minute; the book taking away all resemblance of a social life you once had.
Your vibrator was old news and working at the same house as Ransom, with him impossibly close to you, was really hard to forget how bad you wanted him.
His cologne filled your nostrils, your had became fuzzy whenever he was around. His voice echoed in your head, and it was getting harder and harder to resist. You had no idea what to do.
One time he even almost kissed you, sweet talking with you until he was running his hands through your hair, almost closing the distance between your lips. If it wasn’t for Harlan, calling you at that exact second…
⊱⋅ ──────── *·˚ ⊰ ۪۫ ⊰ ‧₊˚ ──────── ⋅⊰
“Ransom do you have the paper from Harlan already?” you asked through his door. Harlan was gone for the weekend.
Obviously he left Ransom to take care of things, including the reviews from the last chapter you wrote.
“Come in, sweetheart” you rolled your eyes opening the door “Ransom I’m serious I need to move on with things and” you started, waking into his office; he wasn’t even listening to you mumbling.
Ransom was laughing at something on the computer, not taking his eyes from it. The draft you left for Harlan (and now him) to read threw face down on the table.
You felt your blood boiling, rage filling your eyes. It’s not enough he’s constantly out to irritate you. He had to act like anything else wasn’t as important as him.
“You know what?” you snapped. “Don’t bother, I’ll just keep writing it and give it to Harlan when he’s back” you grabbed the paper from his desk.
Ransom held your arms, holding his other one up, signaling for you to wait. Not that you had a choice.
His grip was strong, not enough to hurt, but enough to make it impossible for you to move. At least that’s what you told yourself.
You were horny, and Ransom hasn’t made it easy for you, having to watch him always too close to you. He was a teaser, a menace. You were nearly done holding yourself back, ready to just let it go.
How bad could it be? Letting Ransom have his way with you? Maybe he was bad in bed and you would stop being so hot and bothered whenever he was around.
Maybe sleeping with him was what you needed to get pass this. At least that’s what you told yourself.
“Ransom, I don’t have all day” you hissed. Ransom closed his computer, looking back at you.
“See? Wasn’t that long now was it?” he let go of your arm, leaning on his chair with his arms around his body, examining you.
You turned the papers around, seeing notes on it, you frowned. “Did Harlan read this before leaving?” you asked, confused.
“Of course not” Ransom quickly said, as if it was obvious, that stupid smirk on his face. “You did this?”, you were confused, disbelieving how actually good those notes were.
And also, how Ransom they were, with plenty of “eat shit” to a character he didn’t like and “wtf????”s marked all over, but there were also good notes, great feedback.
“Yeah” he shrugged, your brows knitted together “I’ve been reading it since the start” he simply said, making you even more incredulous.
“I was intrigued after you first book, wanted to see if it was beginners luck or if you really had it”, were you delusional? Ransom Drysdale read your book?
“You read my book?” you couldn’t stop the words from coming out, still trying to put his words together in your brain.
Ransom had such an effect on you. You hated it.
“Of course, what do you think I’m doing here?” he raised a brow at you, a coy smile on his face. You frowned at him.
Ransom, then, started to move, going around his desk into your direction. He held your gaze as he approached you.
You could feel your arousal as you followed his movements. You tried cursing yourself and snapping out of it, but Ransom was too close, too sudden, too intoxicating.
“What happened, princess?” he mewled, you gulped at the pet-name, its effects quickly sending goosebumps all over your body.
You thanked that mansion for being cold, your sweater hiding how much of an effect he had on you.
“Lost your words, sweetheart?” he raised your face with a finger, examining you, you didn’t dare to move. His eyes were dark, his pupils consumed with lust.
“Always so eager to reply right back at me, honey, what happened?” he was mocking you. Yet, you could only bit your lips, holding back the whimpers.
“Bet I could just bent you over this desk and claim you mine” he taunted, your eyes widened at his words, partly because you wanted him to stop, partly because you were almost begging him to do that.
It was getting pretty hard to control yourself. You pressed your thighs together slightly, but Ransom caught you.
“Oh, I see the problem here” he smirked, “you’re too wet to even form sentences aren’t you?” he turned you both so you were caged around his arms, pressing you on the desk, towering over you.
“My dumb girl” he ran his lips through your jawline, you whined, throwing your head back at the feelings, all becoming too much “so ready for daddy,” his hands were now traveling your body “but I need words, baby”.
“Ransom” you tried, your voice filled with need. You knew you shouldn’t do it, you should not allow this much power to anyone, especially him.
But you didn’t care, you grabbed his expensive scarf pushing him to your lips. He hungrily accepted the act, devouring your mouth, tongue and teeth as the kiss invaded all your senses.
Ransom pulled away, back at taking his sweet time torturing you, rubbing your cheeks as you pouted.
“What is it that you need, kitten?” He ran a finger through your pants, just to see you squirm “use your big girl words” he scolded, coming closer to your ears, his hands stopping at your centre, his fingers caressing you through your pants.
“I need you” you chose to go against reason, you only wanted him at that moment. The trust fund prick, staining you with his hands and touches, unmatched to anything you ever felt before.
Ransom opened your pants, slowly dragging them down your body, on his knees. He could now see the goosebumps and shrives at every touch of his hands, caressing your thighs, kissing his way up where you needed him most, sweet sounds leaving your mouth.
You found balance on his desk, spreading your legs. “That needy, uh?” he hummed, rubbing his fingers through your panties, his eyes widening at how soaked they were.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you hanging” he ripped the underwear out of your body, shoving it in his pockets “I’ll take care of you, will have you screaming my name” it was a promise he intended to keep.
You were completely exposed to him, body flushed and ready, dripping for him. He parted your lips with his fingers, humming at how ready you were for him.
In one motion, Ransom slipped his tongue in your heat, you moaned at the feeling. His tongue teased your entrance, and explored every inch of your mound. You jerked your hips, still looking for more friction.
“Bet if I add two fingers at once your greedy pussy will take them so well” he purred “so greedy for daddy” he hummed, his two fingers stretching you and hitting you sweet spot at every thrust.
You cried out his name as his tongue circled and sucked on your clit. The pleasure was getting too much, you senses blown away by Ransom’s movements.
You don’t ever remember feeling this good, having someone knowing you so well. Ransom took his time to watch your every reaction, his fingers at a perfect pace, his tongue driving you over the edge.
You never came this hard, your body shaking and weak, as curses, moans and Ransom’s name was all that could leave your mouth.
Ransom stood up, shoving his fingers in your mouth so you could taste yourself. You moaned and sucked on his fingers shamelessly enjoying every second of it.
“That good, uh?” he said, that cocky bastard. You never hated that smirk so much as you did now.
Especially because you couldn’t even respond to him, your dizzy head spinning as you recovered. Your hands gripping the desk for balance.
You were beyond wrong. That was the worst idea you ever had. Ransom would ruin anyone else for you. There was no way you wouldn’t want him more after today.
“Sweetie, are you there?” Ransom cupped your cheeks, the coy smirk still in his face. “That was….” you tried finding the words, biting your lips.
“Amazing, isn’t it?” he said, looking at you with a proud smile on his face. “Feel like returning the favor, bunny?” he raised a brow at you, as you nodded.
Ransom removed his pants, “wanna see what that pretty mouth can do before I fuck you stupid” he taunted, freeing his cock.
You sank down to your knees, palming his length, the precum visible in his swollen tip. Your mouth watered at the sight, he was big, you gulped, body tensing a little.
“Oh, don’t worry kitten” Ransom mocked “it will fit” he said, stroking his length, bringing it to your mouth.
You left your tongue out, welcoming him, the salty precum filling your mouth. You sucked the reddened tip, your tongue swirling around it. Ransom’s eyes going wide as he groaned.
He grabbed your hair, pulling his length into you. you hallowed your cheek and took him all, gagging as he tried to fit in your mouth.
“Doing so good for daddy, sweetie” he praised “such a good girl taking all of my cock” you moaned at the words, making his dick twitch in your mouth.
He increased his pace, growling and moaning as he pounded into your mouth. “Fuck, your mouth feels so good, sweetie” his thrusts were sloppy, losing his pace as he got closer to his release.
Then, he stopped, pulling you out of him and into your feet. Ransom pulled you back to the desk, spinning you until you were sited, legs on his waist.
You removed his shirt and pulled him closer to you, kissing his lips. You both moaned as your tastes collided. You ran your hands through his hairs, making a mess on his perfectly neat hair.
Ransom growled as you pulled him, gripping your hips, slowly sinking into you slowly. You whined as you felt your walls stretching to fit him.
“So tight, baby” Ransom said, burying his face in your neck “can feel you squeezing me, fuck” he began to increase his pace, slamming his hips faster.
You threw your head back, your legs pressing his waist tighter, feeling him balls deep inside you.
“Gonna ruin all other men for you” Ransom groaned “gonna have your greedy pussy all for myself now” you nearly screamed at his words.
“Ransom, don’t stop” you begged squirming and moaning all for him. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, daddy’s gotcha” he whispered in your ear, his voice low and raspy sending shrives down your body.
Ransom began pounding even faster, biting and kissing your neck, his thumb in a perfect pace in your clit. It was mind blowing. Ransom knew how to touch all the right places.
You could feel your bodies working in a perfect rhythm. You could feel how Ransom didn’t stop kissing and touching you. How his free hand was grabbing your leg, strong enough to leave his mark on you.
You could also see the look on his face, his body and the sounds that left his mouth showing that he was just as in it as you. Red skin, flushed expression and sweat covering his body. His hair was a mess, as you pushed and pull to bring him impossibly closer to you.
His thrusts were losing their pace, becoming sloppy as you could feel the waves of your orgasm hitting you. White hot spots of pleasure taking over your body.
You were in a blissful state, holding yourself in Ransom, finding balance in his shoulders, leaning towards him as he drove you through your high; still chasing his own release.
Ransom was lost in the feeling, your pussy pulsating and squeezing him even tighter than before. He never felt so good in his life.
“Want me to fill you up, sweetie?” he could barely make sense of his words, lost in you “yes, daddy, please” you whined, and that drove Ransom wild, straight to his own orgasm.
You could fill his warm cum spilling inside you, filling you up as he moaned loudly, his forehand meeting yours as you were both breathing heavily.
Ransom cleaned you up with his boxers, helping you find your clothes.
Holding them out for you, he raised a finger to his chin and grinned “you know, there’s showers in here” he winked, still looking at you.
“Well, I could actually use a warm bath now” you replied, winked back at him. Ransom laughed and let you the mansion. You were wearing nothing but his sweaters.
You had no idea what you were doing. All you knew is that somehow you still needed more of him.
You were completely intoxicated by Ransom Drysdale, the trust fund prick. And tonight, he could take you wherever he wanted.
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sstan-hoe · a month ago
𝘽𝙞𝙜 𝙊𝙡𝙚' 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩𝙮 | 𝙍.𝘿
𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 — Ransom Drysdale x Fem!reader
𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙮 — Ransom can get really soft when he didn’t see Y/N for days
𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙙 — First time writing Ransom!
𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨 — Taglist | Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Don't go wasting your emotion, lay all your love on me…” You sang as you cooked yourself dinner, the music was on full volume and how couldn’t it be when it was ABBA.
Ransom stepped into the building of your apartment with the intention to surprise you, it was actually planned that he would come by tomorrow, but he couldn’t wait to see you, he had missed you so much.
He could already hear from the hallway that you were listening to ABBA and had to smile to himself.
Ransom pulled the keys to your apartment out and when he unlocked the door he could smell the faint aroma of pancakes, your favourite dish.
You didn’t notice that Ransom walked in and kept seeing while turning the pancakes, when you turned your body to the door you saw Ransom leaning against the frame. It took you a second to realize that Ransom was standing there.
“Ransom!” You squealed as you fell out of your trance and jumped into his arms. “I thought you were coming tomorrow.” You beamed at him.
“I missed you too much sunflower.” He replied with a smile lacing at his lips, ‘sunflower’ was a nickname Ransom had for you since your first date where you told him that your favourite flower was the sunflower, and you wore a yellow dress with big a sunflower on the right side.
“I missed you too!” You beamed at him with excitement. “Come on I was just making dinner, I have enough for two.” You told him and whirled yourself around in his arms.
You grasped his hand. “You can set the table.” You ordered and he walked over to the cabinet with the plates and bowls to get everything including the cutlery.
Ransom went to the dining room where the music was blasting where turned the volume down. “Are turning my ABBA down?!” You called from the kitchen making him grimace. “Yes, sunflower but-“ “Nope no you don’t turn ABBA down.” You lectured him as you walked out of the kitchen.
In response Ransom playfully rolled his eyes at you making you slap his arm.
“You do know that pancakes are actually for breakfast yeah?” Ransom said as you took your first bite. “Says who?” You asked him with raised brows and Ransom huffed. “Everyon’.”
“Sure and I’m the Queen.” “You are a Queen.” Smooth asshole you thought and blushed like an idiot.
“Anyway…I think you can it at breakfast, lunch and dinner because there is no rule if it’s your favourite dish.” You noted with raised head to give your statement more authority.
“Does that mean I can have you everytime of the day?” “What?” You questioned him as you blushed again.
“Eat your food.” You pointed at the food and gave him a proving look. “Yes sunflower.” Ransom said and began to eat his food.
“Sunflower?” Ransom whispered into the dark. “Ran it’s in the middle of the night.” You grumbled as you turned your back to him. “Something doesn’t feel right.” He stated ignoring your grumbles.
“Ransom…” You grumbled once more as you tuned your upper half to him.
“It’s you, you aren’t cuddling with me!” He concluded and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you onto his chest. Your arms went around his neck automatically. “Happy?” You mumbled against him.
“Very.” Ransom smiled and nuzzled his nose into your neck.
𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 —
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bluemusickid · 5 months ago
Can you please write a smut with Ransom Drysdale
Where Ransom stumbles onto the reader’s only Fans and he gets really turn on and messages her asking if they can meet up. The reader is very hesitant but then Ransom offers her like 500K so she agrees and they meet up and have WILD sex including anal, degrading, cock worship🥵! In the end Ransom reveals that he filmed the whole time they were fucking and tells her to post it on her only fans.
Oooh, anon, I love the way you thinkkkkk🥵😉😉😈😈😈 Sorry it took so long, I was caught up with uni work.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, darkish themes, Ransom being Ransom, NSFW, dub-con, {non-con (if you squint)}, oral sex, blowjobs, cock worship, slight degradation kink, anal sex, use of toys, shameless PWP tbh, bad language, swearing, MINORS DNI.
A/N: This was honestly so fun to write; really challenging and darker than I usually write. Also, it's filthy. By my standards hahahaha. Hope you enjoy! This pic is the inspo for this lil' piece. Minors pls don't read; you are responsible for your media consumption. Thank you. I post my work only on AO3 and Tumblr, nowhere else. Please do not reproduce my work anywhere else. Not beta'ed, any mistakes made, grammatical or otherwise, are all my own. Dividers by the wickedly talented @firefly-graphics 💓
Join my taglist and check out my masterlist for more!! Likes are welcome, reblogs are appreciated.💓
Tumblr media
A Deal with Drysdale.
Ransom grunted as he rolled over, pushing off the girl’s hand from his torso. Katherine, Kathy, what was it again? Didn’t matter, she was a boring fuck. Couldn’t even go one fucking round. And what is it with women fake moaning? He swore he coulda slapped her with all that loud yodelling.
“Hey handsome? Fancy another round before I leave?” she drawled from behind him, as he took a shot of whisky. Turning around, he threw her clothes at her, “No. Take your shit and leave.”
The blonde huffed, squeezing herself into that obscenely short piece of clothing she called a dress. No doubt cost her daddy a lot, he thought.
"You’re a dick, Ransom.” she screamed, standing at his main door. "And you’re a terrible fuck with fake tits. Now get out.” he drawled. He watched with a smirk as he saw her slam the door and get into her expensive car. He was used to women like her, vicious gold diggers. She would be bouncing on another rich dude’s dick by the end of the day, he was sure of it.
Sighing, he plonked himself onto his bed, scrolling through his Instagram. Some of the girls here were kind of his type; certainly for the night, he thought. Scrolling through his explore page, he double tapped on pics of girls with clearly fake asses who were “super into” yoga, scoffing at how most of them spent their days drinking and passed out on the floors of different strangers' homes.
Something caught his eye. It was a picture of you, coyly hiding behind a tree, but very obviously naked. Ransom couldn’t describe what he felt, but something about that picture was alluring. He felt drawn to you, like a moth to a flame. He had to have you, no matter what. Clicking on the link in your bio, he was surprised to be redirected to your onlyfans page.
Scrolling through your it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Every picture of you, every short clip, was sheer art. Your curves, your decadent body, your seemingly smooth curves, all appealed to him, like a siren’s call. He closed his eyes as he took himself in his hand, imagining you on top of him. He came with a shout, his spend coating the sheets and his hand. He had made up his mind, and as he texted you, a plan formed in his head.
Tumblr media
You pulled up into the parking lot of the quaint little diner, a pit slowly forming in your stomach. This was the first time you'd actually gotten a request to meet up. Normally it was just horny guys or girls asking to see "more of you", but never a message giving you a time and place. You often wondered how you'd gotten into this world of erotica; but school was expensive, and your parents were no-good alcoholics, who spent every waking moment drowning their sorrows in cheap tequila and half-used cigarettes.
Stepping inside, you took in the interior, the homely setting a stark contrast to the conversation you were about to have. Your eyes scanned the place, looking for the man who turned your mind into mush without even meeting you. The host asked you for a name and then ushered you to a private booth, separated from the main area. Whoa.
You finally saw him. Hugh Ransom Drysdale. He lived up to the power that his name exuded. Dark hair, coiffed up with gel, not a hair out of place. He looked like he had stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine; devilishly handsome was a phrase that came to mind. His dark maroon sweater encasing his body, with his arm draped loosely on the back of his seat, you took him in deducing that he was probably a spoiled guy, used to getting what he wanted, not taking no for an answer.
"If you're done checking me out, sweetheart, take a seat." He drawled, his eyebrow raised as he smirked at your gawking. Your cheeks warmed as you sat down, embarrassed to be called out like that. You hoped the rest of the conversation went better than the first impression you set out.
"I must say, I don't normally get requests like this, so I was quite surprised when you reached out."
He raised an eyebrow, taking a swig of his beer. You could feel him eyeing you, scanning every inch of you with his blue-greens. It was disarming, intimidating and yet, intriguing. Clearing your throat, you order yourself a peach iced tea, wanting to keep a clear head around him. You crossed your legs, your core throbbing a little already. Oh no.
"To set things straight, this isn't a date. I don't do that shit. But I have a proposition for you."
"Yes. I enjoyed your onlyfans, but it lacked stuff which is taste. So, for a night, of my choosing, I wish to "hire" you, in a manner of speaking, to do as I please. You'll be paid for it, obviously, but I need to know where you stand before we take this forward."
You took his words in, eyes widening with every syllable he spoke.
"...Hire me? That's...not what I do, Mr. Drysdale." you muttered, your hackles rising. Men.
He snorted. "I'll buy you dinner before that, or some shit like that. It could be a post-dinner date fuck, then."
Taking a swig, he continued, "I'll make it worth your while. Just name your price."
You scowled, looking away. This man was truly incorrigible. And rude.
"Look, sweetheart, consider this flattering, 'cause I don't normally do this shit. But there's something intriguing about you, and I have to have you. It isn't like you're whoring around, consider this a gift from a wealthy benefactor."
Pursing your lips, you gaze out of the window, pondering. Much as you hated to admit it, you did need the money. You couldn't make ends meet with your tuition fees, and textbooks, and other expenses. This would help you immensely. You knew what you had to do.
"I have some ground rules. And a few things I will absolutely not do. If we agree upon those and the amount, I think we have ourselves a deal."
His gaze darkened, his smile widening slowly. You could sense his sinister intentions, and you'd be lying if you said that it didn't make you wet. This man was beautiful, but deadly. You had just signed a deal with the devil. You hoped you wouldn't regret it.
Tumblr media
Walking on the graveled path leading upto his door, the pit in your stomach only deepened. Why? Was it because he was a Drysdale? Or because something felt amiss? The modern house with it's glass façade did little to assure you, rather made you wonder about what this man had in store.
Whatever it was, you'd hoped he made it worth your while.
"So 500K for allowing you to do whatever with me, as you please?
"Yes. That's just an initial number, depends on how well it goes." He said, his eyes glinting.
You squirmed under his gaze. You were wet, and you were sure that he could sense that. He didn't break eye contact even for a second, taking a swig of his beer, a droplet making it's way down his chin. Your lips parted, breath coming heavily. You wanted to lick that droplet, you wanted to taste him.
"Go to the bathroom and wait for me there." He rasped, his voice scratchy and hoarse with arousal. It went staright to your core, feeling the material of your panties get damper, as you slipped away and made your way to the restroom, heart beating with anticipation.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror, your pupils dilated and your nipples rock hard. This man had overwhelmed you, and he hadn't even touched you yet. The door opened and he walked in, the gaze of a predator upon its prey. He grabbed your waist and pulled you to him, flush against his chest, his crotch against your hip. He kissed you, with hunger, his hands making their way to your hips, hitching a leg on his waist, as he rubbed himself against you. You gasped, clutching onto his shirt for balance, the coarse material of his pants and the cool metal of the zipper moving against your heated core. Not breaking contact with your lips, his hand made its way under your dress, rubbing you through the fabric of your damp underwear. You moaned, your hand covering his, pushing him closer and urging him on. He smiled, pushing aside the material and circling your clit and your wet folds. He groaned, feeling your wetness envelop his fingers as he plunged a finger inside your channel. You bit his earlobe, unable to contain your moans. Dropping his forehead against yours, he muttered,
"This is how good I can make you feel, sweetheart. Just say yes and I can show you the best night of your life. We'd be great together, with those gorgeous moans of yours filling my ears as I split you open with my cock. Just. Say. Yes." He grunted, feeling your walls quiver in anticipation.
"Fuck, Ransom, yes yes yes!" You screamed, your walls clamping down against his fingers, your release coating his fingers. He held you for a moment, placing you down before sucking his fingers dry and leaving, as quickly as he had entered.
Tumblr media
The little sexcapade you'd had earlier had blurred your sense of judgement. Lust was in the driver's seat then, but now, it was rationality. Absentmindedly, you hoped no one had heard you in the bathroom, you'd quite liked that diner.
It's just a one time thing. It won't happen again, you promised yourself as you knocked on the door.
Or atleast you hoped.
The door swung open, the deep blue eyes staring into yours, your core tightening already. He grasped your hand, pulling you inside.
You marvelled at how neatly maintained the house was. He did seem to have singular tastes, and not just sexually. Pulling you into his room, he stood beside the queen sized bed.
"Remember, you agreed to this. Anything goes, and anything I want."
"Y..yes." you faltered, his eyebrow raising at that.
"Is there something you want to ask, sweetheart? 'Cause if you're backing out, the money goes away too, I hope that much is clear."
"Yes, I am aware. And I'm not backing out."
"Wouldn't hold it against you even if you did. Some girls just can't hold up under this...intensity." he spoke, his eyes glimmering dangerously.
Emboldened by the fire he awoke in you by challenging you, you grasped his hand and walked over to the plush lounge chair in the room. Pushing him down to take his seat, you make your way to the mini-bar, marvelling at his collection of spirits. Ransom smirked, eyebrow cocked. Taking the glass from your hand, he brought the glass up to his lips, only to be stopped by you. You took the glass from his hand, taking a sip from it. Settling yourself on his lap, you touched your lips to his, letting the liquid flow from your mouth into his. He swallowed the amber liquid, the burn of the liquor cooling the burning lust inside him. You meshed your lips to him, marvelling in the taste of the whisky and him, intermingling and threatening to intoxicate you with just one taste. You felt his fingers on your waist, pulling you closer, until not even an inch of space remained.
Pulling away, you both panted, as you scooted off, settling yourself between his legs. You kissed his thighs over his pants, needing to feel him as you undid his pants, his shaft tall against his stomach. You looked at it hungrily, like a starving man at a buffet. Taking him in your hands, you left small kisses at his bulbous head, earning a small inhale from him. You left sloppy, wet kisses along his inner thighs, briefly laving his sac with your tongue, your eyes not leaving his deep blue hues. He looked at you with such hunger in his eyes; you were sure that by the end of the night, you would not be able to walk properly.
Your mouth completely engulfed him in a single move, your tongue teasing the underside of his shaft. Pulling off with a pop, you smirk at him, stroking him lightly at first, and then tightening your grip. He groaned, his legs tightening around your torso as you continued stroking him, taking his sac and swirling your tongue around, enjoying the feel of him on your tongue. Taking himself in hand, he caught you off guard as he thrust into your open mouth, holding you there till you gagged. Pulling off, you took a deep breath, before hearing him say,
"I'm gonna fuck that slutty mouth of yours so hard, kitten."
With that, he began thrusting into your mouth, with abandon, keeping himself in your mouth as he got up to get a better traction, pulling you to lean against the chair. He kept his merciless rhythm going, hitting the back of your throat with each thrust. You thanked god you wore waterproof mascara, for you were sure that you were drooling and tearing up. He sped up his actions, roughly holding you down as he came in your mouth, his spend coming out in spurts on your tongue, the salty tang hitting you immediately.
"Swallow every single drop of it. I don't want to see even a drop on my floor, kitten." He grunted, pulling out of your mouth, stroking himself to get the rest of his cum on your chest and torso. You swallowed, getting the rest of it on your finger and licking it clean, much to his appraising eyes.
"Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun with you, kitten. The night's only just begun."
Tumblr media
You look at the clock in the room. 10:45. By this time, you've lost count of the number of orgasms Ransom has coaxed out of you. He'd bent you over the desk in his room, licking your folds with such rapacity you were sure your legs would give way. He heard you keen and wouldn't stop his intrepid tongue, adding 3 fingers into your channel, making you scream out in ecstacy, your juices dripping down his fingers and your legs.
Next, he'd taken you against the wall, hitching a leg up around his hip as he fucked you, with a punishing rhythm, till you swore you felt like you would pass out. As he felt you tighten around him, he pulled out, bracing you against the bar counter, the cool marble a stark contrast to your overheated and sweaty body, your nipples pebbling at the sensations.
"You have an extraordinary ass, kitten, and I'm gonna fuck it. But first.."
You felt a cool object press against your crack, causing you to jerk and look behind you, only to see a butt plug in Ransom's hand. A glass butt plug. It was larger than what your normally used, not to mention more expensive than your normal plastic ones.
" plug??"
"Only the best for my kitten." He grinned, rubbing slow circles along your folds. You moaned, relaxing as bit as you felt the cool glass being inserted, the sensation exquisite, yet strange. You tried to move away from the intrusion, but Ransom held onto you tightly, trying to relax you by circling around your clit, his hot tongue laving at your pulse point. You moaned as you felt the cool glass move, Ransom thrusting it in and out of you, getting you ready for his cock.
And now, here you were, in his bed, bent till your legs were next to your ears, your ass in the air as Ransom entered the puckered hole from above, the both of you sighing at the sensation. Ransom started off slow, letting you savour him inch by inch. You slightly tensed, but relaxed once he was fully seated inside you, spreading the moisture gathered at your folds, with his thumb. Your breath hitched as Ransom began moving, each thrust hitting new spots and making you see stars. The position let him go deep, and made your toes curl. He spanked your ass as he thrust, the action only adding onto the pleasure. You groaned, allowing yourself to relax and give in to the steady rhythm he was setting. He pulled out abruptly, moving to the bedside table, pulling out a condom, as you looked on, quite bewildered.
"As much as I love going in raw, I need to cum inside your sweet pussy, but I don't want a fucking kid."
He retook his earlier position, holding down your legs as he thrust inside your channel in one swift move, buried to the hilt. You were sure you warbled, the position hitting the front wall square on. He let himself go, the grip on your thighs tightening with each thrust. Ransom went wild, there was no other word for it. At some point he put the plug inside you again, the combination of the cold intrusion and Ransom's hot cock threatening to wipe your mind clean of any rational thought. All you could do is hang on as he fucked you into the mattress, the position making sure that he hit your spot everytime. You could feel the coil in your belly tightening again, your walls snug against him.
"...R..ransom...don't stop please...'m so close..." you breathily whispered, words evading you.
He bent a little, hitting the bellyache square on. You screamed as you reached your peak, your toes curling, your velvet walls engulfing him, joining him to you.
With a few frenzied thrusts, he came, with a shout, your name a litany on his lips as he emptied himself inside you, your walls slightly twitching around him. He pulled the toy out of you while simultaneously pulling out of you, growling at the sight of your swollen folds and puckered hole. Straightening your legs, he let you rest as he went to the bathroom to clean himself off and dispose off the condom.
As he slipped next to you in bed, a wicked smile formed on his face. Time for the second part of the plan.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning, sun streaming through the drapes. Shifting slightly, there was a dull ache permeating through your body, your core sore from all the activities. Ransom was spooning you, his arm around your waist, his member sitting hot and heavy against your ass. You couldn't help but grin. You had your trepidations, but last night had been amazing. You had to admit, Ransom was great in bed. You would've thought that he would be selfish, and a bit more demanding; you were proven wrong tho.
Carefully, you got out of bed, making your way to the bathroom, walking gingerly. You were right; you were sore beyond belief, your legs and your glutes burning in the most delicious way. You cleaned yourself up and entered the room, to see Ransom still fast asleep. Dressing up quickly, you looked around the room, realising that you didn't really have a chance to check out the room. You deduced that he was somewhat of a minimalist; geometric bookcases, vases, and even decorative pieces. You pulled out a book from the bookcase, only to have a circular object catch your eye. Reaching up, you pulled out the object from it's hiding spot. Your heart dropped as you realised what it was. The fucking sleazeball.
"Oh kitten, I wish you hadn't found out like this. I was about to tell you all about it."
You whirled around, eyes flashing angrily. "Tell me what, that you were making a sordid sex tape with me, WITHOUT even telling me?! You sick pervert, who even does that?!" You yelled, moving away to maintain distance. His face hardened, jaw clenching in annoyance.
"Don't act like you're an innocent virgin who doesn't know anything about anything, sweetheart. You have a fucking onlyfans, for fucks sake. As I said, everything on your page wasn't to my taste, so this is my way of making sure that there is. Simple." Moving closer, he continued, "and let's be honest. Yesterday night's footage was fuckin' GOLD. You could sell it and be a fucking millionaire. Face it, sweetheart, J just made you easy money, and you should be thanking me, not fucking yelling like a psycho!"
You turned away from him, disgusted. This man undermined you, every chance he got. It made you feel like a cheap whore, being recorded without your consent.
"Since you won't see reason, I'll make you another deal. An added 200K for uploading this clip on your onlyfans. My face is hidden, so no one can tell it's me. You can edit the clip the way you want, and all the money you make from this is what you get to keep." A small grin formed on his face as he spoke the next words. "However, the only promise is that you have to be here whenever I call you. And I'm free to do whatever I want."
You didn't know how to react. After a minute's silence, you gathered enough courage to ask, "and what if I don't agree to this?"
Raising his eyebrows, he said, "then i'll put out the raw unedited footage online. I'm not sure how that would look on your college record or future job prospects, for that matter; should you be identified. After all, my face is hidden, but yours is not."
You could feel a sheen of tears on your eyes. There really was no way out of this. The asshole had made sure of it. That's the perk of being rich and connected, you realised bitterly. Rules and morality simply don't apply to you. Taking a deep breath, you make your decision.
"I guess, since there is no way out, I'll accept your deal. But if I'm not comfortable with something, I won't do it. And you won't record me in future...meetings. Also, you'll pay me in advance before meeting up."
Crossing his arms, he grinned salaciously. "I accept all the terms sweetheart, you have yourself a deal."
Moving closer, he rasped into your ear, "now whatsay we seal this deal with a kiss?"
You gulped audibly. This was a deal with the devil. And you were sure to regret it.
Tumblr media
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syntheticavenger · 2 months ago
shame and fortune
It’s done! An idea that would not leave my head for days and it’s a one-shot and not a series. It’s... a ride. I’ll say that much.
Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader and Soft Dark! Ari Levinson x Female Reader
Word Count: 12K
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. This is a dark fic. Language, gaslighting, assault, cheating (both potential and actual), dub-con oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex, mentions of drug use, stalking, anal play, non-con to dub-con sex, referenced murder, white collar crime, voyeurism, sex tapes.
Please read the warnings and proceed with caution.
Summary | Against your better judgement, you embark on a secret relationship with businessman Ari Levinson after attempts to leave your long suffering relationship with Ransom Drysdale falls flat, giving you little options until your worlds collide.
Tumblr media
“You gotta stop looking at your phone.”
A pair of brown eyes move from the phone in your hands and down to the table, another silent urge to get you to loosen up.
“He doesn’t like when I don’t answer him right away.” Your voice is slightly mumbled by the way your hand is propped up against your mouth, your cashmere sweater hanging over your fingers while you swipe over to your messages. There’s nothing for now but that doesn’t mean he won’t send you something to check in.
It could be laughable if you didn’t know where he was. He’s at a bachelor party halfway across town, your nerves slightly jostled at who the party is thrown for. His best friend isn’t known for his loyalty and you’re almost certain that he’ll come home smelling like some exotic dancer, even if he told you to relax, that you were overreacting before he even got out of the house. The texting was a way to check in, to ease your mind that had no off button when it came to him.
But dating Ransom Drysdale was another situation altogether. He came from money – you didn’t. Dating someone like him meant always being on the cusp of nervousness. You over analyzed how he would stare during your first few dates, looking at the material of your clothes with a curious eye. And why wouldn’t he? Someone like him who was accustomed to the finer things in life since he was born knew the difference between cotton and rayon. Thankfully he never said a word but you could feel it, somewhere in his stare when his eyes would wash over you that maybe he thought he could do better, even if he never said a word. That is what you made you take his calls, replying to every text because you wanted to be worthy, even if you knew that maybe he wasn’t.
A soft hand pulls your phone down, your best friend giving you a gentle smile.
“He’s having fun. So should you.”
“Rochelle,” your tone sheepish while you sip your drink. “I am. I’m having fun.”
“Oh, I’m sure. A blast,” she replies sarcastically with a laugh. “I don’t get to see you anymore. Not like we used to. I was thinking that maybe in a few weeks or so, you could come to New York, stay with me for a bit.”
Nibbling on your lip, you already know Ransom won’t like it. As much as he enjoys his personal time, he usually prefers to have you close. He told you it was a comfort thing. Most people annoyed him and you were one of the few that didn’t, as he told you time and time again when you would try to make an excuse to leave when he’d return from Harlan’s compound, ranting about his family and how much he loathed them.
“Yeah. That sounds good.”
She tosses her napkin at you, hitting you in the chest.
“Liar. You said you’d come and visit two months ago.”
To prove your hopeful point, you hold out your hand, pinky extended. Her own hooks it around it to seal the deal, her smile wide in approval.
“Alright, alright,” she relents. “Pinky promises are serious business. We’ll start planning in a bit.”
Tumblr media
Ransom is pouring himself a drink when you finally reach the bottom of the stairs. It’s still dark, not a single light on while you search for the light switch. You should be happy to see him, his usual tamed hair slightly tousled.
“Thought you’d be asleep. Leave the lights off, I have a migraine.” He orders it tersely, taking a long sip. The glass clinks against the counter, Ransom shrugging off his coat that he tosses over the couch. He’s drunk. You can smell on his breath. Along with the cologne and the soft scent of perfume that makes you reel back.
“Did you have a good time?”
He scoffs at your question, finishing the rest of his drink before he clicks his tongue.
Your heart slightly races when you get closer, an accusation on your tongue. You know you shouldn’t. It’s not the right time, not with Ransom in this state but your fears take hold and you can’t stop yourself.
“You smell like a woman.”
Ransom laughs darkly, his body turning in your direction. His glare sends a slight shiver down your back.
“Why don’t you say what you really want to say?”
“I don’t want to fight.”
Knowing you’ve already started on that course, your mouth closes, rubbing your forearms when you glance back up the stairs. You can sleep this off. Tell him your feelings and go to bed. At least it would be off your mind.
“A little too late for that, don’t you think? Say it.”
He’s taunting you, taking a step toward you as you back up.
“I already said it.”
“No, you implied it. You think I cheated on you?”
Ransom’s jaw tightens at the shake of your head, your socks sliding against the hardwood to turn away from him. He grabs your arm, pulling you toward him roughly. You squeak in surprise when your body makes contact with his.
“I asked you a question.”
“Did you?”
He smirks, looking away from you for a moment as he inhales, his grip still on you.
“No. Happy?”
There’s nothing to unpack in his statement. It’s a quick denial with a curious inquiry, his eyebrow arching while he waits for your reply. The closer you get, the stronger the smell. Your mind flips and flops with the possibilities and you know that you don’t want to have this conversation or even entertain it. You feel it, knowing that you can’t do this anymore.
“Let me go.”
“Answer me first. You want to come down here, accuse me of something and then you don’t want to answer? That’s not how this works and you know it.”
“No.” You try to pull away but his fingers sink down into your skin even harder. “We’re over.”
Perfect, white teeth flash before you as he laughs again, the dark sound echoing slightly.
“Where are you going to go? Back home with your parents? In that shoebox of an apartment they can barely pay for? You can’t even afford the plane ticket home. No.” Ransom shakes his head slowly, as if you’re stupid for even trying to suggest that you could break up with him. “You aren’t leaving me.”
He lets you go, placing his hands on his hips while his teeth drag on his lower lip before he inhales sharply.
“Not another word about it. You’re going to go upstairs, get to bed and not ask me that question ever again.”
There isn’t a threat attached to his order but it sparks that same fear that you had before, sitting at the bar with Rochelle that makes you fall silent. You end up complying, reaching for the banister when he calls your name. You stop, the warmth of his body at your back.
“You’re my world. Start acting like it.”
Tumblr media
The idea is born at the dinner table, Linda’s piercing gaze on your chipped nail polish when you reach for your wine glass.
“There’s this new nail salon that just opened up. Brand new machines, I hear.”
Downing a gulp of red wine, your fingers retract into your cardigan, Ransom giving his mother a death glare before that stare, that one of disapproval when he looks at your clothes, returns for just a moment before it disappears. But you feel it just the same before Meg rolls her eyes. She’s used to the comments, the little barbs that Linda hurls in her own direction. But Meg is family.
You aren’t.
When dinner is finished and the table cleared, you help Fran with the dishes even after she tries to shoo you away from the kitchen. You like Fran. She’s funny and sweet, personable when the rest of them aren’t, providing some assurance that Ransom, as horrible as he can be, seems to be calmer when you’re around and you like that, knowing you have that effect on him.
“I’m sorry about Linda.” A water gently sloshes as she scrubs an expensive plate with thick yellow gloves that go up to her elbows. “She’s a piece of work. I can’t say don’t let her get to you because sometimes she even gets to me. She knows the right places to hit you where it hurts. Rich people.”
There’s a shake of her head, a wry smile that appears and disappears quickly before she clears her throat.
“We’re almost done. Which, thank God because I have a date and I need to get out of this goddamn house.”
Your eyes flutter up to Fran at her news.
“Oh, yeah. This new app. I don’t want anyone knowing who I work for. Easy target, you know? But yeah, a date. We’ve been talking a little. It’s been nice.”
Drying a plate, you busy yourself with opening the cabinet, placing it inside before you pause.
“New app? What’s the name?”
Fran rattles off the name as she keeps talking about her date while you nod along, drying more plates until you hear Ransom’s footsteps.
“Ready when you are.”
Sliding the last plate on top of the others, you feel his eyes on your back when you close the cabinet.
The only goodbye you issue with a hint of warmth is to Harlan, who takes your hands in his and gives him a squeeze, like he always does. It’s a comfort, something that you look forward to. A tradition of sorts before you finally leave.
Ransom’s hand holds yours tight, your footsteps quickening to keep up with him as he inhales a deep breath of the cool summer air when he gets outside. Weeks have passed since you tried to break up with him and he’s been careful to not let you out of his sight, except when you go to work and even then, he’s checking up on you, playing the role of doting boyfriend. Tonight is no different, stopping at his car before his large warm hands cup your cheeks, tilting your head so that you look at him.
“A little quiet at dinner. You still thinkin’ of leaving me?”
His thumb brushes against the top of your cheeks, blue eyes piercing into yours.
He leans in to kiss you, hard and demanding, pulling back before tapping your cheeks. Like you’ve pleased him with your answer. But he already knows the truth. You can tell by the smirk on his lips.
“Thought so.”
Tumblr media
It’s late when you pull your phone from the nightstand, Ransom’s light snores indicating he’s in a deep sleep. Hiding it under the heavy blanket to shield the light, you download the app that Fran went on about. Even though you know you shouldn’t, the curiosity gets the better of you while you silently submit your email and create an account, using a fake name that you used to use when you hated your real one. The picture you upload is one of nothing but your back looking out at the Hudson River sunset, taken by Rochelle on an impromptu trip to NYC where she was scouting out places to live. With the idea that no one will ever see it, you’re far wittier than you would ever be, poking fun at yourself in your bio and saving it. There’s no way you expect anyone to slide into your messages, not with the lack of your face in the photo and self-depreciating profile.
You aren’t prepared the next morning when you wake, your alarm chirping and vibrating underneath you. With a yawn, silencing the phone also brings up five notifications from the app you downloaded, blinking rapidly to make sure you can read it right. Ransom is long gone, up for his early run and you’re free to read through the messages while your heart slows down.
The first three are what you suspected, asking for a local hookup and nudes, which you promptly block with a roll of your eyes. The fourth is a welcome bot and under that, is one that simply says ‘Good Morning’. No fancy discourse but simple enough to make you click on the profile.
The man in the picture has long brown hair, eyes hidden under a pair of dark aviators, his muscles all but bulging out of his button down shirt.
“Ari Levinson.” His name sounds nice on your lips.
He’s handsome, mysterious in a way that makes you scroll through more of his photos. He’s an outdoorsman, something you don’t do in your spare time but he also likes to travel, judging by his various photos in different locales. He definitely seems interesting but you know better, that nagging voice in the back your head telling you that you’d had your fun and that you need to leave it alone. You’re still with Ransom and you aren’t the cheating type.
Tossing the phone on the bed, you pad into the bathroom, washing away any thoughts of replying to his message. You can’t do that, even if you’re certain that one upon a time, Ransom had kept up his own dating profile before he’d decidedly deleted it the moment you’d gone ‘official’, when you’d thought you’d been officially his girlfriend for over three months.
By the time you’re finished in the bathroom, pulling on your work pants when you hear the door slam downstairs, Ransom’s heavy steps approaching while you finish buttoning up your shirt.
“You work today?”
He shouldn’t be surprised. With an event looming ever closer, you’ve had to work double time, which means an extra Saturday two times a month. You’ve told him, even texting him as a reminder but he’s still shocked all the same, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his shirt.
“Yeah. I told you, remember?”
Ransom isn’t pleased with your reminder. Even if he knew about it, you know that it doesn’t matter. He’s used to getting what he wants.
“It’s Saturday.”
“I know. It’s the second Saturday that I work.”
“We had plans.”
Ransom places his hands on his hips at your confused stare.
“Harlan’s having a barbeque, remember? You can’t go in.”
You reach for your purse, not wanting to risk another argument that you can tell is looming over the horizon.
“I have to, Ransom. It’s only for a little. I can head over there as soon as I’m done. I promise.”
His silence only urges you to get away from him quickly, moving toward the door until he blocks it.
There’s nowhere you can go, his large frame filling out the doorway.
“Do you want to make me repeat myself? I need you there.”
“And I said I would be there once I get off work.”
His tongue rolls over his teeth, nodding in response while he eyes your purse.
“Call your boss. Tell her you can’t go in.”
“Ransom, I can’t. We’ve all been putting in extra hours -”
“Like I give a shit about that. I’ll pay you for the day you miss. Call her and tell her you aren’t coming in.”
Gripping the strap of your purse, your head bows when you clear your throat, trying your best to sound assertive.
His eyebrow arches at your denial.
“No? What do you mean, no?”
“I-I have to.”
Ransom’s stare lingers longer than it should before he gives you a slight nod of his head.
“Fine. Suit yourself.”
He moves away from the door, giving you enough room to pass. Once you pass him, you hear him inhale.
“Once you walk out that door, you’ll regret it.”
Stopping in your tracks, you turn your head to look back at him. It would be a chance that you had to take.
“I said I’d be at the barbeque after. I promise, Ransom.”
He doesn’t answer you as you continue down the stairs and toward the door.
The sigh of relief you give when you’re away from him only fuels your willingness to answer Ari’s message, sending him a greeting in reply before you shove your phone into your purse and head toward your car.
Tumblr media
Ransom doesn’t answer your calls or your texts throughout the day. Which is to be expected, you know he’s throwing a proverbial tantrum that you ignored his command for you to stay home. As much as his silence unnerves you, an unexpected conversation with Ari brightens your day, even if it’s brief and still professionally casual to a point. You kept it polite, not revealing yourself while you chatted about his job and yours. He’s a businessman but doesn’t reveal much else, except to tell you that the job he does is more executive level. He seems interested in what you have to say, more so than Ransom does and you found yourself trailing off when you realize that anything else you could say would delve into your personal life. It isn’t fair to compare the two and you still feel the guilt of talking to someone who isn’t him.
By the time you park at Harlan’s compound, you realize you don’t see Ransom’s car. Meg is outside, smoking a fat blunt when she sees you exiting, the acrid smell of an open flame burning in your nose.
“Hey. You came without Ransom.” Meg is just as surprised as you are that he isn’t there, your eyes blinking in surprise.
“He’s not here?”
“No, he said he wasn’t feeling well. At least, that’s what he told Grandad.”
Your phone still has no messages from Ransom, worriedness washing over you as you call him. He picks up on the fourth ring, waiting for you to say something.
“Ransom? Are you okay?”
“Depends on who’s asking. Where are you?”
“Harlan’s. Like I said I would.” Your eyes look up at Harlan’s foreboding estate, Meg blowing out a line of smoke between her parted ruby red lips.
“Come home.”
Meg eyes you curiously when you let out a soft sigh. You know you were headed that way but it feels like an extra layer of control when he tells you to do it.
“I am.”
“Leaving so soon?” Meg looks up at an open window, Joanie frowning at the blunt in her hand while she waves to you, her mouth transforming into a kind smile.
“He said he’s still not feeling well.” You don’t have to lie for him but it’s become commonplace these days, especially to keep the peace between him and his family. The only one you know that Ransom will never lie to is Harlan, the two of them cut from the same cloth, in both mannerisms and how they handle their family, even if Harlan is kinder when he doesn’t need to be.
For what it’s worth, Meg gives you a quick hug before you leave. Not that you can tell by his voice alone but he sounds fine, another classic Ransom tantrum where he doesn’t want to be bothered by his family. Which usually, he has you to be his fallback plan, making up an excuse when he’s had enough, either storming out after a fight with Harlan or taunting Joanie and Fran before he strolls out with a smug smile on his face. Only this time he didn’t have you there.
Pulling up to his house, you sit in the car for a moment, the blinds still drawn as if he closed them on purpose when you’d left. They’d been open when you were heading down the stairs earlier in the day. You know that emotionally, you don’t have the strength for another argument, knowing that Ransom may be gearing up for finish what he tried to start, crunching the key in the lock, opening the door to an empty living room.
It’s silent, the living room and kitchen untouched as you walk through, calling his name while you continue through the house and up the stairs, hearing no sound of him. The bedroom door is closed and it’s the first indication that maybe he’s inside when a pair of strong arms yank to toward a wall of muscle, your shriek of surprise tampered down by Ransom’s hand clamping over your mouth.
“I said you’d regret it, didn’t I, gorgeous?” Ransom breathes against the shell of your ear while your heart tries to come down from the high of the shock. “Had to be stubborn.”
His hand grips your wrists behind your back in an awkward hold, his hand still over your mouth as he laughs at your struggle, small pangs of pain shooting through your arms.
“I don’t ask for much, do I?” His hand lifts from your mouth, the chance to inhale a greedy breath a luxury while you inhale, his other hand still holding onto your wrists. “I think I do a good job of taking care of you. All I asked for was one day off.”
“Ransom.” Your voice squeaks when you try to explain, the pain getting stronger when he tilts your arms up higher. “That hurts.”
“Consider it a stretching exercise. Answer my question.”
Mentally, you’re exhausted, unable to even feign anger.
“No. You don’t.”
All things considered, he’s right, in his own way.
He’s never asked you to take his car to the mechanic, pick up his dry cleaning or do anything else that requires you picking up after him. He had others to that for him but even if they weren’t around to do his bidding, you know deep down that he wouldn’t ask you to do it. There was pressure with this privilege, something that he could never understand because he’d been born into it while you were on the outside looking in. Ransom may not ever ask for much but it was implied that you did whatever he wanted. Invisible and unspoken rules that had you previously calling out for days at a time to help him nurse a hangover or pat his forehead with a cold cloth when he got a bad batch of blow that would make him ill. These moments, where you put your personal life on the shelf to take care of him, was because it was something you were ingrained to do since you’d embarked on a relationship with him.
“I thought so. I think you should make it up to me.”
He lets your wrists go, the pain dulling to a small throb when you turn your body to face him. His hand is already at his belt, unbuckling it as the clink of the buckle hits, his handsome face waiting impatiently for you to sink to your knees.
“Tired?” His question is more a taunt than an actual inquiry, getting to your knees as your purse slides down your shoulder and thuds softly onto the floor. Time seems to slow in this moment, the soft burr of the zipper of his pants provoking an almost Pavlovian response, your hands reaching for his opened pants, tugging down the Armani boxer briefs as his cock springs out, long and thick that makes your mouth water in response. You prefer the comfort and the odd safety of your shared bedroom than out in the darkened hallway. In some odd way you’d feel more protected. This feels more shameful, more debauched while you open your mouth as he sinks down onto your tongue, muffling your breath.
“Fuck.” Ransom’s head goes back slightly, his hand on top of your head that you know will find its way behind, holding you there until you’re gagging and a crying mess.
He pulls out just enough for you to lick the crown, and the underside of his cock like he taught you so long ago, eyes up and looking at him and only him as he smirks.
“The mouth on you is one my favorite things about you. Especially when it’s full of me.”
He slides back down your throat, gentle in a way that won’t last too long, your throat constricting against him as you gag, tears brimming in your eyes at the sensation before the loud, wet pop of him leaving your lips gives you a chance to breathe. You already can feel the wetness in your panties, knowing that you won’t get any relief from him tonight. Not after his promise that you would regret it.
His hand caresses your face, fingertips skimming across the wetness of your cheek.
“Good. Now finish me off.”
It’s messy, the sound of your wet lips working over his cock that dips in and out of your throat, saliva pooling down the creases of your mouth while your hands grip at his pants, swallowing him to the root when he rests you against him for a moment.
“All you had to do was just listen. Then I wouldn’t have had to ruin that pretty face. Just be good for me. That’s all I ask.”
A few moments later and his hand cups the back of your head, tilting you up just right as you can feel his balls contract against your chin, right before he cums, ropes of salty cum filling your throat and mouth, his fingers bruising your scalp as he grunts, breathing hard through his clenched teeth before he gives his command.
“Every last drop.”
He means it, pulling out enough to let you swallow, your fingers sliding against the seams of your mouth to push what dribbled down back in, licking your lips to make sure you got it all. You clean him off, swallowing what’s left before he adjusts himself back into his boxers and zips up his pants, buckling his belt and inhaling.
“That’s better. Go change and we’ll figure out dinner.”
Tumblr media
The TV casts a light on your face when your phone vibrates. Ransom is deep into a serial killer documentary, not even looking in your direction when you pick up your phone. The banner notification appears and disappears in a few seconds, your eyes focused on the name.
It’s Ari.
You shouldn’t look at it. It’s been hours since you communicated and even then, it wasn’t anything major but your curiosity gets the better of you, typing in your password and pretending you’re checking out the weather with a calm expression on your face.
This is going to sound a little forward but I think we’ve reached the end of social media niceties. I’d like to meet you, if you’d allow. Address is below. It’s a masquerade bar so bring a mask if you like. Figured it would be easier if you ended up not liking what you saw.
The date is four days away, the address underneath his reply.
Ransom scoffs at a detective on the screen, poking inside his take out box with a pair of chopsticks.
“So off the mark.” Ransom’s voice is filled with authority, as if he already knows the ending of the documentary and it’s only fifteen minutes in.
The date Ari coincides with Ransom’s country club visit. He never misses a chance to go and he knows that it isn’t your scene. You’re on the precipice, fingers hovering over the letters when you look over at Ransom. Still engrossed in his show, chewing silently on a piece of chicken without even looking your way.
You’ve told yourself over and over that you love him. You can even pinpoint when. New Year’s Eve in this same house, on this same couch where Ransom was carefree. His parents were in Aspen and he was helping Harlan as his editorial assistant. He was also slightly drunk, lips sliding over yours as he promised to have a better relationship with you.
“Not gonna be like my asshole parents.” Ransom’s eyes were half lidded, his hands against your face as you saw the glassines, a new sense of depth, in his eyes. “You’re the only good thing in this world. In my world.”
And that’s what you had wanted to be. Until Walt had pushed his way back into Harlan’s good graces, reminding him that Ransom was and would always be a thorn in his side, still on his designer drugs and willingness to cause havoc at family gatherings – painting him once again as someone who couldn’t be trusted. Just a trust fund prick with an entitled attitude. Harlan, tired of the prodding, gave Walt his way. When his parents came back from their vacation, the dinners and social events skyrocketed again and Ransom got meaner, knowing that his only meal ticket was to play the part to continue to make sure the money never stopped flowing.
But Ransom, he loved you. Loved, as in past tense, something you would ask yourself at different times of day. Love, in the present, meant showing up to lunches and dinners on time, watching him slide his matte black credit card over the table. It materialized in expensive gifts and under that, somewhere in between sleep and awake, the gentle touches that you could feel down your back, the heavy silence where you’d wait for him to say it back. Then you remember his words from three weeks ago, when you’d asked him why he was so hesitant to say it.
“I show you all the time. I don’t need to say the words, do I?”
Your reply to Ari is quick, placing the phone back onto the arm of the couch and forcing yourself to pay attention, even as Ransom snatches a piece of beef from your carton.
Tumblr media
The days fly by, right into the weekend when Ransom pulls on his coat, not looking back while you stand on the last step.
“Back late tonight. Don’t wait up.”
The door closes before you have a chance to say another word. If it’s his usual afternoon, he’ll hang out there until he and his friends take their outing to a bar, where Ransom will come home like you saw him a week ago, glassy eyed with a dangerous smile where you found yourself under him, begging for him to give you a reprieve as he took you apart without stopping.
But it doesn’t matter. Tonight, you’ll head over to the upscale bar that is by password only, your black cocktail dress in the closet while you wait for Ransom to leave, watching the car speed past the window.
It’s a slow walk back up the stairs, showering, shaving your legs and sliding your hands up to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. It’s a weird feeling. Knowing you want to impress someone, even if you know deep down they should try to impress you. That anticipation of the unknown, to be in a place you’ve never been, makes you nervous. It’s the reason why you fired off a text to Rochelle, making a slight joke that if you don’t return then that is the place she should look. You don’t tell her that you’re going alone – to meet someone else that isn’t Ransom.
The dress fits, almost a little too much when you finish zipping it up. Your tits look fantastic, your mouth dipping into an appreciative smile when you bounce on the tip of your toes for a moment. The mask you bought isn’t anything special, black with just enough sparkle for an allure that it doesn’t look like you bought it at an elementary school craft fair, two black feathers adorned near the top. It feels silly, knowing that your entire face still isn’t covered but enough for there to be a mysteriousness that you can appreciate, knowing the situation you are about to place yourself in.
Slipping on your heels and grabbing your bag, you give yourself a once over in the mirror, a silent pep talk to your body and mind that you have to take this chance and to not do anything stupid.
Tumblr media
Relief floods through you at the sight of other people donning their masks and laughing while you’re perched at a high top, nursing a gin and tonic while you pretend that you belong. You aren’t used to this. You’re always with Ransom and when you aren’t, you’re home. Scrolling through your phone to keep yourself busy, you frown at the surveillance sticker the bouncer had you place on your phone for both the front and back facing camera. You knew it was exclusive, this underground bar with the crystal chandeliers, white glove service and a dress code but you bemoaned the loss of being able to share a picture with Rochelle, the place carefully designed that it made you feel like you’d stepped fully into a masquerade ball.
By the time you finish your drink, a white gloved hand comes to take it away as a man passes by.
“What were you having?” The waiter is not the same one who assisted you prior.
“Oh, a gin and tonic.”
“I’ll have the same. Put it on my tab.” The man that you thought was passing by has paused, his black mask covering his blue eyes with streaks of dark silver etched into the mask. He’s big, his white shirt hugging against his broad chest and biceps. His long brown hair is tousled, hanging over his forehead, his full beard carefully trimmed while his gaze settles on you.
You don’t want to assume that this man is Ari. It would be too much of a coincidence, being here this early and already meeting him. He isn’t the only one who has a beard and blue eyes. You counted at least six others who could be him.
There’s no chance for you to decline the drink, the waiter already gone while the man gives you a smile.
“First time?”
“Is it that obvious?” You already cringe at the question. “That’s what I get for getting a mask off of Amazon.”
He laughs, a deep sound that you decide you like.
“The mask is fine. No one really sits at the high tops. They usually like to linger around.”
The explanation makes sense. You were the only one sitting here.
“Do you want to have a seat?” Your question is less about being polite than having people standing up and talking to you but he seems like the type that is comfortable in his own skin, blissfully unaware of your little idiosyncrasies.
He pulls out the chair and settles in, extending his hand to yours.
“For what it’s worth with the mystery, it’s nice to meet you.”
His touch is warm, lingering just a few seconds longer than usual that has your face heating up before he lets go.
“I was supposed to meet someone.” You want to curse out your brain for volunteering that information, immediately closing your mouth after.
“Here? I guess this is a good place. But I don’t want to interrupt your potential date.”
“It’s alright.” Your denial is swift, unsure of why you don’t want him to go. It feels safe to have another stranger across from you, a comfortable conversation that you haven’t been able to carry on with anyone who isn’t Ransom in weeks. “I think he would have been here by now. I’m not worried.”
“You sure?”
“Positive. And if he does come then I’ll excuse myself and he’ll apologize for being late and not telling me.”
The man gives an approving nod and a smile, flashing perfectly white teeth before the drinks are placed in front of you both. He lifts his drink in the air as you follow suit.
“To your date then. Wherever he is.”
Your glasses clink lightly before you take a sip, nervously checking your app before you finally place it on the table.
“So.” The man leans back in his chair, the look he gives you making you shiver. “Tell me about yourself.”
And you do. Without any details, you tell him you love your job, demanding and rewarding in its own ways, giving enough explanation of it that you can feel the passion coming off your tongue.
And he listens. Not the short nods that usually means you trail off, catching onto the hint that Ransom has stopped listening and wants you to change the subject. But there are follow up questions, interjections of an opinion that make your heart soar in response. His job is international, citing places he’s been that you could only dream of. None of them match Ari’s profile photos, the ones you’re thinking of in your head as he speaks.
This man asks about who you are as a person, your hopes and dreams and what you want to accomplish in the next two to three years. And you tell him, this stranger that you’ll never see again, that you want to travel to Ibiza, to try a new food at least once a month and finally go to that yoga class you keep saying you’ll register for but never do.
The vibration of your phone gets your attention, trying to ignore it as it does it twice more until it can’t be ignored.
“Sorry.” Your apology is muted, flipping up your phone to see Ransom’s texts. He’s heading home and he’s drunk, being driven home a friend which means you’ll have to drive him back in the morning to get his car.
“Do you need to go?”
There will be more trouble if you stay. He’ll keep messaging you, calling you until you come home. Your friends know the routine even more than you ever thought they did. This will be no different.
“I think so. Sorry, it’s…” You don’t want to say boyfriend. But that’s exactly who Ransom is and no amount of staying silent about it will help.
But you do it anyway.
“A drunk friend. I should go help them.”
“Absolutely. Did you drive here? I can walk you to your car. Sometimes the people who can’t get in here get a little mouthy when people leave.”
He helps you out of your chair, his hand extended out for you to hold onto as you step off the high chair, his fingers gripping yours for a scant second before you’re back on the ground, keys in hand while he follows behind you like a silent bodyguard.
The air is cool when you get outside, people milling around the front, arguing with the bouncer as they shout the wrong password. The exclusivity of this place is somewhere you think Ransom would go but it isn’t his scene. He likes the higher end places, where there’s a minimum to get in and appearances matter.
Once your car is in sight, you hold back a disappointed sigh at the thought of going home to a drunk Ransom. You could talk to this unnamed man forever it feels like and now it’s ended before you even had a chance.
“This is my stop.” It’s a joke that you can tell falls flat at the silence. “Thanks for walking me to my car.”
“It was my pleasure.”
Your keys clink in your hand, shifting yourself to turn. You’re stalling and you know it. It’s better to end it and be done. Say your goodbye and then delete the app.
“Will it be?”
You force a small smile as his question. It’s like he knows that you’re already going back to misery.
“It could be.”
“Anything I can do to help?”
“I don’t think so.” Not unless he knows how to handle one Ransom Drysdale. Your voice comes out sadder than you expected, trying to already hope that Ransom will just sleep it off when he gets home. “Just nerves.”
You don’t expect his hand to gently caress your face, leaning into his touch almost automatically. You aren’t even sure why you did it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s someone different or the underlying knowledge of knowing that it feels good to have someone touch you that isn’t going to say something condescending after.
“Sorry.” It’s mumbled, the apology that spills from your lips before you find yourself leaning into him, kissing him just as much as he’s kissing you. It ends far too quickly, your hand still on his shirt before you pull it away. You don’t know who initiated it first but you don’t care. The spark of danger, the sinfulness that it isn’t Ransom on your lips, makes your face heat up in embarrassment that you know what you’ve done is wrong.
“Thanks for a wonderful date tonight.”
You blink at his appreciation, a quick wink from him that has your heart fluttering.
The slow nod puts you at ease, swallowing hard at the thought of everything you’d told him.
“Go tend to your friend, sweetheart. Drive safe. It was a pleasure to finally meet you.”
He waits for you to open the door, sliding into the driver’s seat as he closes it for you. And then he waits to make sure you finally drive away, watching him head toward a waiting car before you turn the corner.
Tumblr media
Ransom is sitting on the couch when you enter, the lights off as his head his bowed slightly.
“Ransom? Is everything okay?”
“Harlan’s in the hospital.”
His voice is watery, barely above a whisper as you hear a sniffle. The news and how he’s acting fills you with dread. Harlan is the only family member that Ransom can stand, maybe even love.
“Do we need to go?”
“And be there with them? No. Fuck no. Fuck my family.”
“Ransom.” You try again because you can feel it, that soft sigh at the end where you know he’s hurting but he’s too proud to say it. “Is he okay?”
“It’s a fall. That shitty nurse of his didn’t even see when it happened. Sounds like he’ll be fine.”
“Okay. I’m glad he’ll be alright.”
The closer you get to the couch, the more guilty you feel, his eyes shimmering with tears when he finally looks up at you.
“Where did you go?” It’s an accusation, one that you know you have to answer.
“Out with a friend. I saw your text and I came straight home.”
It’s almost honest. He settles on your dress and your shoes, giving you a long up and down before you sink down onto the couch next to him.
“They’re probably all disappointed. Especially Walt. He’s just waiting for the day…”
His voice sounds strangled at the end and you inhale at his raw emotion. But when you do, you realize it’s a two-fold purpose, trying to temper your own emotions and also to know if you can smell perfume on him again. The latter makes you furious at yourself, knowing what you’ve done only less than an hour prior.
“Don’t think about them.”
“I can’t stop thinking about them. They’re fucking vultures. I can’t even step foot in there because Walt will open his big mouth and try to have me kicked out. My mother won’t want a scene so she’ll agree.” The sigh that leaves his lips is short, with an even shorter shake of his head. “No. Not even worth it.”
“You have a right to be there just as they do. You know that, right?”
“Fuck my family, okay?”
His jaw clenches at the sound of his name, his gaze meeting yours.
“And then there’s you. The one I thought would stick by me at all costs but no, you get one thought in your head and you’re ready to leave. After everything I’ve done for you. For us.”
“That isn’t fair and you know that.” He’s hurting but you know that now that you’re in his line of sight, this conversation won’t be about them anymore.
“You’re still my world. Even when I deal with my shitty family, you’re still the good that’s left. But you just don’t want to see it that way.”
“I do.”
It’s frantic, the way his hands are on you, at your face one moment, his mouth against yours and then down your neck, sucking your skin into his mouth as you know you’ll have bruises later. More than anything, there’s a desperate determination, Ransom lowering you to the couch, your dress being shoved up your hips as your panties are discarded.
“Do you love me?” His question skates against your cheek, the fading smell of alcohol still on his breath. This is the privilege that comes roaring back between your ears, to make him feel better while your mind asks you again and again: do you love him? His fingers slide inside your cunt, the wet sounds mingling with his mouth slanting against yours. You answer the only way you know how.
It’s not gentle when he curls his fingers inside you but it’s the type of pain that winds with the pleasure so well that a moan slips from your lips, almost a whine for him to not stop. When he commits, like he’s doing now, he can take you apart so easily, showing you that he knows your body than maybe you know yourself.
“I-I love you, Ransom.”
“I know.”
The loss of his fingers makes your cunt clench in response, the wetness sliding between your thighs before you hear the sound of his belt. When he lines up with your entrance, his hands are on your hips, eyes boring into yours as he pushes inside, your eyes closing at the stretch, your head moving to the side until he grabs your chin, forcing you to look at him.
“And you’re mine. Say it.” His order rings in your ear as the final movement of him bottoming out inside you makes your head fall back.
“I’m yours.” It’s choked up, his signet ring cool against your cheek.
His pace is rough, something you know is more primal, that dark side of Ransom unearthed when he’s inside you, your slick and swollen walls suctioning his cock as he groans, making him even more feral in his movements. It feels sinful to know he’s fucking your brains out, all of your thoughts out of the window but on Ransom and how good he’s making you feel. In this space, he isn’t the one you tried to leave prior. He’s the one you take care of, bringing him down with your hands to kiss him, to tell him you aren’t going anywhere. It’s said so fervently that you believe it, tears streaming down your face when for a moment, his gaze changes back to the Ransom you once knew, the smile on his face at how he know he’s ruining you in the best way, before he started to tarnish the rest of you.
“We’re better than them.” It’s his promise, even whispered against the shell of your ear before he cums with a hard shudder, makes you realize that you want to believe it.
Tumblr media
The interlude of whatever softness was there goes back quickly to the way things were, Harlan back at his compound and contemplating cutting everyone off. Ransom gets an earful for not being there, something that transfers over to you on the ride home from Harlan’s, where you mentally remind yourself that he’s upset and it isn’t at you. The Ransom that you’re used to returns, his eyes washing over you when you leave for work, not returning your good morning when he heads toward the shower, pretending like you don’t exist.
But your conversations with Ari continue, keeping it light.
Until one day, it isn’t.
You stare at him over your coffee cup, steam rising from it as he raises an eyebrow.
You’re on his turf, the small coffee shop only a block away from his office. He’s been trying to meet with you for weeks. Text messages are frequent, good mornings and good nights are standard, bringing a smile to your face on the days you want to cry. The text messages graduated to phone calls, stolen moments when you’re on your break while he asks about your day.
Until now, when the phone calls stopped being enough and he wanted – needed – to see you.
“I have to tell you something.” Despite it all, you know you need to come clean. The attention on you as a person, not a thing to be kept, is more than you could ever ask for but your conscience won’t let you continue this façade.
Ari leans forward and you swallow. You want to commit how he looks to memory when you tell him you can’t do this any longer, even if it’s barely started. His eyes are focused on yours, a twitch in his lips when you place your coffee cup down while you stare at his handsome face.
“I should have been honest with you since day one and I’m sorry I haven’t. I know you’ve wanted more from me but I can’t.” The lump in your throat is filled with regret, resentment and guilt. “I have a boyfriend. I know sorry does not begin to cover it but I can’t do this to him, even if we’re not perfect. I should have told you from the get go but I was being selfish and I… I like you, I do. But I can’t continue this.”
Ari leans back in his chair, his hand sliding down his beard for a moment as he looks off to the side for a moment before his gaze goes back to you.
“Are you happy with him?”
Your eyes slightly widen at his question, staring into your coffee cup. This is where you should say yes. Even if it’s a lie because you can get up and leave. Really leave, this time, like you’ve told yourself you would hundreds of times.
“Hesitation usually isn’t a good sign, sweetheart.”
You resign yourself with a shrug at his comment, not even wanting to finish your coffee. Ari leans forward, his forearms leaning on the small table that makes the coffee in your cup slosh slightly.
“What if I told you if I didn’t care?”
“I don’t know.”
Ari reaches your hand, his thumb gliding over your fingers gently.
“What if I said that I wanted to get out of here, take you back to my place and make sure you’re well taken care of? Even if it’s just for a little bit.”
You know you shouldn’t. Stay no, pick up your purse and go. You can get to your call, call Rochelle and plan your trip. Maybe even stay with her a little longer.
The hesitation to deny him is your undoing.
Tumblr media
Little differences color your thoughts.
Ari’s kisses are deeper, almost devouring in nature. He’s strong without being intimidating, like Ransom is when he gives you that stare, like he knows every dark little secret. Both take you apart differently and currently, Ari is buried inside you to the hilt as you sob into the sheets.
The view inside his bedroom is breathtaking, overlooking the pool and the city below. At least, when you’re paying attention and not whimpering against his expensive sheets, his hips pressed up against your ass, his deep breaths above you an affirmation you’re affecting him just as much as he does you.
“One more, sweetheart.” His voice is soothing, the knuckle of his finger sliding against your spine. It’s a gentle reprieve for the moment, allowing you to breathe and center. “Give me one more.”
Somewhere on the floor, your clothes are pooled in a heap, quickly discarded by Ari when you finally came over, waiting for Ransom to leave for his country club afternoon. It’s frantic like it has been since you’ve embarked on this relationship, secretive enough that Ari knows how to work around Ransom, keeping the conversation polite via your messages, downright dirty over the phone when he calls, usually when you’re alone at your desk at work before he asks if you want to come over and tells you in every single detail what he plans to do to you.
And he makes good on his promise.
One more turns into two, every stroke hitting that spot just right until you’re practically choking on his name, seeing stars amid the vulgar sounds of your bodies moving together. Even with the intensity, there is still a softness that comes across that acts like a balm, keeping your mind protected even when your body isn’t from his ministrations that continue to keep you a dripping mess. Your guilt still simmers underneath, keeping it silent and allowing yourself to be doted on when you come apart on his cock again, his litany of praises against your skin a security blanket that you desperately need before he cums, thankful for the implant that you check for confirmation ever so often, just to give yourself piece of mind.
You don’t want to sully these moments with Ransom but he finds his way in regardless, long after Ari’s drawn you a bath, feeding you fruit while he washes your neck and back, stealing kisses that he knows will end too quickly. His sharp remarks about working late again, when you actually go in and come back home, still sting when he’s back on his rants about his mother and father who hint that he needs to get a job, even as his father leeches off his mother. It earned you the cold shoulder when you suggested you’d help him find something.
You were a traitor, on their side. At worst, ungrateful for the life he’d been sharing with you. A week later, you were gifted with a bracelet from Tiffany’s and a lavish dinner, the docile Ransom back on display after visiting Harlan and the money deposited into his account.
“See you in a few days?” Ari asks the same question when you’re at the door, helping you pull on your coat and kissing you so that you’ll remember it long after you’re gone.
“Visiting a friend.” You made good on your promise, booked your time to see Rochelle, even as Ransom quietly seethed at you leaving for a whole three days. “It’s been in the works for a while.”
“Dinner when you get back.”
You nod, unsure of where he’ll take you this time. Ever since you said you wanted to try new things, he’d been searching for eclectic places for you to eat.
And then he kisses you again, mouth lingering on yours just enough to leave you desperate when you force yourself out the door.
Tumblr media
When you get home from work, Ransom is in the kitchen, washing his hands, sweat dripping down his face. It isn’t from a run. He’s still in his blue sweater and pants, turning off the faucet while you toss your bag on the counter.
“Everything okay?” You don’t know how much you want to pry, his shoulders rolling slightly as he rips off a paper towel and inspects his fingernails.
“Fine. How was work?”
“Long. Glad to be home.”
It isn’t a lie. The event is finally over and for once, you get to relax, depending on the definition of the word when you see him nod.
“You’ve been working a lot of long hours these days. Makes me wonder if you’re always working or if you’re finding something else to occupy your time.”
Another barb but this time you aren’t prepared for the precision of it. A well timed bullet that makes you swallow, your eyebrows knitting together in confusion.
“What are you talking about?”
He gives you a long stare before he tosses the balled up paper towel in the trash.
He opens a drawer, rummaging through the random menus you’ve both collected, mulling over the choices that he doesn’t bother asking you about.
“Italian sounds good.”
And just like that, you’re having something you don’t want but it’s not worth it to speak up and say you want something else, even if you aren’t sure what you want. It’s a gateway to another argument that you know you won’t win and you’re on the cusp of asking what he knows before you give up, sighing in defeat.
“Sounds good to me. I’m going to shower and change.”
Each step you take, you can feel his eyes on you until you disappear, closing the bedroom door behind you as you exhale, covering your mouth to keep from making a sound. You aren’t sure how he knows but he knows and you’re scrambling to replay the memories in your head, wondering if he saw you anywhere. You’ve been careful, balancing both Ari and Ransom like an art form that you wonder if he’s gone through your messages. You’ve been careful with those too, thinking hard until realize ten minutes have gone by and you haven’t gotten into the shower.
When you’re finished with your shower, which only led you to more possibilities that Ransom could end this and potentially ruin you, your hands shake when you apply your lotion, knowing that you have to do something.
You text Ari before you head downstairs, asking to meet him tomorrow at his place. You’ll state your case and once again, you frustrate yourself as to why you can’t just leave Ransom. The past two weeks have been good but two good weeks don’t erase your guilt or his own. Deep down, you keep hoping for a clean slate, Ransom reaching for you in his sleep to pull you against him and for a moment, you allowed the affection, secretly wishing it could be like that all the time.
Ari replies almost instantly and you relax for the moment, joining Ransom back downstairs. He’s still sifting through some papers on the coffee table, distracted at the moment when you watch him frown.
“Back to being Harlan’s research.” It’s murmured while he stares at a paper, smirking for a moment.
“That’s great. How do you feel about it?”
“I did it more to see the look on Walt’s face. Priceless.”
You aren’t surprised at the dig at his uncle but more so the fact that he’s got an actual job. You don’t want to ask anymore questions, a quiet surge of pride going through you at Ransom’s effort – or lack thereof, considering who his boss is. But it’s a start. That little hopefulness you thought was dying out is still holding on.
The doorbell rings and Ransom stands, heading to the door to accept the delivery as the smell of pasta and bread fills the air. Placing the bags on the counter, he taps his finger on his lips before he selects a bottle of wine.
“Might as well celebrate my employment, right?”
Wine glasses clink on the counter before he pours, handing on to you while he studies you for a moment.
“You okay?” His question makes you nod quickly. “Or was it something I said?”
“No. Just tired.”
“Hmm. Doesn’t feel good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it?”
“Ransom, can we not? Please?” Your nerves are shot sky high, lulled into a false sense of security when he gives you a cold smile.
“It was a joke. Maybe you can have the rest of the bottle to calm down.”
You slide off the bar stool and head to the couch, teeth dragging against your lower lip. Does he or doesn’t he swirls in your mind, his peace offering of pasta and salad sliding onto the coffee table.
“Truce?” He doesn’t sound remorseful. But he never feels he has to apologize for anything either so you’ll take it as an apology, nodding as he sits next to you.
You eat in silence, Ransom flipping through the channels to find another documentary. The sound of the TV fills the air, easing the tension as you finish your dinner and down your wine.
“This one is gonna be good.” Ransom’s eyes are glued to the screen, unmoving when you get up to pour the rest of the wine in your glass.
Tumblr media
Even as the door opens, you aren’t prepared to say goodbye, Ari pulling you into a hug as the lump in your throat thickens. He’s still dressed in his dress slacks, his white shirt slightly unbuttoned, revealing a hint of tanned skin.
“What’s the matter? Tell me.” His voice is urgent. Insistent while he holds you tight, keeping you upright when you think of how Ransom looked at you.
He pulls back to study your face, realization dawning on him that he already knows what you’re going to say. He shakes his head before you can answer, his eyes darkening.
“I have to.” Your voice is filled with sadness, trying to keep it together. “I think he knows.”
“And? Did he say for sure?”
Ari scoffs at your denial, sighing deeply as he pulls you forward to kiss your forehead.
“No, sweetheart.” The denial is soft, gentle that makes you blink in confusion. “I’m not letting you go.”
His hands are on both sides of your face as he inhales slightly.
“I said no. I’m fine with being the other man. But I’m not letting you go because you’re worried about what he’ll think.”
“I’m not doing this anymore.” You want to sound in control but you see it in his eyes, the way his smile plays over his lips. It’s almost the same one as Ransom’s – that you were never in control in the first place. It feels like you’re drowning, the way he stares at you like you’re under the surface, a thing to be observed.
“Should we tell him together? That you make the prettiest little sounds for me when you’re on my cock? That your lunch breaks end with me between your thighs? I like you, sweetheart. I really do. I cherish you. Crave you. You’re not leaving me to go back to him. Not after what you’ve told me about him.”
His hands settle on your shoulders for a moment, his hand sliding up your neck and to your jaw, his thumb sliding over your lower lip.
“You go on your trip. I’ll even have my driver come pick you up. Have fun, see the sights. But you’re coming right back to my bed when you return. Understand?”
The lithe in his voice is downplayed by the dangerous tone, his grip just enough pressure for him to get his point across. He’s waiting for you to answer and you don’t keep him waiting, nodding slowly.
“That’s better. I’ll see you in a few days.”
Tumblr media
“Anyone there?” Rochelle throws a piece of popcorn at you, hitting you on the shoulder when you break out of your stupor.
“Yeah, sorry. Just thinking.”
“Not about Ransom again.” She grimaces while you throw it back at her.
“No. I like New York.”
Rochelle is instantly intrigued, her eyes wide in surprise before she waggles her perfectly sculpted brows.
“Enough to move here?”
“Shut up!” A pillow launches your way that you grab, laughing as her screech fills the night air. “I’ve been asking you for how long? What changed?”
Where could you start? Ransom taking you apart in the shower, Harlan worried about the last minute notice from Marta that she was quitting. You know he disliked her from the start and to his not-so-quiet anger when Harlan fell and she was nowhere to be found. On Ari’s lap on the way to the airport, a whimpering mess as he edges you, making you promise that you’ll come back.
“Just a change of scenery.”
“What about Ransom?”
Maybe this time you’ll get the courage. You won’t even have to say anything. You can just get up and go. You’ve been toying with extending your trip and when you look in Rochelle’s hopeful eyes, you lean back on the couch.
“Doesn’t matter. He can deal.”
After the movie marathon is over, your belly full of alcohol and Sour Patch Kids, you extend your trip, adjusting your plane ticket as Rochelle starts to plan places to visit and apartments to check out. It feels like a chance to make a break and without having Ari or Ransom to answer to, you’re free to dream out loud.
Tumblr media
The next two days fly by, including the day you were supposed to be back, sending a text to Ransom to tell him you’ll be back in a day or so and an apology to Ari. As nervous as you are to send them, a sense of relief floods through you once it’s sent.
Where Ransom texts, Ari calls. You don’t answer, sticking your phone inside your pocket while you walk into an empty apartment, Rochelle listing off all the details of the place while the rental associate chimes in with additional facts.
Ransom’s text is unsurprising, reminding you that you had broken your word and that he had to rearrange his plans to pick you up from the airport, demanding the updated information.
But it’s Ari’s voicemail that gets your attention. Your phone burns an invisible hole in your pocket until you’re back in the safety of Rochelle’s apartment, putting your phone up to your ear while she’s changing in her bedroom.
“I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip, sweetheart. Makes me happy that you get to see your friend. But as I recall, we had a deal. Not that it changes much. I’ll see you in a bit.” There isn’t a goodbye, just the click of the phone ending the call that makes you chew on your lower lip.
That was hours ago when he’d called, NYC only a short plane ride away.
When you call him, he picks up, your voice wavering with fear and anger.
“Ari, are you here?”
“Of course, I am. I told you we had a deal. Looks a little weird extending out your trip for another four days, doesn’t it? Without telling me?”
“I’d come back.” You aren’t sure if it’s a lie. You hadn’t gotten that far in your plan.
“Now you don’t have to. Meet me for dinner. Eight sharp.”
“I can’t.” Your mind is reeling, unsure of what lie you can spin to tell Rochelle that you have to leave.
“Why not? Plans?”
“Are we getting pizza or what!” Rochelle’s loud voice can be heard in the background as you hear Ari laugh.
“Tell her no. But you’ll bring her back something. See you at eight, sweetheart.”
You want to scream in frustration, your heart thumping in your chest while you try to calm down. This web of deceit you’ve spun is too thick to get out of and you need to be honest with her. No more lies, not even if she grills you.
When you see her, you try to smile but you know she can tell something is wrong.
“What happened?”
“I… I’ve been seeing someone. Someone that isn’t Ransom. For a little while. He’s in New York tonight and he wants to take me to dinner. Is that okay?”
Rochelle nods quickly, a grin spreading across her pretty features.
“Oh my god, you finally broke up with Ransom. About time!”
You inhale a sharp breath, smiling without confirming or denying it.
“Are you okay if I go?”
“Yeah, yeah, go! A date? You need to tell me all about him when you get back. I can’t believe you were holding out on me!”
Tumblr media
At seven fifty-two, you’re seated across from Ari, blue eyes shining in amusement while you look down at the table.
“Don’t look so glum, sweetheart. I’m glad you could make it.”
“Ari, I can’t do this anymore. I told you. I think I just need to be alone.”
“I hear you. But we’re waiting for someone.”
Ari puts his finger to his lips while you look at the additional chair, looking up at him.
“What do you want to drink?”
The waiter comes by as if on cue, Ari giving you a small, soft smile.
“Gin and tonic?” Ari asks you and you nod, your heart still heavy with guilt.
“Two gin and tonics. And a scotch.”
Ari reaches over and takes your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.
“You’ll understand in a bit. I’m just glad you’re here. Thought I’d lost you for a little bit.”
“No.” You’ll have your dinner and then go. Not even if he tries to kiss you. You need to come clean to someone, to lay your sins bare.
“Couldn’t keep your hands off of her, could you Levinson?”
The chair whines when Ransom yanks it backward, glaring at you for a moment before you pull your hand away. The stare makes you shiver before he looks away to Ari. You don’t like his expression, blank and yet cold while Ari’s face shows no emotion.
“You tell her yet?”
“No. I was waiting for you.” Ari gets quiet as the drinks are placed at the table.
“Tell me what?” Your confusion finally breaks, your nerves shot at the sight of both of them at the table.
“Ransom likes his games of chance. In his drunken cocky haze, he bet you, sweetheart. And lost.” Ari’s words roar in your ears as Ransom shifts in his chair, his jaw twitching. “And you were my prize.”
“What?” Your voice is finally found, swinging your head toward Ari. “So it wasn’t a coincidence.”
“Not at first. I toyed with the idea of leaving you alone. You creating that little dating profile behind his back was all you, sweetheart. I knew you were tired of him. That part was easy. It was supposed to be one night but I couldn’t get enough of you. Then Ransom had to come along.” He shoots a look at Ransom, who tilts his head to the side with a smirk.
“Shouldn’t make it that easy for me to find out you’re a fan of insider trading.” Ransom’s angry, you can tell by the way he shifts in his chair, rolling his eyes while you shake your head.
“What? What does that have to do with me?” Your head is still spinning with them in front of you, the tension so thick that your stomach lurches in response.
“It was supposed to be one date. Lover boy over here decided to keep it going. And you let him.” Ransom’s eyes don’t leave Ari as he takes a sip of his scotch. “So I did a little digging. Found out his hands aren’t as clean as I thought.”
“And your grandfather’s missing nurse? Why don’t you tell her what really happened to Marta?” Ari’s voice is low, your blood running cold at what he’s insinuating.
“Ransom, what did you do?”
“What I had to.”
You try to push your chair back but Ransom stops you, Ari giving you a hard look.
“This has nothing to do with me. Just let me go. I’m done.” You don’t want to see either of them, nausea rising rapidly as you try to breathe.
“You’re not done. You go when we say you do. All that talk about me cheating on you and you were doing it right under my goddamn nose. Even though I knew about it, I figured you’d come clean.” Ransom’s words eat away at you, your eyes filling with tears.
“I’m sorry. I was trying to break it off but you wouldn’t let me. He won’t let me either. Just tell me what you want.” Your words are a jumbled mess, Ari staring hard at a patron before he wipes your tears with a napkin.
“We both want you. You know our secrets now and yours are out in the open. So that’s the deal, sweetheart. We both get to keep you.”
“I don’t want that. Please.” Ransom makes no move to pull you closer at your plea, Ari sighing while he moves his mouth into a frown.
“Well, that’s gonna be a problem. See, I’m keeping his secret and he’s keeping mine. You’re the only thing that’s going to keep us from burning each other to the ground. That’s how it works. So it’s still the same arrangement but with a little perk.” Ari finishes, nodding at Ransom who smirks.
“What perk?”
Tumblr media
You whine against the pillow, eyes squeezed shut as Ari bottoms out inside you.
“You see that, Drysdale? Look how good she takes my cock. This pussy was made for me.”
You know he’s recording you, your cunt clenching down on him as he gives a slight groan.
“She always takes me so well, don’t you, sweetheart?”
You can only mewl in reply when his hand goes to your hip.
“Now show your stuck up boyfriend how you fuck yourself on my cock.”
Tumblr media
Ransom ups the ante when it’s his turn. The jeweled plug is nestled into your ass, Ransom giving it a hard tap as you whimper.
“Still my world.” Ransom tells you when he pulls an orgasm from you. “And don’t you forget it.”
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