lettheratsin · 2 days ago
Ok ok ok here’s my thing.
Female bodied doesn’t mean vagina/clitoris/breasts
AFAB means Assigned Female At Birth which means a doctor saw your genitals and said “this is a female” or “this baby has indeterminate genitalia so I will call it female/perform surgery to make it seem more like a vagina and call it a female”
But! Intersex women exist, trans women exist, women who are victims of genital mutilation exist, women who have had surgery for medical reasons exist etc. Not all of these women have vaginas, clitorises or breasts but they’re still women and “female bodied”.
What’s really easy to do when labelling fic:
If it’s smut, just get to the basics of it. For example:
> MC uses she/her pronouns and has (body part(s) )
> You/Yours pronouns, vaginal sex, gender neutral MC
Like…yknow? Idk if I’m being weird about it but AFAB and AMAB are literally just different ways to separate people into “girl” and “boy” if you consistently assume AMAB ppl have penises or AFAB ppl have vaginas.
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plistommy · a day ago
Susan has started drinking and Neil LEFT??
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puppywarlord3 · a day ago
I'm still not over the fact that Disney shortened season 3 of The Owl House
We got confirmation that Mattholomule and Steve where related/had a side story in season 3 we also implications that there was going to be an episode with a beach day and they where gonna go more in-depth the Hooty's origin story. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I'd kill to see and learn more about Hooty and Eda.
I don't think that Disney will change it's mind either, especially not now since we are almost done with season 2. Maybe there was hove during the hiatus but now I seriously doubt that Disney will change its mind but who knows.
Who knows what else we are missing from season 3
The boiling isle's equivalent of a quinceanera for Luz, new spells/glyph combos, backstory on Phillip and his brother, more time in the human world and vee who knows?!
Fuck Disney for having season 3 shortened
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varangianviper · 2 days ago
Has anyone seen this? I only just stumbled upon it and I - can’t believe what I just read there. But it explains everything. The Larry Show WAS super successful and I guess it is because the world has grown hollow, most people aren’t able to look past a carefully crafted facade, people don’t know how good movies and series are produced, what good writing is, what subtleness is…
Scorsese was so right about the MCU. It has become the alpha and omega for low-brow cheap entertainment, a mirror of a society that is no longer able to understand ulterior motives, an audience that came to watch, not to learn or understand.
I thought I saw something in Loki‘s character that most other people either didn’t see or forget existed in the first place - because it did!
He was a complex character, now seeing his past being erased and twisted - he was not just a spoiled, butthurt brat! Wtf, people, do you really believe that?
He was stolen in a war! He was the defeated King‘s son, adopted by his people‘s usurper! He only found out per accident and when he tried to confront his kidnapper face to face he wasn’t available.
In that very moment he hadn’t just lost his family, he had lost his whole identity!
I would have gone batshit crazy in his situation.
To act as if HE was the one at fault in that whole situation is quite insane.
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hermajestyimher · 3 hours ago
The degree of misogyny Amber Heard has been subjected to on social media truly does highlight how our corrupted society cannot wait to vilify women, especially those deemed as conventionally attractive, in an attempt to mob against them and feel justified in it.
The key word here is justified. The incels, pick mes, and generally people who seem to resent attractive women view this as the perfect opportunity to spread their misogynistic vitriol through pretending to care about male victims of abuse.
Hollywood is filled with all types of male abusers, r*pists, p*dos, bigots, etc. Who would never get a smither of the societal hatred Amber is getting unless the degree to which the abuse has been perpetuated has affected multiple people and the evidence is more than clear (see Bill Cosby), and even then, these men will often times have hordes of people coming at the their defence to try to justify their actions (see XXXtentacion or Chris Brown).
The fact that the media is so hellbent is pushing this trial into people's throats in a similar fashion to how they overplayed the Will Smith situation to emotionally charge the masses against a common target is also scary and bizarre. This is why I rather keep myself distanced from the general public, I want none of the mess this society loves to indulge on me.
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asterekmess · a day ago
Okay, can we just--can we just TALK about the significance of this scene?
Tumblr media
Yeah yeah yeah, Stiles is Derek’s anchor, Derek goes to him in his own head for advice, yadda yadda.
But do you understand what the implications of that are? Do you understand just how goddamn important Derek’s choice of Stiles is in this moment? Not just to Derek but TO STILES.
Stiles becomes Derek’s anchor, and we’re not told when that happens. We’re just told that it HAS happened. That Derek in this moment needed Stiles to anchor him.
This is after the nogitsune.
That’s it. That’s all that needs said.
The inherent forgiveness involved in using a man who’s been slaughtering people as your anchor to calm and safety? Hell, the inherent lack of blame in the first place.
After everything the nogitsune put the town and Derek through, possessing him and making him nearly become the exact thing that ruined his life by having him try to burn Chris alive? Throwing him across a room and forcing Derek to fight the Argent for a body they didn’t know if they could save and TAUNTING him about it.
Derek barely had the chance to interact with Actual Stiles during this season. All he’s seen this whole time has been a monster with Stiles’ face.
And yet Stiles is his anchor. Instant proof that Derek doesn’t blame Stiles for what happened. He isn’t holding the possession against him. He isn’t putting the weight of ANYTHING the Nogitsune did on Stiles’ shoulders.
He believes Stiles is innocent. Hell, Derek finds Comfort in the very thing that was petrifying Stiles at the start of the season. Not knowing whether hes awake or not, learning how to tell the difference between a dream and reality. He is literally looking at Stiles and saying, “I’m in the same position you were, and I’m scared. But I know you’re going to give me answers. I know you will use what you know to help me. I know that I can trust you. That I’m safe in this corner of my mind, specifically because you are here with me.”
It kills me that Stiles never knew in canon that this happened. That it was never acknowledged or expanded on. There’s no indication that Derek even remembers it. And that kills me, because Stiles deserved to know. He deserved to know that after everything that happened, he was Derek’s safe place. That Derek trusted him and relied on him. That he was innocent in Derek’s eyes.
Living through something like that, the idea that anyone in the world would be able to feel safe in your presence, let alone someone you (or your body) Directly Hurt, has got to be mindbending. It means something.
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bat-kidsarebi-kids · a day ago
you know i really think dc’s artists should draw Jason pretty at least once as a little treat. everyone else gets to be pretty except for him. petition for a comic where Tim and Damian are drawn like they’re 40 years old and on their third divorce instead and Jason gets to be pretty one time. please.
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silvermoon424 · a day ago
Lmao there’s someone going on an absolutely unhinged anti-anime rant in this Reddit comment section. According to them all anime promotes fascism and/or pedophilia.
Ah, yes. I forgot that anime like Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, Komi-san Can’t Communicate, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, A Silent Voice, and Demon Slayer are all shameless promotions of fascism and pedophilia. My mistake.
Like I’m not denying that a lot of anime (especially recently) is garbage and problematic, but it’s an entire medium that has produced some beautiful art. Not to mention that this person’s ranting comes off as racist too (at points they basically say Japan is a backwards culture). 
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cloudofbutterflies · 22 hours ago
This fight, we’re fighting? For equal rights, for the environment, for the right to our own bodies? 
I want to warn all of you, right now, that we’re probably not going to see the other side. We’re not going to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe, just maybe, when we’re all old and grey, but probably not. 
It will be our children, or maybe our children’s children, or perhaps our children’s children’s children who get to live in that world. They will be the ones to grow up unafraid to walk outside at night, to love who they want to love, to not worry that the planet they live on is going to kill them before they can fall in love.
They will be the ones who get to bask in the spoils of our hard-fought, bloody, awful, painful, terrifying battle. Not us. Probably never us. 
And that’s okay. 
I’m not saying I don’t want equal rights. God, I want all of it. I want to be able to marry my girlfriend one day with no repercussions, to have my pronouns used without people calling me broken, for the fact that I don’t like sex to be a normal, okay thing. I want for the color of my girlfriend’s skin not to be something that puts her under threat, to be treated as anyone else, to not to worry about our world burning down around us and to get help for my disorders and mental health without the whispers and the side looks and the oh no they might be dangerous. 
I’m not saying I don’t want a world where our disabled siblings are given the support they need, where everyone, everyone, is kept out of poverty as a norm instead of a privilege. I want to live in a world where none of that matters.
And I’m probably not ever going to, truly.
But if we keep fighting this hard, awful, terrifying, endless, bloody, battle, it will end one day. And our children or our children’s children or our children’s children’s children can step out of the ashes and into the world we dreamed of. 
So don’t stop fighting. It’s not hopeless, because, no matter what happens, Love Will Win. 
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kai-kat · 8 hours ago
tumblr be like omg this old white man who committed many atrocities is my little babygirl such a poor little meow meow, then will turn around and go this teenage fucking girl who was slightly annoying once is the fucking spawn of satan.
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jaunefleurwrites · 2 days ago
So my aunt died yesterday. She’s not really related to me but she has been there since I was a kid so I consider her part of the family along with her husband. She was a really the nicest lady, well-spoken and smart and all she wanted was children of her own after years of trying she finally has two twin daughters, she was the happiest and a great mom to them both. We only found out she had cancer last year and I had prayed for her to get better and hope that she won’t be taken too soon since her children are too young to grow up without her. I have two other aunts who died from cancer and I lost my grandma from an accident, it sucks that I would never see them again. I didn’t want to cry but I remember when I see her casket in Zoom, I realized that she won’t give me that nice warm hugs she gave me and she won’t see her daughters grow up, and I really hoped that they wouldn’t forget their mom who had sacrificed so much to bring them in to the world and she had loved them in just those short years together. I feel sad and happy for because she has been suffering for a while, and she looks fatigued and tired. I’m glad she won’t feel pain anymore and I hoped she died peacefully. I think that she has no regrets because she wanted to bring children to the world, at least her kids and her husband still got each other.
Death is complex, it’s difficult to comprehend. I don’t think we will ever stop mourning who we had lost, we don’t know when it’s our time and I hope to live without regrets. Losing someone is painful but we can’t succumb to sorrow and guilt if we had took the time to talk to them or we should have done that, what’s done is done. We can’t bring back the dead but all we have to do is honor their memory by living and never forget them but remember the good memories you share and dwell on the ‘what if’s’.
It’s hard moving in, you know the person won’t come back but at the same time it doesn’t feel like it. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting. I’m still have a lot to learn but I know I don’t want to live regrets. Life is short and time passes by so quickly.
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puppiekit · a day ago
Hi I just read River and.... I cannot believe people hate Flamepaw/Nightheart...... I relate to him so much..... honestly ngl it genuinely pisses me off that people hate him all because of his strained relationship with Sparkpelt. As if he's not allowed to feel the way he does after being neglected as a kit. As if hes just supposed to magically throw away the effects it's had on him.
Like idk coming from someone who was neglected as a child, Nightheart really speaks to me and my expiriences, and it upsets me that the fans could be so cruel about a very real issue.
At least imo he is a pretty accurate depiction of what my own childhood neglect has done to me, how it's effected my behaviors, my thought processes, how it's effected my ability to form normal/proper friendships and bonds. It's forever messed up my ability to trust, my self esteem, my relationship with my family. I cant form normal friendships, because my early neglect has left me with the inability to form normal, healthy bonds. All i can think about is the possibility of being abandoned again. Its crippling. It hurts.
Like idk hot take but you guys cannot use Sparkpelts grief as an excuse for neglecting her children... yes, it is a reason, and I understand her circumstances, and i dont blame her for it. She couldn't control it, she needed to heal, and she deserves support. BUT it still doesn't change the fact that she DID neglect her children, and it DID cause them genuine harm.
Like idk i get this a lot in real life, too. So maybe it just feels a little personal. But Nightheart doesn't owe Sparkpelt a good relationship just because she was struggling. And that goes for any child who has experienced harm or neglect from their guardians.
Like to be quiet frank im kinda sick of the fandom dismissing one characters (completely valid) hurt in favor of another. You can be hurt and cause hurt. Stop acting like just bc you were hurt you are completely exempt from the hurt you cause others
So yeah this was kind of a rant but ugh.... child neglect is a real life issue in case you guys forgot. And yes it causes actual harm in case you guys forgot that, too. You don't just get over something like that
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rubywolf0201 · 2 days ago
The day when the animators for SPY X FAMILY adapts the scene where Becky starts having a precocious crush on Loid and even said a line where she views Yor as a ‘love rival’ along with her personal maid making the homewrecker line internally would be the day where the radical side of the fanbase would start giving the character shit, wanting to cancel Becky, harrassing not just the VA of both languages but also Endo for including a ‘problematic’ character that gets in their way of their ship (Twiyor) and then accuse her of being a gross pervert etc.
Hope that Endo and any of the people working on the SPY X FAMILY anime don’t give in to those toxic assholes and appease Becky detractors (assuming that Becky have haters) by bringing the worst out of the Becky as that would be a betrayal to her character and fans.
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goldxnfemme · an hour ago
I'll just have a little rant here about this situation of putting your pronouns in the bio and then right along with that putting "female"/"cis"/"afab", like what's the fucking point? That makes me so aggravated, because how can you not see what you're doing? Because 'oh let me show support by putting my pronouns in the bio but also let me further separate myself from the trans community, I don't want people to think I'm one of them, god forbid', that's the impression people doing that give, or "I'm a girl/guy but you know, the real kind" like just fuck off. Commit with actual support or don't do it, because you're missing the whole point.
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I'm not a big fan of the omegaverse, but one thought haunts me - if omega!Ruggie got pregnant from an alpha!reader, then he would certainly do everything so that his child had both parents.
I don't think you need the omegaverse. This world has magic and stuff yknow? Maybe a kid could form via magic or something
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starry-curiosity · 2 days ago
Dear Genshin community,
Okay tbh I havent been super active there recently- I kinda moved on to other interests and the fandom is reeeeaaaaaallllllly not my cup of tea, but I recently heard that Heizou's design was released
I know he doesnt look like the popular fan design, but please, dont complain to miHoYo saying "WHY DOESNT HE LOOK LIKE [email protected]?!?!?!?!!?". The official design doesnt have to look like the fan one, and we shouldnt be surprised that it doesnt look like the ranpo-inspired design
However, we shouldnt discourage the original artist who made the fan design. She made it just for fun, and she NEVER mentioned that it is the "official design" and it was always meant to be a fan design for a possible upcoming character at that time.
It's fair to criticize and compare both designs, but we dont need to put one down just to put the other up and vice versa
Please be respectful about this, accept other opinions, and not harass anyone over it :D
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minimoonwhispers · 2 days ago
So now you wanna blame Disney for making "Alladin" bc of orientalism? Lmfao
yes? it’s not even blame; disney’s film of aladdin was super orientalist. like. It’s not even a debate. it genuinely is.
if you want to know why aladdin perpetuating orientalism is harmful: look no further then this video essay. only come back when you’ve watched it and done your own research on the topic, all the while listening to (southwest asia and north africa + south asia) people affected by the film
and when i say listen. Listen. because i know a condescending tone when i see one. from the “now you’re blaming disney” when it’s been nothing but their fault for decades and the “lmfao” attached to the end, i can tell you don’t genuinely believe what i say. and while that’s ultimately your decision, your choice, it doesn’t mean i, or any others have to tolerate that.
the next ask you send with that condescending tone, refusing to even listen, will be deleted. and you will be blocked. i’m not wasting my time on someone who doesn’t take marginalized groups seriously, who can’t stop think for a second how their words impact others because they’re still stuck sucking dick off disney.
so, watch the video essay and do your own research instead of using me as an educator who has to deal with your inflated ego.
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the-coolest-marshmallow · 2 days ago
There are BILLIONAIRES avoiding paying taxes, MEGA CHURCHES can afford their own JETS, there is NO cap on how much senators can accept in 'gifts' for and after campaigns, AND SOMEHOW I can't get a goddamn prosthetic leg for a child who was born without one? Mom has no health insurance. It's like looking for a needle in Google haystack. I'm having to call people I haven't talked to since graduation to find a source. What the hell even is America? Where the hell are you pro-lifers? Who's handing over between $5k - $50k for a leg? That this child will, keep in mind, outgrow within a few months. Insurance companies say that 'running' is not medically necessary so there's that too.
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silvermoon424 · a day ago
I am getting actual brain damage from seeing all the "the Buffalo shooter was actually a leftist!!" discourse going on on conservative social media. They're cherry-picking one line from that scumfuck's manifesto where he says he's an "authoritarian leftist" (lol) and ignoring the literal pages where he outlines his support of fascism, white supremacy, and Neo-Nazism as well the parts where he wishes for the deaths of Jews and black people. I may be a leftist cuck but I'm pretty sure those are classic hallmarks of far-right extremism, not far-left ideology (which, if it advocated for violence, would probably just be calling for the deaths of landlords and fossil fuel execs or something).
Right-wingers are SO DESPERATE to not be held accountable for what far-right ideology leads to. Tucker Carlson and other prominent conservative voices have been fear-mongering about the Great Replacement and white genocide for years, and many white conservatives actively or passively believe in the conspiracy theory.
But now that more and more people are getting murdered over it and the bodies are piling up, they're desperate to avoid any introspection. The shooter must be a leftist who… happens to hate black people and Jews, advocates for fascism, and posted in places like /pol/. That makes total sense!!!
These people must burn like 4,000 calories a day doing mental gymnastics.
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generalchelseamayhem · 2 days ago
@cromulentenough @vacuouslyfalse
You don't have to read past this paragraph if you don't want, it's just more of me thinking out loud and unguardedly about gender, but I just wanted to thank you two for being very civil and understanding in our disagreement. Either way I feel like I'm learning a lot.
HOWEVER, it all still doesn't sit right with me and I think I need to combine your posts/points to figure out why.
I suppose one of the reasons I think of gender as Not A Social Construct - why I specifically deny the interpersonal definition of gender put forward by VF here - is that I simply don't believe I would not be a man if I did not have people around me to perceive me as such, and the thought of it makes me uncomfortable in ways I can't quite articulate. It also, and this is important, makes me uncomfortable that other people might think that I wasn't a man in such a situation, or indeed any situation. I'll come back to that point.
CE, I think the article you sent me is undoubtedly a great one. It is well argued, it is clear in its points despite mixing analogies, and I am compelled to accept that it has a good point, that the borders, both figurative and literal, between definitions of things ARE pretty weird! I don't know if it was necessarily supposed to counter my argument in some way, or whether you're cautioning me to live with the consequences and implications of my definitions. Off VF's point, I very emphatically prefer to keep my conceptions of "gender" and "gender roles" separate. I would think the cis butch lesbians are women and the GNC cis men are men, because I might define gender roles by how stereotypically feminine or masculine one acts in everyday life, but not gender itself. People in the latter two categories you mentioned, I would be more likely to consider agender, since by (my) definition, their self-perception doesn't line up with the way their sexual phenotype has shaken out, nor particularly with any other typical sexual phenotype you are likely to find without being born intersex. That seems pretty self-consistent to me, and I have yet to think of an example where it would break down.
And yet. And yet. It's not enough for me. "If your definition works for you, use it" is a great sentiment, but I find it terribly unsatisfying. I would drop my current definition in a heartbeat if tomorrow I was told a more correct, true, and self-consistent definition of gender that worked for even more people. I like being right, but I like being wrong and finding out the truth even more.
It bothers me that my largely incorrect, overly simplistic, woefully incomplete definition of gender could be considered a valuable enough framework to be used even if that use is limited to myself. A lot of people have definitions of gender that are largely incorrect, overly simplistic, and woefully incomplete! TERFs are a great example. Find me a single TERF whose conception of gender extends beyond women having a vagina, making the babies and having two X chromosomes, while men do the violence, have a Y chromosome and generally exist as all that's wrong with the world. And of course that doesn't work as a framework of gender for most of the world. It works for them though, and clearly they're more than willing to deal with the consequences and implications of it. In SlateStarCodex terms, they are the King Solomons saying "well my purview is protecting all people with XX chromosomes and appropriate sexual characteristics ("women") from every other being on the planet ("m*n"). But I don't think the definition suiting their purposes is a good enough excuse for them to use it! Obviously it is right for trans people to be bothered by this, just as I am bothered that some people might think under certain circumstances that I am not a man!
Maybe I could be okay with having a hierarchy of gender definition Good-ness of Fit. But leaving it up to individuals to determine what gender means to them is not only, obviously, nightmarishly difficult to legislate, but it also is as much to imply that my definition of gender is no better than that of a TERF. I obviously don't want that to be the case! I know TERFs aren't correct, and I want to be more correct than them, but it seems like you're both saying that it's technically impossible. If there is a hierarchical goodness of fit, I'd like at least to know how it's sorted and to try and improve upon it as best I can.
I'm saying all of this because I believe that a robust and widely-held definition of what gender actually is will help trans people in the long-term and possibly even the short-term. We all know radfems don't, won't, and possibly psychologically can't take these things on faith, and their reliance on hard categories over subjective experiences will ultimately win over more neutral observers than it will lose. So if I could do one thing in my entire life for trans discourse it would be to present them with a definition of gender they cannot deny or refute with their present arguments. The very LAST thing I would want to do would be to tell them that the definition of gender is up to them and their perspectives.
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