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Unpopular opinion but viewsers (mostly north american ones) should treat the “cultural appreciation” subject when it comes to Eastern European countries the same way they treat Asian, South American and African culture. 
Because I am tired of seeing people from Easter European countries being portrait as whores, assassins, spies, drunk people and thiefs. 
I am tired of using vampires as a tool to make one alone and depressed teenager feel like she’s being loved. 
I am tired of seeing our legends and myths mocked.
I am tired of seeing our languages ignored and mocked with stupid fake accents.
I am tired of creators “makeing up” languages just because they are too ignorant to hire someone who speaks Russian/Romanian/Bulgarian/Czech etc. 
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mymakuu · 2 days ago
If you pick rats,mice,or snakes up by their tails I automatically don't like you
It not only hurts them but you can actually pull off their tails by doing that
You wouldn't pick a dog or cat or even a baby by their tail or tail bone so why would you pick a mouse up by its tail?
Same with people who pick up small animals by their necks and say "it's okay their mom does it", yea and you're not their mom.
And people who did that ferret swinging trend, never do that to your ferret especially big ones.
Always support a ferret's bottom, swinging one around can harm them (and don't forget once you break your ferret's back you most likely are going to kill them)
Treat your animals correctly
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A while ago I had a slight disagreement with a user who almost had a panic attack over asking someone to unexalt a dragon they wanted. I offered to do it for them and they freaked out even more, saying it was too much trouble and even rude to ask for it at all.
I'm here to say that no, it isn't. It's always fine to PM someone about a dragon you're eyeing. They may reply, they may not but it's not "rude" unless the tab is marked "do not ask" in any way. Worst that'll happen is them saying no.
Calm down and take your meds.
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sunbaks · a day ago
Tumblr media
these were my tags in my previous post but i feel like it should be its own post too. since some of yall wanna come for beth even tho she did literally nothing wrong 🙄
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devil-satanica · 2 days ago
Rant time....
ok, i noticed how in this cardiophile community that people are just fucking taking advantage of others by making and/or trying to ask for money by monthly fees or donations from people for content. dude that is just wrong of you to just do morally.
we all have bills to pay, so what bro!!!! just  get off your fucking lazy piece of shit ass, and go get a fucking real job for that; or go be a content creator on youtube for that as your main job. patron, fans only pages, and also even tumblr (now offers the services *smh*) is apart of this rediculous cycle of monthly fee for content bullshit from others is just horse shit plain and simple.
you want to MILK PEOPLE FOR MONEY??! that just goes to show how the world of much of a total jerk you really are in life, and also how much that you really want to abuse others while taking full advantage of others in general. 
this is a heart fetish community which should be a freedom of expression of ourselves, and also to share our hearts/bodies to other fellow cardiophiles that’s if we’re not able to irl to others who aren’t into this fetish. NOT TO EXPLOIT for fucking money ffs!!! you’re not a fucking slut ya know out for prostitution, jesus fucking christ! by the way, in which is illegal except in vegas xD, but shit people have some fucking morals here for the community, ffs!!!! just bloody fucking stop taking full advantage of people!!!a also, you other people who FUCKING STEAL CONTENT OF OTHERS, YOU SHOULD ALSO STOP IT AS WELL!!! people who do take their own damn time out to make the content for others to enjoy, and not for you to steal it; claim it as your own. get a brain there ya goddamn dickheads, ok END OF RANT.......
this is my own point of view, take it or leave it...
“added: “ sep 22 2021 at 16:26 daitod: There is 0 wrong with doing performances for $ through OnlyFans or Patreon or whatever. Absolutely 0 wrong with that. “ ---sir or maddam sorry to say but i call fucking horseshit on u for that! this fetish isn’t a “performance art” this is a fetish, not an art form. reality check for u pal!!
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cryptid-corpse · 2 days ago
I'm going to be honest with you.
I went into my first psychologist appointment after waiting 6 months to get one only to be forced into starting a new job a week later that I'm too physically and mentally ill to do.. in turn being too exhausted to attend my appointments after work and have since lost contact with said psychologist.
Could have he even helped me? Who knows
Am I still mentally unwell? Yes
Am I motivated to go back? No
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emblemxeno · 2 days ago
One thing you missed is that Anselma didn't go to the Kingdom with Edelgard and Arundel. She had been exiled for a very long time: "For as long as I can remember, my mother had already been exiled from the capital." This makes the whole story even more unclear because it's never elaborated on why she was exiled.
Oh yeah! That just makes me more confused if anything. Why would one of Ionius' consorts be exiled? I've read that Edelstans theorize that apparently the empress had something to do with it, but that makes no sense, cuz why would the empress be threatened by a consort?
WHO THE FUCK IS THE EMPRESS ANYWAY??? Fuck Edelgard's siblings, why is there no mention of Ionius' wife? Unless I missed something, there's like, nothing that indicate she existed other than Edelgard acknowledging her or what happened to her or if she's even alive. What!?
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notoriouslydevious · 16 hours ago
Ugh.. 🙄
so tired of all the people on reddit & twitter trying to redesign bewitching nami... like bitch, she fucking ATE that skin, leave her be.🙄 Also then ragging on and guilting people who like it? Gross. I also cant stop thinking about how that was probably the last skin Katey worked on before she left Riot. 🥺 Don’t worry, Nami Mommy, I will buy best girl’s skin ♥
Here are some of the edits floating around:
Tumblr media
Gamora? Is that you? 🤣
Tumblr media
Another one: 
Tumblr media
they just changed her eyes and gave her a tan 🤣 and another one (the person above did): 
Tumblr media
like meh, this is okay. Makes her look like a ghoul or undead. last one: 
Tumblr media
again with the ghoul-zombie skin texture but I kinda like the eyes.
Okay, in all seriousness, If they’d actually look at the skinline, every monster champ that’s been added to the skinline has light skin: Elise, Poppy, & Tristana. So idk why they think Nami would be different?  I know people are going to be triggered because of this but if you don’t like the skin, dont buy it.  Riot thinks with their wallets, that’s why the Winter Wonder & Sugar Rush skin line got canned because people weren’t buying them (which is sad because I’ve seen so many cute skin concepts for each).  My reason for buying this skin other than paying homage to Katey? I’m honestly in LOVE with the VFX: the pink, purple & green and the bats and pumpkin fish? A-MAZ-ING!!! Would have to be my favorite VFX out of all of Nami’s skins. 
Tumblr media
Other Nami mains that like this skin? Don’t let others bully you from buying it. It’s an absolutely adorable skin and if Riot sees how profitable she is, she’ll get more skins. 🤑
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intothewildirun · a day ago
had a terrifying dream last night where reality seemed to melt with the dream and it was really close to what I would call a night terror, I didn‘t know anymore if I was awake or asleep and the memory feels like reality. dreams have been vivid for 3 days now but never in my life have I experienced something like last night…
Even though I technically slept plenty of hours yesterday, I feel like I pulled an all-nighter.
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thatstudyblr-on-tea · a day ago
Russian Language exam in less than three hours and I feel like I could pass out on the spot! Great!
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gothamsworst · 2 days ago
Aright aright for Jonathan, Edward, Jervis i got an idea, s/o being the quiet and purest soul ever snaps at bully/mean person. And sounds like an angry mom /army captain screaming at them to shut the fuck up.
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cativile · 12 hours ago
I have a classmate who is a dsmp fan ahahha pls help
anyway did u guys know that albedo is the definition of pretty
and how sae byeok is the definition of hot
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ouchytm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I really don't care for the glamrock designs. They just don't hold the original essence of terror that the old animatronics had, why couldn't they be like the funtimes, those guys look way more futuristic than these plastic lookin toy robots. Sorry I'm an asshole the game hasn't even come out yet. Hopefully the game will change my outlook on the glamrocks.
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silverlinedeyes · 3 hours ago
Lightsinger, n. A lovely ethereal being that will lure you, appearing as a friendly face when you’re lost. (As per the legend, as relayed by Cassian.)
Compound word: LIGHT + SINGER
Gwyn: emits LIGHT when she SINGS and her song LURES the listener in.
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bi-succubus · 22 hours ago
catholicism is the root of all evil. 
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naughtyneganjdm · a day ago
If you're going to go straight to being a dick when I state the facts that the writers of twd said Negan wasn't a rapist, I'm just going to block you. If you choose to believe negan is a rapist (even though he's not and there isn't any proof that he is) that's your choice. I however choose to believe the writers who made the actual character and the actor who plays him. Just letting that be known. If you can't get your opinion across without being a condescending dick...blocked.
Tumblr media
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nagichi-boop · a day ago
I feel like I’ve unintentionally made my parents feel really sad and awkward around me and I don’t like it. I don’t like having this underlying awkwardness between us. I feel like they’re walking on eggshells around me and are just generally upset at me. My mum also said she felt sad that I said I didn’t trust her (cuz last night when my parents asked I said I didn’t trust them).
Like I just don’t feel like they get me despite them saying they are doing what’s best for me. And whenever I reveal something personal they either under or over react. Me being suicidal doesn’t evoke much urgency. Meanwhile if I admit to self harm, my mum assumes that’s all I ever think about. Like during the convo last night I went quiet and she was like “are you thinking you just want to go upstairs and cut yourself?” And like…no? I was thinking nothing cuz I felt empty. Maybe I should show them the “shades of Nagi” post so they know that I literally feel a range of emotions besides “me sad, me cut.”
Idk. I kinda wish I had just never said anything because once again, opening up to them has only made things uncomfortable. It seems the more open and honest I am, the worse things getting.
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I saw something that was like “we put our lives on pause, but getting vaccinated can help us be able to hit play again” and it just bothered me because I’m not just starting again where I left off. I graduated from college in spring of 2020. I’m never going back to living there and regularly seeing my college friends. I’m never getting my graduation ceremony. I’m not getting my last months of college back. They’re gone!
So anyway this post is dedicated to anybody who went through any transitional period during the pandemic. Whether you graduated, lost somebody, moved, or anything else where you will never truly be able to get the last months/year of [whatever] back. It’s so easy to feel like you should be over it by now and just be grateful whenever you can eat in a restaurant and go into stores again but you lost more than that.
I’m just tired of seeing so many things about “going back to normal” when a lot of us don’t have the same “normal” to go back to.
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