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supremenadeem · 3 days ago
this tumblr post plus thing is really interesting to me because it's such a mess. tumblr hasn't done an official announcement on their blogs (as of me typing this at least) but did an article with with this graphic that i reversed image search and could only find it on that article, and another website reporting about that article, so i'm assuming tumblr provided them with it. interesting way to announce this.
Tumblr media
the way they present this is like an alternative to patreon, which is interesting seeing as tumblr scared a lot of artists and sex workers off the site with the NSFW ban and during the training of the automatic filter being really aggressive initially, even many non NSFW artists jumped ship. if this shipped 4~ years ago i could see this actually being used like patreon for people who started out and built their brand on tumblr. but, well, it's way too late and since tumblr is really inconsistent with its moderation of nsfw content it's not going to attract nsfw artists or sex workers, and at that point you would just use patreon anyway.
Tumblr media
the 5% fee that tumblr takes is a reasonable cut, but the 30% cut from people who subscribe on mobile is insane for a subscription service, how clear will it be that a subscription from a mobile user would be less than a subscription from a pc user? how many mobile only users are there, how many use both? if the majority of app users are only using tumblr on mobile then it's still money from users who wouldn't be able to pay otherwise, but i am certain many tumblr users who use the pc version also use the app, and i wonder how much money would be lost to the app stores from an honest mistake of people using the app instead of the pc version.
Tumblr media
i think many of us are expecting this to fail anyway so the previous point is moot, a few companies have failed to make tumblr profitable, and activity is very clearly on the decline. it makes sense that tumblr is less active now than this time last year considering lockdowns last year, but it's interesting to see how much it's declined since 2012 but it should be obvious just looking at note counts of popular posts over the years. also interesting little fact, a little under half the users so 40%-50% of users are gen z. i imagine many are people who were here during the peak of tumblr's popularity.
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lackadaisycal-art · 11 days ago
Some of you really watched/read smth called PRIDE and Prejudice and still think the best depiction of Mr Darcy is "awkward nerd who gets interpreted as rude when really he's just shy". Sure he's awkward too but he's knowingly rude and a massive snob at the start of the story, that's the entire point! The whole point of the story is they both have to change and grow! It is NOT that Lizzie has been wrong about him all along
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aanau · 2 months ago
the mitchells vs the machines really said “family relationships are still relationships and they require effort to maintain from all involved” rather than “stick by family no matter what” and said “technology has opened doors for communication, creativity, and knowledge, but corporations abuse the power technology gives them” rather than “technology bad and evil” and it’s very transparent with these distinctions between morals and that’s extremely refreshing
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great-and-small · 3 months ago
I hate that I’m always trying to find cool biology themed stuff to wear but all the “nature inspired” clothing companies just have like two crossed arrows or a minimalistic mountain on a sweatshirt. Fucking lame, that’s barely even nature-adjacent. Put the life cycle of a salamander on a jacket, put hyena skeleton patterns on leggings, put a damn field guide of birds of prey on a peacoat and THEN you can have my money. Do NOT give me a shirt with a leaf on it that says “stay wild” or some bullshit I would much prefer clothing that broadcasts to everyone around me how many teeth an adult Jaguar has or how some pitcher plants can catch and digest rats.
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supmynameisuseless · 3 months ago
I’m so fucking sick of diabetes jokes. They’re everywhere, like people somehow think it’s ok to make fun of a disease like that. 
“that’s got so much sugar, it’ll give you diabetes!” 
Second of all, even if it was, and people ‘gave diabetes to themselves’, it’s just not funny! Who gave you the right to make fun of a literal disabled person just because you think they deserve it because they ‘brought this onto themselves’? that’s fucked up! All types of diabetes have a genetic component, and specifically for type 2 diabetes, you don’t know that person’s circumstances. Recent studies are showing links between type 2 diabetes and poverty, as sugary overprocessed food like fast food is cheaper and sometimes more accessible. And once again, there’s still a genetic component. 
‘that’ll give you diabetes’ jokes are just not funny. They’re insensitive, and as a type 1 they’re just a constant reminder that I have a disease that is heavily misunderstood and weighs on me every day. I’ve heard like 10 in the past week and just now heard another one and it was the last fucking straw. DON’T MAKE THEM. 
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naniyou · 5 months ago
@All the northerners making fun of Texans rn:
Our houses are not built for temperatures below 30°F. They’re also designed to shed heat. Good design for when it regularly gets to 100°F in the summer and winters are mild.
Homes here generally do not have furnaces. We rely on heat pumps and resistance coils, the former of which is not effective below 25°F, and the latter of which use lots of electricity
The electrical infrastructure is designed to meet demand in the afternoons in the heat of the summer, not frigid winter nights. Also, while we have a shit ton of wind and solar capacity, it’s currently crippled by frozen turbines and snowfall.
Combine all of the above and the electrical grid usage is astronomical, even when people are barely reaching 50°F indoors. The stress on the system and reduced generating capacity has caused ERCOT to start rolling blackouts as a way of preventing a mass uncontrolled blackout ala the Northeast in 2003. So that means no heat in houses that naturally shed heat, when it’s 7°F out.
Since we live in a warm place, many people don’t have clothing for this level of cold. Means a lot of people are really, really cold, and their houses are already losing heat fast.
Speaking of homes shedding heat, this also means pipes are not heavily insulated, and without proper measures taken (which many people are unaware of) that means no water.
We don’t generally keep equipment like ice scrapers and snow shovels handy. Most hardware stores don’t stock rock salt for ice. Meaning we can’t leave our homes and go anywhere if the car and roads are covered with ice. The cities don’t have snow plows. Nobody here has chains or snow tires to be able to drive safely either.
As if all of this is not already bad enough, the local plants are not evolved for this kind of freeze, including snow. So many trees are breaking under the weight and causing damage.
We’re not wimps. We’re simply not built for it, don’t have the gear for it, and don’t have instinctual level response of what to do in these situations. It’s like how the Northeast had a lot of issues after Hurricane Sandy.
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clowntv · 2 months ago
"you should let queer teenagers do cringy things like have ~weird~ names and dye their hair and identify with obscure genders/sexualities/pronouns because theyre young and dont know any better" or maybe you should just mind your fucking business and let people express their queerness however they want, at any age. stop expecting people to "grow out" of their own identities and become something that's acceptable to you. if they're not hurting anyone with it then the problem isnt with them, it's with the people trying to relegate a stranger's identity to something "childish" and "immature"
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thelastharbinger · 14 days ago
My last rant about black widow: all these fans complaining that the villain in this movie was weak and they didn't care about him enough when he died...I think that the mf point. The man was abducting, abusing, killing, mind controlling, and conditioning girls and women in what is supposed to be an allegory to the horrors of human trafficking. He's not meant to be the star of the show, he's exactly what he needs to be: a cockroach that's hard to kill because they always are. You don't need to care about him, there is nothing redeemable. Sometimes people are evil and that's it. If you felt nothing when he died, good. You should feel nothing except vindication for the girls whose lives he's stolen. Not everyone is a Killmonger or a Thanos or a Vulture. Sometimes bad guys are part of a system or institution, which means they're clinical and sterile because that's what you get out of monsters that "recycle" stolen girls.
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vormirjumper · 2 months ago
“So now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are both gone who do you think is going to lead the Avengers?” (Eternals Trailer)
Are we just going to pretend that Natasha Romanoff didn’t lead the Avengers for 5 years by herself?
Are we just going to pretend that Natasha Romanoff didn’t train Wanda, Vision, Falcon, and War Machine at the end of Age of Ultron along with Steve Rogers?
Not to discredit Tony’s or Steve’s Leadership during difficult times but Natasha was an important leader and part of the Avengers too no one can take that away from her.
What is up with Marvel not giving Natasha the recognition she deserves. No funeral. No mentions. Nothing. I’m honestly sick of it.
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shy-pufferfish · 23 days ago
so my local town facebook page posted this
Tumblr media
wanna see the said graffiti?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is the same predominantly white school that had basketball players throw tortillas at a predominantly latino school x
the school is on in navy base island with a large rich republican community that says that the tortilla incident is not indicative of the school as a whole and as a queer POC who attended this high school i can say the events of the basketball game were not at all surprising and many of the other members of the queer and POC community have stated the same due to shit that we’ve seen like this in 2020.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
coronado may seem a friendly tourist destination but they sweep the shit that they do under the rug and talk a big talk about changes but nothing seems to happen. 
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sweetsbfreex · 15 days ago
ways writers can be inclusive 101
“my cheeks turned pink in embarrassment” → “my cheeks heated in embarrassment”
“his hand ran through my hair” → “his hand ran over my head/hair”
“her bright pink pussy” → literally anything else
stop using mood boards of only white couples/children (heavy on this one)
using children names like eveleigh ann (do i need to explain..)
her hair was put in a messy bun/her long silky hair...
Respectfully, I know it’s just fanfiction, but if you’re going to write reader insert fics then do the bare minimum of making sure it’s actually inclusive and not white coded. Many of us shouldn’t read an x reader fic and imagine a white woman every single time. Stop taking criticism from bipocs, saying your writing is not inclusive, as hate. Let go of the mindset that having a bipoc in your writing means they have to go through some racial struggle or you must talk about their culture (a lot of bipocs don’t know their culture/where they came from). It shouldn’t make you uncomfortable to write them in your stories, we’re normal people too. If it does maybe a reflection is meant to be had. Like i said, it’s just fanfiction and it’s supposed to be fun, but some of y’all are purposefully exclusive and still tag your writing wrong.
And if you can’t handle it, tag ur fic as an oc or white!reader. Because it’s not right for writers to attack people asking for inclusivity and playing victim bc they know they can.
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stammed-cleams · a month ago
see, what gets me about Cruella is humanizing a once black and white female villain only works if that villain started on a misogynistic trope - it works in a narrative where the point of the villain was that she was crazy/psychopathic for actions which would leave a man morally ambiguous at best, like killing an abuser or stepping over people to get her way in a business world. but 101 dalmatians isn't a criticism of powerful women it's a criticism of classism!!! the reason having Cruella have this I Am Woman Hear Me Roar narrative is so stupid is because her character was originally written as an exaggeration of a wealthy person who would disregard anyone she saw fit, particularly representative of industries like the fur industry which took advantage not only of the animals themselves, but of the poor surrounding her, such as our protagonists in the film. so like.... to claim that the scummy, wealthy right to do whatever the fuck you want is "feminism"... that's how you get a karen, chief
tldr; Cruella doesn't work because the character isn't "oppressed by the man", she's just a rich piece of shit.
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abpoli · a month ago
Christians are really out here with the need to justify Christianity whenever the Catholic Church is talked about in regards to residential schools. I keep seeing shit like "I have been the most loved and accepted by my Christian friends and family. I have been shown so much grace for the areas I fail in. I’m sorry that has not been your experience ❤️"
Like who fucking cares?! I don't care! Hundreds or thousands of innocent CHILDREN (y'know, the demographic Christians always claim to care the most about) are DEAD due to Christian imperialism! Shut the fuck up about how "god is love". Shut up about your weird "I am a child of Christ" god complex. Not everything is about you.
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justanothersong · 2 months ago
Further Clarification:
I refuse to accept Steve Rogers returning to the past to live out his days not because I ship him with anyone in the modern setting (even if I do, which I do), but because of the following:
He categorically stated that the wife-and-kids, picket-fences life was no longer what he wanted.
He spent several movies working to save the life of his best friend, at all costs; he would not abandon him after that.
He wouldn’t be able to live happily in the past knowing at the same time that Bucky was actively being tortured, brainwashed, and forced to kill.
He knew Peggy had lived a long and fulfilling life without him and would not take that away from her.
His found family had been decimated was badly hurting; he would not have abandoned them.
He could not live happily through (more) blatant systematic oppression based on race, religion, and sexuality after having experienced a future where these things are not universally acceptable.
He’s the guy who would jump on a grenade to save someone else. He’s not the guy to risk the future by changing the past for his own selfish reasons.
That’s it.
I’m still salty about it.
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wellduckmanidk · 5 months ago
Hey guys so quick lil PSA: if someone who is gay/trans/poc/ace/etc. isn’t a good person, calling them out is NOT homophobic/transphobic/racist/aphobic/etc. Discrimination comes when you are against all people in a group, not one person who is being offensive.
EDIT: Also, the comments are completely correct about still being discriminatory while telling someone they’re wrong when they’re being offensive. If you’re calling out someone while using slurs, or if you are using something completely unrelated (like someone’s body type, mental health, or skin color) to support your argument, you are still discriminating.
And just because you’re part of a group does not mean you don’t discriminate. If you’re a trans man and don’t support non-binary people, you’re still transphobic. Identifying as part of a group does not matter, your actions and words do.
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lunny-moon · 2 months ago
People getting mad that Sad-ist is getting a youtooz and it sparked the "fanart isn't art" debate again and fan-artists aren't content creators and I'm just
okay, they already got a Youtooz and no one will stop them. What you going to do? Cry? Boo-fucking-hoo just say you're jealous
Sad-ist got to where they are right now cus they worked so hard so shut the fuck up.
Also fan-artist aren't content creators? Then what the fuck are we making then? Fucking air?? We doing magic huh????
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great-and-small · 3 months ago
The idea that anyone could ever look at a bat and just automatically hate them is so baffling to me. Like I genuinely don’t get it? Bats are SO good. They’re critically important pollinators for plants, they’re the only mammal capable of flight, and they literally save agriculture industries billions of dollars per year in pest control by eating insects. I don’t even buy the people who call them ugly like there are over 900 species of bats in at least 17 families and 177 genera- you gonna say they’re all ugly?? You really gonna tell me you don’t think a Spectacled Bat is cute? I’m not having it
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dechart · 2 months ago
listen, i'm all for Eddie and Venom becoming the beautiful couple that they are in the comics. y'all know i am.
but more than that, and adding to that, what i really want is for Anne to stay with Dan. in this essay i will explain why Anne and Eddie should stay just buddies.
in short - because Dan is a good boyfriend. because Dan is a good person. because he and Anne seem to genuinely love each other.
I'm not saying what she had with Eddie wasn't real, and i know they broke up rather abruptly. but the Venom movie showed us that tropes can be reversed. and I'm saying that the guy doesn't always have to get the girl. more than that - that girl is in a good relationship. sometimes, just sometimes, the guy needs to move on. and he may find an alien boyfriend on the way. but he also may not, and that's not the point. the point is that they should let Anne go. let her have a boyfriend that isn't the MC. let her be a badass female character without setting her up with the male character just because heterosexual norms made us think this is how it should be. let her be a character of her own.
thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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