yonemurishiroku · a day ago
I don’t fully know what’s going on but I’d support AO3’s freeland freewill motto always. AO3 was born for fandom culture. It’s NOT a freaking educational website or something that has to holds a better image to the public.
The public isn’t supposed to see AO3. At all??!!
It’s for the fandoms for god’s sake. It isn’t your troply to show off. Why can’t you just leave us alone.
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cultofmunson86 · 2 days ago
I need to rant about Billy Hargrove and the hatred he gets. I just feel like people are looking at these characters through a modern lens and comparing how they handled their situations to how Billy handled his own and that’s just impossible because everyone reacts differently to abuse and he didn’t have the same resources then that people have now. Not to mention, he 17 in s2 and was barely 18 when he died, how can y’all sit there and expect an abused kid to know better when he wasn’t ever able to leave the abusive environment he had been in his whole life? Max didn’t repeat Neil and Billy’s cycle of abuse because she was around them for maybe a year-ish, she was raised differently and even living within the same household as them she didn’t experience the same type or extreme abuse that Billy was subjected too. We all can obviously see and agree that the way Billy treated people wasn’t okay at all, but all I see is people who advocate for child abuse victims until they aren’t the perfect type of victim. When you can’t break the cycle of abuse, hurt people hurt people. Did they not learn from season 4 that 001 has chosen victims that are traumatized/have insecurities and feelings of guilt? Billy fit that criteria and spent the last week of his already shitty life being possessed by a monster and under the control of 001. Like aside from the psychological trauma that surely would cause, it was making him drink poisonous chemicals. There’s no way he didn’t spend the last part of his life confused, scared and in pain. And the fact that he was able to bravely stand his ground against the horrific creature that killed him to save El, Max and the rest of the town he hated, but couldn’t stand up to his abuser should speak volumes about the kind of psychological impact abuse has on children, especially long term abuse. He was psychologically, verbally and physically abused his whole life. It’s just so sick to me seeing people advocate for Max and the group against his abuse, but will viciously hate Billy because he isn’t the perfect caricature of a victim.
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lallythetrashman · an hour ago
there is a special place in hell for people who lead others on in exchange for sex. if u tell someone that ur "not ready for a relationship" as a means to keep them emotionally hooked so u can have sex with them i hope ur eyes get pecked out
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existansial-crisis · 13 hours ago
I wish i knew why my body hates me so much. I was supposed to have surgery on the 8th but i had an allergic reaction to something. My lip swelled up and everything so i had to cancel. I’m on prednisone but my lip is still swelling randomly but it goes away when i take benedryl. I still have some red spots from the couple of hives i had. I think it was something i ate, but it’s been over a week now and i’m still having issues. Ugh. On top of all of that my GERD is acting up and taking my meds has become painful since it hurts to swallow. I need to start taking my stupid stomach acid pills again. I rescheduled my surgery for the 22nd but i don’t even know anymore. Hopefully this goes away and i can have the surgery, i’m just so frustrated. I feel like i’m about to lose it. 
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softboy5393 · 19 hours ago
People are getting mad at the Eddie Munson hype and how people are having images/usernames/blogs dedicated to him, but where was this irritation when people were doing the same for Billy or Steve? Or basically any of their favorite characters from shows/movies? I’m confused
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justanotherhotgirlblogger · 20 hours ago
je ne peux juste pas te pardonner. je sais que tu n'es pas désolé. je sais que je ne suis pas la seule qui a été laissée dans cet état. je peux essayer de t'oublier, mais c'est difficile. trop de choses me rappellent toi. ton nom de famille, les artistes que t'aimes, la nourriture que tu manges, ton apparence, et cetera. c'est difficile, vraiment. je dois me rappeler constamment que tu es le passé.
tu ne sauras jamais le nombre de problèmes que tu m'as causé. je ne suis pas capable d'avoir des contacts physiques. j'ai peur de marcher après neuf heures du soir. je me cache quand je vois des individus qui te ressemblent. je suis incapable de manger plusieurs aliments parce que c'est les tiens. je fais encore des cauchemars, après presque cinq que tu ne sois plus dans ma vie.
et ce n'est pas juste moi. tu as changé ma mère et mon frère. même mes amis ne voulaient pas venir à la maison à cause de toi.
qu'est-ce que j'ai fait pour te mériter? je veux le savoir. qu'est-ce qui t'a obligé à agir ainsi envers des enfants? oui. des ENFANTS. tu avais cinquante ans et tu as décidé de te défouler sur ceux que tu "aimes". well, j'ai toujours pensé que tu ne nous aimais pas, mais elle était facile a manipuler et nous étions dans la deal. pourquoi ne pas en affecter trois pour le prix d'un, huh?
je veux que tu partes. maintenant. je veux t'oublier. mais en t'oubliant, je perdrais les quelques souvenirs des années que tu as passé chez nous...
je dois porter des vêtements que je ne portais pas à l'époque, avoir en tout temps mes bracelets, garder mes cheveux courts pour me souvenir que tu n'es plus ici, avec moi, avec nous.
je ne te pardonne pas, et j'en suis désolée.
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kankurette · 22 hours ago
Hark! What’s that sound? It’s the sound of right-wingers shitting on Jews again. Liz Truss wants to protect us from woke civil servants, because we’re so good with money and family values and we’re all Tories at heart, which is news to a lot of the Jews I know. Except...I’m pretty sure being against antisemitism is ‘woke’ because opposing any kind of bigotry is ‘woke’ according to Tories, so Liz is protecting us from ‘wokeness’ by being antisemitic at us.
Tories are fucking weird. I sometimes wonder if there even is an energy crisis or if I’m dreaming, given how few fucks either Tory candidate gives about it.
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clever-boy · a day ago
Never shout never makes me want to experience love and the amazing things that comes with it.
The closest thing I can do would be having a platonic partner(s) and that's just as hard to find
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queerlilchinchilla · a day ago
Small Annoyed Rant
I'm really annoyed right now. So, I've had plans to housesit for my neighbor/friend for a little while now. She is going to france to look at plateaus to buy so I offered since she was nervous about some of the people she had set up to housesit her place and she's literally two stories down from my apartment.
Well, that night, we ended the night with a grateful "thank you, I will talk to my sister and get back to you on if she wants to do her part or if I'll have you do it."
So the other night, I freaking texted her being like "hey, what's the plan?" I also was texting her because if I needed to be there Monday, I kind of need the keys to her apartment sooner rather than later, and she freaking texted back basically we had already agreed upon the plan and I said "the last I remember, we agreed you would let me know."
So today, I texted her saying "hey let's meet up, we can one more time go over everything" and she basically told me "I don't need you anymore, I'd rather have the teenager I was worried would be irresponsible than you" and told me she'd kept her original plans and then I said oh I thought I was going to housesit and she said that she got freaked out when I'd last texted that I'd forget.
Literally, the plan to housesit her place has been on my mind constantly so I don't forget and I've been rather excited to fucking leave this apartment for a while, but apparently those plans are out the door so I'm stuck in this apartment for the next fuckin' week before I start my new job.
To say I'm annoyed is such a big freaking understatement. :| me trying to communicate with you and make sure we're on the same page IS NOT ME BEING FORGETFUL AND IRRESPONSIBLE. You TOLD me you would get back to me! Yes, I repeatedly told you I'd be happy and willing to do the full time but you also kept saying you'd talk to your sister. So I wanted to follow up BEFORE the day hit that you left to make sure that we were on the same page and apparently that means I'm going to forget I'm supposed to take care of your furbaby and home????
Fucking Christ I'm beyond annoyed by this. Someone please give me clarity because I know I'm overreacting. And if you say "well, it's her home and her cat," that's not fucking helpful because I'm well aware but she went from so excited I'd help to last minute deciding I didn't get to help and not telling me????? I literally had to text her being like "hey, can we meet up so I can get the keys" for her to tell me I wasn't going to be house sitting...? What was her plan with not telling me that?
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ndragoon · a day ago
Gotta love how Sony did this thing where it's like
"So why do you want a refund?"
"It turns out the full game wasn't that good and it turns out that it is already dead despite being four months after release"
"Did you already download it?"
"Well, yeah, how else could I know whether it was worth it or not?"
"Sorry, but if you downloaded a game at all you are not allowed to return it at all"
So how do people manage to get these things to go through, then? Because how else could you manage to return it when the allowed terms are a catch 22?
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anxiousanteaterr · 2 days ago
sometimes i forget how vastly different twitter views having a lot of followers than tumblr does. i see a lot of tweets where ppl (artists in particular) seem to genuinely act like having a huge following is some atlas holding the world up on his shoulders kind of responsibility and its like... huh??? like sure i guess, you got to be careful bc ppl on twitter have been trained by that website to react first and think later, but also like... genuinely who gives a fuck? Do what you want. If you got your huge following by doing things you dont like to do, or by restricting yourself-- aka: bending yourself to the whims of others-- not only was that your own doing, but you can also quite literally instantly fix it by just doing whatever the fuck you want?? if you lose followers for it, good! youre culling the weak. Do what you want, it quite literally is that easy. Like, I understand that artists need to make money and if twitter is their only source for it, godspeed, but its my personal belief that you cant be restricting your passions like that. You HAVE to do what YOU like to do, or else you might grow to hate your own passions, and thats a terrible thing to see.
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crazylil-lion · 2 days ago
Something that bothers me about getting diagnosed with bpd is how everyone leaves.
So many people post toxic ill-informed options about people with bpd without ever taking a second to understand.
They call us demons, evil, manipulators when statistically we are MORE likely to be manipulated and gaslit because of our emotions and never having a sense of self.
The shame and guilt we feel is CRUSHING for every action we do and people use that to break us down into taking their emotional and mental abuse because we feel either we deserve it or we idolize our partner and are unable to see the problems.
Because our emotions can flip in seconds multiple times a day people call us dramatic. They don't understand why we ask if they hate us or if we are awful multiple times because they don't know what its like to have these intense mood swings and the guilt and abandonment issues that PHYSICALLY hurt.
So we are seen as manipulative because of emotions they don't understand. Yes some people can act out on their rage if they aren't constantly aware of their emotions.
Just because we break down and cry over something you consider meaningless doesn't mean our emotions aren't valid. Doesn't mean we are just overreacting we are in actual distress. We genuinely feel that extreme of an emotion and when people start slapping labels such as overreacting and being childish or too emotional or even manipulative because of those emotions it makes everyone 100x worse.
When you invalidate someone with bpd you make us feel broken. Personally the shame and guilt after splitting even if I internalize it and don't act out towards anyone is so strong all I want to do is self harm. I feel I deserve it because of these intense emotions I know I shouldn't feel over something small.
The truth is we get gaslit so easily because we have no emotional permanence. So we feel one feeling say extremely depressed thats all it is thats all its ever been then within seconds multiple times a day we switch to a new feeling or just out right numb.
I just wish people realized we aren't a demon we are struggling daily with this mental illness that is literally a huge part of your life no matter the therapy and medication yes they help sooooo much by helping you recognize triggers and helping talk yourself through the emotions to handle your episodes but we still feel them. Its logically arguing against something illogical as emotions constantly.
Questioning who you are because most have no sense of self or a personality
We pick up pieces from people that are close we mirror those around us because personally I genuinely don't know a thing.
Everything is empty and pointless
But if my partner enjoys something I normally see their prospective and blend with their personality and enjoy it too.
Yes I have a few likes. Xbox femdom and romantic movies. Thats it I literally don't give a shit about anything else. Idk what I like myself to look like because I don't even feel connected to my body 90% of the time.
I feel so fucking unlovable all because people avoid you if you have bpd like you are a demon set on destroying the world.
There are plenty of people that do it without a personality disorder its extremely fucked up and albeist to group us all into this category of evil when everyone is different.
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softboy5393 · a day ago
Istg people won’t let Lucas have a chance will they? Look, all I’m saying is that Lucas completely had a character development and a redemption moment and people completely ignore it and hate him still. But they toootally sympathize for Jason literally assaulting him. Just saying, that makes me pretty damn uncomfortable and it’s pretty sketchy.
Anywho, Lucas had a redemption moment. I’m tired of people shitting on him. People like to give Steve and Nancy their redemption moment, so why can’t you let Lucas have his?
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pluto-ravensea · 2 days ago
Stg this is my villain origin story. Trynna go home, but the plane stalls cuz the battery overheated.
Then we get delayed again, cuz the a/c overheated.
Then I have to get off and go to an entirely different gate to get on another plane.
Then we have to wait cuz weather is shit.
Then we’re delayed about FOUR TIMES.
So now I’m in a line with the hundred other people on my flight, waiting to see customer service.
If I was in a movie or sum shit, I would’ve killed a guy and then forced the pilots to fly the goddamn plane.
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accio-baqat · 3 days ago
Personal rant. Keep scrolling if you aren't interested to hear about why I am mad at a mobile game. 😀
So I'm playing this game. It's mostly fun. You take losses but great members of my player group make up for it. Anniversary time for the game. Lost of events. Of course some of them will be cash grabs. Games have to bring in revenue. That's fine and totally expected. Let those with disposable incomes spend money for premium items. Hey, I might even spend a little for an extra. Last year, there was plenty for all players. Those who wanted to pay, got cool stuff. Normal players got nice extras. I liked it.
This year. I'm disappointed. It seems that now every event is not only much more difficult to complete but also almost exclusively aimed at rich players. Cash grab for this. Want to get ahead? Pay for this. Wanna try new game mode? You need a ton of in game money. Fair match? You'll face an enemy with a ship way out of your league and still get to pay a hefty participant fee for losing.
This sucks. Not one event that's just easy. Just something for small but nice rewards. This isn't asking much considering that I'm already a subscriber.
The world sucks anyway. I don't like being confronted by it in a place I use to escape for a little while.
End rant
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pandagirl45 · 3 days ago
Was talking to my boyfriend yesterday, and we got on the tangent about Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield. They are the convoluted force of Imma chase you around the globe just to beat your face in. Which really for them is the only way they even express feelings. Emotionally unstable meeting emotional constipated. Wanna know what Chris does after he offs Albert, he grabs an outfit similar to the blonde bastard and names his precious weapon after him. Who does that stupid shit? Chris does. Oh and ready to take a beating from his son, who gets aggro for him offing his dad. My silly theory is because Albert sent a very close (intimate) photo of him and Chris which Jakey boy goes, oh you guys were lovers, you could of have couple’s counseling and not a fist fight, in A VOLCANO.  Dramatic ass Stars members be like: Imma scream your name in anger. Show off. Get buff. Grow tentacles. And toss you my glass because, it is for you. 
Thank you for reading my word vomit 
Oh and Chris Redfield oozes (Pan or straight up Twunk energy). Bestie is Jill who mercilessly tease him for his choice in clothes. 
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