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The book in general was luckluster but my god

Why tf did the erins think that adding THAT scene in the book was a good idea?? Its not graphic but its still ridiculous! There are so many other ways that shadowsight could’ve gone to the dark forest and save bramblestars ghost. He could’ve either gone there in a dream (and cats can canonically have physical bodies when dreaming which is shown when jayfeather was drowning in starclan and the entirety of the dark forest training in omen of the stars) OR they couldve moved that scene to before shadowsight woke up in skyclan camp!! Why tf did they feel the need to write a SUICIDE SCENE???? THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER WAYS SHADOWSIGHT COULDVE SAW STARCLAN AND FREED BRAMBLESTARS GHOST!! Even if these weren’t options in canon, the lore and spiritual world of warriors is already so convoluted that they couldve made SOMETHING up instead!!

The book wasn’t that great anyway but this sends it to another level! I’m absolutely livid!!

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Since I now have several hours to spare due to the on-going lockdown, I decided to create a post on this blog after a year.

The world is currently facing a pandemic. We are now in the fourth week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) since the number of infected patients totally blew up in just a few days. I even recall feeling uneasy at the office to the point I wasn’t able to focus much on my work because of the whole COVID-19 thing prior to the announcement of total lockdown in our region last March 17, 2020.

The year 2020 doesn’t have a really good start. If I must say, we were splattered with back-to-back natural disasters – From the Taal Volcano impending eruption, earthquakes, forest fires, to this health crisis. To think just a few months ago, we were feasting on our media noche and praying for a prosperous new year and decade ahead. It’s kind of a hard blow to us that we are actually in this situation right now.

Because of this, it made me realize that the things we deem as a “normal” routine is a privilege after all. Once all of these are done, I know that things are never going to be the same. And that I will be even more grateful that we have the chance to practice are privilege without having fear lurking around you; coming at you unseen in the form of a deadly virus.

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5 buwan na simula nung naghiwalay kami. Wala pa ring pagbabago. Umiiyak pa rin ako gabi-gabi. Patuloy na iniisip bakit umabot kami sa puntong ito? Isang linggo na rin ang lumipas nung malaman kong may iba nang nagpapasaya sa kanya. Ang sakit lang diba? Halos 7 taon kami tapos sa isang iglap, makakahanap na agad siya. Ang unfair naman. Ganito nga ba talaga? Bakit ang hirap mawala ng sakit? Bakit ganito pa rin yung nararamdaman ko? 

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Elita is not known as optimus one & only anymore

I keep seeing causeway x optimus prime fanarts in Google,it seems elita x Optimus prime ship is gone out of the drian,yikes!!!!

Causeway is a red truck lady,I mostly see some her x Optimus prime,well elita wasn’t known too much with her being with Optimus anymore…..

I found it annoying for some reason,it was kinda ridicilous……

To be frank some of my ocs(transformers ones)I sometimes I ship with Optimus prime,but mostly platonic I do with him,romantic is once in awhile…..

I’m mostly ship him with megatron….go Megop!!!!!…..

I’m not big fan of elitaxoptimus or causewayxoptimus ships,but I respected…..

Sorry if I ranted -w-

-juno light

Bonus:in some transformers au’s of mine,megop’s are canon,just in au

They are in stableverse, the real canon ones are in originalverse uwu

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~Tag game~

Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better!

Tagged by @rockmarina , thanks!

Top 3 ships:

Drarry, Ronmione and maybe Tobias x Rachel from Animorphs. But the main is always Drarry.

Lipstick or Chapstick: neither really. But if I have to chose, chapstick!

Last Song: Obsessed by Maggie Lindemann!

Last Movie: Don’t watch many movies but…it was Descendents 3 I think?

Reading: the Horrible Science series. It’s interesting. I learn the scientific name for sugar! Hope that comes in handy!

Three random things that make me happy:

1) Talking to my sister. She likes puns and she understands my babbling. Also, she knows everything, and I ask everything. We also sing alot weird stuff, like, try singing “Can’t take my eyes off you” but the pronouns “you” change place with “I”.

2) Returning to my childhood. Like listening to old songs or playing hide and seek and tag.

3) Trying things I have never done before. (And fail miserably but it’s still fun?)

Tagging (if you don’t mind of course!!): @jackofallplagues , @rose-grangerweasleyisbae , @ginkirikirikiri @spielzeugkaiser @snarkyships-drarryside @pauleonotis @andithiel @jet-playin-around

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Parents be like ah yes the best way to keep my child happy and healthy in quarantine is to be very constricting of their time on phones and sever all communications and relations they have with their friends :))))))

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Dude, I made a short rant about veganism and got over 100 responses in less than a day.

I think I just found another overemotional group. Kinda wanna call them reactionary, in the “they react” kind of way, but that word has connotations. Anyway point is, I found who else in this website will go off at the slightest provocation.

Funny thing is that when I rant about veganism I’m not even advocating meat-eating, I’m advocating vegetarianism. Me personally I’m a meat-eater, but I recognize the benefits of reducing meat consumption, or eliminating it entirely. I just don’t like veganism because it’s pure ideology, not praxis; vegan advocates are usually animalists, with little to no regard for poor human workers that produce their food, and very ignorant of the actual environmental effects of veganism.

Basically veganism is bunk, Go Vegetarian.

Also support your local farmer. And avoid pesticides and artificial fertilizers (”organic” is just a marketing ploy, but the concept is good)

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without fail, every Sunday, some person emails the entire Latin Mass community in my parish saying how “The bishops are so cowardly for cancelling Mass. Why are restaurants still open?? Sure I understand people are dying, and people may call me irresponsible for wanting Mass to be open to the public, but what about people’s souls. People’s souls are dying without the sacraments and we need to be like Saint XYZ who lived during a plague and went out and helped people.” 

It just makes me want to tear my hair out. It’s so frustrating (for a myriad of reasons). Here are some of them: 

a) it automatically makes anyone who dares argue with them sound like an impious heathen for wanting public Mass to stay closed 

b) it shows how deeply ingrained our country’s puritan roots and disregard for the body is in the Catholic world

c) it shows a false piety and desire for a martyrdom God probably does not want for the vast majority of people 

d) it shows a blatant disregard for people in the high risk category of this virus. It’s like saying, “I’d rather flaunt my right to worship publicly than not spread this deadly virus that could potentially kill lots of people.” 

e) it shows a lack of knowledge of Church history, where people were not always able to attend Mass every week or even receive the Eucharist on a regular basis

It’s a tricky situation. I definitely think it was wise of the bishops to cancel public Masses. I don’t think it’s right for them to deny or be unable to perform certain sacraments like anointing of the sick and confessions, which could definitely be safely done if proper measures were taken. But I think limiting the amount of public events is important. 

The problem is the word “essential.” People hear the phrase “Mass is not an essential event” and their hackles are instantly raised. How can Starbucks be essential but not Mass? Then the righteous outrage happens. I don’t think we should look at it in those terms. Obviously Mass is more important than Starbucks. That’s not the issue. Here’s the problem: there is a highly contagious virus that is spreading rapidly. We are unprepared to deal with it and the only means we really have to do that is limit as many places the public can gather as possible. Mass is a place where a lot of people gather and interact. That is literally the only reason they are closed. It’s not to deny us the Eucharist. It’s not an attack on religion. It doesn’t mean we care about bodies more than souls. Is it kind of ridiculous that Starbucks is still open? Yeah, maybe. But people still need to work and pay rent. A lot of things are out of our control right now. 

It just blows my mind that people need to turn this into some political/religious attack on our souls, when there is a literal pandemic going on with people dying and measures to keep from dying are just blatantly disregarded as caring more for our bodies than our souls. The saints that did take care of people during plague were called to a very special vocation. Not everyone is called to be in the thick of the action. You can help people remotely. Give a friend a call, check in on someone who lives alone, order an elderly relative or acquaintance groceries. Crying out for public Mass right now is not the answer. 

Thanks for coming to to my rant Ted Talk

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Can I just take a moment to bitch about Wayne Rooney’s fucking article in the Times about how unfair it is to ask premier league footballers to cut their wages by 30%

I get it that it sucks to be asked to take a pay cut, but to be blunt, more people who are more useful to society have taken a pay cut/lost their jobs and whinging in the press about how people who earn millions a year can’t afford such a steep pay cut is a slap in the face to all those people. Their pay cut will allow their clubs to continue to support the ground staff/hospitality staff for a longer period of time. The same staff that are just as vital to the smooth running of the club but don’t have the security of a six figure monthly wage to keep them financially above water.

They said they’re getting together to to discuss donating money to the NHS and that’s great, well done, big clap for you. However, that’s cold comfort to the staff thrown under the bus by the clubs as soon as this started.

Also it’s sick making that Rooney even suggests that a 30% pay cut would ruin some of them. If you’re earning over a million a year and a 30% cut in your pay would ruin you then sorry you’ve been managing your money like a fucking toddler with a credit card in a sweet shop and you’ve only yourself to blame. Should have saved up some of them millions.

I do however agree with Gary Lineker when he said that it wasn’t fair that footballers are being singled out and other wealthy people should also be reaching into their pockets. Many many people are struggling at the moment and everyone should share the burden.

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Ho boy, my sister sent me an entire essay full of gotcha statements and framing anything I had to say as wrong. I’m too Tired for this shit.

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Mlm need to shut the fuck up and butt out of wlw specific conversation. You don’t know more than us (or even much at all tbqh) about intercommunity conversation that doesn’t inherently involve you. Either stop speaking over us or stop talking to us at all.

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