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@kxngcrooked - How U Really Feel? -

This is how I feel when I say I’m independent
I own stock and Glock now I’m really with the bidness
I’m silly with the penmanship I kill ‘em with the lyrics yeah
Niggas think they down one clip’ll lift they spirits
Grinding all night to get the dollars up
Tell me is it possible for me to be tired of insomnia?
Cob no hiding from the mafia
Fuck with us I’m finding ya I don’t care a if you go to Yugoslavia
Body ya leave part of your body in Narnia
Other part of ya in Saudi Arabia good bye to ya
Only got poppin’ 'cause I thought I could escape shit creek
Now I been on yachts since niggas was rocking Nautica
Me and my baby mama 'cause she cold as a blizzard
Every top dog need a queen shout to SZA
Me and King Tech took a trip to see the RZA
He asked me to write some shit for his series 'cause I’m a wizard
Doing interviews for the culture it’s win or lose
This culture has been abused by vultures you niggas choose
Making wack rappers famous some of you causal rap fans are brainless
Fuck it I’m in the coupe bangin’ ninety tree Snoop
You don’t know how it go though
See a couple informants whenever you post the photo
California culture gang members in a low low
Tongans and Samoans some Filipinos and Cholos
I be rolling dolo
Doing what got me here
If a enemy try to stop me I pop him won’t drop a tear
And I once had beef with a psycho named Michael
Until I put a clip on Mike like a lavalier

#music #firstlastlovemusic #FLLM #nowplaying #kxngcrooked #so #pp

#musikk #musica #longbeach #california #rap #rapper #bewoke #tumblr #songoftheday #riding #goat (ved Long Beach, California)

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The only confirmed photo of Lady Bee, legendary Memphis rapper, in 1997. She remained mostly anonymous on her rap tapes, for many years people accused her ex Skinny Pimp of using autotune and impersonating a female rapper for profit. She ran a music studio out of the local grocery store and was well known as an independent woman. Her real name is Barbara and today she is a devout Christian woman that works in a hospital and wishes a mf would.

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@realghostfacekillah feat. @eamonofficial - New World -

Feelin’ like Outkast, lay the stank on ya
Brothas giving dap, trappin’ on the street corners
Bitches wavin’ “Hi” in the next man’s ride
‘Cause she know she gotta pay them bills, trickin’ on the side
And the kids seen so many stepfathers is alive
Drinkin’ all the Kool-Aid, fuckin’ up the vibe
Man, there’s so many parents just don’t understand
How to raise a child, educate 'em, teach 'em how to stand
And not to be a follower, people were like toddlers
When there’s no love, the heart becomes more hollower
Then you wanna be alone, the mind becomes shallower
The weak ones hang theyself, don’t let this life demolish ya
Uh, we can dominate the world with a plan
Stand next to each other then we hold hands
Brothas and sistas (hey, young world)
Take it all with a grain of sand

#music #firstlastlovemusic #FLLM #nowplaying #ghostfacekillah #eamon #so #pp

#musikk #musica #newyorkcity #newyork #rapper #rap #hiphop #tumblr #songoftheday #newworld (ved New York City, N.Y.)

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Sneaky peaky! Album Drops 20/04/07 dont miss out! One week people!

Clint Hoffa & @dwunderground feat. Dirty D (@dan_persson) on this track!

#hiphop #rap #audio #bass #music #raplife #mc #emcee #musik #skåne #sverige #lund #boombap #underground #cool #street #clinthoffa #release #playlist #spotify #deezer #itunes #nymusik #drop #släpp #newrelease


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„Du hast gesagt, ich bin der Mensch, der dir am nächsten ist, doch heute bist du mir so fremd, weil du in Rätseln sprichst. Du hast gesagt, dass du mich liebst, so wie ich bin, doch wenn es wahr ist, bitte sag mir, warum kriegen wir’s nicht hin?“


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