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#rap monster
whewchilli-theghetto · 2 days ago
He literally looks like a father listening to his son's amateur talent show😭
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93jko · 2 days ago
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namjoon users.
─   4knjon
─   utknjm
─   i094r
─   NRMJ0N
─   mnrchild
─   tvkyior
─   kmnjfv
─   ibyrms
─   kn4jm
─   utt094
─   irmseul
˖ 처럼 ♡ 리블로그 .
don’t repost anywhere!
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koodak · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
You've worked with namjoon for months now, however, he couldn't get over how well you looked underneath him and you saw how hard he was and took advantage of that.
Personal trainer namjoon au! Gym sex! Muscular joon!
wc: 2.1k
warnings: more smut then plot, pwp, public sex, pervert Joon, namjoon is very handy, sexual frustration, dry humping, dry sex, praise kink, grinding, Doggy, missionary, size kink, innocent reader, dub-con, fingering, oral, spanking, dirty talk, rough sex, screaming, verbal joon,
"Bend your knees less" he instructed, standing behind you with a hand on your back to straighten it. "There you go, like that" he smiles, moving his hands down your hips to help them go down to a certain level. Although his touches were a bit invasive, if it wasn't for it you wouldn't be getting the work out of your body needed. Thanking him, he nodded and moved to the front.
"Good girl, you're doing well. Now pulse for five" he tells, squaring your shoulders and adjusting your leg space closer. Smiling, you pulsed at that level feeling the slight burn in your lower glutes and happy to feel it. Standing up you cheered as this part of the work out was done.
"Okay good, now for kick backs" he told, his eyes watching you as you got on your knees. In the work side of him he knew it was just work, but on the dark side you had the look that made him of all people weak. Sighing, he stretched the ideas back, arms circling as he closed his eyes. You on the other hand, got on all fours and stretched your back and legs out again.
"Good you remembered to stretch I see" he points out, eyes looking at your plump ass pointing up at him. Thankfully he was behind the mirrors and not in front of the mirrors or else you would've seen the way he was almost drooling mentally over the way you arch your back and starch it in a yoga position, funny enough called child's pose.
"That's it stretch it out" he says subconsciously
"I'm doing a good job right?" You ask, innocently hearing him. Shaking his head, he placed his hands over his face in disbelief you just herd him.
"Uh yeah, just spread your legs open a but more to help open your hips" he told, your legs spreading wider in your knees as soft grunts leave your mouth.
"That feels amazing, wow" you laughed, sitting on your knees in front if him again. "How many sets again?"you added.
"Let's push 5 sets of 10," he told, grabbing your water and his as places them nearby. Grabbing his, you watch him take a sip and your eyes mistskingly go lower. Namjoon was wearing a fitted black tee and sweats as you wore leggings and a fitted shirt in a deep gray colour. Watching him drink a few sips if his bottle, you couldn't but help notice the size if his body. Yes he was tall, but handsome with a slight tan completion. Not to mention his arms would flex unintentionally as he drank from his bottle. You wanted to be the bottle.
Catching you starring, he raises a brow as he takes the last sip from the bottle and looked down at you. "Is something wrong, you wanna take a break?" He asked, confused but intrigued.
"No, you just have a nice body is all" you admit, blushing a bit.
"Thanks, you're eye-catching yourself. Hey while you do that ill be on the treadmill for a bit okay" he told, watching you nod as you watch him leave. The only reason why he left to run was because his own thoughts weren't moving and he knew sooner or later his body was going to react to it.
Going over to the treadmill, he noticed you in the reflection and his eyes flared a bit. His view was at an age where he could see your ass face him. He smirked, starting the treadmill and stepping on it. Pressing on, he placed it at a medium level to start with. From walking to sprinting and then jogging he began to run. There was no music on as normal he's speaking, so instead, he listened to your grunts as you pushed your limits along with his deep breathing. Closing his eyes a bit, he zoned into the thoughts of grunting over you, griping your arms down, and fucking you into his bed.
Running more, he softly regretted thinking of your body in that way and hopped off the trainer. Pushing stop and then reset, he walked over and back to you who was now sitting on the black bench with a water bottle between your legs.
"Wow, you sweat very easily" you smile, noticing he sweat quite a bit. You watched him smile and take a towel he placed when coming here to wipe off his face off. Looking down at him, you couldn't help but take note of the fact his bulge was sticking out making it more prominent than before.
"Right, I think the last thing we should do it is-"
"Teach me to do that" you pointed to the setup of a bench press.
"You sure? Today was mainly glute target" he told, watching you nod your head in excitement.
"You do it and I can watch," you tell, planning something a bit devilish in your head. Agreeing, he walked over and put on the correct weights for his workout. One he can do without a spotting partner and laid down under the pole. Swinging your leg over you sat directly on his crotch, his eyes big as he feels heat in that area.
"Is it okay if I sit like this?" You ask innocently, his mouth slightly open and a quick yess comes out a bit too excitedly. Griping both sides of the bar, namjoon tries to lift it up before realising your softly grinding on him as you watch. Sighing he sits up.
"I forgot I need powder and the gyms out, how about we do one more set of kick backs?" he suggests, playing into his games. Nodding, you get off and get back on the floor. Following you, he also gets on the floor and goes close behind your ass pressing against it.
"Stretch remember" he whispers into your ear, your body feeling chills run down your neck and back. Nodding, you lean down and stretch your back.
"Good girl, go lower" he demands, putting on hand on your back and pressing lightly on it. Gently, grinding his cock a against your ass he leans over a bit. "Lower" he adds, pushing down till your chest lays in the floor.
"Good girl, stretch it out like that. You feel that?" He says, softly humping himself on you hands going to your ass waiting for a response. Not getting one, he slaps your ass hard causing a grunt.
"Yes, it feels good" you reply.
"On your feet," he slaps your ass, seeing it shake a bit. Backing away he helped you up and onto a bench, leaning over to grab your bottle his hands felt your ass and thighs. Feeling wetness between your thighs, you got up and he backed you up to his chest.
"You wanna stretch something else princes, only this time it involves something much bigger than you can fit in between your legs" he dips down to your ear to whisper, as his hands travel their way to the front of your hips stopping by your crotch. Gulping as you felt the need to tilt your head back as you moans softly, your breath fastened a bit as his hands found a way into your leggings and to your unnoticeable damp underwear which became more swear to you as his two fingers pressed into you.
"Namjoon, please I'm wet~" you breathed, legs pushing against each other as his pointer finger and index finger rub against your closed crotch.
"You can do better, use your words" he mumbles into your neck, your head falling back on his bent stance.
"please" you beg, feeling wetness drip from your slit. Chuckling softly, he moved your panties a side and slowly put one finger in and pumped slowly. Moaning you gripped onto his arm as you watched the buldge from his hands in your leggings change in size from being fingered. Closing your eyes, he added another finger watching your body fall weak from a simple movement such as fingering. He devilishly watched you, rubbing his cock softly into your sss as you held onto his arm for support.
"The way your stretching on my fingers moaning tells me you'll love the girth of my cock" he shares, knowing you're dazed out state is focused on the feeling of his big but slender hands. Pulling them out, he kissed the back of your beck and picked you up bridal style to place you on the soft thick blue safety mats in the farthest corner in the room.
Placing you down, he immediately pulled down your leggings and laid between your thighs, towering you immensely. Looking at him, you noticed how hot his muscles looked when in dim lighting flexing over you as he tops you. Damn, that was hot and like hell did you want him. Taking your hands you grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off revealing a toned core and defined pectoral muscles. Smirking, namjoon gets on his knees and pulls down his sweats and boxers to reveal more of his hard on as it springs to place.
"Want to be stretched out good baby?" He asks, kicking his shoes out as you stare in awe. Nodding in response, you take off your shirt and sports bra letting your boobs breathe and expand. Licking his lower lip, he does the honor of taking off your panties and throwing them with the rest of your clothes. Dipping towards your crotch, he held himself up as if he was doing a push-up. Licking your slit, he tasted the sweat and aroma of your pussy noting the slight bitterness was from the slight amount of sweat in that area. Licking the area, until he was able to locate your clit he pushed his tongue in harder as yours automatically reached to move to head in the desired area before coming off and kissing up to your stomach to your neck.
Moving your hands above your head in a single movement, namjoon pins them down as he free hands takes his cock and places his shaft between your lips and move his hand to his other to pin both hands down as he grinds against your clit causing soft long moans out your mouth. Looking down, he places kisses on your chest as your back arches softly.
"You're sensitive aren't you?" he teased, pulling softly on the left niplple, before sitting up on his kness on the blue mat once again.
"I- I am" you studder, sad he stopped grinding against you softly. Taking his time, he gently placed his tip-in and thirusted only his tip in slowly. Closing your eyes, you hissed feeling what an inch was inside of you. Groaning more once 3 wherein, he was big and you were aroused by that fact. However, it felt like he was shoving something that simply couldn't fit in you, even though in theory he could.
Hovering over you, he groaned feeling the tightness of your cunt on him as he thrusts deep into your wetness. Arching your back as he thrusts a bit harder, tears start forming and the feeling of being choked from his length aspersed when you did. With a cocky smile, he got on one of his forearms and used that same arm to keep your back Arched so it was easier and less painful to take him. Crying softly, he reassured you that the pain would last a fee more minutes until your body warmed up to him. It never did, it simply translated into pleasure and you became a moaning mess underneath him as he trusted 4 more inches making it 7 in you and then three more making it 11 inches in total.
Surprised, but moaning he went a bit faster as your arousal started building up more along with the warm warning of an orgasm. Holding on to his back, you opened your legs wider as he began pushing himself in deeper and faster causing your legs to shake involuntary as both yours and his breath fasten. Your body was trying to keep up with his speed and take all of what he was making you tsks, while also trying to lubricate the inside of you.
"Fuck you're so right" he moans in your ears, placing kisses up and down your neck as you begin crying in pleasure from the fastness of his trust. Eventually all you could hear we're his grunts that sounded like curses the wetness of your pussy and his hips pounding into yours along with your cries of pleasure.
With a sudden movement in the right place, you gripped his back and he held won't you as he could feel your pussy convulsing harshly on him making him grunt hard and deep. He knew you were about to orgasm hard so, he kept going even if it meant his thighs would be sore the next day from the constant non-stop movement. Hold on you close to his chest, he waited to her you an ounce it and instead got you screaming and arching your back as your body shakes tremendously. On his end, he too was ressiving too much pleasure and couldn't handle pulling out, so with a few harsh thrusts and deep grunts he spilled himself inside of you as lightly screamed his rival before abruptly stopping and laying on you shaking as well.
Kissing your lios with limited energy he whispered "Don't move" as you panted deeply as he did as well.
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bts-trans · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210817 RM’s Tweet
By popular demand.. -남준-
By popular demand.. -Namjoon-
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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baepsaesbae · 2 months ago
Before I am human, I am Namjoon’s teenie winnie mini genie lamborghini
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g-atinhos · 23 days ago
🐨 — namjoon users ! . . ‹𝟹
namkolito joonlacitos fontsrm
joonelfcr rmkoalazito namcalcinha
namguinha nambiscoito ilovynam
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totally-real-bts-quotes · 2 months ago
jungkook: we're all technically third world countries since we're the third planet from the sun.
namjoon: please go to sleep.
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myooniverse · 2 months ago
Moonlight | knj
Tumblr media
☾☾ Pairing: Assassin Namjoon x Female Reader
☾☾ Genre: assassin au, angst, smut
☾☾ Word Count: 2.6k
☾☾ Chapter Warnings: cursing, mentions of murder, blood and death, explicit sex, fingering, unprotected sex, orgasms, daddy kink, assassin cliches 
☾☾ Author’s Notes: Okay so this a product of the Kim Namjoon Thirst Hours™ (impromptu event that happens on my blog now apparently...message me if you want to participate next time). I wrote it in less than 24 hours so fair warning it’s kind of messy. @smasmashin gave me a few sentences and challenged me to complete this story and because I am whipped for her, I did just that. So this is sort of a low-key collab, but more in the vein of BTS ft. Halsey in BWL where she went “I want it” a few times. I don’t normally like writing pwp so I tried to expand this a bit and give them some more back story and emotions, but not sure if that really worked. Anyways, here is something to read if you are feeling thirsty for Namjoon. 
Also shout out to @siredsong​ for being a beta reader and mental carer. Again, shout out to @smasmashin​ for providing the inspiration and first paragraphs (in italics) for this fic. 
Part 2 | My Masterlist
Tumblr media
People who know Kim Namjoon know him as a writer. Nondescript and clumsy, a country boy who'd long outgrown his sweats, who believes in the notion that human fragility can be condensed into words. 
 People who know Namjoon better (people who really know Namjoon)—the corpses bloating along Tokyo Bay and the wide eyes with brains rolling down the walls behind and the men trying to claw their way out of a coffin nailed in with titanium rods—know that Namjoon isn’t a writer. Namjoon isn't a boy. Kim Namjoon is a killer, fresh meat in the business, but deadliest heavyweight south side of Seoul. 
Ironically enough, Namjoon spends his days writing the obituaries for the men he has killed, stabbing them once with his knife and then, once again with his words.  Between the lines of a neatly pressed, 8x10 inch piece of paper, he belittles their lives into generic facts about their jobs, an inventory of their remaining family members and details about the funeral that no one would likely attend. Once published, he erects metaphorical tombstones for each victim, storing the neatly cut clippings in a safe place, forming trinkets to remember them by. But these mementos pale in comparison to the sensation of each kill, the occasional rush of adrenaline bringing the feeling back to him in full force. 
In the dark corners of his twisted mind, the memories are stored like paintings in an art gallery, each kill displayed in all of its bloody glory for him to peruse at his leisure. The merciful screams, the stench of fresh blood on his hands and the last shaking breaths of his victims hang with pride in this mental museum. Every kill was a masterpiece. 
Except for one. The one that got away. 
Tumblr media
Seoul was especially hot that night, the air thick with smoggy anticipation and the pavements still sizzling from the sun’s vengeance on it earlier that morning. A thin sheen of sweat coats Namjoon’s forehead, which he attributes to the heat, rather than his nervousness. So what if you were his first female target? A kill was a kill, all the same. 
He reasons that his uncharacteristic demeanour for the night was triggered by the fact that he didn’t know much about you. He subconsciously thumbs the manila envelope taking space in his jacket pocket, which holds a single picture of you and nothing more. Typically, his target briefings came with a few more details about the person he was after, such as their age, their occupation and other distinctive features. As a man who relies on his words, these facts were his ally, a kindred spirit that gave him the arsenal to nail each and every kill. However, this was the first time he was at a loss for words when it came to his target, shrouding you in mystery. 
The second time he is at a loss for words this evening is when he spots you across the floor of the dingy dive bar. He hears your mesmerizing laugh before he sees you and when he lays his eyes on you, it’s as if you walked straight out of a dream. Donning a green, shimmering dress with a plunging neckline and heels to match, you leave little to the imagination. Your hair falls in neat ringlets around your face, accentuating your beautiful features even more. The photo in his jacket didn’t do you any justice.
At the thought of the photo, he is reminded about his mission for tonight. Not wanting to drag this out any longer, he makes his way over to the bar where you are situated, nursing a gin and tonic. 
“I don’t think I have seen you around here before,” Namjoon leans in close to whisper in your ear, the smell of wood and lavender flooding your nostrils. You turn around to get a better look at the owner of the voice and your heart skips a beat.  
You never really understood the meaning of tall, dark and handsome until you met Kim Namjoon. Standing just under 6 feet, he towers over you like a tree, providing you with a sense of protection and comfort. He sports a thin tan, evidence of the long hours spent on the streets of Seoul this summer. He is devastatingly beautiful, every glimpse of his face instantly destroying your mind. His sharp, chocolate eyes pierce into your own, stopping your heart in an instance. His dimples, like quicksand, pull you in until you are suffocating, begging for sweet release. There was no better way to put it, other than that he was simply killing you. 
“I could say the same for you,” you respond, staring him straight in the eyes, burning his face into your memory. 
“Oh, I’m always around…lurking in the shadows,” Namjoon quips back, eyes never leaving yours, as he waves the bartender over to buy you both another round of drinks. 
“Is that so?... Sounds a little dangerous,” you smirk, fingers reaching out to touch his shoulder, drawing him closer to you. 
He knows he probably shouldn’t, but he leans into your touch, a softness he has never experienced before, inviting him in. “Why? Do you like danger?” He whispers, lips inches away from your ears. 
“Stick around and you’ll find out,” you reply, slipping towards the dance floor, motioning for him to join you. And so, the night continues, bodies pressed close together grinding over the beats of the crappy bar music, rivaling the Seoul heat. Having met only moments before, you were both having a surprisingly good time. A fatal connection that pulled you closer together.  You still couldn’t believe that he had just walked into your arms. 
When the loud echoes of the bartender asking for last calls breaks through your bubble, the two of you freeze on the dance floor. A mutual, unspoken agreement to not let the night end right here passes between the two of you. Namjoon grabs your arm with intense ferocity and guides you out the bar door, into the tempting, dark night. 
Tumblr media
Your body slams against the solid back of the door once you finally make it to Namjoon’s hotel room. You hadn’t even gotten off the elevator yet, before his hands were all over you. The lighting in the room is poor, but you can still see the darkened expression in his eyes. He is as bold as he is strong, lifting you up so your back presses further into the wall and your feet instinctively wrap around him, clinging on to him for dear life.
Precise and determined, his eyes zero in on your mouth, assaulting your lips with deep, lust filled kisses. He nips at your bottom lip, barely asking for permission, before his tongue finds his way into your mouth. His tongue, a wave pushing through your barriers, familiarizes itself with every part of your mouth. He kisses you like his life depends on it and you don’t hold back, mirroring his movements.
When he has sufficiently bruised your lips, he pulls away only to find shelter on your neck, sinking his teeth into your skin. The memories of piercing through his victim’s skin flash through his mind, tempting him to make his move on you, right then and there. But somehow he knows this is different. 
“I want to mark you,” he grunts, lips pressed against your neck, your pulse hammering through the place where skin meets skin. 
“Do it,” you whine, grinding against his crotch, the tell-tale signs of his erection already digging into your core. He bites down hard, his killer instincts fighting again to make an appearance. Not yet, Namjoon scolds himself. He has more important things to attend to first. 
With the grace and dexterity instilled in him from slaying his victims without being caught, Namjoon steers you over to the bed with delicate ease. He drops you on the soft mattress, pulling his coat and t-shirt off in haste, finally hovering over you when he is half naked. He reaches for the straps of your dress and pulls down to reveal your gorgeous, supple breasts staring back at him.
“Fuck…no bra,” he hums, drinking you in, the sight of your skin awakening a beast within him. You shimmy out of the dress, equally desperate to have him closer.
“It doesn’t work with the dress,” you reason with a huff, now only left in your black, lace panties. Quite frankly, Namjoon could care less about the logic behind your dress sense. You were heavenly regardless of what you wore and there was a carnal need to devour you overpowering him that he must attend to now. 
Like a lion hunting his prey, he pounces on you, lips latching on to your breasts with calculated ease. He is a sniper and your pleasure is his only mission. His wet tongue gently swirls around your nipple, while his hand massages the neglected one, sending shockwaves straight to your core. You only just met, but he is so attuned to your body, knowing the perfect combination of pleasure and pain to keep you satisfied. You are so lost in Namjoon’s ministrations, you barely register the sound of his pants and your panties coming off. Within an instant, you are both naked in front of each other, the prospect of fulfilled lust within your reaches. 
Namjoon places a gentle kiss in the valley of your breasts, depositing as much tenderness as he can knowing what fate has in store for you by the end of the evening. From there, he trails a pattern of kisses down your flush body until he reaches your pussy. His fingers easily find your clit, rubbing slow, lazy circles, drawing out more needy pleas from your lips. Next to the sound of his victims crying for an escape, he has decided this is his favourite sound in the world. 
“I need you...need more, Daddy,” you cry, the throes of passion making you an incoherent mess. 
Namjoon is ruined. He is so used to controlling his victims, making them beg and plead at his will. But this was a new experience all together and he couldn’t get enough of it. 
“Let Daddy make you feel good,” he whispers, testing out the pet name for himself. Easing two fingers into your core, he is met with a slick, wetness that makes him go feral. As an assassin, Namjoon had become somewhat of an expert on the human body. Yet, seeing you squirming underneath him on the sheets, your wetness coating his fingers, he felt like he was being introduced to what being human was for the first time in his life. 
With added fervour, his lithe fingers continue to scissor you, withdrawing electrifying sighs from your lips. Namjoon takes his other hand and continues to toy with your clit, fixated on sending you over the edge. It didn’t matter if it was in the streets or in the sheets, he was always meticulous. Your back arches off the bed, anticipating the oncoming tidal wave of lust and emotion. It only takes a few more minutes, but you finally reach a climax so intense, it feels like you have died and gone to heaven. 
Giving you only moments to recover, Namjoon withdraws his fingers from your pussy and grunts, “I need to be inside you now.” His words jolt you awake from your post-orgasm haze, eyes opening for the first time since your bodies made contact on the bed. The sight of his dick has your mouth-watering. Namjoon was dangerously big and thick, his angry head calling for your attention. Before you even have a moment to take in his beauty, he is pulling on your leg, gliding you across the bed, until you are as close as you can be to each other. Without a moment’s hesitation, he pushes his dick into you, eliciting a deep moan from your lips. You had never felt so full in your life. Although there is an uncomfortable sting, it doesn’t last for long, as Namjoon starts to rock forward, your bodies moving in synchronized rhythm. With every rise and fall, you both move closer to your release. 
When he thrusts a little deeper into you, desperately chasing his own high, you cry out loud, “I’m cumming.” With one final blow, you fall apart before his eyes and Namjoon is stunned, following suit with his own release. The breathless moan falling from your lips, the way your sweaty hair sticks to your forehead and the way your body flushes with red, all come together to form the latest painting in his gallery. All his other victims fall to the wayside, ready to collect dust and neglect, because this right here was his sweetest kill. 
Breathless and bruised, the pair of you land, like blazing comets, on to the bed, full of force and burning desire. No one says another word, the sound of your rapid breathing is the only thing ringing through your ears. Now that all the distractions and dances had faded away, it was evident that the moment was rapidly approaching. It had to be done. Now or never. 
You reach under the side of the bed, attempting to locate your handbag, which had been thrown across the room during your devilish entanglement with Namjoon. Hands finding the gold zipper, you open your bag and fish for your gun, eyes cautiously watching for any movements from the man lying next to you. He is still in a daze, chest heaving, trying to catch his breath. Once you feel the grip of the cool metal under your touch, you grab your gun and make your move.
“I am so sorry. This isn’t how I imagined this would go down,” you shout, pointing the gun directly at his forehead. Instantly, the colour drains from Namjoon’s face and he is left paralyzed in his spot. He had been a fool. The years of training his mind to compartmentalize and freeze emotions, had flown out the window when he saw you. He had let his guard down and here he was face-to-face with a killer - one who might be arguably better than him because you didn’t let your emotions control you.
However, that is where he was wrong. Holding the trigger, your hands begin to shake, something you have never experienced in all your years as an assassin. It hadn’t been your intention to sleep with him that night, but there was a cosmic pull that brought you together. The after effects of sex were clouding your judgement. Yet, Something about the confused expression on his face, breaks your heart. No, you have a job to do, you remind yourself, but no matter how hard you try, you are unable to pull the trigger. 
The overwhelming frustration causes your eyes to well up and the nervous shake to continue. You know you can’t do it. 
“Just go! Go!...I told you to get out!” You scream at Namjoon, closing your eyes and gesturing towards the door. 
Namjoon is shocked, your sudden change of heart, rendering him speechless. A million thoughts spring to his mind. He wants to ask you why, he wants to stay with you, he just wants you. However, when you repeat your words with an edge, instinct kicks in and reality washes over him. He was sitting in a room with his would-be murderer. He needed to get out.
Grabbing his clothes as fast as he can, Namjoon bolts out the door, your essence still lingering on his fingers, body and lips. Moonlighting as an assassin had always given him a unique thrill he craved, but after tonight he wasn’t so sure if he had what it takes. 
Maybe Namjoon should just stick to his day job.
Tumblr media
© myooniverse - all writing is property of myooniverse. Do not re-post on other platforms
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american-army · a month ago
Yoongi: I can’t believe it. All these people dressed in black. All-black was my thing, and now everyone’s doing it to be “cool”. They’re all posers.
Namjoon: Yoongi, I cannot stress this enough. We are at a funeral.
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seartiles · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ᝯ⠀ᥒᥝꦪ᧒᥆᥆ᥒ ᥖ᥆᥆ɗხσᥝɾɖ⠀ ࣪ﻬ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• like / reblog if u save don't repost
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skydiveicons · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ılı.lıllılı.ıllı. ᎒᎒ • 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞 ᎒᎒ • 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 ᎒᎒ • 𝐞𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫: @ynejr 💞🥺💕 ᎒᎒ • 𝐩𝐬𝐝𝐛𝐲 : @wiiintermoon
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burningupp · 8 months ago
privacy | masterlist
summary: the members of bts have created private twitter accounts to try to vent their feelings in a new way. namjoon interacts with you when you need help with a crossword, and suddenly, the two of you are friends.
Tumblr media
part one: #crosswordhelp
part two: the turmoil speaks to me
part three: 42 hours without sleep
part four: he's too dense
part five: namu's friend
part six: mr spy man
part seven: never thought I would see the day
part eight: I am: shooketh
part nine: good morning motherfuckers
part ten: sos
part eleven: tell her
part twelve: figured it out
part thirteen: who's gonna stop us
part fourteen: jazzed
part fifteen: next Thursday
part sixteen: weird as shit
part seventeen: sumn there
part eighteen: I give it three days
part nineteen: lonely
part twenty: jealous
part twenty-one: you're writing her a song?
part twenty-two: simping since day one
part twenty-three: yikes
part twenty-four: wholesome, yet evil
part twenty-five: the feeling is mutual
part twenty-six: we need her here
part twenty-seven: consider it
part twenty-eight: can I?
part twenty-nine: take me with you
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