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#rape mention
pandascanpvp · 19 hours ago
writing fic about minors getting r*ped and s/h-ing is NOT therapy. literally. genuinely. get help.
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mandaloriangf · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
what in the hell
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amor-immortalem · 14 hours ago
Everything Undesired chapter 8
chapter 7
After a nice night out together with the baby and Asmo tagging along, the pair finally made it home. They hadn’t been gone long- maybe two hours at most- Arella gave Cyrus a bath, fed him, and put him to bed for a few hours. The little guy was exhausted from all the new sensory input, this being the first time he’d left the House of Lamentation for an extended period of time. She grabbed one of the baby monitors and went out to the common room to join Mammon, Asmo, and the rest of the brothers for a short movie night- something they hadn’t done for quite some time.
As she joined them on the couch, she curled up into her boyfriend’s side as she had always done at prior movie nights. He covered them up with a blanket he’d brought from his room as the lights dimmed and the movie began. None of them would be prepared for what they would see in the film- a slasher flick.
About half way through film a very graphic sexual assault occurred with the female lead as the victim. As Levi scrambled for the remote to shut it off, Mammon got up and bolted from the room- the scene far too much for him to handle. Arella followed after the white-haired demon to make sure he didn’t manage to harm himself in his panicked state. Once the tv was off, the brothers looked between each other with horrified expressions.
“The reviews never said anything about that.” Levi said as he pulled the DVD out and returned it to its case. “I should have reviewed it before suggesting it for movie night.”
The worst part about dating the fasted demon in the Devildom is that Arella can never keep up with him. She searched the house for Mammon, having lost track of him almost immediately after exiting the common room. It wasn’t until she finally heard a wretching sound that she was able to find hi, currently voiding his stomach of its contents. She reached out to place her hand on his back to let him know she was there- a nearly fatal mistake.
The Avatar of Greed swiped at her in a manner which- had she not had the reflexes of a cat and jumped back in time- would have struck her in the stomach, disemboweling her. Arella was lucky that he only caught her shirt with his claws. She could see the look of panic in his eyes as his demon form appeared, the sweat coating his face, the rapid, heavy breathing, the shaking as he let out a feral growl.
“It’s just me, Love. It’s okay. You’re safe,” Her voice was soft as she tried to bring him back to the present while also managing not to get herself killed in the process. “No one’s going to hurt you... I promise.” She got down to his level, moving forward on shaking limbs. She moved slowly, trying to show the demon she wasn’t a threat to him. “I need you to come back to me, Dear. The threat is gone. You’re not in danger. You’re okay.” She was trying to avoid phrases like ‘you need calm down’, knowing that that was the last thing that should be said to someone having a panic attack.
Mammon’s whole body was tense, she could see it in the way he carried his wings, slightly raised to make himself more intimidating. Slowly, inch by inch, Arella got closer to him until she was able to wrap her arms around him in a tight hug, thinking the pressure might help him regain presence of mind and draw him out of the flashback he was experiencing.
“Take deep breaths with me, okay?” Arella says with trembling words. As close as she is to him, Mammon could do anything right now to harm her and she would be vulnerable to his attack. It’s a risk she knew she needed to take right now. “Breath in... one... two... three... four... out... one... two... three... four... hold... one... two... three... four... You’re doing good. Keep going, Honey.” They repeated the actions over and over, all the while Arella whispered words of praise and positive affirmations.
Eventually she was able to get him back to a state where his demon form dissipated and his breathing was more even. She could still feel his heart beating at a frantic pace, his body still shaking with each breath before he broke down in tears. Arella only rubbed his back and shushed him. She reached over flushed the toilet before helping him up, allowing him to lean against her as they made their way back to his bedroom.
Mammon immediately went to go brush his teeth and rinse his mouth out, the taste of bile still stuck on his tongue. Arella left to go check on Cyrus and collect the forgotten baby monitor from the common room. When she entered her room, she saw Asmodeus holding the child and rocking him in their arms.
“How’s Mammon doing?” their tone was a hushed whisper when they looked up their jaw dropped at seeing the tears in Arella’s shirt. “What happened to your shirt?!”
“He’s doing better now. I just sent him to bed after he gets done brushing his teeth. As far as the shirt goes, I startled your brother by mistake and he took a swing at me with his claws.” Arella sighed as she pulled the shirt off and swapped it for an older one she often used as sleepwear. “How’s the baby doing?”
“He needed a diaper change but I already took care of that for you. He might need another feeding though. My brothers- mainly Levi- are searching the house for Mammon. I’ll let them know he’s safe. That was scary. We had no idea that the movie had that type of scene in it.”
“I believe you, Asmo.” Arella said as she ran a hand through her hair. “I can’t believe they would put a scene that graphic in a movie regardless of its rating. I’ll take him now.”
Asmo only nodded as he handed the infant off to her before pulling their D.D.D. and texting the group chat while Arella sat down on the bed and made herself comfortable while she nursed Cyrus.
“I’m really worried about him, you know?”
Yeah, I am too.” She yawned. “Let this be a reminder to us all that we’re far from out of the woods with your brother. I knew he wasn’t completely over his trauma yet, but I never expected he would have a panic attack tonight.”
The Avatar of Lust would only nod. “Would you mind if I kept Cyrus tonight so you can focus on my brother? I have one of those foldable cribs that we used to use for Satan if we were out and weren’t going to make it back in time for his bed time.”
“That would be lovely, thank you, Asmo. I’ll pump some milk for him after he’s done. You’ll just have to come down and get a bottle when he needs it.”
“Alright I’ll go get things all situated then.” And with that the strawberry blonde demon was off.
Masterlist 2
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leepacey · 5 months ago
rush limbaugh’s in hell now where he belongs 💖 here are some of his greatest hits, beyond him just being a far-right trump-loving conservative, so everybody will know why we’re all celebrating his death:
he constantly made fun of gay men for dying throughout the entire AIDS crisis. it was literally his main running joke. he regularly gave joyful “AIDS updates” while playing a happy love song in the background, and would read off the names of dead gay people while playing whistles and air horns
he was literally the person who popularized the word “feminazi”
article: Rush Limbaugh Says “Rape Police” Left Cares Too Much About Consent + him constantly saying consent isn’t a thing and his whole “no means yes” speech
article: Rush Limbaugh Says the Obamas Need to Get Over Slavery Already
he called BLM a “hate group” and “terrorists”
he compared gay men to pedophiles and said the lgbt movement was also trying to “normalize pedophilia”
he said there are too many black men in sports and that “the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons”
he said champion quarterback donovan mcnabb is “overrated because he’s black”
he made fun of michael j fox for having parkinson’s
he called chelsea clinton a “dog” when she was 12 years old
and all these are just the tip of the iceberg. he was a popular radio host for decades and fed millions of people racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc, and i bet an argument could be made about him being one of the main voices who radicalized the american far-right
so........ i think we should give him the exact same respect he gave all the gay people who died in the AIDS crisis
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goawfma · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they sure as hell don’t forget that lmaoo
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themacklemorebrothers · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
People seemed to like my bi/pan post so I decided to make a similar thing for asexuality! Please know that this is based on my own experiences within the community and I can’t speak for all aces. However I hope this can be a good starter for people to understand. A lot of ace stuff on here is heated arguments and I wanted to get away from that and provide a resource so people can learn without having to wade through the Discourse.
Please note, I intentionally did not include anything about the “is ace queer” debate because it warrants a whole separate post and I want this to be accessible to anybody willing to learn, despite my personal feelings on that topic. Please do not bring your ace/queer debate onto this post, it is not the place. Thank you!!
Also for my last graphic, people re-posted to other social media and translated it into different languages and I’m totally fine w that! I would love if you keep the bottom credit and let me know if you do this. 😊
Plain text under the cut.
The B(ace)ics: [for screen reader users: “basics” spelled with A C E in the middle]
Asexuality 101
Asexuality is often misunderstood so let's learn a little about this community that makes up about 1% of the population!
These are some labels used in the asexual community with brief definitions. Exact definitions vary depending on who you ask.
Definition: Experiences little/no sexual attraction
[This can be used both as an individual label and an umbrella term that encompasses the whole community.]
Why someone might use it
“I have never felt sexual attraction.”
“I’ve experienced sexual attraction a few times but I mostly feel asexual.”
“I fit somewhere on the spectrum of asexuality and use ace as an umbrella term because I don’t know exactly what label fits me, or I don’t want to define it too specifically.”
Definition: Experiences sexual attraction only occasionally or in specific instances; between asexual and sexual
Why someone might use it                                                                            
“I experience sexual attraction sometimes but not frequently enough that I would call myself sexual.”
“I don’t feel sexual or asexual really fit me. I’m somewhere in the middle.”
Definition: Experiences sexual attraction only after a strong bond is formed
Why someone might use it
“I have to become really close with someone before I know if I’m sexually attracted to them or not.”
“Most of the time I feel asexual and I need the community. I only experience sexual attraction sometimes, after forming a strong connection with someone. I can’t relate to sexual people who experience attraction in everyday life.”
AKA… “ace” “gray-ace” “demi”
*The Split-Attraction Model*
Many people use only one term to describe both their romantic and sexual attraction. For example, if someone says they are a bisexual, this usually means they are sexually and romantically attracted to 2+ genders. For those people, their attractions line up and there is no need to differentiate between them. For some people this type of labeling doesn’t work, because they experience romantic and sexual attraction differently.
The split-attraction model is often used in the ace community and allows those people a way to define both aspects of their identity by combining two terms.
Romantic attraction:
Sexual attraction:
Panromantic asexual (pan ace) = romantically attracted to any gender but experiences little/no sexual attraction
Gay demisexual = romantically attracted to the same gender but only experiences sexual attraction after a strong bond is formed
*The Importance of Ace Community*
There are many reasons people look for and create ace communities. For example:
“Connecting with other aces has helped me learn how to navigate relationships as an asexual person.”
“I felt broken and alone before I found out there were others like me.”
“Understanding asexuality allowed me to stand up for myself against doctors and therapists trying to ‘cure’ me with unnecessary medications and conversion therapy.”
“The ace community provided me support when I was raped by someone to ‘fix’ my asexuality.”
“It's nice to talk to people who understand my experiences.”
*Myths & Facts*
Myth: Asexuals are ace due to trauma or hormone imbalances.
Fact: There are some aces who have experienced trauma or have hormone imbalances, and may say these play a part in their sexuality. There are others who have, and don’t think it impacts their sexuality. Still others have never experienced these things and are still asexual. Like any sexuality, it’s not entirely clear what “causes” asexuality, but also like any other, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is they are who they are.
Myth: Asexuals never have sex or masturbate.
Fact: Some do, some don’t. They might like the feeling, enjoy making their partner happy, or want to have kids. Or they might never want to do it! Asexuality describes their attraction, not their actions.
Myth: Asexuals don’t/can’t date.
Fact: Some aces experience romantic attraction and do want to be in relationships, whether with other aces or with sexual people. It can be difficult to navigate dating as an ace person, but not impossible. There are many happy ace relationships! Other aces don’t want to date for a variety of reasons, and that’s fine too.
Myth: Asexuals don’t feel love.
Fact: There are many types of love. Some aces experience romantic love, but even if they don’t, there is also familial love, friend love, and all other types of love!
Myth: Asexuals are immature.
Fact: As with any group of people, there are some who are immature. Often these people are the ones whose posts are shared frequently and mocked, giving the impression that most ace people are like that. Assuming all aces are immature, though, is a stereotype.
*Key Terms*
Allosexual: Not asexual
AKA “sexual” or “allo”
(This isn’t a derogatory term – it simply describes people who are not asexual, similar to cisgender describing people who are not trans. It’s helpful to describe certain ways that this group experiences the world differently than aces, though it’s always important to remember that there are differences between experiencing sexuality with a straight allo identity versus an LGB+ allo identity.)
Sex-repulsed: Repulsed or grossed out by sex (either in general, or personally engaging in it)
Sex-neutral: Indifferent about sex (either in general, or personally engaging in it)
Sex-positive: Positive about sex (either in general, or personally engaging in it)
Abstinence: Voluntarily choosing not to have sex for a specific period of time (for example, until marriage)
Celibacy: Voluntarily choosing never to have sex
Libido/sex drive: Desire to feel sexual pleasure (This is different from sexual attraction, which is directed at a person. Some aces may experience libido not directed at anyone in particular.)
Asexuality does not necessarily mean someone is sex-repulsed, has no sex drive, and is abstinent or celibate (though some do fit in that box). Asexuality means they experience little to no sexual attraction toward other people, and does not describe their personal feelings about sex, libido level, or decision to have/not have sex.
*Final Words*
This all sounds complicated and it is! There are many ways that people experience attraction and these terms help people to understand their own experiences as well as communicate them to others. You do not need to know every term and how it’s used – it’s a lot to remember. Just be open to people identifying in whatever way makes the most sense to them. If you’re unsure what it means, you can always ask: “how do you define that for yourself?” or “what does that identity mean to you?”
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loud-and-queer · 2 years ago
Asexual stories need to be told, so when BBC3 got in touch and told me that they wanted to cover the UK Asexuality Conference 2018 as part of a documentary on asexuality, I was excited to say the least. I would be speaking on two panels at the conference, providing some representation for Black aromantic asexual women. After coming out publicly as asexual last year, I have tried to use the platform I gained through fashion modelling to raise awareness for asexuality, so this opportunity was a perfect fit.
BBC3 were there from start to finish, filming the diverse display of asexual people I’ve ever seen. There were people from all walks of life – there were married asexuals, asexuals with children, transgender asexuals, Muslim asexuals, asexual people with disabilities, polyamorous asexuals, homoromantic asexuals, aromantic asexuals, teenage asexuals, and older asexuals. You name it, they were welcome and included.
We were filmed as we told our stories, such a powerful array of stories – some rocky, some smooth, but all equally empowering. BBC3 took a group of us aside for an in-depth group interview. The group was predominantly young and white, but it represented different types of asexuality and asexual experiences. But I soon realised that BBC weren’t interested in diverse experiences… They wanted the ‘lonely asexual’ trope.
When we sounded too positive, they were quick to put us in our place. They turned away from those of us who were happily aromantic, or happily in relationships, and drilled the singles for details about how it felt to be an unloved asexual who couldn’t find a partner. It seemed to displease them that some of us had even – god forbid – had sex and not hated every second of it. Quickly, they turned away from a guy who fit that category, rotated the camera to me, and asked, “If you had to have sex, how would that feel?”
“I wouldn’t have sex,” I answered.
“But if you had to, how would it feel?”
How would it feel if I was forced to have sex? Would a hypothetical rape make an aromantic asexual more interesting?
From then on, I sensed that BBC3 had an angle that they were sticking to, but I couldn’t have anticipated the patronising, whitewashed, exclusionary mess that they aired. They intelligently called the documentary, ‘I Don’t Want Sex,’ but what we actually got was, ‘The Undateables: Asexual Edition,’ and I was horrified.
I cringed as the cameras zoomed in on the presence of stuffed toys and action figures in one of the participant’s bedrooms, as if attempting to make her seem child-like. However, that was nothing in comparison to how I felt as an asexual guy was guided into a sex shop to test his levels of discomfort (which was obvious), or as they quizzed a girl on masturbation and vibrators in a room conveniently decorated with sexual images. I rolled my eyes as one of the participants eased an asexual guy through the art of texting a potential romantic interest, like teaching a child to read, and how an asexual girl not speaking to guys in a bar was treated as a cause for concern.  
Asexuality is not synonymous with innocence and a lack of social skills, but it seemed like BBC3 didn’t want the public to know that. They also missed the detail that asking asexual people about what they do with their genitals is as inappropriate and invasive as asking as transgender woman whether she still has a penis. It’s an obvious, needless attempt to try and gauge how seriously someone should take another’s asexuality.
I was running out of hope by the time the conference was included in the last five minutes of the show, but I was curious to see what BBC3 had deemed important enough to show. Out of the hours and hours of footage they had of me, they decided to show me wiping my eyes, as if crying at the brief and uninspiring conversation about asexual clothing choices that they decided to air. Only, they knew that I had eyeliner in my eye. We had laughed about it on the day, they had supposedly paused the filming while I had been given a tissue to solve the problem. If I needed any more reason to suspect that the portrayal of asexual happiness was too much to ask for, that was it.
The closing statements of the documentary added insult to injury. “Cute asexuals do exist.” That’s the message that was taken from the conference? When we sat together for over an hour and opened up to BBC3’s cameras like it was some kind of group therapy meeting, I didn’t realise that we were being observed to see which was us were ‘cute’ enough to date. Well, the boys were, at least. It was time to add the old ‘asexual people aren’t good looking’ stereotype to the growing list featured in this documentary.
I am not just upset because BBC3 took an empowering, celebratory experience like the UK Asexuality Conference and tried to turn it into dating show. What bothers me the most about this documentary is the narrow, stereotypical portrayal of asexual people and asexuality – and just in time for Asexual Awareness Week. I know that BBC3 had the opportunity to do better, but they decided not to, even though this documentary could be the first and only time that people see real asexual people on a mainstream platform.
Asexual people aren’t just shy, white, young people who are sad because they can’t get dates. Despite BBC3’s desperate attempts to exclude us, aromantic asexual people exist, asexual people in happy relationships exist, asexual families exist, asexual minorities exist. Asexuality isn’t a new thing that only young people are doing. And asexual people are perfectly capable of living fulfilling, happy, complete lives, whether they date and have sex or not.
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tripwyre · 5 months ago
Almost fell for a post saying “yeah, y’know, Shinigami Eyes is useful but it’s making me uncritical” and informing them that the bit they platformed after about its creator being a r*pist was COMPLETELY unsourced (again) only to stop myself & actually check their blog. Would you believe it, they’re a r*dfem. I almost got fucking baited.
You fucking clowns are really just trying to talk people out of the device that helps them spot you huh
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magicklore · a month ago
It has come to my attention that there are people that don't know about the horrors of residential schools and why we're canceling the fourth of july so I'll explain to the best of my ability.
Residential schools were institutions in which native children were held captive under the guise of educating them. These children were stolen away from their families and the goal was to "kill the indian, save the man" by eradicating native culture from these children's lives. They were forced to cut their hair, they were not allowed to speak in their native tongue nor leave to see their families. They were kept in poor living conditions conducive to illness and were punished harshly. Many children died at residential schools and their culture was stolen from them. It wasn't until 1996 when the last residential school was closed.
Tumblr media
Earlier this year a mass grave was found on the grounds of kamloops residential school, 215 bodies were discovered, some of the children as young as three. These children were stolen from their homes and never returned. There has been a call for residential schools to be searched and the children lost to residential schools to be mourned. This is happening in both canada and the united states and protests will be held on canada day and the fourth of july. To show your support you can wear orange and spread awareness.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you can, find a protest near you and let these children's voices be heard. Thousands of innocent children were kidnapped and killed then thrown into unmarked graves. Their lives must be honored and mourned.
Remember that the fourth of july did not mark freedom for everyone.
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apleye · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Continuation of my sirens post, and a friendly reminder that batman isn’t on the side of the law, he’s on the side of justice
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prokopetz · 3 years ago
You know, for the longest while the accepted wisdom has been that female actors’ careers tend to fizzle after their mid 20s because of fickle Hollywood beauty standards and institutional ageism hitting women much harder than it does men, but it’s increasingly apparent that picking up a reputation for “not being a team player” because you refused to fuck a sexually predacious director or co-star may be a much bigger factor in that trend.
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horrorlesbians · 4 months ago
when gillian flynn said “I’ve grown quite weary of the spunky heroines, brave rape victims, soul-searching fashionistas that stock so many books. I particularly mourn the lack of female villains — good, potent female villains. Not ill-tempered women who scheme about landing good men and better shoes (as if we had nothing more interesting to war over), not chilly WASP mothers (emotionally distant isn’t necessarily evil), not soapy vixens (merely bitchy doesn’t qualify either). I’m talking violent, wicked women. Scary women. Don’t tell me you don’t know some. The point is, women have spent so many years girl-powering ourselves — to the point of almost parodic encouragement — we’ve left no room to acknowledge our dark side. Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.”
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kidrat · 6 months ago
ok u know what. r@dfem rhetoric is so goddamn privileged. I know this has been said but every new Thing one of them says makes it more and more blatant. I just heard about that god awful ‘pronouns are like rohypnol’ article (which argues calling trans women ‘she’ is like using date rape drugs because it takes advantage of cis women’s ‘natural’ defence of being wary of ‘him’ and ‘relaxing for her’) and I gotta say a) transfemmes I am so fucking sorry jesus christ and b) when I lived as a woman I did not ‘relax for her’. ‘her’ was just as likely to also be neurotypical, or straight, or a fucking tory or just a bully. I’m sure physically disabled women, woc, poor women, similarly feel just as unsafe around able bodied, white, or middle class people who happen to be ‘her’. And it goes without saying that ‘her’ often has cis privilege as well. 
I guess it comes down to the bizarre r@dfem idea of gender segregation, where a women only society would be some kind of oppressionless utopia. If you are privileged enough that half the population has no systemic power over you, that erasing one axis of power would solve all your issues, that you are not acutely aware of abusive actions without the red flags of oppression dynamics, then you frankly have no right to talk about oppression at all. I WISH I was lucky enough to be able to instinctively trust such a large group of people. ‘relaxing for her’. shut the fuck up. 
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weavemama · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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a collection of tweets, part 9
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(the series)
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bogleech · a year ago
Hey its going around that the "creator" of night in the woods is a rapist but it's actually the programmer, the actual creator is backing up the victim but probably getting misplaced harassment because of vague and mixed up callouts (I’ve only watched this game played once, know little else about it and didn’t even know the names of anyone involved here when I posted this. I just saw on my dash that there was a misunderstanding like this going on and thought I ought to mention it because a lot of my mutuals are fans of the game and were upset. I don’t know what the reason is that this has people complaining about me or sending me argumentative messages)
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drtanner · 4 months ago
As you may have heard, the UK's Conservative government is pushing through a new bill that essentially makes any kind of protest illegal. Anyone participating in a protest that is considered to be "noisy" or a "serious annoyance", including one-person protests, can fall foul of the proposed new law, and it includes a sentence of ten years in prison for damaging a statue or memorial. Essentially, police will have the power to break up any protest that isn't you whispering quietly in a corner, which is to say, any protest that would be in any way impactful or effective.
They've pushed this bill through in the wake of a peaceful vigil for a woman murdered by a police officer that was violently broken up by police earlier in the week.
Needless to say, there are concerns. Not that they were enough to stop it passing, mind you, given that the Tories can push through any piece of shit they want with their majority; the first-past-the-post system of voting we have here in the UK favours them heavily, and it's no coincidence that they're also changing the voting system for the London mayor, for Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales, and elected mayors in nine English authorities to that very same system. It's not great!
(There's other bullshit in this bill, including things that criminalise an already-disadvantaged group in the Traveller/Roma community. They can now be fined and have their vehicles taken if they don't possess a so-called "Traveller's License". It's just all around a really shitty bill.)
The reason I'm talking to you about this, though, the very specific reason I wanted to make this post, is that the discussion around this bill is a fucking minefield for anyone who seriously subscribes to Tumblr's classic black-and-white moral/political compass.
Everyone pretty much agrees that the bill is terrible and that it's a draconian, authoritarian nightmare. However, there are all kinds of people arguing against it for their own reasons, which means that it's not one of those cases wherein you can just look at the people who are arguing for or against it, see which of them best represent you and your ideals, and decide whether it is Good or Bad.
On one side of the fence, we've got people who are basically decent and who see this for the blatant attack on free speech that it is, a bill pretty transparently being pushed through by a government that is sensing just how hated and mistrusted it is and wants to squash any potential uprisings by the unwashed masses before they happen. So it's Bad, right? It's a Bad bill and you are Good if you argue against it.
But then, on the other side of the fence, we've got all of those people who were getting mad because they couldn't go to the pub or get a haircut, who were angrily complaining about every lockdown and claiming that they were being oppressed, that their rights were being taken away because they were being told to stay at home. They also hate this bill, because they think this is about them. There's swathes of these types on Twitter and elsewhere, saying things like "OH, IT'S DIFFERENT NOW THAT YOUR LOT CAN'T PROTEST, IS IT?? IT WAS FINE FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO SILENCE US UNTIL IT STARTED AFFECTING THE LEFT!!!" So they hate it too, because they think it's just an extension of the injustice they've (allegedly) faced already over the course of the last 12 months or so.
So where does that leave you? If people like that are arguing against this bill, and they're Bad, surely that means that the bill is Good and you should be arguing for it and against the Bad people. Right?
No. It's a bad bill. It's a fucking terrible bill and the most blatantly fascist thing the Tories have tried to do in the last ten years. As a long-term disabled person, I can tell you that they've been fascist as hell this whole time, but this is some mask off shit, as the kids say these days. Bad times are coming if this goes through and becomes law. It's going to be difficult to navigate the protest against it, given that that protest is going to be riddled with anti-mask, anti-lockdown fuckwits who will no doubt make it very hard for the rest of us to be taken seriously, but we do have to protest.
God. Imagine thinking that our bourgeois capitalist Tory government actually wanted to put us in lockdown.
They've made a lot of claims about what this bill is actually supposed to achieve, from COVID safety to improving safety for women and girls, but considering that the bill talks about protests that are "noisy" or a "serious annoyance" and has fuck all to do with social distancing or masks or any other COVID prevention measures, and considering that you'll go to jail for longer for hurting a statue than you would for raping a woman, I think it's safe to say that they're lying.
Protest. Protest against this fucking bill, and protest against Tory fascism.
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