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#rape tw
iirulancorrino · a day ago
Sebold, meanwhile, was almost pathetically vulnerable to prosecutorial manipulation. Throughout Lucky, she describes herself clinging to authoritative adults who promised to assume the roles her parents could not. When her mother and father realized that one of them would need to accompany Sebold to the trial, they bickered over who would do it: her mother, who could barely leave the house, or her father, who worried the trial would interfere with his annual research trip to Spain. “What I came away with,” she writes, “was the fact that neither one of them had wanted to be at the trial with me.” Above all, she clung to Uebelhoer. In place of the absent mother crippled by mental illness, Uebelhoer was a strong and canny woman, what Sebold writes she “wanted to be when I grew up.” She was also Sebold’s fiercest defender.
The narrator transforms from a brave survivor summoning the will to bring her rapist to justice into an isolated, damaged girl making a desperate but delusional bid to regain her life.
As I understand Lucky given Broadwater’s exoneration, Sebold needed to believe that her rapist had been caught because her fear and her untreated trauma made the alternative, the life of a helpless victim, unendurable. But only catching the actual rapist would provide the safety that Sebold craved. As for the police and prosecutors who had previously shown little interest in finding him? They did not seem too particular about which Black man got jailed for the crime. In Sebold, they had an ideal victim: a white, middle-class virgin whose injuries proved that she had fought back against a Black stranger, and who had made a positive identification of him. Their witness so craved their approval and protection that she was particularly susceptible to misdirection about the man she had mistakenly accused, and to reassurance that she had gotten it right.
As I reread this memoir now, the narrator of Lucky transforms from a brave survivor summoning the will to bring her rapist to justice into an isolated, psychologically damaged girl making a desperate but delusional bid to regain her life. Sebold committed a terrible wrong in identifying Broadwater as her attacker, but it’s not the responsibility of a traumatized rape victim to fairly investigate and prosecute the person who assaulted her. That is the duty of the police and prosecutors, who failed both Sebold and Broadwater at every stage, from the moment she first reported the crime to the moment he was convicted.
Sebold has since issued an apology to Broadwater, which has been subjected to the usual critiques that now greet public professions of contrition. (Interestingly, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick’s announcement that he would not “sully this proceeding by saying, ‘I’m sorry,’” on behalf of his office because “this should never have happened” has received relatively little criticism for its wording.) For his part, Broadwater says he is satisfied, telling, the website of the Syracuse Post-Standard, “It comes sincerely from her heart. She knowingly admits what happened. I accept her apology.” Earlier in the week, he told the same news site that if he met Sebold, “I would sympathize with her and tell her how I felt,” he said. “She’s been a victim and I’ve been a victim.” That, tragically, is something they’ll always share.
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filmnoirsbian · 18 hours ago
Rosemary’s baby?
I've only seen the original (1968) film so that's what I'll talk about. I'm also an enormous fan of the book and Ira Levin's work in general (he also wrote The Stepford Wives).
I was actually recently talking to a friend about this movie as an adaptation. While I like the movie, and think it stayed very true to the book, the fact that it shied away from confronting the core tenet of the story that Rosemary was, quite literally, raped by the devil (assisted by her neighbors/friends and even her husband), is unnerving when placed in the context of its director (Roman Polanski) also being a rapist.
In Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary is drugged and in a half-conscious state while she is raped. In 1977, Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. Because of this real-world horror, it's difficult for me to watch this scene, knowing what the director did just ten years later.
In the book, Rosemary's assault is never seen as anything other than rape, no matter that she thought it was a dream, no matter that she desperately wanted to be pregnant and loves the child that resulted from the attack. In the movie, the assault is never truly confronted for what it is, instead stylistically depicted in dreamlike metaphor. I personally don't like when rape is graphically depicted, and I don't think it needs to be for the audience to understand what happened, but Polanski's real life actions make me question his intent.
Rosemary's abusive husband Guy is also portrayed in, while not a positive light, a more cowardly one in the movie. As if he had no chance at standing up to the cultists, and wasn't himself an enthusiastic participant. Similarly, the husband in The Stepford Wives adaptations, both the 1975 version and the far more egregious 2004 version, is also watered down into more of a fool than anything else. This bothers me, since Ira Levin left no doubts as to their participation in the degredation and abuses of their wives. Levin's books are a biting commentary on misogyny, yet the film adaptations (all directed by men) always seem to muzzle the message.
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december-rains · a day ago
listen to male survivors of abuse
listen to male survivors of rape
listen to male survivors of assault
listen to male survivors of csa
listen to male survivors of harassment
listen to male survivors
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partyjockers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't reblog from this person.
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degradationbabie · 2 days ago
been thinking about getting roofied by a stranger at some big party during a conference or a convention where everyone’s staying in the same hotel. realizing what’s happened, going up to someone i trust and asking them for help. they’re so sympathetic, they drop what they’re doing to get me back to my room safely. they offer to stay with me and i happily agree. even though the drugs are hitting and i'm getting woozy, i know they'll watch over me and keep me safe.
instead, once i’m paralyzed and passed out, they can’t help but touch me. pull back the blanket to see my body, splayed legs with no underwear under my dress, and my wet pussy glistening in the low light. how can they resist? they can’t help but rub on me, finger me, fuck me, force my unconscious body to come on their cock. they try to rationalize it to themselves, after: they hadn't gotten off for a while, it’s not like i’ll ever know, and they were gentle and good.
a stranger could have really hurt me, after all.
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thefeminineurge · 3 months ago
since i see afghanistan trending, please keep your whole attention on the afghan women and young girls living there in this tough time. taliban have the control of the entirety of the country by now and all the girls over 15 andwidowed women under 45 are now being "gifted" to the soldiers so they can rape women however they wish and use them as sex slaves. there are many desperate people in the afghanistan right now trying to escape, but these women are not represented by anyone and a good amount of men in the country are leaving them behind as if they are just unimportant items. the president, the rest of the politicans had already fled the country so the women and young girls are now all left with taliban's nonexsitent mercy. pressure your comminity, government, anyone around you to keep an eye over the afghan women who had been tortured, murdered by the radical islamists for decades.
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sapphic-slashers · 2 months ago
friendly reminder that nicki minaj's anti-vax bullshit is an attempt to distract from the fact that the woman her husband sexually assaulted is suing her for trying to bribe her into recanting
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tripwyre · 9 months ago
Almost fell for a post saying “yeah, y’know, Shinigami Eyes is useful but it’s making me uncritical” and informing them that the bit they platformed after about its creator being a r*pist was COMPLETELY unsourced (again) only to stop myself & actually check their blog. Would you believe it, they’re a r*dfem. I almost got fucking baited.
You fucking clowns are really just trying to talk people out of the device that helps them spot you huh
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transfemminista · a month ago
Tumblr media
Anyway here's a link to the callout x ( TRIGGER WARNING FOR rape, incest, pedophilia, violent transmisogyny, lesbophobia, misgendering, antiblackness, antiblack lesbophobic and transmisogynistic slurs, misogyny, transphobia & omegaverse)
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f4f4f · 3 months ago
part of why i have zero empathy for incels and i have zero empathy for men who think that toxic masculinity is wrecking their mental health in special and unique ways is because the average woman carries more torment and anguish and insanity within her than these men and the average woman isn’t destroying others for it.
you pick out a random girl on the street and deep down she is like "haha yeah i was molested when i was 5 and then again when i was 12 (this time by a family member) and then at 25, i am a bit neurotic lol i avoid certain numbers and look for others and i try to eat once a day which is easy for me by now because i successfully rewired my brain to understand hunger as Cleanness and Pureness so it’s working so well that sometimes i only know i need to eat when i’m almost passing out, also i have been alienated from my body since i was 12 and i feel ugly and i’m constantly terrified of rape and pregnancy and i want to carve out my womb and throw it away because i feel trapped in a body that i feel is working against me i hate my periods i hate being physically weaker than half the population, i also think of killing myself every other day.. but then i dont :)" ... and they just go on about their day being nice to ppl and watching tv shows.
men and self hating women can make fun of "basic bitches" and live laugh love girls but if you actually take the time to talk to them and they trust you enough with their secrets you will hear dark shit from the most average seeming, normal looking woman that these men can only wish their jokersona could claim..
men will never know pain like women know pain. they wouldn’t survive girlhood and they wouldn’t survive womanhood. i wish all the self loathing ones just killed themselves silently before they can destroy others with them but the worst ones won’t because they aren’t just weak. they want to take revenge on innocents and take others to hell with them because they are weak AND they are evil. and that’s why i have zero sympathy for “lonely, frustrated, sad” blah blah men who lash out.
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catboyminato · a year ago
Here’s what Anonymous has done so far:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and my favorite:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Reciepts:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
spread the word y’all
Edit: Clarification: YourAnonCentral is NOT the “official” Anonymous account. There is none since it defeats the whole purpose of the movement and I thought that went without saying. Furthermore it’s comes to my attention that they are a TERF, and if they’ve changed their viewpoints is something I don’t know. However, from what I’ve seen the info they provided and posted were legitimate. If you want to know what Anonymous is currently doing, the hashtag OPDeathEaters and Anonymous on Twitter can provide insight on that. They’ve done much more since the release of this post and I’m sure you can find other receipts and links in the reblogs.
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itsjustwokehomophobia · 6 months ago
a good reason to be an ex radfem is that radfems don't actually want to liberate women around the planet. they want to create little pockets for themselves to die peacefully in. separatist spaces do not turn in to societies of their own. they last one generation. radfems have no plan to fight patriarchy, no strategy to take armed militant power or control of male owned spaces and actually liberate women from male power structures through force. they only have a plan to create a hospice service for themselves. they are useless.
i'm going to tell you a story, anon.
i used to live in lebanon. you wouldn't exactly think of it as the capital of feminism. there's some feminist presence, but at the end of the day, most people had decided there were bigger problems to worry about.
i was raped. i don't want to go into detail. but after that, i was completely traumatized. i had to quit my job because whenever i was near a man i'd start shaking and eventually go into a panic attack.
i had no income, i was soon to be homeless, and i couldn't do anything about it. i had taken to asking friends to loan me money. i told only one woman about what had really happened, and she told me to go to a certain address and ask 'her' for help. she wouldn't tell me more, just go and ask her for help.
and i went.
this was a group specifically for women who, for some reason or another, had found their way here. after i joined, there were 7 people - two of them had been kicked out because they were pregnant, one woman was hiding from her violent husband, one woman had ran away from an arranged marriage, one of them was an ex prostitute who couldn't find work anywhere else, and one was a rape victim like me.
it was ran by a woman who had a large inheritance and had become infamous about 30 years ago because her politician husband was convicted for domestic violence. she paid for and ran everything.
i stayed in that place for a little over a month. i saw a man twice - both times a delivery guy who just gave us the food and left. the place runs by word of mouth entirely.
'separatist spaces do not turn in to societies of their own. they last one generation... they only have a plan to create a hospice service for themselves. they are useless.'
did you know that place has been running for over 30 years now? i am still in contact with the woman who runs it, and she mentioned to me that she thinks about 1200 women have been in there at some point.
here's another question: do you know how entitled you are? do you know how fucking entitled you are to go around calling these spaces 'useless'? have you ever used one? i doubt it. have you ever met someone who runs one? i doubt it.
you sound exactly like a man. like a misogynistic man who is angry that women can do what they want, and you can't stop them :)
so i hope that your blood boils thinking about how useless these places are. i hope that you get indescribably angry thinking about all these entitled women using these spaces that should be given to the poor males.
choke <3
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sunsweeties · a month ago
i can't believe i have to say this but there's no such thing as "rape kink". if you want to be used and fucked "against" your will, that's not rape because you want it. that's why cnc exists. actual rape isn't a kink, and it's not hot or sexy or fun. it's a violation of someone's body and mind. it's a tragedy.
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discyours · 3 months ago
We both are 22. I have known this girl since primary school and always have had a crush on her, but she never reciprocated it so i moved on from her when we went to different unis. 3 years ago she went to med school, started a good paid job as a tutor and was super successful, while i was struggling to pay my tuiton fees. I saw her in summer of 2019, and then in 2020 i didn't see her because of the pandemic, but we also fell out of touch sadly.
This spring, my relationship with my now ex ended and a few days ago i decided to visit a brothel in my hometown. Went inside and they told me to choose a girl beforehand (online) but i told them it did not matter to me who it was, so i paid and got my room. Went in there, and there she was standing. She looked frightened and confused and to be honest, i couldn't believe it was her.
I could have turned away and get out but i didn't. I went on with it. I guess i never really got over her. I felt so guilty. And even after the time was up i wanted it to go on. But at the same time it was so freaking sad. She looked miserable and tired. We didn't say a word until in the end i asked her what happened with her studies and job and she said 'guess i went from all into nothing'.
It really bugs me now that i just did not damned turned away. I also hate myself from not knowing what was up with her earlier or helping her out. I fucked up badly.
TLDR; I had sex with a friend (for who i had feelings for in the past) who works in a brothel now, i did not know i would see her there but i could have turned back and i didn't, and now i feel like crap
This waste of space paid to rape his childhood friend and the comments are coddling him and trying to tell him she probably enjoyed having a friend there.
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world-heritage-posts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
fucking lol learn how to structure a sentence
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