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Brass Knuckles

For the serve collab I wrote some spicy Rappa! Enjoy my lovies!!

Rating: E

Pairing: Rappa x F!Reader

Warnings: Smut


Honestly it was a little unsettling, yet…oddly incredibly cool, the pair of brass knuckles gleaming up at you from the pink and white tissue paper that sat inside the overly done up box. You’re almost a bit nervous to pick them up, half concerned they might have already been …broken in; but the way they shone and glinted in the light of your apartment had you plucking the polished metal from their little nest.

They were definitely new as you turned them over in your hands, and then ever so gingerly slipped them over your fingers. They were slightly big, the metal not quite kissing your skin when you balled your fists. But it was a close fit nonetheless and you felt a strange rush of power zip through you as you looked down at the brutish weapons on your knuckles.

You hated to admit it, but you could get used to this feeling.

“Oh jeez!” You had spent so much time admiring the shiny objects you’d completely forgotten that they were part of a whole deal.

Routing through the box you found a small envelope under another layer of tissue paper; a simple envelope, with your name scrawled across the back neatly. A little more excitedly than you wanted to admit you ripped into it, a wrinkled piece of card stock falling out.

‘Oh…the same person definitely didn’t write this…’ your name on the front was so neat and fancy, the company must have written it. This must have been written by your match…Their address; It was legible, chicken scratch but legible. But yikes…you read the address again;  that was not a nice part of town.

You looked at the knuckles adorning your hands, were you literally going to have to use these in order to meet your match…that thought definitely gave you some major anxiety.


Well, luckily you hadn’t had to use the brass knuckles on your trip over to your match’s place, though there were a few times you felt you fists clench around the rings.

But there you were, safe and sound at a not completely awful apartment complex, though it had definitely seen better days. The door to the apartment on the address looked a bit worse for wear, and you can’t seem to find a doorbell or buzzer anywhere.

Apprehensively you knock, the metal of the brass knuckles ringing a bit.

It seems like forever as you fidget and wait before you hear heavy footsteps coming towards the door…very heavy...was your match a dinosaur?? You tense as the door opens and you nearly have to do a double take. The man standing before you is huge, so much so that you can’t see his face until he hunches over a bit.

“Uuuuhhhhh hey…” you manage to squeak out, waving at the behemoth before you in a daze, holy shit his biceps had to be as thick your thighs… maybe ever your torso.

“Oh shit, ya wore them!” He grins, and pushes the mop of hair back that covered his eyes…oh! He has pretty eyes; honestly you were a bit surprised how pleasing he was. “Ya must be Y/N.” He eyes you up and down and you can’t help but squirm under his gaze. “Didn’t expect to get such a cutie.”

You blush and tuck some of your hair behind your ear.

“Thanks.” He’s already buttering you up and fuck you didn’t think you’d be this effected, but god…he’s tall, he’s buff, he’s got a deep rumbling voice and you can tell there is a feralness about him, and well…you shouldn’t have already felt your legs beginning to tremble. “Sorry and you are?”

You stick out your hand…you stick out your hand…???

He laughs heartily and humors you, his hand completely engulfing yours and part of your wrist.

“Either you’re shy or coy, I can definitely work with both…” your face feels even hotter. “Names’ Kendou Rappa.” He gives your hand a firm shake and you can tell he’s using only the smallest amount of his strength.

He leans against the door frame. Hand that had just been on yours coming to relax on his belt. Your eye, damn them, immediately hone in on the the hands resting against the leather…and then over, No stop that!

“Nice to meet you Rappa” you reply, trying to act you hadn’t just been ogling him.

“Call me Kendou, cutie” he’s teeth flash. “Now ya comin’ or what?”

Was that innuendo or was your brain just going haywire, because you actually got matched with a guy that you were very quickly discovering you would climb like a tree.

“Lead the way big guy.” Oh god did you just say that. Either way he seemed to like it, his smirk growing as he stepped aside for you to enter his apartment.

You take his offer, moving past him, trying not to think about the heat of his body or his smell. He shouldn’t smell this good…

As you take off your shoes you do a quick survey of the place; it’s not awful, definitely a bachelor’s pad. At least there weren’t any naked lady posters adoring the walls from what you could see… like in the last guys place your friends had set you up with. Sad that a guy that signed up for a night of pleasure and romance with a stranger had more class than a guy your friends tried to get you with.

Removing your jacket you looked around for a hook…only to find it well above your reach…of course it would be, the guy was huge, he probably adjusted a lot of the things in his apartment to work with his size.

You hear him chuckle from behind you and then he’s plucking the jacket from your hands.

“So ever done this before? The secret date thing I mean.” You ask as he places your jacket up.

“Nah, first rodeo, usually do it the ol’ fashioned way.” He has an air of confidence about him that makes you think he’s never had a problem picking someone up at a bar or club…why did that make you jealous? “How 'bout you princess?”

You sputter at the nickname but quickly regain your composure.

“Been on blind dates before…but nothing like this.” You reply…you’re still in the entryway of his apartment, glued to your spot.

“Somethin’ we have in common then.” He grins and fuck you feel weak in the knees.

You wouldn’t call his actions or words charming, but truth be told, you didn’t want that…no you wanted something else, something primal…

“So…what exactly are we supposed to do now, the sign up info didn’t really give any outlines or rules.” You fidget with the knuckles on your fists, the metal warming under you touch quickly.

Rappa seems to notice and his golden eyes flash with interest. And he budges up closer to you, not enough to set you on edge, but enough to feel his presence and make you shiver at it.

“Well, way I figure it I’d let ya take the reins sweetheart, whatever you wanna do. We could order dinner, get to know each other, do it the proper way…” he pauses, having piqued your interest.

“…or…” you almost whisper, and he leans in further, enough so his wild mane of hair tickles your face.

“…or.” at this point you’re sure the only thing keeping you upright was the wall behind you, pressing into your back. “We could move straight to dessert, and do all that other proper stuff later.”

You lick your bottom lip; you hadn’t been this turned on in awhile, and he hadn’t even touched you yet. You definitely didn’t want to waste your chance.

Leaning up, you practically had to stand on you tippy toes, your nose brushed his as you breathed in his air, your lips only a whisper away from his own.

“I’ve always had a sweet tooth…” you reply softly, teasingly.

He chuckles and that, and you can practically feel the rumble of it.

“Looks like we gotta 'nother thing in common.” And before you can say another word he’s scooping you up, your sound of surprise quickly muffled as he presses his mouth to yours roughly.

You immediately crumble in his arms and sigh, wrapping your arms around his neck, digging your hands into his wild hair. He growls at the feeling of your fingertips and angles his head, inhaling harshly through his nose, his teeth clacking against yours.

God this is what you wanted…what you craved, this primal energy. You register that you are moving but honestly you couldn’t care less, already so lost in the feeling that was Rappa.

You hear the switch of a light and a dim glow kisses your closed eyelids. He’s laying you down pressing you back into something soft, and you finally come up for air and dazedly take in your surroundings.

His bedroom, it’s simple, cozy, though a little lacking in furniture, you see some weights in the corner, haphazardly lying about.

“How ya doin’ princess?” He nuzzles into your neck, okay, maybe he was a little charming…in his own way.

You smile bringing your attention back to him, burying your hands in his hair once more and laying into him. You can feel him laugh into the kiss.

He moves you further up the bed, mindful of his weight and size as he drapes over you. One of his hands comes to rest on your thigh, the other slowly creeping beneath the hem of your shirt.

Your head is spinning; you want more and you want it now.

Your hands move to his back, gently pulling at the white fabric covering him. You whine, a pitiful sound that has him groaning, and propping up on his knees more so that you can pull the shirt over his head.

After that, it’s a bit of a blur how you tear each others clothes off, his rough, strong hands making quick work of everything adorning you (even the gifted brass knuckles) before gleefully removing his pants and boxers when you hands come to tug at them in a weak attempt to remove them from your position.

Now laid bare Rappa sits up, eyes dark as he gazes over your form. You can hardly get enough of him, all bulk, scarred skin and just the perfect amount of hair dusting his chest, trickling down, down, down…holy shit…

“Look at you.” He coos, cocking his head and observing you. “Like what you see??” He has a rather smug smile about that.

“Fuck…” you whisper, your brain shorting out.

He laughs at that and brings himself down for another kiss, which you eagerly accept.

You’re already sopping for him, dripping onto the bed, when he presses two large fingers against your pussy. You arch and mewl at the sensation and he takes the opportunity to nip at your pulse point along your neck.

“Fuck sweetheart, you’re already dripping for me.” He husks against your neck, fingers swirling, gathering up your juices before he slowly presses a finger into you.

Your hands fly to his shoulders as the the thick digit enters you, a moan tumbling from your lips, as he curls the finger experimentally.

“Shit, you’re tight, even though you’re practically gushing.” He groans, beginning to steadily thrust his finger in and out of your heat.

You honestly never knew you had such a thing for dirty words, but as he continued to move and added another finger while whispering the filthiest things in your ear, you felt your first orgasm approaching rapidly.

“Gonna cum for me sweetheart? Go on, make a mess.” He’s grinning, mouth just brushing against yours.

It only takes two more curls of his fingers before you’re crying out, nails digging into his back as pleasure crashes over you, colors popping behind your eyelids.

Fffuuuuccckkkk…” he groans, watching you tremble and whine as you slowly come back down from your high.

You pause for a moment to catch your breath before he lazily brings you in for a sloppy kiss, which you eagerly accept.

Then your world is spinning and you find yourself upright, legs sprawled on either side of his hips, your pussy smearing your essence along his thighs. Your gaze quickly goes down to the flushed cock laying thick and dribbling precum against his stomach. Honestly, you’re not entirely sure how it’s going to fit, you wonder if you can even get your hands around it fully. You decide to see if you can do just that, reaching out to grip his heated flesh. You hear him release a shuddering sigh as you run your thumb along one of the veins before completely circling him.

As you thought your fingers didn’t touch and your pussy clenched at the notion.

You begin a slow measured rhythm, pumping him, making sure to thumb at the precum gathering at his slit, smearing it over the head and down his shaft.

Suddenly his hand is closing over your wrist and you look up, worried you had done something wrong. But the look in his eyes and the flush on his checks told you otherwise.

“Want ya to ride me, wanna see those pretty tits bounce as ya take my cock.” He groans out, and you actually whimper in repy, his words settling heavy and hot in your belly.

You manage enough brainpower to nod and hike yourself up on your knees, positioning yourself over him. His large hands come to rest at your hips.

You grip him, tightly and slowly, ever so slowly you ease down on him. The stretch is both heavenly and too much, you manage to get yourself half way down his cock before you have to stop and take a breather. His hands are heavy on your hips but he doesn’t push, even though you can feel the tremble of him holding back.

Finally you get used to feeling enough, pushing yourself the rest of the way down, your pussy lips pressing against his wiry pubic hair. You tremble and whimper, trying to ground yourself; you can hear Kendou trying to steady his breathing.

You place your palms on his abs, steadying yourself and then a moment later you lift yourself up, before impaling yourself again on his cock.

“Fuck princess…” he groans, the grip on your hips almost painful…but you kind of like it.

You begin a slow pace, getting more accustomed to his girth and feeling of his cock pressing up against your cervix. Though it doesn’t take long until you’re practically bouncing up and down on him and moaning nonsense.

“Kendou…” you whine when he thrusts up to meet you.

“Fuck look at you…look at you take me, such a good girl.” He groans, one of his hands moving from your hip to your belly. “Feel that sweetheart?” He snaps his hips up. “Feel me practically rearranging your guts?” He says through gritted teeth.

You look down and nearly lose yourself then and there when he shifts his hand, you can see the press of him in your belly. His cock thrusting up, filling you more than you thought possible.

“Kendddooouuu…” your hands scrabble against his skin, nails digging angry lines down his stomach.

“Ya like that? Like seeing me split ya open.” You can only nod in agreement as you weakly try to meet his pace.

You’re so close, so close to your second orgasm, your body is singing, thrumming, ready to tumble over the edge.

“Gonna cum for me again? Want me to fill ya up?” His voice was strained, his pace was becoming sloppy, rougher.

“Yes, yes please, please, I’m so close, fill me up Kendou…” you whine, and bless this man, he brings the pad of his thumb to your clit and presses.

That’s all it takes, the press of his thumb and you’re calling out his name and cumming with such intensity you wonder if you lost consciousness for a moment.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” he hisses, hips snapping up, roughly and then he’s pressing impossibly close and groaning as load after load of his cum shoots into you. There’s so much it starts to leak out of you before he even pulls out.

You’re a mess…sweaty, full of cum, but so incredibly sated you can’t even put it to words.

Rappa’s hands come to rest fully on your hips again, thumbs gently massaging your hip bones as you both find your words.

“That…was some dessert.” You finally manage, your heart fluttering as he gives a genuine laugh.

You squeak in surprise as he picks you up off him like you way nothing, cum leaking out of you as he tucks you into his side.

“Told ya I had a sweet tooth.” He replies as you nestle down.

“Mmmm I think I might be a little addicted to sweets now.” You say and his large palm comes up to soothe over your hair.

“Whaddya say we order some food, do all the proper stuff and then start round two?” He says and you laugh.

“I think I like that idea.”

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