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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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To be as free as a bird, freedom of the skies, Switzerland

To be as free as a bird, freedom of the skies, Switzerland

Compared to some of the wonderful photos of birds that are seen on Twitter this one of a raptor of some kind (?) flying away from me in the distance in a completely blue sky taken with a puny lens isn’t very impressive. However, it means a lot to me and I hope it means a lot to you. This amazing creature, this product of evolution, is soaring high in its domain. It has the freedom of the skies…


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Worked on lining it today and redoing some of the color as i fixed things. I really should stop getting ahead of myself with coloring before line work is done XD
Its just the most fun part and i love to see how the base colors look on a piece. 

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Working on those feathered velociraptors and trying out some new colors

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[top] my side of an art trade i did with babysharkdododoododdo on FA, with their raptor Chapulin!

[bottom] and then her part of the trade x) is my dino boy Bronx, a fierce-lookin’ Yuty!

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My attempt at making more pins with a printer and a different kind of plastic I hope it works

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So there was a whole ass hawk having a meal in the back yard this morning. Wasn’t able to get a great photo but it was pretty damn cool. Anyone have an ID on it? Want to say it’s a red tailed but I’m far from 100% sure

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The big ol raptor tail base is finally done for dream_strike_ on Instagram! It took a lot of ideas but we finally got it to be nice and straight (wanted to keep leaning on one side) while also still being waggy ^-^ (video of it moving at the end!)

All I have to do now for this commission is finish figuring out how to get this pokesona tail to stay up right :o

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